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Monday 09.24.18

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Sunday 09.23.18

>>>/patriotsfight/294 ——————————— TRUST GRASSLEY ( Cap: >>3156648 )

>>>/patriotsfight/293 rt /pf/281 -——————- PREPARE FOR 'SKY IS FALLING' WEEK. ( Cap: >>3151271 )

Friday 09.21.18

>>>/patriotsfight/292 ——————————— https://voat.co/v/QRV [Reddit Replacement] ( Cap: >>3132036 )

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>>3129182 rt >>3129085 -————————– 2.33_AM.png

>>3128926 rt >>3128846 -————————– [McCabe] leak memos to NYT re: [RR]?

>>>/patriotsfight/291 ——————————— Comey & McCabe Talking? ( Cap: >>3128796 )

>>>/patriotsfight/290 ——————————— FAKE NEWS ABOUT TO SHIFT NARRATIVE AGAINST THEIR MASTERS ( Cap: >>3128530 )

>>>/patriotsfight/289 ——————————— MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP ( Cap: >>3128085 )

>>>/patriotsfight/288 ——————————— PANIC IN DC ( Cap: >>3127989 )

>>>/patriotsfight/287 ——————————— PANIC IN DC ( Cap: >>3127816 )

>>>/patriotsfight/286 ——————————— PANIC IN DC ( Cap: >>3127957 )

>>>/patriotsfight/285 ——————————— THE RED LINE ( Cap: >>3127549 )

>>>/patriotsfight/284 ——————————— The More You Know… ( Cap: >>3127297 )

>>>/patriotsfight/283 ——————————— Prior to each Rally 'threats' are called into local & federal authorities re: 'Qanon' ( Cap: >>3129623 )

>>3124476 rt >>3124058 -————————– PANIC!!!

>>>/patriotsfight/282 ——————————— We are at the PRECIPICE. ( Cap: >>3124353 )

>>>/patriotsfight/281 ——————————— FISA DECLAS WILL BRING THE HOUSE DOWN. ( Cap: >>3124007 )

>>>/patriotsfight/280 ——————————— Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein. ( Cap: >>3123958 )

>>>/patriotsfight/279 ——————————— ANONS ARE MONTHS AHEAD ( Cap: >>3122974 )

>>>/patriotsfight/278 ——————————— Read carefully - significant! (Cap: >>3121475 )

>>3121268 rt >>3121219 -————————– Important graphic.

>>>/patriotsfight/277 ——————————— Ask yourself, how would 'FOREIGN' Allies' KNOW what is within a US TOP SECRET FISA warrant? (Caps: >>3121219 ; >>3121828 )

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Thursday 09.20.18

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are not endorsements


>>2954845, >>2955152 #DeclassifyFISA ←— MAKE THIS GO VIRAL ←—

>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes

>>3054499 TMZ article/FEMA director backs POTUS statement that fewer died in PR than reports


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>>3171118 New DJT: POTUS and Macron

>>3171136 POTUS Tuesday 2018.09.24 schedule

>>3171181 Avenatti chimps out over being ignored

>>3171328 Putin speaks with Bibi

>>3171364 ; >>3171535 Brennan, Holder urging Rosenstein to not resign

>>3171471 Ex-Mossad chief: Israel “dangerously sick” under Netanyahu’s leadership

>>3171492 NYT reporting RR “wants to resign” to avoid testifying

>>3171688 New DJT

>>3171728 NYT coverage of the NYC police-run prostitution ring

>>3171772 #4014


>>3170346 Los Angeles Daily News #2 newspaper in Los Angeles endorses John Cox

>>3170399 Federal appointees [NOEL FRANCISCO] can't participate in matters related to their former employers and clients for two years.

>>3170411 Former Symantec CEO named to head Defense Department’s Silicon Valley unit

>>3170432 Pentagon examining land in Poland after offer of ‘Fort Trump’ base

>>3170437, >>3170705 Reminder: US Diplomats Involved In Trafficking Of Human Blood And Pathogens For Secret Military Program

>>3170443 Report: Russia planned to smuggle Julian Assange from Ecuador’s embassy in London

>>3170543 Turkey, Israel to Lose Out Most if Syria Gets S-300 From Russia

>>3170551 Medical Malpractice deaths many times gun accident fatalities.

>>3170642 Five Eyes Surveillance Alliance Wants Developers to Build Backdoors Into Encrypted Apps

>>3170847 US Troops to Remain in Syria After Daesh Defeated to Train Locals - Mattis

>>3170907 The Saker: “Russia Will Establish An Unofficial No-Fly Zone Over Syria”

>>3171001 #4013


>>3169571 Newly-Released FBI Crime Data Shows Violent Crime Decline in 2017

>>3169569 Allison Hrabar (from Project Veritas) no longer works for the Justice DEPT. Effective September 24, 2018

>>3169575 Moar analysis of the Blasey-Ford letter to Feinstein

>>3169580 DIANE FEINSTEIN GAVE KAVANAUGH A NEW POCKET CONSTITUTION (despite planning to take him down)

>>3169860 Creepy Porn Lawyer Says Client Will Go Public With Kavanaugh Accusations in Next 48 Hours

>>3169899 Axios Issues Critical "Clarification" To Rosenstein Resignation Report

>>3169778, >>3170047 Photos; 2009 Meridian Ball.

>>3170000 Turkey threatens spyOps in US

>>3170111 Update to Google Chrome Automatically Logs Users Into the Browser

>>3170242 #4012

#4011 Baker Change

>>3168804 Scalia Protege and Solicitor General Noel Francisco Would Take Over Supervision of Mueller When Rosenstein Leaves DOJ

>>3168855 Brett Kavanaugh, wife Ashley open up on Supreme Court nomination controversy in Fox News exclusive (Tonight, 7 pm EDT)

>>3168856 Reminder of our Meme Stockpiles

>>3168896 Children’s and Baby Clothing Found in Mexican Cartel Mass Grave near Gulf Coast

>>3168949, >>3169016 Blasey's to Grassley letter dates Sept. 22, 2018 and isn't signed

>>3168911, >>3169053, >>3169432 DEAD demoncratic candidate has Clinton Connection (call to dig)

>>3169068 Reminder of number of pedo arrests, CEO resignations, and sealed indictments

>>3169080 Soros challenges Hungary laws at European rights court

>>3169120 London Starts 'Resettlement' of White Helmets Activists From Syria to UK

>>3169137 Statement from Montgomery County, Maryland Police Department regarding investigating the Kavanaugh accusations

>>3169202, >>3169202, >>3169282, >>3169321, >>3169351 Ed O'Callaghan with RR and General K earlier today

>>3169361 Justice Department drafted exit statement for Rod Rosenstein

>>3169377, >>3169383, >>3169384 Mitch McConnell's speech on the Senate floor about Kavanaugh


>>3169466 #4011

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928811 () No. 3171857

The Crazy Scandal At John Jay Everybody Would Be Talking About If The SCOTUS Nominee Wasn’t Accused Of Attempted Rape

"Over the weekend, a huge scandal broke about a university dedicated to the pursuit of justice and, surprisingly, it doesn’t involve Yale Law School.

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice has been rocked with appalling revelations about professors, drug use, and prostitution. From the New York Times"



a4fee9 () No. 3171859

cf05ac () No. 3171870


The photo of the guy alleging/accusing R.Leslie Deak and CNAS of laundering Mogilevich money got this one started and it appears to bring everyone back in full circle to an extent.

Mogilevich appears involved in two scandals:

YBM Magnex  and the Sinex Benex Bank of NY scam.

YBM Magnex - sale of magnets think CoVFeFe



Officials from YBM Magnex admitted Monday in a U.S. court that the company was created for the sole purpose of committing securities fraud.

And since DiFi is in the news how about a shout out to Cali, benex and sinex are referenced in the linked article.


But all is not well. In 1994, Goldstein also invested in a local bank. In five short years at the little Commercial Bank of San Francisco, he attracted millions of dollars in interest-free deposits from the former Soviet bloc, mostly from Russia. Alas, that money, in turn, has attracted unwanted attention from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and from law enforcement.

The story of Goldstein and Commercial Bank underscores the failure of U.S. financial institutions to sift the good from the bad money flowing from the former Soviet Union, especially when they aggressively compete for those deposits. The bank now has become intertwined in the massive federal money-laundering investigation of the much larger Bank of New York.

Clinton era…

Bill also fired an F_I director


B sessions went on to lobby for mogilevich


Bruce Ohr ties to prosecution of Mogilevich


cf05ac () No. 3171877



Back to YBM Magnex and a whole host of oligarchs…and how tie in to Uranium One people there's more but this for now


In 2004, one particularly well known Russian mobster, Semion Mogilevich, established a U.S. company called YBM Magnex and then branched out onto the Toronto stock exchange (TMX).  Former YBM executives included Jacob Bogatin and Ontario’s former Liberal Premier, David R. Peterson who once sat as the board’s director.  Canadian firms such as Canaccord Capital and Griffiths McBurneyunderwrote YBM Magnex’s November 27, 1997 stock market offering after which everyone later claimed they had no idea that their client was a notorious Russian mob figure. It wasn’t until after the U.S. Organized Crime Task Force raided YBM’s headquarters in Pennsylvania on May 13, 1998, that TMX suspended YBM trading.

So, do you want to know how shady the Russian mafia is as it relates to U.S. politics?

Let’s start with Eugene Mcburney whose firm (now GMP Capital)  helped underwrite YBM’s initial stock offering.  He is not only a Clinton Foundation and Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership donor, he was a shareholder in Frank’s Giustra’s uranium company, UrAsia, before it merged with Uranium One and was later sold off to Russia’s Rosatom.  He also worked with both Giustra and Canaccord Capital’s CEO Paul Reynolds through Wheaton River, Pacific Rubiales, and Silver Wheaton.  The Toronto Star once called McBurney an “old friend and business associate” of Giustra’s.  And let’s not forget how Canaccord Capital was also involved with the uranium deal and the fact that its CEO, Paul Reynolds, donated between one and five million dollars to the Clinton foundation.

Side note:  As I pointed out in a previous post, I’m a bit suspicious of Paul Reynolds’ “heart attack” in 2015, three weeks before Jo Becker’s bombshell articleabout Clinton donors hit the news stands.  Trust me, Reynolds knew where all the bodie money were hidden.

Some more


Lanny Davis too…


For the past four years, Davis — a 72-year-old former special counsel to former President Bill Clinton — has served as a registered foreign agent for Dmitry Firtash, who has been fighting to avoid extradition to Chicago, where he faces charges of international racketeering and money laundering. In registering with the Justice Department as Firtash’s foreign agent, Davis said his firm was being paid $80,000 a month — or about a million dollars a year — by a man described by prosecutors as an “upper-echelon” associate of Russian organized crime. The case against Firtash “seeks to protect this country, its commerce and its citizens from the corrupting influence and withering effects of international organized crime,” prosecutors wrote last year./

Firtash has acknowledged ties to Semion Mogilevich, although the exact nature of their relationship is unknown outside of a classified space. A chain-smoking, hulking Ukrainian-born gangster, Mogilevich appeared on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list during Robert Mueller’s tenure as the bureau’s director. A 1996 FBI report on Mogilevich’s organization said he was involved in prostitution, weapons trafficking, smuggling of nuclear materials, drug trafficking and money laundering. Mogilevich was indicted on racketeering charges in Pennsylvania in 2002 for his role in a publicly-traded magnet company later exposed as a money-laundering front. Several sources, including Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB officer turned whistleblower who was murdered in London, said that Mogilevich had a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mogilevich lives in Moscow, where some suspect he’s being protected by Russian intelligence.

928811 () No. 3171885

EU Calls for Investigation of Danske Money-Laundering Scandal

"The snowballing money-laundering scandal at Danske Bank A/S has led European Union authorities to investigate whether the lenders’ supervisors did enough to prevent it.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, called on the bloc’s banking regulator to determine if Danske’s supervisors in Denmark and Estonia followed the rules in handling the case. Danske may face a fine as high as $1.7 billion, according to analysts at Svenska Handelsbanken AB, after it admitted that its Estonian unit may have been used to launder a “large” part of about $234 billion between 2007 and 2015.

In a Sept. 21 letter seen by Bloomberg, the commission asked the European Banking Authority to treat the investigation “with the necessary degree of urgency.” Criminal investigations are already under way in Denmark and Estonia, and U.S. and U.K. authorities are looking into the case. Chief Executive Officer Thomas Borgen will step down and Chairman Ole Andersen says that several employees have been reported to the police."

d30b05 () No. 3171887

Three prominent US scientists have been pushed to resign over the past 10 days

The most spectacular fall concerned Jose Baselga, chief medical officer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. He authored hundreds of articles on cancer research.

Baselga failed to disclose in dozens of research articles that he had received millions of dollars from pharmaceutical and medical companies.

Next came the case of Brian Wansink, director of the Food and Brand Lab at the prestigious Cornell University.

He made his name thanks to studies that garnered plenty of media attention, including on pizza, and the appetites of children.

In the final case, Gilbert Welch, a professor of public health at Dartmouth College, resigned last week.

The university accused him of plagiarism in an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine, the most respected American medical journal.


9b3001 () No. 3171889

Boobs on the water

Fire in the sky

09386e () No. 3171890

If this isn’t a Q PROOF I don’t know what is

734254 () No. 3171891

44 Days untill y'all'dve shouldn't voted yesturday.

81156f () No. 3171892

The group of less than 10 people

Chose the letter Q as their signature

For a reason

A very good reason

Suppressed technology that will soon be free

Q is fundamental to Cold Fusion

And to the powerful batteries in Tesla Cars

Also used in Space Force satellites

And was a core element of the research

Of one John Trump and his colleagues

Many of whom knew what Nikola Tesla

Left behind in his notes

QAnon may fade away

But you'll be hearing a heck of a lot more

About Q in the future. The real Q.

ffa1fc () No. 3171893

Nightbread has you.

a290d5 () No. 3171894

The daytime is a fine time, But the night time is the right time!

734254 () No. 3171895


*y'all'dve voted yesturday.

322c40 () No. 3171896

Fandango Rangers are present.

This week will hold the unprecentended 5 Siren alert.

f81c25 () No. 3171897

5c1801 () No. 3171898


Coinfag has me first. What was that about?

af7212 () No. 3171899

81156f () No. 3171900


Where did that redhead come from?

It should have been this gif

d15985 () No. 3171901


7cc9a9 () No. 3171902

Thank You Baker

ffa1fc () No. 3171903

da02b7 () No. 3171904

lmao, we need memes of rr doing shitty jobs. cleaning toilets ect

7a01ae () No. 3171905

Kavanagh needs to change his tune on Thursday and not be such a pussy.

I just mean stand up like a man for yourself for you will get nowhere trying to get sympathy from the devil(s).

1d4a53 () No. 3171906

Look at how brilliant our in house physicists are.

No explanations, only slander.

SMH, sad

a290d5 () No. 3171907


I'll hold those for you!

f81c25 () No. 3171908


walmart greeter

0e1d6f () No. 3171909

senkyuu baker!

7084db () No. 3171910


Go back to GLP faggot

29316e () No. 3171911


best titties fuck ugly face fuckkkkkkkk

2ab4bd () No. 3171912

Tucker's guests are all on Fire.

b1ebdb () No. 3171913

>>3171512 (LB)

> reposting to motivate you faggots.

We are the news cycle.


ff228e () No. 3171914

President Donald Trump has one last way to foil Senate Democrats if the continued attacks against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh result in Kavanaugh not being confirmed, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano.

“Tell you what Donald Trump can do if this fails — he has recess appointment power. If Mitch McConnell recesses the Senate for 10 minutes he can put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court for four years without Senate confirmation,” Napolitano said Monday on the Fox Business Network.

“I don’t know that Brett Kavanaugh wants to do this. This is real hardball. He’d have to give up his present lifetime seat in order to do it. The president has that power,” Napolitano said.


da02b7 () No. 3171915


fry guy

d15985 () No. 3171916

ty patriots!

df8156 () No. 3171917

Just driving cross-country now to get ready for my hearing in DC Thursday.

Hey..(adjusts rearview mirror)

….is that John Podesta following me?

6a1324 () No. 3171918


uh that first one alone is notable as fuck

e1c831 () No. 3171919


928811 () No. 3171920

American diplomat found dead in Madagascar

"An American diplomat in Madagascar was found dead in their home late Friday night, the State Department confirmed on Monday.

U.S. and Malagasy authorities are conducting a joint investigation into the death in the African country's capital of Antananarivo, State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said in a statement.

"Our deepest sympathies go out to the family and to the U.S. Embassy Antananarivo community," she added.

The State Department declined to release the name of the diplomat or discuss details of the death, citing the ongoing investigation and respect for the diplomat's family."


af7212 () No. 3171921

5027cf () No. 3171922

Dragon Energy is good Anon, very good. Time to get on board.

fb7b43 () No. 3171923

Can any planefags out there help me out. What's going on with Delta's flight (DL20) from Newark to Paris? It took off, got as far as Connecticut and circled a few times around and flew back towards JFK. It's now flying in circles south of JFK. Weird!

746757 () No. 3171924


its time to break the cycle anon

no more sacrificing kids

no more satanic rituals

no more infesting us with the ayys

417c32 () No. 3171925

Hello night shift anons.

45d0f4 () No. 3171926

>>3171717 (lb)

Q • Q • Q


194a88 () No. 3171927

does anyone know how to do image analysis like they did to determine blasey fords photoshopped sunglasses?

if so i would be interested in seeing the image analysis on the Feinstein letter

81156f () No. 3171928

f81c25 () No. 3171929


dog walker w/ like 50 dogs

ecd01e () No. 3171930

299f2b () No. 3171932

>>3171371 (lb)

A little late to the party, but here… since 10-30-2017



cbb75f () No. 3171933

325a61 () No. 3171934

we love the violence

check it

746757 () No. 3171935


all i know is that i wanna be on the side of good

i think it will all work it self out

just gonna see what happens

also lol at eyes watching

29aefe () No. 3171936


*y’all’d’ve’nt voted

f1327a () No. 3171937

>>3171869 (LB)


Some fag dug up she was in Delaware the whole time. Not sure if ever properly sauced. Kind of makes the whole "I don't fly" argument pointless.

Washington protest last year. Photos from Hawaii. Probably presented a lot of papers on behalf of her "employer" the drug company all over the country.

No one gets a 5 year sabbatical.

Her own witnesses don't support her story. She will no doubt bail at the last minute because of "bullying" having never testified to her BS story.

You are watching a movie.

Enjoy the show.

ffa1fc () No. 3171938

Pick your poison. Tits or Q bashing?

9b3001 () No. 3171939


Awesome rock on

31d4e0 () No. 3171940


da02b7 () No. 3171941


shining tires on potus ride

7a01ae () No. 3171942


Her car will break down in Kansas

ffa1fc () No. 3171943


Night shift…who the hell is coinfag?

33fcfe () No. 3171945


Yeah, thermofag! Q literally means HEAT KEK! So morning sun brings Q, what could it mean? PAIN?



82eef0 () No. 3171946


Are you talking to yourself?

5bffb5 () No. 3171947


Just as important to impose term limits for the swamp, can you find it in your busy Plan for the near future to ask POTUS about an EO disqualifying intelligence community related civil servants from running for office?

We are seeing their obvious plot this year, and their previous jobs give them "non-ordinary" advantages other citizens couldn't compete with, and previous allegiances they might follow despite their office.

In my humble opinion

b3adc1 () No. 3171948



f81c25 () No. 3171949


heh heh.. bingo…

325a61 () No. 3171951


let's kick some protester ass

419222 () No. 3171952

Thank you, Baker.

Thank you, Diggers.

Love you all.

a2f605 () No. 3171953


life preservers..mmmm

77e0aa () No. 3171954

Pizzagate question, anons.

Maggie/Wendy holding a pen is supposed to mean something to Illuminati/Pizzagate but its significance was never explained. Can anyone educate me on the pen's meaning in this context?

413e10 () No. 3171955


We don't love the violence, faggot. … and you should know.

But we have no problem defending our skin when we're attacked, like this guy in the video was.

50195a () No. 3171956


> the powerful batteries in Tesla Cars

The ones that always explode…?

Or is Elon Musk a shill - paid to prove that electric cars are too expensive, dangerous and do NOT work?

5027cf () No. 3171957


Choiceless awareness is always the best policy.

Well done.

16f155 () No. 3171958

So when the IG report becomes public will Obama, Brennan, Comey, Rosenstein and the rest be arrested?

5c1801 () No. 3171959


We don't know… but he's stacked up metal, sending some kind of signal

322c40 () No. 3171960

746757 () No. 3171961


secret societies too

anyone part of mystery babylon

245566 () No. 3171962


Sat, September 29, 2018

Wheeling, WV

07:00 pm (EST)


Wesbanco Arena

2 14th Street

Wheeling, WV 26003

Mon, October 01, 2018

Johnson City, TN

07:00 pm (EST)


Freedom Hall

1320 Pactolas Road

Johnson City, TN 37604

df8156 () No. 3171963


We are simply Humble Dreamers tending to our Tattoos.

a00166 () No. 3171964

15772e () No. 3171965


thank you baker for your awesome dedicated service and tasty bread

nom nom nom


biden2020 is highest ranking faggot

419222 () No. 3171966

29aefe () No. 3171967


-You all would not have voted

-Y’all’d’nt’ve voted

Sauce: I’m from the Mississippi delta.

f1327a () No. 3171968


Maybe this?

7cc9a9 () No. 3171969

746757 () No. 3171970


i cant really do anything where im at now

so no point in stressing

when its time tho

i dont know why but i have a feeling lets just put it that way

im getting fucked with so hard and i dont know why

so why do they fuck with me ?

its literally endless

af7212 () No. 3171971

5117d0 () No. 3171972


We abhor violence. But when faggot leftists attack with battons, we don't shrink from neutralizing the threat.

245566 () No. 3171973

5027cf () No. 3171974


No. I’m responding to that post.

189663 () No. 3171975

Green card hopefuls who illegally benefited from government aid to be screwed by tough new immigration enforcement rules…

They plan to resist.



d15985 () No. 3171977

e1c831 () No. 3171978

Noel Francisco.


54ac0a () No. 3171979


$2000.00 Necklace

45d0f4 () No. 3171980

You can't make this symbolism shit up

WW = MM inverted….. symbolism all over this shit

9b4ec8 () No. 3171981


Tits or GTFO

cbb75f () No. 3171982

3b7870 () No. 3171983

5c9265 () No. 3171984


I wouldn't bet on it….if slaves like us committed

those crimes they would throw us in a cage

until our trial date

a290d5 () No. 3171985


NG on duty in Va. at ready if needed…

6a9f3e () No. 3171986

>>3171217 lb

You’ll never hire a woman? Asshats. Stop falling for propaganda. They want men and women divided. Don’t be a shill. Just don’t hire democrats.

ff228e () No. 3171987

Kimberley Strassel


35m35 minutes ago

The hate storm being leveled by the left at Ashley Kavanaugh is a good indicator of what they really think of women—or at least any women with whom they disagree. So enough already with the liberal lecturing about "respect" and "bullying."

3302c5 () No. 3171988

>>3171865 (lb)

>So far, of all on that list, only KANSAS has earned my trust.



Well, the fact that there have been NO LEAKS from either man should make it clear that their work is primarily behind the scenes, as was KANSAS' work once. Prior to becoming the Sec. of State (as planned), KANSAS was doing the same with the C_A, NO LEAKS re: his work there either. The very fact that he was head of the C_A was enough for anons to suspect him of fuckery (guilty by association bullshit), until it was made clear by Q what his role was, and after being in the public eye, it's become crystal clear that he was clean and was/is cleaning house. Why would it not be the same for the other four men?

53a9ab () No. 3171989

via boat https://voat.co/v/QRV/2741093

< THIS IS A HOLY WAR! Muslim Brothers are at every Social Justice outbreak, "Codes of Conduct" are meant to expel critics of Islam from open source projects

link to the guy's comment http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=8139#comment-2043097

c801cf () No. 3171990


Brennan and Holder are beginning to feel the noose tightening around their throat.

3d1975 () No. 3171991

Anybody else notice Ed Henry wears an American flag lapel pin with a Q on it yet?

Ed's definitely /ourguy/

d6223d () No. 3171992


Bewbs float?

1e739f () No. 3171993

answering questions

ask away

245566 () No. 3171994

[ 325a61 ]

2d51b2 () No. 3171996


Sanity Returns as the Night Shift Punches In.

cbb75f () No. 3171997

1d4a53 () No. 3171998

Zero= concept

Point= concept

Energy= concept

Physics does not deal with concepts.

ZPO is fantasy bs.





Etc.. All bs.

f540b4 () No. 3171999



15772e () No. 3172000



KeK wills it

325a61 () No. 3172001


kick some antifa ass

6a9f3e () No. 3172002


Inside the circle is says “all Jews 2050”

d8ef3f () No. 3172003


No table, member Q question

Thats the answer me thinks

f7fd93 () No. 3172004


Judge Nap has become a shill…

5027cf () No. 3172005

29316e () No. 3172006


fat floats my dude

0e1d6f () No. 3172007


Sometimes they even fly!

2720d7 () No. 3172008

Stay away from Runaround Sue…

b1ebdb () No. 3172009



Simply showing those who do not know

Or those that have forgotten

Why we are here.

We are the news cycle

We are the new narrative

We all have the power to impact this world.

Each and every one of us are more powerful than we realize.

We have so much more than we know.

Got my popcorn

Extra butter

Extra salt

ad6e00 () No. 3172010



b14a9c () No. 3172011

So, creepy porn lawyer himself has been in the news recently with his bizarre allegations regarding Kavanaugh. I now believe he is some kind of false-flag, over the top character for our side. He seems to be employing something akin to the strategy of "agree and amplify" strategy to make other leftist allegations look ridiculous.. Let us consider a few points.

1. He is the lawyer for Stormy Daniels. It as been long speculated that Stormy Daniels is a white hat asset, with her name being a little too on the nose to be a coincidence. She has also been connected to Cohen who many believe is a white hat as well.

2. His appearance on Tucker was so ridiculous, it was hard not believe he was playing some kind of ridiculous character.

3. He was responsible for one of the more memorable Q confirmations (with him posting on twitter the exact photo Q posted the day before), asking for help tracking the man down (https://twitter.com/MichaelAvenatti/status/1024020664301248512?). Why would a black hat give Q Anon credibility?

4. His allegations regarding Kavanaugh are so ridiculous, so utterly absurd that even liberals are disavowing him. (https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-24/even-liberals-are-trashing-porn-star-attorney-avenatti-his-dubious-kavanaugh). I mean, " ‘FFFFFFFourth of July.’ We believe that this stands for: Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, F*ck them, Forget them". WTF. That is a classic "agree and amplify" tactic meant to make other allegations seem absurd by association.

Remember what Q said, we are watching a movie and I beleive Avenatti is simply playing the role of a comic relief minor character.

a2f605 () No. 3172013


yes - magnificently

cbb75f () No. 3172014

734254 () No. 3172015


What about You all should have voted?

746757 () No. 3172016



whatever rules this planet

harvests energy from our dimension/universe

how do they do this ?

no idea

possibly the pyramids

that would explain why they are everywhere

and aliester crowleys obession with them

i am remindeed of the movie stargate

where the pyramid ship

lets ra incarnate into a person

3302c5 () No. 3172017


>Mississippi delta.

Grammar checked as correct

000ca4 () No. 3172018


Woah, brought in the Heavies! Cheers Anon.

2695ce () No. 3172019


don't be lazy; check notables

007750 () No. 3172020

f81c25 () No. 3172021

from SA?

77e0aa () No. 3172022


Tears keep anons' eagle eyes healthy

45d0f4 () No. 3172023

65ef60 () No. 3172024

a gluon can be thought of as a field; a field of paired quarks and the energy binding them, switching back and forth between the gluons and quarks constantly. Just as the light is also a photon.

ff3971 () No. 3172025

5f7572 () No. 3172026


when will the floating cities be ready?

15d08c () No. 3172027


Hence why his show is about the only watchable one. Hannity grinds my gears a bit but I'll tolerate him on big news days. That's it for MSM for me.

746757 () No. 3172029


in the name of jesus christ no lizards

29316e () No. 3172030


dude the atom is a concept, shut your dumbass up

also since when are all concepts false?

4a0b6a () No. 3172031


What is the thing in the picture that resembles a human?

b1ebdb () No. 3172032



410d7a () No. 3172033

445a8a () No. 3172034

3bd17f () No. 3172035


Heard it. Head swiveled. But missed the few words just before except “the 80’s”

01f1c1 () No. 3172036


Saudi pussy any good?

ad6e00 () No. 3172037

fc0320 () No. 3172038

I will not testify in a car.

I will not testify near or far.

I will not testify in a train.

I will not fly in a plane.

I will not testify, here or there.

I will not testify anywhere.

There's nothing more for me to say.

c31d12 () No. 3172039


Take that faggot bait back to your cesspool, clown dick eater..

f7fd93 () No. 3172040


Thinking the same Anon…

Dems are making comments that Avenatti is hurting more than helping…

77e0aa () No. 3172041


That's Lauren Hutton. She used to be a fashion model.

419222 () No. 3172042

1e739f () No. 3172043


this isn’t a serious question lmao

bdee61 () No. 3172044

4a0b6a () No. 3172045

81156f () No. 3172046


On reflection

High Ranking Anon says

The incidence of new discover

Depends on the light shed on the situation

As well as how polished your theories are

Refraction and diffraction can be invisible

Study the videos of Theoria Apophis

For true enlightenment


df8156 () No. 3172047

I remember clearly the assault occurred on Earth sometime in the past century. I was breathing and it was either in sunlight or darkness, and oh yes….I definitely remember he was wearing a Judge's robe.

ff3971 () No. 3172048


A trip down memory lane -

Sun 29 Oct 2017 18:39:27


f81c25 () No. 3172049


From SA or just a collector?

a2f605 () No. 3172050

1e739f () No. 3172051



14bdd2 () No. 3172052


How come ya'll didn't pay off your national debt with the wealth seizures during the corruption crackdown?

5f7572 () No. 3172053


aylamo i think you meant

1b6341 () No. 3172054

9b3001 () No. 3172055


I concur

674843 () No. 3172056

Blessed Popcorn for the Baker & Anons.

This week has already started off with chaos…can't wait until Thursday!



b5085d () No. 3172057


its a shill tactic I've seen before

probably CTA

54ac0a () No. 3172058

1e739f () No. 3172059


i wouldn’t know!

3b7870 () No. 3172060

322c40 () No. 3172061


4447db () No. 3172062



746757 () No. 3172063



algae blooms


ask yourself why


people who swim in lakes get sick

all tools of control

babylon is "in control"

but the man behind the curtain is pathetic lmao

envy from fma should give you an idea

a00166 () No. 3172064


Do NOT allow her attorneys to speak if she will not testify.

If she doesn't testify hold the confirmation IMMEDIATELY!

b1ebdb () No. 3172065


The greatest mil. Op ever

Best timeline ever

6f948a () No. 3172066

>>3171993 Why not just give us pertinent details anon?

1e739f () No. 3172067



dbc774 () No. 3172068



>implying that Ford isn't an actor too

2720d7 () No. 3172069


That worked for Long Dong Silver, he gave /them/ hell.

78d1ec () No. 3172070


Thanks, I'll put it on the trophy shelf now!

c82b49 () No. 3172071


Rumored home of the missing Templar fleet, after DeMolay was killed and order hunted by Popes decree. They became , the pirates.. Long history of fuckery in Madagascar.

X - Files + Millenium TV shows by 1013 productions. " This Is Who WE Are "

426a49 () No. 3172072

watching this in light of what know now . . . .

everyone should watch this , even the first few minutes and relate to the red text violence shills here right now

>end of life as we know it, averted


5027cf () No. 3172073


Point to where he put his gavel.

2ab4bd () No. 3172074

Excerpt from well-written article about AMWR

Last sentence is priceless!


Sec. Zinke has already pointed out to Canadian Lobbyist’s the US DOES NOT ENFORCE the ‘Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund’ onto Canada.


WHAT’S The Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund?

It’s a fund that ALL oil producers MUST pay in to. It’s used to cover the cost of oil spill cleanups. However, the US has graciously exempted Canada from paying into it.



At Sec Zinke’s request, Senator Dan Sullivan has a Bill in the making right now that will FORCE Canada to start paying into that Fund FOR ALL THE OIL CANADA EXPORTS VIA IT’S PIPELINE THAT RUNS THROUGH THE US.

The amount Canada will HAVE TO PAY will be in the BILLIONS.

This threat ALONE will force Canada to sit down and shut up.

Check mate, Secretary Zinke👊

82eef0 () No. 3172075


So… That Anon that had Post 751 last bread secretly sent you a screenshot of their post with a green (You)?

Rather odd..

5f7572 () No. 3172076

dbc774 () No. 3172077


Why not meme dhiel who has an actual chance of winning?

746757 () No. 3172078


i think were on gods timeline rn

maybe there are other timelines

maybe not

based on fylnns tweet time travel might have something to do with this

and possibly


1e739f () No. 3172079


i cannot answer this because i’m broke

2ed907 () No. 3172080


The debt is unlawful and can be wiped. No need pay back the cabal's theft.

cbb75f () No. 3172081


don meh…

362966 () No. 3172082


Noteable, 2 parts.

1d4a53 () No. 3172083



I'll assume you're falling back on your coveted bohrs atom kek.

When are all concepts false?

In physics dumbass.

If you can't understand something that simple, maybe consider shutting the fuck up.

29aefe () No. 3172084


Y’all shoud’ve Voted

Y’allsh oodve voted

Either is technically correct.

The latter is for the even slower speaking counties.

0e708f () No. 3172085


Madagascar is a tough assignment, they like to disinter their deceased relatives on high holidays and dance with the corpses.

a2f605 () No. 3172086


think about it.

trafficking central.

incest central.

everything imported but oil.

yes - everything

3302c5 () No. 3172087


>answering questions

Could you just tell us what you want us to know?

3647f0 () No. 3172088

>>3171860 lb

<OK, I'll bite, only because that phrasing sounds very familiar to me.

State your business or shut your fuckin' cakehole. kek

6ee702 () No. 3172089


CoinFAGGOT posted these.

b1ebdb () No. 3172090


Be a lot cooler if you were

16f155 () No. 3172091


Why dont you take in 'syrian' 'refugees'. Or 'islamic refugees '

325a61 () No. 3172093



baker put this red text bullshit in the dough, so I will do this all night

5c1801 () No. 3172092


Phoenix on 10/10 or nah?

fc0320 () No. 3172094

(you) are watching a bar porno

1e739f () No. 3172095


i’ve dropped enough crumbs already

b5085d () No. 3172096



FEtard got triggered somehow

322c40 () No. 3172097


He is controlled opposition- a puppet of the Never Trumper Charlie Baker.

60% of MA voters are Independents.

d30b05 () No. 3172098

During presidential election years, turnout averages between 50 percent and 60 percent of eligible voters. That figure drops to about 40 percent during congressional midterm elections.

2014 midterm voter turnout: 36.4 percent, lowest figure since 1942.

2016 presidential voter turnout: 58.1 percent.


5027cf () No. 3172099


Think about it again.

af7212 () No. 3172100

EMP anyone?

https:// freebeacon.com/national-security/u-s-urged-rapidly-prepare-electromagnetic-pulse-attack/

81156f () No. 3172101


Ask @watkins_2

On Twitter.

He is a bloodline member

And knows many of the messaging symbols

9b3001 () No. 3172102

I wonder how much Q team just laughs their asses of some posts in here

1e739f () No. 3172103


i’m way cooler

b5085d () No. 3172104


gtfo CTA

you pathetic cunt

29316e () No. 3172105


are you going to sit there and tell me physics was never proven wrong? the fuck

3cf5c7 () No. 3172106



7cc9a9 () No. 3172107

f81c25 () No. 3172108


if you got something serious to say.. then say it. no games

1b6341 () No. 3172109


Kavenautist for lifetime!

cfe2b4 () No. 3172110


and all I got was this t-shirt

b2de6f () No. 3172112

So Madonna has a new (hilarious) promo vid for her overpriced skincare range.

Splash-proof cape familiar?

Last time to wear it honey?

29aefe () No. 3172113


Why do u give a fuck about some fags coins?

c47a1f () No. 3172114


isnt that obamas ring? id have to recheck

3b9811 () No. 3172115

5c9265 () No. 3172116


We would still owe the countries, funds and individuals who purchased the treasury bills but I believe the Fed holds 4-5 trillion of the debt…they can get fucked!

24558d () No. 3172117

The 'cure' will spread WW


4a0b6a () No. 3172118


douglas a3 sky warrior hit the pentagon?

b4a1e5 () No. 3172119

746757 () No. 3172120



they probly laugh at me tho

29316e () No. 3172121


not a flat earther but thanks for the ad hom

fc0320 () No. 3172122

had to go to wal mart

did everyone decide if kavanaugh is a fag or not?

77e0aa () No. 3172123


Was banned but will see if a friend can ask him. Thanks.

a290d5 () No. 3172124


Review sounds like a familiar story:

A captivating comedy of Executive-branch adventure as a hapless basement-level White-House writer gets wrapped up in the world of secrets, sex and spies. This poor soul is pulled from all sides while he desperately attempts to find himself in this mad-cap novel. I've read it many times over the decades, and it's timeless theme resonates as true today as in the era it was written.

df8156 () No. 3172125

Martha McCallum is the new Megyn Kelly.

I guess the Murdoch's promised her a bonus to set Kavanaugh up tonight.

325a61 () No. 3172126


bring it protesters

0f447d () No. 3172127


The universe permeates energy, it a matter of capturing and converting.

4 known forces, to solve quantum and universe scale, these have to resolved.

4 forces=1 force if you can figure out the difference in strength. Physic's can't deal with what it cannot measure.

The diff in force could be some forces are spread across dimensions not accessible to basic physic's, IE gravity.

6ee702 () No. 3172128


That would be absolutely none of your fucking business.

3fef4a () No. 3172129

Looking for the link that explains the name of this bread

"Christine Ford was passed around but not by Judge K"

went back several boards – nothing


9b4ec8 () No. 3172130


Something to do with creating alters, making the child believe he or she is holding a flower.

http://citeseerx. ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

b6e4d7 () No. 3172131

46beb9 () No. 3172132

Meme batter with Trump and Macron.

b2de6f () No. 3172133


Reminder… Ray Chandler Epstein Island ceremony (pic related)

746757 () No. 3172134


what if the sun will be "activated"

and it will kill off the bad fungi/micro organisms

or whatever the fuck the parasite is

and they will be gone forever

c82b49 () No. 3172135


Creepy pron lawyer needs his mystery witness info. digged.

2720d7 () No. 3172136


Prolly just her MS13 bodyguards.

410d7a () No. 3172137

2ed907 () No. 3172138


They were knwoigly complicit. You don't think China new what was going on. C'mon anon,

8aef94 () No. 3172139


re-read the q crumbs on 9/11

fc0320 () No. 3172141

Does anyone what time Monday Night Rehabilitaion starts???

29aefe () No. 3172142


Your gay enuff to try and make it everyone’s business. Lurk moar, newfriend and please re-read all 3000+ breads before posting.

725b9e () No. 3172143


Perhaps in the physical realm, anon. The worst are those which harvest the ego and fear-based emotions which the Cabal and the MSM have conspired to produce at greater and greater amounts. Unconditional love and death of the ego are the twin weapons which will eventually send all evil into oblivion.

7cc9a9 () No. 3172144


Those memes make me laugh and I don't even know what the fuck a Fandango ranger is

8aef94 () No. 3172145


i don’t know what this means

7344c2 () No. 3172146

NOTABLE cabal dr,s going down


746757 () No. 3172147


if this shit wasnt so sinister and evil

it would almost be funny how gay it is

they sacrifice kids for fun

sick fucks

where did you get this photo ?

also is resident evil 4 soft disclosure what the fuck lol

thats legit the same fucking outfit

ancient parasites ?

33fcfe () No. 3172148

2239e2 () No. 3172149


Supposedly relocated to Delaware last week

d6223d () No. 3172150


Tock, bytch

1b6341 () No. 3172151

af7212 () No. 3172152

Looks like Ford might bail


46beb9 () No. 3172153



ba1964 () No. 3172154


I watched 31 hours of the guy. He'll be fine.

413e10 () No. 3172155


Obama had a ring w/ arab inscriptions.

This is hebrew, if I am not mistaken (don't think letter lamed looks the same in arab).

It is weird somehow, as all (or most of) the coins were arab.

29aefe () No. 3172156


The bottom one is just a coin from Saudi Arabia. I have one in my coin collection ffs.

b4a1e5 () No. 3172157


They were present during Hurricane Sandy.

734254 () No. 3172158


Aw I assumed the 'd'nt've was should not have. xD

Thank you

9b4ec8 () No. 3172159


Madonna is a disgusting cunt

746757 () No. 3172160


dont forgot the luls too anon

they hate the lols

they hate love too

i love each and every one of them

and they hate it

9b3001 () No. 3172161


I wonder how much is general amusement or just thinking we are dumbasses

928811 () No. 3172162

Birds drop dead or suicide into ground

'It was horrible': Dead and dying birds rain down in unexplained occurrence in B.C. community

'They literally dove face-first into the pavement, it was brutal,' said Beech, who first witnessed it while driving with a friend just off a highway'''


77e0aa () No. 3172163


This is great. Thank you v much for the link!

6b7a78 () No. 3172164

b1ebdb () No. 3172165



53b125 () No. 3172166

After 10 months following Q and knowing the storm is eminent. We have all studied the white hats and black hats for so long I ask you after WE WIN who do you support for 2024 if I had to pick now it would be Mike Pompeo

82eef0 () No. 3172167


My bad, mis-(You)'d you.


7af67e () No. 3172168


rule of the as they interpret it. they all get learn a better understanding of the true interpretation soon enough.

6f948a () No. 3172169


Then whats left to ask right?

if you know what is at stake here and want to play guessing games with coins, then this is a slide. Enjoy your (u).

77e0aa () No. 3172170


Alan's twitter is full of amazing info. Thank you again

ba1964 () No. 3172171


She was never going to show. It's under oath for gods sake. This is all kabuki theater and it sucks bc we all know the ending.

29aefe () No. 3172172


Np, anon. I can’t understand a word Yankees say, last time I was in Providence. Literally not a word, with their race car words per minute.

5d6e00 () No. 3172173

POTUS was right! Not only is the Mueller investigation a Witch HUNT, but the Kavanaugh hearing is a Witch TRIAL…. PROVE that you aren't a witch… if you float… you're a witch… if you drown you're not. Arghhhh. What happened to honesty, integrity, and logic? Do any of these people buy what they are selling?

429800 () No. 3172174


My guess is that it’s one of the perks of their job.

I still think this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen and Q must have been laughing their asses off upon seeing it.

8a84ef () No. 3172175


Why is Alibaba a Chinese company?

322c40 () No. 3172176


Fandango Rangers Transponder 9 is confirmed-

Stand by for [4am] chatter intercepts!

8fa0d1 () No. 3172177


we in here

3302c5 () No. 3172178


>How is this connected to LV?

0f447d () No. 3172179


It's not a lie if you believe it.

9b4ec8 () No. 3172180


YW! Yeah, Fritz is loony but an impeccable researcher.

5c9265 () No. 3172181


So if you invested in t-bills you would be ok

if the Treasury just kept your money? Bullshit

1d4a53 () No. 3172182

Well, it's clear. This bored can't even keep up with politics and the news lmao. Pathetic.

Let alone an "autist", wants to spew "physics". Smh

This place only deserves the 40/60 it my never even get.

Not worthy.

746757 () No. 3172183


yeah they totally are not poisoning the air

what are they putting in the air

also whats up with all the little kids who are abducted in the woods like missing 411

was it the bad ayys

or were they being extracted to keep them safe

7897b2 () No. 3172184

b98bfd () No. 3172185


She's not showing, spooked by "experienced sex crimes prosecutor"

8aef94 () No. 3172186


don’t know or care, not relevant

d30b05 () No. 3172187

Is it aliens? Scientists detect more mysterious radio signals from distant galaxy

Some think the “fast radio bursts” could be evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Researchers using the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia announced the detection of 15 pulses of radio energy from an object known to the astronomy community as FRB 121102


325a61 () No. 3172188


we condone the violence

62d442 () No. 3172189

46beb9 () No. 3172190

c31d12 () No. 3172191


You're such a tough guy… cubicle faggot.

54f0f1 () No. 3172192


>Where did that redhead come from?

From the movie "Interstellar".

410d7a () No. 3172193

1c2aa7 () No. 3172194

The Drama continues !

cbb75f () No. 3172195


eyes wide shut…rewatched a few days ago

highly reccomend it.

ba1964 () No. 3172196


They were all about to be subpoenaed to testify against Hitlery.

a66a6b () No. 3172197





So, this is all over the news today… Russia was going to sweep up Assange, put him in a diplomatic vehicle, and smuggle him out of the embassy on Christmas Eve 2017, but "aborted at the last minute" as it seemed "too risky."

Back in May, Wikileaks tweeted (https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/999295444617453569) a video of a "grab team" that sat outside the embassy just after midnight on Christmas Eve 2017 and asked anons to identify the words on the "operation notes."

The video is at https://archive.org/details/assange-grabteam-K6-20171224002600_20171224003000-competition1

So, what's the theory, anons?

Is the car full of goons Russian's waiting to grab Assange, or are they infra-red and glowing Americans who are making it too risky for the Russians? Seems Assange was aware that he was getting ready to be grabbed… I wonder if that was willingly?

This ties in to Q posts 460 on December 25th @ 3:57 PM EST:

>10, [10-9]



>Floor is yours.

>Twitter FW_

>Twitter [kill_rogue]



8aef94 () No. 3172198


it’s not, as far as i know

fcea11 () No. 3172199


Apparently you aren't adding to the collective IQ. *smh*

b4a1e5 () No. 3172200

06bf04 () No. 3172201

Is Rachel Brand working behind the scenes with Sessions/ Huber?

Dems don't like her and Sen Grassley spoke up on her behalf during her confirmation

Rachel Brand confirmed by Senate to the No. 3 position at DOJ



b1ebdb () No. 3172202



Past present future

All 1

7f15d6 () No. 3172203


Q is the unit of merit in a resonant circuit. Anons are the circuit.

a4fee9 () No. 3172204

5117d0 () No. 3172205


Anybody got the clip?

af7212 () No. 3172206

3c813c () No. 3172207

0a1643 () No. 3172208

a2f605 () No. 3172209


no anon.

watching the movie to see who floats and who doesn't.

0a1643 () No. 3172210

18dab1 () No. 3172214


>"Not until all the white races, the sons and daughters of Amalek is dead can the (((chosen people))) sons of Abraham be safe" - Talmud.

Trump will never ever be able to appease the Jews. He must expel them from the country immediately, or else he is an accomplice to their action!

The Jews will always hate Trump because not only is he a gentile/goyim, he is of German/Frankish blood, whom the Jews have assumed are the descendants of the Amalek (who Hitler called 'Aryan'). The Amalek in Jewish Folklore "will eventually bring the destruction of the Jews".

(((They))) will always hate him. (((They))) will always smear him. (((They))) will always lie about him. (((They))) will always oppose him and anything he does.

The Israeli citizens in the senate/house are the ones obstructing. They are pushing these accusations against Kavanaugh.

Trump must expel them from the country immediately, or it will lead to them rejecting him as the Messiah after he is re-elected. He must get rid of them or else he will turn into the Antichrist.

edbb9f () No. 3172211


Better example of what you were talking about would be the artifacting that proved Hussein's birth certificate was doctored. It wouldn't work on the letter because the letter was faxed AFTER being doctored.

8fa0d1 () No. 3172212

29aefe () No. 3172213


Whipped by the midnight DEW

fc0320 () No. 3172215

3302c5 () No. 3172216


Your clarity just cut my fishing line, anon.

0c38c6 () No. 3172217

Q is only here for the porn…LOL>>3172102

d6223d () No. 3172218


wunderland [187]

b5085d () No. 3172219


didn't reply to you sooooo

fc0320 () No. 3172220

62d442 () No. 3172223

2720d7 () No. 3172221


Thigh gap confirms.

c47a1f () No. 3172222


ive seen this ring researching i thought it was obama but i may be wrong. i know ive seen it before.

2ed907 () No. 3172224


if it was the Chinese gov, then yeah. they can fuck off. Part of the commie takeover. Fuck them.

You know they had their invasion plans set when Killary got in.

ff3971 () No. 3172225


Cheers Anon and Anons

To Us and to Victory

429800 () No. 3172226


Interdasting. Seems plausible.

cbf400 () No. 3172227

Ok, just watching the interview with Kavanaugh with Martha McCallum. When she asks "what do you think is happening?" I am thinking "Man, call it for what it is, a political hit job instead of coming across as the ultimate boy scout….."

4e4458 () No. 3172228

Sky is falling? Will something drop tomorrow?

334e2d () No. 3172229


Flynn did like the tweet about time travel!! But that same video also showed that potus knew about pizza and wiener gate back in 2011

725b9e () No. 3172230


lol…Macaroon is still obsessed with the way @POTUS manhandled him and lead him around like a little boy at the WH for all the World to see. He's still trying to get payback but @POTUS isn't having any of it. KEK.

250df0 () No. 3172231


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/EHXmwfLlalE" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

29aefe () No. 3172232


Not sure if sarcastic, but it’s a monetary coin, like cents or a dollar. I think riyals. I could check when I get home.

c5778b () No. 3172233



15a236 () No. 3172234


Did you spit on talweed yet?

b5085d () No. 3172235


post your pasta CTA

325a61 () No. 3172236


you need this, buy now mypussyhat.com

3302c5 () No. 3172237


Why was the Bin Laden family here during 9-11?

f775c5 () No. 3172238

Attorneys for Dr Lord not happy about sex crimes prosecutor asking questions at Thursday hearing.

29316e () No. 3172239


oh i didnt know you were a 16 yr old girl… sooooooooooooo fuck off board is 18+

1b6341 () No. 3172240



b5085d () No. 3172241


you're not Q you faggot

go to facebook

2720d7 () No. 3172242


Muellers not the fourth fucking branch of Govt. Can his crooked lying ass!

322c40 () No. 3172243


We intercept chatter to save the world.

b2de6f () No. 3172244


The tunnel ceremony pic was mined from soon-to-be-convicted singing-birdie Ray Chandler's Tumblr I believe. Q tipped us off months ago about her. Epstein Island Madam.


Thanks I'll watch.

6f948a () No. 3172245


anon, post the video link where it says "embed".

746757 () No. 3172246


time does not exist

not sure why it does here

not that worried about it

my guess would be this planet is trapped in something resembling a matrix to harvest negative energy

and it is qurantined to keep satan getting out

its like a halo ring almost

the floods trigger if it spreads too far

if he fully takes over the world is destroyed by fire

because he cannot be allowed to escape

33174e () No. 3172247


Might be, but at 3 billion light-years away, it took 3 billion years for us to hear the message.

ffa1fc () No. 3172248


Is that you, badass logo anon?

a66a6b () No. 3172249



b1ebdb () No. 3172250



1d4a53 () No. 3172251




Oh k.

Care to define your terms?


This place is stuck in 5th grade

65ef60 () No. 3172252


The forces are probably all one yes but with different field limits. (For example the proton filled with gluons and quarks with a symmetry break of 3 quarks -add all that energy and it may be equal to the other forces - but too many to count). There are probably tensors that are spread across dimensions and hold 4D stable.

82eef0 () No. 3172253

934123 () No. 3172254


Do even fucking know how to compress an image file, dumbass

579dcf () No. 3172255

Anybody have sauce handy for ties between Open Society Foundation and #MeToo? In the middle of redpilling a hardcore lefty friend of mine and that will be the nail. Thanks in advance.

8aef94 () No. 3172256


some members left before 9/11, others left after

413e10 () No. 3172257


Are you the entity known as "Ed"?

a2f605 () No. 3172258

b5085d () No. 3172259


oh, you're that faggot who thinks Q has private comms with the D list actor that no one cares about

you fucking newfaggot

ff228e () No. 3172260

Playbook outline on Hannity tonight

f81c25 () No. 3172261


Then you have nothing of importance to share. Take your mysteries elsewhere.

c5778b () No. 3172262


Are they filled with chocolate?

ecd01e () No. 3172263


now available in size xxx-sml

5c1801 () No. 3172264


he could just be being white and giving investment advice. not that any of his collection is affordable for the avg anon.

9b4ec8 () No. 3172265


Enjoy your stay, anon.

2239e2 () No. 3172266


NOTABLE?? CIA is mentioned in this pdf 615 times!!!!

>http://citeseerx. ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

I've never seen this before, but looks like a treasure trove of symbolism/explanations…

fcea11 () No. 3172267


If there's an actual purpose to all this bullshit, I haven't figured it out yet.

She's not showing, (((they))) aren't going to be able to stand in the way of Kavanaughs confirmation.

(((They))) are hoping for the end of the world first?

NO ONE is watching the optics. NO ONE on the left (that I've seen) is paying attention to the midterms. All the lefties I know are completely fed up with politics and embarrassed to participate now.

Sure makes me think the left overplayed their hand.

63798e () No. 3172268


I never fail to get a chuckle out of this.

78d1ec () No. 3172269


Did this happen in 1921 as well?

(Think mirror, Mr Peabody.)

3302c5 () No. 3172270


To quote Q:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

426a49 () No. 3172272


big pic anon? correct?

77e0aa () No. 3172273


Pompeo, Mattis, Flynn, any Patriot. I think the Storm will make us all bloodhounds who can smell Patriots… and the stench of traitors.

a2f605 () No. 3172274


headlines made me post this.


928811 () No. 3172275

8aef94 () No. 3172276

ffa1fc () No. 3172277


Hmm…Let me get a beer and post some titties. BRB.

3f4577 () No. 3172278


Q, why are they still chemtrailing us?

b5085d () No. 3172279

seems like shills are raiding the night shift

89b7a4 () No. 3172280

746757 () No. 3172281


youre quoting it wrong

the hahaahahaha is at the cabal

cuz they hate being made fun of

the 60/40 is cuz it really is that bad

most people arent gonna wanna know and i dont blame them

most would literally break mentally

doesnt make them any worse tho

just gentle people

5027cf () No. 3172282


This place is all wheels inside of wheels and shit. I was starting to doubt it myself.

284062 () No. 3172283

idea from NOTABLES…thanks!

fc0320 () No. 3172284

maybe they were sitting on that precipice the whole time

cbb75f () No. 3172285

f7c234 () No. 3172286

>>3171471 (Prior Notable)

This makes me like Bibi x 1000

MuhSaud hates Bibi. Therefore he must be MIGA

3b7870 () No. 3172287



not a missile that hit the pentagon but a "small" plane (when compared to the expected jet liner it is)


no it's not his muzzie ring (his other muzzie ring)

928811 () No. 3172288

Fuck I hate this guy so much.

410d7a () No. 3172289

746757 () No. 3172290


who says its Q

and maybe its for a good reason

possible it kills whatever infests us

they spray food for the parasites

us mil sprays what kills it

322c40 () No. 3172291


Fandango Rangers the chatter is coming in!!!

Prepare for 5 siren alert!!!!

2720d7 () No. 3172292


I saw Q on the golf course yesterday and he was wearing an Ed Henry pin.

29316e () No. 3172293


never said Q or private comms with Q good job getting my entire statement wrong

youve already proven youre a fukn retard keep digging that hole

8a84ef () No. 3172294


^^^^^ this

33fcfe () No. 3172295


Stop throwing tantrums, Rod, you LOST, get over it. KEK!

29aefe () No. 3172296


It’s literally the equivilent of like a fucking dollar. He’s just famefagging till proven otherwise. It would be the equivilent of a Argentinian posting pictures of pesos and being like ama.

20cf15 () No. 3172297

50195a () No. 3172298

>>>3171371 (lb)


here we go.

sorry, late tonight!

an old "Pizzagater" from 2016…

found FBIAnon and QANON a year later…!

01f1c1 () No. 3172299


It also confirms that Kav is the autist we all deserve.

011f9e () No. 3172300


How many hours of Netflix about this story can we expect?

bdee61 () No. 3172301

It is not so much that Republican party is stupid, it that the party is paralyzed with fear. The party is afraid of the media, the democrat party, women, men, all fifty-seven genders, Muslims, non-Muslims, LBJQTLSMFT'S, blacks, whites, Chinese, Mexicans and every other group whether organized or not, last but not insignificant - their own shadow..

0acc30 () No. 3172303

Introducing the Demofascist Party.

31d4e0 () No. 3172304

Anyone want to speculate on Qs meaning of red October? I don't believe it was about the missing sub off Argentina. It might be about republicans owning October, but the elections are in November.

This leads me to believe that October might be bloody, but hopefully only metaphorically.

We don't need another bloody civil war.

8fa0d1 () No. 3172305


Kavanaugh will get confirmed no matter. The damage they hoped for in stalling has already been done. It's too late now to get Kavanaugh confirmed by Thursday, which was the dead like to have him sit on the SC in session when they return. We will have another 8 SC session 4 to 4 gridlock for another session. I dont mind too much though, FISA declas is much more important at this point. The senate cucking originally has fucked us in the next session, but at this point it doesnt matter as much. They are using Kavanaugh now as a means to keep the FISA declas out of the headlines. That is the reason they are going so crazy still.

2ab4bd () No. 3172306

Bought in April. Not rare numis but RARE.. IYKWIM

Couldn't resist it.

3302c5 () No. 3172307


have NEVER commented on a bewbs drop, must say that this one is worthy of a WOW @ the very least (would still like to see her WITH clothes, this anon still prefers things to be left to imagination)

3fef4a () No. 3172308


It has been a revelation for me, in a slow process,

to discover the meaning of "insurgents"

and "destruction from within"

and the steady dysfunction of our country

which has contaminated EVERYTHING

from our schools, medical boards, media,

anything that makes a society function well

has been maligned and destroyed

with bad management, theft, and inaction

causing the population to wonder

"do we have a system that works"

and to seek another system

It has taken many years to realize

this is deliberate

and done by SOCIALISTS

who want the entire world to turn into one nation

This would result in the robbing of the planet.

and the end of justice and truth.

You can look back and see the paths they have gone to get here.

Bankrupt the country.

Disrupt the courts.

Lie. Cheat. Demoralize. Accuse.

What I didn't realize before

I clearly see now.

de512b () No. 3172309

979a13 () No. 3172310


thanks anon!

hadn't seen this before

may help with redpilling some of my more brainwashed friends

d8ef3f () No. 3172311

The same


c25410 () No. 3172312

US Officials Investigating Obama Admin. Lawyer for FARA Violations

In an attempt to prove that the law applies equally, federal prosecutors have reinvigorated the investigation determining whether Gregory Craig, former Obama White House counsel, failed to register as a foreign agent over ties to Paul Manafort's lobbying work for Kiev.

Craig, Democratic super-lobbyist Tony Podesta and Republican strategist Vin Weber were initially roped into special counsel Robert Mueller's collusion probe before he referred their case to prosecutors in New York, Sputnik reported. On Sunday, the Washington Post reported that federal investigators had "stepped up" the investigation into Craig.

After Mueller handed the investigation to the United States Attorney for Southern District of New York's in April 2018, critics alleged that Mueller didn't bring down indictments himself because they didn't align with the goal of taking down Donald Trump.

For Jim Kavanagh, editor of The Polemicist blog, the latest development is a sign that investigators are trying to make it seem as though they're not just trying to take down Republican-linked individuals, he told Radio Sputnk's Loud & Clear on Monday.

"It is kind of obviously opportunistic and selective persecution," Kavanagh told host John Kiriakou. "It's like laws against jaywalking. Who gets stopped for that? It's only going to be the people the cops want to stop for some other reason." Nevertheless, Craig has yet to be indicted.

Court filings obtained by the Washington Post detail that Craig's former law firm, Skadden, Arps, Slate Meagher & Flom, was paid some $4 million to review to the prosecution of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's rival, in 2012. Through an offshore account, Manafort paid the law firm for a 187-page report on the trial and imprisonment of Tymoshenko.

Tymoshenko was convicted in October 2011 of exceeding her powers as premier while negotiating a 2009 gas contract with Russia. She was sentenced to serve seven years in prison. The Ukrainian politician was later released from jail in 2014.

Attorneys for the former Obama White House counsel maintain that even though Craig wrote the Tymoshenko report, he did not play a role in Manafort's lobbying campaign.

"Mr. Craig never disseminated Skadden's report on the Tymoshenko trial to US government officials, and he did not discuss Skadden's findings with officials in the Executive Branch or the Congress or their staffs," Craig's attorneys told the Post.

"Moreover, Mr. Craig's few media contacts about the report were not part of an effort to promote the report on behalf of a foreign government. As a result, he was not required to register."

Though doubtful that prosecutors will bring charges against Craig, Kavanagh suggested that the legal proceedings would likely lead to an increase in foreign agent registrations as a precaution among the Washington elite. On August 31, prosecutors obtained a guilty plea from longtime DC lobbyist W. Samuel Patten for illegally advancing Ukraine's interests from 2014 to 2017, Sputnik News reported.

"People will hide out for a while, lay low and make sure that they've submitted their [Foreign Agents Registration Act] registration forms," the editor said, before predicting that fears would die down, and things would revert back after some time.

"If we're going to be serious about policing relationships between lobbyists and foreign regimes, we're going to have to do a lot more than this," Kavanagh added, emphasizing the importance of being consistent in the application of the law.


f7fd93 () No. 3172313

Ford's lawyer just responded (trying to find doc source to download)…

Doesn't agree to the female prosecutor doing the questioning…

And, because of Mitch's statements on the floor today, thinks the hearing won't be fair.

cbb75f () No. 3172314


>e news lmao. Pathetic. Let alone an "autist", wants to spew "physics". SmhThis place only deserves the 40/60 it my never even get.

746757 () No. 3172315

anons hear me out here

what if these people are sick

is literal

and they are like puppets controlled by something horrible

they are not even in control of their actions

they are basically sitting inside watching the horror unfold

and the cure will make them free

would that explain why some switched sides ?

or am i crazy

7cc9a9 () No. 3172316

8ce25f () No. 3172317


Oprah Connection

6f948a () No. 3172318

8aef94 () No. 3172319


blame apple for the large files

06bf04 () No. 3172320


Bromwich is a fixer and he is from SDNY DOJ

Bread 3977


b5085d () No. 3172321


>my entire statement


you fucking faggot gtfo


this is you dumbass: >>3170804

>Q team contacted kappy

f43516 () No. 3172322


Maybe she has mistaken the judge’s robe for a priest’s robe.

5c1801 () No. 3172323


So Numismatic slide. If one has to have slides, not bad.

8d2543 () No. 3172324

9c1c31 () No. 3172325


You're talking as if a wild hypopthesis is fact.

There is no sauce on it.

Why don't you mark your speculations as speculation.

33fcfe () No. 3172326


So sincerely, what's the deal with all the pictures? They're interesting, and of subject matter relevant to us, but what are we supposed to do with them?

ff3971 () No. 3172327

The Voat sub's doing well, just reached 11502 subscribers, up 1500 from yesterday.

It's comfy there.

bdee61 () No. 3172328


Yes we do. Otherwise they will rise again.

c25410 () No. 3172329

Tucker Goes SCORCHED EARTH on Ball-less Republicans: If GOP Cared, They’d Protect You and Kavanaugh – But They Don’t! (VIDEO)

TUCKER CARLSON went SCORCHED EARTH on the ball-less Republican Party in his opening monologue on Monday night.

Carlson was irate — along with most of his audience — with the shameful performance of the Republican Senators and Representatives who are unwilling to protect their constituents and supporters and who are willing to protect Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Tucker Carlson: This is bad joke. That’s clear at this point. What’s amazing is Republicans, for some reason, are still playing along… Republicans in the senate don’t really care about you. If they did care about you they would protect you. That’s what you do for people you care about. You’d protect them. If Republicans cared they’d protect you from the foreign invasion our immigration system has become, they’d protect your children from the mandatory propaganda they face in schools that are bankrupting you. They’d protect your privacy and your freedom of speech, freedom from worship from the tech monopolies that seem to crush all of those things. And, they would protect Brett Kavanaugh from the obvious smears that are destroying his family and his life. But they won’t protect him. And they won’t protect him for the same reasons they won’t protect you. Because it’s hard and embarrassing or they just don’t feel like it. This could be a Socialist country in a few years. It’s moving that way. A lot of us would like to be protected from that. Our representatives don’t seem to notice.

Bravo, Tucker! for putting into words what millions of us are thinking!


0f447d () No. 3172330


In physics, a force is any interaction that, when unopposed, will change the motion of an object. A force can cause an object with mass to change its velocity (which includes to begin moving from a state of rest), i.e., to accelerate.

1d4a53 () No. 3172331



Space wave fields

Quantum gravity vectors

8aef94 () No. 3172332


not sure, but just know that you are getting a preview right now

50195a () No. 3172333


how's Raif Badawi?

abc6f8 () No. 3172334


This letter is the set up for their faux outrage at the process and the reason they won't show up.

No way Ford wants to go under oath.

The left just accomplished the physically impossible task of fucking themselves.

c1c406 () No. 3172335


> because of Mitch's statements on the floor today, thinks the hearing won't be fair.

I guess you should bow out then shouldn't you. Go file a police report - then let's talk about "fair."

325a61 () No. 3172336


bring the violence Q





1886fd () No. 3172337

Avenatti calls Kavanaugh a H.S. rapist; Kavanaugh says he was a virgin; Media pounces

by Becket Adams

| September 24, 2018 08:46 PM

Members of the news media once again thought they found a solid “gotcha” against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Once again they were wrong. They took his comments out of context in order to misrepresent his defense of himself.

On Monday, news broke that Kavanaugh and his wife, Ashley, would appear on Fox News to respond to allegations he sexually assaulted two separate women in the early 1980s. As news of the impending interview broke, certain journalists began tweeting context-less excerpts from the judge's pre-taped sit-down with Fox’s Martha MacCallum.

The Washington Post’s James Hohmann, for example, tweeted the following:

MACCALLUM: “Never had sexual intercourse with anyone in high school?”

KAVANAUGH: “Correct.”

MACCALLUM: “And through what years in college, since we’re probing into your personal life here?”

KAVANAUGH: “Many years after, I’ll leave it at that. Many years after.”

Some in the news media saw their opening.

The New York Times Maggie Haberman was one of the first out of the gate, notifying her 940,000-plus Twitter followers that the neither of Kavanaugh’s accusers claim to have had sexual intercourse with the man.

“This however is neither here nor there re the allegation, which is a forcible attempted assault,” she tweeted.

The first Kavanaugh accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, alleges only that Kavanaugh tried to have sex with her. The second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, claims Kavanaugh exposed himself in front of her during a drinking game in college.

The Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale had a similar take, tweeting, “Kavanaugh, accused of sex assaults that didn't involve intercourse: ‘I've never sexually assaulted anyone. I did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter.’ Fox treats this as relevant.”

The Washington Examiner’s Phil Klein and Kelly Cohen made the same point, with the former tweeting “Still struggling to understand why Kavanaugh felt it was necessary to go into this detail. None of the allegations suggest he successfully raped anybody – all could be true even were he still a virgin” and the latter tweeting, “just need to point out that none of the accusations against kavanaugh preclude him from being a virgin."

The New York Daily News even tweeted this dishonest headline: "Brett Kavanaugh claims he couldn't have sexually assaulted anyone who has accused him — because he was a virgin 'many years' into college."



0f447d () No. 3172338


energy is simply the application of force.

746757 () No. 3172339


pure speculation

which is one of the points of this board

why does the idea scare you ?

just asking

never said it was true

426a49 () No. 3172340


was that the bin laden family house last time?

b5085d () No. 3172341

29316e is the faggot from two breads ago that thinks Q "contacted Kappy"

fukken too funny

df8156 () No. 3172342


The optics for Dems are growing worse with Kavanaugh. More #WalkAways then they can imagine are coming.

9b3001 () No. 3172343

The chick Ford is ugly as a mangy dog, she won’t get on tv in front of the nation, too self conscious and Aldo’s fears perjury charges

fcea11 () No. 3172344


Why is it "Alice AND Wonderland?"

8d2543 () No. 3172345


We take questions on compression.

Ask away.

c82b49 () No. 3172346


This is all the " demands " are designed to do , give grounds for bitching.

45d0f4 () No. 3172347

1b6341 () No. 3172348


Stop shilling microdick.

7af67e () No. 3172349

I just love this place. the loving, the hating the complete lack of respect and the respect. feels just like growing up with the family. I am at home here.

15a236 () No. 3172350

9c1c31 () No. 3172351

fc0320 () No. 3172352


is it a market correction???


3cf5c7 () No. 3172353


I too have had this same train of thought~

1b6341 () No. 3172354

82eef0 () No. 3172355


>This place is all wheels inside of wheels and shit.


Spinning often. Onward and upward!

2ab4bd () No. 3172356

Just took a ripper too…was post #420


bdee61 () No. 3172357

6f948a () No. 3172358


anon… that is a LARP. Don't waste your time.

8fa0d1 () No. 3172359

Dam still a lot of dayglo in here

Where my night shift at

3302c5 () No. 3172360


>the hahaahahaha is at the cabal

>cuz they hate being made fun of

And so do shills, hence, why I used it. Am quite clear on the remainder of your post.

29aefe () No. 3172361


>>being this phaggy

983be8 () No. 3172362

What’s Lynne doing these days?

568a2c () No. 3172364


Amen Tucker

746757 () No. 3172365


i have no idea where these thoughts are coming from tbh

just randomly pops up

maybe its the ai telling me what to think

or i already knew it

or its fake and im crazy

dont care tbh

a447df () No. 3172366


R you going to get the autographed someday?


d8ef3f () No. 3172367


Love you, hate you, who cares-we are family

El Bundy (married with children)

93e1dd () No. 3172368

0a1643 () No. 3172369

the state of this board 2nite…

cbb75f () No. 3172370

8aef94 () No. 3172371



think second coming

b1ebdb () No. 3172372


Is the event this coin represents that is important?

65ef60 () No. 3172373


What are the four fundamental forces of the universe?

According to the present understanding, there are four fundamental interactions or forces: gravitation, electromagnetism, the weak interaction, and the strong interaction.

2720d7 () No. 3172374


Where was Bill Clinton on the night in question?

45d0f4 () No. 3172375

8aef94 () No. 3172376


yes, will provide more pictures soon!

c9e0ac () No. 3172377


Not dresser coinfag. Saudi MacBook coinfag

934123 () No. 3172379


He's big picture guy, but showing coins this time. Spoopy as fuck, just like big picture guy.

1d4a53 () No. 3172380




7af67e () No. 3172381


stfu uncle jim. lose your 5th wife yet?

a2f605 () No. 3172382


I'm telling you anons, after this is over, there will be few republicans or democrats.

too many comped republicans.

too many comped demos.

demos crippled by all this craziness.

repubs crippled for no platform.

don't know what will arise to truly oppose Trump.

GEOTUS is a RINO - he and MAGA are not the republican party. republicans did their best to try and shove him off the ballot.

what's next when both of the ancient beasts of the democracene age go down?

410d7a () No. 3172383

bdee61 () No. 3172384

c9e0ac () No. 3172385


Who are you? I don’t know the story with this

0f447d () No. 3172386

4c4e8d () No. 3172387


What's a better lay, goats or camels?

3647f0 () No. 3172388


getting "blacked"? kek

29316e () No. 3172389


>>Q team contacted kappy

this doesnt mean Q

>literally proving me right

wow good job

also i meant white hats which to me is synonymous with q team since its the same agenda


>go back in history to find past statements

>using reddit tactics


yeah im the fuckin new fag you fukn loser

91e6a0 () No. 3172390

Shut it deep state Bush family NWO.

a66a6b () No. 3172391


No thoughts or digging on this yet?

e5ff79 () No. 3172392

moved back to the trailer park she grew up in… ;-)

b0bcd7 () No. 3172393

568a2c () No. 3172394


Oh man, I know this guy Bob who's on wife number 6.


I'm too lazy to do that much paperwork

9d3962 () No. 3172395


ugh go away tardus maximus

746757 () No. 3172396

lmao i just realized whats about to happen

this should be fun

8aef94 () No. 3172397


worth reading up on. all past events help complete the full picture.

9c1c31 () No. 3172401


Yeah they area, but they are very weak shills. Pathetic even. If that's the best they can send it says a lot about how far their op has fallen.

6d2e30 () No. 3172400

b5085d () No. 3172402


gtfo shill


stfu dumbass

c9e0ac () No. 3172403


Oh. The same bigpic fag from a week or so ago?

0165fe () No. 3172404

I really pray that she makes it to DC unharmed.

No AK-47 or AR-15 stories from the msn about a 'right winger'…etc.

Pray hard faggots.

c1c406 () No. 3172405



>what's next when both of the ancient beasts of the democracene age go down?

The Constitutional Party

29aefe () No. 3172406

Just filtered ID+ for coinfag. Now the people gullible enough to respond to someone posting currency from Saudi Arabia are filtered too. /comfy// and clean as fuck board.

58d785 () No. 3172407

Cmon Trump DECLASi it all …. I am sick of these lies the Dems come out with …. This fucking Movie is too slooowww …

3b7870 () No. 3172408


issues at Dartmouth?

c9e0ac () No. 3172409


Share anon

8aef94 () No. 3172410


your mom

42b2c2 () No. 3172411


“I can confirm she no longer works here,” a DOJ spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email, without being more specific.

0f447d () No. 3172412


Force is the potential for interaction..

746757 () No. 3172413

anons what does heat kill

f1327a () No. 3172414


I liked the getting change from a $5 cab ride reference. Made me LOL.

Found and read it after I started here. Recommend for any Fag who wants a new perspective on all of this.

In the novel Q is the only one the President trusts to get his words out to the people. Hmmmmm. Sound familiar?

Not a coincidence.

df8156 () No. 3172415


I was hittin' some Big hair and Spandex in an Arkansas Trailer Park that night.

b0bcd7 () No. 3172416



29316e () No. 3172417



never denied not saying it

wtf is wrong with you

go eat some tendies you fukn retard and stop sperging out

4a0b6a () No. 3172418