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Saturday 04.27.2019

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>>6335075 rt >>6335030 -————————– C comes before D.

>>6334984 ————————————–——– Soon To Be A HouseHold Name. (Cap: >>6335048 )

>>6334889 ————————————–——– DRAIN THE [SWAMP].

Thursday 04.25.2019

>>6316088 ————————————–——– Define 'Renegade'.

>>6315906 ————————————–——– [HUSSEIN] (Cap: >>6316045 )

>>6305138 ————————————–——– Will this age well? (Cap: >>6305150 )

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Wednesday 04.24.2019

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Friday 04.19.2019

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#8155 Baker Change

>>6377344 For keks: GenZ trolling Islam and the left

>>6377352 Congress Passes Pro-Gun ‘Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act’

>>6377371 Andrew Gillum Joins Soros-Funded Dark Money Group

>>6377373 Alabama House Passes Bill Banning Abortion, Would Make Killing Unborn Babies a Felony

>>6377394 Obama, not Trump, the true menace to the media

>>6377484, >>6377913 Anon on a possible Epstein and Jesuit connection

>>6377576, >>6377647, >>6377716 FOX news about the Barr testimony: Fireworks ahead?

>>6377636, >>6377653 Facebook Makes "Privacy" The Focus For F8

>>6377707 Anon: The situation in Syria is extremely volatile (maps)

>>6378006 #8155


>>6377127 , >>6377041, >>6376942 Venezuela Updates

>>6377096 EYESON: The report Q requested us to dig on for GOOG is here

>>6377093 Former Roger Stone associate subpoenaed ahead of trial

>>6376944 , >>6376960 Fmr CIA officer: Brennan is about to be indicted

>>6376939 Media Ignoring Persecution of Christians

>>6376934 Biden: White people will be an “absolute minority” in the US

>>6376931 Notable POTUS tweet from 1 May 2018

>>6376850 Biden and Obama dirt

>>6376846 MSNBC Venezuela Coverage Shows Why Founders Wanted Armed Citizenry

>>6376809 Live from 10am tommorrow: Livestream link to Barr testifying

>>6376805 [Sally Yates]

>>6376656 WaPo: Why Trump Shouldn't Designate MB as a terrorist organisation

>>6376616 Comey was in Charlotte last month for lecture at Queens University

>>6376607 More digs on the Epstein Ranch in New Mexico

>>6376591 AOC digs graphics

>>6376588 New Hussein tweet

>>6376564 Great Awakening Cover Anon is alive with new OC. Welcome back anon. o7

>>6377229 #8154

#8153 Baker change

>>6376325 “Mass sterilization”: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine

>>6376309 Connections betweet POTUS' tweet and Charlotte shooting

>>6376290 Meaddows: Criminal referrals planned for “2 or 3 individuals” connected to Fusion GPS

>>6376162 , >>6376174, >>6376185, >>6376179 Epstein digs

>>6376158 Venzuela Updates

>>6376132 Just a taste of what will happen on Thursday…

>>6375988 Apple Surges On Blockbuster Guidance Despite Tumbling iPhone Sales

>>6375931 Stacey Abrams announces she won't run for Senate

>>6375924 Trump May Designate Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Group

>>6376003 , >>6376061, >>6376198 Mueller: Barr’s letter did not capture ‘context’ of Trump probe

>>6375841 , >>6375901, >>6375994 Mueller: Barr’s letter did not capture ‘context’ of Trump probe

>>6375820 , >>6375962 Michelle & Hussein reveal their slate of Netflix shows

>>6375766 , >>6375797 Charlotte shooting updates

>>6376427 #8153

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0ae9f8 () No. 6378019

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




No hate went into the creation of this post.

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and torture, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

If you lurk long enough you will notice it's always the same attacks and attackers to this and the other posts. None of them dispute the information. They can't because they know it's the truth.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition. I am also not jewish nor satanist/luciferian. Or a bot.

The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth, are the ones with something to hide.

Learning the truth about (((the "jews"))) is not racist nor does it make you a "white supremisit" these are more trigger words to keep you from discovering the truth.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.


What we are currently experiencing is known as:


Definition of Armageddon

1a : the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil

b : the battle taking place at Armageddon

2 : a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation


0ae9f8 () No. 6378024


Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion


Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well


Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood


The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)


Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City


New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'


0ae9f8 () No. 6378033



Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

It lays out (((their))) entire game plan and CLEARLY matches world events for the past 120 years or so.

ab4a7f () No. 6378042

Does anyone actually believe this shit?

At this point its just getting ridiculous.

ecb828 () No. 6378053

Hello Patriots ! WWG1WGA

Take Care Q Team & Company !

114d90 () No. 6378055




Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Full Text

ab4a7f () No. 6378059

114d90 () No. 6378062





https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/

114d90 () No. 6378070

b578f8 () No. 6378073

Bill Barrs prepared remarks for tomorrows Senate hearing.


2302dd () No. 6378075

90cf60 () No. 6378076

If the govt of Egypt has outlawed the MB, they must be pretty bad.

3a7d39 () No. 6378079

Last month with the vote re: border security and the national emergency, the corrupt in Congress once again sold out the American people.

I am a DACA and I have made a video exposing how broken/corrupt the immigration system is. In the video I also expose a well established sharia law Muslim group comprised mainly of immigrants showcasing how the immigration system does not protect American values. The video is 40 minutes long. The expose of the Sharia law Muslim group starts at 25:39.

I have made a Twitter account @FightForAmerica if you would like to share my video on social media. WWG1WGA

UPDATE#1: I have received the FBI's response to my FOIA regarding the Al-Haqq Foundation. Video has been uploaded to my Youtube channel.

67cb4c () No. 6378080

>>6377761 (You)


21a3c6 () No. 6378082

The head of Venezuela's feared secret police has turned his back on disputed President Nicolas Maduro in an open letter made public Tuesday night.


bfa6af () No. 6378084

7ad84c () No. 6378086

fb2ed4 () No. 6378087

This board has gone to shit. Used to be my first source for news. Christ, will we ever know the truth? Until we meet in Heaven, anons.

5213f7 () No. 6378088

Who here is keeping an eyes pealed out for the two witnesses?

d6de16 () No. 6378089

67cb4c () No. 6378090


>>6377761 (You)


df203e () No. 6378091


debbie wasserman-schultz

269b7c () No. 6378092

Board is Comped by Paytriots

Fake anons abound

a2e0c3 () No. 6378093

>>6377785 lb

possibly as a conduit for the degeneration of western society that Q described was financed by SA middle easterners doing the bidding of the chain of command through places like NK and then later through socialized Venezuela.

36afcf () No. 6378094

An interesting section in the GOOG release that I'm digging…

>R&D expenses consist primarily of:

>•Compensation expenses (including SBC) and facilities-related costs for engineering and technical employees responsible for R&D of our existing and new products and services;

>•Depreciation expenses;

>•Equipment-related expenses; and

>•Professional services fees primarily related to consulting and outsourcing services.

>R&D expenses increased $990 million from the three months ended March 31, 2018 to the three months ended March 31, 2019. The increase was primarily due to an increase in compensation expenses (including SBC) and facilities-related costs of $725 million, largely resulting from a 28% increase in headcount primarily supporting Google Cloud and Search.

new R&D facilities costs of 725 mil of a billion spent?

spent on supporting cloud and search?


feef73 () No. 6378095


The pride flag makes me believe…

That this is bullshit

b245cb () No. 6378096



026922 () No. 6378097


Sauce or GTFO

0f7918 () No. 6378098

>>6377962 Q knew about the FBI investigation into ANTIFA


Sorry so late! Keep on rockin, baker!

67cb4c () No. 6378099


>>6377761 (You)


bfa6af () No. 6378100

if there is a 1 year delta… there must be a 2 year delta

f0c263 () No. 6378102


Somebody, somewhere has a college yearbook pic of Bill Barr

Has he always worn those Mr. Peabody eyeglasses?

At least he doesn't wear bow ties

76ad86 () No. 6378103

Nice work Shillagogue. IP hopping right from the start now are ya?

804eb8 () No. 6378104

>>6377969 (lb)

Looks like someone playing a guitar with an audience in the background or maybe just someone with an audience in the background.

38386c () No. 6378105

7c1c8a () No. 6378106


>had to deal with the concept of my own mortality

Grow the fuck up

ecb828 () No. 6378107


Comped is Comped ! Showing yourself Troll ! LMAO !

10e37d () No. 6378108

Some great research here anons….

Panama canal, drug running out of south America, Carter, Regan, Clintons and Bushs`

Worth the time and read…..


286e33 () No. 6378109

Did Sleepy Joe show up for his rally tonight, or just take a nap?

67cb4c () No. 6378110


Duh 👨‍👦

fbf53a () No. 6378111

>>6378063 (pb)

Well they are positioned ALL around the National Mall.

They house an enormous number of objects and information.

They run several research centers in conjunction with universities like Harvard and Yale - astrophysics, biology, etc.



And their headquarters is a RED CASTLE

e3386b () No. 6378112

90c0f8 () No. 6378113


Take it easy, max

17c23a () No. 6378114

anons got Barr's opening statement for tomorrow before the Senate Judiciary Committee?

Sauce for Mad Maxine calling for Barr's resignation or face impeachment?

d8dc04 () No. 6378115

168f91 () No. 6378116


why? bitching shills have always been a constant, and they never bring anything to the table that has any merit anyway

and everyone knows they can't leave. Which is why [they] bitch, but never leave.

the lanparty of [mos] guys know that if they miss a bread the appearances fall apart now. Every moment left here for them will be a living hell.

1b78a0 () No. 6378117

Biden wanted to fight POTUS rendition

a9e8f4 () No. 6378118


Aleppo Gambit. We appear to cede control of Syria, and the pipeline running through Aleppo, to Russia/Turkey while we fight for Venezuela and the Western Hemisphere (EU looks fucked for now)…but after a few more plays are made, we come back to dominate the central section of the chess board, and reassert in the ME.

Working hypothesis.

189808 () No. 6378119


e2938a () No. 6378120

>>6378039 LB

Yes we KEKed on that a while ago.

Also :44 KEKs on that one (Bomb's Away Marker).

feef73 () No. 6378121


Fake anons!

You idiot!

What does that even mean, we’ve got ebot ai bot and Jew bots abound.

Welcome to qresearch newfag

d99f13 () No. 6378122




872be0 () No. 6378123

>>6378052 lb

It's definitely an illuminati symbol.

Looking up "illuminati sun" you find pics like this one

b578f8 () No. 6378124


Bill Barrs prepared remarks for tomorrows Senate hearing.


9f59fc () No. 6378125


>>6377785 (pb)

>>6378065 (pb)

Over the next eight years, agents working out of a top-secret DEA facility in Chantilly, Virginia, used wiretaps, undercover operations and informants to map Hezbollah’s illicit networks, with the help of 30 U.S. and foreign security agencies.

They followed cocaine shipments, some from Latin America to West Africa and on to Europe and the Middle East, and others through Venezuela and Mexico to the United States. They tracked the river of dirty cash as it was laundered by, among other tactics, buying American used cars and shipping them to Africa. And with the help of some key cooperating witnesses, the agents traced the conspiracy, they believed, to the innermost circle of Hezbollah and its state sponsors in Iran.


3c09ab () No. 6378126


We aren’t there yet.

a9e8f4 () No. 6378127


I worry more about the Chemist….possible chemical attack, perhaps using Carfentanyl.

269b7c () No. 6378128

Boards run by jewtuberfaggots getting paid for captchas. And it's ok with their clickbaiting faggot friends who are to stupid to know any better, normiefags.

10e37d () No. 6378129


Had a great set of tits…..

Too bad she is such an evil bitch…..

Mind you, she could be down for a good anal gangbang……

454cf3 () No. 6378130


Episode # 1111

286e33 () No. 6378131


Yeah, it will die out fast unless the captcha shit is fixed.

feef73 () No. 6378132


Who is that?

2302dd () No. 6378133


>IP hopping right from the start now are ya?

Does it change the information provided?

01904a () No. 6378134


She'd cut your nuts off if she ever figured out who you were talking about.

7253ba () No. 6378135

Imagine that, Q knew about the FBI investigation into ANTIFA.

In the news:

FBI Investigating Antifa For Plotting To ‘Stage An Armed Rebellion’ With Guns Purchased From Mexican Cartel


Anons know why ANTIFA fits right into the brilliant plan!

ANTIFA & (Muslim Brotherhood) declared terrorist organizations > Activates Military > Martial Law > Deep State Arrests > PAIN > JUSTICE > Healing > World Renaissance

Enjoy the show! It is here! Q dark for a reason!

cfbeee () No. 6378136

Wonder where these went?


7ad84c () No. 6378137


Always ask yourself what you are contributing.

Research for yourself first

America waiting to be fed the news has got us into this trouble in the first place

Granted, until the internet we didn't have much choice but if you look into it, there were people wide awake in the 80's, the 70's and even the 60's. And, they didn't have the luxury of the internet to find the truth.

So we're lucky

Don't wait for others to feed you the news Be the reporter yourself

58926c () No. 6378138

>>6378020 (lb)

>>6377972 (lb)

Ok, thanks for the explanation, most of that makes sense.

'It'd be good to tell all anons that first post

As for that data, I'm not sure if I fully see a significant drop.

It's still the 30th EST, so not sure how it has data for the 1st yet, and the states are high for the 30th. And ebot has high in post count earlier, so were other spammers.

Like I've said again and again, an explanation for anons so they know what's going on and can refer to it would help a lot to end the slide.

4e12c0 () No. 6378139

CANADA Green-NDP merger? It could be a big hit.

Welcome to the Canadian nightmare folks! Now that fag boy Trudeau has lost favour, the media is promoting a merger of the far left NDP (New Democrat Party), led by a turban clad Sikh, with the Green Party led by the alleged alcoholic Elizabeth May.

According to the article, "The Green Democrats would have a higher appeal among younger, urban and educated demographics (which is, statistically at least, already the case for the GPC and NDP)."

Never mind that the largest terrorist attack in Canadian history was perpetrated by the Sikhs. Or that if AOC's Green New Deal was implemented 50% of the US population would die. Similar or higher stats for Canada if the Green monsters get their way. The sub arctic temps would wipe out many without access to affordable heat.


dc13f0 () No. 6378140


you just want to smack him. A nurse scared this faggot into tweeting that.

8fc5b2 () No. 6378141


Ebot! Give me more boobs

980a93 () No. 6378142

POTUS Had A Big Proclamation Day.

Good stuff - worth a read.


8ead61 () No. 6378143

Only 41 UIDs this time of night? You fucktards tell me there is no problem.

026922 () No. 6378144

58926c () No. 6378145


>Used to be my first source for news

>>6372216 (pb) Notable bun search function in the works!

b578f8 () No. 6378146


Good job NSAfag

a01302 () No. 6378147

>>6378017 TY Baker

8a0b36 () No. 6378148

17c23a () No. 6378149

Did the Poway Synagogue FF get blown out of the news cycle already after the "white supremacist" was outed as a Jew?

d99f13 () No. 6378150

6513b1 () No. 6378151


Too bad the shooter missed his dumbass.

bf5df2 () No. 6378152

f0c263 () No. 6378153


Bill Barr was/is CIA???

And he plays the bagpipes.


Fair warning: Reading the full article will mess with your head. (full article in link)

"The City of Washington Pipe Band may be the best evidence we have of a “deep state.” Barr was in the Justice Department. Green was a senior official in George W. Bush’s Administration. (“Condi Rice, my boss, would go to piano camp every summer, so she said it was O.K. for me to do bagpipes,” Green explained.) There were members of the intelligence community and the labor unions, a Secret Service agent, and a congressional general counsel. Glendinning recalled a piper who was “an F.B.I. agent with a specialty in human-flesh decomposition.” Jon Quigg, one of the band’s drummers, remembered prepping for a performance in Barr’s office—“the same space that R.F.K. had occupied thirty years earlier.” He added, “Heady experience.

Barr quit competing in the late eighties, when things began to heat up at the Justice Department. “He’d come to watch us practice and compete, with his entourage of security, but he couldn’t keep playing,” Green said. In 1991, when Barr was appointed Attorney General for the first time, by George H. W. Bush, he invited the band to play at his swearing-in. “We marched in and played a medley of tunes,” Green said. Bush made some wisecracks in his speech, and said, of his bagpiping A.G., “I’m wondering if he understands that the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.”

The band is currently on hiatus, but old members still meet up to jam. Sometimes Barr talks about getting the band back together, Glendinning said. A few years ago, Barr bought a set of ­matching chanters—the bagpipe mouthpiece—and a fleet of drums, for all the out-to-pasture pipers. “Let’s make real music again,” he told them, in a note.“Not this modern, gimmicky stuff that all the bands are playing these days.”

Barr still likes to host ceilidhs—big Scottish-music parties—complete with pipes, fiddles, and whiskey. The most recent one took place last October. “He invited Celtic musicians from Scotland, on his own dime, to join us,” Green said. Two months later, Barr got the call from the President. “I was over at his house when he told me that Trump had asked him to be the new Attorney General,” Glendinning recalled. “I said, ‘Take it! Your country needs you!’ But on my way home, in the car, the toll of such a job—not just on Bill but on his family—as well as having to leave the comforts of semi-retirement, began to gnaw at me.” Glendinning had trouble sleeping that night, and sent Barr an e-mail listing all his concerns. But it was too late. Barr’s response: “Thanks, my friend. I have crossed the Rubicon.”

Green said, “He didn’t have us play at the ceremony this time around.” ♦

feef73 () No. 6378154


Place for news,

Captcha is fixed,

Pick one anon

Notables are the place for news

Captcha is for posting


5e4495 () No. 6378155


i've been thinking the same lately, anon

i have a theory of sorts that "the plan" is an 8 year plan and each post corresponds to a different year. that's why some seem out of context. like the brave new world one. that clearly was not happening when it was posted and i doubt it will be relevant this fall either, because it's too soon. it could be a 2 year 3 year delta who knows.

have been meaning to go through all of the crumbs and organize "chronologically" based on the general timeline Q has given us but it would be extremely time intensive and irl leaves me with little time as it is.

01904a () No. 6378156


Good night to get to bed early fren.

8ead61 () No. 6378157


……..and you know that how?

e3386b () No. 6378158


Yeah but that just includes the people that posted, right? Doesn't include the people lurking.

dc13f0 () No. 6378159


The synogauge shooter was a male nurse

d8dc04 () No. 6378160


seeing the long nosed tribe whine about it has been the highlight of the month for me. open borders and carpel tunnel syndrome for israel!!

5e4495 () No. 6378161


wow i didn't even notice that. i have never seen it so low at 11pm. kek, anons are lazier than i thought..

8a0b36 () No. 6378162

dd0536 () No. 6378163

4686a0 () No. 6378164


They are massively fucked. All the way up the chain and back to ballsack eyes Soros.

b578f8 () No. 6378165


Gaylord Fauker?

960c66 () No. 6378166

>>6378074 (p-b)

And This IS



20a62b () No. 6378167

286e33 () No. 6378168


I’m not whining like you, little bitch. I’m stating an opinion. Dumb attacking anons like you contribute NOTHING to this board, never have. Go work on your GED, dummy.

8ead61 () No. 6378169


That number is usually up over 100.


Not doing that. Going elsewhere.

dc13f0 () No. 6378171


>41 uid's

>under a hundred posts


685804 () No. 6378172


You don't understand how UID's work.

Expand your lurking.

Fucking cock-womble.

07fc05 () No. 6378173


He's young, let it go. I had my own opinions that evolved since that age. Move on, this isn't research.

35a322 () No. 6378174



So, were there any documents released that showed Small It had Obo on speed dial? How high up did his Contacts list go?

e3386b () No. 6378176


Bread is still new, anon.

17c23a () No. 6378177


Is the Green New Deal engineered economic collapse the reason deagle (sic?) is reported a severe decline in population due to reverse migration?

ac9f67 () No. 6378178

Anons in the [RR] black hat camp CLEARLY haven’t read his confirmation vote.

Trust your fellow man.

a61ff9 () No. 6378179


Good decode

026922 () No. 6378180

21a3c6 () No. 6378181



Corruption runs deep

4886f9 () No. 6378182


Get your head out of your ass, newfag.

Captcha keeps idiot boomer demographic lower and makes shills work harder.

We want UID quality not quantity.

For quantity take yourself back to Reddit.

1dc61c () No. 6378183

>>6376309 (anon notable pb)

NASCAR / Trump Twat / UNC Shooting

Another connection, anon… 22

4686a0 () No. 6378184


Irish. Not Jewish. 👌🏽

8ead61 () No. 6378185


It's not laziness. It's seeing the bullshit for what it is.

58f34c () No. 6378186

This Mueller letter either has to be a set up to bait them into crying for declass or its a FF set up to screw over Barr in his testimony tomorrow.

13a81e () No. 6378187

Holocaust class?

We called it cooking

a61ff9 () No. 6378188

Good decode

feef73 () No. 6378189


Can you milk me faulker?

8fc5b2 () No. 6378190

960c66 () No. 6378191


This is so good and important.

This is who and what we are.

Despite anons being boneheads at times (Never me tho, sorry anons, PerfectAnon here kek) and the assholes and subverters, THIS is our Mantra. Our Code.

Love it.

Ty anon

397e79 () No. 6378192



b578f8 () No. 6378193


In addition to slowing the bot shills down it, BO could have implemented the double captcha to throttle the newfags when they show up in mass once /qresearch/ goes mainstream (god forbid)

08f16e () No. 6378194



>Place for news,

>Captcha is fixed,

>Pick one anon

>Notables are the place for news

>Captcha is for posting



'Logic Wins Every Single Time'

2521c0 () No. 6378195

More Signs/Hints from foxnews.com

The Time Has Come

Q-drop 51 (5/1?) This Qdrop includes allusion to National Day of Prayer (May 2nd)

20a62b () No. 6378196


MAJOR TRUTH coming in tomorrow, concernshill.

board team fucking up the board and shills complaining about that won´t make anons leave!

9f59fc () No. 6378197

90cf60 () No. 6378198




fbf53a () No. 6378199

168f91 () No. 6378200


There's a problem for [mos] shills.

Anons are pretty comfy. It was even funnier earlier in the day (around 5:30 eastern usa time) where the postrate went down to <5 ppm because shill coverage fucked up and [they] couldn't keep up appearances.

That will happen more as funding dries up.

286e33 () No. 6378201


People tend to abandon platforms that are difficult to use. Q hasn’t posted anything significant for 6 months. When anons start quitting, it will be over. Maybe this useless fucking DOJ will start doing something and Q will be done.

5e4495 () No. 6378202


oh yea that too..

6292c3 () No. 6378203

>>6377777 (lb)

birds of a feather?

9bbdc8 () No. 6378204

8ead61 () No. 6378205


You stupid fucktard. I've been around since the half ch days. I know what the fuck I'm talking about. Who is the fucking newbie that you would accept this bullshit without question?

You're an idiot.

9f59fc () No. 6378206

38386c () No. 6378207

Research "reveals"* cause of huge 2011 Japan tsunami, may improve forecasting

(nothing about a few bombs or anything like that)

OSAKA – Research results released by Osaka University on April 29 have attributed the massive plate-boundary fault slip and tsunami of the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake to increased pressure due to frictional heat between plates.

Researchers said friction between the plates created temperatures of at least 500 degrees Celsius, causing water trapped underneath to expand and push open faults between plates, making huge slips more likely. The team says their work will help predict the size of tsunamis and the characteristics of earthquakes in the Nankai Trough, inland and other regions.

On the same day, the group's research results were published in the English online journal Scientific Reports.

The March 2011 earthquake was caused when a shallow area close to the Japan Trench slipped 50 to 80 meters, raising the seabed and generating a huge tsunami. Before the disaster, shallow areas were considered safe from major slips. To determine the cause of such a massive slip, the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) deployed the Deep-sea Scientific Drilling Vessel "Chikyu" in 2012 to collect pieces of the fault for analysis.

Tetsuro Hirono, associate professor at the Department of Earth and Space Science at Osaka University, and his team analyzed material recovered by Chikyu. They studied the level of pressure, permeability, heat and other conditions near the plate boundary required for the rock to slip or break. While some believed that slippery clay composites in the fault were to blame for the slip, it became evident that had it not been for the expansion of water caused by friction-generated heat, there would not have been a major fault slip.

Historical and other data are currently used to predict the chances of a large earthquake and its intensity. Following the Osaka team's results, it is possible that analysis of fault lines will improve the ability to forecast the size or intensity of tsunamis and earthquakes, reducing the effects of natural disasters.

Hirono said, "The Heisei era was affected by several large earthquakes, but researchers were only reactive to events. I want earthquake research to proactively reduce disasters as we advance into the new Reiwa era."


bf5df2 () No. 6378208


compare to Sessions

76ad86 () No. 6378209


No it doesn't. It's still Fake and Gay.

e01358 () No. 6378210


It already is mainstream you cucked faggot

a01302 () No. 6378211

>>6378143 Small band anon

96ec4e () No. 6378212


We called it acting

83cfd4 () No. 6378213

Every time they demand something from him he will give them something to think about and the Dims seem to like hitting their heads against the wall in an effort to regain supremacy and power, the avalanche will come and Barr will be forgotten, blame games meets musical chairs


8a0b36 () No. 6378214


Good digs anon.

Take it a step further; Who supplied the said mexcan cartel with the weapons?

286e33 () No. 6378215


He’s just another tv-brainwashed sheep. Normie.

6513b1 () No. 6378216


I'm here.

e2938a () No. 6378217


What a list. KEK.

dc13f0 () No. 6378218

even if its down to one or 2 anons posting on a board and shills will still tell you to stop it to give up.

90cf60 () No. 6378219


>foiled = interrupted


afcc5c () No. 6378220

>>6377590 LB

Look at the difference.

See how the hair is raised up like a girl's hair?

Full human mouth.

Doe eyes.

Human nose, upward lift

Right is kid boy fight

Left is child girly groom for sex by a pedo

Watch the trailer and see the end sequence where they play off and joke about child trafficking.


feef73 () No. 6378221


If you don’t read past post from Q and understand that we have more than we now, you should not be on this board.

c5e471 () No. 6378222

d99f13 () No. 6378223



b578f8 () No. 6378224



286e33 () No. 6378225


The quality is also declining rapidly. More stupidos.

e01358 () No. 6378226


He's hardly a concernshill he's just tired of gung-ho boomer faggots like you, taking over the board preaching about how jesus christ is going to save us, and calling anybody who doesn't follow your bullshit a shill. Eat a dick, you nigger faggot, and i'm sure I speak for more than myself when I say this.

9247bc () No. 6378227

3911c2 () No. 6378228

Miss real anons. Just not worth it right now.

e8873d () No. 6378229


you should study more or find a new teacher

0f7918 () No. 6378230

>>6378124 Bill Barrs prepared remarks for tomorrows Senate hearing (5/1/19)


9f59fc () No. 6378231

67cb4c () No. 6378232


>>6377761 (You)


feef73 () No. 6378233



7ad84c () No. 6378234


You have heard of Sun worshipers, right?

Ra, ancient Egyptian god of the sun and king of the gods. Babylonian/Egyptian religion. It's all the same stuff

Ultimately Luciferian

The eye of rah even has a phoenix next to it which is a symbol of Phoenicia – famous for child sacrifice

17c23a () No. 6378235


How would that be deployed?

Watch the water?

Report today on California water quality.

Can't find sauce right now, hooking my whole house filter up.

BO - Thanks for the captcha, good mental workout!

d557d5 () No. 6378236

They're kicking butt on voter fraud!


Democrat Mayor Frank Caramagna was arrested for filling in ballots of other registered voters.

Caramagna is the first Democrat of Elmwood Park in nearly 50 years.

Democrats are cheating to win.


dc13f0 () No. 6378237


there was a captcha per post on 4chan retard. Its when they implemented google captcha it all went to hell

960c66 () No. 6378238


I'm keking so hard over here. I'm using this meme 30 times a bread.

I bet if we just kept putting that up and DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING back to ANY




4. [bully]

5. General Nincompoops

Just post this, or let's get a few that say things like this and "Sucks to be This Guy" and just that real basic cut to the quick memetic hit and NO energy from HONEST Anons, except that, and if we ALL do that, and FORM and HOLD a REAL Line, with that and the Captcha (GREAT MOVE) I bet most of these viruses would just drop.

What do you think Anons??

286e33 () No. 6378239


I’d fucking smash your mouth like the little faggot you are. Do-nothing pussy. Get a job.

168f91 () No. 6378240


>(around 5:30 eastern usa time)

ps- 5:30 pm. so… yeah.

90c0f8 () No. 6378241

3795b6 () No. 6378243

You know, the way that MadMax and SchittySchiffforbrains are acting, I think they are neck deep in the coup as well,

These two have got to be brought down, I am sick of them and their blatant corrupt attitude.

They want the POTUS gone before they are caught but my guess is that they have it all

God deliver America from this evil. Amen

20a62b () No. 6378244



fukken NOTABLE.

>>6377962 lb, Q knew about the FBI investigation into ANTIFA

Imagine that, Q knew about the FBI investigation into ANTIFA.

In the news:

FBI Investigating Antifa For Plotting To ‘Stage An Armed Rebellion’ With Guns Purchased From Mexican Cartel


Anons know why ANTIFA fits right into the brilliant plan!

2nd pic: US Army tweet from Apr 25th


99e05c () No. 6378245


very notable

>>6377344 PB genZ kid

Wow, impressive

2302dd () No. 6378246


>It's still Fake and Gay.

How bout you actually back up your bullshit with some facts or proof?

189808 () No. 6378247


The chemist stuff is in his wikipedia page,as well as a reference about the religious part (Vocal soloist for church weddings)…

67cb4c () No. 6378248


>>6377761 (You)


58926c () No. 6378249

bf5df2 () No. 6378250

6292c3 () No. 6378251


did we ever find out how many weapons sick faggot holder burped up to the cartel???

4886f9 () No. 6378252


If you have been around that long and you are still having so much trouble with the interface, Sparky, you don't belong here.

Age and mental mediocrity can have that effect, maybe for you it is both?

Anyway, thanks for playing, now go somewhere else - and watch the blood pressure.

b578f8 () No. 6378253


Define mainstream?

286e33 () No. 6378254


Mueller is done. Barr was his boss. Mueller is a pos.

e01358 () No. 6378255


is a big nigger.

8a0b36 () No. 6378256



Anons know.

35a322 () No. 6378257


The dismal Deagel depop numbers have been around many years, remembering it from my GLP days.

9f59fc () No. 6378258

67cb4c () No. 6378259


Reread woot

33e2b0 () No. 6378260


Wouldn't surprise me.

Remember David Katz?

feef73 () No. 6378261


Feels anon

e01358 () No. 6378262


Do you not see the niggers posting? Are you fucked in the head, you stupid nigger? Figure it the fuck out for yourself you useless piece of shit.

c91796 () No. 6378263

May 1= Law Day

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims May 1, 2018, as Law Day, U.S.A


a349f8 () No. 6378264



20a62b () No. 6378265



58926c () No. 6378266

Notables so far


>>6378073 Bill Barr's prepared remarks for tomorrows Senate hearing.

>>6378135 FBI Investigating Antifa For Plotting To ‘Stage An Armed Rebellion’ With Guns Purchased From Mexican Cartel

>>6378236 Democrat Mayor Frank Caramagna was arrested for filling in ballots of other registered voters

>>6378263 President Donald J. Trump Proclaims May 1, 2018, as Law Day, U.S.A

7253ba () No. 6378267


Ivan Reibeling (Cobra Commander), but Soros has the money.


4d56b0 () No. 6378268

Jesus so-called "Christ" is burning in a vat if shit in hell for all eternity, AND SO WILL ALL OF HIS FOLLOWERS!

In the Old Testament the Biblical prophecies state:

Before the time of the messiah, there shall be war and suffering (Ezekiel 38:16), the messiah will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing Jews back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem (Isaiah 11:11-12; Jeremiah 23:8; 30:3; Hosea 3:4-5). He will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles (Isaiah 2:2-4; 11:10; 42:1). He will rebuild the Temple and re-establish its worship (Jeremiah 33:18). He will restore the religious court system of Israel and establish Jewish law as the law of the land (Jeremiah 33:15).

Jews do not believe that Jesus was the messiah because JESUS DID NONE OF THESE THINGS! Over 100 people have made claims to being messiah, most of them fulfilled at least one or two of the Old Testament prophecies, but Jesus fulfilled none of them. He just cruised up and announced himself like the Jews were going to say "Oh, ok total stranger who fulfilled none of the prophecies, you can be our most sacred figure for no real reason at all besides you saying so!".

So how did Christians justify calling Jesus the messiah? By bullshitting. Seriously. They said things like "Well, Jesus's body is Israel, and since all men must follow him, this satisfies the requirement that he make Israel the leading nation". This is why Jesus was put to death and boils in shit in hell for eternity! This is where all Christians and pagans end up!

I suggest you all stop being antisemitic; it's against the law. G-DS law, not mans!

08f16e () No. 6378269


>Anons in the [RR] black hat camp CLEARLY haven’t read his confirmation vote.

Completely coincidental that the Dems who voted against [RR] are running in/or intended to run for President in 2020.

Six Dems capable of running [not implicated in the coup attempt] should the 'plan' with [RR] be exposed

8a5f93 () No. 6378270


>as funding dries up.

Wait, theres funding? Well fuck me, I've been shitposting for free.

b2b253 () No. 6378271

At this point, have Deep State and Dems figured out Mueller is a white hat, or are they still trying to figure out why Mueller didnt frame Trump?

286e33 () No. 6378272


That’s not logic, it’s not even coherent. Which you would understand if you hadn’t dropped out of community college because it was too hard.

76ad86 () No. 6378273


I could say the same. Any fucking idiot can make a YT video with nothing but circumstantial evidence. Lets see some real evidence for a change.

fbf53a () No. 6378274


We're still here anon…there's just more noise.

It's okay to take a break.

2521c0 () No. 6378275


January 1, 2019 post here at 17:11:11 number 4555555


c7acfc () No. 6378276

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


IntheMatrixxx and ShadyGrooove

The Payseur Family story

RSE Main Campus - Yelm, US

Event starts on Wednesday, June 26 2019 at 9:30am

Event ends at approx. 4pm Wednesday, June 26 2019

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


8ead61 () No. 6378277


I don't recall the per post captcha, but that google cap is purely for those who can see, but not think.


4ec424 () No. 6378278

20a62b () No. 6378279


newshill who does not know how bread work confirmes:

board shillery made to make anons leave.






960c66 () No. 6378280




First Rodeo Confirmed.

a5650d () No. 6378281

obama paid 1 million dollars to gpfusion for dossier on Trump

38386c () No. 6378282


don't think a quantifiable number ever produced but has to be in 10's on thousand's.

9719eb () No. 6378284


286e33 () No. 6378283


Except Walter is smart.

2302dd () No. 6378285


>nothing but circumstantial evidence

Try watching the shit before you go spouting a bunch of absolute horse shit.

a5650d () No. 6378286



e1ce38 () No. 6378287


I agree, NOTABLE

b578f8 () No. 6378288


Someone piss in your corn flakes little boy? Bit surly this early into nightshift.

4886f9 () No. 6378289


The boomer filter is letting waaaaay too many slip through.

Captcha needs to be a bit more difficult, BO.

d8dc04 () No. 6378290


you gotta open up a little bit anon. tell the guy how you really feel. seriously, no need to hold back here on 8ch. it's your world anon, paint it however you like

026922 () No. 6378291


You have no clue who you are talking to you vulgarian oaf.

I accept your admittance of defeat.

872be0 () No. 6378292


Anons completely reject the identity politics of division. We completely and utterly reject divisions based on any physical characteristic of a person. How many times to I have to repeat this?

Expand your thinking.

A narrow mind will lead you to ruin (or maybe it already did).

99bda3 () No. 6378293



9f59fc () No. 6378294



168f91 () No. 6378295


If you've been shilling for [them] for free, the term for that is "useful idiot".

ab668a () No. 6378296


Fuck InTheGaytrixxx and his gaybois.

20a62b () No. 6378297

397e79 () No. 6378298

286e33 () No. 6378299


Agree. You can tell that some of these anons have never accomplished anything and will accept anything Q says or does. Probably former Soetero voters. Sheep.

b2b253 () No. 6378300

8a5f93 () No. 6378301


Um, just who do you object to being here?

026922 () No. 6378302

7253ba () No. 6378303

More popcorn!

ebcec7 () No. 6378304


Interesting… one of those :44's has "Tomorrow is Freedom Day"

4/5 is when Q+ posted 5:5

Also, "Anon" posted "LETS ROLL!" in response…

e2938a () No. 6378305

The only paragraph that matters.


8ead61 () No. 6378306

28154a () No. 6378307


>>6377761 (You)


5eee34 () No. 6378308



Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act

TPM stands for “Trusted Platform Module”. It’s a chip on your computer’s motherboard that helps enable tamper-resistant full-disk encryption without requiring extremely long pass phrases.

TSA protects the skies

Patriots in control?

93f199 () No. 6378309



6c8c13 () No. 6378310



a61ff9 () No. 6378311

58f34c () No. 6378312

You are missed Q.

Stay safe and get er done!

58926c () No. 6378313


Hang in there anon.

Keep contributing what you can, we're still in the Calm Before The Strom

c0de73 () No. 6378314


Lolol! Yup!>>6378276


8fc9c9 () No. 6378315

Adam Schiff: Intel agencies went 'dark' on Trump-Russia investigation after Comey fired

Intelligence agencies stopped updating the House Intelligence Committee about the counterintelligence into President Trump's 2016 campaign after former FBI Director James Comey was fired, Chairman Adam Schiff said on Tuesday. Ahead of testimony by Attorney General William Barr, Schiff opened up what could be another line of questioning he faces from members of the Senate and House Judiciary committees.

"We were getting periodic counterintelligence briefings up until the point where James Comey was fired," Schiff, D-Calif., said on MSNBC. "At that point, the most significant counterintelligence investigation in recent history went into a black hole and the [Justice] Department and the intelligence community stopped fulfilling their statutory obligation to keep us fully informed of any significant counterintelligence activity. "So they've been dark now for a year and a half," he added. "And that, I think, violates the statute. We're insisting on getting full answers now."

The FBI's original Russia investigation, which began in July 2016, was later wrapped into special counsel Robert Mueller's inquiry looking into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible collusion between Trump's campaign and the Kremlin. Mueller was appointed special counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein eight days after Trump fired Comey in May 2017. The House Intelligence Committee is one of a handful of Democrat-controlled panels that have revved up investigations into the president this year. Part of this push is to obtain the findings of the counterintelligence investigation, which Schiff said is supported by ranking member Devin Nunes, R-Calif.

"In a very atypical illustration of bipartisanship vis-a-vis the Russia investigation, Mr. Nunes and I have sent two joint requests now to the Department demanding this information," Schiff said. "We're prepared if necessary to use compulsion to get it. We want Mueller to testify, we want the underlying evidence, we want to make sure we get answers."


2bff35 () No. 6378316



‏ @45__Schedule

27m27 minutes ago

Attorney General Bill Barr's prepared remarks for tomorrow's Senate hearing.

1b78a0 () No. 6378317



28154a () No. 6378318


>>6377761 (You)


b2b253 () No. 6378319

maybe we are 1st & 10 on the 30 now

a61ff9 () No. 6378320

7ad84c () No. 6378321


New shill tactic on display

c0de73 () No. 6378322



5e4495 () No. 6378323


yep, the very definition of sheep: incapable of thinking ahead or thinking critically, incapable of questioning those in positions of power, mocking and making fun of those who ask questions

980a93 () No. 6378324

Is It Time?

286e33 () No. 6378325


Oh fuck yourself, idiot. I’ve been on here since Nov 17 and had a doctorate since 1989 . Fucking sheep. Stupid people should just shut up, that’s how you learn. Dummy.

20a62b () No. 6378326


<boomer faggot

2bff35 () No. 6378327



‏ @45__Schedule

Leader McCarthy:

"It's concerning to me a rise in anti-Semitism isn't just across the nation but at times we've heard it from individuals inside this own Congress. That has got to stop."


e2938a () No. 6378328


:44 is a great marker.


First :MM stamp as well.

28154a () No. 6378329


>>6377761 (You)


58f34c () No. 6378330


Probably after barrs testimony tomorrow and Thursday

8a5f93 () No. 6378331


Boy I'll say. So just where do I sign up for the fucking gibs, nigger? You fuckin tell me!

189808 () No. 6378332



like this?

4d56b0 () No. 6378333


Say hello to hell, fool.

The angel of death will pass over MY house.

He will not pass over YOURS.

We are masters of all the things you fear.

35a322 () No. 6378334



>Hasnt the smithsonian been accused of some shady shit?

Hiding and misrepresenting history would be a start.

9f59fc () No. 6378335



Is Aton the lion? Yes when you are talking about the house of Judah, these are the expelled Levites, Hyksos dynasties, the Atonist cult. The Freemasons have preserved the true religion. These are monothiests, Atonists, becaue when akhenaton was expelled he couldn’t work openly anymore, so they devised the name Moses, which is what Sigmund Freud always said that Akhenaton was Moses, and it turns out he was correct, and later on the scripting of the old testament and the rescripting of these stories of Egyptian history into the form we have today, these ludicrous inconsistent stories of Moses, slavery in Egypt all of which has been shot down even by modern Jewish scholars. The lion of Judah was Akhenaton, the first lion king, sun king. The Hyksos was a military invading dynasty, very warlike, unlike the rest of the Egyptians who were the most spiritual people on earth. The Hyksos were belligerent and warlike, the philistines stomping around in the streets, riding their military chariots and had everyone in line and everybody in fear. So we’re being told the story but in a subliminal way in some of these stories and movies like Samson, King Lear, the Arthurian legends. These never happened but they are clear re-telling’s of what happened in Egypt, just spray painted differently. It’s all about one story. So this Atonist cult has been operating behind world religions ever since. Now here’s the clincher: in Hebrew, the ‘t’ in Aton becomes a ‘d’. ‘Aton’ becomes ‘Adon’ or ‘Adonai.’ The great Jewish scholars admit this. So who is Adonai to the Jews? It is the catchphrase for Yahweh or Jehovah. When you say Yahweh or Jehovah, it referencing Adonai, which is Aton. Christ is an Egyptian word. Referring again to the ‘holy anointed one’ or sun king in his temple. The messiah (anointed one) is the one ho is next in line to the seed of David, or dove, and you see the doves atop the mesas of the queen of England, used by the knights of Columbus (which means dove), why are these secret societies using the dove? The doves are the Davids. The queen Elizabeth says, “I sit here on the throne of David, me and my clan place-hold the throne for Jesus and the seed of David.” Why would she say that?

Do the Windsor’s currently on the throne, connect themselves with the tribe of Judah? Absolutely. They employ the six pointed star, the red thread, the beast-eaters at the tower of London, does not the queen walk on the red carpet? Does she not say we are here under the seed of David? If these Judaic symbols, which are really Freemasonic terms, have nothing to do with the torah at all, the torah and bible tell people to live a moral life, then how come, Jews are slaughtering Palestinians and serving the dark forces of the Illuminati, is that living a moral life? It’s because they’ve been sold a bill of lies. The Jews do not realize that these same Atonist forces who run from London and New York, funded the holocaust that murdered so many of their religious Jews. Some are starting to wake up, realizing that we have also been placed on the altar of sacrifice by people who call themselves Zionists but have nothing to do with us! Getting us to fight like maniacs, over something that as nothing to do with us, not mentioned in the torah at all. Who are the knights of temple of Zion when the crusaders went to the temple of Solomon? Solomon has nothing to do with any Jews, ‘sol’ ‘om’ ‘on’ are the three names of the suns in the ancient world. It’s where the Templars went to be initiated by them and be brought under their service. Because when these Knights Templars were fighting these crusades I believe they fell in with the cult of Aton, which had many dynasties, working surreptitiously now, under the cover, not openly in history anymore, because the couldn’t work openly after leaving Egypt. But they were an extreme money power in the far east, as well as the west. I believe that the Templars met with these people and were co-opted, and shown secrets. So when they say, “we were shown secrets under the temple of Solomon,” the Templars riding saying, “we found great treasures under the temple,” of course all the Indiana Jones types are running out with spades, digging under the temple for a few gold coins I mean c’mon lets grow up a bit, its not some pirates treasure, it’s a secret. What secret that the 33rd degree Masons are aware of? That these people are worshipping the Christed one, the Sol kings of old, that’s why they are on their knees. The motto of all Freemasonry is “through me all kings will reign.” It’s the New World Order of these Levitical Hyksos cult of Aton individuals, the truth Yahwists, who, after losing Egypt vowed that nothing left would suffice their megalomania and egotism than to have the whole world become theirs.


872be0 () No. 6378336

5eee34 () No. 6378337



7b806f () No. 6378338


Stealth Bomber coming in Mayday Mayday Mayday

feef73 () No. 6378339

This post is for Q.

And the shills.

Read them and weap.

8ead61 () No. 6378340


You been talking to David "fake phd" Duke?

28154a () No. 6378341


>>6377761 (You)


d99f13 () No. 6378342


58926c () No. 6378343




kek, thanks anon

d581eb () No. 6378344


>an explanation for anons

It's self explanatory but I went out of my way to explain it to the back of the class. Notice, it was not deemed important enough to make notables.

>It's still the 30th EST, so not sure how it has data for the 1st yet, and the states are high for the 30th

It will be monitored, but if you think for a second we don't have a deep love for this community you've judged us poorly. This wasn't done for the lulz, it was done unanimously after significant deliberation.


Spammers are allowed, now they have to work for it instead of getting a free lunch. We're not choosing what's spam and what's not and we're sure as shit not leaving it up to a vote. Also Q Post 1375

>No Filters.

83cfd4 () No. 6378345

just reaching out to a different market, not exactly the tits or gtfo crowd, kek

education and spreading the word is good


7253ba () No. 6378346


The CDC = (C)oyotes and (D)rug (C)artels

Very "dangerous".

a61ff9 () No. 6378347


think mirror

20a62b () No. 6378348



also notable:



286e33 () No. 6378349


Wrong. Sun is positive. The death cult is a moon cult.

f8862d () No. 6378350


About every tweet today on POTUS schedule twitter should be a notable.

May Day is Presidential Proclamation Law Day and Loyalty Day

17c23a () No. 6378351


Still trying to distract us shill?

Their "skull & bones" are different from ours, nowhere else to be found in Europe.

Swiss have Khazarian Brachycephalic Craniometry Cephalometry from Central Asia Mongolia:







872be0 () No. 6378352

28154a () No. 6378353


>>6377761 (You)


168f91 () No. 6378354


You're asking the wrong anon. You're the one that tacitly literally agreed that you're shilling [mos]' bullshit, for free

b578f8 () No. 6378355


FUCK YOU I've been here since Nam

a61ff9 () No. 6378356

fb2ed4 () No. 6378357






This has nothing to do with captcha, it has to do with content. I will contine to research on my own, but even 8ch.net appears comped.

286e33 () No. 6378358


The Trump Admin better take serious action on vote fraud. The midterms were NOT safe.

20a62b () No. 6378359


leave masonry.

It will be easier than you think.

Q has got your back.

GOD´s kingdom is near.

2302dd () No. 6378360

dd0536 () No. 6378361

feef73 () No. 6378362


HEY faggof this place didn’t exist nov 2017. Nice try shill see


d99f13 () No. 6378363


Cabal in DC

5e4495 () No. 6378364


it didn't make notables bc no one knew it was a BO/BV talking, you retard. are you serious right now?

thank you for this, again anonymous, post though

baker, notable - BO?/BV? explains captcha decision

685fd4 () No. 6378365

I love how Anons talk to each other here.

Reminds me of growing up with my brothers.

Very much a warm fuzzy feels.

28154a () No. 6378366


>>6377761 (You)


5eee34 () No. 6378367


So your evidence is due to the odd Strike- part?

Just understanding your decode.

4886f9 () No. 6378368


You have a PhD


Is it in Being Too Dumb To Solve A Captcha?

873618 () No. 6378369

CBS news

PUBLISHED: 04/30/19 09:07 PM EDTUPDATED: 04/30/19 09:09 PM EDT

Alabama's House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a near-total abortion ban, a piece of legislation that the bill's sponsor called a "direct attack" on Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that protects a woman's right to an abortion. Politicians in the statehouse voted against adding an amendment that would have added an exception for victims of rape and incest.

After several hours of contentious debate, Alabama politicians overwhelmingly passed House Bill 314, the "Human Life Protection Act," 74 to 3 on Tuesday evening, pushing the bill forward to the state Senate. Of the state's 105 representatives, 28 refused to vote after Republicans blocked the rape and incest amendment.

If passed into law, the legislation would criminalize abortion, classifying it as a Class A felony in Alabama. That means that a doctor caught performing abortions in the state would face up to 99 years in prison under the proposed law.

f0c263 () No. 6378370



"Barr moved to D.C., in 1973, to work for the C.I.A. and attend law school simultaneously."


William Pelham Barr

Born Upper West Side NYC

Corpus Christi School, then Horace Mann (whew)

B.A. Columbia, major in government

M.A. Columbia, government/Chinese studies (hmm)

George Washington Law

From 1973 to 1977, Barr was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency. Barr was a law clerk to Judge Malcolm Wilkey of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit from 1977 through 1978. He served on the domestic policy staff at the Reagan White House from May 3, 1982, to September 5, 1983, with his official title being Deputy Assistant Director for Legal Policy. He was also in private practice for nine years with the Washington law firm of Shaw, Pittman, Potts & Trowbridge.

Also in 1992, Barr authored a report, The Case for More Incarceration, which argued for an increase in the United States incarceration rate for violent criminals.

The media described Barr as staunchly conservative. The New York Times described the "central theme" of his tenure to be: "his contention that violent crime can be reduced only by expanding Federal and state prisons to jail habitual violent offenders."

(I have to agree. They can't be reformed; more people in the USA = need more jails for the rejects)

At the same time, reporters consistently described Barr as affable with a dry, self-deprecating wit. (/ourguy/ confirmed)


Barr and Robert Mueller have known each other since the 1980s and are said to be good friends. Mueller attended the weddings of two of Barr's daughters, and their wives attend Bible study together.

Washington is a very, very strange place.

a9e8f4 () No. 6378371


R's kept the Senate, ensuring NO IMPEACHMENT, and the voter fraud during Mid-Terms was observed/catalogued in real time for prosecution. They had to let it happen in order to take out the bad players.

8a5f93 () No. 6378372


I'm not Mossad, niggerfaggot! Anything but.

bfa6af () No. 6378373


it is becoming ever more apparent you are a shill

8ead61 () No. 6378374


Shill. No anon is that fucking stupid.

ab668a () No. 6378375

28154a () No. 6378376


>>6377761 (You)


2302dd () No. 6378377

8fc9c9 () No. 6378378

Pompeo: ‘Military force is available’ to oust Maduro ‘if that’s what it takes’

President Trump is willing to use “military force” to oust Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared Tuesday evening. “We hope there can be a peaceful resolution and that Maduro will leave without violence,” Pompeo told Fox News’ Bret Baier. “We’re watching those who are engaged in violence and we will hold them accountable. But the president has made very, very clear that we are going to ensure that Venezuelan democracy is restored.”

Pompeo made those comments in response to Venezuelan accusations that the United States has deployed 3,000 people to the U.S. Embassy in neighboring Colombia “planning for war” against Venezuela. The top U.S. diplomat declined to comment on the exact number of Americans at the embassy — “they change from day to day,” he demurred — but left the distinct impression that Trump means for Maduro to leave the easy way or the hard way. “If the question is, is the United States prepared to consider military action if that’s what it takes to restore the democracy there in Venezuela, the president’s been consistent and unambiguous about that, that the option to use military force is available if that’s what is ultimately called for,” he said.

Pompeo’s comments advanced the American threat of military force beyond previous U.S. stipulations “all options are on the table,” aired to deter the potential threats against opposition lawmaker Juan Guaidó. Trump recognized Guaidó as the legitimate interim president of Venezuela in January, after Maduro took the oath of office based on an election that regional observers deemed fraudulent, but the heir to the late socialist President Hugo Chávez has clung to power with Russian and Cuban support and the practical loyalty of the Venezuelan military. Pompeo’s comments advanced the American threat of military force beyond previous U.S. stipulations “all options are on the table,” aired to deter the potential threats against opposition lawmaker Juan Guaidó. Trump recognized Guaidó as the legitimate interim president of Venezuela in January, after Maduro took the oath of office based on an election that regional observers deemed fraudulent, but the heir to the late socialist President Hugo Chávez has clung to power with Russian and Cuban support and the practical loyalty of the Venezuelan military. “I hear sometimes people saying, well, the United States is considering an invasion. The invasion has taken place,” Pompeo said. “The Cubans have thousands of their officers inside of Venezuela today. They are not there with the consent of the government; they’re there with the consent of the thug Nicolás Maduro, but not Juan Guaidó, the duly elected leader of the Venezuelan government today. And for the Russians it’s the same.”

That external support was critical earlier Tuesday morning, according to Pompeo, when Maduro came close to admitting defeat as Guaidó rallied the Venezuelan troops who have defected to his side and called for the rest of the military to abandon Maduro. “He had an airplane on the tarmac, he was ready to leave this morning, as we understand it, and the Russians indicated he should stay,” Pompeo said in a CNN interview. “He was headed for Havana … the fact that Maduro’s plane was parked on the tarmac and he was preparing himself to depart is a fact.”


168f91 () No. 6378379


kek, sure it does. it hurts the wallets of those guys the most. They know they will run out of money.

Filling out a captcha costs an anon nothing, though.

f02fee () No. 6378380

The Dems must be shitting bricks

Imagine having hundreds and thousands of anons digging into your past and posting it for the world to see

Catch a reads. Xpdigq

1f8151 () No. 6378381


WTF is this report?

Chalked full of 'assets' but Goog doesn't make anything, so wtf are these assets, tangible and otherwise?

GOODWILL (is this charity / donation?

Dec 2018 -→ 17,888

Dec 2019 -→ 17,943

Listed in Millions so that's 17 BILLION, 943 MILLION dollars for GOODWILL.


8ed168 () No. 6378382


Thank you for your service, Patriot.


286e33 () No. 6378383


Rod is clearly about Rod Period He is a Jew, after all.

28154a () No. 6378384


>>6377761 (You)


5e4495 () No. 6378385



Spammers are allowed, now they have to work for it instead of getting a free lunch.

no, more accurately. there used to be free lunch for everyone and now EVERYONE pays not just the spammers.

if no filters, then why not just leave shit as it is and make this your policy going forward? clearly it is unpopular and ineffective.

38386c () No. 6378386

Blow Off Top: Bay Area Median Home Price Drops For First Time In 7 Years

San Francisco Bay Area homes declined last month on a y/y basis for the first time in seven years, according to CoreLogic.

The median price paid for an existing home in the nine counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma) was $830,000, down 0.1% compared with March 2018.

The last time prices fell on a y/y basis was March 2012. After that, the Federal Reserve injected several more rounds of quantitative easing that sent home prices soaring for 83 consecutive months. In March 2018, the median home price gained 16.2% over March 2016.

In 2H18, the appreciation rate dramatically slowed due to quantitative tightening, mortgage rate increase, and the start of a synchronized global slowdown.

"It's not that surprising that we hit the wall, at least in terms of a pause," said Andrew LePage, a CoreLogic analyst, wrote in a release.

Glen Bell, a real estate broker with BetterHomes and Gardens Reliance Partners in the East Bay region, said home sales and prices tend to accelerate between February and March as buyers prepare to move before the summer months. He said there was a slight pick up in activity, "but not as strong as last year."

"It reflects a trend that began in mid-2018 when home sales slowed and inventory grew, forcing sellers to be more competitive," LePage said."The year-over-year increase in the region’s median sale price was 16.2% in March last year. But after that, the gains in the median gradually decreased each month and fell to the 2 to 3% range early this year and then disappeared this March."

Sales of homes in the nine counties were 15% lower in March when compared with last year. It was the lowest March in terms of sales in 11 years. ==Sales have been slowing on a y/y basis for the last 10 months - an ominous sign that not just the top is in, but a quick reversal in price is immient.==

Santa Clara County noticed the most significant y/y median home price declines, falling 10% to $1.08 million in March. It was one of the hottest markets on the West Coast, if not the entire country last year - has fallen into a dangerous slump where prices are crashing.

"We've definitely seen some softness and some slowing," said Michael Repka, chief executive and general counsel of DeLeon Realty in Palo Alto.

(typical RE agent "softness"-I think they invented the word 'downclimb')

The total number of homes sold in the nine counties hit 6,124, up 39% from Feburary, but down 14.8% y/y, CoreLogic reported.

The slowdown in home sales and a decline in price last month "mainly reflect buyers purchasing decisions in Feburary," LePage said in the press release. In early 1Q19, the market was recovering from a slowdown in the economy and a volatile stock market from Christmas.

Since Feburary, stock market volatility has dropped, mortgage rates are much lower, and since mid-March, IPOs have been debuting, which could bring more buyers to the market in the coming months.

Jason Nelson, an agent with Alain Pinel/Compass in Mill Valley, said that in Southern Marin, "there might be a slowdown in the market especially on the higher end."

(might be…..fuggen spergs ALL OF THEM)


can say that in california southern have seen a big increase in home's listed for sale. an average of about 2-3 new one's a week but many are not being sold-See most one's over-priced and they switch agent's thinking that will help- it's ded)

6c3030 () No. 6378387

Its even BETTER than we thought!

DJT used "Sympathy for the Devil" to


at Green Bay Rally

He actually waited for the song toe end before announcing-

"Ladies & Gentlemen, the President of the United States!"

This is EPIC, Best Troll Ever and highly



Because these are actually the words to the song. Finally a POTUS sent by God to destroy Evil Satanic Deep State

Begin video at 03:11:00 to hear for yourselves


Please allow me to introduce myself

I'm a man of wealth and taste

I've been around for a long, long year

Stole many a man's soul to waste

And I was 'round when Jesus Christ

Had his moment of doubt and pain

Made damn sure that Pilate

Washed his hands and sealed his fate

Pleased to meet you

Hope you guess my name

But what's puzzling you

Is the nature of my game

I stuck around St. Petersburg

When I saw it was a time for a change

Killed the czar and his ministers

Anastasia screamed in vain

I rode a tank

Held a general's rank

When the blitzkrieg raged

And the bodies stank

Pleased to meet you

Hope you guess my name, oh yeah

Ah, what's puzzling you

Is the nature of my game, oh yeah

I watched with glee

While your kings and queens

Fought for ten decades

For the gods they made

I shouted out

Who killed the Kennedys?

When after all

It was you and me

Let me please introduce myself

I'm a man of wealth and taste

And I laid traps for troubadours

Who get killed before they reached Bombay

Pleased to meet you

Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah

But what's puzzling you

Is the nature of my game, oh yeah, get down, baby

Pleased to meet you

Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah

But what's confusing you

Is just the nature of my game, mm yeah

Just as every cop is a criminal

And all the sinners saints

As heads is tails

Just call me Lucifer

'Cause I'm in need of some restraint

So if you meet me

Have some courtesy

Have some sympathy, and some taste

Use all your well-learned politesse

Or I'll lay your soul to waste, mm yeah

Pleased to meet you

Hope you guessed my name, mm yeah

But what's puzzling you

Is the nature of my game, mm mean it, get down

Oh yeah, get on down

Oh yeah

Oh yeah

Tell me baby, what's my name

Tell me honey, can ya guess my name

Tell me baby, what's my name

I tell you one time, you're to blame

Oh, right

What's my name

Tell me, baby, what's my name

Tell me, sweetie, what's my name

58f34c () No. 6378388

Good night anons.

Great things are happening.

We will never lose again

168f91 () No. 6378390


hurr durr then why did you initially project at me , and you wanted a piece?

8a5f93 () No. 6378391

28154a () No. 6378392


>>6377761 (You)


0f7918 () No. 6378393




-fanatical monotheism'

-capital was "Avaris" in Egypt

-Akhenaten, who was run out of Egypt along with his "people" to Palestine



>They're kicking butt on voter fraud!

good news


> "At that point, the most significant counterintelligence investigation in recent history went into a black hole and the [Justice] Department and the intelligence community stopped fulfilling their statutory obligation to keep us fully informed of any significant counterintelligence activity.

So he wasn't getting leaks in a timely manner, in order to leak to the media..


-Comey was leaker to Schiff


-Schiff is subject to an investigation

20a62b () No. 6378394


did you shills really care to make a video, only to be able to attack a loud voice?

will it work?

or will it make you glow and anons know that HANNITY is a patriot?

try the fuck harder, division shill.

patriots stand together and are STRONG TOGETHER.

8dda4d () No. 6378395


there is no problem.

here buddy, have an upvote

0ebf14 () No. 6378396


>Washington is a very, very strange place.

Not really. These are people just like all of us. They have friends, and friends

tend to have like minds regarding politics.

397e79 () No. 6378397


NICE Video. Keep up the good work.

fbf53a () No. 6378398

My vacation pics to break up the shillstorm.

76c3c3 () No. 6378399



Damn. Can't top that one.

58926c () No. 6378400


>Notice, it was not deemed important enough to make notables.

I was legitimately starting to bake when the first post was posted, and the 2nd was posted after I started baking.

That's why I replied this bread, didn't get the chance to read it.

>It will be monitored,

Good, post it moar often if you can.

> but if you think for a second we don't have a deep love for this community you've judged us poorly.

I know, for a second it was legitimately hard to tell.

>This wasn't done for the lulz, it was done unanimously after significant deliberation

You realize anons have no way of knowing that right?

I'll take your word for it though, and hold you to it.

Like anons would with any statement.

>We're not choosing what's spam

Spam was deleted today though.

This could've been handled when anons were asking what to do about spammers, a simple message about how you would handle it, like you're doing now, would've been good, but we went down this route.

Posted in meta by the way.

Repost if you want it to go in notables, it's relevant

960c66 () No. 6378401


Thank You Donald J. Trump

The Greatest Leader of Any Nation The Earth Has Ever Seen.

Or Ever Will.


5e4495 () No. 6378402


you really really think they're paying more money to "fill out 6 letters"

it's still the same human shills. why would they be paid more to fill out a captcha per post. even if they did, how would you know for sure to be propping that up as a success? it's an assumption. you're basing your entire opinion on an assumption.

8ead61 () No. 6378403



fa8f47 () No. 6378404


>I don't recall the per post captcha

then you didn't post there

or you just have a shitty memory

dd8ab3 () No. 6378405


>>6377761 (You)


20a62b () No. 6378406


clearly you are not here to help Q grow.

clearly you are fukken terrified that so many are part of the Q movement.

try harder, division shill.

286e33 () No. 6378407


I’m talking to an unaccomplished, uneducated little faggot who knows nothing and does less. Raise the board iq by killing your self, pussy. If you won’t do that, get a job and disappear.

026922 () No. 6378408


Goodwill is the value of 'brands' they have acquired or bought. They paid a premium for existing business and need to write that down over time.

Assets are physical things they own with value - buildings, server farms etc… generally bought using amortized capital and paid off over a period of years of useful life.

feef73 () No. 6378409


Anons this shill

Says he’s been here since nov 2017 yet Qanon was still on /pol at that point. Any input?

7ad84c () No. 6378410


yin and yang

as above so below

white magic and black magic

while pope and black pope

Luciferians and Satanists



c7acfc () No. 6378411




>just reaching out to a different market

Or, it could be as Q warned. And this 'cult' is who they sold-out to.

168f91 () No. 6378412


they arent being paid more.

more of them are required though

dd8ab3 () No. 6378413


>>6377761 (You)


4886f9 () No. 6378414


It is only unpopular with shills and lazy motherfuckers over 55.

Everyone else is applauding BO.

872be0 () No. 6378415


Agree. They've been shilling this for days now.

Real Christians don't push like that. We know the Bible and we know that there's a time to shake the dust off your sandals and speak no further on a topic. Quoting Jesus where He instructs the disciples concerning evangelism:

Matthew 10:14-15 English Standard Version (ESV).

14 And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town. 15 Truly, I say to you, it will be more bearable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah than for that town.

b578f8 () No. 6378416


Anon, all your post are negative as fuck… do you need a hug faggot?

8ead61 () No. 6378417


Shitty memory. I don't recall many things that I should.

038345 () No. 6378418


It's a great song. Funny how much awesome music is a little evil

dfb550 () No. 6378419

Venezuela To Launch Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency That Will ‘Destroy Rothschilds’


Jan 1 2019

I remember when this story first broke. then this 3 weeks later

Jan 24 2019

Juan Guido declares himself interim Venezuelan President, challenging President Nicolas Maduro


just an observation. but I believe there is the connection.

9e2ef8 () No. 6378420


Republican Rinos no better.

Doesn't matter who wins, 'We the People' lose!

dd8ab3 () No. 6378421


>>6377761 (You)


960c66 () No. 6378422



That's the 3rd endless kek in this bread.

Fuggin Anons.



QResearch….We been Here since Nam.

054296 () No. 6378423

Snowden tweets that "Any interference with the right of the [Venezuelan] people to communicate freely must be condemned.

In thinking about the USA's First Amendment ("Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press .."), seems to me that SCOTUS should interpret the Amendment in a much broader light ("communicate freely") now that we have the Internet, telephones, and other means. We need the Internet bill of rights!

The law permits corporations (but not government) to abridge speech in any way they see fit, as we have seen so often on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media (thank God for the chans!). No longer are we restricted only to expensive printing presses or maybe the willingness of the local newspaper to print our letter to the editor in our attempts to reach the masses. Corporations and busybody SJWs push the censorship and PC themes "for our own good," and in the process then constrict our freedoms more and more.

I would like to see social media adhere to the same standards as old-fashioned phone conversations, where the phone company had no restrictions on speech unless you were harassing somebody or committing a crime (wire fraud). Corporations should not be able to censor political views or discrimination on the basis of ideology. The right of the people to communicate freely by any means should be paramount.

5e4495 () No. 6378424


how do you know that? it doesn't take THAT much longer to post.. max 30 seconds if you're having difficulties. again, assumption.

286e33 () No. 6378425


The iq here has def dropped since the captcha fuckery.

dd8ab3 () No. 6378426


>>6377761 (You)


20a62b () No. 6378427


Concernshill, anons know that DECLAS was ordered by POTUS month ago.

Anons already know why POTUS waited until now.


If you continue to proceed down this dangerous path only know that we are prepared.

You should know this based on earlier drops re: SA / Nat Guard / MIL Assets activate US soil.

The game is over when the public knows.

The fight to keep the LIGHTS OFF is all that matters to you.

You will FAIL.


You lost CONTROL.


You underestimated their resolve and their ability to free-think away from the pipeline narrative.

We will DECLAS.

We will shine LIGHT.


No amount of money, influence, or power can stop this.

Our rights to secure and protect at all costs then become justified.

We stand at the ready.





There will be many redactions.

Why was the EO put on ice?

To wait for the release of the 'Clinton Investigation' portion of the IG report?


To include in the DECLAS?

Why would it be important to include? (all in one)

Optics are meaningful.

Political hit job narrative.

R's v D's.

Not right v wrong.


END OF THE D PARTY [leaders].


Who appointed Huber?

Re_read (again).

Slowly & carefully.



ee061f () No. 6378428


impeachbarr top trend on twatter


038345 () No. 6378429


Normally, when I get my shill paycheck, it's based on hourly wage. There's bonus and stuff, too; but posting is hourly.

So, typing in the captcha results in slightly fewer posts, but the pay is the same

f0c263 () No. 6378430


Oh man, I just love it.

The internet age has had what, 30+ years to settle in

And we finally figured out how to use it.

We have instant access to more information than any generation in all of history

Blindingly fast

And it's sure as hell more powerful than a speeding bullet

Think of what a bunch of anons can find


Now think of what intel agencies can get

Financial records, medical histories, comprehensive communication histories

Anybody, anywhere, can get turned inside out.

026922 () No. 6378431


Oh, I thought you were talking to me.

Apology accepted.

6292c3 () No. 6378432



-Bottom-Line Conclusions-

After the Special Counsel submitted the confidential report on March 22, I determined that it was in the public interest for the Department to announce the investigation’s bottom-line conclusions—that is, the determination whether a provable crime has been committed or not. I did so in my March 24 letter. I did not believe that it was in the public interest to release additional portions of the report in piecemeal fashion, leading to public debate over incomplete information. My main focus was the prompt release of a public version of the report so that Congress and the American people could read it for themselves and draw their own conclusions. The Department’s principal responsibility in conducting this investigation was to determine whether the conduct reviewed constituted a crime that the Department could prove beyond a reasonable doubt. As Attorney General, I serve as the chief law-enforcement officer of the United States, and it is my responsibility to ensure that the Department carries out its law-enforcement functions appropriately. The Special Counsel’s investigation was no exception. The Special Counsel was, after all, a federal prosecutor in the Department of Justice charged with making prosecution or declination decisions. The role of the federal prosecutor and the purpose of a criminal investigation are well-defined. Federal prosecutors work with grand juries to collect evidence to determine whether a crime has been committed. Once a prosecutor has exhausted his investigation into the facts of a case, he or she faces a binary choice: either to commence or to decline prosecution. To commence prosecution, the prosecutor must apply the principles of federal prosecution and conclude both that the conduct at issue constitutes a federal offense and that the admissible evidence would probably be sufficient to obtain and sustain a guilty verdict by an unbiased trier of fact. These principles govern the conduct of all prosecutions by the Department and are codified in the Justice Manual. The appointment of a Special Counsel and the investigation of the conduct of the President of the United States do not change these rules. To the contrary, they make it all the more important for the Department to follow them. The appointment of a Special Counsel calls for particular care since it poses the risk of what Attorney General Robert Jackson called “the most dangerous power of the prosecutor: that he will pick people that he thinks he should get, rather than pick cases that need to be prosecuted.” By definition, a Special Counsel is charged with investigating particular potential crimes, not all potential crimes wherever they may be found. Including a democratically elected politician as a subject in a criminal investigation likewise calls for special care. As Attorney General Jackson admonished his United States Attorneys, politically sensitive cases demand that federal prosecutors be “dispassionate and courageous” in order to “protect the spirit as well as the letter of our civil liberties.” The core civil liberty that underpins our American criminal justice system is the presumption of innocence. Every person enjoys this presumption long before the commencement


of any investigation or official proceeding. A federal prosecutor’s task is to decide whether the admissible evidence is sufficient to overcome that presumption and establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If so, he seeks an indictment; if not, he does not. The Special Counsel’s report demonstrates that there are many subsidiary considerations informing that prosecutorial judgment—including whether particular legal theories would extend to the facts of the case and whether the evidence is sufficient to prove one or another element of a crime. But at the end of the day, the federal prosecutor must decide yes or no. That is what I sought to address in my March 24 letter.'

872be0 () No. 6378433


The long and short rays symbolize a female and a male principle. The way they're arranged symbolizes interpenetration. Sex if you will. A lot of symbols seem to represent the fallen angels (Nephilim) who were ejected from Heaven and came down to mate with human women. All of those symbols that show a rod and a cup, or a triangle penetrating an inverted triangle, or a cross penetrating a crown (yep), and all the advertising logos of many companies that show penetration, and also the NASA logo and all the other "space" outfits of other countries, all carry this type of symbolism. It is pervasive.

ce97d4 () No. 6378434


Don't engage with the low IQ herds that come here with no independent thought. I have similar opinions based on observations. There used to be integrity amongst the anons and how this board presented especially to new eyes. Anyone suggesting there was not cleaning of breads early on is full of shit!

286e33 () No. 6378435


It did it just morphed a few times ffs. Dummy.

8fc9c9 () No. 6378436


He has lost all of his contacts..McCabe, Comey, Strozk, Preistap, possibly Page.. the river of information ran dry for him on that end, KeK..

561c64 () No. 6378437

Mandatory captcha is doing its job. Only had to filter a total of 10 ebot posts this bread.

>>6377329 (lb)

Part of me agrees with you, having "seen some shit" and not being able to look at the world like a normie anymore.

Part of me just wants to see a picture of a father bathing with his baby son, like we would have before we know how fucked up everything really could be.

Am I wrong to want to see this picture as harmless, despite knowing what I do?

99e05c () No. 6378438


Stay strong. We’re here.

dd8ab3 () No. 6378439


>>6377761 (You)


9f59fc () No. 6378440


3 sides to every coin

Pepe Orsini of the Roman Maximus Clan.

He is the Grey Pope and is the King of the Holy Roman Papal Bloodlines. Above the Rothschilds and Rockefellers but in line and of equal stature to the Breakspear, Aldobrandini, and other Papal Bloodlines…

Knight of Malta, Tom Cruise donates to the Optimum Population Trust of Manchester, England. He and his father are major depopulationists. Both are tied to the Papal bloodline Orsini family a most powerful family in complete control of the conspiracy. Pepe Orsini is the grey Pope working with his Black Pope in his Society Of Jesus.

The Orsini (Maximus/Orso) family are the Zoroastrianist shadow hierarchy of the Jesuit Order.

The "Illuminati" is only one of the six current heads that make up "the Beast" and there is a head to that beast… a woman who rides that beast, the evil Queen Hephzibah (the matriarch who is said to be the reincarnation of Semaramis).

You will never read any article about her, she is a Nephilim hybrid; a great granddaughter of Lucifer himself, and she is the Mother of the Anti-Christ, and the queen, the Pindar, and others are all afraid of her.

As this previous poster has said, yes there are others that you never hear about and that all information is destroyed before that it can get out. I could not give this information out if I wasn't one who is feared by the elite myself. The real people in charge, you have never heard of them.

People take note and remember…

Outer Doctrine = What They allow out to Us or allow Us to know even if it is supposedly Back Channel - COSMIC Level Info.

Inner Doctrine = The way it really is and this is only known between Them.


Us = Father / Son / Spirit.

Them = Father / Mother / Son.

Names have Power over, or in relation to, those Beings being called by PROPER Name. For this reason and this reason alone - The Names We commonly know Them by in the Main Stream are merely monikers of much Older and more Powerful Names.


Innana > Isis > Diana.

Marduk > Ra Marduk, Amen Ra, Ra.

The Original Names are for the most part only known to Them, and believe me - That's a very select group.

The Real 13 Zoroastrian Bloodlines of The Illuminati

Ptolemaic Papal bloodlines:






All controlled through the Jesuit Order and their Knights of Malta & Teutonic Knights all based in missile protected Borgo Santo Spirito in Rome.

Pepe Orsini - Italy

Henry Breakspear - Macau, China

This is the true power finally.

This is the Guelph and the Ghibelline power over mankind.

The Cecil family were controlled by the powerful Jesuit family known as the Pallavicini.

Maria Camilla Pallavicini is far more powerful than Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen and Prince Philip are totally subordinate to the Papal Bloodline the Breakspear Family and their Jesuit UKHQ at 114 Mount Street.

Please go and study who funded Elizabeth I that astronomical amount of money to fight the Spanish, yes Pallavicini.

589688 () No. 6378441

For the Soph frens

189808 () No. 6378442


is COMEY, he is stupid.

his codes are the same.

the word "strike-" seems very obvious and forced.

anons saw the "JIHad", I saw

"JIHad 1".

"4. strike-"

fourth words: church,school.

286e33 () No. 6378443



Captcha that, asshole.

dd8ab3 () No. 6378444


>>6377761 (You)


1f8151 () No. 6378445


>Goodwill is the value of 'brands' they have acquired or bought. They paid a premium for existing business and need to write that down over time.

So Dec 2019 -→ 17,943 17+BILLION of write downs for acquisitions last year? Are you fuking kidding me?

59cd95 () No. 6378446


from NYC to

(low pass no landing?) at Travis AFB,

now descending towards Hawaii .

>>6372833 (pb)

>>6374540 (pb)

>>6375606 (pb)

83cfd4 () No. 6378447

shady and mattrixx are not silencing, it is them they will attempt to silence,

is that a touch/pen screen marking you use or just a cap modified in paint?


1169a8 () No. 6378448

5eee34 () No. 6378449


It’s gonna get out of control once the 4 am talking points get ahold of this based kid.

07fc05 () No. 6378451


Double-check dates….first is 2018.

2302dd () No. 6378452

684973 () No. 6378453


Did they teach him his gay ass would have been baked in the Auschwitz ovens?

a61ff9 () No. 6378454

dd8ab3 () No. 6378455


>>6377761 (You)



20a62b () No. 6378456





>>6373452 lb



- is clearly not helping with the wave of shills

- is clearly annoying for anons

- is clearly bad for Q deltas

BO, you did not even ask, explain or even mention to anons.

That is not QR standard.

That is shilly AF.

It might become clear now that you are not trying to help anons and facilitate their work the best you can.

Change captcha back!

(You are also cbts BO, BO of the board Q left bc of shillery - not looking good for you.)

561c64 () No. 6378457


Very true. I enjoy me a lot of extremely dark industrial music

026922 () No. 6378458


I'm not saying it looks legit, but someone who goes to jail if they are wrong signed off on it. (Auditors)

58926c () No. 6378459



>it has to do with content

Even before this shit, the state of the board was being degraded.

Anons needed to be aware of it so we can do something about it (unrelated to the captcha shit, that's new).

You have to know what a problem is to solve it.

By anons continuing to dig, theorize, research, make graphics, spread information, decode crumbs, and have productive discussion; bakers continuing to make breads, collect notables, and have good standards; and the BO/BVs doing their jobs and being transparent with anons; the state of /qresearch/ will improve to the level anons want and expect it to be at.

Carry on.

286e33 () No. 6378460


Back then, DC was much smaller too.

74c086 () No. 6378461


hi KGB

872be0 () No. 6378462


Didn't VZ repatriate its central bank gold from a EU depository (Bundesbank IIRC?) a couple of years ago, with multiple flights carrying a little at a time, and then just recently we learned that VZ had sold this gold? I'm doubting any physical was actually transported to VZ, and typically when a CB announces that gold has been "sold" it simply means the physical was written off because it was actually rehypothecated many times over and sold in to the market and cannot physically be retrieved.

Explain the oil connection, I always get lost there. A resource-backed currency makes some sense. Crypto, I'm not so sure.

Agree the timing is suspicious. Something smells wrong about the VZ situation.

1b5253 () No. 6378463


everyone's been wary since it went from "all BV's will share BO responsibility" to "FastJack snapped it up and won't give anyone else that kind of access. And then did this."

b8c042 () No. 6378464


>He is a Jew, after all.

There we go. Took 15 irrelevant, self-loathing and mindless posts to finally expose your agenda. You bring nothing to the board and your intent is now clear, just like the leftists irl. As a leftist, you project and a review of your prior posts reflect that. May the light shine bright on you, thank you for expediting it.

168f91 () No. 6378465


normally before the captcha the board would rock along over 15 ppm at the hour pictured east coast USA, not ~2 ppm.

Which it did before and after that bread.

3216e0 () No. 6378466


goodwill is an accounting term for the estimated value of intangibles, like trademarks, it’s an asset on their books not an expense

dd8ab3 () No. 6378467


>>6377761 (You)


feef73 () No. 6378468


Don’t call me dummy faggot. You fucked up saying you have been here since nov 2017 yet Q was still on /pol. Don’t act like you’ve been here and slide like you have. Reported MFucker

286e33 () No. 6378469


Shut up and learn, newfag.

5eee34 () No. 6378470


Good point.

I wasn’t sold on the Jihad, but it adds up now. Good work anon.

58926c () No. 6378471

Notables so far


>>6378073 Bill Barr's prepared remarks for tomorrows Senate hearing.

>>6378135, >>6378244 FBI Investigating Antifa For Plotting To ‘Stage An Armed Rebellion’ With Guns Purchased From Mexican Cartel

>>6378119 Anon on Comey's Five Job's I've had list

>>6378236 Democrat Mayor Frank Caramagna was arrested for filling in ballots of other registered voters

>>6378263 President Donald J. Trump Proclaims May 1, 2018, as Law Day, U.S.A

>>6378276 Paid Speaking event by IntheMatrixxx and ShadyGrooove

>>6378378 Pompeo: ‘Military force is available’ to oust Maduro ‘if that’s what it takes’

>>6378387 POTUS used "Sympathy for the Devil" to Introduce himself at Green Bay Rally

17c23a () No. 6378472


SA are crypto Jews too - Khazars

see The Pharaoh Show


Swiss run Argentina, where Hitler admittedly died in 1972(?).

They funded Hitler in 1923, sold weapons to him in WW II and reamined "neutral".

Where's BIS?

Swiss run South Africa through long-term subversion (350 years), mercenaries, East India Trading Co, on and on.

General Custer (Kuster) was Swiss, as was Eisenhower and both "Hoovers".

Deep state behind the DS, C_A HQ (WW) is reportedly under Lake Geneva.

Khazars from the land of Genghis Kahn, even behind the Jews.

fab4b1 () No. 6378473


You betcha

5e4495 () No. 6378474


kek but really

makes more sense that it would be a clock-in/clock-out type thing rather than pay-per-post

but either way, who knows..

9f59fc () No. 6378475

Palazzo Farnese

b8c042 () No. 6378476


It did, you’re a perfect example.

dd8ab3 () No. 6378477


>>6377761 (You)


684973 () No. 6378478


Im in this picture.

See me yet?

Im the bike seat.

89fe8c () No. 6378479

The most censored podcast in the world…

Avengers Vs POTUS





7ad84c () No. 6378480


There is a lot of sex symbolism out there.

But they believe in sex magic and so it stands to reason they would use it in their symbols

872be0 () No. 6378481


Maybe the BVs mutinied because they wanted a freer hand to deal with the spam and the prev BO disagreed, resulting in a change of BO. Just a wild theory, I do not know.

8ead61 () No. 6378482


Feel free to use this.

0f7918 () No. 6378483


>He has lost all of his contacts..McCabe, Comey, Strozk, Preistap, possibly Page.

Not to mention the undercover people working under them or around the fringes of the investigations that were feeding him info.

I hope it is both (loss of sources AND under investigation for leaking/spreading knowingly false info)



Hmm, I don't see PhD in there, oh (ye) pompous one…

People who feel the need to mention their IQ or degree typically are insecure and overcompensating; in the end they are irrelevant to anything, which is why most ignore (((you)))

286e33 () No. 6378484


The Sun is the source of all energy on Earth and IS a gift of God. You don’t know anything about ancient religions.

5e4495 () No. 6378485


i know, anon

bc legitimate anons don't want to deal with that shit

but people who get paid will obviously still be here posting regardless

dd8ab3 () No. 6378486


>>6377761 (You)


329bdf () No. 6378487

“In a democracy, where a multitude of people exercise in person the legislative functions, and are continually exposed, by their incapacity for regular deliberation and concerted measures, to the ambitious intrigues of their executive magistrates, tyranny may well be apprehended, on some favorable emergency, to start up in the same quarter.” – James Madison, Federalist No. 48

3216e0 () No. 6378488


Actually they are estimating the value increased for this hard to price item

59cd95 () No. 6378489

Anone have any moar sauce for this paasta?



38386c () No. 6378490


wonder if it will continue on south or stay.

Picking up/meeting someone in Hawaii or heading to south pacific?

any idea's why it made that low pass?

60fdd8 () No. 6378491


You IP Hopped again. That’s two IPs in one bread.

Only shills need to IP hop.

The information you claim to spread is irrelevant to my questions so the “attacking the messenger” whining isn’t gonna work.

Why did you feel the need to IP hop?

“Gay Jew Meme Guy” is probably you IP hopping again.

bc2c2d () No. 6378492


>It's self explanatory but I went out of my way to explain it to the back of the class.

An explanation with a BO/BV trip would have been respectful to anons.

>It will be monitored

Good to know, thanks for the update. I'm sure all will be interested in seeing how it's working out.

>have a deep love for this community

So show us that level of respect by including us in your major decisions, at least informing us

feef73 () No. 6378493


Reported your ass

8fc9c9 () No. 6378494

Comey friend alarmed by Rosenstein's 'private conversations' with Trump

A "good friend" of former FBI Director James Comey indicated there is cause for concern in Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's resignation letter. In announcing his resignation on Monday, Rosenstein thanked President Trump for "the courtesy and humor you often display in our personal conversations.”

While Comey has remained silent in the 24 hours since the letter went public, Benjamin Wittes, editor-in-chief of Lawfare, reacted to that passage with uneasiness. "The deputy attorney general shouldn't be having 'personal conversations' with the president," he said.

Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to be special counsel in charge of the Russia investigation just eight days after Trump fired Comey in May 2017 and oversaw its operations. He was also a witness in Mueller's investigation. Rosenstein's long-expected resignation, effective May 11, comes days after the publication of a bombshell Washington Post report about how Rosenstein fought to not get fired by tweet last fall after it came to light that he told Justice Department officials about wearing a “wire” to record conversations with Trump and that he had discussed invoking the 25th Amendment against the president to remove him from office. “I give the [Mueller] investigation credibility,” Rosenstein said in a call with the president. “I can land the plane.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., says he would like Rosenstein to come in for a hearing. "Rod Rosenstein was a witness. Rod Rosenstein was a participant in what led to the firing of James Comey, and he should not have had any role in whether the obstruction case rose to the level of a prosecutable crime," Schiff said at a Washington Post Live event on Tuesday.




20a62b () No. 6378495

5061f5 () No. 6378496

planefags, please check in. Lots of chatter re Reuter’s saying no US aircraft over Venezuela airspace above 20,000ft, lots of movement at bases on easy coast. Please advise/update

286e33 () No. 6378497


Lurk moar, Moran.

960c66 () No. 6378498


It's so pathetic, all of these normies who just FUCK you over IRL, talking shit, lying, cheating, plotting, and ALL some of us have to do, and this depends on how deep someone is into it, all they have to do is hit up their Anons in their various spots and then it's lights out. And you don't have to break laws, but of course there are those who can pull your phone's data or switch on your cameras, or wedged your accounts, which is child's play to many, in the blink of an eye, much less get access to pretty much anything else, and they don't even know that there's CyberWarfare Nuclear Submarines right below the surface.








dd8ab3 () No. 6378499


>>6377761 (You)


8cba7b () No. 6378500

286e33 () No. 6378501


Does ANYBODY listen to this guy?

e319ee () No. 6378502

b578f8 () No. 6378504


Get a Brian faggot

684973 () No. 6378505



Nice comeback, Mueller.

7253ba () No. 6378506


The CFR "knows".

The luciferian cabal via the Dems, C_A and Soros have been supplying the cartels and MS-13 for decades.


872be0 () No. 6378507


>So show us that level of respect by including us in your major decisions, at least informing us

But it's war – information warfare at least. Why give heads-up to the enemy?

I respect BO's decision and approach.

2e3c3f () No. 6378508

@Jack axes Potus_Schedule

30012a () No. 6378509


Please stop quoting fearporn from ZH. They’ve been singing the same tune for 10 years. Eventually they might be right, just like a broken clock.

329bdf () No. 6378510


Hans Solo is out of the country!

dd8ab3 () No. 6378511


>>6377761 (You)


1f8151 () No. 6378512


>>>6378387 POTUS used "Sympathy for the Devil" to Introduce himself at Green Bay Rally


You're gonna allow a Notable that declares that POTUS introduced himself as Lucifer at the last rally?

WTF is wrong with you?

873618 () No. 6378513

Halima Aden makes history as first model to wear a hijab and burkini in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

Halima Aden makes history as first model to wear a hijab and burkini in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

286e33 () No. 6378514



I’m a counter-puncher.

8ead61 () No. 6378515


Why are you accepting that who you're talking with as anon is BO?

8fc9c9 () No. 6378516


Indeed, he lost in a very big way..no more stories to tell to get ahead of a narrative he doesn't like.

026922 () No. 6378517


Radioactive decay in the core of the planet is a source of thermal and chemical energy. (That's why lava is still hot after 4 billion years) Some argue life on earth began at seafloor thermal vents and seeps. The Sun, granted, is the source of most energy on earth, but not all.

a61ff9 () No. 6378518

d99f13 () No. 6378519

feef73 () No. 6378520



Are you with that sliding ass anon?

38386c () No. 6378521



some of the ledger entry's are not audited. It should say which one's are/are not.

Goodwill is generally an estimation

33e2b0 () No. 6378523


oyyyyyyy veyyyyy this shit ag….oh, are those flying cows?

20a62b () No. 6378522


try the fuck harder, shill.

you won´t be able to sell the captcha fuckery as something good, bc it ain´t.

8a5f93 () No. 6378524


JDL slime.

b578f8 () No. 6378525


Muzzie Tang is the best Tang

7f1b0f () No. 6378526

An autism moment – coastal HI?

dd8ab3 () No. 6378527


>>6377761 (You)


a9e8f4 () No. 6378528

684973 () No. 6378529


No… your dumbass "reported" comment. Like ANYONE gives a fuck.

a5f5bb () No. 6378530


It's on their official Twitter page. Posting this here in case "yeti" is code for something else.


9f59fc () No. 6378531

Abd al-Wahid Pallavicini

ce97d4 () No. 6378532


I can be too…. my comment was more directed at the low IQ's in an indirect way so I didn't have to engage them lol

dd8ab3 () No. 6378533

How can there be all these corpses and no plane wreck ?????

960c66 () No. 6378534


>You're gonna allow a Notable that declares that POTUS introduced himself as Lucifer at the last rally?

Where'd you get that idea anon?? It's just a song. Maybe it was meant for HRC because he feels bad for her??

Where's your PROOF that this is the reason the song was played??

6c3030 () No. 6378535



well he DID so its a notable troll against the satanic deepstate, his biggest troll ever

8ead61 () No. 6378536

e1ce38 () No. 6378537



f20555 () No. 6378538

286e33 () No. 6378539


Assume faggots such as yourself are always wrong and are perhaps the stupidest anons on the board. There’s a reason you got all Cs in high school. Kys, dummy.

dd8ab3 () No. 6378540


Great dig namefag

20a62b () No. 6378541

Shill will go to jail.

55187d () No. 6378542

>>6377111 pb

What if it was known by MI that Venezuela, leading the way, and other SA nations were pooling app. 3 million Muzzies to be headed this way via caravans? And possibly the only way to stop the invasion was to 'nip it in the bud'.

Just possibly…

c7acfc () No. 6378543


It works for me.


38386c () No. 6378544


fuck off shillbag. Data doesn't lie..unlike you.

You obviously can't read a chart or crunch number's.

e8873d () No. 6378545


it's here, ding dong

1f8151 () No. 6378546


>>6378458 >>6378488 >>6378521

>So Dec 2019 -→ 17,943 17+BILLION of write downs for acquisitions last year?

Almost 18 BILLION in slushy fundage.

That's a chunk of DS funding right there.

90e83f () No. 6378547

Patriot Anons

Any updates on the maritime tracking ships heading south

00bcbc () No. 6378548


U R a filtered muh jew bot shill.

286e33 () No. 6378549


Here is Qresearch, idiot, it’s been on several platforms since Oct 17. Lurk moar, newfaggot.

5e4495 () No. 6378550


what advantage would the heads up have given the enemy? ok shills brace yourselves for more typing? kek. let's not kid ourselves.

>information warfare

not real warfare.

shills couldn't prevent this either way and a heads up would've been good for anons and prevented the 24 hour slide. thank god it's finally over now that we have a semi-official explanation from BO?BV?

i for one feel slightly better knowing the decision was unanimous, carefully considered, and not done for lulz as the trololol video made it seem.

dd8ab3 () No. 6378551


55187d () No. 6378552

d99f13 () No. 6378553


coastal chieftain HI

58926c () No. 6378554


this is my take too: >>6378535

and he literally did introduce himself to that song anon

684973 () No. 6378555


He probably gets $5 for every (you). You're feeding his family.

ab668a () No. 6378556