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Sunday 05.12.2019

>>6482822 rt >>6482812 -————————– Boom time baker (Comey MOAB meme) (Cap: >>6500105)

>>6482810 ————————————–——– NO SLEEP IN DC

>>6482617 ————————————–——– Eyes on (Cap: >>6482670)

>>6482574 ————————————–——– BOOM WEEK AHEAD

Thursday 05.02.2019

>>6392995 ————————————–——– May, 2019 – 'kick-off' 'start' 'offense' (Vid: >>6393054 )

Saturday 04.27.2019

>>6335740 ————————————–——– Will newly discovered evidence (AG Barr - SDNY) FREE FLYNN? (Cap: >>6335864 )

>>6335313 rt >>6335179 -————————– A House needs to be constantly cleaned. (Cap: >>6335355 )

>>6335075 rt >>6335030 -————————– C comes before D.

>>6334984 ————————————–——– Soon To Be A HouseHold Name. (Cap: >>6335048 )

>>6334889 ————————————–——– DRAIN THE [SWAMP].

Thursday 04.25.2019

Compiled here: >>6490077

Wednesday 04.24.2019

Compiled here: >>6354269

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#8372 baker change

>>6548026 Elijah Cummings is going down

>>6547975 Summary of why we should be concerned with Monsanto's Roundup

>>6547953 , >>6547782, >>6547984 McCabe testimony findings

>>6547906 Tesla Director sells shares-$8.8m-May 16

>>6547898 Buttigieg's father was a marxist professor who lauded the communist manifesto

>>6547886 Re the Comey-FF tweet, Anton LaVey had a satanic commune in Grass Valley, CA

>>6547876 Lynch accuses Comey of misrepresenting key Clinton probe conversation

>>6547799 , >>6547911 [DOA] = Deposit Only Account? Why Hussein was travelling the world?

>>6547708 Asian shares near four-month lows on Huawei fallout fears

>>6547688 , >>6547732 Looking back on the cancelled festival materials (note below)

>>6547508 , >>6547657, >>6547681 Cancelled festival over QAnon: Did Comey call in a FF? Pipe bombs found

>>6547645 Massive online DB left millions of Instagram influencers' personal information exposed

>>6547644 US Army Corps Of Engineers Tweet '1888', POTUS mentions it 3 times during rally

>>6547598 , >>6547642 Christchurch Call: Moar internet censorship incoming

>>6547573 , >>6547590, >>6547627, >>6547628 Moffa transcript findings cont.

>>6547570 >>6547621 , >>6547711, >>6547843 Theory: Was The Hammer supercomputer situated in NK?

>>6547491 , >>6547973 Pediatrician charged with sexual assault now accused of molesting 11 more

>>6547475 , >>6547527, >>6547572 Trish Anderson transcript findings

>>6547402 , >>6547483, >>6547502, >>6547539, >>6547553 Moffa transcript findings

>>6547441 Lynch used an email alias to conduct government business (Daily Caller)

>>6547430 Standard Hotel tied to subway gas scare

>>6547429 Sweeny transcript re Weiner's laptop

>>6547417 , >>6547446 Ramtha dig graphics

>>6547408 , >>6547517 New DJT tweets and video

>>6547337 , >>6547438, >>6547563, >>6547782 Lynch transcript findings cont.

>>6548074 #8372

#8371 baker change

>>6547240 Marine Corps Harrier jet crashes in North Carolina

>>6547182 Gillibrand's involvement in NXIVM?

>>6547160 Trump says wants to talk with Iran ‘if they are ready’

>>6547156 Marching orders kept Buffalo cops from arresting child-molesting priests

>>6547149 President Al-Assad inaugurates the International Islamic Cham Center on confronting terrorism and extremism

>>6547126 Servicenow Inc. CFO sells shares-$7.21m-May 16

>>6547117 Christian anti-abortion clinic chain sues HHS over Title X rules

>>6547072 EyetheSpy: Russia has recently arrested 3 top Intel officers

>>6547060 Judge seals entire case involving two anti-Trump school shooters while Covington Catholic kids were savaged in public by the media and Democrats

>>6547000, >>6547026 New DJT: Massive crowds in Pennsylvania tonight.

Thank you for joining me!

>>6546959 Steve Bannon: Joe Biden Has to Prove He’s Not Compromised by Communist Chinese – And His Son Too (VIdeo)

>>6546944 Loretta Lynch denies telling James Comey to call Clinton email probe a 'matter'

>>6546885 After "Hammer Blow" From Google, A "Paralyzed" Huawei Scrambles To Develop Its Own OS

>>6546849 From Sally Moyer transcript: DOJ Not willing to charge Killary under 18 USC 793(f)

>>6546786 Recap of Lauren Salzman’s NXIVM Trial testimony detailing "extreme forms of punishment and blackmail"

>>6546777 House Democrat Leaders Pushing Pelosi Hard on Impeaching President Trump ASAP; Prediction Pelosi Will Support Impeachment Within Two Weeks

>>6546768 Top Democrat's wife may have gained 'illegal private benefit' from his committee activities

>>6546677 Can we flip these twitter polls?

>>6546670 Pete Buttigieg: Pete Muttigieg: Manchurian Candidate?

>>6546655, >>6546762 Doug Collins releases Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe interview transcripts

>>6546644 OC dig graphic on Branson and NXIVM connections

>>6546642 Obama-appointed Federal judge sides with House Democrats over subpoena for Trump’s financial records

>>6546635 500 illegal migrants from Africa storm Paris’s main airport

>>6546637, >>6546965 Planefag reports

>>6546619 , >>6546661, >>6547040, >>6547049, >>6547267 Transcripts released

>>6546602 , >>6546634, >>6546660 Lynch transcript findings

>>6547298 #8371

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#8373 Dough


Baker requests handoff

fb8c31 () No. 6548096

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




Truth is not hate or racist. Facts are not hate or racist.

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and torture, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

If you lurk long enough you will notice it's always the same attacks and attackers to this and the other posts. None of them dispute the information. They can't because they know it's the truth.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition. I am also not jewish nor satanist/luciferian.


If these posts aren't being posted it's because I have something else to do.

The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth, are the ones with something to hide.

Learning the truth about (((the "jews"))) is not racist nor does it make you a "white supremisit" these are more trigger words to keep you from discovering the truth.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.


What we are currently experiencing is known as:


Definition of Armageddon

1a : the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil

b : the battle taking place at Armageddon

2 : a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation


fb8c31 () No. 6548100


Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory


New poll: Americans’ support for Israel falls to lowest point in a decade


How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion


Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well


Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood


The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)


Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City


New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'


b015ac () No. 6548103


I have only done MOFFA so far.. but Mr. Collins give me a small hint that this one is the most important.. so ALLOW ME TO SHOW YOU WHAT I HAVE FOUND…

fb8c31 () No. 6548104



Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

It lays out (((their))) entire game plan and CLEARLY corresponds with world events.

b015ac () No. 6548106

17b80a () No. 6548107

f99998 () No. 6548113

fb8c31 () No. 6548115




100% Proof the Jewish Talmud Approves Pedophilia!

fb8c31 () No. 6548123





Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Full Text

b015ac () No. 6548126

RAPID FIRE is an understatement.


fb8c31 () No. 6548127






https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/

1cc500 () No. 6548128

f99998 () No. 6548129

>>6547788 [/pb]

>There have been anons on here that have spoken of this research/board taking a toll on their families and relationships.

Love of Trump has brought my family closer than ever.

>>6547156 [/pn]

>Marching orders kept Buffalo cops from arresting child-molesting priests

Friendly reminders that

<ptosis (lazy eye) is a strong indicator of evil and is often caused by sodomy

<physiognomy is a more legitamite science than psychology

17b80a () No. 6548131

452130 () No. 6548132

Reposting for HUMOR

Fucking KEK

b015ac () No. 6548133



can't you see we are busy?

can you for ONE DAY stop hating the jews and actually help us with these transcripts?

if not, I'm going to have to ask you to go back to /pol/

f04beb () No. 6548134


87e212 () No. 6548135



Doesn't necessarily mean the the week immediately following the post, does it Q? I think the BOOM WEEK is still coming. Perhaps this week?

fb8c31 () No. 6548136

5134c5 () No. 6548137

bd206b () No. 6548138

>look at Trump


Yea, who the fuck WOULDN'T be happy if they had a fucking 5 MILLION DOLLAR headstart?

Fucking kikes, smfh.

79895f () No. 6548139

It goes by so slowly

And it can do so much

GodSpeed X

bf5361 () No. 6548140


Frens indeed!

ac285e () No. 6548141

Hey Q,

Does P = C (Cercle)?

Pinay Group = Le Cercle


8a6ac1 () No. 6548142


Getting Durham last week was a pretty big boom. Much bigger than the Lynch-Comey “matter” controversy.

fb8c31 () No. 6548143

e1c2d3 () No. 6548144


Nothing's jumping out at me as gone.

Random comfee thought…could this Grass Valley thing be a way to "force the question?" We don't have any real clue as to Comey's involvement, if any at all…but the Fake News had already teed up the school fundraiser cancellation as the work of crazy conspiracy theorists. If any have the balls to backtrack and say, hey maybe the crazies were right after all, would someone get the balls to ask POTUS about Q? Somebody ask Comey! That would be hilarious.

98d38b () No. 6548145


It depends what the definition of Andy is

beeba8 () No. 6548146

17b80a () No. 6548147

Dark to Light

b015ac () No. 6548148


kek no that is not codemonkey.. topkek

i can tell you that much.

fb8c31 () No. 6548149

70b363 () No. 6548150


tyb en fuego

d4669b () No. 6548151

91a09c () No. 6548152

Joseph Buttigieg, the late father of Mayor Pete Buttigieg, passed away a few days after his son announced that he was launching an exploratory committee to run for president in 2020.

wow…..they didn't want him talking.

Remember Hussien offing his mother during his campaing?

they do have a lot in common.

He was 71.

The elder Buttigieg taught at Notre Dame for more than 35 years in the English department. He was also a published author, earned a Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Binghamton, grew up on the island of Malta and became a U.S. citizen in the late 1970s.


f04beb () No. 6548153


Deep State will be histoREEEEEEEEEEEE!

79895f () No. 6548154


Open_UP ❤💜❤

e646a6 () No. 6548155

7a40a8 () No. 6548156

>>6548083 LB

"Nope, never heard of him." LOL!

ed196d () No. 6548157

992313 () No. 6548158


Significantly, he specifically calls out An Open Secret owner Gabe Hoffman, saying they have a house in West Palm Beach, Florida near Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein financed Bryan Singer, who was one of the subjects of the An Open Secret movie. He lists many things funded by Epstein, including Steve Bannon. He reminds us that Epstein owned the 10,000 acre Zorro Ranch in New Mexico and his plane’s flight logs show trips to Santa Fe.

Epstein purchased the property in 1993 from the Governor of New Mexico’s father, and was a donor to the Governor.

fb25e7 () No. 6548159

In 10 years calling someone comey will be more offensive than calling someone retarded.

beeba8 () No. 6548161


Top Kek

26b547 () No. 6548162



e646a6 () No. 6548163


"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it"

d4669b () No. 6548164

a8167d () No. 6548165


Yea, let's jump right to that conclusion.

79895f () No. 6548166



91a09c () No. 6548167


Joseph Buttigieg was born on May 20, 1947, in the town of Hamrun in Malta. The small country is made up of three islands in the Mediterranean and is located south of Sicily.

Buttigieg was the oldest sibling in a very large family. His parents, Maria Concetta “Cettina” Portelli Buttigieg and Joseph Anthony Buttigieg, raised eight children. At the time of his death, five of his siblings were still living in Malta. One sibling moved to India and another was living in Surrey, England

Buttigieg spent the first two decades of his life living in Malta. He attended the University of Malta, where he earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. Buttigieg left his native Malta for good when he moved to Oxford, England, to pursue another postgraduate degree from Heythrop College.

e646a6 () No. 6548168

bd206b () No. 6548170


I think I'm about to make some covfefe then go take a comey.

8a6ac1 () No. 6548171


So MIfsud was born in 1960 and attended the University of Malta. I guess Daddy Buttigieg was already stateside.

1e35ff () No. 6548173

==DOA is Day of Arrival=


Day of Departure

17b80a () No. 6548174


in the eye of the Storm

447825 () No. 6548175

>>6547126 (/pb)

ServiceNow is basically ITIL compliant Help Desk application which would store phone numbers, email addresses and device IDs (phone, laptop, ipad, etc.) for all the IP execs as well as the grunts. That's a lot of powerful info.

When I managed service that included the App they had a majority share of the market for large/medium size companies.

e646a6 () No. 6548176



"Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories" Censored w/ A.I. Algorithms says ADL

beeba8 () No. 6548177

70b363 () No. 6548178

8d8600 () No. 6548179


stay mindful of getting owned

1cc500 () No. 6548180



But the Simpsons are funnier than the Family Guy.

At least they used to be.

c6196a () No. 6548182

Shills are back!

1de87c () No. 6548183

>>6547465 LB

Interesting when I type BIDEN in qanon.pub this post comes up

e646a6 () No. 6548184

468928 () No. 6548185



e646a6 () No. 6548186

bd206b () No. 6548187


Yep, and they're making posts about shills.

Thanks for headsup.


447825 () No. 6548188



91a09c () No. 6548190


Joseph Buttigieg Moved to the United States in the 1970s & Met His Wife, Jennifer Anne Montgomery, While Both Were Teaching at New Mexico State University

Buttigieg’s held several leadership roles during his long tenure at Notre Dame. He served as the director of the Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program, which is described on the university’s website as a “comprehensive, merit-based scholarship and leadership-development program that seeks to attract, encourage, and equip extraordinary students who will have a transformational effect on the Notre Dame community, the Church, and the world.” He led the Stamps Scholars program, another merit-based scholarship fund.

Buttigieg served as the director of the London program, which gives students an opportunity to study abroad. He also was named as a fellow in the University’s Nanovic Institute for European Studies and Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies.

Buttigieg’s bio on the English department website states that his main interests were “modern literature, critical theory, and the relationship between culture and politics.”

a73746 () No. 6548191





8a6ac1 () No. 6548192


Or Dead on Arrival

5ceeb1 () No. 6548193


e646a6 () No. 6548194

17b80a () No. 6548195

e646a6 () No. 6548196

f04beb () No. 6548197


In case no one noticed, 5:5 = e:e

992313 () No. 6548198


Forgot this >> https://burners.me/2019/05/19/isaac-kappy-investigation-part-2/


cbd61c () No. 6548199

>>6548182 indeed.

i see they gave the FEtards a new game to play.


ce8547 () No. 6548200


I would change the following to "Is blackmail material the keystone?"

>>6547570 (You) >>6547621 , >>6547711 (You), >>6547843 (You) Theory: Was The Hammer supercomputer situated in NK?

Then I would include:


as a revision on the CIA part of:


e646a6 () No. 6548201

a73746 () No. 6548202


>Interesting when I type BIDEN in qanon.pub this post comes up

That's because Q is Biden his time when it comes to dropping the piano on these motherfuckers!

b98b3a () No. 6548203

1cc500 () No. 6548204

24016a () No. 6548205


Baker, here's a new pastebin to correct a dead link in PB notes:


Can bake if you want handoff, rather than last half of semi-graveyard bake….might not make it that long anyways, have done a lot of GYBs, pretty tired tonight. If you (or another baker) can take the bake that begins around 10 pm PT to 11:30 or midnight PT, morning baker will likely pick it up before an ebake is needed.

5e38d7 () No. 6548207

The DS will be eradicated.

2fa854 () No. 6548208

Sooo…when they open a really "sensitive" investigation they always consult with DOJ first?? Hmmmm…I'd love to see the docs showing them discussing opening up a bunk bullshit "investigation" of Trump! Sounds juicy!

e3f455 () No. 6548209

91a09c () No. 6548210


was it hussein''s mother or grandmother that he went to visit right before she died? right at a critical point in his campaign

f04beb () No. 6548211

We reee all day, we reee all night.

We reee the Deep State to a fright.

Their time on earth will soon be done.

We'll reee for joy when victory's won!

We reee for you, we reee for me,

We reee the coming victory.

The reee is fury's battle cry:

The Deep State will be history!

Come reee with us, come join our voice.

We reee for freedom, faith, and choice!

Our reee gets stronger every day

So join our reee and make them pay!

a73746 () No. 6548212


>I think I'm about to make some covfefe then go take a comey.

Don't forget to wipe your Strzokhole!

cecf63 () No. 6548213

Two E3B sentry planes were on station prior to and after AF1's return.

Sntry 26 and 27 were both on station patrolling Lake Erie's coast for the entire evolution of POTUS trip to and back from PA.

I took the CAP because it looked odd and then noticed that the patrol area shadowed in-land and covered the area that POTUS would be in.

I then read >>6545987 (pb) regarding talk of "missiles". Probably nothing, but wanted other eyes.

1de87c () No. 6548214


Hi Cher… Happy Birthday

79895f () No. 6548215


Nice one! Funny. I was thinking about that this morning and wondering about possible artistic play on that. And there you are on it already!

1e35ff () No. 6548217


DOA list

bf5361 () No. 6548218


And Taytay isn't what you think she is, either; I can tell you that much.

70b363 () No. 6548219


recall when the ebay exec went-why it was included in drop. Biz fren told me a bit about it last year as they live in bay area- so it's true they just don't give a shit about support and just sort of wing it?

12e662 () No. 6548220

fb25e7 () No. 6548221


Side by side. FBI investigations of HRC and Trump. Any differences?

8f9d1a () No. 6548222


I have a present for You…

ed196d () No. 6548223

are they related?

2b4a17 () No. 6548225

b21dbe () No. 6548226

So we are clear, current known union bakers include Astrobaker, gyb(daybaker), full moon baker(thotbaker) and apparently night baker. Theres at least one more if not several.

I wonder how mad these spooks will be when they are named for the kikes they are.

2fa854 () No. 6548227


This has clown roots written all over it. Guess he was friends with Misfud. Malta's a small place!

91a09c () No. 6548228


every one is comparing him to HUSSEIN. I am just pointing out one more thing they have in common. Coincidence?

3cef81 () No. 6548229


Maternal grandmother. His mother was already dead.

131408 () No. 6548230


Interdasting. Also THIS pic related

(check the watch)

3a9ac9 () No. 6548231



and shake off the Pelosi's

1486e9 () No. 6548232


Rocks in socks or GTFO

17b80a () No. 6548233

f6adb2 () No. 6548234

f04beb () No. 6548235

70b363 () No. 6548236


couldn't resist

a8167d () No. 6548237


Grandmother. Cancer.

76695a () No. 6548239



All of this FISA stuff is going to dragged out so long that we are going to be in the next economic downturn before everyone is rounded up and by that point it will be old news and no one will care because they will be focusing on putting food on the table.

bd206b () No. 6548240


fucking kek.

79895f () No. 6548241


Great work, Anon.

This series really is excellent.

69114c () No. 6548242

>>6547644 lb


bf5361 () No. 6548243


Things are starting to come together:

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 4776ee No.580366 📁

Mar 7 2018 15:58:56 (EST)

Who controls social media?

Who performs in a circus?

Who wrote the code to embed and censor across multiple platforms?

Why Russia?

Why China?

Why HK?

Why did ES (himself) arrange a C-link in multiple countries?



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 4e2679 No.5551229 📁

Mar 7 2019 00:23:50 (EST)


Why did @Snowden only engage and attack the NSA?

If @Snowden really cared about privacy/citizenship awareness, why didn't he expose the C_A's main programs?

@Snowden was priv to DARPA, IQT, and NSA SURV / COV programs.

Why did @Snowden only focus on NSA?

Where did @Snowden work prior to NSA?











131408 () No. 6548244


>are they related?

1486e9 () No. 6548246


Rocks in socks or GTFO

12e662 () No. 6548247



>Dark to Light

Fade to Black

5f2342 () No. 6548248

17b80a () No. 6548249

b21dbe () No. 6548250


You know what I will during my actual free time at my pc

4f7f18 () No. 6548251

24016a () No. 6548252



My thoughts exactly…..

91a09c () No. 6548253


Question is : how many democrats running are not clowns?

beeba8 () No. 6548254


Full. Circle.

Clowns going down.

I’m good with that.

6553d5 () No. 6548255


You can’t say that stuff here, they gonna call you a shill. Trust the plan. Forever, and just keep on trusting it. Except for disinformation. And moves/counter moves.

cc3670 () No. 6548256

>>6546626 pb

>>6546691 pb

>>6548041 lb



Ashton Kutcher's girlfriend murdered in 2001, trial begins.

AK was at the scene within an hour of the crime - "muh wine stains" and left because stranger told him to and no cell phone?

Hi shills

1de87c () No. 6548257


We'll see

e3f455 () No. 6548259































26b547 () No. 6548260


>>6547644 (pb notable) US Army Corps Of Engineers Tweet '1888', POTUS mentions it 3 times during rally


f94e4d () No. 6548261

Well, in my humble opinion I think Rosenstein, Comey and Mueller are one big sick ass hydra under the influence of their cabal puppet masters.

I don't think any one of them flipped and are guilty as hell of sedition, treason and ripping off the American people in ways that haven't been mentioned yet.

I believe all are black hats and even if they flipped think about what they tried to do, these pieces of shit were willing to throw our believed country under the bus for a few pieces of silver and illusional power. fuck them and the corrupt train they rode in on!

1cc500 () No. 6548262

The $2 million comey got for his memoirs will barely cover his upcoming legal fees.

This fucker is scared and reckless.

I’m enjoying the show.

8a4d33 () No. 6548263


Sorry for the late, I was cut off.

Don't think I'll be around later baker, should be asleep now.

I can take this one, or handoff to you as you wish.

Just say what's best for you.

Thanks a lot for the paste.

d4669b () No. 6548264

Gnight Frens.

Gnight Q.

We know you are out there.

17b80a () No. 6548265


Ride The Lightning

This is a command


131408 () No. 6548266

f3b370 () No. 6548267


His name will be Mud.

91a09c () No. 6548268


sorry anon. My mind went their immediately.

there are no coincidences! right? Especially when we are talking clowns

8a4d33 () No. 6548269

#8372 baker change

Posted in #8373

>>6548026 Elijah Cummings is going down

>>6547975 Summary of why we should be concerned with Monsanto's Roundup

>>6547953 , >>6547782, >>6547984 McCabe testimony findings

>>6547906 Tesla Director sells shares-$8.8m-May 16

>>6547898 Buttigieg's father was a marxist professor who lauded the communist manifesto

>>6547886 Re the Comey-FF tweet, Anton LaVey had a satanic commune in Grass Valley, CA

>>6547876 Lynch accuses Comey of misrepresenting key Clinton probe conversation

>>6547799 , >>6547911 [DOA] = Deposit Only Account? Why Hussein was travelling the world?

>>6547708 Asian shares near four-month lows on Huawei fallout fears

>>6547688 , >>6547732 Looking back on the cancelled festival materials (note below)

>>6547508 , >>6547657, >>6547681 Cancelled festival over QAnon: Did Comey call in a FF? Pipe bombs found

>>6547645 Massive online DB left millions of Instagram influencers' personal information exposed

>>6547644 US Army Corps Of Engineers Tweet '1888', POTUS mentions it 3 times during rally

>>6547598 , >>6547642 Christchurch Call: Moar internet censorship incoming

>>6547573 , >>6547590, >>6547627, >>6547628 Moffa transcript findings cont.

>>6547570 , >>6547621, >>6547711, >>6547843 Theory: Is blackmail material the keystone?

>>6547491 , >>6547973 Pediatrician charged with sexual assault now accused of molesting 11 more

>>6547475 , >>6547527, >>6547572 Trish Anderson transcript findings

>>6547402 , >>6547483, >>6547502, >>6547539, >>6547553 Moffa transcript findings

>>6547441 Lynch used an email alias to conduct government business (Daily Caller)

>>6547430 Standard Hotel tied to subway gas scare

>>6547429 Sweeny transcript re Weiner's laptop

>>6547417 , >>6547446 Ramtha dig graphics

>>6547408 , >>6547517 New DJT tweets and video

>>6547337 , >>6547438, >>6547563, >>6547782 Lynch transcript findings cont.

98d38b () No. 6548270

a73746 () No. 6548271



Someone's grumpy! Stop taking the black pill–it's no good for your mental or physical health.

93ebcd () No. 6548273

Comey - DECLAS - IG Report

And we arent even at Comey yet

b98b3a () No. 6548274

24016a () No. 6548275


My gut says, "take it." You can rest. We'll see who shows up later.

handoff confirmed?

91a09c () No. 6548276


Joseph Buttigieg spent much of his time writing when he wasn’t in the classroom. In 1987, his book “A Portrait of the Artist in Different Perspective” was published by the Ohio University Press, located in Athens, Ohio. The book centered on Irish novelist James Joyce’s aesthetics.

Buttigieg was also a translator and was especially interested in the works of Antonio Gramsci, an Italian philosopher and political activist with communist leanings. He was originally from Sardinia and died in Rome in 1937 at age 46. Buttigieg edited and translated Gramsci’s “Prison Notebooks.” Buttigieg’s translations, of which there were three volumes, were published between 1992 and 2007 by the Columbia University Press.

c6196a () No. 6548277


Ptosis is drooping or falling of the eyelid

It is not actually lazy eye as it has nothing to do with the eyeball itself.

The muscle that holds the eyelid up is weaker in one eye than it is in the other eye.

Genetic and congenital (people are born with it)

It has nothing to do with sodomy

a73746 () No. 6548278


Is it supposed to resemble the watch from the Q drop photos? I don't have them handy.

a8167d () No. 6548279

Why all the celeb slides lately?

1e35ff () No. 6548280

79895f () No. 6548281




b015ac () No. 6548282


you have NO IDEA what I think or what i know, kid. believe that.

1cfc71 () No. 6548283

is the Bachelorette a pysop

5bb4a9 () No. 6548284

081ff1 () No. 6548285

Does this make anyone else nervous? Or is it just me?

0ae5fd () No. 6548286

Was just looking at pics of Kim and noticed this one he is definitely on the team and signaling to the Masons

131408 () No. 6548287


>Question is : how many democrats running are not clowns?

Oxy morAns

f04beb () No. 6548288


You just never know when inspiration will strike. Especially with shills always trying to drag us down. Fortunately, autists have tremendous powers of concentration and multitasking, can completely ignore minor distractions.

Thank you fren.

192f8f () No. 6548289

China tariffs: Nike, Adidas among 170 footwear retailers urging Trump to end 'catastrophic' plan

More than 170 prominent footwear retailers Opens a New Window. , including industry leaders such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armour, called Monday for the Trump administration to abandon plans to implement further tariffs Opens a New Window. on apparel manufactured in China.

In a letter to President Trump, the companies said the increased tariffs could have a “catastrophic” impact “for our consumers, our companies, and the American economy as a whole.”

“On behalf of our hundreds of millions of footwear consumers and hundreds of thousands of employees, we ask that you immediately stop this action to increase their tax burden,” the Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America trade group said in the letter. “Your proposal to add tariffs on all imports from China is asking the American consumer to foot the bill. It is time to bring this trade war to an end.”

The footwear companies estimate that the tariffs if finalized, would cost U.S. consumers more than $7 billion annually. Other prominent brands that signed the letter include Aldo, Brooks, Converse, Foot Locker and Puma.

“While our industry has been moving away from China for some time now, footwear is a very capital-intensive industry, with years of planning required to make sourcing decisions, and companies cannot simply move factories to adjust to these changes,” the letter added. “Any action taken to increase duties on Chinese footwear will have an immediate and long-lasting effect on American individuals and families. It will also threaten the very economic viability of many companies in our industry.”

Executives from Walmart Opens a New Window. and Macy’s each warned in recent days that further tariffs would lead to higher prices for shoppers.


87e212 () No. 6548290

93ebcd () No. 6548291


2020 maybe

f3261e () No. 6548292

faf869 () No. 6548293

79895f () No. 6548294



17b80a () No. 6548295


Anon waiter here

your seat is now available

a8167d () No. 6548296


Some of the dumbest fucks on the planet are here right now, anon.

1cc500 () No. 6548297

131408 () No. 6548298

fb25e7 () No. 6548299


Is he going to sing?

d5230d () No. 6548300



I'd still hit that MILF!

24016a () No. 6548301


I do the same but being on this board is helping me slow down. Now i know how reporters eager for a scoop feel…..

12e662 () No. 6548302

437ec7 () No. 6548303


You must have enjoyed "Lost in Translation"

8a4d33 () No. 6548304


The gut wins, kek

Handoff confirmed

Have a good one baker, and thank you.

Notes checked until the topmost one -

>>6548132 McCabe transcript findings cont.

>>6548103 , >>6548106, 6548126 Moffa transcript findings cont.

New bun for the last bread - >>6548269 #8372

And…. changed a note in lb notes to this one -

>>6547570 , >>6547621, >>6547711, >>6547843 Theory: Is blackmail material the keystone?

17b80a () No. 6548305

ae48de () No. 6548306

This is grotesque.



[blank for memes]

ee4335 () No. 6548307


More likely it will be dragged out until after the 2020 elections so that prosecutions aren't "politically motivated".

Some of us said the exact same thing last year, by the way, referring to the 2018 elections, and were called shills.

So saying anything like his now will also certainly get you called a shill.

5e38d7 () No. 6548308


>Antonio Gramsci

Little moar than leanings. Tells you all you need to know. Marxists/communists love that guy.

468928 () No. 6548309

6553d5 () No. 6548310


I was red pilled long before Q. Problem is, Q can’t be fully trusted until the operation yields real world results. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Walls can keep people out, and they can keep people in.

Military can free, or oppress.

Leaders can seem benevolent, and have ulterior motives.

Stay skeptical friends, lest you be deceived by a cunning deception.

ca7e01 () No. 6548311

637960 () No. 6548312

80f4de () No. 6548313


Happy Birthday Dad

131408 () No. 6548314



Better pic

d1d0df () No. 6548315

ok, so

has there been discussion about why President Trump keeps tugging at his jacket ?

He did it quite a lot at the rally tonight.

Several possibilities:

1. keeping his cards hidden

2. covering his holstered weapon

3. taking pictures with his cuff link camera

4. dealing with his irritation at the mention of something

5. making sure his doodoo people list was still in his pocket

I'm going for – he's holding his cards tight to his chest.

He's going to go at them one or two at a time

and then watch the rest of them squeal like pigs

not knowing what they are going to do to save themselves.

5134c5 () No. 6548316

d5230d () No. 6548317



1cc500 () No. 6548318


Bill Murray flick from early 2000s?

Yes, I did, but I don’t remember much about it.

Please explain why,

a09ead () No. 6548319


I welcome this. People are at least mildly conscious that the major shoe corporations employ cheap sweatshop labor. If the outcry is enough, they'll move their overseas businesses back here lest they wanna face some boycotts.

24016a () No. 6548320


got the updates, thx for notes, g'night 5:5.

b98b3a () No. 6548321

09b111 () No. 6548322


then why are you here anon?

192f8f () No. 6548323

Amazon a winner as Supreme Court sides with Post Office on package delivery prices

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal from UPS that would have required the Post Office to raise the prices it charges for package delivery creating a potential windfall for its partner Amazon.

In United Parcel Service v. Postal Regulatory Commission, justices did not side with the argument that the Postal Service – which competes with UPS in delivery – has a pricing model that gives it an advantage.


f04beb () No. 6548324


Actually, the American consumer does not need 49,000,000 different variations on stupid looking athletic footwear. These benefit the manufacturer but the ridiculous color and style variations do not benefit the user at all. It is a fake, made-up, "fashion" trend designed to rip people off by making them believe they "need" something that is in no way essential. We need a few dozen variations on athletic footwear maybe, for different foot shapes, different sports etc. but not the style variations that cause people to line up for days outside a mall and have fist fights over the latest style.

Let's get real!

Back in the day, there were not 49,000,000 variations of footwear, and we were fine. We bought shoes for fit and comfort, and bought new ones when the old wore out, not because a new style came out.

98d38b () No. 6548325


Hillary is a professional projection artist

Like a 14th degree blackbelt

acff28 () No. 6548326

This is just FYI - US Army has banned buying from DJI at this time.

DHS Warns That Chinese-Made Drones May Steal Data

These are the toys you are buying and what our EMS are using… hobbyist and professional organizations

where do all that stolen data go?

690779 () No. 6548327

>>6546166 pb notable

>Nigel Farage at “The Brexit Party” Rally today (it's happening!)

He also said the word "water" at some point. Perhaps questionable IQ anons should watch the water some more?

637960 () No. 6548328


New Balance is smiling. http://billlawrenceonline.com/new-balance-american-made/

3cef81 () No. 6548329


Great soundtrack, incidentally, or perhaps not

6553d5 () No. 6548330


Waiting to see how the story ends.

38ee65 () No. 6548331

1cc500 () No. 6548332



These dip-shits make meming so easy.

b015ac () No. 6548333


b98b3a () No. 6548334


cool meme, can you get c in scythe?

468928 () No. 6548335



17b80a () No. 6548336



E will REEE

635634 () No. 6548337


I would imagine it possible that one, struggling hard enough against forced sodomy, could put enough strain on any number of muscles, causing any number of injuries.

RNGesus is a muthafucka

131408 () No. 6548338



5f2342 () No. 6548339


Who is that? Is that clam baker??

I don't get it.

acff28 () No. 6548340


sorry - here is the sauce


4af487 () No. 6548341

epoch times does a good write up on the Trisha Anderson transcript and seems she was a big player


a8167d () No. 6548342


Projection/deflection artist.

17b80a () No. 6548343



452130 () No. 6548344

09b111 () No. 6548345


except you're not waiting, you're shilling against Q

8a4d33 () No. 6548346

10a09a () No. 6548347


Trump mentioned a steel plant reopening at the recent rally. Now that's good news. I hope it's high quality metal. That would be a very nice change.

79b0a5 () No. 6548348

"Driving 'em crazy"

b98b3a () No. 6548349

5134c5 () No. 6548350



>These dip-shits make meming so easy.

Almost unfair how easy they make it. It's like shooting fish in a barrel, as they say.

12e662 () No. 6548351


Does that me she is a failed late termer?

1de87c () No. 6548352

1486e9 () No. 6548353


Chicken dinner

1e35ff () No. 6548354


Bill's handler

131408 () No. 6548355


b1dcd5 () No. 6548356



028172 () No. 6548357





f9d83e () No. 6548358


a8167d () No. 6548359


Who cares? What does it change?

192f8f () No. 6548360

Dressbarn to close all 650 locations in 'wind down' of retail operations

Dressbarn Opens a New Window. plans to close all of its approximately 650 locations in a "wind down" of its retail operation, the women's retailer announced Monday.

"For more than 50 years, Dressbarn has served women’s fashion needs, and we thank all of our dedicated associates for their commitment to Dressbarn and our valued customers," Steven Taylor, the company's chief financial officer, said in a press release Opens a New Window. . "This decision was difficult, but necessary, as the Dressbarn chain has not been operating at an acceptable level of profitability in today’s retail environment."

Dressbarn is owned by Mahwah, New Jersey-based Ascena Retail Group, which is also the parent company of Ann Taylor, LOFT, Lane Bryant and Justice.

The company was founded in 1962 by Roslyn S. Jaffe, who opened the Dress Barn's first store in Stamford, Connecticut.


79895f () No. 6548361





131408 () No. 6548362


6a6d90 () No. 6548363

Lynch confirms Russia Investigation started in late Spring 2016, much earlier than Aug 2016.

437ec7 () No. 6548364


You don't remember it because it

was boring as fuck…much like this movie

e9ca82 () No. 6548365

NY based Weight Watchers received $1.5 million of funneled education money from Mississippi.


80f4de () No. 6548366



24016a () No. 6548367


From new baker, this is the current revision:

>>6547570 , >>6547621, >>6547711, >>6547843 Theory: Is blackmail material the keystone?

did you want to added >>6548089 as well, like so:

>>6547570 , >>6547621, >>6547711, >>6548089, >>6547843 Theory: Is blackmail material the keystone?

a54f0f () No. 6548368

pretty fucking gay right now

468928 () No. 6548369

6553d5 () No. 6548370


Being skeptical is not shilling, it’s the logical thing to do.

Blind acceptance is stupid, plain and simple. Q has only proven that he works with Trump, but neither has proven conclusively that they will save America. Plenty shows they are attempting this, but a good “nail in the coffin CIA operation” could achieve the same thing.

If I was the deep state, my final blow would look exactly like a miraculous rescue operation. It would look exactly like this.

Convince the patriots of sure victory, the day before you finish them.

5ceeb1 () No. 6548371

learn our comms

3f7f0c () No. 6548372

Report of pipe bombs leads to woman’s arrest in Grass Valley

GRASS VALLEY – Pipes bombs were found in a woman’s residence after an anonymous tip was called into the Grass Valley Police Department Saturday afternoon.

Officials say the call came in around 3:30 p.m. and pointed them to Mary Dalton’s home on the 400 block of Lamarque Court. The pipe bombs were found in her closet.

The Explosive Ordinance Disposal team from the Placer County Sheriff’s Office rendered the items safe, according to the Grass Valley police.

Dalton, 52, was arrested for “possession of a destructive device and booked into the Nevada County Jail,” authorities said.



Alternate sauce:


c6196a () No. 6548373


I like this

copied and saved for future use

f63e02 () No. 6548374

Funny, Rouhani just had a cameo appearance on NCIS Los Angeles. In the storyline, the team played a video clip of Rouhani giving a threatening speech, then later in the storyline identified the video clip as a digital fake. And an hour later, coincidentally, his picture is on CNN. What are the odds?


b98b3a () No. 6548375

ca7e01 () No. 6548376

38ee65 () No. 6548377


Instant indoctrination-lobotomy?

12e662 () No. 6548378


Another anon took my blank without me asking and added it and posted back.

I thought the same thing, but checked, and it appears it is an acceptable spelling.

Sythe may refer to:

Osyth (d. 700 AD), an English saint

an alternative spelling of scythe, an agricultural hand tool

Therefor I let it stand. No reason to criticize a gift.

b98b3a () No. 6548379

131408 () No. 6548380



f04beb () No. 6548381

Reposting from LB before stepping out

Important marker


Tidal Wave Coming

Buckle up!

91a09c () No. 6548382



b015ac () No. 6548383


d8c914 () No. 6548384


Timing has and will be everything….don’t want the rats scurrying too soon.

7a40a8 () No. 6548385


He killed her ISIS children. Good job Eddie!!

b98b3a () No. 6548386



5134c5 () No. 6548387

79895f () No. 6548388

I Time Travel through the music.

Do you?


192f8f () No. 6548389

CBD industry meets sports: Indy 500 to feature landmark sponsorship deal

The booming CBD industry will build on its push toward mainstream acceptance at the Indy 500 later this month when New Mexico-based CBD products maker Craft 1861 sponsors the Carlin race team in one of the first deals of its kind in major professional sports.

Craft 1861’s name and logo will be displayed on Carlin’s cars during the prestigious race, building on a partnership that began during off-season test runs earlier this year, FOX Business has learned. The company sells various hemp-based CBD products, including massage lotions and creams, which are geared toward athletes.

“We saw an audience that aligned with our consumer profile and we knew we could deliver a product line and experience that IndyCar fans would love,” said Eric Lujan, co-founder and principal at Craft 1861, noting that 65 percent of IndyCar’s 57 million U.S.-based fans fall into the same market segment as new cannabis product consumers.

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a hemp-derived compound without the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana use. CBD-infused products have gained popularity among U.S. consumers for their perceived health benefits and drawn interest from several major companies, to the point that the hemp-based CBD market alone could be worth $20 billion by 2020, according to research from the Brightfield Group.

However, cannabis and associated products have largely remained off-limits in major professional sports, the vast majority of which have banned their use. Advertisements are also rare – the NFL rejected a planned Super Bowl commercial for medical marijuana company Acreage Holdings last January.


b98b3a () No. 6548390

caa720 () No. 6548391


Strzok is Steele’s handler? I thought it was gates in Rome…

131408 () No. 6548392



4f7f18 () No. 6548393


That's pretty funny right there.

caa720 () No. 6548394



a0b611 () No. 6548395


None of them are


1cc500 () No. 6548396


Then leave the theater and see a movie that better suits you.

“The Jerk”

“The Lonely Guy”

“The 40 Year Old Virgin”

Anons: please recommend some more movies for this shill!

09b111 () No. 6548397



why are




a09ead () No. 6548398


Man, you don't know how much I agree with that. The shoe industry, much like fashion, is vapid materialism and status symbolism. Just make some fucking footwear for their actual purpose, eh?

fc623a () No. 6548399

c6196a () No. 6548400



I don't watch NCIS LA, I only watch the regular NCIS and NCIS NOLA

I haven't made my mind up yet about Mark Harmon, if he is a white hat or not. I want to think that he is a white hat. As much as one can be in H-wood anyways.

beeba8 () No. 6548401



f63e02 () No. 6548402


Wow! Spoopy.

ae48de () No. 6548403



b98b3a () No. 6548404

0e0991 () No. 6548405



6553d5 () No. 6548406


Because it either is, or is not a CIA op. I’d like to find out either way. One way or another, history is being made.

24016a () No. 6548407


Graveyard's getting earlier and earlier….(or maybe just One Long Night…..)

468928 () No. 6548408

b865f5 () No. 6548409

a8167d () No. 6548410


Anything with Jim Carrey. Pet Detective, etc.

66f1d8 () No. 6548411

No wonder Amash is so salty

Amash owns a company located in China


Is Anti-Trump Republican Justin Amash Choosing China Over America?

Posted on May 19, 2019 by DCWhispers

Congressman Justin Amash is a cog in the Michigan political status quo machine that has seen U.S. jobs shipped en masse overseas. Given President Trump’s powerful America-First message and his hardnosed trade negotiations with China, then, it was no surprise to those paying attention when Congressman Amash happily declared to the far-left media that the president should be impeached. (Amash didn’t actually provide any specifics as to why.)

Ah, but what is this? Now we learn that the foundation of the congressman’s business empire is based in . . . China.

Michigan Republican Congressman Justin Amash made headlines Saturday by declaring on Twitter that President Trump deserved impeachment. The media was quick to promote his position and advance an anti-Trump narrative. However, a review of Amash’s financial interests quickly reveals a very personal business motive. His family tool business is heavily invested in Chinese manufacturing.

In his 2017 financial disclosure forms (pdf here), Representative Amash reports income of between $100,000 to $1,000,000/yr. for his ownership stake in Michigan Industrial Tools. Michigan Industrial Tools is the parent company, manufacturing in China, that produces Tekton Tools, Justin Amash’s Michigan family business.

What you quickly discover is it appears Republican Congressman Justin Amash was challenged in 2010 [News Link] for his family business claiming to sell hand tools made in the U.S.A. but were actually manufactured in China.

Dynamic Source International and “Michigan Industrial Tools” (financial disclosure) appear as the same corporation doing manufacturing in Hangzhou, China. The finished product is then shipped/sold in the U.S. by the Amash family (Justin and his brother Jeff) under the name Tekton Tools.

Obviously, President Trump’s tariff and trade position against China is adverse to the financial interests of Justin Amash.

In addition to previously lying about his Michigan company selling product “Made In USA” and the nature of his business relationship with China, the family business contains the financial motive for Representative Amash to call for President Trump’s impeachment.

So, the Amash family business runs off of cheap Chinese-manufactured products and then selling those products at a steep mark up to U.S. consumers.

President Trump is working hard to bring jobs back to America. Congressman Amash is opposed to that—opposition which perfectly represents the inherent greed of the D.C. Swamp.

Which position do you support?

17a0d6 () No. 6548412

The name of this drink is literally BAL.

Look at the hand gestures in the commercial.

f94e4d () No. 6548413


lol, MAGA!!!

Nike hates America, just their demoralizing behavior alone, shows they can give 2 shits about the American people.

5f2342 () No. 6548414


wow, someone saw then said something

anonymous tip for the win

6553d5 () No. 6548415


Yes, logic can be divisive. Truth itself is extremely divisive. Unfortunately that won’t stop my questioning.

131408 () No. 6548416




Anons were right!

b865f5 () No. 6548417


> earlier and earlier



970860 () No. 6548418

caa720 () No. 6548419


Coverup of NSA-enabled spying via contractors is the big story of everything past March 2016

70b363 () No. 6548420

081ff1 () No. 6548421


So, I’m pretty sure this is RELATED! May 28 is the trial in California at the Naval Base! MASSIVE DATA dump from umbrella surveillance!

992313 () No. 6548422

1cc500 () No. 6548423


“Dumb and Dumber” is the obvious choice.

131408 () No. 6548424




b865f5 () No. 6548425


Good job Anons

'see something, say something'

how many lives saved

ce8547 () No. 6548426


I will take a stab. It could be white hats are trying to get to her.

I've been vocally anti-Trump for 4 years. I hear your pleas, I could red pill the masses.

But I am not going to do this until I am more sure that I will be protected or that the operation will be a success.

2fa854 () No. 6548427



And here's my question to Q.

Is there an ESTABLISHED Clown 5 eye group? MEANING, a separate and unknown ORGANIZED groups of individuals from each of those nations that ALWAYS work together to control, well, basically the fuckin world? AN IDENTIFIABLE GROUP.

I'm assuming the answer is yes…

b98b3a () No. 6548428

a54f0f () No. 6548429


91a09c () No. 6548430


there were shills here the other night saying that Amash China connection was nothing to see and anons were jumping to conclusions. I think the same shills are here tonight

970860 () No. 6548431

9c2fa8 () No. 6548432

3f7f0c () No. 6548433





And guess who deleted their tweet?

3cef81 () No. 6548434


Knowing is not the same as understanding

0e0991 () No. 6548435


a8167d () No. 6548436

8d9e97 () No. 6548437

d5230d () No. 6548438

faf869 () No. 6548439

>>6548416 Good job anons

131408 () No. 6548440


>Good job Anons

Apparently Anons had to fight to get that Notable in.


c68a63 () No. 6548441


Simple solution.

Manufacture in the USA, no tariffs.

Sucks to be a labor exploiter these days.

d20b36 () No. 6548442

>>6547733 (pb)

Once travelling in the northeast in the 80s, there was one unique night where all the lightning for hours was pure red, spreading out in the clouds like spider webs. But it was quiet, never touched the ground. I never saw it again anywhere in the country since. It looked nothing like these "sprites" you can google for, it was legit horizontal web lightning. Northeast lightning storms in general are as peculiarly powerful as northeast social indoctrination. I have seen stronger lightning in the northeast than in the Midwest or the South. As Trump likes to say, something is going on up there.

25fa90 () No. 6548443

db033f () No. 6548444

un-sauced Eye The Spy tweets are now notable?

5e38d7 () No. 6548445


Season 17 of NCIS starts this fall. Someone on Greg Gutfeld show mentioned that Sunday iirc. Like you, would like to hope that about MH, but it is HW. Not sure either.

66f1d8 () No. 6548446


Ha, were they?

Naw man, Amash's family business connection to China is plain as day.

That was total shilling.

1e35ff () No. 6548447

b98b3a () No. 6548448

Buy American

Hire American

dff798 () No. 6548449


Thanks X for all the work you do we never hear about.

Romans 8:28 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

28 And we know that [a]God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

e83756 () No. 6548450


No, this is grotesque

dc7007 () No. 6548451

This is^ Grotesque

8d9e97 () No. 6548452

b865f5 () No. 6548453



468928 () No. 6548454

79895f () No. 6548455

The Winning Timeline.


f3b370 () No. 6548456


Paging Dr. Faust.

12e662 () No. 6548457


>Back in the day, there were not 49,000,000 v

Yes 49mm is an exageration.

The problem with your argument is that back in the day shoes were made by cobblers and small (by todays standards) manufacturers. While most of these skilled tradesmen and manufacturers tended to serve smaller more local markets, the actual number of different types and styles was quite large. They all had their own designs and styles, and the environment heavily influenced their design.

Consolidation under Global Super Mega Corp has reduced that. The only market where you can find some of the old variation is in high end dress shoes.

201800 () No. 6548458


Scavinos shitposting about Free Beer Tomorrow.

1cc500 () No. 6548459



fc63a8 () No. 6548460



ce8547 () No. 6548461


Is that deep fake on the face?

Sure looks like Brittney Spears in her prime.

bd206b () No. 6548462






>They are watching - Q

e24bf5 () No. 6548463

f53e5a () No. 6548464

ES talks China and GOOG breakup:


All statements allude to GOOG canning China Dragonfly search engine (publicly). Reality different?

With ex-communication of Huawei, GOOGs role in national security state brought to fore. WHAT WAS CHINA BUYING? Why do we care?





970860 () No. 6548465

3896ee () No. 6548466

Can't destroy the fed without mining rights. Mining rights are useless if mining equipment is banned. when local mining industry is destroyed what will they take away next? Last chance to speak up.

7573ee () No. 6548468

WE could have every BOOM go off tomorrow but where will the mainstream GET the ACCURATE, UNcensored FACTS?

Mainstream Conservatives will have Wallace & the gay guy, plus all the other fools they get to fill time with NOTHING but their "Um Uh thoughts" on every damn thing, spewing WHATEVER they WANT TO on Faux.

Hannity can't have his guests banned (a la Chris Farrell) by saying too much, so he interrupts them.

Too many people have NO access to NEWS.

One America is reporting on Biden & the other Commie's China "dealings", and what is Faux spewing? It's in LOVE with them because… why?

Yet another example (DDG pics) of how real NEWS is suppressed – DDG, NO better than the others in searches. "Fox" is not remotely similar to "One America".

131408 () No. 6548469


>And guess who deleted their tweet?

If this wasn't so tragic it'd be funny. What a fuking tool.

NOTHING gets past Anons!



b16f46 () No. 6548470

db033f () No. 6548471



468928 () No. 6548472



24016a () No. 6548473


Sorry, don't mean in the sense you might think. It's just easy to connect the dotes too quick in the heat of the moment. Been caught out a few times on that. Now I wait.

ef6a5c () No. 6548474

Ugh fuck, I got high a little bit ago and now I cant type out my thoughts in any sort of interesting way. Although you awesome bitches might not think it's interesting anyway…

To make a long story short, spouse snores ridiculously loud, like anyone within a wall or entire floor can hear it and are unable to sleep. Sounds trivial but it's a problem.

Spouse is a retired USAF MC130 pilot of 23 years…after a particular deployment, all the guys he was deployed with (maybe 10) talked about their wives bitching about them snoring ridiculously loud. They went to the VA and the VA docs threw sleep apnea machines at them but that didnt help. Spouse had his tonsils removed at age 52 and that didnt help. He lost weight, changed diet, stopped drinking, used different pillows…nothing helps/ed.

There was talk among them that they think something was tested on them while deployed (Iraq 90s and 2000s)…

c6196a () No. 6548475

31ad36 () No. 6548476

>>6547679 pb

Define "free". Given that these people are under constant surveillance by the most powerful system ever devised… that they never know if the people around them are sheep, anons, or someone who has snapped from learning the truth about them…

Toss in the fact that there are groups following them with the power to arrest them on a single order… Then, add the fact that half their "friends" need them dead.

Please… define "free"?

ae48de () No. 6548477






Anons, admit it, Hildebeast's tweet really was a gift

38ee65 () No. 6548478


>something is going on up there.

79895f () No. 6548479





Time RE:EBorn

f94e4d () No. 6548480

Amash Gets Republican Primary Challenge 2 Days After Calling for Trump’s Impeachment

Rats (((panic))) he's finished, another one down!

A Michigan state lawmaker swiftly filed a Republican primary challenge to Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) on May 20, just two days after Amash became the first Republican congressman to call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

State Rep. Jim Lower (R-Mich.) launched a campaign for Congress on May 20 complete with a website calling for donations.

“Congressman Justin Amash tweets yesterday calling for President Trump’s impeachment show how out of touch he is with the truth and how out of touch he is with people he represents,” Lower said in a statement on his campaign website.

“Amash has not only failed to support President Trump as the President works to make the United States stronger and safer, he has now united with radical liberals like Democratic Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib (D-Detroit) to try and bring down our President. He must be replaced and I am going to do it,” Lower added.

Amash made headlines on May 18 with a series of messages on Twitter accusing Trump of “impeachable conduct” and calling on Congress to impeach the president. Amash is the only Republican to have called for the president’s impeachment.

Trump countered Amash on May 19, calling him a ” total lightweight” and a “loser” while pointing to the conclusions of Mueller’s report.

Lower has held the state seat for two terms while Amash was elected in 2010 and reelected three times.

Amash ran unopposed in 2018 in the Republican primary before winning 54 percent of the vote in the general election. He also appeared to run unopposed in 2016 before winning nearly 60 percent of the vote in the general election. In 2014, he beat primary challenger Brian Ellis with 57 percent of the vote before getting 58 percent of the vote in the general election.

Shortly prior to unveiling his campaign website, Lower shared a statement by Laura Cox, Michigan’s Republican chairwoman.

“While President Trump’s leadership has led to the strongest economy in a generation, Justin Amash has opposed his ‘America First’ agenda every step of the way,” Cox wrote.

“Now in a desperate attempt to grab headlines and advance his own presidential ambitions, Amash is peddling a narrative that has repeatedly been proven false. Shameful.”


24016a () No. 6548481


First name? Moffa or Hoffa? Thanks.

e1c2d3 () No. 6548482



>No, this is grotesque

So are these kek.

8f9d1a () No. 6548483


Do you have the pic in basement on Epstein Island??

468928 () No. 6548484


Dubs of truth

25fa90 () No. 6548485

b015ac () No. 6548486


if yall think he's gunna be THAT obvious about coding calls.. you are slick slow and dumb.

we do those type of things in 8ball POOL apps in the chatboxes.. we do those type of things in saved drafts in shared email accounts…

not FCKN TWITTER. sheesh.

>these people are stupid

201800 () No. 6548487


Who’s your guess for the demoncrat nominee?

I’m thinking Bern.

dff798 () No. 6548488


Romans 10:9-13 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

9 [a]that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; 10 for with the heart a person believes, [b]resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, [c]resulting in salvation. 11 For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes in Him will not be [d]disappointed.” 12 For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, abounding in riches for all who call on Him; 13 for “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

f787e2 () No. 6548489

No explanation needed


131408 () No. 6548490


>Hildebeast's tweet really was a gift

No shit! Almost like it's a blank coloring book and Anons have the crayons!

b865f5 () No. 6548491



'gift that keeps on giving'

db033f () No. 6548492


Tits or…

2fa854 () No. 6548494


"…and that's the case with Mr. Strzok"??? He's the assignor or he's the HANDLER?

I'd assume handler!

9c2fa8 () No. 6548495

201800 () No. 6548496



ef6a5c () No. 6548497


Creepy Joe and some black chick as VP

970860 () No. 6548498

468928 () No. 6548499

6968c2 () No. 6548500


None of them are


70b363 () No. 6548501

66f1d8 () No. 6548502


Thx anon, this guy needs much closer spotlight

Will dig on State Rep. Jim Lower, we need to get him on record here

Amash is COMPED

Family business pipeline to China

201800 () No. 6548503


Agree. But they will all try to flip.

b21dbe () No. 6548504


Mybe you boomers dont know the rules

Tits or gtfo

fc623a () No. 6548505


Who would've thought John Brennan would be posting on 8chan?

5e38d7 () No. 6548506


Spam shit that started a day or two ago.

4f567d () No. 6548507

Shout out to Stigler Oklahoma High School students who are woke and Making America Great Again!

Ya'll are makin us proud!


fc63a8 () No. 6548508

12e662 () No. 6548509


I do apologize for the confusion.

It's just that, for me, it is always graveyard shift.

Keks grimly

db033f () No. 6548510


Better yet frazzle…

131408 () No. 6548511


>Who’s your guess for the demoncrat nominee?

At this point, what does it matter?

7b00c6 () No. 6548512

201800 () No. 6548513


Comeys Suicide Note: Orange Man Bad.

b85930 () No. 6548514

beeba8 () No. 6548515


Tone is divisive. Free thinkers abound. You are not unique, if you believe yourself.

49638b () No. 6548516


The Noahide Law Conspiracy

Though I can see how the Noahide law conspiracy theory that some anons have proposed is plausible, carrying out such a plan IMHO would be highly unlikely at least in its most extreme form (eg genocide). However, there was the Commandment to exterminate the Amalekites. I know it’s a stretch but hear me out. Based on my readings the commandment is not practiced by contemporary Jews based on the arguments that 1) Sennacherib deported and mixed the nations, so it is no longer possible to determine who is an Amalekite. And 2) that the commandment only applies to a Jewish king or organized community (eg the state of Israel?).

Maimonides further explains that the commandment to destroy the nations of the Amalekite requires the Jewish people to 1) *peacefully request that these non Jews accept upon themselves the Seven Laws of Noah and 2) pay a tax to the Jewish kingdom (the state of Israel?)

Then, only if the nonJews refuse to pay the tax must they be physically killed.

Now consider the recent dramatic push both in US and abroad to pass anti-Semitic hate laws which make it crime to even question the legitimacy or presumed authority of Zionism. It’s one thing to publicly denigrate a person based solely on their ethic descent, but its a violation of the 1st amendment to prohibit any legitimate criticism of the Jewish Kingdom. Nevertheless, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently stated publicly “let me be clear, anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.” Thus, if such laws were widely adopted and enforced it would by default provide the basis for Jewish supremacy and make it very difficult to refuse implosion of their dictates including taxation upon all nonJewish people. Again, while I find the probability of achieving such an outcome very low, it is nevertheless plausible. In addition, the requirement that acceptance of the Noah hide laws by all nonJews is done peacefully provides a motive for keeping the whole plan a secret until such acceptance is formalized.

c6196a () No. 6548517


They did have the Q old typewriter button on an episode not too long ago.

a69f6c () No. 6548518

201800 () No. 6548519


No fucking eye bleach?!?!? Fugggggg

9198b0 () No. 6548520


meanwhile we learned RR is one of the good guys. Charmingly presented by Gina Shakespeare Epoch Times.


70b363 () No. 6548521

38ee65 () No. 6548522

f3b370 () No. 6548523


Okay, missed this one, please explain?

4867c6 () No. 6548524

Any Anons have any insight into organizations in charge of what tech gets rolled out when? had an interesting talk with a guy suggesting a lot withheld for profits sake.. suggested it's all controlled release.

081ff1 () No. 6548525


[P] pentagon/potus44

#spygate how do you legally enter evidence

ef6a5c () No. 6548526


I'm not a boomer, I'm Gen X.

24016a () No. 6548527


No worries, just made me laugh! Since I'm graveyard baker sometimes, I'm always for expanding the graveyard….


>>>6548333 "Hoffa"


ae48de () No. 6548528


>meanwhile we learned RR

is dirty

66f1d8 () No. 6548529


Go Stigler HS band, MAGA

Love muh old high school band frens. So real.

a8167d () No. 6548530

201800 () No. 6548531


I had to eat some fried chicken because of this freak.

27d86e () No. 6548532

Devin Nunes: FBI won't share info on Clinton 'dirt' tipster Joseph Mifsud

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., said on Monday the FBI has "something to hide" about Maltese academic Joseph Mifsud, the man who told former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos the Russians had damaging information about Hillary Clinton. During a Fox News interview, the House Intelligence Committee ranking member said he has sent two letters this month to the Central Intelligence Agency, FBI, National Security Agency, and State Department asking for all documents they have on Mifsud.

Nunes said all but the FBI are cooperating. "The FBI is not cooperating, per usual, which means they've got something to hide," he said. Mifsud, a London-based professor and former Maltese diplomat, has long been suspected of deep ties to Russian intelligence. Although special counsel Robert Mueller's team portrayed Mifsud as a Russian asset with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin in their 448-page report, Nunes has said they decided to "cherry pick" information from news reports, leaving out that he described as a Western intelligence asset. Nunes specifically noted that Mifsud has a lot of ties to U.S., British, and Italian intelligence services.

"It is impossible that Mifsud is a Russian asset," Nunes said Monday. "He is a former diplomat with the Malta government. He lived in Italy. He worked and taught FBI, trained FBI officials, and worked with FBI officials." Mueller's report, released last month with redactions, states that Mifsud traveled to Moscow in April 2016, after which he met Papadopoulos in London. It was at this meeting that Mifsud informed Papadopoulos that during his trip he learned that the Russians had “dirt” on Clinton, who served as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 and was President Trump's Democratic rival in the 2016 election.

Papadopoulos later repeated this claim to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, who informed the U.S. government and prompted the original counterintelligence investigation into Trump's campaign in July 2016. Although Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, told investigators Mifsud talked to him about the Russians having "thousands" of Clinton emails, Mifsud denied to the FBI he knew or mentioned anything about emails.


27d363 () No. 6548533


"Boomer" in chan culture doesn't mean only a generation reference. Newfag.

17b80a () No. 6548534

no step on snek

e66646 () No. 6548535


Deep fakes

2b6254 () No. 6548536


KEEP AMERICA GREAT ALWAYS - as intended by the Fore Fathers:

#KAGA …always, as intended. That which becomes the flawless endeavor to prevent tyranny.

I watched the rally. Twice.

digression: (do you know the algorythm is set so when you <arrow forward or back> you still get a less-than favorable screenshot of POTUS. ok, that's less than a BDSMTrny on steroids doing a 'sell' presentation for Merck, but…).

We're RESPONSIBILE. (responsible for: looking after our elders, keeping shit off the streets, breaking up fights, finding tools to difuse arguments and finding middle ground in the democratic 'process' of consensus building.)



(as we have always been in our heritage and lead the world with), we have #KAGA (a nice rhythm in chants/mottos, etc, but I digress)

…you get the 11 of the K to raise the spirit…manifested on earth.

K-11, add A/1+G/7+A/1=9, completion/humanitarian)

…and the 11 stands. Let SPIRIT reign.


ALWAYS, as ever before, let it continue. Let the flow of light, healing, love, humor and mostly, inspiration toward fellow humans continue to grow to heal.

For we have led in so many revolutions: a voice for women and minorities, innovation, discovery, etc.

Mr. President, KAGA. "Keep America Great ALWAYS" encourages a march in cadence, rhyme and chant. Others may feel transition to "Always" more readily with #MAGA to #KAGA so simple on the keyboard and 'finger memory'.

We know the founding fathers meant forever…repeat THAT and reinforce that with 'Always' and the transition is complete, simple and sweet. (for my simple, cross-country self and small poet hearing hearts of Americans, I call GOD first and #KAGA is the step up to his presence being HERE, and we need that chance.)



Bring the 11 for the foundation to anchor the evolved some have become - and more (questioning) are trying to comprehend.

4adc82 () No. 6548537

I don't blame Bill Clinton for dumping a load down Monica Lewinsky's throat.

9c2fa8 () No. 6548538

201800 () No. 6548539


Make her comfortable while the electorate decides what to do with her.

1e35ff () No. 6548540



8d9e97 () No. 6548541

Fighter jet convoy.


338dda () No. 6548542

970860 () No. 6548543

f94e4d () No. 6548544


well, here's a start…


b21dbe () No. 6548545


>I'm gen x not a boomer

66f1d8 () No. 6548546


Gracious thanks to you all, bakers.

452130 () No. 6548547

Ok.. so this..

Comey went on an apology tour of field offices. He re-opened case when he got back.

Interesting tidbit

Also, Wray visited every single field office in like 9 months after his appointment.

24016a () No. 6548548

#8373 baker change

Notes @415

>>6548103 , >>6548106, 6548126 Moffa transcript findings cont.

>>6548132 McCabe transcript findings cont.

>>6548158, >>6548198 Jeff Epstein DIGG, con't.

>>6548162 Q 1888 (see >>6547644 pb)

>>6548208 Can FBI start a probe wo/DoJ knowledge? McCabe: when "sensitive…decision has to be reported to DoJ"

>>6548213 Planefag report

>>6548244, >>6548276 Buttigieg /Alfred E. Neuman: side by side; moar on B

>>6546626 pb, >>6546691 pb, >>6548041 lb Ashton Kutcher's girlfriend murdered in 2001, trial begins

>>6548289 China tariffs: Nike, Adidas among 170 footwear retailers urging Trump to end 'catastrophic' plan

>>6548323 Amazon a winner as Supreme Court sides with Post Office on package delivery prices

>>6548372 Report of pipe bombs leads to woman’s arrest in Grass Valley

>>6548341 Good writeup on Trisha Anderson transcript by Epoch Times

>>6548340 DHS Warns That Chinese-Made Drones May Steal Data

>>6548480 Amash Gets Republican Primary Challenge 2 Days After Calling for Trump’s Impeachment

Jumped around a bit, so plz say if anything's missed

7cd43a () No. 6548549


seems all these services had disruption almost consistently across the board between 2130hrs est until 2230hrs est

might not be anything,…yet..just the same

see something

say something

down detector .com


Top 10



Pro Services

About us


Home / Companies / Outages overview

Outages overview


Hulu Problems at Hulu


ESPN Problems at ESPN


Smite Problems at Smite


League of Legends Problems at League of Legends


Target Problems at Target


CenturyLink Problems at CenturyLink


Rabb.it Problems at Rabb.it


Discord Problems at Discord


HQ Trivia Problems at HQ Trivia


Verizon Problems at Verizon


HouseParty Problems at HouseParty


Spectrum Problems at Spectrum


Xbox Live Problems at Xbox Live


Squarespace Problems at Squarespace


Dota 2 Problems at Dota 2


Cox Problems at Cox


Black Desert Online Problems at Black Desert Online


Pokémon Go Problems at Pokémon Go


Comcast Problems at Comcast


Duolingo Problems at Duolingo


iMessage Problems at iMessage


Facetime Problems at Facetime


Facebook Problems at Facebook


AT&T Problems at AT&T


Instagram Problems at Instagram


Windstream Problems at Windstream


Hulu Problems at Hulu


Rocket League Problems at Rocket League


CenturyLink Problems at CenturyLink


T-Mobile Problems at T-Mobile


AOL Problems at AOL


Teamviewer Problems at Teamviewer


Cox Problems at Cox


Salesforce Problems at Salesforce


Ecobee Problems at Ecobee


App Store Problems at App Store


iMessage Problems at iMessage


Facetime Problems at Facetime


Discord Problems at Discord


World of Warships Problems at World of Warships


Elite: Dangerous Problems at Elite: Dangerous


Spectrum Problems at Spectru

e83756 () No. 6548550


Got a pin-up seet for Sarah Huckabee-Sanders?

Asking for a…. me.

I'm asking for myself.

70b363 () No. 6548551

99016b () No. 6548552


So Wray has not been able to clean up the FBI?


They are just stalling giving away the plot twist until they are ready with everything

12e662 () No. 6548553


>un-sauced Eye The Spy tweets are now notable?

Not in my book. Never had been, never will be. Anons are free to squabble amongst themselves; they'll do so regardless of any words I would assemble in futility to stop them.

A man's gotta know his limitations

dc7007 () No. 6548554


For Anon who requested this

24016a () No. 6548555


Anon, is the focus here on Raniere or Epstein? said E in notables, is ok?

e83756 () No. 6548556


You just went ham and mastered the shit out of that one seed, huh?

dff798 () No. 6548557


Amen, I can back you up on that one. They have no idea what they do not know but should.

9af6b1 () No. 6548558


well mainly because yesterday they said

"there will be free beer tomorrow "

79895f () No. 6548559


> Whoever Believes in Him will not be disappointed.

True Words

His Word will not return void.

f1bacf () No. 6548560

Some words of explanation

One thing I often do is post some recent summary involving the "Let's Roll!" meme, but in the past 24 hours or so I've been posting stuff about Q being on the moon…. I will try to tie these things together in one post.

First, I think POTUS will tweet the "Storm" text, maybe even Tuesday night. I catch a lot of disinfo on timing, but I really would not be surprised about this one at all. And I think the "Storm" text is coming with a version of the "Let's Roll!" meme. The background to this is discussed in the links given. It was deduced via rational means, and when I first wrote up a summary I had NO idea that Q routinely posted anonymously. I mostly followed Q on /r/greatawakening before it got killed and was not attuned to following the flow of the board when I first came here. The upshot is that all my reasoning on that is completely transparent. Anyone entirely new to Q can follow what I am saying there, and I suspect that was by design.

>>6533344 (pb)

>>6533350 (pb)