b4955d () No. 1289049

1ea9ee2a5bd6ef....jpg (589 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, bannerGoldenMa....jpg) (h)

Welcome To Q Research General

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Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 5.02.2018

>>1280616 —————— (Shipping Pallets)

>>1280036 —————— (Apple HQ)

>>1280030 —————— (JetBlue taking off from San Jose?)

Monday 4.30.2018

>>1249365 —————— Knowing what you know now.

>>1248119 —————— Define the terms of the Iran nuclear deal.

>>1247406 —————— No name out.

>>1244154 —————— Emmy awards. Red carpet event?

>>1243783 rt >>1243759 Assets in place.

>>1243605 rt >>1243593 EagerLion18: Live fire exercise with Jordanian Marines.

>>1243597 rt >>1243510 Connect. No coincidences.

>>1243510 —————— Pompeo visits Jordan.

Sunday 4.29.2018

>>1242689 rt >>1242682 (Q verifies anonymous post)

>>1242682 rt >>1242608 rt >>1242545 R=18 (QAnon ID:038c68)

>>1242619 rt >>1241774 , >>1241803 Do you believe in Coincidences?

>>1233880 rt >>1233553 Operators have died. They lay down their lives so that others may live, FREE!

>>1233553 rt >>1233458 Personal thank you to (you).

>>1233458 —————— Be careful who you are following.

Saturday 4.28.2018

>>1229092 rt >>1228857 Stay strong. Stay united. BOOM week ahead.

>>1228613 rt >>1228588 Noted:IP-Ghost:

>>1228588 rt >>1228489 You know that we know. You know what we have. Your move.

>>1218893 rt >>1218465 We are in this together

Friday 4.27.2018

>>1218390 rt >>1218316 Autists need Red Bull?

>>1218299 —————— Peace in the Korean Peninsula.

>>1218147 —————— Focus only on the FBI [for now]

>>1215845 —————— Question everything

>>1215294 —————— Questions will reveal answers

>>1214085 —————— Reconcile

>>1211768 rt >>1211682 Re_read drops

>>1211682 rt >>1211560 EYES OPEN? COMMS GOOD?

>>1211560 rt >>1211493 What is the purpose of a laser pointer?

>>1211343 rt >>1211294 "Done in 30"

>>1211294 —————— Who knows where the bodies are buried?

Thursday 4.26.2018

>>1203338 rt >>1203096 GOOD people are acting on the information.

>>1203057 —————— Patience isn't always easy

>>1198932 rt >>1198778 Important note [texts only].

>>1197788 rt >>1197573 How many pics can you find of JL & HRC?

>>1197560 —————— Sessions playing 4D chess

Wednesday 4.25.2018

>>1189217 rt >>1189008 Try harder.

>>1187806 rt >>1187631 Welcome to the WH.

>>1187631 —————— What happens to…

>>1187021 rt >>1187000 Note 187.

>>1187000 rt >>1186910 Non-public release of Strzock texts

>>1184271 —————— Are you awake?

>>1183319 —————— Did you know?

>>1181425 rt >>1181379 WW = worldwide. Try harder.

>>1181379 rt >>1181185 They tried to delete the proof.

>>1181185 rt >>1180770 We knew this day would come.

>>1180770 rt >>1180605 The world is Connected. All or nothing.

>>1180770 rt >>1180604 The world is Connected. All or nothing.

>>1180605 rt >>1180433 Think logically\u2026Power shift. Rise of the people.

>>1180433 rt >>1180390 "Politics." Same for Merkel. Think movie.

>>1180364 —————— They Feel Threatened By Us

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are not endorsements


>>1288999 Robert Mueller files request for 70 blank subpoenas

>>1288979 Global Debt Hits Record $233 Trillion

>>1288951 House chaplain rescinds resignation

>>1288901 The FBI Is in Crisis. It's Worse Than You Think

>>1288866 clinton-foundation-biggest-charity-fraud-ever

>>1288706 Ben Swann just made everything public on the white helmets.

>>1288670 , >>1288729 BIS… It's a fucking nation state of it's own.

>>1288666 Newest Mueller Prosecutor Donated To Hillary

>>1288370 , >>1288373 HRC and the Business Council [120+ CEO's].

>>1288417 How Child Porn Invesstigators Are Shifting Focus to Rescuing Victims

>>1288447 Preparing for the IG Report

>>1288468 First Batch Of Militants Withdraw From Southern Damascus

>>1288558 Roseanne Barr defends Kanye West:

>>1288584 Twitter urged 330 million users to change their passwords (((stored in plain text)))


>>1287585 Putin Sacks 5 Interior Ministry Generals

>>1287654 A Conversation with an Ex Illuminati (33 min video)

>>1287747 POTUS Next Rally in South Bend, IN

>>1287622 Cracking the Code

>>1287964 Trump expected to propose about $11B in spending cuts next week

>>1288021 Mueller focusing on interactions between Roger Stone and Rick Gates: Report

>>1288095 Mitch McConnell pledges to keep confirming conservative judges through the year

>>1288156 Soros Ties to Jet-Blue

>>1288207 Multiple People Shot Inside Nashville Shopping Mall

>>1288233 Wall Street Should Be Worried About Justice Dept Report


>>1286713 ; >>1286806 VP Prays Jer 29:11 from Q Drop #522

>>1286862 Why Won't Pope Francis Quit Cardinal Pell, His Sketchy No. 3?

>>1286844 ; >>1286865 Michael Cohen Wiretapped for Weeks Before Raid

>>1286881 ; >>1287213 TIME Says Comey is Fucked and the F_I is in Crisis

>>1286980 Chinese using lasers to interfere with US planes

>>1286863 Kanye & Jay-Z: A Hip Hop Tug of War

>>1287212 PilotAnon Gives and Analysis

>>1287358 Awan's May 4th Court date ; >>1287374 Postponed Again

>>1287435 Inspectors racing to verify suspected chemical weapons attack on Douma last month WILL take unprecedented step of exhuming the bodies of some of the victims.

>>1287576 Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski expelled from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


>>1286052 There is a geopolitical strategy happening this week that is essentially under the radar.

>>1286114 Property boom in China border town as world warms to N. Korea

>>1286141 Cyberattack Crashes Tennessee County's Website on Election Night

>>1286183 Untruncated List of Q Pic Posts with pastebin link

>>1286192 President Donald J Trump Stands Up For Religious Freedom in the United States

>>1285992 This Xiaomi Block Chain Bunnies. Xiaomi Mascot is a White Rabbit.

>>1285905 ; >>1286352 Find the Roll

>>1286360 SEC files subpoena enforcement action against Jay-Z

>>1286404 A Look At the 3 Americans Detained in NK

>>1286551 Goldman Sachs…To Begin BTC Trading Within Weeks


>>1285096 ; >>1285225 Xiaomi (Chinese Electronics Producer)

>>1285227 You realize Trump literally tweeted the court case in a nutshell.

>>1285241 Jet Blue and Apple

>>1285363 Anon Analysis - Cook has been brought to heel.

>>1285430 Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP

>>1285496 Giuliani says 3 Americans held by North Korea to be released Thursday

>>1285528 Relative to the Aircraft Incidents and EW (Electronic Warfare)

>>1285543 Crytic Post Could Be More Than It Seems

>>1285316 POTUS tweet uses GOOD and GREAT (in that order), shout out to Q post

>>1285581 US Trade Deficit Drops Sharply

>>1285527 possible use of the word marker related to other Q posts at same time

>>1285605 ; >>1285625 Marker Graphics

>>1285629 Chinese Products in the USA

>>1285685 Manafort Lawyers Claim Leaky Mueller Probe Has Provided No Evidence Of Contacts With Russian Officials

>>1285727 Q Posts Photo ID

>>1285726 Perfect Way to Find Perfect Specimens

>>1285602 Analysis of the Stormy Situation

>>1285386 Role vs Roll

>>1279851 Do We Have the Encryption Key?

>>1285820 Apple and Jetblue - facial recognition

>>1285229 Data Snip on Q Pic


>>1284410 Hollywood Has Ignored Law Protecting Children From Predators


>>1284645 Not a normal shipment zero identifying/normal shipping related labels/doc

>>1284656 Left/Right TV - possible left/right up/down explanation

>>1284841 "17" signatures nominating POTUS for Nobel

>>1285012 April Indictment Count Tops 28,000

>>1284982 ; >>1284860 ; >>1284887 → Q photos probably related to new about Pentagon banning Chinese phones

>>1284553 ; >>1284583 ; >>1284608 QAnon truck image pallet size calculations

>>1281348 ; >>1285111 Soros Tracking Website to Go Live

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8767b8 () No. 1289125

5b97ead7783063....jpg (10 KB, 255 x 170, 320 : 213, 172013423172530.jpg) (h)

333dce () No. 1289133

c2f8fd48cc29bf....png (3423 KB, 143 x 255, 1242 : 2208, ABDC253F-B23F-....png) (h)

Trump Train keeps on rolling

e1972b () No. 1289142


> Tavistock

What about them? I see the name mentioned, but I never see any details.

f8604b () No. 1289143

We all know a blue wave of congressional resignations are looming in the near future. Is there any among us who would be able to contribute to creating a thread along the lines of "How to become a decent elected official" in order to prep those who are deciding to throw their hats into a nearly empty ring? It wouldn't be difficult, with most opponents seeming to be Clowns..

So many issues need to be sorted out, and with the wave inbound, there'll be plenty of opportunity to run on increasing transparency, killing monsanto, the FED, and other evils still lurking in our food, air, and water.. as well as restructuring school systems, etc..

1e50b2 () No. 1289149

06b54697dc3142....png (151 KB, 255 x 254, 1080 : 1076, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

58237a () No. 1289150


Steve Jobs was half Iranian

eb5d77 () No. 1289151

096cfbde9394da....jpg (59 KB, 255 x 115, 668 : 300, WWG1WGA.jpg) (h)

thank you baker, like the title

0921d3 () No. 1289152

false flag incoming? my spidey senses are tingling. not in a good way. godspeed anons.

8767b8 () No. 1289153



3172a8 () No. 1289154


Yep, filtered. Thank you, I need to watch that more closely when I search the trip in page on the browser

5aab4f () No. 1289155


Boom - Rudy sets up NDA outline

Boom - Plane falls from sky

Boom - Apple sells out middle & upper class peps that can afford their phone

Boom - FBI briefs stormy's lawyer

Boom - Tomi & Ben out themselves as assholes looking for fame only

-.- Am I missing anything? Thursday

2cca31 () No. 1289156

German former Chaos Computer Club programer and famous "conspiracy news collector" Felix von Leitner better known under his alias "fefe" is totally anti-trump-garbage.

posting every anti-trump shit they twitfags send him I sent him like 10times q posts about podesta about saudi arabia about pizzagate… everytime he is like "muh where is the evidence how they rape and kill kids muh" totally ignoring the mountain of circumstancial evidence.

this is in Germany one of the BIGGEST Gatekeepers when it comes to Conspiracy News or Alternate Media.

AND HE FAILS US DESPITE HAVING BEEN SENT ALL THE EVIDENCE. He even ignores Q in Wikileaks headlines. I say this guy sold us out only posing as a conspiracy interested guy for the public. posting all day long now shit like this:

"Awww look trump payed stormy… what a lier he is!!1111 and now Giuliani is throwing trump under the bus…!!!11"…

Fefe has become like listening to CNN or Stephen Colbert.


8725bb () No. 1289157

16ca96f44b0df9....png (448 KB, 149 x 255, 720 : 1230, 20180503_162926.png) (h)

I think it's safe to say, he's not /ourguy/

a07acb () No. 1289158

>>1289136 (last bread)

I don't think that is a prerequisite for being part of the 13 bloodlines, you can bet your ass he's a Zionist

d9d8ef () No. 1289159

a93331421f6203....png (136 KB, 255 x 136, 1366 : 728, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

All twitter users are asked to change password.

85cb3b () No. 1289160


Don't worry anin, nobody but the ADL saw the passwords.

2d4ce9 () No. 1289161

soul in the streetsm don't hate the player

3b84de () No. 1289162

ffa9a1317488a3....jpg (46 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, 29l52b.jpg) (h)

Without Hannity fox news is dead.

8767b8 () No. 1289163


think tank that develops, engineers social strategy iirc

ef3b00 () No. 1289164


The planet Venus.

The Morning and Evening Star, with a cycle of 584 Earth days between appearances as Morning and Evening.

3172a8 () No. 1289165


With a shill faking the Q trip, that usually means they're getting desperate to derail again. BIG things are afoot behind the scenes!!

I replied to the fake Q that with Rudy heading up the legal team, that this will get very interesting very fast. Still holds true, fake Q or not

fc5159 () No. 1289166

24e3790bc37b0a....jpg (79 KB, 255 x 182, 640 : 457, Fbi_mobile_com....jpg) (h)



>Neustar, Inc

This might be the BRIDGE to DATA COLLECTION

Companies such as Neustar, Yaana Technologies, and Subsentio contract with smaller providers and reap the profits from charging federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies for the data. Neustar and Yaana are also essentially private intelligence companies, providing large-scale data capture and analytics (though probably not on the scale of NSA’s Xkeyscore.) Neustar is also in the phone number portability business, and owns a number of the new top level domains approved by ICANN.


18-FBI-002025: Domain name free-apps.us, valued at $1.00, seized by the FBI on February 09, 2018 from

Neustar, Inc. in San Francisco, CA for forfeiture pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 981(a)(1)(A).

db39fd () No. 1289167

296f3fb96c7814....jpg (46 KB, 88 x 255, 170 : 492, 58902c291b0000....jpg) (h)


Half Iranian jew. Can be. What does it matter?

3d27f4 () No. 1289168

cc0e4bcf97cd55....jpg (214 KB, 255 x 169, 1238 : 821, 1.jpg) (h)

2d4ce9 () No. 1289169



eb5d77 () No. 1289171


don't forget Tucker and Laura

they are amazing too

2cca31 () No. 1289172

ca761dcc20631e....jpg (60 KB, 255 x 199, 1203 : 941, fefe.jpg) (h)

d0b4fb () No. 1289173


time for new friends, there must be some decent people in your area, even commie-fornia has some

debfda () No. 1289174

bc6097660552e8....jpg (409 KB, 255 x 196, 1600 : 1231, 146f9521fb6a5e....jpg) (h)

26c7ad () No. 1289175

>Think NK.

>Think Nuke stranglehold.

>Think logically.



>Are you awake?


Once all the strings are cut and the threats removed, things will really start moving fast. NK threat is gone and Iran is next. We need to be patient until the stage is set before the arrests and major public drops will happen (HRC raw vid 5:5 and Hussein with the AK47). Also need to regulate/control the social media platforms before the drops will happen. Can't wait to see that punk MZ flee the country!

85d75e () No. 1289176

e6ec32fb6f18c4....jpg (162 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, 5b179855cb6988....jpg) (h)

3172a8 () No. 1289177



eb5d77 () No. 1289178

93f44709893b39....jpg (140 KB, 255 x 247, 500 : 485, hnwsr3.jpg) (h)

800c90 () No. 1289179


now u know that hashtag is just wrong, lol

14a8dc () No. 1289180

9805f4b6a38816....png (764 KB, 255 x 167, 868 : 567, screenshot-tru....png) (h)

Far-left Cnn’s Highest Rated Show, Anderson Cooper 360, Came In A Humiliating 24th For April, Behind Every Single Program On Fox News That Airs After 6 A.m.

With 1.1 million viewers, Cooper was also the only CNN show that managed to attract more than a million viewers. Erin Burnett, the second-highest rated show on CNN, came in 27th place and drew only 965,00 total viewers. Jake Tapper, who is being sold as some kind of superstar, slid face first into 32nd place with only 927,000 viewers.

For the third month in a row, CNN’s New Day is the lowest-rated show in all of cable news (that airs after 6 a.m.), placing 41st with a scant 625,000 viewers. The show, co-hosted by anti-Trump activists Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota, only barely beat Fox & Friends First (#42 with 572,000 viewers), which airs at 4 a.m.!

Source: truepundit.com/april-ratings-another-catastrophe-for-dead-last-cnn/

076969 () No. 1289181

c5c060ffce28a5....png (335 KB, 255 x 178, 455 : 318, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Pentagon Confirms Chinese Fired Lasers at U.S. Pilots

Incidents near Beijing's Djibouti military base injured American air crews flying nearby

The Pentagon confirmed Thursday that Chinese nationals fired lasers near a military base in east Africa against U.S. military aircraft in the region, injuring several pilots.

"These are very serious incidents. There have been two minor injuries. This activity poses a threat to our airmen"

The weapons, according to state-run Chinese media, are used to interfere and damage laser and night vision equipment

"These are very serious incidents. There have been two minor injuries. This activity poses a threat to our airmen," White told reporters.

"We have formally demarched the Chinese government, and we've requested that the Chinese investigate these incidents," she added.

The number of incidents is "more than two but less than ten" and the laser firings took place in recent weeks, White said.

White said the Pentagon is confident that Chinese nationals were behind the laser firings but did not elaborate on the intelligence linking Beijing to the incidents.

She declined to speculate on the Chinese motive behind the laser attacks.

"I believe there have been cases where this has happened previously," White said. "But what this started was these last few weeks we decided to become very serious about it, and we have demarched the Chinese, and we've asked for the investigation."

China's government has not commented on the incidents. A Chinese military expert told the state-run Global Times newspaper that the U.S. accusations that China used a laser weapon in Djibouti was "groundless."

China opened the military base in Djibouti last year and plans to deploy some 400 troops there.

China's government has asserted that the base is merely a logistics hub for anti-piracy operations as well as to support China's international infrastructure project called Belt and Road Initiative.

The U.S. government regards the Chinese base as part of Beijing's efforts to project military power around the world.

http:// freebeacon.com/national-security/pentagon-confirms-chinese-fired-lasers-u-s-pilots/

915b7f () No. 1289182


Ayyy lmao explain the anal probes or go back to alpha centari alien fags.


2d4ce9 () No. 1289183



3c3bc2 () No. 1289184


Sounds like a honeypot lol, probably a stealth TOS change or something

b4955d () No. 1289185


I am Sparticus

2d4ce9 () No. 1289186

lube for newbs

81c1d3 () No. 1289187

Re: Pizza delivery DeCaprio



https:// www.mysanantonio.com/technology/businessinsider/article/JetBlue-delivering-pizza-for-free-from-New-York-12885340.php&ved=2ahUKEwj25e2Cv-raAhWq24MKHUZgC7EQFjABegQIBhAB&usg=AOvVaw0mHAvRf-PdvePb62ivB3Sc

3b84de () No. 1289188

3ab0be383492dc....png (13 KB, 255 x 146, 443 : 253, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

Jared Kushner

Michael Cohen

Faggoted morons don't reply.

a07acb () No. 1289189


Been awhile since it's been that way!!!!!!

0ad63e () No. 1289190



>In 1921, in London, the Tavistock Institute of >Human Relations was set up to study the >'breaking point' of humans.

>In 1932, Kurt Lewin, a German-Jewish >psychologist, became the director of the >Tavistock Institute, at Tavistock Square in >London. He studied the use of terror to >achieve mind control.

4ebdc1 () No. 1289191

8c044ca90e5ebb....jpg (70 KB, 191 x 255, 375 : 500, no table.jpg) (h)


possibly notable

fb9a9a () No. 1289192


ah there you are, thanks. bye!

46dc1c () No. 1289193

5d22ab0019122c....png (108 KB, 255 x 137, 580 : 311, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

30e19e () No. 1289194

b848060bfeff24....png (128 KB, 255 x 195, 405 : 309, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


3172a8 () No. 1289195


Top kek!

Smith and Cavuto's fall will be spectacular; haven't made up my mind yet about Perino

0ad63e () No. 1289197

0d631a02da029b....jpg (18 KB, 184 x 255, 228 : 316, lewin.jpg) (h)


Ffs sorry for the fucked formatting

<Kurt Lewin

debfda () No. 1289196


>explain the anal probes

Dwight D. Eisenhower's deal with the Greys, who gave technology in exchange for rights to abduct humans to repair their defunct DNA. This deal is void today - no abductions.

Any more questions?

3b84de () No. 1289199

aae34395d02052....jpg (9 KB, 255 x 224, 300 : 263, assault-pointi....jpg) (h)

eb5d77 () No. 1289200

110ec0daf1bd04....gif (1556 KB, 255 x 147, 434 : 250, FILTERED.gif) (h)


for being a complete and utter dumbass

a07acb () No. 1289201


Actually trying to find out who Tim Cook's grandparents are, this is where the jobs connection comes in.

49fd86 () No. 1289202

the NRA commercials they are running now

are intense



df339a () No. 1289203

>>1289124 (last)

I put people in categories. My natural untrained impulse is to help people, but I've learned to protect myself first and think three times before offering help or especially information. And sometimes I interact with people on a basis of neither help nor harm, just business or other practical interaction. I am not obliged to offer more; it's a choice.

Truly, I am not my brother's keeper. This board is nice because I am not personally at risk, as long as I trust BO, Q, whoever may have access to logs, IP's, whatever. And I've decided to trust that much.

2d4ce9 () No. 1289204

efficiency is mindfulness

quality never goes out of style

talent creates quality

shit talks bs walks

and i know because of KRS ONE <3

0797ca () No. 1289205


welcome to SFO, Q! is your window seat in first class or coach?

68190f () No. 1289206

0bd9b7395c461c....png (508 KB, 255 x 243, 636 : 605, Drudge re NBC ....png) (h)

NBC Retraction

Feds tapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's phones


At least one phone call between a phone line associated with Cohen

and the White House was intercepted, a source said.

[Partial snip of article/knew it was fake/didn't bother]

457691 () No. 1289207


They will be selling soon!

024281 () No. 1289208

5559dd67a0c66e....png (626 KB, 255 x 135, 980 : 517, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Trump’s Support Among Black Men Doubles After Kanye West Endorsement

0921d3 () No. 1289210


sorry. im "remote viewer" anon and unfortunately i am rarely wrong when i get such strong urges/visions. personal tragedy kept me away for a few weeks. but there are some very very strong urges to reach out here i have been unable to ignore today. first time on, i have only glanced at the recent posts.

pay attention to red carpet. the meaning/history

30e19e () No. 1289211

bdb7c5587f753d....png (517 KB, 255 x 208, 821 : 671, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)



8b33e5 () No. 1289212

>>1289124 (last bread, not Q related)

>I'm really just tired of all this. So much work put in to lose everything. No friends, family, or even a dollar to my name. I just want a motorhome to get the fuck out of here.

because you paint yourself clearly here, and this has nothing to do with Q, i will give you a honest response.

Focus outside of your family/known sorroundings

try getting somewhere else, meet new people, and so on.

you are having trouble with the past, wich is your choice.

and now lets go get a grip, man up, fuck yourself, or someone else and show the world your true power, FAGGOT!

<i see frustated post everyday, so i will adress this once, not more.

you´re not the product of your past, what you make out of it, is what defines the You

4ebdc1 () No. 1289213


That Speech in Dallas is tomorrow, right?

2d4ce9 () No. 1289214


must be the economy

4ae463 () No. 1289215

8bffcf151bdc0a....jpg (93 KB, 255 x 119, 1000 : 465, apple-park-pho....jpg) (h)

>>1289033 (last



>Guys that "Apple HQ" isn't in the USA

A retail outlet does not = HQ. Are you insinuating that there are potential back-room ops run out of that location? Have any sauce to share to back up theory?


Welcome to our complete guide to Apple Park, the extravagant, multibillion-dollar new campus headquarters that the company has almost finished building in Cupertino, California.

British firm Foster+Partners is the architects of this colossal building. Previous projects include Wembley Stadium, Canary Wharf Underground Station, Stansted Airport, London's Millennium Bridge, HSBC HQ at Canary Wharf, the Maclaren Technology Centre and the Hearst Tower in New York.

eb5d77 () No. 1289216


hahaha sparticus was like 400 years after the spartans at Thermopylae

but the metaphor still holds

8afa25 () No. 1289217

>>1288846 (last)

http:// www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/05/03/heritage-foundation-defends-facebooks-right-to-censor-will-oppose-regulation/

the comments are interesting. a lot of Facebook is a private company so they can censor as they see fit bullshit. way i see it is

1. huge public sector interest in fb, google etc…c_a

2. that kind of support guaranteed a dominant market position, a monopoly.

3. to censor political speech under these conditions is clearly wrong (why it is wrong is not completely clear to me)

252f4b () No. 1289218

Pope Takes Control of Knights of Malta

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoPX5hL0OH4

3ea10a () No. 1289219

eabd574b631f59....png (89 KB, 255 x 171, 1034 : 694, Capture.png) (h)






Have at it.

ab20b9 () No. 1289220

>>1289210 Remote view deez nutts…shills are even using RV now…jeesh

ce6fd0 () No. 1289221


The paradoxical effect

The more you try to crush the message the stronger it becomes.

13498b () No. 1289222


Why? Why does it have to be Dallas??

4562c2 () No. 1289223


Cyber WWIII.

db39fd () No. 1289224



b4955d () No. 1289225


we can't all be Leonidus

974549 () No. 1289226

d970cf0e6da12f....png (1062 KB, 255 x 168, 845 : 558, kanye-potus-un....png) (h)

3c3bc2 () No. 1289228


Is Agartha us or them and how does this relate to dumbs?

b50e5b () No. 1289229


Those damn "Germans"

fcd2c2 () No. 1289230


oh shit. that's quite a coincidence. But then again nothing is a coincidence.


2d4ce9 () No. 1289231


even his own gang is full of betrayl and deceit

4ebdc1 () No. 1289232


Hopefully a yuge middle finger to (((them))), but direct positive energy towards Dallas tomorrow.

0921d3 () No. 1289233

wonder whats going on in SA. things changing?

eb5d77 () No. 1289234


very true lol

14a8dc () No. 1289235


…or disappear into the limelight

70ebc9 () No. 1289236


Well, if up is down…

Does that mean we're on the inside of the earth?

c4f3d8 () No. 1289237

f9d837 () No. 1289238


Your probably gonna kick the shit outta me if you ever meet me in person for asking this next question … but here goes. I dragged this to my browser >7F62F04D-0B3A-4B66-AF51-381CD774E117.jpeg

Then this showed up:



China vs USA…Empires at [a very short] War


CHINA V USA : 50 Minute video : Some big shocks : Guess who would win? : within one week The US military will be rendered useless : Within 2 weeks they will have no oil and nothing will function : China knows it and so does USA:

In the light of western war mongering over Syria I suggest we spread this far and wide:

Here are some highlights ;

They have had a proxy war for years now and every time the West has been defeated:

The space war China blew their own satelite out of space for a test which shocked the USA:

They did it to prove that this is where the war would be fought:

This renders USA military machinery useless in weeks if not days:

USA too dependant on GPS and satellites China are not:

Posted 30th August 2013 by dogcicle

Along with a video by Rush Limbaugh that is no longer available.

Is this what you are talking about?

5e0c1b () No. 1289239


I'm sorry, but I was seriously and severely hoping for a blue wave of arrests in the nearest future–all the republicans are already leaving. Says something about the smart factor of parties there. To my way of thinking.

0ccfea () No. 1289240

685fdf16dbdcb8....jpg (89 KB, 255 x 170, 710 : 473, 2018-04-30-20-....jpg) (h)

800c90 () No. 1289241


with u on that

4ae463 () No. 1289243



sure does.

Spartacus (3/10) Movie CLIP

- Gladiator Training (1960) HD

3c3bc2 () No. 1289244


It could sure, doesn't really answer either question though ;P

ab20b9 () No. 1289245

>>1289237 Theyhave thrown everything since last night…when fake Q shows up you know you are over the target…they scurred

db4e24 () No. 1289246

>>1289133 THIS LAME BITCH does NOT support our POTUS but "oh, can you pardon my drug-trafficking grand grandma"?? smdh

Most people with money suck so fucking bad! They think the WORLD owes them something!!

Is this WHY Kanye is publicly saying he "loves POTUS, his dragon energy brother"??

Kim Kardashian Is Talking to Jared Kushner About a Pardon for Great-Grandma Jailed for Life

"Kardashian West and Kushner have been in talks for several months and their calls have “picked up in intensity” in the last several days, Mic reports, citing a source with knowledge of the conversations. Alice Marie Johnson has been in prison since October 1996, after she was convicted for helping facilitate communications in a drug trafficking case."


724042 () No. 1289247


Regime change>culture change


d9d8ef () No. 1289248

Stephen Hawking's final paper, which aims to test a theory that proposes parallel universes, appeared today (May 2) in the Journal of High Energy Physics.


fb9a9a () No. 1289249




yes, Dallas.

Who, at this point, do you think is more scared by that symbolism?


69fafd () No. 1289250


These ppl are sick.

02fc2e () No. 1289251



>Apr 27 2018 22:57:57 (EST)

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 5086f0 1218390


Hope not.

Might as well go sit in the CIA.

Russia grounding our military planes in Syria.

Military aircraft crashing in US.


Autists need Red Bull?


e1972b () No. 1289252


> Tavistock did stuff a hundred years ago

So what? Post some proof that they're relevant today and relevant to what we're digging into.

f8604b () No. 1289253


Arrests and resignations can be interchangeable in the suggestion, kek. The result is a lot of vacant congress seats that will require filling. Who better to fill them than the finest woken minds of the chan?

b97856 () No. 1289254


yeah wtf why Dallas?? is POTUS gonna ride in a convertible too???

c46379 () No. 1289255

>No Broken Windows At Mandalay Bay reported


>Caaaalifornia Muuuuud


>Twitter sorry


@Jack Fuck You!!!!

86a532 () No. 1289256


FedEx is a private company. Suppose it refused to delivery packages to or from certain people based on their opinions, or whatever.

The "private company" argument is bullshit. There is a unresolvable conflict of interest when a medium also provides or takes a position on content.

ab20b9 () No. 1289257

>>1289254 In their face that's why

fb9a9a () No. 1289258


that would be GLORIOUS

4562c2 () No. 1289259

Abe is crazy!!!!!

eb5d77 () No. 1289262

8f71ae94294042....gif (6899 KB, 255 x 139, 600 : 328, stupidQuestion.gif) (h)

3b84de () No. 1289261

86285c8d7efdc9....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 191, 320 : 240, downloadfile-16.jpg) (h)

Stormy Daniels needs some of Trump's money….

Stormy's sex menu:

Nigger head $30

White man head $35

Hispanic head $50

2d4ce9 () No. 1289263

887e4ddaf46bf6....png (169 KB, 255 x 255, 601 : 600, looooooooooooo....png) (h)


try sending me some of his money, like $50

he never paid , idid all those stunts for free

13498b () No. 1289264



oh i like that! i may drive up and hang out in the plaza just in case anything cool happens..

b12af7 () No. 1289265


6efb37 () No. 1289266






The banks and the trafficking are all connected!!!

What is the BIS?

https:// en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Bank_for_International_Settlements

You might (not) be surprised to find that Switzerland hasn't been involved in any world wars. There's a reason for this.

If we're following Q's posts regarding the banks and how they are all tied together (people live in nations, nations are loaned money at interest, citizens pay taxes, and the world economy circulates on this perpetual cycle) then you begin to realize that the +++ ++ + have already HAD YOU since the day you were born. If you are familiar with Ronald Bernand interviews, he details how he was a financier/advisor to elites. Essentially, he worked for the BIS. As he climbed the banking ladder, if you will, he was increasingly indoctrinated in their lifestyle of literal Satanic worship.

Being agnostic, Bernand thought nothing of being invited to "parties" where naked women and drinking wine were their form of worship (Luciferians). The breaking point was the sacrifice of children. Before you read on, it's important to note that these people (whether YOU believe it or not) put full stock into Luciferianism. That is, they sacrifice humans to draw power. THESE PEOPLE ARE ALSO THE ONES THAT CONTROL ALL THE BANKS IN THE WORLD.

https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=JAhnCdXqPww

https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=84vbw_flvqA

Recurring theme:

FOLLOW THE MONEY (https:// qanon. pub/?q=follow%20the%20money)

What Q and team are doing is liberating the world from the Luciferians that have literally been running the world since before JFK was assassinated.

So, how do the banks work? Well, they are "Cities within cities". They have their own laws, government, and they are ALL LUCIFERIAN. ALL OF THEM. This video is an example:

https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=xl-DVgHVzgY

Want to know just how infected the world is with this scheme? Take a look at this list from Q regarding the banks around the world that are owned and controlled by the elites:

https://archive. 4plebs. org/pol/thread/149061733/#149063400

Start with the post above, and scroll down that thread. It will make you sick to see how far and wide their reach is.

In the next link, you start to understand why POTUS and team are doing what they are doing here on the chans – THEY ARE DROPPING INTEL

https://8ch .net /cbts/res/51584#51984

Q and team are taking out the cabal one at a time. Does everyone here now realize why this is taking so long? Look at the work they have in front of them!!!

f58225 () No. 1289267


Looks like we know why they're pushing the MeToo movement against Charlie Rose so loudly…



Kek. He better fucking not


Looks like my baby mama. Oh God…NOOOOO! She did have a weirdly firm and big ass though. Damn if only the cunt wasn't batshit crazy.

8767b8 () No. 1289268

what's putin's family tree look like?

153e51 () No. 1289269

bd2f978cacb12c....png (357 KB, 255 x 141, 1671 : 925, f357700.png) (h)

F-35 squawking 7700 off of San Clemente Isl. doesn't seem to be headed back to base so probably a false alarm, but good to keep an eye on it..

d0b4fb () No. 1289270

40c70a4fb37117....png (567 KB, 255 x 195, 838 : 642, Screenshot.png) (h)


there are lots of woke black people, they just haven't been able to be vocal about it

each new black celeb supporting potus will prolly free up another 10% to admit it

next it'll be an athlete, then an academic, etc.

51aacf () No. 1289271

bc9c53782352e4....jpg (63 KB, 152 x 255, 257 : 431, A591833leqr334.jpg) (h)

















fa2884 () No. 1289273

3df5e8ccb53616....jpg (439 KB, 255 x 186, 914 : 668, 3df5e8ccb53616....jpg) (h)

>>1284053 Bread #1609

>>1283702 Bread #1609

Maybe already found and discussed, but the secure facility near the center of the Q appears to be

AT&T Mobility LLC

11782 Hanging Rock Road

Clear Spring, MD 21722

0d6f02 () No. 1289274

>>1288287 >>1289109

For everybody out there looking for the Crypto key, there was a teaser last week from BC-17 regarding Kryptos it was developed by William Webster.and forms the basis for decrypting 3 of the 4 panels of the statue outside of the CIA building.




From what I found on Goggle the first 3 panels were based on some 24x8 matrix of letters?

Might be worth looking at ?

ab20b9 () No. 1289275

>>1289268 Bad Ass why

70ece0 () No. 1289276

set the stage =

Setting the Stage

A couple of months ago the highly-publicised case of Apple vs. FBI brought attention to the topic of privacy - especially in the context of mobile devices. Following the 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attack, the FBI seized a mobile phone belonging to the shooter, Syed Farook, with the intent to search it for any additional evidence or leads related to the ongoing investigation. However, despite being in possession of the device, the FBI were unable to unlock the phone and access its contents.

This may sound puzzling at first. "Surely if the FBI has access to the phone, could they not extract the user data stored on it using forensic tools?". Well, the answer is not that simple. You see, the device in question was an iPhone 5c, running iOS 9.

As you may well know, starting with iOS 8, Apple has automatically enabled Full Disk Encryption (FDE) using an encryption key which is derived from the user's password. In order to access the data on the device, the FBI would have to crack that encryption. Barring any errors in cryptographic design, this would most probably be achieved by cracking the user's password.

"So why not just brute-force the password?". That sounds like a completely valid approach - especially since most users are notoriously bad at choosing strong passwords, even more so when it comes to mobile devices.

However, the engineers at Apple were not oblivious to this concern when designing their FDE scheme. In order to try and mitigate this kind of attack, they've designed the encryption scheme so that the generated encryption key is bound to the hardware of the device.

In short, each device has an immutable 256-bit unique key called the UID, which is randomly generated and fused into the device's hardware at the factory. The key is stored in a way which completely prevents access to it using software or firmware (it can only be set as a key for the AES Engine), meaning that even Apple cannot extract it from the device once it's been set. This device-specific key is then used in combination with the provided user's password in order to generate the resulting encryption key used to protect the data on the device. This effectively 'tangles' the password and the UID key.

from http://archive.fo/LGM8W

orig url on archive

baker set the stage

baker baker

70ebc9 () No. 1289277

6d4d5dfa8779e9....jpg (67 KB, 174 x 255, 356 : 522, wlAN1p3m.jpg) (h)


Hear me out.

This comes from trying to force flat earth to work and the only way I could figure was gravity lensing. So Flat Earth is still retarded.

But… let's say that what we're told is correct and when you look at a star, you're looking into the past. Tons and tons of different points in the past. They could possibly be timelines and that's why you have all the Star Wars of these secret societies trying to line us up with the timelines of Draco, Pleiades, Polaris, Sirius, Orion, etc etc.

So… when you look up, you're looking into the past.

A bit of dark humor… the future is below you.

So let's say agartha is a thing.

We are the ones who are "underground" from their perspective, are we not?

We're going to ignore that a conical only has a single plane and how that relates to the toroidal form we're currently discussing.

13e694 () No. 1289278


Looks like a "Q"

Is Apple since meeting with the president "on board" ?

724042 () No. 1289279

9ee6869190778d....png (84 KB, 233 x 255, 548 : 601, Capture.png) (h)


8725bb () No. 1289280


Grandma's story is pretty f'd up though, out of all Obamas pardons, she was eligible. It's an opportunity to change the way they perceive potus. How can you not support someone who helps you achieve your goal?

0ccfea () No. 1289281


Decent summary but I would add his take on the Protocols of Zion.

How it is like reading a newspaper to the way the world works today.

debfda () No. 1289282


Agartha is a positive faction in the underground, just like the Pleiadians are above. Q knows about this, but cannot speak further due to Cabal failsafes.

ab20b9 () No. 1289283

e9805e4f3c164d....jpg (93 KB, 222 x 255, 500 : 575, 291a8c.jpg) (h)

3b84de () No. 1289284

86285c8d7efdc9....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 191, 320 : 240, downloadfile-16.jpg) (h)

Stormy Daniels sucks nigger dick for only $10.00

8767b8 () No. 1289285


curious if he's tsar lineage

8fa026 () No. 1289286


I just wish their 'Great Awakening' would hurry it up just a tad bit.

4ebdc1 () No. 1289287


When I bring in stuff from China via FedEx, inevitably it gets "hung up" in customs for 4-6 months. Zero problems with DHL…ever. Fuck FedEx.

3172a8 () No. 1289288


Very scurred

eb5d77 () No. 1289289


do you even know why light from stars is from "the past"?

learn moar

0ad63e () No. 1289290



>Explosive New Evidence Links Tony Podesta, James Alefantis, Jimmy Savile and Abuse Victim Kim Noble to Same British Medical Foundation. Welcome to Tavistock


ab20b9 () No. 1289291

>>1289282 I knew it those damn Pleiadians again

78f469 () No. 1289292

dafecde1c97518....png (55 KB, 255 x 150, 611 : 359, RonColeman_sta....png) (h)


724042 () No. 1289293


Thanks anon. Good to bookmark.

fb9a9a () No. 1289294


>Might be worth looking at ?


re-read crumbs

<<<<Apr 18 2018 20:38:53 (EST) Anonymous ID: 4eb316 >>1095664 <clown


>Apr 18 2018 20:44:28 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 0ea03e >>1095728 <Q




0921d3 () No. 1289295


a bunch of mess to clean up from the man behind the curtain eh? decades of mess. syria/iran plus other places i will refrain from mentioning all had their hands in the pot. all in one pot. reminds me of a photo of people touching an orb. just the visual. not so much the context. i'll lurk some now. i feel like i have missed so much but the 'fat lady' is eating appeptizers and wearing a size 6.

02b869 () No. 1289296

d0218f41f7ce39....jpg (176 KB, 232 x 255, 555 : 611, Screen Shot 05....jpg) (h)

Just thinking, wasn't @Snowden in Hong Kong is there a connection with Apple in HK




3a5e96 () No. 1289297


Jobs was replaced with pedo rapist Cook balckmail puppet walnut sauce

2939d5 () No. 1289298

8265e92c236946....jpg (542 KB, 255 x 185, 1231 : 891, everai.jpg) (h)


this means that they can remote control every fucking human being that has a smart phone

Dial M for mass murder??

They can check on their guinee pigs every minute of every day to see if its triggered enough.


THis Retina scan shit is HUGE

https: //ever.ai/

https:// www.biometricupdate.com/201805/ever-ai-enhances-facial-recognition-platform-with-liveness-detection-emotion-identification

2d4ce9 () No. 1289299

human sacrifice doc, funny but not homotus

2d4ce9 () No. 1289300


faggot homotus

0921d3 () No. 1289302


why not share more?

fcd2c2 () No. 1289303


This really is crazy. Rudy called him Jared Cohen on Hannity last night.

Coming soon to a theater near you!

3b84de () No. 1289304

d5b4b38cf6ac08....jpg (53 KB, 211 x 255, 480 : 581, 29gtk0~2.jpg) (h)


>Mueller is a faggot.

8612c2 () No. 1289305

0af2d7fbcd789c....png (355 KB, 255 x 255, 768 : 768, fast and furio....png) (h)



Hussein and Hillary facilitated a genocide with Operation Fast and Furious by running illegal weapons to Mexico for the Cartels to use against the Population. The very same guns they tried to righteously ban in the USA.

Democrats did their best to hide the truth about Fast and Furious, with A.G. Holder, the only Cabinet member ever to be held in contempt of Congress, arguably lying to Congress about his knowledge and involvement and repeatedly saying he "didn't get the memo." American citizens and Mexican nationals to this day are in jeopardy from criminals using weapons the Obama administration funneled to them.

Read more: https:// www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/04/eric_holder_fro_prison_not_president#ixzz5DGswbIAi

El Chapo’s Capture Puts ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ Back in the Headlines

Obama-administration scandals never resolve. They just vanish — usually, under a new scandal.

So it was with one of this president’s earliest embarrassments, “Operation Fast and Furious,” designed to help the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) dismantle drug cartels operating inside the United States and disrupt drug-trafficking routes. Instead, it put into the hands of criminals south of the border some 2,000 weapons, which have been used to kill hundreds of Mexicans and at least one American, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Now, Fast and Furious is back in the news. Earlier this month, a raid on the hidey-hole of drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman recovered not only the notorious drug lord, but a (“massive”) .50-caliber rifle, capable of stopping a car or shooting down a helicopter, that originated with the ATF program. Rest easy, though: Only 34 such rifles were sold through the program.

Read More: https:// www.nationalreview.com/2016/01/fast-furious-obama-first-scandal/




200,000+ deaths and many other horrors


Make no mistake, the Clintons have profited handsomely both with import of coke up into the USA and running of guns down the border into MX


Let's get this maize popping!


Think AWAN's LATAM COKE - Hezbollah connection (the gun in paris' attack was Fast and Furious)

Tip: I have talked with Mexican soldiers many times, and they confirmed to me a known rumor in investigative journalism in the region: Praying Mats (Islamic) have been found in Zetas training ranches in the Mexican border.

They raid these places and the criminals run or are no longer there, these are occupied ranches (by force), the mats are unmistakably arab and placed in the right direction in a clean special room apart from the stashes or dinner rooms.

This would mean you are no longer dealing with School Of The Americas trained Latin American Guerrillas but actual Al Qaeda CIA Sponsored Islamic Terrorist training Cartels.

One thing are drug distributors, another thing are TERRORISTS, Mexico is under TERRORIST control, and it is bad for business, it has nothing to do with the interest of Drug Merchants, but with the interest of CIA Dis-stabilization in LATAM

LOVE YOU ANON! no homo

0b68a6 () No. 1289306

dedcc9 () No. 1289307

ce05e2eae7add9....png (288 KB, 255 x 114, 953 : 425, tavistock maps.png) (h)


Dig away, but really deep digging was accomplished several weeks ago. Maybe search boards #550 to #650.

Pics related. If you are really interested you can see the post numbers, enter them again, and hopefully find them live.

0b68a6 () No. 1289308

b50e5b () No. 1289309


What if I told you…

I don't give a shit?

0921d3 () No. 1289310


this is somewhat correct. they prefer the newest models tho.

df339a () No. 1289311


It's unclear why it's wrong for someone to have a monopoly position in communications while they're censoring speech in a politically biased way? It's pretty clear to me, and we can fix it by breaking them up. Yeah they'll scream, which is OK.

One thing Zuckerberg avoided doing (he was asked and avoided it) testifying to Congress was saying FB would be unbiased.

a07acb () No. 1289312

57ee501e6aaa79....png (549 KB, 255 x 193, 746 : 564, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Is apple exchanging body parts for slave labor in China and India?

Refrigerated container in Q's pic, apple, Cali, China???


fb9a9a () No. 1289313



>every fucking human being that has a smart phone…

a lot of us have phones

db4e24 () No. 1289314


>Grandma's story is pretty f'd up though

I agree, but only a rich asshole would ask a favor of someone they don't support! A poor asshole would know you support a mfer THAN ask the favor! lmao

b4955d () No. 1289316

5279160285b1a0....jpg (269 KB, 255 x 94, 944 : 348, androidZeroDays.jpg) (h)

08f90b () No. 1289317

Obama AK47 pic would really help get people off the fence.

252f4b () No. 1289318


Pope Takes Control of Knights of Malta

Last conservative force to oppose progressive policies of Catholic Church is now under control of Pope Francis.

0d6f02 () No. 1289320


Missed that

d0b4fb () No. 1289321


me too, it's gonna awesome, the libs are gonna go insane kekekek

2d4ce9 () No. 1289322

wow a music video full of archetypes cause satan doesn't pay taxes

2939d5 () No. 1289323


"somewhat correct" ???

feel free to enlighten my while I take notes to shit post it all over the web.

076969 () No. 1289325

c38db39269a5ff....png (1329 KB, 255 x 143, 1009 : 567, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

‘Pro-Consumer’ Group Attacking Mulvaney Tied to Liberal Dark Money Org

Allied Progress is a project of the progressive New Venture Fund

Allied Progress, a Washington, D.C.-based group that describes itself as a "consumer watchdog organization," has taken credit for forcing the withdrawals of past Trump nominees and is now in the midst of the "Defending the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" campaign against Mulvaney.

The group, which uses "hard-hitting research and creative campaigns to stand up to corporate special interests and hold their allies in Congress and the White House Accountable," posts news and research files online as part of its campaign to defend the CFPB.

Karl Frisch, the executive director of Allied Progress, has for years been involved with issue advocacy and electoral communication campaigns.

Frisch came out as a progressive shortly after working on Sen. John McCain's 2000 presidential campaign. Since that time, he has worked for Democratic leaders, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), and Media Matters for America, a group founded by liberal operative and Clinton loyalist David Brock.

Frisch appears to be the only person associated with Allied Progress and is regularly a go-to for reporters seeking quotes on the CFPB.

According to the fine print at the bottom of the Allied Progress's donation page, the group is not a standalone organization, but rather a project of the New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) progressive "fiscal sponsor" organization that handles the group's legal compliance and logistics. The New Venture Fund reported $363,725,355 in contributions and $364,305,889 in end of year assets on its most recently available tax forms from 2016.

Due to its arrangement with the New Venture Fund, it is virtually impossible to determine who funds the group.

Those who steer money to the group do not have to report their contributions as going directly to Allied Progress. Instead, the contributions are marked as money given to the New Venture Fund. This arrangement also acts as a loophole that adds an extra layer of secrecy to the organization itself. Allied Progress is not required to file tax forms with the IRS because it is "sponsored" by the New Venture Fund.

Quite a few names of interest here, might be worth a deep look


0ccfea () No. 1289324

119f9259269de6....jpg (483 KB, 255 x 170, 1600 : 1065, 2018-05-01-14-....jpg) (h)


Real Patriots/Anons are not on the fence.

Q knows when to play each chess piece.

df51be () No. 1289326


>@Snowden in Hong Kong

Where the hell is Snowden?

058ac5 () No. 1289327

I actually liked Mobb Deep when I was a kid…

4ebdc1 () No. 1289328


Yeah, he first fled to Hong Kong and was sheltered by some refugees. Those same refugees have complained about being targeted.

I had wondered whether Snowden had left something important/redundant in HK but they had to wait to extract his helpers with the info until now.

df339a () No. 1289329


Seems unlikely because instead of all the cost of obtaining and shipping, securely, that stuff overseas, they could just pay the low market payrates that exist over there.

3b84de () No. 1289330

0f5011347a82cc....jpg (34 KB, 255 x 169, 474 : 314, 29d8kx.jpg) (h)

dedcc9 () No. 1289331


Well poop. That last one must've been mislabeled.

Let's try live links:




59e906 () No. 1289332

5841a1b6cc2279....png (132 KB, 255 x 136, 1920 : 1024, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Twatter down for me

4562c2 () No. 1289333


it says that There a yuge fight in the Vatican-Knights of Malta.

I doubt that it's White Hats..

a5946f () No. 1289334


Any of the other images do that?

debfda () No. 1289335


Imagine a baby in a playpen throwing a temper tantrum surrounded by a group of kindergarten teachers trying to calm it down. This is us in respect to the Pleiadians.

0b68a6 () No. 1289336

a21f49 () No. 1289338

43e4cd043de9b5....png (201 KB, 225 x 255, 588 : 665, AngelsDemons.png) (h)

only gonna say it once…

I told you so.



dedcc9 () No. 1289339


If they are green, they are dead. WTF is habbening to our boards?

88a84c () No. 1289340


He was a Bernie supporter so from that point of view he deserved to be killed. But I hope they nail the culprits. Two birds…

4562c2 () No. 1289341

Twitter Down of some seconds..

8b33e5 () No. 1289342


and then i touched my penis once…

8767b8 () No. 1289343


i don't think apple has many operations from hong kong

08f90b () No. 1289344


Yeah, but that sounds like retarded Bush logic: "You're either with us or against us"

Try not to be a pathetic sycophant for a minute so you can see this from a normal person's perspective.

8fa026 () No. 1289345


You just reminded me of the movie Kingsman…the first one, where all those people's heads blewup at the end. Kek!

70ebc9 () No. 1289347

81ba2295e21998....jpg (175 KB, 255 x 189, 600 : 444, f87455bae60a84....jpg) (h)



Lightyear: The distance time travels in a year.

But you would think that we'd have more stars popping up in the sky… Hubble is cheating.


The universe as we know it is all about Decay… Entropy… this illusion of time. If we were to go to a star, physically, how long before its position begins to visibly shift to a new location? If not Star was ever in the location that we're seeing it, let alone if it's already fizzled, how would we ever be able to Warp to them?

So… what if Star Trek is really saying… Space is the Past. From out perspective, in every waking moment, we're traveling toward the future… so to travel into space would be to travel back in time, to civilaztions and places that predated Man and thus where no man has ever gone before.

df51be () No. 1289348


>THis Retina scan shit is HUGE

Several years ago my federal agency went to biometric ID's which required retinal scans to be included in your chipped "door" card.

dedcc9 () No. 1289349


OMGosh. I feel that way almost every day. Bless their hearts (if they have 'em.) They must not know what to do with us.

58237a () No. 1289350


Mostly Shenzhen

2939d5 () No. 1289351


You obviously have not recently intereacted with a teenager. They want the latest model $ 1K smartphone every YEAR if you let them. they're completely brainwashed and glued to the fucking things (that they never use to make a CALL)

0921d3 () No. 1289352


tomi and ben were the most obvious famefags ever. yawn


you must be new here.

0b68a6 () No. 1289353


Scooby offered most humble apologies to BO. : )

70ebc9 () No. 1289354


distance light travels, fuck off, you knew what i meant.

030948 () No. 1289355

Baker, why is there no link to the shills trying to break Q's trip again. Was this removed from the notables or not picked up at all?

b4955d () No. 1289356

C'mon anons, step up & help collect notables

here's a cruton


great notables format, pic, title & link

what I have collected so far


>>1289325 'Pro-Consumer’ Group Attacking Mulvaney Tied to Liberal Dark Money Org

>>1289266 The banks and the trafficking are all connected (opinion)


>>1289180 Cnn’s Highest Rated Show Behind Every Single Program On Fox News That Airs After 6am

>>1289181 Pentagon Confirms Chinese Fired Lasers at U.S. Pilots

>>1289133 Trump Train keeps on rolling

eb5d77 () No. 1289357



light travels at a finite speed, so coming from a far distance, light traveling that reaches our view left at a finite time in the past

light you see from the Sun is 8 minutes old

light from alpha centauri is 4.3 light years old

809761 () No. 1289358



>found the fucking lock for the key

>its odrive (oracle drive) cloud service, can transfer data between any cloud


In the notables, this is listed as bread #1611 but it was originally posted in bread #1604.

Must have been important enough for baked to re-include after the orig was removed from notables and archived.

>>1279851 Do We Have the Encryption Key?

>[CLAS-N-DI_9] is an encrypted classified field in an Oracle database, where the data is located. He’s taunting those who know.

>The encryption method, Oracle GoldenGate Security ‘gg_dump’

>https: //docs.oracle.com/goldengate/1212/gg-winux/GWUAD/wu_security.htm#GWUAD354

This Anon References this Q drop: 576

Jan 21 2018 21:05:55 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec 119769


Not from WL.

[CLAS-N-DI_9] gg_dump [No Such Agency].

It does not technically exist as open-source.


Jan 21 2018 21:12:19 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec 119877


The flood is coming.

Emails, videos, audio, pics, etc.

FBI accidentally deletes texts?

No Such Agency accidentally releases IT ALL>

IT ALL! Meaning not only these e-mails but Everything

Into the Cloud? Using Oracle Products?

Shall we play a game?


Nov 7 2017 19:05:59 (EST) Anonymous ID: NOjYqEdl 148457032

The graphic is your key.

Notice it says 'your key' and not 'the key' as elsewhere.

Let's pause and say hello to the rogue intelligence agencies currently monitoring these threads


Dec 5 2017 16:05:45 (EST) Anonymous ID: 47c6e4 38503


Military Intelligence, No Such Agency = key == They Provide the key to NSA accidental dump of all ==

POTUS and Patriots = stone == The stone that smashes the fuckers into 1000 pieces ==

Dec 5 2017 16:06:49 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 7cfe10 38514


Nov 9 2017 23:24:35 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: Dx5TPc5d 148781546

[C]los[I]ng [A]ct:

The Closing Act = The Final Outcome Of OP


Impossible to clean.

Operations → [N]o [S]uch [A]gency



Nov 9 2017 23:07:15 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: Dx5TPc5d 148779656

Trip added.

[C]oordinated effort to misdirect.

Guide to reading the crumbs necessary to cont[I]nue.

Attached gr[A]phic is correct.

Linked graphics are incorrect and false.

Graphic is necessary and vital. == ←—– ==

Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical.

Re-review graphic (in full) each day post news release.

Learn to distinguish between relevant/non-relevant news.

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

Ex: US ML NG (1) False SA True

Why was this necessary?

What questions were asked re: SA prior to SA events?

Why is this relevant?

Think mirror.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

What is a map?

Why is a map useful?

What is a legend?

Why is a legend useful?

a sequence has no relation to maps and map reading but it does have relevance to encryption KEYS.

What is a sequence?

Why is this relevant?

because it's out of sync with the rest of the narrative and therefore …

When does a map become a guide?

when the map is not a map but a sequence of Q drops that's mapped out in a graphic

What is a keystone?

Everything stated is relevant.


stated twice to hint at double meaning for map/keystone/key/stone

Future provides past.

why 'provides' past and not 'proves' past as elsewhere?

Map provides picture.

Picture provides 40,000ft. v.

40,000ft. v. is classified.

because ' Oracle GoldenGate Security ‘gg_dump’ is out there and it PROVIDES the necessary info for 40,000ft view

Why is a map useful?

Think direction.

Think full picture.

Who controls the narrative?

Why is this relevant?

What is a spell?

Who is asleep?


Attention on deck.

There is an active war on your mind.

Be [p]repared.

Ope[r]ations underway.

Operators [a]ctive.

Graphic is essential.


Find the ke[y]stone.


Moves and countermoves.

They never thought she would lose.

Snow white.

Godfather III.

Iron Eagle.


Double meanings are valid?

Dis-info is necessary?

WTF are we waiting for???

c54053 () No. 1289359

Personally I think we should get #JustDoItQ trending.

no more talking. at some point anons will get sick of digging with little returns.

we know way more than we should need to know before seeing high lvl players begging for mercy.

4ebdc1 () No. 1289360


If you follow a pope (or anyone that claims to be "God's representative on Earth") then you are a sucker.

3c3bc2 () No. 1289361


Any site or works that are as accurate as they can be? Ive been interested in this for years but cant get past the new age gatekeepers

b20fcc () No. 1289362

c2358a282f389a....png (2796 KB, 126 x 255, 677 : 1374, Muslim Network.png) (h)

Skippy and the American Muslim professional network.

https:// wikileaks.org/ podesta-emails/emailid/50969


8767b8 () No. 1289363


yeah, not far but a big difference. hong kong is being hollowed out for being former crown territory

fb9a9a () No. 1289364


it's normal that threads fall off the board, they're not permanent.

they would stay up longer if we had less shit threads and bots wasting posts, but that's what they're here for.

i think the General threads last a little under 2 weeks around now

869909 () No. 1289365

5eb979073a1f68....jpg (43 KB, 255 x 232, 699 : 637, 1522381154341.jpg) (h)


Space Fascists living in peace after theyve genocided undesireables??

f58225 () No. 1289366



df51be () No. 1289367


>Real Patriots/Anons are not on the fence.


>Q knows when to play each chess piece.

And we are one of the chess pieces.

4ebdc1 () No. 1289368


I'd rather hear some MOAB Deep sometime soon.

3b84de () No. 1289369

1aee3a4e3fc5b3....jpg (20 KB, 255 x 143, 474 : 266, downloadfile-17.jpg) (h)

Stormy Daniels ass has seen better days.

I wouldn't fuck her with Rudy's dick.

a16b7d () No. 1289371

This anon mostly lurks but now he posts.

Stormy seems like a psyOp. Anyone else think, after watching Rudy's interview on Hannity, that this is all a ploy to give the media a nice shiny object to focus on?

DJT's tweets today solidified that feeling for me.

3172a8 () No. 1289372


When you're there, look at the white X in the street and say the name "William Greer": to it: the name of the limo driver according to William Cooper. He did it

2939d5 () No. 1289373


thats probably iris scan (faster, simpler) retina takes 30 secs, but they can even diagnose you thru that.. damned weird shit.

fb9a9a () No. 1289374


>And we are one of the chess pieces.

it gets SO comfy when you finally understand that

02fc2e () No. 1289375



Retina scans, and then some…

Why are all the mainstream social media platforms wanting us to do face scans, finger swipes, tagging, etc. for us to log into all our devices?

Many mind control/ behavioral mod stuff is already being used.


Their are just upping the tech and the delivery systems…

'Smart' systems already widely used now everywhere.

5g is the next wave, and they are already launching it all over the place. 5g transmitters are already being set up in many cities and other locations.

b4955d () No. 1289376

c8b70b484bbe56....jpg (90 KB, 255 x 206, 458 : 370, QcodeCracker.jpg) (h)


I have no idea why this was removed, can you provide link?

I'll consider putting it back in, as I do consider it a real threat. Although I'm not sure calling attention to it helps.

8fa026 () No. 1289377


I've stopped responding to text messages.

They need something from me, they can call me.

eb5d77 () No. 1289378


lol I understood what you meant

it takes millions of years for a star to form, new stars ARE "popping up in the sky", their light hasn't reached us yet

some have supernova/died, and we haven't seen it yet


but lets say you travel to mars, you're not traveling in the past, it doesn't work like that

light "from the pat" left "in the past"

58237a () No. 1289379


Enjoy the show ;)

addc3d () No. 1289380


So BIS must be P.

b8d377 () No. 1289381



In light of last bread, the discussion on BIS, this is starting to snap into place for me.

Was directed to the attached Q post. Order is critical. The central banks are being taken out first, without them the cabal cannot operate.

>Order is critical.

>Strings cut to US/UK.

What do we know from the Ronald Bertrand videos?

London is the financial capital

Washington is the military capital

Vatican is the spiritual capital

What do they all have in common? They are all cities with special status. I am not 100% sure about this, but since Washington DC is not one of the 50 states, then it's a "nation" unto it's own (sorta, not sure, need help with this)

Per that last bread posts, they are "banks" or at least corporate entities which means they can sorta operate outside the boundaries of a nation state… I think??

This is the post: >>1288936 (last bread)

Watch the vid.

Need digging on the network/spider web of these entities.

Lastly, https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NESARA → I can totally see this piece clearly now. The cabal turned this into a "CONSPIRACY THEORY" because it was too dangerous a set of ideas.

Ok back to digging.

08f90b () No. 1289382

657255e3c1d8f8....jpg (29 KB, 255 x 255, 980 : 980, tmg-slideshow_l.jpg) (h)


>that hexagon on the pole


these fucking saturn / satan worshiping (((snakes)))

869909 () No. 1289384

5bbb9c0e0c974f....png (806 KB, 249 x 255, 861 : 881, knmal578436543....png) (h)


Yes i tried to give a heads up about this yesterday. Jesuits have finally downed their last enemy inside Vatican. Satan reigns unopposed.

2ed2d6 () No. 1289385


I recommend Alex Collier's information. If you have an issue with 'new age' this stuff may not be for you.

7ceb17 () No. 1289386


That compound appears to me to have a big freaking wall around it–not just a fence. Why no cell tower?

c54053 () No. 1289387


did you see the silicon toy tho. I think id smash it.

I would not brag about it tho. simply smash then move on.

b0bfc7 () No. 1289388


Mockingbird is on its way down.

02b869 () No. 1289389

27c888acfc1772....jpg (514 KB, 255 x 186, 1373 : 1001, Screen Shot 05....jpg) (h)


Q Seemed to think it important to put a picture of Apples HK building

2939d5 () No. 1289390


LOL kudo's

252f4b () No. 1289392


Q says May will be a bad month for the Pope. Hmm.

0921d3 () No. 1289393


lead paint in toys….snowball effect that. doesn't happen here much, basically not at all, not like it does there. too bad we don't collectively know more a out china. i wish we could share our internet with them.

4ae463 () No. 1289394

795f1e18e74a4e....png (41 KB, 180 x 255, 353 : 500, BoyWhoCriedWolf.png) (h)

>>1286687 (prev.)

Would appear that it might be a fruitful lead, except


>"…no one seems to care. This is my last time."

was also posted yesterday around same time.

A couple questions were posted as replies shortly after, but no response from poster.

…and it appears that yesterday's "last post" wasn't really the last post.

If anon. wants others to care, then anon. should engage in discussion on topic to anons. that respond to their post,

instead of ignoring responding, then copypasta the next day with the same exact "the last time" verbiage.

b8d377 () No. 1289395

dbf4e5e3bf0af5....png (64 KB, 255 x 79, 1245 : 384, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


EDIT: Q post didnt attach

974549 () No. 1289396


techno-control state, 1984 on steroids.

724042 () No. 1289397

27840a35e2333b....png (38 KB, 255 x 149, 972 : 568, Capture.png) (h)


A lot of shell companies here:


809761 () No. 1289398


IOW, you're not looking at the star, you only see AN IMAGE of the star as the star appeared 4.3 years ago.

457691 () No. 1289399

55b03d206dfc05....png (162 KB, 255 x 144, 962 : 544, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



f9d837 () No. 1289400


I don't know…didn't try. I'll try another.

2d4ce9 () No. 1289401

hey stormy , topfloor?

8767b8 () No. 1289402


it's not what the picture is, but who is in it

4562c2 () No. 1289403


Q again has problems with the TripCode?

076969 () No. 1289404


Thank you happy to do my part where ever I can:)

debfda () No. 1289405


Get multiple independent sources and weigh in for yourself. You WILL get new age'd so dig well, don't get attached to anything since the well can be poisoned, but basic stuff will stay the same, and you'll eventually be able to get your own sources. Har har mahadev.


Kids these days.

fb9a9a () No. 1289406


FantasyLand denizens, of course.

I'm talking about the autists you can find over here.

Why do you think they're so reviled?

we'z immune to dat shit

b4955d () No. 1289407



7e9e0e () No. 1289408

443967586120a8....png (2713 KB, 172 x 255, 3966 : 5894, LATEST Q VERIF....png) (h)


but how do i use it?

02fc2e () No. 1289409


Yep. Scary as f.

030948 () No. 1289410

66e7b2e7be318f....png (24 KB, 255 x 155, 779 : 474, 83612f0e58b0ac....png) (h)

This needs to be watched like a hawk until it is resolved anons. We know they will eventually break it and they will try and instill panic with it.

0ccfea () No. 1289411


Whoever runs BIS is likely P.

70ebc9 () No. 1289412

77d66ac8cae949....jpg (96 KB, 177 x 255, 558 : 804, X-2vCRSV.jpg) (h)


So what then would that mean for this Agartha/Dewachen/Journey To The Center Of The Earth/Shamanic Journeying/etc etc situation?

If where we are is about a loss of energy… would we gain energy by accessing such a realm? So many postdiluvian stories have people coming up from inside the earth to help restart Mankind's stay on earth.

So… Think Dagon. Think Kek. Think Native American stories.

Anyone near the water would have had fish/amphibian references.

Landlocked and it holes and tunnels and caverns and spaces.

fb9a9a () No. 1289413


>Q again has problems with the TripCode?



>Was this removed from the notables or not picked up at all?

because meh?

2ed2d6 () No. 1289414


They are humans just like us, they may be more evolved in some ways or have superior technology but no one out there is any better than us. We are all divine souls and therefore equal.

252f4b () No. 1289415


Perhaps this is the trigger for the Pope's bad month of May?

debfda () No. 1289416



Trip cracking is NOT easy. Plus we have POTUS twit verification.

df51be () No. 1289417


> probably iris scan (faster, simpler)

Not sure. Just remember having to stare into small device. Electronic finger prints too. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if they stole my fucking DNA at the same time.

6a40e3 () No. 1289418

It's so amusing to watch the entire Corporate funded MSM fawn over trivial nonsense like Stormy Daniels, Campaign finance laws, neutralizing & discrediting Kanye West's newfound voice at all costs as they realize the VERY real threat he now poses as people are ACTUALLY awakenings etc.

But what's even more spectacular is that as they chase the illusion of Impeachment, which is the ultimate goal, Trump is excelling in every arena possible.

His popularity continues to steadily rise, especially with African Americans as it went up 10 points in ONE WEEK A, brokered the North Korea peace deal(months ago) that the 'experts' failed to do for 30yrs, yet he accomplished in less than one.

The list really does go on and on, yet these puppets don't report it as it puts him in a good light. They are completely missing that A LOT of people are beginning to see they are exactly what the 'Conspiracy Theorists' have been calling them out as for some time-PROPAGANDA.

The coming days & weeks are only going to get better and better. I really am curious to see how the masses react when they realize they are living in an actual Nazi Occupied State, The 4th Reich, that never actually died & was 'transferred' here in a Clandestine Coup…

Oh Happy day!

fb9a9a () No. 1289419


try reading the crumbs


engage brain cells

8afa25 () No. 1289420


i definitely agree that they should be broken up. at least the service layer should be completely seperated from the content and advertising side of the business.

800c90 () No. 1289421


amen, how bout turn it off… come visit, lets have a cookout

2d4ce9 () No. 1289422

got nails got hammers need peyote

too much time waiting for ice cream,

all this bs is just egregore science

4ebdc1 () No. 1289423


BIS controls P.

eb5d77 () No. 1289424


that image was created by the light FROM THE STAR

but essentially yea anon

so IOW, the sun you see in the sky is 8 minutes ago

the moon is like 1 second old (but since the sun's light refelcts off it, the light was still emitted 8 minutes ago)

same with all planets, stars, and galaxies

e91716 () No. 1289425

36973a1f2dc47f....jpg (62 KB, 255 x 255, 1000 : 1000, boomcom.jpg) (h)

https://qanonmap.bitbucket.io/ qanon.pub

I take away the space and try to load the page and get an

"File not found" error message.

3c3bc2 () No. 1289426


Some certainly understand this, but our alternative was enslavement. Of course we're being "used" but we were given a choice to be used, rather than the previous system in which we were born dead. Simply being a Savoy vs. Roths is meaningless from this perspective

49fd86 () No. 1289427


I have only ever used a land line…hate those cell phones

they make my ears ring

7e9e0e () No. 1289428


but it is the key. in its entirety. the arrangement. the way it sits, as is.

not what's in it.

eb5d77 () No. 1289429

a36b2fa7128808....png (314 KB, 255 x 237, 1794 : 1665, may.png) (h)

be01bb () No. 1289430

(Bread #1615)


I wonder if those FoxConn suicides are voluntary or involuntary. Either way, maybe they saw something…problematic.

dedcc9 () No. 1289431


Hey, thanks for that information. I didn't know. Thank goodness for archivers. Have a huge stash of my own, but not everything.

fb9a9a () No. 1289432


Yes. The crumbs are key to understanding the plan.

Once that's done, the rest doesn't matter so much

b4955d () No. 1289433


Q needs to go secure trip before the simple trip is comp'd

I'm sure CM & Q are aware

8fa026 () No. 1289434


That's the kind of stuff we do more often now, now that I refuse to text them…Kek!

70ebc9 () No. 1289435

0df5ebc9fddca4....jpeg (6 KB, 240 x 175, 240 : 175, 0df5ebc9fddca4....jpeg) (h)


Or the sky.

You have to figure that any craft that can fly through caverns and tunnels unground, safely, if not come out from underwater (a la ice shelves of Antarctica or the shelf that is California)…

Well… that'd operate pretty much like a "space" ship, now wouldn't it? Just shifter your perspective on what's meant by "space".

dedcc9 () No. 1289436


Isn't FoxConn South Korea?

4562c2 () No. 1289437


For How Much time?

974549 () No. 1289438


Maybe a bunch of antifa against FED/BIS memes will do the tick. See if it resonates in those circles.

Would be fun to see them fight against the ones who fund them.

fb9a9a () No. 1289439


yup, bless the archivers, absolutely!

Q's told us again and again,


0921d3 () No. 1289440



dedcc9 () No. 1289441



70ebc9 () No. 1289442


FoxConn is home of the Apple worker suicides.

They're quite known for horrendous working conditions.

869909 () No. 1289443

9141adad2f0de8....jpg (129 KB, 255 x 143, 770 : 433, 1524607293141.jpg) (h)


This is a massive win for the Vatican and Francis so unless some other events happen i dont understand how it could be.

3c3bc2 () No. 1289444


so agartha is the future… interdasting, is this the connection with meditation then? meditation unlocks timetravel?

7e9e0e () No. 1289445


re read q after this. several posts. image is key. map 1/2 is key. arrangement, order is key.

never content is key, the image is the key.

i think he used the image somehow to generate key.

2d4ce9 () No. 1289446

i can't believe the semantics of this poor cabalists, their por poor semantics scheme and collusion, prepaid iphone kekekekek

a78f72 () No. 1289447



Trauma Based Mind Control

0b68a6 () No. 1289448

4ae463 () No. 1289449





1961: Aldous Huxley’s eerie prediction at Tavistock Group, California Medical School.

There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution

In 1962, Huxley gave a follow-up speech, The Ultimate Revolution, at the Berkley Language Center, in which he expanded on his earlier talk:

. . .we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude.

24fe55 () No. 1289450


bAKeR – nOtABLe

>>1289410 Muslim close to cracking Q's trip

eb5d77 () No. 1289451


not a concernfag, but thats concerning

fb9a9a () No. 1289452

>>1289433 >>1289410





809761 () No. 1289453


Bees build honey-comb in hexagonal grid. Satanist Bees?

All snowflakes have six points. Satanic water shows it's true nature when frozen into snow-flake?

Carbon molecules form in hexagonal configurations. Carbon Based Life Forms are ALL SATANIC?????????

Take seven coins of the same size. Push them together as close as possible so that as many as possible tough.

Six coins surround the seventh in the center.

The best way to pack objects is satanic in nature?????????

8fa026 () No. 1289454


Heard it was moving to the US.

db39fd () No. 1289455

d2f05450373b26....jpg (60 KB, 255 x 191, 600 : 450, Medical8.jpg) (h)


Maybe the refrigerated Apple container had smuggled donated blood in it.

Red blood cells (RBC), the most frequently used component, have a shelf life of 35–42 days at refrigerated temperatures.


Donated blood and blood components should be transported by a secure system using transit containers, packing materials and procedures which have been validated for the purpose to ensure the component surface temperature can be maintained within the correct ranges during transportation (Chapter 7).


800c90 () No. 1289456


yep, speaking of cookouts

it would be so bad ass if all of us could get together after all this…

kegs, cookouts, bon fires, camp…

would be cool, all the dif types and minds all together

08f90b () No. 1289457


lol I'm totally shitting briqs rn guise omg omg omg

edc574 () No. 1289458

34caa8f221c731....jpg (703 KB, 92 x 255, 809 : 2239, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

This has to stop #FAKENEWS

f9d837 () No. 1289459


Ok it came back and said: "did you mean" 57989E34-0050-4758-9F69-40CA170C7070.jpg

I said, yeah, sure … why not. Clicked on it and it took me to this site:

Q Posts (1203 – 1224) 4.21.18 “POTUS Warning Shot” The Shot Heard ‘Round the World ” The World Is Watching”

Friday, April 20, 2018 22:32

Q Posts (1203 – 1224) 4.21.18 “POTUS

warning shot” The Shot Heard ‘Round The

World “The world is watching”

With this thread: (Only a partial of it for bread sake)


Apr 20 2018 19:30:58 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 948590 1121272 NEW

Mack is naming names.

Big names in H-Wood / Gov’t (local/federal).


The ‘Standard’ Hotel.

Helicopter crash.

All related.

Future will prove past.


Feeling ok today?

Why is the MX border / Long Beach Port so important?

Tick TOCK (LLC).



Apr 20 2018 19:31:44 (EST) Anonymous ID: 29a790 1121283 NEW


Alison Mack singing like a canary, as Alan Dershowitz would say

Apr 20 2018 19:36:21 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 948590 1121353 NEW


Canary palm tree?




Apr 20 2018 20:08:58 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 948590 1121949 NEW



Apr 20 2018 20:18:32 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: df4bad 1122111 NEW


And This Video:

78f469 () No. 1289460

1442c03da4e7b9....png (40 KB, 255 x 65, 781 : 198, nationalpost.c....png) (h)


fc5159 () No. 1289461


fc5159 () No. 1289462


b50e5b () No. 1289463

Regarding CNN and their low ratings…

Leftist don't really watch "news" to begin with.

They spend all their time watching TV programs. All of the perception management is reinforced there. That is where the experience "life" and learn the "truth".

2d4ce9 () No. 1289464

contra looper

eb5d77 () No. 1289465


another one


df339a () No. 1289466


light from alpha centauri is 4.3 years old. just years, not light years.

A light year is a distance not a time.

Probably just a typo but don't want anons confused.

08f90b () No. 1289467


2 Corinthians 4:4 nigga.

4562c2 () No. 1289468


Q needs another tripcode.

This is severe.

0921d3 () No. 1289469


certain people make better victims and there is a type of "priming" or "grooming" involved. i dont have time to explain rn.

8fa026 () No. 1289470


Saw that same shit on Fox News as well.

c712e0 () No. 1289471


forgive my ignorance but that's on /pol/ how does it relate to 8ch and /qresearch/

339139 () No. 1289472


Work fine for me.

200e76 () No. 1289473

4eb4eae8995393....png (407 KB, 255 x 134, 709 : 372, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Or could just be this guy.

Just a hunch.

Stepping out on a real limb here.

I know it is a stretch.


You fuckers wasted like 25 posts on this shit.

Like I said yesterday.

You motherfuckers have gone all stupid.

Waste of time.

fb9a9a () No. 1289474





b4955d () No. 1289475


ok concernfag

just exactly what positive effect will come of raising attention to it?

0921d3 () No. 1289476


this was predicted/discussed back in november. interesting how its come up now. very interesting.

337d79 () No. 1289477


what's that stupid signature symbol? Is that supposed to be a silly straw so you can watch the cum as you slurp it from your boyfriends ass? Go back to the gay site you came from.

3c3bc2 () No. 1289479


I just want people to be honest about what they experience, many in the new age seem to be about constructing a new narrative, I simply want to know what the individual knows/experienced, not a religion. Thanks for the info though I like your posts

4ebdc1 () No. 1289480


Soros controls ANTIFA.

Been thinking…Rockefellers control(led) Entertainment (SNL, 30 Rock, NY Programming) but Q says they were taken out. Could just be residual momentum dribbling out content. Once Hollywood is taken out, HUGE vaccum for what most of the population is highly addicted to - Entertainment. Kanye/Roseanne/Woods appeal to different demographics and will at least reach some people.

This will turn into some kind of book burning (media burning) as the symbols and people are exposed…leaving what to fill it, if anything?

08f90b () No. 1289481


>doesn't understand sarcasm


4fa05c () No. 1289482


avicii's pedo/pizza gate video

41a741 () No. 1289483


used to have iphone, but gave it up, it is very freeing not to be saddled with phone at all times

7e9e0e () No. 1289485

3958fca0270daa....jpg (725 KB, 83 x 255, 853 : 2635, GWACG-beelined....jpg) (h)


was rothschild plane/helicopter crash from last year related to the april instagram airplane crash?

i'm picking up a 'yes' in there.

8b33e5 () No. 1289484


i´m concerned about the concern, alright

dont disturb me

eb5d77 () No. 1289486


my bad lol, yea typo thank you anon

light from alpha centuari is 4.3 *years old and light *travels a distance of 4.3 light years

there we go

dbdd58 () No. 1289487


Don't care about appearing dense.

Please elaborate about what exactly you are doing.

What browser are you using?

Please expand on the process.

2d4ce9 () No. 1289488

tophat VERNE TOPHAT !!!!

db4e24 () No. 1289489

639c7c6e6757e6....png (109 KB, 247 x 255, 659 : 681, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

April Ratings: Another Catastrophe for Dead-Last CNN www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2018/05/02/april-ratings-another-catastrophe-dead-last-cnn/

3172a8 () No. 1289490


Sounds fun, but with desperate shills running round hoping to target anons: doesn't seem safe

8fa026 () No. 1289491


I can atest to this even though I'm not a leftist at all.

I didn't watch news at all, always seems to drag me down into a bad mood, but here of late with all this going on…WOW!

eb5d77 () No. 1289492


muh concern

6604db () No. 1289493


Pfft Tavistock is not a sekrit GLP is one of their mainstays of public opinion manipulation..Q fits right in there too.


1. keep the message simple


2. make it emotional


3. Don't allow nuances or debate

>BAN boobs, clowns, jew haters BAN everyone we don't agree with

4.demonize the opposition

>these people are stupid, these people are sick

5. keep repeating the message

>these people are sick, these people are stupid, PRAY, TRUST POTUS, TRUST THE PLAN

Tavistock's jewish roots..well there you go.

809761 () No. 1289494


A Fucking ZIONIST Plot TO COnTRoL tHE laWS OF nATurE!!!!

It must be!


Because (you) said so!!


>2 Corinthians 4:4 nigga.

Yeah, well, the [P]ope and the vatican CONTROLLED the text for what, 400 years by keeping alllllll peasants illiterate and everything written in Latin and you want me to take that text to the BanK??


58237a () No. 1289495

8e8f5c9859b6c8....png (265 KB, 241 x 255, 666 : 706, Foxconn calls ....png) (h)


Foxconn calls on monks and counsellors to stem suicides


2d4ce9 () No. 1289496



058ac5 () No. 1289497


Q you really need to start doing the triple hash.

800c90 () No. 1289498


Q is a big boy and will do what he has to

fb9a9a () No. 1289499

>>1289475 holyfek, i'm not sure i could have been anymore sarcastic. i'll try less, next time

>>1289481 can you believe that thing

f9d837 () No. 1289500



Sorry the reply didn't grab your id post. Here's my response to your: Any of the other images do that?

2ad183 () No. 1289501


>The Bank for International Settlements is connected to most of the world's central banks and is siphoning off wealth and laundering the money in private Swiss bank accounts. The BIS was established by London Bankers and Nazi businessmen like Baron Montagu Norman the former Governor of the Bank of England and his friend Hjalmar Schacht who was a Nazi and banker.

>Both Baron Montagu Norman and Hjalmar Schacht were original members of the Bank for International Settlements. The BIS is involved in making international bank transfers and it is through discreet tax contracts like the Belgian Scheldt dues with the United States how they steal from nations. 

>The Italian nobility and the European monarchs claim to have shares in the corporate governments and are the ones siphoning off wealth from the nations. They use this money to pay their foreign agents and their secret societies. Even Hollywood is involved in this like the actor Don Johnson who was caught with 8 billion in transactions at the Swiss-German border. 

>Banking in Switzerland is private and they are concealing billions in private accounts. The Swiss Guard protects the Vatican today. The House of Savoy ruled over Geneva for centuries for the Vatican and Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy has a residence in Geneva. The Vatican and Switzerland are the only two nations on the planet that use a square shaped flag.

4562c2 () No. 1289502

Again Twatter Down,

It seems that Twitter has DDoS Attack.

0b68a6 () No. 1289503

ALL the happenings and risings over the last 50 or 100 years matter…Stars…not stars…successes…

What are the lyrics?

4ebdc1 () No. 1289504


If the entire organization is revealed to be rotten and corrupt, they can't just claim some "bad actors", and try to clean house. It all falls down.

2ad183 () No. 1289505


>DC is in fraudulent tax contracts with the Kingdom of Belgium like the Scheldt Dues and are siphoning off taxes from the federal reserve through the BIS and concealing and laundering the money in private Swiss accounts

>The BIS is involved in tax schemes on the nations through its connections with their central banks. Edwin Samuel Montagu was Secretary of State in India under the British Empire.

>The BIS steals wealth from the central banks around the world through fraudulent tax contracts. The Vatican and Swiss Cantons have been in contract for centuries and that is why the Swiss Guard protects the Vatican today. 

>The Geneva flag uses a papal key on it. 

>The UBS Bank also uses papal keys for its logo. Switzerland and the Vatican City State are the only two nations on the planet that use a square shaped flag. Switzerland is basically a Papal State. 

>Prince Lorenz manages the transfers from the BIS to the private Swiss accounts of the royal and noble families of Europe involved with this theft.

058ac5 () No. 1289506


Like so.

70ebc9 () No. 1289507

11ff83df312450....jpg (145 KB, 255 x 171, 1044 : 700, 10hell.jpg) (h)


Depending on which narrative you go with…

Some suggest that you don't physically go to Agartha, normally.

Generally it is a meditative practice that's effectively outlined in Michael Hardin's "The Way of the Shaman". So, Shamanic Journey, OBE, Akashic Library/Records, etc etc.

Or if you want to go the Medicinal Route…

I figure Agartha is "home" of the Light Beings and that's why the black/dark dragons and mims are always seemingly "outer" space related.

"Outer Space" vs "Inner Space", in this case.

In a religious sense, we'd have to flip how we understand heaven and hell, a la Dante's Inferno

b8d377 () No. 1289508

f94b0b002f8041....png (931 KB, 221 x 255, 821 : 948, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


I get it.

The City of London (not London proper) is the hub of a global network of tax havens.

The cabal is using the City of London to evade taxes and launder money worldwide for the cabal.

0b68a6 () No. 1289509


I think i remember saying that a few times.

c4f3d8 () No. 1289510


Them servers can only change one password at a time.

fb9a9a () No. 1289512


he could have done that anytime he wants

he could have done that from the start


nuff said.

c19090 () No. 1289513

This article is from 2013 but still relevent. Ilthis is what i believe Q was saying with his picture drops


252f4b () No. 1289514


Entrance at edge of parking lot to underground facility. Hmm.

42bb80 () No. 1289515


"Who knows where the bodies are buried?" - ????


fda313 () No. 1289516

f128f66d0ae013....jpg (120 KB, 255 x 169, 475 : 315, images.duckduc....jpg) (h)


This terrifies them.

b4955d () No. 1289517



I'm BO of /comms/ and look at what I had happen


030948 () No. 1289518


simple trips use the same algorithm. so a trip here is the same trip there.

4ebdc1 () No. 1289519


This is beyond my skill level, but Q has said it pretty much straight out. If anyone figures out what to do with it, I'll contribute my meager skills.

But I think this is where we need to be pushing.

05ff39 () No. 1289521

Gun runner or Nazi…who cares



Preacher's son Bush looks innocent until you are informed that his patron, Percy Rockefeller took control of Remington Arms in 1914. Frank Rockefeller was president of Buckeye Steel for three years from 1905-1908, followed by Sam Bush from 1908-1927, throughout the WWI years and the gunbarrel sales era of Buckeye.[3] In 1915 a new Remington plant was constructed, operational by 1916 for the first world war, just in time to get a million rifle order from Russia.[4], [5] 67% of all the ammunition used in WWI by the US, Britain and Russia was sold by "Merchants of Death" Remington. Somebody got a no-bid contract on gun barrels for their company. 

02fc2e () No. 1289522

d15740d2925bf2....png (244 KB, 255 x 143, 1600 : 900, ClipboardImage.png) (h)




4ebdc1 () No. 1289523


CFR - Council on Foreign Relations? Or Controlled Fear Response?

3a5e96 () No. 1289524


That's BS Propaganda and you fell for it

USA have secret weapons only dreams are made of (dreamland)

869909 () No. 1289525

3f37f89dcfce5b....png (742 KB, 255 x 143, 889 : 500, 9173e36a14db27....png) (h)


You are leading people with lies towards Satan with your made up bullshit stories about Pleiadeians. There is 0% science and 100% psyop.

You people are pure evil preying on the weak.

c712e0 () No. 1289526


understood. thanks.

41fd9f () No. 1289527

5b3b7f25df3ec7....png (15 KB, 170 x 255, 200 : 300, 1 filtered.png) (h)

457691 () No. 1289528


That was already done a while back remember.

a5946f () No. 1289529


I see what you mean. It looks like you're getting other people's research results, anon.

24fe55 () No. 1289530


/pol/ and /8chan/ use the same 'salt' or algo to create non-secure tripcodes. Q is using what's termed as a 'nonsecure' trip, (a password), which converts to the same trip on /pol/ and here. Afaik, secure trips don't have ! at the beginning and are harder to crack.

3f8c12 () No. 1289531

Twitter down for anyone else?

974549 () No. 1289532

41217931616457....png (219 KB, 255 x 146, 724 : 415, pepe-1984.png) (h)


1984 is a book/movie that predicted a nazi like future control state.

How much time left? Well if we accept facial recognition we are all screwed. Apple and partly by Soros controlled jetblue airlines pioneer on that front.

7e9e0e () No. 1289533


same with skill level.

original file has no metadata (that i can find) but i only have 4plebs version, not original original.

if anons have file that matches mine exactly, it might be original original.

i used the old name.

b50e5b () No. 1289534


>>4th Reich Nazi State

Um. No. Not even close.

Be less patriotarded.

333dce () No. 1289536

c5b8ab47eca3f7....jpeg (436 KB, 191 x 255, 1536 : 2048, 68B3EE9A-E22A-....jpeg) (h)

I know a great idea when I see one.

Came across this gentleman on twatter

Link to .pdf pamphlet here


Gonna start spreading these around town

076969 () No. 1289535

c8109556793692....png (938 KB, 255 x 159, 908 : 567, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Ruling Brings Exxon Closer to Deposing Key Players Driving Climate Lawsuits

Judge questions if lawsuits were brought 'for an improper purpose'

A state judge in Texas has left the door open for ExxonMobil to seek deposition testimony from many of the key players who are the driving force behind climate change lawsuits from local governments like San Francisco, Oakland, and New York City.

Exxon is claiming it is the target of conspiracies by individuals and government officials who want to gain access to the energy giant’s internal documents, and regulate the company’s speech, especially as it relates to climate change and fossil fuels.

The timeline for the conspiracy alleged by Exxon dates back to 2012, when attorney and environmental activist Matt Pawa was a featured speaker at a conference on "climate accountability" in La Jolla, Calif.

Exxon is painting an outline by which they say Pawa, who is also counsel on the litigation being brought by San Francisco and Oakland, spearheaded the litigation campaign for political reasons, and not because of "a bona fide belief in any tortious conduct by the defendants or actual damage to their jurisdictions."

In Judge Wallace's filing, he referenced the 2012 La Jolla conference, writing:

' During the conference, participants discussed strategies to "[w]in [a]ccess to [i]nternal [d]ocuments" of energy companies, like ExxonMobil, that could be used to obtain leverage over these companies. The conference participants concluded that using law enforcement powers and civil litigation to "maintain pressure on the industry that could eventually lead to its support for legislative and regulatory responses to global warming." One commentator observed, "Even if your ultimate goal might be to shut down a company, you still might be wise to start out by asking for compensation for injured parties."'


' At the conference, the attendees also concluded that "a single sympathetic state attorney general might have substantial success in bringing key internal documents to light."'


Judge Wallace wrote that his court had jurisdiction to allow the depositions because Pawa had "[instigated] state attorneys general to commence investigations of ExxonMobil in order to obtain documents stored in Texas."

The judge's ruling also referenced a small number of bond offerings issued by the cities, noting that "[w]hile the California municipalities alleged in their complaints against the energy companies that the impact of climate change were knowable, quantifiable, and certain, they told their investors the exact opposite."

"These contradictions raise the question of whether the California municipalities brought these lawsuits for an improper purpose," he wrote.

http:// freebeacon.com/issues/ruling-brings-exxon-closer-deposing-key-players-driving-climate-lawsuits/

a1f0d3 () No. 1289537


Hitler did nothing wrong - accept trusting a jude to be his doctor and another to be his driver.

Fact- there were no gas chambers. (((communist ussr))) tried to construct them after they defeated germany. They admit to doing this.

2d1839 () No. 1289538


>Made and sold in China

Alluding that iPhones have Chinese backdoors.

be3689 () No. 1289539

Knowing what we know about how GOV officials communicate in open emails. Reading that Zerohedge article from another anon. Read this paragraph. Is Paddock REALLY emailing himself?

In an email sent from Paddock's Microsoft Live email account, "[email protected]" to "[email protected]," Paddock wrote "try and ar before u buy. we have huge selection. located in the las vegas area." The "centralpark4804" account wrote back "we have a wide variety of optics and ammunition to try." Paddock emailed back "for a thrill try out bumpfire ar's with a 100 round magazine.

db4e24 () No. 1289540

9f5275aa5f4ef4....png (74 KB, 255 x 164, 667 : 429, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Dr. Robert Epstein: Google Has the ‘Power to Flip Elections in a Way that No One Can Trace’ www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/05/03/robert-epstein/

4562c2 () No. 1289541


Think in Big.

Why the push to Mars?

it seems that The Earth has a Deadline for us.

02fc2e () No. 1289542


APOLOGY sincere.

Just learning to ropes.

How to delete?

cdfa0c () No. 1289543


Remember he wanted Matlock to be cracked though. Maybe he wants this one to be cracked as well eventually.

0b68a6 () No. 1289544


That offer still stands…you get the A

debfda () No. 1289545


He knows what he's doing. Outside of quantum computers or CM leaking his trip, there is no way to crack the trip because of the rate he changes them. Good luck cracking the last character anyways.

Also, with regular trip Q can migrate to 4 in case of emergency.

This is an old, chewed-up topic.

0921d3 () No. 1289546


look up thunderbolts proect (thor reference there) on youtube. it explains all of this with science and logic and reason.

saturn and venus and mars used to be much closer to earth. people actually saw the hexagon with their eyes. something crazy and electric went on in space and some huge plasma storm created a 'clash of the titans' which was recorded exactly the same by ALL ancient cultures.

then over time each region made up their own legends but all still stickng to the same theme.

i cant recommend it more

thunderbolts project

start with the vid 'secrets of an alien sky'

no woo woo for those who don't like woo woo

b4955d () No. 1289547




eb5d77 () No. 1289548

f49b1c3e3db5d5....png (588 KB, 228 x 255, 1052 : 1178, shillsaregayfo....png) (h)


muh hitler

d0b4fb () No. 1289549


> retina scans, face scans, finger swipes

everyone is freaked out by that

gov will put an end to it. everyone will feel better

truth is they already got another system in place, smartdust or something, we're already tagged, they just wnat us to think we aren't so we won't censor ourselves, they want to monitor our the "real us"

030948 () No. 1289550



A little bit of attention given to IP hashes today I guess. Its not like this is the first time.

49fd86 () No. 1289551


my family and friends sadly

are all enslaved to their phones

literally never put them down

even sleep with them

family gatherings make me sad/angry

they know how I feel

but still can't help but sneak around me

or avoid me

b0bfc7 () No. 1289552


This was discussed, noticed the helopad with the old ATT logo (pre 2006) and the underground entrance. Postulated perhaps a dumb.

058ac5 () No. 1289553


I guess so.

9fb835 () No. 1289554


The crime rhyme Houdini [P]

fb9a9a () No. 1289555



we know so. sorry.

0921d3 () No. 1289556


they still can't prove black holes or gravity exist and light has been recorded at different speeds and scientific research is 'funded' and results are often 'skewed' to fit an 'agenda'


b37aa3 () No. 1289557


Mueller has Weissman.

POTUS has us.


2d4ce9 () No. 1289558

0ae1bf5e2f76fc....png (633 KB, 255 x 224, 1273 : 1117, doodles.png) (h)

beers tomorrow

030948 () No. 1289559



As a note this appeared roughly around bread #1608-1609 this morning, but that baker had to go to work so I guess it disappeared.

024281 () No. 1289560


>Take seven coins

Oh hai rabbi

4fa05c () No. 1289563

cabd9cdc0d20fd....jpeg (1053 KB, 191 x 255, 2448 : 3264, image1.jpeg) (h)


It was based on Communism, not Nazism.

a1f0d3 () No. 1289562


(((you)))::: please filter these and go await your demise.

b0bfc7 () No. 1289564


If I recall correctly, father not known, mother was Georgian. Georgians have a reputation for being particularly cold and ruthless. Stalin was Georgian.

3c3bc2 () No. 1289565


me too.

24fe55 () No. 1289566


Fair enough, but the 'Matlock' fiasco used up 'nuff of our time needlessly.

e91716 () No. 1289567


I guess it's only blocked to "special" servers?

55c5db () No. 1289568

Black male support for President Donald Trump doubled in just one week, according to a Reuters poll on presidential approval.

Connected to Kanye West recently Twatting his support for GEOTUS?

Sauce: http:// dailycaller.com/2018/05/02/reuters-poll-black-male-approval-for-trump-doubles-in-one-week/

b8d377 () No. 1289569

>>1288936 (last bread)

>What bank recently was attacked while Kenya was hosted in the US? That's right; Kenya Central Bank.

Sauce: https: //www.businessdailyafrica.com/markets/PesaLink-reports-hacking-attack-to-the-central-bank/539552-4079014-ip0fv2z/index.html

This reminds me of that Wylie kid that testified in the UK. He said his processor was killed in Kenya muckraking the election there.

Maybe unrelated. Or not. These networks seems endlessly intertwined.

ef5e30 () No. 1289570

Best guess. …

That is all of our apple friends personal encryption keys /infrastructure being shipped to their new home.

LLL on Anons!!

b3eb4b () No. 1289571


It is something to mindful of. Even if its one character off and he starts posting here it will take a while to explain to everyone its fake.

Fake q with Bold STILL gets traction every once in awhile.

I see no harm in being mindful of the tactics being used.

b50e5b () No. 1289572


Muh fought for jews to rule USA

Muh Dem Jew Presidents

Muh Jew WWII movies

Muh Spielberg

Muh Boomers

eb5d77 () No. 1289575


false, false, and light doesn't travel at different speeds, within a medium, it is absorbed and re-emitted so it "takes longer" not travels at a different speed

8db075 () No. 1289576


If this board is restricted to allow only a handful of tripcodes (Q previous and current, BO, BV, CM, etc) then how will Q be able to post an update with his new trip? Last time he had to use his own board, but since that is effectively dead, then what?

0434d3 () No. 1289577


This is great, but the normies don't know what the initials stand for. Missing a lexicon IMHO.

030948 () No. 1289578


Quatro de Mayo, my favorite almost holiday.

e7b315 () No. 1289579


Png filename from recent #Qanon post.


Key Encryption Keys

2 replies 8 retweets 13 likes

Bitlocker drive identifier

5:43 PM - 23 Jan 2018

eb5d77 () No. 1289580


muh cyberjihad

0921d3 () No. 1289582


stormy is a psyop planned years in advance lol.

they aren't under oath. it's not against the law to make up stories and tell lies is it?

359efe () No. 1289583

279654a2a8c5fc....png (21 KB, 255 x 96, 710 : 267, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Expand your repertoire fake Q

339139 () No. 1289584


I don't think so. What do you mean by "special" servers? Seems very accessible to me.

54919c () No. 1289587

327148a8ddbea8....jpg (631 KB, 189 x 255, 2331 : 3153, Untitled-2.jpg) (h)

Geofag here with a little analysis of a potential location.

I compared one of Q's photos with the mud flats near Redwood City, using Google's maps in 3D (for what it's worth – difficult to get the angle I wanted). In this case, the San Carlos municipal airport is in view on the right side of the shoreline, and the plane would be flying south toward Moffet Field.

Mud flats are tricky. The mud flats (also used for salt production around the Bay at various times in history) can change appearances over time, even during the day due to tides. The colors will change, too, if there is salt production happening.

If this is truly a match, it would indicate that the Q plane photo was taken some time ago relative to the Google photo (due to construction, wetland rehabilitation, or whatever they're doing to the shoreline). I'll see if I can find a historical photo from the 1990s. I just wanted to share right now in case someone else is working on this. Personally, I'm still not sold that this is the exact location, but I did see some patterns.

fb9a9a () No. 1289585


Clowns are great at finding solutions to problems that don't exist

f8604b () No. 1289586

875ad8c204e617....png (100 KB, 191 x 255, 780 : 1040, 39433f2cda0370....png) (h)


Pic related has been thrown around on the night shift quite a bit the past few days..

70ebc9 () No. 1289588

e2ef2a40f32ef2....jpg (158 KB, 255 x 143, 1191 : 670, laCF9e_J.jpg) (h)



Sorta Time Travel… more like… AstroTemporal travel. If you were to travel to the stars like the Egyptians, you're sending your consciousness "there". On that, you're sending it to the version of "there" that you "see now"… which is "their" past. So using the stars and markers, you can effectively figure out what aeon you're in in a particular cluster.

Probably why you need to follow the "silver chain" back to yourself each trip. Otherwise you'd be traveling to a previous point in our Sun's timeline and you'd never make it back… if our sun was even a thing yet.

Sooooo…. Metaphysical Back to the Future?

You really don't want to physically time travel as a 3rd Dimensional being (experiencing 4th). From that perspective, once you leave, you will never be able to get back into the timeline you left.

If you're a 5th dimensional being, that wouldn't matter as much since you'd be flexing through the 6th dimension. 7th and it reeeeeeeally wouldn't matter as time as we're experiencing would be more or less irrelevant outside of our ability to comprehend a progression of events.

Which is going to come in crazy handy when all of time is being thrown at us at once so as to appear "Timeless".

2d4ce9 () No. 1289589


just quit already

974549 () No. 1289590


Fair enough, it involves SS/Gestapo like practices tho

9fb835 () No. 1289591


I think Q is just bating, he can get on /GA/

0921d3 () No. 1289592


they can read your thoughts via the front facing camera scanning the eyes.

fda313 () No. 1289593

68169ed4659636....jpg (34 KB, 182 x 255, 474 : 664, images.duckduc....jpg) (h)


Can you support with scripture the message in your pic? Cause I'm 100% positive it looks more along these lines: (pic related)

Unless you are being lazy with your language and would like to modify some of your terms to be more accurate?

4562c2 () No. 1289594


Vindu Goel. Check this out.

https:// twitter.com/vindugoel

8fa026 () No. 1289595


>>it seems that The Earth has a Deadline for us.

Of course it does! Why would that surprise you?

After all, humans are primarily the only living organism on the planet that can not balance itself with it's surroundings.

Humans are growing like germs on this planet, using up all of the planet's natural resources, destroying the natural order and balance to be able to maintain itself, so the planet fights back.


3c3bc2 () No. 1289596


Lines up with a lot of the mystic/occult stuff I've read over the years although I never understood or appreciated what was meant by the "universe is within." Still don't, obviously, but this is a fantastic springboard, thanks

08f90b () No. 1289597


>secrets of an alien sky

i think you meant symbols

seen it

did not bring me any new knowledge or value

but thanks.

0921d3 () No. 1289598


poison apple

cdfa0c () No. 1289599


Q responded to a cryptic post. Now everyone and their mother are trying to post cryptic messages too distract. That's all this is.

f9d837 () No. 1289601


It's coming from this list … posted yesterday to see if directed to some Oracle cloud storage share.

Not falling for anything. Just asking another Anon looking into it if this was what he was talking about.

076969 () No. 1289602

7ed45fe290a536....png (365 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

O’KEEFE GETS RESULTS=> Two Teachers Union Presidents Suspended After Undercover Videos Reveal Cover-Up of Child Abuse at Schools

Two teachers union presidents have been suspended after O’Keefe’s undercover videos exposed they protected teachers who were abusing students.

On Wednesday, Project Veritas busted a teachers union President in New Jersey who will “bend the truth,” cover up child abuse in schools, protects drug-using, shoplifting teachers.As previously reported via Project Veritas:

A Project Veritas undercover investigation, recorded on March 27th 2018, has shown Hamilton Township Education Association President, David Perry, detail the steps the teacher’s union would take to protect a teacher who physically abused and threatened middle school students from losing their job.

Dr. Perry says he would misrepresent the events of altercations between teachers and students by back-dating reports and instructed the teacher to not tell anybody about incidents with students.

The union president also stressed that a teacher who abuses his students needs to come to the union after any incident so that they can create a report that would best protect them from students that come forward about abuse.

Fearless guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe confronted the teachers union President, Dr. David Perry Wednesday morning.

On Thursday, Project Veritas released footage of Union City Education Association President, Kathleen Valencia, explaining that the union has helped a teacher who allegedly had sex with a teenage girl keep their job, and would do the same for a teacher who physically abused student.

Following the release of our investigative video report on May 2, 2018, Hamilton Township Education Association President Dr. David Perry has been suspended by the Township’s Superintendent, Scott Rocco. Rocco said in a statement:

“The true beliefs and values of this school district are not represented in this video and are not aligned with who we are as faculty, staff, administration, and community.”

NJ.com reported Thursday that a second teachers union president has been suspended after O’Keefe’s undercover video was released.

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/05/okeefe-gets-results-two-teachers-union-presidents-suspended-after-undercover-videos-reveal-cover-up-of-child-abuse-at-schools/

10d585 () No. 1289603


Took son to get drivers license last month

Lady made him take off his glasses for the pic

He asked why?

She said for the facial recognition database….it isn’t as accurate with glasses on

Never heard that before…so I’m assuming we have already inadvertently accepted facial recognition

030948 () No. 1289604


Yeah well, "Muslim" is kind of retarded. You can't expect him to actually learn.

eb5d77 () No. 1289605



058ac5 () No. 1289606


Q's board isn't dead.

8767b8 () No. 1289607

a1f0d3 () No. 1289608


>(((you)))::: please filter these >>1289537and go await your demise.

2ed2d6 () No. 1289609

b90c5c4ff420e8....png (806 KB, 234 x 255, 577 : 630, earth-lifemaga....png) (h)


You're right anon, I do agree there is probably more bullshit out there than helpful info, and that we have to watch out for those selling a religion. Do check Alex's information, he comes across as very genuine and gives you a lot to think about. His information challenges many of our current perspectives, but that is how we grow, I believe.

d756fb () No. 1289610

92283131a9918b....png (161 KB, 255 x 222, 807 : 702, matlock1.png) (h)


I found Matlock. I think he was CIA.

b50e5b () No. 1289611


You still don't get it.

Life in Germany was great.

Life in USSR was not.

The word you are lookin for is Cheka. Not SS or Gestapo.

If you don't red pill WWII you understand nothing.

2ed2d6 () No. 1289612


Pic wasn't for this post, sorry.

d0b4fb () No. 1289613


good point. also passports

4562c2 () No. 1289614


And if I say you that The Deadline is near?

Believe Me. A Nuclear War destroy the life of the Earth

7384b0 () No. 1289615

2f7d45dc6bf5cb....jpg (1611 KB, 255 x 191, 3264 : 2448, 2f7d45dc6bf5cb....jpg) (h)



809761 () No. 1289616




>but it is the key. in its entirety. the arrangement


Double meanings.

What you refer to is only the outward meaning.

There is ANOTHER map out there, or there will be, AS SOON AS WE FIGURE OUT THE KEY.

Re-read my orig post. >>1289358

And then review the synopsis.



>Great…I love this. Can you give a finished example of how the information looks, reads?

NO. This requires anonistic hive-mind behavior and time is crucial.

I don't have enough fingers and / or computer screens.


No Such Agency accidentally releases IT ALL> == Into the Cloud? Using Oracle Products? ==

[CLAS-N-DI_9] gg_dump [No Such Agency].

It does not technically exist as open-source. == dump is there, but technically not there ==

In order to 'read the dump you need a key. Get it?

The graphic is your key. == Notice it says 'your key' and not 'the key' as elsewhere. ==

Where is the key???

Military Intelligence, No Such Agency = key == They Provide the key to NSA accidental dump of all ==

How to find??????

Graphic is necessary and vital. == ←—– ==

Graphic is essential. == ←— ==

Find the ke[y]stone. == ←— ==

But, what graphic[s]???

This/These. >>1286183 == ←— ==

be01bb () No. 1289617


The operative word is co-opted.

605e9f () No. 1289618


They never did follow through with a new board. Plan must have changed and determined more beneficial.

030948 () No. 1289619


POTUS coordination is a known verification method.

974549 () No. 1289620


Matter of time before they run software on every street camera to instantly identify people, wherever they are.

2d4ce9 () No. 1289621

93cbce2b4f2d57....jpg (155 KB, 255 x 159, 1280 : 800, cutemanga.jpg) (h)


erg gestapo tunnel ufo? i think the underground giants hate it casue its noisy and slow . my two cents

337d79 () No. 1289622


Is the ke[y]stone within the photo of the "Y" head?


eb5d77 () No. 1289623

6c92787c41b376....png (48 KB, 255 x 101, 608 : 241, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Q said it was though, but never changed/used it again

0921d3 () No. 1289624


DC is owned and controlled by the Vatican.

The revlutionary war was planned. George Washington was a pawn in a grand scheme to get the banks of london in america. Nothing more nothing less. follow the money. vatican vatican vatican. ww2-vatican, israel-vatican, christian "missionaries" in africa where there are vast stores of minerals-vatican, saudi arabia-vatican, drug cartels in south america/mexico-vatican

oy vey

11ddc9 () No. 1289625

bf72c49ca12761....jpg (359 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, fuck-your-gene....jpg) (h)

generalization is lazy.

3a5e96 () No. 1289627


Wouldn't be the first time

But your not supposed to know that

10d585 () No. 1289628


Yep. My son was pissed. He argued about it. This is also the kid who refused to give his fingerprint at Disney. He used his elbow…an anon here told me that trick…and they hassled him every time

He’s a funny kid…

b37aa3 () No. 1289629

Comey twatted about Stormtroopers today. I know he made it a Nazi reference, but tomorrow is Star Wars Day. Activate sleeper cell shit happening tomorrow?

d756fb () No. 1289630




It involves the SD arm of the SS, Allen Dulles, "Wild Bill" Donovan, the OSS>CIA.


02c5c8 () No. 1289631


When does the Wu-Tang Clan get involved?

Between all of the connections between all of different members and to Trump (Positive Connections, I hope!) (See Donald Trump Skit on the album Tical 2000: Judgement Day, many more)

& the recent photo of Method Man and Ghostface with Comey regarding the Shkreli album purchase.

I've always had a gut-feeling that Wu-Tang was for the children!! :)

2ed2d6 () No. 1289632


KEK. I can believe that haha.

b4955d () No. 1289633

BAKER is gathering ingredients

suggestions for next bread title?

C'mon anons, step up & help with notables collection

so far I've collected;



>>1289568 Black male support for President Donald Trump doubled in just one week

>>1289540 Google Has the ‘Power to Flip Elections in a Way that No One Can Trace’

>>1289535 Ruling Brings Exxon Closer to Deposing Key Players Driving Climate Lawsuits

>>1289397 Brazilian shell companies going down

>>1289362 Skippy and the American Muslim professional network.

>>1289325 'Pro-Consumer’ Group Attacking Mulvaney Tied to Liberal Dark Money Org

>>1289266 The banks and the trafficking are all connected (opinion)


>>1289180 Cnn’s Highest Rated Show Behind Every Single Program On Fox News That Airs After 6am

>>1289181 Pentagon Confirms Chinese Fired Lasers at U.S. Pilots

>>1289133 Trump Train keeps on rolling

d756fb () No. 1289634



8fa026 () No. 1289635


>And if I say you that The Deadline is near?

Wouldn't matter if it's today or 1000 years from now, humans are self destructive and will kill off themselves and everything around them like cancer.

fda313 () No. 1289636

8ff54572a400b5....jpg (73 KB, 255 x 96, 799 : 301, Q is gone.jpg) (h)

Good times….

058ac5 () No. 1289637


No point in Q making a new board. They can just make a new thread. They have room.

a23bee () No. 1289638

https:// custerfreepress.com/2018/04/25/u-s-department-of-state-debars-168-persons-for-violating-or-conspiring-to-violate-the-arms-export-control-act/

On April 25, 2018, the U.S. Department of State published a Federal Register notice of 168 persons and entities who have been statutorily debarred for convictions of violating, or conspiring to violate, the Arms Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2751, et seq.). This action, as required by section 127.7(b) of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) (22 CFR parts 120-130), highlights the Department’s responsibility to protect U.S. defense articles, including technical data, and defense services from unauthorized exports and brokering. •

https:// www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2018-04-25/pdf/2018-08684.pdf (actual document)

7384b0 () No. 1289640

11b1df2ede42ce....png (126 KB, 255 x 182, 315 : 225, Untitled.png) (h)


how many you have left in you?

0921d3 () No. 1289639


chew on this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transcendental_perspectivism

3172a8 () No. 1289641


I'll never forget the time when I was working in the back kitchen someplace with a Mexican lady, and I asked if she was looking forward to Cinco de Mayo, and she said in her accent, "O, nonononono," said that it's only an excuse to get drunk and be loud. She said the it's it's not even a real holiday. A Mexican lady told me that!

caa3b7 () No. 1289642

There seems to be inconsistencies in photo meta data ? any thoughts

d756fb () No. 1289643

The N is NWO stands for Neo-fascist for anyone that is wondering.

6604db () No. 1289644


>rarely wrong when i get such strong urges/visions.

heya glad to see you back. I put out a caution on London a few days ago…this is my second one…first one I "saw" but didn't name the suspect but I find the suspect must have been identified as he's ousted far far away and shit's starting to come out about him. The London threat has eased a bit, but it still doesn't look like a good idea. I think there's plan b.

I don't know who is watching for either of us to speak up (but like you I can't NOT say something as it bugs the shit out of me until I do)…but whowever it is took absolute action on the last one..that was SO insane a "plot" I was horrified at writing it (meaning…no fucking way is this shit I'm seeing right)..my suspect..did NOT name him…it seemed UTTERLY ridiculous and now? Not so much.

What you seeing re London…and red carpet?

cdfa0c () No. 1289645


He opened it again but it's been stale since then.

4562c2 () No. 1289646


Orden 66?

d0b4fb () No. 1289647


he can go to 8/pol/, verify himself, and tell them to add his new trip to this board

030948 () No. 1289648


Sounds like a man in the middle attack or a firewall being manipulated into dropping packets heading towards that source.

058ac5 () No. 1289649


We'll find out soon I guess.

fb9a9a () No. 1289650

>>1289636 heheeee

thanks for that. we could have a Gallery full of those…

7384b0 () No. 1289651

5fa9edf2767a88....jpg (6 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, hqdefault.jpg) (h)


maybe Q doesn't know chanspeak? kek

3a5e96 () No. 1289652


Nothing lasts forever the sun will burn out eventually and the universe will implode at some point

b4955d () No. 1289653


happy to hand off next loaf or in a few if you feel like baking let me know

I've got 1617's dough in the mixing bowl so…

0921d3 () No. 1289654

490c6596a36e0a....gif (18 KB, 255 x 211, 255 : 211, 8f5daeb9df17ff....gif) (h)

41a741 () No. 1289655


yup, iphones really do have control, hypnotic, over their users, and now with the latest info about retina scans…

058ac5 () No. 1289656


Yeah I figured this was something CM could unfuck. I could be being optimistic.

7384b0 () No. 1289657


when they steal their album back from pharmabro

b50e5b () No. 1289658


Its not and we werent.

8fa026 () No. 1289659


Those are natural, humans CAUSE the problems we are seeing.

6aa88e () No. 1289660



7384b0 () No. 1289661

a3e7ece94fd7a1....gif (290 KB, 255 x 112, 500 : 219, the check is i....gif) (h)


bake the next ill take over after

d756fb () No. 1289662

Hydra in the Marvel movies in real life is the story of the SD arm of the SS.

The SD was run by Reinhard Heydrick


The SD was incorporated into the CIA.


f9d837 () No. 1289663


Nice find

a9b814 () No. 1289664


Good post Anon! TY!

70ad23 () No. 1289666

ed207c6ac5ac04....jpg (747 KB, 255 x 148, 3000 : 1746, saudi_armed_fo....jpg) (h)

The Saudis are back in the air, heading west now

6604db () No. 1289665


>Well, if up is down…

easy now…was just reading that flattards are convinced OZ does not exist…because if it did and the earth was round, they'd be upside down…I swear. Idiocracy.

3c3bc2 () No. 1289667


Ok, so reading the C_A documents that have so far been released I came to a similar conclusion about "time-travel" backwards, they seemed to be astral projecting onto the surface of Mars, and then moving through time. The person never left the chair. This sounds very similar to what your describing. The main question I keep coming to is why does it matter to change the "pattern" of time if either a) its already happened so to speak and b) if there are multiple timelines which only extend out to 4d, simply choose a better one then from 5d.

f8604b () No. 1289668


Yes, but I was responding to the other anon regarding gravity. Also, curious enough, somewhat relates to the >>1289588 posted right afterwards, as I presume location frequency also includes 'coordinates' on the time dimension, fwiw..

fb9a9a () No. 1289669


<implying that what the MSM has been telling us about


<is true…


80fb66 () No. 1289670

b81c6aba5e53df....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 186, 346 : 253, pepego.jpg) (h)


Copied. Printed.

It has to happen in a manner similar to this.

2d4ce9 () No. 1289671

liars are always so hostile or finicky

fda313 () No. 1289672

8097eedb5e4659....jpg (198 KB, 255 x 169, 1200 : 795, images.duckduc....jpg) (h)

b50e5b () No. 1289673

(((This))) stands for (((jews))) and anything (((jew related))) for any newfags or patriotards.

0921d3 () No. 1289674

8725bb () No. 1289676


Disrespectful! Remember what happened to Russell simmons also when he spoke out against trump, simmons (the rapist) now supports #metoo

4562c2 () No. 1289677


For that it's good to see Movies.

b4955d () No. 1289678

bb6d5d0a764c2a....jpg (146 KB, 255 x 94, 760 : 279, chaosChan.jpg) (h)


>We'll find out soon I guess.

that about sums up the whole situation doesn't it?


da92e4 () No. 1289679

April was a nothingburger month. List of things that were supposed to happen that didnt:

Awan (ironically his hearing tomorrow got postponed today till June)

Broken seals

IG Report

Voter Integrity

3a5e96 () No. 1289680


The Dinosaurs had to die in order for humans to arise maybe we are supposed to make way for the next life form>?

caa3b7 () No. 1289681

de0b067e8fd09d....jpg (64 KB, 180 x 255, 600 : 851, 3rd_chuck_norr....jpg) (h)

42bb80 () No. 1289682

"Follow the EO's"

Cant wait to see what this is all about! Love it!


2e849d () No. 1289683


Doesn't matter what you think, only what THEY think. The symbols wouldn't be found in so many places of power if nobody gave it significance.

da92e4 () No. 1289684

2a931c () No. 1289685


add 111 days i guess

2d4ce9 () No. 1289686


thank god

058ac5 () No. 1289687


…Which I should state. Q if you're there, do not post with a new tripcode here. I have to whitelist first.

b4955d () No. 1289688


roger WILCO

cdfa0c () No. 1289689


Interesting. When they had the toy drone that got too close to the palace they took the royals up in that as a safe holding place.

d0b4fb () No. 1289690


every species has a lifespan, forgot what it is, like a few hundred million years, then poof

8fa026 () No. 1289691



There has been several great extinctions in earth's past where almost 99% of life was wiped out and somehow, something hung on.

Talk about a will to live! KEK!

70ebc9 () No. 1289692

71cb4f8a36d197....jpg (67 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, sht-31.jpg) (h)



My main problem here is that it's basically saying that everything is subjective.

There has to be Objective Truth (proper noun) for any of this to operate.

Without that Truth, that Natural Order, stringing together the machinations of Existence… nothing would work. Granted, how those vibrations manifest in the lower Universe would in a sense mean that all objective Truth resides outside of that universe.

Or, and I feel this is more logical, the Universe I just described is a subset of the Existence wherein this Absolute Object Truth resides.

da92e4 () No. 1289693


Lol yep

b37aa3 () No. 1289694

ed70dbc95784e2....jpg (63 KB, 255 x 144, 960 : 543, ed7.jpg) (h)

252f4b () No. 1289695



d756fb () No. 1289696

96e510672f779f....png (122 KB, 192 x 255, 523 : 695, whoisAMBMatlock.png) (h)


ty, from the recent JFK drops. His name was completely edited out of the final draft. Check out his middle name. Foust(Fist). He facilitated Oswalds reentry into the United States from Russia while he was with the State Department. Check out the family crest.


da92e4 () No. 1289697

5e8bd6213c7e40....jpg (35 KB, 255 x 143, 500 : 281, DXKuTwPV4AAMqBW.jpg) (h)

5ba58b () No. 1289698


Please ANONS, is this important???

8CHANS - Don’t know how to Chan - # off plane in Nunes interview with Maria B - n3977 gets you Woleai Code. Is this helpful? Putting it out there. Link in comments. i.r


68190f () No. 1289699

a3cce0dd4da053....png (492 KB, 219 x 255, 642 : 746, Pence re Grene....png) (h)

b50e5b () No. 1289701


The Soviets apprehended German Scientists as well. Does that mean NAZIS controlled USSR too?

You need to learn HOW TO THINK.

2d4ce9 () No. 1289702

clown dues

and not that queer cianigga faggot bs in can

66a81e () No. 1289703


>>Coming soon to a theater near you!<<

Things are are about at maximum chaos again

0921d3 () No. 1289704

d1848eb03cd1f0....jpg (305 KB, 255 x 255, 1080 : 1080, 1523961392354.jpg) (h)

f58225 () No. 1289705


>Activate sleeper cell shit happening tomorrow?

YUP. This is what happens when you trust a slow ass plan that puts US in the killbox.

d0b4fb () No. 1289706


Natürliche WeltOrdnung

caea38 () No. 1289707


Where is the Bing?

2a3ec4 () No. 1289708


I'm not sure if you saw my post last bread but I came to the same spot, although the angle you took is better

If you didn't catch it, see:



974549 () No. 1289709

70ebc9 () No. 1289710


That's assuming we can actually effect it on so grand a scale.

Seems like at best we'd only be able to make subtle variations like Mandela stuff.

02c5c8 () No. 1289711


What is disrespectful? Calling Trump a liar? Don't we all agree his lies to help fix and bring justice, and minor to the many other lies we live with?

Also Method Man points at the camera (3:48-4:00), and I have the feeling he is calling out to Trump to ensure he gets the joke.

2ed2d6 () No. 1289712


You may be on to something anon.

8fa026 () No. 1289713


But those extinctions were not caused by the same species, i.e. humans using nukes, biologicals, or chemicals, bullets, or any other thing for that matter to kill off the same species.

Know what I mean?

3172a8 () No. 1289714


Sure hope so

6604db () No. 1289715


LOL lies.

FBI cracked the phone without Apple's help..then made a public plea to Apple for halp cracking the phone..Apple then says NOOO and then "we got all kinds of 'crypshun protecting our customers…Apple users then falsely feel their privacy is protected.

08f90b () No. 1289716



Yes, triple parens are a feature of this board and are used to recognize jews.

This board is #jwoke, or jew-wise.

If you think you are speaking truth to power, but not recognizing the disproportionate if not total control/power jews have, you are either jewish yourself, are ignorant, or intentionally fooling yourself and others here.

(((This))) wouldn't be a feature here if this place wasn't aware of these facts.

2d4ce9 () No. 1289717

bizarre redemtion nohomo

fa2884 () No. 1289718


The high rise to the north has a solid face toward the east. Appears slightly angled, but can't tell if it's an artifact of 3D.

10dca5 () No. 1289719


It’s resting with bam

a15fcb () No. 1289720


why blood?

everyone has it? Not rare at all

17d8f9 () No. 1289721

9ffb958bbda08b....jpg (95 KB, 255 x 58, 1490 : 341, stormy_suicide.jpg) (h)

e050c5 () No. 1289722


planes will fall by the hundreds and thousands. cars will go over cliffs and head on doing 100. mk'ed will go bonkers by the 100's of thousands. chaos, no food for anybody. kill your neighbor who want's your food and water. stfu and wait.

f24f30 () No. 1289723


Voter Integrity related to Arkansas judicial system upholding the right for Voter ID. So that happened in April.

a9b814 () No. 1289724

975572bc5583d9....png (121 KB, 143 x 255, 750 : 1334, IMG_5524.png) (h)


P takes orders from Chair


BIS runs the world in banking…who is the CHAIRMAN? Hens Weidmann

THINK LOGICAL…he then would be the one calling the shots along with the board!



Baker possible notable if Anons agree.

f58225 () No. 1289725



Promises made, promises kept, eh? Fucking lame ass Cue team. They can pay for posters but can't fucking get to work?! False flags are going to fucking get us BTFO yet we have to trust a plan that's on hold? Rinse, repeat and add 111 days just for the fuck up it. Thanks Cue!

b02bc9 () No. 1289726

d3a62c9364f98c....jpg (211 KB, 228 x 255, 893 : 1000, d3a62c9364f98c....jpg) (h)


528c69 () No. 1289727


Illogical assumption.

Dinosaurs died from an event not ordained by any form of intellige…. The word is random.

Other organisms, not humans increaed in number because of beneficial conditions.

There was no purpose. No "reason"

Reason is a chemical event occurring in humans. We attempt to find reasons for everything.

It's programmed in…. genetics.

3c3bc2 () No. 1289728


ah, so the goal is changing many smaller events and waiting for Mandella or Butterfly effects… hmm, I like it

2d4ce9 () No. 1289729


like a A-team goes to burningman or something

3a5e96 () No. 1289730


How do you Know some people believe Mars was nuked we could be the survivors of some ancient war

f58225 () No. 1289731


Faith without WORKS/DEEDS is DEATH. POTUS needs to get with the fucking program.

b50e5b () No. 1289732


How could that possibly be a response to what I wrote?

Anyway carry on…

8725bb () No. 1289733


Whatever you do, don't shatter your preconceived ideas. Stay complacent so you can always justify yourself as the ultimate authority.

debfda () No. 1289734


Matlock was leaked intentionally.

f58225 () No. 1289735


Ok town crier. Faith without works is death. Why don't you let him know that.

0921d3 () No. 1289736


what if we came from mars…once upon a time

caa3b7 () No. 1289737

50f5e66de28cb0....jpg (165 KB, 255 x 170, 1200 : 800, 50f5e66de28cb0....jpg) (h)

528c69 () No. 1289738


Faith is the denial of reality. By definition.

70ebc9 () No. 1289739

8a539b5e08a365....jpg (11 KB, 236 x 213, 236 : 213, wVGBPQcA.jpg) (h)



You also have to figure that even if you did change something, you'd be creating a timeline that you wouldn't be returning to because your body is in your current timeline.

Using the Mars example, you could potentially see the past events on mars up to the point where you "traveled"… but then you have to wonder if those beings in those timelines would be able to perceive your presence….

Maybe if you go far enough back or you only talk to people who never made an impact even though your sent your consciousness back to interact with them… or something like that.

I'm not sure how we'd turn into poltergeists and be able to physically influence things from the astral plane without a medium to go through… such as a being that could sense and interact with us and manifest out ideas through their actions.

68190f () No. 1289740

aca1687b328210....png (476 KB, 219 x 255, 634 : 737, Dice re Cohen ....png) (h)

809761 () No. 1289741


>Graphic is necessary and vital. == ←—– ==

>Graphic is essential. == ←— ==

>Find the ke[y]stone. == ←— ==

>But, what graphic[s]???

>This/These. >>1286183 == ←— ==

Alternate meaning of 'graphic':

Trip added.

[C]oordinated effort to misdirect.

Guide to reading the crumbs necessary to cont[I]nue.

Attached gr[A]phic is correct.

Linked graphics are incorrect and false.

Graphic is necessary and vital.

The name of that graphic may be useful??

is this the file referenced in Q drop of Nov 9?


This Q drop was also the first to use a trip-code. Relevant?

e3574d () No. 1289742


Even though this picture is obviously the inside of a 18-wheeler trailer, it reminds me of the room at sex slave Island where they tortured children for their adrenochrome

d0b4fb () No. 1289743


species with no natural predators always kill themselves - only lions kill (healthy uninjured) lions, only eagles kill eagles, only people kill people

ahhh but people kill lions and eagles. so what is the thing above us that kills us and we don't even realize it is a conscious being capable of killing us? that is the interesting question

dedcc9 () No. 1289744




Yes, Apple and Suicides. No China. It's South Korea.

We aren't bringing our A game tonight, are we?

6604db () No. 1289745


>pedo rapist Cook balckmail puppet walnut sauce

Who is called a "rice queen" for his predilection for young Asian males…loves spending time in an Asian country, probably more than he should be cause boy shopping is easier.

08f90b () No. 1289746


was simply expanding with proof in case anyone would question you.

4ed519 () No. 1289747

Just in case, i dont think its related but…


70ebc9 () No. 1289748


Snowflakes turning into an avalanche…

Assuming something doesn't disturb their congregation.


72a238 () No. 1289749


We left the path of natural selection. Too many retards are surviving and fucking up the gene pool.

2ed2d6 () No. 1289750


We're not at the top of the food chain.

2d4ce9 () No. 1289751

spielberg mattis consult the book

7384b0 () No. 1289752

72e92b6016faf3....jpg (31 KB, 255 x 201, 500 : 395, Jack-Burton-Bi....jpg) (h)



4562c2 () No. 1289753


Back to our Home?

045f5e () No. 1289754

Hey plane fag,

any Harrier(SP?) jets out and about right now in the USA?

974549 () No. 1289755


Why pressure Trump? Listen to Corsi to much?

Hes playing a multiple level game, with MSM hawks on his neck.

You don't want him to make wrong moves do you, like Corsi tries?

f58225 () No. 1289756


Fuck Corsi and fuck you with your Reddit spacing.

70ebc9 () No. 1289757

676ea862779480....gif (34 KB, 255 x 150, 556 : 328, lep.gif) (h)



Granted, that isn't even going into "potentially" effecting TimeSpace on a grander scale (as opposed to a small, local/personal one) via CERN and other such projects.

d0b4fb () No. 1289758


right. who is? presumably it is a being that is incomprehensible to us. we think it is "just nature" but when i step on an ant, the ant thinks my foot is just nature, its ant friends would laugh if the ant said someone stepped on it deliberately

b8d377 () No. 1289759


Not sure about this. BIS is a cabal tool, not the cabal.

This dig is going to get a lot bigger really fast. Not sure about your theory bit its interesting.

I'm finding shit left and right. Keep running with this one anon

528c69 () No. 1289760


Libtard nonsense. Hillary must love you.

Reason resides inside human electro-chemical reaction.

Planets are not alive. Ecofacist

9fb835 () No. 1289761

Mueller probe ends tomorrow

3a5e96 () No. 1289762


Exactly, Mother nature is a bitch

b50e5b () No. 1289763



It is not natural.

New World Order is against natural.

In every way possible.

Quick examples are pro homo and pro trans.

3d27f4 () No. 1289764



>>1274041 (prev bread)

f24f30 () No. 1289765


Is that one of your illuminati programs? You know he can't be bought right - We're winning and you don't like it.

252f4b () No. 1289766



036fc8 () No. 1289767

3948e45247045f....jpg (250 KB, 255 x 102, 2000 : 800, 4.jpg) (h)

Maybe someone has mentioned this before, and I certainly hope so. But, what if when Q says, "Trust the plan." he isn't telling any of us to trust it, but the other people watching this thread who may very well serve as eyes and ears on the ground, or operators who can't reveal themselves?

I'm beginning to think that there are some parts of this that we really shouldn't be understanding. It's looking more and more like we've facilitated something for Q, rather than Q more just holding our hands and saying "this is how you do this." For Q, we've brought exposure and a system of coordinated chaos that, for all we know, is unmatched in comparison to some AI.

Unfortunately for us (maybe fortunately, instead), maybe "the plan" didn't entail us being able to grasp many parts of this all along. See, I'm beginning to think that this whole thing was "Q" telling certain people in certain places what to do while hiding in obscurity (feels familiar), all the while leading us through and grooming potentials, dumping some of the dirtier digs on us, and finding a place with the perfect balance of plausible deniability, utility, and visibility. Don't misunderstand though, I still have faith it is indeed worth it. This isn't to suggest we shouldn't keep doing any of the things we're doing. How I would summarize this though, is that I think it could potentially be worth it to better understand the dynamic at play here. Either way, just food for though, brothers.

Hold your arrows true.

eb5d77 () No. 1289768


sauce please

54919c () No. 1289769


Thanks, anon! I missed your post, but it feels good knowing that more than one person thought of the same thing. Hive mind!

I'm looking for some historical aerial photos right now to see if I can find a closer match for the buildings and mud flats.

It would really help if Q were to use a better camera. Seriously, doesn't No Such Agency have anything better sitting around in a drawer somewhere that Q could borrow? Or was this photo of the SF Bay Area taken from a plane over Washington D.C.? If so, I'll cut Q some slack on this one.

9f38da () No. 1289770

c8a861054b154d....png (262 KB, 255 x 146, 551 : 316, Mayer Rothschi....png) (h)

Watch the whole thing but starting at 11:00 is when they talk about the Rothschild and their banks.


a52c19 () No. 1289771



i believe the recurring '4' is the UUID 'version' > https://uuidonline.com/?version=4

6aa88e () No. 1289772

73d5719a52ebdc....png (397 KB, 255 x 191, 560 : 419, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

‘The Hunt For The Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold’ Gets Viceland Series Order

OH FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0921d3 () No. 1289773


thank you! i agree with this completely. everything is electric. the sun is a lightbulb powered by electricity. think mirror

df1246 () No. 1289774

6c11e0ddef5406....gif (512 KB, 255 x 161, 500 : 316, IMG_5798.gif) (h)


Waiting patiently for this glorious day!

70ad23 () No. 1289775

95df6fa0ad0e64....jpg (943 KB, 255 x 148, 3000 : 1744, saudi_armed_fo....jpg) (h)


Update on the Saudis, it looks like they are heading into NYC

6aa88e () No. 1289776

2ed2d6 () No. 1289777


My understanding is that they are beings who we can very well comprehend.

e050c5 () No. 1289778


well the "my pussy hurts" crew is up i see. salve that shit and quit wiping forward.

528c69 () No. 1289779


We live according to our DNA. We cannot do anything "unnatural"

3c3bc2 () No. 1289780


… ominous, lol :)

a1f0d3 () No. 1289781


>Life in Germany was great.

but not for (((those))) still trying to hark back to the heady days of the (((Wymar Republic))) and trying to overthrow the elected NSDAP.

68190f ()