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Friday 1.11.19

>>4708257 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee

>>4707306 ————————————–——– Public access to intel?

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Monday 1.7.19

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#6329 Baker Change

>>4957203 McConnell Mulls Introducing Amendment to Stop US Pullout from Syria, Afghanistan

>>4957220 Virginia up next for a late-term abortion bill

>>4957230 Kamala Harris Backs Massive Government Expansion Into Healthcare, Energy

>>4957239, >>4957299 Venezuela’s top court bars self-declared president Guaido from leaving country & freezes assets

>>4957251 Remembering Senior Chief Petty Officer William Ryan Owens. o7

>>4957258, >>4957334 Defense Official: Nothing Stopping Trump from Authorizing Military to Build Border Wall

>>4957289 JJ on Democrat shenanigans.

>>4957290, >>4957311 V2K about to be exposed?

>>4957292, >>4957443, >>4957585, >>4957668 Infinity symbol on CBP drone now headed towards the Northwest and Benavides.

>>4957379 McConnell calls for releasing as much of Mueller's report as possible

>>4957526 Voter Fraud Examples

>>4957750 Illegal Busted for Selling Child Porn in Louisiana

>>4957804 A Top U.N. Judge Has Resigned Over ‘Shocking’ Interference From the White House and Turkey

>>4957895 POTUS Schedule for tomorrow

>>4957915 #6329


>>4956874 Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them.

>>4956986 Guantanamo judge overseeing KSM's trial has fallen sick and is being flown out.

>>4956981 Venezuelan regime’s Supreme Court freezes opposition leader’s bank accounts, imposes travel ban on Juan Guaido.

>>4956900 Gmail outages today?

>>4956876 Maduro says CIA is using its drug war to 'frame' and jail venezuelan officials.

>>4956829 DeNiro embroiled in a custody battle.

>>4956834 Pompeo Tweet: Happy 158th Birthday, Kansas!

>>4956800 Planefag: CBP drone coming in off the Gulf.

>>4956543 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>4956515 Schneiderman did the same thing they're going after POTUS for.

>>4956513 U.N. envoy urges fighters to withdraw from Hodeida port.

>>4956461 Polar vortex explained.

>>4956450 Bill Priestap was the political espionage planner?

>>4956442 Syria update.

>>4957130 #6328


>>4956239 Trey Gowdy says South Carolina is 'not Kamala Harris, AOC territory'.

>>4956228 Sheriff Joe: FBI raid on Roger Stone is unprecedented.

>>4956218 US DoD: It’s a busy life on a @USNavy flight deck!

>>4956211 Syrian war report – Jan. 29, 2019: Hundreds killed in clashes between pro-Iranian, pro-Russian forces.

>>4956167 Gen Nakasone testified at a hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

>>4956044 Kids traveling from Washington develop measles in Hawaii.

>>4955903 Anon's take on OIG report on misconduct of FBI personnel.

>>4955888 Intel plans a $11 billion investment in a new factory in the south of Israel.

>>4955827 Senator Lindsey Graham pushes back Barr committee vote by one week.

>>4955817 Actors acting.

>>4955664, >>4955652 Huckabee with the topical bantz. Top kek.

>>4956321 #6327

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6cd0c4 () No. 4957935



6cd0c4 () No. 4957942


want to take it for a bread or two baker?

eed663 () No. 4957943

express sexual health

future of STI screening

f449d1 () No. 4957976

Great description of the immigration problem. Immigration,

World Poverty and Gumballs - NumbersUSA.com

6de4a3 () No. 4957980

Remember when the DNC wouldn’t allow a black woman to nominate Bernie Sanders at the 2016 convention?

31af09 () No. 4957981

Q answered yes to the JFK Jr. question. It is a MIRROR.



SEE the IDs, then fill in the blanks…

1. Odds of cc occupying spaces 5 and 6 on both randomly-generated IDs:_______

2. Odds of interrogator's randomly-generated id adding up to 23 (PAIN/JFK Jr.):_____

3. Odds of Q's randomly-generated id adding up to 17: _____

4. Odds of a flipped question/answer matching Q's THINK MIRROR:_____

5. Odds of 2 of the above happening together:_____

6. Odds of 3 of the above happening together:_____

7. Odds of 4 of the above happening together:______

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible? -Q

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263683 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:51:59 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263659 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:50:26 (EST)




Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary?

Logical thinking.



31af09 () No. 4957982

d029fe () No. 4957983

3d1886 () No. 4957984

31af09 () No. 4957985

571f87 () No. 4957986

>>4957969 (lb)

The love of money is the root of all evil anon.

31af09 () No. 4957987

03ca67 () No. 4957988

ab88e6 () No. 4957989


When will we lean?

12c350 () No. 4957990

Jaba the Nut

aa2d65 () No. 4957991

>>4957956 (PB)

Why would this info be coming to us from a twitter fag named Greg Rubini instead of Q, who we have spent 15 months interacting with? Who we have spent 15 months gathering proofs on. Why was it not posted on QResearch or PF with the trip code we know? No outside comms.

71c298 () No. 4957992

>>4957971 lb

there are penguins in Alaska?

d029fe () No. 4957993

dd7bf4 () No. 4957994

Dafuk is goin on in here?

When did we become leftypol?

683f6d () No. 4957995

af96bd () No. 4957996

>>4957419 (lb)

8f3bcf () No. 4957997


Podesta tamps down Clinton 2020 chatter: 'She's not running'


31af09 () No. 4957998



4fb1ca () No. 4957999


This place is lost. Only a few of us are left cause we have serious problems.

ec0ab0 () No. 4958000

Hussein follows gay studs AND gay sex toy companies on Twitter.

the Fleshjack connection was known but now he's creeping on bods using social media like the rest of normies except, ya know, he's gay and married

4960da () No. 4958001

2b1df9 () No. 4958002

>>4957806 (lb)

aa2d65 () No. 4958003

This is what really happens behind the scenes.

695583 () No. 4958004


Yeah I got it fren.

Confirming handoff?

Hey anons, I've been out of touch with notables and habbenings a couple days, please lemme know if I do something retarded

6a69e5 () No. 4958005

Theory on KEYSTONE

We all know what a keystone is. It is the center of an arch that holds it up. Without the keystone, the arch will fall.

We know that both POTUS and Q love to play work games. Example "Witch Hunt". I don't believe POTUS is claiming he is the Witch because the actual meaning of this phrase is someone hunting a Witch. He would be calling himself the witch, so we have to assume it is Hillary and Mueller is hunting her.

So let's take these 2 things and apply them to Roger Stone. See where I am going with this?

Stone is the Key to help bring the inter workings of Spygate to light. Stone is a well know political operative that has known POTUS for a very long time. He understands how to turn a story into a media firestorm. He is our Trojan Horse. Think about how the media has portrayed him. He's a Trump insider, he's no one. He knows a lot about Wikileaks, he knows nothing and just likes to make himself look important.

Stone can bring to light many aspects. Of course, one of the most important is where did Wikileaks get the emails? This is the most important question of the whole thing. Stone can show how Americans are spied on, just think what Corsi said tonight "they know who you talked to, who you met with, all your phone calls, all your texts, all you emails" this is very scary. Why would they know that? They are giving us an example, right in front of our eyes, of how the system is broken so it can be fixed.

Stone is the Key to blow the whole thing wide open. The left hates him so they want to see him prosecuted. The right can't figure him out. So he is the perfect person to be the one to help open everyone's eyes on how bad things got during the election. He knows too much and has always been somewhere lurking during everything. He is willing to endure all this to bring the truth to light.

Stone has done nothing wrong but what if he is the reason this thing goes from Russia hacking the DNC to Seth Rich handing the emails off and then helps bring back the missing emails and where they are. He could be one that gives Mueller the excuse he needs to bring in the REAL COLLUSION.

Just an opinion of the possibilities.

e3bf63 () No. 4958006

4d9745 () No. 4958007

d029fe () No. 4958009


"jimmy" posted about CRISPR in summer; the CRISPR baby news started in November.

3d1886 () No. 4958008

bd6eb8 () No. 4958010

Damn Good Dough!

537fd5 () No. 4958011


Can we please have the bears and no bears discussion again?

2f8c6b () No. 4958012

>>4957568 LB

Wow, thank you.

31af09 () No. 4958013

06a77e () No. 4958014


Podesta talking cats now!

Is that the new code word? cats? catnip?

7bb09c () No. 4958015

424542 () No. 4958016

Book of daniel faggot

And it's lust for drumpf rectum

Many hobbits were displaced so dannalingus could lose a TAvistock watch up his asshole








aa2d65 () No. 4958017


I said Greg Rubini sucks nigger dick.

dd7bf4 () No. 4958018


Trips confirm

1be9d9 () No. 4958019


She's the reason the word "nigger" exists.

"black asshole" just don't do her fat ass justice.

d029fe () No. 4958021

6bc4f9 () No. 4958020

>>4957838 (lb)

is the holocaust real or fake anon?

is the wailing wall real or a hoax anon?

no equivocation. yes or no.

71c298 () No. 4958022


trips confirm!

68720d () No. 4958023

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah resigns

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah has resigned, just days after Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas announced plans to form a new government.

In a statement today, PA spokesperson Yusuf Al-Mahmoud said that “the prime minister and his ministers welcome [Fatah, the Palestinian faction which dominates the PA]’s decision to form a new government,” adding that: “Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah has placed his government at the disposal of the President of the Authority [Abbas].”


683f6d () No. 4958024

523fb5 () No. 4958025

Q is busy. Fight Fight Fight

>>4957949 lb

>>4957868 lb

>>4957837 lb

Get these out there Anons

Run this cunt through the mud

This is War! Set 'em up and knock 'em down!


424542 () No. 4958026

Liars and serial killers seeking ubiquity for muhsatan

e1d733 () No. 4958027

Incase anybody was too lazy to google it.

984114 () No. 4958028


Abdula! Abdula! Your Bacha Bozi is getting warmed up for you! Hurry home!

d029fe () No. 4958029

523fb5 () No. 4958030




af96bd () No. 4958031

d61c35 () No. 4958032


Missing "r". How cryptic.

051aec () No. 4958033


Yup. Q already told us, action starts after Stone arrest. Pic related.

Key: I believe is Key Witness, or could be a hash key for a drop.

1d9a00 () No. 4958034

A cure for the drug addiction crisis?

6cd0c4 () No. 4958035


Handoff confirmed

still here, will be lurking

bd6eb8 () No. 4958036


The Few… The Proud… QAnons!

3f0626 () No. 4958037


Why do you keep removing this from the dough?

* Twitter Video Downloader http://twittervideodownloader.com/

730339 () No. 4958038

>>4957717 (PB)

That is not true. The confessor was not a shill, nor were they a bo, or a baker either. This I know, for I am thee. Now begone with your nonsense, fool, lest I larp you again to mysterious realms of fantasy and pain.

06a77e () No. 4958039


you need some original material.

you're boring

ab88e6 () No. 4958040


oh shit i didn't even notice

5c8997 () No. 4958041


Hey I resemble that remark!

0ceb98 () No. 4958042


Stacy A-BARN-s

AutoBahn, not Lane Bryant

d029fe () No. 4958043

571f87 () No. 4958044


"Money is the root of all evil" is a leftist meme designed to get you give all of yours, to them.

4960da () No. 4958045

537fd5 () No. 4958046


Please pray for the Midwest in this cold. I have to go get 2 more cats, maybe 3. The third one smells so bad. He is a straight up alley cat.

877d56 () No. 4958047



4fb1ca () No. 4958048

fc9db9 () No. 4958050

523fb5 () No. 4958049


Trips confirm

Fight Fight Fight

695583 () No. 4958051



thanks baker

472f0e () No. 4958052

Did someone say Freedom?

Tonight is the one year anniversary of this marker post. These next few days should be interesting.

5992d5 () No. 4958053


This has got to be a sign from Q that WE ARE IN CONTROL.

Anons would totally get this humor. Maybe Michelle needs to follow manufacturers who sell underwear with dickholes or something as confirmation.

(Queenly free to take that idea kek)

dc8123 () No. 4958054


That is an interesting take on that post. I really want to go with it, but it seems a bit thin with just that. Do you have anything else that could indicate that that is the case?

aa2d65 () No. 4958055


Those of who are still here need to just burn this motherfucker down.

We built it. We gave it life. And we will pull the plug.

6bc4f9 () No. 4958056

3d1886 () No. 4958057

732eee () No. 4958058

>>4957644 LB Adrenochrome discussion

Any anons talked about this? Just found it.


"DRENOCHROME (ADC) is an ERC20 token specifically designed to facilitate the high-velocity, cryptographically secure international trading of the chemical compound Adrenochrome (C9H9NO3).

The Adrenochrome (C9H9NO3) compound is synthesised by the oxidation of adrenaline, sourced from the blood of human children. ADRENOCHROME is the purest product on the market, harvested under strictly regulated conditions from our international supply chain of child donors.

In the past ADRENOCHROME could be purchased using a number of different cryptocurrencies, from a selection of suppliers on the Dark Web. This made it difficult to regulate the price of our product effectively. It also meant that profits were absorbed by a third party, instead of being reinvested in the harvesting and production of ADRENOCHROME. With the advent of the ADRENOCHROME blockchain and ADC cryptocurrency, all this has changed."

ee786b () No. 4958060


You mother fuckers are desperate. there is no escape, You are fucked.

4fb1ca () No. 4958061



fc9db9 () No. 4958062

d029fe () No. 4958063


You have to go, bot.

877d56 () No. 4958064


would be DOPE

5adce5 () No. 4958065

Bedbugs taken over hotel room: ‘There was blood on the sheets’

A mum travelling with her kids is “traumatised” after a plague of bedbugs invaded their hotel room, which she captured in skin-crawling photos.

Jennifer Earl

Fox NewsJANUARY 30, 201912:21PM

A mother travelling with her children says she had a skin-crawling experience at a Texas hotel over the weekend, claiming she was greeted by dozens of bedbugs covering the bed, headboard and beyond after entered her room.

Kali Powell, who was travelling with her two young children, called the incident “traumatising”, Fox News reported.

“It was the most nasty thing. They were big, they were little. There was blood on the sheets. That was from when we were flipping the sheets, and bugs were crushed by the sheets,” Ms Powell told San Antonio’s WOAI News, sharing mobile phone footage of the insects inside her room at Drury Inn and Suites in Stone Oak, San Antonio.

Ms Powell said her two children had already fallen asleep before she noticed the bloodsucking insects.

“Poor kids were laying in the beds with these things crawling all over eating away at them. I have never dealt with this ever in my life,” she warned in a Facebook post early on Saturday, local time.

Panicked, the mum contacted the hotel’s assistant manager and was transferred to another room that she was assured was bug-free. However, Ms Powell couldn’t help but wonder if she carried any critters over with her.

In a post online, she advised others staying at the hotel to monitor the room for any potential signs of a “nasty infestation”.

Drury Hotels confirmed they were contacted about the incident and stressed that the “safety and comfort” of guests is their “top priority”.

“No hotel can prevent bedbugs from being introduced, but we are extremely vigilant and take proactive steps to check on a daily basis and treat any issues as soon as they are discovered,” a spokesperson for the hotel chain told WOAI.


moar cabal dirty tricks…. measle breakouts, eboli…. bed bugs terrorizing travellers????

a50e7e () No. 4958066

>>4957979 LB

Ahhhhh, Dianne Cheinstein.

0fd2a4 () No. 4958067

4960da () No. 4958068

aa2d65 () No. 4958069


Q could always post to let us know he was in control. He used to do that like 10 times in one day. Did he lose his phone?

b2cfeb () No. 4958070


It would be nice if we could see some tangible progress on the Deep State. How do you fight a problem that's shaped like an infection?

3d593f () No. 4958071


Immigration is a race war on Europeans

92a03f () No. 4958072


Timing Is Everything

fd1fd6 () No. 4958073

For the Twatter

6bc4f9 () No. 4958074

71c298 () No. 4958075


is he a lil fighter with booze breath?

3d1886 () No. 4958076

6a69e5 () No. 4958077


Theory on KEYSTONE

We all know what a keystone is. It is the center of an arch that holds it up. Without the keystone, the arch will fall.

We know that both POTUS and Q love to play work games. Example "Witch Hunt". I don't believe POTUS is claiming he is the Witch because the actual meaning of this phrase is someone hunting a Witch. He would be calling himself the witch, so we have to assume it is Hillary and Mueller is hunting her.

So let's take these 2 things and apply them to Roger Stone. See where I am going with this?

Stone is the Key to help bring the inter workings of Spygate to light. Stone is a well know political operative that has known POTUS for a very long time. He understands how to turn a story into a media firestorm. He is our Trojan Horse. Think about how the media has portrayed him. He's a Trump insider, he's no one. He knows a lot about Wikileaks, he knows nothing and just likes to make himself look important.

Stone can bring to light many aspects. Of course, one of the most important is where did Wikileaks get the emails? This is the most important question of the whole thing. Stone can show how Americans are spied on, just think what Corsi said tonight "they know who you talked to, who you met with, all your phone calls, all your texts, all you emails" this is very scary. Why would they know that? They are giving us an example, right in front of our eyes, of how the system is broken so it can be fixed.

Stone is the Key to blow the whole thing wide open. The left hates him so they want to see him prosecuted. The right can't figure him out. So he is the perfect person to be the one to help open everyone's eyes on how bad things got during the election. He knows too much and has always been somewhere lurking during everything. He is willing to endure all this to bring the truth to light.

Stone has done nothing wrong but what if he is the reason this thing goes from Russia hacking the DNC to Seth Rich handing the emails off and then helps bring back the missing emails and where they are. He could be one that gives Mueller the excuse he needs to bring in the REAL COLLUSION.

Just an opinion of the possibilities.

aff70a () No. 4958078


Think of the Q posts about how to legally introduce evidence. It all comes out in the Stone trial. POTUS is isolated from all the nonsense.

Q said only 40/60 (and WE lobbied for that much disclosure up from 20/80) would be known. This is the public show.

You didn't think this was just about words?

The end of the Democratic Party.

The end of the swamp.

Bring the Pain, Q.

Bring the PAIN.

dd7bf4 () No. 4958079


I said it days ago,but i was told to fuck off.

Guess we have very few anons left who read Q posts anymore

2bfc18 () No. 4958080

d61c35 () No. 4958081


Wrong. It is the love of money that is the root of all evil. Fucked up priorities.

dc8123 () No. 4958082


. I don't know about you, but i dont think I could trust someone with that power. Sure, it may fix one thing, but how many others will it fuck up

e6d50f () No. 4958083

Reposted because this was at the end of last bread:

I didn't see this noted . . . but El Chapo's defense today called only one witness, and wrapped up within a half hour! Closing statements will be made (Prosecution tomorrow, I believe, and defense on Thursday).

BUT . . . the Defense spent just a half hour? WTF? Well, my SO said, "They're gonna claim inadequate defense/representation and ask for a retrial." Sounds logical to me - it would delay sentencing, among other things.


3f0626 () No. 4958084


New baker,

Please put this back in the dough;


d7acd0 () No. 4958085

2f8c6b () No. 4958086


WE PRAY for safety in the Midwest and thankful to those willing to help others.

8f3bcf () No. 4958087


Maybe Skippy is Freddy kek.

bd6eb8 () No. 4958088

6cd0c4 () No. 4958089



I didn't remove anything, didn't even touch the dough

a525b9 () No. 4958090

>>4956486 (pb)

Drug cartel focused in Democrat (blue) counties

Matches 2016 vote map

Matches Sanctuary cities and ties democrats to cartel/illegal votes

4fb1ca () No. 4958092


As if Trey Gowdy did a god damn thing.

1cc063 () No. 4958093


Any criticism of zionists talmudic Pharisees is spreading hate.

You are free to criticize everything and everyone else tho.

4960da () No. 4958094

e1d733 () No. 4958095


It is the only thing that can destroy it.

Let it grow.

ab88e6 () No. 4958096


thank you

4bb7b4 () No. 4958098

Q has been gone so long his posts are fading away..

537fd5 () No. 4958099


I wonder if it works the same with all drugs? Cocaine is emotional, I LOVE her, I’d die for her. Hence, never again.

6257f6 () No. 4958100


b79586 () No. 4958101

>>4957930 lb

> Because under a floating price of gold TPTB can never do a surprise devaluation and leave the average joes holding the bag

The price of Ag/Au is determined by the COMEX. When you buy/sell gold you get pricing input from whatever site that uses data from the CME.

Massive paper dumps to suppress both gold and silver for many years. Or do you believe that $6b in paper can just be dropped on either one and actually have real physical metal being traded? If you do then you are the one who is nuts.

Now be a good boy and do some research before you look like a bigger fool.

and love the way you come in at the end of the bread like a regular shill too.

d029fe () No. 4958102

bd6eb8 () No. 4958103



6834db () No. 4958104


(You) are full of crap.

3f0626 () No. 4958105


Hmm, it was in last bread but not this one.


a26b96 () No. 4958106

aa2d65 () No. 4958107


The dems have the fucking gavel. Open your eyes, Anon.

4d5c36 () No. 4958108


Looks exactly like a LARP, or just plain bullshit.

bd6eb8 () No. 4958109

2ad965 () No. 4958110

>>4957289 lb

Pffft, voting age needs to be RAISED to 21, not lowered. We have enough idiots voting that are making things worse as is.

571f87 () No. 4958111


Kek, thread back anon. I was clarifying my point.

34faf8 () No. 4958112


>,but i was told to fuck off.

is that a bad thing?

dd7bf4 () No. 4958113


Q no longer needs to post here. The enemy knows what up. No need for disinformation against them.

Q really is POTUS. Once done with someone or something, it or they get tossed.

We're fired.

2f8c6b () No. 4958114

d8540f () No. 4958115

7d708a () No. 4958116

Maps have a key

-Keys identify the symbols

–Symbols will be there downfall

—Follow the money

—-Follow bloodlines via symbols on ancient coins

The same group of banksters have been causing the world problems for their own profit and power for 1000s of years. Time to exit their pedo-paper power structure and go back to sound money. Start saving in precious metals instead of deepstate debt notes.

3d1886 () No. 4958117

aa2d65 () No. 4958118


Fuck Trey Gowdy is his faggot fucking ass.

6a69e5 () No. 4958119


This falls in line with Qpost 269.

Word play at its finest.

Stone is the Key to introduce everything that will take down Spygate.

b2cfeb () No. 4958120


Word games can be many things, though. What if Q is using his reputation for subtlety to do something more direct, and on a related note, anything up with the Keystone pipeline lately?

1ac19f () No. 4958121

bb012f () No. 4958122

ee786b () No. 4958123


They have the biggest victim card, but we know the "victim" scam now.

Meh Victims, oppressors!

537fd5 () No. 4958124


Thanks for stepping up. I was like, this dude is wrong, but I didn’t know why.

a26b96 () No. 4958125


ur mom is dead

7bb09c () No. 4958126

ab88e6 () No. 4958127


My serious problem is that twatter rarely will show me DJT twats. I'm glad I can get them here.

68720d () No. 4958128



d61c35 () No. 4958129


Sorry to interrupt.

2b1df9 () No. 4958130



Also the excessive use of force in the early morning arrest filmed by CNN sets the stage on what to expect in future arrests.

877d56 () No. 4958131


fuken disgusting. hope its not related as the owners of the hotel chain live in my town.

e3bf63 () No. 4958132


6cd0c4 () No. 4958133


oops, that is my fault actually

the dough is updated and fine, I just used copypasta from earlier today that didn't have the update in it

that's my bad, thanks anon

updated it

9aee85 () No. 4958134


"God is with us"

Gray Ranks satire

0fd2a4 () No. 4958135



Im here and you are wrong faggot

Key = NSA/Wizards Warlocks/MI

Stone = Potus/Patriots

bd6eb8 () No. 4958136




8f1ff8 () No. 4958137

Hey fags, not sure if it means anything or not, but General Flynn followed me back on Twitter today. I know that he has like 20k + followers… I figured I'd say something case anyone else was added today.

a4b6b0 () No. 4958138

7689ff () No. 4958139


Did you notice how Corsi said he thought Stone did meet with Assange on Tucker tonight?

It was odd and he said he can’t prove it, but odd he threw it out there

I agree with you….no sauce, just a feeling

5adce5 () No. 4958140



grenade was tossed by an unknown source in to a mosque in Zamboanga City, at the southern Philippines on Tuesday night, according to Walla! news.

The incident occurred two days after a twin-bomb attack during a church service in the southern Philippines killed at least seven people and wounded 35.The local police is investigating the circumstances of the attack.


ALSO video by nuttyahoo daring anyone to attack Israel syber of otherwise but this case, specifically cyber might

051aec () No. 4958141


See the other anons reply. As I said, no evidence.

aa2d65 () No. 4958142


This is a myth. Nothing beats pure cocaine. Nothing. You can bet they hoover it down until their eyes bleed.

dc8123 () No. 4958143


Maybe, but Stone has always rubbed me the wrong way. He's a snake. Always has been. I'm hoping you're correct, though

6d1a1d () No. 4958144

Headed home? Hope the fishing was good.

bd6eb8 () No. 4958145



6cd0c4 () No. 4958146


I swear 'everything is the keystone' shit is a slide

4960da () No. 4958147

f1b8fa () No. 4958148


lb that shit

1d9a00 () No. 4958149

I hope part of the Great Awakening WW will help save Christians from persecution. The Satanists currently leading the West don’t care, or worse, actually want it.

4fb1ca () No. 4958150



051aec () No. 4958151


There will be tribunals.

Brennan’s will be first.

And it will be televised.

Screencap this.

523fb5 () No. 4958152


Why did NY pass at birth abortion legislation

Why did NY really pass at birth abortion legislation

Reconcile Night Shift

Fight! Fight! Fight!


1a7b20 () No. 4958153

>>4957962 (lb)

We have nothing to suggest Mueller is investigating Hillary. RR appointed Mueller. Allegedly did so in response to Comey's shitshow hearing. Mueller is doing everything he can to connect dots that will put negative attention on POTUS, hopefully reveal some collusion, and hopefully lead to impeachment. That is his sole job and everyone knows that.

Can you explain what AG, optics, and diversions drops suggest Mueller is going to bring down Clinton? I am 100% open to the possibility that I have missed something and some anon can piece it together to convince me otherwise. I want to believe. No one has explained how they reach this conclusion except by suggesting Hillary is the "witch" of witch hunt, and making general references to "optics" and "disinformation." And the meeting with POTUS!

I admit, the possibility is always there, but with all we know about Mueller, how likely is it that he is taking down Hillary?

d029fe () No. 4958154

3d1886 () No. 4958155

Listen to Homer's advice.

It could save your life.

6bc4f9 () No. 4958156

40d04f () No. 4958157

Watch out for your children Planned Non-parenthood wants to infect them with the desire to kill babies


8:34 PM 01/24/2019 | US

Mary Margaret Olohan | Marketing and Publicity Associate, Regnery Publishing

Planned Parenthood just announced plans to release “Roo,” a new sexual health app, on Thursday in collaboration with their ongoing partner Work & Co.

Adage.com reveals that “Planned Parenthood worked with digital shop Work & Co on the strategy, branding, design and development of the chatbot — which began testing last year but officially launches Thursday.” (RELATED: Women’s Groups Stay Silent About Planned Parenthood Discrimination Allegations)

The app, named “Roo” in order to “to seem gender-neutral and friendly to the intended audience,” is supposed to be a venue for young people to ask questions about sexual health that they might not feel comfortable asking their parents. Designed specifically for 13 to 17-year olds, Roo is equipped to evolve over time to better answer questions from consumers.

Adage reveals that users of Roo can find information on pretty much any sexual topic; puberty, STD’s, pregnancy, masturbation, and even crushes. Roo will also connect users with other resources in the event that they cannot find what they are looking for – and among those resources are “live educators via Planned Parenthood’s Chat/Text program.”

Roo is accessible on mobile phones – meaning that young people now have the ability to ask any questions regarding sexuality and sexual health that they wish at any time or place. Not only will they receive uncensored answers to these questions, but they will also be given advice from Planned Parenthood operatives.


dd7bf4 () No. 4958158


Nah. I kept repeating the theory Keystone was revealed.


Roger /STONE

Seemed likely.

I could be wrong,but doubt it. Wikileaks is proof about Seth being a leaker,instead of muh Russia hacking.

And being told to fuck off,especially here with you morans,is a badge of honor.

3f0626 () No. 4958159


Good to go, thanks.

NewBaker copy?


984114 () No. 4958160

They've taken Europe

Take a look at the streets of London!

Phase 1: The Seed

The less radical muslims move in and show you how like you they are.

Phase 2: They Breed

They have kids. LOTS LOTS LOTS of kids. Anyway they can or whomever they can. They spread their seed.

Phase 3: They Bleed

When they become the majority and you still have not woke the fuck up yet. They will start to kill your white ass and rape your kids and steal your government elections. Then it's TOO LATE.

They are not coming to mix and let you be you. They are coming to steal, kill, and destroy. Period, that's all.

Woke Yet?

95d7bf () No. 4958161

Where the (o)(o)s at?

1d9a00 () No. 4958162


I pray you are right fren.

4fb1ca () No. 4958163

weve been overrun by jewish shit shitty memes other bots and wackos and gay porn

06a77e () No. 4958164





27 Jan 2018 - 11:09:31 AM

"Catch & Release"

"Safety & Security"


Have you learned how to read the message?


bd6eb8 () No. 4958165



68720d () No. 4958166


to shock Americans

051aec () No. 4958167


Do you even Q, newfren?

Double meanings exist.


aa2d65 () No. 4958168


The footage is going to get beamed right into Greg Rubinis LARP'ing anus.

76f410 () No. 4958169


He's dead, bro. Sorry.

6a69e5 () No. 4958170


Yes these 2 are playing their roles to bring Seth Rich and the stolen emails into the light.

This is the Key to bring the whole mess to a conclusion. The MSM and the world has to know where the emails came from. Everything falls from there.

d029fe () No. 4958171

4fb1ca () No. 4958172




dd7bf4 () No. 4958173


Multiple meanings exist

6cd0c4 () No. 4958174



the dough has it in it, it was just on my end

the incoming baker should be all good to go

1be9d9 () No. 4958175

05b4af () No. 4958176

4fb1ca () No. 4958177


d029fe () No. 4958178

5c8997 () No. 4958179


Plausible and the word of the next few weeks is going to be “discovery”. Stone’s case will be the D5 tipping point IMHO.

bd6eb8 () No. 4958180



8f3bcf () No. 4958181


Do you openly support Q on your account, anon?

880acd () No. 4958182


What's your guess on a time line for this happening?

424542 () No. 4958183


537fd5 () No. 4958184


To feast upon them. Otherwise, you wouldn’t bc of the medical waste alone. It’s like giving up your baby for adoption, but adoption = murder. Do they kill it inside or outside?

e1d733 () No. 4958187


are you trying to say bots can't read?

523fb5 () No. 4958188


I like it anon. Glad to see you.

Not guilty plea means "discovery" for trial?


6cd0c4 () No. 4958189



Q confirms meaning to signatures, like Alice & Wonderland

stop sliding

aa2d65 () No. 4958190


Q is on Epstein's island fucking dead DYFS kids and Haitian babies.

4d9745 () No. 4958191


YW. Found just a couple more, put em up here >>4958007

No point wasting a post, here are We Take This Journey Together, One Step At A Time. Q will show us a beautiful brave new world.

ecd973 () No. 4958192


Follow the leads. Connect the dots. I’m still digging.

2f8c6b () No. 4958193

3f0626 () No. 4958194



Back to lurking.

5adce5 () No. 4958195

Defense case in 'El Chapo' trial lasts only 30 minutes

The defense case for notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman lasted only 30 minutes on Tuesday.


5:27 a.m. PST Jan. 29, 2019


f71283 () No. 4958196


aa2d65 () No. 4958197


Q is Chelsea Manning.

40d04f () No. 4958198

PP talking to kids as young as 13, who thinks this is a wholesome idea? And what about parents?


Planned Parenthood’s New Sex Chat Bot Targets Young Teens, Gives Shocking Answers on Sex, Abortion, Relationships and More

By Dan Andros

Managing Editor

January 25, 2019

Planned Parenthood continues to exert influence over the culture on issues of sex and abortion, launching a new online mobile app that gives sex instructions and advice 13 to 17-year-old teens who are attempting to navigate sex issues

6a69e5 () No. 4958199


Exactly. These kind of raids about to be normal.

bd6eb8 () No. 4958200

1d9c9f () No. 4958201

7689ff () No. 4958202


What were you digging on to get this response?

94c25e () No. 4958203


Q can take the time they need.

We are comfee

55f543 () No. 4958204

Holy fuck… Bidenfag shill is back….

880acd () No. 4958205


She's not pretty

984114 () No. 4958206


Are all muslims into Bacha Bozi? Or is that just certain ones?

a50e7e () No. 4958207

ee786b () No. 4958208


Can we enter a raffle or something where the winner gets to be the executioner?

3018fc () No. 4958209

This is not the same woman.

The nose is very close and the contours of the face but the teeth lines do not even remotely match.

d6eb23 () No. 4958210

571f87 () No. 4958211

aa2d65 () No. 4958212


She is an abomination.

8ebe83 () No. 4958213

Breadly reminder

Pelosi broke King Cuck

bc37b1 () No. 4958214

aa2d65 () No. 4958215


I mean he.

7689ff () No. 4958216


13 for fucks sake

af820a () No. 4958217


8f1ff8 () No. 4958218

695583 () No. 4958219


>NewBaker copy?

Copy. Confirm dough is good.

bd6eb8 () No. 4958220


People will be executed

051aec () No. 4958222


He is.

You will be as surprised as the Libs.

>Everyone knows it.

If you were Q team would you want it any other way.




Mueller and RR are working for POTUS. The “Goodbye RR” posts that happened like 3 or 4 times were to panic ((them)). He’s still there because he still has work to do. Also, that’s why congress backed off targeting RR when White Hats were made aware he was doing things that could not be made public yet.

Wait and see, fren.

4d9745 () No. 4958223

4fb1ca () No. 4958224

06ac60 () No. 4958225


Yes, yes indeed fren.

6bc4f9 () No. 4958226


the rich and the jews get so many breaks and enjoy so many excuses don't they anon?

never ending investigations and dithering as fuck

1ed29d () No. 4958227


We went from saving the world to bedbugs….sad times

537fd5 () No. 4958228


I like these better. These do not make me want to jump ship.

6a69e5 () No. 4958229


Then he is playing his part perfectly.

He is suppose to rub you wrong. The Left has to hate him just as much as they love Mueller. Think about it when the roles are reversed.

Stone is the good guy and Mueller is working for us. The Libs and MSM will go nuts.

3d1886 () No. 4958230


Cry Moar.

051aec () No. 4958231

06a77e () No. 4958232

POTUS State of the Union




31 Jan 2018 - 8:54:16 PM


31 Jan 2018 - 8:53:33 PM


“I call on the Congress to empower every Cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.”





4c2f5f () No. 4958234

Ok, this could be something big. In an PB 495581 an Anon dropped a post about 11 Zinfandel Lane, St. Helena, CA. Said look at the map, see where the money flows and from sea to shining sea. I am paraphrasing. I looked at the location and I noticed the Napa River flows down the back of the vineyard and a lot of other vineyards all the way down to Napa Opus One. The Napa River continues on down and opens to the eventual sea. Could they be bringing the kids in through a ship from Mexico or another transport and dropping off on the Napa River and it works its way down? The other theory I have by looking at the map, Silverado Trail winds through all the vineyards and right behind 11 Zinfandel. This needs more hive mind.

bb5918 () No. 4958233

Clintons go all in for McAwful. Their only chance for a pardon.

5adce5 () No. 4958235


I think that squinted eye, broad gritting smile is the tip of the knife the mexican cartels have in her back,

9aee85 () No. 4958236

see the Q on her arm?

ee786b () No. 4958237

f7d120 () No. 4958238


He's being controlled

3f0626 () No. 4958239

aa2d65 () No. 4958240


He also follows @TrueEyeTheSpy, who is a steaming pile of dogshit.

4fb1ca () No. 4958242


The people still left her lurking are the best of the best. o7

9278c1 () No. 4958243


Yeah, this is anon humor. Just look at the profiles. It's a total troll move. Something Big Don would do or sign off on. Kek.

984114 () No. 4958244

a525b9 () No. 4958245

>>4956486 (pb)

More details

Drug Cartels, Democrat Votes, Sanctuary Statutes, & Human Trafficking

4c2f5f () No. 4958246

6bc4f9 () No. 4958247


who is ((them))?

The Vatican?

051aec () No. 4958248


How new are you?

7689ff () No. 4958249


Stone is incredibly confident

Manafort looked like a whipped dog


2f8c6b () No. 4958250


Thank you.

3d1886 () No. 4958251


They learned that shit from the jews.

2b1df9 () No. 4958252

523fb5 () No. 4958253


Dont stop now anon. We have to learn to do this without autists.

Fight Fight Fight


af96bd () No. 4958254


And a few rider femfags holdin it down too i bet.

This meme comes up a little short.

Much luvz muh ladies that dont exist.

Sum u got tuff as nails.

Consequence of this was no moar femfag bewbs so that part sucks.

Is an honor to be here a year and change later


Apologize for the times I acted like an ass.

Still say the shills suck compared to last January.


dd7bf4 () No. 4958255


Did you not read the part where i said i could be wrong?(But i doubt it)

Everyone is wrong predicting Q.

That includes you faggot.

fd5424 () No. 4958256

Anons knew all along.

Smollett story was bogus


2 Am

-40 Below 0

Zoo's Closed

Little known actor

MAGA Hats in Chicago

Walking around with a noose and bleach….

6bf45e () No. 4958257

732eee () No. 4958258


No, adrenochrome is real. It's addictive and halucinogenic - I dug on it months ago. But this could be a larp, don't know. "WhoIs" links it to Korea and I got "access denied" for the "http://www.adrenochrome.com/blog/" link.

Maybe someone with expertise in cryptocurrencies could prove/disprove it?

94c25e () No. 4958259


We are here…. waiting / digging. Many are lurking

cf57b2 () No. 4958260


U no it

537fd5 () No. 4958261


Why is that image so big? OG? Steg?

9278c1 () No. 4958262

fdaa51 () No. 4958263

Dear shills,

I just wanted to let you know, you have not the effect you hope for.

Concern shills, muh jew shills, the board is dead shills, R shills, … just proof Q by your engagement here to stop and divide Anons.

And still, I will come here every single day and


(Not a meme fag.)

1cc063 () No. 4958264


its amazing how triggered you are by anyone criticizing zionists talmudic pedophile pharisees….

Do u react like that when anyone other groups are criticized here?

Or u just do what ur (((handlers))) tell u to?

11b659 () No. 4958265

>>4957315 lb

>>4957201 lb

>Someone please shop in Blumenthal and the stolen valor drum pounding injun.

39a1dc () No. 4958266


Could it be Roger Stone is "KeySTONE"?

7b079f () No. 4958267


The property under the fig 8 looks like

0 County Road 214

Falfurrias, TX 78355

Just sold last year…. digging for moar

8f3bcf () No. 4958268


You mean HE'S not pretty kek.


Sweet! Congrats, anon.



b79586 () No. 4958269


i was eating but knew that had to be put down.

can't type with rib fingers. Just a shill as the golden cross tech signal puts it on the radar. Notice he did not respond to my first post about who actually controls the price..

2cdc25 () No. 4958270


So now attackers shout MAGA instead of ALLAH AKBAR??

You know when the media is lying

4c2f5f () No. 4958271


This is the photo of the house that anon speaks of.

2f8c6b () No. 4958272


Something is crooked about her like hillary.

Let's find it, meme it, and show the World.

The World loves Anons' memes, kek.

051aec () No. 4958273


No. In that post I meant Cabal in general. But Vatican was infiltrated by Zionists in the early 60’s. Zionists are going to be exposed as the biggest player of the “Cabal”. Something like 70-80%

8f1ff8 () No. 4958274

bd6eb8 () No. 4958275

537fd5 () No. 4958276


I’m gonna confirm your 666 mirror trips. Not always, just for you.

aa2d65 () No. 4958277


I'm so used to coming here, that I can't seem to leave you faggots, even though the horse has already left barn.

b7f6f8 () No. 4958278

A reminder of the evil… not for the queasy.

854f9c () No. 4958279

40d04f () No. 4958280

They say it’s to help 13 year old children navigate sex issues! Since when are 13 year olds asking for advice on sex issues? This organization and everyone like and connected to them has to go down,

Planned Parenthood's Chat For Teens


January 26th, 2019, 2:59 PM EST

Planned Parenthood’s New Sex Chat Bot Targets Young Teens, Gives Shocking Answers on Sex, Abortion, Relationships and More

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash



By Dan Andros

Managing Editor

January 25, 2019

Planned Parenthood continues to exert influence over the culture on issues of sex and abortion, launching a new online mobile app that gives sex instructions and advice 13 to 17-year-old teens who are attempting to navigate sex issues.

3f0626 () No. 4958281

4fb1ca () No. 4958282

3d1886 () No. 4958284

Obey your masters.

051aec () No. 4958285


Manafort worked for Podesta. You seem surprised?

877697 () No. 4958286


2f8c6b () No. 4958287

Be careful predictions, rumors, lying shills.

9278c1 () No. 4958288


KEEEEK… this pepe expression is so darn nuanced!

a7d516 () No. 4958289

Why would NP own a winery license

but make no wine?

What benefit does a wine license allow?


6bc4f9 () No. 4958291

854f9c () No. 4958292

6a69e5 () No. 4958293


Every good movie needs a villian that turns out to be the good guy.

Stone is perfect cause no one can figure him out. The right thinks he's a showboat and stupid and the left hates him. Who better to wake everyone up and expose the whole truth.

It's going to be fun. I don't believe for one minute Roger is dumb. He has been playing this game longer than most of us have been alive. He has survived through many things. The Netflix special on him is very interesting.

537fd5 () No. 4958295


Damn, shills catching dubs and trips. Anons need to jump in the flow.

7689ff () No. 4958296


Falfurrius is the most corrupt place in Texas. Biggest checkpoint out of the valley

Had a few experiences there

984114 () No. 4958297


You fucking sand niggers are going to get tired of me tonight!

I'm here all night muzzie!

051aec () No. 4958298


Saying it’s real to yourself over and over with no evidence doesn’t make it true. It makes you a liberal.

4d9745 () No. 4958299


Better than what?

What kind do you want to see?

Inspirational? Informative?

b51028 () No. 4958300


You missed the Anons question.

It was not "does Flynn really follow you?"

It was "Do you opening support Q on your account?"

Do you twat about Q ? Do you post Q connections etc.

2bfc18 () No. 4958301


More like, he was Q.

bd6eb8 () No. 4958302


Never Forget

7689ff () No. 4958303


Import and export?

aa2d65 () No. 4958304


Just be happy that I'm still here after all this shit. Here, have a meme.

d7acd0 () No. 4958305



By Christine Rousselle

AddThis Sharing Buttons

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Washington D.C., Dec 11, 2018 / 04:01 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- President Donald Trump signed into law Tuesday the Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief and Accountability Act, which seeks to ensure US aid reaches Christian and Yazidi genocide victims.

The bill was passed unanimously in the House Nov. 27, and in the Senate Oct. 11.

This bill was introduced by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), and the lead Democratic sponsor was Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA). This was Smith’s second attempt at getting the bill signed into law, and altogether it took 17 months for this bill to be passed.

Trump said it was a “great honor” to sign H.R. 390 into law, and remarked that his administration has had great success in fighting Islamic State. The group has lost nearly all of its territory since its peak in 2015.

“This bill continues my administration's efforts to direct US assistance for persecuted communities including through faith-based programs,” he said.

The signing of the legislation is a symbol of the US speaking “with bold moral clarity and political unanimity,” Anderson said in a statement provided by the Knights of Columbus, which were heavily involved with the process of writing the bill and assisting the situation of Christians in the Middle East.

Since 2014, the Knights of Columbus have donated more than $20 million to help Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria with food, housing, and other needs. The Knights also spent $2 million to rebuild an Iraqi town that had been destroyed by Islamic State.

H.R. 390 provides funding to various entities, including faith-based and religious organizations, that are helping with recovery and stabilization efforts in Iraq and Syria in religious and ethnic minority communities, including Christians and Yazidis.

The bill also instructs the Trump administration to “assess and address the humanitarian vulnerabilities, needs, and triggers that might force these survivors to flee” the region and for the administration to identify signs of potential violent action against minority groups in the country.

Another part of the law encourages foreign governments to identify those who belong to Islamic State in security databases and security screenings to aid with their prosecution. The bill provides support for groups that are investigating members of Islamic State who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in the region.

877697 () No. 4958306


MAJOR tax write off in CA

fd5424 () No. 4958307


WE are just THAT good. Case in point. Pic related

bd941e () No. 4958308


Yes, serious problems.

1a7b20 () No. 4958309


it means he's not taking a plea deal, which shuts down the case, often before the exchange of any discovery.

He's pushing toward trial (effectively saying "prove your case") and has a right to "discover" what the prosecution has on him, and the prosecution will have a right to "discover" what Stone's got to defend himself.

9278c1 () No. 4958310


Permits… building permits?

3d1886 () No. 4958311


As bad as mooslims are, jews are 1000X's worse.

The Goyim Know.

6ec32e () No. 4958312

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

Ladies for you

>>4957221 LB

>>4957245 LB


d029fe () No. 4958313

f968c6 () No. 4958314


What the hell is going on with Global Waming? Please come back fast, we need you!

What the hell is going on with missing R? Please come back fast, we need you!

What the hell is going on with missing Ruth? Please come back fast, we need you!

af96bd () No. 4958315

537fd5 () No. 4958316


I love maps. The /pol maps bread is an excellent collection.

5f5ffd () No. 4958317

dd7bf4 () No. 4958318


For God and country anon. I took the oath.

Honor is mine

04abeb () No. 4958319

Pretty soon these sick, evil mother fuckers will be killing kids up to the age of five and calling it post pre-school abortions!

VA Considering Bill Legalizing Abortion Until 40 Weeks In Pregnancy https://trib.al/0rKNiPK

854f9c () No. 4958320

Hillary Clinton's former campaign chairman John Podesta on Tuesday tamped down on speculation that the former Democratic presidential nominee may seek another White House bid in 2020, calling the idea "media catnip" and stressing that Clinton "is not running."

"She says she's not running for president," Podesta said on CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront."

He added that the former secretary of State was currently "in Puerto Rico trying to help the people, that Donald Trump has abandoned, through the Clinton Foundation. Trying to bring some relief to the people of Puerto Rico."

"I take her at her word. She's not running for president," he said.

Podesta added that Democrats already "have a lot of great candidates out there right now."

"I think the Democratic primary will be a spirited one with a lot of great ideas coming forward," he said. "I think she would’ve been a great president, but that’s in the past."

"If you're directing a senior official in a campaign, there aren't very many suspects."

John Podesta, whose emails were hacked, and then released by Wikileaks, offers his thoughts on Robert Mueller's investigation, and Roger Stone's indictment.https://t.co/XtRSKomU3d pic.twitter.com/X0HplWYjjm

— OutFrontCNN (@OutFrontCNN) January 30, 2019

Podesta's comments come after CNN White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny reported Sunday that Clinton hasn't ruled out making another bid for the White House in 2020.

"I’m told by three people that as recently as this week, she was telling people that look, given all this news from the indictments, particularly the Roger Stone indictment, she talked to several people, saying 'look, I'm not closing the doors to this,'" Zeleny said during a roundtable on CNN's "Inside Politics."


f34309 () No. 4958322



683f6d () No. 4958323

d61c35 () No. 4958324

L Ron Hubbard, Chelsea Clinton, Webb Hubbell

d029fe () No. 4958325

38ec66 () No. 4958326

I've seen a lot here against the Jews and the Masons, but this video is the first of a playlist of short videos, totaling some three hours of historical research, laying the conspiracy out from its roots and showing why it is neither the Jews or the Masons, but how both groups have been used…

I have seen very insufficient representation of the John Birch Society materials in the Q research breads, and I think this a sad omission, because The Young Donald cut his teeth on this stuff. Fixing it here! I found the time well spent–a well summarized long-term dig!

22206b () No. 4958327

Why do i feel that Israel being saved for last is not true when you see stuff constantly pro-israel

2f8c6b () No. 4958329



a7d516 () No. 4958328





I told you already lol

06a77e () No. 4958330


I read/heard that she grew grapes and sold them to wineries.

who bought her grapes?

Who transports the 'grapes'?

Is that what NK called their human farms?

grape farms?

6bc4f9 () No. 4958331


send for the lawyers!!!!

activate the judges!!!

wave pieces of paper around!!

shapiro and pence will save the children!

chabad forever!

eae209 () No. 4958332

>>4957699 lb

If you want me to launch into a lambasting of Islam, then that is a different issue I have been down quite a few times. Years ago.

Islam is just a rather basic and obvious example by comparison, and most of us are on the same page.

Islam began as a unification of the tribal Arab beliefs.

Much like everywhere else, the Arab tribes had a pantheistic belief system. Each tribe associated itself with following a certain deity within that pantheon, usually credited as being the sponsor or progenitor of that specific tribe.

Traditionally, the Arabs revered the city of Petra and built many of their temples facing Petra. This changed when a series of wars to consolidate the religions under a single deity took place and the religion shifted to revere Mecca. Some temples were destroyed and rebuilt to face Mecca.

The koran's scriptures refer to "The Prophet" - the name Mohammed was something appended later, and much of the identity of this individual was established centuries after the events he was supposedly a part of.

The whole religion is built around subservience to a religious state with goals of manifest destiny. It reveres the act of warfare in the cause of expanding control and has quite literally no room for reform into a set of spiritual values reflecting true religious tolerance.

The arab religions before it have largely been destroyed and purged by it. Persia was destroyed by Islam and much of its history along with it, although the cultural conversion wasn't complete - hence the Shiite vs Sunni divide, the Sunni being arab and the Shiites being Persian (generally).

I don't consider it a spiritual religion as much as a political one, as most of its goals are set on conquest and most of its stories are all related to wars, battles, or political affairs. It doesn't really deal much with spiritual events, creation, etc - other than to quote the torah and call the Jews horrible.

Eyes open? Who bought the Ottoman empire at a discount once their empire fell into decline? Why were the British feeding the Barbary States protection money, rather than crushing them?

>>4957898 lb

What you believe has necessarily expanded beyond the bounds of what your religion allows. This is like the muslims who believe their religion represents peace. They've had to rationalize on thin margins their own morality OVER the scriptural and dogmatic depictions of their god.

The question is "what bounds define your god?" The logical consequence of this is that you have created god. Because your focus is on monotheism, you were looking for a "god of gods" - a god which even "other gods" can't destroy or mute. Omnipotence and omnipresence - a raw and true concept of divinity that goes beyond understood personification.

The problem is that this is not what the religion, scripture, and dogma define. What you have created is necessarily far larger than the constraints of a book.

Whether you realize it or not, this is not a new understanding. It has been explored in depth with a number of ancient systems - of which the asians have a better preserved record of it. Although the same idea can be found all over the world.

The 'problem' is that this becomes a very personal understanding that doesn't lend itself to organized religions, campaigns of conquest in the name of a god, etc.

683f6d () No. 4958333


the muhjew script

while(1) {


if(reply == meme) {



print_meme(); }


bd6eb8 () No. 4958334



4fb1ca () No. 4958335


yea this guy fucking gets it jesus christ

1bf5c8 () No. 4958336

Next week and half (within) will be epoch (epic).

Not the biggest of bigs but the beginning.

Wheels in motion.

Narrative shift.

All moves slower than we all want. Patience is a virtue.

A couple key indictments hit mainstream within 9 days (not HRC)


5f5ffd () No. 4958337

aa2d65 () No. 4958338

As far as I can tell all the bot/mossad/cia/whatever shills are gone. I mean I'm here, posting all this negative shilly type stuff, but nevermind that because I'm a human and I'm the only one anyway.

If Q is gone and the shills are gone… is it like over?

d50fd0 () No. 4958339

984114 () No. 4958340


Oh looky!

A few shills that didn't make it home!

Hey Abdulah isn't that your cousin? Oh no sorry that's your son.


537fd5 () No. 4958341


I really like the Pepe reeeee tho? I’ve got such a bad tude right now, I’m trying to hold it together. At least make me laugh.

6cd0c4 () No. 4958342

keystone and P slides are making a come back

a7d516 () No. 4958343



Wrong (you), MB

a9c073 () No. 4958344


I like your opinion… Roger that on the KeyStone

9aee85 () No. 4958345

5adce5 () No. 4958346

Brexit: Does the Irish peace accord rule out a hard border?

By John Campbell

BBC News NI Economics & Business Editor

19 minutes ago

aoiseach Leo Varadkar, the Irish prime minister, has told the Irish Parliament that the UK and Ireland must honour the Good Friday Agreement and honour their commitment not to have a hard border.

After Brexit, the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic would become the only land border between the UK and the European Union. If there wasn't a deep enough trade deal between the UK and the EU, it would likely mean checks on goods which cross it.

That's where the backstop comes in - an insurance policy to avoid new inspections or infrastructure at the border - after Brexit.

It's a key part of Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement - but a major reason why it suffered an historic defeat in the Commons.

She's under pressure to change it, but all sides say this can't come at the expense of Ireland's historic peace accord.

What is the Good Friday Agreement?

Also known as the Belfast Agreement, it is the deal that is widely seen as marking the effective end of Northern Ireland's "Troubles".

It established a devolved power-sharing administration, and created new institutions for cross-border cooperation and structures for improved relations between the British and Irish governments.

It was approved by referendums in Northern Ireland and Ireland in 1998 and was subsequently incorporated into British and Irish constitutional law and other areas of legislation.


683f6d () No. 4958347

732eee () No. 4958348


That you Tony? (or should I say Skippy?)

4c2f5f () No. 4958349


On IPad so trying to post screen shots suck. Sorry. It does not load several pics at once, it just spins so i download separately. Sorry.

984114 () No. 4958350

5f5ffd () No. 4958351

ee786b () No. 4958352

8015e1 () No. 4958353

what I think is fucking funny is that the deep state has to come here to get info cause Qteam took their comms and made it so they can do NOTHING without that same surveillance they used on everyone else used on them!!


fd5424 () No. 4958354


All good. Carry on.

60f12b () No. 4958355


Yup, a literal witch hunt.

Should be obvious if his trail is followed all the way back to the beginning, including the law that authorizes him in the first place: the Independent Counsel statute expired in 1997 after Starr (the IC had too much power, the SC is very restricted). The SC, however, reports to the AG, who reports to the President. It's as simple as that but everyone twists themselves into knots trying to explain those simple truths away because muh media says so.

1309be () No. 4958356

Anyone have a source link for this information from DHS? I cant seem to find it on the .gov website… or is this report not available yet?

bd941e () No. 4958357

5f5ffd () No. 4958358

537fd5 () No. 4958359


You’re the only human? I’m starting to feel that way irl. We need a support group. Humans Anonymous?

05b4af () No. 4958360

6bc4f9 () No. 4958361

2f8c6b () No. 4958362


Autists lurk.

Would an Autist post a lot?

Have the Anons learned over time?

Have the Autists learned over time?

Every day, getting better at working together.

1cc063 () No. 4958363


u really are showing those hamas spam bots a thing or two! wow. im impressed how cool and edgy and intelligent and keen u are.

854f9c () No. 4958364

The Department of Justice's (DOJ) top watchdog on Tuesday wrote to Congress on Tuesday acknowledging their requests for an investigation into the handling of a 2007 plea deal involving Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, but noting that the office lacks the authority to look into it.

Bloomberg Law reported that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz wrote to lawmakers that "important questions" have been raised about Acosta's involvement in a plea deal he struck in 2007 as a U.S. attorney with alleged serial sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

“However, the OIG does not currently have jurisdiction over matters involving allegations of misconduct relating to DOJ attorneys’ handling of litigation or legal decisions," Horowitz wrote.

Horowitz indicated he would have the ability to investigated prosecutorial misconduct within the department if the Senate passed legislation amending the inspector general's powers. The bill has already passed in the House, Bloomberg Law reported.

A group of 15 Democratic lawmakers, including 10 representatives from Florida, wrote to Horowitz last month to call for an investigation into Acosta's conduct during his time as the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

Acosta's role in the Epstein deal came under fresh scrutiny following a Miami Herald investigation into the case. The story quoted multiple people involved in the 2007 case who accused Acosta of caving to pressure from Epstein's lawyers to cut a preferential plea deal.

Epstein originally faced a 53-page indictment for sex trafficking and related crimes.

The Department of Labor did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


a8945e () No. 4958365


I only show up to see what the latest schizoposting is.

d8540f () No. 4958366


Posted likewise info

b42424 () No. 4958367


Where's Toots when ya need em

424542 () No. 4958368


2cdc25 () No. 4958369


you talk too much shit

f7d120 () No. 4958370

fd1fd6 () No. 4958372

Find the sniper n Pepe.

8f1ff8 () No. 4958371


KEK… I am just an anon. My reason for conveying this to you all this evening was to inform you of activity on his Twitter account.

4960da () No. 4958373


Above councils like the CFR and Bilderberg group there is a counciil of 13, with the Pope in it.

Above that a (druidic) council of 9

307bf2 () No. 4958374


No. This anon must be pointing out the location of Sutter Home in relation to (all these places are comped as fuck, it is where the super uber rich play farmer) Opus One as main pedo attraction points on the map. Table29 restaurant is ldr wanna be at cool.

Napa Valley is known as the Adult Disneyland of California

537fd5 () No. 4958375


Dude, valium.

5f5ffd () No. 4958376

8f3bcf () No. 4958377


Anon answered me here: >>4958218

Don't want to doxx anyone kek.


Question is, what will Wray-Wray do about it?

6a69e5 () No. 4958378


Stone is a Patriot

The info on how he was spied on is a Key

The Stone situation falls right in with that Q post too.

051aec () No. 4958379


Yes and Stone and Corsi are both ties to Israel. Your only furthering the point.

bd941e () No. 4958380


Ahh, Kike gore is back…

1490c7 () No. 4958381

Q answered yes to the JFK Jr. question. It is a MIRROR.



SEE the IDs, then fill in the blanks…

1. Odds of gg occupying spaces 5 and 6 on both randomly-generated IDs:___

2. Odds of interrogator's randomly-generated id adding up to 0 (PAIN/JFK Jr.):_

3. Odds of Q's randomly-generated id adding up to 1: _

4. Odds of a flipped question/answer matching Q's LEAN FORWARD:_

5. Odds of 2 of the above happening together:_

6. Odds of 3 of the above happening together:_

7. Odds of 17 of the above happening together:__

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible? -Q

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263683 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:51:59 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263659 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:50:26 (EST)




Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary?

Logical thinking.



7689ff () No. 4958382


Muslim Brotherhood?

Cause I have been sitting here for about an hour convinced that Pelosi is a closet Muz

38ec66 () No. 4958383


And yes, Bill and Hill were there while the congressional delinquents were partying there.

9278c1 () No. 4958384

ab88e6 () No. 4958385

a50e7e () No. 4958386


So which one of him was speaking?


523fb5 () No. 4958387


The honor is mine!


b3c67a () No. 4958388

First bread I ever saw with 400+ posts and no bewbs. Chelsea Manning dont count, and one TYB has her back to the camera as if parody.

1aa862 () No. 4958389


so, are you trying to troll the arab shills

or give them a boner?

5f5ffd () No. 4958390

984114 () No. 4958391


Mohamed agrees….well he used to agree anyways.

537fd5 () No. 4958392


“Goodnight HRC. Sleep tight.”

d61c35 () No. 4958393


Love it! Thanks

2f8c6b () No. 4958395

"[[RR]] approved/signed FISA-warrant application(s) to extend surveillance on POTUS/others.

What evidence to support?


[[RR]] @ WH.

Why was Rachel Brand removed?

Critical thinking.


0fd2a4 () No. 4958396

bb012f () No. 4958397


No worries anon. We are in control, just lurking moar these days. We focus on helping new anons and digging deeper.

6bc4f9 () No. 4958398

4d9745 () No. 4958399


>a very personal understanding that doesn't lend itself to organized religions

We do agree on this one point.

Now study the graphic. Oldfags will understand what it means. It means I don't want to gab.

87b08e () No. 4958400


that or this is an addiction

help, i need Q anonymous KEK

a7d516 () No. 4958401



Privacy is hard without a tourist site next door.

7b079f () No. 4958402

537fd5 () No. 4958403


Fuck, do guys like this still exist?!?

ab88e6 () No. 4958404


it was an accident, i swear

3ddff4 () No. 4958405


Feels right. Needed to have the arrest to be able to put out the information via court proceedings. All the hoopla around Stone's arrest…."17" vehicles to his house. That was the obvious.

6541da () No. 4958406

Just catching up. The time stamp from this mornings tweet…gotta love Q & POTUS


a8945e () No. 4958407


You faggots think dogs farting is a sign from Q.

You are mentally ill.

bd941e () No. 4958409

e3bf63 () No. 4958408



683f6d () No. 4958410




<yo boss how can I revive the talmud bullshit given we were btfo'd last bread?

<say that posting fake and gay shill bullshit is in fact criticizing the talmud.

<but the verses were exposed as fake and gay, just like that book

<don't worry gaylord! your boss knows what he is doing.

bbeed4 () No. 4958411



Fuck international courts. The very idea of such a thing pisses me off.

bd6eb8 () No. 4958412

051aec () No. 4958413


I have my doubts too anon. But I will say this, EVERY Mueller arrest is tied to Israel. Manafort, Papa D, Gates, Corsi, Stone, and Cohen (likely). Google search their names and Israel. Gates was working for an Israeli social media company.

feb078 () No. 4958414


…keySTONE. I like the way you think.

eea817 () No. 4958415

984114 () No. 4958416


< Apu used to shill for a living but…

d35243 () No. 4958417


Beyond fucking stupid.

aa2d65 () No. 4958418



a8945e () No. 4958419


Kill it with fire.

667b03 () No. 4958420


a gitmo judge got so sick he's being evac'd


candidate harris was sickened too in a NC race that marc elias has been meddling in..


a34fd8 () No. 4958422


He’s gay and married to MUH Dick

2f8c6b () No. 4958423


Whoa, good catch.

af96bd () No. 4958424

4d9745 () No. 4958425


Thanks bye.

31af09 () No. 4958426


I see where your mind's at. You really are a faggot. kek

af820a () No. 4958427

None of this is good.

bb5918 () No. 4958428

Narcan doesn’t reverse hypoxic brain damage….just sayin’.

ecd973 () No. 4958430


The owners of wineries- connections to Schumer/Pelosi and higher.

The caves/sacrifices/wine/blood/trafficking . There were more personal directions but I didn’t screenshot them all. Just this one because I was phonefagging and needed to remember it later. The key is narrowing down the connection to control. Who controls and who runs it.

So far, Raymond Vinyards is in a partnership with john Legend.

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