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Friday 04.19.2019

>>6242325 ————————————–——– NO BLOCKADE = GAME OVER (Cap: >>6243076)

Thursday 04.18.2019

>>6233873 ————————————–——– Rod's departure next?

>>6228198 ————————————–——– Fake investigations by committee members will not delay what is about to be unleashed.

>>6228098 ————————————–——– 1st & 10 on the 40 (Cap: >>6228336)

Thursday 04.11.2019

>>6138770 ————————————–——– All for a 'LARP'?

Wednesday 04.10.2019

>>6121936 ————————————–——– PANIC (Cap: >>6122122)

Friday 03.29.2019

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Thursday 03.28.2019

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#8012 baker change

>>6265449, >>6265487, >>6265517 EU/Brexit updates from newsguy (breitbart,dailymail drops)

>>6265478, >>6265575 anons/blog on DJT tweet re 138 million dead (Sri Lanka 'typo')

>>6265633, >>6265763 anon on seal beach and submarines for Drugs (DEA/abc7)

>>6265759 P-sched - POTUS may take questions/make remarks upon arrival to WH

>>6265814, >>6265838 anons on the NDAA, SMA, SC/Mueller ← no blockade=game over

>>6265819, >>6265970 Russia released a paper entitled: " RUSSIAGATE HYSTERIA: A CASE OF SEVERE RUSSOPHOBIA"

>>6266184 #8012


>>6265316 "Sudanese protesters to escalate rallies, no longer recognize military council" (Yahoo)

>>6265253 Israeli settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque, perform Passover prayers (Iranian PressTV.com)

>>6265222 Parents file lawsuit claiming son expelled over conservative views

>>6265180 Update to Keith Raniere "rehabilitating luciferians" patent from notables #8001

>>6265161 Anon ties in recent Q Long Beach Port pic with prior drops and analysis

>>6264999, >>6265169 Saudi Arabia, UAE grant USD$3 billion of support to Sudan's new Military leaders

>>6265148 Multimillionaire donor funding AOC opponents (NYPost)

>>6265120 @VP: WRWY Sri Lanka

>>6265052, >>6265047 re-read Comey interview Dec 2018

>>6265050 Putin will unveil the world's longest submarine

>>6265049 "The Mueller report concludes it was not needed" (Hill)

>>6264939 Exerpt from Samantha Powers speech in Sri Lanka recently

>>6264716 Sri Lanka BLOCKS major top social media sites out of "fear" of "hate speech" (@NewsBreaking via NYT)

>>6265027 Ex-Joe Biden Aide Trashes 2020 Preparations: ‘Never Seen Anything So Half-Assed’ (Breitbart)

>>6264992, >>6265075 @45_Schedule Retweeted WH Easter Egg Roll

>>6264963 Criticism of Israel increasingly criminalized (governmentslaves.news)

>>6264941 Revisiting CA Fires and DEW tech and plane-cloaking, etc. (twatter thread)

>>6264913, >>6264931 Avenatti accused of embezzling nearly $2 million that NBA player paid ex-gf (LATimes)

>>6265157 Clockfag update

>>6264785 Google acknowledges Easter, after 18 years of ((ignoring)) it

>>6265366 #8011


>>6264518, >>6264531 Bomb found and removed from Airport in Sri Lanka

>>6264511, >>6264528, >>6264541 Exit polls show actor/comedian Zelensky winning Ukraine presidential election

>>6264453 Sri Lanka digs, recent article about Podesta on SriLankaExpress.org

>>6264470 Manned quadcopter flying machine (Video)

>>6264443 New evidence gets mistrial in Montana senator's nephew death (Yahoo via AP)

>>6264387 Were FBI officials receiving incentives from MSM in exchange for leaks? (DCExaminer)

>>6264132 Ancient [& Occult] History of Easter (video)

>>6263866 Map Of P = C (graphic)

>>6264230 Lara Logan: My Benghazi report was buried to protect [BHO+HRC] (bizpacreview)

>>6264182, >>6264206 anon digs on "MSMPSA anon"

>>6264065 lawfag re constitutional law about voting and the census (related to new SCOTUS census case)

>>6263974, >>6264040, >>6264064, >>6264082, >>6264110 Long Beach Port digs

>>6264014 Anon re-reads Oct 2018 OIG report: No wonder the FBI didn’t indict Clinton

>>6264007 Young girl who was told she couldn't do report at school on DJT gets care package from White House

>>6264001 Samantha Power speech in Sri Lanka was 2/28/19 Excerpt

>>6263927 Big dollar donations to Obama Foundation (CBS)

>>6263881 Sri Lankan Central Bank Fraud investigations from Jan 2018 (colombopage)

>>6263875 UCP Militia dig (recently arrested leader), anon thinks this video is glowing

>>6263480, >>6263635, >>6263673, >>6263753 (pb) Pompeo: CIA "Lie, Cheat, Steal" video

>>6264572 #8010

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ee98eb () No. 6266237



anybody wanna bake?

i can take back handoff whenver

get some experience

9b5fcb () No. 6266238

patriots remember!

11fe68 () No. 6266241

Thank you baker!

e4ef49 () No. 6266242

Sarah Palin: "…there were so many snakes in politics, there were so many snakes in the Republican Party who were running the show, running the McCain Campaign, and allowing me to get clobbered, absolutely no defense would they offer of any of the truth regarding me, my reputation, my record. they were looking for someone to blame for the really kind of crappy campaign that they ran and I was a scapegoat."

Can't wait until she takes Murkowski out in 2022.

d47abf () No. 6266243

Bolsonaro cruising

He gave Trump #10 Jersey

Now he is cruising with a Nemar Jr jersey


d8d53c () No. 6266253


Ty baker

d99a25 () No. 6266254

TY Baker

87a9d2 () No. 6266257


ThanQ Baker

Protecting breads since 2017

7f8034 () No. 6266259


9b5fcb () No. 6266260

patriots remember!!

d916c5 () No. 6266261

Q today would be a good day to declas fisa

9ea818 () No. 6266265


parchment paper

f4f362 () No. 6266267

but for all ur skillz u cant crack it

whom gapeth thy butthole?

ffd4d9 () No. 6266269

Too late in a previous bread repost:

Hawaii Politicians signing UN 2030 Malama Mandate.

Hawaii commie pols bowing down to the UN BS. Instead of handling local real problems they are playing global police.

In an unprecedented show of unity and purpose, Hawaiʻi and other island leaders gathered on Thursday to significantly raise the profile on climate change.

With scientists voicing growing alarm about rapidly changing world temperatures, sea level rise and potential displacement of populations, islands are demonstrating their leadership in finding solutions and implementing action to achieve an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future.

Maui Mayor Michael Victorino said the County of Maui is committed to achieving balanced economic, community, and environmental priorities through statewide intergovernmental collaborations with public-private partners on the Aloha+ Challenge. “Our island values and the health of our communities are of utmost importance, and the new partnership with the United Nations as a Local2030 sustainability hub recognizes what Hawai‘i has to offer the world,” said Victorino.

In addition to signing a Declaration of Commitment to Sustainability for Hawaiʻi, leaders and the public celebrated the five-year anniversary of the Aloha+ Challenge, which, along with the state’s commitment to achieving 100% renewable energy by 2045 and signing on to the Paris Agreement, led to the United Nation’s recognition of the Hawaiʻi Green Growth Local2030 Islands Hub.


d916c5 () No. 6266270


see something, say something anon!

7f8034 () No. 6266272



95120a () No. 6266273


91e666 () No. 6266274

King James Bible

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

561d4d () No. 6266275

Thank You Baker

be48b0 () No. 6266276


Yeah lemme jump in for a bread if you don't mind. Prob have to handoff at the next dough

tiz SJB

handoff confirmed?

539570 () No. 6266277

>>6265824 (lb)

>What is coming is HUGE!!

Political Armageddon. Let's hope the cabal's death blossom leaves enough of us alive to rebuild. Appropriate topic for today.

75b9e2 () No. 6266278

fce491 () No. 6266279

6aa774 () No. 6266280

Thank you, Baker!

5463cf () No. 6266281

Eyes on news feeds

Potus arriving DC

9b5fcb () No. 6266282

patriots remember!!!

ba0226 () No. 6266283


ThanQs baker. o7

d99a25 () No. 6266284

Clown World - Anime

de3d6f () No. 6266285



907838 () No. 6266286



Why no eyebrows?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Where else was JFK Jr. on the day Trump was sworn into office?????????????????

d8d53c () No. 6266287

Anyone got a picture of Ezra Cohen Watnick or Michael Ellis watch?

d916c5 () No. 6266288



ee98eb () No. 6266289

>>6266182 pb

AF1 approaching DC in descent will be landing soon.


POTUS may take questions, make statement when arriving to WH

811b57 () No. 6266290


DOD Identifies Army Casualty

ea233a () No. 6266291


Frustration Grows Among Central American Migrants as Mexican Support Dries Up

fce491 () No. 6266292

9b5fcb () No. 6266293

patriots remember!!!!

f05fd5 () No. 6266294


See something say something is wrong action Anon.

Never turn trouble on a neighbor or brother.

cf79ed () No. 6266295

539570 () No. 6266296


Best seat in the house.

c63adf () No. 6266297


Evil can't win…the lower can not affect the higher.

You exist in his existence.

There is a need for you; but only to separate the wheat from the chaf.

Enough fucking around.

Those of you that know…Represent!

"Everything is as it should be"…Remember?

You made your choice, took your side.

You chose to be here for this.

Step the fuckk up!

6ab942 () No. 6266299

>>6266276, >>6266237

You're good to go, thank you bakers

fce491 () No. 6266300



"Happy Easter, Shit-bags!" - POTUS to reporters.

ee98eb () No. 6266301


handoff confirmed

see you next bread for handback

all you SJB senpai

ea233a () No. 6266302


Louie Gohmert on Mueller: ‘This Is Not a Good Man’

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said Robert Mueller “is not a good man,” and as FBI director purged experienced and competent agents in pursuit of “yes-men.” He offered his remarks in a Friday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Gohmert reflected on Mueller’s tenure as FBI director.

“I gave him a pass the very first time I questioned him years ago, when he was FBI director,” recalled Gohmert. “But then after that, I found out how much damage he was doing to the FBI, more than anybody, including Hoover in his worst days. It was astounding. He ran off thousands and thousands of years of experienced special agents in charge of offices, often went from having 25 years experience to five or six years experience. He did not want anything but yes-men. He didn’t want people with experience. He didn’t want law enforcement agents with experience.”

“This guy is not a good guy,” added Gohmert, “and I’ve been saying that since the day he was appointed. This was a disastrous mistake. He had been begging Trump to appoint him as FBI director again, one day before he was offered [the special counsel position], and Trump refused, and a day later he gets the chance to not just prosecute Trump but also persecute him, and that is what he’s been doing.

“Both [Robert Mueller] and his joined-at-the-hip buddy Comey … they both have a history of leaking when they want to hurt somebody that they don’t have evidence to prosecute. They’ve done that. In fact, if you go back to James Hatfill, who Mueller accused of being behind the anthrax killings after 9/11, and at one point it was so bad that President Bush called him in and said, ‘There doesn’t appear to be any evidence against this guy. You sure it’s the right guy?’ He said, ‘100 percent.’ Well, there was no evidence.”

Gohmert continued, “[James Comey and Robert Mueller] went after [James Hatfill] like they went after Ted Stevens when the FBI totally manufactured a case under Mueller’s watch, and in that case, they prosecuted an innocent man — not just maybe not guilty but totally innocent — and got him convicted because they had gotten warrants, grabbed all the evidence Ted Stevens needed to prove his innocence, and didn’t give him that. They created [and] manufactured evidence, and they were able to convict a guy just days before the election which he lost by maybe a couple of thousand votes.”

3e93f6 () No. 6266304

>>6261525 lb

>>6261697 lb


Join Q! Join the plan!

Leave evil you were dragged into.

The time is now.



Imagine this, if a whole group of people knowingly connected to each other leave the cult simoultaneously, the DS can in no way kill or harm them all. No way. Killing a whole circle of friends, many people connected to each other living in the same city, would immeadiately wake up many folks. DS cannot and will not do this.

Also it should be clear to both sides by now that FULL CONTROL by Q and POTUS means FULL CONTROL.

Why do you think badguys only got FFs left?

Yes, bc they cannot harm innocents any more, they only got left "pawns" from inside the cult.

And the masters will soon call for many more to do the highest sacrifice. (= going to eternal hell)

Q said Anons and their families are safe. "Promise."

Join the anons.

Repent - be saved.

Anons and patriots around the world will pray and, with the help of almighty and eternal GOD, make sinners repent.

Parable of the lost sheep.

Luke 15:1-7

1 Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. 2 But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” 3 Then Jesus told them this parable: 4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6 and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

95120a () No. 6266303



87a9d2 () No. 6266305

562f64 () No. 6266306



>…Zeitgeist is so fucking facebook, old and moldy and kindergarten level twilight zombification….

Can't remember exactly what, there was some misdirection in there. Gotta start somewhere, what, bad day, hair across your ass, one of the resident thugs?

7f8034 () No. 6266307



f4f362 () No. 6266308

did ur butthole consider building in for all factors?

0f54ec () No. 6266309


Thanks for heads up anon!

907838 () No. 6266310



How many locations was he at the day Trump took the oath????

I know of and and photo's of Three. Might have missed a couple. How many do you have???????????????

ea233a () No. 6266311


Donald Trump ‘Never Been Happier’ — Attends Church on Easter

“Happy Easter!” he wrote Easter morning on Twitter. “I have never been happier or more content because your Country is doing so well, with an Economy that is the talk of the World and may be stronger than it has ever been before. Have a great day!”

The president spent Easter at his club at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

He attended Easter service Sunday morning with First Lady Melania at the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, according to the White House. His daughter Tiffany Trump joined them, accompanied by her boyfriend Michael Boulos.

“Happy Easter everybody, have a great day,” the president said to the press.

5d47c7 () No. 6266312

Happy birthday, Liz

8c99ee () No. 6266313


I was on the beach in Mexico last week trying to connect to Wifi and when I clicked available networks one came up as "AirForceOne"

be48b0 () No. 6266314




Thanks dudes

d47abf () No. 6266315

About one year after the United States decided to leave the Iran nuclear deal, the State Department is set to announce that all countries will have to completely end their imports of Iranian oil or be subject to U.S. sanctions. This is an escalation of the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign, which seeks to force Tehran to end its illicit behavior around the world.

On Monday morning, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will announce to the media that, as of May 2, the State Department will no longer grant sanctions waivers to any country that is currently importing Iranian crude or condensate, two State Department officials told me. Last November, the State Department issued 180-day waivers to eight countries to give them more time to find alternative sources of oil. Now, their time is running out.

The decision to end waivers has implications for world oil markets, which have been eagerly anticipating President Trump’s decision on whether to extend waivers. The officials said market disruption should be minimal for two reasons: supply is now greater than demand and Pompeo is also set to announce offsets through commitments from other suppliers such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Trump spoke about the issue Thursday with the UAE’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan…


ea233a () No. 6266316


CEOs Say They Need More Workers, but Ask for Fewer H-1B Visa Workers

“The demand for H-1Bs is pretty static,” a top immigration lawyer admitted to BloombergLaw.com. In fact, the increase may be related to tighter enforcement of the H-1B rules, which gives companies an incentive to make extra requests, said California-based James Pack of Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy. The 2019 request, for example, is only up 6 percent from the 190,098 petitions filed in 2018.

513f84 () No. 6266317

87a9d2 () No. 6266318


Should be 0 visa workers.

cc15fc () No. 6266319

Occult Forces - Mysteries of Freemasonry Unveiled - ROBERT SEPEHR

a little propaganda film put in Europe in the beginning of WW2. Might find it interesting.

5463cf () No. 6266320

e66c2f () No. 6266321

2a1a0b () No. 6266322

Reminds me of all the shills here too ; )


>David Duke …FAIL

>Gold Star family …FAIL

>2 Corinthians…FAIL

>P_Grabbing video…FAIL

>Landslide predictions….FAIL

>Recount attempt…FAIL

>Alt-Right accusations…..FAIL

>Racist accusations..FAIL

>Too many generals appointed…FAIL

>Conflict of interests…FAIL

>Electoral College votes….FAIL

>Russia hack….FAIL

>John McCain-Lindsey Graham dossier leak…FAIL

>Golden showers…FAIL

>Fake Trump and Obama Polling numbers….FAIL

>Fake Crowd Size…FAIL

>Kavanaugh raping lies…FAIL

>MLK bust missing…FAIL

>Refugee Ban EO…FAIL

>Logan Act…FAIL


>Trump TowerRussia server link…FAIL

>Trump’s Tax returns…FAIL

>Twitter bug accusation…FAIL

>Assistant AG firing…FAIL

>Comey firing…FAIL

>Emoluments clause…FAIL

>Trump-Comey dinner…FAIL

>CNN’s two scoop-gate…FAIL


>Trump exposing top secret info…FAIL

>Trump’s first overseas trip being a disasterFAIL

>Kushner back-channel…FAIL

>Comey Testimony…FAIL

>Sessions Testimony…FAIL

>Mika insults…FAIL

>CNN wrestling meme…FAIL

>Putin punking Trump at the G20…FAIL

>Junior meeting with lawyer…FAIL

>Mysterious Eighth Person…FAIL

>Second Putin Meeting…FAIL

>Scaramucci appointment…FAIL

>Transgender Ban…FAIL

>N Carolina riot statement…FAIL

>Paris Accord…FAIL

>Spicer leaving…FAIL

>Priebus resigning…FAIL

>Manafort Firing…FAIL

>Kelly controlling Trump…FAIL

>Scaramucci Firing…FAIL

>Bannon resigning…FAIL

>Greensboro speech…FAIL


>Schumer Dinner Meeting…FAIL

>Fake DACA for Amnesty…FAIL

>Alabama Strange endorsement…FAIL

>NFL kneelers Speech…FAIL

>Inappropriate Texas hurricane visit…FAIL

>Inappropriate Florida hurricane visit…FAIL

>Puerto Rico slow response…FAIL

>Weinstein Connection….FAIL

>Niger Soldier killings…FAIL

>Niger Gold Star wife call…FAIL

>Moore allegations…FAIL

>Rachel Maddow’s Tax return special …FAIL

>Sessions 3rd Testimony…FAIL

>Asia Tour…FAIL

>Asia Tour Fish food toss…FAIL

>Carter Page Indictment…FAIL

>Papadopoulos Indictment…FAIL

>Manafort Indictment…FAIL

>NFL anthem Tweets l…FAIL

>Flake Tweets…FAIL

>Moore allegations silence…FAIL

>Franken Tweets…FAIL

>Moore Support…FAIL

>Tillerson insulting Trump…FAIL

>Flynn indictment tweets…FAIL

>Deutsche Bank records supeona…FAIL

>Megyn Kelly’s Trump accuser special …FAIL

>Brian Ross fake report …FAIL

>Rex Tillerson being fired….FAIL

>Trump received Wikileaks information earlyFAIL

>Trump is going fire Mueller rumors….FAIL

>Iran uprising Tweet….FAIL

>Bigger button Tweet….FAIL

>Bannon betrayal….FAIL

>Wolff book….FAIL

>Trump mental stability….FAIL

>Stable genius Tweet….FAIL

>S–thole country comment…FAIL

>Stormy Daniels payoff…FAIL

>Bannon testimony…FAIL

>DAVOS will be an embarrassment…FAIL

>SOTU Failure…FAIL

>Hope Hicks testimony…FAIL

>WH aide Porter resignation…FAIL

>Dem memo not being released…FAIL

>Security clearances…FAIL

>Palm Beach property sale…FAIL

>Playboy playmate…FAIL

>Kushner Security Clearance…FAIL

>Hope Hicks resigning…FAIL

>Gary Cohn resigning…FAIL

>Tariffs causing trade war…FAIL

>N Korea meeting…FAIL

>McCabe firing…FAIL

>McMaster firing…FAIL

>John Bolton Hiring…FAIL

>Rumors of Mueller being fired lll…FAIL

>Rob Porter firing…FAIL

>John McEntee Firing….FAIL

>John Dowd resignation…FAIL

>Cambridge Analytica…FAIL

>Gun Ban rally…FAIL

>60 Minutes Stormy interview…FAIL

>Rumors of Mueller being fired lV…FAIL

>Michael Cohen office raided….FAIL

>Rumors of Mueller being fired V…FAIL

>Rumors of Rosenstien being fired l…FAIL

>Stormy’s sketch of person who threatenedher…FAIL

>Comey’s Interview…FAIL

>Comey’s book…FAIL

>Comey’s Memos…FAIL

>Obama’s Doctor of 8 years, Admiral Jackson,was unvetted…FAIL

>Mueller Questions leaked…FAIL

>McCain insults…FAIL

>Trump’s financial statement release…FAIL

>Senate Intelligence Report release…FAIL

>Trump calls MS13 animals…FAIL

>Trump cancels NK summit…FAIL

>Trump announces NK summit back on…FAIL

>Trump slaps tariffs on NAFTA partners…FAIL

>Trump pardons D’Souza, Blagojevich, and Martha Stewart…FAIL

>Trump cancels Eagles WH ceremony…FAIL

>Melania is MIA….FAIL

>G7 summit snub…FAIL

>Singapore summit failure…FAIL

>Trump honored Kim…FAIL

>Cohen flipping on Trump…FAIL

>Manafort charged for witness tamperingFAIL

>Trump is putting kids in concentrationcamps….FAIL

>Trump caves to pressure on separating kidsFAIL

>Trumps’ SCOTUS pick will end life as we know it….FAIL

>Trump tariffs prompt fear…FAIL

>Trump Insults NATO by asking for moneyFAIL

>Trump Insults Theresa May…FAIL

>Rosenstein Indicts 12 Russians prior toTrump’s Russia visit…FAIL

>Trump/Putin meeting…FAIL

>Cohen has Playboy payoff tape…FAIL


>Cohen flipping on Trump lV…FAIL

>Trump knew of Tower meeting ll…FAIL

>Omarosa book claims Trump used N word….FAIL

>Cohen has evidence to take down TrumpFAIL

>Manafort Trial….FAIL

>Anonymous White House tell all op-ed…FAIL

>Puerto Rico hurricane response ll…FAIL

>Woodwards has tapes…FAIL

>Manafort reaches plea deal…FAIL

>Rosenstein possible firing….FAIL

>UN Assembly laughs at Trump….FAIL


dd7f16 () No. 6266323

Islamic terrorism must be UNIVERSALLY CONDEMNED NOW!

Either it is targeted war or it's predicated intentional ignorance

811b57 () No. 6266324

Bill banning child sex dolls heads to Tennessee governor


ea233a () No. 6266325


Swedish Teachers Stop Student Speech For Being Too Pro-Israel

A 17-year-old Swedish high school student attempted to give a pro-Israel speech in front of her classmates but was shut down by teachers who said it would be met with negative reactions.

Anna, a student at a major high school in Gothenburg, wanted to give a speech on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the perspective of the Israeli side of the conflict and immediately started to get negative comments from classmates, SVT reports.

According to the 17-year-old, after teachers noticed the comments they called her to a meeting and asked her to change the subject of her speech to not upset other members of the class.

“Okay if you keep the speech you know how they will react. If they start to react like this before you even give the speech,” one of the teachers told the teen according to the Swedish media report.

Education lecturer Christer Mattsson slammed the school for pressuring the teen to keep quiet about the subject saying, “You have to say what you think and think about what you want in school. As long as it does not conflict with the law and as long as the intention is not to offend anyone.”

“The risk is obvious that the students do not learn how to handle conflicts, but rather learn how to silence beliefs that are not comfortable,” Mattsson added.

cc15fc () No. 6266326


put "OUT" in Europe.

ee98eb () No. 6266327

very nice anon

guise, peep

>>6266180 lb re: >>6265795

From this article it sounds like Brennan was in Moscow around March 14, followed by Kerry around March 21.

The Podesta emails were taken around March 21.

Assuming Assange isn't holding some back to mask the date taken.

I've always wondered whether he was using the phishing attack in the email to protect his real source.


its regarding

>>6265639 lb

What are the odds that Brennans visit to Russia in March 2016 was I the days following Podesta's discovery his email had been hacked?

Then he asked his buddy Torshin ex FSB to conduct hacking operations against the DNC to create a false trail of breadcrumbs they could tie to back to Russia/Putin to both discredit and justify the use of the IC to find the real source.

And Crowdstrike was brought in to create further breadcrumbs on the DNC side. Sadly the DNC leak occurred again, under their watch, forcing them to double down and eliminate the source [Seth] who could expose their plot.

a2d19f () No. 6266328

I am going to go to googEarth and look for the palm tree in this Q drop. Who can find it first if it's there?

maybe this is literally where 'the bodies' are buried.

282e1d () No. 6266329

No "Israel First" faggot will EVER get my vote again!

de3d6f () No. 6266330


I watched that. He makes great vids.

561d4d () No. 6266331


H1B aka Indians with bullshit diplomas

ea233a () No. 6266332


Humana CEO Refuses to Oppose Medicare for All

Bruce Broussard refused this week to join healthcare industry efforts to oppose the Democrats’ Medicare for All proposal.

As the healthcare industry continues to ramp up its opposition to Medicare for All, Humana CEO Bruce Broussard refused to oppose to the Democrats’ single-payer, government-run healthcare proposal.

Broussard told a representative of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project (FEP) that he considered a “relative description” and would not comment on any Medicare for All proposals proposed by progressives and most 2020 Democrat presidential candidates.

94dc17 () No. 6266333

Bainbridge Island fire claims life of retired Hollywood agent


0f54ec () No. 6266334


>He had been begging Trump to appoint him as FBI director again, one day before he was offered [the special counsel position], and Trump refused, and a day later he gets the chance to not just prosecute Trump but also persecute him, and that is what he’s been doing.

Why would he beg him, if unable to take the position?

784692 () No. 6266336

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. Henry Ford

756ad7 () No. 6266337


Dank Bread, ThanQ Baker!

7638d3 () No. 6266338

Who's got a link to Trump's arriving live feed

91e666 () No. 6266339


Check 'Em.

They will nuke a city just to get POTUS and remain in power.

d99a25 () No. 6266340


That is from Potus his Golf Club at Mar-a-Lago

cc15fc () No. 6266341


I love it! thanks for posting! That is what it is about.

b11b45 () No. 6266342


Found the freemason

756ad7 () No. 6266343

>>6266208 (lb)

If the people there distrust these medical professionals/organizations there's likely a good reason.

Rumors probably started based upon individuals bad experience/s with said organizations, that's why they're dog piling on the rumors angle, putting out the most ridiculous of course thereby obscuring as well as discrediting the more credible and outright viable complaints.

e66c2f () No. 6266344



This is YUGE.

348f0c () No. 6266345

Stana <3

5463cf () No. 6266347


Unidentified plane callsign THNDR11 - THUNDER?

a2d19f () No. 6266348


are we sure?

trees like that are in Long Beach too.

7638d3 () No. 6266349

Fox using a younger pic of her.

562f64 () No. 6266350



>Congo's Ebola response threatened by conspiracy theories, rumors

You mean, they don't want to be treated at the latest dotmil weapons lab, erm, international medical outreach facility?

0f54ec () No. 6266351


I would like a live feed too! Potus Schedule mentioned he may take questions/give remarks at arrival.

91e666 () No. 6266352


Behold a pale horse book.

AIDS in vaccines

7638d3 () No. 6266353



Yup, this is basically precursor to war, no?

513f84 () No. 6266354

561d4d () No. 6266355

cc15fc () No. 6266356



ba0226 () No. 6266357


We love our planefags! o7

811b57 () No. 6266358

'Panic mode': Witness describes aftermath of Sri Lanka bombs


348f0c () No. 6266359

Stana <3 <3 <3 <3

282e1d () No. 6266360


Breitbart was partly founded by Bibi Netanyahu… Fuck this Israel-First, rag!

d916c5 () No. 6266361


Trump hired the Zionist swamp what do you expect LOL

be48b0 () No. 6266362


gotcha in there

348f0c () No. 6266363

Satan <3 <3 <3

7ce39a () No. 6266364


Who controls Mexico?

Who's caught in the middle?

Why are over 4000 caught some nights?

Who has the power?

Teach the Voters, they can change the leaders.

ffd4d9 () No. 6266365


This comes after Gov. Ige used the EO for Opportunity Zones on the following area:

They are trying to heard everybody in HI into smaller areas and take over all the additional land.

This map of Kauai is the wealthiest areas and open space.

Oahu is mostly around rail area, not improvished. More theft for developers.

Frenly reminder that Tulsi's dad is in charge of DLNR in Hawaii Senate. Lot of very wealthy people in Hanalei, Kauai.

1af858 () No. 6266366


Now this is the example.. a Jew posting shit about Jews, using a big blue cock. Jews are obsessesed with pornography.

There is no need for this disgusting behavior, (((they))) just can’t help themselves….

It is also an attempt to make the patriots exposing the Jewish cabal look pathetic and stupid, but it won’t work.

766011 () No. 6266367

Dear shills,

Why are you here? To monitor Q.

Who is Q? MI team.

What does that mean? They have unrestricted access to SIGINT.


What does this mean? Shills are going down.

What can you do? Well, you can give up your smart phone tablet, and computer, because they are monitoring everything you say, or

Call your lawyer tomorrow and tell him to get you a deal. MI will hear your conversation with the lawyer, and they'll know you are coming clean. You do it early enough, and you walk. Time is running out. 5 other shills will make that call tomorrow, and they'll be talking about YOU. Times up. Now comes the pain. This is your last day.

b06c5e () No. 6266368


yep, accidentally doxxed him thats why we got a new Q a few months ago- not Better Than Ezra


282e1d () No. 6266369


Freemasonry is Kabbalah for Gentiles… You have NO argument. You only have ad hominem. The hallmark of the intellectually-bankrupt.

You are weak. And you are losing.

f05fd5 () No. 6266370


Let her give the speech, then flunk her.

9b5fcb () No. 6266371

patriots remember!!!!

e66c2f () No. 6266372


No war, it cuts off the Iranian money supply. Basically choose to deal with Iran or the US. We know how that's gonna go…

181486 () No. 6266373


OK Adolf Jr.

be48b0 () No. 6266374


Really bizaare

Andrew wasn't shy about mouthing off to the molestas and we all know where the strings lead…

ccc83c () No. 6266375


no making it thru w/o sense of humor

de3d6f () No. 6266376

fd5b2a () No. 6266377


>dream of a day when jews are in israel not in my country


They're saving israel for last, right, because of a reason not mentioned? Netanyahu is a zionist (nationalist). He's given speeches over the years encouraging the diaspora to come home. Trump wants to help Israel & Palestine come to a peace resolution. Israel wants to annex a sizeable piece of land to expand. Trump recently met with Jewish leaders in the US, but only from right wing groups. The left wing Jews are the ones who promote liberal nation-ruining policies. They would never go to Israel willingly. With the internet, the Jews have been unable to censor information as fast as it can be uploaded, so their tricks have been found out on a global scale. Whereas before, only one nation at a time, perhaps 2, wanted the Jews dead - now almost every nation on Earth wants them dead because of their intense fuckery. Q made a post re: the decision of how much information to disclose is based on saving lives. Jews are the lives trying to be saved. The diaspora must go to Israel and stay there for their own safety.

Your thoughts on this theory, anons?

282e1d () No. 6266378


Behold how the kike NEVER has an argument… ONLY personal attacks.

(((They))) are weak… And losing.

710830 () No. 6266379

Nothing drastic will actually change and you all will still keep working your slave jobs while paying your slave taxes. Truth.

You don't have what it takes to bring about real change for the world. Instead you give your power away for those who don't have your best interests at heart. So the elite can continue to pass around their shekels at the top and put on dog & pony shows on the TV to keep you sheep entertained. So man can judge man with man-made laws, playing dress-up with their gowns and court jesters…pfft, you think you want to be free? How can that be when you expect others to give it/do it for you? You have to take your freedom.

cc15fc () No. 6266381


Let's train our kids!!

45a984 () No. 6266382

Clapper will be the first one to break under interrogation. He is a weakling. How he became a general and DNI is a mystery. He is not the smartest guy around.


Good luck Clapper. You as a former Military person will not do well under the UCMJ.



7638d3 () No. 6266383


At some point it'll force Iran to answer with force, will it not?

348f0c () No. 6266384


Fuck off Jesus.

Stana <3

de3d6f () No. 6266385



8bde6e () No. 6266386

& May God Bless You, For Answering The Call & Setting The Tone, Mr. President & Patriots…

9b5fcb () No. 6266387

patriots won!

5fdfdb () No. 6266388

patriots forget!!!!

cf79ed () No. 6266389

>>6266307 Kek

3a6cf4 () No. 6266390


bye Jewbaker

de3d6f () No. 6266391




330369 () No. 6266392

>>6263074 Muslim shoots fireworks in Munich church during Easter prayers, 24 injured (JPost)

"A heavily drunken man, dark-skinned and with a beard, entered St. Paul’s Church in Munich Theresienwiese during the Croatian Mass (Easter blessing), with a bottle of alcohol in hand, lit a firecracker and threw it in the middle of the church and shouted “Allahu akbar.” Everyone panicked and threw the baskets that the Easter meal was in, and ran out screaming. This injured children and adults. The police and its team came and arrested the man. These are shocking pictures that must be shared and not hidden. There were some injured. Many children are in a state of shock. Merkur Online reports that 24 people were injured."


NOT a muslim.

It was just a drunk idiot.

181486 () No. 6266393


Yep because Everybody in the world loves the leaders of Iran the 13ers

75b9e2 () No. 6266394

baker consider notable?

>>6266302 Louie Gohmert on Mueller: ‘This Is Not a Good Man’ (radio)

5463cf () No. 6266395


TY anon o7

282e1d () No. 6266396


Funny you mention Adolf… Hitler supported Zionism in WW2, as he shared the goal of having Jews move to the newly formed state of Israel.

You're not very good at this are you, kike? Go back to JIDF school, faggot.

561d4d () No. 6266397

ea233a () No. 6266398


Wondering when they'll be a /QResearch Mexican Edition.

15 so far so shouldn't be too far away.

b12f1f () No. 6266399


John Clapper

766011 () No. 6266400

Now comes the pain. Trump is a vindictive son of a gun who loves getting revenge. Q is legit. Q team has been monitoring everything. They know your plans, all of them. They know what you do. They know how you are exposed. They Have Everything. Cut the deal. Next comes DECLAS. Then comes Horowitz. Then comes the indictments. Then comes sedition, treason, and pedo convictions. Your Last Day.

c5a5d5 () No. 6266401

Forgive me and call me a shill if you want,

but dafuk is this Noahide Law Shit.

Jewish-Christian One World Religion?

I get optics matter and saving Israel for last.

But in tarnation is this, putting pen to paper?

"On this day, we recognize Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, whose very name signifies a spirit of comfort and compassion and a commitment to the betterment of America and the world. …"

… "NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim April 16, 2019, as “Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A.” I call upon government officials, educators, volunteers, and all the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities."


Consider ayylmao peeps are aware of the nature of reality and it consisting of more dimensions than just this 3D world. Consider also that so many contactees have said the US has fucking spaceships parked in orbit (& quarantined behind the fucking moon, cus stronger benevolent ayys stopped them from fucking up the galaxy) and that we'll never get confirmation of the breakaway civilisation. And that stupid fucking agreements have been made with the ayys and hence we can't disclose them.

Is the plan for peace to never tell the average human about this? That we will have peace but kept in the dark, still used as consciousness slaves to power this dimension? so that Reptilians can fucking torture us and live it up, at the cost of the average man? Sure we might get tesla tech and flying cars, but will we ever know our origins and/or true freedom?

Future better prove past or this is the biggest trap in history.

A free thinking anon considers all possibilities, no matter how much it hurts.

Q has fucking told us 40/60% split for truth. Consider this FACT.

Unless this is disinfo. (I'll eat my metaphorical maga hat),

something fucking stinks.

Noahide World Order.

ea233a () No. 6266402


Plane crashes at airport in Kingsland, Texas, killing 2 people on board

282e1d () No. 6266403


>Andrew wasn't shy about mouthing off to the molestas and we all know where the strings lead…

I agree… And appreciate this.

However, how did Andrew know about this, when no one else did?

Remember, there is no honor amongst thieves… and pedos.

1af858 () No. 6266404


Avi Berkowitz

d99a25 () No. 6266405

Clown World Logic

d916c5 () No. 6266406


JUST IN: Plane crashes at airport in Kingsland, Texas, killing 2 people on board - KTBC


f4f362 () No. 6266407

everyone always thinks they covered the front end design

then pay for it out their butthole at the end

52559d () No. 6266409

Divorce documents reveal that Jeff Bezos' ex-wife MacKenzie will be much richer than first thought.

The papers also show that the Amazon founder and his soon-to-be-ex wife are still living together despite the separation.


protecting the money


91e666 () No. 6266410


Anons bring attention nto long history of cabal sponsored killings , perhaps they disrupted those plans this year ?

e66c2f () No. 6266411


Force? Kek, they have nothing in the way of a mil. Just more funding for terrorists. No war…

de3d6f () No. 6266412



d916c5 () No. 6266413


Trump/Q is Mossad Zionist Kike puppets.

b12f1f () No. 6266414



562f64 () No. 6266415


>AIDS in vaccines

Also proven adjuvant sterilants in lowly tetanus shot pushed in third-world countries, found in Guatemala by religioius organization as I recall, one or more companies taken to court I think it was Philippines and got their asses kicked.

And then there's what happened in Italy. "Vaccines" had no vaccines whatsoever in them, lots of toxins and infectious elements.

d47abf () No. 6266416


ea233a () No. 6266417


Very Fresh! No other Twitter News about it. Coinciding with POTUS landing at JBA

784692 () No. 6266418


>patriots forget!!!!

not soon enough!

52559d () No. 6266419

By ABC7.com staff

Saturday, April 20th, 2019 6:36AM

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – Federal drug investigations are cropping up around Southern California with dealers using both submarines for trafficking and social media to facilitate use among children.

DEA Special Agent in Charge David Downing told Eyewitness News that using submarines isn't groundbreaking, but the trafficking tactic has his agency on high alert.

"It's not necessarily new, but it's one of the more innovative methods that they use to try to thwart law enforcement detection," Downing said.

Dealers are then using smaller vessels to transport drugs into California ports.

"(The boats are) going into Laguna Beach, Ventura, beach areas like that," Downing said.

Drug use being promoted on social media is also raising a red flag.


d916c5 () No. 6266420

Hey Q, be nice for some revenge deaths on the cabal..

The only killed 200 and injured 500+ of ours today while you sit back and say/do nothing!

513f84 () No. 6266421


yeah okay joo boy throw down your DNA and prove you have no joo in you. Keep throwing that word kike around like you know who you are speaking to. The joo shilling is old and washed up you sound like a fucking real naggy woman who can't shut your pie hole and everyone sounds you tired arguments out LMFAO!

91e666 () No. 6266422


Five Eyes Op. – you spy on our peeps and we will spy on your peeps , nice an legal

7638d3 () No. 6266424



I fucking hate this shit.

181486 () No. 6266425


Yes that is why he made them the scapegoats of Germany & then herded up & gassed . He really loved them to Death Adolf

be48b0 () No. 6266426


Definitely something I have to look into more.

Just not sure right now.


ee98eb () No. 6266427


see you next bread green you fapper news aggregator copypaster

9b5fcb () No. 6266428

patriots laugh!

fce491 () No. 6266429

f4f362 () No. 6266430

you didn't write the manual

but u sure know a buncha shit

69d77d () No. 6266431



Kek, the lazy “call everyone adolf or eva” JIDF shill is back. Sad!

3a6cf4 () No. 6266432

Hitler youth 2.0 same script same Jewish masters pulling the strings

‘Political Guidance’: China’s Xi Calls for Nation’s Youth to Toe Party Line

As Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for increased ‘political guidance’ as a means for his administration to become more attractive to youth in China, the leader’s Communist Party has noted that the nation’s responsibility for ‘rejuvenation’ ‘lies in the young.’

During a May Fourth Movement commemoration conference, the Chinese leader asked for an increasing level of "political guidance" for youth in Asia's largest nation as a means of ensuring obedience to Communist Party rules, according to the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

On Friday, Xi — speaking at the Politburo — clarified his ruling party's desire to strengthen the interpretation of the 1919 May Fourth Movement when incorporating elements of Western-style science and democracy in modern-day China.

"We need to clarify the relationship between the party and Chinese youth movements," said Xi on Saturday, adding that Beijing must, "strengthen political guidance for young people, guide them to voluntarily insist on the party's leadership, to listen to the party and follow the party," cited by state-run CCTV.

Chinese youth must contribute to the nation's "rejuvenation," he noted, while declaring that the Communist Party must encourage youth in the nation to "connect their individual aspirations to national rejuvenation and socialism with Chinese characteristics," according to SCMP.

China's youth are now seen to be the focus of the ruling Communist Party's efforts at ideological propaganda, according to reports, even as its leader Chinese President Xi Jinping notes that only the Party can provide national prosperity.

In commenting on Xi's recent remarks, Beijing-based independent political analyst Zhang Lifan noted that a focus on youth movements and young people has been a useful tool for the Communist Party since it's Maoist-era beginnings.

"Now the party's hope lies in the young," Zhang observed, pointing out that "people who are middle-aged or older don't believe in this stuff any more," cited by SCMP

Increasing propaganda efforts in the nation, combined with limits on critical thinking and free speech may influence Chinese youth for a time, Zhang avowed, but the political luster soon wears off.

"Once they enter society, they might realize that what they have learned in school is totally different from reality," he remarked, cited by SCMP.


9b5fcb () No. 6266433

patriots remember!

330369 () No. 6266434


Extra 'r' tweeted and corrected (after 4 minutes) by POTUS_Schedule.

ff6038 () No. 6266435


you are not wrong, and yes optics matter and israel is saved for last ….its the confusing part…it would not be wise to cut off ties right away but also in doing so they are still pulling strings….i am concerned that there is talk of GOD but not of JESUS through this…other things are starting to blur also

907838 () No. 6266436

For every single one of the Anon's. What is a stress test? Why do advertisers purchase from websites our cookies to know what we are interested in. What is Q is not a psyop feedback system besides bringing information forward. I have had to listen to bitching and complaints for an entire year almost now. This thing was ready to kick off in July of 2018. Go back and look. But the stress test failed. When they were dropping truth bombs. So many people turned off and tuned out that they knew in a second that you were not ready for the Truth. Are all you "awoke" people going to cost us another entire year of waiting????????????????????????????????????

8c99ee () No. 6266437


Is their a hidden purpose to these posts?

181486 () No. 6266438


No Dick Nipple I am always here & not a shill you fucking Inbred loser

7ce39a () No. 6266439


dam, reverse shilling sucks huh shills? kek.

Don't do it to us, we won't do to you, promise.


I didn't think so.

That's ok, war needs 2 sides.

Rather a cheap shill than an armed invader.

Thankful for the peace in our time.

Some trying to wreck it forever.

Some trying to have it all.

It's ok to be ambitious but don't get caught for treason.

What's the reason, money and power, the bite with no cure?

The truth will save us from such evil, and evil will not walk away easily.

So the battle will rage, exhausting strong Anons.

A test of endurance, until Normies turn to Newbies, and Newbies step up.


Hundreds joining thousands, game over, I can SEE it now.


746735 () No. 6266440


Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord.

fd5b2a () No. 6266441


>then herded up & gassed

Hi. You must be new here, friend. Recommend lurking for 2 years before posting. Welcome to hatechan.

3a6cf4 () No. 6266442


Jesus is your savior too if you turn from Satan and find him!

Who's Green?

7638d3 () No. 6266443


Nigger, that would mean your "Us" count is like less than 100 people.

ea233a () No. 6266444



2 die in plane crash at Williams Lakeshore Airstrip in Kingsland

KINGSLAND, Texas (FOX 7 Austin) - Two people have died in a plane crash in Kingsland Sunday afternoon.

Texas DPS along with several other agencies responded to the crash at the Williams Lakeshore Airstrip at the Shirley Williams Airport near the Legends Golf Course.

DPS was advised that two people were on board at the time of the crash. The case will be handed over to the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration, says DPS. No identifiable tail number could be seen.

A medical exam will have to confirm the victims' identities due to damage to the bodies, according to DPS.

No more information was available at this time.

9b5fcb () No. 6266445

patriots remember!!!

282e1d () No. 6266446


Oh shit… Someone just got RED-PILLED.

Take deep-breathes. The anger-phase will pass. Try not to go postal. You'll regain your composure in due time.

P.S. Welcome to the club.

181486 () No. 6266447


I have inbred you must be fucking that chicken still

63ed3c () No. 6266448

Evening Faggots!! o7

Happy Easter - He has Risen!!

Much Love

a38a33 () No. 6266449


Yep, and Kikebart is wall to wall Muh Israel! Same with Drudge and Gateway Pundit.

But rube boomers fall for this shit every fucking time. And then are appalled we consider them naive and stupid.

75b9e2 () No. 6266450



5fdfdb () No. 6266451

patriots scream!!!

7c7f1d () No. 6266452

is an incoming EMP true?

ede032 () No. 6266453




7ea878 () No. 6266455

ccc83c () No. 6266454


Regularly renewed, symbolic… chilling if taken literally.

Welcome to the Rude Awakening.

All our lives, Statutory laws… subjectively enforced… Keeping us in fear, tho only if paying attention.

Insidious. Warfare.

ea233a () No. 6266456

be48b0 () No. 6266457


>>6266273 New @DeptofDefense Twat

>>6266289 Planefag update: AF1 approaching DC

>>6266303 New @USARMY Twat: Color changing drones

>>6266311 Donald Trump ‘Never Been Happier’ — Attends Church on Easter

>>6266316 CEOs Say They Need More Workers, but Ask for Fewer H-1B Visa Workers

>>6266315 Pompeo @ElintNews: countries will have to completely end their imports of Iranian oil or be subject to U.S. sanctions

>>6266302 Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on Mueller: ‘This Is Not a Good Man’

>>6266325 (use discernment anons) Swedish Teachers Stop Student Speech For Being Too Pro-Israel

>>6266416 @45_Schedule POTUS Arrives at JBA en route to White House

>>6266444 2 die in plane crash at Williams Lakeshore Airstrip in Kingsland (Texas)

cf79ed () No. 6266458

More than 200 transition & employment resources: https://www.military-transition.org/downloads.html #resources


282e1d () No. 6266459

8c2bcf () No. 6266460

>>6266019 (ALL PB)

>>6266097 ←–I have a song with "KAGF" as the cornerstone of hook.

>>6266168 ←–THIS!! This is US.

>>6266197 ←–????

562f64 () No. 6266461


I see what you did there. Cognitive dissonance, whether someone loves it or hates it, manipulated to hold the reality of that while trying to process information, impacts on brain functioning.


>Is their a hidden purpose to these posts?

See above.

de3d6f () No. 6266462

561d4d () No. 6266463

f003b3 () No. 6266464


282e1d () No. 6266465

348f0c () No. 6266467


Stana <3

7638d3 () No. 6266468


What the hell is this shit?

91e666 () No. 6266469

Predictive programming on Tee-Vee make it into real news , again.

Show " The Rookie " mirrors recent arrest of armed ' militia ' guy on border.


84fd57 () No. 6266470



181486 () No. 6266471


fake & clickbait

a7ceba () No. 6266472

California has no money to help the tens of thousands of poor, homeless people who live in tents on its city street sides, but they have $500,000 tp spend on providing housing and food for illegal aliens who are storming across the border.

Its going to be an interesting summer in California this year. Broke and badly in need of cash means that a whole lot more fires are going to started in order to collect federal disaster assistance $$$. We've seen this song and dance before. It blows my mind that the California Democrats keep getting away with it. Will they get away with it again this year?

Eyes on!

5d2d47 () No. 6266473


Bless you mcthistle

3a6cf4 () No. 6266474


Trips of truth show more occult rituals

Kingsland Christschurch Colombo Notre Dame………….

f6a611 () No. 6266475

"Attempts made to collude, but they never did it"


Chris on Jeanine

Nadler is looking like his eyebrow is falling off.

This is for a blank. For memes

84fd57 () No. 6266476

7638d3 () No. 6266477


1af858 () No. 6266478


They are being saved for last, because they are untouchable. This is how Q endeared himself and potus to those against the satanic, Zionist state. The goal is and always was the greater Israel project and the rebuilding of the temple while these fake ass Jews lord over the gentiles. I believe they say they want 1000 slave for every Jew. It’s happening anon….

cf79ed () No. 6266479

>>6266456 Security reasons?

282e1d () No. 6266480




The truth hurts anon… I know. But it's better than being a cucked-lemming.

348f0c () No. 6266481


Stana <3

5dc62e () No. 6266482

d8d53c () No. 6266483


What do you mean a new Q?

Tripcode? Or BO?

b8fb6f () No. 6266484


Happy Easter McThistle!

43f37b () No. 6266485


ca24a8 () No. 6266486

Dems are desperate…irrational and futile attempts will increase until….

cf79ed () No. 6266487

>>6266468 Work and resources for veterans

562f64 () No. 6266488


By insensible degrees.

75b9e2 () No. 6266489


Tail Number and victim IDs not yet available.


Posted Apr 21 2019 04:23PM CDT

Updated Apr 21 2019 04:34PM CDT

KINGSLAND, Texas (FOX 7 Austin) - Two people have died in a plane crash in Kingsland Sunday afternoon.

Texas DPS along with several other agencies responded to the crash at the Williams Lakeshore Airstrip at the Shirley Williams Airport near the Legends Golf Course.

Continue reading below

DPS was advised that two people were on board at the time of the crash. The case will be handed over to the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration, says DPS. No identifiable tail number could be seen.

A medical exam will have to confirm the victims' identities due to damage to the bodies, according to DPS.

No more information was available at this time.

255c92 () No. 6266491

these clowns are Not ever going to let this go

282e1d () No. 6266490





This video will explain everything, fren:


Men like myself, are here to support (You). You are the future of this great nation.

de3d6f () No. 6266492


Happy Easter!

8c2bcf () No. 6266493


Oops. I meant to say to this anon

>>6266019 (PB)

Your English is far better than my 2nd language that I don't speak. I hope it didn't sound like I was crapping on you anon, I just wasn't sure what you meant. With that said, thank you for the great words of Encouragement and I thank (You) for being here. We need You.


5fdfdb () No. 6266494

patriots jump!!!!

561d4d () No. 6266495

181486 () No. 6266496

>>6266485 soo the moron who who runs that doesn't know JBA stands for Joint Base Andrews

e57c24 () No. 6266497

REMINDER: Q team is a (((JEW))) team and they are NOT WORKING with POTUS

That's why secret service now confiscates Q merchandise at Trump rallies and why Scott Adams tried to debunk Q after his white house visit but failed miserably. The lesson is, "never try". ;)

Don't do anything (((Q))) team tells you to do (like sneaking in Q merchandise into Trump rallies), except THINK FOR YOURSELF.


e57c24 () No. 6266498


>patriots jump!!!!

Don't you mean "leap"? ;)

330369 () No. 6266499


We live on the inside.

Space is not what they told you.

Noahide/Masons use rainbow symbolism because of that.

They know the glass causes rainbows.

The lie is as big as the world itself.

52559d () No. 6266500


> Laguna Beach

811b57 () No. 6266501

ee98eb () No. 6266502

d47abf () No. 6266503

Why did he switch to motorcade?

562f64 () No. 6266504


>dotmil weapons lab

dotmil bioweapons lab

e57c24 () No. 6266505

REMINDER: (((Q))) team has access to remote mind "surveillance/control" tech

(((Q))) team has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. Maybe they designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees EVERYTHING. Violent crimes involving ordinary people. (((Q))) team and anyone else that has similar machines probably consider these people irrelevant, that's why they continue to keep it a secret.

They can see what you see, hear what you hear, etc. They can even make you dream like in the movie "Inception". The tech has most likely existed even before the movie "The Matrix" was created. They can probably take control of people remotely similar to how people in the movie turn into agents.

Some capabilities of their tech can also be found in the lyrics of the song "Sleeping Awake" by POD. It's from the soundtrack of the movie "The Matrix Reloaded".

"Do you see what I see?

Can you hear what I hear?

Do you feel like I feel?

Do you dream like I dream?"


The tech has most likely also been used on the Wachowski brothers to turn them into "sisters" now (idiots probably don't know about the tech). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wachowskis

Edward Snowden most likely knows about this tech and gave information about it to China and Russia. That's why (((Q))) likes to threaten Snowden regularly.

Quote from edwardsnowden.com

“I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.”

What do you think he meant by "everything I do"?

Possible effects of REMOTE MIND CONTROL tech




f4f362 () No. 6266506

statistics don't apply to what anyone is

tendencies and actions are learned things

based on the system you choose

cf79ed () No. 6266507

>>6266477 Nothing here


98a15c () No. 6266508

years old shopped pic….."family"….

why no NEW pics of the Hussein family….

783c47 () No. 6266509


>We live on the inside.

>Space is not what they told you.


31464c () No. 6266510


Go green color tube is tallest

Red and yellow also traffic signal colors

ba0226 () No. 6266511


Happy Easter McT! Hope all is well fren.

ea233a () No. 6266512


With that plane crash just now…..

Almonds not Active, yet.

181486 () No. 6266513


because he is in D'C' you motherfucking inbred retard

b91dab () No. 6266514

Kildee is a snarky fool.

c5a5d5 () No. 6266515


see i spot this spook fucking comms aimed at my post above

>war needs 2 sides

I'm here for truth and I do this for free, zap me to death if u fucking want, hang me for speaking the truth faggot;

and yet it's stated big fucking parts are left out.


How the fuck is this ever measured.

It could be 2% truth 98% hidden to save face.

Any anon that researches know that the US has been knee deep in shit since before we were born. Hello no1 superpower?

trusting but verifying.

The 'education and sharing' bullshit is just Noahide World Order shit.

be48b0 () No. 6266516


Were just twoooo lost souls swimmin in a fish booowl

year after yeaaaar

d99a25 () No. 6266518

d47abf () No. 6266519



513f84 () No. 6266520


damn isn't this at least the third year they used the same picture…. I guess he needs to keep thinking he is still in the white house. What a douche bucket!

282e1d () No. 6266522


> I believe they say they want 1000 slave for every Jew.

You were right about everything, but this… It's actually 2,800 goyim slaves per Jew, in (((their))) delusional, sick, death-cult, fantasy.

682fe4 () No. 6266523

sundance has a nice series of threads running right now


‏ @TheLastRefuge2

3m3 minutes ago

35. Key Point: Fusion GPS was not hired to research Trump, the intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. The intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a justification for already existing surveillance and spy operations.

1af858 () No. 6266524


Sounds Jewish

3a6cf4 () No. 6266525


Jews are untouchable and we are their slaves forever = Noahide World Order NWO

Talmud "Noahide Laws" to Rule Coming Jewish 'Utopia'




7638d3 () No. 6266526

Are y'all reading my fuckin' mind

f05fd5 () No. 6266527


It will be interesting if Q does not post a message of “Happy Easter” for Christian Anons.

90530f () No. 6266528



<prove a negative

Keep trying. you might get it right sometime.

fce491 () No. 6266529


Marine One is also an option.

e57c24 () No. 6266530


(((Q))) team…FAIL

"You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try'."

7ce39a () No. 6266531

Be careful predictions, rumors, lying shills.

8bde6e () No. 6266532


Hopefully so, anon, peace…

513f84 () No. 6266533


you new here? SMDH!

181486 () No. 6266534


& you are a Loser in Life, Get out of Mommy & Daddy's basement & get your own place & you won't be an Adolf lover

3a6cf4 () No. 6266535


KEK "try not to go postal"

e57c24 () No. 6266536


REMINDER: Most posting here are part of (((Q))) team and (((they))) also control 8chan

The MOAR you know. ;)

c63adf () No. 6266537


Looks like I'm the only one left.


I've got your back…all your backs.

It's the only reason I chose to come back.

I'll take overwatch.


7638d3 () No. 6266538


Or worse

75b9e2 () No. 6266539



If there's a change in transportation modes, OP SEC would demand not informing the public of the reason why.

So don't ask.

f4f362 () No. 6266540

it takes shutting YOUR butthole and listening when someone speaks to know them

sarcasm is a motherfucker for the foolish and lacking in wisdom, can't be understood

8c2bcf () No. 6266541


100% I did.

I just don't know what much more I can do to Serve at this point. But you're on Point Anon, and I thank you for your words.


282e1d () No. 6266542


Say what you want about Adam Green… He is spreading TRUTH. If you cannot debunk his arguments, and only wish to insult him… Fine.

I cannot think of a better way for you to show you have nothing to say to debunk his claims. Be my guest.

330369 () No. 6266543



Marine One proofs forthcoming.


I kept this for a reason.

561d4d () No. 6266544

7638d3 () No. 6266546


How the fuck is this a real holiday?

255c92 () No. 6266547

see the rest @ Zero Hedge

b620a6 () No. 6266548


Team waits for holiday celebrations to conclude before posting.

539570 () No. 6266549


>The intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a justification for already existing surveillance and spy operations.


a7ceba () No. 6266550


"To all who celebrate" = not us.

Q: Why does 'Michelle' not wear a hijab?

A: Because in Islamic tradition men do not wear hijabs.

195039 () No. 6266551

3a6cf4 () No. 6266553



75b9e2 () No. 6266554

fce491 () No. 6266555

e57c24 () No. 6266556


>KEK "try not to go postal"

Like in that game Hatred?

be48b0 () No. 6266557


If i had a nickel for every time this happens I could buy my own airplane

282e1d () No. 6266558


Why the fuck would he? He's a Chabad-kike.

dd7f16 () No. 6266559

Fox Live – Jon Scott

Report on the persecution of Christians

–religious extremists

– so you're sayin Satanists? Or another computer glitch like SOPHIA ←- THE BIG MISTAKE

someone please post video


6d9754 () No. 6266560


Clearly…(You) are a product of the welfare state.

513f84 () No. 6266561


they seem like a clean up operation like Planned Parenthood hired them to say the videos were doctored but they were not……

784692 () No. 6266562

181486 () No. 6266563


so the Publix store Manager finally figured this out?? this was known months ago

f05fd5 () No. 6266564



Following since 4-Chan.

348f0c () No. 6266565

Stana <3

ca24a8 () No. 6266566


It’s a Christian holiday. If you are not one, then it does concern you.

7797a5 () No. 6266567


If it were, I wonder if there'd be any warning or pre-remedy.

3a6cf4 () No. 6266568


We are here to expose this

7638d3 () No. 6266570


How is it a Christian Holiday?

1af858 () No. 6266571


Thanks for filling in the blanks… there is so much to try and remember, this Psyop is so intricate and coordinated, its fucking disgusting…

2f6991 () No. 6266572


>Trump/Q is Mossad Zionist Kike puppets.

Stfu, like you’re a supporter. Go feed your goats.

784692 () No. 6266573

2b7d49 () No. 6266574

255c92 () No. 6266575

561d4d () No. 6266576

a2d19f () No. 6266577


you post stuff and we all hear

"blah blah blah blah blah. Answer me. answer me and I will bight you"

ee98eb () No. 6266578


513f84 () No. 6266579


I was not aware Q wished the anons happy "holidays"… that's why I asked… so not thinking if Q is not around today it has any significance at all.

ca24a8 () No. 6266580


Highest holiday in the Christian calendar. Plenty of resources available online.

e7cf78 () No. 6266581


No it won’t. Today belongs to the resurrection, family, and happy Anons humbly digging, memeing and praying. Q posting says nothing.

Repent sinner.

31464c () No. 6266582

646f74 () No. 6266583


So why isn't Ilhan Omar striped of citizenship for marriage fraud, naturalization fraud?

In June 2018, US Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that he was launching a team of investigators to complete the work of “Operation Janus,” a government effort stretching back a decade to identify people who’d gotten citizenship under false identities.

Reasons of previous voluntary denaturalization: Hiding World War II crimes or association with Nazis. Serious crimes, suspicion of spying for the communists, or association with terrorists…other ( involved in the fraud scheme before appyling for citizenship citizenship application was itself fraudulent. And now it’s seeking to take back the citizenship it claims was given under false pretenses.)

***1. Adeneye, Ibraheem 2010 Convicted of conspiracy to commit marriage fraud, naturalization fraud, and making a false statement to a federal agency. Adeneye indicated that he was engaged in brokering sham marriages between Nigerian nationals and U.S. citizens so that the Nigerians could obtain immigration benefits, ultimately leading to U.S. citizenship. In return, the U.S. citizen "spouses" received cash payments to assist the Nigerians in the deception. U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt sentenced Adeneye to the time he has already served in prison. The judge granted the government's motion to strip Adeneye of his U.S. citizenship. Adeneye became an alien subject to removal from the United States to Nigeria.

***2. Almallah, Rasmi Khader 2007 Became a permanent resident via a 1981 marriage four days before his student visa expired (later deemed "a green card marriage" by the Immigration and Naturalization Service) and naturalized in 1988.[5] Almallah was stripped of his United States citizenship after coming to the authorities' attention for his connection to the Holy Land Foundation[6] (adjudged to be a Hamas fundraising entity) and also as a former employer of one of the 9/11 bombers.[citation needed]. Appealed unsuccessfully to the United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit.[5] Resident of Jordan, where he is a member of the Jordanian Senate.[7]

***3. Damrah, Fawaz Mohammed September 23, 2004 Imam who was convicted on June 18, 2004, of lying on his naturalization application about his association with three groups classified as terrorist organizations by the U.S. government. Deported to the Palestinian West Bank in January 2007.

****So why isn't Ilhan Omar striped of citizenship for marriage fraud, naturalization fraud?

The Department of Justice has the power to file a denaturalization lawsuit against a naturalized citizen under two circumstances: first, if they obtained their citizenship illegally — i.e., they didn’t actually meet the legal requirements of citizenship — or, second, if they lied about or concealed something during the citizenship process that was relevant to their case. (As you can probably guess, what counts as relevant — in legal terminology, “material” — is the source of a lot of questions about when denaturalization is appropriate.) They also have the option to charge someone criminally for fraud in naturalization.

If the government prevails in court, the immigrant reverts from being a US citizen to being a lawful permanent resident (green card holder). And green card holders can be stripped of their legal status, and deported, without a court hearing if they’re found to violate the terms of their status (for example, committing certain crimes).

So denaturalization doesn’t actually kick someone out of the country — or even automatically make them eligible to getting kicked out of the country. But it opens the door to that possibility, by stripping them of the only foolproof protection against deportation an immigrant has.

In 2008, a Customs and Border Protection agent discovered that more than 200 people from four countries had become US citizens despite having past deportation orders — something that should have, legally, disqualified them from naturalization

DHS subsequently launched a task force to figure out just how many fingerprint records it was missing from people who should be barred from citizenship. In 2011, it calculated that the answer was 315,000:

Toward the end of the Obama administration, and going into the Trump administration, the government started filing denaturalization suits against people who’d committed other crimes that hadn’t been included on their naturalization applications.




682fe4 () No. 6266584




348f0c () No. 6266585

<3 Stana

91e666 () No. 6266586


There are no countries anymore , Jonathan.

Corporations rule the world now , and the game has replaced warfare

75b9e2 () No. 6266588

f4f362 () No. 6266589

doesn't understand sarcasm

can't identify wisdom

the gift that keeps on giving

no one knows of the day or the hour

clench that butthole

7638d3 () No. 6266590


Keep talking to me like I'm a retard.

I'm talking about eggs, rabbits, ham, and the non-fixed date.

45a984 () No. 6266591

The roadmap to prison for Clapper is much shorter and well defined.


95120a () No. 6266592


Good eye. Looking closer, the blue cap is tallest

561d4d () No. 6266593

ddb833 () No. 6266594



b06c5e () No. 6266595


First post by new Q

came at very end of bread with no tripcode

newbie mistakr

new bread same thing, then anon pointed out no tripcode

Mew q then posted with Q tripcode.

Misspellings by Q started this bread

sorry on the move

Original Q did not make these mistakes and style has changed also, more informal now

a3ba68 () No. 6266596



How is ANY holiday a 'real' holiday?

It's ALL supernatural cabal related bullshit based on sun worship.

1627db () No. 6266597

181486 () No. 6266598


that would be "He has Risen"

7638d3 () No. 6266599


You're telling me a nigga came back from the dead, and we don't know what day it was on?

7ce39a () No. 6266600

Trump was happy, then what happened?

So the game is played, optics for the viewers, suffering for the innocent, jobs for the shills.

It's all coming into focus.

Does msm want that, do shills want that, does ds want that?

Do Anons want that, do the Voters want that?

Normies think they know what they want cuz msm and bad leaders.

Anons have to counter.

Peace is the goal, together is the key, work for each other.

Soon the 30.


6d9754 () No. 6266601


Epic of Gilgamesh

Google it

63ed3c () No. 6266602



>>6266484 ←- Evening Fren


>>6266501 ←- all is well fren. Hope you had a blessed day.


Thank you Frens. Was a quiet blessed day for Anons family. Much blessing onto all.

dd7f16 () No. 6266603

so another one of those — everyone knew that their were investigations // WARNINGS!!!!


Fox news live— so guy is saying everyone ignored warnings????

95120a () No. 6266604



3e93f6 () No. 6266605

3a6cf4 () No. 6266606


pagan ritual disguised as Christian holy day. We have been infiltrated at every level

Find Jesus

e57c24 () No. 6266607


REMINDER: (((Q))) team now controls Twitter

That's why the repeated threats to @Jack. The jewesses in (((Q))) team probably made him grow that stupid beard too. ;)


a2d19f () No. 6266608


ip hopper we hear you say:

blah blah blah. I bight you.

255c92 () No. 6266609

f05fd5 () No. 6266610


It’s simply good manners.

A Muslim physician partner of mine said “Happy Easter” first thing to me this morning. Made me feel dumb cause I never say Happy Eid-al-fitr to her. Not even sure if it’s proper etiquette.

c63e80 () No. 6266611


i didn't want to waste more bread but i can't avoid it. Im near my 40s and my youth has been alrady wasted, i felt hopeless and 2016 was a change, then i started to see the world as a whole, and i think now that american constitution is the true path for liberty, for alls us ww. i really really love you all, and i'm sure we will success. Our future is in our hand, and we'll fight for it :)

076202 () No. 6266612


Bruce Broussard, Humana

"Follow the wives"

Just did a quick dig on his wife, Janine Broussard.

LinkedIn lists her as the founder of Help US Grow Foundation: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janine-broussard-2bb8a8140

Help US Grow LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/help-us-grow-inc?trk=public_profile_topcard_current_company) took me to the website of Grow In America.org, a World Community Mental Health Movement:

Our History

GROW was founded in Australia in 1957 by former mental patients who found their way to recovery together and created a program that worked. Gradually the organization evolved into an international mental health movement with branches in the USA (Illinois, New Jersey and Alaska), Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Trinidad/Tobago.


Need help, not usually a digger.

Anyone's almonds activated?

348f0c () No. 6266613


Stana beat his ass.

91e666 () No. 6266614


April 19 , on lexington Green still pisses off the old bloodline families of Europe.

682fe4 () No. 6266615




95120a () No. 6266616


Fuckin KEK

7638d3 () No. 6266617


And the eggs, rabbits, and ham are just random paint jobs?

52559d () No. 6266618

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


2m2 minutes ago


How do you impeach a Republican President for a crime that was committed by the Democrats? MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

784692 () No. 6266619

1af858 () No. 6266620


That was incoherent and retarded. You’re actually arguing with someone who agrees with you.. WTH

3e93f6 () No. 6266621

cf79ed () No. 6266622

>>6266594 Kek

255c92 () No. 6266623

be48b0 () No. 6266624


>>6266273 New @DeptofDefense Twat

>>6266289 Planefag update: AF1 approaching DC

>>6266303 New @USARMY Twat: Color changing drones

>>6266311 Donald Trump ‘Never Been Happier’ — Attends Church on Easter

>>6266316 CEOs Say They Need More Workers, but Ask for Fewer H-1B Visa Workers

>>6266315 Pompeo @ElintNews: countries will have to completely end their imports of Iranian oil or be subject to U.S. sanctions

>>6266302 Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on Mueller: ‘This Is Not a Good Man’

>>6266325 (use discernment anons) Swedish Teachers Stop Student Speech For Being Too Pro-Israel

>>6266485 @45_Schedule POTUS Arrives at JBA en route to White House (interdasting correction)

>>6266444 , >>6266489 2 die in plane crash at Williams Lakeshore Airstrip in Kingsland (Texas)

>>6266594 New POTUS Twat MAGA

0f39bf () No. 6266625


Tis' a head-scratcher.

52559d () No. 6266626

0f54ec () No. 6266627

Potus is back and hype! Love!

ff6038 () No. 6266628


amen …its pagan but the resurrection of christ from the cross was real…and this infiltration happened early as they had to cover up for what (((they)) did and why they are still cursed …

539570 () No. 6266629


> this was known months ago

"This was know to us years ago", there, fixed it for you. This is good for the normies, it's good repitition, it's new eyes. It's all good.

We need the normies fired up.

682fe4 () No. 6266630


" and we don't know what day it was on?"

There was no 8chan back then

5f5334 () No. 6266631


>NOT a muslim.


>It was just a drunk idiot.

Was he with MOS is the question…

8bde6e () No. 6266632

f05fd5 () No. 6266633


I suppose you are right. I still had to prepare for guests.

91a454 () No. 6266634

Second to trump, Christians are the second most attacked people heard of lately.

There is a religious war that's been stewing for decades.

This is clearly a full out attack on religious symbols of the Christian faith.

ba0226 () No. 6266635



efc564 () No. 6266636


Hmm. Twatter didn't post this on my timeline just now. Double checked to make sure I wasn't unsubscribed but I am still subscribed.


1af858 () No. 6266637


Haha ok Jew

513f84 () No. 6266638

Coup was announced publicly by the traitors day after election…. anyone who did not understand that.. definitely asleep. I didn't need any evidence to came out they said it outright.

330369 () No. 6266639




+ This drop (#1734)

de3d6f () No. 6266642


Why are Satan’s buttlickers such morans?

ca24a8 () No. 6266640



So it begins…

181486 () No. 6266641


Publix Store Manager doesn't know dick

b06c5e () No. 6266643

>>5167194 pb

a2d19f () No. 6266644


verification shill we hear you say

blah blah blah blah Blah

a3ba68 () No. 6266645



I haven't hopped any IPs today.

BO/BV can confirm, but most likely won't because you're essentially saying;

"Anyone I don't agree with is muh IP hopping shill."

Please hang yourself from the nearest doorknob.

cdfef3 () No. 6266646


this actually makes sense

b8fb6f () No. 6266647


Top kek.

This one was for the haters more than the lovers.

Liberal heads just exploded on Easter day.

3e93f6 () No. 6266648



Our Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses.

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom,

The power and the glory,



513f84 () No. 6266649


Amen and Amen

b091c6 () No. 6266650



26a894 () No. 6266651


and yet..

we continue to "scroll" down

ea233a () No. 6266652


Interesting but need more.

Re-post it later tonight and let Night Crew have a look at it. They have more Diggers.

2b7d49 () No. 6266653


forest scene w/ wife…But the corporations give us everything….Jonathan says…in exchange for your freedom…

f05fd5 () No. 6266654


They have changed times and days from Rome.

348f0c () No. 6266655

Why are they so angry?

Stana <3

d47abf () No. 6266656



68d4da () No. 6266657


In fact we don't care about greetings from Q Team.

We want to hear about indictments from Q Team.

975414 () No. 6266658


goodnight, bad guys.

2b7d49 () No. 6266659

c7b963 () No. 6266660



Thank you

36e56b () No. 6266661


Dutch news, day after election. In English from 10 secs in.

be48b0 () No. 6266662


ahhh the old corkboard

i gotta get it out of storage. desk looks retarded right now

cf79ed () No. 6266664

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

60dbc5 () No. 6266663


used to be in march too

ccc83c () No. 6266665


Does Daylight Savings time serve to do anything greater than to Disorient us?

fce491 () No. 6266666

b091c6 () No. 6266667

Happy Easter to Q, Q+ and (you).

f05fd5 () No. 6266668


Not a shill.

91e666 () No. 6266669


Just Like " Brave New World "

7638d3 () No. 6266670


What the fuck is that about

f048cc () No. 6266671


QUIIIINTS confirm.

a2d19f () No. 6266672


Blah blah blah

you know star trek isn't a real TV show

how is it a TV show

Spook isn't a real character.

how is he a real charcater.

I guess you are right.

dude, you had one post answering another post, you must have hopped, and the other shill knew who you were, but you hadn't reposnded to anyone.

See how illogic works?

why do we need to make sense for you

when you never make sense for us

blah blah blah blah

be48b0 () No. 6266673



330369 () No. 6266674




e38f08 () No. 6266675



561d4d () No. 6266677

fce491 () No. 6266676

>>6266666 (me)

Praise the LORD!

4800a3 () No. 6266678



Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done IN earth, as it is in heaven.

Big difference perhaps?

f4f362 () No. 6266679

once you see the program you can turn a smith into a neo

but u don't dress as faggy

811b57 () No. 6266680

562f64 () No. 6266681


You so special.

a3ba68 () No. 6266682


Just do what the wife and I do;

Tell them to fuck off and go shill for food elsewhere.

I mean, they never help clean up after drinking all my alcohol and eating all my food anyway.

227d78 () No. 6266683


Justice Mueller-style. Punish the innocent.

ba0226 () No. 6266685


Digits never lie. Amen! o7

52559d () No. 6266686


been saying that for months now

784692 () No. 6266687

91e666 () No. 6266688


Distance , speed , flight time ?

8da664 () No. 6266689

Thx planefags!

ee98eb () No. 6266690


digits !!

nice get

811b57 () No. 6266691

282e1d () No. 6266692


Careful what you wish for, you Zionist-queer.

And if my arguments are so "old and washed up", why can't you debunk a single claim of mine, you degenerate faggot?

"If, if, if, if, if… " - (((you)))

255c92 () No. 6266693

f05fd5 () No. 6266694


It should remind the people that we never exited war at WW2 ending.

ea233a () No. 6266695


If you're Digging, i salute ya!

I'm too Attention-Deficit, which is why i newsfag.

01f245 () No. 6266696

076202 () No. 6266697

cf79ed () No. 6266698

>>6266666 GOD Wins!

3e93f6 () No. 6266699

e57c24 () No. 6266700


My digits were better. :P 6177777

be48b0 () No. 6266701


reduces to 11


282e1d () No. 6266702


Anyone got moar BASED DNA than me?

784692 () No. 6266703

ee98eb () No. 6266704

e57c24 () No. 6266705

a3ba68 () No. 6266706


You seem to really enjoy gas-lighting strangers you disagree with from behind your keyboard.

I'm pretty sure that make YOU the shill.

See you next bread, homo.

36e56b () No. 6266707

de3d6f () No. 6266708


Your finger broken? Research moar.

Nissan 14

f05fd5 () No. 6266709



I don’t like the sofa that much. It’s lumpy.

784692 () No. 6266710

710830 () No. 6266711



The branches list some of the usual suspects.

Moar than likely connections.

c7b963 () No. 6266712


Beep boop

0f39bf () No. 6266713


WOW. On Easter, even. NICE.

a2d19f () No. 6266714


when I see verification shilling and IP hopping I do tend to call out the shills.

good point.

e7cf78 () No. 6266715


Wait wat??

5f5334 () No. 6266716

e57c24 () No. 6266717


(((Q))) team member?

3067b4 () No. 6266718


I wasn't ignorant enough to send my DNA off to whom/where ever, so probably.

31464c () No. 6266719


17 = 21/4/19

Post 605 about ATT

Blue cap and blue text

c7b963 () No. 6266721



181486 () No. 6266722

>>6266681 AWWWW did you Have his Baby ?

91e666 () No. 6266723


Out Fucking Standing

db17cc () No. 6266724

tfw re_read 50 first Q drops

7f221b () No. 6266725

>>6265157 /pb

Interdasting, but at least you have the mental acumen to explore what you may consider a "bit of a stretch" but a possible conclusion noted I have a difficult imaging.

Just because 138 mil was cancelled as gift to terrorists, I seriously doubt if anyone wrapped up in that evil cult has the intellectual acumen you possess so I don't think they could connect such dots.

138 murdered by rabies-infected sub-humans, yes, but the 138 is either just a coincidence or the count has been falsified by the globalist scum to conform to (((their))) evil agenda.

113580 () No. 6266726

Anybody taking this Google thing at face value? Only 3 characters are right side up, visually it’s confusing. A few things look like pizza slices.

Maybe it’s just my Easter dinner food coma

3a6cf4 () No. 6266728


Easter is always on the full moon it's an occult ritual if it was about Jesus it'd be the date it occured

be48b0 () No. 6266729


TY anon

e57c24 () No. 6266730


Beep boop indeed. Here, have a free infographic.

f05fd5 () No. 6266731


Great movie!

2a1a0b () No. 6266732


Don't listen to the enemy you idiot.

78dde9 () No. 6266733


it's all lies… everything you've not experienced yourself and someone else "taught" you… is a lie meant to decieve you. (Maybe with the exception of mathematics) We have forgotten how to recognize truth. Even molecular science is bullshit.. life is about waves, not particles…

ede032 () No. 6266734


Pffff, bullshit trump!

What crime did they commit? AND who? That’s right it was your campaign on wiki fleek.

513f84 () No. 6266735


crybaby crying about globalism coming undone.. fuck these faggots and what they are trying to do to this great country. Thanks for posting this.

31464c () No. 6266736

30af08 () No. 6266737

Have you ever wondered why there is no 2016 election night video from the Hillary campaign after 8 pm or so? And why John Podesta had to come out and give the “concession” speech?

Hillary Clinton flew into a drunken rage, physically attacked Robby Mook, John Podesta, and Bill, flung a $950,000 magnum Champaign bottle at the big screen TV, breaking it, .. her doctors eventually had to sedate her.

There were so many phones and cameras in that room, a video(s) must exist.


ba6561 () No. 6266738


Don't throw the baby out with the wash water, douche bag

91e666 () No. 6266739


what does a cornered animal do ?

561d4d () No. 6266740

5f5334 () No. 6266741


>Maybe with the exception of mathematics

Common core much…


d8d53c () No. 6266742



Wonder yeah I can think of 5 people of the less than 10.

c63e80 () No. 6266743

ea233a () No. 6266744

For those just joining us…


NBC News Correspondent Confronts Mueller Outside Church on Easter

60dbc5 () No. 6266745



and wizardry


sick mind manipulating evil

but lets say it's the lawds birfday

buy moar eshtar eggs kek

076202 () No. 6266746

282e1d () No. 6266747


Who the fuq are we looking at, anon?

348f0c () No. 6266748



Stana <3

eaae2f () No. 6266749



I'm not apologizing for it, but according to lore it happened at passover.

That's a movable feast (ancient moon festival), so it moves all over March/April.

It makes sense it would be remembered at the time of the festival, not a specific date.

975b98 () No. 6266750


Impossible! saw on the news Asians and Blacks hate the President!


Q says our numbers are far greater than portrayed.

be48b0 () No. 6266751


>>6266273 New @DeptofDefense Twat

>>6266289 Planefag update: AF1 approaching DC

>>6266303 New @USARMY Twat: Color changing drones

>>6266311 Donald Trump ‘Never Been Happier’ — Attends Church on Easter

>>6266316 CEOs Say They Need More Workers, but Ask for Fewer H-1B Visa Workers

>>6266315 Pompeo @ElintNews: countries will have to completely end their imports of Iranian oil or be subject to U.S. sanctions

>>6266302 Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on Mueller: ‘This Is Not a Good Man’

>>6266325 (use discernment anons) Swedish Teachers Stop Student Speech For Being Too Pro-Israel

>>6266485 @45_Schedule POTUS Arrives at JBA en route to White House (interdasting correction)

>>6266444 , >>6266489 2 die in plane crash at Williams Lakeshore Airstrip in Kingsland (Texas)

>>6266594 New POTUS Twat MAGA

>>6266547 , >>6266721 ZeroHedge: Time to Investigate FBI & Rest of 'Witch Hunters'

95120a () No. 6266752










in all caps adds up to 163. This matches with a Military graphic posted the past few days.

513f84 () No. 6266753


They can attack Trump all day long but they are fucking attacking me I VOTED FOR HIM these fuckers are effecting the one election my heart and soul went into and I will never forget what these fuckers have done….. I knew they would be exposed when he was elected and I can't wait till justice is served… both in this lifetime and the after life!

756ad7 () No. 6266754


Mueller > Congressional Hearings/Last play left.

TeeHee we're soooo cloooose I can taste it!

I love winning!

Not getting tired of it because it's just getting started!

a3ba68 () No. 6266755


Neither do we, just find something constructive to do.

Instead of 'entertaining guests' and putting up with assholes lurking about our house, we built two more garden beds today.

Tomorrow, I'll finish up and get things planted.

f05fd5 () No. 6266756


The murders the cabal does this time of year is their ritual.

Even though the date is wrong, it is right to remember that Christ is risen and alive.

282e1d () No. 6266757


That's cause you're a scared-ass, little queer.

Grow a pair of balls, son.

7ce39a () No. 6266758


i don't like to smile at someone's lost but… kek.

ccc83c () No. 6266759

2a1a0b () No. 6266760






78dde9 () No. 6266761


Good Point anon…. I guess I am referring to old style math…. which was the new math to my parents, so OK I will agree mathematics is no exception.

7ce39a () No. 6266762


Thank you Voters!

ea233a () No. 6266763


Trump takes aim at Dem talk of impeachment

President Trump on Sunday took aim at the Democrats pushing to advance impeachment proceedings against him, as the dust settles from special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian election interference.

"How do you impeach a Republican President for a crime that was committed by the Democrats? MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" Trump tweeted shortly after arriving back in Washington from an Easter Sunday spent at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.


3067b4 () No. 6266764


You really suck at this. Take some pride in your job.

2a1a0b () No. 6266765


And if they're hungry for attention now..

Something's just around the corner!

513f84 () No. 6266766

cf79ed () No. 6266767

113580 () No. 6266768


They mad

348f0c () No. 6266769


Stana <3

52559d () No. 6266770

d8d53c () No. 6266771


Is that


75b9e2 () No. 6266772


Quints of Truth!

2a1a0b () No. 6266773


Rotten fish lover

8dca0a () No. 6266774

Butinas lawyers tear apart the govts Friday afternoon surprise expert witness.

Personally I think she's guilty of trying to get Trump and NRA dirty with Russian money, at the behest of Torshin and Brennan.

But best I can tell she didn't commit any actual crimes.


c7b963 () No. 6266775



1af858 () No. 6266776


Everything about your comment screams Jewish.

First it’s Jew not joo, is it difficult for you to use the proper word, does it make you uncomfortable, because your Jewish?

The superiority of your tone, as if you have some perceived power.

The lack of argument and lack of intelligence, coupled with your abject arrogance.

And finally, the total disrespect of the human female, as if she’s beneath you and shouldn’t speak until spoken to.

Definitely a Jew.

a3ba68 () No. 6266777





f05fd5 () No. 6266778


The original.

75b9e2 () No. 6266779


If "Stana" is your name, then STOP using it. We do not identify by names here.

After a warning, if you keep doing it people turn unfriendly.

c26fcc () No. 6266780


They're only trying to kill ours because they know we have all their strongest players in a vice. If anyone didn't know what happened this past week (terrorist shit) was coming waaayyy ahead of time, they haven't been paying attention. Hell, I wrote on my calendar that there were going to be terrorist attacks this Passover weekend way back at the beginning of March.

It's pretty typical, an unfortunate sign of winning: same thing happens when you try to talk to a crazy liberal. As soon as you challenge/defeat their rock-solid logic, they resort to attacks. That's when you know they're out of ideas.

c7b963 () No. 6266781


Beep boop

c8f365 () No. 6266782

977629 () No. 6266783

561d4d () No. 6266784

9a679231029770....gif (0 KB, 295 x 0, 0 : 0,