bbdfdc () No. 5864121

649fc34523f4e2....jpg (238 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, QResearch.jpg) (h)

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Saturday 03.23.2019

>>5854029 ————————————–——– Why are [they] attempting to re-write our history?

>>5853603 rt >>5853578 ————————— you may start your attack run

>>5853545 rt >>5853322 ————————— FIRE AT WILL, COMMANDER.

>>5853176 ————————————–——– Meme: MY TURN…

>>5853115 ————————————–——– Meme: D's haven't been this mad since R's freed the slaves

>>5853007 ————————————–——– MAYday MAYday MAYday (Cap: >>5853118 )

>>5842693 ————————————–——– You are witnessing the collapse of the largest pre-planned & coordinated propaganda event in modern day history

>>5842648 rt >>5842610 ————————— MSM: their only defense is to play 'dumb'

>>5842541 rt >>5842272 ————————— Q on Fox News commentary on tweet from Q-related account

Friday 03.22.2019

>>5838347 ————————————–——– Nunes: "Unraveling of the biggest political scandal in American history." (Cap: >>5838390 )

>>5837376 ————————————–——– [They] thought it was coming last Friday. Ammunition spent.

>>5836740 rt >>5836660 -————————– DECLAS is a comin'!

>>5836480 rt >>5836393 -————————– The RULE OF LAW is being returned to our GREAT LAND.

>>5836164 rt >>5836091 -————————– Sanctions lift? Anons know? (Cap: >>5836244 )

>>5836091 ————————————–——– BLOCKADE REMOVED.

Wednesday 03.20.2019

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are not endorsements


>>5644463, >>5646510 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q

>>5857423 BO on global notables


>>5863529 SCOTUS to review arguments over Gerrymandering in NC (Raleigh N&O)

>>5863462, >>5863332 (pb) REEEEEing on (De)Face The Nation

>>5863632 AG Barr headed to DoJ, expected to release summary of Mueller findings (ABC)

>>5863432 Vet Anon: Hurry Up And Wait™!

>>5863701 Qincidence? Seth Rich, Robbie "Kid Rock" RITCHie, USA Pants!

>>5863762 @USMC markers? Pumpin' Lead, Squad Up

>>5863693 Turkish watchdogs to probe JP Morgan after lira plunge (Reuters)

>>5863831 Adam "Piece of" Schiff on ABC: "too early to tell" if impeachment coming (@Breaking911)

>>5863882, >>5863932 TRAGEDY: Another Parkland Survivor becomes an hero (Miami Herald)

>>5863914, >>5863923 FISA was a fraud! (FOX)

>>5863905 US Army Tweet- preferred method of travel is the UH-60 Black Hawk. What's yours?

>>5863447, >>5863470 Anon speculates: 'therapist' brainwashed/groomed shooter?

>>5863828, >>5864034 Instagram @USMC "March Madness" post

>>5864078 #7501


>>5862674 Mayday: UK PM may be facing plot to oust her (Reuters)

>>5862714, >>5862722 Seth Rich mentioned on Fox (Get a video anons!)

>>5862753 new @PapaD: Another scandal coming: Obama, C_A, Comey spying

>>5862757 @45_Schedule: AG Barr is back at the DoJ preparing to breif Congress

>>5862867, >>5862911 China central bank head says country to step up oversight of systemically important financial firms (Reuters)

>>5862851 MoCNNbird: REEEEEEEE (Anons knew) (CNN last night)

>>5862925 Ratcliffe (R-TX): Barr won't turn over classified material (WAExaminer)

>>5863000 "CBTS" Video repost. recently quoted by Q

>>5863049, >>5863295 TRAGEDY: Another Parkland Survivor becomes an hero (Miami Herald, CBS)

>>5863135 Nadler (D-NY): Trump can’t use executive privilege to ‘hide wrongdoing’ (WAExaminer)

>>5863185 @JamesWoods gloating shitpost last night, compilation of Mockingbird Clowns

>>5863199, >>5863312 Keen-eyed Anon applys autism to "Accidental" Q Meme Typo

>>5863270 Storm in Mozambique death toll has risen above 750 (IOL.co.za)

>>5863335 #7500

#7499 Baker change

>>5861862 Only one Q post including phrase "Great Day", Q#2356

>>5861942 Anon suggests submitting ethics complaints v Congress swamp creatures

>>5862038, >>5862051 Dr Dre \m/ hand sign, bragged about daughter college. Cheating? (Hill)

>>5862039 Italian baby dies after botched home male genital mutilation (CTV) (AP)

>>5862050 Senior Denver Airport, DIA official put on investigatory leave (Denver Post)

>>5862072 @DJT MAGA marker delta: 1 week minus 2 hours, 2 minutes

>>5862146 Adam "Piece of" Schiff projecting (Axios)

>>5862179 10K Foreign Troops arrive in UK for ‘major exercise’ (Politicalite)

>>5862523 Anon: Who is the man in red? NZ video

>>5862545 #7499


>>5861392 The Mooch and his Ben Garrison.

>>5861529 Clintons, Branson and Co. using public-private projects to secure money and trafficking victims for their sick group of friends?

>>5861067 Author of controversial book re: South African Pedo ring will not back down

>>5861079 Rob Reiner joins Soros backing anti-Trump skunkworks

>>5861080 Belfast City Hospital on Lockdown - police surround the grounds

>>5861207 GAA update - Fire At Will #7476-#7497 (may not need this reminder - check dough)

>>5861162 SF Hallinan - safe harbor for undesireables

>>5861235 Reminder: US billionaires shipping bunkers to NZ (2018)

>>5861280, >>5861290 New PDJT

>>5861355 Bottom of the Barrel POTUS hit piece - Golf cheat

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>>5861005 #7497

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bbdfdc () No. 5864139



de9b86 () No. 5864156

cb08ff67a31cd0....png (387 KB, 255 x 179, 510 : 358, wapo.png) (h)


a2b483 () No. 5864157


7c9cbc () No. 5864166

99127f92a68f26....jpeg (362 KB, 234 x 255, 1408 : 1534, F3E88557-FA41-....jpeg) (h)



Kek, one hit wonders…

54e284 () No. 5864168

Ty baker

de9b86 () No. 5864170



37df32 () No. 5864173


Good tune

1f3cf5 () No. 5864174

96d1e83d1a09b8....jpg (7 KB, 255 x 143, 300 : 168, images (5).jpg) (h)


blurred ones looks different tho ? glasses? or blurred to suit the narrative pics?

a5489c () No. 5864177


back to plebbit you go!

a2dd24 () No. 5864180

485584fdc9d63d....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 143, 1200 : 675, hillary-clinto....jpg) (h)

TRAITOR!!! Committed Collusion with the Russians to steal Presidential Election


c3ba12 () No. 5864181

13abdc52be0460....gif (61 KB, 255 x 206, 354 : 286, pepe tunes.gif) (h)



6fb8ad () No. 5864182

c3137b85f89a22....png (1322 KB, 191 x 255, 720 : 960, Image 15.png) (h)

Waiting for the Mueller report feels like this image.

0ca9e4 () No. 5864185

3ca523b99d8198....mp4 (144 KB, 255 x 144, 426 : 240, Willy suspense.mp4) (h)

The suspense is terrible…hope it lasts!!!!!

f077c4 () No. 5864186



836145 () No. 5864187

b7be9ede0588dc....png (484 KB, 199 x 255, 437 : 561, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

Ty, baker

f77e9c () No. 5864188


Anyone have non-paywall link or screenshots?

168877 () No. 5864189

6d3eb73f9297cc....jpg (12 KB, 217 x 255, 217 : 255, POTUS Headphon....jpg) (h)

a5489c () No. 5864190


clear yo cache and cookies nigga

7b1579 () No. 5864191


Tried clearing your cookies?

8599d6 () No. 5864192



8chan is gonna out us (insert shutitdownrabbi.png)

d2e057 () No. 5864193

5f33c8c57e3162....jpeg (60 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, D3FFF45E-A7DB-....jpeg) (h)

21fb6e488af4fe....jpeg (63 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, 3016F6C7-8F73-....jpeg) (h)

7d009448786f71....jpeg (53 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, 09A27143-E4F1-....jpeg) (h)

a525db88f0f782....jpeg (65 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, 412501FF-01FE-....jpeg) (h)

7d0b25696ed0c7....jpeg (49 KB, 255 x 211, 500 : 413, FF8373C8-7515-....jpeg) (h)

f77e9c () No. 5864194


Anyone have non-paywall link or screenshots?

6fb8ad () No. 5864195

4eff5d5786033b....png (740 KB, 255 x 214, 1079 : 904, w7uCZBr.png) (h)



Seriously I don't get why you guys do this. IT's unnecessary and kinda shits up the thread as well as possibly distracts the baker.

Here, by complaining about it I am also shitting up the thread and distracting the baker.

bcac54 () No. 5864196

>>5862935 pb

"nothing more, nothing less" seems to confine the guilty to said parties, eliminating all of the other evil characters everywhere else.

Of course, bringing the Clinton/Obama/DOJ down should bring down the rest… eventually.

Wanting to believe Nunes is 100% optics and white hat. Question is why (((they))) haven't they shut him down way before now, like Scalese (sp?)? Would have to be really protected.

54d5e2 () No. 5864197


b2c7cb () No. 5864198

678f31714de8ac....jpg (36 KB, 255 x 161, 351 : 221, ihs 322.jpg) (h)

599e24a579de54....png (100 KB, 255 x 246, 540 : 521, fag.png) (h)

e4cb97275167cc....png (113 KB, 255 x 162, 929 : 590, 322.png) (h)

41b781 () No. 5864199

110c7f00210e85....jpg (10 KB, 234 x 250, 234 : 250, 110c7f00210e85....jpg) (h)


TYB. This is the only pepe I have with headphones, kek!


Which is why I'm stealing this one, kek. thanks fren

242743 () No. 5864200

b01bc58b2012e1....jpg (90 KB, 255 x 157, 640 : 394, LookingGlassGH.jpg) (h)

63f7b4 () No. 5864201

1eae270489ba83....jpg (398 KB, 255 x 81, 1180 : 373, d1180x374.jpg) (h)


This is me and my family…waiting.

de9b86 () No. 5864202



11b136 () No. 5864203

4a724fa8433c4a....jpg (147 KB, 255 x 168, 950 : 626, rep dem slave ....jpg) (h)

The Young Men's Republican Union : Feb 15, 1860

…the downfall of the Slave Power—which has so long desecrated the name Democrats—to rise no more forever!



38b833 () No. 5864204

3595f8f712f546....jpg (183 KB, 170 x 255, 580 : 870, naked-action-g....jpg) (h)

3dd473 () No. 5864205

3ae1e12dbf32dd....jpg (116 KB, 255 x 91, 1730 : 617, DogWhistle.jpg) (h)

If this be dog whistle, make the most of it.

812d76 () No. 5864206


looks like a friend of mine

836145 () No. 5864207


Are people actually celebrating?

How do these experts in extremism know the diff between bots and humans unless they are behind the bots?

f077c4 () No. 5864208


If using Firefox addons;

Ghostery – Block all

AdBlockerPlus – always

8e49f1 () No. 5864209

5a27c18d2c5b12....png (75 KB, 255 x 243, 626 : 597, economicterror....png) (h)


Ocasio-Cortez even slyly admitted to Politico that part of applying pressure on banks to initiate the change she wants is to circumvent Congress.

"There's more than one way to skin a cat, and not everything has to be done through legislation explicitly," she said. "We can also use the tools that we have here to pressure change in other ways as well."

Democrats to wage Economic Terrorism, threats from congress and attacks from Twitter bots ?

88808e () No. 5864210

18409fa2a62786....jpg (620 KB, 143 x 255, 1000 : 1778, 20190324_174014.jpg) (h)

ea56b8e7b887a9....jpg (352 KB, 143 x 255, 1000 : 1778, If+youre+too+l....jpg) (h)

>>5863978 lb

Fresh meme w/ template

e30ad2 () No. 5864211


did you really crop out the black dudes finger ?


263b8f () No. 5864212

>>5863199 PB

Basically, you've asked the Q question: Normal?

de9b86 () No. 5864213



If you don't want to use WAPO here's another link

a5489c () No. 5864214



b2c7cb () No. 5864215

4813ba812883fb....jpg (166 KB, 255 x 170, 962 : 640, jap kween.jpg) (h)

8ad06f4f4efa87....png (89 KB, 255 x 132, 1200 : 622, lil piggy.png) (h)

e07bd829facdbf....jpg (169 KB, 255 x 170, 962 : 640, jap waaaa.jpg) (h)

f77e9c () No. 5864216



2dcef3 () No. 5864217

77988a3d66350d....jpg (62 KB, 255 x 165, 680 : 440, tanksbakerpotus.jpg) (h)

not long now frens, just hab to say I llove u fuken saviors of mankind

e0b131 () No. 5864218

1bf27e5d0ea65a....jpg (381 KB, 173 x 255, 1359 : 1998, _20190324_1230....jpg) (h)

1569a2 () No. 5864219

>>5864155 pb

it was a quarter mile tall, and weighed like 6 gorillion tons. as an engineerfag, just where do you think that gravity should have placed it?

asking for an engineerfag friend

the Port Authority had very lax building codes. no core, no central elevators, the stairs were on the external walls. this was an exo-ske;eton, and once pierced, load distribution was transferred to adjacent vertical beams until overload failure occurred. there is video.

80710c () No. 5864220

c4c7e54407b3db....png (365 KB, 255 x 186, 595 : 433, D153WqZWsAU3Jz3.png) (h)

0ff8f0c024b450....jpg (313 KB, 255 x 128, 2000 : 1000, o-cheney-smile....jpg) (h)

Trust the plan

edfa15 () No. 5864221


I bet ya paid a bunch for that Bullshit flinging software

896369 () No. 5864222


funny how

<experts in online extremism

never includes actual regular users of the sites.

nor do they recognize that the chans are basically platforms for massively different content, just like fb or yt can be

836145 () No. 5864223


I dunno either.

Fun? Sprit lifing.

Do bakers and anons have time for women?

f22529 () No. 5864224


The Clown World Reality 2019

c08432 () No. 5864225

e5637422ee556b....jpeg (46 KB, 255 x 84, 750 : 246, 413FA4F4-1328-....jpeg) (h)

d8e4fd () No. 5864226


go back through Q's recent posts this past week. The reason you are waiting is in there. Couldn't be more obvious at this point. even the Bad guys are figuring it out by now.

b2c7cb () No. 5864228

94f5002af36390....jpg (115 KB, 255 x 173, 500 : 340, farmer clinton.jpg) (h)

3d3c10cc81f12b....jpg (46 KB, 255 x 191, 474 : 355, farm boi.jpg) (h)

14bb84f1b59259....jpg (118 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, farmer of haiti.jpg) (h)

23fd9bcf0526e8....jpg (288 KB, 255 x 144, 690 : 390, haiti1n.jpg) (h)

d77212 () No. 5864227

0949c15914d207....png (331 KB, 186 x 255, 500 : 687, Slave.png) (h)

In Q we trust. In THE PLAN we trust.

cd3b95 () No. 5864229

>>5863528 (PB)

Why the fuck do you care so much about changing our minds, or to convince us we're all stupid. If we are wrong and supid then time will tell, and the smart anons will concede. You know what you look like. I'll tell you what you look like, all shills, paid or pawns. I'll even run the risk of doxing myself by giving some personal details. Details are necessary for context of story.

Detail A: Im not very big, but strong and fit

Detail B: I'm Male. By Gods design.

Part 1

Sophmore year of higshcool, many moons ago, I started going to a weight training elective. To try and boost my self confidence, as I was small and trying to get laid. I was pretty passive and afraid in my tentative teens. More likely to flight then fight. Well in this class there were two best friends. They were both on the football team and either juniors or seniors. They thought I was a hoot, being all small shit in a weights class. (Tech. they were right) They would publically humiliate me to elevate their status. One day they took it too far. One day in the locker room they roughed me up, slamed my face in the urinal, flushed it. Forced me to lap the water like a dog. Afterwards I went to admin, they didnt want to believe me.

Part 2

One day during lunch, outside the cafeteria next to the west parking lot, I saw the two sitting on the curb. Joken and eaten. Thats when it hit me. Its when I found my balls. I dropped my bag. Pulled out the biggest text book I could find, got a running start and Louisville'd slugger one of em on the back of the head. At the very finish of my first swing, in full adrenaline slow-mo mode I turn my head to look down at the second friend. There is shock and horror on his face. I bring the text book back down on his face. I was suspended. My school lost a game due to their abscense via injuries. Afterwards one friend wouldnt pick on me. Would say anything or participate in any verbal prodding. The other friend still would. He would still say all the same shit as he did before. Even though everyone knew I took em down. Everyone now could see through his bullshit. It was obvious.


You look like the second friend. You ass holes are constantly being back handed, very few anons believe in your bullshit here. We see through it. Yet you still try with the same shit over and over again, like a damaged fairy.

f77e9c () No. 5864230

Posts are taking about 2 minutes to show up.


242743 () No. 5864231

33d4217e71fa5a....jpg (88 KB, 232 x 255, 440 : 484, TigerTeam.jpg) (h)


Trumps vetting team, called the tiger team. They vetted 420 new hires during the transition period.


f4e9e2 () No. 5864232

e4caff19602066....png (548 KB, 193 x 255, 566 : 748, cs demonrats.png) (h)

>>5864098 pb

>So, what if the truth is, we are already cyborgs and we are awaking >to that recognition-that might put 99% in the hospital

most sheeple would think that was cool. it's something else, very deeply evil….

0073c4 () No. 5864233

44d2d7249bb1ea....jpg (76 KB, 181 x 255, 708 : 1000, twofer.jpg) (h)


camel and back

1569a2 () No. 5864234


bldg. 7: demo by charges.

b5064c () No. 5864235

e78edec55d9f9b....gif (29 KB, 163 x 255, 220 : 344, pepe-dance-2.gif) (h)

d2e057 () No. 5864236


3 minutes



1ed9ff () No. 5864237

0ac4091903b7be....png (1919 KB, 255 x 250, 1966 : 1924, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

dfbcc1923eaedb....png (266 KB, 182 x 255, 322 : 452, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

a0b90defb42977....png (2329 KB, 255 x 122, 1878 : 898, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

>>5864010 (pb)

caroline (it is is a he/she)

his are it pedo faggotry related

exhibits at theholenyc.com

related to rachel chandler as rachel photog'd a big standard hotel party with loads of cabal and the boss of the hole gallery was there, the one q posted about

fabiola beracasa

fca7e2 () No. 5864238

>>5861942 (PB)


Regarding the House Office of Congressional Ethics: By my reading, this is a public relations gimmick - designed to persuade the public that there's a way to censure legislators for unethical behavior. However, in reading through the procedures, I began to have serious doubts! Consider the following: Complaints against Members (i.e. legislators) can only be brought by other Members (although it SAYS input from the Public is considered); at any time during the review process, the matter may be dismissed if four people support dismissal. Now, as I understand it, the Majority party appoints 4 members, and the Minority party appoints 4. If the Dems don't want one of theirs investigated, or censured, all they have to do is move to dismiss! It doesn't matter how egregious the violation is, if half the Committee votes to dismiss the investigation and bury it. So, while using this avenue is one way to bring attention to a violation of ethics, it needs to be coupled with broad publicity and non-partisan support in order to get the Ethics Committee to act against a sitting Congressman (or woman).

836145 () No. 5864239

9e3a2c () No. 5864240

MSNBC pushing live that the

Presidents Children should be the target of the investigation

of the Mueller Report. If Mueller does not target then the Southern District will target the Presidents family.

This is showing collusion of the media and business of NBC and others that a business can target any individuals for their own purpose. That any individual or business can be used as a human shield.

117e2f () No. 5864241

03d58815150597....png (461 KB, 145 x 255, 469 : 825, 2019-03-24_13-....png) (h)

b2c7cb () No. 5864242

db1308eedd3a24....jpg (152 KB, 255 x 170, 1080 : 720, gr2.jpg) (h)

e2cbb6af469062....jpg (28 KB, 255 x 170, 360 : 240, amerika.jpg) (h)

65e7d8 () No. 5864243

914e6ae1c79119....png (83 KB, 255 x 208, 607 : 494, Rudy re Schitt....png) (h)

34fe139aa2143d....png (500 KB, 201 x 255, 606 : 769, ABC Politics S....png) (h)

Rep. Schiff said there was significant evidence of collusion.

Did he forget to give it to Mueller?

We know there are no indictments of any Americans for affecting the 2016 election.

I’m willing to wait if Rep. Schiff will apologize when that is reported officially to Congress .



8599d6 () No. 5864244

0a63f5abb2a16f....png (125 KB, 181 x 255, 396 : 559, Headphone Pepe.png) (h)


mix it up ;P

80710c () No. 5864245

2eac4efd2d67b3....png (20 KB, 255 x 87, 595 : 203, ClipboardImage....png) (h)

What is the common theme when potus does unethical shit that benefits israel

Or mega corps


63f7b4 () No. 5864246


I know the reason why we are waiting.

Doesn't make any better though.

cacbe8 () No. 5864247

>>5863701 Qincidence? Seth Rich, Robbie "Kid Rock" RITCHie, USA Pants!

Well, they are both Jewish… And Kid-Rock and Trump both sold out to Zionists. So yeah, I can see the resemblance.

569b2a () No. 5864248


Shall We Play a Game?


9f78fc () No. 5864249


Trump Overrules 52 Years of Policy, (((Fires Shot Heard Round The World)))

News may be stale, but interesting title…..



68000a () No. 5864250

fd39485bb06abd....png (259 KB, 255 x 197, 629 : 486, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Bwhahahahahahaha delusional FAKE NEWS POS!

Carl Bernstein Defends The Press: ‘One Of The Great Reporting Jobs In History’


2dcef3 () No. 5864251

32fad2060b9555....png (128 KB, 255 x 195, 1000 : 764, herewego.jpeg.png) (h)

509c6b29dd966d....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 217, 255 : 217, howtofilterfor....jpg) (h)

ebd8ba63b6ff90....jpg (80 KB, 249 x 255, 500 : 513, logicfrens.jpg) (h)

aabcdaa3ca80de....jpg (854 KB, 255 x 253, 1226 : 1214, mornin retards.jpg) (h)

d8e4fd () No. 5864252


and yet you continue to be fooled by it. Stop worrying about your self esteem and keep your eye on the ball. Read and dig hard fren. If your worried about what others think about you, your gonna one day wake up and realize how much time of your life was spent on such petty thoughts.

b2c7cb () No. 5864253

f83564640cf318....jpg (49 KB, 255 x 181, 612 : 434, andre.beatrix.jpg) (h)


weho standard


ed buck

b8c675 () No. 5864255

1008b2cb03dafd....png (11935 KB, 255 x 169, 3072 : 2040, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>5864247 Hooah!

edfa15 () No. 5864254


Show me on the ham where trump touched (you)

e81de7 () No. 5864256

Hiding messages in text files:

Tool: Stegsnow

Use: Covering tracks and hiding information.

Version: Unknown

OS: DOS/Windows & Linux

Vendor/Author: Matthew Kwan <[email protected]>

URL: http://darkside.com.au/

Status: Unknown/inactive (There has been no updates on the web site since 2013)

Description: SNOW is used to conceal messages in ASCII text by appending whitespace to the end of lines. Whitespace steganography program.

From the MAN page:

Stegsnow is a program for concealing messages in text files by appending tabs and spaces on the end of lines, and for extracting messages from files containing hidden messages. Tabs and spaces are invisible to most text viewers, hence the steganographic nature of this encoding scheme.

The data is concealed in the text file by appending sequences of up to 7 spaces, interspersed with tabs. This usually allows 3 bits to be stored every 8 columns. An alternative encoding scheme, using alternating spaces and tabs to represent zeroes and ones, was rejected because, although it used fewer bytes, it required more columns per bit (4.5 vs 2.67).

The start of the data is indicated by an appended tab character, which allows the insertion of mail and news headers without corrupting the data.

Stegsnow provides rudimentary compression, using Huffman tables optimised for English text. However, if the data is not text, or if there is a lot of data, the use of the built-in compression is not recommended, since an external compression program such as compress or gzip will do a much better job.

Encryption is also provided, using the ICE encryption algorithm in 1-bit cipher-feedback (CFB) mode. Because of ICE's arbitrary key size, passwords of any length up to 1170 characters are supported (since only 7 bits of each character are used, keys up to 1024-bytes are supported).

If a message string or message file are specified on the command-line, stegsnow will attempt to conceal the message in the file infile if specified, or standard input otherwise. The resulting file will be written to outfile if specified, or standard output if not.

If no message string is provided, stegsnow attempts to extract a message from the input file. The result is written to the output file or standard output.

54d5e2 () No. 5864257


Ironically, he got the Dems to call out Israel and Zionist machinations.

Now when he takes 'em down, there won't be accusations of bias.

Israel working with Hilldawg is not going to be a good look.

7644f2 () No. 5864258

1ed4953a5b7ab7....jpg (240 KB, 255 x 177, 1024 : 709, 918e72b114314c....jpg) (h)


I think we know what it will say. I am waiting with that look for the POTUS and peoples reaction. New witch hunts and insurance policies will start up right away. Will DJT and nuDOJ take action to not only stop this insanity but to start draining the swamp? and will the people support it?I hope so. MSM still has a strong grip on the minds of many a grip that I would argue has only slightly been loosened.

f134a4 () No. 5864259


"My pedestal"? Seriously?

This place is already full of twelve year-old twats and paid shills. Your meaningless retort is as worthless as all of your other ignorant posts.

Yea, but, 'stay united', while rational anons weed through children running their mouths with such eloquence and poise.

If you were a businessperson, and not a kid in your mom's house, you'd know how fast that colorful, childish vocabulary of yours would result in the prompt end of your venture.

It also proves you have nothing constructive to add.

Good thing poorly educated children can hang here all day, taking up space.

6fb8ad () No. 5864260

b4e6e3cac847ce....png (463 KB, 255 x 209, 515 : 422, Image 17.png) (h)



According to the report, the breach was committed several months ago and it is not yet clear what information was leaked through the tapping of their phones.

>>“In the past few days, Iran’s cyber-attacks have resulted in hacking the mobile telephone of a candidate in Israeli elections and access to all the information," said Alamolhoda, adding that Iran has hacked the telephones of Netanyahu's family members.

The Saudi-based news website Independent Arabic first published the report about the hacking of Sara and Yair's telephones early last week. However, immediately following the report, its authenticity was denied by both the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the prime minister.

>>According to the Saudi report, the breach was committed several months ago and it is not yet clear what information was leaked through the tapping of their phones.

Could be big.

9b8efa () No. 5864261


Kid Rock is not a Jew

68000a () No. 5864262

Ted Cruz Blasts House Democrats: ‘They Are Going To Impeach The President For Being Donald Trump’ https://trib.al/NqBvUgq

294e4f () No. 5864263

80bff959b43fca....png (153 KB, 255 x 229, 588 : 528, yesthatone.png) (h)

sauce: https://twitter.com/DawsonSField/status/1109853391948259329



f77e9c () No. 5864264


Was having weird post issue here, where it was taking 2-4 minutes for posts to show.

Cookies cleared before I posted the first time.

No joy.

197627 () No. 5864265

"Gates Of Babylon"

Look away from the sea

I can take you anywhere

Spend a vision with me

A chase with the wind

Move closer to me

I can make you anyone

I think you're ready to see

The gates of Babylon

The power of what has been before

Rises to trap you within

A magic carpet ride a genie maybe more

A city of heavenly sin

Sleep with the devil and then you must pay

Sleep with the devil and the devil will take you away

Oh gates of Babylon

You can see but you're blind

Someone turned the sun around

But you can see in your mind

The gates of Babylon

You're riding the endless caravan

Bonded and sold as a slave

A sabre dance removing all the veils

Getting as good as you gave

Sleep with the devil and then you must pay

Sleep with the devil and the devil will take you away

Look away from the sea

I can take you anywhere

Spend a vision with me

A chase with the wind

Move closer to me

I can make you anyone

I think you're ready to see

The gates of Babylon

The power of what has been before

Rises to trap you within

A magic carpet ride a genie maybe more

A city of heavenly sin

Sleep with the devil and then you must pay

Sleep with the devil and the devil will take you away

Black gates of Babylon

The devil is me

And I'm holding the key

To the gates of sweet hell



Sleep with the devil and then you must pay



Sleep with the devil and then you must pay


931ddc () No. 5864266

last bastion of free speech

and the cunts are back trying to overtake the board again

go back to voat or reddit filty kikes

6aa10d () No. 5864267


Fuck right off

d8e4fd () No. 5864268


no it doesnt. But I still laugh about it. You gotta admit its pretty brilliant and hilarious at the same time. The day will come when it comes.

9e3a2c () No. 5864269


Is MSNBC elevated above law and the Supreme

Court. All of these experts are paid for by think tank. MSNBC can use the justice department and five eyes to target individuals ?

8e49f1 () No. 5864270

What does Cenks wife do?


I have worked directly with more than 1000+ children and adolescents at various settings, including home, school, and my play room office for kids. Both parents are invited to the first session because it’s important I understand the family history, the status of the marital relationship and get a good sense of the home environment. I also want to know your child's relationship with both parents, siblings, and his/her peers. You are the key in assisting me to get to know your child in the beginning. This isn’t just about solving your child’s “problems,” it’s about assessing their strengths and weaknesses so that we can find out why they are reacting to their environment the way that they are.

A weekly session is scheduled for your child after our first session together. Since children generally do not talk about their problems like adults, I use play and art as mediators to assist the children freely express themselves. I'm always amazed by the progress a child achieves in therapy sessions. I think you will be too.

a32bef () No. 5864271

30c82ba80f9c2e....jpg (209 KB, 170 x 255, 854 : 1280, 30c82ba80f9c2e....jpg) (h)



dcca4d () No. 5864272

78eb6f0f683cb6....png (1848 KB, 255 x 255, 2560 : 2560, Baker_Bread_Q_....png) (h)

8f553d6bebb027....jpg (1857 KB, 255 x 255, 2560 : 2560, c0a8dd8104fc45....jpg) (h)

6cf88cf4952975....jpg (88 KB, 194 x 255, 529 : 694, D3BC00F5-0CB9-....jpg) (h)

9ab72e70dfe9b4....png (962 KB, 255 x 255, 2560 : 2560, Military_Merit....png) (h)


Baker be Jammin.

Semper Fi

a155d9 () No. 5864273

>>5864209 Nothing like seeing the low IQ bartender pretend she knows even econ 101 to bring a laugh. ALL the things they tell her to say, ALL their dreams will fail. Every single one. A disgrace that this creature, and others like her, have a pulpit to spew treason & idiocies. Prediction: this nasty creature will not be reelected. When the nitty starts coming out, she will be very lucky to finish her one and only bogus term. Maybe she can get her old bartender job back and turn a few tricks for cash.

f5df40 () No. 5864274

9f57b598dacf84....jpg (60 KB, 169 x 255, 491 : 742, 0d8e9c457e784f....jpg) (h)


63f7b4 () No. 5864275


And people still believe in the Watergate 'official' narrative.


f134a4 () No. 5864276


Imagine if the French had someone telling them to be patient…

80710c () No. 5864277

6000e14a4ba418....jpg (8 KB, 255 x 143, 299 : 168, war.jpg) (h)

Thanks for the golan heights donald we really appreciate it

18f35b () No. 5864278

6ce0d8f94a2c75....jpg (191 KB, 255 x 186, 1080 : 786, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

this is Los Vegas all over again. spooks taking out survivors. has anyone checked their social media to see if they posted about the incident?

b735cf () No. 5864279

5ef15576dbbf14....jpg (24 KB, 177 x 255, 361 : 519, red1.jpg) (h)


TY Baker!!!

The venerable James Woods:


Hey, Democrats, remember when you were creaming all over yourselves about how clever this was? Well, chug it down, bitches…

a32bef () No. 5864280


Well…she has to be infantile to marry such a schmuck.

836145 () No. 5864281


I think distraction training is good.

If you can get over the gravity of surgically induced ass cleavage, you spread the spectrum of human prowess and talent.

You find and meet your match rather than fall trap to

fuck it, I still don't know.

5cb4ed () No. 5864282


AOC wow and Pelosi, you work so HARD to make America great again.

Thank you for defeating ISIS and for all the jobs too. oH, and PRISON REFORM, man you guys rock…

24511e () No. 5864283

>>5858973 (/pb)

Geologic time could refer to the extinction event of the dinosaurs, where their bodies are buried…etc…each geological rock strata correlated to a different time period of species/extinction…

1569a2 () No. 5864284


it is like blaming paper

for having words on it

80710c () No. 5864285


Lmao you retards should be out in the streets lynching and you sit here on this board trusting the plan

938400 () No. 5864286

31f089eb8a8a7e....webm (5647 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, easyday.webm) (h)

9e3a2c () No. 5864287


steppinopolis working with the clinton foundation.

no bias there.

b2c7cb () No. 5864288

33919e1b74d766....jpg (20 KB, 184 x 255, 306 : 423, mark2.jpg) (h)


he missed savile


mexican cartels

and my 3rd hand

112bff () No. 5864289

817a4fd4402a50....jpeg (123 KB, 223 x 255, 595 : 680, EA696E31-0DF7-....jpeg) (h)

836145 () No. 5864290


I think they're amping up the narrative of gun violence.

They can't do false flags anymore perhaps, ammunition spent, so they're moving to PTSD impact from these events.

c00c06 () No. 5864291


If this is a movie, then the wait for the Mueller report is creating the suspense. It’s drawing attention so more people will be asking for info. It’s perfect! Love and trust the plan!

e49e82 () No. 5864292


ermehgerd the shoops are flying now

568193 () No. 5864293


never a real photo lol

896369 () No. 5864294

a58d6a94ea7825....png (292 KB, 255 x 247, 777 : 753, (PepeSmug.png) (h)


that glorious feeling when they call up old glories to help prop up the current disaster and it only sheds new light & doubt on the ancient scam

edfa15 () No. 5864295

bd5cc19107a56a....jpg (37 KB, 255 x 255, 538 : 538, IMG_6624.jpg) (h)


Why were Apple employees helping shillary Hubbard Clinton tranny smuggle those kids on shareblue ?

f9c0ed () No. 5864296



Of course he does

5431bb () No. 5864298


>We know there are no indictments of any Americans for affecting the 2016 election.

Not true, there are plenty of indictments of democrats for election/voter fraud.


9e3a2c () No. 5864299


Parkland students human shields ?

Children used as shields (manufactured crimes of perjury)?

da69ce () No. 5864300


Give it time.

Wanting people to murder others is probably not the plan.

Going out on a limb there.

f134a4 () No. 5864301


Only morons think what you have to say is meaningful.

"Cunts" and "kikes" is the sum total of what your teenage friends taught you to say.

Go elsewhere. Your 'talents' are not helpful.

38b833 () No. 5864302

6d697d43ad0a8b....jpg (8 KB, 255 x 201, 255 : 201, 8de1fa4d429cd6....jpg) (h)

>>5864167 pb

I asked Q if he has talked to a "normie" lately? No response of course but I believe that 4-6% is horse shit. A lot of dummies out in this world dat lubz dem criminal demonrats no matter what. I believe that 1/3 of the populace is a lost cause.

c3ba12 () No. 5864303


Above The Storm

1ed9ff () No. 5864306

a8c40498cfa029....png (9011 KB, 255 x 198, 2542 : 1970, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

cefcfc14342885....png (111 KB, 255 x 116, 1472 : 672, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

cbc925bd2ffa67....png (154 KB, 255 x 104, 1444 : 588, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

8c29962cfc20e7....png (198 KB, 255 x 120, 1436 : 676, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)



also they have this abandoned coast guard station with lookout tower and shit

all secluded with access by water only, last building standing on cedar island, access to ocean, chesapeake bay, norfolk area…


cant find much but suspicious

54d5e2 () No. 5864304


So don't call them "survivors".

Call them "witnesses".

9b8efa () No. 5864305

c125005e9eff34....png (484 KB, 255 x 189, 713 : 529, trumpmelania.png) (h)

cde4b6bb8b39cf....png (2978 KB, 255 x 170, 3500 : 2333, trumpnews.png) (h)

502425 () No. 5864307


Removed the black finger pulling that zipper didnt ya… yep. You sure did.

836145 () No. 5864308


MSM and entertainment industry created a critical mass of soulless drones which need jobs and by need jobs I mean need to get paid.

896369 () No. 5864309


>it is like blaming paper

>for having words on it


e886d4 () No. 5864310


This one may not find out who it is, the article I read said he/she was a sophomore. More than likely they won't post a minors name. But could check local Obits for young deaths and try to match up.

9e3a2c () No. 5864311


victims and witnesses like vegas 187'd

461721 () No. 5864312


"I can't believe it's not butter !"

b725f4 () No. 5864313

An interesting 'take' on why F_X news suspended Judge Jeanine, the recent hirings of Brazile and Ryan, etc.

Were we missing something?

Here's a great opinion thread from @40_head on Twatter:

1. Many leaped onto the anti-Fox news train as soon as @JudgeJeanine was suspended for talking about Omar. It got worse when @donnabrazile was hired onto the program. It got even worse when @SpeakerRyan was hired onto their board of directors. BUT…were we missing something?

2. Since Fox has made these changes, they've released damning information on HRC. Brazile has openly talked about HRC stealing the show from Bernie - saying Trump was right about that. And, they've now quoted @qanon76 on their channel, though edited, showing QAnon's influence!

3. Someone on here mentioned that MAYBE, just maybe, there was a chance this was all in preparation for dropping the truth on America. A known and trusted democrat telling them HRC is bad? A known RINO making decisions about what to include on shows, assures Dems it's fair?

4. Fox taking initiatives to "remove" Jeanine Pirro gives Dems faith the show is "neutral". Do you see a pattern developing here? A positive move towards inviting the left to trust and listen? Believe it or not, a SHIT TON of liberals watch Fox, trying to disprove conservatives.

5. Libs try to find things to argue with. Imagine if Brazile let some truth out on them? Imagine if QAnon is presented to more and more folks as a quality, true, trustworthy source of info and compassion for this nation? We may need to re-think our knee-jerk reactions folks.

6. Disney DID NOT buy FOX NEWS. This next post is from an article posted by someone in a comment on this thread. It's from NPR. Please note…Disney ONLY purchased the entertainment division which is their movies, cartoons, etc. It does NOT include News. https://www.npr.org/2019/03/20/705009029/disney-officially-owns-21st-century-fox

7. "Now that Fox Corp. has sold off most of its entertainment properties, it has become a standalone company that will retain ownership of its broadcast network, owned-and-operated network affiliates, the Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network and Fox Sports."

8. ALSO…just so all of you are aware, @JudgeJeanine is scheduled to return to her show March 30th. Her suspension is over. This was confirmed this morning (5/22) by multiple reporting agencies.


f81e0f () No. 5864314

96a8bf31d36da4....png (904 KB, 12 x 255, 562 : 11648, 1_'New Zealand....png) (h)



Archive of WaPo article:


2dcef3 () No. 5864315


funny how theyre trying to use SUICIDE as a boomerang re: gun violence. I'm sure potus didnt see THAT one coming!


e5adf5 () No. 5864316

'20 mins of Philippe Reines getting destroyed by Mollie Hemingway'

edfa15 () No. 5864317


Exposing yourself in the schoolyard fixes nothing

00f017 () No. 5864318

127dcb0454802f....jpg (663 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, attack run.jpg) (h)

836145 () No. 5864319


Actually, the first screen cap I grabbed didn't have it, but I thought, I should steal more of the pic because the curves. Compared the two and realize it doesn't matter.

ab29b3 () No. 5864320

1a0fb838f684f0....jpg (55 KB, 255 x 171, 720 : 482, equador-giant.jpg) (h)

80710c () No. 5864321


Youre right anon

The plan is to play us all against each other

And keep us in the hopium matrix so we dont realize that we need to lynch the elite

Deport all their negro and spic slaves that are literally cattle at this point

And start america over

0ed593 () No. 5864322

MSM trying to spin this into Oops, big mistake, we didn't know.

rather than we are guilty of intentional subversion and knowingly assisting an attempted coup.

9571cf () No. 5864323

280ced3d76e306....png (518 KB, 255 x 139, 1020 : 554, ebuck2men.png) (h)

da73da7fd354af....png (878 KB, 255 x 137, 1024 : 552, schitt4brain.png) (h)

6ff490fc18aa9b....png (633 KB, 255 x 139, 1008 : 548, shitthide.png) (h)

117e2f () No. 5864324

98dcff105ecf43....png (244 KB, 255 x 169, 500 : 331, 2019-02-15_09-....png) (h)


They are probably not used to being on the defensive?

Don't know what to do?

30d66b () No. 5864325

d729185e78662c....jpeg (431 KB, 255 x 150, 1125 : 663, 24866659-300C-....jpeg) (h)

A reminder that come Tuesday bumpstocks are illegal and Res Flag Law legislation will be heard on the floor. These laws have the support of Trump and Barr. Really something to think about.

7b1579 () No. 5864326

d9e074fcda5c7e....png (57 KB, 255 x 123, 607 : 293, AQ1.png) (h)


Rod Rosenstein also at DoJ this morning.

9e3a2c () No. 5864327


justice department and lawyers do not have their way then they 187 the population

0ca9e4 () No. 5864329


Wouldn't Schiff be in some sort of violation for withholding evidence in a federal investigation???

18f35b () No. 5864330


my grandpa wud have luved the ph… superb work anon!

0073c4 () No. 5864331

e70a22709aa0a6....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 213, 600 : 500, redpil.jpg) (h)


tl to get into on image board.

long and short - no way all the steel columns failed inward to allow collapse into footprint.

if columns HAD failed, why where zero of them seen protruding OUT from the building?

why were there photos of blasting caps inside the building previously?

too much rube goldberg engineering - watch ten controlled demolitions and then look at what happened that day.

look at other building failures from fire - they are NOTHING like WTC.

do your own research, but the photo of the blasting cap boxes and Occams Razor say it was long planned. Nukes and nanoshit weren't required - just a good demo team and time in the utility corridors and after hours.

finally, cui bono?

i repeat - cui bono?

because it wasn't the saudis or the iranians that benefitted. One particular jew benefitted immensely, and the dancers seen in the video probably made bank too…

41b781 () No. 5864332


Any particular files you think `stegsnow` was used on anon?

78e7db () No. 5864333

No matter what happens now or in the near future with the Mueller report or any thing else, I will never forgive George W. Bush for helping to implement the Patriot Act. Helps no one that is a patriot, and has allowed most of the latest shenanigans to happen.

168877 () No. 5864334

e30dd091308f13....jpg (64 KB, 205 x 255, 564 : 700, Osprey.jpg) (h)

60baafcc231cb8....jpg (11 KB, 255 x 213, 300 : 250, pepe geisha.jpg) (h)

Japan to use Osprey aircraft for overseas rescue operations: sources

The government plans to introduce a special operations variant of the U.S. Marine Corps MV-22 tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft for Self-Defense Forces to conduct dangerous and covert missions abroad, such as the rescuing of Japanese citizens, according to sources.

The Ground Self-Defense Force has a special anti-terror unit to carry out such operations. But the unit is still not fully capable and lacks specialized aircraft.

Under the government plan, the CV-22 Osprey, the special operations variant of the MV-22, will be deployed along with refurbished models of the GSDF’s UH-60 helicopter, the government sources said Saturday.

The CV-22 is widely seen as more capable of nighttime flying and its terrain-following radar enables it to fly at low altitudes, they said. The remodeled UH-60 is regarded as better armored and can be carried by the Air Self-Defense Force’s C-2 transport airplanes.

The controversial security legislation that came effect in 2016 expanded the scope under which the SDF can conduct overseas military operations.

Japan has been seeking to enhance its capability to rescue Japanese citizens overseas since the 2013 hostage crisis in Algeria in which 10 Japanese were killed.

The GSDF is also eyeing the use of special aircraft in the event that Japan’s remote islands are occupied by foreign forces, according to the sources.

At U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Okinawa Prefecture, 24 MV-22s have been deployed since 2012.


2dcef3 () No. 5864335


and yet,


anyone actually gonna buy that garbage when anons have been redpilling fam frens and coworkers bout this for over a year now?

Good Luck MSM,

Have a good day :)

edfa15 () No. 5864336


So shareblue smuggled cocaine and children for shillary tranny cause tv has fake Jew Devils ?

16c23f () No. 5864337

8e92fb2957a3ad....png (531 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

The punishment for Treason

931ddc () No. 5864338


>Go elsewhere. Your 'talents' are not helpful.

have a shekel

feeling sorry for you

because you believe anybody gives a shit

good day

f134a4 () No. 5864339


Certainly few here will be doing anything but typing self-serving comments.

Interesting result.

836145 () No. 5864340


They were quick to point out that it wasn't an isolated incident nor a fluke. It's happening in waves, like a real event. It's all to hammer the point that it's a real situation.

1569a2 () No. 5864341

2d450997acc9a8....jpg (70 KB, 183 x 255, 490 : 682, fathers love.jpg) (h)


when the court of public opinion

was touted as the highest court in the land

e49e82 () No. 5864342

00cd2664ffcb1f....png (62 KB, 255 x 217, 758 : 644, patriotshaveit....png) (h)


speaking of old glories… Your meme spawned this guy, If your pepe is "yours", ty!

da69ce () No. 5864343


So why don't you start the lynching?

That's what you believe should happen,yet here you are shitposting and sowing more division.

If that's what you think Q is doing,you are helping Q.

Be part of the solution. Start by lynching yourself.

6dfecf () No. 5864344

"You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come."

Matthew 24:6

258783 () No. 5864345

d035a507f1f90d....jpg (55 KB, 255 x 191, 600 : 450, 63aa3ba10bc20a....jpg) (h)


Why do you keep coming back here Jeb?

9e3a2c () No. 5864346



no gun control in NZ.

lawyers then kill for the new gun law.

Lawyers are the problem with their new laws limiting population and not themselves

836145 () No. 5864347


I'm saying most employees are on their phones not working, not giving a shit about their job.

So when evil shows up, they're distracted and not willing to defend any sort of righteous stance on their job because they already don't care about it.

a1529f () No. 5864348


snaps Puff, helicopter G

a0c376 () No. 5864349

Dems are exposed, humiliated and stymied. What a glorious day.

6fb8ad () No. 5864350


Sort of a nonissue imho. You can modify any semi auto to fully auto with an easily machinable clip anyway. And you don't really need full auto for much anyway, three round burst or even shooting one bullet at a time is far, far more accurate.

I'm not a fan of the bumpstock ban, but it's really a complete nonissue.


This little clip can be easily machined by anyone with a C&C Machine.

8d8a12 () No. 5864351



2ab539 () No. 5864352


kinda feels like suicide weekend.

lots of disappointed folks out there.

80710c () No. 5864353


Thats the only point of posting on this board anon



Or being a Q lemming

48e1a5 () No. 5864354

308e03c0a4299e....jpeg (49 KB, 255 x 255, 630 : 630, iu.jpeg) (h)

cd3b95 () No. 5864355


I honestly don't understand your response because it does not address or relate to any content or context pertaining to my long dumbass reply or the Larp finger.

1569a2 () No. 5864356

f74ad6e59ecf13....png (212 KB, 255 x 237, 748 : 696, berno.png) (h)

988760 () No. 5864357


some dumb cuck will marry her and she will go on in private life thinking she is something. UNLESS the law actually works and takes her down.

9e3a2c () No. 5864358


Children are always human shields…

check out hrc bo and mo they all hide behind children

80710c () No. 5864359


Because i dont care anon

Im just here to laugh at your suffering

a1529f () No. 5864360

208ac560f1adcc....mp4 (1271 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, 6WLS1FIYbDsUQ7....mp4) (h)


dramatic vid

38b833 () No. 5864361


Q was referring to the muller boy investigation. POTUS Trumps children. It can also refer to demonrats using this tactic in many scenarios.

fa8db4 () No. 5864362

450a0b1b2e6335....png (304 KB, 255 x 160, 507 : 319, fail6.png) (h)

f3dfa1 () No. 5864363

66ff30b6b0822a....png (44 KB, 255 x 88, 934 : 323, ed088c0c945453....png) (h)

Link with LV [FF]

Nov 5 2017 00:55:46 (EST)

Why are survivors dying randomly?

What do each of these survivors have in common?

Did they talk on social media?

What did they say?

Were they going to form a group?

Why is this relevant?

How did they die?

7b1579 () No. 5864364

9deaf7a58c4dc4....png (65 KB, 149 x 206, 149 : 206, Question 1.png) (h)

Rod Rosenstein.

Bill Bar and Ed O’Callaghan already there

Eyes on Huber?

d7ef00 () No. 5864365


We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.

65e7d8 () No. 5864366

1828a83208a9e5....png (21 KB, 255 x 76, 608 : 182, CDaniels re Sc....png) (h)

If you squeezed the BS out of Adam Schiff, he’d probably weigh about 8 ounces.


88368b () No. 5864367

1d5ce2e1e71bf0....jpg (32 KB, 255 x 255, 948 : 948, clarence-thomas.jpg) (h)


I don't believe red flag laws would get past the current make up of SCOTUS. I think they're throwing it out there as a honeypot for the remaining Senate RINOs.

f51fb0 () No. 5864368

Fire at will got me to searching the Calabas fires around Will Smith. Miley Cyrus's house burnt down so I started digging on her. Guess who has a foundation for homeless gay kids??? Miley, it's called the Happy Hippie Foundation. Was she burning the evidence?


027433 () No. 5864369

609330e5c50708....jpg (1433 KB, 92 x 255, 1800 : 5000, Was-the-Cathol....jpg) (h)

>>5863997 (lb)

>Mushroom cult=cannibal cult?

Of course! These are some sick bastards. The Catholic Church was founded by the same child sacrificing Babylonian satanic elite priests. That's what that those biblical bondage stories are about when Israel when into Babylonian captivity. Those stories document the journey of the occult mystery schools from Babylon to Israel. It's the same priesthood that then transitioned from Israel to the Roman Catholic Church. The same child sacrificing priests have been eating sacrificed children's hearts in the Vatican ever since those temples were built. If the sheeple have trouble understanding where or when the Catholic Church went so bad as to be filled with pedophile priests, it makes more sense when one understands its the same priesthood that has been doing these same evils for tens of thousands of years..

9e3a2c () No. 5864370


hrc bo abd mo twiiter

use Children as human shields

a0c376 () No. 5864371

WTF is up with Nadler’s eyebrows? Using Trudeau's glue?

f77e9c () No. 5864372

f9ee8228c0c30d....jpg (7 KB, 250 x 223, 250 : 223, right_on.jpg) (h)

e49e82 () No. 5864373


All roads lead to Utah.

258783 () No. 5864374

b73890bdd5d0c6....jpg (82 KB, 255 x 191, 864 : 648, b73890bdd5d0c6....jpg) (h)


I hope he uses livestreams it on Facebook.

117e2f () No. 5864375

a1a08e3af9b8e4....png (354 KB, 255 x 169, 599 : 398, 2019-03-24_13-....png) (h)

f134a4 () No. 5864376


Well, it is certain that not a single, coherent utterance has ever come from you, but I'm sure you think anons think this is a place for your eight-grade nonsense.

Enjoy what life has in store for morons like you, son.

7b1579 () No. 5864377


Thanks, Anon. My CPU hates videos

3dd6f9 () No. 5864378


It must be hot in there if she can pop corn in it.

e3dec5 () No. 5864379

b7d494be9b55cc....png (672 KB, 255 x 189, 839 : 622, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

Jerrold having an eyebrow malfunction. Whats with this?

63f7b4 () No. 5864380

a2c6fbd1604f1c....jpg (64 KB, 255 x 191, 1062 : 796, siw7k.jpg) (h)


"dramatic vid"

edfa15 () No. 5864381


Show me on the ham where trump touched (you)

9e3a2c () No. 5864382

FOC news breaking shows muller going to church.

Projecting holiness of the Muller report and his sainthood

5ecd87 () No. 5864383


kek! Wondering same thing.

896369 () No. 5864384



imagine if they found out about FURRIES

30d66b () No. 5864385



really? a non issue? because it’s trump infringing on the 2nd amendment it’s ok now? Maybe to you, but to gun owners and constitutionalists that don’t trust the government, this is a massive issue. Especially the red flag laws that will likely pass.

38b833 () No. 5864386

80710c () No. 5864387

81f05153eade4b....png (389 KB, 210 x 255, 654 : 793, e4a624ba241bbd....png) (h)

Daily reminder potus is totally cool with your kids taking estrogen and taking it in the ass from black men who will fuck anything

54d5e2 () No. 5864389

c99f73e02894f0....jpg (258 KB, 226 x 255, 720 : 812, 70c3497e492f16....jpg) (h)

d8318680f6d7c5....jpg (269 KB, 191 x 255, 520 : 694, 4d390d888a6793....jpg) (h)

23e8258f7d6b9f....jpg (167 KB, 227 x 255, 566 : 636, 44d66cd15df338....jpg) (h)

edb2fa56c96397....jpg (202 KB, 255 x 184, 707 : 509, 5e1c51c18a3c35....jpg) (h)

aab30c () No. 5864388

0fd0955ec8d13f....png (245 KB, 239 x 255, 496 : 529, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Yeah is that the NAZI JEW DNA Side of him…?

d6916d () No. 5864390

notable very true but missing the other half!

>>5863432 Vet Anon: Hurry Up And Wait™!

other half = wait and then hurry up


3378f0 () No. 5864391

e31e8cf8f41362....jpg (77 KB, 255 x 255, 960 : 960, 13528685_17220....jpg) (h)

b565302e78f907....jpg (22 KB, 255 x 255, 480 : 480, unihillary.jpg) (h)


836145 () No. 5864392


Or is it the new ammunition against Trump against Guns?

Building off of their FF events, further weaving the narrative. PTSD from fake event means real event.

dcca4d () No. 5864393


Your Grandpa earned his with pain and suffering like my father. Pain and suffering gladly endured for our great nation. Next time you talk to Grandpa in your prayer or your mind, tell him I said Thank You for his Service and Sacrifice.


6fb8ad () No. 5864394

017aac677e609f....png (17 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, 1511652586153.png) (h)

a1529f () No. 5864395


LATEST: AG Barr's summary of the key conclusions in the Mueller report is still expected to go to Hill and public today, per a source familiar with the situation

58815d () No. 5864396

Robert Mueller went to church this morning — next to the White House


65e7d8 () No. 5864397

33d6ff11a2cf75....mp4 (2678 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, Video ABC Poli....mp4) (h)



Rep. Schiff said there was significant evidence of collusion.

Did he forget to give it to Mueller?

edfa15 () No. 5864398

a7d21c15bc0995....png (53 KB, 255 x 179, 420 : 294, IMG_6573.png) (h)

d3584a86f46236....jpg (42 KB, 255 x 214, 600 : 503, IMG_6576.jpg) (h)

f358413154f35b....jpg (59 KB, 255 x 143, 800 : 450, 50C41936-4F2D-....jpg) (h)


Maybe they are pedos of nambla

f9c0ed () No. 5864399

20a3c76b44841f....png (126 KB, 171 x 255, 538 : 800, 20a3c76b44841f....png) (h)


4%-6% are lost forever


27%-29%+ will get a redpill that isn't comfortable


The 4-6 will never accept

e49e82 () No. 5864400


you spelled demorcrats wrong.

9e3a2c () No. 5864401


The experts are all propagandists

American people do not need these people to tell us how to think

68000a () No. 5864402


>If you squeezed the BS out of Adam Schiff, he’d probably weigh about 8 ounces.

top kek

00f017 () No. 5864403

Every C_A/MOS tactic of infiltration and internal disruption is being deployed on this board (central hub).

The World is Here.


This movement is bigger than anyone can possibly imagine.

Peace through strength.


In a certain sense, not going to lie, I like it. Stay the course anons.

489443 () No. 5864404


False. POTUS understands many suffer from chemical and biological agents introduced into our environment that create these situations. Its not our brothers' and sisters' faults.

258783 () No. 5864405


We already had this argument today and you got btfo.

836145 () No. 5864406


Are these the people that are tattooed and shaved or surgically altered or scalp deep in education or something?

edfa15 () No. 5864407


Take more sedatives

80710c () No. 5864408


>>>5864387 (You)

>you spelled demorcrats wrong.


No i didnt

Not like theres a single difference between the kikeotus and nancy pelosi lmao

dcca4d () No. 5864409



The beautiful purple heat Q is by QLA. I just spread the beauty.

a1529f () No. 5864410

d324f6378d10e8....jpg (55 KB, 230 x 255, 750 : 830, D2bbecuXQAEYL5A.jpg) (h)

3dd6f9 () No. 5864411

bb653791a877c5....jpeg (218 KB, 174 x 255, 1104 : 1615, 62BA8152-01AA-....jpeg) (h)

e392f4 () No. 5864412

>>5864243, >>5864329, >>5864397 Rep. Schiff said there was significant evidence of collusion - Did he forget to give it to Mueller?


0ed593 () No. 5864413


Fox news is television.

It has always been comped.

It will always be comped.

Even if Q and Trump watch Fox News it is evil mind control and anons should not trust it, support it, or watch it. No television is good.

Qanon on Fox is the beginning of the end of Q anon.

Like hip hop.

7b1579 () No. 5864414


Robert Mueller goes to church next to White House while Trump is absent in Florida

Mueller and his wife Ann attended services at St. John's Episcopal Church, which is right across from Lafayette Park, located in front of the White House.

1569a2 () No. 5864415


he is a lawyer. you now how to bury a lawyer, don't you?

give 'em an enema and stuff 'em in a matchbox

30d66b () No. 5864416


i’m a westcoast anon and just woke up…first time on the board today…cuck. Sucking Trump off is no better than the libs that do so for Obama

c019e3 () No. 5864417

aec46aa9bf45ef....jpg (731 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

18409fa2a62786....jpg (620 KB, 143 x 255, 1000 : 1778, 20190324_174014.jpg) (h)

f087840a4ec799....png (126 KB, 255 x 85, 1562 : 521, Brave.png) (h)



f5df40 () No. 5864418

fefe7b0a749c58....mp4 (2088 KB, 255 x 159, 576 : 360, mKcZhmY8f5HU6I....mp4) (h)

f077c4 () No. 5864419

Serious question, I'm A white British male who want to leave his repressed country and live in the USA, but your emigration laws only let scum in. If I hopped the boarder, would I be able to make it there…….fed up of this country…

e49e82 () No. 5864420


This has always reminded me of og irc flamewars.

I dunno why…

37df32 () No. 5864421


Nice try faggot, you glow

f134a4 () No. 5864422


The best is how so many dullards think they're 'anonymous'. They're not.

I just can't stand what it's come to in terms of rhetoric. It's pathetic. Usually, I just ignore morons, but some days I feel compelled to point out how obscenely ignorant they are.

And we wonder why so few will stay here after an hour.

4cada4 () No. 5864423

859e2aa8de20b9....jpg (54 KB, 229 x 255, 441 : 491, e2334b95a2459d....jpg) (h)


Need some help digging Adnan Khashoggi.

The map leads to him from Rachel Chandler

via Gia Coppola, Gdaughter of Francis Ford Coppola.

FFC's movie "The Cotton Club" initially financed by AKhashoggi

Coppola connects to Alefantis through his wife (Eleanor Coppola) at the Edible Schoolyard NFP

No doubt we all know AK was an arms merchant.

Need help mapping his connections. There's A LOT

What businesses?

Where did he do business?

Who is each business connected to?


1569a2 () No. 5864424


look at the his glasses are adjusted to lessen the rogue eyebrow effect

458341 () No. 5864425



Rock on, anon!

9b8efa () No. 5864426

41b66599ff7136....png (109 KB, 230 x 255, 390 : 433, wherearethechi....png) (h)

b7183c53dee212....jpg (47 KB, 230 x 255, 390 : 433, wherearethechi....jpg) (h)

8a46957ea601bc....jpg (155 KB, 146 x 255, 641 : 1118, wherecatholic.jpg) (h)

34d8f4ca9e14c2....jpg (385 KB, 255 x 202, 2400 : 1901, whereislam.jpg) (h)

63f7b4 () No. 5864427

1f8baaa21f37cc....jpg (14 KB, 241 x 255, 307 : 325, 23rw45w45w5.jpg) (h)


Please, tell me you are kidding.

You can't be that dumb!


836145 () No. 5864428


1643 called.

You're late.

da69ce () No. 5864429



But don't understand. I am not suffering.

I've been a skeptic the entire time,or most of it. It's not hard to be cynical about anonymous sources on the internet selling, and i quote,WONDROUS NEW WORLDS.

Anyone reading that should be a little leary no?

Especially when the anonymous source says disinformation is necessary and real.

Makes you wonder which posts are fake,which are real

At least now we have come to a point where we will know one way or the other.

No way Q can move the goalposts. No more delays. No next week or free beer tomorrow.

It's put up or shut up time.

e392f4 () No. 5864430

>>5864250 Carl Bernstein Defends The Press: ‘One Of The Great Reporting Jobs In History’


It's scared.

edfa15 () No. 5864431


Show me on the ham where trump touched (you)

7ed4e3 () No. 5864432

90ec1f89c2b51e....png (749 KB, 255 x 167, 732 : 479, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

2a683ec99a49fc....png (100 KB, 255 x 231, 709 : 643, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Half of Americans Say Mueller Report Could Change Their Mind on Trump

Around half of all Americans say there is at least a small chance that special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election will change how they feel about President Donald Trump, according to the latest Fox News poll. Data from the poll conducted from March 17 to 20, before the special council delivered the report to Attorney General William Barr, found 41 percent of voters who said there is “no chance at all” that Mueller’s report will change how they feel about the sitting president. At the same time, a combined total of 50 percent said there is at least a small chance that the long-awaited report, two years in the making, could change how they feel about Trump to different extents. Five percent of the group said there was a “strong” chance the report could change their views, while 14 percent said there was “some” chance. Meanwhile, 29 percent specifically said there was a “small chance.” Because of the split of opinion on the investigation itself, it remains unclear just how much the report—if it is released to the public—will impact public opinion.

‘Let People See’ Trump said he would be fine with the upcoming Mueller report being publicly released. “Let it come out, let people see it,” Trump told reporters on his way to leave the White House for Ohio on March 20. “That’s up to the Attorney General … and we’ll see what happens.” Top-ranking Democrats have also come out to call for the public release of the report. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) in a March 22 joint statement said it was “imperative” the full report be made public. “Now that Special Counsel Mueller has submitted his report to the attorney general, it is imperative for Mr. Barr to make the full report public and provide its underlying documentation and findings to Congress,” the statement said. The Fox News poll also found that 80 percent of voters believe the public should be able to see Mueller’s report.


b4b7c1 () No. 5864433


find an American (fe)male, marry them, get citizenship

3ff679 () No. 5864434

a1635cb40a4e3d....png (2106 KB, 255 x 191, 2048 : 1536, 2A9A51C0-567F-....png) (h)

9861626428bef0....jpeg (1230 KB, 255 x 181, 2048 : 1452, 42B82C7C-D4EB-....jpeg) (h)

From last bread


Lots of digs here.. see something say something

These people are sick


Who is Marni

36c401 () No. 5864435

d053df229e1500....jpeg (1002 KB, 167 x 255, 1018 : 1553, D66B230B-D418-....jpeg) (h)

76b7a3b0289e44....jpeg (248 KB, 255 x 206, 1102 : 891, 1B9245A1-D831-....jpeg) (h)

636e09a5aaae6f....jpeg (120 KB, 255 x 97, 887 : 337, AE5D714C-7D02-....jpeg) (h)

Delta of Q’s drop and POTUS tweet

Misspellings matter

Very interesting given Q’s drop corrected a misspelling.


7c9cbc () No. 5864436


Why’d you respond to me with this video?

e49e82 () No. 5864437


hahahah keep telling yourself that

9e3a2c () No. 5864438


A common strategy is for politicins to hide behind children

VJ and democrats hid behind the FF of Parkland

Therefore Children are human shields

Also their twitter pictures include very young children. Also human shields

Avenatti is now a defender of Children the creepy porn lawyer ? Hiding behind Children

Muller going to church and the MSM showing his sainthood and Mueller holiness of the 911 report.

5a825e () No. 5864439

0fae964d198656....jpg (88 KB, 255 x 170, 600 : 400, lbobama.jpg) (h)

988760 () No. 5864440


who traveled to NZ?

112bff () No. 5864441

2b58335b8f2739....jpeg (51 KB, 255 x 171, 677 : 453, 8716390B-660E-....jpeg) (h)


that’s a massive benis

5ecd87 () No. 5864442

So are we all expecting SDNY to indict the kids the minute the report comes out, ala Manafort?

3dd6f9 () No. 5864443

9b172fdf35e127....jpeg (744 KB, 215 x 255, 1729 : 2048, E9E91EEA-3585-....jpeg) (h)



36c401 () No. 5864444

79629258970695....jpeg (666 KB, 121 x 255, 826 : 1744, 614957C1-3AA7-....jpeg) (h)

54d5e2 () No. 5864445

2dcef3 () No. 5864446

6ce73b8a35f676....jpg (352 KB, 255 x 143, 2560 : 1440, buryusidiotswe....jpg) (h)

cc2dff2b48082b....jpg (156 KB, 255 x 170, 800 : 534, calmanons.jpg) (h)

3b87dcfb9b3e6b....png (384 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, calmanonsqmess....png) (h)


its even better than they can't hide their emotions. proves what weve been saying all along. THIS IS GOOD NEWS FOR AMERICA, AND DEMOCRATS ARE UPSET?!

015abc () No. 5864447


Suicide….as ruled by a medical examiner?

Would any sane person accept the report of any public official in that county?

38b833 () No. 5864448


It must be a globalist gay mafia pedovore criminal signal.

d6916d () No. 5864449


stupid fiction

try harder

7d217e () No. 5864450


What I'd give to throat punch this fuckwad.

0ca9e4 () No. 5864452

Kamala Harris is like all the other hookers if her lips ain't moving her hips are moving

9e3a2c () No. 5864453


twitter feeds of hiliary and bill clintona nd the obamas hide behind children and use them as Human shields

All FF attacking children and they pretend to protect the children ?

e392f4 () No. 5864454


Could be how the cabal has tried to communicate.

e81de7 () No. 5864455


>Stegsnow is a program for concealing messages in text files by appending tabs and spaces on the end of lines, and for extracting messages from files containing hidden messages. Tabs and spaces are invisible to most text viewers, hence the steganographic nature of this encoding scheme.

well this description has me wondering about some of Q's drops that had a line of just spaces inside of quotes.

there are also ways to hide text inside picture files, and the "Demorcrats" pic has me suspicious…

36fdee () No. 5864456


Nah, he don't have schiff ('cept in his name).

What he is guilty of is being a very bad liar.

Oh, that and Perjury (at a minimum).

8599d6 () No. 5864457



b2c7cb () No. 5864458

869375fe2cc07a....png (131 KB, 255 x 181, 915 : 651, mark 1.png) (h)

33919e1b74d766....jpg (20 KB, 184 x 255, 306 : 423, mark2.jpg) (h)

79c0d7362b02df....jpg (595 KB, 255 x 191, 2048 : 1536, gr1.jpg) (h)

a1529f () No. 5864459

b388be73f3ee78....mp4 (6298 KB, 144 x 255, 320 : 568, E5ffk_E2iYbrOn....mp4) (h)


9e3a2c () No. 5864460


Multiple meanings ….

1569a2 () No. 5864461


maybe a tie with the laptop video release

SDNY is about to become the focus

a155d9 () No. 5864462

>>5864357 Have noticed that the unworthy wench has been coached to do "The Zero". To wit, while she is reading her masters' words to the silly twits who congregate to hear her vast words of wisdom, she does the finger waving thing.

"Pay attention! I'm making a point here! You will listen carefully, for I am somebody!" A cheap stunt reserved for those who have nothing worthwhile to say. Sure, all speakers do it once in awhile, but not like Zero and now the gutter wench.

Another thing—people talk about valley girls and the nasal voice of vacuity—the AOC has a voice that puts dentist drills to shame. So to listen to her say nothing, you also have to have the whine of the ages drilled into your ears, from whence it reverberates throughout the entire body.

f3b41f () No. 5864463

>>5863882 (pb)

Another Parkland suicide.

The gofund me for the previous one was set up by corrupt shitbag, Scott Israel's kid (sauce in an earlier bread from yesterdat or day before).

Now this.

What are the fucking odds? Where a couple students who've been quiet till now ready to come forth with conflicting accounts of what happened?

It's way out there to imagine that they'd be offing kids to fill their fundraising coffers, but I wouldn't put it past the stupid cocksuckers.

258783 () No. 5864464


Seems easy enough to sneak in. Give it a try.

58815d () No. 5864465


David Duke …FAIL

Gold Star family …FAIL

2 Corinthians…FAIL

P_Grabbing video…FAIL

Landslide predictions….FAIL

Recount attempt…FAIL

Alt-Right accusations…..FAIL

Racist accusations..FAIL

Too many generals appointed…FAIL

Conflict of interests…FAIL

Electoral College votes….FAIL

Russia hack….FAIL

John McCain-Lindsey Graham dossier leak…FAIL

Golden showers…FAIL

Fake Trump and Obama Polling numbers….FAIL

Fake Crowd Size…FAIL

Kavanaugh raping lies…FAIL

MLK bust missing…FAIL

Refugee Ban EO…FAIL

Logan Act…FAIL


Trump TowerRussia server link…FAIL

Trump’s Tax returns…FAIL

Twitter bug accusation…FAIL

Assistant AG firing…FAIL

Comey firing…FAIL

Emoluments clause…FAIL

Trump-Comey dinner…FAIL

CNN’s two scoop-gate…FAIL


Trump exposing top secret info…FAIL

Trump’s first overseas trip being a disasterFAIL

Kushner back-channel…FAIL

Comey Testimony…FAIL

Sessions Testimony…FAIL

Mika insults…FAIL

CNN wrestling meme…FAIL

Putin punking Trump at the G20…FAIL

Junior meeting with lawyer…FAIL

Mysterious Eighth Person…FAIL

Second Putin Meeting…FAIL

Scaramucci appointment…FAIL

Transgender Ban…FAIL

N Carolina riot statement…FAIL

Paris Accord…FAIL

Spicer leaving…FAIL

Priebus resigning…FAIL

Manafort Firing…FAIL

Kelly controlling Trump…FAIL

Scaramucci Firing…FAIL

Bannon resigning…FAIL

Greensboro speech…FAIL


Schumer Dinner Meeting…FAIL

Fake DACA for Amnesty…FAIL

Alabama Strange endorsement…FAIL

NFL kneelers Speech…FAIL

Inappropriate Texas hurricane visit…FAIL

Inappropriate Florida hurricane visit…FAIL

Puerto Rico slow response…FAIL

Weinstein Connection….FAIL

Niger Soldier killings…FAIL

Niger Gold Star wife call…FAIL

Moore allegations…FAIL

Rachel Maddow’s Tax return special …FAIL

Sessions 3rd Testimony…FAIL

Asia Tour…FAIL

Asia Tour Fish food toss…FAIL

Carter Page Indictment…FAIL

Papadopoulos Indictment…FAIL

Manafort Indictment…FAIL

NFL anthem Tweets l…FAIL

Flake Tweets…FAIL

Moore allegations silence…FAIL

Franken Tweets…FAIL

Moore Support…FAIL

Tillerson insulting Trump…FAIL

Flynn indictment tweets…FAIL

Deutsche Bank records supeona…FAIL

Megyn Kelly’s Trump accuser special …FAIL

Brian Ross fake report …FAIL

Rex Tillerson being fired….FAIL

Trump received Wikileaks information earlyFAIL

Trump is going fire Mueller rumors….FAIL

Iran uprising Tweet….FAIL

Bigger button Tweet….FAIL

Bannon betrayal….FAIL

Wolff book….FAIL

Trump mental stability….FAIL

Stable genius Tweet….FAIL

S–thole country comment…FAIL

Stormy Daniels payoff…FAIL

Bannon testimony…FAIL

DAVOS will be an embarrassment…FAIL


Hope Hicks testimony…FAIL

WH aide Porter resignation…FAIL

Dem memo not being released…FAIL

Security clearances…FAIL

Palm Beach property sale…FAIL

Playboy playmate…FAIL

Kushner Security Clearance…FAIL

Hope Hicks resigning…FAIL

Gary Cohn resigning…FAIL

Tariffs causing trade war…FAIL

N Korea meeting…FAIL

McCabe firing…FAIL

McMaster firing…FAIL

John Bolton Hiring…FAIL

Rumors of Mueller being fired lll…FAIL

Rob Porter firing…FAIL

John McEntee Firing….FAIL

John Dowd resignation…FAIL

Cambridge Analytica…FAIL

Gun Ban rally…FAIL

60 Minutes Stormy interview…FAIL

Rumors of Mueller being fired lV…FAIL

Michael Cohen office raided….FAIL

Rumors of Mueller being fired V…FAIL

Rumors of Rosenstien being fired l…FAIL

Stormy’s sketch of person who threatenedher…FAIL

Comey’s Interview…FAIL

Comey’s book…FAIL

Comey’s Memos…FAIL

Obama’s Doctor of 8 years, Admiral Jackson,was unvetted…FAIL

Mueller Questions leaked…FAIL

McCain insults…FAIL

Trump’s financial statement release…FAIL

Senate Intelligence Report release…FAIL

Trump calls MS13 animals…FAIL

Trump cancels NK summit…FAIL

Trump announces NK summit back on…FAIL

Trump slaps tariffs on NAFTA partners…FAIL

Trump pardons D’Souza, Blagojevich, and Martha Stewart…FAIL

Trump cancels Eagles WH ceremony…FAIL

Melania is MIA….FAIL

G7 summit snub…FAIL

Singapore summit failure…FAIL

Trump honored Kim…FAIL

Cohen flipping on Trump…FAIL

Manafort charged for witness tamperingFAIL

Trump is putting kids in concentrationcamps….FAIL

Trump caves to pressure on separating kidsFAIL

Trumps’ SCOTUS pick will end life as we know it….FAIL

Trump tariffs prompt fear…FAIL

Trump Insults NATO by asking for moneyFAIL

Trump Insults Theresa May…FAIL

Rosenstein Indicts 12 Russians prior toTrump’s Russia visit…FAIL

Trump/Putin meeting…FAIL

Cohen has Playboy payoff tape…FAIL


Cohen flipping on Trump lV…FAIL

Trump knew of Tower meeting ll…FAIL

Omarosa book claims Trump used N word….FAIL

Cohen has evidence to take down TrumpFAIL

Manafort Trial….FAIL

Anonymous White House tell all op-ed…FAIL

Puerto Rico hurricane response ll…FAIL

Woodwards has tapes…FAIL

Manafort reaches plea deal…FAIL

Rosenstein possible firing….FAIL

UN Assembly laughs at Trump….FAIL


fabf92 () No. 5864466

326edc3deab75e....jpeg (78 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, 491320AA-A756-....jpeg) (h)

f9c0ed () No. 5864467


Thought about those numbers a lot

IMO it is the group that religiously believes they are righteous or follows their "leader" without question

True sheeple, no noticeable will of their own

61ec5d () No. 5864468

fc62a8e1e5a449....jpg (25 KB, 201 x 255, 237 : 300, pullitsilver.jpg) (h)

c15f87 () No. 5864469

36c07f3521b61c....png (4597 KB, 255 x 204, 2304 : 1842, Rouges 1.png) (h)

1ffc2357f17e26....png (3738 KB, 255 x 204, 2304 : 1842, rouges 2.png) (h)

8ce713ca46733a....png (6438 KB, 255 x 204, 2304 : 1842, rouges 3.png) (h)

98aa66dbf4b823....png (883 KB, 255 x 141, 1142 : 633, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

evidence of the war: Lady Justice feeds snakes to the fire.

edfa15 () No. 5864470


3378f0 () No. 5864472


Does weed count ebot? asking for a fren.

60c49f () No. 5864473


There's lots of organizations with volunteers and lawyers that can offer assistance with each individual illegal immigration case, and can help keep you in the USA or get you out of detention. The only catch is you have to be brown.

dcca4d () No. 5864474

I'm observing a subtle shift in POTUS attitude toward FNC lately. I don't think it's just that he's mad about Jeanine. I wonder if it's the start of the eye opening destruction of FNC. Kinda goes hand-in-hand wth recent noname stuff. They are Mockingbird also, even if more conservative. They have to go down also.

507e19 () No. 5864475


The Gritty meme is a Dog whistle for AntiWhitie Racists.

It’s constant theme is that White Men are not human and therefore violence and death is permissible to enact upon them.

You can’t coexist with someone that doesn’t respect your right to exist

7b1579 () No. 5864476

2372046928c3e7....png (21 KB, 255 x 75, 581 : 172, AQ2.png) (h)


Congress will get highlights of the Mueller report TODAY from AG Bill Barr

54d5e2 () No. 5864477

25c2237438f2e7....jpg (104 KB, 254 x 255, 388 : 389, 3e61b54ef26564....jpg) (h)

f81ec50a8815f7....jpg (110 KB, 255 x 184, 707 : 509, 738d5d76411b82....jpg) (h)

7ecdf02bb3f77b....jpg (99 KB, 226 x 255, 565 : 637, e703ebc1d58452....jpg) (h)

7b7a5a40195f60....jpg (310 KB, 227 x 255, 566 : 636, f2b548543c372b....jpg) (h)

00f017 () No. 5864478


President Trump makes us return to Nixon.

Very interesting.

0ed593 () No. 5864479


Bump stocks have nothing to do with the the right to keep and bear arms.

Red Flag law sounds real bad like terrorism or weapon of mass destruction.

Yawn I dont care.

d07d1f () No. 5864480

f656d2908452db....png (168 KB, 196 x 255, 943 : 1225, 9.png) (h)

489443 () No. 5864481

0b5e442b576b39....jpg (65 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, MedExaminerDun....jpg) (h)


"..by medical examiner."

5a825e () No. 5864482

8852309f7ddd21....jpg (245 KB, 255 x 132, 1588 : 820, 2a5a9b1f329da0....jpg) (h)

015abc () No. 5864483


Exactly, and we're supposed to take the word of Sheriff Israel's medical examiner?

38b833 () No. 5864484

a69d74b6460d62....gif (285 KB, 255 x 179, 1000 : 700, 56FDDF12-51EE-....gif) (h)


Check'em faggots Quads

836145 () No. 5864485


I guess if you were to categorize all of us into demographics, Q followers being one, and every news narrative cluster another, the 4-6% could be people that have CNN on 24/7.

361697 () No. 5864486

7fadb17fa547d2....png (97 KB, 255 x 79, 1817 : 564, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

292938 () No. 5864487

cdc8456a508b54....png (712 KB, 228 x 255, 1060 : 1184, southernpovert....png) (h)

Southern Poverty Law Center president Richard Cohen resigned Friday


1f3cf5 () No. 5864488

5b0b9fca6bb144....jpg (639 KB, 255 x 159, 1000 : 625, qarmy.jpg) (h)

5ecd87 () No. 5864489


I’d love to believe that stuff is imminent.

I’m thinking more nefarious, tho. That AG wants to get Potus.

836145 () No. 5864490



Because I think almost all college kids are 1-3 questions away from getting woked.

246708 () No. 5864491

Baker Notable

>>5864432 Half of Americans Say Mueller Report Could Change Their Mind on Trump

2dcef3 () No. 5864492


don't worry fren, you guys are next. WRWY!

812d76 () No. 5864493


That was a funny day

582257 () No. 5864494

6ec7b4b0cd73ed....jpg (22 KB, 255 x 181, 411 : 291, 58ee8e0e5220e8....jpg) (h)

Deap stale

36fdee () No. 5864495


Do some research about it anon.

You pretty much show your ignorance.

The video shows them all to be controlled demolitions. FFS

f51fb0 () No. 5864496


Weird shit here. http://www.happyhippies.org/

41b781 () No. 5864497

d52c85b0126d96....png (1478 KB, 255 x 234, 909 : 833, db59826d94c6a5....png) (h)



Great autism, Anon. Also quad quads, check'd.

57af12 () No. 5864498



e392f4 () No. 5864499

>>5864326 Rod Rosenstein also at DOJ this morning


582257 () No. 5864500

255b3bad8a949b....jpg (87 KB, 255 x 212, 599 : 499, 255b3bad8a949b....jpg) (h)

1569a2 () No. 5864501


not mutually exclusive. trust the plan, SDNY is about to be castrated

931ddc () No. 5864502


>"..by medical examiner."

named "Carver"

move along nothing to see there

61ec5d () No. 5864503

cef9696505b940....jpg (37 KB, 255 x 204, 750 : 600, EricHolder.jpg) (h)

b2c7cb () No. 5864504

ba56876c1cae95....jpg (22 KB, 255 x 179, 300 : 211, victor3.jpg) (h)

3c741eba0d3a8d....png (79 KB, 255 x 111, 949 : 412, hildawg.png) (h)



836145 () No. 5864505


Memember memember the 12th of April

582257 () No. 5864506

cfd26881f3c4ef....jpg (83 KB, 255 x 143, 889 : 500, cfd26881f3c4ef....jpg) (h)

78e7db () No. 5864507


Learn Spanish and grow a mustache.

Bonus if you don't bathe for a few months.

Lack of smell is how they catch the fakers.

9e3a2c () No. 5864508



Poll from CNN projected Hilliary Clinton to win by 98% ?

afa438 () No. 5864509


If you can speak Spanish you are golden, you'll get free healthcare and much more.

0ca9e4 () No. 5864510


And yet you just posted that

7d217e () No. 5864511


[RR] joins Barr & O'Callaghan at the DOJ.

Should make for an interesting afternoon, frens.

cf759b () No. 5864512


Cleaning out his belongings, I hope.

b2c7cb () No. 5864513

f08d622318c118....jpg (70 KB, 255 x 176, 675 : 466, victor1.jpg) (h)

b34da26ed50b9f....png (99 KB, 255 x 170, 847 : 565, victor4.png) (h)

7093dd8a31add0....jpg (128 KB, 255 x 169, 1000 : 663, victor2.jpg) (h)

5ecd87 () No. 5864514


From your keyboard to Q’s ears…

e5adf5 () No. 5864515

0b27ed1d1c875e....mp4 (2116 KB, 255 x 142, 324 : 180, NoGkUdIX_ob3Xb....mp4) (h)

Carl Bernstein defends press coverage of Russia/Trump: "First of all there has been such fabulous reporting by, especially the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal. In cable there has been great reporting."

Gaslighting at it's finest

896369 () No. 5864516


>Another thing—people talk about valley girls and the nasal voice of vacuity—the AOC has a voice that puts dentist drills to shame. So to listen to her say nothing, you also have to have the whine of the ages drilled into your ears, from whence it reverberates throughout the entire body.

#1 issue with women in politics… their awful, horrible, shrill voice.

582257 () No. 5864517

748d651b1f292d....jpg (261 KB, 255 x 170, 1600 : 1067, DyWsJYgWwAEAp_....jpg) (h)

d07d1f () No. 5864519

d2bc01d9a696e4....png (143 KB, 156 x 255, 749 : 1224, 897.png) (h)

0a370b10c1b263....png (121 KB, 188 x 255, 732 : 991, 8978.png) (h)

f5df40 () No. 5864521

65d72d1424b734....png (284 KB, 198 x 255, 638 : 823, schiffvideo.png) (h)

6f7dbec45d19b9....mp4 (8075 KB, 255 x 143, 320 : 180, kXycB6xXlmHzEJ....mp4) (h)


Mueller’s report is going to have to be made public ASAP – a summary of his conclusions simply won't cut it. And the underlying evidence must be produced. Absolute transparency is required.

Mueller spent two years investigating, and the public has a right to know what he found:

015abc () No. 5864522



I swear names are destiny sometimes.

30d66b () No. 5864523


you’re an idiot

5bada4 () No. 5864524

c6b765de69989e....png (514 KB, 255 x 248, 639 : 621, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


"joining AG Bill Bar and Ed O’Callaghan who arrived earlier"


41e220 () No. 5864525



These guys sure have mastered the art of subversion.

36fdee () No. 5864526


>Yawn I dont care.

They are banking on sheeple like you to convince others of the same lazy thinking.

Why were you here again?

68000a () No. 5864527

aa2dadc82ae13c....png (174 KB, 48 x 255, 480 : 2536, Fake News Fails.png) (h)



bdf8fe () No. 5864528


haha you believe the numbers!!!

bbdfdc () No. 5864529

6b1be41fea770c....jpg (37 KB, 255 x 205, 655 : 527, notable.jpg) (h)


>>5864203 #FactsMatter: Young Men's Republican Union, Feb 15 1860 (Dems Slavery)

>>5864209 @AOC Democrats to wage Economic Terrorism, threats from congress and attacks from Twitter bots ?

>>5864243, >>5864397 @ABC, @RudyGiuliani: Schiff said significant evidence of collusion

>>5864326 @45_Schedule Rod Rosenstein also at DoJ this morning

>>5864334 Japan to use Boeing aircraft for rescue operations (Japan Times)

>>5864432 Half of Americans say Mueller report could change their mind on Trump (Epoch)

>>5864435, >>5864444 Anon applies autism to Misspelling, [R]enegade?

168877 () No. 5864530

>>5864476 Congress will get highlights of the Mueller report TODAY from AG Bill -Tweet PS

are we using these as has been some question about it recently? if so


if not disregard

1569a2 () No. 5864531


do you understand load distribution on a steel structure


better yet, would you be willing to learn?

582257 () No. 5864532

85f77f548410cb....jpg (332 KB, 255 x 171, 1500 : 1004, PhotoFunia-153....jpg) (h)

e49e82 () No. 5864533


I assumed those were selected for that trait specifically, among others.

47c8a3 () No. 5864534

90a89c88123d46....jpg (23 KB, 255 x 170, 534 : 356, 147bd641-3baf-....jpg) (h)


The Press Doesn't Lie or Misrepresent the Facts

He Says!

The Melting Is Glorious!

a4f6fb () No. 5864535

cdf8860b537f6e....png (1110 KB, 255 x 179, 1730 : 1214, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

42a7e7 () No. 5864536

Every time the subject of gun legislation comes up, I'm like "Aint it already against the law to kill people?" (someone meme that)

0073c4 () No. 5864537

5a825e () No. 5864538

1b09b8f888a4eb....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 170, 600 : 400, hrt-hc-hc-as-n....jpg) (h)

08154d () No. 5864539


Put on a hijab and tell them you're female.

00f017 () No. 5864540

6ff9236bf4c593....png (755 KB, 191 x 255, 563 : 750, SLOW IT DOWN.png) (h)


First we have to we read the report/Barr's conclusions.


7b1579 () No. 5864541


Everything's wrapped up.

Next step, Huber i think.

Moving to Utah.

a1529f () No. 5864543

897d80fab6e0ed....png (41 KB, 255 x 85, 615 : 206, Screenshot 201....png) (h)


836145 () No. 5864544


I sincerely don't get it.

554ee9 () No. 5864545

01ca6bf0a887ae....png (62 KB, 255 x 219, 718 : 618, jordan-all-the....png) (h)

3a6a53b50e5980....png (65 KB, 255 x 171, 720 : 484, martin-geddes-....png) (h)


Vaccinegate, GMOgate, BigPharmagate, Geoengineeringgate, FreeEnergygate, UFOgate, SecretSpaceProgramgate, AncientHistorygate, Consciousnessgate…

I'm sure enjoying the show. #TheGreatAwakening



Collusiongate—FISAgate—Vegasgate—Clintongate—Epsteingate—Haitigate—Hollywoodgate—Uraniumgate—Fedgate—Birthgate—Googlegate—Censorgate—Mockingbirdgate—Votegate—SESgate—Supremegate—Pardongate—Koreagate—Taxgate—Corporategate—Crowngate—Vaticangate. Enjoy the show.


c08432 () No. 5864546


LoAd the meme cannon!

7ed4e3 () No. 5864547

5b8aba8ea664c5....png (825 KB, 255 x 153, 732 : 439, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

6739d13956c2da....png (43 KB, 255 x 138, 687 : 371, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Pelosi Rejects Classified Briefing on Special Counsel Report

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told fellow Democrats on March 23 that she will reject a classified briefing on the contents of the report on the Russia investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to a person familiar with the discussion. Pelosi told 120 House Democrats on a conference call that she would decline any classified briefing on the report in favor of an unclassified briefing that would allow lawmakers to discuss the details publicly. Pelosi also called Attorney General William Barr’s offer to provide Congress with a summary of the findings “insufficient.” Several committee chairmen on the same call also pushed for the release of the full report and underlying documents.

Barr announced on March 22 that Mueller had submitted the full report on the special counsel investigation. The announcement marked the end of Mueller’s nearly two-year investigation into allegations of conspiracy between Trump campaign associates and Russia. Mueller did not charge anyone for conspiring with Russia. Barr’s statement specified that the special counsel plans no additional indictments.

Congressional Democrats are calling for the full report to be made public. Pelosi urged Barr not to provide Trump with a “sneak preview” of the report. “Barr must not give President Trump, his lawyers or his staff any ‘sneak preview’ of Special Counsel Mueller’s findings or evidence, & the White House must not be allowed to interfere in decisions about what parts of those findings or evidence are made public,” Pelosi wrote on Twitter on March 22.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said on March 22 that the White House has not received or been briefed on the report. President Donald Trump has said that the report should be released to the public. “The next steps are up to Attorney General Barr, and we look forward to the process taking its course,” Sanders wrote on Twitter. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) welcomed the announcement that Mueller had concluded his probe and echoed Democrats’ calls for transparency. “The attorney general has said he intends to provide as much information as possible. As I have said previously, I sincerely hope he will do so as soon as he can, and with as much openness and transparency as possible,” McConnell said in a statement.

The special counsel investigation has stoked an unprecedented media frenzy, with liberal pundits prognosticating that the investigation will result in the impeachment of Trump and prison time for his family members. Mueller concluded his investigation with no new indictments, dashing those predictions. The special counsel brought charges against 34 people and three companies during his investigation, with prison sentences for some of Trump’s former aides such as campaign chairman Paul Manafort and longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen. None of those charges, however, directly related to whether Trump’s campaign worked with Moscow. Mueller, a former FBI director, did not interview Trump in person for his probe. Instead, Trump sent written answers to some questions about contacts with Russia.


e9e966 () No. 5864548

fd7696e0d423cf....png (116 KB, 255 x 105, 1853 : 764, Bill'sFinalTwe....png) (h)

Last tweet from Bill Clinton:


Hillary's last: 3.22

Obama's last: 3.21

George W. Bush last: 3.20

Talking heads were all wondering why was POTUS quiet on twitter, yet these ones are still silent.

President Trump quiet, watching USMC take down cabal. Now it's a GOOD Sunday morning.

1569a2 () No. 5864549


kek "won't fall into its own footprint"

where should it have landed, oh gravity meister? Queens?

582257 () No. 5864550

26cf6cbb40e52d....jpg (477 KB, 255 x 145, 990 : 564, ca-fires.jpg) (h)

DC cleansing

38b833 () No. 5864551

603fdee292c835....jpg (32 KB, 255 x 205, 657 : 527, interdasting4.jpg) (h)

6fb8ad () No. 5864552


Please post this same tweet more times. I didn't see it the first 2 or three.

de50fd () No. 5864553

a883e603517d44....jpg (853 KB, 127 x 255, 1065 : 2135, SmartSelectIma....jpg) (h)

36c401 () No. 5864554

76b7a3b0289e44....jpeg (248 KB, 255 x 206, 1102 : 891, 1635BF66-6534-....jpeg) (h)

d053df229e1500....jpeg (1002 KB, 167 x 255, 1018 : 1553, B63A7985-00B2-....jpeg) (h)

636e09a5aaae6f....jpeg (120 KB, 255 x 97, 887 : 337, 2AED215C-10D3-....jpeg) (h)

92001c20f2262f....jpeg (601 KB, 109 x 255, 741 : 1738, F6F80987-0011-....jpeg) (h)

Delta of Q’s drop and POTUS tweet

Misspellings Matter

Very interesting given Q’s drop corrected a misspelling.



2dcef3 () No. 5864555

86f9be () No. 5864556

58a24a366ebe14....png (158 KB, 205 x 255, 364 : 453, 2383642fb3cc59....png) (h)


Hello scared HWood, DC poster.

f077c4 () No. 5864557

b89717a61eec41....jpg (316 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, dream.jpg) (h)





I wouldn't even care about being trailer trash, it's god's country. + fuck the british

8599d6 () No. 5864558


Stacey Lippel next suiciding victim?

836145 () No. 5864559


Remember the story about the college girl's frat house bedroom getting raided by the school because she said she was pro guns and the girls were scared she had a gun?

People are fucking retarded in 2019.

d60d1e () No. 5864560


>Robert Mueller goes to church next to White House while Trump is absent in Florida

If Trump had stayed in DC -

Headline would read

Trump holed up in whitehouse nervously awaiting indictment that Mueller still has coming because orange man bad

If he had gone to church headline would read

Trump goes to church to lick Mueller's ass and cozy up to Jesus because orange man bad

e49e82 () No. 5864561


he's right, you know.

5bada4 () No. 5864562

9ac4840924b647....png (587 KB, 184 x 255, 639 : 887, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Very telling response from Greta


b49f87 () No. 5864563

I think I found something.

Don’t lose me because it’s rap related. It goes into Payseur.

There’s a rapper named Canibus, raps about conspiracies and this was back in the mid and late 90s back when you were looked at like a crack head.

Anyway, here’s a song that popped into my head today, I remember this as a teen being ripe of mtv age when this was out. And lately listening to his music, I had forgotten of this song until now. So I watch it and who is there a cameo of?

Warren fucking Beatty! The same person we have linked to marrying into the Payseur family months ago! Now before you roll your eyes, let me ask this, why is a Hollywood mega star doing a cameo on a low budget no one took seriously rapper?

Here’s the video Beatty gets in the Taxi


cf759b () No. 5864564

f1318dbde2f916....png (418 KB, 236 x 255, 677 : 733, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

8603eab5bd1060....png (81 KB, 211 x 255, 648 : 782, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

9ffddff1c03eb4....png (67 KB, 255 x 171, 772 : 519, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Nunes on war path.

Says he doesn't care what's in the report. "Just burn it". "Mueller special counsel should have never been appointed."


57f15c () No. 5864565

78d27e4535eb9d....png (219 KB, 255 x 247, 461 : 447, Q3100.png) (h)

>>5863470 (pb)

Agree with this as a working thesis.

BT reportedly lived in Dunedin, not Christchurch.

Any digs on therapists there?

Ideally, would be a psychiatrist (to prescribe drugs) who practices hypnosis.

821a90 () No. 5864566

f4e64665ca957c....png (547 KB, 255 x 143, 857 : 481, 1553448741697.png) (h)

D-face the Nation..

0073c4 () No. 5864567

7bb48236ad3b13....jpg (7 KB, 225 x 225, 225 : 225, capobv.jpg) (h)


go to Canada and walk across with a backpack .

what border is longer?

988760 () No. 5864568


Teen Vougue article on Parkland students going to NZ.

That fucking TARR won't shoot herself, nasty winch will be the last to bite the bullet


5ecd87 () No. 5864569


Plenty of patience here, Anon. I just have to say my disgust, mistrust, heck actual hatred of Democrat politicians knows no bounds.

37df32 () No. 5864570


You ain’t the only nigga here, lighten up

1569a2 () No. 5864571



Ed (SDNY) is moar


9e3a2c () No. 5864572

Robert Mueller goes to church next to White House while Trump is absent in Florida

Special counsel Robert Mueller attended church Sunday not far from the White House, leading to striking photos just after he submitted his report to the Justice Department.

Mueller and his wife Ann attended services at St. John's Episcopal Church, which is right across from Lafayette Park, located in front of the White House.


361697 () No. 5864573

2a332bf0bcdea7....png (93 KB, 255 x 47, 1986 : 365, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

7ddcdb82126329....png (54 KB, 255 x 56, 1335 : 293, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

d60d1e () No. 5864574


Greta is so fucking wishy washy…

5255c8 () No. 5864575

a525db88f0f782....jpeg (65 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, CDD089D7-FE7F-....jpeg) (h)

7d0b25696ed0c7....jpeg (49 KB, 255 x 211, 500 : 413, EDB5E4F4-3215-....jpeg) (h)

c64d79 () No. 5864576


Little trolls Krassenstein.

5a825e () No. 5864577


Yes it was.

e49e82 () No. 5864578


>Trump goes to church to lick Mueller's ass and cozy up to Jesus because orange man bad

kek I just pictured a teary, stuttering news presenter saying this

11b136 () No. 5864579

ba9596d3aa9464....jpg (111 KB, 255 x 140, 854 : 468, rep dem slave ....jpg) (h)


Q: Slavery being the root of the rebellion, who have been its aiders and abettors from the hour of the Missouri Compromise of 1820, up to the present time?

A: The Political Democrats of the free States, at all times acting on the side of the Slave Power.


c23664 () No. 5864580


Greta is Deep State

00f017 () No. 5864581


Emotions cloud judgement.

Emotions cloud logic.

f077c4 () No. 5864582


My thought's exactly, just wondering, as I'm white, do I have less chance of being picked up?

1cb786 () No. 5864583

866861aece0ccd....jpeg (74 KB, 255 x 170, 749 : 500, 5AE07AF1-A972-....jpeg) (h)

387c3b915a3148....jpeg (145 KB, 255 x 220, 855 : 738, BE3ADB93-1B6F-....jpeg) (h)

17a32fb7abcc77....jpeg (60 KB, 233 x 255, 419 : 459, 81A07EBE-581F-....jpeg) (h)

1955646e2d8b3a....jpeg (54 KB, 250 x 255, 277 : 282, 131CF9FB-8B56-....jpeg) (h)

c019e3 () No. 5864584

Theresa May was also in Church today.

Posobic praying.

Unusually coincidental


354b24 () No. 5864585


I scanned the alphabet of media this morning as usual. Looked for the mockingbird keyword.

there is no mockingbird catchwords today

Has Q destroyed mockingbird?




23 Mar 2019 - 5:29:30 AM

You are witnessing the collapse of the largest pre-planned and coordinated propaganda event in modern day history.

‘Projection’ 101


36c401 () No. 5864586

Baker please replace 5864435 and 586444 with



86ad37 () No. 5864587

b071eb20d9bc6e....png (100 KB, 255 x 95, 2384 : 887, d7ee32a52ebc78....png) (h)

I think this theory is now currently correct, however, I believe Whitaker was definitely the original stealth bomber.

In retrospect, it looks like early January was the original timeframe of the DECLAS. The DECLAS would have wiped out the Mueller investigation since everyone in it was conflicted and that would have been shown in the DECLAS – especially with Rosenstein signing off on one of the FISAs. AAG Whitaker was in position to terminate Mueller since he took over the oversight role.

Q 2648 on January 5, 2019:

“Why deploy vested powers of the Office of the President (under 'verifiable' matters of National Security) when you can instead unveil America's TRUE ENEMY?

Public awakening.”

A DECLAS at that date would have been forced and the net result would have seriously PO’ed the left.

The ace in the hole for the cabal were the sealed indictments against POTUS’s family. The DECLAS would have, more than likely, removed those sealed indictments or made them moot. However, it seems Bill Barr expressed to POTUS when he was interviewed that he (Barr) would have the authority to pull those indictments:

Q 3036 on March 5, 2019:

“Did POTUS just install a rogue AG who allows for the indictment of his children based on false pretenses?”

So now Mueller has nothing and democrats are seriously crestfallen because he has nothing. So Trump is completely exonerated, the left wasted two years on lies, POTUS’s children are in the clear, and in the near future, the people will find out clearly that the investigation should have never taken place and the FBI/DOJ committed Treason.

So it’s just a modest change to the original plan because of the position of strength that POTUS was in, which will result in a more peaceful revealing of the darkside.

86f9be () No. 5864588

7c0c8cbb045604....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 191, 255 : 191, 7c0c8cbb045604....jpg) (h)

a701e4 () No. 5864589

More dancing Jews….

It`s Purim for the Jews so that must mean it`s time to burn some Israeli flags… This from Montreal but also saw pics from New York, New Jersey etc

eb1333 () No. 5864590

232f39e990ec78....gif (357 KB, 255 x 192, 450 : 338, July 16 very i....gif) (h)

9e3a2c () No. 5864591


911 Report vs Mullers Russian Collusion report

Coverup for the DS ?

5ecd87 () No. 5864592


Point taken.

Thank you, Yodanon. Kek!

292938 () No. 5864593

f3d7c5bf191aff....png (33 KB, 164 x 255, 477 : 740, 2118.png) (h)


836145 () No. 5864594


I wonder if she comprises one of the primary personality in the 12 or (I forget if it's 19 or something) which comprise the human psyche.

Like they check every box to trap every personality. For example, a reactionary is one type.

e12c3d () No. 5864595

Anybody post crumb 801 yet

58815d () No. 5864596

If the OIG found no intentional DOJ and FBI malfeasance in their June '18 report on 2016 FBI conduct/activity (Clinton-Trump), what's the likelihood of the same OIG finding malfeasance as it relates to DOJ/FBI *FISA activity* and the exact same people?

Think about it.

The 2018 report found no DOJ/FBI misconduct (only some bad judgement). There were no criminal referrals. There were recommendations for internal improvement, which Director Wray said the FBI would implement.

The June OIG report was the second OIG report of 2018 attached to the FBI (first was FBI media leaks which did result in McCabe referral). And the June report covered the totality of DOJ and FBI activity throughout 2016.

Three months prior to the June 2018 OIG final report being published, in March 2018 the third angle of the OIG review was opened. This third OIG review is specific to issues around FISA. This is the one all are awaiting.

It's important to note the Office of Inspector General FISA review/investigation of potential FISA abuses (opened March) was launched three months prior to the "Election Activity" final report in June 2016.

The time frame covered by the "Election Activity" review (OIG report 2) and the "FISA Activity" review (OIG report 3) are the same. The topics are different (FISA being more specific), but the people under review and time-frame therein are identical.

Three months after announcing the "FISA specific review", the OIG produced report 2 and stated there was no intentionally corrupt behavior the IG office could identify in the conduct of DOJ and FBI officials in 2016; only some very questionable judgement.

No criminal referrals were made as a result of the June OIG report; and by the time the "election review" report was finalized many of the reviewed FBI and DOJ officials had resigned, retired or been fired. [The remaining exits came shortly thereafter]

The question: If the OIG found no intentional corrupt activity in the June '18 report (only bad judgement); no referrals were made; and time period and people are exactly the same; how can the OIG produce a post-facto FISA review report with substantively different conclusions?

Bruce Ohr is likely still employed for the same reason the dispatch of Strzok was delayed. The OIG and INSD (inspection division) can only reach those still inside the system.

On the narrow issue of how the DOJ and FBI assembled, handled and used the FISA application, and subsequent Title-1 surveillance warrant, against the Trump campaign (and officials therein), Bruce Ohr is a key and central witness for the OIG.

Unlike the previous OIG report #2 (Election-era Issues) if the OIG can find direct and intentional "gross misconduct" (by referencing traditional and historic FISA application assembly therein), toward those officials who participated in the FISA assembly then it becomes possible the OIG report *could* potentially outline the FISA application resulted in serious fourth amendment civil rights violations.

And that could be a narrow opening toward legal issues for DOJ and FBI officials who participated in assembling an *intentional* fraudulently-based application to the FISA court.

Unfortunately, that approach is a very high bar for the OIG to reach. Again, the OIG would have to find "direct evidence" of "gross misconduct" resulting in civil rights violations. The defensive arguments would be filled w/ legal justification(s) and internal process discussion.

Unfortunately x 2, such outlined "fourth amendment" FISA abuse finding would also be adverse to the interests of a larger U.S. intelligence apparatus, and institutional participants, who rely on utilization of the FISA process and would seek to protect it.

I suspect the officials who abused the FISA court are also relying upon the necessity of the FISA process to protect themselves from too much scrutiny and sunlight.

An example of that reality is found with HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes advocating for FISA renewal April '18.

As HPSCI Chairman @DevinNunes knew (still knows) the FISA process was abused for corrupt intent; however, he also knows it is a critical component and tool for the U.S. intelligence system and national security. Currently he is advocating for a much larger conversation about it.

All of this reflects how complex the institutional issues are.

I suspect the initial media reports on the completion of IG Horowitz's "reconciler phase", and first-draft report going to principle stakeholders, will surface sometime in April.

258783 () No. 5864597


If you can full of pretending to be Irish go to boston its full of illegal potato niggers.

68000a () No. 5864598


>Very telling response from Greta

Fuck that wench!

She fucking knew 'Trump collusion w/Russia' was BS for two years and that Scientologist whore was right there with the rest of Fake News media bashing POTUS!

0073c4 () No. 5864599

038463b199b13f....jpg (26 KB, 255 x 182, 564 : 402, dayzez.jpg) (h)


this is so effing awesome to watch them calling for full disclosure and transparency…

it's like seeing your enemy drop their sword and bare their neck to you…

168877 () No. 5864600

fb1aa96fc2c321....jpg (65 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, krassentwat fi....jpg) (h)

9e3a2c () No. 5864601


911 Report find the WMD's from Iraq ?

409550 () No. 5864602


Airport bartenders are SOL.

6fb8ad () No. 5864603


At least we have Barr who will see through their BS.

1569a2 () No. 5864604

83b1b4dbfe439f....jpg (726 KB, 255 x 169, 1713 : 1136, ostrichman.jpg) (h)

98d2fa () No. 5864605

fa43cf113027a0....jpg (64 KB, 255 x 214, 585 : 490, fbi_bomb.jpg) (h)


>A bomb disposal robot is used for training at the #FBI’s Hazardous Devices School. #DYK robots are often used as the first line of defense in response to a bomb threat? Learning how to use such an advanced tool is a primary component of the training.


b8c675 () No. 5864606

7b21a70b25bb1b....png (30 KB, 255 x 163, 640 : 408, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Dave Mustaine Retwitteó The Anomalist

Haha! Listen, Mom’s Anal Mist, if you must lie, at least get your punctuation of proper nouns right, you rube! Capitalize Mustaine, @Megadeth and @Metallica

Fire at will

931ddc () No. 5864607



>I swear names are destiny sometimes.

or fake and part of the "script"

it's always been a "movie"

112bff () No. 5864608

b31ae59d5a6272....jpeg (26 KB, 255 x 247, 500 : 485, 61B6CB6F-2C66-....jpeg) (h)


Aug Tellez tells the whackiest stories, but shit rings true reeee

896369 () No. 5864609


>selected for that trait specifically

But why would they purposefully do that?

Not all women have unlistenable, unlikable speaking voices

fa8db4 () No. 5864610


Its actually easiest to just fly in as a tourist, and then overstay your visa.

36fdee () No. 5864611


>Robert Mueller goes to church next to White House while Trump is absent in Florida

Where does he go to Church when Trump is NOT absent in Florida?

THAT is what inquiring minds want to know.

f9c0ed () No. 5864612


>4-6% could be people that have CNN on 24/7

Not sure that many watch CNN but MSM in general likely


>1-3 questions away from getting woked

Youth willl be the most pliable, most are concerned about other things, not related

Old commies will take it hardest

f077c4 () No. 5864613


I thought everything was illegal in Massachusetts, even the Irish?!?

edb23b () No. 5864614

9862173a09ef51....png (61 KB, 255 x 148, 616 : 357, Breaking_Nasa.png) (h)

161d24 () No. 5864615


Nunes has been magnificent throughout this entire process and should have a prominent place in our parade.

e34aa4 () No. 5864616


NON ISSUE SINCE ANY BILLS PASSED by this Congress will be overturned.

836145 () No. 5864617


I asked a gal in a grocery store how she tolerated the music playing the same damn songs all day, and she said she doesn't notice.

I don't know if people are genuinely able to tune this shit out or what.

ad6f8c () No. 5864618


There’s that Schiff walk of shame.

9e3a2c () No. 5864619



Muller forgive the elite ?

going to church ?

e9e966 () No. 5864620


Last Tweets:

Jeb Bush, Michelle Obama: 3.19

John Brennan: 3.20

Laura Bush, nothing since 10.11.18

e49e82 () No. 5864621


no offense bu it started with The District of Columbia Act of 1781

f72351 () No. 5864622

There's a Storm Coming music

0ed593 () No. 5864623

0c13281e822601....jpg (288 KB, 255 x 255, 1824 : 1824, 0c13281e822601....jpg) (h)


Nice list.

197627 () No. 5864624

abdcf271784847....png (819 KB, 255 x 227, 960 : 854, deeb5d.png) (h)


Sleep with the devil, the devil will take you away



Sleep with the devil, the devil will take you away



Sleep with the devil, the devil will take you away


f3b41f () No. 5864625

87b8f325d840d8....gif (2046 KB, 255 x 143, 500 : 281, witnessed.gif) (h)

6fb8ad () No. 5864626


Don't do this OP, coming in legally is easier than you think.

If you do this you'll be deported with no way to come back for at least five years.

58815d () No. 5864627


I am lost here

f077c4 () No. 5864628


But then there's a paper trail, where as the "other way" I could find a my place without attracting attention

836145 () No. 5864629


Yes, I picture grandma and grandpa that have CNN on from the moment they wake up to the moment the the TV goes to sleep from the timer that they set before falling asleep.

1f0b2d () No. 5864630


Make them beg beg beg and then DECLAS Mueller Report for the stealth bomber MOAB Supreme! My 2 shekels.

59a722 () No. 5864631

67a2b4c2301733....png (585 KB, 255 x 253, 750 : 745, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f5df40 () No. 5864632

64ad2e45236519....jpg (506 KB, 255 x 170, 2000 : 1333, 10151978h.jpg) (h)

New Fox News Poll Has Biden Unseating Trump

The former VP leads the president by seven points

Former vice president Joe Biden, who has not yet announced his candidacy, leads President Donald Trump by seven percentage points, 47 to 40, in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup for the presidency according to a new Fox News poll of registered voters.

Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), when matched head-to-head in the poll, would also send Trump home, but by a smaller margin of 44 percent to 41 percent. But Trump edges out two other democratic contenders, Sens. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), by only two points.

Biden also topped the list when Democratic primary voters were asked their preference on who should lead the ticket. Biden bested Sanders by eight percentage points, 31 percent to 23 percent.

The same poll also found that most Americans, 52 percent, think the president attempted to interfere with Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the election. And 44 percent said they believe that the 2016 Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government during the election cycle.

Of course, it is way too early to read anything definitive into these presidential polls; name recognition plays a major role in the results. The last two presidents, for different reasons, both did not hold leads in early polling. But, for now, they are an interesting snapshot of the political landscape, but little more.


f2ea8f () No. 5864633

a6e2945eb28d8f....jpeg (233 KB, 255 x 253, 750 : 743, 7BB28F4E-F058-....jpeg) (h)


Knew I was lurking huh.

Good Morning frens.


b2c7cb () No. 5864634

d3183968f0d524....jpg (20 KB, 255 x 133, 474 : 248, eu laugh.jpg) (h)

7d97127d14aebb....jpg (34 KB, 255 x 139, 620 : 338, eu sugn.jpg) (h)

f29f51c6c699f5....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 151, 590 : 350, eu frens.jpg) (h)

5e87ab () No. 5864635


And lets not forget to ask the question….Was this child receiving mind altering drugs from a "doctor" to alleviate his "depression"?

1cb786 () No. 5864636

0127a969b9f7a8....jpeg (412 KB, 255 x 255, 800 : 800, D0C4D11F-395D-....jpeg) (h)

b652d16ef7639f....jpeg (418 KB, 255 x 255, 800 : 800, 9FEFE1D7-DA24-....jpeg) (h)

599170f88294a4....jpeg (416 KB, 255 x 255, 800 : 800, 52E109BD-213E-....jpeg) (h)

2c409efcd01d8d....jpeg (376 KB, 255 x 255, 800 : 800, B9089DAF-9C50-....jpeg) (h)

d65f518feb4a00....jpeg (380 KB, 255 x 255, 800 : 800, C7882D05-C438-....jpeg) (h)

1569a2 () No. 5864637


she is leaving

the pardon

out of her analogy…

and you have to admit guilt to receive the pardon, btw

015abc () No. 5864638


That's like soap opera level writing.

ed18af () No. 5864639



when the extent to which the UK most recently tried to subvert the USA becomes known, you would be detained, stuck in a camp, and eventually deported, so don't bother. Stay there and fix your own country.

38b833 () No. 5864640

388cc2c4f9b82a....png (2313 KB, 255 x 191, 2048 : 1536, 30F746ED-0EEF-....png) (h)


I found muller boy going to church right across from the WH making it a photo op disgusting. Proving he is a pos.

258783 () No. 5864641

bad5d61329a00a....png (222 KB, 255 x 243, 568 : 541, bad5d61329a00a....png) (h)


based megadeth.

5a825e () No. 5864642

444c55e0162217....jpeg (8 KB, 247 x 255, 247 : 255, 3bf4e3659e7980....jpeg) (h)

e392f4 () No. 5864643





fa8db4 () No. 5864644


I think a large percentage of our illegals are visa overstays

bc9075 () No. 5864645

1fcf31af1d3664....png (872 KB, 255 x 169, 946 : 628, new zealand in....png) (h)

68d0ab8a008cb4....png (65 KB, 255 x 141, 946 : 522, new zealand in....png) (h)

448bc691e59b3f....png (30 KB, 255 x 162, 934 : 595, new zealand in....png) (h)

06503553c95024....png (42 KB, 255 x 240, 877 : 827, country stats-....png) (h)

0e2b68332a7edc....png (33 KB, 255 x 250, 837 : 820, country stats-....png) (h)

New Zealand investor visa statistics


More applications every year.

3378f0 () No. 5864646


It's not there. This is fake.


836145 () No. 5864647



Fake and send cash gaylord

1f0b2d () No. 5864648


learn how to spell and provide sauce


fad80d () No. 5864649


You know these shooting survivors could all be non people as in they never existed to begin with.

55e0d9 () No. 5864650


Apply for a presidential pardon. Send your video to the White House email and request pardon.

You are the type of DACA the country wants. Went thru the failed legal process. Family worked to success. Pursued good Ed. Applied to Navy to serve.

8e49f1 () No. 5864651

c3e2e8e87d1316....png (474 KB, 255 x 111, 696 : 303, adhd.png) (h)


Question: Which drugs are causing this and how high is the risk of psychosis?

The risk of psychosis really depends on the medication. So researchers looked at two classes of drugs used to treat ADHD —amphetamines, which are sold as Adderall and Vyvanse, and methylphenidates, which are sold as Ritalin or Concerta. Now the study included over 221,000 people who were prescribed these medications for the very first time, and who were between the ages of 13 and 25. And overall, one out of every 660 patients had a psychosis episode not long after starting a stimulant. But surprisingly, the researchers found a big difference between the two classes of drugs. Amphetamines actually doubled the risk of psychosis when compared to methylphenidates. And the reason why this is concerning is that there are a whole lot more people being diagnosed with ADHD. And amphetamine use among young teens and young adults have more than tripled over the years.

DETROIT — Teens and young adults who are newly prescribed attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder medications face a higher risk of psychosis, according to a large study conducted by Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, and published in The New England Journal of Medicine .

089e29 () No. 5864652

Red Pill Material

No dialog, just headlines set to music in an easy to digest 3 min vid.

354b24 () No. 5864653


Fake and gay and funny

1f3cf5 () No. 5864654


Mueller-Report leaked


f077c4 () No. 5864655


Thanks brother

b9ebb4 () No. 5864656

Baker, notable

and maybe include this post here for sauce/articles

Newly relevant since POTUS's announcement of new Fed chair, and his past talk of taxing remittances. Loose connection being finance.

>>5864517 Jan article: $138bn sent to other countries in remittances, 2016

Sauce, and primary sauce



36fdee () No. 5864657


And EVERY airport and DMV lobby in the world plays that shit non-stop.

5255c8 () No. 5864658

408091046fae34....jpeg (159 KB, 255 x 172, 741 : 500, DAC045CD-EDF5-....jpeg) (h)

a1529f () No. 5864659

056402d06391a9....mp4 (4670 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, Samj2RPUwAFXeC....mp4) (h)

President Trump's motorcade arrives


7b1579 () No. 5864660

f425507df14ada....png (386 KB, 255 x 208, 490 : 400, AQ3.png) (h)

edb23b () No. 5864661


Damn. I thought it was bullet-proof.


e49e82 () No. 5864662


People already have distaste for "politics"

now add listening tonails across a chalkboard.

mkutlra tactics is more pervasive than people choose to admit.>>5864609

78e7db () No. 5864663


That's not a trailer. kek.

84788b () No. 5864664

a0a138783ab8f9....png (522 KB, 255 x 182, 750 : 536, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

a0a138783ab8f9....png (522 KB, 255 x 182, 750 : 536, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

a0a138783ab8f9....png (522 KB, 255 x 182, 750 : 536, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

a0a138783ab8f9....png (522 KB, 255 x 182, 750 : 536, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

a0a138783ab8f9....png (522 KB, 255 x 182, 750 : 536, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

30d66b () No. 5864665


who will they be overturned by? Trump supports the legislation and so does Barr

9e3a2c () No. 5864666



Muller the coverup man for politicians of both political parties ?

1] 911

2] noname hero status elevated

3] ISIS ?

184d25 () No. 5864667


Don’t wipe your ass very good. You’ll blend in

292938 () No. 5864668

268a4deb43b86c....png (58 KB, 173 x 255, 490 : 722, MAY is out.png) (h)

b8a0146f0563ae....png (515 KB, 255 x 185, 1151 : 836, may.png) (h)

May is out because they know she was involved and caught trying to out POTUS?


bc9075 () No. 5864669

89de17b70576e9....png (33 KB, 250 x 255, 844 : 862, country stats-....png) (h)