279228 () No. 4652758

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>>4643496 ————————————–——– With all of the success that our Country is having

>>4639875 ————————————–——– The hole is deep

Sunday 01/06/19

>>4639347 ————————————–——– Huber Activated - treachery revealed requires accountability

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>>4633937 ————————————–——–- Refusal to provide coverage of successes.

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>>4628579 ————————————–——– Germany losing stranglehold on EU?

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are not endorsements


>>4651875 They won't air our President's Speech. Contact them

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>>4517617, >>4544243, >>4557547 BO Re: Censorship, Commitment, & /patriotsfight/


>>4652716 Moar on RBG's CpG ODN. Dig

>>4652698 Guatemala to shut down U.N. anti-corruption body on Tuesday

>>4652505 GEOTUS speech is happening on 17th day of government shutdown. Coincidence?

>>4652458 Al Waleed's list of books dig

>>4652394 Taiwan arrests German company BASF staff for selling secrets to China

>>4652336 New Hussein video: Notice the plastered fingers

>>4652314 Two US reps are sworn in on the Koran

>>4652222 WL posts legal letter of media myths and falsehoods

>>4652238 Breaking: All networks will air POTUS's Oval Office address

>>4652206 Kim Jong Un travels to China by train

>>4652198 New POTUS_Schedule re law POTUS signed into being today

>>4652126 Yemen’s Loss Of Antiquities Is ‘Robbing Them Of Their Future’

>>4652753 #5935


>>4651920 France to toughen sanctions on undeclared protests, PM says

>>4651913 Transcript of Pompeo's interview with Wilfred Frost of CNBC, 1.7.19

>>4651784 Erik Prince interview on CNBC this morning

>>4651348 RBG: Possible 'ODN' meaning, ref >>4649229 pb

>>4651591 GOP Oversight renews request for an update from Huber

>>4651540 “Crisis” of Seriously Ill Migrants Slams Border Patrol

>>4651531 , >>4651639 Networks facing pressure over broadcasting Trump's immigration address

>>4651359 , >>4651651 Members of Mexican sex trafficking organization jailed

>>4651331 Proof of Google Search Censorship: Contrast and Compare

Baker change ^^^

>>4651412 UK mental health hospital for celebs. Eric Clapton, Johnny Depp, etc.

>>4651404 Whoopi doesn't like the new flavor of the Democrat party.

>>4651344, >>4651351 The Guardian: QMap propelled article to the top 15 most-read articles.

>>4651979 #5935


>>4651186 Court cites Colorado's 'hostility' against Christian baker, says Jack Phillips can sue for religious discrimination.

>>4651156 Chuck Schumer moves to block pro-Israel bill to protest shutdown.

>>4651138 Why Microsoft (not Amazon) could win the Pentagon contract.

>>4651123 Allscripts (MDRX) and Microsoft (MSFT) enter pact to explore technology for clinical research.

>>4651101 POTUS Schedule: No travel outside the White House expected for the remainder of today and tonight.

>>4651035 House Republicans ask US attorney for update on DOJ review of FBI’s Clinton, Russia investigations.

>>4650914 AS and the Standard Hotel connected to Ed Buck?

>>4650883 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>4650865 Chicago seized and sold nearly 50,000 cars over tickets since 2011, sticking owners with debt.

>>4650811 Hypocritical Hollywood flanked by “Presidential-level” security at Golden Globes.

>>4650705 Anon: Ed Buck pictured with who?

>>4650700 Israeli students peddling art and their connection to intelligence gathering.

>>4650691 Sara Carter on John Bolton's meeting with Netanyahu.

>>4650630 Colorado High School teacher arrested for child porn.

>>4650625 One of the original Ed Buck stories from '17. Happened in AS district.

>>4650621 Captured Islamic State jihadist ‘entitled to consular assistance’ from ireland.

>>4650550 More odd tweets from our favorite media personalities.

>>4651216 #5934

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279228 () No. 4652791

86e78a6a4560e9....png (1029 KB, 235 x 255, 600 : 651, 86e78a6a4560e9....png) (h)

#5937 Dough


6bf1a1 () No. 4652857

3947115117f6bd....jpeg (315 KB, 55 x 255, 500 : 2338, AB9EA7FD-DDF8-....jpeg) (h)

So Anons.

Q drop link, threat to Maggie.

Link to Maggie.

Maggie mentions trains/amtrak.

Kim arrives on train, safely.


ea2aa7 () No. 4652858

15ad51dac1655b....jpg (112 KB, 255 x 170, 800 : 533, wewuzkangz.jpg) (h)

dcfc70 () No. 4652859

5e0339b3fb6f50....jpg (94 KB, 255 x 234, 450 : 413, PainT-ThePictu....jpg) (h)

2c009b () No. 4652860

>>4648271 (some breads back)

>Dear God, in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please keep President Donald Trump and his family in the best of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health throughout his terms in office and for a long time afterwards. Please save and protect him and his family from all hazardous situations, potentially hazardous situations, attempts on life, illnesses, and anything else that might impact his ability to lead the People of the USA. Please shower him with all the faith, perseverance, wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, strength, steadfastness, persuasion, courage, compassion, mercy, justice, benevolence, magnanimity, and all other qualities he needs as POTUS.

>Please save and protect Q, the Q-Team, and all the QAnons from all types of retaliation, retribution, and revenge for their efforts involving The Plan. Please stop the terrorism, crime, war, and false flags that attack the innocent and fulfill the objectives of the Deep State. Please help us all and make The Plan succeed so the people of Earth can live in peace and harmony without fear and can finally know The Truth about the Deep State, worldwide chicanery, the universe, and You.

>Again, we pray in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ that You please grant us these requests. Amen.

Amen, anon. Thank you. May great and almighty God bless you and all who read your prayer.

cb53b6 () No. 4652862

cf205429af7aa0....gif (3791 KB, 255 x 149, 360 : 210, yoink.gif) (h)

085683 () No. 4652869

b8e216e40d8d6b....png (458 KB, 255 x 255, 1344 : 1344, Q DEF CON(F) P....png) (h)


99b11f () No. 4652870

DEATH of another officer and firefighter

ISU Police Department announces unexpected death of police officer

Scott Lindley was a member of the NATIONAL GUARD

The department spokesperson went on to write, “Rest in peace, Officer Lindley; we’ll take it from here.”



NYC firefighter plunges to death from overpass while responding to car accident


7c5ea1 () No. 4652871




Trim tab



fd58ca () No. 4652872



cb9c90 () No. 4652873

5e5df5ec20ea4f....png (2283 KB, 255 x 191, 1600 : 1199, 1546872979.png) (h)


this is a good one

although it hasn't aged well since she is dead

36ed2f () No. 4652874

31f63c2dec33e5....png (869 KB, 255 x 191, 970 : 727, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

5d1c51 () No. 4652875

The internet is controlled to such an extent that all Q discussion is segregated into a narrow pen of a couple boards and scattered single threads. The vast majority of "right wing internet" completely prohibits Q discussion. And it's not just controlled mods, but "people" on every forum that will vociferously attack Q. Organic?

If all that internet is controlled to that extent, what else is not organic?

Where does and "NPC meme" come from? Can anything organically go viral anymore?

How would we know?

The "NPC meme" was accompanied by an unrealistic frenzy of activity– organic?

Squeeze the humans out– "boiled frogs"– how would people ever know it happened?

FAKE internet.

b64c13 () No. 4652876

f7bbf0de7a9ce5....png (571 KB, 255 x 156, 799 : 489, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


Nice bread, baker.

75d78a () No. 4652877

cbee5432bf8f82....png (106 KB, 235 x 255, 275 : 298, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

de2272 () No. 4652878

5402b930e4de44....jpg (114 KB, 143 x 255, 750 : 1334, IMG_20190107_1....jpg) (h)

We need to speed up this timeline, Q.

b8642d () No. 4652879

478e26eee8fa2a....png (626 KB, 255 x 161, 962 : 608, 1546637072562.png) (h)

1684e9 () No. 4652880

f45f928a92b965....jpg (19 KB, 247 x 255, 247 : 255, INdaMATRIXXXXX....jpg) (h)


This is your second warning.

138fd1 () No. 4652881


1] War on Terror already declared by Pres Bush

The reason we get felt up at the airport and naked body scans emailed to DS

War on terror !!! Build that war so the TERROR is stopped at the wall.

MSM forgets about war on TERROR ?

Open borders during War on Terror ?

Why would dems want an open border during the War On Terror ?

MSM helping the terrorists in the WAR on TERROR ?

667f13 () No. 4652882

>>4652607 (lb)

Fukken NOTABLE!!

this from 2012???

5efab2 () No. 4652883

a60b60e2e1a3a1....jpg (162 KB, 169 x 255, 531 : 800, Evening patriot.jpg) (h)

4eca06 () No. 4652884

>>4652839 LB

All we have to do is get the truth out there.

Bypass msm.

Then people will be informed and know the villains.

Wake the sleeping giant and see what it does to those that have been hurting children.

085683 () No. 4652885



fd58ca () No. 4652886


Lots of names there.

e22d58 () No. 4652887



1ec470 () No. 4652888

babefde4bb687b....jpg (667 KB, 255 x 171, 1600 : 1073, sour patch kids.jpg) (h)

>>4652336 New Hussein video: Notice the plastered fingers


Hussein is playing golf, maybe it's something to help his swing or is he about to drive off in the golf cart with that infant? I could go either way on this.

099549 () No. 4652889

c8fcf0ec1f737d....jpg (79 KB, 255 x 244, 1003 : 960, FUUUUUUUCK.jpg) (h)





















1684e9 () No. 4652890

485017ca40c639....jpg (18 KB, 202 x 255, 300 : 378, benshapfag.jpg) (h)


Ok now I know who it is

56577a () No. 4652891

So Trump could declare the border situation a national emergency but according to Judge Napolitano on faux news Trump would still not have the authority to build wall without congress because:

-President doesn’t have authority to spend tax payers money on things he chooses without congress.

-President doesn’t have the authority to seize land without congress approval.

Any legal fags dispute this?

Not sure if the ‘Judge’ is correct or not.

6351b8 () No. 4652892

ddf8f9c1fb5bee....png (920 KB, 255 x 170, 852 : 567, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Alabama attorney general asks feds to investigate 2017 election

(Reuters) - Alabama’s attorney general asked federal elections officials on Monday to investigate allegations that the 2017 U.S. Senate election that Republican Roy Moore lost to Democrat Doug Jones was tainted by use of a misleading social media campaign. Attorney General Steve Marshall has said he was concerned over tactics used in the election. Jones, a former federal prosecutor, became the first Democrat in a quarter-century to win a U.S. Senate race in the state when he upset Moore by a narrow margin to win the seat formerly held by Republican Jeff Sessions.

The New York Times reported on Monday that Democratic operatives had sought to undermine Moore by creating a Facebook page claiming that his supporters wanted to ban alcohol in the state. The newspaper has previously reported that Democrats created a separate “false flag” Facebook page that portrayed Moore as supported by Russian bot accounts.

“The Attorney General’s Office has evaluated reports of possible deception in the Alabama U.S. Senate race and has determined the matter to be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the U.S. Federal Election Commission,” Mike Lewis, a spokesman for the Republican attorney general, told Reuters on Monday. “Accordingly, the Attorney General has requested that FEC officials investigate the matter to determine if any federal laws were violated,” Lewis said.

Moore, whose campaign was marred by allegations that he sexually assaulted or pursued teenage girls while in his 30s, refused to concede the election to Jones and filed an unsuccessful legal challenge to the results, claiming voter fraud. Moore, 71, a Christian conservative and former state chief justice, has denied any sexual misconduct or wrongdoing and Reuters has not been able to independently verify the allegations. Facebook Inc (FB.O) has faced criticism in the past two years for its self-admitted sluggishness in developing tools to curb the spread of misinformation on the social networking site. U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help Republican Donald Trump. Moscow denies meddling in the election.


96bef2 () No. 4652893


FFS do you even read????

3d2056 () No. 4652894


show me where Q says "mass arrests are imminent"

279228 () No. 4652895


Posted in #5937

>>4652716 Moar on RBG's CpG ODN. Dig

>>4652698 Guatemala to shut down U.N. anti-corruption body on Tuesday

>>4652505 GEOTUS speech is happening on 17th day of government shutdown. Coincidence?

>>4652458 Al Waleed's list of books dig

>>4652394 Taiwan arrests German company BASF staff for selling secrets to China

>>4652336 New Hussein video: Notice the plastered fingers

>>4652314 Two US reps are sworn in on the Koran

>>4652222 WL posts legal letter of media myths and falsehoods

>>4652238 Breaking: All networks will air POTUS's Oval Office address

>>4652206 Kim Jong Un travels to China by train

>>4652198 New POTUS_Schedule re law POTUS signed into being today

>>4652126 Yemen’s Loss Of Antiquities Is ‘Robbing Them Of Their Future’

dae6f9 () No. 4652896

So, Trump brought his address forward then?

fff81c () No. 4652897

075470a8eabf5d....png (162 KB, 255 x 206, 329 : 266, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Trim tabs are small surfaces connected to the trailing edge of a larger control surface on a boat or aircraft

e03f06 () No. 4652898

f070015dad9333....jpeg (20 KB, 140 x 255, 140 : 255, E0194C8B-4071-....jpeg) (h)

291c97 () No. 4652899


PB links (obviously)


i clicked that shit

thank god for the 4:50 note

the dude was babbling hard

e20e79 () No. 4652900


AAnd the War on DRUGS!

3c44f8 () No. 4652901

577ab632d0d3b3....mp4 (5882 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, SlZpdIvnQYasbB....mp4) (h)


099549 () No. 4652902

9852d3b4ff9f71....jpg (115 KB, 255 x 206, 840 : 677, ififififif.jpg) (h)



823ae3 () No. 4652903

2984a6cc00be75....mp4 (10458 KB, 255 x 191, 320 : 240, 2984a6cc00be75....mp4) (h)



Destroy this infection.

This foreign clown can't "focus on the relationship among legal, social, and economic change in early America" without referencing Charles A. Beard.

Harvard. What a shithole it is now. Up your Balmer. I have known several Ivy League fags with identity issues since 911. Pretty sure I can activate one.


Gott Mit Uns

1d52c8 () No. 4652904

9ebe9de4015635....png (176 KB, 255 x 187, 940 : 691, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


e20e79 () No. 4652905


you're a trim tab ;)

fa182c () No. 4652906


Be the trim tab

69e37e () No. 4652907


>according to Judge Napolitano

279228 () No. 4652908

84027a23fe516b....jpg (217 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, 84027a23fe516b....jpg) (h)

1e924f () No. 4652909

abed4b164b35d7....jpg (80 KB, 171 x 255, 688 : 1024, DwP9OwyW0AYGsXm.jpg) (h)

attn all nasa fake elon fake spacex flunkies

the super falcon fake 9 is going into the ocean , i mean space again

hurry hurry trekfags your glory day is coming again.

it has to be real, the govt would not lie to us.

7c5ea1 () No. 4652910

8bb96b5011588b....png (20 KB, 255 x 93, 1238 : 452, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Bridges continued by discussing how anyone can affect society and bring about change, mentioning his friend and architect Bucky Fuller. Bridges said Fuller used a little rudder known as a trim tab to help with the steering of oceangoing tankers.

"Bucky made the analogy that the trim tab is an example of how the individual is connected to society, and how we affect society. And I like to think of myself as a trim tab, and all of us are trim tabs," Bridges said.

"We may seem like we're not up to the task, but we are, man. We're alive. We can make a difference. We can turn this ship in the way we want to go, man! Towards love, creating a healthy planet for all of us," he continued.


ff562d () No. 4652911

25b136940c5f24....png (933 KB, 143 x 255, 1080 : 1920, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

Pope doesn't like populism or nationalism. Have to keep the human trafficking going.

56577a () No. 4652912

871842 () No. 4652913

c765d5f8ba0975....jpg (30 KB, 255 x 141, 478 : 264, JUD.DECEPTIVE.jpg) (h)

Democrats pledge to paralyze Senate as shutdown negotiation tactic


that headline…paralyze

5cf0c7 () No. 4652914

b49898739d26d5....jpg (927 KB, 162 x 255, 2544 : 4000, 1503396029227.jpg) (h)

0f4abf () No. 4652915




Dig, meme, pray, and spread the truth!

Godspeed anon

5d1c51 () No. 4652916

If the ENTIRE "RIGHT WING INTERNET" is controlled to such an extent that all discussion of Q is effectively prohibited, then what else is similarly controlled?

If the power to shut down Q discussion exists, then isn't that same power pretty much able to dictate any narrative it wants?

Yet how do we take the massive FAKENESS this implies into account?

Not just media, but INTERNET is FAKE.

359805 () No. 4652917

Aloha anons. Coming at you from the big island. Passed a sign on the way in to volcanoes national

Park that said, "government shut down, resources limited" reminded me of you all. Love you all, clock fags, plane fags, anons of all shapes and sizes, Q and Q+! (No homo) thanks for all that you do. I'm excited for POTUS ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow (17th day of shutdown)

9295de () No. 4652918

b8642d () No. 4652919

Reminder that Jews built this country with their bare hands and deserve to dictate laws because they alone are G_d's Chosen people.

54de83 () No. 4652920


138fd1 () No. 4652921

Q+ Ask the quesion why open borders during

President Bush War On Terror ?

What about bin laden ?

Patriots have been asking about this since 911 - open borders

have no naked body scanners or wall.

What about the war on terror ?

Are US citizens the terrorists ? Illegal aliens and voting

What about the war on terror ?

This is still a battle… Now MB and Alqade run for congress

9615b3 () No. 4652922


So many people have seen my dick

Airport types

People who monitor cell transmissions

People who filter through online databases like snapchat and shit

Probably seen a fair bit of my "o" face while I watch porn on my phone and my pale ass pumping while I dogged chicks in front of my smart tv

hope they enjoyed that shit

75d78a () No. 4652923

e4d908 () No. 4652924

bd4691931cfd70....jpg (162 KB, 155 x 255, 500 : 821, autistPsycho.jpg) (h)

>Jews are Semitic, olive or dark skinned, more middle eastern looking.

I've known a lot of blue-eyed Ashkenazim.

The problem is not Jews per se. The problem is not non-Nordic persons per se. The problem is not even people who are under-represented in the USA military. The problem is psychopaths. Rockefeller had no known Jew blood and no known Jew beliefs. Rockefeller was still a psychopath. Mao Tse Tung was no Jew; Mao was still a very destructive psychopath.

Psychopaths are the enemies of every gene pool. Some psychopaths have indeed been Jewish; Lenin springs to mind; there is no need to take up bandwidth with a list of Jewish psychopaths. The problem is not the Jewishness. The problem is the psychopathy.

The top priority is to expose pizzagate and human trafficking. POTUS is doing that now. After pizzagate has been exposed, we can try to sift through the evidence and find out whether Jews were over-represented among the human traffickers. First we have to expose the human trafficking. My guess is that there will be many, many non-Jews among the human traffickers, and if any good Jews are willing to help us stop human trafficking, then patriots will disregard ethnicity as long as it takes to stop human trafficking. A special word of thanks goes out to USA-born Jews who choose to serve in the military, often sacrificing their connections to their families.

That leaves the little problem of Israel's connection to the 911 attacks. I don't expect to find any good Jews working for Mossad. I am willing to embrace all the Jews of good will who assist in stopping human trafficking - we can drink kosher wine and read Israel Shahak books together - but I am not willing to gloss over the 911 attacks, or the attack on the USS Liberty on 8 June 1967.

fff81c () No. 4652925


"I like to think of myself as a trim tab and all of us are trim tabs," he said. "It may seem that we're not up to the take, but we are, man. We're alive. We can make a difference. We can turn this ship in the way we want to go, man! Towards love, to creating a healthy planet for all of us."

He ended his speech by telling the audience, "You're all trim tabs! Tag, you're it!"

50ff63 () No. 4652926

c015f10e4ff088....gif (86 KB, 197 x 255, 300 : 388, JazzBear.gif) (h)

e03f06 () No. 4652927


Reid Hoffman of Linkedin is in some serious shit.

76ba5a () No. 4652928

What time is his speech, just got here anons.

36ed2f () No. 4652929


This movie is so long

99eacd () No. 4652930

b0587e17c35810....png (3789 KB, 25 x 255, 1138 : 11758, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e549f332205660....png (2330 KB, 39 x 255, 1138 : 7462, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>4652198 (LB and notables)



cdd2af () No. 4652931

f4cb52791b15de....png (134 KB, 255 x 209, 731 : 600, merchbrainlet.png) (h)

2ab7b03556c392....jpg (129 KB, 255 x 106, 960 : 400, merchkike.jpg) (h)

e8c800860d3dce....jpg (558 KB, 255 x 142, 2448 : 1359, merchuck.jpg) (h)

bcf16ca5324296....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 174, 600 : 410, merchmigrants.jpg) (h)

d5d0c53c4f9f0c....png (167 KB, 255 x 244, 429 : 410, merchjidf.png) (h)

Remember to check out the J Q thread newfags, the JIDF is so thick in here it's hard at first to see (((Them))) as they squirm in here, the panic just oozing out of their huge kikey noses. Know the enemy, it's the jew

The JQ thread>> https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4637046.html

5cf0c7 () No. 4652932

eede1cc3378f62....jpg (126 KB, 255 x 200, 977 : 768, DqVugK0U4AAi-V8.jpg) (h)

b5584b () No. 4652933

>>4652864 (lb)

>Dreadnought is a cool name but the Jumbo body style is much sexier.

I don't plan on selling my D35, but you're right, an SJ200 is a remarkable sight that (usually) sounds great, too.

96bef2 () No. 4652934

getting laggy image loading again.

been sporadic ever since downtime over alleged power issue

4eca06 () No. 4652935

ab0222b136b6eb....jpg (88 KB, 153 x 255, 600 : 1000, Dig Meme Pray.jpg) (h)

9d1c55 () No. 4652936

He dun pik"d a fight with the chan>>4652880

dae6f9 () No. 4652937


I say shoot him in the head and when the old gore crows flock home and the black smoke rises drop a MOAB on the Vatican and finish off the rest.

1684e9 () No. 4652938

c3e56ba630db88....jpg (85 KB, 255 x 143, 1024 : 575, kittehBOMB.jpg) (h)


Watch it Anon.

214974 () No. 4652939

31edb49f50bf94....png (4 KB, 255 x 89, 286 : 100, twitter_com.png) (h)

76ba89 () No. 4652940

73cb9ab29d591d....jpeg (757 KB, 164 x 255, 990 : 1538, 77D12C48-EEAF-....jpeg) (h)


It’s happening again!,,,,,,,

54de83 () No. 4652941


1c817e () No. 4652942


We are on season 2 episode 2

61743e () No. 4652943

e7603beafa1f29....png (262 KB, 254 x 255, 376 : 378, pepepour.png) (h)


they must be scared that he might say something

they don't want the public to hear

e20e79 () No. 4652944


meh f-hole == win

359805 () No. 4652945


9 pm Eastern

d36719 () No. 4652946


They Skeeerd

138fd1 () No. 4652947


War on terror is still ongoing since President Bush

To end the war on terror we need to build a wall on the southern border. THE us is in a state of war!!

Thats why people feel us citizens genitals at the airport.

9932df () No. 4652948

Hey Lawfags - just wondering if there is a term used…

It goes along the lines of 'reverse harassment' but not what is defined on the net

for example, in the workplace, if someone, out of spite, does not include you in the goings on - such as not being told about meetings, specific updates, projects etc

It's not what they did to you, but what they didn't (involve you in)

a person ends up, looking like they failed in their job, not because they were incapable, but because they were not aware, did not get the recognition they deserve, ideas stolen…

It's a form of bullying, but I can't put a name to it

MSM seems to be a classic example

8bb8b4 () No. 4652949

c2b0dbd9cafc91....png (300 KB, 255 x 175, 852 : 585, InDaBotrixxx.png) (h)

5d1c51 () No. 4652950


It is possible to prohibit Q discussion almost from the entire internet.

And meanwhile, on one of the very few spaces Q is allowed, we are unable to prohibit an anti-POTUS bot from posting relentlessly.

What is wrong with this picture?

Is the internet free?

Or is it completely under the thumb of FAKENESS?

75d78a () No. 4652951


Who Finances Terrorism

6cb3c4 () No. 4652952


That link to Kim is very, very tenuous.

96bef2 () No. 4652953


In notes a few breads back

ca2077 () No. 4652954

025cf239ef9e2b....jpeg (67 KB, 255 x 255, 1181 : 1181, 3FCD8229-06BA-....jpeg) (h)


The napkin remover

139efa () No. 4652955



76ba5a () No. 4652956


Neat, thank you fren!

cd94b1 () No. 4652957

The Roman Curia is supposed to rule over their creations — trusts, foundations, C-Corps, S-Corps, LLCs and so on — and is obligated to liquidate any corporation that is caught engaged in unlawful activity, but as you can now perceive, quite a number of Satanists pretending to be Catholics have infiltrated the Church and the Curia neglected its duty. As a result, entire countries have been run by incorporated crime syndicates in an interlocking trust directorate affecting every country on Earth.

Now, to their credit the Curia has weighed in and liquidated a great many municipal corporations involved in criminal activities. This includes the UNITED STATES, INC. which has been subjected to Chapter 7, Involuntary Bankruptcy. They are now in the process of "vacating" the premises and have to shut down and leave DC for 90 days.

How long do you think the "government shut down" is going to go on, if the members of Congress have anything to say about it?

90 days.


4092af () No. 4652958

43e50aff460c0a....png (13 KB, 255 x 134, 442 : 232, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>4652137 lb

No Table!

ac0c14 () No. 4652959


Ding dong anybody home

d69699 () No. 4652960

>>4652367 (lb)

Good concept, but it was a "right turn" that got him. Phil Hendrie did a hilarious bit on NASCAR shortly after Dale Sr demonstrated the ability of a wall to stop traffic.

54de83 () No. 4652961

e54d113300101b....jpg (369 KB, 255 x 127, 1600 : 800, IMG_4176.jpg) (h)

1684e9 () No. 4652962

1206f108ed7638....png (1087 KB, 255 x 255, 1200 : 1200, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Fukkin Kek!

4eca06 () No. 4652963

93f2260cb3ef04....jpg (389 KB, 255 x 194, 1161 : 881, JFK watching d....jpg) (h)

f1c1e3 () No. 4652964

3279fd6612ea44....jpg (88 KB, 255 x 153, 753 : 453, 3279fd6612ea44....jpg) (h)


Panic mode activated!

658392 () No. 4652965

75cbf4ec758034....jpg (172 KB, 255 x 71, 1706 : 473, voicevote.jpg) (h)

Old news but in the rush of the night leading up to the new congress, they used a voice vote to confirm 77 of POTUS' nominees before they were dead. Skim a quick look at what exactly that means.Some of the Senators had not arrived back in town yet.

To use the words of Creepy Uncle Joe " That was a big Fucking Deal!"


099549 () No. 4652966

65a120a30c22bb....jpg (125 KB, 255 x 255, 410 : 410, aaaaaaaaahhhhh....jpg) (h)

4c74481493aca7....jpg (266 KB, 255 x 225, 1414 : 1249, RIGHTWING.jpg) (h)


things are escalating

0479ad () No. 4652967



edfa40 () No. 4652968

John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted), whose son was brutally murdered.

Last I saw of him was on cnn - several illegals or maybe trafficked humans, stuck in a railcar & couldn’t get out. All died.

Why is he (J Walsh) so quiet? Or maybe he’s not, I’m not on any MSM. Is he doing anything these days? Surely he’s gotta know what’s up.

e03f06 () No. 4652969

48c79ae008152d....jpeg (209 KB, 254 x 255, 599 : 602, 9C6AC41F-1BF7-....jpeg) (h)

5cf0c7 () No. 4652970



If mass shooters wanna do something useful.. I'm not saying they should shoot up CNN.

All I'm saying is I wouldn't criticize the shooter.

649f9d () No. 4652972

17df45e1b9ce89....jpg (1753 KB, 217 x 255, 2753 : 3231, Storm-Coming-L.jpg) (h)

5f8a515ef6e358....jpg (1831 KB, 217 x 255, 2753 : 3231, Storm-Coming-L....jpg) (h)

ff4282 () No. 4652971

For m'uh NotSee tje whole pic ppl.

Bear in mind…a Jew wrote this.

Mentions Schiff, Rothschilds, and Little Rock….go figure.

54de83 () No. 4652973



b8642d () No. 4652974


This post is antisemitic. Please stop perpetuating the myth that Jewish people are censoring the internet. Hate speech is not free speech.

69e37e () No. 4652975


That's usually covered under "hostile work environment".

138fd1 () No. 4652976


War is already declared… Congress approved since 911 !!!!

need not to let bin ladens family enter the southern border !!

also stop the fbi from flying them in and out of the country during the


e22d58 () No. 4652977


Maybe they'll have an 8 min. delay. Just in case. kek.

139efa () No. 4652978


ahhh thank you fren. been workfagging all day.

8ed5b5 () No. 4652979

2aa55d2045f56d....png (76 KB, 255 x 171, 883 : 593, Gavin_Newsom.png) (h)

Gavin Newsom Sworn-In as CA Gov

Gavin Newsom Sex & Drug Tapes


Gavin Newsom

Billy Getty

Kimberly Guilfoyle

by extension, Donald Trump Jr

9d1c55 () No. 4652980

He dun pik'd a fight with da chan


2cadc7 () No. 4652981

Guys, I live down the street from Justice Ginsburg. This was going on all day over her home, I don't know what to think. Any ideas?

13a663 () No. 4652982


Everything is a lie. The message is love and compassion. Everyone should be equal and free.

Look for answers inside you. Don't worship idols or false gods.

Can't knock the message.

A lot better then what your gods of rape have to say.

69e37e () No. 4652983


We do.

t. US taxpayer

54de83 () No. 4652984

fb54cb6000d238....jpg (231 KB, 255 x 158, 1600 : 990, IMG_4139.jpg) (h)


68093e () No. 4652985

+++Q does PBJ sound good for Qmeals on go easy to pack++++

7c5ea1 () No. 4652986




>"We're alive. We can make a difference. We can turn this ship in the way we want to go, man! Towards love, to creating a healthy planet for all of us."

For me sound like a patriot

5efab2 () No. 4652987

5650ea04e77bd4....jpg (25 KB, 188 x 255, 268 : 364, Asia coming on....jpg) (h)

856fddf99c0a5b....jpg (51 KB, 200 x 255, 474 : 603, Moar Gold.jpg) (h)

Japan up

Gold / Silver stable

$1287/ $15.62

Oil at $48.72 but looking likely to drop to $48

Still early in session so direction hard to gauge.

fdb30b () No. 4652988

394509a0e90080....png (47 KB, 255 x 189, 617 : 458, qqq.png) (h)

fb0d6179cf57d4....jpg (17 KB, 255 x 143, 255 : 143, fb0d6179cf57d4....jpg) (h)



your mega op is crumbling big time!

And you clowns are panicking so hard that you are doing a pr campaign for your fake and gay shill "thread",

It is such a shame that all the bot posts there, that were made to keep it at the top of the catalog aren't doing the trick.

'''look here [muhjew] dont look here [occult ruling families]==

61743e () No. 4652989


Yup..you betcha

4092af () No. 4652990

fba618ca996804....png (58 KB, 255 x 254, 269 : 268, soexcited.png) (h)

6cb3c4 () No. 4652991


This does not mark a change in behavior for the left, who always prefer to have their heads below the level of the sand.

8ed5b5 () No. 4652992




99eacd () No. 4652993

c7e5909e89d719....gif (2045 KB, 255 x 184, 280 : 202, wtf.gif) (h)

1684e9 () No. 4652995

9d39954e7e684e....gif (9368 KB, 255 x 124, 928 : 450, wtfmatrix.gif) (h)





>clockfags when they never get any booms

54de83 () No. 4652994

9fdd36be94aefe....jpg (236 KB, 255 x 255, 1000 : 1000, FGPY3375.jpg) (h)

69e37e () No. 4652996


Gah, this notion that only some of the people running the Vatican are satanists is nauseating.

b8c859 () No. 4652997

e223d0910406f2....jpg (608 KB, 255 x 193, 1691 : 1280, Chicken26.jpg) (h)

ac0c14 () No. 4652998


Hi hawaiianon !

fff81c () No. 4652999

2a7f852c54854c....jpg (42 KB, 194 x 255, 413 : 543, AbortionSucks.jpg) (h)

cd805227a0cda1....jpg (20 KB, 255 x 228, 370 : 331, Acosta.jpg) (h)

c96477 () No. 4653000

559675f962923a....png (567 KB, 255 x 139, 1017 : 553, Livken.png) (h)

ff4282 () No. 4653001


For whatever its worth, it also explains a lot of disinfo out there FOR Jews and their history …

88e643 () No. 4653002

a8c4594f1521a4....jpg (289 KB, 224 x 255, 1098 : 1252, geniuses.jpg) (h)

e20e79 () No. 4653003

welp, I guess their shifts started..

f29ec4 () No. 4653004

0cfb52d734dd75....png (419 KB, 255 x 142, 1379 : 767, Screenshot fro....png) (h)

Busy night

3 AWACS + the usual assortment of other electronic counter warfare and surveillance planes + a 752 SAM and a Doomsday plane.

The critical parts of the US government would seem to be airborne at the moment.

Wonder how many of them are taking the train to the mountain?

d6b9cd () No. 4653005

>>4652856 -lb-

Let's skip freedom and let's talk about free will, that all the morons from this planet think they have.

Did you ever had what you wanted?

I mean….:

If you want to eat an apple, there are yellow and gree, but you can buy them only if you have money.

Do you wanted to be a model, or travel in the world, or have a vacancy, skydiving, rent a katamaran, etc?

So how that wish ended?????

If you want sometiing, you need to be someting, if you want to eat someting, you must pay, and when you pay, there is only limited options,

Let's say you want to eat purple orange, there is not, , you want to eat blue tomatoes, there is not, you want a new car, you need money, and on and on.

All in conditionated.

So where the free will????



e28580 () No. 4653006


Kevin Spacey wouldn't fuck him with Harvey Weinstein's dick.

ccb0b1 () No. 4653007


lolol the kittys eyes

9687d1 () No. 4653008

c42cc28d2650c6....png (49 KB, 200 x 200, 200 : 200, 200px-Jidf_logo.png) (h)

Newfags and lurkers. Seriously ask yourself why these faggots are posting here 24/7 365. They have offices and fucking meetings and manuals on how to program your mind with words. They are JIDF. They are the enemy. They are the shills. They are the fake news. They are FAKEWOOD. (They also suck pretty bad against Anons…)

b5584b () No. 4653009


>meh f-hole == win

Only if it is a pre-CBS Tele, in which case you wouldn't be half the keyboard warrior you feign to be, or worse yet, stuck on nylon strings…))

d4bfd0 () No. 4653010

055775228eef87....png (89 KB, 255 x 218, 266 : 227, capture.png) (h)

054d012b16655a....png (40 KB, 255 x 205, 609 : 489, Capture2.png) (h)

a95a5f872c17d4....png (24 KB, 255 x 150, 665 : 390, Capture3.png) (h)

>>4652793 lb

Do some actual real research and always look at both side of the equation before you talk like a fool

New Testament Political Figures: The Evidence

Fifty-three people from the Hebrew Bible have been confirmed by archaeology. What about the New Testament? In “New Testament Political Figures Confirmed” in the September/October 2017 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, Purdue University scholar Lawrence Mykytiuk examines the political figures in the New Testament who can be identified in the archaeological record and by extra-Biblical writings. Below, see Mykytiuk’s extensive evidence, covering King Herod and his royal family to lesser known figures

New Testament Political Figures: The Evidence



291c97 () No. 4653011

6fb6c8427e9ac5....jpg (104 KB, 255 x 255, 700 : 700, rolls nom.jpg) (h)


perfect bread while watching teh YT Qtubers on they Soapbox

they have the same picture on while they doin teh News & Q's

138fd1 () No. 4653012


MSM not talking much about 911 and the war on terror with open borders ?

they mention tsa during shutdown protecting from 911 but not a suitcase nuke crossing the border

b7de56 () No. 4653013

Inside the grand scheme i'm almost done here.

Inside a day it will be done.

THIS is what will be.


25e4a0 () No. 4653014


>Thats why people feel us citizens genitals at the airport.

No they do that because (((THEY)) can. That and it's entertaining.

18c4ed () No. 4653015

But when was the video actually made?

>>4652336 LB

400558 () No. 4653016

63b61dff29ede0....png (1299 KB, 255 x 254, 849 : 845, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Memory Lane

d6b9cd () No. 4653017



4d99d6 () No. 4653018


He has moved to the ID channel.

eca5da () No. 4653019

970c8190cbee82....jpeg (169 KB, 241 x 255, 643 : 681, 92B176D7-DFF1-....jpeg) (h)

daf7e7 () No. 4653020


The LONGEST government shutdown was 21 days.

What are the odds that POTUS wants to outdo everything in recorded history?

We going for 22 days here?

Or what other number would be significant?

17 is obviously out the door…

Thinking with ASCII tonite.

3dd307 () No. 4653021


It's always annoyed me how arrogant this faggot is, when we all know he's a weak-bodied effeminate puppet.

I'm sure many of us will thoroughly enjoy seeing him get executed.

84cae0 () No. 4653022



Hmmm, free speech board, is per your approval only I see. I have not posted any of this stuff but if you have "veto" authority then what else gets vetoed????

1a3691 () No. 4653023

>>4652844 LB

Tomorrow night CINC is going to shake 25% of Blacks out/off their RAT plantation, when he makes the case the Dems are willing to shut down EBTs in order to protect illegals.

9fca4f () No. 4653024

03d78ae464d4dd....jpg (37 KB, 255 x 167, 737 : 482, rbglilsleepy.jpg) (h)

Anons of the world!

Do we want to have a running bet that the DS will expend RBG to stop the POTUS address to the States tomorrow?

54de83 () No. 4653025

9fcf7595424870....png (791 KB, 143 x 255, 750 : 1334, IMG_4032.png) (h)

69e37e () No. 4653026


By Aidan F. Ryan, Crimson Staff Writer

April 11, 2018

Alan M. Dershowitz, professor of law emeritus at Harvard Law School, dined with President Donald Trump Tuesday and spoke to White House officials about the Middle East this week, he said in an interview Wednesday.

Dershowitz, who has established himself as a loud defender of the president’s legal rights, met with Trump's staff Tuesday to discuss peace talks in the Middle East. He later ate dinner with Trump and other guests before meeting with officials again the next day.

Dershowitz said he received an invitation from the White House over a week ago to visit and share his thoughts on the Middle East.

Dershowitz to White House

Photo: Elena Ramos

“More than a week ago I was invited to the White House to discuss with his staff people the Middle East peace process," Dershowitz said. "This is the third meeting I’ve had with them about the Middle East peace process."

Dershowitz said he is “very close” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and that he has also met with Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority. Dershowitz, who wrote a book entitled “The Case for Israel” in 2003, advocates a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

871842 () No. 4653029

71dd7d511e750b....png (4539 KB, 255 x 255, 2510 : 2510, gavincheck.png) (h)

138fd1 () No. 4653027


Does CNN support open borders during the War on Terror ?

3901c3 () No. 4653028

8e65ebcaa22892....jpg (32 KB, 255 x 255, 460 : 460, dumb_wall_clock.jpg) (h)

36ed2f () No. 4653030


Advance cocaine delivery system

b8642d () No. 4653031


This post is antisemitic. Please delete it. Thank you.

ea2aa7 () No. 4653032


fuck skipping freedom nigger

a88bd8 () No. 4653033

442e96340fa3ea....png (509 KB, 255 x 129, 1920 : 973, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


and a B-52 in the list but not showing up on the map

fdb30b () No. 4653034


shareblue imo, or cointelpro. not jidf.

54de83 () No. 4653035

9932df () No. 4653036


Thanks - been bugging me for years (probably DJT too)

2cadc7 () No. 4653037

537c30e158c85a....png (224 KB, 255 x 224, 459 : 404, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

fd58ca () No. 4653038




e20e79 () No. 4653039


nope, f-hole accoustic.

or a hollowbody like nugent's (full hollow)

6e49ff () No. 4653041

c3d0b39507c203....png (236 KB, 255 x 247, 349 : 338, rbg.png) (h)

I demand proof of life.

And competence.

974b54 () No. 4653040


Thank you, 2am for UK.

b64c13 () No. 4653042

64f8086e5e6b15....jpg (43 KB, 255 x 182, 672 : 480, 64f8086e5e6b15....jpg) (h)


No wall for you!

74079f () No. 4653043

53b187656a693f....jpeg (818 KB, 191 x 255, 1536 : 2048, F09F84A0-6F7D-....jpeg) (h)

‪Let these liberals know EXACTLY how PATRIOTIC Americans REALLY feel about rapists, murderers, child sex traffickers, thieves, gang members, & diseased ILLEGALS crossing our border to the open arms of Dems… is A NATIONAL SECURITY CRISIS & WE THE PEOPLE REFUSE to allow this treachery to continue!!

Sorry I can’t link post…phonefagging.

5efab2 () No. 4653044

60430e5f28f5f1....jpg (93 KB, 251 x 255, 460 : 468, You think..wai....jpg) (h)

e56195 () No. 4653045

The federal government does NOT have eminent domain within state territory. Sorry GEOTUS. You are setting horrible precedents that will mean the end of freedom if ever performed by Democrats.


>The AP reports that the federal government will begin taking land from seven property owners so that a Flight 93 memorial can be built in time for the 10th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks. “We always prefer to get that land from a willing seller. And sometimes you can just not come to an agreement on certain things,” said National Parks Service spokesperson Phil Sheridan.

>One major problem: The Federal Government has no authority to condemn private property within a State no more than they do within, say, China. This means this is not an issue of law over the taking of property for just compensation but merely an act of unlawful usurpation. To exercise the power of Eminent Domain requires exclusive legislative powers, something that was withheld from national government within State limits.

>Only way for the Federal Government to acquire property to build a monument would be as suggested under Section 8, Article I, “to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.” In other words, the Constitution recognizes Congress has no authority to take property as they please without first obtaining permission of the State Legislature and purchasing the property – just as would be true within another country.

The 14th Amendment does not change this.

9ab729 () No. 4653046

>>4644347 (old)

Here's my take on the bump stocks ban. If we're going to have machine guns, have proper ones. Heck I don't really mind if you modify the firing mechanism to put in select fire, as long as it's close to being like OEM full auto. Don't make them even more dangerous, with weird behavior like tending to spray up and to the side unless corrected dynamically.

Since we ban machine guns (unless you have the proper permit, then go ahead and own them) we shouldn't allow the inferior, more dangerous cheezy version with bump stocks.

13fc1e () No. 4653047


Louisiana refinery admins still buzzing about the recent oil finds in the southwest. Too early, but optimistic they'll get contracts. Or at least what the people i deal with have heard.

daf7e7 () No. 4653048


The odds are pretty high they will…

5d1c51 () No. 4653049


DIVIDE: "Right wing" internet FROM "Trump supporters"

DIVIDE: "Trump supporters" FROM "Q followers"

DIVIDE: "Q followers" FROM "other conspiracy theorists"

DIVIDE: Q followers by an and all identity criteria– by platform (chans vs. ___), by generation "boomers", by "kike" talk, ETC.

0479ad () No. 4653050


why would her death stop the address? she is old

people die..

45f44c () No. 4653051

07b17c () No. 4653052

674552ff4ed839....jpg (16 KB, 255 x 155, 356 : 216, stty01.jpg) (h)

>>4651488 (lb)

09b65f () No. 4653053

96bef2 () No. 4653054

cf730f7653e38e....png (187 KB, 255 x 143, 501 : 280, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Graphic: Chairman Of Germany's Far-Right Party Brutally Beaten Within Inch Of His Life In "Assassination Attempt"

Frank Magnitz, Chairman of Germany's right-wing AfD party, was beaten within an inch of his life on Monday by three men as he left a New Year's reception, according to the AfD Bremen Facebook page, which adds that he was knocked unconscious with a wooden board and repeatedly kicked in the head.

The attack on Magnitz was stopped after the "courageous" intervention of a construction worker, according to the Facebook post. The AfD Chairman is currently in the hospital with serious injuries, as well as police protection since the incident has been ruled to be politically motivated.

While the attackers have not been identified, AfD notes in its Facebook post that both the Left and Germany's Social Democratic Party (SPD) support Antifa and its attacks, and asks rhetorically "Is this what the other political parties want?"

"Again and again, the AfD is the focus of left-wing attacks that are not condemned or even supported by the other parties," reads the post. "Today is a black day for democracy in Germany."


Image of his sliced and bashed head in link

1e924f () No. 4653055

19950f4d21e4aa....jpg (73 KB, 189 x 255, 500 : 674, nasbs.jpg) (h)

ff4282 () No. 4653056


Are we up to the zombie Apocalypse yet?

54de83 () No. 4653057

deee081fb0137c....jpg (582 KB, 170 x 255, 1500 : 2250, IMG_4070.jpg) (h)

fff81c () No. 4653058

ba4c1331be2c36....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 196, 444 : 341, GinsburgHead.jpg) (h)

8bb8b4 () No. 4653059

04a37380e27df1....png (644 KB, 251 x 255, 574 : 582, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Let's Go!

0f4abf () No. 4653060


Ooooooooooh! She in trouble! Satan is calling her home! Thats a wrap ladies and gentlemen! Within 3 days, she's gone!


Ding ding the witch is ( or very soon will be) dead

4092af () No. 4653061

9800a8dc1f8c2c....png (1570 KB, 255 x 196, 1024 : 788, hanginwithmydo....png) (h)

>>4652137 lb




138fd1 () No. 4653062


War on Terror not declared over!!!

Build the Wall to stop the 4000 terrorists coming into the country

War of Terror should be declare over sometime in the future

d6b9cd () No. 4653063





NSA that will provide justice, holding all, instead to a federal court, on an blacknet channel????????????????

823ae3 () No. 4653064


5th gen "research" casualty.

Go ahead and visit your State assigned "doktor" as scheduled. sheeps


8a6a14 () No. 4653065

ac273a0e790795....jpg (136 KB, 172 x 255, 510 : 755, uYsGnz5.jpg) (h)

291c97 () No. 4653066


the E4B 747 doomsday

or the B52 right there


5efab2 () No. 4653067


Mahalo bruddah

8c3e2d () No. 4653070

a49c432eb7fb29....jpg (66 KB, 255 x 170, 749 : 500, 2qlovv.jpg) (h)

25e4a0 () No. 4653068

Fuck the TSA. You want to know why they feel your balls at the airport?

Because we fucked up the wrong people after 9/11.

Lock the real mutherfuckers up and let's get back to no bullshit at the airports.

dbf62f () No. 4653069

28c65b13daaa00....jpg (82 KB, 255 x 170, 906 : 603, scotus.jpg) (h)

ff562d () No. 4653071



Let her go

edfa40 () No. 4653072


Don’t have cable. Does he ever get into the deeper issues of human/child trafficking that we know about? Or does he not, so he can keep his show going?

54de83 () No. 4653073

a3ac0827748879....jpg (216 KB, 190 x 255, 800 : 1073, IMG_4155.jpg) (h)

085683 () No. 4653074


I honestly thought it stood for Just ID Filter…still works

af6ad8 () No. 4653075


Because they would say it was innapropriate or disrespectful for Trump to go ahead with his speech. Because even if he did speech, no coverage at all, even on fox, because they would be talking about Ruth.

1e924f () No. 4653077

29865f6451ec2c....jpg (71 KB, 255 x 209, 850 : 697, 29865f6451ec2c....jpg) (h)

9ab729 () No. 4653078


But then Trump could just do his speech a couple days later. Am I missing something?

24daa0 () No. 4653079

0debf772b27c68....png (143 KB, 255 x 192, 301 : 227, 0debf772b27c68....png) (h)

white hat counter:

41 funeral > look at this pic, we will leak pedo proof

black hat counter:

terminate/flush those holding proof

white hat counter:

Alan D goes on news [decoded: it's on a deadman switch]

unknown counter:

torch epstein island

blackhat message:

FIJI water at red carpet [message to fellow black hats, stand down, Q cornered us again, pedo evidence will become public/in the open]

d1d8f9 () No. 4653080


Who wore the green socks?

54de83 () No. 4653081

13a663 () No. 4653082


You seem really smart. Do you know anything about air conditionators?

69e37e () No. 4653083


I see no reason to carry "non-essential government workers" on the payroll, nor to pay such people for work they did not perform, and in any case produce nothing for the country.

DJT can kill 25% of the Leviathan by doing nothing, and I hope he does.

2cadc7 () No. 4653084

66cef5f1ddd74d....png (319 KB, 255 x 249, 620 : 606, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Fixed it homey

8841e0 () No. 4653085

0e7a9040a6cf00....jpg (159 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, schumertsabord....jpg) (h)

801fbf4ae9c07a....jpg (121 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, Schumertsabord....jpg) (h)

aff17bfdfef9ee....jpg (187 KB, 255 x 98, 1127 : 431, TSA-BorderSecu....jpg) (h)


>MSM forgets about war on TERROR ?

eb3a18 () No. 4653086



James Traficant's U.S. Bankruptcy Speech The Bankruptcy of The United States United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303 Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:

d6b9cd () No. 4653087


What will put 99% in hospital??

Love of GOD?


99eacd () No. 4653088

10d736222a2de4....png (767 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Just outside Wichita, KS. Time in image is UTC.

7c5ea1 () No. 4653089

46dc09401ae1a3....png (278 KB, 255 x 159, 460 : 287, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

18007a () No. 4653090

912d1ea077d5ff....jpg (78 KB, 175 x 255, 403 : 586, beldrkek.jpg) (h)

b64c13 () No. 4653091


>Any ideas?

Go for a ride on that sweet sounding minibike.

fd58ca () No. 4653092


So, Tyler Perry's first full on spoopy mind fuck film, huh?

Fuck that faggot.

54de83 () No. 4653094

36937bc472599e....jpg (210 KB, 255 x 158, 1600 : 990, IMG_4159.jpg) (h)

138fd1 () No. 4653093


Should Airport security have gates and walls

or open borders on the southern border ?

War on Terror demands no open borders and a

Steel wall !!!

76ba89 () No. 4653095

b4daaf4e2a73c0....gif (1345 KB, 185 x 175, 185 : 175, 5804B44F-D6FF-....gif) (h)

Bread moving too fast. Can’t keep up. I can feel it Anons just like you. The time is ripe. Bless all of you. Bless POTUS and all patriots and god Bless America. Watch the water.

ec5cdb () No. 4653096

479855 () No. 4653097


cod u do dat

wicked witch is dead

rbg laid t rest

>>4652988 JUDAH

Yeah take it for law

0f6725 () No. 4653098


Smell of death

fff81c () No. 4653099


Gonna have to stick with my sling shot.

I don't have the kinda money it takes to buy that kind of hardware, nor do I want to borrow money from the fiat banks to get it.

One round of target practice costs a couple of hundred….

Where do these guys get all of their money. Patreon?

82829c () No. 4653100

6fd53f3305c9b6....jpg (49 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, maxresdefaultg....jpg) (h)

Whether or not she's an actress in this movie….

She is our girl.

Destroying the dem party, one retarded statement at a time.

She's perfect.

fdb30b () No. 4653101



still no arguments given.

Next time dont forget to add im (((rabbi))) (((schlomo))) (((moshe))) (((kike))) (((jidf)))

shill panic is delicious.

139efa () No. 4653102


Expensive bullet - just for an 8 minute address about border security. Maybe State of the Union ….

69e37e () No. 4653103


Probably going to have to settle for a fogged mirror. Bitch/Dude has never been competent in her/his life.

d4bfd0 () No. 4653104

eb796df1401b4b....png (900 KB, 255 x 145, 807 : 460, capture.png) (h)

‘Dry Alabama’: Democrat operatives faked prohibition page to sway election

Even as sexual assault allegations tanked his Senate run, Alabama candidate Roy Moore was targeted by two Democrat-linked online operation. One tried to link the conservative with a fake anti-alcohol campaign and alienate voters.

Comprising a Facebook page and Twitter feed, ‘Dry Alabama’ looked like it came right out of the Puritans playbook: Graphic images of car wrecks and domestic abuse accompanied calls for a statewide alcohol ban in Alabama, along with an exhortation to all good Christian voters: “Pray for Roy Moore.”

Today we learned of yet another Democratic party-linked disinformation campaign aimed at Alabama voters. This one sought to link Roy Moore to a fake Baptist movement to ban alcohol called "Dry Alabama". https://t.co/SdC6bocBht

— Dan Cohen (@dancohen3000) January 7, 2019

The campaign wasn’t the work of hardcore, teetotalling conservatives, however, but of a progressive group out to split Moore’s supporter base – between the pro-alcohol business conservatives and anti-alcohol hardliners – and guarantee a win for his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, a New York Times report has revealed.


07b17c () No. 4653105

>>4651526 (lb)

Future cankles though . . . .

b5584b () No. 4653106


>nope, f-hole accoustic.

Not too familiar with those, to be honest, Anon. Some are quite the high end, others don't have the broad (pun intended!) appeal.

335 kit here, but no logo nor price tag.

The Nuge often is seen with what I think is the 345 as is a better player than most realize. Then he was sporting a PRS and that made my hair fall out even faster.

fd58ca () No. 4653107


Couldn't watch. Too faggot.

e76d36 () No. 4653108

>>4652070 (LB)

Heavenly Father, In Your Holy Word, You told us that "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land." Lord – Your people who are called by your name are trying to be obedient to your requirements and are crying out to you to heal our land.

Father God, You taught us in Genesis 18, that your would spare the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah if only 10 righteous men were found therein.

"23 Then Abraham approached him and said: “Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked? 24 What if there are fifty righteous people in the city? Will you really sweep it away and not spare[c] the place for the sake of the fifty righteous people in it? 25 Far be it from you to do such a thing—to kill the righteous with the wicked, treating the righteous and the wicked alike. Far be it from you! Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?”

26 The Lord said, “If I find fifty righteous people in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake.”

27 Then Abraham spoke up again: “Now that I have been so bold as to speak to the Lord, though I am nothing but dust and ashes, 28 what if the number of the righteous is five less than fifty? Will you destroy the whole city for lack of five people?”

“If I find forty-five there,” he said, “I will not destroy it.”

29 Once again he spoke to him, “What if only forty are found there?”

He said, “For the sake of forty, I will not do it.”

30 Then he said, “May the Lord not be angry, but let me speak. What if only thirty can be found there?”

He answered, “I will not do it if I find thirty there.”

31 Abraham said, “Now that I have been so bold as to speak to the Lord, what if only twenty can be found there?”

He said, “For the sake of twenty, I will not destroy it.”

32 Then he said, “May the Lord not be angry, but let me speak just once more. What if only ten can be found there?”

He answered, “For the sake of ten, I will not destroy it.”

33 When the Lord had finished speaking with Abraham, he left, and Abraham returned home."

Lord, We acknowledge that there is SO MUCH horrible evil in our nation. But Lord, there are also many of your children who love you and who love righteousness that live in this land. We ask your favor upon us as it was in the days of Abraham, that even though the righteous may be in the minority - that you would spare our land, that you would bless our land, and that you would bless and strengthen our President and those that are working with You against this clear and present evil. We pray that many eyes will be turned toward You in this process. And above all, we pray that Thy will be done.

In Jesus Name,


a73bb2 () No. 4653109


lawfag here

the volume complexity and absurdity of the federal law is so enourmous there is no lawfag or anyone else that can answer this question in good faith

yes there are many authorities granted to POTUS

there are also many restrictions

there are also many DS judges

i am certain POTUS had an array of specialists and lawyers look and every aspect as best as possible before deciding - this alone is a very large task

so we will have to wait and see

667f13 () No. 4653110


I was reiterating the fact that this video was uploaded / made in 2012 and it's pretty much summarizing what Q has been telling us is going on

edfa40 () No. 4653111


Had same thought on 41 funeral

4d99d6 () No. 4653112


That I don't know. Have just seen the promos.

13fc1e () No. 4653114

330728c7e3f3db....png (165 KB, 255 x 250, 542 : 532, ABadge1.png) (h)


Think i'll make a few Twitterfags laugh…why not.

50ff63 () No. 4653113


i handled a sexual harassment whistleblower lawsuit for a former tsa employee years ago. that group is loaded with freaks.

d6b9cd () No. 4653115



07b17c () No. 4653116

>>4651841 (lb)

Would you trust Bilderberger Hadfield?

2a48a4 () No. 4653117

2a0fd8576e2355....png (789 KB, 255 x 196, 973 : 746, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

767e62a5de7d02....png (794 KB, 255 x 196, 973 : 746, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

aa3930 () No. 4653118

91608b938b4f02....jpeg (193 KB, 191 x 255, 890 : 1187, 9E704FB5-499B-....jpeg) (h)


138fd1 () No. 4653119


Airport security shall have no walls or gates for security ? Then build the WALL


see something say something…..'

Patriots have been saying it since 911

96bef2 () No. 4653120

9f833b0d2b22ed....png (53 KB, 255 x 163, 793 : 508, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

‘Ginger Preparations’ Underway In Case Of Ginsburg Vacancy

Quiet preparations are underway within conservative legal circles and the White House counsel’s office in the event that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires, two sources familiar with the process tell The Daily Caller.

The 85-year-old Ginsburg did not appear for oral arguments at the Supreme Court on Monday, missing the first session in her 25 years on the court for reasons of ill health. Ginsburg is currently recuperating from recent surgery to remove cancerous nodules from her lungs, marking her third bout with the disease.

“Ginger preparations are underway, not just for Ginsburg but for any SCOTUS retirement,” a source directly involved in the Supreme Court nominations of Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh told TheDC.

Another source emphasized to TheDC that the quiet preparations are all that is realistically needed in case of a vacancy on the court because much of the required infrastructure already exists within the White House.

Both sources said that the White House counsel’s office and its conservative legal allies have now been through two successful confirmation processes, and that they have developed an intimate and professional feel for how to run the process again, if necessary.

Trump is particularly proud of his handling of the Gorsuch and Kavanaugh nominations, a source close to the White House said, noting that the president views proper handling of the Supreme Court as a necessary part of maintaining the support of his voters.


5d88c9 () No. 4653121


She certainly feels a little too good to be true to this anon. But I'll take it.

25e4a0 () No. 4653122


Free Range Slavery, you got to get the times. All the benefits with none of the up keep. It's a sweet gig, but only (((THEY))) get it.

5d1c51 () No. 4653123


You will find very strict rules implicitly followed all over the internet, keeping these various divisions in place as much as possible. The_Donald is all about POTUS, but prohibits Q talk. This board is all about Q and presumably about POTUS, but anti-POTUS attacks allowed under guise of "free speech".

"Conspiracy forums" may have only one thread on Q (GLP appeared to be this way last I checked), or else may attack and prohibit Q entirely.

And of course the first line of defense is to separate a "right wing" identity from "Trump supporters", in which case Q never even gets in the door, naturally.

The internet is CONTROLLED.

Why isn't this overwhelming fact discussed?

8a2ad6 () No. 4653124

76464c7d00f9ca....jpeg (68 KB, 255 x 164, 618 : 397, DF504923-A531-....jpeg) (h)




Normie heads explode 2mar

54de83 () No. 4653125

284b7dcddafc4d....jpg (214 KB, 255 x 190, 1072 : 800, IMG_4151.jpg) (h)

596d24 () No. 4653126


Could it be that there some of these mind control planes in the air all the time? This time to wake people up?

3c8203 () No. 4653127

>>4652280 prev

I will try and find an online source/feed.

Would not surprise me if the Networks cut his feed at nine minutes just when he's getting going good.

We know they ARE adept at stepping on their own dicks and our rights.

5f6787 () No. 4653128


O' crazyo cortex

d36719 () No. 4653129


Using your stream of thought, 23 skidoo would be the next obvious.

54de83 () No. 4653130

88e643 () No. 4653131

ff065942a63339....jpg (71 KB, 255 x 255, 605 : 606, loser.jpg) (h)

1e924f () No. 4653132

b4776a1780bab3....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 179, 539 : 378, nasa999.jpg) (h)

834fa3 () No. 4653133

So anyone know how to build a mini EMP? We gonna need them.


miniature drones running on AI. Facial recognition and lethal!

How do you defend against this?

fdb30b () No. 4653134


hard is language english?

e33893 () No. 4653135

d6e6610682603a....png (360 KB, 255 x 245, 480 : 462, 2019-01-07_19-....png) (h)


Sums it up!


69e37e () No. 4653136


Daily presence of the real, actual devil as counselor and god to the most powerful people on earth.

54de83 () No. 4653137

5a6a84d7d35d14....jpg (204 KB, 170 x 255, 800 : 1198, IMG_4152.jpg) (h)

291c97 () No. 4653138


cmon anon

dont play that shit around here

dont abuse the notable baker

cool video and such but that is purely speculation and liekley satire

2a48a4 () No. 4653139

f911aaa99099d6....png (799 KB, 255 x 196, 973 : 746, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

3a3e2f () No. 4653140

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim resigns

https:// www.nbcnews.com/business/economy/world-bank-president-resigns-paving-way-trump-appointee-helm-global-n955781

2b4583 () No. 4653141


Cognitive Dissonance would do it

596d24 () No. 4653142


I think she is a he

24daa0 () No. 4653143

6f37aeccb6bb42....jpg (16 KB, 255 x 140, 900 : 495, mental-health-....jpg) (h)

DARPA and Microsoft Brain Implants aim to fix Disabilities, PTSD

Q2663 dig [tech only becomes public after govt exhausts need for privacy]

Brains implants may soon leap from your tv screen and into your brains. Microsoft has plans for an implant to treat neurological disorders. DARPA wants to use brain implants to help military veterans with PTSD and depression. So what's keeping us from this neurological breakthrough?

Microsoft plans to develop brain implants to help with neurological disorders and other disabilities. In related news, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) wants to use brain implants to treat mood disorders.

Wouldn’t it be great if you just use a brain implant to fix depression, compulsive disorders, or hyperactivity?

A neural implant could one day improve your eyesight or give you a better memory. In some cases, it could even help improve someone’s hand-eye coordination or fine motor skills.

That’s precisely why both the U.S. government and Microsoft want to develop brain implants. But research around the concept still doesn’t have many legs to stand on.

The U.S. military originally funded researchers to conduct “closed-loop” brain implant tests last year in November. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella only recently began discussing Microsoft’s research last week.


1684e9 () No. 4653145

1ad2a303518977....mp4 (6333 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, clockfagmakinc....mp4) (h)


Sorry Anon. Found video of you clockfaggin'

b48ba1 () No. 4653144

bb13116397090f....jpeg (284 KB, 251 x 255, 1643 : 1668, EE5E142B-2264-....jpeg) (h)

daf7e7 () No. 4653146


I agree, but it would not fare well to fire them instantly. They need to migrate out of federal jobs.

For example, NASA can be migrated to private company or space force. If not suited opening, then layoff.

Repeat with each department, such as national parks. Why do we pay admission for it if it dont make money enough to pick up garbage then force prisoners to do that work.

Furthermore, cutting government has pinched off the embezzled funds for the dems and deepstate. They are hurting for money.

00d2de () No. 4653147

The worst manipulator is a democrat or a drug addict.

a73bb2 () No. 4653148


very skered

must be able to "contextualize" = spin and lie

cdd2af () No. 4653154

b37a1837ebde3f....gif (8239 KB, 255 x 144, 600 : 338, kikefire2.gif) (h)

f5c599fd8d278f....png (912 KB, 255 x 141, 1556 : 860, KIKECALLOUT.png) (h)

e8ff3dd6e2494e....png (143 KB, 255 x 119, 1914 : 890, kikesuper.png) (h)

a7a24d9154de9a....png (388 KB, 255 x 122, 1703 : 812, kikespot.png) (h)

>> 4652988

<'''look here [muhjew] dont look here

(((THEY))) are deathly afraid that if newfags start to look at the jew they'll then see more jews in the top layer all screwing the people below them, plus all their minions makes it so there's jews kikeing everywhere]

5cf0c7 () No. 4653149

e69fac78a2bf8a....jpg (119 KB, 255 x 246, 795 : 767, pepe laugh.jpg) (h)

b8642d () No. 4653150


He is a Nazi so he deserves it for what he does. Anyone who defends Nazis deserves to suffer.

658392 () No. 4653151

>>4652965 (me) I need to highlight this because I am sitting here LMMFAO and my family thinks I am nuts! While the meeting continues without McConnell and during the time Chuck and Nancy held their little press conference and POTUS in the rose garden holding his own……………. The senate floor was screaming their lungs out to be heard as the loudest for Trump victories on nominations. 77 times of going through the routine had them screaming VICTORY!

That is so twisted!

fd58ca () No. 4653153

71d522fd1c8dba....png (2634 KB, 210 x 255, 1200 : 1456, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


>"John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!"

pic related

758ffc () No. 4653152


POTUS will pick up a replacement

18007a () No. 4653155

bab71b0823372d....jpg (10 KB, 191 x 255, 220 : 293, v.jpg) (h)

54de83 () No. 4653157

5ca30aaa21961f....jpg (128 KB, 255 x 255, 800 : 800, IMG_4131.jpg) (h)

7140b7 () No. 4653156



>“Ginger preparations are underway, not just for Ginsburg but for any SCOTUS retirement,” a source directly involved in the Supreme Court nominations of Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh told TheDC.

eca5da () No. 4653158


No arguments given? I literally presented a factual post about Israel paying students to fight internet battles. It wasn’t an argument. Just facts. Facts that you can’t refute

8841e0 () No. 4653159


The predators go where the prey is.

96bef2 () No. 4653160

2f002abd5ff9d5....png (569 KB, 255 x 193, 796 : 601, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

7328f9b2077d99....png (893 KB, 255 x 241, 807 : 763, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Former ICE Director Thomas Homan To Nancy Pelosi: ‘Love Your Country More Than You Hate This President’

Former acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Thomas Homan had harsh words for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Monday morning.

The government is currently on day 16 of a partial shutdown due to negotiation disagreements between congressional Democrats and President Donald Trump to allocate Trumps’ requested $5.6 billion for the border wall funding.

Nancy Pelosi recently told the press that GOP demands for a border wall to secure the southern border is an “act of desperation.” Fox News anchors asked Homan to respond to Pelosi’s “desperation” remarks.


144eaa () No. 4653161


As Nancy Pelosi puts it….collateral damage. Happens on both sides. Unfortunately. Sucks

099549 () No. 4653162

34868e6fb6385a....png (635 KB, 147 x 255, 703 : 1218, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


>torch epstein island

has there been anymore info about this?

139efa () No. 4653163


That they've been eating all the missing children - daily? idk. throwing that out there. I"m scared to eat meat I don't hunt myself anymore.

It's a trust thing

e20e79 () No. 4653164

c56bd287a477e2....png (120 KB, 255 x 186, 434 : 316, fuglycreepyrep.png) (h)

54de83 () No. 4653165

0fe90d1b89c214....jpg (250 KB, 170 x 255, 800 : 1198, IMG_4153.jpg) (h)

579470 () No. 4653166


Them Crazy Eyes

Ay Ay Ay.. I'm staying away from that mess.

8a6a14 () No. 4653167

a9cc6031ef979f....png (632 KB, 255 x 213, 921 : 768, 9.png) (h)

The original U.S. Government shutdown:

Emergency Banking Act of 1933

March 9, 1933

Signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 9, 1933, the legislation was aimed at restoring public confidence in the nation’s financial system after a weeklong bank holiday.

fdb30b () No. 4653168



microsoft and darpa work on an implant to "fix" ptsd and disabillities.

e026ae () No. 4653169

Trey Gowdy coming up on Fox soon

f1d5ff () No. 4653170


Fuck her. No time to spin if it's live.

37b7ef () No. 4653171

1d9cdc0d6395f7....jpg (41 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, 3 - Copy.jpg) (h)



45f44c () No. 4653172


the people at work are pretty good at it.

24daa0 () No. 4653173

85af144d7d13e2....jpg (22 KB, 255 x 213, 590 : 492, CAD2A70D-695F-....jpg) (h)


It’s Not My Fault, My Brain Implant Made Me Do It

Mr. B loves Johnny Cash, except when he doesn’t. Mr. X has watched his doctors morph into Italian chefs right before his eyes.

The link between the two? Both Mr. B and Mr. X received deep brain stimulation (DBS), a procedure involving an implant that sends electric impulses to specific targets in the brain to alter neural activity. While brain implants aim to treat neural dysfunction, cases like these demonstrate that they may influence an individual’s perception of the world and behavior in undesired ways.

Mr. B received DBS as treatment for his severe obsessive compulsive disorder. He’d never been a music lover until, under DBS, he developed a distinct and entirely new music preference for Johnny Cash. When the device was turned off, the preference disappeared.

Mr. X, an epilepsy patient, received DBS as part of an investigation to locate the origin of his seizures. During DBS, he hallucinated that doctors became chefs with aprons before the stimulation ended and the scene faded.

In both of these real-world cases, DBS clearly triggered the changed perception. And that introduces a host of thorny questions. As neurotechnologies like this become more common, the behaviors of people with DBS and other kinds of brain implants might challenge current societal views on responsibility.


b8642d () No. 4653174



69e37e () No. 4653175


NASA > Space Force

1ec470 () No. 4653176

7d71363b1f9ea3....jpg (117 KB, 255 x 255, 540 : 540, dog selfie.jpg) (h)

9d9cf9 () No. 4653177

POTUS’s address tomorrow will be:

A) it’s habbening!

B) nothingburger

Vote now!

138fd1 () No. 4653178


War on Terror and the military is not allowed to respond ?

War on Terror and the Police are not to respond to illegal Terrorists ?

What is the job of the military in the WAR on terror. No walls ?

Miltary has the duty to engage the enemy on the War on Terror

The people in the war on terror will surprise you

sealed indictments !!! HRC 16 yr plan

02794d () No. 4653179

2b72f55e7cdd5f....png (816 KB, 255 x 245, 899 : 862, VAN.png) (h)

daf7e7 () No. 4653180



is sometimes subtle…

1e924f () No. 4653181

559a494ac7e54f....jpg (69 KB, 255 x 254, 750 : 746, nasa67.jpg) (h)

96bef2 () No. 4653182


What could ever go wrong?

54de83 () No. 4653183

789438f645d358....jpg (617 KB, 170 x 255, 1500 : 2250, IMG_4198.jpg) (h)

f381f2 () No. 4653184

2b1375eed0842f....jpg (130 KB, 255 x 143, 2560 : 1440, watch.jpg) (h)

3 people wears this type watch Trudeau of canada,putin from russia and kevin spacey.with it being on a planner with a pin wonder which person we need to watch.

7c5ea1 () No. 4653185



Squadron memefags on fire

thanks anons

e026ae () No. 4653186


Does she think Pelosi and Schumer have the same rights as the President? It sure seems like she feels that way.

0f4abf () No. 4653187


You'rE probably right, anon…. I see it as an omen like a motherfuckers. But its just me " feelings". Feelings are not NOTABLE… Ok, make it a notable in your head. The witch will be dead within 72 hrs! Bet. Kek

fd58ca () No. 4653188


Two things:



So, Neopolitano is a faggot.

8a7df1 () No. 4653189

64948afda45c74....jpg (22 KB, 255 x 163, 400 : 256, Bridges_400x256.jpg) (h)


Pops "LLoyd" Bridges Enlisted in the Coast Guard


Black LIsted in the 50's for being a member of

The Actors Laboratory Theater!

Affiliated with the Communist Party!

Just Sayin'

5cf0c7 () No. 4653190

629c532d7cde9c....jpg (154 KB, 197 x 255, 408 : 528, This anon is a....jpg) (h)

d6b9cd () No. 4653191


Why you think Q is fucking your brains?

Training sessions?

eca5da () No. 4653192


Is that how you spell it? Huh, I always thought it was spelled j-e-w

1cbc01 () No. 4653193


Two words:

Historical fiction.

It's a thing!

5d1c51 () No. 4653194


It's hilarious that bots keep arbitrarily smearing gray paint on people's faces and thinking that makes a meme.

lol, you're a huge joke, bots

fdb30b () No. 4653196



more digs on brain implants - taken from scientific american.

038622 () No. 4653197


Dont tease me you blue gummed nigger faggot

2818b2 () No. 4653198

Does a Jew follow any strict religious guidelines regarding end of life wishes?

Do they believe in using medical life support?

If they are unable to communicate (due to medical/health condition) their wishes on their deathbed… is it "kosher" for a Jew to use meds/medical procedures to prolong life?

If a Jew was being forced to stay on life support against their wishes, and/or the wishes of their family, would that be breaking any religious or criminal laws?

If a Jew chose not to prolong their life by meds/medical procedures… who (or what group) would have the power to over ride end of life wishes?

37a3f0 () No. 4653199


what about canadian terrorists and that border?

9ab729 () No. 4653200


I wish him a full recovery and increased strength for AfD.

6351b8 () No. 4653201

58cfbefca6a98c....png (520 KB, 255 x 98, 830 : 320, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

US Supreme Court Rejects Exxon’s Plea To Hear Global Warming Case

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Exxon Mobil’s appeal of a Massachusetts high court decision allowing the state’s attorney general to continue her investigation into whether the oil giant misled people about the risks global warming regulations pose to its operations. It’s a major win for Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, a Democrat, who said in a statement the court’s decision “clears the way for our office to investigate Exxon’s conduct toward consumers and investors.” “The public deserves answers from this company about what it knew about the impacts of burning fossil fuels, and when,” Healey tweeted Monday morning.

Healey’s been battling Exxon for documents related to an investigation years ago over the company’s messaging on global warming. Exxon, however, has fought Healey every step of the way. Healey demanded internal documents and records regarding conservative groups, including two groups — the Beacon Hill Institute and Americans for Prosperity — that never got any funding from Exxon. Exxon asked the U.S. Supreme Court in September 2018 to halt Healey from obtaining internal documents. Exxon argues Healey shouldn’t be allowed to compel compliance to a subpoena from a company that has no operations in Massachusetts.

“The question presented is whether a court can exercise personal jurisdiction over a nonresident corporation to compel its compliance with an investigatory document request where jurisdiction is based principally on third-party contacts that are unrelated to the subject matter being investigated,” Exxon said in its petition. Healey, however, argued the Massachusetts high court correctly ruled she could compel Exxon’s compliance because of its presence in the state through advertising and licensing agreements. Exxon’s resistance is supported by 11 Republican attorneys general who called the investigation an “unconstitutional abuse of investigative power” to “promote one side of [the] international public policy debate.” Healey joined the crusade against Exxon in 2016 after former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman opened a probe into the company’s public and private statements on global warming.

Exxon handed over documents to New York and the Securities Exchange Commission, which dropped its probe into Exxon in August, but the company has not handed over any documents to Healey. Schneiderman’s office said its probe was sparked by 2015 reports from InsideClimate News and Columbia University’s journalism school, but court documents later revealed staffers discussed the matter with environmental activists months before officially launching the investigation. Schneiderman resigned from office in May amid allegations he sexually abused several women. His successor, Barbara Underwood, continued the probe against Exxon and brought suit against the company for allegedly not accurately representing risks of climate regulation to investors.


758ffc () No. 4653202


Take it to twat

cd94b1 () No. 4653203


Anons and autists should research where RGB lives and where she grew up to find out if there were any private funerals or if there are any planned.

I bet the backbone of this movement, “the autists” could bang this shit out in a day or two.

b8b57d () No. 4653204

>>4652931 turn the damn glow down FFS. Like Q says, those that are the loudest.

54de83 () No. 4653205

2efc3b62cddc06....jpg (257 KB, 170 x 255, 800 : 1198, IMG_4144.jpg) (h)

b12455 () No. 4653206

53b217db8915a0....jpg (173 KB, 170 x 255, 700 : 1050, freckles-redhe....jpg) (h)


This woman needs to take a big step back from the keyboard, and rethink her views on things.

5244ae () No. 4653207

e9d0db632eae61....jpg (38 KB, 255 x 158, 939 : 583, snow_ital_beach.jpg) (h)

72ac5fa745c74c....jpg (362 KB, 255 x 191, 1200 : 900, snow_tx_des.jpg) (h)

a4ac1e5bf2cf26....jpg (67 KB, 255 x 153, 640 : 384, ant.jpg) (h)

a09ba327458d12....jpg (60 KB, 255 x 153, 700 : 420, ele.jpg) (h)

65eb6c93096a1e....jpg (17 KB, 255 x 153, 300 : 180, gir.jpg) (h)

ff562d () No. 4653208


You already know it's going to be a big fucking nothingburger. Sad.

1c817e () No. 4653209

1648bba1638e94....png (779 KB, 216 x 255, 983 : 1159, doa.png) (h)


13a663 () No. 4653210


Rolled up newspaper.

618da4 () No. 4653211


yeah, it's not like pretty much every tech that exists gets hacked…


a49d2b () No. 4653212


That's what's going on here right? This is all an experiment on the complexity of free will. I'm sure there were simulations with only one conscience active at a time. No risk of infringement by overlap of the free will of a second conscience.

I feel like that might be what I'm supposed to be learning here. Yes, with seven billion overlapses, exemptions have shrunk free will ALMOST to the point of non existence. "You have free will… but… except… technically… technically… technically…" In the end though, it's still there, and I appreciate the modicum allowed.

138fd1 () No. 4653213


What is the duty of the Police during the infinite war on terror ? Protect Americans ? Sanctuary States and cities taking the side against Americans during the WAR on terror not arrested the illegals.

WAR on TERROR needs the WALL !!!

d4bfd0 () No. 4653214

230930c757eab4....png (701 KB, 255 x 197, 698 : 540, capture.png) (h)

Closer 1everyday

Carrefours Blockchain in Spain is already Live

It applies for the first time in Spain this technology to a product of its brand: chicken farm reared without antibiotic treatments. For this launch, it has had the technology and services of IBM, as well as the collaboration of the Galician company Coren.

Carrefour launches in Spain the first blockchain food traceability system in one of its products: the campero chicken reared without antibiotic treatments. The company thus becomes a pioneer in the use of this storage and information transmission technology that allows the tracking of an article in all stages of production, transformation and distribution, reaching the highest levels in food safety.

For this, it has used the IBM Food Trust platform, of which it is a founding member and has also had the services of IBM and the collaboration of the Galician company Coren.

According to Jorge Ybarra, Food Commercial Director: “Becoming the leader in the food transition for all is the ambition of Carrefour and the use of blockchain technology allows us to advance in the realization of this objective, since it responds to a priority of the group: guarantee consumers the traceability of our products with total transparency “.


eca5da () No. 4653215

4611a221aaeaf4....jpeg (112 KB, 255 x 134, 1094 : 575, F64BF32D-CC2D-....jpeg) (h)

05de9c () No. 4653216

5acc2722544ba2....webm (5128 KB, 255 x 195, 460 : 352, Wake Up!.webm) (h)



You mean LIE

d59c7a () No. 4653217

6e96b8a3d09386....png (162 KB, 241 x 255, 720 : 761, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

bf3c15 () No. 4653218

84a0c74c465042....jpg (9 KB, 255 x 220, 255 : 220, trumpthis.jpg) (h)

9e5188 () No. 4653219


Thanks Anon. Pay no attention to the AOC anons, they are low IQ like auntie Maxine.

54de83 () No. 4653220

e4e7cbd222299d....jpg (187 KB, 170 x 255, 800 : 1199, IMG_4157.jpg) (h)

45f44c () No. 4653221


wth is he doing to Nancy?

fff81c () No. 4653222

4e0b8c5b8ef924....jpg (84 KB, 255 x 145, 647 : 369, ServerHouseOfC....jpg) (h)

137cb0 () No. 4653223

“My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…”

Would be awesome if POTUS starts his address like this tomorrow.

However, didn’t Q say to look for that phrase on Twitter specifically?

63a924 () No. 4653224


They think that all of them (demoncrats) are superior to all the rest of the country. Haven't you noticed this?

9fca4f () No. 4653225


I'm guessing it is because POTUS will declare a state of emergency and have military build the wall.

Timing is everything!

Q said 2 days ahead of schedule. So a 2 day slip due to RBG passing would put the clock back on schedule.

b64c13 () No. 4653226


C) overshadowed by news of RGB's unexpected death.

400558 () No. 4653227

510112a659247d....png (674 KB, 206 x 255, 601 : 744, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Thanks to @RealMattCouch

1e924f () No. 4653228


nasa is done

space force, we'll see. Trumps relection will depend on it for many.

deaaff () No. 4653229


He's not a judge he's a kike shill

af6ad8 () No. 4653230



i found some of his films( tyler perry) talk about being a christian, Jesus, family values, like in some of the Madea movies. The ones he wrote produced starred in.

This film he is only doing an acting part.

Recently ended up watching a Madea movie, and found alot of christian and family values within it.

So much so and to the point where i was thinking they must hate him in hollywood, kek

085683 () No. 4653231

cc41c90fd3e953....png (904 KB, 255 x 191, 960 : 720, THE HANGING DE....png) (h)

Is this entire board [[[shills]]] tonight


a596a7 () No. 4653232

6c959ed68ed4ec....gif (448 KB, 200 x 154, 200 : 154, uD1Aqha.gif) (h)

54de83 () No. 4653233

0a68397853d3e3....jpg (200 KB, 170 x 255, 800 : 1199, IMG_4142.jpg) (h)

371db4 () No. 4653234

35091aa4117f3e....jpg (146 KB, 255 x 144, 1470 : 828, Ed-Buck-Hillar....jpg) (h)

These people are sick!!!

(((▪Second body found in home of Democratic megadonor Ed Buck in California▪)))

A man died early Monday at the West Hollywood home of prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck, his attorney confirmed to Fox News – (((17 months after a male escort died in the same apartment.)))

Attorney Seymour Amster told Fox News the unidentified victim was a "longtime friend" of Buck and said the two had known each other for 25 years. Amster said the victim "reached out for [Buck's] help" Sunday night and began acting "in a bizarre way" after he arrived at Buck's apartment.

"As far as we're concerned, this is an accidental death," said Amster, who added that police had released the scene and Buck was not under arrest.

Buck, a well-known figure in LGBT political circles, has given more than $500,000 to a range of Democratic groups and candidates — including former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

(((In July of last year, prosecutors declined to file charges against Buck in the death of Gemmel Moore, a male escort whose body was found in Buck's apartment in July 2017))).

According to a coroner's report, Buck's apartment was full of drug paraphernalia, including 24 syringes containing brown residue, five glass pipes with white residue and burn marks, a plastic straw with possible white residue, clear plastic bags with white powdery residue and a clear plastic bag containing a piece of crystal-like substance.


13fc1e () No. 4653235

dc92346e9a86cb....png (473 KB, 178 x 255, 469 : 672, AQ1.png) (h)

0c086ef66c6bf9....png (23 KB, 131 x 255, 345 : 673, AQ2.png) (h)

Anyone else think Moore was last person to see her "Alive"?

bf3c15 () No. 4653236

2675e3f1b16769....jpg (111 KB, 255 x 158, 807 : 500, shillsconfirm.jpg) (h)

69e37e () No. 4653237


Hussein tried to kill NASA. You a Hussein fanboi?

45f44c () No. 4653238


"Ginger preparations"? What is that, something you put on a sore tooth?

9e4d16 () No. 4653239


He started acting gay about a year ago.

30120c () No. 4653240

50d0b0bf8cde90....jpg (24 KB, 249 x 255, 249 : 255, 50d0b0bf8cde90....jpg) (h)


You seem to have found this place by accident. ANTIFA headquarters are thataway >>>/leftypol/

667f13 () No. 4653242

37d47b4396b8a9....png (219 KB, 251 x 255, 1422 : 1444, Screenshot_201....png) (h)


← Here. This is pretty much the same message that was said in the video right here.

279228 () No. 4653243


Noice. Kudos to the anon who made them


2cadc7 () No. 4653244

That is a fucking savage meme

f5c50e () No. 4653245

pictures loading slow

hw upgrade in progress?

b7de56 () No. 4653246


IF y'all could live forever in current conditions… would you?

consensus is fuck no?

How about a CHANGE of scenery?


f871f9 () No. 4653247

df90a4edfcce04....jpg (145 KB, 255 x 191, 871 : 651, Q ptsd 1 7 19.jpg) (h)

dac40839bd044a....png (15 KB, 255 x 15, 1895 : 108, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Chapter 7. Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders

The chapter on trauma- and stressor-related disorders is new in DSM-5. The disorders in this chapter are unique within DSM-5 for requiring the identification of a (((triggering external event.)))

5efab2 () No. 4653248

070ad8d90d7e43....gif (326 KB, 255 x 172, 500 : 338, RBG now.gif) (h)

69e37e () No. 4653249


Ed Buck is a racist.

279228 () No. 4653250

Notes Notes

>>4653173 It’s Not My Fault, My Brain Implant Made Me Do It

>>4653160 Former ICE Director Thomas Homan takes aim at Pelosi

>>4653143 , DARPA and Microsoft Brain Implants aim to fix Disabilities, PTSD

>>4653120 ‘Ginger Preparations’ Underway In Case Of Ginsburg Vacancy

>>4653033 , >>4653088 Planefag notes

>>4652958 , >>4653026 Anon connects past Q post with Alan Dersovwitz's news

>>4652940 Kim Jong Un visiting China for the fourth summit

>>4652939 #BoycottTrumpsAddress trending in US twitter

>>4652930 The full law, Dought Information System, POTUS signed into being today

>>4652892 Alabama attorney general asks feds to investigate 2017 election

>>4652857 Maggie mentions trains/amtrak. Kim Jong Un arrives on train, safely

13fc1e () No. 4653251

9bd284cf5b155a....png (457 KB, 255 x 143, 580 : 325, A GF.png) (h)

479855 () No. 4653252



2cadc7 () No. 4653253


fucking savage meme bruh

ef0d42 () No. 4653254


You mean it's not your sugar daddy bill?

b48ba1 () No. 4653255

ea735d5bfe2890....jpeg (483 KB, 255 x 203, 2098 : 1668, 2AA09B4A-FAFA-....jpeg) (h)

9ab729 () No. 4653256


Terrible. I don't know the technicalities that may have caused SCOTUS to say the case should go forward. Maybe it's important to allow state investigations under such circumstances.

But if an oil company can't even fight back against the received climate "science" propaganda, then who will be able to.

37a3f0 () No. 4653257


Give my love to wai pi'o valley .

Sat on the same toilet as Morgan Freeman did at the treehouse…epic

54de83 () No. 4653258

8335e361dd1428....jpg (62 KB, 182 x 255, 375 : 524, IMG_4210.jpg) (h)

aaa89c129f8940....jpg (75 KB, 183 x 255, 373 : 521, IMG_4221.jpg) (h)

17fe44fa756fe8....png (327 KB, 183 x 255, 375 : 523, IMG_4234.png) (h)

584eccf7e3db14....jpg (24 KB, 176 x 250, 176 : 250, IMG_4239.jpg) (h)

fff81c () No. 4653259

803d8b72ffa9cb....png (51 KB, 168 x 255, 228 : 347, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


D stands for Dunce

d4bfd0 () No. 4653260

4c3726ceac29f7....png (429 KB, 255 x 192, 507 : 381, capture.png) (h)


in your fake and phony matrix and silly ass little world of make believe ..maybe go back to sesame street

f38e34 () No. 4653261

1349a88e8aa66b....jpg (184 KB, 255 x 142, 1095 : 609, fiji.jpg) (h)

Watch the Water. The water girl photo-bombed quite a few last nite.

e79dd1 () No. 4653262

6311bff12ac98e....jpeg (395 KB, 212 x 255, 828 : 998, D8AD3760-39D7-....jpeg) (h)

Lets show Max how the Qmunity gets down….

69e37e () No. 4653263



"silent and unobtrusive because we don't want to look like vultures waiting for the old bat to die"

bb64fb () No. 4653264

ccd009bf3a9ec9....jpg (320 KB, 255 x 166, 1362 : 888, auth const.jpg) (h)

69bbcd16d69d30....png (50 KB, 255 x 167, 1360 : 888, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


President's power to construct shit during a national emergency

10 U.S. Code § 2808 - Construction authority in the event of a declaration of war or national emergency

(a) In the event of a declaration of war or the declaration by the President of a national emergency in accordance with the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) that requires use of the armed forces, the Secretary of Defense, without regard to any other provision of law, may undertake military construction projects, and may authorize the Secretaries of the military departments to undertake military construction projects, not otherwise authorized by law that are necessary to support such use of the armed forces. Such projects may be undertaken only within the total amount of funds that have been appropriated for military construction, including funds appropriated for family housing, that have not been obligated.

(b) When a decision is made to undertake military construction projects authorized by this section, the Secretary of Defense shall notify, in an electronic medium pursuant to section 480 of this title, the appropriate committees of Congress of the decision and of the estimated cost of the construction projects, including the cost of any real estate action pertaining to those construction projects.


President's power and procedure to declare national emergency via EO

50 U.S.C. § 1621 - U.S. Code - Unannotated Title 50. War and National Defense § 1621. Declaration of national emergency by President;  publication in Federal Register;  effect on other laws;  superseding legislation

(a)  With respect to Acts of Congress authorizing the exercise, during the period of a national emergency, of any special or extraordinary power, the President is authorized to declare such national emergency.  Such proclamation shall immediately be transmitted to the Congress and published in the Federal Register.

(b)  Any provisions of law conferring powers and authorities to be exercised during a national emergency shall be effective and remain in effect (1) only when the President (in accordance with subsection (a) of this section), specifically declares a national emergency, and (2) only in accordance with this chapter.  No law enacted after September 14, 1976, shall supersede this subchapter unless it does so in specific terms, referring to this subchapter, and declaring that the new law supersedes the provisions of this subchapter.

b6b98b () No. 4653265

>>4652755 pb


Napolitano of Fox News appears to have inhibited mental ability.

3525ed () No. 4653266

f0462a9b6b0d3d....png (13 KB, 255 x 79, 580 : 179, Capture.png) (h)

af6ad8 () No. 4653267


i could see someday, patriots bringing Kavanaugh some chicken soup or beer, kek

7c5ea1 () No. 4653268


We've all made some mistake

88e643 () No. 4653269


Good job anon, nice autism.

051323 () No. 4653270

f7e4cd4fd77ec2....jpeg (249 KB, 255 x 184, 750 : 542, E7F89501-D751-....jpeg) (h)

Question for anons.

If Huber is working to take out the deepstate, why are jordan and others asking specific questions to determine if he is actually been doing anything? (At least that is how it appears to me and many others).

The questions they are asking makes it seem that they don’t think he is actually doing anything.

(Many logical theories out there that Huber is a head fake to stop a 2nd special counsel or real investigation)

Dont bother with “trust huber” or any of that shit, if Huber (appt by trust sessions) is bullshit, anything Q dropped about it would also be bs.

Think logically, question everything etc…


96bef2 () No. 4653271


game face KEK

e20e79 () No. 4653272

e87b53492bae87....png (129 KB, 255 x 186, 434 : 316, fuck you.png) (h)


That was just the blank for anons… here's one as a fuck you, to you ;)

63f6cd () No. 4653273

6bec76bf8e3d3a....png (2485 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, richfamily.png) (h)


I have a theory. it gets to Seth Rich at the end.

1. Trump worked as an undercover agent for decades to get close to

the Clintons, Epstein, etc (hence all the photos) in order to one

day expose their crimes and stop her becoming POTUS.

2. In 2011 Team Trump (Intel Agencies, NYPD) got Anthony Weiner's

laptop who is arrested over pedo allegations.

3. Weiners laptop contains child porn and pizza code words which

involves Clinton, Podesta, Politicians, Media people, Hollywood

stars, etc

4. Around the same time Weinergate explodes Team Trump set up a

media stunt where Trump eats a pizza with a knife and fork and it

gets joked about in the media

5. Trump gets interviewed about Weinergate and coins the term

"pizzagate" about the light-hearted pizza story that the media

picked up on. In reality Trump was sending a veiled message to

Clinton / Dems that he's seen the contents of Weiners laptop

and knows about the pizza code words they use for kiddy diddling.

6. Roll forward a few years and Trump is running for POTUS and

working with WikiLeaks to help defeat Clinton. The same source

who cracked the Weiner case (NYPD?) gets the DNC & Podesta emails and hands them to WikiLeaks.

7. Trump mentions WikiLeaks at every rally in the lead up to

election who release selected emails which creates Pizzagate deeply

damaging Clinton, Podesta, Dems with allegations of pedophilia, etc

A plan Team Trump had way back in 2011.

8. To provide cover for whoever got Podesta emails (NYPD?) they set

up the fake murder of Seth Rich, a planted agent within the DNC and

make it look as if he was assassinated by the Dems (Podesta)

9. Out of spite at being duped the Dems put up a bizarre Seth Rich

plaque on the bike rack outside DNC HQ. Seth's family act weird in

interviews (smiling, etc) because they know he's not dead.

the end

69e37e () No. 4653274


Gee, so what you're saying is the problems that Trump is fixing started before 2012??? Wow! You are a fucking genius!

214aaf () No. 4653275


You think the Bridges have gotten movie roles for their conservative views? Of course last nights award wasn't their halfass attempt at a troll showing the White Squall clip. These fuckers are sick.

1e924f () No. 4653276

>>4653237 he did, without space force plan.

no, only blue marble obama lovers do.

again nasa is a fraud, wake up nigger boy kenya lover.

fff81c () No. 4653277

481b139992bb2b....jpg (22 KB, 255 x 215, 355 : 300, 1941.jpg) (h)

daf7e7 () No. 4653278


Relative works for NASA.

fell into shutdown.

I expect her to be pawned out to another agency if NASA folds.

If NASA goes private she has options.

But I don't think it should stay government, to help fund leftist criminals and waste money while lying about science.

deaaff () No. 4653279

6483827c904d6c....png (2601 KB, 25 x 255, 803 : 8188, ChinaSeepage04.png) (h)

01d90713c1ba27....png (243 KB, 121 x 255, 860 : 1814, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

bef964f3725779....png (824 KB, 84 x 255, 799 : 2437, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

03086c8e88c873....png (126 KB, 202 x 255, 875 : 1102, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

dddf09e6ba1d1f....png (630 KB, 143 x 255, 826 : 1477, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

54de83 () No. 4653280

76526bd642e379....jpg (228 KB, 255 x 158, 1600 : 990, IMG_4165.jpg) (h)

138fd1 () No. 4653281


Who is the enemy in the war on Terror ?

Didn;t fbi fly out binladens family at 911

Anons we are at war its called the war on terror

HRC 16 year plan and 911 secure those border

Who is the enemy ? getting felt up at the airport and illegals and terrorists cross the open border

see some say something

instead meme it

fight fight fight

war on terror with open borders

cannot use military and police to protect ?

Whose side is MSM and congress on during the war on terror ?

chris matthews wants to impeach the president because the mil would build the wall

Chris matthers siding with the enemy during the war on Terror !!!

9c33ae () No. 4653284

f4d54be925a7c4....jpg (86 KB, 192 x 255, 481 : 640, cigar mike.jpg) (h)



63a924 () No. 4653282


Judge Nappy is deep state. Always working against POTUS.

ef0d42 () No. 4653283



bd0555 () No. 4653285

65cbc3d2c4fbfe....jpg (2880 KB, 143 x 255, 4128 : 2322, 20190107_194432.jpg) (h)

Best budz till the end.

So when a certain foreign "ally" stops getting US funding after the end of the Movie, will the "no I'm MAGA just like you", one Q post snippet posting posters disappear?

The End Won't Be For Everyone.

974b54 () No. 4653286



What happened in bread 1973 ?

fdb30b () No. 4653287



trauma and stressors related disorder have been added in DSM-5 (psychiatry disorder manual)..

5d88c9 () No. 4653288


I'm going with this one.

1e924f () No. 4653289


he's a pedo and a killer

13fc1e () No. 4653290

5ba73b385fda56....png (127 KB, 255 x 255, 326 : 326, AQ CallA.png) (h)


Beer, Onion Rings & Hot Wings.


099549 () No. 4653291

602fc763d3fa61....jpg (837 KB, 255 x 230, 3054 : 2758, virgin_map.jpg) (h)







cd94b1 () No. 4653292



This has been going on for over eighty years without the "informed knowledge" of the American people, without a voice protesting loud enough. Now it’s easy to grasp why America is fundamentally bankrupt.


Page 3 of 4

1bb232 () No. 4653293


at this point if POTUS tweeted that I'm pretty sure he'd break the internet.

1a3691 () No. 4653294


baby I'ma want you

baby I'ma need you

5d1c51 () No. 4653296

d066f58836dcea....png (158 KB, 255 x 238, 730 : 680, whats-it-qm.png) (h)

194babf9bc21aa....png (574 KB, 215 x 255, 1111 : 1317, Mary-had.png) (h)

388e4c5f65c3a4....png (818 KB, 215 x 255, 1555 : 1843, yr.png) (h)

751a0c2b003523....png (883 KB, 215 x 255, 1555 : 1843, eee.png) (h)

be91a1f344ec0e....png (1630 KB, 198 x 255, 1555 : 2000, another-intere....png) (h)

1cbc01 () No. 4653295


Obvious admission that she sees the role of the press is not reporting the news but shaping the perception of news.

16e03e () No. 4653297

4b76ab99ac3085....jpg (92 KB, 253 x 255, 600 : 604, sharka-2.jpg) (h)

40cf5edc8a4126....jpg (104 KB, 255 x 248, 600 : 583, sharka-5.jpg) (h)

e4d2fb () No. 4653298


John Walsh apparently went up against the FBI years ago. He is probably lucky to still be alive.

"[Noreen] Gosch also alleges that the FBI were active in quashing a TV expose. "Just prior to the 'America's Most Wanted' story going on the air…within a week or two of airtime, the FBI in Quantico, Virginia, contacted 'America's Most Wanted' and told them to kill the story," Gosch continued. They did not want the Johnny Gosch story broadcast," she says. The only reason the story went on is because John Walsh is a personal friend, and he stood up to them, and he said this story goes. This woman does not lie. I've known her for years. We're going with the story. You can fire me afterwards. We're doing the story.

And they did the story. But the FBI tried to kill this story."


5efab2 () No. 4653299

33f2b894b6b9cf....jpg (70 KB, 255 x 146, 600 : 344, Wild Bill comi....jpg) (h)

11d6f2 () No. 4653300

Helvegen (The Road to Hel)

- Wardruna

Ruth…oh, Ruth! The road calls.. someone's here for you.


1684e9 () No. 4653301

eba252104c5e41....png (1119 KB, 255 x 124, 1392 : 676, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

54de83 () No. 4653302

56b3a9aff3c007....jpg (86 KB, 255 x 209, 639 : 524, IMG_4065.jpg) (h)

6a6530e5eadb60....jpg (149 KB, 255 x 245, 832 : 800, IMG_4069.jpg) (h)

cef9c75f063dd3....jpg (198 KB, 190 x 255, 800 : 1073, IMG_4071.jpg) (h)

740f3b37214a1f....jpg (198 KB, 255 x 192, 1065 : 800, IMG_4072.jpg) (h)

d4cbd57af163f1....jpg (197 KB, 255 x 255, 800 : 800, IMG_4073.jpg) (h)

6351b8 () No. 4653303

f0ab5613b04d39....png (188 KB, 255 x 143, 500 : 281, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

99b720f3f2db2e....png (700 KB, 191 x 255, 500 : 667, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Graphic: Chairman Of Germany's Far-Right Party Brutally Beaten Within Inch Of His Life In "Assassination Attempt"

Frank Magnitz, Chairman of Germany's right-wing AfD party, was beaten within an inch of his life on Monday by three men as he left a New Year's reception, according to the AfD Bremen Facebook page, which adds that he was knocked unconscious with a wooden board and repeatedly kicked in the head.

The attack on Magnitz was stopped after the "courageous" intervention of a construction worker, according to the Facebook post. The AfD Chairman is currently in the hospital with serious injuries, as well as police protection since the incident has been ruled to be politically motivated. While the attackers have not been identified, AfD notes in its Facebook post that both the Left and Germany's Social Democratic Party (SPD) support Antifa and its attacks, and asks rhetorically "Is this what the other political parties want?" "Again and again, the AfD is the focus of left-wing attacks that are not condemned or even supported by the other parties," reads the post. "Today is a black day for democracy in Germany."


ca0307 () No. 4653304

7478891aa53c8d....jpg (73 KB, 255 x 170, 750 : 500, TreasonsAndTra....jpg) (h)

5e11db826064e6....jpg (43 KB, 255 x 129, 594 : 301, DEATHpenalty.jpg) (h)

b64c13 () No. 4653305


>>>4652930 The full law, Dought Information System, POTUS signed into being today

You missed an r, baker

be2ab0 () No. 4653306


maggie plot to 187 KJU via train .. am trak .. derail train .. times up .. last move..

07b17c () No. 4653307


Bucks Fishing & Camping . . . again.

5d1c51 () No. 4653308


What are you SELLING, bot?

138fd1 () No. 4653309


Need more war on terror memes ….

for meme war…..

congress and msm for open border during the WAR ON TERROR !!!

see something say something !!!!

8841e0 () No. 4653310

>>4652904 24/7 weasels they are. Every morning they wake up and say, "Should I just be a little bit asshole today, or a moderate asshole, or should I go full bore asshole?" Every time they then look down at the meter and see it is set on full bore asshole by default. They smile.

8c3e2d () No. 4653311


Outrageous. He just murders black dudes one after another in that apartment. Never investigated, never arrested. How is this possible? The cops just do nothing? All because he is tight buddies with Adam Schiff.

This is so wrong. Just because people are poor doesn't mean that their lives mean nothing.

This earth needs another big meteor from outer space to crash here and kill everything. The evil is too much now.

8a7df1 () No. 4653312

955548b7825c8e....jpg (30 KB, 255 x 144, 760 : 428, a_ov_Pepe_1609....jpg) (h)



69e37e () No. 4653313



1ec470 () No. 4653314

86ce87dc446ea3....gif (1070 KB, 255 x 144, 444 : 250, picked the wro....gif) (h)


Picked the wrong party

5b010d () No. 4653315



he is just the President of the United States. he can't be allowed to speak to the public in real time: he might tell you what to think.

"that's our job." - daughter of the Trilateral Commission founder

371db4 () No. 4653316

44b3995d5e5b8e....jpg (75 KB, 255 x 143, 1200 : 675, maxresdefault-....jpg) (h)


So was Jeffrey Dahmler.

eca5da () No. 4653317


The only thing that could make this dad cooler is if he could convince his son to get a sex change. Oh wait, it looks like he did

974b54 () No. 4653318


I know who Bread are, i was just jesting.

1e924f () No. 4653319


you are one of few who gets it.

729dc9 () No. 4653320

2ac80007ac5a57....png (1090 KB, 255 x 153, 900 : 540, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



3525ed () No. 4653321


might be part of the plan-

10 days of darkness- internet down in darkness.

we'll see

7140b7 () No. 4653322



However, knowing POTUS, he knew this, planned for it, and now we must wait to see Game Theorist magic…again.

f1d5ff () No. 4653323


Nap changed after he got suspended in 2017 for saying Obama wiretapped Trump via UK on air.

54de83 () No. 4653324

3cd67beafac383....jpg (146 KB, 255 x 144, 1420 : 800, IMG_4079.jpg) (h)

822110dda3c54f....jpg (291 KB, 255 x 209, 975 : 800, IMG_4080.jpg) (h)

7383a3349ff168....jpg (189 KB, 255 x 255, 800 : 800, IMG_4084.jpg) (h)

cff11ccb8cba2c....jpg (234 KB, 255 x 144, 1420 : 800, IMG_4086.jpg) (h)

fff81c () No. 4653325

f79d386c9a4221....png (135 KB, 255 x 227, 305 : 272, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

feb18178844d61....png (127 KB, 239 x 255, 285 : 304, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Brother, meet sister

69e37e () No. 4653326


Because that's what they're supposed to do. If they go silent on the investigation, are they demonstrating proper oversight?

d6b9cd () No. 4653327


What will make you so crazy, if right is left and viceversa?

That crazy that 'you' will need a doctor?????????????

099549 () No. 4653328


is he ok?

ef0d42 () No. 4653329


>I've known a lot of blue-eyed Ashkenazim.

Ear lobes, thin upper lip and narrow eyes are better indications. They could also be wearing contact lenses, so I disregard eye color.

9615b3 () No. 4653330


Kicking people off the train? Yeah, maybe.

99eacd () No. 4653331

527e27c2add0b0....png (489 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

ee0d324025825c....png (1275 KB, 255 x 170, 1200 : 800, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

B752 (Boeing C-32A) SAM985

860f79 () No. 4653332


Didn’t Anons dig Fuji water few months ago

69e37e () No. 4653333


Cabal hates the NPC meme. Hates it. Good work! Keep it up!

56ad2d () No. 4653334

7c6b5a51dd6088....jpg (111 KB, 255 x 143, 825 : 464, rudder1.jpg) (h)

1d52c8 () No. 4653335


All those hard drugs and dead bodies and not arrested.

7ef370 () No. 4653336



1ec470 () No. 4653337

d75e06487eae01....jpg (617 KB, 127 x 255, 710 : 1431, NPC matrix.jpg) (h)

2348f763809974....jpg (95 KB, 255 x 207, 491 : 398, no u NPC.jpg) (h)

d4bfd0 () No. 4653338

97d44b0460faff....png (576 KB, 255 x 142, 702 : 392, capture.png) (h)

US deploys troops to Gabon over possible DR Congo violence

Concerns are mounting that violence will erupt in DR Congo over last Sunday's contested election. The vote was marred by delays, irregularities and voting problems.

US President Donald Trump deployed 80 US military personnel to Gabon in response to possible violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo following a disputed election.

In a letter to Congress, Trump said the troops were sent in response to "the possibility that violent demonstrations may occur" in DR Congo in reaction to the December 30 elections.

The combat troops and supporting military aircraft would provide security to US citizens, personnel and diplomatic facilities in the Congolese capital, Kinshasa, should the need arise.

"Additional forces may deploy to Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, or the Republic of Congo, if necessary for these purposes. These deployed personnel will remain in the region until the security situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo becomes such that their presence is no longer needed," the letter stated.


56ad2d () No. 4653339

0caa2edc9dfe9b....jpg (110 KB, 255 x 143, 825 : 464, rudder2.jpg) (h)

00d2de () No. 4653340

If all the liberals are concentrated/trapped in facebook, they are an easy target.

679d7a () No. 4653341


Most things discussed here have been talked about for decades, save a few.

Nothing amazing about another video talking about what many have known for decades.

Also..Wilcock in it spewing the same thing he still says…eventually he might be right

63a924 () No. 4653342


Totally agree with you. Seems like Buck thinks black men don't count for anything. A true racist, and a very powerful one at that.

a5a979 () No. 4653343

981139c3f55d32....png (465 KB, 250 x 255, 650 : 664, Pence re WAPO ....png) (h)

Even the @WashingtonPost admits there is a “bona fide emergency” on the border.

When will the Democrats?


7e4c02 () No. 4653344

Cousin, actually >>4653325

279228 () No. 4653345


Legendary bread battle, Battle of The Toast

974b54 () No. 4653346


I know, my ex had the album. I was jesting.

758ffc () No. 4653347


Not just dat

He picks up junkies and injects them with meth

8841e0 () No. 4653348

56cfee81fd7231....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 191, 485 : 364, TSAGloveComey.jpg) (h)

b8f6728f99b30f....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 191, 485 : 364, TSAGloveYates.jpg) (h)

c3d26c9444929d....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 191, 485 : 364, TSAGloveObama.jpg) (h)

5eb7b0420330f3....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 191, 485 : 364, TSAGloveClapper.jpg) (h)

47f0a2d6b593ed....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 191, 485 : 364, TSAGloveHillary.jpg) (h)

4d99d6 () No. 4653349


He is not a constitutional lawyer. Don't know why he even opens his mouth on these issues.

2cadc7 () No. 4653350

78560b32d56b52....png (164 KB, 255 x 254, 299 : 298, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

d1b471 () No. 4653351

Double meanings exist -

53-47 (Qpost 2318)

—> Title (2) Ch (53) Subch (3) Sec (5347)

= Delivery of Bills and Resolutions (House)

—> signed law Sept 21, 2018

—> HR 5895 = includes appropriations for military construction > 6 billion

10 USC 284 & 10 USC 2808 allows military construction funds to be used during National Emergency to counterdrug activities and transnational gangs

POTUS has the funds (HR 5895 - H. Rept 115-929 military construction) AND supporting law Title 10 Sec 284 & 2808) to BUILD THE WALL



8a6a14 () No. 4653352


1a3691 () No. 4653353


[calculating 'surely, you jest' return on investment]

658392 () No. 4653354

HEY Q, those who scream the loudest, RIGHT? Voice vote 77 times for end of 115th confirmations screaming for victory in the Senate. POTUS told the reporters McConnell was busy running the Senate and wasn't at the press conference. 77 procedural votes with the senate floor screaming in victory. How did we miss that?

834fa3 () No. 4653355


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ib6Oqzculdg" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

138fd1 () No. 4653356


Will MSM work for the enemy in the WAR of TERROR ?

MSNBC calls for impeachment because predident using mil and police and ice to protect citiezens

War on terror not over — need more memes

bin laden brother crossing the border ?

illegal aliens free to invade durint the war on terror ?

69e37e () No. 4653357


I'm with you as far as Trump has been planning this for decades, but I don't have any particulars. But if you see very old interviews with him, like when he's in his 30's, he's saying many of the same things. Like "one good president could really turn this country around".

96bef2 () No. 4653359

8a2e53840d9ee1....png (618 KB, 255 x 157, 659 : 405, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

fd3c4859e6fbc5....png (164 KB, 255 x 247, 699 : 678, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

3483e5c04dddfb....png (181 KB, 255 x 202, 680 : 539, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

US Attorney for Russian Firm in Mueller Probe Accuses US Court of Bias

Attorneys representing Concord Management in the United States against charges levelled by special counsel Robert Mueller expressed concern that Judge Dabney Friedrich was biased against them on Monday after she seemed to bring the parties to court for the sole purpose of humiliating the defense attorneys, according to reports.

Friedrich, a US District Court judge, laid into American attorneys Eric Dubelier and Kate Seikaly during a Monday court hearing over their colorful legal briefs, which have referenced quotes from the character Otter in the 1978 classic film "Animal House" and the 19th Century British historian Lord Acton, according to a Monday Politico report. Tweety Bird also made an appearance in a brief filed by the two attorneys hailing from Reed Smith LLP, Sputnik News reported.

"I'll say it plain and simple: knock it off," Friedrich, who was appointed by US President Donald Trump, was quoted saying by Politico. The judge proceeded to indicate she didn't think highly of the "clever quotes," the report notes.

"I found your recent filings, in particular your reply brief Friday, unprofessional, inappropriate and ineffective," the judge scolded the Reed Smith lawyers. The judge then suggested the briefs were intended to bully her into granting the defense's motions to gain information from Mueller to help the defense prepare for the trial, according to Politico. She told the defense the references to comedy films were "undermining your credibility in this court."

After drawing harsh comments from Judge Friedrich, Dubelier walked to the courtroom's lectern at the judge's request. He then said the judge's remarks were so intense he might be compelled to withdraw from the case. "I need to go and discuss this with my client," he was quoted as saying by Politico, referring to the judge's comments.

Seeing the judge's scolding as an attack on his character, Dubelier said it would be best to speak with his client in order to determine if it was proper for him to keep representing the firm.


7c5ea1 () No. 4653358

5afbdf656b1063....png (569 KB, 255 x 170, 1024 : 684, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


All for a LARP?


dbb79c () No. 4653360

cb186240c4622f....jpg (13 KB, 255 x 200, 255 : 200, OSshill0200148....jpg) (h)

99eacd () No. 4653361

03bc445174415d....png (542 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


10 second update. VIP is going overseas.

8a2ad6 () No. 4653362

5316a6ce4b12a1....jpeg (84 KB, 255 x 249, 450 : 440, BFA210BC-7EA5-....jpeg) (h)


We been gone nigger

400558 () No. 4653363

d4e8631a31ba16....png (395 KB, 230 x 255, 774 : 859, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Flynn Judge Sullivan Signed Sealed Order of Discovery in Seth Rich Lawsuit

By Matt Couch - January 1, 2019

As many of you know by now, my team is being sued for seeking the truth in the unsolved murder of Seth Conrad Rich. The former data director of new voter registration for the Democrats.

Something that we haven’t talked a lot about is the fact that anything found in the discovery phase (discovery goes both ways, and we have nothing to hide) has been sneakily put under a sealed order.

What that really means you might ask?

That means that whatever we find in our discovery as a defense (bank records, emails, eBay records, PayPal records, phone records, autopsy), and things we are seeking in our investigations can never be talked about publicly. Isn’t that interesting America?

Now who would have done that you might ask?

None other than the same federal Judge that called General Michael Flynn a traitor, and also said that illegals should be allowed to come back, going against the ruling of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. That’s right America, the federal Judge who signed the order is Emmett Sullivan.

Now if my team of Investigators which includes former homicide detectives, licensed private investigators, former federal agents, SWAT commanders, LEO’s, and Investigative Journalists are wrong, then why the sealed order?

It’s just yet another “conspiracy” in the Seth Rich murder investigation. Our team will be taking the fight to these corrupt bastards in 2019. We’re honored to have partnered with the D.C. Chronicle News Group. If you’d like to support our investigations, you can do so via Go Fund Me.

Matt Couch is the founder of America First Investigations and the CEO of the D.C. Chronicle News Group. Follow Matt on Twitter @RealMattCouch



6351b8 () No. 4653364


Let's hope so. Aweful..

eca5da () No. 4653365

fde629767c0ea1....jpeg (209 KB, 243 x 255, 1089 : 1145, D9323486-43B5-....jpeg) (h)

5b010d () No. 4653366

681673652ca54c....jpg (20 KB, 236 x 201, 236 : 201, not a sin.jpg) (h)

98c283 () No. 4653367

Bre Payton [187] ?

b8b57d () No. 4653368

>4653244 might want to have your master do so tweaking, you’re misfiring.

fcfcca () No. 4653369

a5d35561548d81....jpg (99 KB, 255 x 158, 1000 : 618, 1478762682259.jpg) (h)



They are scared he will say something that he didn't say he was gonna say.

fcfcca () No. 4653370

a5d35561548d81....jpg (99 KB, 255 x 158, 1000 : 618, 1478762682259.jpg) (h)



They are scared he will say something that he didn't say he was gonna say.

a73bb2 () No. 4653371


anyone watch this?

did they include the stand down order

or anything else 9-11?

74079f () No. 4653372

773c43a3e136dd....jpeg (331 KB, 173 x 255, 982 : 1450, 6001DA11-DFA9-....jpeg) (h)

Who wants to bet than RBG will “die” tomorrow to delay POTUS address to the Nation? How desperate is the Cabal & how scared are they regarding what POTUS might actually say during this address?

Will a National Emergency be called tomorrow?

BTW, how much “young blood” has been used to keep this evil bag of bones alive for this long?

Enough is Enough!

fff81c () No. 4653373

8d681f4b66791e....png (236 KB, 255 x 206, 398 : 321, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


The hell you say

371db4 () No. 4653374




ef0d42 () No. 4653375


Hate speech does not exist.

>Please stop telling the goyim that Jewish people are censoring the internet.