5bd003 () No. 2057622

4e094838c2c77b....png (8 KB, 255 x 143, 255 : 143, qresearc.png) (h)

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5bd003 () No. 2057638



Baker Requesting Handoff

Anons, please volunteer.

BO/BV, please be advised.

05a541 () No. 2057671

Is he checking out places of Satanic Worship rituals in Britian and Scotland?

Trump to avoid London protests with tour of English country homes


Protesters are planning to fly a blimp over parliament portraying Trump as an orange, snarling baby during his visit after Khan approved a request for its use.

On his arrival on Thursday afternoon, the president will travel to Blenheim Palace, the 18th-century mansion where Churchill was born and spent most of his childhood, eight miles (12 km) north of Oxford, according to May's office.

In the evening, May will host a black-tie dinner for Trump at the stately home that will be attended by about 100 business leaders from industries including finance, pharmaceuticals, defence and technology.

For the only time during his visit, Trump will then travel into London when he will stay overnight at the home of the U.S. ambassador in the centre of the city.

On Friday, Trump and May will visit an undisclosed location to witness a display by British soldiers.

Trump will travel with May to Chequers, the prime minister's official country residence. He will then go to meet the Queen at Windsor Castle, the family home of British kings and queens for almost 1,000 years.

Afterwards, the president will travel to Scotland, where he owns two golf courses. Trump's wife, Melania, will have a separate itinerary and will be hosted by May's husband Philip

7803d2 () No. 2057678

It's not happening, is it?

a06567 () No. 2057680

f284dd5e6b6be7....jpg (65 KB, 170 x 255, 650 : 977, 838eee013f037a....jpg) (h)

ty baker

4f4c3e () No. 2057682

174cdad321bfcb....jpg (3493 KB, 73 x 255, 2048 : 7167, AFLB.jpg) (h)




05a541 () No. 2057684


nah, it is not. You can take a brake and come back after the election.

c28699 () No. 2057685

981166ae7d5ad9....png (8 KB, 255 x 151, 393 : 232, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


6cdee3 () No. 2057686


That look when the Adrenochrome kicks in

d80d51 () No. 2057687

Here's the new audio regarding 3 women who were checked into Stephen Paddock's hotel room:


05a541 () No. 2057688




5c2738 () No. 2057689


Junior Baker here… can take at least one. You can check my IP ….. have done test bread and several breads.

78af24 () No. 2057690

dcf5e6ccefd484....jpeg (141 KB, 255 x 165, 750 : 485, C9972A03-D8CD-....jpeg) (h)

c7359a () No. 2057691

dcb0364c2165ca....png (125 KB, 255 x 112, 1763 : 776, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

9ca471f2dd834a....png (81 KB, 255 x 130, 1768 : 898, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

5d19bc0e5161ff....png (75 KB, 255 x 129, 1758 : 891, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

9c089f2a26e31c....png (70 KB, 255 x 122, 1765 : 846, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

bb676f2d0fd38a....png (66 KB, 255 x 103, 1771 : 716, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


I'll drop this in several parts for visibility then collate into one post so you can add to Notables.





1f1905 () No. 2057692



322d06 () No. 2057693

Q coming in hot?

1f1905 () No. 2057694



453859 () No. 2057695




5bd003 () No. 2057696

07447b0c355270....jpeg (55 KB, 167 x 255, 589 : 900, 1a24174284ded7....jpeg) (h)


Sounds good.

Confirming Handoff

BO/BV, please be advised.

Dough is recent as of last bread.

Enjoy, Baker.

a7a74e () No. 2057697

I guess Q's off in NK again, pretty much a blackout every time they go

aa87e8 () No. 2057698


First you have to present something for AIA to address it

d1dc02 () No. 2057699

23c3032b2212d6....jpg (33 KB, 255 x 199, 480 : 374, 2dg4wg~2.jpg) (h)

ae183039f4b89c....png (20 KB, 255 x 192, 371 : 280, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

076d02 () No. 2057700

3ca13635f166d5....jpeg (99 KB, 253 x 255, 500 : 503, 3D3891CE-8FF8-....jpeg) (h)

cdb60e26adeba0....jpeg (240 KB, 255 x 100, 1276 : 500, C813E163-F9F0-....jpeg) (h)

295cb30d09184b....jpeg (101 KB, 255 x 176, 723 : 500, 91A83184-48B0-....jpeg) (h)

d043ca88321d55....jpeg (73 KB, 255 x 203, 500 : 399, 8CCAFF7D-4611-....jpeg) (h)

568837c0746abb....jpeg (84 KB, 221 x 255, 500 : 578, 159D5E42-E74E-....jpeg) (h)

6a34b7 () No. 2057701

1989 President George H. W. Bush began the multi-billion dollar Project Hammer program using an investment strategy to bring about the economic destruction of the Soviet Union including the theft of the Soviet treasury, the destabilization of the ruble, funding a KGB coup against Gorbachev in August 1991 and the seizure of major energy and munitions industries in the Soviet Union.


is this the hammer Q has mentioned?

f48ff9 () No. 2057702

7fcee9001be022....png (13 KB, 198 x 213, 198 : 213, tomorrow.png) (h)

334ed4 () No. 2057703

7d91e550d83541....png (13 KB, 255 x 153, 602 : 361, comfy.png) (h)

Now I am comfy…

378a87 () No. 2057704

f0019592ddc158....jpg (91 KB, 177 x 255, 532 : 766, stayclassy.jpg) (h)

TY Bakers


5c2738 () No. 2057705



Ty Baker!

5b1352 () No. 2057706

Has FBIanon ever showed up again - here or on half chan?

443d34 () No. 2057707

67ccf9d369d221....png (470 KB, 208 x 255, 528 : 647, 67ccf9d369d221....png) (h)

eyes reminded me of jabba..

812817 () No. 2057708


Glad I went through and read all your posts.. I see new shill tactic.

This faggot makes one post against his JIDF faggot buddy that seems like he's pro Q, then his other post are calling Q a larp or attacking the biblefags, like any good (((recruit))) is paid to do. They're trying to camoflauge their faggotry… not gonna happen.

Now go KYS. Your time is nearly over.

8660f1 () No. 2057709

99a19d654fabfb....png (25 KB, 255 x 70, 656 : 179, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Post #505(5:5?)

Just a thinking out loud here

Disclaimer: I could be wrong


Anonymous ID: gb953qGI No.147005381 📁

Oct 28 2017 14:33:50 (EST)


Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.


Anonymous ID: BQ7V3bcW No.147012719 📁

Oct 28 2017 15:44:28 (EST)


HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.


Anonymous ID: P3Lk4PKG No.147109593 📁

Oct 29 2017 11:47:18 (EST)

Follow the money, it’s the key.

What is Pelosi’s net worth by way of one example. Why coincidentally is her memory apparently going?

Cover for possible future indictment to plead what?

What if John M never had surgery and that was a cover for a future out if needed against prosecution?

Why did Soros transfer his bulk public funds to a NP? Note this doesn’t include massive slush funds that are pulled by several high ups.

Why did Soros’ son have several meetings with Canadian PM and how is that related to Clinton’s?

Can you rely on being able to board a plane and fly away?

Why is MS13 a priority _ nobody got this.

Could people pay such gangs to kill opponents and why / how to insulate against exposure?

The truth is mind blowing and cannot fully be exposed.

Also many are thinking from one point of view, US only, this evil is embedded globally. US is the first domino.

Have faith.


Anonymous ID: Eka5Om1K No.147173287 📁

Oct 29 2017 21:57:27 (EST)

Remember, the FBI, and MI, have an open investigation into the CF. Why did Comey drop this? Who was the FBI director during the Haiti crisis? How many kids disappeared? How much money sent to CF under disguise of H relief went to H? What countries donated big money to CF and why? How much was owed by accepting? When she lost how would this be repaid? What did Obama do with cash just prior to leaving office? Repayment to those who donated for favors/access? Dig!!!!!

Again, good people were forced into bed with this evil under personal and family threats. Could you live with yourself helping to cover up such evil despicable acts if given a safe way out? These people worship Satan _ some openly show it.


Anonymous ID: grTMpzrL No.147434025 📁

Oct 31 2017 22:00:47 (EST)

There are more good people than bad. The wizards and warlocks (inside term) will not allow another Satanic Evil POS control our country. Realize Soros, Clintons, Obama, Putin, etc. are all controlled by 3 families (the 4th was removed post Trump's victory).

11.3 - Podesta indicted

11.6 - Huma indicted

Manafort was placed into Trump's camp (as well as others). The corruption that will come out is so serious that deals must be cut for people to walk away otherwise 70% of elected politicians would be in jail (you are seeing it already begin). A deep cleaning is occurring and the prevention and defense of pure evil is occurring on a daily basis. They never thought they were going to lose control of the Presidency (not just D's) and thought they had control since making past mistakes (JFK, Reagan).

Good speed, Patriots.

PS, Soros is targeted.

d844b6 () No. 2057710

74155001f2d20c....jpeg (330 KB, 255 x 108, 1155 : 491, 3DD29E7F-A8E1-....jpeg) (h)

he’s back

7803d2 () No. 2057711


Let the Leak Hunt begin. We will see 'leaks' with all 3 candidates, plus some random ones.

dfabe4 () No. 2057712

78f1bf17565990....jpeg (389 KB, 255 x 235, 1242 : 1145, 6ED62D22-66BB-....jpeg) (h)

476eb4a0ae7fd1....jpeg (712 KB, 173 x 255, 1242 : 1833, A8A7A3E0-0222-....jpeg) (h)

96766d56117b60....jpeg (641 KB, 153 x 255, 1242 : 2069, 19BAF6C0-1F22-....jpeg) (h)

fee2c2cc111450....jpeg (84 KB, 158 x 255, 365 : 588, 85BE07DD-59A5-....jpeg) (h)




c7359a () No. 2057713

28293cee32f2ed....png (63 KB, 255 x 121, 1767 : 839, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

62fd39a5372a55....png (73 KB, 255 x 132, 1769 : 917, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

cd27ffd7c85ff6....png (63 KB, 255 x 123, 1753 : 847, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

0bcee3bf8921dc....png (70 KB, 255 x 128, 1770 : 886, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

26c3f2accca646....png (81 KB, 255 x 123, 1766 : 851, ClipboardImage.png) (h)




4f4c3e () No. 2057714


That's your… 6th time posting that picture?

How would you know when to filter if you didn't actually filter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

d1dc02 () No. 2057715

36034a983c330c....jpg (92 KB, 152 x 255, 736 : 1234, 4243f9dd2abed3....jpg) (h)


Go Big Or Go Home

e2ae05 () No. 2057716

Rejected Seattle Tourism Ad

4acfd5 () No. 2057717


kek! I spat out the sides of my mouth

78af24 () No. 2057718


Dub dubs confirm.

I was thinking the exact same thing anon

453859 () No. 2057719

e818727721810d....png (552 KB, 255 x 115, 648 : 293, Screenshot_126.png) (h)

562397 () No. 2057720


let's do this

616e4e () No. 2057721

9a839522ed18a0....png (54 KB, 255 x 35, 1188 : 161, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


You're outta yer element, Donnie.

f37a87 () No. 2057722

July 27th is going to be big.

7d184d () No. 2057723

139c1417d8f87a....jpg (17 KB, 255 x 144, 326 : 184, trumplaugh2.jpg) (h)


Sad shit. Very low energy. Disappointing.

62c1ff () No. 2057724


He probably decided six months ago or summat like that - future proves past.

d1dc02 () No. 2057725

c33cce6333bfbc....jpg (25 KB, 225 x 255, 320 : 362, 2dj1hv~2.jpg) (h)

aa87e8 () No. 2057726


Great to hear that you've seen the evidence.

Dr. Judy Wood is the least appriciated person who did the most. In fact the did it all, now we have to do the rest.

378a87 () No. 2057727


Where is Kurt Russell with a Flamethrower when you need him?

bb7972 () No. 2057728

ec97cc94973d17....png (1849 KB, 255 x 195, 1460 : 1118, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

b989c9347f61b8....png (1897 KB, 255 x 225, 1468 : 1298, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

5a671dc47b0590....png (1297 KB, 254 x 255, 1482 : 1490, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

6b6d690e9313cb....png (1284 KB, 255 x 196, 1470 : 1132, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

c07a28f1cf87b5....png (188 KB, 255 x 116, 1488 : 678, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


More from Points of light twitter page


the Bars of Soap post really made my stomach turn (bars of soap supposedly made from the dead in the concentration camps) but Trump declared national volunteer day. Volunteering is a good thing, but when you look through the twitter page, you can clearly see a pattern of SJW social engineering, like Clinton Foundation. its rather frightening the conditioning you can clearly see going on.

05a541 () No. 2057729


REminds me of the Seinfeild episode when Elaine was watching recommended movies by a teenage boy.

Can't remember the name he used.

288107 () No. 2057730

0b6847d3491d25....png (963 KB, 240 x 255, 558 : 594, hghjg555.png) (h)

7803d2 () No. 2057731


Tell me more

ba0ca4 () No. 2057732

I'm just going to post this again since no one reads to the end of the thread. Again, just one man's opinion.


I don't think there is any problem with being skeptical and irritated when it is July and nothing of substance Q promised has come to light. Q has suggested that massive public revelations would be happening imminently since November. So far Zilch. Trump is an amazing president, but the Q stuff- arrests, disclosures, voter fraud, the hidden tech, ect. has so far all been a massive bust. Q may not have explicitly stated certain dates (although in some cases he has), but he has strongly suggested that a lot would come out before now. So far it has been a massive disappointment.

I think this should be discussed and I think Q should be forced to give an accounting for his seeming lack of results. If Q is bullshit, whether it be a deep state op, propaganda from Trump team to keep the more fringe elements of his base interested, or just an extremely sophisticated LARP, then evidence for or against those theories should be taken seriously. Especially at the current date. If Q is bullshit, then he should be exposed, so that the base can focus on practical matters like the midterms, and think about what we can legitimately hope for out of this presidency, and how we can plan for the time when Trump is gone.

aa87e8 () No. 2057733


Nah A&E911 is a shit org with deep state money… they can go F themselves

2b8f87 () No. 2057734


Trump if you are watching, I would say NO to the display of British Soldiers. Look up Sadat assassination and you will know what I mean.

f0ba32 () No. 2057735

[ d1dc02 ]

2bc09a () No. 2057736



cb92e1 () No. 2057737

0a7f1d4169b9aa....jpg (18 KB, 255 x 246, 300 : 289, Wanted.jpg) (h)


Last known pic of Leo Wanta. Only D.B. Cooper hid better. Assange & Snowden pussies don't know how to hide right/

7093be () No. 2057739

bd8b60a37f4710....jpg (164 KB, 236 x 255, 634 : 686, 4DFA3DB5000005....jpg) (h)

'The biggest insult to a sitting US president ever': Nigel Farage leads critics condemning huge 'Trump baby' blimp that will soar over London while the President visits UK


453859 () No. 2057740

b53623681457d6....gif (2360 KB, 255 x 244, 362 : 347, LLAMMA.gif) (h)

4f4c3e () No. 2057741

f75b243bb8f8b5....gif (1170 KB, 255 x 255, 450 : 450, Awoo Popcorn.gif) (h)



c7359a () No. 2057742

e1ab018dedc4d6....png (97 KB, 255 x 132, 1765 : 916, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e80af6fecd830a....png (86 KB, 255 x 134, 1718 : 902, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

a46029d42a4333....png (74 KB, 255 x 131, 1759 : 905, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

d10d770258042b....png (65 KB, 255 x 135, 1749 : 924, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

4e329a3204548f....png (72 KB, 255 x 131, 1756 : 905, ClipboardImage.png) (h)




d1dc02 () No. 2057743

b91d302e6a58a6....png (49 KB, 170 x 255, 429 : 645, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

fb40ee934d924b....png (42 KB, 255 x 219, 480 : 412, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

c9f279 () No. 2057744

His name IS, not was, Seth Rich.

26551d () No. 2057745

8f8b624daa29ff....png (33 KB, 255 x 246, 658 : 634, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



083728 () No. 2057746

a93393aba43809....jpg (832 KB, 247 x 255, 1024 : 1056, a93393aba43809....jpg) (h)

>>2057515 (lb)

Can we get a Trump tweet regarding this injustice and grooming gangs in UK/Europe?

Twitterfags and Britfags you know what to do. Let's get some streisand effect going

b04221 () No. 2057747

d102865d5c2f77....png (267 KB, 255 x 134, 588 : 309, 2018-07-06_14-....png) (h)

0b09ebf8824e53....png (65 KB, 255 x 102, 570 : 227, 2018-07-06_14-....png) (h)

4fe23471a49589....png (142 KB, 228 x 255, 560 : 625, 2018-07-06_14-....png) (h)

7494e15e91410f....png (555 KB, 224 x 255, 713 : 813, 2018-07-06_14-....png) (h)


Malcolm "Mac" Wallace was like Bush a fellow Skull and Bones member and was purpotedly LBJ's personal hit man.

Did LBJ put Bush on the hit squad himself because he was CIA or was it a "Mac" decision to do so because he knew him from Yale skull and bones, or both?

d150f1 () No. 2057748

79fe37b9441370....png (166 KB, 255 x 108, 600 : 255, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Lets test his blood first while he is tied to that wheelchair

b9a93d () No. 2057749

BO Please Kindly post the secret Q post made with same IP Hash but no trip. We are missing 95 "off the record" post that would bring the post on 4th to 1776.

BO saw them and is trying to suppress the full truth!

4f4c3e () No. 2057750



d9acf3 () No. 2057751

a76dc5b2f2c670....jpg (154 KB, 255 x 180, 1024 : 724, magic.jpg) (h)

7803d2 () No. 2057752


Great mission for a SEAL team

453859 () No. 2057754


Just drone strike it



2219f9 () No. 2057755

"Marker [1] Confirmed"

Comms understood, stuck here!

>>2057356 (pb)

797829 () No. 2057756

20305077bd96b2....png (1285 KB, 223 x 255, 1184 : 1354, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

7c8629c7d3137e....png (303 KB, 178 x 255, 526 : 752, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

Coral Reef anon here, also allergic to most lotion based sunscreen (hives, breathing difficulties). Also anon who complained about EPA. I prefer to use blue lizard when I want to avoid a sunburn. It is the temperature of the ocean that is killing the coral afaik.

I'm sure the SP resignation and HI chemical ban are just coincidence.


7d184d () No. 2057757



After RBG and sotomayer goes, that's 4 definitive /ourguys/ on the SCOTUS.

We know thomas and alito is with us.

Possible to let kagan (NYC jew and hussein appointee) go, that's at least 5-4, most likely 7-2.

Roberts goes? He betrayed the constitution during hussein care. Probably has some skeleton in the pocket.

Beyer - compromised.

Fuck it just make it 9-0 with those that can serve 2 generations easily.

fdd714 () No. 2057760

7fbb518326878e....jpg (11 KB, 255 x 162, 255 : 162, 7fbb518326878e....jpg) (h)

2eb5158756940a....jpeg (47 KB, 255 x 255, 300 : 300, necktie.jpeg) (h)

68846650205394....gif (602 KB, 240 x 180, 240 : 180, GTFO.gif) (h)


Your concern requires more thought.

Consider this.

463af9 () No. 2057759

Cancer cure came up in last bread. US Patent #6630507 CANNABIS AS ANTIOXIDANTS AND nEUROPRTECTANTS


d1dc02 () No. 2057761

6532ef5978102e....png (48 KB, 255 x 255, 476 : 476, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

Necker Pedophile island.

1e553e () No. 2057762

78af24 () No. 2057763


Fell out my chair! Top kek!!!

980377 () No. 2057764


That will cost the UK a couple percent when the trade deals get renegotiated.

1f1905 () No. 2057765


Why would it be 1776 for any other reason than you think it should be that many?

3c6775 () No. 2057766


Alright UK Anons. You got this?

2219f9 () No. 2057768

b08455e9577dd7....gif (138 KB, 255 x 184, 554 : 400, b08455e9577dd7....gif) (h)


Full house confirms 5s and 7s is [12]s

c7359a () No. 2057769

3310ae50b2c6d4....png (90 KB, 255 x 124, 1735 : 844, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e6b1c775882fb1....png (71 KB, 255 x 129, 1771 : 898, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

2d015bb1eb8234....png (58 KB, 255 x 131, 1759 : 901, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

eeb4ad34d37f24....png (85 KB, 255 x 131, 1778 : 914, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

d984b9d3be6d3b....png (68 KB, 255 x 131, 1748 : 896, ClipboardImage.png) (h)




c83f05 () No. 2057770

6cd11852226bf7....png (40 KB, 255 x 134, 649 : 341, POTUS Schedule....png) (h)

Truth, righteousness, and sacred honor.

c5017a () No. 2057771

2ba1f7a74191b6....jpeg (1786 KB, 191 x 255, 4032 : 3024, image1 (4).jpeg) (h)

Doin' my part for (Q)you

e564c6 () No. 2057772

079fc2e681b768....pdf (4023 KB, 67 x 118, 0 : 0, shCherbak13dna....pdf) (h)

>>2056408 (PB)

>but they are hidden inside the blood of humanity (which was used to >fashion humanity; the 'gods' [el lights or el lites] want them BACK to >restore their fallen status).

If you are looking for a coded message it's not in the blood, it's in the DNA.

Two mathematicians found it; the cultists mocked them.

Have at it codefags.

394b39 () No. 2057773

820df78b9fda1b....png (349 KB, 206 x 255, 475 : 589, 29386440_56972....png) (h)

Hmmm… good point.

71d99b () No. 2057774

e2953f23355cd9....jpg (299 KB, 255 x 138, 1461 : 791, midterms meme.jpg) (h)



4f4c3e () No. 2057775

ec3123d0e2400e....jpg (1486 KB, 242 x 255, 2540 : 2676, WATCHTHENATION....jpg) (h)


Now's a good time for this pic..

05a541 () No. 2057776


fake news

453859 () No. 2057778



aa87e8 () No. 2057779


FYI, wikipedia isn't a source shithead

af0b81 () No. 2057780


No one has appointed you in a leadership position where you step up and start rallying the troops. You’ve done nothing to cause anyone to trust your judgement, and you’ve no notion what most of us believe. Just go away if you don’t trust Q. Leave us out it.

a03e1a () No. 2057781

c0c04ef4930440....png (158 KB, 255 x 248, 665 : 646, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

Q shout out in this new song by The Interrupters.


A house of cards about to fall

Where they go one, they go all!

562397 () No. 2057782



a06567 () No. 2057784

48c478e66475e3....png (748 KB, 255 x 213, 682 : 569, walk-away-80k.png) (h)

6dd07f () No. 2057783

9ba337 () No. 2057785


What you need to keep in mind is that the timeline is fluid. Think of your own day and how one glitch can set things back/change an outcome and magnify that. I think Q and team are doing a good job balancing giving us hope/being realistic..I simply have faith.

70b6f8 () No. 2057786

cdb6fd674e7705....jpg (19 KB, 255 x 252, 403 : 398, checkembw.jpg) (h)

b7ddcf () No. 2057787

faa60fb8eda4d0....jpeg (78 KB, 255 x 155, 800 : 487, image.jpeg) (h)

8de896858d1c8d....jpeg (83 KB, 255 x 156, 800 : 488, image.jpeg) (h)

3d8f77 () No. 2057788


I doubt this shit bothers the Troll in Chief one bit.

If you have never seen this video, it's total worth your time.

The World's Greatest Troll: the Humor of Donald Trump

616e4e () No. 2057789


>Nah A&E911 is a shit org with deep state money

Prove it, then. KEK!

07cfea () No. 2057790

c512ed5ef7449d....png (1391 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

>be me

>travelling down the east coast on a bicycle

>sitting in random diner overhearing only other table's conversation

"I think he's gonna have a second term. He's getting things done. We may not like how he is but he is."

"Yeah, they aren't concerning themselves about hurting anyone's feelings."


26551d () No. 2057791


We shall see won't we.

0088a6 () No. 2057792


you just doxxed yourself faggot

73fab8 () No. 2057793

Trump and 33? Trolling them or us?

Washington D.C., Sep 22, 2016 / 03:01 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has released a list of 33 prominent conservative Catholic advisers for his campaign, according to reports from Philly.com…

Jan 05, 2018 · The Trump administration has revealed its master plan for securing the border – and it's going to cost $33 billion.

Trump Proposes 33% Cut In Crop Insurance

By Chuck Abbott


Donald Trump is facing fresh scrutiny … Puerto Rico …$33m after golf club bankruptcy. … with a nearly $33 million bill, another example of Trump's many scams that …

Forbes Magazine #33 Trump

d1dc02 () No. 2057794

10ebdac00dce43....png (106 KB, 205 x 255, 228 : 284, 9479d4e8da0975....png) (h)

f866e443731d11....jpg (79 KB, 255 x 223, 480 : 420, 2cunl5~4.jpg) (h)

China trade war is peanuts for Trump.

453859 () No. 2057795



Keep printin' and we'll keep a bakin'!

7803d2 () No. 2057796

e2f8de2dea59c0....gif (7425 KB, 255 x 143, 480 : 270, 1_RgJTEqZ-Quvq....gif) (h)


drone strike it

Screw that. Air to air missile

b2510b () No. 2057797

2f8fef38469334....png (724 KB, 255 x 243, 720 : 687, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Thank you Baker.

463af9 () No. 2057798


Would be a shame if a drone caught it on fire, by accident of course (cough cough), rendering it USELESS.

1f1905 () No. 2057799


What does it mean?

d9acf3 () No. 2057800

d688eadb19b384....png (276 KB, 255 x 195, 1430 : 1096, soy.png) (h)

After Months of Asking for an Alternative, Soy Farmers Hit by China Tariff

… did not know soy was USA top Agr export


280ace () No. 2057801

c67c6c3bfc592d....png (549 KB, 255 x 241, 1230 : 1162, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

26c4264d0e149c....png (242 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, c17_4000_ft.png) (h)

plane fag…. was out watering my plants… and heard big roar… looked up…. fuuuuckkkkkk!!!! c17 at 4,000 feet…. rannnnnn into house got camera…. go to ADSB….. and there she is….

no big deal… was just cool to see a C17 at 4,000 feet… and to hear the rooarrrrrr

I see regular jetliners all day long at 10,000, as muh house is on approach to a big airport…. but don't remember ever seeing C17 this low over house

side note GOTOFMS is going to Fort Myers… hope they have someone good onboard

7093be () No. 2057802


Im on the other side of the border but i'm sure something will happen to it.

aa87e8 () No. 2057803


I don't need to prove shit, their refusal to use forensic analysis and how they maintain their level of ignorance for years and years says it all..

A&E911 is limited hangout

c5017a () No. 2057804

058255494cce0e....png (338 KB, 255 x 179, 624 : 439, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f7bf05 () No. 2057805

3b53e44b5ba1da....png (116 KB, 255 x 206, 1278 : 1033, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Nice work StickerAnon

Billboard anon checking in

20,000 sets of eyes so far, and 37 active billboards.

394b39 () No. 2057806

ce73775e1d4f50....png (6 KB, 255 x 137, 255 : 137, LOL.png) (h)

c7359a () No. 2057807

9c2bc38bb55da6....png (83 KB, 255 x 132, 1767 : 914, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

a1a0de3379a898....png (79 KB, 255 x 130, 1767 : 903, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

4d9a6701bd485e....png (62 KB, 255 x 129, 1765 : 890, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e6223b03e6f4b9....png (62 KB, 255 x 130, 1745 : 889, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

b4cc0513a399b4....png (62 KB, 255 x 129, 1743 : 884, ClipboardImage.png) (h)




7d184d () No. 2057808


As we progress further and further, we will see exactly who is stabbing us in the back while pretending to be on the team based on their "feelings".

e65a63 () No. 2057809

ceddb4138ffe57....jpg (153 KB, 255 x 170, 1440 : 960, tybakerrrr.jpg) (h)


980377 () No. 2057810


I'm sure that website is scientifically neutral.

616e4e () No. 2057811

3bc5ee1ada360f....png (246 KB, 255 x 255, 586 : 586, 3bc5ee1ada360f....png) (h)


>FYI, wikipedia isn't a source shithead

Why so hostile? It's making (((you))) glow, donchaknow.

4f4c3e () No. 2057812


Watch for keywords like Tidle Wave and any news about the National Guard, they'll be tells for the swift corruption sweep America is due for.

b9a93d () No. 2057813


He is already black bagged, save the bread.

322d06 () No. 2057814

Hear that hush? Allen & Co. returns to Sun Valley

Allen & Co., a private Fifth Avenue investment bank, doesn’t have a website. It counts George Tenet, the former head of the CIA, among its employees.

Q team able to listen in this year?

fde620 () No. 2057815

548d4343b4db05....jpg (397 KB, 169 x 255, 720 : 1086, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)


79d23d () No. 2057816


Snowden is cia. You can't live in Russian, knowingly, and stay alive, unless someone is looking out for you.

The CIA planted Snowden into the NSA as a contractor to expose their system for themselves. He's been rewarded heavily, since. Just ask John Cusack.

Assange is a harder one for me to decipher. I have no trust for him. I feel he holds information more for blackmail purposes than for freedom or rights of people. I think he's a snake that isn't really pushing to help people, he's pushing to get rich by holding people up.

d1dc02 () No. 2057817

e789e931cfed93....jpg (88 KB, 255 x 254, 469 : 468, 2cg8xs~2.jpg) (h)

a96e40 () No. 2057818

What ? like thousands of pedo arrests and over half of congress stepping down? or are you asking if the Media is reporting on Q, Or if we had a global trade financial reset? or if we are in a Trade war that made our stock market go up ? or that trump is shit tweeting heavy and there is a dead silence from the Msm,or that Trump said he is Q(Like the #17 jersey that they posted on big league politics on the article about Q,or the epic amount of schills?,after throwing all there cards out last week on MUH CHILDREN, ?, or you mean IS Pompaeo in NK verifying shit,?ya I don't see anything like that happing just go back to sleep>>2057678

076d02 () No. 2057819


You’ve posted your self delude whiny snot nosed picture no less than six times

c7359a () No. 2057820

e1f92207ec6433....png (61 KB, 255 x 137, 1684 : 905, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

48ad6912de0aca....png (5 KB, 255 x 31, 1035 : 127, ClipboardImage.png) (h)




bb7972 () No. 2057821


Putin seems to hate the deep state, why would he protect Snowden?

40680d () No. 2057822

c563a7683cf331....jpeg (59 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, 19538637-F634-....jpeg) (h)

4c6c2f () No. 2057823

FYI: Someone who knows mentioned, after the illegal was found innocent of shooting the girl on SF pier 14


that SF (which is also its own county) only prosecutes cases in SF if they want an innocent verdict (and of course they don't introduce evidence & witnesses). They transfer cases South to San Mateo county (South of the SF city/ SF county line) if they want a guilty verdict.

Hope there are as few as possible cases tried in SF. A problem with The Storm (if/when it hits) is that if the courts (9th circuit) are flooded, SF will get 'its fair share' of cases (?), which would be very bad if any SF personnel are needed. I'm not really sure about the legal/court details, so I hope this detail is being planned for (or doesn't actually matter since federal/military courts will be used?).

27e190 () No. 2057824


That was the last time Brian Mulroney sold off all of Canada's gold. (Remember since 2015 Canada has no gold… at least not in the ground, and most of that has been sold off with mineral rights.)

1e553e () No. 2057825


You are special, you use a name and don't get banned.

b9a93d () No. 2057826


Come on man Q is giving us the most basic test here America = July 4th 1776

368cf9 () No. 2057827


I hope this was a 4D chess move against Big Soy.

aa427d () No. 2057828

f36b14e4fa2718....jpg (160 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, SSMS014-2.jpg) (h)

>>2057538 (lb)



Callsign to and/or calling card of the Worshipful Masters?

616e4e () No. 2057829

0123bfe78da9da....jpg (26 KB, 222 x 255, 300 : 344, 0123bfe78da9da....jpg) (h)


>I don't need to prove shit, their refusal to use forensic analysis and how they maintain their level of ignorance for years and years says it all.

That's some low-energy bilbul there.

05a541 () No. 2057830


I think Trump's reference to Bush's Points of Light was his warning to The Bush's to call off the Cabal or his role in the CIA would be exposed immediately, like maybe accidentally releasing files.

Bush thought he could play Trump to delay release of docs, while at the same time continuing to try to take Trump out.

Trump just gave him his last warning.

463af9 () No. 2057832


You be the Judge, read the 20 page Patent.

076d02 () No. 2057833

e2049263e65638....jpeg (101 KB, 169 x 255, 500 : 753, 1683B0F8-0C95-....jpeg) (h)


Sid vicious blumenthal

bb7972 () No. 2057835


dude all eras had their filth, you dont even know. that time was just as corrupt and families hid their dysfunction… puhleeessse

c7359a () No. 2057836

3a3328 () No. 2057837

24fad81ca5cbbf....png (317 KB, 255 x 222, 697 : 606, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

ABC Alex Jones the co opter-Controlled Paid CIA opposition.

Like Lionel said "Comment as you see fit"


1f1905 () No. 2057838


Well aware of the 1776 means, but you're assuming Q would put forth the effort to create that coincidence. So… You're saying there's posts the BO won't give us because (((you))) decided there should be that many by that date?


27e190 () No. 2057839

e7539fc9ad8d7b....jpg (8 KB, 225 x 225, 225 : 225, acetone.jpg) (h)


That could use a cleaning before being sent aloft.

d1dc02 () No. 2057840

3893fa7385168b....jpg (38 KB, 255 x 255, 480 : 480, 2dj17v~2.jpg) (h)

f4a816 () No. 2057841

5ea6253461e774....png (2770 KB, 189 x 255, 1280 : 1725, JSeattle.png) (h)


Yeah, it's really turned into a dive. Born and raised there but ain't never going back. Not while it's being run by scum who are bent on Californicating it straight to hell.

c6218b () No. 2057842


Where is your SS of it?

5bbb5c () No. 2057843

8876a9413a7b45....png (769 KB, 255 x 254, 683 : 680, flagsurf.png) (h)


An America first wave

7f7077 () No. 2057844


This will come down to all tariffs removed. Trumps final solution to trade wars.

ce012d () No. 2057845

I don't understand why this continues to be necessary. It is a big drain on my time and I wish you would spare me that expenditure.

In any event, here we are, and here's the immediate issue:

I have posted in the current Mid-Edition update a uniquely high-potential-yield action item, which is alos highly-important for other reasons, too. Donald Trump has a seriously dangerous man in the front-running for the next Supreme Court justice, Raymond Kethledge. Kethledge is the fellow who spat on the First and Fifth Amendments in upholding Doreen's engineered conviction for refusing to create false documents.

This guy would be a decades-long disaster if he makes it onto the court. It's bad enoiugh that he is on a circuit court.

More than that, because interest in Supreme Court picks is near-universal, all kinds of people are interested in this guy's history. They will look when we tell them about what was done to Doreen, when they never would look otherwise. They will then learn the truth about the income tax, or at least about the efforts to suppress CtC (which will lead many to go further).

This is a unique opportunity which will not be repeated, ever. It has a window of no more than a few weeks. IT MUST BE CAPITALIZED ON NOW!!! (or be lost to us…).

I have tweeted and facebook and GAB posted about this, as well as posted and distributed the Mid-Edition update article explaining everything I am now forced to waste my time repeating (see http://losthorizons.com/MidEditionUpdate.htm#Kethledge). My tweets and posts are showing no more than a dozen re-tweet and such.

I don't know how to say this more clearly than I have done in the past: It is only by the numbers of re-tweets and re-posts being large that this stuff will be seen by others. You re-tweeting and "liking" my tweets and re-posting, "sharing" and "liking" my posts makes a BIG DIFFERENCE, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO FOLLOWERS!!

People, you may not like twitter and such. I don't either. But we have to fight the fight by the means available in the world in which we live. There are huge numbers of people WE NEED TO REACH who see NOTHING but twitter and Facebook posts. They don't USE email, or chat groups. They will NEVER be reachable those ways, but they WILL see tweets if those tweets get enough re-tweets. That's how the software is designed.

Those following me on twitter and GAB and Facebook (you, for instance) are followed, in the aggregate, by several hundred thousand others. Those folks are followed by multiple millions, in the aggregate. Do you understand now?

YOU re-tweet whatever I post. SOME NUMBER OF THE FOLLOWERS OF YOU OR OTHERS following me will re-tweet in turn. Very quickly the number of re-tweets rises to where Twitter posts my tweets on many more feeds and LOTS more people begin seeing them.

PLEASE!! This is a unique, narrow-window, hugely-important opportunity and imperative. This guy must be kept off the Supreme Court, and what he did in Doreen's case should accomplish that, IF IT GETS OUT THERE.

It will only get out there IF YOU RE-TWEET AND RE-POST my tweets and posts. NOW.

Here are the URLs of my tweets on this subject:







And watch for others, by me and by others, and do the same for each of those.

Regarding Facebook, frankly, I don't know how to acquire URLs of my posts there, but those of you who follow me on Facebook will know how to access those last four or five posts I have made, and can do whatever you do to repost, "share", "like" and so forth.

Please people. It is ridiculous how muffled this community is, armed as it is with the most widely and deeply important wake-up call going in the last 75 years. This has to stop YOU have to get engaged, even if it makes no sense to you why.


27e190 () No. 2057846


Try this copy.


5c2738 () No. 2057847



Adding to dough…. thank you anon!

a03e1a () No. 2057848


Come to Snohomish County and help us make a stand against the commies. Leftists are flooding out of Seattle as they get priced out and the local elected officials in conjunction with the developers are turning all the farms and forests into high density housing. They know that the people buying those junk houses are leftists from Seattle who will keep voting for commies but we're on the edge of re-taking this place.

bd672f () No. 2057849

be5b1b8dd990f2....jpeg (40 KB, 255 x 138, 500 : 271, 60C81965-25C9-....jpeg) (h)

c7359a () No. 2057850

52bec70c53a76d....png (970 KB, 255 x 132, 807 : 419, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Smallville Star, Cult Leader Allison Mack Now Accused of Molesting 8yo Girl and Recording It

Allison Mack stands accused of videotaping and molesting an 8-year-old girl while at the NXIVM headquarters in Knox Woods.


bb7972 () No. 2057851


you obviously are a fucking newborn if you think the 50's were not corrupt. jeesh do some fucking research. watch Mad Men, a great depiction of it.

4d6a40 () No. 2057852

Philadelphia ICE Protesters Camp Raided & Arrests made

3 mn Video

ce5fc2 () No. 2057853


HRS's BFF will soon trip over his tie and catch it on a door knob for an untimely demise. #FLYSIDFLY

b95771 () No. 2057854

87d32f6a7c7e86....jpg (184 KB, 255 x 143, 1366 : 768, themustaches2.jpg) (h)

27e190 () No. 2057855


Every opponent to legal cannabis is a freemason. Wonder why?

I learned more about them from that than anything.

81b1ea () No. 2057856

f6dfcfcd28a98a....gif (3131 KB, 244 x 255, 252 : 263, f6dfcfcd28a98a....gif) (h)

7f7077 () No. 2057857


Gotta leave for few minutes.

980377 () No. 2057858


This, sadly, is notable

a96e40 () No. 2057859

3a046b828924dc....png (126 KB, 255 x 172, 278 : 188, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


bd672f () No. 2057860


In this photo, is the most evil person the woman behind them all?

368cf9 () No. 2057862


This is a potential Pandora's box.

bb7972 () No. 2057863


look, a lazy fuck cant read?

108ef7 () No. 2057864



b95771 () No. 2057866


what is this from? movie?

love it

52d8ff () No. 2057867

b85a1a0749b377....jpg (15 KB, 255 x 255, 313 : 313, b85a1a0749b377....jpg) (h)


That was me you responded to, still maintaining that you elect to look at this from a pessimist POV and you're entitled to that opinion of course, you just can't expect us or Q for that matter, to drop what we're doing to assuage your concerns. I can see what's getting done and I can see it's getting done "by the book", which isn't just a slow process, it's a downright fucking boring one but necessary nevertheless.

d1dc02 () No. 2057868

02e49f8287d714....png (36 KB, 255 x 190, 445 : 331, Screenshot_201....png) (h)


Lmao…..watch a movie!!

27e190 () No. 2057869


>Assange is a harder one for me to decipher.

He's been around long enough. I first ran into him when Suelette Dreyfess did that book, around 96. He's a textbook anarchist who got a lesson in how the world really works IMO.

a06567 () No. 2057870

Fresh #walkaway video

616e4e () No. 2057871

>>2057850 Smallville Star, Cult Leader Allison Mack Now Accused of Molesting 8yo Girl and Recording It.

baker notable

81b1ea () No. 2057872


I dunno I found it on the chans

32ef14 () No. 2057873

933b58d89a83e5....gif (451 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, awlyrbtzЯвelon....gif) (h)

8d7e80be6d7487....jpg (23 KB, 255 x 255, 383 : 383, achhmeingott.jpg) (h)

033ebb1669327e....jpg (10 KB, 255 x 255, 300 : 300, ritefink.jpg) (h)

a92ccc28e5748d....jpg (3070 KB, 255 x 180, 5344 : 3776, NWOflowchart.jpg) (h)



<still as'eepin æı see.



bb7972 () No. 2057874

df526ae481aa38....jpg (44 KB, 255 x 134, 740 : 390, marilyn-manson....jpg) (h)


b95771 () No. 2057875


i think its a tranny myself

902e59 () No. 2057876



I only came here for this gif

9f110d () No. 2057877


They can get subsidies.

It’s worth it.

Next year, grow a different crop.

ba0ca4 () No. 2057878


I come from the traditions of the old chans that got Trump elected. A place where truth is valued above all else. All sides of an argument were considered, and debated, which enabled one to arrive at the real truth. Bad arguments from any side were not accepted. Sure people name called and insulted, but it was usually recognized that when one reached that level they had lost the debate. This is one of the fundamental reasons why free speech is so important. When one is talking about worldwide geopolitics that will affect all of our lives, I believe all sides should be considered. Faith is fine in moderation, but when faith starts to contradict logic and blinds you from what actually is or is not happening, then it can become a big problem. We are men, not children. Logic should not be discarded because we want to believe. I still have a little hope that Q might deliver, but I think there is a good chance that it is all bullshit. Regardless I think Q's drops and their extraordinary claims should be subjected to rigorous debate. We should try to destroy Q's assertions and claims, and then if we can't, we will know that we may have something real. Blindly following along with no skepticism is just childish and is not befitting of free men. If Q is real, then ultimately it wont hurt him if we dissect the truth or falsehood of his claims.

81b1ea () No. 2057879

8b182d444b8346....jpg (61 KB, 255 x 180, 641 : 453, 8b182d444b8346....jpg) (h)



27e190 () No. 2057880

3f817f () No. 2057881

145ecd9dd66a53....jpg (121 KB, 255 x 143, 848 : 477, 483102.jpg) (h)

Giant Sadiq Khan 'baby balloon to fly over London

Following Sadiq Khan’s approval of a balloon mocking President Trump to be flown over Parliament during his visit to the UK, a counter-campaign has surged to over £10,000 out of nowhere for a balloon depicting the London Mayor to go up.

Giant Sadiq Khan 'baby balloon to fly over London

To have a giant size Sadiq Khan, "Baby Khan" balloon fly over London to demonstrate our unhappiness with him as our Mayor of London.

£22,589 raised of £20,000 stretch target



aa427d () No. 2057882

667df710e866cd....jpg (126 KB, 255 x 191, 736 : 552, PP-lie-truth.jpg) (h)



b95771 () No. 2057883

1cce75ba100e58....jpg (78 KB, 255 x 152, 871 : 519, QSHIRT.jpg) (h)

d150f1 () No. 2057884

166a14a0f3625b....jpg (236 KB, 255 x 197, 900 : 695, expand your th....jpg) (h)

52d8ff () No. 2057885


He's not wrong.

812817 () No. 2057886


>>2057852 ICE Protestors brought to heel

Go to 1:30 - Greatest thing I've seen in awhile.

3955ac () No. 2057888

Rocket man CD has to be a joke right? That seems like a trolling of the MSM.

9ba337 () No. 2057889


Nice, will send to my dad. I keep telling him the black vote is leaving..he sort of believes me.. I will warn him about language :)

156852 () No. 2057890

How about passing a law that makes releasing classified information lawful if the American people are the target of an attack? (chemtrails, bioware, financial, etc)

5a9101 () No. 2057891



Agreed. Hate that gif, this is qresearch alot of words shouldn't put you off. Skim over it, is it shit? scroll on by.

This is even more retarded that the people that constantly annouce what they are filtering.

5bbb5c () No. 2057892


Is there is torture great enough for this piece of human waste?

Very sad :'(

996916 () No. 2057893


Love it!

6618ae () No. 2057894


All this time I've been here, I never knew that was a gif. I need to pay more attention to things.

108ef7 () No. 2057895

d13319762782f6....jpeg (1337 KB, 192 x 255, 1156 : 1537, FE4B71FD-D7D9-....jpeg) (h)

Q should be forced…LOL

c7359a () No. 2057896

9c2f6cb08800ad....png (478 KB, 231 x 255, 768 : 847, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f5763c00f9466d....png (16 KB, 255 x 75, 735 : 215, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Just as in the US in Syria I'm starting to see a divide in Israel. Two clear factions in both states policies in the mid east, contradictory statements from various officials. Seems the Cabal is being exposed!

Israeli Minister Threatens Syria Over Violating 1974 Agreement


97a83f () No. 2057897


An air rifle would take that out.

05a541 () No. 2057898



27e190 () No. 2057899


Bill Hicks sells some of the finest filters around.

bb7972 () No. 2057900

d4dd884a25948f....jpg (587 KB, 255 x 85, 3171 : 1058, what_the_what!?.jpg) (h)


making CDAN all the more plausible, no?

982fb5 () No. 2057901

8d9fdade6ecd69....png (335 KB, 255 x 213, 760 : 634, Gurning2.png) (h)


We Anons are better this time around. The last time WWG1WGA stood for this (pic related) stupid meme and we fizzled out. Every iteration of things and shit makes a little more sense. Next time, who knows? We might stop the evil before it even comes to power, like we should have….

d9acf3 () No. 2057902

9aa41ef2bdc7ae....png (255 KB, 255 x 186, 1548 : 1130, card.png) (h)

Cardinal Tauran, who announced Pope Francis' election, dies at 75


108ef7 () No. 2057903


Can this be listed under notable Idiocracy

79d23d () No. 2057904


Putin is for Putin.

076d02 () No. 2057905


Cheers. Hoping…

98dc23 () No. 2057906

a37d5d2043953c....jpg (1378 KB, 255 x 255, 2560 : 2560, 17_Q.jpg) (h)

7f7077 () No. 2057907

d14cad9e76e300....png (12 KB, 220 x 255, 220 : 255, 8a937f1698f78f....png) (h)


All they can do is throw a spoon at it.

f4a816 () No. 2057908


My kids live in SnoCo so yeah, I'm lookin' east of Everett towards Granite Falls or beyond. A holding action until the masses get red-pilled and we can take the I-5 corridor and get the Dem's out of Olympia. Shadilay!

4f4c3e () No. 2057909

46dbb023826980....jpg (3467 KB, 73 x 255, 2048 : 7167, AFLB.jpg) (h)


Then here's Lucky Number 7

8b509e () No. 2057910


It's about damned time that these idiots were taken down. Look how much they cost NYC yesterday, not to mention lost tourism at Statue of Liberty. Great things happening!

b2510b () No. 2057911


I wouldn't expect that scumbag Blumenthal to tell the truth, even if he didn't take the 5th.

There is on a bigger piece of shit in all of DC than Blumenthal. And, yes, that includes the cancerous one.

a70b72 () No. 2057912

d0b77f127a8178....png (258 KB, 255 x 193, 1193 : 904, 7.4.18.c1.png) (h)

6ed8f663f89630....png (257 KB, 255 x 194, 1195 : 907, 7.4.18.c2.png) (h)


A tip from OrlandoBilpAnon…

If you haven't already set all your Blip billboards to at least 1c at "non-peak" times, rather than 0c do it now.

I was *SHOCKED* at how many blips I got overnight at 1c…in Orlando…on I-4!!!

52d8ff () No. 2057913



I used to live across the river from Portland, I feel you anons pain.

73fab8 () No. 2057914


maybe there is something else, not Elton John music, on the CD?

980377 () No. 2057915


It would take hours for enough helium to leak out of the tiny puncture from an air rifle to bring it down.

7093be () No. 2057916


Starts about 1:20, fucking hilarious.

d1dc02 () No. 2057917

b5ec6c1a9d2913....jpg (9 KB, 220 x 168, 220 : 168, images-4~2.jpg) (h)

Without American muscle the UK would be another Crimea.

Sidiq Kahn is a sand nigga.

797829 () No. 2057918

She told me it was lambs blood that she used to paint the sigils with on her inside thigh.

79d23d () No. 2057919

Without telling me to KYS, can anyone tell me how this is any different than the Soros/Obama team we got in 08?

The Las Vegas billionaire gave Republicans $82m for the 2016 elections and his views, notably staunch support for Netanyahu’s Israel, are now the official US line


c3d988 () No. 2057920

62adec6be1483f....jpg (151 KB, 255 x 235, 626 : 576, PeacePepeQek.jpg) (h)

I was baking last night when the catalog went down… I tried so many times, didn't wan't to let you fags down… BO probably wanted to kick my ass now that I see what was going on, KEK.

Can someone explain to me how to find something when the catalog is down? Then I will know next time…

c7359a () No. 2057921


Putin is for his people! Stop trying to feed the MSM Russia Russia Russia hysteria!

409496 () No. 2057922


That would not make it down my street

2bc09a () No. 2057923

04a782afb79409....jpg (104 KB, 255 x 189, 631 : 468, Point-Roberts-....jpg) (h)



y'all are sleeping.

bb7972 () No. 2057924

86b06e55eef32c....jpg (304 KB, 255 x 219, 530 : 455, Clown-Boat.jpg) (h)


fuck off glow WORM

ce5fc2 () No. 2057925

acfa5d86b7e385....png (433 KB, 255 x 164, 608 : 390, mdf.png) (h)

c83f05 () No. 2057926

21a3b614470096....png (149 KB, 255 x 238, 644 : 602, Dice 1 re Jime....png) (h)

6babb04c883319....png (149 KB, 255 x 242, 638 : 606, Dice 2 re Jime....png) (h)

5de5465d584a2d....png (177 KB, 255 x 212, 954 : 793, Kino Jimenez B....png) (h)

As anticipated, Jimenez arrest receiving little MSM coverage

Bexar County Central Magistrate Search


Bread 2589


4f4c3e () No. 2057927


change catalog.html

to index.html

d7db79 () No. 2057928


be interesting if the anchoring fails and it's set adrift for uninterrupted droning

ba0ca4 () No. 2057929


You respond in a reasonable and intelligent manner which I respect, and I appreciate that you respect my point of view. I just think there is value in skepticism and true debate. All great scientific discoveries were first subjected to rigorous attempts to discredit them before they became accepted as fact. This is a necessary part of the scientific method. Without it, no one would no what to believe, and no practical value or progress in understanding from science could be gleaned. When it comes to geopolitics and war, I think the scientific method is a more appropriate approach to address issues than religious level faith that shouts down dissenting opinion. This is supposed to be a research board, not a congregation.

27e190 () No. 2057930


Iron law: all swinger cults eventually degenerate to pedophila.

dbd740 () No. 2057931

7084a515193efc....jpg (83 KB, 158 x 255, 365 : 588, 33.jpg) (h)

79d23d () No. 2057932


You just caused a russian narrative. You said he's for his people, they are russian.

I said he is for himself. His alliances are with whoever benefits him and his agenda. He's ex-KGB, there's no full alliance with anyone.

b95771 () No. 2057933


bout f time

protesting is ok

but blocking public roads

violence, destruction of property or blocking commerce or disrupting their work as officers should not be accepted for one second.

arrest all soros paid armys of idiots

a530cb () No. 2057934



79d23d () No. 2057935

11a6f6 () No. 2057936


'Nature is a haunted house–but Art–is a house that tries to be haunted.' ~Dickinson

52d8ff () No. 2057937


Gaining traction takes time.

8f608b () No. 2057938


You are my most favorite baker… Thank you for always working hard for us. Free beer in me baker. Love you ( nohomo)

a03e1a () No. 2057939


Better hurry, Granite Falls is has begun to be overrun with giant developments just like they did to Lake Stevens.

32ef14 () No. 2057940

dfa551716693d6....jpg (53 KB, 255 x 191, 900 : 675, a9409486-b4ad-....jpg) (h)


such an Pretty hu[gh]e

>he cannot get away either…

<tho he bitches so lovingly.


have an rare dimebag and вяī…

d150f1 () No. 2057941


Fuck yeah! Stupid bitches BTFO

eafdb7 () No. 2057942


Serves him right

f9760a () No. 2057943

1542bc19e0788b....jpg (1336 KB, 255 x 130, 2573 : 1309, Nice Arrivals ....jpg) (h)

Any digger Anons in here that want to dig through the arrivals tables of Nice Airport, where 2-RNWL landed earlier? Lots of spoopy in there from a first glance as I was putting it together.

d9d2bd () No. 2057944


True that

c3d988 () No. 2057945


Thank you :)

79d23d () No. 2057946



Even now, I see it's a rich mans world. We are just living in it.

c7359a () No. 2057947

4847eab18d266f....png (504 KB, 255 x 144, 602 : 339, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

ed8409afd53872....png (357 KB, 226 x 255, 659 : 743, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

09102673c10d59....png (365 KB, 203 x 255, 668 : 841, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

6aa4cf98f811ff....png (49 KB, 184 x 255, 656 : 909, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Democrats now party of child trafficking and slavery as left-wing mob protests arrests of child traffickers

It’s come to this in today’s Democratic Party: Supporters who knowingly back the protection of child sex traffickers as long as they are in our country illegally and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is involved in any way.

Earlier this week in Oakland, Libby Schaff, tipped off illegal alien criminals earlier this year to an impending raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents — ICE and the local police department were executing a raid on suspected child sex traffickers when a crowd of angry white liberals assembled to protest — before they had a single solitary clue what was even going on.


2a898f () No. 2057948

391933e0a4200d....jpg (431 KB, 255 x 153, 1268 : 760, POTUS.jpg) (h)

I'm thrilled that the UK is honoring GEOTUS in such an amazing way. Floating him over Parliament! It doesn't get any better than this!

(pic related)

cf8311 () No. 2057949



>Q says it's all connected

Wonder what all names she's named?



d98198 () No. 2057950

e17cc6d7e353d9....jpg (143 KB, 255 x 116, 1873 : 851, d9r8aaddas.jpg) (h)

4302c4 () No. 2057951

652071b5ed30b6....jpg (47 KB, 255 x 194, 500 : 381, babby.jpg) (h)

4f4c3e () No. 2057952


wy fren


27e190 () No. 2057953


I can't read CDAN anymore, I get physically ill.

aa427d () No. 2057954


https://hooktube.com/watch?v=Q PTa_54HPCw

4f4c3e () No. 2057955


*yw >.>

6618ae () No. 2057956


FFS…These people are so fucking dumb. We are in the 1st week of July and they are already calling for Q's head haha. What Schmucks.

5a9101 () No. 2057957


Stolen. Could any UK graphic anons make us a good patriotic Q suitable for t-shirts?

b89950 () No. 2057958

4a7eefc81da9b4....jpg (90 KB, 173 x 255, 339 : 500, Louis-rhead-th....jpg) (h)

About cannibalism and red shoes, a connection of some sort goes back centuries.

Let's take a look at the Grimm's fairy tale The Juniper Tree.



In the fairy tale the significance of the little girl being gifted with the red shoes for her part in the cannibalistic sequence of events is left unclear and seems like a random reward much like the gold chain. However the modern usage suggests that there is hidden symbolism behind the choice of the item if the usage did not originate from this fairy tale.

I can see Masonic symbolism in the goldsmith coming to see the bird wearing only one shoe. The bird itself resembles the phoenix, which is also a Masonic symbol. The child victim being described being while alive "as white as snow and as red as blood" reminds me of the red and white being the spirit cooking colors also seen on international barber poles.

The English fairy tale The Rose Tree is a variant that apparently descends from a common ancestor. The Rose Tree shares with The Juniper Tree the cannibalism and the red shoes, as well as elements such as the gold chain (here combined with a gold watch) and the millstone as the other two things acquired by the bird.


I made the fairy tale connection when I saw a translation of The Juniper Tree printed among more usual fiction.

30e62d () No. 2057959

a95b7ce058bf9d....jpeg (17 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, 64f8f6edff395d....jpeg) (h)

9f110d () No. 2057960


Nothing on CDAN is implausible.

That said, which NXIVM post are you referring to?

Alison Mack should rot in hell.

4d6a40 () No. 2057961



This is not reliable at all.

A unnamed neighbor saw her videotape an 8 yr old girl doing gymnastics and she touched her chest.



4c2855 () No. 2057962

7b6d5872314cd9....png (163 KB, 255 x 236, 329 : 305, dirtyMAGAboi -....png) (h)

dae460 () No. 2057963

74844d478c973d....png (30 KB, 255 x 132, 562 : 290, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Only 1 with :43 and it only says "god bless patriots"

BUT this one is 21:21 (think mirror) and related to Awan drops from earlier this week.

b95771 () No. 2057964


i love it

076d02 () No. 2057965


Birth of England’s Great Awakening

409496 () No. 2057966



c7359a () No. 2057967


I got friends in Russia and they love him as do 83% of the pop. Russia has no GMO food, it's clean, he's cleaning up the Russian Mob, kicked out the Rothschilds.

And he's doing that all for his own benefit! Yeah right!

a96e40 () No. 2057968

79d23d () No. 2057969


No. Everyone here scrolls for a (you)

2feb06 () No. 2057970

f40e7733e2279b....gif (2204 KB, 255 x 172, 616 : 416, IMG_4069.gif) (h)


Case in point both a true rep of women AND MSM.

368cf9 () No. 2057971


So much soy in one space. Sad!

cf8311 () No. 2057972

238d4412735d8a....gif (1021 KB, 255 x 190, 500 : 373, 1456278007757.gif) (h)



Got it. Shills, pretending to be anons, concernfagging. I've seen better performances elsewhere:

4f4c3e () No. 2057973


clowns shilling for CDAN/Qclock/old irrelevant news.

73fab8 () No. 2057974

The Alex Jones channel with billions of views is frozen. We have been told it will be deleted tomorrow and all 33 thousands videos will be erased. We just set up this new page subscribe if you want to see what the SPLC wants censored..

6:53 PM - 3 Mar 2018

The anon who said 33 is their distress call last bread- makes sense here

c268d2 () No. 2057975


Bout time, let this spread like wild fire to all the shit head ICE protest camps.

27e190 () No. 2057976


No, Point Roberts is spook country. You can only enter and exit through Canada.

Also, shitty cell service, I used to go to White Rock to use my T-Mobile phone.

79d23d () No. 2057977


Rothschilds are still in Russia. Fuck out of here with that fake ass robotic youtube video and bullshit sites. Their bank is STILL in Russia.

Cuba and North Korea are the only countries I'm aware of without the roths banking mob.

c7359a () No. 2057978


They are reliable, Stop trying to slide shill

809d7e () No. 2057979


it's bloody embarrassing is what it is

d67b43 () No. 2057980


>irritated when it is July and nothing of substance Q promised has come to light

Bravo anon! Good on you for "speaking" your mind.

I agree with you.

9f13f6 () No. 2057981

Friday Afternoon:

Time to RELEASE ALL The Documents Unredacted!

Kick the Tires & Light the Fires, Big Daddy!

52d8ff () No. 2057982


CB? No worries man. AFLB is right, the index worked after a bit but be wary because that was the first thing I went to and it didn't work right away. Everybody just kinda went into panic-mode, not expecting it. Was a good wake-up call though.

312b26 () No. 2057983

86a42d8581a88e....jpg (65 KB, 253 x 255, 640 : 645, IMG_1964.jpg) (h)

7093be () No. 2057984


erm….theres some Scots here as well.

4fe214 () No. 2057985


That's weird.

27e190 () No. 2057986


They're trying to depose Trudeau here and it's not working at all. I'd say they're panicking.

11a6f6 () No. 2057987


If it's not Scottish, it's Qrap!

5a9101 () No. 2057988

a5d73edfcdee13....png (963 KB, 255 x 143, 855 : 480, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



0556c2 () No. 2057989



the two tweets have a :45 delta

should be noted.

79d23d () No. 2057990


In the words of my late grandfather, "if it sounds too good to be true, it is. "

97a83f () No. 2057991

04a59d3f6565dc....jpg (437 KB, 255 x 167, 1530 : 1000, notkhan.jpg) (h)

9f13f6 () No. 2057992


From "Independence Day"

076d02 () No. 2057993

27de8ffa979783....jpeg (62 KB, 255 x 200, 600 : 471, FAB026D1-E5F2-....jpeg) (h)

96a6fb6abc06d9....jpeg (67 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, 67E03904-FF54-....jpeg) (h)

42eda08faa8535....jpeg (79 KB, 255 x 253, 381 : 378, 0287D22C-BC8D-....jpeg) (h)

cab49127086eac....jpeg (46 KB, 255 x 179, 500 : 350, A183BD81-9325-....jpeg) (h)

989e99c6a6e870....jpeg (65 KB, 255 x 207, 500 : 405, A5514535-F057-....jpeg) (h)

27e190 () No. 2057994


A Scot is just an Irishman who learned to swim.

70b6f8 () No. 2057995


Syria as well.

797829 () No. 2057996


I don't know how accurate CDAN really is, but from what I can tell enough of it is true and they are fighting against the sex abuse and rape coverup machine in Hollywood. I think it's worth posting on this board.

efe3a2 () No. 2057998


He wasn't projecting at all.

2a898f () No. 2057999


Speaking of brought to heel..the JIDF controlled TD forum at deddit…unbanned everyone and asked those banned to explain why they posted what they posted. Their daily post count is dismal compared to what it used to be, super dismal…so they unbanned. I signed in had a look at my ban message (posting about Golan Heights and greater Israel plan, but only in a factual way..so I replied to the message…that I posted what I did because it was the truth. Got a message back…nope not unbanned.

I just did it to test my theory of (((WHO))) is controlling that place and why their post count dropped so much. Verified my theory.

Thank you to BO and all who keep this place free and open, no matter what we're discussing, and for resisting attempts by (((THEM))) to infiltrate and control us.

001f9f () No. 2058000


Lived in Bellevue and then North Bend for a few years…Gorgeous country over there…but loony as fuk liberals in Seattle!

b48779 () No. 2058001

I'm not following anyone who calls themselves super elite anons.


Some people never learn.

27e190 () No. 2058002



d9acf3 () No. 2058004

3f61916bc7f340....jpg (84 KB, 255 x 176, 600 : 413, MUH.jpg) (h)

9f13f6 () No. 2058003


That's the Point!!!!!

It IS Simple!

4d6a40 () No. 2058005


Read source before suggesting notable.

11a6f6 () No. 2058006


I was fond of "Damn you all to Hell"….need to shoop that shit into the Planet of the Apes background.

79d23d () No. 2058007


How many Friday's do we see these until something is declassed?

Then, does the report live up to the promises?

Then, does anyone convict anyone?

efe3a2 () No. 2058008



616e4e () No. 2058009


>Q should be forced…LOL



<just as soon our moms lets us use teh internets again. KEKEKEK

18a1dc () No. 2058010

61d6bca716b94a....jpg (71 KB, 255 x 144, 930 : 524, DfqfhecXUAYDmie.jpg) (h)

6618ae () No. 2058011


Someone should make a video with the same exact thing happening, except switched. So it's Liberals sitting & eating & a Trump supporter walks up, throws a drink in their face & steals their Liberal hat. Post it & see what happens. Don't make it an obvious copycat just everything pretty much the same. The difference is that right BEFORE you film it, film the group saying what they are about to do. To show the Hypocrisy of the press. BUT don't let that part go public until CNN airs the "assaulting a Liberal video" The left need to see how blind they are to all of this, and they need to see a blatant example of how CNN MSM are helping them stay blind

8f608b () No. 2058012


That's a DUMBRELLA.kek

a03e1a () No. 2058013


It's beautiful but it won't be if we let the leftists destroy the natural beauty here. THey're not satisfied to destroy their once beautiful metropolitan city of Seattle, they're dead-set on destroying every small country town in Western Washington.

70b6f8 () No. 2058014

6d75b8d74041a7....jpg (58 KB, 207 x 255, 306 : 377, checkembiglywi....jpg) (h)

8660f1 () No. 2058015


So you base your theory of 95 missing Q posts, on the theory that the July 4th post should have been the 1776th post?

As stupid as it sounds, I'll say…

Ok, start posting your screencaps, posts 1-95, in chronological order, with proofs that they are in fact "secret" Q posts.

797829 () No. 2058017


Based on the size and colors, I'd assume that's his girlfriend's umbrella.

c28699 () No. 2058018


When you need a bulldozer..

d27d16 () No. 2058019

losing the game AFLB?

0eb3cb () No. 2058020


oh god, its incredible, her facial expressions are a perfect match for the text. never gets old.

1d3101 () No. 2058021

562b050699699b....png (1206 KB, 255 x 156, 1010 : 618, 100pointsofluc....png) (h)

a03e1a () No. 2058022

765ea3e7d7c935....jpg (131 KB, 255 x 255, 436 : 436, RandPaulPepe.jpg) (h)

4ead9b () No. 2058023

4c58d1f50f1e97....jpg (60 KB, 120 x 255, 265 : 565, 17---.jpg) (h)



Is there a patsy at every Presidential appearance?

Wouldn't they want to have some fall guy in place at all times?

Where's Oswaldo??

98dc23 () No. 2058024




"Who Is Q??"

79d23d () No. 2058026


Why? Even if it adds up, there are still no arrests.

97a83f () No. 2058027


NO…even those are banned in public spaces.

it would have to be a mime spoon.

7093be () No. 2058028


True, ive got Irish blood in me but we do make the best whisky.

2a898f () No. 2058029


>theres some Scots here as well.

Oh, sorry lads, all those years of trying to gain your freedom, all the slaughter…some of which my ancestors fled when Grandpa lost his head post Jacobean..kerffluffle..they won….but someday…maybe you guys can be free too. Beautiful country…fun sturdy people!

b84aef () No. 2058030


Is it starting in Uruguay as well?

4f4c3e () No. 2058031

7528deb2419f9e....jpg (55 KB, 231 x 255, 640 : 705, shruggirl.jpg) (h)


I'm just so disheartened and weak right now.

Whatever shall I do?

; )

52d8ff () No. 2058032


I can just see where you're coming from is all. The scientific method is also a "by the book" idea and can get boorish like the legal process Q is going through to punish those people doing wrong, some have faith, some have facts, all should show an appropriate level of discernment to be sure.

d9acf3 () No. 2058033

7bf64b13cbf584....png (1680 KB, 255 x 176, 1200 : 826, MUH UMBRELLA.png) (h)


template if anyone wants

a55ce5 () No. 2058034


Anon's post last night on the I15 corridor ties into this as well. A pipeline of sanctuary cities, dem controlled areas and Obama's Utah land grabs. Allows for unfettered access to the drugs, guns, etc. From border to border.

812817 () No. 2058035


Why is that photo so difficult to figure out? That's a unique specimen. Maybe aliens do exist?

e02872 () No. 2058036


ffs…..it scares me to think that you seriously meant that shit.

322d06 () No. 2058037

ccc215d118161f....jpg (21 KB, 255 x 91, 455 : 162, 45345345.jpg) (h)

83f5f20d8194e4....jpg (48 KB, 255 x 84, 560 : 185, 614651416.jpg) (h)

I believe Q revealed POTUS destination in UK before it was public. POTUS will be going to Windsor Castle, which includes "basaltic" (blue metal) columns.



Basalt rock or aggregate, for use in concrete, called "blue metal" in Australia.

27e190 () No. 2058038

76e8957f37f94e....jpg (27 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, the 80s live.jpg) (h)

This is probably one of the weirdest photos to Canadians of a certain age.

79d23d () No. 2058039


The echo agitate bitch is back.

0eb3cb () No. 2058040


i think its from Gatsby but i havent had time to check

3a3328 () No. 2058041

b060f81e53c596....png (47 KB, 255 x 76, 657 : 197, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

The buffoon commenters on these MSM sites have no fucking clue.

They can't think or research their way out of a paper bag.

2f7998 () No. 2058042


your take is pretty negative but understandable - we are at the point where something needs to happen to show, publicly, that there will be some justice for the political criminals at the very top … some sort of recognition of the cabal.

Up until now there has not been one single scintilla of evidence the Trump administration is going to do anything about Bush, Clinton, Brennan, Obama, Jarrett, etc etc etc. They all seem to be 100 percent scot free.

For those of us who long predate FBIAnon and Mega, we've learned about 1000x more crimes and seen zero direct action.

I don't understand why not even a reveal of something about the Bush's, for instance. No indictment or arrest needed. Just something to let the cat out of the bag.

Otherwise it is hard to argue with your negativity,

Are we headed to

"2021 will be glorious"?

af0b81 () No. 2058043


This is a research group. What you want is a group devoted to debating his authenticity. Nothing wrong with that but go start a group for that instead of shitting up a group and trying to hijack it to be something you want instead of its intended purpose. Did you notice Q didn’t set up this bread? He has his own. You could do something similar.

c268d2 () No. 2058044


Let this NOT be fake news. Bout time that faggot shil AJl got taken down.

98dc23 () No. 2058045

c39d271920c31c....jpg (222 KB, 255 x 147, 1476 : 851, TheTruthShallS....jpg) (h)


Fucking Kek!! I tell myself, every day…"Don't post until you drink your Covfefe", and every day I get on here first thing and fuck up.



8660f1 () No. 2058046


And now I ask you to prove that there have been no arrests.

2a898f () No. 2058047


no brah, it's an HONOR! Truly…floating GEOTUS ABOVE PARLIAMENT? WHO KNEW!

40b0a8 () No. 2058048


Pretty sure Q is real but if absolutely nothing happens in july I'm fucking off back to listening to bill cooper and Steve quayle and buying more ammo. I get t that dis info is necessary but in notdig every day and forgo sleep to keep seeing its next week ill just do my own shit no offence

6a313a () No. 2058049


he went to jail because he wanted to contact 'witnesses'…what if they don't wanna get him to talk to fellow inmates..makin' sure he's all theirs..with the scoop of today that mueller is now partnering with doj and fbi and all these blank subpoenas for virginia..looks not bad imo

d150f1 () No. 2058050

d5cfba7410c12f....png (1447 KB, 255 x 137, 1303 : 701, Screenshot (25....png) (h)

With love from me to you

Go fucking nuts

ae4f63 () No. 2058051


Just read this article. The sauce isn’t a proper one: an anonymous neighbour.

98dc23 () No. 2058052


Handing out Red-Pills via Billboards back before the Digital Era. Kek!!

dbd740 () No. 2058053


I see his Mommy is with him! Loser!

52d8ff () No. 2058054


Pretty sure I gave you that pic lmao

05a541 () No. 2058055

26448b315badbc....png (938 KB, 167 x 255, 590 : 899, trumprallygirls.png) (h)

616e4e () No. 2058056

b12ac06e75d380....png (474 KB, 190 x 255, 429 : 575, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


"Boardwalk Empire"

c268d2 () No. 2058057


You all see her try and swell up her chest? Shit is beyond laughable.

001f9f () No. 2058058


The locals got to take a stand & start making real noise & vote those fks out of their state and towns. Those are some beautiful mountains over there & I miss the hiking! Hopefully we will get all our beautiful towns, cities, & states back from these traitorous lib fks.

dae460 () No. 2058059

533494aeb5f037....png (45 KB, 201 x 255, 336 : 427, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Had the 13 Angry Democrats from previous POTUS tweets already been found?


27e190 () No. 2058060



Mormons and Hutterites often have triple citizenship.

50313d () No. 2058061

>>2057253 (lb)

Beyond the manufactured religion / atheism dichotomy, evidence about the fundamental basis of our world exists.

"The same natural law must be at the foundation of all three natural sciences. And the plan must have been based on number theory. This means that no such thing as coincidence in the real sense can exist at all." - Peter Plichta

Do you believe in coincidences, said Q.

4f4c3e () No. 2058062


Stolen in a heartbeat.


6dbe85 () No. 2058063

f761f1eeccee1a....png (1732 KB, 255 x 189, 950 : 703, SC.png) (h)

2f06a0e03f16b2....png (56 KB, 255 x 178, 900 : 627, Q1649.png) (h)



Ask yourself - does Huber have the ability to file across all 50 states?

Is any of this normal?

Think sealed indictments.

Think resignations of CEOs.

Think resignations of Senators.

Think resignations of Congress.

Think termination of senior FBI….

Think termination of senior DOJ….


Midterms punt.

All or nothing?


Would a 2nd SC take years to complete?

Would a 2nd SC be based in corrupt DC?

Would the grand jury be members of the DC community?

What % of DC voted for HRC?

How large is Mueller’s team?


Think 470.

The more you know.


612611 () No. 2058064



Uruguay is from Digital 5 + 2..

it's as California 2.0

b4eaac () No. 2058065


We need to kill off the soyboy and get men that will handle these teachers.

Cops: Teacher, 32, caught with special education student while awaiting trial for electrical room sex


11a6f6 () No. 2058067


216 digits

c7359a () No. 2058068


The sauce is solid. Been doing this for a long time they are a legit news sauce who have a solid track record!

86822a () No. 2058069

ACLU encouraging de-funding DHS:


Ideas, Anons?

27e190 () No. 2058070

b54fe96e34bfbe....jpg (3 KB, 255 x 106, 348 : 145, green.jpg) (h)

805068 () No. 2058072

4eed80958e27ca....jpg (1820 KB, 255 x 191, 4032 : 3024, 20180706_153734.jpg) (h)

Flint, MI

50313d () No. 2058071

aa086c4ae4635f....jpg (26 KB, 165 x 255, 307 : 475, 654340[1].jpg) (h)

ce5fc2 () No. 2058073

Fox news just reported Katie Arrington is healing and remembers everything that happened. It came off as an odd and out of place thing to say. Car accident and the noteworthy portion is she remembers everything?

09edca () No. 2058074

5225a8606253ea....png (54 KB, 255 x 91, 913 : 327, Capture.png) (h)

Boiling to the top, TGP is even starting to catch on.


a03e1a () No. 2058075

78d59d15e1c328....jpg (138 KB, 255 x 255, 800 : 800, PepeMoltenLava.jpg) (h)


We have been winning in a lot of ways. We defeated a $17,000,000 library in Lake Stevens they tried to jam down our throats. We elected a Republican mayor in Snohomish… we need to make sure to keep our Republican State Rep Mark Harmsworth because he's trying to stop the Democrats plans to toll literally every highway near us. He just posted their plan to toll the i-5 in Marysville through Everett and he already revealed their plans to toll the Hwy-2 trestle between Lake Stevens and Everett.


40680d () No. 2058076

5615020fb7f868....jpeg (122 KB, 255 x 133, 640 : 333, C830AC3F-E10F-....jpeg) (h)

b6504f90ea8499....jpeg (471 KB, 166 x 255, 640 : 982, 26E20C91-53F3-....jpeg) (h)

9df84671ddf67f....jpeg (461 KB, 180 x 255, 640 : 906, 101E6C3B-9DB5-....jpeg) (h)

https:// mysteryoftheiniquity.com/2013/08/20/thousand-points-of-lights/

52d8ff () No. 2058077


Kek, always saw you using that hand toss-up emoji. Use it well anon.

a530cb () No. 2058078

having a hard time believing a college wrestler would allow anyone to serially grope them unless they wanted it to happen

076d02 () No. 2058079


“Oh shit, we are busted!” kind of fired.

b84aef () No. 2058080


So what is this good or there’s muh work needed here?

4f4c3e () No. 2058081

65d719349f448b....jpg (375 KB, 255 x 96, 1792 : 674, Suck-It.jpg) (h)


Did you figure out the numbers I'm looking for yet?

Funny how something that should be rolling around in your head ready to spit out has taken days.

634936 () No. 2058082


UK Anons, at attention?

2bc09a () No. 2058083


so obviously spooks wouldn't be involved in something like that. right?


I liked the article I read calling Russia an adhoc-racy. Made the most sense.

0eb3cb () No. 2058084


awesome, thanks :)

31dc9a () No. 2058085

23692d2fc6049e....png (270 KB, 255 x 162, 487 : 309, AQ6.png) (h)

b2510b () No. 2058086

74b214bbc3d461....jpg (44 KB, 255 x 170, 640 : 427, trannylook.jpg) (h)



Finally some badly needed critical thinking and analysis of what we're doing here.

If we can't question inconsistencies on this board, then we've learned nothing from even what Q has told us: question everything.

We are NOT leftards who do what the TV or some anonymous lettered poster on 8chan tells us without stopping to see if "trust the (unknown) plan" makes any sense after 8 month of zero visible justice.

This board turning into a circle-jerk of blind sheep serves no purpose other than to discourage patriots who are just looking for justice and the swamp to be drained … PUBLICLY.

4f4c3e () No. 2058087


With great power comes great shitposts

5a9101 () No. 2058088

5cdc7d4fd9826e....jpg (37 KB, 255 x 227, 394 : 350, Erra Erra.jpg) (h)

0c5701ada0b2a1....jpg (88 KB, 255 x 216, 960 : 815, benn-l-960x815.jpg) (h)

1f336f8fa9d82f....jpg (197 KB, 241 x 255, 461 : 487, Owl Hose.jpg) (h)

27e190 () No. 2058089

e355fecca53b6b....jpg (6 KB, 225 x 225, 225 : 225, pence.jpg) (h)


>electrical room sex


f48ff9 () No. 2058090

ae96e013ee643b....png (90 KB, 255 x 255, 418 : 418, flintmi.png) (h)


<Also Flint, MI

8f608b () No. 2058091


She remembers everything?

Huh…. That's good and all but I agree with you. What a strange thing to mention..

Ok. This will be interesting

bbbd9e () No. 2058092

ddc7fb02385fc1....png (2204 KB, 128 x 128, 1659 : 705, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


>meg chambers steedle

040a60 () No. 2058093

0708842a5aea92....jpg (37 KB, 249 x 255, 360 : 368, donaldtrump02r....jpg) (h)


Let the LIMEYS melt down.

Baby TRUMP balloon is actually Funny.

POTUS has a "Big League" Grin right now.

U.K. has LOST their Collective MIND!

WE, The People



aa427d () No. 2058094

60865303588f5e....jpg (29 KB, 141 x 255, 236 : 428, ill.game-1Kpts....jpg) (h)


interdasting card

>Watch the water?

dbd740 () No. 2058095



Watch his Mommy take the umbrella from him!

931c64 () No. 2058096



I expect Thomas will retire in time for Trump to nominate for his seat.

463af9 () No. 2058097


It will go nowhere, their feigned outrage is Bull Shit, Trump has their source for undocumented humans and children and they are furious. Remember, "We are cattle to them", Trump has disrupted their food chain.

634936 () No. 2058098

90002125dfb6d6....jpeg (7 KB, 255 x 187, 255 : 187, seth2.jpeg) (h)



f82aee () No. 2058099

8ch was bugged last night?

812817 () No. 2058100


Sick trip 9's and you're absolutely right… (((they))) keep exposing themselves. (((They))) are stupid.

809d7e () No. 2058101


said by Harry Connick Jr.

7eeb9a () No. 2058102


crashed on a bike in my early twenties. remember everything up to about a minute before the crash. at about thirty seconds after, was awake again. still a black hole.

ed97d2 () No. 2058103


Heard. TY

f48ff9 () No. 2058104


8ch IS the bug, anon.

05a541 () No. 2058105



may be blind but I don't see 'blue metal' source'/

I do think you made a connection, though.

b2510b () No. 2058106


Prison language for , "I'm open to have my asshole drilled for a pack of smokes."

Stupid kids of today.

75c709 () No. 2058107

cfc85e845180b2....png (690 KB, 255 x 129, 1334 : 676, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

kek, funding completed quickly


001f9f () No. 2058108


I know the feeling SnohoAnon! It literally hurts to see what these socialist facists and communist Nazis are doing and have done to our country and to our people! It is truly crimes against humanity & they must all pay!

I thank God every night for Trump & Q & these Anons and THIS board! WRWY anon!

bd0493 () No. 2058109


itty bitty titties

a23997 () No. 2058110


Do they have nothing else than bikes? It kind of made the police look like faggots from Seattle and not a city like Philadelphia.

368cf9 () No. 2058111

d078a6bf01995c....jpg (734 KB, 255 x 188, 1440 : 1060, check em.jpg) (h)


Damn, great trips

0836fe () No. 2058112

f4fe5a2ccd1899....jpeg (91 KB, 213 x 255, 585 : 700, 45E0A384-867B-....jpeg) (h)

c3e080f66f2db5....jpeg (75 KB, 255 x 218, 509 : 435, 95213DA9-CA1F-....jpeg) (h)

d4525b () No. 2058113


Axel, is that you!?

7f7077 () No. 2058114

9781834faaf267....jpg (100 KB, 255 x 218, 622 : 532, 1479614224771.jpg) (h)


They could throw toothbrushes at…noooo wait…..

insults.. not that either. They are fucked.

52d8ff () No. 2058115


Had a real shitty spell with a broken catalog, 24+ ebakes simultaneously, CM and BO fixed. No worries.

70b6f8 () No. 2058116

814977f9963191....jpg (44 KB, 195 x 255, 640 : 835, checkem.jpg) (h)

f82aee () No. 2058117


Did bad people infiltrate it last night? I noticed just now it was inactive for like 8 hours or so

75c709 () No. 2058118



Baby Sadiq funded almost immediately

f82aee () No. 2058119


Ouch. Glad its good now

d9d2bd () No. 2058120


Who the fuck cares. Grow up

79d23d () No. 2058121


Now people with (14) comments will tell you your opinion is shitting up bread and not meant for research KEK.

You made one false claim. We are NOT all adults here which furthers my suspicion. This place is predominately used by teens and early 20 somethings. It's known. Look at the cartoon asian pron bullshit all over the ads and home page search. You can see with the "recent topics" this place is for kids. Video games, naked people and the word fuck. This is what the Military decided on being a part of to spread a message that's oppsoite of everything this place represents.

….But that's AFTER they screw up whoops! And post on 4Chan for a while first. And then Whoops! Move to a new board on 8chan after being questioned for mistakes.

And now here we are. Division, not unity. Questions, not answers. And the person that can clear the air is nowhere. And trust me, After 7 months, we know the score. When he returns, won't shit about this get mentioned. It will be "go look over here and check out this" and everyone will run over and check it out.

Then in a month when you ask why this particular issue never found resolve, you'll be told to stop shitting bread, and kill yourself. This will be posted between two other posts that say I love you and God's speed.

This place makes no sense, nor does Q. Nor does how this story is unfolding. You're leaving someone who legit LIED about his birth certificate, someone who was not really President…just sit around and remain free? You can take back everything his filthy fingers signed off on if he's not US born. Why would you wait on that? WHY?

YOU WOULDNT. You absolutely would not. Would Obama wait to lock up Trump? Fuck no. Why is it every lack of arrest becomes an excusable "trust the plan".

Not one Anon has researched Sheldon Adelson. AKA, Bootleg Repub George Soros who supports and controls Trump.

3f817f () No. 2058122

54d5fd52e5e289....jpeg (39 KB, 255 x 144, 1000 : 563, photojoiner_ph....jpeg) (h)

Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Compares Trump to Criminal Bernie Madoff – Then Warns ‘Justice Ultimately Caught Up With Bernie’

Former CIA Director-turned-Twitter-troll, John Brennan, issued an ominous warning to President Trump late Thursday evening.

Brennan compared President Trump to Bernie Madoff, a New York man who bilked investors of billions of dollars in an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

Bernie Madoff, 80, is currently serving a 150 year sentence in federal prison with restitution of $170 billion.

On Thursday evening, President Trump tweeted out a positive message to Americans.

Trump tweeted: Thanks to REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP, America is WINNING AGAIN – and America is being RESPECTED again all over the world. Because we are finally putting AMERICA FIRST!

Thanks to REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP, America is WINNING AGAIN – and America is being RESPECTED again all over the world. Because we are finally putting AMERICA FIRST!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 6, 2018

John Brennan responded to President Trump with an ominous warning he may end up in prison just like Bernie Madoff.

Brennan tweeted: You are to governance & politics what Bernie Madoff was to the stock market & investment advice. The two of you share a remarkably unethical ability to deceive & manipulate others, building Ponzi schemes to aggrandize yourselves. Truth & justice ultimately caught up with Bernie.

You are to governance & politics what Bernie Madoff was to the stock market & investment advice. The two of you share a remarkably unethical ability to deceive & manipulate others, building Ponzi schemes to aggrandize yourselves. Truth & justice ultimately caught up with Bernie. https://t.co/lRKkWf3Aoh

— John O. Brennan (@JohnBrennan) July 6, 2018

John Brennan was involved in an attempted coup of the President which is why he’s lashing out on his Twitter account


d150f1 () No. 2058123

00f0e7a6fea53b....jpg (105 KB, 255 x 175, 655 : 450, nigel farage t....jpg) (h)


What a masterpiece!

a03e1a () No. 2058124


I thank God too


895645 () No. 2058125

…. and sorry for the bitchiness, my stomach is feeling sick from the estrogen this afternoon.

By the way, I should note that here in Canada it is illegal to disparage someone on the basis of gender hate, and since I am transitioning into a woman, I would be within my rights to file charges against this board for hate speech if anyone decides to call me a cocksucker again, as an example.

Yes, I may suck cocks (just about to suck a big one right now in fact), but it is illegal for you to point that out ; )

Now I am not saying my attorney will demand copies of the log files from CM, but we could do so if we wanted. And I could haul BO and anyone else into a Toronto courtroom if you fail to comply.

Not saying I would do that, but you'd better be nice to me when the estrogen is kicking in ; )

3a3328 () No. 2058126


They are not commies/socialists…they are paid cabal actors. The "old school" old world definitions do no apply here.

There is one enemy. It is a very ancient group hell bent on world monetary and human rights domination and the eradication of 90% of humans on the planet. In no way does it represent any definition of socialism or communism.

Get your shit straight…youngfag

But yes..Go support the anti-road toll Represenatives. Good Luck!!!

Pretty soon you will be a profag!

812817 () No. 2058127


That dude def doesn’t have a girlfriend.

97a83f () No. 2058128

b81cdcc0ac8ea9....jpg (72 KB, 191 x 255, 720 : 960, 8a2c5f86dce186....jpg) (h)


It's a completly different place now, compared to when I was a kid. A floting Trump as a baby is politically correct, but this isn't…

931c64 () No. 2058129



Corporate charity is a joke, it's just another thing employers make their employees do.

9f7cfe () No. 2058130

8833efb17ec4b4....jpg (183 KB, 255 x 186, 736 : 538, nasa-flat-earth.jpg) (h)


and you all are in for it the card game is playing and the elite evil asshols winning. let`s play a game of illuminati card game New World Order.

bbbd9e () No. 2058131

2c71fce2cb565b....png (33 KB, 245 x 150, 245 : 150, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


just the way i like em anon.

98dc23 () No. 2058132

1a5cd61e24764f....jpg (103 KB, 170 x 255, 540 : 809, IMG_0463.jpg) (h)

God Bless America!!

0b6b0d () No. 2058133


I found it early this morning in a real state.

Looks like 4 hours went south. Although I saw some alternate posts on QR2, and some other Q boards, but it was moar fucked until 830 est.

No explanation yet that I have seen.

a530cb () No. 2058134

e24d919ab5569c....png (775 KB, 220 x 255, 634 : 736, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Note: Chelsea's in London this weekend.

d9d2bd () No. 2058135


There was major fuckery afoot

931c64 () No. 2058136


Reasonable and not wrong.

312b26 () No. 2058137

f98159799d7a70....jpg (47 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, IMG_1974.jpg) (h)

How many anons fell for the day-old bread ruse?

ae4f63 () No. 2058138



An anonymous neighbour is never a proper source. POTUS just called the JP out this week for citing “anonymous sources” and here we are doing the same here?

I’m all for seeing these people go down, however let’s keep ourselves professional when listing notables. Or, state alongside it that the source is “anonymous neighbour” at least.

30e62d () No. 2058139


Hey fuckface.. BO doesnt need to clarify shit … I used to trust you .. Since Q clearance patriot on 4chan… Now i just think you're a whiny bitch… Now pls find a mirror and fuck what you see…

a530cb () No. 2058140

f7c72f9ef622a2....png (3213 KB, 255 x 161, 1768 : 1118, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

b027a1 () No. 2058141


Seems easy to connect the dots between looniness and some liberals, but which came first-liberal ideology or looniness/perversion. Maybe one of those spirals where you never can tell when/why it originated.

Not an asinine question because to prepare for future, we need to consider how much of liberal base will continue to support leaders even after wrong-doing is exposed and proved.

Does anyone know if political affiliation is part of mind control programs?

ae6791 () No. 2058142

>Muh Free Shit Socialists


4f4c3e () No. 2058143

bebb8fba414bf2....jpg (3384 KB, 73 x 255, 2048 : 7167, AFLB.jpg) (h)


No, it seemed to be a bug with just the catalog on just this board.

The clowns infiltrated awhile ago, catch up:

a530cb () No. 2058144


tomorrow is 7/7

c3d988 () No. 2058145


I went and asked my 15 yo what wy meant…


931c64 () No. 2058146


Anons arent "doing" anything they couldnt be doing on their own.

af0b81 () No. 2058147


Indicates a likely lack of brain damage. Super positive report.

f48ff9 () No. 2058148


>Every three letter is here

Have you gone full retard, or what?

2feb06 () No. 2058149



f82aee () No. 2058150


We are getting really really close then

7093be () No. 2058151


I said it earlier but there are more DJT supporters here than they think.

e564c6 () No. 2058152


POTUS should listen to this guy Charles Bountra in the UK.

He figured our how to prioritize and distribute medical research to eliminate duplicate efforts, and break up serial research to do it in parallel.

Very LOW COST for massive efficiency gains. Very Trump style.


Dr. Bountra pitched it to Obongo's chief science officer, a cultist who ignored it. (see video)

a03e1a () No. 2058153


Whatever you want to call them, they are scum. They make deals with big developers to destroy the quality of life here because they know they can fit 10 leftist families on the same plot of land that used to house 1 conservative family. It makes me fucking sick. The city of Lake Stevens owns a piece of land that they pretend to keep "on the market" but they won't sell it. They are planning to turn it into a Costco, it is the intersection in town with the most traffic already and they plan to add a FUCKING COSTCO??? They make me fucking sick. They want the sales tax revenue and they want to property tax revenue. People are fighting back though at the voting booth. They raised property taxes 27% in Lake Stevens, it's just too much, they pushed too hard and people are tired of it.

963a15 () No. 2058154


Just be realistic, Anon. This is a long process. The whole thing will probably eat up most of POTUS's first term. I'm sure that there will be big revelations right before the midterms because getting the D's and RINO's out is critical to the Plan's success. Those revelations will help us dramatically at the polls in November. That will just be the beginning, though. It will take a long time to prosecute everyone involved. Hang tight, and don't forget to live your life. WWG1WGA!

f9760a () No. 2058155

97879cc71fbf0a....jpg (269 KB, 255 x 192, 1111 : 837, FRAFP Marseill....jpg) (h)

French Air Farce F-RAFP landed at Marseille.

b84aef () No. 2058156

The elites lose all their assets monies etc distributed in worth to every man woman and child debts are wiped out while monies remain in circulation a reset of sorts profits gained would automatically be taken back to country’s infrastructures

218324 () No. 2058157


Agree. It's time.

b95771 () No. 2058158

c649f61783a783....jpg (611 KB, 255 x 176, 1200 : 826, umbrella.jpg) (h)

2feb06 () No. 2058159


Like a boy?

463af9 () No. 2058160


Could be why his family was against the private investigation into his murder?

52d8ff () No. 2058161

4f2f9a5d69cc70....jpg (10 KB, 216 x 255, 216 : 255, Smooth Sailing.jpg) (h)

Junior baker, you still here?

How we looking on notables? Need help or you good?

a03e1a () No. 2058162

53cb71ca997cf8....jpg (125 KB, 197 x 255, 792 : 1024, IlluminatiCard....jpg) (h)

f82aee () No. 2058163


For wondering why 8ch was down for 7-8 hours, considering that happens not even once a month?! get the fuck outta here with your stupidity

af0b81 () No. 2058164


My thoughts, too. These aren’t teen girls training for the olympics.

218324 () No. 2058165



171825 () No. 2058166


GridREF:Required for location.

Storage Buildings can easy catch fire in this heat. Shame if it melted.


Unfortunately the Sadiq Khan baby WONT get the flight permission (guaranteed) they will class it as HATE speech

79d23d () No. 2058167


I'm a real anon/conernfag.

Proof. This is from WM8 vs. Randy Savage. Storyline focused on fake photos of miss elizabeth, interesting choice given the questionable Q photo

931c64 () No. 2058168


Until Trump builds the Wall, curtails immigration further, locks her up [all of them], we will continue to be stuck in a failed past and there will be no MAGA.

2a898f () No. 2058169


we had some great fun at half last night…just literally LMAO at the plans…JIDF kept pruning the threads, it was hysterical. I go to DailyFail to read the comments on the balloon article today and couldn't help myself…had to register and thank the brits for honoring GEOTUS by flying him over Parliament and honoring the native son of a legal Scottish immigrant who is now the most powerful man in the world. The comments on that article are priceless.

>Freedom? What rock have you been living under? From where I stand the Brits have lost freedom after freedom after freedom. Now, make sure you don't say anything that will upset anyone, because I strongly suspect there's prison time in it for you. The only reason you're getting away with insulting a major world leader is because those who run you are letting you. Easy now, don't want you cutting yourself on that butter knife..better yet, hand that over and get to sporking that food. You people cannot even be trusted with knives, what makes you think your opinion about our president is anything but hysterical?

>LOL we don't need to make memes of London's mayor. He's the rightfully elected mayor of a middle eastern city. We literally don't care. You did this to yourselves. Americans are just laughing at you now. But thank you for showing us how not to end up. Murdered in prison for leaving a bacon sandwich in the wrong place? Risking offending nearly everyone for nearly everything? No thank you. When we freed ourselves from the oppressive rule of the King, our Founding Fathers wrote a very impressive document. We've elected a president who, unlike the Indonesian one, loves this country and is going to help us regain all that was lost during the darkest years. Read our Constitution and weep for yourselves, as for Americans, we are free.

b84aef () No. 2058170


Just a dream

3a3328 () No. 2058171


Must be nice to have kids/toddlers and live in nanny…and be able to just up and travel to wherever and whenever.

How much did that trip cost the Haitians?

aa87e8 () No. 2058172


Do we KNOW they are doing anything? Anyone with inside knowledge about the AWAN case or basically anything about the judiciary says that THERE IS NO INVESTIGATION into clinton, huma, CF or anything

30e62d () No. 2058173

0d4c40 () No. 2058174

1d10dce13b767b....png (652 KB, 255 x 207, 972 : 788, pepewarrior.png) (h)


hmmmm spoopy post….

98dc23 () No. 2058175

72e8e4518edb29....jpeg (17 KB, 143 x 255, 143 : 255, image (3).jpeg) (h)



People are standing up all over. Fuck these guys. Show up to EVERYTHING. Call them out. Unite!!




f48ff9 () No. 2058176


It wasn't down for me.


acb6dd () No. 2058177



20,000 to fly a balloon?

cf8311 () No. 2058178

0a921617089e55....png (835 KB, 143 x 255, 1080 : 1920, 1485966909382.png) (h)


>I banned ranges of IP addressed

>Nobody complained

This is what's called a "Self-fulfilling prophecy". No wonder you were escorted away from BV duty.




8Ch is a resource that is controlled/monitored by Q. Why else would they be here? Now, think about what that means about yesterday/last night:

Trump has a rally.

Anons start shouting (to the point of disruption) "Who Is Q?". I mean, we asked for chants, not interruptions, right? Regardless…

I think Q and team are getting ready. [RR] decision today, and getting resources setup/ready for some major impact. We still do not truly know the number of anons browsing/lurking. We get posts by UIDs, but not "page hits".

My theory is, Q are team are getting ready, and putting the board on pause (in preparation for a reveal soon) was to get anons' collective attention regarding the wave of SHIT that's about to hit us.

Twitter was especially vitriolic today. Get your war paint ready.

a530cb () No. 2058179


do they even think their lies through? sandusky was raping young boys…not penn state linemen.

218324 () No. 2058180


That's great advice. If the criminals, cheaters, and frauds allow you to live your life, that is.

05a541 () No. 2058181


What other group of people do you know who whine and complain about their jobs ALL THE TIME??

931c64 () No. 2058182


Britanons must destroy this.

9f7cfe () No. 2058183

8137a70128b6a0....png (192 KB, 182 x 255, 500 : 701, proxy.duckduck....png) (h)

5c2738 () No. 2058184


I'm here… I'm keeping up with notables but thre was some question on the AM story….is that notable?

d150f1 () No. 2058185

866fa8a6463f62....png (607 KB, 255 x 179, 720 : 505, pepe time mach....png) (h)

f82aee () No. 2058186


>[RR] decision today,

Do we know this for sure?

4302c4 () No. 2058187

602bc5a5ed6416....gif (3992 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, Katamari Democ....gif) (h)


Kek, whole video had a Katamari Damacy feel to it.

d27d16 () No. 2058188

tried to silence?

failure suits you well.

79d23d () No. 2058189


Legit place to watch the water.

3a3328 () No. 2058190



FBI officials in the Little Rock field office in Arkansas are not actively pursuing leads on the Clinton Foundation, according to several FBI insiders who are blowing the whistle on the bureau’s investigative ruse.

Everyone and their mother knows the Clinton Foundation is a front for personal and private gain, bending and breaking numerous state and federal laws for decades.

562397 () No. 2058191

499097042a1f25....png (48 KB, 255 x 55, 640 : 138, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

4f4c3e () No. 2058192

f59e2ce2edf166....gif (459 KB, 255 x 148, 444 : 258, DO_YOU_GET_IT.gif) (h)


He really does.

He lied through his teeth to remove me, and let every shill in known to man.

In other words, he's a democrat.

00d96d () No. 2058193

If prosecuted today, successful?

Crooked court, everyone goes free?

What must be cleaned first?

What is happening?

Judge being appointed?

FBI turnover/corruption exposed?

Courts still dirty, more time to clean?


Trust the plan?

7bd110 () No. 2058194


and.. i dont think you want any of us to ask them too

453859 () No. 2058195


Patriots hold rifles with bayonets.

Libtards hold flowery umbrellas.

218324 () No. 2058196


Of course. Gotta have a carrot to bait the little people to follow, doncha?

a03e1a () No. 2058197

83229f1320dad7....jpg (47 KB, 173 x 255, 373 : 550, IlluminatiCard....jpg) (h)

2feb06 () No. 2058198


We had almost noone in late, some self important assholes were shilling for how important they were, being general cocksuckers which generally doesnt happen in nightcrew. I peeled off and dug on my own.

f196e6 () No. 2058199


lol the steady decline of AntiFungalLeafBread shill has been funny.

1c9eec () No. 2058200

how come the neighbors can sell cocaine for the power company and spy on cell phones

562397 () No. 2058201


Awan give you a blowjob?

931c64 () No. 2058202


We need to make our stuff here period

b2510b () No. 2058203


>We should try to destroy Q's assertions and claims, and then if we can't, we will know that we may have something real. Blindly following along with no skepticism is just childish and is not befitting of free men. If Q is real, then ultimately it wont hurt him if we dissect the truth or falsehood of his claims.

It won't happen, I'm sure.

But THIS ^ right here is NOTABLE.

Possibly the most NOTABLE post of the last 2 months.

62c1ff () No. 2058204


Lol! Briliant!

b84aef () No. 2058205


What I was just saying calm down about it

40b0a8 () No. 2058206


Never said I didnt trust the plan or that I has to happen now. I dont see the point in driving ourselves insane digging better off just volunteering.

218324 () No. 2058207





It's a long road isn't it?

52d8ff () No. 2058208


AM story? The catalog issue?

e2ae05 () No. 2058209

790987023ebf0d....png (273 KB, 255 x 149, 670 : 392, Night Eyes Thr....png) (h)

ae0136f164a592....png (41 KB, 255 x 235, 656 : 604, Night Eyes Thr....png) (h)


Allison Mack's 1st role was in a soft porn movie at 11yr old

797829 () No. 2058210


Did you expect others to do the job for you?

Maybe you needed the lesson.

a03e1a () No. 2058211

63cc85cff65879....jpg (64 KB, 153 x 255, 439 : 731, DumbFatClown.jpg) (h)


Clowns usually are funny.

218324 () No. 2058212


Thumb drives are smart.

9f110d () No. 2058213


Use urban dictionary then you won’t have to leave chair to find out aflb made typo.

98dc23 () No. 2058214



791b44 () No. 2058215



>egardless I think Q's drops and their extraordinary claims should be subjected to rigorous debate.

What makes you think they are not. People have been going hot and heavy for 2 days over the AF1 pix.

8660f1 () No. 2058216

https://thefreethoughtproject.com/ =/= SAUCE

acb6dd () No. 2058217

Chicago ringleader of Facebook Live beating of disabled teen gets 8 years in prison

"A Chicago man who was the alleged ringleader in the racially charged beating of a mentally disabled teenager that was broadcast live on Facebook pled guilty Friday to a hate crime and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Jordan Hill, 20, became the third of four defendants to admit taking part in the savage attack when he entered the plea Thursday at the Cook County courtroom. Hill also pleaded guilty to aggravated kidnapping, FOX 32 reported."


79d23d () No. 2058218


Board is being "attacked" from within itself. Talk to BO and try to catch him on an off day where he's feeling truthful.

44e617 () No. 2058219

abb04c5c821d28....png (26 KB, 255 x 29, 855 : 98, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

It's time to take back London.

931c64 () No. 2058221


One flaming arrow.

30e62d () No. 2058222


God i Miss that game…

21a825 () No. 2058223

The catalog was not updating for a bit. Eventually 30 or 40 minutes later the last bread was finally able to link to new bread.


f48ff9 () No. 2058224


Two words;

Property Taxes

Until they are GONE, we'll NEVER be free to live our lives.

Don't even get me started on Income vs WAGES and the relationship to TAXES.

a55ce5 () No. 2058225


Went back and found anon's post from last night:

▶Anonymous 07/05/18 (Thu) 23:14:11 8bf192 (1) No.2051198

While reading recent posts by Neonrevolt and SerialBrain2 along with the Cemex stories, some critical thinking was triggered. I'd like to share 7 maps, and describe each. Nothing new is here, but I want to tie it all together in a new light. First lets look at Human Sex Trafficking Hot Spots in the US.

https ://imgur.com/ocrc3qw

Please note I-15 goes from LA to LV, through NV and up to Salt Lake City and Denver. The red arrow i drew indicates that.

Next for reference and supporting data lets look at Results by county, 2016 Presidential Election.

https ://imgur.com/pMA8L0i

From the first two maps I going to continue with the last 5 focusing on that area, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas along i-15 up into Utah.

For the third map lets take a look at sanctuary cities and counties by state.

https ://imgur.com/9uafB86

This is going to get better I promise.

Next, please take a look at major drug trafficking corridors of the US. Note I-15.

If you made it this far, thanks, Ill try and reward your time with my final three maps and conclusion.

Lets get to the heart of this. Please take a look at this map of Cemex locations in the US Map borrowed from reddit user SerialBrain2.

https ://imgur.com/2xGHePt

Before the last map, I'm adding this one special because Im convinced it all ties in.

Please view this map which shows a map view of the Bundy Ranch Standoff. https ://imgur.com/NaPl3Xl Note the Gold Butte conservation land on which the Bundy ranch sits. Mesquite, Nevada, location of the Bundy Ranch, the Gold Butte land, and is the last city on I-15 in Nevada before continuing to Utah.

Now for the final map which is what prompted me to put all of this in a post. Barack Obama National Monument Designations. https ://imgur.com/N3uWBt8

Now to tie all my maps together and summarize. The highway bloodline of i-15 is critical to the movement of drugs, weapons and humans. All along i-15 Obama placed the Mojave Trail Monument. (to read more about this placement please refer to Mojave Trails National Monument. Read carefully the 'Protected in Perpetuity')

What they have done here is place national monument protected land all along the route between LA and LV. This means you probably need a permit from the Government to have a picnic let alone carry protection.

To say it another way by placing protected lands between the two sanctuary cities of LA and LV a 'gun free zone' now 'protects' the entire corridor.

To say it another way citizens who obey the law wont arm themselves. Citizens cannot use this land to hunt, fish, or travel outside designated areas freely.

The ratline doesn't end in LV. it follows i-15 up through Utah but not before the Bundy Ranch on the Nevada Border. Obama placed the Gold Butte National Monument in eastern Nevada to complete the ratline, however the Bundy Ranch has rights grandfathered in. Obama disagreed and sent in the Bureau of Land Management to collect over a million dollars they claimed the Bundy's owed because their cattle grazed off of the protected land.

Lets face it the government didn't want the money. They wanted the Bundys gone so they could complete their ratline control of i-15 from LA all the way to Utah. Both of these monuments, Mojave and Gold Butte, were placed by Obama in Dec 2016, about a month before President Trump's inauguration.

Cemex factories. Drug Trafficking. Human Trafficking. LA to LV and beyond, along the outskirts and protected lands off of I-15. The carotid artery of crime flowing from the American Southwest. Brought to you by the cabal.

These people could care less about the land and monuments. That is what I believe. President Trump is trying to reclaim some of these lands right now. Does he not care about the environment? Is it ego? No. I believe he is reclaiming these lands from the cabal and returning it to the American people.

9f7cfe () No. 2058226

bb3e7c0abf6005....jpg (61 KB, 189 x 255, 602 : 812, israel card ga....jpg) (h)

4f4c3e () No. 2058227

8f8e3278a60dc1....gif (551 KB, 255 x 176, 587 : 404, 8f8e3278a60dc1....gif) (h)



*Removed under false pretenses

Corrected that for you.


44e617 () No. 2058228


go home nigger

9f110d () No. 2058229



It was several hours.