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Q Research General #4776: Eyes On to Catch Fraud Edition

Q Research General #4776: Eyes On to Catch Fraud Edition Anonymous ID: af8f67 2018-11-06 17:38:31Z No. 3759347

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Tuesday 11.06.18

>>>/patriotsfight/418 ——————————— Q in the sky: @StaceyDash( Cap: >>3759195 )

>>>/patriotsfight/417 ——————————— VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! JUSTICE COMING. ( Cap: >>3759170 )

>>>/patriotsfight/416 ——————————— This is about preserving our REPUBLIC. THIS IS ABOUT SAVING AMERICA. ( Cap: >>3755153 )

>>3754365 ——————————————— VOTE! & MEME!

>>3754269 rt >>3754247 —————-———– The world will follow. Think Merkel.

>>3754220 rt >>3754138 —————-———– He has no choice now but to remain in the light.

>>3754088 rt >>3754053 —————-———– We are grateful.

>>>/patriotsfight/415 ——————————— It is time, WE, THE PEOPLE, reclaim what is rightfully ours (Cap: >>3753655 )

>>>/patriotsfight/414 ——————————— Eyes On, Patriots! History books (Caps: >>3753346 )

>>>/patriotsfight/413 ——————————— DECLAS coming (Caps: >>3753120, >>3753209 )

>>>/patriotsfight/412 ——————————— MEMES now front & center. (Cap: >>3747409 )

>>3747136 rt >>3747094 —————-———– Both brothers do have a pending sealed indictment.

>>>/patriotsfight/411 ——————————— The 'LEFT' has no chance. ( Cap: >>3747075 )

>>3745973 ——————————————— VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Will you answer the call? Your Country needs you!

>>3745883 rt >>3745849 —————-———– POTUS 'really' made that one obvious didn't he?

>>3745821 rt >>3745801 —————-———– Trolling the FAKE NEWS media is FUN!

>>>/patriotsfight/410 ——————————— Do you 'AIR Q'? (Cap: >>3745763 Video: >>3745786 )

>>3745008 rt >>3744948 —————-———– MEMES locked on target? Fire when ready

>>>/patriotsfight/409 ——————————— Yes, Mr. President, Anons are actively tracking. Message received (Cap: >>3744884 , >>3744948 )

>>>/patriotsfight/408 ——————————— For Anons… (Cap: >>3740800 ; >>3740558 ; >>3740556 )

>>>/patriotsfight/407 ——————————— VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! (Cap: >>3740741 )

Sunday 11.04.18

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Anonymous ID: af8f67 2018-11-06 17:39:15Z No. 3759357


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>>3478991 and >>3522113 NPC Memes



>>3756420 Didn't register to vote but would like to last minute? Read this

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>>3738283, >>3738412 Election Fraud Reporting Hotlines By State

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>>3572123 Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening v.1.0


>>3758988, >>3759016 Long voting lines in Houston TX bc "technical difficulties"?

>>3758986 Planefag report: B-52 bombers in action

>>3758726 >>3759097, >>3759182 Oct: Boatload of Puerto Rican refugees brought to FL

>>3758944 Unexpected death: Ronald Brewer, former AZ Gov. Jan Brewer's eldest son

>>3758712, >>3758807 NC fuggery? Is "humidity" the "hanging chads" du jour?

>>3758706, >>3758715 Merkel-replacing cabal dude Blackrock's offices searched

>>3758700 Oprah, Hanks, (((Spielberg))) to "racists": Follow the damn stars!!

>>3758680 Kanukistan: leafcucks' govt selling 'em out to communist china

>>3758679 Twatter @LarrySchweiker twats "Beto" buses spotted in TX

>>3758643 Ohio Anon reports evidence of suspected voting fuggery to multiple places

>>3759311 #4775

#4774 Baker change

>>3758540 FARAGE WAS RIGHT: Macron calls for ‘real European army’ v. Russia and even AMERICA

>>3758520, >>3758526 Planefag Update: Two AZAZ0909 flights, spec ops?

>>3758311 EYES ON: How you can help monitor cams near poll stations to catch fuggery

>>3758253 Forced Vax On Notice: RFK Jr. blasts California senator in new ad

>>3758205 ?? Wells Fargo says internal error caused more home foreclosures than expected

>>3758230, >>3758310 SNOWDEN Addresses Israelis TODAY & 11/6/2017 Q: "Think Snowden"

>>3758148, >>3758197 11/2 article (obscure sauce, (((Cohen))) author'd) on SNOWDEN

>>3757941, >>3757977 @DJT twat/Anon cap shuts MSM's lying mouths re: Hawley early departure

>>3757934, >>3758028 gogogogo! Poll GOP firm shows Battle Axe McCaskill Going Down

>>3757931 Denmark: Maersk family ousts Danske Bank chairman after scandal

>>3757916 MSM wants to think about aliens–anything but the Red Wave

>>3757913 For Based Feelz: Vid of Antifa v. cops + paintball re: blocking ICE

>>3757861, >>3757890, >>3758068 Oracle/US Navy on China internet traffic 'misdirections

>>3758562 #4774


>>3757585 MSNBC airs fake graphic showing Andrew Gillum winning Florida vote

>>3757502 Profit doubles at Eli Lilly

>>3757265 Donald Trump Jr: Opinion piece on illegal immigration

>>3757219 China unveils new 'Heavenly Palace' space station

>>3757208 Sec Kirstjen Nielsen tweets about election safety & security

>>3757170 Dems' stealth strategy to block POTUS' agenda w/o House or Senate

>>3757089 Fresh Great Awakening Covers for Election Day (90th cover!)

>>3757747 #4773

#4772 Baker change

>>3756567 Anon reports strange Dem vote canvasing practices in Illinois

>>3756420 Didn't register to vote but would like to last minute? Read this

>>3756416 6 arrested with plotting to attack Macron

>>3756406 Oregon is voting on a law about Sanctuary Statehood

>>3756338 , >>3756366 NYT: Enjoy James Comey's election tears

>>3756316 Recent maps for Planefags

>>3756998 #4772


>>3755509, >>3755655 Leftists promote skipping school to vote: (who's financing?)

>>3755516 KJU in the news

>>3755548 Pakistan Pols brawl over Christian woman with death sentence overturned

>>3755568 Iran update

>>3755555 Trump Dredd makes the call.

>>3755662 MSM trying to let down their viewers easy?

>>3755660, >>3755701 JW releases Benghazi email: Amb. Stevens was taken (Alive, Dead?) to a hospital after separation from security personnel (describe as 'complex attack').

>>3755774 Veterans Day facts.

>>3755830, >>3755830 Reporter caught saying a win by John James would suck. (Fired)

>>3755850 China developing "gait recognition" technology.

>>3755868, >>3755897 Anon discovers a web of connected "youth groups" with unclear/shady financing.

>>3755969 SC sets Midterm record for absentee voting!

>>3756011 Betos being sued for his campaign sending out text messages.

>>3756160 Futures down.

>>3756199 Sara Carter shares personal thoughts on Davidson's disgusting remarks.

>>3756268 #4771

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Anonymous ID: fffd44 2018-11-06 17:40:22Z No. 3759377

Sorry for the underwhelming response to Dash, Q. We are not big Hollywood people. I do love her though!

Where the hell are you by the way???

Anonymous ID: f63235 2018-11-06 17:40:51Z No. 3759379

>>3759345 (lb)

Election Fraud and Voting Rights Abuse Hotlines Established

…the FBI will have special agents available in each field office and resident agency throughout the country to receive allegations of election fraud and other election abuses on Election Day. The local FBI field office can be reached by the public at (401) 272-8310.

Complaints about possible violations of the federal voting rights laws can be made directly to the Civil Rights Division’s Voting Section in Washington, DC by phone at 1-800-253-3931 or (202) 307-2767, by fax at (202) 307-3961, by email to [email protected] (link sends e-mail) or by complaint form at

Anonymous ID: af8f67 2018-11-06 17:40:54Z No. 3759380

current dough

Anonymous ID: 0f99c9 2018-11-06 17:40:58Z No. 3759381

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/06/18 (Tue) 11:39:49 No.419

Protect the VOTE!


Anonymous ID: 00ef10 2018-11-06 17:41:13Z No. 3759382

NEW "Q PF 419"

















Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:41:19Z No. 3759383

Anonymous ID: 1a4e41 2018-11-06 17:41:21Z No. 3759384

>>3759364 (pb)

Midterms are safe means you won't get attacked while voting.

California is going to do what they've always done… they just won't get away with it this time.

Anonymous ID: cb97b9 2018-11-06 17:41:24Z No. 3759385

NEW Q 419

Anonymous ID: fffd44 2018-11-06 17:41:33Z No. 3759386



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/06/18 (Tue) 11:39:49 No.419

Protect the VOTE!


Anonymous ID: 535870 2018-11-06 17:41:36Z No. 3759387

Anonymous ID: 1f1f1b 2018-11-06 17:41:37Z No. 3759388


Just watch whats gonna happen on 11.11 when Nationalists are going to organize March for the 100th anniversary of Polish Independence Day

Anonymous ID: d7f329 2018-11-06 17:41:40Z No. 3759389

TY Baker. TY Stacey Dash.

Anonymous ID: 927222 2018-11-06 17:41:45Z No. 3759391

thank you baker anon(s)

Anonymous ID: fc4f04 2018-11-06 17:41:46Z No. 3759390

New Q…


Anonymous ID: 2178ac 2018-11-06 17:41:53Z No. 3759392

GOD bless German anon's Mom.


Anonymous ID: b72ae3 2018-11-06 17:42:15Z No. 3759393

Anonymous ID: 0f99c9 2018-11-06 17:42:25Z No. 3759394


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/06/18 (Tue) 11:39:49 No.419

Protect the VOTE!


Anonymous ID: 72d613 2018-11-06 17:42:25Z No. 3759395

Q just Q'd the JusticeDept twitter account TOP KEK

Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 17:42:25Z No. 3759396



MSNBC Puts Up Graphic Showing Socialist Crook Andrew Gillum Winning Florida — That Has Not Happened Yet

Anonymous ID: 3ea6d3 2018-11-06 17:42:30Z No. 3759397

Response to post in lb:

Everyone who votes a system with a printed "receipt" needs to diligently cross check. This type of error would be "helpful" in a recount against the machine. Those paper receipts are where they will go to get the "real" data in a recount. Don't just rig the vote, rig the recount.

Anonymous ID: e013b8 2018-11-06 17:42:30Z No. 3759398

NEW Q 419

▶Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 2 minutes ago No.419

Protect the VOTE!


Anonymous ID: 300b50 2018-11-06 17:42:34Z No. 3759399

>>3759220 lb

im sorry anon.

my prayers are with you and your family

Anonymous ID: f2b9f0 2018-11-06 17:42:34Z No. 3759400

My son just got back from voting in TX with his good friend who just got back from Marine basic training.

VOTE to keep the wolves away

Anonymous ID: 1f7abc 2018-11-06 17:42:36Z No. 3759401

To the anon who posted this spaceship.

This is how they can project an alien invasion onto the sky.

Anonymous ID: 8aa1d2 2018-11-06 17:42:38Z No. 3759402

Anonymous ID: 6607a1 2018-11-06 17:42:43Z No. 3759403


PST cap

Protect the VOTE!


Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:42:43Z No. 3759404

Anonymous ID: f8906a 2018-11-06 17:42:48Z No. 3759405


Do NOT engage shills.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:42:51Z No. 3759406


Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: fffd44 2018-11-06 17:42:53Z No. 3759407

Anonymous ID: 0131d9 2018-11-06 17:42:54Z No. 3759408

>>3759338 (lb)

oh I know her, nevermind, didn't make the connection based on the twatter page

kek, not good with actors/actresses' names

I am on the younger side though

Anonymous ID: bbd9ce 2018-11-06 17:42:56Z No. 3759409

New Q


Protect the VOTE!


Anonymous ID: 2a92a0 2018-11-06 17:42:58Z No. 3759410


TY Baker!

Anonymous ID: ce73fc 2018-11-06 17:43:02Z No. 3759411

Anonymous ID: bc6f28 2018-11-06 17:43:07Z No. 3759412

The RED brick wall stopping the blue wave!!!



Anonymous ID: 9474c5 2018-11-06 17:43:08Z No. 3759413


Prepare your minds.


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:43:17Z No. 3759414


Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: d1b7eb 2018-11-06 17:43:18Z No. 3759415

Why did Q abandon this board…

Anonymous ID: cd2da8 2018-11-06 17:43:19Z No. 3759416

Anonymous ID: a1a29d 2018-11-06 17:43:22Z No. 3759417

here comes PF 420. could e a big one. maybe it'll have ten in it somehow, 4,10,20 on election day

Anonymous ID: 72d613 2018-11-06 17:43:34Z No. 3759418


CNN was pushing this yesterday, today they "updateed" the article to make it seem like it was published recently and there was not Update at the bottom. Fuckery fuck happening IMO.

Anonymous ID: 6595a7 2018-11-06 17:43:37Z No. 3759419

Anonymous ID: b489f8 2018-11-06 17:43:40Z No. 3759420

High energy today, good job!

USAF STRATCOM 164 CHARACTER MESSAGE Anonymous ID: e4ea24 2018-11-06 17:43:41Z No. 3759421

Traffic is picking up on 11.175Mhz.

I've not heard a 164-character message before.

Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 17:43:43Z No. 3759422

Deep State Hits the Streets: Comey Posts Photo of Himself Before Stumping for Democrats

The Deep State hit the streets today.

James Comey posted a photo with his wife after they voted today.

Comey says he’s now going to knock on doors for Democrats today.

This is the former FBI Director.

He continues to disgrace the agency.

Anonymous ID: ce73fc 2018-11-06 17:43:47Z No. 3759423


Anonymous ID: 4e61e3 2018-11-06 17:43:53Z No. 3759424


For You Anon.

and for all of u who have loved and lost, may this comfort your soul. God Bless

Anonymous ID: 447acd 2018-11-06 17:43:57Z No. 3759425

Anyone else think that emlpoyment in the C_A should disqualify you FOR LIFE from running for any office?

Anonymous ID: 616a04 2018-11-06 17:43:59Z No. 3759426

kek.. loks like the shills are trying to co-opt the NPC as an angle..

Good luck with that shills

You have no chance to survive :)

Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:43:59Z No. 3759427

Anonymous ID: 0f99c9 2018-11-06 17:44:03Z No. 3759428


That sign is illegal if it's on the polling place doors.

Anonymous ID: d5f577 2018-11-06 17:44:04Z No. 3759429

Get these out to the wild!

Anonymous ID: 4e297d 2018-11-06 17:44:08Z No. 3759430


lmao at this retard in the Justice Dept tweet's replies:

Apparently having law enforcement at the polls is "voter intimidation."

Anonymous ID: bc6f28 2018-11-06 17:44:21Z No. 3759431

Yes! He has a magic wand!!!

Anonymous ID: 51dd33 2018-11-06 17:44:25Z No. 3759432

>>3759349 (Bread last)

Anonymous ID: 9f5c7b 2018-11-06 17:44:27Z No. 3759433

Anonymous ID: e07409 2018-11-06 17:44:31Z No. 3759434

Sky event incoming

Anonymous ID: 616a04 2018-11-06 17:44:39Z No. 3759435


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:44:40Z No. 3759436


(You) will find out (you) homotus at yo meetings judas fehgel

Anonymous ID: 1a4e41 2018-11-06 17:44:40Z No. 3759437


Anonymous ID: da583e 2018-11-06 17:44:55Z No. 3759438

Midterm victory upon us anons. Then the show we've all been waiting for starts. ==Mama said they was magic shoes==

Anonymous ID: e6ea7d 2018-11-06 17:44:58Z No. 3759439

Anonymous ID: 47994a 2018-11-06 17:45:04Z No. 3759440


If most of your voters are doing so illegally then that's technically true I guess.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:45:13Z No. 3759441


Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: a525db 2018-11-06 17:45:14Z No. 3759442


God Bless you, Anon. Mein Prayers are with you. I will be praying for you; May the peace of God which surpass all understanding, comfort you.

Anonymous ID: 0131d9 2018-11-06 17:45:17Z No. 3759443


>Why did Q abandon this board…

Q legitimately posted here this morning you stupid fuck

Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 17:45:26Z No. 3759444

Deceased Voters Remain Active As Cruz Jokes "Everyone Knows The Dead Vote Democrat…"

Hundreds of now deceased people have been found to be still eligible to vote in LA county with one dead man voting in multiple elections years after he died.

An investigation conducted by David Goldstein of CBS Los Angeles discovered 561 people who are now dead are registered as active voters in LA County.

A 2016 Goldstein investigation found the names of 906 dead people still registered to vote in L.A. County.

After inputting those names into the county registrar’s voter verification website to see how many are still eligible to vote in Tuesday’s election, CBSLA discovered 561 people who are dead but still registered to vote.

And it wasn’t people who just recently passed away – they died at least five years ago.

Of the dead registered voters, 336 were listed as Democrats, 173 were Republicans and 52 had another party or no party affiliation, reports the local CBS affiliate.

Records show that at least 17 of these deceased voters casted support for a candidate in 2016.

One deceased name that showed up in the records, Ralph Howey, was found to have voted in 2010, 2012 and 2014, despite having passed away in 2009 at the age of 104.

Anonymous ID: 616a04 2018-11-06 17:45:31Z No. 3759445


True. And so are you ;p

Anonymous ID: 24fe5e 2018-11-06 17:45:34Z No. 3759446

When it comes to elections, BillMitchell is always right.

Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:45:54Z No. 3759447

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:46:04Z No. 3759448


Hogg is jailbait fresh fish

Get you jelly ready

Anonymous ID: 49369a 2018-11-06 17:46:11Z No. 3759449


Dumbfucks are as dumbfucks do.

Anonymous ID: 8a1976 2018-11-06 17:46:11Z No. 3759450

Q, I don't want to be the 'stick in the mud' here….. but…..

Reporting voting crime, violation to DOJ will result in exactly what?

For decades crime has been committed and everyone knew about it. Nada zip zero was done about it. Without a spanking the children do not respect the boundaries. Get where I'm going with this?

Anonymous ID: 927222 2018-11-06 17:46:18Z No. 3759451

i see the shills are once again out in force lol

i doubt i am alone in relishing in the fact they are

all for naught

its already to late for them

and their masters

but i do enjoy seeing them try

its like watching dogs chase their tails


please dont stop shilling

you are a constant source of laughter

and i appreciate it

you see, your intent is evil

but is has no effect

because LOVE is stronger

than hate

and KNOWLEDGE more prevalent

than your ignorance :)

Anonymous ID: 18ff35 2018-11-06 17:46:19Z No. 3759452

Fight Fight Fight.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:46:23Z No. 3759453



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: d5f577 2018-11-06 17:46:24Z No. 3759454


YOU know where this polling station is!

YOU make the report!

Both LOCAL and NAT'L HOTLINE (cuz local may be comp'd)

You have the video as evidence witnessed/turned in to you!

Anonymous ID: 84343b 2018-11-06 17:46:27Z No. 3759455


>>3759345 lb

Q just posted this link…


Anonymous ID: 24fe5e 2018-11-06 17:46:28Z No. 3759456



Learn our Comms.

Anonymous ID: 2cd250 2018-11-06 17:46:28Z No. 3759457

I've been in love with this woman since I was like twelve years old. Mixing her with Q is like mixing beer and wine. How I love them both, but the mixture got my head spinning.

Anonymous ID: 51dd33 2018-11-06 17:46:28Z No. 3759458



Anonymous ID: 549707 2018-11-06 17:46:30Z No. 3759459

Reposting this one from the heel of LB

Indiana election fraud potential

Power out at Kokomo High School polling location, diverting people to Maplecrest Elementary School another polling place

No wearher no accident I am aware of yet (it's rather windy today but nothing we haven't seen before it's the tornado belt after all)

There is a heavy Dem/UAW presence here. Very dirty players. I don't like it but I don't know what to do…

Anonymous ID: cd5e99 2018-11-06 17:46:31Z No. 3759460


Q is a jew

(((They))) are not

Anonymous ID: b72ae3 2018-11-06 17:46:34Z No. 3759462





Anonymous ID: bbd9ce 2018-11-06 17:46:43Z No. 3759463


Anonymous ID: fc4f04 2018-11-06 17:46:43Z No. 3759464






[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:46:45Z No. 3759465



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 46f20c 2018-11-06 17:46:54Z No. 3759466

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:47:01Z No. 3759467



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 17:47:01Z No. 3759468

Huh? Reuters Reporter Urges US Government to Give Each Caravan Member $1 Million — And Save the US $175 Million!

Third caravan of illegal aliens marched through the hills of and rivers of Central America on its way to the US southern border.

This frightening video was released this past weekend.

Zengerie later deleted the tweet.

She said her math was off. Boy was it.

Anonymous ID: 616a04 2018-11-06 17:47:06Z No. 3759469



Anonymous ID: b72ae3 2018-11-06 17:47:09Z No. 3759471




Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:47:10Z No. 3759472

Anonymous ID: 272169 2018-11-06 17:47:11Z No. 3759473

In the highlighted rectangles - what are these people wearing?

What is on their hat visor?

There are only six people in this view with the same uniform and a further 4 elsewhere.

Other than these ten people, why does no one else in the gigapixel crowd wear this outfit?

Believe it or not;

Highlighted in rectangles left to right:

Lauren, JFK Jr. Carolyn

There is no coincidence.

Anonymous ID: c9a8f0 2018-11-06 17:47:11Z No. 3759474

Anonymous ID: 24fe5e 2018-11-06 17:47:17Z No. 3759476


The left can’t meme. These are terrible. At least do one with “trust the plan”

Anonymous ID: e07409 2018-11-06 17:47:20Z No. 3759477

Anonymous ID: b07a16 2018-11-06 17:47:28Z No. 3759478


Eye opener, wasn't it?

Anonymous ID: d9c0dc 2018-11-06 17:47:34Z No. 3759479

Lurkinganon here, It feels good !!

Catching up on bread.

Praying for peace.

Anonymous ID: 3d6723 2018-11-06 17:47:34Z No. 3759480

I am back from voting. For me it was ALL RED Bitches!! WWG1WGA Patriots!!

God Bless Us All.

Anonymous ID: 0131d9 2018-11-06 17:47:36Z No. 3759481


kind of like this: >>3759473

Anonymous ID: 4e61e3 2018-11-06 17:47:39Z No. 3759482


Hey, can u give me a blank pic of the fist?

Anonymous ID: 0f99c9 2018-11-06 17:47:43Z No. 3759483


>For decades crime has been committed and everyone knew about it.

…and done nothing about it, like your trying to push now.

This time it's different…the people are woke and watching and will report it.

So fuckoff with your crying wolf.

Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:47:45Z No. 3759484


Anonymous ID: cd5e99 2018-11-06 17:47:53Z No. 3759485


Still hoping for a bluebeam

Then actual aliens show up during bluebeam and are like naaa

Anonymous ID: d5f577 2018-11-06 17:47:58Z No. 3759486


Q is busy today- I will answer:

It will be different now because WE FOLLOW THE LAWS OF THE LAND NOW!

Have ya heard, there's a new BOSS in charge!?

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:47:59Z No. 3759487



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 8d2074 2018-11-06 17:48:00Z No. 3759488

HUGE turnout in a med-blue part of MA. Much more than in 2016.

Anonymous ID: 1aee2e 2018-11-06 17:48:03Z No. 3759489

Red Tsunami 2018





Anonymous ID: 87f0ab 2018-11-06 17:48:07Z No. 3759490




Q Graphics all in GMT Update

Hi Baker, this post replaces >>3758347 Q Graphics all in GMT #54 seen here >>3759363

Please update the dough.

Godspeed Baker/s

Anonymous ID: d1b7eb 2018-11-06 17:48:09Z No. 3759491




Go back to gay bar idiot.

Anonymous ID: 4bfe25 2018-11-06 17:48:12Z No. 3759492



Tell your friend.. Help them to understand what to do..

Anonymous ID: cd2da8 2018-11-06 17:48:12Z No. 3759493


AMEN. once c[]a always c[]a.


Anonymous ID: fffd44 2018-11-06 17:48:14Z No. 3759494


Lurk moar newfag.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:48:14Z No. 3759495



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 72d613 2018-11-06 17:48:17Z No. 3759496


Implying there are 45 fucking migrants in those caravan. Holy fucktards.

Anonymous ID: 447acd 2018-11-06 17:48:20Z No. 3759497


Math is hard

$1million each….so there are fewer than 50 people? Moran.

Anonymous ID: 616a04 2018-11-06 17:48:20Z No. 3759498

I think I broke ebot

Anonymous ID: b07a16 2018-11-06 17:48:22Z No. 3759499



Good job, anons! Hit twitter up with everything you can today.

Anonymous ID: d27eb9 2018-11-06 17:48:32Z No. 3759500

Anon spotted voting

Anonymous ID: cce088 2018-11-06 17:48:38Z No. 3759501

Is this a good live map of midterm elections?

The Nation Votes: 2018 Midterm Election Day Live Coverage–live-blog-n37

Anonymous ID: 8aa1d2 2018-11-06 17:48:41Z No. 3759502


agreed… exposure/prosecution

Anonymous ID: f2b9f0 2018-11-06 17:48:44Z No. 3759503


There's a new sheriff in town. Report it, no excuses

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:48:47Z No. 3759504



Anonymous ID: e41978 2018-11-06 17:48:48Z No. 3759505

Q: Angela Dorothea Kasner.

Angela Dorothea Merkel (née Kasner, born 17 July 1954)

Merkel was born in Hamburg in then-West Germany and moved to East Germany as an infant when her father, a Lutheran clergyman, received a pastorate in Perleberg.

Angela Dorothea Kasner was born in 1954, in Hamburg, West Germany, the daughter of Horst Kasner (1926–2011; né Kaźmierczak),[13][14] a Lutheran pastor and a native of Berlin, and his wife Herlind (née Jentzsch), born in 1928 in Danzig (now Gdańsk, Poland), a teacher of English and Latin. She has two younger siblings, Marcus Kasner, a physicist, and Irene Kasner, an occupational therapist. In her childhood and youth, Merkel was known among her peers by the nickname "Kasi", derived from her last name Kasner.[15]

Merkel is of German and Polish descent. Her paternal grandfather, Ludwik Kaźmierczak, was a German policeman of Polish ethnicity, who had taken part in Poland's struggle for independence in the early 20th century.[16] He married Merkel's grandmother Margarethe, a German from Berlin, and relocated to her hometown where he worked in the police. In 1930, they Germanized the Polish name Kaźmierczak to Kasner.[17][18][19][20] Merkel's maternal grandparents were the Danzig politician Willi Jentzsch, and Gertrud Alma née Drange, a daughter of the city clerk of Elbing (now Elbląg, Poland) Emil Drange.

Q: Daughter of a Pastor?

Q: Name of FATHER?

Horst Kasner (1926–2011; né Kaźmierczak)

Q: History of FATHER?

Q: Hitler youth (member).

Q: Haircut today vs THEN (A).

Q: Symbolic.

Q: US Intelligence post war controlled who?

Q: The 'Mission'

Q: Who is Angela Hitler?

Angela Franziska Johanna Hammitzsch (née Hitler; 28 July 1883 – 30 October 1949)

Angela Raubal

Angela Hammitzsch


Leo Raubal (1903–1910; his death)

Martin Hammitzsch (1936–1945; his death)


Leo Rudolf Raubal

Geli Raubal

Elfriede (Friedl) Raubal

Q: Relationship to Adolf?

Angela Hitler was the elder half-sister of Adolf Hitler.

Angela Franziska Johanna Hammitzsch (née Hitler; 28 July 1883 – 30 October 1949) was the elder half-sister of Adolf Hitler. By her first husband, Leo Raubal Sr., she was the mother of Geli Raubal.

Angela Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria-Hungary, the second child of Alois Hitler Sr. and his second wife, Franziska Matzelsberger. Her mother died the following year. She and her brother Alois Hitler, Jr. were brought up by their father and his third wife Klara Pölzl. Her half-brother, Adolf Hitler, was born six years after her, and they grew very close. She is the only one of his siblings mentioned in Mein Kampf.

Q: How were children named in Germany during this period?

First Name and Middle Name were combined to form a new name.

MARLENE f German, English


German actress and singer Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992), whose real name was Maria Magdalene Dietrich.

MARLIES f German, Dutch

Combination of MARIA and LIES.

MARLIS f German

Combination of MARIA and LIESE.

Q: First or middle.

Q: Family tree.

Q: Anna.

ANNA f English, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Icelandic, Faroese, Catalan, Occitan, Breton, Biblical, Old Church Slavic, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek

Form of Channah (see HANNAH) used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament. Many later Old Testament translations, including the English, use the Hannah spelling instead of Anna.

Anonymous ID: 46f20c 2018-11-06 17:48:51Z No. 3759506


Is Pelosi going to Gitmo?

Anonymous ID: 4e297d 2018-11-06 17:48:52Z No. 3759507


Truth. Police "intimidate" people into not breaking the law I guess.

Anonymous ID: 3d1e56 2018-11-06 17:48:54Z No. 3759508

>>3759091 (lb)

I agree anon. Too much shenanigans. Hard for people to trust the process.

Anonymous ID: 87f0ab 2018-11-06 17:49:02Z No. 3759509




Q Graphics all in GMT

Q Graphics all in GMT #01-#05 >>>/comms/486, >>>/comms/487, >>>/comms/488

Q Graphics all in GMT #06-#10 >>>/comms/488, >>>/comms/489, >>>/comms/490

Q Graphics all in GMT #11-#15 >>>/comms/491, >>>/comms/545, >>>/comms/950

Q Graphics all in GMT #16-#20 >>>/comms/951, >>>/comms/952, >>>/comms/953, >>>/comms/987, >>>/comms/1103

Q Graphics all in GMT #21-#25 >>>/comms/1119, >>>/comms/1156, >>>/comms/1286, >>>/comms/1288, >>>/comms/1303

Q Graphics all in GMT #26-#30 >>>/comms/1307, >>>/comms/1462, >>>/comms/1466, >>>/comms/1489, >>>/comms/2071

Q Graphics all in GMT #31-#35 >>>/comms/2072, >>>/comms/2073, >>>/comms/2100, >>>/comms/2164, >>>/comms/2176

Q Graphics all in GMT #36-#40 >>>/comms/2228, >>>/comms/2229, >>>/comms/2261, >>>/comms/2268, >>>/comms/2270

Q Graphics all in GMT #41-#45 >>>/comms/2274, >>>/comms/2306, >>>/comms/2312, >>>/comms/2314, >>>/comms/2327

Q Graphics all in GMT #46-#50 >>>/comms/2450, >>>/comms/2491, >>>/comms/2496, >>>/comms/2520, >>>/comms/2528

Q Graphics all in GMT #51-#54 >>>/comms/2605, >>>/comms/2801, >>>/comms/2831, >>3759490

Pastabin in case one prefers:

Anonymous ID: 950f9d 2018-11-06 17:49:04Z No. 3759510


Anons if you see ANYTHING like this tear it down immediately.

If someone complains tough shit for them.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:49:15Z No. 3759511



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: ee5ec1 2018-11-06 17:49:23Z No. 3759512

Is California going to be all right today?!

I say we're going red, but I'm worried about Dem fuckery.

Am I stressing out about this too much?

Anonymous ID: b489f8 2018-11-06 17:49:24Z No. 3759513


here is your blank

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:49:29Z No. 3759514



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:49:30Z No. 3759515

Anonymous ID: e41978 2018-11-06 17:49:31Z No. 3759516


Q: Maria.

MAIKE f Frisian, German

Frisian diminutive of MARIA.

MAJA (2) f Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Slovene, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Slovak

Diminutive of MARIA.

MAREIKE f Frisian, German

Frisian and German diminutive of MARIA.

MARIA f & m Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Occitan, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Faroese, Dutch, Frisian, Greek, Polish, Romanian, English, Finnish, Corsican, Sardinian, Basque, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Biblical Greek, Biblical Latin, Old Church Slavic

Latin form of Greek Μαρια, from Hebrew מִרְיָם (see MARY). Maria is the usual form of the name in many European languages, as well as a secondary form in other languages such as English (where the common spelling is Mary). In some countries, for example Germany, Poland and Italy, Maria is occasionally used as a masculine middle name. It was also borne by the Habsburg queen Maria Theresa (1717-1780), whose inheritance of the domains of her father, the Holy Roman emperor Charles VI, began the War of the Austrian Succession.

MARIELE f German

German diminutive of MARIA.

MARITA (1) f German, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish

Diminutive of MARIA.

MARIUS m Ancient Roman, Romanian, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, French

Roman family name which was derived either from MARS, the name of the Roman god of War, or else from the Latin root mas, maris meaning "male". Gaius Marius was a famous Roman consul of the 2nd century BC. Since the start of the Christian era, it has occasionally been used as a masculine form of MARIA.

MARLENE f German, English

Blend of MARIA and MAGDALENE. It refers, therefore, to Mary Magdalene, a character in the New Testament. The name was popularized by the German actress and singer Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992), whose real name was Maria Magdalene Dietrich.

MARLIES f German, Dutch

Combination of MARIA and LIES.

MARLIS f German

Combination of MARIA and LIESE.

MEIKE f German, Dutch

German and Dutch diminutive of MARIA.

Maria Anna Schicklgruber (15 April 1795 – 7 January 1847) was the mother of Alois Hitler, and the paternal grandmother of Adolf Hitler. Maria was born in the village of Strones in the Waldviertel region of Archduchy of Austria. She was the daughter of Theresia Pfeisinger (7 September 1769 – 11 November 1821), and farmer Johannes Schicklgruber (29 May 1764 – 12 November 1847). Maria was a Catholic; what is known about her is based on church and other public records.

In 1837, when she was 42 years old, and still unmarried, her first and only child was born. She named the boy Alois. Maser notes that she refused to reveal who the child's father was, so the priest baptized him Alois Schicklgruber and entered "illegitimate" in place of the father's name on the baptismal register.

Q: Alois.

ALOIS m German, Czech

German and Czech form of ALOYSIUS.

ALOISIA f German (Rare)

German feminine form of ALOYSIUS.

Alois J. Hitler Sr. born Alois Johann Schicklgruber; 7 June 1837 – 3 January 1903

When Alois was promoted in the Customs service, he applied to be legitimised in the name of his stepfather Hiedler, which was entered in the register as ‘Hitler’, for unknown reasons.

Frank says he determined that at the time Maria Schicklgruber gave birth to Alois she was working as a household cook in the town of Graz, that her employers were a Jewish family named Frankenberger, and that her child might have been conceived out of wedlock with the family's 19-year-old son, Leopold Frankenberger. However, all Jews had been expelled from the province of Styria (which includes Graz) in the 15th century; they were not allowed to return until the 1860s, when Alois was around 30.

Alois appeared before the parish priest in Döllersheim and asserted that his father was Johann Georg Hiedler, who had married his mother and now wished to legitimize him. Three relatives appeared with him as witnesses, one of whom was Johann Nepomuk, Hiedler's brother. The priest agreed to amend the birth certificate, the civil authorities automatically processed the church's decision and Alois Schicklgruber had a new name.

Q: Examples.

Q: Risk of 'conspiracy' label the deeper we go.

Q: Truth will shock the WORLD.

Anonymous ID: 24fe5e 2018-11-06 17:49:35Z No. 3759517


That’s me you creep. Reported to LE for taking picture of my ass.

Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 17:49:41Z No. 3759518

Anonymous ID: e07409 2018-11-06 17:49:45Z No. 3759519

Anonymous ID: c72685 2018-11-06 17:49:53Z No. 3759520


Imagine the human trafficking op you could start up with that kind of money

Anonymous ID: b72ae3 2018-11-06 17:49:58Z No. 3759521





Anonymous ID: 3c3575 2018-11-06 17:49:59Z No. 3759522

In a really strange turn of events, it has been discovered that bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc worked at Ultra Gentleman's Club in West Palm Beach, FL, the same strip club that Stormy Daniels performed at back in April, WPTV reported.

Sayoc worked as a DJ at the club on Thursday afternoon and was arrested on Friday.

According to the club's manager, Stacey Saccal, Sayoc had worked as a DJ for the past two months. She had received no complaints about him from other staff members and he seemed like a "nice guy."

"I never knew that his van was covered in political stickers. I thought it was an ice cream truck," Saccal told WPTV, noting that he parked far from the club.

Saccal also said her employees had no idea that Sayoc was political. He never talked about politics at work and no one noticed the stickers on his van because of how far away he parked when he had a shift.

Fellow DJ Scott Migs said Sayoc brought two duffle bags and a cooler to work with him on Thursday night. He stashed them behind the DJ booth. Migs said he's unsure if any weapons were in the duffle bags.

According to Saccal, employees were shocked when they learned about Sayoc's actions. Everyone felt he was a nice guy and they all thought they knew him.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:50:05Z No. 3759523



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: cce088 2018-11-06 17:50:07Z No. 3759524

JUST IN: AZ POLLING PLACE In Heavily Republican Precinct Turns Away Voters…Writes Their Names and Cell Numbers On Scratch Paper…”We’ll get back to you”

Anonymous ID: fffd44 2018-11-06 17:50:22Z No. 3759525

Battle station officially ready.


☑️FOX Livestream

☑️ Qresearch up

☑️/PF/ up

☑️Decisiondeskhq up

☑️Twitter notifications on

Anonymous ID: d1b7eb 2018-11-06 17:50:24Z No. 3759526




Anonymous ID: af1e6b 2018-11-06 17:50:24Z No. 3759527


Anonymous ID: 2f05c7 2018-11-06 17:50:27Z No. 3759529

>>3758643 (lb)

given that on the photograph and in the video there is the terminal serial number, firmware version installed on that specific terminal… will there be a way to (after the election) FOIA all votes cast on that terminal and firmware to compare to various other machines from same precinct to see if there is any type of variance // OR // if that machine just straight printed out Richard Cordray on every ballot from that serial number + firmware + specific ballot type? I've forwarded along same screenshot and video to the [email protected] that another anon posted late in the previous bread.

Anonymous ID: a79946 2018-11-06 17:50:29Z No. 3759530


So if the fraud is investigated, how do we determine how many votes were fiddled with, do people have to re-vote or what?

Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:50:34Z No. 3759531

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:50:42Z No. 3759532



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: c000ef 2018-11-06 17:50:43Z No. 3759533



Love ya Ivanka!


Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 17:50:46Z No. 3759534

Anonymous ID: 616a04 2018-11-06 17:50:51Z No. 3759535


Stop projecting. You spammed "Pelosi is shit" a bunch of times ya fucken genius.

So unless you're retarded enough to physically spam the same thing… Your script broke, you stupid fuck.

Anonymous ID: 0f99c9 2018-11-06 17:50:52Z No. 3759536


So why you wearing it low enough to cover your ass?

You WANTED people to look or it would have been higher up.

Libturd logic you have right there.

Anonymous ID: af8f67 2018-11-06 17:50:57Z No. 3759537

>>3759410, >>3759411 (kek), >>3759477

ty anons


Got it, thanks man

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:50:57Z No. 3759538



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: da583e 2018-11-06 17:50:59Z No. 3759539


Arizona has some issues

did I say some? I meant a fuckload

Anonymous ID: b72ae3 2018-11-06 17:51:08Z No. 3759540




Bedazzling 5:5

Anonymous ID: f25f7c 2018-11-06 17:51:13Z No. 3759541


Is she someone famous?

Can honestly say I have never heard of her.

Do you think that could be because I don't have a tv?

Anonymous ID: e41978 2018-11-06 17:51:15Z No. 3759542


Anonymous ID: 24fe5e 2018-11-06 17:51:25Z No. 3759543


Victim blaming and shaming. Disgusting.

Anonymous ID: a624b2 2018-11-06 17:51:26Z No. 3759544


@jack (the PR subsidiary of HRC NEWScorp.) is getting instant analytics every time we bombard (((their))) servers

troll level DdoS

Anonymous ID: ce73fc 2018-11-06 17:51:34Z No. 3759545


Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 17:51:36Z No. 3759546

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:51:52Z No. 3759547


Dozens of jobes daughters were murdered for the pelosi zombie


Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 3459d2 2018-11-06 17:51:53Z No. 3759548


I wouldn't worry about live results until polls start to close on the East Coast.

Only thing coming out now are exit polls, which are useless.

Till polls end, relax, popcorn, drinks, smoke, whatever ur poison.

Anonymous ID: af8f67 2018-11-06 17:51:56Z No. 3759549


Protect the VOTE!


Anonymous ID: 616a04 2018-11-06 17:51:59Z No. 3759550


So which one is it? → >>3759535


Anonymous ID: 2edd68 2018-11-06 17:52:01Z No. 3759551


Thanks anon

Anonymous ID: 2f6707 2018-11-06 17:52:02Z No. 3759552

>>3758834 (lb)


I love trolling Jimmy with Dear Diary

Deadpool is my spirit animal

Anonymous ID: ccae9e 2018-11-06 17:52:03Z No. 3759553


Nothing exceeds the gayness you've achieved. Bravo!

Anonymous ID: 0ebf58 2018-11-06 17:52:04Z No. 3759554


Think we're all worried about Dem fuckery. That's all they have so they're going to really give it their all. It's the last dance, though, God willing.

Watching from Canada! Sending prayers…

Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:52:04Z No. 3759555

Anonymous ID: 927222 2018-11-06 17:52:14Z No. 3759556

Anonymous ID: cd5e99 2018-11-06 17:52:14Z No. 3759557


I think employment in the cia should disqualify you from life

Anonymous ID: d5f577 2018-11-06 17:52:15Z No. 3759558


Fucking tard- illegals send every penny they don't need to survive back to the their home country.



Anonymous ID: fc4f04 2018-11-06 17:52:17Z No. 3759559

Anonymous ID: b72ae3 2018-11-06 17:52:25Z No. 3759560





Anonymous ID: f2ae98 2018-11-06 17:52:30Z No. 3759561


those are airforce officer hats

Anonymous ID: 87f0ab 2018-11-06 17:52:37Z No. 3759562




>>3759277 CALL FOR DIGS ANONS: Shola Ameobi & House of Lords & CSW & "Christianity"


Thanks, and you're welcome.

Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 17:52:43Z No. 3759565

Anonymous ID: 4e61e3 2018-11-06 17:52:45Z No. 3759563


no. I'm sure crap is happening behind the scenes.

Demos had foot soliders go to Red areas and convince them to vote Blue… ppl were driven to Palm Dale & OC to convince voters to vote Blue… I know this cause my coworker said he volunteered for the Demo party to do it.

Anonymous ID: 192fc3 2018-11-06 17:52:45Z No. 3759564

My take.

Anonymous ID: 13b234 2018-11-06 17:52:55Z No. 3759567

Pelosi speaking live

nice stream to troll

Anonymous ID: 18ff35 2018-11-06 17:53:01Z No. 3759568


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:53:01Z No. 3759569




Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: d1b7eb 2018-11-06 17:53:04Z No. 3759571

Anonymous ID: 4e61e3 2018-11-06 17:53:05Z No. 3759570




Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:53:16Z No. 3759572

Anonymous ID: 0f99c9 2018-11-06 17:53:18Z No. 3759573

Anybody planning on having a glass ceiling tonight? KEKEKEKEK!

Anonymous ID: 24fe5e 2018-11-06 17:53:23Z No. 3759574



Anonymous ID: 043c15 2018-11-06 17:53:35Z No. 3759576


What, our memes are so good you gotta steal them because you can't come up with anything better?

This is why we're winning, and you losers are stuck behind us, losing. You're only reinforcing how great our memes are, cucklord.

Anonymous ID: 2e61a3 2018-11-06 17:53:37Z No. 3759577

My 5 yo granddaughter put on a shirt that said "I am a Genius" with a pair of jeans for school.

My reaction…I started laughing like a fool saying 'Genius! Jeans! Too funny!"

My Dem/left family looked at me weird and walked off. sigh. Cracked me up.

Anonymous ID: d5f577 2018-11-06 17:53:40Z No. 3759578



NOTABLE AZ taking names, sending voters home

Anonymous ID: e07888 2018-11-06 17:53:42Z No. 3759579

VIPAnon is spooped! We love you VIPAnon!

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:53:47Z No. 3759580



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 72d613 2018-11-06 17:53:49Z No. 3759581

>ABOWarrior, previous QShootout from Q, freaking out about time fuckery by Q


Anonymous ID: c000ef 2018-11-06 17:53:52Z No. 3759582


Anonymous ID: 51dd33 2018-11-06 17:53:52Z No. 3759583

Anonymous ID: 2882b8 2018-11-06 17:53:57Z No. 3759584


>That’s me you creep. Reported to LE for taking picture of my ass.

FFS get a fucking life, SJW!

No one gives a flying fuck about your UNSEEN ass! smdh

Anonymous ID: da583e 2018-11-06 17:53:58Z No. 3759585


Glass of scotch for sure

Anonymous ID: 46f20c 2018-11-06 17:53:58Z No. 3759586


Anonymous ID: 92f032 2018-11-06 17:54:06Z No. 3759587

Just had a talk with a Navy recruiter I ran into. Said the USN is looking to put 2-400 more ships in active operation, and has almost tripled recruiter staffing across the board.

Any confirmation? Could be notable.

Anonymous ID: a624b2 2018-11-06 17:54:06Z No. 3759588


SO MANY here, welcome, but lurk moar.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:54:11Z No. 3759589



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 300b50 2018-11-06 17:54:14Z No. 3759590


he R U N N O F T'ed

couldnt be helped

Anonymous ID: b489f8 2018-11-06 17:54:14Z No. 3759591


what do you want? "Only" the fist on alpha?

Anonymous ID: 5785d7 2018-11-06 17:54:16Z No. 3759592

Funny thought-

What if they KNOW of all the rigged machines and then purge or fix the rigged vote- they cannot claim foul, because they know the machines were rigged.

It’s sorta like when someone steals a guy’s meth and he really can’t call the cops…

12 steps ahead. I’ll guarantee they know what machines are rigged and have the issue under control.

Anonymous ID: 984daa 2018-11-06 17:54:19Z No. 3759593

Anonymous ID: 4e61e3 2018-11-06 17:54:23Z No. 3759594


ok.. what app allows me to remove words on a pic? I phone fag.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:54:25Z No. 3759595



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:54:36Z No. 3759596

Anonymous ID: 0131d9 2018-11-06 17:54:44Z No. 3759597


CB, got some Rshills fucking around: >>3759574

not notable, KEK

Anonymous ID: c20a0b 2018-11-06 17:54:45Z No. 3759598

Every dog has its sun

Anonymous ID: 535870 2018-11-06 17:54:47Z No. 3759599


Anonymous ID: 73b145 2018-11-06 17:54:55Z No. 3759601


In that case you know the rules.

Anonymous ID: 28face 2018-11-06 17:54:58Z No. 3759602




She's the best

Anonymous ID: 289209 2018-11-06 17:54:59Z No. 3759603


Taking names to steal their votes

Anonymous ID: b72ae3 2018-11-06 17:54:59Z No. 3759604






Anonymous ID: de829c 2018-11-06 17:55:02Z No. 3759605

Anonymous ID: 49369a 2018-11-06 17:55:03Z No. 3759606



"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

Isaiah 5:20

Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 17:55:04Z No. 3759607

Deja Vote: Polls Again Useless in Determining Outcome of Key California Races

With roughly 20 million registered voters in California, expect there to be a big turnout for Election Day come Tuesday, Danny Max, a morning news anchor for local Cali news stations KCOY and KEYT, told Sputnik Monday.

Democrats need to flip at least 23 Republican seats this November in order to retake control of the House of Representatives, of which a total of six California seats have been dubbed tossups.

The US midterm battle in the Golden State includes races between District 48 incumbent Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and challenger Harley Rouda, and District 25's Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA) and Katie Hill, a former nonprofit executive director for People Assisting the Homeless.

The latest figures from TPStrat poll indicate that Rohrabacher is leading Rouda by a 9 percentage point margin with 50.7 percent, according to News Max. A New York Times Upshot/Siena College poll, however, suggested that Rouda was in fact ahead, with 46 percent to Rohrabacher's 45 percent.

So what do we learn from those conflicting assessments? That polling shouldn't be relied on, especially when considering how things went down in 2016 with the US presidential election, Max told Radio Sputnik's Fault Lines, recalling how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was projected to claim the White House.

"Polling, I think, is tough, as we saw in 2016," Max told hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan. "It's not always accurate, and in California, too, where it's a state so anti-Trump, you definitely have quite a population, I'm sure, of supporters that are a little more shy of their support for President [Donald] Trump and Republicans."

Max went on to note that the race between Knight and Hill should also be watched carefully, as the challenger has managed to raise $4.5 million for campaign ads — six times the amount that the incumbent has raised thus far. "She has raised a lot of outside money being poured into that race," he stressed.

Although early voting polls have suggested that California's highly contested seats are leaning more red than blue, the news anchor told Stranahan that with millions of registered voters, anything is possible.

"Big turnout is expected for tomorrow," he concluded.

Anonymous ID: 1a4e41 2018-11-06 17:55:17Z No. 3759608


Only you misspell my name as you do ;)

(I was just letting it ride for a bit)

Anonymous ID: 80cd2a 2018-11-06 17:55:18Z No. 3759609

Anonymous ID: a96ee8 2018-11-06 17:55:21Z No. 3759610

FCC Urges More in Phone Industry to Join in Tracing Scam Robocalls

Anonymous ID: 4aef0b 2018-11-06 17:55:22Z No. 3759611


I would let my dog out if he knocked on my door– last one he would ever knock on…

Anonymous ID: 2a92a0 2018-11-06 17:55:30Z No. 3759612


Anonymous ID: c46241 2018-11-06 17:55:30Z No. 3759613

Georgia district (last minute) joins Election Watch


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Department Of Justice Works to Deter Election Fraud and Discrimination at the Polls

United States Attorney Bobby L. Christine announced today that Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Tara Lyons will lead the efforts of his office in connection with the Justice Department’s nationwide Election Day Program for today’s Nov. 6, 2018, general election. AUSA Lyons has been appointed to serve as the District Election Officer (DEO) for the Southern District of Georgia, and in that capacity is responsible for overseeing the District’s handling of complaints of election fraud and voting rights abuses in consultation with Justice Department Headquarters in Washington.

“Every citizen must be able to vote without interference or discrimination and to have that vote counted without it being stolen because of fraud,” said U.S. Attorney Christine. “The Department of Justice will act promptly and aggressively to protect the integrity of the election process.”

The Department of Justice has an important role in deterring election fraud and discrimination at the polls, and combating these violations whenever and wherever they occur. The Department’s long-standing Election Day Program furthers these goals, and also seeks to ensure public confidence in the integrity of the election process by providing local points of contact within the Department for the public to report possible election fraud and voting rights violations while the polls are open on election day.

Federal law protects against such crimes as intimidating or bribing voters, buying and selling votes, impersonating voters, altering vote tallies, stuffing ballot boxes, and marking ballots for voters against their wishes or without their input. It also contains special protections for the rights of voters, and provides that they can vote free from acts that intimidate or harass them. For example, actions of persons designed to interrupt or intimidate voters at polling places by questioning or challenging them, or by photographing or videotaping them, under the pretext that these are actions to uncover illegal voting may violate federal voting rights law. Further, federal law protects the right of voters to mark their own ballot or to be assisted by a person of their choice (where voters need assistance because of disability or illiteracy).

[email protected]

Anonymous ID: b72ae3 2018-11-06 17:55:33Z No. 3759614






Anonymous ID: cd2da8 2018-11-06 17:55:40Z No. 3759616



don't worry soapbox paytriot queers apparently got it handled.

it was not turned in to me it is a ~7k viewed twitter video.

Anonymous ID: 42e3a5 2018-11-06 17:55:44Z No. 3759617


Anonymous ID: 1462f9 2018-11-06 17:55:47Z No. 3759618


Anonymous ID: 12f45f 2018-11-06 17:55:54Z No. 3759619

11.11 The date Jim Willie calls for a reset?

Anonymous ID: 2f6707 2018-11-06 17:56:02Z No. 3759620


Twatter top Trending

Fire all canons





Anonymous ID: 3d1e56 2018-11-06 17:56:03Z No. 3759621


I see a Q!!

Anonymous ID: f63235 2018-11-06 17:56:11Z No. 3759622


Q 419


Anonymous ID: bf67c6 2018-11-06 17:56:13Z No. 3759623

I hope your all meming like you never memed before!

I realy hope you all get out there and vote!

I am from Sweden and I cant vote for you, but I meme as there is no tomorrow!

We are all patriots!


Anonymous ID: 3f5db0 2018-11-06 17:56:18Z No. 3759624


Anonymous ID: da583e 2018-11-06 17:56:21Z No. 3759625


It doesn't work when you do it mossadfag

there is a certain gayness and stupidity radiating from every thing you people do. Probably the result of a vacuous absence of originality.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:56:24Z No. 3759626



Anonymous ID: 32e9de 2018-11-06 17:56:41Z No. 3759627

>>3759070 lb

I got one of those too.

Anonymous ID: 1ba54b 2018-11-06 17:56:46Z No. 3759628


Thank you anon! She will do the same to us all!

Anonymous ID: d9ae68 2018-11-06 17:56:54Z No. 3759629

Halos around the Sun or Moon are a STORM WARNING.

Anonymous ID: 1a4e41 2018-11-06 17:56:57Z No. 3759630


and here i was about to ask if you got tired of the ebot schtick… kek

Anonymous ID: 300b50 2018-11-06 17:56:58Z No. 3759631


checked "bad girl's DO IT well"

Anonymous ID: f2b9f0 2018-11-06 17:56:58Z No. 3759632

Oh shit eBot is stuck in a for loop with no escape

Anonymous ID: 616a04 2018-11-06 17:56:59Z No. 3759633


ah good, you fixed your script.

the pelosi spam was boring.

Anonymous ID: 0131d9 2018-11-06 17:57:00Z No. 3759634


these libtards tried it on /pol/ too

Anonymous ID: 3d1e56 2018-11-06 17:57:03Z No. 3759635


‏Verified account @Breaking911

20m20 minutes ago

JUST IN: Florida Man Strips Down To His Underwear & Crocs, Jumps Into Crocodile Pool, Gets Bitten, Climbs Out and Jumps In Again https://


Anonymous ID: 984daa 2018-11-06 17:57:05Z No. 3759637

Anonymous ID: 2a92a0 2018-11-06 17:57:06Z No. 3759636


"With every sunset there is a sunrise."

Anonymous ID: 8450e5 2018-11-06 17:57:06Z No. 3759638

Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:57:07Z No. 3759639


Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 17:57:10Z No. 3759640

Facebook Blocks 115 Accounts for ‘Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior’ Ahead of Midterm Elections

Social media giant Facebook has blocked 115 accounts suspected of “coordinated inauthentic behavior” across both Facebook and Instagram ahead of the midterm elections.

ABC News reports that ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, Facebook has blocked a number of accounts across both Facebook and Instagram. In a blog post the company stated: “On Sunday evening, U.S. law enforcement contacted us about online activity that they recently discovered and which they believe may be linked to foreign entities,” said Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy Nathaniel Gleicher. “We immediately blocked these accounts and are now investigating them in more detail.”

The company reportedly blocked 30 accounts on Facebook and another 85 on Instagram. The blocked Facebook pages reportedly communicated mainly in French and Russian although the majority of accounts on Instagram were English-speaking. “Typically, we would be further along with our analysis before announcing anything publicly,” Gleicher said. “But given that we are only one day away from important elections in the U.S., we wanted to let people know about the action we’ve taken and the facts as we know them today.”

Gleicher said that the company will provide more information when it’s available, stating: “Once we know more — including whether these accounts are linked to the Russia-based Internet Research Agency or other foreign entities — we will update this post.”

Facebook recently opened an election “War Room” designed to help the company curb the spread of misinformation online ahead of the midterm elections. “Finding and removing abuse is a constant challenge. Our adversaries are smart and well funded, and as we improve their tactics change,” the company said in a statement from October. “We prohibit coordinated inauthentic behavior on Facebook because we want people who use our services to be able to trust the connections they make.”

Facebook isn’t the only social media platform cracking down on accounts ahead of the midterms, Breitbart News reported yesterday that Twitter deleted as many as 10,000 accounts at the request of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a party group that supports Democrats running for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Anonymous ID: 67169c 2018-11-06 17:57:13Z No. 3759641




This deplorable, gun-totin' beer drinkin' MAGAfag just

voted in a DEEPLY red state.

I emphasize DEEPLY red to tell you this:

First, I was standing in line between two

hardcore liberal retards, one dumb blonde

bitch and an old hag. Neither of whom had any

clue about the real world they live in. I tried to strike

up friendly conversation, until both of them HAD to

start bashing POTUS and virtue signalling about how

they weren't racist or bigoted or sexist or blah blah

terminal TDS. I stopped engaging and stood there

awkwardly the rest of the 40+ minutes in line. This

interaction put a very sour taste in my mouth but only

strengthened my resolve.

Then I saw the ballot.

When I was finally able to vote, to my absolute

(non) shock. Demonrat was the first choice

on the ballot. This would be fine if Republican

were even the second choice, but NOOO.

Republican was the SIXTH party choice listed

after a bunch of 'never heard of' fuckery

parties including Petition and United Citizens.

You would think, in a state that's been red as

fuck practically since the dawn of our Country,

'they' would at least have the common

decency to place Republican first or at very

least second. (Assuming Dems are


I'm just ready for all the blatant fuckery to be

over. People need to know 'most' of the truth,

(obviously not all, and not all at once) but I find

it absolutely disgusting that:

1.) I can't even have a basic conversation with

normies because they look at me like an alien

(space kind, not illegal) the second I try to

tell them that POTUS has done some really

amazing things for ALL AMERICANS.

2.) I'm ready for my family to stop thinking I'm

crazy when I try my hardest to redpill them with

irrefutable facts. I'm so exhausted of being lied to.

I'm more grieved that my fellow Americans

have been/are being lied to on such a colossal scale.

They deserve so much better. We all do.

This need to be over.

No more fake news.

No more fake polls.

No more violence.

No more FFs.

No more cabal.

No more censorship.

No more projection.

No more division.

No more fuckery.


Thank you POTUS, Q and Anons. It is your

unwavering faith and guidance that has led me

down the righteous path of enlightenment.

This movement has done more for me than I will

ever have words to express. However, you have

my commitment that I will continue to arm myself

with knowledge and fight the information war until

there is no war left to fight.

I am eternally grateful.

God Save the Q

God Bless America


Anonymous ID: 13b234 2018-11-06 17:57:16Z No. 3759642


im somewhat color bling

your font selection is crap

Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 17:57:16Z No. 3759643

It is an HONOR to have the opportunity to fight this fight

Anonymous ID: 173f1c 2018-11-06 17:57:21Z No. 3759644

Apr 27 2018 18:39:07 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 9f1575 1215294


Reporting incorrect?

Per WH?

The day before.



Mueller & U1?

Mueller &

Comey to POTUS - not being investigated.

RR to POTUS - not being investigated.

Mueller to POTUS - not a criminal target.

Baiting POTUS?

Why no contact w/ WL / JA?

What is being investigated?

Why is Mueller’s team stacked w/ ex Clinton / D sr level authorities?

Why are POTUS supporters screaming for END?


ADD RUDY (quiet).

Can the investigation officially/publicly drop POTUS from review & continue?

Why did the Podesta Group close shop?

Why are known bad actors in full support of Mueller?

Why did POTUS interview (FBI Dir) Mueller a day prior to SC appointment if impossible to assign position?

Why did Sessions recuse?

What are the powers of Huber / IG (H)?

Who has the POWER?

Who can know?

Are D’s using as midterm tactic to win House?

Are D’s using as ammo to gain majority to impeach?

Impeach on what grounds?

What facts exist to impeach?

House report POTUS no evidence of collusion.

Mueller report will contradict per Brennan Tweet today?

Disconnect exists.

R’s / D’s negative for POTUS.

Insurance policy?

Comey release of memos to obtain SC?


SC/Comey/RR state POTUS not under investigation.

Flynn pleads guilty to none committed crime?

S interviewed?

S/P relationship w/ judge?

#2/S/P 302 mod?

Fusion GPS.

The Brits - raw intel / dossier / 5 eyes.


'''__DNC rigging super delegates / funding/ voter rolls / agreement BS

Election/voter fraud__'''





Sec of State



More than you can imagine.

re: HRC insurance [win]



Remainder illegal acts.


SC targeting who?

SC on team?

SC off team?

Questions reveal answers.

Time will tell.


I think anyone caught tampering with this mid term election will be in serious trouble

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:57:33Z No. 3759645



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: fffd44 2018-11-06 17:57:34Z No. 3759646


What kind of tree is that? Whats with the tarp?

Anonymous ID: a0a266 2018-11-06 17:57:36Z No. 3759647


Thanks for posting - reported my voting machine issue to DOJ, they were very eager to help.

Anonymous ID: f90840 2018-11-06 17:57:37Z No. 3759648


Daimn she’s already 51? Great memories though

Anonymous ID: c815d5 2018-11-06 17:57:50Z No. 3759649


Q knows all. We know this already….

Anonymous ID: da583e 2018-11-06 17:57:53Z No. 3759650


bunch of puffed up crows cocks

Anonymous ID: 4e61e3 2018-11-06 17:57:57Z No. 3759651


this image w/ words. I want to put my own [:

Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 17:57:59Z No. 3759652

Anonymous ID: 043c15 2018-11-06 17:58:06Z No. 3759653


Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 17:58:07Z No. 3759654


Anonymous ID: 4547eb 2018-11-06 17:58:10Z No. 3759655


someone taking a picture of you in a public place is

A) not illegal

B) doesn't make you a victim

go back

little snowflake

Anonymous ID: f25f7c 2018-11-06 17:58:10Z No. 3759656

Sometimes I feel like such a dolt.

It's only just occurred to to me that they're not going to un-rig the elections;

They're going to expose the voter fraud and destroy the democrats in the process!

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:58:11Z No. 3759657



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: e6ea7d 2018-11-06 17:58:13Z No. 3759658


Anonymous ID: 84343b 2018-11-06 17:58:18Z No. 3759659


I'm in Cali too - voted RED!!!

God willing we will turn CA RED by 2020!!!

Anonymous ID: a624b2 2018-11-06 17:58:26Z No. 3759660


Anonymous ID: d1b7eb 2018-11-06 17:58:29Z No. 3759661



[RR] humiliated Q.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 17:58:29Z No. 3759662



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: b72ae3 2018-11-06 17:58:30Z No. 3759663







You may be on to something hahah.

Can't even begin to question the Jesuits on this board, it's a bit hilarious.

Anonymous ID: 7f96ba 2018-11-06 17:58:31Z No. 3759664


Depraved spirit cooks.

Anonymous ID: 1a4e41 2018-11-06 17:58:42Z No. 3759665


Last Map = Agartha Related

Anonymous ID: 8743dd 2018-11-06 17:58:50Z No. 3759666

Knoxville Tn reporting power outage for hours and using paper ballots. Slow going

Nashville pictures showing short lines

Memphis pics showing short lines

Early vote in TN seems to have made a huge difference in election day turn out. Good sign for Red to know that day time voting is short lines and those voting after work are more likely R's

Anonymous ID: 4bfe25 2018-11-06 17:59:00Z No. 3759667


This is too good!! Their heads are exploding just saying red wave!! PELOSI FOR TREASON!! hahaha muh feeelzzzz

Anonymous ID: fc4f04 2018-11-06 17:59:01Z No. 3759668


Anonymous ID: 300b50 2018-11-06 17:59:02Z No. 3759669


wasnt she on the original 21 jump street?

Anonymous ID: 4e61e3 2018-11-06 17:59:11Z No. 3759670


pfft. I'm banned from there. they wont even let me have a real account. jerks!

Anonymous ID: 6607a1 2018-11-06 17:59:12Z No. 3759671


Anonymous ID: af8f67 2018-11-06 17:59:18Z No. 3759672

>>3759389, >>3759391

ty anons


ty anon – I didn't see this, shoulda saved myself some trouble, kek!


Anons, plz post Q drops to pf like this

with all four components: post cap, twat cap, board link, and post text.


Anonymous ID: cb3a63 2018-11-06 17:59:24Z No. 3759673


What do you think of Mark the facebook man Zuckerberg?

Anonymous ID: 5203b5 2018-11-06 17:59:35Z No. 3759674


Stacy Dash? She was born in 1982.

Anonymous ID: 7f96ba 2018-11-06 17:59:50Z No. 3759675


Michael has a dick.

RIP Joan Rivers

Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 17:59:50Z No. 3759677

Anonymous ID: b2eab3 2018-11-06 17:59:51Z No. 3759676

Done done and done. Just got back from voting. Didn't notice any shenanigans with the machines.

Best of luck for us all. Red Wave!

Anonymous ID: 0131d9 2018-11-06 18:00:03Z No. 3759678


just look at the memes, you can tell they're on the left



Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 18:00:07Z No. 3759680

Election security: US voting system faces multiple cyber threats during 2018 midterms

From social media manipulation to voting machine hacks, CNET senior producer Dan Patterson explains the cyber threats that could compromise the 2018 U.S. midterm elections.

Midterm elections have huge stakes, not only for the future of immigration, taxes, but also the future of security, social media and technology, how it all plays in to the election process. I spoke with Dan Patterson, Senior Producer with CNET and CBS News, about the cyberthreats facing United States voting systems. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Karen Roby: You have been immersed in the election coverage here for us, and some of the things we want to break down here are the talking points, starting off with hacking. You've written so much about this, looked into this so much, what are the biggest vulnerabilities, as you see, right now?

Anonymous ID: 3d6723 2018-11-06 18:00:08Z No. 3759679

>>3759499 On it Anon.

Been memeing like a mofo on twatter today. Different pic though.

Anonymous ID: 4e297d 2018-11-06 18:00:08Z No. 3759681


TNanon here, I voted early in case lines were crazy today… looks like a lot of others had the same idea. Glad to be voting for a pro-MAGA replacement to the current cuckservative in the Senate.

Anonymous ID: f48b69 2018-11-06 18:00:24Z No. 3759682

Anyone worried that if republicans don't hold the house, that Trump and Q will have to compromise and not do prosecutions? This is the most likely scenario. No deals? We'll see

Anonymous ID: 417a82 2018-11-06 18:00:24Z No. 3759683

Anonymous ID: 3d1e56 2018-11-06 18:00:26Z No. 3759684

Scott Anthony

‏ @ScottAnthonyUSA

45s45 seconds ago


Type: Airbus A320

Heathrow Intl Airport, UK 🇬🇧-> LAX, USA 🇺🇸

Flight has turned around after leaving UK airspace and is returning to LHR…


Anonymous ID: 7e6e9e 2018-11-06 18:00:27Z No. 3759685


Well, there is another polling location one mile away.

Anonymous ID: 1a4e41 2018-11-06 18:00:30Z No. 3759686


Suddenly I have Elon Musk News following me on Twatter?


I guess they found out about the nerds…

Anonymous ID: 535870 2018-11-06 18:00:33Z No. 3759687


Anonymous ID: 8e88a7 2018-11-06 18:00:34Z No. 3759688

reporting from suburb of htfd ct. Cop here earlier. massive turnout of commies

Anonymous ID: 61debd 2018-11-06 18:00:46Z No. 3759690


Lulz! Nice try Stacy! Love ya anyway though.

Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 18:00:48Z No. 3759691

Anonymous ID: 0131d9 2018-11-06 18:01:00Z No. 3759692


he was probably stoned

Anonymous ID: 590418 2018-11-06 18:01:02Z No. 3759693

seen illegals casting ballots today how did i know they were not from here well they had a spanish speaking translator assisting them,we hqve been disenfranchised our votes are worth nothing now.

and trump cucking again for blacks with the civil war memorial he had built what a fucking cuntrag they are literally tearing down all civil war memorials that are white men and erecting new ones for dirty niggers. we lost this nation it will never be better beause they are rewriting history again!

Anonymous ID: d1b7eb 2018-11-06 18:01:06Z No. 3759694

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:01:12Z No. 3759695




Anonymous ID: e07409 2018-11-06 18:01:16Z No. 3759696


Anonymous ID: 2a92a0 2018-11-06 18:01:17Z No. 3759697

Airborne from Offutt AFB, 32,000ft over Kansas

🇺🇸 US Air Force

RC135V Rivet Joint

64-14842 MONTY20



Anonymous ID: f63235 2018-11-06 18:01:21Z No. 3759698


Anonymous ID: 42d6f0 2018-11-06 18:01:27Z No. 3759699

And again Deep State pushes "Muh Russia hacked election" narrative. They piss me off so much.

Anonymous ID: 9e1fde 2018-11-06 18:01:32Z No. 3759700


You're yelling at a toaster.

Anonymous ID: b2eab3 2018-11-06 18:01:39Z No. 3759701


Deep state whipped out the weather machines again for today. Raining like heck here.

Anonymous ID: 9a7c6d 2018-11-06 18:01:43Z No. 3759702

to simple to be a sky event right Q?

Anonymous ID: 0ebf58 2018-11-06 18:01:45Z No. 3759703


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:01:45Z No. 3759704



Anonymous ID: af8f67 2018-11-06 18:01:47Z No. 3759705


>not notable, KEK

Their butthurt is fuel for our patriotism


Anonymous ID: 2edd68 2018-11-06 18:01:48Z No. 3759706


Bottom part is not so pretty due to the blue light.

Anonymous ID: b07a16 2018-11-06 18:01:48Z No. 3759707



You beat me to 2 of those!

Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 18:01:53Z No. 3759708

Anonymous ID: 4989d3 2018-11-06 18:02:10Z No. 3759709

Anonymous ID: f63235 2018-11-06 18:02:12Z No. 3759710


Anonymous ID: 4aea42 2018-11-06 18:02:23Z No. 3759711

Hmmm…back to back Q posts with the same weird double dash.

Anonymous ID: 3cce08 2018-11-06 18:02:23Z No. 3759712

About that "All In with Chris Hayes" thing last night where a graphic appeared showing fake vote tallies for the Gillum / DeSantis governor's race in Florida… uuummmmm yeeeaaaah… about that…

"Layers" guys… layers. Expand your thinking.

I didn't realize it was on the screen FOR A SOLID 1 minute and 27 or 28 seconds!!!! (I literally clocked it at 1:27.5)

For all of you who "notice' timestamps and deltas… check out these digits…

It happened exactly 12:57 into the show (35, 57) and lasted until 14:35 (35 either way from center out)

On the official YouTube version, which is 45:55 in length (KEK), it begins at 12:35 (33, 35) and ends at 14:03 (35 reversed).

I've said enough. If you can't take it from there and draw sound conclusions (combined with so many other things we know), then you probably need to lurk moar or simply shouldn't know.

I'm simultaneously amused, delighted and concerned. I'm not thrilled with exchanging one version of '1984' for another… but I'll remain cautiously optimistic about it for now. Downright giddy in some respects.

Anonymous ID: a624b2 2018-11-06 18:02:25Z No. 3759713



can you do Biden bot next?

Anonymous ID: 662b46 2018-11-06 18:02:28Z No. 3759714


I think ebot's broke

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:02:32Z No. 3759715


PedogarchOTUS of the 70 year old paperclip tax evasion

Anonymous ID: c9a8f0 2018-11-06 18:02:36Z No. 3759716

twitter fuckery a foot.. i had a meme that was engaged with 342 times and retweeted 50 plus times.. after that. every. single. tweet. has an engagement of "5" and my twitter is dead.

Anonymous ID: 1341fa 2018-11-06 18:02:46Z No. 3759717


>I think ebot's broke

start a gofundme

Anonymous ID: 5203b5 2018-11-06 18:02:47Z No. 3759718


Bad weather favors that party with the more determined voters. That's us.

Anonymous ID: 8450e5 2018-11-06 18:02:47Z No. 3759719



Anonymous ID: 991918 2018-11-06 18:02:48Z No. 3759720


Still like mine better KEK

Sure, the line goes through the top left too but that's just semantics. Pfft.

Just got back from voting! Pols were steadily busy. A kid (school was in, that was weird) came walking down the hallway 'Go Rosendale!' and I almost fell over.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:02:49Z No. 3759721



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: b72ae3 2018-11-06 18:02:56Z No. 3759722








>Don't mean to burst your bubble.

>But that is clearly Photoshopped…

Anonymous ID: 7f96ba 2018-11-06 18:02:57Z No. 3759723


"We have it all."

Anonymous ID: 043c15 2018-11-06 18:03:02Z No. 3759724


Anonymous ID: ee9838 2018-11-06 18:03:06Z No. 3759725

Q does Oregon have a red tsunami coming we really need one i see a red tsunami in areas not on the I-5 corridor but why no mention of Knute Buehler by Mr.Trump ??

Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 18:03:06Z No. 3759726

Anonymous ID: e07409 2018-11-06 18:03:09Z No. 3759727

Saudis' Amazon Boycott Shows Signs of 'Coordination'

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:03:09Z No. 3759728



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: cb97b9 2018-11-06 18:03:09Z No. 3759729

amember dis anons?

Anonymous ID: 1a4e41 2018-11-06 18:03:10Z No. 3759730



Anonymous ID: 1ba54b 2018-11-06 18:03:12Z No. 3759731


Thank you anon (s)! I appreciate all of your best wishes!

This board has given me the power in this year to not lose my mind!

Anonymous ID: 535870 2018-11-06 18:03:13Z No. 3759732


Nice song

Anonymous ID: fffd44 2018-11-06 18:03:31Z No. 3759733


To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

Anonymous ID: 991918 2018-11-06 18:03:32Z No. 3759734



It's not facing that way.

No idea why the site loaded it MIRRORED.

That's nuts yo.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:03:34Z No. 3759735


Dead meat


Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 84343b 2018-11-06 18:03:40Z No. 3759736


Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 18:03:44Z No. 3759738

Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 18:03:45Z No. 3759737

Lindsey Graham To Revoke Kamala And Feistein’s Veto Privileges As Payback For Kavanaugh

Lindsey Graham is a star, of that there is no doubt. He gave the GOP a huge injection of energy (and spine) during the crucial moments of the Kavanaugh debacle. Lindsey came through in the clutch and just as Chuck Grassley continues to refer people to the feds for lying, Lindsey has not forgotten.

Lindsey remembers what happened and moreover, he believes his mentor and good friend John McCain would have been furious over the smear. The issue runs deep for Lindsey and Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein should have thought of that before they did what they did.

It was a disgrace to drag that poor woman through the mud to say nothing of what they did to Kavanaugh – remember Ford wanted to stay hidden from view and was never even told she didn’t have to go to DC for the spectacle.

Lindsey went on Hugh Hewitt’s show today and set his sights on the two Senators from California. There has been a long-standing practice in the Senate to give home state Senators veto power over the circuit courts. One step before the Supreme Court these are the second most powerful judges in the country, as we saw when some blocked Trump’s immigration ban.

In the past, Presidents would give veto power for these appointments to the local Senators to ensure a court that resembles the people. No law, just custom.

But after Kavanaugh Lindsey said that is a thing of the past. If the GOP keeps the Senate as expected Lindsey has plans:

Lindsey Graham: 100%. So Chuck Grassley has done a great job as chairman. If he does move over, to your listeners, what we’re talking about, let’s say two Democratic senators in California, there’s an opening on the 9th Circuit in California, there’s been a practice in the past where senators can basically veto a selection by the White House. It’s been uneven in its application. But from my point of view, after Kavanaugh, we’ll get their input, but they’re not going to have a veto on the Circuit Court.

Hewitt: And will the pace continue as it has been, because 29 is great. I want 40 by the end of the year. And I want 100 by the end of four years.

Graham: Well, to the extent if I’m chairman, we will work diligently to fill vacancies and try to make sure that the next year and a half, by the summer of 2020, it sort of comes to a halt, that we’re productive when it comes to federal judges on the bench.

That’s one of the reasons people go to the polls in presidential elections. The court’s at stake. We all talk about how important the election is for the court. So here’s the thing for the Democrats.

They don’t want to acknowledge that President Trump won. They tried to undercut his ability to pick highly-qualified nominees to the Supreme Court. And we’re going to be full throttle when it comes to judges.

Anonymous ID: c000ef 2018-11-06 18:03:49Z No. 3759739


Wouldn't he rather be someplace else?


Anonymous ID: cb3a63 2018-11-06 18:03:50Z No. 3759740


Pelosi didn't fulfill her promise to pay you?

Anonymous ID: d9ae68 2018-11-06 18:04:13Z No. 3759741


If you see a ring around the sun, it usually means there's a distant storm forming, which may reach your area in a matter of days.

Anonymous ID: 32e9de 2018-11-06 18:04:19Z No. 3759742


Patriots have no skin color.

Quit being a division cunt.

Anonymous ID: d1b7eb 2018-11-06 18:04:23Z No. 3759743




Anonymous ID: 272169 2018-11-06 18:04:25Z No. 3759744


If he didn't want us to know he would position himself somewhere off-camera and watch the rally live from there.

Anonymous ID: 8d2074 2018-11-06 18:04:33Z No. 3759745


DDHQ did a great job of predicting 2016.. l0l

Anonymous ID: 222c13 2018-11-06 18:04:37Z No. 3759746


I think that’s what Q is saying - fire away anons

Anonymous ID: ce73fc 2018-11-06 18:04:38Z No. 3759747


u r good anon ty

Anonymous ID: 2cd250 2018-11-06 18:04:45Z No. 3759748

I was trying to relive my youth with Stacey Dash, but then I saw something weird.

Anonymous ID: 0709e9 2018-11-06 18:04:45Z No. 3759749


Fill turd

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:04:46Z No. 3759750


Anonymous ID: c00068 2018-11-06 18:04:47Z No. 3759751

Was just fucking around on twitter, was going to post some inspirational Q. Pic related … sigle. Just noticed the missing the n.


She looks scared .. panic.

Anonymous ID: c72685 2018-11-06 18:04:53Z No. 3759752


SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING!!!! At least they'll have a report to write about it and have on the record.

Anonymous ID: b489f8 2018-11-06 18:04:53Z No. 3759753


Anonymous ID: 0131d9 2018-11-06 18:04:54Z No. 3759754


this is gonna be a great night

I feel the energy

and actually, the shilling will likely die down after midterms, should be comfy



I've seen others, but really like this vid

Anonymous ID: 55ad0d 2018-11-06 18:05:00Z No. 3759755

Welcome to the "Congressional Ghetto"

Would YOU knowingly & w/ understanding:


* DO THE BIDDING of your Masters to Control your Community?

* Willingly & Knowingly perpetuate Racial Division [ON PURPOSE]:


- Except for ONE I could find = Mia Love - (R) Utah

ALL are DemoRats. ALL Dem's but ONE?

[Handlers of the Black Community for their Masters] = The Cabal

Race-Baiters & Hustlers



We are ALL Americans.


Anonymous ID: 927222 2018-11-06 18:05:07Z No. 3759756

Anonymous ID: 2a92a0 2018-11-06 18:05:10Z No. 3759757

Photo VIP Anon:


OK…now I am really freaking out! I went through timelines of when I tweeted my podium photo vs when Q posted my tweet as VIPAnon. Q knew it was me (@ABOwarrior) in the Q shirt before I posted the hat to I.D. me. HOW DID Q KNOW I WAS @ABOwarrior that tweeted the podium? #QAnon

I tweeted the podium (NO selfie) in Q shirt as @ABOwarrior. I was escorted out of VIP area and given new shirt to wear with no explanation. Meanwhile, Q posted my podium photo as first VIP Anon shout-out on Saturday. How did #Q know it was me (@ABOwarrior) in the Q shirt? #QAnon

This is the shirt I was wearing when I tweeted the podium photo before I was escorted out right before the rally started. But they let me back in behind the president wearing a different shirt they gave me. Then Q posted VIP Anon. #QAnon


Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 18:05:12Z No. 3759758

Former Ark. Political Party Spokesman Arrested for Child Porn

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A former spokesperson for the Arkansas Democratic Party is behind bars this morning on a charge of child pornography possession and distribution.

HL Moody was booked into the Pulaski County Jail just before 1 a.m. Tuesday. According to jail records, he was arrested by U.S. Marshals.

According to his Linkedin page, Moody left the Democratic Party position in February 2017. His profile page said he chaired Tippi McCullough's campaign for the state house and works for Pulaski County as a special event coordinator.

Moody will make his first court appearance this morning in U.S. District Court in Little Rock.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:05:13Z No. 3759759



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 2f6707 2018-11-06 18:05:16Z No. 3759760


Noticed a yuuuge uptick in really odd followers myself recently…not bots

Good for getting more eyes on truth

Anonymous ID: 1a4e41 2018-11-06 18:05:18Z No. 3759761



Anonymous ID: 043c15 2018-11-06 18:05:18Z No. 3759762



That's fuckin' weird. It loads perfectly normal.

Anonymous ID: 590418 2018-11-06 18:05:20Z No. 3759763


patriots have a skin color its called flesh you skeletor ass nigger quit being a groupfag

Anonymous ID: 272169 2018-11-06 18:05:21Z No. 3759764


Still thinks he's untouchable . . .

Anonymous ID: f8906a 2018-11-06 18:05:23Z No. 3759765

Live Forever.

Anonymous ID: 2178ac 2018-11-06 18:05:27Z No. 3759766

David Hogg caught campaigning for Stacy Abrams.

Anonymous ID: c000ef 2018-11-06 18:05:31Z No. 3759767


The scheming, then the plotting…

more scheming, then more plotting…

Anonymous ID: fffd44 2018-11-06 18:05:35Z No. 3759768


I signed up to get live results. IDKAF about their predictions lol.

A ID: dedc62 2018-11-06 18:05:37Z No. 3759769

Q, POTUS, Military, LEO, Anons, Patriots

God Bless United States of America

I just VOTED for Redwave in CA

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God

Anonymous ID: f63235 2018-11-06 18:05:44Z No. 3759770


Anonymous ID: 1341fa 2018-11-06 18:05:44Z No. 3759771


Anonymous ID: 7e59ab 2018-11-06 18:05:47Z No. 3759772


Last ditch effort to retain control. Perhaps there will be a false flag re alien invasion. I'll take a shitload of photos if that happens.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:05:48Z No. 3759773


Anonymous ID: 46f20c 2018-11-06 18:05:49Z No. 3759774


Dump those 45k sealed eBot

Anonymous ID: af1e6b 2018-11-06 18:05:51Z No. 3759775


Just made the last 3 right before posting 'em!

Spread 'em far and wide.

Anonymous ID: b07a16 2018-11-06 18:05:52Z No. 3759776



Anonymous ID: 29a168 2018-11-06 18:05:53Z No. 3759777


yell at my toaster all the damn time. that fucker is the WORST!!!

Anonymous ID: c6dda1 2018-11-06 18:06:05Z No. 3759778


That is just 4 consecutive dashes. see example from test on comms

Anonymous ID: a0a266 2018-11-06 18:06:09Z No. 3759779


Nice try shill. There will more voter crimes reported in this election than in history, they will be acted upon swiftly, and there IS NOTHING you can do to stop it. RED WAVE

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:06:40Z No. 3759780


Anonymous ID: b489f8 2018-11-06 18:06:43Z No. 3759781



Anonymous ID: 555448 2018-11-06 18:06:44Z No. 3759782

Lewis Carroll used mathematically precise patterns in all of his writings.

Now these patterns have set up a conflict, with the already established mathematical pattern.

This conflict causes confusion.

Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 18:06:50Z No. 3759783

Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 18:06:52Z No. 3759784

Anonymous ID: 49369a 2018-11-06 18:06:55Z No. 3759786


Anonymous ID: 43aef1 2018-11-06 18:06:56Z No. 3759785


You fucking did it, Anon! I'm laughing my ass off!

Anonymous ID: 4d781e 2018-11-06 18:06:57Z No. 3759787

My buddy can taste the red wave. He wants to be the official mascot of Q.

Anonymous ID: 0f4ba2 2018-11-06 18:06:59Z No. 3759788


If she doesn't go the right shade of Red today, we'll get to her soon, I'm sure. Remember, when we said Sea to Shining Sea, we meant that. You will not be forgotten.


You too, Canada. Not only an alley that we can depend on when times really get tough, but very strategically important. You become your own sovereign nation again, we've got one more bumper between us and any wouldbe invaders. Thanks for the prayers and the good vibes. Right back at ya! Love you moosefuckers. No homo <3

Anonymous ID: 3f5db0 2018-11-06 18:07:07Z No. 3759789



color corrected, removed italics, enlarged and beefed up font, hope this works better.

Anonymous ID: 616a04 2018-11-06 18:07:09Z No. 3759790


Anonymous ID: 2a92a0 2018-11-06 18:07:11Z No. 3759791



Anonymous ID: 73b145 2018-11-06 18:07:14Z No. 3759792

Q research not updating fast enough for my needs AHHHHHH midterm day REEEEE

Anonymous ID: 44d6b1 2018-11-06 18:07:14Z No. 3759793

This morning CNN said this. Is this right? They're bringing ballots outside the protected polling station to have the handicap vote in their car? Drive-thru voting?

How do we know they don't throw the ballot out if the person was wearing a MAGA hat? Or reading the ballot itself and chucking out the R ones?


Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 18:07:18Z No. 3759794

‘Time to Get Tough’: Farage Blasts Khan as London Scrambles Extra Police After Fifth Person Slain in Days

London police have launched their fifth murder investigation in a week, after a 16-year-old boy died in a suspected stabbing, and extra officers were taken off leave and deployed to the streets.

Police were called to “reports of a shooting” in Tulse Hill, south London, on Monday night with the youth pronounced dead just before midnight. Officers said, “it is believed the boy’s injuries are stab rather than gunshot wounds.”

Earlier in the day, a 17-year-old and 18-year-old were arrested on suspicion of murder following the killing of Malcolm Mide-Madariola, also 17, outside a busy Tube station on Friday afternoon.

Hours before on Friday, a 15-year-old boy was killed just yards from his home in Lewisham, south London, and a 16-year-old was stabbed on New Kent Road in Southwark.

Following the wave of violence, Sky News reports that hundreds of extra police officers – many of whom will have been taken off leave – will be on the beat to protect the public.

Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy said the deployment followed a “terrible” few days in the capital, which brought the number of murders in the capital to 119 so far this year.

The desperate move came as London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it could take a generation to get a grip on knife crime in the city.

Mr Khan told BBC Radio 4: “It will take some time. I know that because of the lessons we’ve learnt from places like Glasgow, where it took them some time to turn this round. To really make significant progress can take up to ten years, a generation.”

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage hit back at Mr Khan for “appearing blasé” in his response to the crime wave, suggesting the Mayor brings back “tougher” measures.

Speaking on his LBC radio show, he blasted: “I just don’t think it’s good enough, I think he’s copping out.

“We’ve just got to get tough. Metal detectors in schools, bringing back stop and search, and real penalties for people who are caught with knives.

“That may not solve all of the social problems that have been leading to this but goodness me, it might just make our streets a bit safer in the short term.

“He appears almost blasé in his response to the rise in knife crime in London, and I think people want to see a bit more leadership and a bit more action. That is my view.”

He added: “Look I’m not blaming him for all of this – when he became Mayor of London we already had a problem, but it has exploded over the course of the last year or two.

“I just don’t think he’s talking about this with enough sense of urgency.

“There are things that can be done and just to blame police cuts on its own simply isn’t enough.”

Anonymous ID: e07409 2018-11-06 18:07:27Z No. 3759795


I say yay.

Anonymous ID: 42d6f0 2018-11-06 18:07:29Z No. 3759796


Report quickly. Possible voter fraud. I am getting sick of this shit.

Anonymous ID: 8ac47a 2018-11-06 18:07:34Z No. 3759797

Anonymous ID: 0709e9 2018-11-06 18:07:37Z No. 3759798


Forbid she had to wear what was directed by a film

Anonymous ID: e49fed 2018-11-06 18:07:38Z No. 3759799


^^^^^^ kekekekekek….. whew!

Desperation is a stinky cologne.

Anonymous ID: 5e47e8 2018-11-06 18:07:39Z No. 3759800

patriots vote today!!

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:07:39Z No. 3759801


It's 61k now

It's an old judas fehgel fake twat from the oval

Anonymous ID: 5203b5 2018-11-06 18:07:39Z No. 3759802


From her Wikipedia page

Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 18:07:39Z No. 3759803

Anonymous ID: a624b2 2018-11-06 18:07:40Z No. 3759804




investigation into funding, organization (think Veritas - may already be in the works)

new legislation

want moar?

Anonymous ID: 939cfb 2018-11-06 18:07:41Z No. 3759805

The Communist Party is hard at work in the USA. They call themselves the, "Democratic Socialists of America". It is really just an euphemism for being a Communist.

Anonymous ID: b4f332 2018-11-06 18:07:59Z No. 3759806

What measures are in place to stop Black Box/Fraction Magic election fraud?

Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 18:08:02Z No. 3759807

Anonymous ID: 29a168 2018-11-06 18:08:09Z No. 3759808


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:08:09Z No. 3759809



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: f90840 2018-11-06 18:08:12Z No. 3759810


Kek. Hi Stacey, you look more like a ‘87

Anonymous ID: 4e297d 2018-11-06 18:08:24Z No. 3759811


Don't you just mean the "Democratic Party"?

Also, pic related.

Anonymous ID: 043c15 2018-11-06 18:08:27Z No. 3759812


That nigga voted straight R. Look at how deflated those eyebags are.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:08:27Z No. 3759813



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 28face 2018-11-06 18:08:28Z No. 3759814


Already voted… does that mean I get to play with those now?

Anonymous ID: 42d6f0 2018-11-06 18:08:29Z No. 3759815


Good point. This is in Sterling, Virginia, right?

Anonymous ID: 1a4e41 2018-11-06 18:08:50Z No. 3759816



Here's a small collection of 500+ if you're interdasted.

Ordered by Baker Girl (but not in any particular order)

Anonymous ID: b99a85 2018-11-06 18:08:56Z No. 3759817


'tis one of them chem-trail halos. Q never mentioned chem-trails but maybe it's time now…

Anonymous ID: b800df 2018-11-06 18:09:02Z No. 3759818


We Know, We Know, We Know…

Anonymous ID: cb3a63 2018-11-06 18:09:17Z No. 3759819


Anonymous ID: 6607a1 2018-11-06 18:09:23Z No. 3759820


Anonymous ID: b72ae3 2018-11-06 18:09:28Z No. 3759821

I miss GoreShill.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:09:32Z No. 3759822

Pelosi might be Dorothy

Or the wicked witch

Post that piece of shit on a hill

And see if a house falls on it


Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: dcace0 2018-11-06 18:09:33Z No. 3759823

When shall we start watchhing cnn for keks?

Anonymous ID: e07409 2018-11-06 18:09:53Z No. 3759825


Anonymous ID: 7e59ab 2018-11-06 18:09:54Z No. 3759824


Truly sorry for your loss Anon. Perhaps you can join us here one day to celebrate our victory and yours and the entire world's.

Anonymous ID: 46f20c 2018-11-06 18:09:54Z No. 3759826


Dump them eBot let's get this show started

Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 18:10:03Z No. 3759827

Anonymous ID: 49369a 2018-11-06 18:10:04Z No. 3759828


Like a dog missing his vomit.

Anonymous ID: 535870 2018-11-06 18:10:04Z No. 3759829

Tuesday, November 6 pre-dawn – Old Moon meets Venus

Viewed in a telescope, Venus will exhibit the same illuminated phase as the moon.

Anonymous ID: 01cd52 2018-11-06 18:10:06Z No. 3759830

Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 18:10:09Z No. 3759831


When Netanyahu defends Bin Salman…

Benjamin Netanyahu has made no secret of his concern over the fate of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman in the wake of the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October. According to the Washington Post, the Israeli Prime Minister intervened with the US administration in order to relieve some of the pressure on the prince. Netanyahu also stated publically in Budapest that the US must maintain the stability of Saudi Arabia under the [de facto] leadership of Bin Salman.

Of course, Netanyahu’s defence of Bin Salman is not born out of love, but rather a desire to use him in order to promote Israel’s objectives in the region. The most important of these are to confront Iran, pass the “deal of the century”, normalisation with the Kingdom at a later stage and the elimination of political Islam. Since the rise of Bin Salman, Israel has sought to invest in him as he represents a golden opportunity with regards to achieving the aforementioned objectives. This is exactly what the Zionist state did five years ago with Egypt’s General — now President — Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi who had, and still has, unlimited Israeli support, especially in Washington’s decision-making circles.

Netanyahu understands that Bin Salman is in desperate need of the US, not only to secure his ascension to the throne, but also to stay there and set himself up as a new leader for the region in the manner that he himself referred to at the economic conference in Riyadh last week. The Crown Prince’s fantasy even went as far as imagining himself as the Alexander of the Arabs who will steer the Middle East towards urbanisation and European modernity. Bin Salman also believes that he will be a new founder of the Kingdom or, as his supporters call it, Greater Saudi Arabia. This means gaining support and backing at any cost, even if it comes via Tel Aviv.

Hence, reports of Bin Salman resorting to Netanyahu to ask for his support in Washington to ease the pressure on him regarding Khashoggi’s murder are no real surprise. The Israeli leader duly wasted no time in backing the Saudi Prince, whitewashing his image and promoting him as the cornerstone of stability in the region. He has made it look as if Bin Salman’s removal will lead to the collapse of the Kingdom and its fragmentation; as if Saudi Arabia’s fate is entirely dependent on the fate of this reckless young man.

Anonymous ID: 4e297d 2018-11-06 18:10:18Z No. 3759832


Native of NJ who no longer lives there… praying NJ voters make the right choice and send a GOP senator to DC for the first time in over 40 years.

Anonymous ID: 991918 2018-11-06 18:10:22Z No. 3759833



Well, normal day around here then! Ha.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:10:22Z No. 3759834




Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 732dd7 2018-11-06 18:10:28Z No. 3759836


Anonymous ID: a624b2 2018-11-06 18:10:42Z No. 3759837


Anonymous ID: 272169 2018-11-06 18:10:47Z No. 3759838


Has this thing got a name?

Anonymous ID: fffd44 2018-11-06 18:10:48Z No. 3759839

Pelosi already calling midterms a victory for her.

Dumb bitch.

Anonymous ID: cb97b9 2018-11-06 18:11:03Z No. 3759840


Anonymous ID: 43aef1 2018-11-06 18:11:10Z No. 3759841

Is E-bot going apeshit? Should I unfilter it?

Anonymous ID: 3c4e2c 2018-11-06 18:11:16Z No. 3759842

Elections: FREEDOM vs Fraud On The Ballot

Anonymous ID: 0f4ba2 2018-11-06 18:11:16Z No. 3759843


The best Hunter. Good throwback.

Anonymous ID: b07a16 2018-11-06 18:11:16Z No. 3759844



Q took care of the problem. Remember?

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 58456f No.2340661 📁

Jul 29 2018 14:00:12 (EST)


Offices of MA.

Work on Sunday?

Who is supplying feed?

Who is financing?


Anonymous ID: af8f67 2018-11-06 18:11:19Z No. 3759845


>>3759277 CALL FOR DIGS ANONS: Shola Ameobi & House of Lords & CSW & "Christianity"

>>3758988, >>3759016 Long voting lines in Houston TX bc "technical difficulties"?

>>3758986 Planefag report: B-52 bombers in action

>>3758726 >>3759097, >>3759182 Oct: Boatload of Puerto Rican refugees brought to FL

>>3758944 Unexpected death: Ronald Brewer, former AZ Gov. Jan Brewer's eldest son

>>3758712, >>3758807 NC fuggery? Is "humidity" the "hanging chads" du jour?

>>3758706, >>3758715 Merkel-replacing cabal dude Blackrock's offices searched

>>3758700 Oprah, Hanks, (((Spielberg))) to "racists": Follow the damn stars!!

>>3758680 Kanukistan: leafcucks' govt selling 'em out to communist china

>>3758679 Twatter @LarrySchweiker twats "Beto" buses spotted in TX

>>3758643 Ohio Anon reports evidence of suspected voting fuggery to multiple places

Corrected to add late note

Anonymous ID: e07409 2018-11-06 18:11:24Z No. 3759846


Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 18:11:24Z No. 3759847

Anonymous ID: ce73fc 2018-11-06 18:11:28Z No. 3759848


ty, awesome anon

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:11:30Z No. 3759849



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 4e61e3 2018-11-06 18:11:33Z No. 3759850


thanks dude!

Anonymous ID: de7364 2018-11-06 18:11:42Z No. 3759851

Alan here, i voted.

Anonymous ID: 0ebf58 2018-11-06 18:11:45Z No. 3759852


Anonymous ID: 24fe5e 2018-11-06 18:11:48Z No. 3759853


Anon, they know they’ve lost they just hacen to act like they won big and quick. So they can claim fraud and hacking tomm

Anonymous ID: 2a92a0 2018-11-06 18:11:50Z No. 3759854



Keep focused on throwing out those memes!

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:11:50Z No. 3759855



Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: b99a85 2018-11-06 18:11:53Z No. 3759856


Libtardus Snowflakensis

Anonymous ID: 01cd52 2018-11-06 18:11:53Z No. 3759857


Anonymous ID: 1af6f4 2018-11-06 18:11:54Z No. 3759858

Anonymous ID: cb88fa 2018-11-06 18:11:58Z No. 3759859


Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Anonymous ID: dcace0 2018-11-06 18:12:07Z No. 3759860


Hey bro

Anonymous ID: 45c2bf 2018-11-06 18:12:11Z No. 3759861



Anonymous ID: 46f20c 2018-11-06 18:12:16Z No. 3759862


Where did Pelosi get her red shoes?

Anonymous ID: 66599e 2018-11-06 18:12:18Z No. 3759863


nice try Steve

Anonymous ID: 6aae05 2018-11-06 18:12:19Z No. 3759864


Well, converting between "million" and "million" is hard… units and decimal places and such.

Anonymous ID: 3299c2 2018-11-06 18:12:21Z No. 3759865

>#4776: Eyes On to Catch Fraud Edition

>>3758643 (lb) Voting Machine Fuckery in OH

Did a graphic to spread around. Think i blacked out all IDEN info, but let me know if not.


Anonymous ID: a12bb3 2018-11-06 18:12:21Z No. 3759866

Cali anon checking in again today! Let’s do it! FOR OUR COUNTRY

Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 18:12:28Z No. 3759867

Fox News Condemns Hannity, Pirro For Appearing On Stage At Trump Rally

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by: Daily Caller

Fox News condemned the actions of hosts Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro after the pair joined President Donald Trump onstage for a rally in Missouri on Monday night.

Hannity was already receiving flack Monday for being listed as a “special guest” at the rally, but Hannity and Fox assured viewers that he would not be campaigning with the president. Rather, Hannity claimed he would be broadcasting live from the rally and would hold an interview with the president.

In Missouri yesterday with the @FoxNews team watching stage prep for the TRUMP RALLY. #hannity

— Jeanine Pirro (@JudgeJeanine) November 6, 2018

However, both Hannity and Pirro joined the president onstage after he invited them to come up and speak.

In Missouri yesterday with the @FoxNews team watching stage prep for the TRUMP RALLY. #hannity

— Jeanine Pirro (@JudgeJeanine) November 6, 2018

“Mr. President, I did an opening monologue today and I had no idea you were going to invite me up here,” Hannity said, before calling the group of journalists in the back of the rally “fake news.”

Fox News called their hosts’ appearance onstage a “distraction” in a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

“FOX News does not condone any talent participating in campaign events,” the company wrote. “We have an extraordinary team of journalists helming our coverage tonight and we are extremely proud of their work. This was an unfortunate distraction and has been addressed.”

Fox News statement on Hannity and Jeanine Pirro’s participation at the Trump rally last night

— Max Tani (@maxwelltani) November 6, 2018

In a series of tweets shortly after Fox’s statement was released, Hannity asserted that he was not planning on joining the rally.

What I said in my tweet yesterday was 100% truthful. When the POTUS invited me on stage to give a few remarks last night, I was surprised, yet honored by the president’s request. This was NOT planned.

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) November 6, 2018

He also clarified that he was not calling any of his colleagues at Fox “fake news” during his remarks.

To be clear, I was not referring to my journalist colleagues at FOX News in those remarks. They do amazing work day in and day out in a fair and balanced way and It is an honor to work with such great professionals.

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) November 6, 2018

Fox News also announced on Monday that they would no longer be airing a campaign ad from President Donald Trump that tied illegal immigrants to crime. Other networks, including CNN, have decided the ad as “racist.”

Anonymous ID: 0131d9 2018-11-06 18:12:28Z No. 3759868


well done

Anonymous ID: 4e297d 2018-11-06 18:12:30Z No. 3759869


Considering SF is mostly just street shitters and junkies these days, she's probably (and sadly) right.

Anonymous ID: 927222 2018-11-06 18:12:30Z No. 3759870


Anonymous ID: 9fdd14 2018-11-06 18:12:35Z No. 3759871

Anonymous ID: b489f8 2018-11-06 18:12:43Z No. 3759872


it's painful. do it in small doses. working on my 2nd headache

Anonymous ID: 8d80b3 2018-11-06 18:12:49Z No. 3759873

17 RTs this AM.


Anonymous ID: 89d278 2018-11-06 18:12:50Z No. 3759875

Anonymous ID: 49369a 2018-11-06 18:12:51Z No. 3759874



Anonymous ID: aecbb9 2018-11-06 18:12:52Z No. 3759876

I just realized that some of the Anons here are worried about the vote, well as much as it would semi entertain me to see you all angry about what is going to happen, you guys are my fam and I can't do that to you…. however there will be a red tsunami burning down the country maybe, or not I guess we will see,

Session and Trump are taking the whole Gov down ALL OF IT BOOM BYE, they will show we have never had a fair election, the results of the election don't matter, the MSM won't even count the votes,

Q NEEDED US TO TURN OUT THEY CAN ONLY MUNIPULATE THE TURN OUT, so they have to keep changing it to keep it straight, The High up dems know what is going on now, they are trying to run right now, ALL OUR LEADERSHIP IN MY STATE HAS LEFT TO GEORGIA, I'm in wa thats a long way away,

Tonight on MSM will suck in my opinion, Libs will fell like they won, but in a few days BOOM DOWN SHE GOES BOTH SIDES GONE

then they can't say shit fuck you its all gone, we need all new people

Trump is an actor people, we will have to elect a new Potus,

God Bless our Millitary Gesara is coming my niggers

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:12:56Z No. 3759877

Anonymous ID: b07a16 2018-11-06 18:12:57Z No. 3759878


Thanks, Joe!

Anonymous ID: 29a168 2018-11-06 18:13:01Z No. 3759879


and now I feel bad. who apologizes to their toaster? this anon. :(

Anonymous ID: fc5d58 2018-11-06 18:13:07Z No. 3759881


That pooch shall henceforth be known as mascot anon. Kek!

Anonymous ID: f8906a 2018-11-06 18:13:09Z No. 3759882



Anonymous ID: 4e61e3 2018-11-06 18:13:16Z No. 3759883


thanks man!

Anonymous ID: 590418 2018-11-06 18:13:20Z No. 3759884


<watch the monkey symone sanders dance a jig and talk all niggery all the time double negative city . fox news aint get no threatzzz is her newest ad hominem

Anonymous ID: 5af43f 2018-11-06 18:13:21Z No. 3759886

Anonymous ID: ce73fc 2018-11-06 18:13:22Z No. 3759885


there is quite some line planetary line up for 11-11-18, pain will be inc

Anonymous ID: c2571d 2018-11-06 18:13:27Z No. 3759888


A small girl named Beth. Nancy thanks her donation.

Anonymous ID: 8743dd 2018-11-06 18:13:27Z No. 3759889

we need eyes on PA

Anonymous ID: da8f4e 2018-11-06 18:13:29Z No. 3759890


WTH?? Chris Stirewalt on FOX is saying Dimms pick up 35 seats? Who let this guy on this network? Talk about full of it!

Anonymous ID: 9e1fde 2018-11-06 18:13:44Z No. 3759891


Yeah, it's in the current military budget.

Anonymous ID: 1a4e41 2018-11-06 18:13:44Z No. 3759892

Am I the only faggot here who does NOTHING but Q Research and has ZERO Q attire because I'm more anon in real life than on here?

Anonymous ID: c72685 2018-11-06 18:13:49Z No. 3759893


bread winner

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:13:50Z No. 3759894

Your political campaign is shit like pelosi


Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: e07409 2018-11-06 18:13:59Z No. 3759895


Was waiting for this "bias" backlash. I saw it coming the moment I read Limbaugh and Hannity would be there.

I guess it's different when you have 150 satanic cucking celebs giving a speech for you, or an ex-president, etc. KEK

Anonymous ID: 73b145 2018-11-06 18:14:04Z No. 3759896

TFW your state is always the first called every election.

My neighboring county was first for Trump kek.

Voting anyway to run up the score!

Anonymous ID: 3c4e2c 2018-11-06 18:14:13Z No. 3759897


Anonymous ID: 32e9de 2018-11-06 18:14:15Z No. 3759898


You could always unfilter and check like I do occasionally. Then just put his name back in the filters. Haven't seen that dick for awhile now. Been nice.

Anonymous ID: dcace0 2018-11-06 18:14:16Z No. 3759899



Anonymous ID: 49369a 2018-11-06 18:14:25Z No. 3759900


Time for a new news channel.

I vote for Trump News!

Anonymous ID: b07a16 2018-11-06 18:14:28Z No. 3759901


Now THAT is weaponized autism.

Anonymous ID: 61debd 2018-11-06 18:14:36Z No. 3759902


Chris is a nevertrump

Anonymous ID: b249af 2018-11-06 18:14:37Z No. 3759903


Hah. We really have us a shill trying to reverse the NPC meme upon us? Sorry, squirt. We embrace the GA and your attempts only serve to reinforce our commitment. But to the left, it's a thousand cuts.

Anonymous ID: d18351 2018-11-06 18:14:40Z No. 3759904

Any sauce where Q in the sky pic was taken? From what I could tell it originated from an account based in Australia. No meta deta and I couldn’t find any traces of manipulation.

Anonymous ID: 2cd250 2018-11-06 18:14:42Z No. 3759905



I can get behind that.

Anonymous ID: 0131d9 2018-11-06 18:14:43Z No. 3759906


and you didn't even reply to the retard

fucking weird

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 2c64e9 2018-11-06 18:14:43Z No. 3759907

Looks like the blue wave was real

Republicans are getting destroyed



[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:14:44Z No. 3759908


Fuck voting on shit that farts online


Pelosi is shit

Anonymous ID: 300b50 2018-11-06 18:14:46Z No. 3759909


yea stacy is hot

Anonymous ID: 1a4e41 2018-11-06 18:14:49Z No. 3759910


Didn't think so… just thought to check.


Anonymous ID: f2ae98 2018-11-06 18:14:56Z No. 3759911


not so much a euphemism as being openly communist still carries some legal penalty to it.

Anonymous ID: 0e6c01 2018-11-06 18:14:56Z No. 3759912

POTUS FoxNews Opinion Message, Nov 5

Notice pic is from Oct 17, - & LT hand is making a "7"?

"For many Americans, the Great Recession brought dark days we will never forget – and never want to repeat. It wasn’t long ago that economists told us sluggish growth and flat wages were here to stay.

Pundits talked about a “jobless recovery.” And politicians promised hope and change but never delivered.

But now, thanks to Republican leadership, the United States has the best economy in the history of our country – and hope has finally returned to cities and towns across America.

Since I was elected, we have created 4.5 million new jobs. In the last month alone, we added another 250,000 jobs, and nearly a half-million Americans returned to the workforce. We have added nearly 500,000 manufacturing jobs to our economy – jobs that many self-proclaimed experts said would never return.

The unemployment rate just fell to the lowest level in nearly 50 years. More Americans are working today than ever before. And wages are now rising at the fastest rate in a decade.

Today, if you want a job, you can get a job. If you want a better job, you can get a better job. African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-Americans have the best job prospects in history. The employment outlook for women is the best in more than 65 years.

Students graduating from high school and college are entering the workforce with an abundance of opportunities.

These things didn’t happen by accident. They happened because Republicans are putting American workers and families first.

To reclaim America’s competitive edge, Republicans passed the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in American history. In addition to saving the average family $2,000 per year, our tax cuts kicked off a growth boom as businesses expanded and hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign profits flooded back into our country.

By doubling the child tax credit, providing a $500 tax credit for non-child dependents, and lowering tax rates, Republicans delivered the tax relief that working families need and deserve.

Republicans have waged the largest regulatory reduction campaign in our history – eliminating unnecessary regulation after unnecessary regulation that killed jobs and drove businesses overseas.

We have unleashed American energy resources. We ended ObamaCare’s punitive individual mandate and created new, affordable health-care options with lower premiums for families and businesses. And we are fixing broken trade deals and cracking down on foreign trading abuses that have, for decades, plundered America’s wealth.

Democrats adamantly, aggressively and hysterically opposed every one of these policies.

The top Democrat in Congress even predicted our tax cuts would lead to “Armageddon.” But here we are, two years later, and America has never been more prosperous or more optimistic.

Now America faces a critical choice: whether to build on the extraordinary prosperity that Republican policies have delivered for our nation – or whether to allow Democrats to take control and take a giant wrecking ball to your economy and your future.

If House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., take control of Congress, they will drag America back into the economic abyss we struggled so hard to climb out of.

The Democrats have promised to raise taxes, restore job-killing regulations, restrict American energy production, and impose socialism through a government takeover of your health care that would bankrupt our country with a $32 trillion price tag.

Put simply, the Democrats will pursue economic policies that are the exact opposite of the successful policies that Republicans have implemented. Democratic economic policies will drive our factories overseas, destroy the American health-care system, and obliterate American jobs, American wages and American wealth.

We have already tried the Democratic way – and it produced the worst so-called economic recovery on record. Why would we ever go back?

Instead, I am asking you to vote for a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and Republican governors so we can continue the incredible economic success that families across the nation are now enjoying.

America’s red-hot economy is the envy of the world, and it is only getting stronger every day. A strong jobs economy helps working Americans lift up the people they love: children, parents, friends, and neighbors. ….

Anonymous ID: 6a3767 2018-11-06 18:14:57Z No. 3759914



Anonymous ID: af8f67 2018-11-06 18:14:58Z No. 3759913

Basket of deNotables


>>3759867 U Jelly Foxbros? Condemns Hannity/Pirro For Appearing On Stage At Trump Rally

>>3759613 Georgia district (last minute) joins Election Watch

>>3759610 FCC Urges More in Phone Industry to Join in Tracing Scam Robocalls (muh oprah?)

>>3759607 OpEd: Polls Again Useless in Determining Outcome of Key California Races

>>3759524 AZ taking names, sending voters home? (weal sauce, no primary evidence)

>>3759671 @DJT twatting poll location resource

>>3759396 MSNBC Fake Graphic Showing Gillum's Florida "Win" (which hasn't happened)


>soapbox paytriot queers


Anonymous ID: 635866 2018-11-06 18:15:00Z No. 3759915

VIDEO: Illegal Electioneering Caught on Camera in Pennsylvania, Voter Told Not to ‘Make a Fool of Themself’ When They Complained

A video posted to Twitter on Tuesday appears to show “VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT” signs posted on the doors of a poll location — which is illegal under Pennsylvania election laws.

VIDEO: Illegal Electioneering Caught on Camera in Pennsylvania, Voter Told Not to ‘Make a Fool of Themself’ When They Complained

by Cassandra Fairbanks November 6, 2018

Share Tweet Email

A video posted to Twitter on Tuesday appears to show “VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT” signs posted on the doors of a poll location — which is illegal under Pennsylvania election laws.

It is illegal in Pennsylvania for campaign materials to be distributed or displayed within 10 feet of a polling place entrance. No campaigning is permitted within the polling place.

“THIS IS ELECTION TAMPERING. I was sent this video by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, I have blurred the reflections to obscure their identity. The attendant told this person ‘Don’t go making a fool of yourself’, after they complained… THIS MUST GO VIRAL,” the popular Twitter user Carpe Donktum posted along with the video.

The person who took the video wanted to remain anonymous, but claims in screenshots of a Dischord chat provided to the Gateway Pundit that they were told “don’t go making a fool of yourself,” when they complained to a poll volunteer.

Anonymous ID: 932f71 2018-11-06 18:15:01Z No. 3759916


Stacy Dash born in 1967

Anonymous ID: dcc716 2018-11-06 18:15:07Z No. 3759917


Anonymous ID: 8d2074 2018-11-06 18:15:10Z No. 3759918

I noticed something this election in MA -

They open the list of voters in front of you, so you can see everyone on your street, and who has and has not voted. For those of you not following, this means people can go back and vote for someone else that lives on their street.

Anonymous ID: 2a1602 2018-11-06 18:15:20Z No. 3759919

If their is 90 million votes, if we gave three thousand votes per auditor, all we would need is 30 thousand auditors - each given three thousand votes to audit. We have 30 thousand Anons - right? We could have the audit complete by Wednesday morning.

Anonymous ID: af1e6b 2018-11-06 18:15:20Z No. 3759920



I like to keep a low profile.

Anonymous ID: 24fe5e 2018-11-06 18:15:28Z No. 3759921

Newfriend here.

Just trying to confirm, is where we go one, is that also where we go all as well?


Anonymous ID: c000ef 2018-11-06 18:15:31Z No. 3759922


Drive-thru illegal voting?

Should I be shocked?

Anonymous ID: fffd44 2018-11-06 18:15:33Z No. 3759923


To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931

Anonymous ID: 89d278 2018-11-06 18:15:35Z No. 3759924


yeah I would be arrested for making such a stir about that being on the door.. would have ripped it down and demanded to know who put it up and called the voter fuckery hotline right in front of them.


Anonymous ID: 0131d9 2018-11-06 18:15:41Z No. 3759925


proof shills really are leftist soyboys

Anonymous ID: 4a4e34 2018-11-06 18:15:41Z No. 3759926


u wish faggot

Anonymous ID: 3459d2 2018-11-06 18:15:41Z No. 3759927


Um, how do we know if ANY mail in ballot is counted correctly.

Think about that.

Anonymous ID: 46f20c 2018-11-06 18:15:47Z No. 3759928



You mean

Madeleine Beth McCann

Anonymous ID: a1a29d 2018-11-06 18:15:48Z No. 3759929


==this== is interesting and may be significant. i also noticed and posted a few breads back that it seems to be a rt countdown. look at it. he started retweeting yesterdays tweets and worked down 5,4,3,2… he left the retweets at 2

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Same in NJ and NY. No ID, you just sign next to the name in the book.

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Looking goooood, anon!

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… "A strong jobs economy also means that our government can protect the American people with the strongest military in the world, protect Medicare and Social Security for our great seniors, protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, and protect our borders.

With your vote for Republican candidates, we can keep our economy growing and our nation on the right track.

With your vote, we will keep lifting millions of our citizens from welfare to work, dependence to independence, and poverty to prosperity. And together, we will build a future of safety, security, prosperity, and freedom for all our citizens.

Donald J. Trump is president of the United States."

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The "EU Army" idea is a joke.Who is going to pay for that ? Macron must own shares in French arms manufacturers !

Which EU nations would vote for an EU Army ?

NOT Germany, Austria, Poland, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Hungary etc etc etc

Macron continues to make himself look like a complete fool .

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working on it


the last time I counted, ebot triggered on that one meme 30 times so far.

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not mostly.. every single one is ebot…

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How is this election fraud being stopped?

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ThanQ Baker.

Hopefully, we can help a "friend".


*got a church to attend*

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Trump expects to do very well in Senate. Is that, like, Supermajority well?

From :

Q138. "In what instances is a 'Supermajority' required under the US Constitution?"

A. The specific instances in which the US Constitution requires a super-majority are limited to:

Convicting an Impeachment (2/3 majority in the Senate — Article 1, Section 3)

Expulsion of a member of one house of Congress (2/3 vote of the house in question — Article 1, Section 5)

Override a Presidential Veto (2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate — Article 1, Section 7)

Ratify a treaty (2/3 majority in the Senate — Article 2, Section 2)

Passing of a Constitutional Amendment by Congress (2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate — Article 5)

Calling for a Constitutional Convention (2/3 of the state legislatures — Article 5)

Ratifying a Constitutional Amendment (3/4 of the states — Article 5)

Restore the ability of certain rebels to serve in the government (2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate — 14th Amendment)

Approval of removal of the President from his position after the Vice President and the Cabinet approve such removal and after the President contests the removal (2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate 25th Amendment)

Additionally, it should be noted the in a few cases, the Constitution requires a super-majority for a quorum. A quorum is that number of members of a body that are required for the body to do any work. For example, there is usually a 50% quorum requirement in the House and Senate — at least half the members must be present. In the Constitution, super-majority quorums are required as follows:

Choice of a President in the House when no majority of electoral votes is achieved (member or members from 2/3 of the states 12th Amendment)

Choice of a Vice President in the Senate when no majority of electoral votes is achieved (2/3 of all Senators 12th Amendment)

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Don't even have to sign here.

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Adding another check:

If you don't want to vote on a machine and demand a paper ballot, ask if they get counted. Last time I did that, many years ago, it was deemed provisional- and in that state, would not be counted unless vote was in recount territory. Which means, cheat big. Recounts, depending on state, may mean only a half of a percent or some lame difference. How many uncounted provisional ballots would have mandated a recount if counted?

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>A thousand points of darkness

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Good job Beto

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stfu philip

its not our fault HRC ordered you to be a faggot on the internet

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when I was at le Trump Rally USA, I was running around as kind of a man behind the curtains, introducing Q folks to other Q folks and interdasted Deplorables'n'Pedes.

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I dont have any Q gear either. Nothing againstt those who do.

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>SSSSShould be fun.

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you meant we are cool not we cool dumb nigger quit breaking language

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MichAnon here. Just had lunch at the counter with a 20+ year UAW worker. The waitress was moaning about waiting in line to vote when he said "unless you're voting Republican don't bother". A joke of course, but asked him about it and he said almost *all* the UAW will vote red. Never thought I'd ever hear that!

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This is fucking illegal in ALL 50 states. If I saw that, I would have ripped it down immediately.

Anonymous ID: 8d2074 2018-11-06 18:16:57Z No. 3759955


As long as it's the polls, we're good.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 1283c6 2018-11-06 18:17:00Z No. 3759956


Dannalingus is the shit spokesman for pelosi zombie and schumer of the apocrypha zombie cause he ate soooooooooo much peanut butter from anal sphincter for the LOTR cult

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She's got nudes…. I'd post 'em, but I'm at work

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Yes I saw that a my local polling place this morning. Although no one was using it. It was labeled “handicap vote”

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TN had a "red November" last night after rally