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#7808 baker change

>>6105200, >>6105202 New DJT - congrats Virginia

>>6105133 New Ben Garrison

>>6105149 10/5/2010 letter to Geithner - urging the block of sale - U1 and ARMZ

>>6105212 Eminem, Interscope, and Geffen

>>6105268 2 new DJT RTs

>>6105383 56,000 ft view - planefag spots U2 over vegas

>>6105500 WIZARD42 makin' Q's in the sky again

>>6105450, >>6105598 planefag -14 tankers airborne right now, B52 callsign SWORD62

>>6105449 casino owner Deifik was found dead at the scene of a “single-car, low-speed auto crash

>>6105540 House Judiciary chair calls on Mueller to testify before committee

>>6105566, >>6105644 JW 422 pages of FBI documents showing evidence of “cover up” discussion

>>6105514, >>6105538, ABC News producer dies age 27 1/2

>>6105585 2/2 who helped her team win an Emmy for coverage of the October 2018 Las Vegas massacre

>>6105833 #7808


>>6104369 New POTUS Tweet

>>6104405 Republican QAnon follower mounts 2020 challenge to Al Lawson

>>6104407, >>6104440, >>6104771 Branson sexual abuse probe implicates 4 ex-staffers

>>6104464 Hillary Contractor Described ‘Cover-up Operation Work Ticket’ in Newly Uncovered Email

>>6104611 The British Role in ‘Russiagate’ Is About to Be Fully Exposed

>>6104628 Dig on Alison Lawton, the wife of Frank Giustra

>>6104702 Anon on Hollywood and the Vatican and SIGNIS

>>6104775 FBI Declarations About Comey Memos

>>6104810 Bokhari: Amazon Is on a Digital Book Burning Spree

>>6104842 Leaked Turnbull-Trump call could lead to criminal charges

>>6104874 Human trafficking sting in Missouri nets 24 arrests

>>6104938 Donald Trump’s Enemies, Friends Praise Embattled USCIS Chief

>>6104857 China's $1.4tn distressed debt pool draws global buyers

>>6104972 Reminder Gorka was a Never Trumper

>>6105056 #7807


>>6103548 Articles of the Clinton's and China from 2009

>>6103638 Mark Meadows: More criminal referrals coming, 'overwhelming evidence' shows DOJ, FBI abuse

>>6103697 Updated sealed cases graphics

>>6103716 Devin Nunes now suing the Fresno Bee for $150 million after story on ‘cocaine and underage prostitutes’

>>6103755 Sheriff Scott Israel Was Suspended, He’s Trying To Become Police Chief Somewhere Else

>>6103801, >>6104062 The Unspoken Power of Jury Nullification in the Context of Conflicting State and Federal Law

>>6103935 Dig on the Midyear Exam & Crossfire Hurricane timelines

>>6103975, >>6104009 Media Matter hit piece: Kris Kobach uses Fox News interview to make his case to be the next DHS secretary

>>6103985 ICE Arrests 123 Illegal Aliens with Criminal History in Phil Murphy’s Jersey Sanctuary State

>>6104098 Corrupt UAW Official Was DNC Superdelegate, Union VP pleaded guilty in federal corruption probe

>>6104100 NASA Administrator Delivers Keynote and Speaks to Media at Space Symposium

>>6104246 Reminder: AG Barr's testimony starts at ~9:30 AM EST tomorrow

>>6104278 #7806

#7805 Baker Change

>>6102523 (lb) Press conference FBI, HHS - OIG, IRS-Criminal Div, SC SA

>>6102817 Daily Mail is reporting 3 administration members quit on the heels of Nielsen and Alles

>>6102820 "Lawfag" on a judge halting Trump Admin policy sending asylum seekers back

>>6102867 Felicity Huffman and other parents agree to plead guilty to college admissions scandal

>>6102919 Doug Collins' tweet on the letter he sent to Jerry Nadler today

>>6102942, >>6103032 Turkey, Russia discuss joint production of military equipment

>>6102948 New John Solomon on Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don't you want our evidence on Democrats?

>>6103044, >>6103120 Anon on the 422 pages of Judicial Watch emails

>>6103068 2007 article on NXIVM's Keith Raniere

>>6103107 Bill Clinton Honoree Thrown In Jail Over "Biggest Clean Energy Scam In American History"

>>6103176 Acting Secretary of Defense Shanahan tweets on space force

>>6103277 Hospitals releasing deadly superbug fungi into open air with dangerous pathogens that have a 41% to 88% fatality rate

>>6103281 Fitton: Obama State Dept Conspiracy Against Trump?

>>6103498 #7805

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baker requests handoff

if you are a taker you are the undertaker of this bread

you are to do ghost handoff next bread at the dough as would i

lest ye be nights watchman, tis these are long breads lads

i will hang out on this bread, but i will ghost before the next bake

ANONS - watch the replies to this dough.

if no takers after 600 - prep for ebake or take it as ebaker

bake/ebake after 700 instead of after 751 pls

whats the difference?

depends on how/when you want to do notables: before/after baking

7eeafd () No. 6105868

d38f26 () No. 6105869

Practice Baking

your call to serve has never been more required.

this is where you can make new threads to practice your bakery


download the picture from the OP (original post) up top

copy the link from the dough

you will see after you go there a batch of text to save to your local text editors

you will see the breaks in between posts from first post to last post

the title has a format - so its best to always copypaste a previous title and edit it

Q Research General #7xxx: your title here Edition

making the Dough

to make the new dough

this is a select all copy from your text editor to pastebin.com paste as submit

the url will change above from pastebin.com to a new url

copypaste that url

additional tips and videos are at the post above above the dough


practice making a new Q post

dont try to recreate the dashes

copypaste an old Q posts dashes whether its a post post dashes or an rt post dashes

7eeafd () No. 6105870

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




No hate went into the creation of this post.

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition. I am also not jewish.

The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth, are the ones with something to hide.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.



90c797 () No. 6105873

Time for a big drop. This will take a lot of digging.


7eeafd () No. 6105874



Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion


Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well


Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood


The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)


Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City


New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'


7eeafd () No. 6105876



The Protocols of Zion Full Documentary

It lays out (((their))) entire game plan and CLEARLY matches world events for the past 120 years or so.

d38f26 () No. 6105878

>>6105868 ←- post is also ridiculous bullshit

7eeafd () No. 6105881




The Protocols of Zion Full Text

d38f26 () No. 6105883

7eeafd () No. 6105884





https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/

7eeafd () No. 6105885



3870dc () No. 6105891


5669e4 () No. 6105895

hey guys. third time's a charm, again.

found some earlier iterations of the flag Q quoted, the one which looks like a lion. curious if anyone found anything earlier?

included t.paine's post today, using it as a ukraine flag.


653ad0 () No. 6105899

653ad0 () No. 6105903


Ole salty baker.

7faa92 () No. 6105907

Baker can we get a Q is a faggot edition

f3c5f0 () No. 6105918

Thank you baker.

d38f26 () No. 6105928

7808 final cut

>>6105200, >>6105202 New DJT - congrats Virginia

>>6105133 New Ben Garrison

>>6105149 10/5/2010 letter to Geithner - urging the block of sale - U1 and ARMZ

>>6105212 Eminem, Interscope, and Geffen

>>6105268 2 new DJT RTs

>>6105383 56,000 ft view - planefag spots U2 over vegas

>>6105500 WIZARD42 makin' Q's in the sky again

>>6105450, >>6105598 planefag -14 tankers airborne right now, B52 callsign SWORD62

>>6105449 casino owner Deifik was found dead at the scene of a “single-car, low-speed auto crash

>>6105540 House Judiciary chair calls on Mueller to testify before committee

>>6105566, >>6105644 JW 422 pages of FBI documents showing evidence of “cover up” discussion

>>6105514, >>6105538, ABC News producer dies age 27 1/2

>>6105585 2/2 who helped her team win an Emmy for coverage of the October 2018 Las Vegas massacre

>>6105667 James Woods on the Standard Hotel

>>6105877 Twatter fuckery? Swallwell vs DJT likes

653ad0 () No. 6105929


You must have fallen for the doug / maga coalition bullshit.

694d34 () No. 6105931

if this is Q's first post and ID

is there a reason the other posts are not included on Qmap.pub?

e5cb90 () No. 6105933

REMINDER: Q team is a (((JEW))) team and is NOT WORKING with POTUS

That's why secret service now confiscates Q merchandise at Trump rallies and why Scott Adams tried to debunk Q after his white house visit but failed miserably. The lesson is, "never try".


d38f26 () No. 6105935


Updated Dough



7808 notables final cut

90c797 () No. 6105938


1385 Databases

78.61 Gigs of Data

e5cb90 () No. 6105941

>>6105930 (lb)

The (((Jewess))) needs to lose weight.

a405a2 () No. 6105942



Baker here lurking, no handoff but will do what I can for as long as I can. God bless you, baker. Thanks for everything.

f71293 () No. 6105943

46689e () No. 6105945

694d34 () No. 6105947

Mark Meadows: More criminal referrals coming, 'overwhelming evidence' shows DOJ, FBI abuse

by Daniel Chaitin

| April 08, 2019 06:46 PM


b3af3b () No. 6105948

Interesting. Searches for Rondell Henry of germantown, md yield possible relatives Merle Henry


department of psychology

looks like Rondell (wtf kind of name is that) was member of islamic center of maryland. Can't find his name on the website, likely b/c they scrubbed it, but it still pops up on google search

e5cb90 () No. 6105951


No doubt a (((Q))) team member. ;)

fbd929 () No. 6105952





8a6b66 () No. 6105953

U2 update: now Angels 60 still long laps over Vegas/Henderson.

3:10 hour track currently @2:55 EST.

e5cb90 () No. 6105954


Aren't you also part of the (((Q))) "larp"?

88b364 () No. 6105955


Because that wasn't Q. It was an anon Q responded to

7f0abf () No. 6105957

TY Baker

4bb6b9 () No. 6105958

7faa92 () No. 6105959


Gz on being the only person on this board who is more of a faggot than Q

e5cb90 () No. 6105960


Seems like only one of you online now. Rest have "resigned", as in sleeping now?

03a180 () No. 6105961

Thank you, Baker!

9be9c8 () No. 6105962



e5cb90 () No. 6105964


Nah, never gonna watch them. One of them is 5 hours long. No doubt BRAINWASHY content.

Posted by (((Q))) team by the way.

e5cb90 () No. 6105965


(((Q))) team members have bad tastes in everything it seems. Including planes.

Couldn't post a picture of a cooler plane?

c923c8 () No. 6105966


e5cb90 () No. 6105967

Yup, only one of (((you))) online now it seems. Sad. :(

e5cb90 () No. 6105968




653ad0 () No. 6105970



>No doubt BRAINWASHY content.

Stupid kikes just can't get it. It's exactly these comments that keep making it be posted…

You people are stupid.

For real.

e5cb90 () No. 6105972


REMINDER: Most posting here are (((Q))) team members

Lack of posts suggest most of them have gone to sleep now.

The more you know. ;)

243035 () No. 6105973

Alexa Valiente/Digital Producer: Las Vegas: Heartbreak and Heroes

873d3a () No. 6105974

e5cb90 () No. 6105975



No ones gonna watch a 5 hour long video buddy. Ain't no one got the time.

6ce4c5 () No. 6105976

JJ Cale & Eric Clapton

Head's in Georgia

f3c5f0 () No. 6105977

04f648 () No. 6105978

2 more suspects sought in connection with California psychiatrist's murder


fbd929 () No. 6105979







e5cb90 () No. 6105981


Evil witch indeed and (((Q))) team is responsible for keeping her out of prison. Sad. :(

653ad0 () No. 6105982


>No ones gonna watch a 5 hour long video buddy. Ain't no one got the time.

You really think that don't you?

e5cb90 () No. 6105983


And hopefully he wins again. ;)

See >>6105933

a405a2 () No. 6105984


thx anon, notable in #7806

90c797 () No. 6105985


Amazingly you shills are still here. You people are really stupid.

4bb6b9 () No. 6105986

Anons, does it seem to any of you that the 'border crisis' is about 75% optics?

On any given week, we could be told there is another horde on the way. Or they turned back, or 100K of them got through. Or 10K of them got sent home. Or Mexico intercepted them. Or not. Who even knows whats really going on?

Starting to think this is just POTUS trolling and white hats feeding headlines somehow.

Any MexAnons here can confirm or deny?

e5cb90 () No. 6105987


>You really think that don't you?

I am sure some dumb fucks have watched and have been successfully BRAINWASHED.

7806dd () No. 6105989


Didn't click, whose head is in Georgia?

d3865d () No. 6105990


Thanks, Baker.

274f1e () No. 6105991


Imagine hating yourself for being Jewish so bad you come to the very place that is going to bringing your Demise, to make an attempt at talking shit. Heres a shekel for your time.

7f0abf () No. 6105992

fbd929 () No. 6105994



653ad0 () No. 6105995


>((([ >e5cb90 ])))

is none other than our favorite dimwit.

e5cb90 () No. 6105997



Not a jew, unlike you. Lemme prove it to you.

d3865d () No. 6105998

b968f5 () No. 6105999

Headline typo just me having [warranted] fun. Go Devin!

Nunes files $150M lawsuit against McClatchy, alleging conspiracy to derail Clinton, Russia probes


6ce4c5 () No. 6106000


Blues baby when it's this slooooow

90c797 () No. 6106001

God wins. Pray for our servant leaders in the Military tonight anons.

e5cb90 () No. 6106004


Posting this early because even I need to go get some sleep soon. Not a bot after all. ;)

868128 () No. 6106006

274f1e () No. 6106007


But you are. I'm German and Croatian, direct opposite of Jewish. Lmao try again with another one of your obvious tactics. How much shekel are you paid per hour?

22ab6d () No. 6106008


That's true.

04f648 () No. 6106009

Navy Bomb Squad Called In And Homes Evacuated After Man Dies


430e8a () No. 6106010


blah blah blah

7f0abf () No. 6106011


The Twitter cage match is on.

bb6de2 () No. 6106012


Ultimately, unable to be verified…aside from Q confirm.

3e2af3 () No. 6106013

6ce4c5 () No. 6106015


In Prayer Right now. God is ALWAYS there!!!!

e5cb90 () No. 6106016


Then why did you capitalize "Jewish"? Hmmm?

Get a DNA test if you REALLY believe that you are not a jew, chances are great that you are though.

Here, have a free infographic. Better than a 5 hour long video.

274f1e () No. 6106017


Because your handlers who create the android operating system auto capitalize it.

d3865d () No. 6106018

e5cb90 () No. 6106019



Yes, god is always watching. God can also see all, hear all. Infinity times better than (((Q))) team. ;)

Too bad (((Q))) team doesn't believe god exists.

3e2af3 () No. 6106020


Sorry, wrong one. Cant see straight

d06043 () No. 6106021

7f0abf () No. 6106022

e5cb90 () No. 6106023


You expect me to believe that you are phone fagging?

a405a2 () No. 6106024


Still here or signed out?

Will collect notes & update pastebin with gathered notes for as long as I'm able. Got a few so far. Anons, plz call out anything you see.

6ce4c5 () No. 6106025


For a Queen of the Sensitive Kind!

868128 () No. 6106026



Q had different ID in that same bread

d3865d () No. 6106027


What's the link? (embeds blocked)

db370d () No. 6106029

How long has this bssn going on?

In fact, one can draw a straight line between the approach of neoconservative propagandists from the Iraq War travesty and the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. The certainty with which they pronounced their dubious claims, their hyperbolic warnings about pending doom—all eerily similar:

Bill Kristol in 2003: “We look forward to the liberation of our own country and others from the threat of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, and to the liberation of the Iraqi people from a brutal and sadistic tyrant.”

Bill Kristol in 2018: “It seems to me likely Mueller will find there was collusion between Trump associates and Putin operatives; that Trump knew about it; and that Trump sought to cover it up and obstruct its investigation. What then? Good question.”

John McCain in 2003: “I believe that, obviously, we will remove a threat to America’s national security because we will find there are still massive amounts of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

John McCain in 2017: “There’s a lot of aspects with this whole relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin that requires further scrutiny. In fact, I think there’s a lot of shoes to drop from this centipede. This whole issue of the relationship with the Russians and who communicated with them and under what circumstances clearly cries out for an investigation.”

David Frum in 2002 (writing for President George W. Bush): “States like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world.“

David Frum in 2016: “I never envisioned an Axis of Evil of which one of the members was the US National Security Adviser.”

Max Boot in 2003: “I hate to disappoint all the conspiracy-mongers out there, but I think we are going into Iraq for precisely the reasons stated by President Bush: to destroy weapons of mass destruction, to bring down an evil dictator with links to terrorism, and to enforce international law.”

Max Boot in 2019: “If this is what it appears to be, it is the biggest scandal in American history—an assault on the very foundations of our democracy in which the president’s own campaign is deeply complicit. There is no longer any question whether collusion occurred. The only questions that remain are: What did the president know? And when did he know it?”

Those are just a handful of examples from a deep trove of comparisons. Other accomplices on the Right involved in both scandals include former NSA Director Michael Hayden; former Weekly Standard editor Stephen Hayes; MSNBC host and former U.S. Representative Joe Scarborough; neoconservative think tankers Robert Kagan and Eliot Cohen; and former Bush aides Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner.

Even George W. Bush questioned aloud last year whether alleged Russian meddling “affected the outcome of the election.”

And let’s not forget who was in charge of the FBI before, during, and after the Iraq War: Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel hired in May 2017 to find evidence of Russian collusion. In his February 2003 Senate testimony, Mueller confirmed reports that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and expressed concern that Hussein “may supply terrorists with biological, chemical or radiological material.” James Comey, Mueller’s close friend and successor at the FBI, served as George W. Bush’s deputy attorney general from 2003 to 2005. Comey, of course, is the man who opened an investigation into the Trump campaign in July 2016 and signed the FISA application in October 2016 to spy on Trump campaign aide, Carter Page. Both, we’ve been assured repeatedly, were Republicans.


f3c5f0 () No. 6106030

694d34 () No. 6106031


As noted by Fox News: “Washington District Court Judge James E. Boasberg — an Obama appointee who was also tapped by Chief Justice John Roberts for a seat on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court — issued an order Wednesday demanding the FBI hand over “clean and unredacted copies of the documents in dispute here,” apparently including the Comey memos and documents relating to the declarations.


b968f5 () No. 6106033



Digitz. Make 9191 upside down (911 present).

Today: 4-9

1111-9… 9-11 II?

6ce4c5 () No. 6106034


OOOPs let's try that again and let that one breeze on by. LOL

Sensitive Kind!

fbd929 () No. 6106035





0e76ed () No. 6106036


Q ok'd which drops to include back in Nov 2017

bb6de2 () No. 6106037


Well, now MEGHAN is going to completely lose her shit. Ugh. Spare us.

3870dc () No. 6106038


3db154 () No. 6106039

6ce4c5 () No. 6106042



3db154 () No. 6106043

81c577 () No. 6106044

The delay to Brexit appears to be due to PM May trying to slow down declas.

That makes her a traitor to the people.

What they fear the most is the truth coming out.

The Why.

Why did they want to stop candidate and President Trump?

Because of the crimes from 911 through 2016.

Cover ups.

That's what get them in the end.

Notice the Princess Di Overton Window.

Notice the Megan Sex Tape Overton Window

873d3a () No. 6106045


National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has an amendment added that negates the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 (SMA) and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987.

“The amendment empowers the State Department and Pentagon to utilize all forms of media against the American public for the sake of coercing US citizens to believe whatever version of the truth the US government wants them to believe. All oversight is removed with Amendment 114.  Regardless of whether the information disseminated is truthful, partially truthful or completely false bears no weight.”

“Repealing the Smith-Mundt Act allows the direct deployment of these tactics on the American public.

Information Operations activities are undertaken to shape the essential narrative of a conflict or situation and thus affect the attitudes and behaviors of the targeted audience and equates descriptions of combat operations with standard marketing strategies. With the NDAA 2012 in its current form, the State Department and Pentagon can go beyond manipulating mainstream media outlets and directly disseminate campaigns of misinformation to the U.S. public.  Successful wars require domestic acceptance.”

“All oversight is removed by Amendment 114. Regardless of whether the information disseminated is truthful, partially truthful or completely false bears no weight.”


“The Sandy Hook shooting occurred just days after Sen. Rand Paul sent out an alert that the U.N. was set to pass the final version of the Small Arms Treaty, supported by Obama the day after election.

Part of the treaty bans the trade, sale and ownership of all semi-automatic weapons … like the one Adam Lanza used to kill 20 children and 6 adults.

The "Batman shooting" in Aurora, Colo., also happened to coincide with the same time as negotiations of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.

The timing is impeccable.”

Which tracks back to this:

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Must Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Sentenced for Extreme Prosecutorial Misconduct,

Serial Abuse of Authority and

Misprision of Felony”

“What is 9/11 cover-up artist Robert Mueller even doing there?

Really, the guy has no business being anywhere outside of a prison cell—FOR LIFE.

Not only has “The Mule” completely destroyed the rule of law in America, he has replaced it with shocking speed and success with the rule of the jungle…where whoever has the raw power runs the tyranny.

What is really critical for every U.S. citizen to thoroughly understand is that:

MUELLER was installed by his Deep State Masters to Cover Up Real Crimes, Fabricate False Crimes and Protect the Power Elite from Prosecution


MULEgate certainly did not begin with the most recent crime spree carried out by Robert Mueller and his DOJ thugs, FBI henchmen and Special Counsel hitmen.

In point of fact, Mueller started his criminal career as a crooked cop going back decades.

Perhaps his biggest crime wave was conducted prior to and post 9/11 when he made sure, as FBI Director, that the greatest act of terrorism on U.S. soil would not be investigated and instead coverup to this very day.  That would be the state-sponsored false-flag terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001.  As follows:

KEY POINTS:  Robert Mueller was deliberately selected to lead the FBI during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  It was by purposeful design that his tenure as FBI Director began on September 4, 2001, just 7 days before the 9/11 false flag terror operation.  And, that he remained in that job for 12 corrupt years until September 4, 2013 to ensure that the FBI would never professionally investigate the greatest crime and act of terrorism ever perpetrated on US soil.  In fact, Mueller’s 12 years are marked by an overwhelming body of evidence which proves his willful neglect, dereliction of duty, official misconduct and misprision of felony.  Clearly, Mueller’s greatest crime to date was overseeing the institutional cover-up of the 9/11 government conspiracy to commit acts of terror, murder and destruction against the American people and property.”

(Source: ROBERT MUELLER: He’s not a Special Counsel, he’s a Deep State hitman and cover-up artist!)


e5cb90 () No. 6106046


^^ This is a (((Q))) team member.

Most others are asleep now it seems.

430e8a () No. 6106048


Meh, whichever one you are at the moment.

You all admitted to working together, as Freddy/Toots, on a livestream like fucking retards.

I think it was originally Travis's idea… but the point is…

you're all MAGA Glowalition.

I think Adam does a lot of the anti-semitic spam posting, since it nosedives whenever he's on the livestream.

Less of a drop when it's just Glen, but still very noticeable.

694d34 () No. 6106049


possible some drops were made prior to 1st drop and we didnt see?

4bb6b9 () No. 6106050



















My, aren't you the whiny little bitch clown. Just shit posting as fast as you can type aren't ya.

How does it feel to be so devoid of an opinion that you just cock swallow whatever your handlers shove in your face?

e5cb90 () No. 6106051


Yup, sleep is important. ;)

873d3a () No. 6106052



“Information is controlled because the free flow of truth is not always expedient for those wishing to maintain control.”

-Bryant McGill

“…Through the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act the US government has the legal regulation to use propaganda against foreign audiences and American citizens. The intention is to sway public opinion by using television, radio, newspapers, and social media targeting American and foreign targets in controlled psy-ops or perception management…”

Psy-Ops and DARPA

“…DARPA’s new ultrasonic neural interface devices can frame information as narratives which shape, explain, and make sense of data. Cognitive computers themselves can also do this – creating news articles from pooled data with no human being involved. What used to be called propaganda is now called “strategic communications” that tell a stories or create narrative networks. DARPA is focused on creating counter-narratives, or stories they believe will counteract the effects of radicalization.”



430e8a () No. 6106053

In case y'all mised it, there was gunfire reported at sudan protests.

6ce4c5 () No. 6106054


I remind you that the Pharisees accused Christ of the exact same thing. His answer was a house divided will not stand. With nothing else for noise around, ask yourself why would evil attack evil?

d3865d () No. 6106055



Very smooth for late night meming.

3db154 () No. 6106056

e5cb90 () No. 6106059


Yes, I know you are panicking. :)

But I know you know that I am calm at the moment. Although I do occasionally panic for no good reason.

f3c5f0 () No. 6106060



"That sounds dangerous"…..lol….kek

e5cb90 () No. 6106061


BTW, post pics of yourself if you are female. ;)

db370d () No. 6106062


Pray its good for our Souls.

d3865d () No. 6106063


>Psy-Ops and DARPA

>“…DARPA’s new ultrasonic neural interface devices can frame information as narratives which shape, explain, and make sense of data. Cognitive computers themselves can also do this – creating news articles from pooled data with no human being involved. What used to be called propaganda is now called “strategic communications” that tell a stories or create narrative networks. DARPA is focused on creating counter-narratives, or stories they believe will counteract the effects of radicalization.”

c199c1 () No. 6106064

EMAnon here. Begging all Anons/Autists!!! Q is quiet, so here is something IMPORTANT to do!! Need help digging on the 17Hz signal heard round the world, HAARP, and more… all tied to Tesla and hsi theories. With the help of a couple of great and selfless Anons, I put it up what I developed, and am now adding in information comign from YOU!!! Including an Anon who really hit it out of the park with Post #4144779 in December of 2018. It is ALL in a blog at https://shepardessoffire.home.blog/

This is a Legit Notables Deep Dig (see image). >>6087926 (pb) Bring the sauce! D I G This is our FUTURE!!!!!!! Want a tidbit?

Oh, How about a standing wave across the whole planet that will allow for safe wireless transfer of electricity? Soooooo wai not a LARP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZV7-keRFq8&list=PLrx-ABI52QVyy597N2RkmnAlzTXLGeCOR&index=86&t=0s

4bb6b9 () No. 6106065


274f1e () No. 6106066


The same way I'm to believe you're not a jew? Except I can provide proof, unlike yourself.

6ce4c5 () No. 6106067


Follow up for you. Remember nothing happens by accident. Faith always is challenged.


7f0abf () No. 6106068


Special BBQ for freshmans, sorry freshwomen.

fbd929 () No. 6106069





274f1e () No. 6106070


It was the Wardenclyffe tower.

e5cb90 () No. 6106071


Your proof doesn't mean shit. Even I can take a screenshot using my phone and then go back to using PC.

d38f26 () No. 6106073


current baker ID going GHOST

blessed are the bakers


no baker in the kitchen

but lurking help will post

updated dough

link to the dough post

reply to dough post if taker baker is on before post 600

reply to dough post after 600 if you are around to bake the next bread however you like


full bake

early bake 650



pixels baker

good morning to you fam if you come on this bread to whip your tasty yum yum

e5cb90 () No. 6106075


Moar like the lowest ranking (((Q))) team member

Most likely still a "recruit". Amirite?

873d3a () No. 6106076


(You) are living in denial.

It’s like (You) are completely unaware of the reality around you.

It’s sad really.

“Russiagate was the WMD of this generation of journalists, a gigantic lie with devastating consequences for the country and the world. Mueller’s appointment was born of corruption at the top levels of the DOJ and FBI where, after talk about wearing wires to set up the President and fomenting cabinet factions in support of using the 25th Amendment against him, an endless Special Counsel investigation starring Robert Mueller seemed a sounder path to impeachment.

It was all generated by a request from British intelligence to unleash the full power of the U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies against a presidential candidate, and then, an incoming President, using a crappy, amateurish, and obviously fabricated dossier produced by British spy Christopher Steele and promoted by the Clinton Campaign and Barack Obama’s intelligence, foreign policy, and defense establishments. As we have reported before, this is the largest political scandal in American history. The Constitution itself is at stake. Mueller’s May 2017 appointment was revenge for the firing of James Comey, immediately allowing a coverup of the criminal actions of officials complicit in the coup, at the State Department, the FBI, DOJ, and CIA. In the process, the crimes of the actual foreign intervenors into the 2016 election, the British, and to a far lesser extent, the Ukrainians, were also supposed to be buried.

The deflation of the Democratic Party and the media hacks who have driven the coup against President Trump has, since Friday, been audible and smelly, like a balloon of sulfurous gas having finally been pricked. Predictably, they have begun a new round of attempts to hype the results and cover up the evil at play here. Thirty-four individuals indicted, 700 crimes, is the talking point that has emerged from Democratic Party candidates and the news media over the weekend, in a full-throated defense of Robert Mueller’s inquisition. To that can be added Sunday’s leading refrain from Congressman Jerrold Nadler, which seems to go something like this: “Saint Bob [Mueller] didn’t decide about obstruction, and the evil Trump disciple William Barr stepped in and is attempting to cover up for the evil President. We demand to have testimony from Robert Mueller.”

They are desperate losers facing an American people likely to say: “Stuff it—your time just ran out.” Our job is to make that happen.”




part 1 = Fusion GPS – https://archive.is/jebsM


part 2 = Christopher Steele – https://archive.is/qYphy


part 3 = The Dossier – https://archive.is/RW7LX


part 4 = Foreign Intelligence – https://archive.is/9KrxM


part 5 = Crowdstrike – https://archive.is/i18vy


part 6 = Alfa Bank – https://archive.is/IQzJe


part 7 = Brennan's Working Group – https://archive.is/8kYSH


part 8 = American Intelligence – https://archive.is/Kufqn


part 9 = The Deputies Meetings – https://archive.is/XiUC3


part 10 = Kimberlin and the Chalupas – https://archive.is/QKdux


part 11 = Stefan Halper – https://archive.is/3ySHd


part 12 = Michael Flynn – https://archive.is/3f9CR


part 13 = The Season of Leaks – https://archive.is/EFuec


part 14 = Peter W. Smith – https://archive.is/1B2ts


part 15 = The FBI vs Donald Trump – https://archive.is/nlizm


653ad0 () No. 6106077


Maybe, but you're still a jew.

274f1e () No. 6106078


Could you do that while working a graveyard shift? I can't, but you can because jews work from home.

b575ec () No. 6106079

04d46b () No. 6106080

One of Many to come..


(((allison mack))) had been facing charges of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking and attempted sex trafficking.

However - (((She))) has struck a deal?

a405a2 () No. 6106081


notable in #7804

funny headline, all right!

(OMG, Nukes!)

7f0abf () No. 6106082


Jesus gimp, at least use new shit.

e5cb90 () No. 6106083


>These people are sick!

(((Q))) team members are indeed sick, AND BRAINWASHED. Sad. :(

d3865d () No. 6106084


Sounds like an ominous warning.

I'll try to bear it in mind.

653ad0 () No. 6106085

c923c8 () No. 6106086


Wow I think that shill you just shot down was Brian Krassenstien

e5cb90 () No. 6106088

Welp, I'll be back if I don't wake up dead. ;)

430e8a () No. 6106089


Now, here's the fun part.

The MAGA Glowalition knows that Freddy is Donald Trump's Brother…

And they know that Toots is a reference to his dying of alcohol poisoning…

Yet they still… on livestream… support it.

At first, this might seem surprising… but then when you consider they share an address with Pelosi…

It all makes more sense.

Not only is the MAGA Glowalition anti-Q, they're anti-Trump as well.

But considering how the price if someone dares to #WalkAway is that they'll doxx, shame, and deny the earnesty of the person who left the Dems…

It's really not all that surprising… now is it?

f8dbe1 () No. 6106090


Imagine if there was one desk that all stories could cross so that, at 4am, a media plan could be decided upon and disseminated where all news outlets coordinated to set the goalposts of debate and hyper focused on specific issues to drive a narrative to control how you vote and how you spend money; where Internet shills were given marching orders in tandem to what was shown on television, printed in newspapers and spread throughout articles on the World Wide Web.


In the past, we had Operation Mockingbird, where the program was supremely confident that it could control stories around the world, even in instructions to cover up any story about a possible “Yeti” sighting, should it turn out they were real.


If, in 1959, the government was confident in its ability to control a story about a Yeti, then what is their level of confidence in controlling stories, today?



In fact, we have a recent example of a situation similar to the Yeti. When Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met on the TARMAC to spike the Hillary email investigation, the FBI was so confident it wasn’t them, that their entire focus was finding the leaker, starting with searching within the local PD. We have documentation that demonstrates the state of mind of the confidence the upper levels of the FBI have when dealing with the media.



The marriage between mainstream media and government is a literal one and this arrangement is perfectly legal.


But, this problem extends far beyond politics; the private sector, the scientific community, even advice forums are shilled heavily. People are paid to cause anxiety, recommend people break up and otherwise sow depression and nervousness. This is due to a correlating force that employs “systems psychodynamics”, focusing on “tension centered” strategies to create “organizational paradoxes” by targeting people’s basic assumptions about the world around them to create division and provide distraction.






In this day and age, it is even easier to manage these concepts and push a controlled narrative from a central figure than it has ever been. Allen & Co is a “boutique investment firm” that managed the merger between Disney and Fox and operates as an overseeing force for nearly all media and Internet shill armies, while having it’s fingers in sports, social media, video games, health insurance, etc.



Former director of the CIA and Paul Brennan’s former superior George Tenet, holds the reigns of Allen & Co. The cast of characters involves a lot of the usual suspects.


6ce4c5 () No. 6106091


Anon earth Quakes are triggered by Electromagnetic

Energy. Think of lightning.

When you see lightning it looks like air to ground but actually there is an arch up from the ground to meet the lighting

c199c1 () No. 6106092


Explain… if you would please. Thanks Anon

d38f26 () No. 6106094



sweet bread needs salt

ode to the Mossad Massacre

4bb6b9 () No. 6106095



what an asshole

d38f26 () No. 6106096

=Godspeed Fam=


o7s m8s

4bb6b9 () No. 6106098


Great meme!

I like that word 'knowingly', kinda how I like 'actionable' hehe

3db154 () No. 6106099

db370d () No. 6106100

April 9



3 6’s?

Good day to strike?

a405a2 () No. 6106101


In Archive several times, almost certainly notable, check if you like (QResear.ch)

c199c1 () No. 6106103

>>6106070 My bad… I see wh3ere youa re going here… the signal didn't originate on earth. It originated in orbit. HAARP isn't just a square in the snow. They have satelites in space interacting with the Magnetosphere, Come help dig!

ddc8a6 () No. 6106104

It seems that the more we fight for Good, for GOD, the more we are attacked by demons.

These demons take the form of family or relationship arguments, bad luck, poor finances and other attacks.

Can you give us advice fellow anons? How to fight these demons?

fbd929 () No. 6106105








d971a2 () No. 6106106


UN flags? Taken in succession with the camera repositioned to backlight each with the sun?

Or is it a stock photo template? Weird.

6ce4c5 () No. 6106107



It has gone much further than this now.

In one of Q's Q & A

Thunderbolts.com you should find video there :)

430e8a () No. 6106108


gaslighting doesn't work here

Muh Autisms

b15356 () No. 6106110

04f648 () No. 6106111

274f1e () No. 6106112


I dont have anything other than my own personal instant reaction to the 17 second pulse. As soon as I heard it, I thought of Teslas tower. It uses the earth to resonate a frequency. Pyramids were an ancient form of his tower. I personally believe the pulse is a sort of jamming pulse in a sense.


694d34 () No. 6106113


b15356 () No. 6106114

c199c1 () No. 6106115


Good point Anon. Those are called "Step Leaders" and are usually positive ions. On occasion the Step Leader is particularly strong and you will get double and triple hits on the same spot. Come help dig! God Bless you!

bb6de2 () No. 6106116


Special bbq for them.

What you don't know….right?

0e76ed () No. 6106119


You asked why they weren't on the Q Map.

c199c1 () No. 6106120

EXCELLENT ANON!!!! May I put this on the blog???

22ab6d () No. 6106121



b575ec () No. 6106122

fbd929 () No. 6106123



751c81 () No. 6106125

We are the news now.

The storm is now. The storm is here.

Do take notes. Do prepare.

Bod Bless Patriots..

8ac149 () No. 6106126

Q are you God?

f3c5f0 () No. 6106127

69bf67 () No. 6106128


Q, you have repeatedly told us, DIVIDED WE ARE WEAK, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG.

Twatter is a tool, an open voice for and connection to POTUS. Yet it is dividing Patriots!

How is this helping the movement?

Can you settle this Once and for all?

Who are the true patriots and who are the shills?

6ce4c5 () No. 6106129


If you want to understand the world understand 3,6,9

If you want to under stand uncle John Trump and Tesla you have to understand how we have been lied to and Physics is a mess because of it

You need to read EMT go to Thunderbolts.com

c199c1 () No. 6106130


EXCELLENT ANON!!!! May I put this on the blog??? THere is also the Earthquake Prediction Center at: https://quakewatch.net/predictioncenter/ ENJOY this one! Its Amazeballs. It just is.

aab1bd () No. 6106131


People can shift from dark to Light.

3db154 () No. 6106132

7f0abf () No. 6106133


Burma deserves better.

653ad0 () No. 6106134

c923c8 () No. 6106135



This is legit.

c199c1 () No. 6106137



Right on Brother! THANK YOU


d3865d () No. 6106138


Sweet Dreams fren.

6ce4c5 () No. 6106139

a405a2 () No. 6106140


Interdasting, anon, got any sauce?

274f1e () No. 6106143

John where you been? I know you're lurking. Its been a few weeks now.

4121aa () No. 6106144



ddc8a6 () No. 6106145

Anons, what is happening is that when we fight against demons, but are not wearing the full armor of GOD, we risk getting attacked back.

These attacks lead to:


Arguments with loved ones

Money problems


Anons, we must stick together and support one another and Q!

694d34 () No. 6106146


asking about the hotel!

7f0abf () No. 6106147

fbd929 () No. 6106148






10bddc () No. 6106149

>>6105164 (pb)

c199c1 () No. 6106150


VINCE! That magnificent bastard!

Back on the OLD twatter. BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!!

04f648 () No. 6106151

bb6de2 () No. 6106152

Imagine the demon spawn that would produce.


c923c8 () No. 6106154


Dabs incoming>>6106100


49 49 1 7 !!

b575ec () No. 6106155

f3c5f0 () No. 6106156



6ce4c5 () No. 6106157


Nope it is the real deal. Tesla cars do not need batteries. You must think Truth and get the idea of Free out of your head. It is the future and it is understood. It is the cause of so much you see around you. 99% miss it, it is the very reason that the Democrats had to take back the house it was planned didn't care if the cheat or what we needed AOC clear left off of the Planet Green Deal to bring back "common sense" Matt Getz. There are so many here that are blind to so much but act like they are red pilled on all. So why 2016. I call it Tesla, Trump, Today.

ddc8a6 () No. 6106161




esoteric exposal

majestic 12

Are these legit or not Q? Are the good or bad?

3db154 () No. 6106163

6ce4c5 () No. 6106164


This is the tower in Texas.

and this was my first attempt at the question.

Still all good information and totally true but Kennedy wanted more

10bddc () No. 6106165



The why is that they do not have Q there freeing them, as in the politicians. So by Q going forward w the plan, it forces them into the light, redpills the people.. plus they crack down harder which will work to further show their level of corruption. I can see your point about delay absolutely being to slow things down, problem is DECLAS habbenin and aint nothing they can do then.

Remember Q said foreign people w be indicted. So DECLAS it is! Kek fuck em they have lived on the peoples back long enough.

6dbd17 () No. 6106166

c923c8 () No. 6106167

653ad0 () No. 6106168


These memes are dumb af.

6ce4c5 () No. 6106170

c923c8 () No. 6106171


They just need electric systems and a converter than right?

2743e8 () No. 6106173


7f0abf () No. 6106175


Twins, a boy for him and a demon for her.

bb6de2 () No. 6106176


Do they??

Oh dear God.


b87c6d () No. 6106177


it's off 75 near waco. They are trying to distribute power in a wireless manner. The company said yes, it's a tesla tower. Research past breads for old digs on this.

fbd929 () No. 6106178



ddc8a6 () No. 6106180

Very important message to all anons!

c199c1 () No. 6106181


You know thats Morse code yes? "JHON" I believe.

4bb6b9 () No. 6106183


China building DUMBS in Africa

“They (China) have been itching to set a permanent military presence in this country, to protect their vast economic interests here but Mugabe was resisting the overtures,” said the former cabinet minister. “Although the cover argument was around offering technical assistance and support to our armed forces, it later became clear that Mnangagwa had his own agreement and arrangements with China. This infuriated Mugabe, and it was also during the same period Mnangagwa had first traveled to China as vice president, holding high-level meetings which his boss had not fully been briefed on. The incident increased Mugabe’s political mistrust for Mnangagwa, whom he suspected was presenting himself to President Xi Jinping, as the best political actor to secure China’s investments in Zimbabwe after he steps down. The rest is history. Mnangagwa has since invited China back to mine diamonds in Marange, and their special force has received the greenlight from vice president Rtd General, Constatino Chiwenga, to find a station in the country. Now there is every reason to believe that Mugabe’s November 2017 ouster, could have been a result of China viewing his stay in power as a threat to their economic investments, especially after having stripped them of diamond mining rights.”


c199c1 () No. 6106185



==Notable nomination for 17Hz, Earthquake, Nichola Tesla Deep DIg? Thank you for your consideration!!! Tryin to keep this subject moving forward, there really is something here.


5d336f () No. 6106186

7f0abf () No. 6106187


bb6de2 () No. 6106188

d3865d () No. 6106189


Queen of Battle

6ce4c5 () No. 6106190

The 17Htz signal is ultra low wave and it is a form of communication that the deep state can still use.

Think of the movie where Tommy Jones took over a battle ship to steal the nukes on a stolen sub but didn't plan on the "cook" being Navy seal. Well when the entire crew was thrown in bow and locked in they banged out SOS on the ship haul. that is your ulta low sein wave

I have a copy of it some where but it is late

Back to EMT. You are missing it if you think stratosphere you need to think service or just above the surface of the earth the grounding plain.

Power has to flow down to this and this is where we hook on. Very simple really. It will happen and well we will still have oil around for the transition but it is "low cost" but not 'Free" that is dumb someone has to pay to build the damn thing.

b575ec () No. 6106191

a405a2 () No. 6106192


Notet-aker still collecting notes, anons, there are quite a few!

4bb6b9 () No. 6106193


Yet they are full batteries. I wonder why that is…

6ce4c5 () No. 6106194



c923c8 () No. 6106195



1961 SFUWO

JFK must've been up to more

than just building Thorium Plants.

a405a2 () No. 6106196

>>6106064, >>6106190

In Notes, but you guys are checking the archive, too, right? There are recent diggs, I was baker when it was dugg.

6ce4c5 () No. 6106198


LOL because we do not have this system built yet

but when it is up and running you will not need them

b87c6d () No. 6106199


that mockingbird lie+ narrative was busted it was Obama's policy that kept kids in cages blah blah..why do they keep spinning it when it was debunked the last time?

653ad0 () No. 6106200

bb6de2 () No. 6106201

e5ae70 () No. 6106202

We are witnessing the deliberate reincarnation of Adolf Hitler right before our eyes in Stephen Miller, who will stop at nothing to preserve some BS pure white bloodline.

We should be very scared, and must stop Trump from empowering this evil & hatful man.





694d34 () No. 6106203


james woods asks AS about standard hotel

sorry if we have

d3865d () No. 6106204



Thanks for keeping me entertained!

b575ec () No. 6106205

03a180 () No. 6106206

10bddc () No. 6106207

Not sure if this was reported or not but Hillary steals furniture again?! They literally are some of the wealthiest dirtbags we collectively know. Why are the uber wealthy such DICKS!?!


c199c1 () No. 6106208


I will be perfectly honest, I ahve not had time to dig there. Not to mention I fumble around in the index to an embarassing degree…. sigh. I know it's coming…. ;) THANK YOU BAKER! You guys are the ABSOLUTE best!

653ad0 () No. 6106209

5d336f () No. 6106210


They Grow Us So Fast

6ce4c5 () No. 6106212


Understand this battle is for the control of the "PRICE" of oil. You do not have to control all the oil everywhere. With Saudi and their low lift cost and Venezuela and USA we can set the market price and that is what is going on. There is oil all over the USA close to the service and easy to get that Cabal and their Jew assets put laws into place for no reason but for Rothschilds to maintain their control of the price of oil and maximize how much they could steal from us

03a180 () No. 6106213

5d336f () No. 6106214

a405a2 () No. 6106215


You have to use the link, match must be exact


notable in #7671

7f0abf () No. 6106216

d92275 () No. 6106217


We destroy you round-eye devils.

bb6de2 () No. 6106218

e5ae70 () No. 6106219

Stephen Miller is a white nationalist.

The fact that he still has influence on policy and political appointments is an outrage.



What would you prefer, that he be in a concentration camp, you Jew hater?



04f648 () No. 6106221


"you can't buy class"

1e8fa3 () No. 6106222


5d336f () No. 6106223

9f51cc () No. 6106224



I find it mildly amusing that the walkie-talkie Jew has morphed into the Rothschilds. I love watching memes evolve.

6ce4c5 () No. 6106225


There lift cost is 1 dollar per barrel of oil. Yes some other production costs but no one can come close but USA when we get TRUMP Team to cancel some damn fake laws the jew team passed. The only thing this will hurt in the long run is the fracking industry is to high cost to service

Sorry for all the money in that area but it will be a loss with time. Aramco is going to make money and are on Trump Train.

324066 () No. 6106226

ddc8a6 () No. 6106227

ddc8a6 () No. 6106229

b87c6d () No. 6106230


324066 () No. 6106231

b575ec () No. 6106232

d6b784 () No. 6106233


Now you've done it. The clapping song stuck in my head.

3 6 9 The goose drank wine

The monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line

The line broke The monkey got choked

And they all went to heaven in a row boat

Clap clap

5f8a2d () No. 6106234

Check this out anons. It's probably nothing but considering the name "Cartel Haunts" and "Haunt Cartel" it caught my attention. Actually what caught my attention was a guy I saw standing near the road and a breadboard sign that just read Unit55. The guy was dressed in a Elizabethan period butchers costume with what looked like legit blood on him.

It appears to be a haunted house adventure experience and perhaps that's all it is. It would fit with an increase over the years in the local area (spokane, wa) of large scale haunted houses and corn maze type events but these are usually limited to Halloween time frame.


ddc8a6 () No. 6106235

Very disturbing "Art"

bb6de2 () No. 6106236

324066 () No. 6106237

d92275 () No. 6106238

db370d () No. 6106239

Assets or Liabilities?

A Filipino woman who helped shelter former NSA contractor Edward Snowden when he fled to Hong Kong has been granted refugee status in Canada.

Vanessa Rodel and her daughter Keana arrived in Toronto Monday evening.

"I feel so great and I feel like I'm free," she said.

Lawyer Robert Tibbo represented Rodel as she sought asylum in Hong Kong in 2013 due to an alleged kidnap and rape by militants in her homeland. The attorney asked her to help Snowden hide out there after he leaked documents revealing extensive U.S. government surveillance.


6ce4c5 () No. 6106240


I mean DAMN that's kewl. Great work.

b87c6d () No. 6106241


wow hanging bricks is soooo artistic. That took talent. How much was the "artist" paid for that pile of shit?

20ed80 () No. 6106243


kek- the left cant meme

they think that was a total upgrade

6ce4c5 () No. 6106245


Not a larp but you have to face you have more "Red pills" in your future

ddc8a6 () No. 6106246


lol exactly!

d92275 () No. 6106247

274f1e () No. 6106248


They're almost gone lol. Shift change or they were becoming to obvious this bread getting called out lol.

289d4a () No. 6106249

Fox news is the garbage of the news industry

d3865d () No. 6106250


Queen of Order

66df18 () No. 6106251

4bb6b9 () No. 6106253


Israel plants a flag on moon

8 chan has a collective meltdown


6ce4c5 () No. 6106254


I have known all this for months but well not enough open eyes to make posting worth the effort. I will send some more your way.

274f1e () No. 6106256


Then stop going on The Five.

ddc8a6 () No. 6106257

Q and anons,

MUDFLOOD. What's up with that? Is it true?

e5ae70 () No. 6106258

McClatchy Trending on Twitter


289d4a () No. 6106260



Sorry Juan Williams didn't give you load…

7f0abf () No. 6106261


Wonder how much loot that daughter of hers is hoarding.

db370d () No. 6106262


“What” took the picture?

9f51cc () No. 6106263



Relevant CDAN blind about female celebrities fucking perfume scientists.


d971a2 () No. 6106264

324066 () No. 6106265

6ce4c5 () No. 6106266


Klean the minds eye


b575ec () No. 6106267

289d4a () No. 6106268

a405a2 () No. 6106269


Trump Fires Head Of Secret Service

notable #7799


324066 () No. 6106270


Now that's funny.

fbd929 () No. 6106272


324066 () No. 6106274

b87c6d () No. 6106275


so the results of this case end when? 1, year 2 year 3 year 4?

ddc8a6 () No. 6106276


bb6de2 () No. 6106277


Dafuq does "beresheet" mean in Jew?

4bb6b9 () No. 6106278


Hasn't landed yet, thats probably just a CG

c199c1 () No. 6106279


Dude, Right!

289d4a () No. 6106280

Anthony Weiner wants payback…

b7a753 () No. 6106281


e5ae70 () No. 6106282


> so the results of this case end when? 1, year 2 year 3 year 4?

I was thinking the same before I saw McClatchy trending on Twitter

Seems like it will take years to resolve unless they admit what they did to avoid further litigation

118595 () No. 6106283

hey anons check this out

seems pertinent

remember when Q was asking about what the NWO really stands for?

noahide world order

meaning the descendants of noah

lots of info

c199c1 () No. 6106284


Excellent reasoning!!

a405a2 () No. 6106286


There's lots, I've got to post….probably should sign on as BAKER, just too many notables, you diggers are BUSY!!!

6ce4c5 () No. 6106287


cajun Moon


56a0ed () No. 6106288

289d4a () No. 6106289

Michael before his nose job.

c199c1 () No. 6106290


Dude, they have done it. Seriously https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZV7-keRFq8&list=PLrx-ABI52QVyy597N2RkmnAlzTXLGeCOR&index=86&t=0s

6dbd17 () No. 6106291


Actually, it did work. It got a dumb shit triggered.

bb6de2 () No. 6106292

873d3a () No. 6106293



7e29e6 () No. 6106294

d3865d () No. 6106296


Queen of Hearts

c199c1 () No. 6106297


This is beautiful!!!!

b87c6d () No. 6106298

she's got a white nose!

289d4a () No. 6106299

Did someone tell Hussein he is no longer the President??

e5ae70 () No. 6106301

Jim Hanson on Fox just now re Iran

'''Lets bring the pain"'

324066 () No. 6106302


>They're almost gone lol. Shift change or they were becoming to obvious this bread getting called out lol.

118595 () No. 6106303


must be over target since your double digit faggot shill ass had to respond! thanks for the confirmation!

a405a2 () No. 6106304




Baker in the kitchen

Notifying BV.

Will post Notes in a sec, sorry so late, there are MANY

873d3a () No. 6106305

dfb963 () No. 6106307

d3865d () No. 6106308


Definitely stolen.

Excellent work Anon.

e20166 () No. 6106309

This article came out a few days before Trump made his wind turbine cancer statement

North Carolina may ban wind power near coast, military flights

Brown and other Republican politicians asked the incoming Trump administration in December 2016 to either kill or require major changes to the $400 million wind farm that powers data centers for Amazon.com Inc. They argued the then-nearly completed complex would interfere with a military radar installation that scans for aircraft and ships hundreds of miles out over the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean.


a405a2 () No. 6106310


Notes so far

>>6105956 Pelosi Urges AOC To Focus Less On Social Media

>>6105963 At least 13 militants killed in separate airstrikes by coalition forces in SE Paktika/Ghazni provinces

>>6105988 Uranium 1 news: Energy Resources Intl amends FARA principal; from Tenam (US subsidiary of Russia's Rosatom)

>>6106028 Is Hussein trying to run a shadow gov't??

>>6106031 Wash Dist Court Judge James E. Boasberg issued order Wed demanding unredacted docs including Comey memos

>>6106158 FBI declarations re Comey Memos just released - Call for a DIGG

>>6106058 N Cali judge blocks DJT policy requiring that some asylum seekers wait in Mexco for court hearings in the US

>>6106064, >>6106112, >>6106190 Con't DIGG on 17 hz signal from 11-11, etc. (see also >>6087926 pb)

>>6106113 Navy cybersecurity readiness review for the Navy found greatly compromised systems

>>6106136 Salvini wants new alliance as EU ‘bureaucrats governed for too long’

>>6106179 Hillary contractor described ‘Cover-up Operation Work Ticket’ in newly found email

>>6106183 China building DUMBS in Africa?

not to the bottom of the bread yet, frens, MANY notables, moar than are here.

Plz NOMINATE any posts you think are really notable that aren't already listed, okay?

6ce4c5 () No. 6106311




When your the Cabal and your looks at Trump taking an huge bit out of your profits what the heck do you do.

I tell you what you do. You cook up some Giant aliens are in Antartica and then you pass a law that NO ONE can step foot in Antartica and then Rothschilds and Soros and all the rest of Hell follows after them and starts digging out all the wealth in Antartica and they don't have to share with anyone. LOL. How many times do you have to see these Shits lie before you just plan it is a lie and look for evidence.


289d4a () No. 6106312

Jewish community you don't support Trump so get lost…

056801 () No. 6106313

>>6105212 pb

further digs on Interscope Records


Star Trak Entertainment Founders: Pharrell Williams · The Neptunes · Chad Hugo

Pina Records founder: Pina Records is a Puerto Rican record label founded by Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves in 1996.

In 2012 he was arrested for alleged fraud and money laundering by the Internal Revenue Service.

Rockland Records Founder: R. Kelly say no more

filthy little grouping of people, with Geffen at top

6ce4c5 () No. 6106315


Don't count on any of this to be the truth other than all that stuff is down there and everyone who is anyone makes trips down there LOL

b87c6d () No. 6106316


they are just now figuring this out with wind generators?

7e29e6 () No. 6106317

751c81 () No. 6106318

>>6104369 (pb)

Foreign terrorist organizations

6ce4c5 () No. 6106320


So when they say it is not economically profitable that is code for Putin knows the truth also LOL

a405a2 () No. 6106321


What does this go with, anon? give me the post number and I'll add it

873d3a () No. 6106322

ab58b3 () No. 6106324



Shopped. Each flag has the same ripple pattern. The three non-Q flags have the same cloud pattern. Someone, somewhere, must have a program or script to mass produce these for any flag.

Q's flag looks much more real. It doesn't have the clouds at the bottom right, and the stars show up as black instead of white because they are stitched on, and the stripes wobble as they go over the wrinkles.

But then, why do these other flags show up with earlier dates? Something's fucky.

118595 () No. 6106325

gona go ahead and post this again because now halfway though and it def worth the time. very pertinent

will fill in dots for some…


6ce4c5 () No. 6106326


You Faggots have fun. I am shot for today. See you shits on the other side.

675b26 () No. 6106328


Understood. Is it allowed for another agency or Q to have attributed the codename MOCKINGBIRD to Hillary?

See the very first posts by Q.

In #1, Q says HRC will be arrested 10-31-17.

In #2, first word at top is MOCKINGBIRD

Underneath that is, HRC

(btw no mention of MSM or clown propaganda in any of the first dozen or so posts)

Note: Arkansas State Bird is a Mockingbird.

Post ends with "Mockingbird 10.30.17"

#3 begins with, "HUMA" (who happens to be Hillary's aid)

(Beneath that is) "Operation Mockingbird."

Another fun fact: Remember a vid going around about Hillary that stated she tried to take on an Arky twang as the Governor's wife so the people would accept her? does the mockingbird mimick the songs of other birds?


fbd929 () No. 6106329




4e21c6 () No. 6106330

b87c6d () No. 6106331


yeah, says the party that shoved PPACA down the throat of America. What big fucking waste of time and and taxpayer money. A big fat government scale level of FAIL. But where was "that" centrist sensibility then when the nigger in chief was in charge?

20ed80 () No. 6106332


its just a primer for how to think critically when presented with any information

bb6de2 () No. 6106334

7c2242 () No. 6106335

Review of FVEY, the spying, and the impact of DECLAS.

The Five Eyes was formally founded in the aftermath of the Second World War, through the multilateral agreement for co-operation in signals intelligence (SIGINT), known as the UKUSA Agreement, on 5 March 1946. Initially, compromising only the UK and the United States, it expanded to also include Canada in 1948 and Australia and New Zealand in 1956.

The FVEY agreements appears to have originated from military SIGINT and were initially used for the cold-war. Since SIGINT is the NSA’s primary mission, it would seem that most FVEY cooperation efforts with the US would involve the NSA, even though all the other IC members also have their own surveillance capabilities. I’m not clear on how Five Eyes operations are supposed to be authorized and approved, or what the chain of command would be. Based on the Q drops and other info, it appears to have been initiated/authorized at the WH. The CIA used backchannels with UK and Austrailia to set up and perform the surveillance with spies from those countries (which explains the Brennan and Clapper’s involvement and their public attacks on Trump). Alternatively, they just could have gotten their own rogue CIA/FBI agents to do the surveillance and pretended to use FVEY as cover.

I’ve put a few Q drops about how the surveillance used against the Trump campaign wasn’t done through normal channels. I’ve also put a few links below about Five Eyes, and even a SIGINT procedures manual from DNI. From that, I read the AG is usually involved in the surveillance authorizations and applications to FISA court. I mention this because LL said she didn’t remember anything about the FISA warrants.

FISA DECLAS will reveal how it all happened, and identify many of the bad actors on both sides of the pond.

Could the recent coordination with the UK be about US helping to clean out some rogue elements in MI6+ that were involved, like we’ve been doing at the FBI, CIA?, State Dept, etc…. No reason to Boycott Fish & Chips or anything major like that.






b87c6d () No. 6106336


tragic accident- they ran over their own dog or the illegal immigrant help did.

118595 () No. 6106337


lol keep glowing faggot

675b26 () No. 6106338


Sorry did not intend to sign off with a B.

(not trying to be mysterious)

phonefagging this

eb1cad () No. 6106339

>>6105213 (pb)

>2nd American Revolution

As Bill Cooper would say, "It'll be a Restoration, not a revolution. A restoration of the Constitution."

9ec0d2 () No. 6106340

20ed80 () No. 6106341


its just the creation of stock photos to sell for commercial use

4e21c6 () No. 6106342

William Barr will send a message tomorrow.

84ffe9 () No. 6106343

751c81 () No. 6106344

a405a2 () No. 6106345


yeah, feels like graveyard all right!! KEK.

d3865d () No. 6106346

Sweet dreams, frenz.

Dreams that become Realities.

Love You All.

c199c1 () No. 6106347



Thank you for what you do. Thanks for the Notable at >>6106064. I really appreciate the help in getting me more help. EVERYTHING is about to change. EVERYTHING. Anons on this subject should be able to piece it all together. TY TY TY TY

56b1e9 () No. 6106348

This guy buys and island but gets arrested for this???

Guess where, Florida?

Andrew Lippi, 59, was accused of stealing about $300 worth of household goods from a Kmart in Key West, where police said he purchased various items between March 30 and April 4, replaced them with cheaper items and returned them for a refund.


4e21c6 () No. 6106349

bb6de2 () No. 6106350

b87c6d () No. 6106351


the big question is WHEN is the FISA declass? Sometime after Rosenstein is out, and he is out now.

5ee1c4 () No. 6106352




Your Helpful Bible Scholar

62ea08 () No. 6106353


>In #1, Q says HRC will be arrested 10-31-17.

Actually-Q never said this….Qreplied to Anon who said this

a405a2 () No. 6106354


Looked like part of a digg, anon, thanks. Not a good time to list now, plz repost another bread, I've got over 10 on a "waiting list" already (see if they get NOMINATED)

24bc19 () No. 6106355


I'm a MOfag. You're gonna have to show me. And not a Youtube video.

While it is true that high voltage systems can transmit power in manners different from typical conductive transfer, it is also important to understand that this effect has never been harnessed for more than lighting and communication. Even then, it was mostly a novelty.

At a time when most people were using electricity for lighting, Tesla's ideas were rather novel and practical. Incandescent lamps were not efficient and the running of conductive wires was expensive. In many areas, to save money, people would only run a single wire and literally run a leg of power through the load to ground via a metal spike.

Compared to this, the idea of using a large building to excite fluorescent lights (that would almost never burn out) or power things like radios using a larger "receiving" station was somewhat novel.

Powering a car using this is not practical. Not only would you have a tesla tower that makes HAARP look like a playground slide next to a fucking hurricane (on the plus side, the magnetic and static field from the thing would create spectacular auroras and protect astronauts on the moon from solar winds), but you would render about a million square miles of terrain completely uninhabitable due to the fact that it would glass everything within line of sight.

Sure, people on the other side of the Earth could drive using it, but they would also be experiencing electric field strengths similar to setting up camp around a neutron star.

If a few watts from 5g has people up in arms, then several yottawatts from a planetary plasmaglobe will bake some noodles.

4e21c6 () No. 6106356

b87c6d () No. 6106357


Lock him up.

430e8a () No. 6106358

Wew lad…

Lt. Lickme went hard on this one.

a405a2 () No. 6106360


Make sure you explain it to future bakers so they will list, can get technical for those of us not on the digg, ok?

751c81 () No. 6106361

4e21c6 () No. 6106362

5d336f () No. 6106364


>Celebrities Who Died In FEBRUARY 2019

Sister: Jackie O

Nephew: JFK Jr

Niece: Caroline

b87c6d () No. 6106365


apparently the Constantia wire isn't working…..

I wonder what else could be used as a deterrent?

ddc8a6 () No. 6106367

Q, please make a post!

a405a2 () No. 6106368


Notes at @430

Baker change

>>6105956 Pelosi Urges AOC To Focus Less On Social Media

>>6105963 At least 13 militants killed in separate airstrikes by coalition forces in SE Paktika/Ghazni provinces

>>6105988 Uranium 1 news: Energy Resources Intl amends FARA principal; from Tenam (US subsidiary of Russia's Rosatom)

>>6106028 Is Hussein trying to run a shadow gov't??

>>6106031 Wash Dist Court Judge James E. Boasberg issued order Wed demanding unredacted docs including Comey memos

>>6106158 FBI declarations re Comey Memos just released - Call for a DIGG

>>6106058 N Cali judge blocks DJT policy requiring that some asylum seekers wait in Mexco for court hearings in the US

>>6106064, >>6106112, >>6106190 Con't DIGG on 17 hz signal from 11-11, etc. (see also >>6087926 pb)

>>6106113 Navy cybersecurity readiness review for the Navy found greatly compromised systems

>>6106136 Salvini wants new alliance as EU ‘bureaucrats governed for too long’

>>6106179 Hillary contractor described ‘Cover-up Operation Work Ticket’ in newly found email

>>6106183 China building DUMBS in Africa?

>>6106239 Canada takes the refugee who sheltered Snowden

>>6106285 Baltimore City Council members call for mayor to resign amid her $750K self-published book bribe/corruption scandal

Please suggest additional notes, if any, that you think are important. Many posts this bread, looking for NOMINATIONS: "You are the news!"

4e21c6 () No. 6106369

5d336f () No. 6106370




b87c6d () No. 6106371

bb6de2 () No. 6106372

118595 () No. 6106374


9a7a3e () No. 6106376

I ask my fellow anons to follow QNotableNews @QNotable

on Twitter.

This effort was mentioned in the Notables the other day and I hope we can support this fellow anon.

db370d () No. 6106379


Patriots in control.

A week to remember?

A weekend to remember?

The “absolutely horrific” leak of Donald Trump’s contentious 2017 phone call with Malcolm Turnbull could lead to criminal charges.

Devin Nunes, the highest-ranking Republican member on the US House of Representatives intelligence committee, announced on Sunday he was sending eight criminal referrals to the US attorney general, William Barr.

One is aimed at finding out who leaked transcripts of the US president’s phone call with Turnbull on 28 January 2017, a call with the then Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, and former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s communications with a Russian ambassador.


5ee1c4 () No. 6106381


Ah, finally somebody with a brain weighs in on the "free energy" fantasy?

Glad you're here.

I was just getting ready to sleep, (and now I can, now that there is an adult in the room.)


675b26 () No. 6106382


Sorry missed that. But the next 2 posts remain. As well as 4,5 mentioning OM, as Q would later state, in #88, that repeated references are re ops about to drop.

These firsts posts are all mostly about MI and HRC and the Clinton Foundation.

Can't see any context for the original interpretation of MOCKINGBIRD.

Q even put OM right next to 10.30.17.

56a0ed () No. 6106383


note it is Wash DC not WA State

bb6de2 () No. 6106384

865c10 () No. 6106386

we probably found the spider web already but i think benghazi looks like a spider web forsure

aafa12 () No. 6106387

>>6105979 The NEON lights are on

ce83c3 () No. 6106389


All part of the PLAN goy!

347bdc () No. 6106390


Because here and dodi was going to expose Andrew and Mohammed al about been peados

b87c6d () No. 6106391


675b26 () No. 6106392


Possible different Ops give different names to targets?

For instance, every Op could not keep calling HRC Evergreen.

Possible this one was Mockingbird?

d971a2 () No. 6106393


well Flynn used this same pic in a presentation he gave when he received an award. I think that was the proof. And another thing about Flynn…

Flynn is the [30] marker.

And there have been numerous stories from the end of March that "within a month" (30) Flynn would be cleared.

If there's a connection to be made where my mind is looking to make one…. we might be looking at [30] days no Q + Flynn cleared = Flynn is Q

bb6de2 () No. 6106395


TY Scholar!

d971a2 () No. 6106396


"it's good shit man i swear" kek

e20166 () No. 6106397

a405a2 () No. 6106400


got it, anon

ddc8a6 () No. 6106401


Many people want to know if cannabis is a good way to get into the SPACE REALMS and help fight alongside SPACE FORCE!

So, is cannabis good or bad for smoking to get into SPACE FORCE?

70300a () No. 6106402


Hash is gross.

Gimme some nice bud any day.

4a4df6 () No. 6106405


EXCLUSIVE: Heartbroken father wins wrongful death lawsuit against Japanese 'death dance cult leader' who made 32-year-old daughter his 'sex slave and plied her with mind-bending drugs' that drove her to suicide

Tibor Stern won a wrongful death lawsuit after a six year legal battle against Katsura Kan, who he accused of driving daughter Sharon to suicide in 2012

Kan is a Japanese citizen who was teaching Butoh, a dance in which students are told to 'wallow in the darkness of their soul' at a college in Colorado

He was found liable by a Florida circuit court in March after he failed to attend a summary judgment via telephone; Damages have yet to be determined

Butoh features slow, controlled movements and is traditionally performed in white body makeup, it also portrays grotesque imagery or absurd environments

Sharon met Kan when she enrolled in the master of fine arts program at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado in 2007

'Kan intentionally and/or recklessly inflicted emotional pain and suffering on Sharon from the day he met her until the day she died' according to Tibor's suit

Tibor claims Kan 'seduced Sharon, abused her physically and mentally, humiliated her, insulted her, and manipulated her'

He added: 'I'm a very loving father and she was my best friend. I know who she was. I know what she became. The man needed to be found guilty'

bda830 () No. 6106406



Maga Coalition list of people to block / be aware of…

Doesn't include Defango, but you all know him…

95145c () No. 6106407

Belated random 4am headlines (anon's comments)


- They thought Trump was taking notes, then they saw the paper. (book promo)

- Trump’s weekend tweet storm suggests bad news ahead of Mueller report release

- Trump consolidates power with staff of 'acting' officials (catching on)


- Theresa May seeks help from Merkel and Macron ahead of critical Brexit summit

- Oil markets may have to brace for ‘greater disruption,’ says strategist

- HSBC predicts China’s 2019 GDP will soar past others’ estimates


- Is the sultan of Brunei imposing Sharia law to clean up his family's image?

- Could Bibi lose the Israeli election?

- Trump overseeing 'near-systematic purge'


- Stephen Miller is the lone survivor at the center of Trump Homeland chaos

- Virginia completes historic comeback to win its first basketball championship.

- Vitamin supplements don't help longevity, study finds (wtf?!)


- Virginia tops Texas Tech 85-77, wins its first NCAA men's basketball title

- Top House Democrats plan to hammer William Barr over Mueller report

- Federal judge blocks Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy


- Lawmaker sues news agency in latest bombshell claim, alleging smears from reporter, operative (Nunes)

- House Dem calls WH adviser Stephen Miller a 'white nationalist'

- Lori Loughlin's name missing from list of guilty pleas in admissions scam

ddc8a6 () No. 6106412


This sick cult leader deserves death sentence. Sick!

89224f () No. 6106413

Apropos of nothing, really

f3c5f0 () No. 6106414

ddc8a6 () No. 6106415

Anons, you rock!

Stay strong!

bda830 () No. 6106417


Giggity Giggity in the Butt

b15356 () No. 6106418


ddc8a6 () No. 6106421

fbd929 () No. 6106423




ddc8a6 () No. 6106424


Q does believe in GOD!

Can Q please verify again?

95145c () No. 6106425


You're saying that like it's a bad thing?

ddc8a6 () No. 6106426


Thanks Q, you must also stay strong! Attacks on all sides. Cobras on my left, leopards on my right.

694d34 () No. 6106427

Brexit is 85 hours away. #brexitBrexit is 85 hours away. #brexit

f7897d () No. 6106429


When my daughter was 10 a guy in a car rolled up, asked her and her friends for directions, they guy wasn't wearing any pants and sporting an erection. Luckily the kids were smart enough to yell and run to the nearest house on the block, they guy took off before anything happen, they caught him within a week.

I tell you it rattled me badly, I had thoughts if anyone ever laid a hand on one of my kids he'd come up missing, never to be found again. Those were my thoughts, would I, could I have ever followed through? Thank God I was never put to the test. I remember many years ago when a father waited outside a court room, as they were walking in the guy who killed his son while in handcuffs and a cop at his side he pulled a revolver and put a bullet in his head killing him instantly. I could understand it, right or wrong I could understand how you could be driven to it.

a405a2 () No. 6106430

Anons, we could really use a little (or a lot) of shitposting at this point, let's ROLL THINGS ALONG, shall we??

22ab6d () No. 6106432


What, what? In the what?

3933e5 () No. 6106433

56a0ed () No. 6106434

4a4df6 () No. 6106435


me too anon…glad to hear you have a smart kid too.

c7d87a () No. 6106436


Nothing Is Randon

56b1e9 () No. 6106438

If POTUS is #17, who is the rest of POTUS' team?

#17 - POTUS (checked)

f7897d () No. 6106439


I fell asleep for a while, came back and surprised to see it slow rolling. What's going on and how long has it been like this?

c7d87a () No. 6106440



56a0ed () No. 6106441

97b8ad () No. 6106442

Never heard this before. Strzok is Senior Executive Service. Bongino says this at 31:06.

a405a2 () No. 6106443


Notes @500

Baker change

>>6105956 Pelosi Urges AOC To focus less on social media

>>6105963 At least 13 militants killed in separate airstrikes by coalition forces in SE Paktika/Ghazni provinces

>>6105988 Uranium 1 news: Energy Resources Intl amends FARA principal; from Tenam (US subsidiary of Russia's Rosatom)

>>6106028 Is Hussein trying to run a shadow gov't??

>>6106031 Wash Dist Court Judge James E. Boasberg issued order Wed demanding unredacted docs including Comey memos

>>6106158 FBI declarations re Comey Memos just released - Call for a DIGG

>>6106058 N Cali judge blocks DJT policy requiring that some asylum seekers wait in Mexco for US court hearings

>>6106064, >>6106112, >>6106190 Con't DIGG on 17 hz signal from 11-11, etc. (see also >>6087926 pb)

>>6106113 Navy cybersecurity readiness review for the Navy found greatly compromised systems

>>6106136 Salvini wants new alliance as EU ‘bureaucrats governed for too long’

>>6106179 Hillary contractor described ‘Cover-up Operation Work Ticket’ in newly found email

>>6106183 China building DUMBS in Africa?

>>6106239 Canada takes the refugee who sheltered Snowden

>>6106285 Baltimore City Council members call for mayor to resign amid her $750K self-published book bribe/corruption scandal

>>6106373, >>6106378 New book: Expert says Princess Di should not have died from car crash injury

>>6106380 Entire anti-Trump operation is documented in newly-released court filings

>>6106406 Neon Revolt on Maga Coalition, Shills, Gorka, Praying Medic (and moar–like a book almost)

>>6106408 James Woods slams Ilhan Omar as a "Jew hater" & asks Schiff, "What happened at the hotel?" ( >>6106146 )

>>6106422 China To Blacklist ‘Crypto Mining’

>>6106428 French Finance Minister Le Maire: US, Europe must avoid trade conflict

274f1e () No. 6106444


Been wanting a picture like this to manifest itself for a long time, tonight on your 17th post, it did.

bf5e35 () No. 6106446

Good Morning, Qresearch!!!

Give us this day

our daily breads.



957122 () No. 6106447

>I don't get this at all. Moar context at link.

Fun Bus Mentions on Twitter!


aef3f8 () No. 6106448

The Body Trade:

Part 1: Body Brokers https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-bodies-brokers/

Part 2: Desperate Gift https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-bodies-cody/

Part 3: Industry Leader https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-bodies-science/

Part 4: Grisly Case https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-bodies-rathburn/

Part 5: Mystery Woman https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-bodies-head/

Part 6: Unexpected Guests https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-bodies-hotels/

Part 7: The Chop Shop https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-bodies-business/

Additional Coverage:

Army Experiments: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-bodybrokers-industry/

"Add to Cart": https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-bodies-funeral/

Made in America: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-bodies-export/

Q & A: Body Donations: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-bodies-qanda/

89224f () No. 6106449


Damn, got the rally theme song already

95145c () No. 6106450