38e1db () No. 4924411

Welcome To Q Research South Africa

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Storm Is Upon Us - YT Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFe_yKnRf4XM7W_sWbcxtw

Recommended viewing chronologically, beginning with: Q - The Plan to Save the World - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

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The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>4004099 SEE FOR YOURSELF

100+ Q Proof Graphics qproofs.com

38e1db () No. 4924440



901dcf () No. 4924528

Best wishes from Australia!

9f9069 () No. 4924874

Lines from Q posts; what is a spell ; who is asleep;who controls the narrative;why is this relavant; attention on deck; There is an active war on your mind. Anon speaks; this is world wide war for our survival. We must rapidly evolve through sharing the truths we learn to awaken to a world of consensus, respect, self determination and love for our communities, our people our nations our planet and the unity of love in the bond of peace as taught by the savior blessed with divine intelligence. God speed my freinds.

af1ffc () No. 4925284


Welcome South Africa


901dcf () No. 4926141

US President Donald Trump's tweet on land seizures, 'killing of farmers' angers South Africa

US President Donald Trump has said he asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to study South African "land and farm seizures" and "killing of farmers", prompting Pretoria to accuse Mr Trump of stoking racial divisions.

Mr Trump's comments have inflamed an already high-octane debate over land in South Africa — a country that remains deeply racially divided and unequal nearly a quarter of a century after Nelson Mandela swept to power at the end of apartheid.

The rand currency dropped more than 1.5 per cent against the US dollar in early trade on Thursday after Mr Trump's tweet had circulated in South Africa.

South Africa's foreign ministry will seek clarification of Mr Trump's comments from the US embassy in Pretoria, President Cyril Ramaphosa's spokeswoman said, adding that Mr Trump was "misinformed".

A tweet from South Africa's official government account rejected the comment, saying the tweet "seeks to divide our nation".



8e2c86 () No. 4932877



0b54f9 () No. 4935374

Operation Redpill James Woods on the Jewish supremacism issue


The idea is, swarm James Woods twitter with pics suggesting that he reads this book called “When Victims Rule: An Examination of Jewish Pre-eminence in America And Its Historical Origins”, which is 100% normie friendly and written in a 100% respectful and optics friendly way.

If you haven’t read it yourself, you should, its a great introduction to the issue of Jewish supremacism and its 2000 pages with over 10000 citation from, and this is the best part, JEWISH SOURCES ONLY.

The link to the book is this: https://whenvictimsrule.blogspot.com/search/label/01_Introduction

The archive link for that link is this: http://archive.vn/8rBlF

<Why send him pics and not just post the link?

Because I think Twitter will flag the link and you might end up getting your account shadow banned or worse.

<Why don’t you post some pics with the link and the call to action?

Because the Mossad and JDIF faggots have their shills here and they would flag the image hash and you’d probably end up with your account shadow banned or worse.

Some suggestions when making the pics to send and when sending the pics


Send the suggestions directly to him (tweet at him using @RealJamesWoods ), then slightly change the pic (in order for the 2nd post to be done with an image with a different hash, in order to avoid getting flagged by Twitter AI) and post that 2nd pic on the first comment to one of his tweets (this gets your post as close to the top of the thread of his tweet as possible without being the first person to comment)


In your pics with the suggestion to read the book, put the these links there:



And include some sort of call to action, like:

“Hey James, love your work and the fact that you’re keeping it real on your twitter. I want to suggest to you that you read this great book called ”When Victims Rule”, its very well written and it broaches a subject that gets constantly censored EVERYWHERE by the globalist mafia. I’m sending you this suggestion in an image because the globalist mafia flags the links here on Twitter. I hope you’re having a great day mate, keep on keeping on!”

0b54f9 () No. 4935395

0b54f9 () No. 4935401

0b54f9 () No. 4936021


Shit people say about this

<You seriously think James Woods doesn't see the shit that gets posted here?

<Lets be real, James is definitely aware of the JQ. Most people still avoid calling them out because they run the world.

<James Woods works in Hollyweird, he knows better than anyone about the Joo.

Well, if anything, maybe he retweets the suggestion using some plausible deniability excuse like "Stop sending these suggestions to read this book called "When The Victims Rules", I am going to start reading the book next week.", thus giving it free publicity for all the normands that follow him on Twitter (which might make the MSM reeeee about it, which is even more free publicity), and even if he doesn't do that, the normads might get curious and go check it out.

Or perhaps we can do that shit with Stephan Molymeme, he is getting more and more based lately.


914e8c () No. 4940747



An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

reposting for you all because it's a nice intro to Q

b943f4 () No. 4948765


Thank you Oz Anon

Now back to Ozzie Resesrch

b943f4 () No. 4948826

Patriots have no Skin Colour

Focus on the Enemy, not each other

Only if we all stand together,

Will the Tyranny end.


88304d () No. 4960436


#CFR #ChatamHouse

88304d () No. 4960452

88304d () No. 4960481

3b9da5 () No. 4967728

CFR document.

Their God is MAMMON

From Darkness to God of Light

3b9da5 () No. 4967744

3215a6 () No. 4993595

Common Purpose

Fabians #CFR Tavistock

3215a6 () No. 4993615

3215a6 () No. 4993630

3215a6 () No. 4993693

35f773 () No. 4994203


yes they do.

b27681 () No. 4998251

Ramaphosa & China

26cb41 () No. 5002018


969280 () No. 5004081

Cecil John Rhodes

Famous Rhodes Scholars


969280 () No. 5004225

Attempted Freemason & Satanic Coup D'e'tat 2017

South Africa


969280 () No. 5004571

969280 () No. 5004600

969280 () No. 5004748

Knights Of Malta

Nelson Mandela

Thabo Mbeki

Jacob Zuma

Cyril Ramaphosa


Richard Branson

969280 () No. 5004759

Thabo Mbeki

969280 () No. 5004769

Jacob Zuma

969280 () No. 5004781

Cyril Ramaphosa

969280 () No. 5004936




969280 () No. 5004957



969280 () No. 5005282

Cecil John Rhodes

Kimberley Diamonds


e4824c () No. 5010598

Cecil John Rhodes in South Africa

Governor of the Cape Colony

British Colonial Administrator

e4824c () No. 5010690

Cecil John Rhodes

Rhodes Scholars

Oxford University

Round Table

CFR Tavistock & Rand Corporation work closely together


Pilgrim Siciety

e4824c () No. 5010703

UN Heritage Sites

e4824c () No. 5010718

South Africa

Cecil John Rhodes

e4824c () No. 5010729

History in South Africa of Cecil John Rhodes

e4824c () No. 5010731

e4824c () No. 5010749

fb4100 () No. 5010791


Ha ha Cecil Rhodes of Rhodes Scholar fame. Do you know how you become a Rhodes Scholar? Easy, read all the works of this guy about how to destroy western society and kill all the white people.

1bb35d () No. 5011068


1bb35d () No. 5011112

Rhodes in South Africa & Rhodesia

1bb35d () No. 5011118

1bb35d () No. 5011126

1bb35d () No. 5011379

Angolan War

South Africa v Cuba & USSR

Where did the name Africa come from ?



1bb35d () No. 5011385

1bb35d () No. 5011472


Not only white people but All people, Black, White, Asian, Middle Eastern. All.

Why Rhodes is one of the MOST important names that affect EVERY country, including AUSTRALIA & NZ, that CONTROLS every Human Being, living today.

Flies over the head of most people.


He was Governor if the Cape Colony, now South Aftica.

He greatly affected Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.


Wesley Clarke

Rhodes Scholars:

Small list JUST in Australia

1bb35d () No. 5011611

Rhodes Scholar claims duscrimmination against Conservatives



1bb35d () No. 5011617

1bb35d () No. 5011622

Cape Colony

Cecil John Rhodes

1bb35d () No. 5011625

Rhodes Scholars

1bb35d () No. 5011633

9ac88d () No. 5012420

CFR involved in EVERYcountryus sabotaging POTUS



9ac88d () No. 5012487

Who really rules South Africa

Rhodes Milner Group

Round Table Rhodes to Cliveden



One World Government

Rockefeller Rothschild EU


9ac88d () No. 5012535

Who really rules SouthAfrica


9ac88d () No. 5012543

9ac88d () No. 5012633

9ac88d () No. 5012651

9ac88d () No. 5013299

Governor of Cape South Africa

Rhodes Scholar

Rhodes Round Table now CFR still controlling every country, media & now internet.


9ac88d () No. 5013338

9ac88d () No. 5013379

9ac88d () No. 5013419


South Africa

Cecil John Rhodes

Governor of the Cape


9ac88d () No. 5013457

CFR Rhodes Scholars


9ac88d () No. 5013486

Rhodes Scholars

Cecil John Rhodes

Round Table Group CFR

9ac88d () No. 5013497

The Round Table Group CFR


9ac88d () No. 5013529

Whodes Milner Group

South Africa

9ac88d () No. 5013556

Milner Rhodes Group

Round Table Rhodes Scholars


9ac88d () No. 5013574

Rhodes Nilner Group

Rhodes Scholars

LoT Internet of Things


9ac88d () No. 5013592

Rhodes Milner Group

South Africa CFR

Rhodes Scholars

9ac88d () No. 5013619

CFR Rhodes Scholars


9ac88d () No. 5013683

Rhodes Milner Group

Round Table CFR

Cecil John Rhoded


9ac88d () No. 5013741

Rhodes Governor of the Cape



9ac88d () No. 5013774

Rhodes Milner



0be196 () No. 5014018


be sure to wash

behind your ears !

Great Dig !

Thank You, Sir ! ! !


63d1c7 () No. 5014112

Who killed Chris Hani

Polish Refugee or ANC?


0be196 () No. 5014259

1970's Sugar Smacks Cereal

Dig'Em Frog


63d1c7 () No. 5014405

Truth & Reconciliation Commission

UN Secretary General

Swedenn Dag Hammarskjold ? Assassination

Operation Celeste



0be196 () No. 5014786

In re: =Oprah=

Oh, oh,

Rabbit Hole, Dead-Ahead, Sir !

The Israel Bible



Orpah, or-PAH, עָרְפָּה

Related Articles:

Ruth 1:16

Proper Noun Directory

Orpah (Wikipedia)

Not to be confused with Oprah.


Orpah (right) leaving Ruth and Naomi. Engraving by Hendrik Goltzius, 1576.

Orpah (Hebrew: עָרְפָּה‎ ‘Ārəpāh, meaning "neck" or "fawn") is a woman mentioned in the Book of Ruth in the Hebrew Bible. She was from Moab and was the daughter-in-law of Naomi and wife of Chilion. After the death of her husband, Orpah and her sister-in-law Ruth wished to go to Judea with Naomi. However, Naomi persuaded both Ruth and Orpah to return to their people and to their gods. Ruth chose to remain with Naomi, but Orpah chose to return to her people and her gods. (Ruth i. 4 et seq.).

In rabbinic literature, Orpah is identified with Herse, the mother of the four Philistine giants, one of whom was Goliath. These four sons were said to have been given her for the four tears which she shed at parting with her mother-in-law (Babylonian Talmud, Sotah 42b). Her other name Harafa is cognate of the word for threshing; that she allowed herself to be "threshed" by many men as one would thresh wheat (Babylonian Talmud, Sotah 42b).

According to a legend in a midrash, Orpah was a sister of Ruth, and both were daughters of the Moabite King Eglon (Ruth R. ii. 9). Her name was changed to "Orpah" because she turned her back (from Hebrew: עורף‎, literally nape) on her mother-in-law (ib.; comp. Talmud Sotah l.c.).

The Sanhedrin tractate in the Talmud states that she was killed by King David's general Abishai, the son of Zeruiah, with her own spindle.



Future proves Past ?



41f2bc () No. 5015095

Former UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold assasinated by CIA & SAIMR?


41f2bc () No. 5015228

UN Secretary General 1961 Death


41f2bc () No. 5015256


23d725 () No. 5015292

Who are the main sponsors of the EFF?

In the past six months, the EFF has emerged as the key merchants of political disinformation campaigns in South Africa as they peddle false information as a weapon in every arena where there is a war to take out State Capture networks.



914e8c () No. 5015320

made this


23d725 () No. 5015575

Shall we dig on Carnilinx director Adriano Mazzotti

Mazzotti is also the venture capitalist behind the start-up EFF: Mazzotti paid the fees necessary for the EFF to register as a political party and a different director of the company also paid Malema’s tax fines of a reported R1-million when he was in a spot of bother with SARS.


954a6c () No. 5016672

De Beers Oppenheimer

Round Table

Rhodes Lord Milner, South Africa

Lord Balfour

Federal Reserve Cartel


0be196 () No. 5016721

Oops, I thought I was on a different thread !


Anonymous 02/02/19 (Sat) 23:18:56 af7f7a No.5006204>>5006271 >>5006286 >>5006317

File (hide): 01d911dd180bb33⋯.png (119.7 KB, 1044x460, 261:115, 76sz.png) (h) (u)

File (hide): 6bc1386eafe6806⋯.jpg (13.63 KB, 255x228, 85:76, 2cf1b93b166782121c28d13bda….jpg) (h) (u)

>>5005376 (pb)

Just when I thought there couldn't be a weirder name than "Oprah"…I was wrong, it's not even her name, it's "Orpah."



Cheers !

0be196 () No. 5016962

Oops, I thought I was on a different Thread !



Sweetened, Cold, Dry,

Breakfast Cereal


Cheers !

80c6c5 () No. 5017056


Thank you!

That's awesome!!

80c6c5 () No. 5017080


Sure. I'm not up to date on all in South Africa. Will appreciate that!

Thank you!

80c6c5 () No. 5017123

Who controls the Media and opposition parties on South Africa?


80c6c5 () No. 5017164

Lord Renwick Chatam House Round Table


80c6c5 () No. 5017230

Lord Renwick ChatamHouse




80c6c5 () No. 5017245

Lord Renwick

RIIA ChatamHouse

12d481 () No. 5018200


8971f9 () No. 5018275


sien ook:


8971f9 () No. 5018309


his son Philip Kirsh…

12d481 () No. 5018462

Mysterious death of UN Secretary General


South Africa


12d481 () No. 5018503


Thank you

I'll get cracking.

3786d5 () No. 5020666

Can anyone help with research on these South African Bloodlines please

South Africa



Von Hapsburg


Grandfather was a previous PM.

23d725 () No. 5023304


Interesting post on QResearch board re connections between UNICEF/Malawi/CLINTON’s.

Posting this here as UNICEF is certainly very involved in SA too. Link to SA website’s “what we do”:


7b18eb () No. 5024741




Rhodes Milner Buchan

🚨🚨🚨Altering BIBLE text. 🚨🚨🚨

7b18eb () No. 5024899


7b18eb () No. 5024911

Change of leaders to avoid POTUS EO 2017

Zimbabwe & South Africa

7b18eb () No. 5024939

Illuminati Symbols South Africa

Castle if Good Hope

7b18eb () No. 5024964

South African Airforce Museum, Pretoria

a0caef () No. 5025030

Pretoria, South Africa

The Voortrekker Monument

a0caef () No. 5025336

The US Embassy in Pretoria

Rockefeller 18 floor underground Bunker under the US Embassy. 🚨🚨

Year of Yod 1993

South African Flag in Denver International Airport Mural. South Africans never knew what THEIR flag would loolk like until A YEAR LATER. Cabal chose the flag and arrogantly displayed in the mural without anyone knowing…

a0caef () No. 5025390

South Africa Rockefeller Underground Bunker Pretoria,South Africa. 18 floors


Oppenheimer Botswana

a0caef () No. 5025413

a0caef () No. 5025437


a0caef () No. 5025498

South Africa


Palace of the Lost City

South Africa

a0caef () No. 5026136

Pretoria Pyramid, Underground Bunker for NWO

Botswana Oppenheimer


New York


1992. Bush NWO Agenda21 Speech Sept 11

Denver Airport International Airport - Mural South African Flag Chosen by Cabal.

1992 Year Of Yod

1992 1,2,3 December 1992 New World Age of Yod, Rockefeller was anointed as One World Government Leader, secretly done by his NWO Sanhedrin Leaders.

Palace of the Lost City Celebration of the newly converted Jewish State of South Africa.

Jarre light show

2001 11th September 2001

2003 Tsunami


a0caef () No. 5026149

a0caef () No. 5026170

a0caef () No. 5026177

485b81 () No. 5029858

The Brotherhoid of death & South African Freemasons

Afrikaner Broedetbond


485b81 () No. 5029941

Afrikaner Broederbond

bc4308 () No. 5030110


Soros and Ramaphosa

Posted on 05 Desember 2018 by volksvryheid

Soos ons reeds weet werk Ramaphosa vir Soros as Adviseur en Soros se Open Society Foundation – een van die kommunistiese organisasies/partye wat ook die parlement asook Grondwet finansier. Daarom is die aanslag so teen ons blankes gemik. …. en dit gaan nie ophou nie – Soros en sy “agente” is almal uit om te vernietig sodat alles gratis in hul skoot kan val – veral Suid-Afrika se minerale rykdom – daarom word die “grondonteienings” so afgedwing nes in Zimbabwe, eers op ons boere en dan op die res van ons. Voel nie jammer vir enige persoon wat die Grondwet steun nie, of handjies vashou met die ANC – EFF – DA nie, nog minder die liberaal verligte blanke grondwetskrywers wat daarby betrokke is en dit probeer verdedig – hierdie grondwet is niks werd wat jy opgestel het nie en dit skend al ons blankes se menseregte en selfs meer – die deler is netsoos die steler.

The Presidency proudly tweeted pictures of President Cyril Ramaphosa meeting with US billionaire and liberal activist, George Soros and his son, Alexander in New York recently during September 2018.

Soos ons weet, is George Soros oorspronklik afkomstig van “joodse” afkoms daar uit die ou kommunistiese oosblokland Hongarye. Hy het al openlik erken hy is nie joods nie, maar die “joodse geloof” aangeneem natuurlik vir sy eie agenda soos ons teen hierdie tyd weet, werk hy nie net in SA nie. Die vorige regering het hom ook hier gehuisves. Monsanto is ook deel daarvan, om voedselketting te beheer en te vernietig. Let op wie almal word gefinansier vanuit die Monsanto kringe, al van voor 1994 af.

Helen Zille en Ramaphela werk ook vir sy Society sedert 1993 en selfs vroeër. Soros het ook die Black Sash gefinansier waarby Zille en haar ma (joodse afkoms) betrokke was al voor 1970. Die protesaksies wat hier aangaan in die land, korrupsie, anargie, rewolusie is niks anders as die baba van Soros nie, hy beheer dit ook in ANDER lande soos Europa en Amerika. Lees asseblief die ANC se manifes (freedom charter) van 1955.

6394d9 () No. 5034316

Globalists (Fabians), use Code Words. In the early days, this was how they recognised each other WW. They drum these words into the School Curriculum and every sentence.

Anti Globalists should NEVER use these words.


As they don't MEAN what we think they do.

Colloborative. They try use that with Consensus, everytime they open their mouths or write an article

For the Common Good

Most Countries have been registered as Private Corporations.

South Africa, Germany, France, Sweden, Canada, South Africa, Israel, US, NewZealand, Australia, Japan, itger countries as well.

All registered with Rothschild's private corporation US Securities? Commission.

The same private Bankers, that own the US Federal Reserve, own the UN.

The UN, tba World Bank tba US FederalReserve

The Cabal bought the copy rights to the KJV Bible. See Rhodes Milner.


World Democracy' They're trying to delete Republic etc.?

History - Deleting history replacing with Fake History.






Do you recall the time Merkel grabbed the small flag from one of the country's leaders, on stage?

No Anthems

No Borders


49842a () No. 5035375


I had no idea Soros confirmed he isn't Jewish.

Do you have a link at all.

The DC seems to be controlled opposition. The Party leader was also 'summonsed' to Chatam House, London.Wonder what Lord Renwick said to him.

Who is Zille related to?

Soros funded the BlackSash?

What are the groups he's started up in RSA?

Australia groups Soros started up are:


Emily's List


Involved in Shut The Gate & Sunrise.

Do you know some of the Surnames tied to the 13 Bloodlines?

Are you aware Ramaphosa has given the Chinese special 'Citizen' status?

Does anyone know about any underground bunkers in RSA?

49842a () No. 5035429

Does anyone gave any Agenda21 Country Maps showing where oeople are gling to be forced to live please?

I need South -South Africa, Australia NZ, Canada, England #France Germany.

All Globalist Governments have HIDDEN their maps.

If you want to redpill people. Show them that. The few cities everyone will be forced into🔥🔥🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

See the USA msp

84% will be cut off to Humans.

49842a () No. 5035448

49842a () No. 5035508

49842a () No. 5035535

All countries are privatising their local police,trained by UN , Shariah Compliant, unaccountable and are

there to protect the Globalists, not the Citizens. Australia, UK & France are a good example of how vulnerable we all are. Guns taken away, Police and Military pro Globamists. We're all losing our Sovereignty at Local Giv level, which is iilegal. Councils bypass Federal Giv and deal directly with Rothschild's UN.

49842a () No. 5035545

UN Agenda21 Agenda2030 2050

49842a () No. 5035549

49842a () No. 5035570

G20 UN Global Education UNICEF United Arab Emirates Clinton Education

US BetsyDeVos signed back up withbtge UN ed, Common Core, rebranded. 'SafeSchools' sex education, transgender,boys periods etc.,

So did South Africa and Australia

More dumbing down of the West's children

49842a () No. 5035588

49842a () No. 5035599

49842a () No. 5035645

Trying to cover all the Rights, freedom, possessions we're losing because our Corporate Globalist Governments are handing everything to the private bankers using Roths Private Corp the UN. Memes R the quickest way to go so more indepth research can be done by all of us on the Cabal and their Blooidlines.

49842a () No. 5035670

49842a () No. 5035692

Code Words MSGs

49842a () No. 5035805

U.A.E. UN Global Education



More Economically developed country


Less Economically developed country

Our 'borrowed money' from BIS, that's 'given away' to less fortune countries for Education, etc.,

What education system?

Are the LECD children receiving a higher standard of Edu to catch up which we're paying for, while our kids are deliberatelty dumbed down on the UN Global edu?

Or are all the Kids in the world teceiving the same dumbed down UN Education and we're paying for all to be dumbed down? Which means the UN is fleecing us, once again, like the ClimateChange scam.

If 2nd option, then we're being robbed as are all the children. The UAE & Clinton UN Education is costing BILLIONS just for our kids, plus we're still having our borrowed money distributed to these countries for education for other kids.

49842a () No. 5035869


Thank you Anon

Will look into UNICEF.

23d725 () No. 5037777


Ramaphosa has, in several speeches, referred to the period from 2008 to 2018 as a lost decade. At Davos at the end of January, he edited the period down to nine years, which coincides with the period when Zuma was in office.

"All this time, sir you were a part of the system."

Hlengwa (IFP) points out that Ramaphosa served in the Zuma ANC national executive. "Not a word came from you. Instead, those who challenged Mr Zuma, namely Julius Malema and co, were expelled from the ANC under the auspices of the disciplinary processes that you chaired.

"When Mr Kgalema Motlanthe launched his campaign against Mr Zuma for the ANC presidency, you were quick to join the Zuma slate, which delivered you as deputy president of both the ANC and South Africa."


23d725 () No. 5037855


UNICEF, CF, Oprah's Leadership Academy (for girls) that had $10million in revenue in 2015 and Open Society Foundation, The ONE Campaign (Bono)… down the rabbit hole!

23d725 () No. 5037959


Re: US BetsyDeVos signed back up with UN ed, Common Core, rebranded. 'SafeSchools' sex education, transgender,boys periods etc.,

So did South Africa and Australia:


59817b () No. 5037989

Hell yeah!!!! Welcome brothers and sisters! Together we are unstoppable . Drop by drop. Person by person, we will unite! We will fight! We will win!…. May God bless all good people of S.Africa , and our world! WRWY


God wins!


We win!

e1efae () No. 5039423


Yes. Erik Prince' sister.

e1efae () No. 5039674



e1efae () No. 5039746




RED & One


275e53 () No. 5041245


- The Astor Bloodline

- The Bundy Bloodline

- The Collins Bloodline

- The DuPont Bloodline

- The Freeman Bloodline

- The Kennedy Bloodline

- The Li Bloodline

- The Onassis Bloodline

- The Reynolds Bloodline

- The Rockefeller Bloodline

- The Rothschild Bloodline

- The Russell Bloodline

- The Van Duyn Bloodline

Black Nobility Bloodlines

Prince Nicolo Boncompagni-Ludovisi, Prince Alessandro Jacopo Boncompagni-Ludovisi, Prince Roffredo Gaetani-D'Aragona-Lovatelli, Prince Gelasio Gaetani-D'Aragona-Lovatelli, Prince Bonifacio Gaetani-Dell'Aquilla-D'Aragona, Prince Vitaliano XI Borromeo, Princess Beatrice Borromeo, Countess Matilde Borromeo, Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio, Prince Giacomo Massimo-Brancaccio, Prince Stefano Massimo, Prince Carlo Massimo, Prince Valerio Massimo, Princess Barbara Massimo, Prince Filippo Massimo-Lancellotti II, Baron Girolama de Massa-Guistiniani, Count Gian Luca Passi Preposulo, Prince Camillo Aldobrandini, Prince Clemente Aldobrandini, Countess Cristiania Agnelli Condesa Brandolini de Adda, Count Brandino Brandolini de Adda, Prince Giovanni Angelo Theodoli-Braschi, Princess Cosi Theodoli-Braschi, Prince Guido Torlonia, Count Alessandro Lequio-Torlonia, Duke Leopoldo Torlonia, Prince-Pastor Piero Visconti, Prince-Pastor Alessandro Paradisi, Prince Moroello Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini, Prince Sigieri Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini, Prince Filippo Rospigliosi, Prince Carlo Odescalchi, Prince Guglielmo Giovanelli Marconi, Vittorio Emanuele IV, Prince of Naples, Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, Prince of Venice, Prince Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta, Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta, Prince Annibale Brivio Sforza, Princess Marta Brivio Sforza, Prince Lilio Ruspoli-Sforza, Prince Franceso Ruspoli, Princess Giacinta Ruspoli, Prince Francesco Pacelli, Prince Filippo Pacelli, Prince Jonathan Doria-Pamphilj, Prince Prospero Colonna di Stigliano, Prince Stefano Colonna di Stigliano, Prince Prospero Colonna di Paliano, Prince Marcantonio Colonna di Paliano, Prince Urbano Riario Sforza Barberini Colonna di Sciarra, Prince Oddone Colonna, Prince Domenico Napoleon Orsini, Prince Filippo Corsini, Prince Duccio Corsini, Prince Lorenzo de Medici-Tornaquinci-Foscari, Prince Ottaviano de Medici, Prince Julian de Medici, Prince Lorenzo de Medici, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Prince Scipione Borghese, Prince Urbano Sacchetti, Baron Francesco Adragna, Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, Prince Mario Chigi-Albani, Prince Flavio Chigi-Albani, Count Neri Capponi, Count Sebastiano Capponi, Count Niccolo Capponi, Prince Domenico Serlupi-Crescenzi-Ottoboni

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No Taxes


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UNICEF App South Africa


Why do I feel this can't be good?



Health Monitoring for the Cabal

Tracking - Mobile App


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Port Arthur Australia Articles, witnesses

Unabke to download on Australisn Thread


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f6ce1c () No. 5064653

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0a8582 () No. 5064712


Fantastic! Thank you Anon!

Will help them out today.

Will tweet to all major towns & cities

0a8582 () No. 5064718


Great work & info!

f6ce1c () No. 5064740


thank you

we are so in the middle of all this

so glad to see this finally - will start diffing more and posting ** does rain dance

f6ce1c () No. 5064743


and you Anon


f6ce1c () No. 5064758


digging *

089680 () No. 5064811


LOL! Great to have Expert Anons on board!

Don't stop with that Fancy Fantastic work of yours!

f6ce1c () No. 5064858

Q taught us about serious money laundering used to cover there sinister operations. In SA a example of a troubled essential industry that has the smell of money laundering all over it will be Eskom. Money are channeled by the billions through it yet we are told they cannot keep up with the supply, run out of coal etc. We do not see any upgrades etc being carried out. Where does all the money go? It comes in as a loan then disappears / paid for the bribes etc - never gets to what it is needed for. The result - China can claim control while at the same time the money needed for the other sinister transactions are paid for.

Sause: > Google (pic related)

f6ce1c () No. 5064870

Many do not even realize it, but South Africa has its very own siblings of the puppet masters born right here. They are strategically placed at a very specific time. Example: 2008 JSE crash - refer to pic. Look the same name up and you will find him current at …drum roll…SAA

The new board members are:

…Geoff Rothschild: businessman and former chair of the JSE…


f6ce1c () No. 5064896


thanks - been on halfchan before Q, followed since he started and have not stopped. Been waiting for it to spill over so we could start digging locally. They have been so successful in destroying SA and spreading the hate that we have so much work to do…SA for some reason are important to them so just more reason to get people on board ugh

WWG1WGA. May god be with us…

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089680 () No. 5065726



The Pope

F.W.de Klerk Argentina

Cardinal William Fox Napier Council for Economic Affairs



14539b () No. 5065827


petition to have this South Africa thread use the short hand ZA for South Africa, as Q has repeatedly used SA for Saudi Arabia.

089680 () No. 5066159


So true. It's sickening. I follow the UN because the same banks own the USFederalReserve, own the UN,IRS & USSecurities Commission.where they register Countries and their Police as Private Corporations.

International Law = Cabal Laws.

The UN has to be brought down.

089680 () No. 5066167


No problem. Will do.

5bfd29 () No. 5066948


Agree and noted.

99d377 () No. 5067584

an American Anon:

I concur: NOT "SA" !

But those of us from abroad

_may_ immediately think of

Zaire . . . what with all that Ebola trouble . . . .


5bfd29 () No. 5067723

Apartheid - part 1


The history of South Africa brings one word to mind the moment you mention the country – apartheid. And any one that hears the word avoids it, changes the subject, try to forget. But what if they (the bad actors that we know so well by now) were so successful in brainwashing the masses, that no one would even dare to look for the real motives?

This is NOT a post to argue the good or bad about apartheid, it is a post to for once figure out the real reasons, the real motives and the connection to the puppet masters whom Q confirmed so many times by now.

Looking for the real motive behind the killing of Verwoerd

Motive 1: Verwoerd was investigating the hidden capture of the country by the Illuminate bloodlines.

Verwoerd had realised that the Anglo American Empire, Oppenheimers, Ruperts and Wieses had a stranglehold on the South Africa economy through their monopolies and wanted to put a stop to their monopolies. He then appointed a one man commission of inquiry by Dr Piet Hoek. After completion of his inquiry, Dr Hoek presented his damning findings to Verwoerd. Verwoerd spoke once about the commission which had been circulating among white MP’s in Parliament in late 1965 early 1966. By now we could add the Rothschild family that were hiding from the spotlight in South Africa and yet very active (that needs to be a different post all together). The Hoek Report disappeared to this day. This would give the same families of the Anglo-American empire, a very realistic motive for the assassination of Verwoerd.

Motive 2 (and quite ironic): Verwoerd was working towards an educating system of equal standard that would result in a well-educated black middle class.

The apartheid-era Bantu education system was much better than the current education regime, a Wits academic said in Pretoria on Thursday. "It was far better in terms of quality than the education that our kids are receiving nowadays. That is where the problem is," Rabelani Dagada, a lecturer at Wits Business School, told a debate on affirmative action. "Affirmative action should be about empowerment. The best way to empower is not to take from those who have and give to those who don't have. It won't work." Dagada said South Africans could only be empowered through proper education. "After 20 years of democracy, the education levels have plunged. It's worse than the so-called Bantu education. The best way to do transformation, empowerment is to provide quality education."


The lowered standards of the education system were one of the first aspects that came under attack post-apartheid and it continues to this day. It is deliberate. It could result in a stable and equal integration to form a real rainbow nation, not the fake one we live in ever since, but that is not what they want.

More proof:

The most convincing proof that Verwoerd was silenced by the very same enemy we are fighting with the help of Q team, comes from his assassin. Q pointed us to the CIA program called MKUltra, where a subject is identified and submitted for psychiatric treatment, monitored and eventually activated.

Dimitri Tsafendas was frequently admitted for observation and “treatment”. Prior to his assassination of Verwoerd, Tsafendas was seen visiting a foreign ship “The Eleni” that had docked in Cape Town harbour where he probably received his final mind altering indoctrination through drugs and other methods and then activated.

Tsafendas survived the noose by reason of insanity but he wasn’t insane. Those who sent him to kill Verwoerd were so powerful that they probably instructed the Broederbond judge who heard Tsafendas’ case to declare him insane. Verwoerd’s successor, John Balthasar Vorster was also bought off to quash an inquiry into his predecessor’s assassination, to set the stage for the assignation, to gather information about all the political factions in South Africa for his handler Kissinger. And he was rewarded with the presidency for his dedication.

Tsafendas died at Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital outside Krugersdorp in the late 1990’s when the ANC was in power. The ANC leadership never cared to investigate Tsafendas’ case.

Tsafendas told police that he received orders from a giant tapeworm inside him. The orders from a giant tapeworm is evidence of mind control. If this case was pursued the way it should have been, the apartheid authorities could have gotten to the bottom of Verwoerd’s assassination. However, they were up against a powerful cabal that had also captured the judiciary the same way the judiciary is captured to date.


part 2 to follow

5bfd29 () No. 5067727


part 2

Tsafendas showed signs of a typical CIA operative:

Despite his record of mental instability, many who met Tsafendas on his travels were impressed by him. The personnel officer at a German engineering firm recalls, for example: “He drove up here in a big, battered American car, dressed and well- mannered, he was extremely courteous - a very pleasant man. He looked like a satisfied, successful businessman.”

He was also a considerable linguist. A measure of that talent was provided by a priest of German extraction, Father Hanno Probst, recounting a meeting he had with him in Manzini where Tsafendas was working in a sugar mill: “He told me that he could speak eight languages. I tried him with a few languages and I found that he spoke them all perfectly. He asked me where I was born. I said I was born near Munich in Germany. He then started to talk in Munich dialect. I then tried him in Spanish, Italian, German, tried a few words in Czech and he answered me in Czech.”

Our history is not even close to what it seems, to what we were told or what we believed. Black, brown, white green or purple – we were all sheep like the rest of the world and continue to be so. We need Q, we need Potus, we need to wake up the ones around us and spread the message. We are stuck in the middle of this and have been for many many years. We are running out of time and we do not have a local Trump to help us fight this…..

May God be with us…

c39e76 () No. 5068213

Trevor Manuel ZA planning commission Tzar. Joins ROTHSCHILD 2014


99d377 () No. 5068339

One of the MKULTRA Clowns wrote a highly successful book entitled,

"The Catcher in the Rye".

A copy of this book is oh so frequently found in the hands of such an assassin here in America.

The 1962 original version of

"The Manchurian Candidate"

is best Primer for old school MKULTRA .


Also study the "Voice of God" Weapon

(And its great success in Iraqui War.)

Very simple MKULTRA techniques can now be used on someone you've not even met yet.

If 5G Cell Telephony is Maliciously Implemented,

it _can_ _mean_ MKULRA for the Masses !

Cheers !


db5dba () No. 5068739

Can someone tell me Status of

Anglo Gold Ashanti

My stockbroker recomends this company,

but he just might not know of all closet skeletons.


c39e76 () No. 5069514


South Africa been deliberately destabilised,


35142a () No. 5069730

South Africa


449bfc () No. 5070462

Gog and Magog

449bfc () No. 5070498

449bfc () No. 5070533

South Africa

Rothschild Rockefeller CFR

Common Purpose


449bfc () No. 5070563

449bfc () No. 5070714

Rothschild CFR RoundTable


449bfc () No. 5070739

South Africa

Rothschild Boer War

449bfc () No. 5070763

Rothschild Boer War

449bfc () No. 5070794

Rothschild's UN

Gun Control


Unarmed South Africans

ae018d () No. 5073112


stronger together!

f6ce1c () No. 5077438

side note to BO and other participants in this bread: suggestion

Please learn from the main board. Pleas apply the same logic. Please focus on connecting history and habbenings in South Africa with the real enemy. Focusing on blaming the English or Jews etc is what (((they want))) - learn.


96e822 () No. 5089238







96e822 () No. 5089242


3f7b73 () No. 5090336


3f7b73 () No. 5090374


We could use

RSA? Republic of South Africa?

3f7b73 () No. 5090378


Love that meme!

3f7b73 () No. 5090452


I accept what you're saying which I try do, however, everyone needs to understand that RSA is the most complicated and one if a kind, country, to research.

There was deliberate divide not only between colour but very deep divisiobs in language,.Religion, Tribes, Zulus Xhosas Bushmen, versus everything. There are 11 official languages!!

Each group will

Have their own history, told from their point of view.

So there will always be one side that's offended in some ssy. Minefields.

Through no fault of their own.

Some websites used may gave to use info

From WhiteGenocide or BlackStruggle in order to dig.

If Rhodes cane from the English side, that's facts .

If most of the take over of Good Diamonds were dong by Khazarians, what Censoring codeword do We have to use?

If the best info comes off sites thst use the J word, must I pretend it's something else?

When we discuss the abuse of Africans, j can't change the word or truth to satisfy others.

I never send anything out on Twitter that's offensive to any group becauae it's not the People's fault. I'm very sensitive to that.

If I have to concentrate only on Leadership, then There are 4 Groups.

I cannot change facts. They're all guilty Of wrong doing.





Please advise on how to tackle this. We could uae Code words.

1fc5f1 () No. 5090543


Tackling this is particularly tricky as we don’t yet know the “good guys” are or whether we even HAVE any uncompromised leaders. Many or most of them are sponsored/backed by foreign money with agendas that don’t represent the will of ANY of the groups you listed above.

We are dumping stuff on the board and YES we have to start somewhere! But what are we going to do about it?

If someone’s a talented meme artist, please build some very basic memes that can be shared and understood across the various platforms, cultures and peoples. Memes that will highlight the truth, but not divide people further.

dfcdbd () No. 5090703



WOW! Excellent information. Lots of clues to dig. Definitely, need to dig deep on who he really was. Germany always comes up.

The first lot of Germans that came over became Afrikaaners.

The 2nd lot, after the Crimea War were the English Germans if I remember correctly.

A real melting pot.

South Africa broke away from the Commonwealth, the Queen. That British wouldn't have been happy.

Knowing now, that the Intelligences were controlled by the ?Knights of Malta and all the Mind control.

We need to find out who he really was.

dfcdbd () No. 5090748


Not sure about Verwoerd but i can say this, each protected their own groups.

Well, now i'm nervous because we can't just go dishing Menes out yet.

We need to do a quick timeline if events together, our group, not be sensitive, put our thoughts together to get the best outcome on memes to cover all, if we ask Our fellow South African patriots from all backgrounds what they think would wotk from their point of view.

If all could please give us ideas please Anons.

dfcdbd () No. 5090756


That was me dumping Rhodes in the board! Waiting for others to join! ☺️ LOL!

7b42b8 () No. 5091305

This is an idea for a meme.ask hiw they'd like to be under UN control total


7b42b8 () No. 5091359


Ok you come up with ideas. If you feel I'm dividing, you take over. I've got other research to do and an election to tweet about.

1fc5f1 () No. 5091513


Oh don’t be so sensitive, anon. Everyone has been dumping and we have had to start SOMEWHERE. The strength of the board lays in the collective. And this is a new board which means it still needs direction.

I’ve seen on QResearch general that there is very quickly a lot of information on a lot of topics/subjects and very hard to pull together.

My suggestion is that we, FOR INSTANCE, pull something together on who we know comped politicians with their sponsors/handlers are and think about getting that out.

We need to raise awareness of the existence of this board if we want other patriots to become involved.

I’m an oldfag. Not a meme’er. But we need some memes if we’re going to make the normies aware of what’s going on. Election is less than 3 months away and many people have no idea who they’re going to vote for.

If you know if we have a party with integrity that will represent all groups, then don’t just tweet about it. Put it here so we can work with it please.


Like this anon has put it :

We’re going to have to start with our own side-by-sides (it doesn’t have to be memes) even if they’re incomplete. Post them so others can work on them and repost until we have something that is more complete and accurate.

5bfd29 () No. 5107186



Please do not misunderstand me.

Facts are facts - mo need for code words - Anons call it as is.

The point was - getting us to focus on "Jews" in general is exactly the same as saying a president is bad because he is president. The very same tactic used currently to say Trump is another president out to mislead the people for the hidden agenda of the elite.

In RSA we should be even more sensitive for making it about the "Jews" - Malema use the same to make it about the whites. Oppenheimer is white so it is the whites that are bad. Not true and part of their tactics.

What they have planned for the citizens of RSA will make no distinction between black brown white or green, between Jew or non Jew - It is US vs (((THEM))

Bottom line - call them by their names. Soros, Rothschild etc. That way we are all very clear who the group of bad ones are.

It is not Dems of Republicans - it is them (((deep state))).

It is not ANC or NP it is (((them))).

It is not Jews it is (((them))).

With all that being said - it should never keep us from digging or stating facts. We are politically incorrect period. We are fact based. We call it a spade. BUT we dig until we get to the root and we call the names - the real names. We do not generalize - we are clear.

The question becomes if we have time left to find out where we came from or should rather on focus on the current situation - purely because we might be out of time? Direct bloodline and their puppets currently in control. China and their involvement. Both behind current affairs such as land grabs?

My post regarding Verwoerd was an effort to get the big "A" word out of the way - it is always thrown at us whenever we discuss politics in RSA. Even that was orchestrated by ((them)). So lets move on - we have so much to do….

c732de () No. 5113993

24df10 () No. 5120345

Good morning, best of luck to you in Africa. Stop in to Q research and let us know how it’s all going. The world is watching. We are with you

86eb58 () No. 5122025

Need help guys

Why do I get a sage or you in the post even if the top three lines are left blank

1fc5f1 () No. 5123517

As much as want to give him the benefit of the doubt, where the HELL has this man been for the past decade??? Surely not a part of our government if Eskom’s latest load shedding has come as a shock?!


Ramaphosa 'shocked, angry' over 'broken' Eskom

18:21 11/02/2019 Carien du Plessis

President Cyril Ramaphosa said the current loadshedding by Eskom came as a "shock" and he was "quite angry" that the national energy generator has "reached this stage of dysfunctionality".

1fc5f1 () No. 5124352


Julius Sello Malema


Let's do the right thing fellow South Africans, vote to defeat kleptocracy and whiteness. #VoteEff


10:31 AM - Feb 11, 2019

1fc5f1 () No. 5138021

4 months ago, but I have not seen it on QResearch general even.

Cyril Ramaphosa meets with George Soros at the Intercontinental Hotel in NYC in Sept 2018


1fc5f1 () No. 5138101


And this is the reason we never hear about it. News24/Naspers/DSTV all part of the scheme.

545dfe () No. 5138158


I Apologise, was overloaded with other research and this board. I usually concentrate in UN.

Let's restart

I left RSA ages ago. Most of you, I assume are still living there.

I'll tweet the memes. Get pics for memes. How about that

545dfe () No. 5138235

Some QAnons only believe in finding information on Q's crumbs.

Others research further.

I research UN because

International Law = Cabal Laws.

UN started, owned & controlled by the Cabal.

All countries are forced to follow the UN Policies or no Aid.

These few memes explain all. If we can redo the wording on RSA backgrounds, they may be good to send out to get the message out.

An idea,

People living in Alexander Townshipwho still don't have theirown homes etc., will never own one

Because the UN doesn't allow for

Private property. Nor private cars, nor grazing animals eyc.,

If we can send memes like that, it may get across.

30d42b () No. 5138364


I was under the impression the US gave ESKOM a loan.

1fc5f1 () No. 5138381


It doesn’t matter WHO gave them a loan, they are at this moment incapable of providing a reliable service and our president says he’s “shocked” by this - as if he hasn’t been a part of running this country for YEARS. There is no accountability for failure.

1be426 () No. 5138758

The histoty of Sout Africa

Not the bull tought in school at present


Sorry guys this won't embed

1be426 () No. 5138774


does any one know why I get the you after Anonymous would appreciate help with it

1be426 () No. 5138775



54d40b () No. 5138860

This could be what's happening with ESKOM


Destabilise the Energy Sector


The UN Bankers want all Government Departments privatised, Especially Electricity.

They first destabilise the energy sector, see Melbourbe Australia, suddenly starting with Blackouts. Planned by the Globalists

They want everyone on THEIR smartgrid.

They need the LETHAL 5G to do it.

Municipalities or Councils are UN Fronts. Little UNs.

Whereever you see the word Sustainability think #StealthMarxism & LESS.

UN privatising Local Municipal Police.



HealthCare etc.,

UN Globalists speak in code.

Important to let WeThePeople know the REAL MEANING.

Sustainability is RATIONING

Eskom is part of Sustainability

They've deliberately made the Company UNWORKABLE so they have a case to privatise.

All part of the Private Bankers.

NO ONE is allowed to be off THEIR SmartGrid. Tyranny

This means

All Govt privatised, CONTROLLED by THEM.

Who owns SERCO?

Prince William.

Back to Who controls the World

The one thing that stood out like a sore thumb was how quickly the New Govt 1994 went back INTO the British Commonwealth🚨🚨

Why would you join back up with the 'colonialists'? The ones that 'took' your Land?

Serco & G4 are fleecing WeThePeople

The CFR (Rhodes Roundtable), Fabians, Tavistock & Rand Corp now EU CommonPurpose, are the Controllers.


b842e8 () No. 5139472


It is now clear why PW Botha said that the war was not between black and white but there is a third force working hard the keep people thinking that way. (The Cabal) and it was very funny that the MSM was allways ready with their cameras before anybody new of the riots.