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e1c02b43c5fc1b....jpg (505 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ze1c02b43c5fc1....jpg) (h)

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>>4707306 ————————————–——– Public access to intel?

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>>4707080 ————————————–——– BOOM!

Monday 01/07/19

>>4644164 rt >>4644100 ————————— First time in more than 25 years? Morning, Patriot.

>>4644084 ————————————–——– What a coincidence. (Cap: >>4644154)

>>4643565 rt >>4643371 ————————— However, this is incomplete and missing the 3rd Tweet.

>>4643496 ————————————–——– With all of the success that our Country is having

>>4639875 ————————————–——– The hole is deep

Sunday 01/06/19

>>4639347 ————————————–——– Huber Activated - treachery revealed requires accountability

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are not endorsements


>>4687795 If you don't like it here there are plenty of other places to get Q's drops

>>4680938 , >>4681274 POTUS: "Call Congress, ask your reps to fund wall". Numbers. Call.

>>4668020 , >>4668026 8bit/BO executes an anniversary tripcode check


>>4720438 POTUS schedule for tomorrow: no public events


>>4720482 Thief breaks into two State Dept buildings, steals phones

>>4720491 Moar on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ plane making an emergency landing near St. Petersburg

>>4720511 More Than 1,400 US CEOs Left Their Jobs in 2018

>>4720523 9 million users installed 85 adware infected apps from Play Store

>>4720536, >>4720608, >>4720919 Anons on 'Morals and Dogma' and Albert Pike

>>4720550 Judge: Lodi man’s terrorism convictions should be vacated

>>4720562 Irate Veteran Steps In After Muslim Leads Prayer Against ‘Infidels’ In The Senate

>>4720651 For keks: 'Illegal Immigrant Song' (Zeppelin Parody)

>>4720659 REPORT: Police respond to report of kidnapping involving R. Kelly at Trump Tower in Chicago

>>4720679, >>4720733, >>4720820, >>4720886 Transcripts of Lisa Page’s Closed-Door Testimonies Provide New Revelations in Spygate Scandal

>>4720711 Law advocacy center sues CIA for access to Jamal Khashoggi files

>>4720737 A former senior official in south China's Guangdong Province was expelled from the Communist Party of China (for being a bad commie)

>>4720818 Tweet: Mueller indictment says Fancy Bear malware was in DNC network until Oct 2016, but was quarantined on Jul 26 2015

>>4720831 New Record: Officially the longest Government Shutdown in US History

>>4720863 Top U.S. Navy officer to meet Chinese counterpart amid military and trade tensions

>>4720922 Americans increasingly accept unrestricted facial recognition tech

>>4721044 Syria says Israel fired missiles toward Damascus, hit airport warehouse

>>4721146 #6024


>>4719705 South African white doctors need not apply

>>4719791, >>4719835 Moar on Project Monarch

>>4719892 GOP Legislation To Make Mexican Drug Cartels Pay for Border Wall

>>4719903, >>4720157 Mecca’s Grand Mosque plagued by swarm of locusts

>>4719931 Soros-Tied Hillary Alumni Group Raising Funds to Challenge Trump’s ‘Racist Wall’ in Courts

>>4719948 Moar on Haspel allegedly running black sites at gitmo

>>4720059 Video of CBP officers conducting training exercises at busiest port with Mexico

>>4720072, >>4720293 Senate Report: How the US Immigration System Encourages Child Marriages

>>4720171 Syrian Air defenses intercept hostile missiles launched by Israeli warplanes, down most of them

>>4720253 Lindsey Graham elected Senate Judiciary Chairman

>>4720377 #6023

#6022 Baker Change

>>4718884, >>4718921, >>4718966 Link to Hannity's special with the parents of victims of illegal immigrants

>>4719013 Human trafficking in PR isn't considered a crime

>>4719047 IG REPORT of Pentagon AUDIT: $21 TRILLION unaccounted

>>4719067 The British Role in the Coup Against the President Is Now Exposed

>>4719085 UN Official: We Should Make Every Effort To Depopulate The Planet

>>4719095 Secretary Mnuchin: Chinese Vice Premier Will Visit U.S. For Trade Talks At End Of Month

>>4718911 "BOOM" theory on a countdown

>>4719001 For keks: How Much Wood could a Cuck Chuck Suck if a Cuck Chuck could Suck Wood?

>>4719145 Democrats are Rejecting a Long List of Other Border Security Measures to Spite Trump

>>4719174 The UN Admits That The Paris Climate Deal Was A Fraud

>>4719292 WaPo complaining about 'RBG conspiracy theories on YT'

>>4719328, >>4719336 Project Monarch

>>4719403 Ocasio-Cortez Criticized After Failing to Provide Workers’ Compensation Coverage

>>4719408 Anon on what POTUS might have up his sleeve

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f560b1 () No. 4721169



a9e068 () No. 4721197

dueling narratives

pr v rbg

one will win

one will lose

next week

0a02f6 () No. 4721214

wow it just started raining the time downpour outside

9b3bae () No. 4721215

44d2d8d7d863f4....gif (214 KB, 242 x 255, 250 : 263, pepe matrix yes.gif) (h)

fb714741c28af4....jpg (55 KB, 255 x 142, 849 : 473, snowden mail.jpg) (h)

590a4ccb7bd97d....gif (3275 KB, 255 x 124, 530 : 257, mfw wtf matrix.gif) (h)

13133b1ab1a44f....jpg (55 KB, 181 x 255, 500 : 703, popckorn fsoci....jpg) (h)



>Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/khashoggi-friend-sues-israeli-firm-over-hacking-he-says-contributed-to-the-journalists-murder/2018/12/03/ddcb28ee-f708-11e8-8642-c9718a256cbd_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.7eb112815ff1

<Khashoggi's Whatsapp messages with other Saudi Arabian dissidents were being monitored by Saudi Arabia using (((PEGASUS))) a surveillance system supplied by Israel's NSO GROUP.


>Source: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20181107-edward-snowden-saudi-used-israel-spyware-to-target-khashoggi/

The position of NSO Group is that they supply states with the technology without monitoring its use afterwards.

I call bullshit, I am sure ISRAEL is gathering a trove of state secrets from every client they serve.

Now, the supposed rationale behind these technologies, violating of Universal Human Rights and International Law, is that it serves to deter terrorism or drug trafficking.

Do you see the fucking irony, or rather sheer cynicism, in supplying these "terrorism deterring technologies" to one of the most notorious funders of terrorism in the world?

>Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State-sponsored_terrorism#Saudi_Arabia



Mexico is the most dangerous country in which to exercise journalism, we study Communication to be Journalists, not martyrs!! SOS

>Source: https://ipi.media/mexico-most-deadly-country-for-journalists-in-2017/

(((PEGASUS))) is the same technology abused in Mexico during the notorious scandal of 2017 in which many prominent politicians, Human Rights activists, and journalists such as Carmen Aristegui -and even her minor son- were the object of infections and surveillance by the government of Enrique Peña Nieto, which was extensively covered by research by Citizen Lab. The technology is still used to this day in Mexico, regardless of the "measures" the government took in 2017 after the first reports by Citizen Lab and persistent public and journalistic outcry demanding answers.

>Source: https://citizenlab.ca/2018/11/mexican-journalists-investigating-cartels-targeted-nso-spyware-following-assassination-colleague/

Do you see the bloody irony, or rather sheer cynicism, in supplying these "drug trafficking deterring technologies" to one of the most notorious narco-states of the world? Not to leave "narco-terrorism" out of the Mexican picture.

What do you expect for these countries to do with the technology? Well of course, to find, track, and blackmail/neutralize journalists, dissidents, and Human Rights activists. They are such a pain in the ass when you are a corrupt criminal government.

<But seriously, what did the Mexican government need naked pictures of Aristegui's son and his girlfriend for? They are using this technology even on minors, to get what beyond sexting materials? keep in mind infections are limited per contract.


By the way, at least in Mexico, the cost per infection of targeted individuals was 77,000 dollars.

>Source: https://edition.cnn.com/videos/spanish/2017/06/20/cnnee-pkg-alis-espionaje-gobierno-mexico-activistas-periodistas-spyware-pegasus-nyt-pena-nieto.cnn



(((E V E R Y F U C K I N G T I M E)))







0716b6 () No. 4721216

>>4721040 (lb)

What did I say about Bozos?

I think the only thing I said is not to get married.

163810 () No. 4721217

2c05d2b30a5280....jpeg (10 KB, 255 x 187, 255 : 187, pepe-bread.jpeg) (h)

TY for good bread baker

857b20 () No. 4721218


hard to lose against a corpse.

833193 () No. 4721219

5f060d9bc21b32....png (211 KB, 159 x 255, 800 : 1280, Screenshot_201....png) (h)


POTUS will not open the government. The wall fight gives him a good reason to keep government closed. The spending bill H.R. 21 funds department of State. This is main source of cash to foreign governments that is then donated back to politicians foundations. Documented in Clinton Cash.

POTUS has them by the short hairs. He has their money.

follow the money

No wall, no cash for 2 years!!!

0eae98 () No. 4721220



f26fdf () No. 4721221

0bb1a91783188a....jpg (49 KB, 255 x 204, 700 : 560, epok.jpg) (h)


TY Baker

7bd415 () No. 4721222

>>4721209 LB


It doesn't need to be impenetrable.

It is a deterrent, and will focus attention whenever anyone fucks with it.

163810 () No. 4721223

2a810f () No. 4721224



Ginsburg wrote that the Mann Act (which punishes those who engage in interstate sex traffic of women and girls) is “offensive.” Such acts should be considered “within the zone of privacy.”

Educate yourself, asswipe

43dfcb () No. 4721225

BAker, this >>4721124 (lb) and >>4721142 (lb)



You can actually buy fucking Quantum Computers on market now. Wtf.

71af3d () No. 4721226

f49342 () No. 4721227

f7287d7ae49014....jpeg (102 KB, 255 x 183, 832 : 598, e96f66968b02c4....jpeg) (h)

5c88d2ab8d55c7....jpg (31 KB, 204 x 255, 324 : 405, 82114ceb068336....jpg) (h)

9b19d4a36d3d85....jpg (76 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, 7b7cb095b86bf1....jpg) (h)

7127c2 () No. 4721228

>>4719793 (pb)


c35f68 () No. 4721229

557415b175c1a0....jpg (181 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpFentan....jpg) (h)

a21fa5 () No. 4721230


Getting tired of pointing anons in the right direction. Her life has been carefully crafted and a total lie.

READ THIS She is from a clown cult.


0a02f6 () No. 4721231

0716b6 () No. 4721232

d996dc8528e4bc....png (411 KB, 255 x 170, 696 : 465, MONICA BK66.png) (h)


63e08a () No. 4721233

8759217a1d1f1f....jpg (3602 KB, 255 x 194, 4210 : 3210, planes.jpg) (h)

cdb8e5 () No. 4721234

8cef97e4fd6b59....png (671 KB, 255 x 240, 746 : 703, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

454bae217c6b36....png (4164 KB, 196 x 255, 1614 : 2098, 454bae217c6b36....png) (h)

Fun to watch a bad Sheriff go down for messing with /ourguy/

dfd8d1 () No. 4721235

>>4721208 (LB)

What the fuck are you talking about? I thought the post was awesome. "Stop paying taxes" is the ultimate response to some nitwit saying "we don't have to pay taxes." Try it, it'll be fun they said, what could go wrong they said.

Until that level of tyranny is removed from our lives, we'll never be free.

Chill anon.

6a6ac5 () No. 4721236

daf94be53a91c0....jpg (95 KB, 255 x 180, 710 : 500, sthil saw.jpg) (h)

>>4721052 (LB)

One of these folks….. Cut right through the steel and the concrete filling and very portable

c35f68 () No. 4721237

e0f2f4e7c280bd....mp4 (2020 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, BOOM.mp4) (h)

f1f7677de48e87....jpg (118 KB, 255 x 143, 1100 : 619, boom.jpg) (h)

0a02f6 () No. 4721238

Damn this is a long movie

61ee44 () No. 4721239


Exactly, it's not meant to be Fort. Knox. Geesh.

b5f1f1 () No. 4721240

Anons does this sound right?

For the Normies.

"McCabe, RR wanted Trump to fire Rod.

It was both insurance and a threat.

Insurance so dems could say Trump is interrupting.

Threat to Trump, 'see what we will do'.

They thought DECLAS was going to drop.

Trump did a faked them out.

Now Normies are like huh?

'Rod wore a wire and Trump didn't fire him'.

It was a trap set up by McCabe and RR because they thought Trump was going to DECLAS.

Trump, Anons, and Q made them think that."

6a69ed () No. 4721241


The Beatles LIVE HD - She is A Woman (Remastered)

2a810f () No. 4721242



Ginsberg called for reducing the age of consent for sexual acts to people who are “less than 12 years old.”

pull your head out of your ass

0e691e () No. 4721243


what the hell are those??!!

63e08a () No. 4721245

0c1a3654d1facf....jpg (212 KB, 255 x 196, 866 : 666, DINER.jpg) (h)

f6fe7cfcf317d0....jpg (1616 KB, 187 x 255, 3039 : 4155, DSCN0046 2.jpg) (h)

e3a2cf () No. 4721246

0fdb5eccf42c4a....jpeg (1288 KB, 255 x 165, 1195 : 771, 12BB1299-0398-....jpeg) (h)

805c179d9103ec....jpeg (730 KB, 209 x 255, 1394 : 1703, 362D4CD2-6D57-....jpeg) (h)

c35f68 () No. 4721247


That'll cut 4 inches deep only.

516d8c () No. 4721248


an arrest would be a bad guy going down

removed from office….not so much

f26fdf () No. 4721249


Yep 1999 was the last day i paid in

cf3845 () No. 4721250

>>4721127 lb

Stalin was a nationalist.

He turned around and completely smashed the Bolshevik policies of pro-homosexuality and other degenerative nonsense. Then he counter-invaded Germany and actually made it to Berlin. That was not exactly part of the proverbial plan, which would have given most of Germany's tech and advances to the U.S.

Granted, much of the anti-Russian hysteria was drummed up by (((the media))). Not everyone who was anti-russian is pro cabal. It was just that the second world war never truly ended. One could even argue the first world war never truly ended, either, as many of the conflicts in China and Africa were direct extensions of World War 1 and carried over in the background to World War 2.

I think Russians were looking for a way out from under Communism for some time - and it wad just kind of the turning of the seasons when the Berlin Wall came down. But they still had their families and a large chunk of their culture. More than can be said for the west.

Honestly - I think the Russians got the better end of the deal compared to Europe, today… Although that's a very subjective measure that a number of Russians may scoff at.

0e691e () No. 4721251


>>4721209 (lb)

explosives and also any wetback

can make their own thermite

9e75db () No. 4721252

1dbcddc8f833b2....png (653 KB, 255 x 118, 1763 : 815, 1d32ecf46fc3e6....png) (h)


She is a jew, after all.

7be706 () No. 4721253

0350f17985715c....jpg (491 KB, 255 x 108, 5120 : 2160, redhead-model-....jpg) (h)


TY anons, bakers, BVs, and BO!!!

61ee44 () No. 4721254


My understanding.

d00a0d () No. 4721255

078c6879657238....png (1234 KB, 255 x 144, 1287 : 727, 2019-01-12_00-....png) (h)

>>4721043 LB


1e740c () No. 4721256


Sheriff Israel got away with murdering children and only lost his job with a clean name. That is a loss not a win.

c35f68 () No. 4721257

3f55439615071b....jpg (119 KB, 168 x 255, 675 : 1024, KamalaFake4.jpg) (h)

e962017d062fd7....jpg (120 KB, 168 x 255, 675 : 1024, KamalaFake3.jpg) (h)

c8d6430389c8d4....jpg (130 KB, 168 x 255, 675 : 1024, KamalaFake2.jpg) (h)

68d5b1715c0b92....jpg (122 KB, 168 x 255, 675 : 1024, KamalaFake1.jpg) (h)

c07c3c () No. 4721258

8792289c67c33e....jpg (48 KB, 255 x 173, 736 : 499, St. Maarteen 1.jpg) (h)

18567c6cfdbd44....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 153, 620 : 372, Tough set down.jpg) (h)

>>4721175 lb

Not there. St. Maarten

462c06 () No. 4721259


No. She didn't. That is a right wing lie. Pull your head out of your ass and prove it if its true. But you can't, because it isn't.

824b20 () No. 4721260


She was pure Evil And it was never reported to the Public.

Sick puppy

No remorse for her, sorry

62edcb () No. 4721261

0a0626bbd2432d....png (5 KB, 220 x 90, 220 : 90, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

b29f453aaec553....png (1047 KB, 197 x 255, 1200 : 1551, RBG - SEX BIAS....png) (h)

I don't mean to feel myself too much. But this meme ought to stop RBG arguments dead in their tracks when it comes to people defending and claiming:

>muh RBG nebar sed dat!

All the info you need to shut the convo down is RITE THAYER, including the address to TEH PDF of Sex Bias in Muh U.S. COdE.



(all LB, all rel8ted):







0a02f6 () No. 4721262


or everything is just a movie for the normies

e07710 () No. 4721263

078e061fc48e55....png (4037 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

All the complaints tonight seem to be coming from this nice lady.

Not a muhjoo to be seen in the past 3 breads, no flat earthers, hardly one 'What has Q done for me lately'. Where did all the shills go?

dfd8d1 () No. 4721264


Must not work much. Or don't have any reporting requirement.

163810 () No. 4721265

3dd726f126440e....png (280 KB, 255 x 171, 534 : 358, wall_work.png) (h)

9e75db () No. 4721266


It was staged and no one died.

2c3530 () No. 4721267

73f89e26928a1c....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 191, 625 : 468, 73f89e26928a1c....jpg) (h)


What in the fuck!

32a632 () No. 4721268

6f2759e745c8d3....jpg (72 KB, 255 x 170, 780 : 520, Trump_33655-78....jpg) (h)

shout out to all the 3 letter words lurking in the midst o/

First, thanks for getting the govt cleanup started o7

second, shouldnt u guys be building a wall and putting the bad pepes in GITMO now???

by the way Q THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

calling it: 12/21/19 mirror date ;)

4f9e63 () No. 4721269

35917d81d2fdc6....jpg (438 KB, 255 x 168, 2048 : 1350, 2050.jpg) (h)

Credit to the anon that posted the small one last bread. Here's a large version.

bc0d61 () No. 4721270

>>4721195 (pb)

>>4721149 (pb)

PSY 101

61ee44 () No. 4721271


True. Shit just a 5gl bucket of Anfo would make a hole several feet wide.

c35f68 () No. 4721272


Stick your "opinion" back up your ass. If I ever want your opinion, i'll tell you what it is.

ab5edc () No. 4721273


Every WetBack will be Carrying one of these Babies!

Aye aye aye!

e07710 () No. 4721274


Takes one to know one I guess.

0a02f6 () No. 4721275


been there



e451da () No. 4721276

Let’s propose a new law:

Senators and members of the House are prohibited from leaving Washington DC during a government shutdown. Let’s throw in the President as well.

All salaries of elected federal officials and their staff need to be frozen as well. They need to feel some of the pain so they quit playing politics with our country’s business.

Nancy Pelosi would sing a different tune if federal law enforcement officers blocked her from taking that Hawaiian vacation over the holidays.

6a6ac5 () No. 4721277


Yeah… How big is the tubing?

9e75db () No. 4721278


A bad case of UTS.

857b20 () No. 4721279

5094da7b030941....jpeg (48 KB, 195 x 255, 474 : 621, fuckouttahere.jpeg) (h)


The fuck LOL

Best check yourself thinking you can move anything, you fucking semitic jewish bitch KEK

f26fdf () No. 4721280


Self employed since 84

b5f1f1 () No. 4721281

73c048a067a390....jpg (248 KB, 255 x 248, 900 : 875, Americans wont....jpg) (h)

2e176df2f0e938....jpg (225 KB, 255 x 249, 800 : 781, Chancy.jpg) (h)

028f5951225805....jpg (234 KB, 255 x 255, 800 : 800, Comfy Q_2.jpg) (h)

613697 () No. 4721282


Shhhhhh…. be veery vwerry quiet!

63e08a () No. 4721283

a809a841dbdf05....jpg (155 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, painecommon.jpg) (h)

c0b919be92c520....jpg (104 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, painepain.jpg) (h)

f560b1 () No. 4721284

076dfe465caa3b....png (379 KB, 207 x 255, 921 : 1132, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


pg 102 in the book (pg 110 in the pdf)


32026a () No. 4721285

trump at the roundtable today

"i used to say 45 minutes… now i say 15 minutes"


25681e () No. 4721286

13d6e7a6283e6d....gif (2475 KB, 255 x 162, 300 : 190, moarfreedomfor....gif) (h)

462c06 () No. 4721287


When the facts aren't on your side, attack and name call. Works every time doesnt it?

c35f68 () No. 4721288


Not doin' your slide little boy. Cya next bread.

2a810f () No. 4721289

047ba3380c8206....png (887 KB, 255 x 235, 704 : 650, libtards.png) (h)

32a632 () No. 4721290

45c0c75f5a0cd9....jpeg (35 KB, 255 x 255, 495 : 495, img_9950.jpeg) (h)



fawk u the earth is flat

5848d7 () No. 4721291


You ever run one of those?

Loud as fuck, same thing as a chain saw, even worse when cutting. You could hear that thing for miles .

04f82d () No. 4721292


You could make the fuckin thing out of tungsten-carbide and it could still be compromised.

"Impenetrable" is not the goal…deterrence is.

f49342 () No. 4721293

8b5960898d2ace....jpg (185 KB, 191 x 255, 1200 : 1600, itsasign.jpg) (h)

613697 () No. 4721294


sorry bra but that bewb looks like a giant acorn.

26af1d () No. 4721295


Listen to 38:47 VERY IMPORTANT

6a6ac5 () No. 4721296


Blow me junior…..

c35f68 () No. 4721297

bfa7c07ef5e2fc....jpg (192 KB, 255 x 134, 1200 : 630, EdBuck3.jpg) (h)

87271afd0caf9f....jpg (150 KB, 255 x 134, 1200 : 630, EdBuck2.jpg) (h)

20967f196e712e....jpg (418 KB, 255 x 133, 1200 : 628, EdBuck1.jpg) (h)

a9e068 () No. 4721298

52e2a2d1866192....png (399 KB, 255 x 204, 606 : 484, schummme.png) (h)

1af604 () No. 4721299

dd3b6df6b1ff04....png (36 KB, 255 x 96, 825 : 309, 22 Days In Shu....png) (h)

47c84391e90a68....png (168 KB, 207 x 255, 668 : 821, Q_Drop_1415.png) (h)

ff2f81952ae17f....png (42 KB, 255 x 113, 668 : 297, Q_Drop_1422_ak....png) (h)

The government has been shutdown for 22 days.

[email protected]@in—-23!!!


522048 () No. 4721300

Nice positive Q vid regarding the Great Awakening.

Good feels!

f560b1 () No. 4721301



5848d7 () No. 4721302

d7632436037490....jpg (305 KB, 255 x 170, 2850 : 1900, enddisneer.jpg) (h)

462c06 () No. 4721303


Again. Unless you are fluent in lawspeak, stop assuming meaning.

Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg Say that Pedophilia Was Good for Children? https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/did-ruth-bader-ginsburg-say-that-pedophilia-was-good-for-children/

Has Justice Ginsburg stated that the age of consent should be 12?


f26fdf () No. 4721304


Haha sweet huh? Just a lil different

4bf042 () No. 4721305

>>4721195 lb

So your “memes” do not answer my question. And do you even know how the M_S was started and by who? You should really read a book or two before taking a job with ShariaBlue.

Pb post reply

Thanks for proving my point. I said leftist-Jews. I didn’t say where they reside. Are American Jews more leftstist than conservative? How about in Israel? Do Israelis identify as left leaning or right leaning? Anons and Newfags, the leftists basically lost their control in Israel in the 70’s as far as the public and politics go. The leftists, like in the US, still control media, academia, etc. The leftist-Jew, leftist-Catholic, lefitst-Christian is the problem. The leftist have infiltrated everything. C_A, F_I, M_S, and everything else to destroy it from within. It’s the leftist, they are the common denominator. Not the group, religion, race, generation, sex, etc. They want you divided. Good vs. Evil.

857b20 () No. 4721306



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 38db44 No.4627556 📁

Jan 6 2019 12:32:35 (EST)


Why was she 'selected'?

Who appointed her?

Remember [her] history.

Ref: 230-page book called Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, published in 1977 by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.


>Called for the sex-integration of prisons and reformatories so that conditions of imprisonment, security and housing could be equal. She explained, “If the grand design of such institutions is to prepare inmates for return to the community as persons equipped to benefit from and contribute to civil society, then perpetuation of single-sex institutions should be rejected.” (Page 101)

>Called for the sex-integration of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts because they “perpetuate stereotyped sex roles.” (Page 145)

>Insisted on sex-integrating “college fraternity and sorority chapters” and replacing them with “college social societies.” (Page 169)

>Cast constitutional doubt on the legality of “Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as separate holidays.” (Page 146)

>Called for reducing the age of consent for sexual acts to people who are “less than 12 years old.” (Page 102)

>Asserted that laws against “bigamists, persons cohabiting with more than one woman, and women cohabiting with a bigamist” are unconstitutional. (Page 195)

>Objected to laws against prostitution because “prostitution, as a consensual act between adults, is arguably within the zone of privacy protected by recent constitutional decisions.” (Page 97)

>Ginsburg wrote that the Mann Act (which punishes those who engage in interstate sex traffic of women and girls) is “offensive.” Such acts should be considered “within the zone of privacy.” (Page 98)

>Demanded that we “firmly reject draft or combat exemption for women,” stating “women must be subject to the draft if men are.” But, she added, “the need for affirmative action and for transition measures is particularly strong in the uniformed services.” (Page 218)

>An indefatigable censor, Ginsburg listed hundreds of “sexist” words that must be eliminated from all statutes. Among words she found offensive were: man, woman, manmade, mankind, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, serviceman, longshoreman, postmaster, watchman, seamanship, and “to man” (a vessel). (Pages 15-16)

>Wanted he, she, him, her, his, and hers to be dropped down the memory hole. They must be replaced by he/she, her/him, and hers/his, and federal statutes must use the bad grammar of “plural constructions to avoid third person singular pronouns.” (Page 52-53)

>Condemned the Supreme Court’s ruling in Harris v. McRae and claimed that taxpayer-funded abortions should be a constitutional right.


Who are the doctors 'currently' treating [RBG]?

What other political [former/current] sr. political heads are they affiliated w/?

What 'off-market' drugs are being provided to [RBG] in order to sustain minimum daily function?

What is the real medical diagnosis of [RBG]?

Who is managing her care?

Who is 'really' managing her care?

The clock is ticking.




We are going to kill ALL you fucking pedos and semitic shits that dare believe they can live after aggressing against our people women and children.


1b41c7 () No. 4721307


youre a moran

dfd8d1 () No. 4721308


The fuck? "Rod" is RR. So… RR wanted Trump to fire… RR? Really?

Sigh, RR was McCabe's enemy. RR had to get rid of McCabe before the investigation into the swamp could move forward because McCabe was swamp. ALL of the "evidence" that RR is a "black hat" originates with McCabe. If you haven't figured this out by now you can't be helped.

e3a2cf () No. 4721309

13c9eca5217e49....jpeg (191 KB, 228 x 255, 895 : 1002, CAA59310-1627-....jpeg) (h)

6af2b28486a626....jpeg (179 KB, 131 x 255, 709 : 1375, 9C611B0A-42FE-....jpeg) (h)

3921dd2bca38f0....jpeg (468 KB, 171 x 255, 564 : 843, 809C652F-AC47-....jpeg) (h)

d313de17992c2a....jpeg (346 KB, 168 x 255, 903 : 1370, 42F1C26F-1E17-....jpeg) (h)

6b7ac70dceddcc....jpeg (2492 KB, 255 x 190, 1902 : 1414, C242E0DD-19A0-....jpeg) (h)

Grake bake

4d4ca6 () No. 4721310


how to enter into evidence what cannot be?

now all content on those phones are evidence???

a40465 () No. 4721311



it was NOT a question.

IT was an do you fucking understand moment idiot…


613697 () No. 4721312

1946b0 () No. 4721313

All LB




Looks like a variety of cutting techniques to me.

The cut slats appeared to be 1/8-3/16 sidewall, which could be attacked by concrete saw, angle grinder, torch, plasma cutter, sawzall, or circular saw with abrasive wheel.

The sand filled posts would make it harder to cut with a torch, but could be overcome by drilling a hole to let the sand out. Best to leave some good size rocks low in the tube to prevent that.

If I was trying to cross, I'd want a battery powered sawzall, angle grinder, replacement blades, and at least two 5Ah batteries. I'm pretty sure I could get through it with that.

6a6ac5 () No. 4721315

074d42699ca5fd....jpg (122 KB, 255 x 143, 888 : 499, A_wtf.jpg) (h)

e07710 () No. 4721316


Thar she blows!

61ee44 () No. 4721317


Hahaha…Kek That motherfucker would be so loud out in the desert. It would sound like Godzilla was crossing that wall.

776cd4 () No. 4721318

>>4721071 lb

I am not sure about those crimes but I aggree there is some fuckery in that amendment and most convicted of crimes of that nature probably shouldn't be voting. I'm a recovered addict and got some drug charges in the past but I will take full advantage in 2020.

c35f68 () No. 4721319


Snopes? Fuck off retard!

32a632 () No. 4721320

141c99eecd3765....jpg (95 KB, 255 x 149, 885 : 516, 141c99eecd3765....jpg) (h)


damn finally get to use trey kek

7a8d96 () No. 4721321


Yawn Dwave has been doing this for like 10 years.

bc0d61 () No. 4721322

29b16a802a1d62....png (175 KB, 255 x 223, 599 : 523, 7715dbf3eab67d....png) (h)

ab16f83484ae49....jpg (150 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, ab16f83484ae49....jpg) (h)

d067d55f38d861....jpg (60 KB, 118 x 255, 591 : 1280, ba53eaeda31ec3....jpg) (h)

699502e8662d1f....jpeg (95 KB, 255 x 189, 676 : 500, 699502e8662d1f....jpeg) (h)

03def9eb218ccf....jpeg (70 KB, 255 x 133, 799 : 416, cfc45d8bc7f7e9....jpeg) (h)

8f2b91 () No. 4721324


probably…. the pastel blue, not sure when that image was taken tho

ace872 () No. 4721325


no gov pay check

>>4720534 (prior bread #6024)

realize biblical, yet made me think of the song

cack! the song is introduced by that f_head

is everything corrupted

611add () No. 4721326

Amen >>4721234

0a02f6 () No. 4721327


while on the road to enlightenment

the signs are everywhere

for those with eyes

462c06 () No. 4721328


In Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, Ginsburg uses an example of a bill that was in front of Congress. Ginsburg did not write the bill, she did not support the bill, she was not in Congress, and she had nothing to do with it. The bill said:

A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person, not his spouse, and: (1) compels the other person to participate: (A) by force; or (B) by threatening or placing the other person in fear that any person will imminently be subjected to death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping; (2) has substantially impaired the other person's power to appraise or control the conduct by administering or employing a drug or intoxicant without the knowledge or against the will of such other person, or by other means; or (3) the other person is, in fact, less than twelve years old."

So whoever wrote the bill—I can't find who that was, but it was someone in Congress, not Ginsburg—was suggesting lowering the age of consent to 12.

2a810f () No. 4721329

e340c2452fcd82....png (482 KB, 255 x 209, 792 : 650, snopes3.png) (h)

d00a0d () No. 4721330

399d3b31913867....png (111 KB, 255 x 201, 483 : 380, 2019-01-12_00-....png) (h)

218f34 () No. 4721331


"proverbial plan, which would have given most of Germany's tech and advances to the U.S."

But it did.

8d305b () No. 4721332

For the anon last bread who couldn't get this to play (vid related)


8b0a2a () No. 4721333

Valley of the Boom

26af1d () No. 4721334


>JAN 19 - 21

Nope what ??

6a69ed () No. 4721335


I know their working for the CIA

They wouldn't have them in the Ma-fi-A.

462c06 () No. 4721336


In Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, Ginsburg uses an example of a bill that was in front of Congress. Ginsburg did not write the bill, she did not support the bill, she was not in Congress, and she had nothing to do with it. The bill said:

A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person, not his spouse, and: (1) compels the other person to participate: (A) by force; or (B) by threatening or placing the other person in fear that any person will imminently be subjected to death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping; (2) has substantially impaired the other person's power to appraise or control the conduct by administering or employing a drug or intoxicant without the knowledge or against the will of such other person, or by other means; or (3) the other person is, in fact, less than twelve years old."

So whoever wrote the bill—I can't find who that was, but it was someone in Congress, not Ginsburg—was suggesting lowering the age of consent to 12.

dfd8d1 () No. 4721337


Most of us are fluent in Snopes speak, however, so STFU.

63b785 () No. 4721338


Hard but not impossible in Rainbow America.

f26fdf () No. 4721339

c39f981fbbfb0e....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 251, 300 : 295, 5c0077c31852a6....jpg) (h)


LOL Snopes??

b5f1f1 () No. 4721340


"It takes time to reach the public domain.

Why were the 'McCabe Memos' released to the NYT >>> [RR] 'wear a wire'?



What did they think was about to drop?

Think DECLAS."

f560b1 () No. 4721341


>Unless you are fluent in lawspeak, stop assuming meaning

>uses snopes and some other stupid shit

those are HER recommendations to CHANGING the bill

fuck off back to reddit already

ab5edc () No. 4721342

Haven't seen the Vid

Any anon have it?

Please Drop It


8ed385 () No. 4721343

4bb927d0cf4f85....png (270 KB, 255 x 153, 732 : 439, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f78c356b1f5e4e....png (89 KB, 178 x 255, 710 : 1016, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

5deb6debe5a1be....png (48 KB, 255 x 178, 704 : 491, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

dfdbb53642bc65....png (124 KB, 140 x 255, 711 : 1293, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

EXCLUSIVE: McCabe Told Congress That Comey’s Draft Exoneration of Clinton Was Unprecedented

Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI, told House lawmakers during a closed-door interview in late 2017 that other than the probe into Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized use of a private email server, he was not aware of any instance in which an FBI exoneration statement was drafted months prior to the conclusion of an investigation.

“This is the only time that I am aware of, sir,” McCabe told a lawmaker, who asked him if it was “common practice” to lay out an exoneration statement two months prior to concluding an investigation, according to a transcript obtained by The Epoch Times. Then-FBI Director James Comey had circulated a draft exoneration in May 2016—two months prior to concluding the investigation. Representatives and staff from the House judiciary and oversight committees grilled McCabe during an 8-hour session on Dec. 21, 2017. Two days later, McCabe announced his retirement. McCabe was forced to resign from his active position on Jan. 29, 2018, and on March 16, 2018, the day before McCabe was to retire with a full pension, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired him for lying to investigators about self-serving leaks to the media.

The judiciary and oversight committees wrapped up a year-long investigation last month after interviewing more than 20 witnesses, including McCabe, Comey, and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The lawmakers concluded that the Obama Justice Department treated Clinton and then-candidate Trump unequally in 2016. While the DOJ appears to have abused foreign intelligence surveillance powers to target a Trump presidential campaign associate, its investigation of Clinton “was over before it began,”a summary released by the House Judiciary Committee states.


c35f68 () No. 4721345

11a213bdb5a098....mp4 (6430 KB, 255 x 191, 320 : 240, Listen2KamalaC....mp4) (h)

26af1d () No. 4721344


The whole video is about mkultra and they have released 2 previous videos connecting it. Stop being a shill, its what Q was talking about.

462c06 () No. 4721346


In Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, Ginsburg uses an example of a bill that was in front of Congress. Ginsburg did not write the bill, she did not support the bill, she was not in Congress, and she had nothing to do with it. The bill said:

A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person, not his spouse, and: (1) compels the other person to participate: (A) by force; or (B) by threatening or placing the other person in fear that any person will imminently be subjected to death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping; (2) has substantially impaired the other person's power to appraise or control the conduct by administering or employing a drug or intoxicant without the knowledge or against the will of such other person, or by other means; or (3) the other person is, in fact, less than twelve years old."

So whoever wrote the bill—I can't find who that was, but it was someone in Congress, not Ginsburg—was suggesting lowering the age of consent to 12.

218f34 () No. 4721347


A friend from Budapest told me it was better before Socialism fell.

e3a2cf () No. 4721348

97a0cb41a46e23....jpeg (329 KB, 255 x 137, 2224 : 1194, 5AE6C641-607A-....jpeg) (h)

6a6ac5 () No. 4721349

f1cde713d54cc3....png (755 KB, 255 x 193, 946 : 717, RBG_FERRENGE.png) (h)

462c06 () No. 4721350



In Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, Ginsburg uses an example of a bill that was in front of Congress. Ginsburg did not write the bill, she did not support the bill, she was not in Congress, and she had nothing to do with it. The bill said:

A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person, not his spouse, and: (1) compels the other person to participate: (A) by force; or (B) by threatening or placing the other person in fear that any person will imminently be subjected to death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping; (2) has substantially impaired the other person's power to appraise or control the conduct by administering or employing a drug or intoxicant without the knowledge or against the will of such other person, or by other means; or (3) the other person is, in fact, less than twelve years old."

So whoever wrote the bill—I can't find who that was, but it was someone in Congress, not Ginsburg—was suggesting lowering the age of consent to 12.

61ee44 () No. 4721351


Aww… How hot is Michelle "Shelly" Jenneke?

e4432a () No. 4721352

Ed Buck


Sinema, Kyrsten (D) sure got alot of donations from BUCK..

will she return them…

199e9e () No. 4721353


That bill makes it sound like you can rape your spouse legally.

f560b1 () No. 4721354


you keep posting the same stupid shit

kys redditfaggot

63e08a () No. 4721355

ca4f01ad06d0b8....jpg (537 KB, 255 x 164, 1911 : 1231, toldyasos.jpg) (h)

ace872 () No. 4721356


I have to pee

163810 () No. 4721357

dfd8d1 () No. 4721358

It seems the RGB defenders are out in force tonight. Must be something big about to happen with her.

f941d2 () No. 4721359

351a213648a3d6....jpeg (200 KB, 255 x 92, 1046 : 378, j.jpeg) (h)

563dfd () No. 4721360



fantastic article on Quora that makes you look like a fool:

es, in the book ‘Sex Bias in the US Code’ which is available online at


(page 102 in the text, 110 in the pdf)

“Recommendations …..

18 U.S.C. §2032 — Eliminate the phrase "carnal knowledge of any female, not his wife who has not attained the age of sixteen years" and substitute a Federal, sex-neutral definition of the offense patterned after S. 1400 §1633: A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person, not his spouse, and (1) compels the other person to participate: (A) by force or (B) by threatening or placing the other person in fear that any person will imminently be subjected to death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping; (2) has substantially impaired the other person's power to appraise or control the conduct by administering or employing a drug or intoxicant without the knowledge or against the will of such other person, or by other means; or (3) the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old


I suppose it could have been worse, as Ginsburg is Jewish and Judaism has this to say about extramarital sexual relations between a Jewish man and a gentile woman or girl above the age of 3 …


(Mishah Torah - Sefer Kedushah - Issurei Biah - Chapter Twelve)


If, by contrast, a Jewish male enters into relations with a gentile woman, when he does so intentionally, she should be executed.23 She is executed because she caused a Jew to be involved in an unseemly transgression, as [is the law with regard to] an animal.24 [This applies regardless of] whether the gentile women was a minor of three years of age,25 or an adult, whether she was single or married. And it applies even if [the Jew] was a minor of nine years old, [she is executed].26

This [punishment] is explicitly mentioned in the Torah, as [Numbers 31:16-17] states: Behold they were [involved] with the children of Israel according to the advice of Balaamו.27 Execute any woman fit to know a man through lying with a male.

At this point one might object that in Israel the Jews do not execute gentile women and girls above 3 y.o. who have been violated by Jewish men, but, there is an explanation - which you can hear in this 10 minute video by Israeli ex-yeshiva student Yossi Gurvitz (google him) …

e3a2cf () No. 4721361


Considering McCabe is going to do time for multiple perjury convictions, does his testimony still count?

7878e4 () No. 4721362


Top kek!

7a8d96 () No. 4721363


Fuck I need new TEETH before this is over.

b5f1f1 () No. 4721364


"DECLAS of FISA = [RR] self-incrimination."

"If [RR] is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.

if Mueller is dirty, [RR] must also be dirty."

RR is dirty re: self incrimination.

7e78aa () No. 4721365

I've had it with Bongino.

'Buy my book.'

'Big announcement coming up.'

He's never heard of fiat currency or a financial reset.

Never mentions Q, even though he uses Q's language every day 'Booms', 'These people are…" etc.

No wins, only losses.

Nothing ever really happens in Dan's little world.

Nothing pans out.

At this point he's almost Alex Jones.

I don't doubt his patriotism.

He just ain't woke enough for me.

2a810f () No. 4721366

Get that popcorn ready.

The ginsborg is about to croak.

6a9808 () No. 4721367

>>4720482 lb

>>>all phones recovered

Thieves didn't realize they stole several dozen tracking devices?

613697 () No. 4721368


classic anon <<notable>> meme!

6a69ed () No. 4721369


Don't be a DimWit that's the same Anonymous that said it was there life's mission to DOX Q just 6 months ago they read the board 2 ya know what the FK is wrong with you

462c06 () No. 4721370


And you dumbfucks on reading it if you did you'd realize what I'm saying is right but you don't want that do you? you want your fantasy to stay alive

0a02f6 () No. 4721371


use the drink cup

dfd8d1 () No. 4721372


He was running a sting, anon. Think.

b5f1f1 () No. 4721373


That's fair.

af70b7 () No. 4721374

>>4718106 (prev)

Prepare for war.

f26fdf () No. 4721375


Actually on page 103 of her book she does say that

036d52 () No. 4721376

2694f191408769....jpeg (207 KB, 235 x 255, 920 : 1000, 4027A842-E6B2-....jpeg) (h)

204277852a3a53....jpeg (342 KB, 255 x 199, 1074 : 840, 7EAC40B1-5076-....jpeg) (h)


That time Trump notified us indeed that the holocaust is the holohoax… that was the greatest thing to ever happen here.

8b0a2a () No. 4721377


same place where comey leaked

same place renegade went to College

Queen Elizabeth is the German Queen !!!!

26af1d () No. 4721378

bf5ebc12982f0b....jpg (47 KB, 162 x 255, 427 : 672, Capture.jpg) (h)

This Q post is a marker for this anonymous announcement for JAN 19 - 21

Message at 38:47.

Whole video is on the history of Mk ultra related to Q

Sauce – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIUVa4vH-CE

8ed385 () No. 4721379


I believe it does..as long as the information he supplied can be corroborated.

462c06 () No. 4721380


And in it she used as an example a bill that somebody in Congress had written to describe something. She was not advocating for it stupid people. Wake up

c8ce95 () No. 4721381

7d81cbb001ee5a....jpeg (44 KB, 159 x 255, 469 : 750, massive.jpeg) (h)

Σας ευχαριστώ, αρτοποιός.

Sas efcharistó, artopoiós.

c35f68 () No. 4721382

e252cf4035694a....jpg (194 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpDigita....jpg) (h)

8d11a6a9da2e21....jpg (195 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpMemeAr....jpg) (h)

ec9bcd72d984d3....jpg (185 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpForever.jpg) (h)

364a6876ffc003....jpg (159 KB, 255 x 159, 1108 : 690, BowChumpFISA.jpg) (h)

9232805329e92b....jpg (192 KB, 255 x 184, 1114 : 806, BowChump69Seats.jpg) (h)

857b20 () No. 4721383

e5f05cc054bf0c....jpeg (103 KB, 255 x 144, 900 : 507, kikesbebitchin.jpeg) (h)



>Tries to co-opt this 'position of authority speak'

We see (((you))) you fucking jewish/middle eastern WHORE.

0e691e () No. 4721384


Not to mention he admits that no one is

going to be arrested

f560b1 () No. 4721385


I'm going to assume you don't know what Anonyfaggots were doing to anons and Q a few months ago.

stop posting their stupid shit here, no anon takes it seriously

e16b0a () No. 4721386

Joe Satriani From his surfing with the Alien Album.

26af1d () No. 4721387


You make us all look stupid, you know that. People like you that should just sit on the sidelines.

462c06 () No. 4721388


In Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, Ginsburg uses an example of a bill that was in front of Congress. Ginsburg did not write the bill, she did not support the bill, she was not in Congress, and she had nothing to do with it. The bill said:

A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person, not his spouse, and: (1) compels the other person to participate: (A) by force; or (B) by threatening or placing the other person in fear that any person will imminently be subjected to death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping; (2) has substantially impaired the other person's power to appraise or control the conduct by administering or employing a drug or intoxicant without the knowledge or against the will of such other person, or by other means; or (3) the other person is, in fact, less than twelve years old."

So whoever wrote the bill—I can't find who that was, but it was someone in Congress, not Ginsburg—was suggesting lowering the age of consent to 12.

5e7752 () No. 4721389

d1090f8d87d984....jpg (67 KB, 255 x 149, 732 : 428, FantasticThing....jpg) (h)

3c9a33a64f03b9....jpg (34 KB, 255 x 108, 600 : 255, TomsRiverNJPro....jpg) (h)

363c779acabcb4....png (90 KB, 255 x 133, 1333 : 697, TriangularSpac....png) (h)

b055479226c665....jpg (14 KB, 230 x 255, 230 : 255, TriangularSpac....jpg) (h)

Project Blue Book: The Air Force’s covert UFO investigation is brought to TV

The series premiered Jan. 8, and will run for ten episodes in the first season. History Channel described the new show as being “based on the true, top-secret investigations into [UFOs] and related phenomena conducted by the United States Air Force.”

In the show, as well as real life, University of Chicago-trained astronomer Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek is recruited from his college professorship to serve as the scientific adviser to the clandestine Project Blue Book.

Hynek also consulted for the Air Force on two earlier UFO investigations known as Project Sign and Project Grudge, which both began and ended prior to Blue Book. In the show, he and his partner, Air Force Capt. Michael Quinn, are summoned to investigate UFO sightings across the country.

The duo quickly find, though, that some encounters cannot be easily dismissed.


ba2cff () No. 4721391

8758b50e5f9e2d....png (2417 KB, 126 x 255, 1896 : 3824, q clock 1-12-2....png) (h)

a40465 () No. 4721390



and YET



2a810f () No. 4721392

02670ae46e71c4....png (212 KB, 254 x 255, 609 : 611, antifa1.png) (h)

adac7e4f77fd03....png (753 KB, 255 x 191, 675 : 506, antifa2.png) (h)

afecf48cbc57a6....png (797 KB, 255 x 192, 918 : 690, pantifa.png) (h)

a3f9df3bb92fd3....png (304 KB, 255 x 254, 609 : 607, soros2.png) (h)

8963e186afd17c....png (372 KB, 235 x 255, 602 : 652, beavis1.png) (h)

462c06 () No. 4721393


What I just posted to you is from quora from the same article.

da861d () No. 4721394


Anonymous. Synonymous w c_a & snowden. Clowns.

9e75db () No. 4721395

91ab42e6d2422f....png (689 KB, 255 x 134, 1045 : 551, Trumpshroom003.png) (h)

b5f1f1 () No. 4721396


"DECLAS of FISA = [RR] self-incrimination."

"If [RR] is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.

if Mueller is dirty, [RR] must also be dirty."

RR is dirty re: self incrimination.

0a02f6 () No. 4721397


bite a bullet

26af1d () No. 4721398


Still Notable. Let people make up there own minds.

0716b6 () No. 4721399


That's not nice, anon.

I bet it's another lie invented by the Masons to frame a decent, thoughtful, and just Jewish lady.

f560b1 () No. 4721400


>I'm going to assume you don't know


dfd8d1 () No. 4721401


Sigh, you do realize that the full statement was both conditions, i.e.RR dirty ←>RM dirty, which NECESSARILY implies if one is clean, the other is as well.

Seriously, study logic. It will benefit your life in more ways than you can imagine. Also learn how disinformation works and why it works. I'll give you a starter hint: you're susceptible for reasons I'll leave up to you to figure out.

8d305b () No. 4721402

163810 () No. 4721403

51565337de99c8....jpeg (270 KB, 211 x 255, 800 : 965, traffic.jpeg) (h)

3d30d1c41114d5....jpeg (102 KB, 178 x 255, 567 : 812, cartel.jpeg) (h)

f6e9991fd79c8b....png (455 KB, 176 x 255, 387 : 562, cartel.png) (h)

f8d1a44a41808b....png (347 KB, 133 x 255, 294 : 564, cartels.png) (h)

6a69ed () No. 4721404


Trust me you don't need my help to make yourself look stupid your doing a great job all by your lonesome and what is the all bullshit just you

2a810f () No. 4721405

e6fd00011549ff....png (1822 KB, 255 x 120, 1364 : 641, msm.png) (h)

9aae530a7f0e21....png (1207 KB, 255 x 116, 1199 : 546, msmpuppets1.png) (h)

c032f40eeaf5e8....png (767 KB, 255 x 185, 893 : 647, msmpuppets3.png) (h)

5a74bd32a0d236....png (1356 KB, 255 x 130, 1198 : 611, msmpuppets2.png) (h)

8b0a2a () No. 4721406



Renegade gave 50 million to Sin/Cos

563dfd () No. 4721407


i see what you are saying… NOT!

YOU: "hey, you're a faggot"

RBG: "you shouldn't use that word"

YOU: "which word?"

RBG: "I would have said, 'excuse me, you're a faggot'"

you see how that works?

fuck off.

b40484 () No. 4721408

lots of these guys are just left over for Nazi eugenics programs. Mk'd all that. Most of what you see in Hollywood today is the same stuff >>4721325

7be706 () No. 4721409



All breasts are beautiful, anons. Just remember, she may be giving your child life one day.

26af1d () No. 4721410



And this is why all notables have stalled because we've been derailed by retards

b08cb5 () No. 4721411

0addbdaeb9f8b2....png (393 KB, 144 x 255, 640 : 1136, A1DB5AB7-F35B-....png) (h)

Uhh.. that’s not ‘The Last Supper’…

A sketch of a human head is kind of a horrible mixup

0eae98 () No. 4721412


Huh. I thought you only did agent provocateur type stuff. Maga-Riot, etc.

Branching out, I see.

32a632 () No. 4721413

d74fd4f4cb18db....jpg (29 KB, 240 x 210, 240 : 210, Id-Hit-That-Sh....jpg) (h)

f941d2 () No. 4721414


The document literally recommends changing the wording from "has not attained the age of sixteen years" to "is, in fact, less than 12 years old"

8ce8ef () No. 4721415

70886ce529e9e0....jpeg (50 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, France Pepe KEK.jpeg) (h)

7f315f29d4a0f8....jpg (83 KB, 255 x 138, 1000 : 541, France Girl on....jpg) (h)

Are the Yellow Vests going to be having another party today (Saturday)??

I think it is the 8th week in a row. They are trying to get everyone to pull their money out of banks,

but I wonder if they will have their protest too.

6a6ac5 () No. 4721416

9a90d6b0084ad0....jpg (154 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, schumer summer.jpg) (h)

e6157b () No. 4721417


Yes, she did. https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/GPO-CHRG-GINSBURG/pdf/GPO-CHRG-GINSBURG-2-4-3-12.pdf

c35f68 () No. 4721418

f385a9f6134bff....jpg (174 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpProper....jpg) (h)

15b0340e605b55....mp4 (6337 KB, 255 x 191, 320 : 240, TrumpOTR.mp4) (h)

462c06 () No. 4721419

You are all hopeless. Willful ignorance. Goodbye.

9e75db () No. 4721420


The Mason's have been notorious jew-haters and framers since 250 AD when the jews were expelled from Carthage.

But I just can't get past the Masonic mind control.

d34846 () No. 4721421



I always thought the DECLAS was a deke to get the DS to act.

In fact, the proof of Q was critical for all sorts of similar disinfo. I'm not saying we are being used like that, but we are being used like that. We won't understand what was true and what was disinfo until the whole thing shakes out.

2a810f () No. 4721422

9f22fb6e73986b....png (790 KB, 255 x 144, 1158 : 655, uone1.png) (h)

8b6e5fbb8940b3....png (303 KB, 252 x 255, 607 : 615, uraniumone.png) (h)

cb99a5d4e3bf09....png (215 KB, 231 x 255, 519 : 573, uone2.png) (h)

b40484 () No. 4721423

scanned comments.. funny as hell>>4721221

d00a0d () No. 4721425

c4d20aa07b7fd2....png (1314 KB, 159 x 255, 876 : 1406, 2019-01-12_01-....png) (h)

3e6cac04808eff....png (838 KB, 255 x 252, 882 : 870, 2019-01-12_01-....png) (h)

1f6ca6066d40e2....png (175 KB, 255 x 136, 481 : 256, 2019-01-12_01-....png) (h)


Tiffany blue.

25681e () No. 4721426


sure but she proposed to "substitute a Federal, sex-neutral definition of the offense patterned after S. 1400 §1633" … which called for lowering the age. She didnt write that originally, but she endorsed it.

b5f1f1 () No. 4721427


You believe they are clean?

I believe they are dirty AF.

Future will prove past.

Good luck with that.

dfd8d1 () No. 4721428


Paine is worse. I think Bongino knows, sort of, but isn't allowed to say it out loud. Paine, OTH, is just a fucking idiot.

Remember, Bongino has inside information on Bill.

7d9a81 () No. 4721429

What are anons' thoughts on https://twitter.com/kabamur_taygeta?

Real ET contactee or LARP?

c35f68 () No. 4721430

3f98a21af2f915....jpg (98 KB, 255 x 171, 780 : 524, POTUS.jpg) (h)

5e7752 () No. 4721431

bd384d3a9a0c07....jpg (37 KB, 255 x 231, 720 : 653, NobamasLoveTru....jpg) (h)


Buh Bye!

cf3845 () No. 4721432


I think people are getting wrapped up around the wrong things in regard to Ginsberg.

>>And so when Clinton, eager to please, entertained names proposed by women’s groups, he learned that some of them refused to support Ginsburg, because they were worried that she might be willing to overturn Roe (which is not what she had written, but one gathers that the Madison Lecture was more often invoked than read).

>> But the Air Force changed its policy and, in 1972, at the urging of then Solicitor General Erwin Griswold, the case was dismissed, a decision that had profound consequences: the following year, the Court ruled on Roe v. Wade instead, and struck down anti-abortion legislation not on the ground of equal protection but on the ground of a much weaker constitutional doctrine, the right to privacy.

>>If Struck was Ginsburg’s next, carefully placed stepping stone across a wide river, Roe was a rickety wooden plank thrown down across the water and—Ginsburg thought—likely to rot. In a lecture she delivered in 1984, she noted the political significance of the fact that the Court had treated sex discrimination as a matter of equal protection but reproductive autonomy as a matter of privacy. When the Court overturned laws on the basis of sex discrimination, no great controversy ensued, she observed, but Roe v. Wade remained “a storm center.” She went on, “Roe v. Wade sparked public opposition and academic criticism, in part, I believe, because the Court ventured too far in the change it ordered and presented an incomplete justification for its action.”

>>In 1971, Chief Justice Warren Burger, on hearing that Richard Nixon was considering nominating a woman to the Court, drafted a letter of resignation. “Feminist Picked for U.S. Court of Appeals Here,” the Washington Post announced in December of 1979, even before Carter had officially named Ginsburg to the D.C. Circuit.

>>De Hart describes Ginsburg’s thirteen years on the circuit court as something like a decontamination chamber, in which Ginsburg was rinsed and scrubbed of the hazard of her thirteen years as an advocate for women’s rights. By 1993, she had been sufficiently depolarized to be appointed to the Supreme Court.


This is why Ginsberg was selected - or a candidate for the reasons, she was very much a proponent of abortion and other issues, and cleverly arguing for them. She's a rabid feminist beneath the whitewashing. I'm copying too much pasta, here - but it's worth a read on her history and the snap decision by Clinton to appoint her to SCOTUS.

f560b1 () No. 4721433

Notables so far


>>4721299 [email protected]@in—-23!!! related to 23 day shutdown?

>>4721343 McCabe Told Congress That Comey’s Draft Exoneration of Clinton Was Unprecedented

>>4721345 Meme Video of Kamala Harris on gangs and illegals

>>4721352 Ed Buck on Open Secrets

>>4721389 Project Blue Book: The Air Force’s covert UFO investigation is brought to TV

not putting that anonyfag bullshit in notables, newfag came to the wrong plane



I'm done sliding with that redditshill

see: >>4721284

legit exactly what you said, FROM HER OWN BOOK

seems like there's going to be a good push to make her out to be a libtard saint before she dies

and obfuscate her marxist feminism and extreme liberalism

a40465 () No. 4721434


ty for UNDERSTANDING!!!!!!!


163810 () No. 4721435

a9606f7f3c7425....png (774 KB, 255 x 142, 840 : 468, cartels1.png) (h)


bye Snope

613697 () No. 4721436



Classic libtard meme Kamala tells Chuck about reality of the wall

462c06 () No. 4721437


So now you're using a letter that somebody wrote to a committee In order to prove that she said it?

9e75db () No. 4721438

29f86f439cb633....jpg (166 KB, 255 x 255, 1024 : 1024, 29f86f439cb633....jpg) (h)

Masonic mind control made me post this.

b5f1f1 () No. 4721439


I'm fine with that.

We played our part pretty good.

Ended up #2.

f26fdf () No. 4721440


Well not all,amirite?

26af1d () No. 4721441



Gay fag, shill ass baker.

036d52 () No. 4721442

b3b8e20d14a555....jpeg (569 KB, 125 x 255, 929 : 1895, 54EEE30A-B0AC-....jpeg) (h)

c92399b941514d....jpeg (1742 KB, 255 x 251, 1264 : 1242, ED979B14-96E5-....jpeg) (h)

23309991adf32b....jpeg (1071 KB, 255 x 53, 2208 : 455, 3343548E-9910-....jpeg) (h)


try harder mossad.

Does this trigger u??

We all remember the (((triggering)))

611add () No. 4721443

Yep, he just killed himself >>4721419

da861d () No. 4721444


I agree. It’s wise to pay attention to other moves on the board. Just would have liked a nice preface that said “fuck these fags but….”

613697 () No. 4721445



177615 () No. 4721446

d6789b6575862e....png (883 KB, 255 x 205, 841 : 675, Hannity 1-11-19.png) (h)

ICYMI: Hannity with Families of Children Killed by Illegals

rerun on now


857b20 () No. 4721447


It's literally called pilpul, anon. Bullshittery 101, trying to fuck with people using (((semnatics))) while INTENT remains unchanged.


BAKER, recommending listing a series of (((shill))) example of "legal/semantic Pilpul"

(((shill))) example of "legal/semantic Pilpul trying to twist RBG's support for pedohilia (snopes lol)



6a6ac5 () No. 4721448

1f003af4d57d48....jpg (75 KB, 189 x 255, 500 : 676, 2p3de9.jpg) (h)

2a810f () No. 4721449

02a3493b2f7b8a....png (247 KB, 254 x 255, 571 : 573, awan1.png) (h)

1489f29d2be634....png (264 KB, 255 x 255, 569 : 569, fastandfurious1.png) (h)

29a595d225500a....png (306 KB, 254 x 255, 609 : 611, martyrtransfr.png) (h)

3cc85e091ca9e3....png (270 KB, 255 x 255, 609 : 609, iranransompmt.png) (h)

d34846 () No. 4721450


No question. And proving Q means we have been supplied verifiable info. It's just hard to tell which is which.

462c06 () No. 4721451

f38d4147ad3da3....jpg (783 KB, 255 x 255, 1773 : 1773, PicsArt_01-10-....jpg) (h)


Enjoy staring at the blank screen for years, waiting for the show to start.

0eae98 () No. 4721452


KEK! You respond the same way every time.

f26fdf () No. 4721453

d0fdfc05207e4c....jpg (28 KB, 242 x 255, 455 : 480, dd.jpg) (h)

3d9cdf3d4ed97e....jpg (53 KB, 148 x 255, 319 : 548, oops.jpg) (h)

bc0d61 () No. 4721454

21e5efa03063ae....gif (785 KB, 255 x 146, 500 : 286, Rats.gif) (h)

dfd8d1 () No. 4721455


The word "believe" is the first indication that you aren't using logic to come to your conclusions. You don't have any evidence, and you just said so. You believe. You don't know, you just believe.

If they are dirty, all of the cases they touch get tossed. Instantly. It's that simple. Even if that means they exonerate Trump, which they've essentially already done. But you're too fucking stupid to think through this simple matter of logic and fact. You should be ashamed of being this dumb.

2a810f () No. 4721456

0d055177df37db....png (117 KB, 223 x 255, 230 : 263, hrc3.png) (h)

1e05b7a94ef41d....png (422 KB, 255 x 197, 606 : 468, hrc4.png) (h)

27dd5a () No. 4721457

14b7288bc72bf5....jpg (2068 KB, 255 x 191, 4032 : 3024, JFKfusca2.jpg) (h)

72a1863d708cf1....jpg (266 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, TiffBlueJackie.jpg) (h)

6c4a98a7365796....jpg (78 KB, 255 x 138, 1000 : 540, TiffBlueMelania.jpg) (h)

7a64164373ac1c....png (407 KB, 253 x 255, 563 : 567, JFKJr12_29_18.png) (h)

4bbea56ddb37a1....png (970 KB, 255 x 208, 750 : 612, JFKjrRFKjrwith....png) (h)

26af1d () No. 4721458


Yep thats what our baker deserves

c35f68 () No. 4721459

ac828204d7683e....jpg (188 KB, 255 x 179, 968 : 681, ballback.jpg) (h)

163810 () No. 4721460


TY anon

32a632 () No. 4721461

6cfa68ff7d7f61....jpg (306 KB, 255 x 220, 1500 : 1297, 1yrdelta.jpg) (h)


yeah im thinking this monday is hell week and the 21 is the day

12/21 mirror day

plus the 4 booms may be a count down to monday

ceb2f3 () No. 4721462

for anons everywhere….

0a02f6 () No. 4721463


Depopulation War South America

Need War

10's of thousands headed north to avoid the CARNAGE

0e691e () No. 4721464


wtf…I hate bewbs now

16ed18 () No. 4721465

Seeing some hatred towards Judge Amy Barrett going around because she's Catholic. She's good people. She was one of my professors. Don't equate her to bergoglio. Check out Bishop Fulton Sheen. Catholicism was infiltrated.


2a810f () No. 4721466

3e9254dab12f6b....png (549 KB, 255 x 179, 604 : 424, as1.png) (h)

8f2b91 () No. 4721467


interesting…. I've dug into tiffanys before, and I recall the gift mentioned as such that Melania gave. Clearly there's some interesting threads to connect. Thank you, I'll think about these connections

613697 () No. 4721468

2a810f () No. 4721469

69d25ba17abd2c....png (309 KB, 255 x 159, 598 : 372, seth.png) (h)

f26fdf () No. 4721470


Them damn kids did it

0a02f6 () No. 4721471



857b20 () No. 4721472


Fucking kike (((shill))) LITERALLY typing like a fucking RBG on her death bed on here lol


We need to KILL these fucking pedo scum and their allies. muzzies, ALL. These fucking scum need to be exterminated from this earth, PERIOD. Subhuman scum.

c07c3c () No. 4721473

9b8d57bfed94b6....jpg (228 KB, 255 x 128, 2000 : 1000, Trey Gowdy .......jpg) (h)

a21fa5 () No. 4721474


SC needs some regular Christians. No Catholic and no more Jewish justices.

b40484 () No. 4721475

south America ! Someone with a topic! >>4721447

c8ce95 () No. 4721476


>realize biblical, yet made me think of the song

I got this

4bf042 () No. 4721477


Are you that stoopid that you discern that from that post? You low rent leftist shills are really shitty at your job. Prove to me the Holocaust was fake. You’re making the claim, back it up. Typical leftist trying to revise history to fit their narrative is all you are. You know it, we know it.

bc0d61 () No. 4721478


and Holder runs California since 2016.

163810 () No. 4721479



Maybe this is why the wall is so critical

They planned to destabilize all of central south america then pour a bunch of maniacs into our country to defeat us

0374f7 () No. 4721480

38c7db1e1bd5ad....jpg (32 KB, 255 x 102, 697 : 278, Maroob.jpg) (h)

3a71d9b7b85c22....jpg (406 KB, 255 x 191, 1280 : 960, 1280px-Cooked_....jpg) (h)

Whats your point? kek

d34846 () No. 4721481


Since they show so much love for the muzzies, the left has to be careful about starting a religious debate. But the nation needs to have one regardless.

c35f68 () No. 4721482

3eddddada258bf....jpg (168 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpAmy.jpg) (h)

c07c3c () No. 4721483

2b8da1b1fc9bea....gif (4128 KB, 255 x 206, 500 : 404, Fail 4.gif) (h)

bcbc41 () No. 4721484

3e25b2e43e4550....jpeg (281 KB, 225 x 255, 1254 : 1420, 78821EA6-0145-....jpeg) (h)

8b0a2a () No. 4721485

NYT’s Friedman: We Have a ‘Disturbed,’ ‘Demented’ Man as President

Friday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman described President Donald Trump as “demented.”

These are our institutions,” Friedman continued. “What makes us unique as a country is that we have a judiciary, we have a non-partisan military, we have a true state, not some nefarious deep state. The world envies those institutions. Why do you think those people are lining up to get into our country? They want to be in a place that has those kinds of institutions. That’s precisely what this president is attacking. That’s a threat. The biggest crisis we have right now is in the Oval Office. We have a president who does not appreciate the institutions that make our country unique.”

https: //www.breitbart.com/clips/2019/01/11/nyts-friedman-we-have-a-disturbed-demented-man-as-president/

32a632 () No. 4721486

6f3d523d657c95....jpg (10 KB, 210 x 161, 210 : 161, 1d39aa9020fcc3....jpg) (h)

thanks anon

ac75ee () No. 4721487

In honor of Q and our guy PM.

8d305b () No. 4721488

f26fdf () No. 4721489


Hoping MS13 takes care of that

036d52 () No. 4721490


no man. The holocaust and the 6 gorillion jews died and it was terrible…

and ur def not a shill. cool man. ur real awesome and smart and edgy too!

0a02f6 () No. 4721491


Yes My best guess

e3a2cf () No. 4721492

b40e0ee701a3ad....jpeg (399 KB, 255 x 166, 2224 : 1450, 5783CFE6-9B07-....jpeg) (h)

9e75db () No. 4721493

Amy Barret is a coal burning whore.

The last thing we need is another woman on the SC, let alone a Catholic, which is just second class judaism.

694e38 () No. 4721494


Those Eggs looks a little overdone for sunny side up…

32a632 () No. 4721495

c07c3c () No. 4721496

85b2d06d56fc4c....jpg (20 KB, 255 x 217, 353 : 301, CS Amazing Gra....jpg) (h)

6a9808 () No. 4721497


Clowns using Q's lingo. What a joke.

16ed18 () No. 4721498


>Other denominations of Christianity don't take the same stance on abortion. Read her work. She has written about precedent and super-precedent. The concept provides a means to overturn Roe v. Wade and the cases after it.

63b785 () No. 4721499


The credibility of the msm died promoting that nonsense as real.

a950ab () No. 4721500

dc7bc9a0bdc473....png (1137 KB, 219 x 255, 696 : 812, Q BILL C LIKES....png) (h)

>>4721048 lb

I think the bill pic is the one from the postcard with him called 'free willy'

I always thought hillary was authentic but they tell us our food is too

but bill likes bewbs and it's not a photo shop

163810 () No. 4721501

seth rich panda

panda code for abused kid

panda aussie reference in Q drop

f941d2 () No. 4721502


No outside coms.

f26fdf () No. 4721503


BFV great days

b5f1f1 () No. 4721504


It becomes clearer with practice I think.

At first its all confusing.

Build the map and it makes more sense.

The map is huge so prioritize.

Huge map is hard to remember.

Simplify it for Normies.

With more helping, like multi-core processor.

What percentage is disinfo?

Not much, imo.

c35f68 () No. 4721505

d484ef10d19785....mp4 (677 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, UltimatePOTUS.mp4) (h)

8902f2d63f5854....jpg (166 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpPepeMe....jpg) (h)

0e691e () No. 4721506

Fuck…Owen Benjamin is finally

questioning the holohoax…I knew he would come around

c6aaab () No. 4721507


We are being invaded by the fags from Reddit fags

Hey Bitch


Page 70…..Clearly states unless coercion or by force, meaning that under title 18, her interpretation is that 12 aint to young.

32a632 () No. 4721508

98878d311c78f9....jpg (69 KB, 255 x 210, 709 : 584, big-naked-tits....jpg) (h)

dfd8d1 () No. 4721509


The SC needs people that understand the Constitution, period. If you don't understand why that matters, your opinion doesn't matter.

6a69ed () No. 4721510

Humble Pie-30 Days In The Hole-Live

c8ce95 () No. 4721511

0a02f6 () No. 4721512


>credibility of the msm died


e16b0a () No. 4721513

ed50ee52fb95c1....jpg (108 KB, 198 x 255, 500 : 645, 2qyfjh[1].jpg) (h)

bcbc41 () No. 4721514


Kek! Sure.

b40484 () No. 4721515

92f95000f2fda4....jpg (48 KB, 183 x 255, 355 : 496, spotted-eagle-....jpg) (h)

"The idea behind this ritual of owl sacrifice is to not let the goddess of wealth leave your house. So, on Diwali night, when Lakshmi enters your house, if you sacrifice her vaahan she will stay with you forever."

People get the strangest ideas


857b20 () No. 4721516


I think (((they))) just about are resorting to pulling in any fucking reddit/cuck bitch from the street kek

b5f1f1 () No. 4721517


You talk like a shill.

0716b6 () No. 4721518


I hate seeing suffering people being exploited.

Many such cases.

f26fdf () No. 4721519


Damn them are natural the poor gal

d00a0d () No. 4721520

66a38c441c29c6....png (241 KB, 255 x 244, 456 : 437, 2019-01-12_00-....png) (h)



ba2f7d () No. 4721521

4866671b0963d8....jpeg (34 KB, 255 x 133, 474 : 248, B8E4D0E9-FF4D-....jpeg) (h)

ad8362297b18be....jpeg (54 KB, 184 x 255, 474 : 657, 1CFCA887-B68E-....jpeg) (h)

It is never to be expected in a revolution that every man is to change his opinion at the same moment. There never yet was any truth or any principle so irresistibly obvious that all men believed it at once. Time and reason must cooperate with each other to the final establishment of any principle; and therefore those who may happen to be first convinced have not a right to persecute others, on whom conviction operates more slowly. The moral principle of revolutions is to instruct, not to destroy…

5e7752 () No. 4721522

3f7548956627f4....jpg (111 KB, 255 x 255, 960 : 960, ShillaryNobama....jpg) (h)


0a02f6 () No. 4721523

0374f7 () No. 4721524


so why you spend so much time shit-posting u faggot .. if Q is just a LARP ?

I am gonna enjoy the look on your face when Fisa drops and/or Q revealed to be real.

8fd3ae () No. 4721525

>>4721365 NONE of them are pounding the table and talking about the communist COUP attempt! They never say that word!

16ed18 () No. 4721526


This gives an overview of Judge Barrett's jurisprudence.


dfd8d1 () No. 4721527


To idiots, I'm sure it appears that way. Cya.

ceb2f3 () No. 4721528


tell me about it

d34846 () No. 4721529


Anything that has not happened IRL could be disinfo. Speculation about the truth of those things is just that…speculation.

b5f1f1 () No. 4721530


Maybe you are the idiot, later.

613697 () No. 4721531

338c3a () No. 4721532

44bad0b5f004f5....png (43 KB, 255 x 170, 275 : 183, 991318dcfe389f....png) (h)

ceb2f3 () No. 4721533


mungo jerry…

7878e4 () No. 4721534


haha. Does anyone know the space between the bars for the steel walls just installed? Looks like kids can squeeze through.

da861d () No. 4721535


Top stuff anon. Single post too. God Bless you.

c8ce95 () No. 4721536


>In Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, Ginsburg

177615 () No. 4721537


>I hate seeing suffering people being exploited.

No one cares what you think

Patriots care about the Angel Families who willingly spoke to Hannity so they could convey their message to the American people and give a message to Nancy Pelosi

163810 () No. 4721538

13f0adb3632a35....png (581 KB, 255 x 152, 703 : 419, diverse.png) (h)

0716b6 () No. 4721539


I agree.

It's definitely the Masons.

2a810f () No. 4721540

President Donald J. Trump's

Accomplishments List


bc0d61 () No. 4721541

dfd8d1 () No. 4721543


Indeed, so they can escape that way? Gotcha…

a21fa5 () No. 4721544


A lot of people understand the Constitution but chose to ignore it. Catholic Church is corrupted. SC should closer represent the people in the country instead of only Jews and Catholics. Faggot

b5f1f1 () No. 4721545


But what is the percentage of disinfo?

Gives you the 'chances' of the next info to be disinfo or not.

If Q is 95% truth, then next post 95% chance not disinfo.

Good odds.

7bd415 () No. 4721546


The Five Man Electrical Band - Signs

b40484 () No. 4721547

blue bird>>4721420

c6aaab () No. 4721548

366a21dca36167....jpg (67 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, never-go-full-....jpg) (h)


Her fucking words. Pic related. Go back Retarddit.

8f4c45 () No. 4721549

I guess with the govt shut down, the shills aren’t getting paid by the black hats…. LOLOL

No pay no shills!!!


b40484 () No. 4721550

3329577f9651a4....jpg (175 KB, 252 x 255, 620 : 627, 4c25ee86804720....jpg) (h)

fae9f6 () No. 4721551


Correct Anon

Bella Dodd

1af604 () No. 4721552

56d4c41e3f1873....png (3 KB, 255 x 11, 698 : 31, https time d....png) (h)

Useful tip to always know the time in another location for desktop browser users.


The above webpage can be opened in multiple browser tabs and each tab will auto-update the time for any place selected even when browser tab is not in focused.

Screenshot of two browser tabs shown.

c1f279 () No. 4721553

Before you call me a shill or tell me to lurk moar like a fucking low IQ idiot who think this board is the center of the great awakening with your egotistical mindset and a disability to connect politics to history to science to esoteric knowledge to space, watch the damn video first and make your decision to type out your low IQ egotistical bullshit.

Do you really think the great awakening is happening only in USA?

Do you not understand over 100 countries alliance are working, pulling this off together?

Do you not see why the news about space, moon etc are increasing?

Do you think you are fully awake?

8ch Qresearchers are pretty good at digging one thing deeply but completely mindless how to see the big picture.

Open your damn mind and keep shaping and polishing your lens to see the world.

This is perhaps why you have no idea

why trump is appearing as pro-israel, as well as Ivanka and Jared.

Perhaps that's why you still have no idea why Q answered questions related to moon, secret space programs, star systems in the past, most likely questions asked by Qteam, just to give you more info out. Typical intel trick.

If you don't realise ego is your biggest enemy, not cabal, you are nothing different to your neighbour supporting democrats and trashing mr.Trump.

63e08a () No. 4721554

8c68552508fd7a....jpg (53 KB, 255 x 184, 511 : 369, iu (2).jpg) (h)

7bd415 () No. 4721555



CANNED HEAT - Going up The Country 1969

8fd3ae () No. 4721557

>>4721543 I doubt a human head, even that of a child, can squeeze between those bars!

6a69ed () No. 4721558

471e1a7d0f4000....png (885 KB, 255 x 144, 803 : 452, capture.png) (h)

this is stupid and gullible these kids are nowadays and why they are so easy to deceive with the little green men bullshit ,, FKing dummies what to much fast n furious movies

Bird Box challenge’ craze: Blindfolded US teen crashes car into oncoming traffic

A Utah teen attempting to drive while blindfolded has caused a highway crash, jettisoning common sense in her enthusiasm to participate in the viral ‘Bird Box challenge’ based on the Netflix horror film.

The 17-year-old girl’s car drifted into oncoming traffic shortly after she pulled her hat down over her eyes while driving on a Layton highway Monday afternoon, hitting a car, a utility pole and, finally, a sound wall. There were no injuries, but she faces charges of reckless driving and both cars were significantly damaged. No word on whether the other driver plans to sue her for criminal stupidity – it was reportedly through his own efforts that police learned the driver who’d hit him was blindfolded.

Participants in the “challenge” don blindfolds and try to perform ordinary tasks, imitating the characters in “Bird Box,” who must cover their eyes lest they see something unspecified yet horrific that drives them to suicide. Ironically, the teen very nearly committed suicide herself trying to copy the film, and one of the film's characters does commit suicide by driving (un-blindfolded) into oncoming traffic.

“Honestly, I’m almost embarrassed to have to say ‘Don’t drive with your eyes covered,’ but you know apparently we do have to say that,” said Travis Lyman of the Layton Police. “It really puts everyone at risk,” he added, calling the stunt “inexcusable.”


a2f896 () No. 4721559


Apparently folks are asking Trey Smith about Q…

16ed18 () No. 4721560

d9a602cee979b9....jpg (59 KB, 255 x 145, 815 : 465, 2b1a3e265743bb....jpg) (h)


This gives an overview of Judge Barrett's jurisprudence.


46910a () No. 4721561



Encourage one another. Holds hands with those who have yet to see. STRONGER TOGETHER.

BUT…let no one confuse our kindness with weakness.

88dc82 () No. 4721562

I was thinking that maybe 1.13 is 11.3 and 11.4 is 1..14 but are we 2 days ahead ? >>4721461

8164b2 () No. 4721563


'Tiffany Blue' a picture frame given from the Trumps to the Obamas on Inauguration day.


dfd8d1 () No. 4721564


The SC is required to uphold the Constitution, nothing more. That is the ONLY thing that matters. People like you are the reason we have the shit-show we have now.

32a632 () No. 4721565

f74c939e5f5fc1....jpg (20 KB, 255 x 130, 665 : 340, 73bea05b-8c11-....jpg) (h)


baker did u get this?

Feinstein And Friends Quietly Introduce a Major Gun Control Bill During the Shutdown


0716b6 () No. 4721566


FOX News & 60:40 just care about exploiting them.

They are pro-open border GLOBALISTS.

I feel for them but no once cares what I think.

0374f7 () No. 4721567



Hannity seems extremely respectful of the victims family members … hardly exploiting them.

Dont forget the parents all agreed to go on his show - so they obviously felt the need to speak out.

8ed385 () No. 4721568

6b871baf21b152....png (478 KB, 255 x 169, 732 : 484, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f6c6703ef308fc....png (576 KB, 255 x 143, 732 : 411, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

5e29d13a5dcd03....png (152 KB, 133 x 255, 782 : 1500, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

1e28e043d88ba5....png (99 KB, 180 x 255, 690 : 979, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Senior Executive of Huawei Canada Leaves Post as Company Faces Increasing Scrutiny

TORONTO—A senior executive with Huawei Canada is leaving his post after working for more than seven years for the Chinese telecom giant, which is facing increasing scrutiny over its close ties to Beijing. Scott Bradley, who was Huawei Canada’s senior vice president for corporate affairs, indicated in a LinkedIn post that he no longer holds that position. He could not be immediately reached for comments.

Huawei, founded by Ren Zhengfei—a former officer at China’s People’s Liberation Army—has been cited as a security risk in intelligence circles due to having close ties to the Chinese communist regime. Western intelligence officials have raised concerns Beijing could use the company’s equipment for espionage. The company is also at the center of a diplomatic spat between China and Canada as its chief financial officer and Ren’s daughter, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Canada on an extradition request from the United States. Following Meng’s arrest, China warned Canada of “grave consequences,” and has since detained two Canadians on charges of endangering national security. In a previous interview with The Epoch Times, Bradley denied that Huawei is connected to the Chinese regime.

Huawei Espionage Concerns On Jan. 11, Reuters reported Polish officials had arrested a Huawei employee and former Polish security official on spying allegations. Last year, The Australian newspaper reported officials in the land ‘Down Under’ had received reports about Chinese spies using Huawei to infiltrate a “foreign network.” Most of Canada’s allies in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance have banned the Chinese telco from their emerging 5G networks, the next evolution in wireless internet technology.

Key Advisory Role Bradley served as a key spokesperson for Huawei Canada, which is a major supplier for Canada’s major telecom companies. Going forward, he will serve as special adviser to the company, assisting “as required,” Huawei Canada President Eric Li said in a memo to staff obtained by Reuters. “We are saddened to see him leave but grateful for the tireless work he has put in to help us grow our brand and public image, and build various relationships with government,” Li Bradley ran as a federal Liberal candidate for Ottawa Centre in 2011 general election but was defeated. said.


Poland Arrests Huawei Employee, Polish Man on Spying Allegations


8c0758 () No. 4721569


which 100 countries?

71af3d () No. 4721570


b5f1f1 () No. 4721571


Sounds shilly, imo.

9e75db () No. 4721573


Behind all of the horrific jewish crimes, lies the hidden hand of Masonry.

Mason's wrote the talmud and blamed it on the jew.

0a02f6 () No. 4721574

ace872 () No. 4721575

4d1db793808fe3....jpg (54 KB, 179 x 255, 350 : 500, valley of the ....jpg) (h)




pic related


great work!

8f2b91 () No. 4721576

20a85d0701bc1b....png (8 KB, 255 x 72, 628 : 177, chrome_2019-01....png) (h)

09bff053bb6ffe....png (17 KB, 255 x 90, 861 : 303, chrome_2019-01....png) (h)



Tiffany Blue…. Queen Elizabeth (who I believe has been taken from her handlers) - and this banking connection from 1837…. you know, it's making connections like this that the cult sees themselves as above the sheep isn't it?

7878e4 () No. 4721577


I'm sure the photo has distorted the spacing. Was curious of anons knew the dimensions.

4bf042 () No. 4721578


Prove to me it’s fake. You made the claim, back it up. You want to debate this, let’s debate this history revisionist.

f560b1 () No. 4721579

611f6e3d89ae68....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 242, 258 : 245, 611f6e3d89ae68....jpg) (h)


muh [A]lliance

32a632 () No. 4721580

39491f4502a69d....jpg (36 KB, 255 x 255, 512 : 512, suz1ix.jpg) (h)

d34846 () No. 4721582


Note the speed in which the media talked about RBG recovery right after Q posted the RBG crumb. I would say Q's post was responsible. To what end, I'm not sure.

As for %, we have enough truth to prove Q, to make the DS/MSM pay attention. But like POTUS, Q will not tell anyone his plans beforehand. So, if it is not a Q-proof, it could be disinfo.

32026a () No. 4721583

850f443bf6df0b....jpeg (274 KB, 143 x 255, 1134 : 2016, edbucksickfuck.jpeg) (h)

dfd8d1 () No. 4721584


No idea, frankly. Just thought it was a good response to the concernfag's shillery! :)

63e08a () No. 4721585



b5f1f1 () No. 4721586

Fake news = fake History.

That's why Anon news is important.

177615 () No. 4721587

be88572ca13e0d....png (405 KB, 208 x 255, 490 : 602, Scavino45 FB 1....png) (h)

5854ce264c5415....png (796 KB, 255 x 251, 816 : 803, Scavino45 FB 1....png) (h)

Scavino45 FB post

Never know who is going to walk into the office…

8fd3ae () No. 4721588

>>4721577 Good question

e3a2cf () No. 4721589


That negro has GRIDS

cf3845 () No. 4721590


Imagine you start with a team. Each team starts with a torch lit from "torch prime." Their job and sole purpose in life, as passed down generation to generation, is to keep the torch alive so they can one day re-light that large torch.

But the plan goes a little awry. The teams are scattered early. Some betray the others and lock their torch away to enrich themselves and hunt down the others to secure a monopoly. Some are scattered to the point of fragments - children who were told to run with the torch by their parents' last breaths, with barely an understanding of what they had.

Don't blame them too much for being very edgy, hostile, and even very utilitarian in their approach. Many of them don't even know why they are carrying the torch, anymore - or that others even have a torch and that there was a team effort in the beginning.

Just because they have a torch doesn't mean they are any less lost than those who don't. But light in the dark draws both the curious and the nefarious.

It will be very hard to convince some of them that their mission is near completion and they are free from the duty of guarding the torch - all of humanity can carry it, now.

Of course, there are a few of them who have become very fat on monopolizing that torch… And it's high time their girth fueled the flame.

c1f279 () No. 4721591


Legit low IQ.

But choice is yours of course, to remain as a mindless being that follows Q as a cult almost, unlike the very message and teachings of Q.

Do what you do.

You are what you are.

b24ffd () No. 4721592

4320d067afd12c....jpeg (617 KB, 255 x 197, 3300 : 2550, prayer-to-st-m....jpeg) (h)

ba2f7d () No. 4721593

40b14124727a93....jpeg (48 KB, 255 x 143, 474 : 266, 93D4BA94-20E5-....jpeg) (h)


God Bless you as well, anon…

We are all in this together, peace……

d34846 () No. 4721594


Sorry, meant for >>4721545

26af1d () No. 4721595

8594461f819720....jpg (187 KB, 228 x 255, 914 : 1023, DwoKNJ9WkAEPyE_.jpg) (h)

b40484 () No. 4721596

looks like you filtered all the shills


236e0f () No. 4721597



..and his shit's all retarded

a21fa5 () No. 4721598


No it is because the court has been corrupted. Me, I believe virtually laws need to come off the books and go back to law based on the Constitution. So you are very wrong about me, still pretty sure you are faggot.

0716b6 () No. 4721599



I hope all these kids kill themselves.

But…if they hurt others while driving, for example, they should get at least the same treatment as drunk drivers.

c35f68 () No. 4721601

2984a6cc00be75....mp4 (10458 KB, 255 x 191, 320 : 240, ListenCarefull....mp4) (h)

b5f1f1 () No. 4721600


So are you, shilly.

f560b1 () No. 4721602

75e8fef99345ee....png (670 KB, 249 x 255, 1098 : 1125, goback3.png) (h)

63e08a () No. 4721603

75c0e0219b79f0....jpg (188 KB, 255 x 223, 818 : 715, wolves.jpg) (h)

8f2b91 () No. 4721605


…. hmm, I kind of understand the shallowness anyway. Tho really it doesn't take much effort, just an understanding of like 5 extra truths of the world while ignoring 6 lies

26af1d () No. 4721606

f6ef04584952c6....png (258 KB, 255 x 143, 600 : 337, download (2).png) (h)

824b20 () No. 4721607


We need to get back to Basics..

If you can’t Eat it or Fuck it

Kill It

32a632 () No. 4721608

7b8651d6efe7ec....jpeg (8 KB, 255 x 135, 255 : 135, kysf.jpeg) (h)

9fe95d () No. 4721609


i'm not even sure what sort of logical fallacy it would be to conflate 'little green men bullshit' with 'tarded millenials attempting to drive with a blindfold on would be, but i'd guarantee it is one..

61ee44 () No. 4721610

062066b33bae1c....png (399 KB, 255 x 198, 1054 : 817, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

462c06 () No. 4721611


The entire Q storyline is based on feelings. The right wing think and act based on feelings and emotion, then turn around and accuse everyone else of it. They say emotional people hate trump. No. People hate trump because they have loads of facts about him that prove him to be a criminal and a complete bastard.

26af1d () No. 4721612

24811ab33413d2....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 254, 720 : 717, DwheeeMX4AE1WKV.jpg) (h)

89e42a () No. 4721613


Busted on Qresearch…Again!!

f26fdf () No. 4721614


SCOTUS incoming

d00a0d () No. 4721615

2dd27c7b1f0bae....png (531 KB, 242 x 255, 717 : 757, 2019-01-12_01-....png) (h)


Panic of 1837.

Established in 1837.


dd3b4e () No. 4721616

33eb098e52d981....jpg (44 KB, 255 x 203, 499 : 397, Capture.jpg) (h)

Maybe a slide…

I support POTUS, Q, anons, and other patriots. I used to try to contribute much more here, but began to feel I wasn't contributing much anyways, compared to the many anons.

Tried to focus on personal life, but hit a wall, incapable of planning for the future, not knowing if there will be a future and while "the Plan", POTUS, Q and this board is still going on. Wtf.

26af1d () No. 4721617

8a98fe8078260c....jpg (13 KB, 253 x 255, 253 : 255, 0fdf2c963605ae....jpg) (h)

fb1652 () No. 4721618


Are the 4 BOOMS Supreme Court appointments DJT is gonna make?

c2646b () No. 4721619


You do have remedy to remove yourself from the U.S. CORPORATION however they have made it damn near impossible to extricate oneself with out f ing up somehow and getting into hot water. In reality since it was all fraud because full disclosure was never given making it void ab initio you should just be able to say kiss my ass and now as beneficiary return all that has been stolen

522048 () No. 4721620


Talk about MK Ultra!

c07c3c () No. 4721621

32ac1017b683c2....jpg (31 KB, 255 x 182, 474 : 338, muddy waters.jpg) (h)

Here is a good place to get some research on the side of wall street that does not get much coverage. Been reading it for many years. Does a good job of dissecting company's 10-k's and digging into the crap that is associated with financial filings.

It is short-biased so it does have it's agenda. Most of the time it is not wrong. What makes it wrong in the equity trade is the ability of the system to shank the short side of the trade.

Tough ride up until October of last year.


Q4 2018 earnings season begins next week


0716b6 () No. 4721622


There are hundreds or thousands of available lawyers that could theoretically be appointed.

Why is it that 100% of the ones mentioned in this board are this lady.

WTF kind of PsyOp is going on here?

I really need an answer on this.

462c06 () No. 4721623


It is taken out of context. You are wrong. She never advocated for it.

8d305b () No. 4721624

b40484 () No. 4721625

I love him..I might be going gay>>4721587

f26fdf () No. 4721626

8b0e4037091a21....gif (3823 KB, 255 x 141, 500 : 276, 1snatched.gif) (h)

8f2b91 () No. 4721627


I miss my history database and my tools. There was a time when a mystery like this would take me seconds to solve and put in proper order. Now I have to remember 20 different things rather than have my cheat sheets to properly put things like this in a historical context. There are so many levels to it.

036d52 () No. 4721628


If u weren’t a shill, I would tell u to lurq moar but I Know what you’re here to do.

im not taking the bait.

bye Phil Turd!

2e8f4f () No. 4721629


who is that? Pense?

dfd8d1 () No. 4721630


The fuck? Read the Constitution. The SC has no other role than to uphold it. There is no concern about what the people want, or Christianity, or another moronfag concern; uphold the Constitution. One job. Not sure what you're getting at, but you're being pretty stupid about it.

0e691e () No. 4721631


not a bad theory…about as good as any other

8c0758 () No. 4721632


which 100 countries alliance are working, pulling this off together?


9e75db () No. 4721633


Make your own plan. Fuck the rest.

It is your life. Make if it what you can.

f560b1 () No. 4721634

Notables so far


>>4721284, >>4721306, >>4721360 Reminder RBG thought a person was guilty of a sexual act if that person was "less than twelve years old."

>>4721299 [email protected]@in—-23!!! related to 23 day shutdown?

>>4721343 McCabe Told Congress That Comey’s Draft Exoneration of Clinton Was Unprecedented

>>4721345 Meme Video of Kamala Harris on gangs and illegals

>>4721352 Ed Buck on Open Secrets

>>4721389 Project Blue Book: The Air Force’s covert UFO investigation is brought to TV

>>4721432 Anon on RBG being a 'rabid feminist'

>>4721560 Overview of Judge Barrett's jurisprudence

>>4721565 Feinstein And Friends Quietly Introduce a Major Gun Control Bill During the Shutdown

>>4721568 Senior Executive of Huawei Canada Leaves Post as Company Faces Increasing Scrutiny

>>4721587, >>4721613 Dan Scavino FB pic: Never know who is going to walk into the office…

top notable is for the pathetic redditshill, if this is the best deR_Qult can do, that's absolutely hilarious

163810 () No. 4721635

cb9bf9a4bbf695....png (501 KB, 255 x 186, 634 : 462, hondurans_chuck.png) (h)

32a632 () No. 4721636

8799da11e79ca1....gif (1789 KB, 212 x 240, 212 : 240, 4025799.gif) (h)

0a02f6 () No. 4721637

b40484 () No. 4721638

d784b5aeb7037b....jpg (13 KB, 230 x 255, 230 : 255, statueoflibert....jpg) (h)

8ce8ef () No. 4721639

5301e7991fcd74....jpeg (58 KB, 255 x 255, 700 : 700, DwsL887W0AA5MZ....jpeg) (h)

a5f760 () No. 4721640


Plan for everything.

613697 () No. 4721641



4 Seasons

f560b1 () No. 4721642


fixed the wording:

>>4721284, >>4721306, >>4721360 Reminder RBG thought a person was guilty of a sexual act if that person was doing it to someone "less than twelve years old."

f26fdf () No. 4721643

140d4aa7c8e867....gif (2095 KB, 214 x 178, 214 : 178, 55.gif) (h)

a950ab () No. 4721644

f241449a13386a....gif (273 KB, 250 x 188, 250 : 188, barockin[1].gif) (h)

0716b6 () No. 4721645


That really makes sense, fren.

I think the Masons bombed Syria a few hours ago too.

Just to frame Israel.

8ca3c2 () No. 4721646

>>4721633 And Eat Lots Of BACON!!

3175ce () No. 4721647

so RBG > Cancer > Suddenly 'fell ill'

GHWB > Cancer > Suddenly 'fell ill' > 'died'

NoName > Cancer > Suddenly 'fell ill' > 'died'

anyone elses' almonds a tinglin on this?

bc0d61 () No. 4721648

b40484 () No. 4721649

yea, kill yourself>>4721595

c6aaab () No. 4721650

1b6055fc08320f....jpeg (42 KB, 255 x 255, 435 : 435, 9ac21030fbcda5....jpeg) (h)

462c06 () No. 4721651


Sorry dude. You won't see my face. I won't be appearing in any of your fucking dreams.

d34846 () No. 4721652


An underappreciated great movie.

bc0d61 () No. 4721653

6692e05855384a....jpeg (191 KB, 255 x 207, 1125 : 912, 6692e05855384a....jpeg) (h)

984255 () No. 4721654


not one dead body has been seen….

0716b6 () No. 4721655


probably caught him posting bewbs here.

dfd8d1 () No. 4721656


Well, the hard-core Christians think she'll deliver RvW overturn, and the shills think she'll deliver Trump doom if he appoints her.

Pretty sure that means he's going to do something completely different because that's what he always does. I have an idea, but I'll wait it out because too many are incapable of figuring out why…

857b20 () No. 4721657


Reddit is complete psyop'd cuck and bitch paradise. Sick shit.

Stop taking 'stupid' lightly, Q. We need FORCE to kill these fucking scum. Kill half the world, who gives a fuck.

c35f68 () No. 4721658

d961803b459dc7....jpg (132 KB, 255 x 128, 750 : 375, POTUSGiftpelosi.jpg) (h)

0374f7 () No. 4721659


Thankyou fren.

We appreciate every ones efforts here no matter how small, besides the shitposters and shill-heads ofc.

7be706 () No. 4721660

9ccb9b8a1121bd....jpg (799 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

888fb8942ed739....png (1028 KB, 192 x 255, 540 : 719, b4469f8458a891....png) (h)



Shes one of us. Eyes don't lie. Neither does the hair. Most importantly, shes an originalist. This is either the biggest buildup to the most confirmarional happening for the femanons, or PORUS will pull a "gotcha" and nominate an otherwise "dead ringer".

Now wouldnt that be something?

32026a () No. 4721661


7bd415 () No. 4721662


Love it!

Check this version

17d641 () No. 4721663


Look at the hair.

Gold and Silver.

6a69ed () No. 4721664

463c8fcb7bbfa9....jpg (37 KB, 255 x 180, 474 : 335, Bullshit.jpg) (h)


> most likely questions asked by Qteam,

You really wanna stick with that story ..kek

b40484 () No. 4721665

joke em if they can't take a fuck >>4721616

163810 () No. 4721666

da1fb62d16eb6c....jpeg (49 KB, 255 x 175, 510 : 350, clown1.jpeg) (h)

0a02f6 () No. 4721667

9e75db () No. 4721668


I knew that once Trump started pulling out the troops, the evil Mason's would start bombing.

38632d () No. 4721669

Valley of the Shadow of BOOM

dfd8d1 () No. 4721670


Harry Reid. Pancreatic cancer, I think, back in November. He's fucked.

e3a2cf () No. 4721671

ab5064a772fe53....jpeg (261 KB, 255 x 234, 1818 : 1668, 55168069-FBEB-....jpeg) (h)

857b20 () No. 4721672


Thanks baker.

This is literally from Q drop;

"RBG Called for reducing the age of consent for sexual acts to people who are “less than 12 years old.” (Page 102)"

3175ce () No. 4721673



Also, lets remember, GITMO just had an elderly care center installed.

42c7ee () No. 4721674

ce4f2c18c092a6....jpg (118 KB, 255 x 199, 737 : 575, chuck2.jpg) (h)

857b20 () No. 4721675


That is more appropriate for notable title than the (((pipul))) one reddit jewish bitch was trying to sneak in.

f26fdf () No. 4721676


Gowdy or Sessions?

b5f1f1 () No. 4721677


Yes, board has effect.

If board has effect, how best to use the board?

Q said disinfo is necessary, but most is true, imo.

2beb2f () No. 4721678


RBG had pancreatic…over a decade ago.

7be706 () No. 4721679


Man, I fail at proofreading tonight. Sorry, anons.

8ca3c2 () No. 4721680

>>4721667 They didn't shoot enough HIPPIES!

9e75db () No. 4721681



efe9f3 () No. 4721682

What the Kek is going on - it’s so so very quiet in here tonight I can hear myself think! Crazy….

32a632 () No. 4721683


fawk the neg anon. keep doing u o7

2e8f4f () No. 4721684

163810 () No. 4721685



0716b6 () No. 4721686


We all have to think EXACTLY the same so as not to be called shills.

What part of 'Think for Yourself' don't you understand, anon?

Earlier I posted some facts about JFK and I was told not to post here anymore.

Straight up.


ace872 () No. 4721687


I'll have to chug 1st

61ee44 () No. 4721688


That's that good shit.

fd13fc () No. 4721689

4a6ad7d048cce1....png (299 KB, 255 x 191, 960 : 720, Q HUMA CHINA.png) (h)



0a02f6 () No. 4721690

163810 () No. 4721691


she gots them (((cures))) huh

489520 () No. 4721692

POTUS Press 🇺🇸


6m6 minutes ago


The Boy Who Tried To Kill Trump (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories … Do you remember this being covered by the news media? https://youtu.be/MwP6J3t19PY via @YouTube

462c06 () No. 4721693


The topic she was writing about was not age of consent. She was writing about sex bias. In an explaining of something, she used a bill someone else wrote, in order to prove a point. I don't expect you idiots to understand Nuance like that, You are barely literate after all.

e3a2cf () No. 4721694


Amen, boomers should have been more heavily pruned

2a810f () No. 4721695

Lets look into Nancy Pelosi's finances


0a02f6 () No. 4721696


I was there

saw what you did

f26fdf () No. 4721697


I kinda like shill better than faggot tho

177615 () No. 4721698

7ff788b2590f35....png (532 KB, 255 x 211, 723 : 597, USMC FB 1-11-19.png) (h)

Flying into the weekend like …

Marine Heavy Helicopter Training Squadron 302 flies eight CH-53Es as a display of appreciation for the hard work of the squadron.

USMC FB post


857b20 () No. 4721699


Did we conclusively ID who was the VIP coming to china? No date stamp on the Q pic…

b40484 () No. 4721700

Kent State, you can still see the bullet holes in the old 60's steel metal art work..today >>4721667

0cb0c6 () No. 4721701


Cancer loves Traitors.

Or were allowed to pick annother fake narrative for their own demise?

c07c3c () No. 4721702

d2a091f4119140....jpg (55 KB, 191 x 255, 500 : 666, Ruv u rong time.jpg) (h)

f560b1 () No. 4721703


kek, a bit to far imo but understoond



it's legitimately the text of her recommendation

made a large graphic on it and read it over several times

>shills uses snopes

>gets called on it

>finds the only other Q/A site to use

it's too funny

dfd8d1 () No. 4721704


Hers was metastatic colon cancer, so not the same. Also, hers was caught VERY early. Reid is stage 4 from what I understand (could be wrong), which is when most is caught.

That's the deal with pancreatic: there's no symptoms until it's too late. The only way you survive is if they catch it accidentally. They did with Buzzi because she was already being screened for her colon cancer relapses (my guess, at least).

8d305b () No. 4721705



c6aaab () No. 4721706


Got a real an hero here

2a810f () No. 4721707

b5f1f1 () No. 4721708


Maybe it was shill that told you that?

613697 () No. 4721709

a21fa5 () No. 4721710


Sessions to old.

71f1a0 () No. 4721711


Government shut down, shills stopped getting paid.

4bf042 () No. 4721712


Nice spacing. If I’m the shill, call me out and prove your point. You said the Holocaust didn’t happen, please provide the proof. Again, you are a low rent history revisionist shill.

d34846 () No. 4721713


We will know the truth as it happens. It is exciting to have so much information to refer to as things happen, though the anticipation is grueling.

fd13fc () No. 4721714


Not to my knowledge. I went back and checked the thread

2c3530 () No. 4721715

1f4c65632d8788....jpg (105 KB, 255 x 243, 960 : 916, 23905750_10155....jpg) (h)


That's fucking RIGHT!!!!

8f2b91 () No. 4721716

1f505236277fcb....png (22 KB, 255 x 59, 1153 : 268, chrome_2019-01....png) (h)


I think I solved it….the riddle is that it's not a publicly available color - ie. it symbolizes information not in the public sector. secret info. Blue is cult code for information -

0a02f6 () No. 4721717


some of us infiltrated

and collected the evidence

to be used in this time

613697 () No. 4721718

8d305b () No. 4721719


Sorry, wrong version

dfd8d1 () No. 4721720


To be a fly on the wall in those discussions, though neither is on my list. They're lawyers, not judges, IMO.

Willing to be wrong, I like 'em both, and they are really good at the law. My pick is good at the law, too. We'll see.

292654 () No. 4721721


The shills and the niggers are getting ready for RBG to die

c8ce95 () No. 4721722



Aye. Just throwing a curve ball.

1af604 () No. 4721723


The image plus "Awaiting" implies nobody of interest is in the photo, however those terminal signs are important.

f26fdf () No. 4721724


Tell them to suck a big dick. This is a free speech board its your duty to let them know that

d34846 () No. 4721725


The kid that grabbed at the security guard's gun at a rally?

4acf1e () No. 4721726

426118828afb23....jpg (255 KB, 255 x 144, 1240 : 700, IMG_20190111_2....jpg) (h)

3fa7c94d386431....jpg (291 KB, 255 x 110, 1277 : 551, IMG_20190112_0....jpg) (h)

b648af6ce4cf61....jpg (77 KB, 255 x 145, 1239 : 703, IMG_20190112_0....jpg) (h)

c32b550e524da4....jpg (96 KB, 255 x 152, 1240 : 741, IMG_20190112_0....jpg) (h)

8ca3c2 () No. 4721727

>>4721694 I am a BOOMER and Think they didn't shoot enough Hippies!

5c4609 () No. 4721728

7ea0c14a04dec6....jpg (333 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, Heidi-Chuck.jpg) (h)

e3a2cf () No. 4721729

3128554b651438....jpeg (1002 KB, 254 x 255, 1405 : 1412, A116FD5A-B0F1-....jpeg) (h)

6b268985d7b450....jpeg (776 KB, 255 x 201, 1036 : 815, A8BE328C-4C92-....jpeg) (h)


What do you like best about RBG, her Ashkenazi features or her support for pedophilia?

fd13fc () No. 4721730


i was more struck by the "abed" in the photo title

163810 () No. 4721731

cacdb947eb5fae....png (90 KB, 255 x 59, 1334 : 310, anon_kim.png) (h)

0374f7 () No. 4721732

Hannity with family members of victims of illegal aliens (including multiple incident criminals) … a really good watch to see whats going on, and how soft the law can be on some in the community.


f560b1 () No. 4721733


want to take it next bread until graveyard?

would probably be only one bread, if not I can continue

just wondering

dfd8d1 () No. 4721734


True dat. He nees someone around 50 or so… someone around the same time frame as Kav.

7ed7c4 () No. 4721735

eb3f1ecfb30fde....png (2480 KB, 194 x 255, 1276 : 1681, 1545882497.png) (h)

6a69ed () No. 4721736

bca50733788eeb....png (530 KB, 255 x 159, 814 : 508, google.png) (h)

3bfe2afb0c99f1....png (152 KB, 255 x 235, 420 : 387, lies.png) (h)


Really you can't figure that out,,

2beb2f () No. 4721737

acc149a447c951....png (36 KB, 255 x 44, 946 : 164, Screenshot 201....png) (h)


She had colon cancer also

And pancreatic

And lung

5bacb0 () No. 4721738

385c867b573287....png (1100 KB, 233 x 255, 1089 : 1194, 385c867b573287....png) (h)

f26fdf () No. 4721739


Nah i would have to say that she is almost dead would be my 1st chioce

b40484 () No. 4721740

e448b45c884f74....jpg (28 KB, 170 x 255, 250 : 376, 0196a36acc4fe0....jpg) (h)

857b20 () No. 4721741


Not kidding. These fuckers are (((shilling))) and outright going out to justify raping whites/laying their hands on kids. These fuckers will literally go after any decent individual of any color until decency is the thing of the past, and only rapists and pedos or those who cuck to deviancy and criminality remains. (((they))) and their pawns need killing. ANYONE who advocates for this shit need to be killed.

This is beyond sick shit. Only subhumans like (((RBG))) does this.


by God if they were trying to 'derail'' by making OBIVOUS reddit posters, they will find out the hard way what trying to manipulate 'overtone window' is going to get them: early grave. There's good reason even in prison (especially in prison) pedos and rapists get the lowest treatment.

7bd415 () No. 4721742


Love the tesla one too brother!

Try this for a curve ball.

Bobby Gentry - Fancy

489520 () No. 4721743

3fb29c () No. 4721744

56b1b34f414648....png (735 KB, 234 x 255, 733 : 799, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


da861d () No. 4721745


One would think but damn if these DS fags don’t recover from stuff no one else does. They also seem to have life expectancies +20 everyone else. They’ll probably just shoot him up with whatever they keep pumping into RGB. Remember to order your 23 and Me kits anons! Support the cause.

MySpace (organic) Facebook (DS / C_A copy pasta). Ancestry. com (organic) 23 and Me (DS / C_A copy pasta).

c07c3c () No. 4721746

7b69878b83b2c8....jpg (36 KB, 255 x 161, 795 : 501, Apocalypse for....jpg) (h)

a57d00 () No. 4721747

82d12f192fd1ed....png (4185 KB, 255 x 242, 1613 : 1531, GITMO related ....png) (h)

Found the time held in GITMO interesting.


5c4609 () No. 4721748

b5ad6d0d768c38....jpg (74 KB, 218 x 255, 635 : 743, Schumer-Soros.jpg) (h)

Remember that time in 2017? Anons remember.

b5f1f1 () No. 4721749


Someone said slow gov is good.

Less interference in our lives.

That might be true.

I accept the slow.

Turn the energy into more time for memes/research.

Something keeps telling me, get more people to help.

Turns out, they won't help unless the believe.

msm is no help.

Only way to do it is with the help of the World.

Q said work together.

9fe95d () No. 4721750


I'm under a rather hefty liquor fallacy right now, so you'll have to forgive me and figure out your own fallacy.

5b664c () No. 4721751

Netanyahu lying about war and nukes, to force the US into war

1990 FM Benjamin Netanyahu on Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction


1991 FM Benjamin Netanyahu Lying about Lebanon


1996 2006 2011 Netanyahu Has Been Warning about Iran Nukes since '96


2002 PM Netanyahu the U.S. To attack Iraq.


2012 Netanyahu Says Iran Needs to Know `All Options' Open


2012 Benjamin Netanyahu draws 'red line' on Iran nuclear programme


2013 Israel's Netanyahu says Iranian regime is 'no different'


2013 Netanyahu to Iran: Stop nuclear program


2014 Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran "the greatest terrorist regime in the world"




2018 Netanyahu Claims Iran Hiding Nuclear Weapons Activity


I could post many more examples!

Netanyahu in his own words he proves: he is a warmonger, liar, mass murderer and a war criminal pushing GENOCIDE

Fuck the Greater Israel Genocide Project

1af604 () No. 4721752


Indeed the photo title is important but the only characters ever seen in that format are in HEX, digits 0-9 and letters A-F.

61ee44 () No. 4721753


Here Here…

bb406f () No. 4721754

>>4721467 Pantone 1837


b40484 () No. 4721755

ddb07d49d365fd....jpg (25 KB, 255 x 134, 472 : 248, janefondamkult....jpg) (h)

Mk'd Hanoi Jane

163810 () No. 4721756

6d1df6013c26ab....png (282 KB, 255 x 172, 543 : 366, hill_egypt.png) (h)

c07c3c () No. 4721757

8437a64c32e24a....jpeg (54 KB, 255 x 237, 720 : 669, We choose to g....jpeg) (h)

cf3845 () No. 4721758


The fact that RvW is a huge news topic for… Whatever reason… And the fact that RBG was looking to "replace" RvW with more solid legal grounds for abortion… Seems odd to me.

Personally, I think abortion is more of a cultural issue than a legal one. It is a horrible sign of the times that women would rather kill their unborn children than bring them into the world. It is an issue that is mostly a symptom of something far, far worse and the fact that the democrats and "feminists" are portraying it as being a rights issue is simply evil.

I don't care to get involved in classifying abortion as murder or making it illegal and seeing women resort to coat hangers. Fix the underlying social issues and the abortion epidemic goes with it. Making abortion illegal gets into the can of worms of having every miscarriage investigated or people reporting each other the same way DFS is weaponized in subdivisions.

I think when it is exposed what is going on with the abortion racket and the media's efforts to turn men and women against each other to destroy the family - the whole abortion issue will largely evaporate with rabid feminism. Good men want to support women. Good women want to support men. The good always outnumber the bad.

b40484 () No. 4721759

ee850cee577075....jpg (48 KB, 255 x 171, 446 : 299, allison-mack.jpg) (h)

same shit..the next generation