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Wednesday 07.24.2019

>>7165757 ————————————–——– Projection does not work when WE, THE PEOPLE, are awake (Cap: >>7165818)


>>7163488 ————————————–——– 2019 YEAR OF THE BOOMERANG.

Tuesday 07.23.2019

>>7152657 ————————————–——– Bigger than most realize. (Cap. >>7152691)

>>7151215 ————————————–——– Senator Cruz calls for Antifa RICO investigation (Cap: >>7151265)

>>7150840 ————————————–——– Highest Level Security + MAX Protect (Cap: >>7150866)

>>7150048 ————————————–——– [CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN] (Cap: >>7150148)

Monday 07.22.2019

>>7139451 rt >>7139437 ————————— Flags Out!!

>>7139394 ————————————–——– These people are stupid.Enjoy the show!

>>7136617 ————————————–——– We, the PEOPLE! (Cap & Vid: >>7136639, >>7137278)

>>7136147 ————————————–——– Dark to LIGHT; Hunters become the Hunted (Cap: >>7136168)

>>7132595 ————————————–——– Ezra Cohen-Watnik

>>7132094 rt >>7131949 ————————— Mysterious operation around DC (Cap >>7137508)

>>7132079 ————————————–——– Stealth Bomber over National Mall (Cap & Vid: >>7132128)

>>7131707 ————————————–——– [Be Ready] (Cap: >>7131818)

Sunday 07.21.2019

>>7123230 ————————————–——– Ask yourself a very simple Q - why? (Cap: >>7123254)

>>7123120 ————————————–——– [Be Ready], [Traitors one & ALL]. (Cap: >>7123146)

Thursday 07.18.2019

>>7088054 rt >>7088006 ————————— If you look close enough you might see….

>>7088006 ————————————–——– Worth remembering

>>7087942 ————————————–——– Shall we play a game? (Cap: >>7088219)

>>7087719 ————————————–——– How do you 'shape' a story? (Cap: >>7089710)

>>7087425 rt >>7087382 ————————— Note events happening today

>>7087382 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087423)

>>7087356 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087384)

>>7086659 ————————————–——– Armor of God

>>7086225 ————————————–——– Worth remembering

>>7086145 ————————————–——– PANIC IN DC (Cap: >>7086210)

>>7085919 ————————————–——– What happens when the public finds out the TRUTH?

>>7083453 ————————————–——– Symbolism will be their downfall

>>7076995 rt >>7076947 ————————— Thank you for your continued service, BO

>>7076919 rt >>7076859 ————————— Captcha Gone

>>7076842 rt >>7076831 ————————— Thank you, BO

>>7076810 ————————————–——– Please revert bread back to original form

Wednesday 07.17.2019

Compiled here: >>7137191

Tuesday 07.16.19

Compiled here: >>7086938

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>>7077026 BO "thank you for vote of confidence"

>>7079301, >>7079338 BO summarizes bread reversion, no more captcha, and continued notables thread >>7003045

Bakers: Do not add Q's non-tripcoded posts to the dough

Anons: watch your pics, check to see if you drop a .jpeg, bakers keep an eye out to, anons requesting reminder


are not endorsements


>>7167128 Brexit in 99 Days, No Ifs, No Buts’: Boris Johnson Makes First Speech as UK Prime Minister

>>7167077 France: Migrants severely beaten by angry mob at the pool after sexually assaulting underage girls

>>7167044 German NGO Sea-Eye’s “Alan Kurdi” ship to resume its illegal migrant taxi service

>>7166955 Mueller Confronted for Stacking His Team with Hillary Clinton Allies

>>7166936 Mueller Says He Is ‘Not Familiar’ With Fusion GPS, The Firm Behind The Steele Dossie

>>7166918 He wants to expose the fact that the SC is a frame up. It's at the end of this clip, worth watching. Guiliani

>>7166884 Mueller Report ‘mostly just regurgitated press stories’ – Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko

>>7166828 Iran Claims IAEA Chief Behind Nuclear Deal "Eliminated" By Israeli Intelligence

>>7166702 Perjury? Mueller Claims His May 29 Presser Had Nothing to Do with Potential Contempt Order in Russian Troll Farm Case – Here is Evidence to the Contrary

>>7166673, >>7166797 Details Emerge About Jeffrey Epstein's Mysterious 2007 Port Deal In St. Thomas

>>7166648 “The last three hours have been an epic embarrassment for the Democrats. Expect more of the same in the second half.”

>>7166527 Jay Sekulow thread twit on TODAYS HEARING!

>>7167200 #9169


>>7166373 Sperry twit: GOP need to turn over their questions to a staff counsel experienced in cross examination.

>>7166358 Bernie Madoff asks Trump to reduce his 150-year prison term

>>7166352 New PapaD Congressman Nunes gets it. The $10,000 is going to be the iceberg that sinks this titanic.

>>7166260 5 of 5: “If confirmed, I will work tirelessly with this Congress and Secretary Esper to implement the National Defense Strategy to build a more lethal force, strengthen alliances, & work to reform the Department for increased accountability & affordability.”

>>7166090 Planefag update

>>7166065 Listen to Mueller's "stammering" on repeat? Dude is NOT all there!

>>7166047 Pence rebutts Mueller claim he didn' t meet with Trump as FBI director candidate day before appointment

>>7166035 Viasat Pres-Broadband Srvcs. sold $1.43m in shares-July 22

>>7165974 New PDJT From Trump War Room

>>7165886 MSNBC: Mueller just destroyed our impeachment vid

>>7166442 #9168


>>7165478 Joseph Mifsud: more questions than answers about mystery professor linked to Russia

>>7165448 twit storm graphic for today

>>7165342, >>7165540, >>7165588 Konstantine Kalymnik was an Obama source!!

>>7165282 if the Atty General doesn't have the power to exonerate then YOU don't have thwe power to exonerate then you don't have to tell him your not exonerating the pres. you believe that there's an office of exoneration?

>>7165257 @1stArmoredDiv LET'S FLY

>>7165238 What’s the chance of that?

>>7165239 Accused child rapist told police the young girl touched him first

>>7165207 Dismal Demand For Ugly, Tailing 5Y Auction

>>7165148 1Y 2D Delta - Mueller

>>7165121 Mueller is clearly indicating that all FISA shit is currently being handled by Barr and Durham.

>>7165088 Rage Against The Machine "So let the guilty hang…. In the year of the boomerang"

>>7165652 #9167

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>>7154774 #9153, >>7155603 #9154, >>7156418 #9155, >>7157178 #9156

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087199 () No. 7167240

Adam Schiff is now an expert on ethics :D :D :D

264144 () No. 7167243

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264144 () No. 7167254

Dough at hand off

84ade9 () No. 7167260

I'm shocked by your talent and effort baker.

0dbe3d () No. 7167267

Adam Schitt, fishing for a lead horse to beat for the next two years.

bdc78a () No. 7167270


Don't shit the bread, faggot.

dc06c6 () No. 7167273

>>7163961 (pb)

Chinese-Australian masons.

6dadd1 () No. 7167280

Bakers are the backbone of the army.

f13ac1 () No. 7167284

4eb53b () No. 7167286

Mueller got annihilated!!!


Congressional howitzers cut him to shreds~

>If AG Barr has access to all classified material, how does [MUELLER] navigate?

>If [MUELLER] provides FALSE and/or MISLEADING testimony, will AG Barr be forced to DECLAS all documentation to ensure full public awareness of the TRUTH?

>If [MUELLER] defers to the original report but D's / FAKE NEWS push a false narrative 'knowing majority of the public did not watch the actual hearing' will AG Barr be forced to DECLAS all documentation to ensure full public awareness of the TRUTH?



DECLAS allows far, far more questions to be answered.


>[MUELLER] [Epstein bury & cover-up].

>[MUELLER] [plot to remove duly elected POTUS].




>Carpet bombs are ok.

>Tactical nukes are better.

BB + Flynn = ]PAIN[

>If [RR] is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.

>if Mueller is dirty, [RR] must also be dirty.


Both independently confirmed to be Dirty AF

47e0b0 () No. 7167287

Pencil neck grasping for straws at this point.

1ff3d4 () No. 7167288

Notice to Newfags

The Board is under direct attack to slide and funnel eyes away from important information and digs.

Stay strong and stand united!

Fear not, (((their))) weak minded tactics only prove that "These people are stupid!"

Imagine hiring shitposting board-sliders as your last line of defense.

Truly outrageous and top fucking kek.

Train your mind to discern fact from fiction.

Avoid the FILTER SUGGESTION SHILLS, they are here to promote a culture of WRONG THINK.

Similar to the shutting down tactics we see from the left today, but instead in the form of SELF-CENSORSHIP.

Even allowing slides and gore spam to be projected on your screen can be used to strengthen your resolve.

And besides it's kind of hilarious that porn spam is (((their))) front line in the information warfare, kek!!


This message was brought to you in part by but not limited to, Anime Smartie Snacks; The smart snack that pushes back!

no homo

c37d3f () No. 7167289

d6ab4c () No. 7167290

1ff3d4 () No. 7167291

Friendly Reminder

Stay hydrated and well fed!

This is a high stress environment and your body will be consuming more water and nutrients then normally.

Not to mention the new pathways in your brain from expanding your thinking will need ample resource to form those new connections!

Exercise and take care of your body

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so take care of yourself. Exercise during breaks from soaking in all of this startling data.

Make sure to refresh yourself and stay clean, no one ever drained a swamp while smelling like one! kek.


This message was brought to you in part by but not limited to, Anime Smartie Snacks; The smart snack that pushes back!

no homo

84ade9 () No. 7167292

fd707b () No. 7167293

I get the feeling Muh-ler doesn't like AS either

f5aca2 () No. 7167294


I can't wait to stay at the Trump Moscow sometime in the future. Please build that tower, President Trump. The hotel should be called The Schiff.

ebcaac () No. 7167295

Mueller Refused To Deny His Team Leaked Roger Stone’s FBI Raid To CNN

U.S. Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) asked Mueller directly during the former special counsel’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee whether the office tipped off CNN of the incoming raid on Stone’s Florida residence in February.

“Are you aware of anyone on your team having given advanced knowledge of the raid on Roger Stone’s home to any person or the press including CNN?” Stewart asked.

“I’m not going to speak to that,” Mueller responded.


47e0b0 () No. 7167296


Schiff suite

e19399 () No. 7167297

lol, Nunes is so tired he doesn't want to give a closing statement. Like he already said what he needed/wanted to say.

a97a76 () No. 7167298

Shitty is going to shit his pants at DECLAS

27c8f9 () No. 7167299


cannot characterize that actually happened and will no speculate on that

mueller report…pg 191928213 nvl;kwowierulkidk no sourse -uere dunno wuts goin on –really, constraints an all.


4eb53b () No. 7167300


If you're not filtering, you're helping the clowns produce useful idiots~ The blur-on-image is indispensable to us generating insights.

          )     *     (         )         (                (     
( ( /( ( ` )\ ) ( /( ( )\ ) ( )\ )
)\ )\()) )\))( (()/( )\()) ( )\ (()/( ( )\ (()/(
((/ )((_)\ ((_)()\ /(_)) ((_)\ )((_) /(_)))\ ((((_)( /(_))
)\___ ((_) (_()((_)(_))_|__ ((_) ((_)_ (_)) ((_) )\ _ )\(_))_
((/ __|/ _ \ | \/ || |_ \ \ / / | _ )| _ \| __|(_)_\(_)| \
| (__| (_) || |\/| || __| \ V / | _ \| /| _| / _ \ | |) |
\___|\___/ |_| |_||_| |_| |___/|_|_\|___|/_/ \_\ |___/
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Regex Filters:

/* Filters any name other than [left empty], Q, and Ron(CodeMonkey) */
[Enter as a Name filter] ^(?!(Anonymous$|Q$|Ron$))
/* Filters just the clowns limbic recon + sigil deployment tool, AKA cr[e]epbot */
[Enter as a Name filter] ([*]*)=,e
/* Filters any combination of upper and lower case letters eg. re: milts' spam */
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opacity: 1; /* Can be between .01 - 1 */
filter: blur(1px); /* Can be 0 - 10+ */
transition: all 89ms;

Get Comfy, Stay Centered.

Write when Insight Strikes

59e09f () No. 7167301

Schiff is pure evil. Campaign driven by GREED???

WTF planet is this guy from?

bbe629 () No. 7167302

Wow. Talk about literally crapping the breads! So the CIA must be frantic over MUELLER! Trying to turn people away from Reading the Truth here.

RUN CIA SHILLS! RUN! You are going to GITMO!

bc03cc () No. 7167303

05a848 () No. 7167304


Wow that was crazy did not see the confirm for a long time . Would have been ok if the dough was not messed up wow that was intense. U need help now check me in and il work. I can handle it from the top

4eb53b () No. 7167305



0f240f () No. 7167306

Former IRS Head Steve Miller Repeatedly States That Income Taxes are Voluntary

The clip is from 2013, exactly 100 years after the income tax became law, and the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel came into existence.

watch: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4455340/irs-head-steve-miller-admits-income-taxes-voluntary


3578cf () No. 7167307

what's the crime shitty shift

1acea1 () No. 7167308

>>7167265 (lb)

Pic related needs to be wiped from the internet. This meme sucks anon. Imagery has shit to do with the text. Get better.

Come back for honest assessments of your meme skills. Keep at it anon. I believe in you. Next one will be moar good.

5b90cc () No. 7167309

Where We Go One, We Go All!

God speed, patriots! Thank you all.

b1e08c () No. 7167310


>>7167225 lb

Nunes could have done WAY MORE!

He handed his last five minutes to this schitt for brains!!! Aaaaaargh!!

45625e () No. 7167311

Wow saying i let jesus into my heart seemed to work its not so bad anymore

Fuck you lucy

4eb53b () No. 7167312



eb8f0e () No. 7167313

e6e40b () No. 7167314

I thought Schiff was supposed to ask questions, not give a fricken speech!!

4d3a47 () No. 7167315



eb8f0e () No. 7167317

dc06c6 () No. 7167316

>I Can't

>Get Into


Criminal Investigation, Inspector General, High Twelve


264144 () No. 7167318

hand off confirmed, plz acknowledge


384c4b () No. 7167319

Mueller look into my eyes…

My crazy, psychotic eyes…

c37d3f () No. 7167321

028ba4 () No. 7167320


narcissist dont care = no listen

how deal with narcissist?

0dbe3d () No. 7167322

Adam Schitt now digging his own grave in his closing statement while hanging Hillary after the FISA's, 302's and gang of eight reports.

eb8f0e () No. 7167325

fd707b () No. 7167323


The Trump Standard Hotel

211872 () No. 7167324

Let’s start the impeachment already … That will spice up the Movie and force Trumos hand to Declass

4ec474 () No. 7167326

d6f429 () No. 7167327


Mueller Brown Hat

e7f1dd () No. 7167328

I don't think we are ever going to see justice most of the democrat criminals are on their last leg of life. Mueller is being labeled incompetent and I'm sure a judge will rule that he can't stand trial..They'll all be dead before we see justice…We got played…That's for sure.

27c8f9 () No. 7167329


we gonna start find out about yo HOTEL



ecbc53 () No. 7167330

we are about to see real change real information ITS TIME WWG1WGA

>>7123120 (PB/Q)

19f394 () No. 7167331

Holy shit. Look at the guys eyes sitting behind muller.

0f240f () No. 7167332

Authorities issue search warrants for cellphones used by Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló AND his aides to send sick private chat messages about gays and hurricane victims

DoJ office in San Juan issued a search warrant for all cellphones used in a private chat that has sunk the career of Puerto Rico's governor

A spokesperson for the DoJ local office in Puerto Rico told DailyMail that Governor Ricardo Rosselló turned his mobile device last week

Investigators were seeking the phones of eight other members of his inner circle after three others turned in their devices last week

The governor generated backlash from derogatory chat messages about gays, hurricane victims and others that were made via a private text messaging app

Rosselló and his aides slammed Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin and other politicians, leading to 10 straight days of protests

Authorities in Puerto Rico issued search warrants for the cellphones of eight members of Governor Ricardo Rosselló's inner circle, the latest twist in a scandal that has engulfed the island's leadership.

One of the search warrants said that government officials used the chat to transmit official and confidential information to private citizens in potential violation of ethics laws.

According to Telemundo Puerto Rico, the Department of Justice local office in San Juan issued its subpoena for the devices belonging to Luis Rivera Marín, the governor's secretary of state; Elías Sánchez, a lobbyist and Rosselló's former campaign director; Raúl Maldonado, a former chief financial officer; former communications aides Carlos Bermúdez and Rafael Cerame; Public Affairs Secretary Anthony Maceira; Christian Sobrino, who was assigned to various finance posts, and Edwin Miranda, a communications consultant.

A spokesperson for the DoJ in the Caribbean island confirmed to DailyMail that Rosselló had turned in his mobile device to investigators last week.



ea3920 () No. 7167333

The Republican Party heros did a great job today…..turned a theater show into a snooze fest. Bravo!!

83c16b () No. 7167334


I don't think so.

Shitfy isn't smart enough - he's another pervert puppet

05a848 () No. 7167335


=confirmed ,thank you for helping there=

72b6c3 () No. 7167336


imagine we could get an accurate list of all the pharmaceuticals consumed today by the people in that room

it would be pages long…

84ade9 () No. 7167337

b9ec1d () No. 7167338

Clearly, shitt knew what he was going to say about all the non-discovery habbenin…Scripted.

d071e6 () No. 7167339


CHECK IT! Go to about 2:43:17 and the goofy nerd in the purple tie says "Qanon conspiracy theories" then the anchor is directed to cut away. The shot goes to the hearing in recess with the crowd mingling then comes back - nerd is gone!


4f9445 () No. 7167340

e48348 () No. 7167341


looking for handoff and posting dough then

cant bake right now on the move

just making it visible

>>7167254 looking to handoff prob to bak0r from lb


all the comms for vis

except dough


41e37c () No. 7167342

Anon with Photoshop can you replace Obama's head with this head and make his head straight.

Transparent PNG file.

Thank you.

eb8f0e () No. 7167344

d25d3f () No. 7167345


It's possible that Nunes, having seen the classified docs, knew there was nothing he could ask that would elicit a response from Mueller, hence he chose to say nothing.

88fa15 () No. 7167346


I think he saw the writing on the wall - Mueller was evading everything to do with Mifsud, the Steele dossier, Cart page FISA apps, etc…

eb8f0e () No. 7167347

68faed () No. 7167348

>>7166802 /lb

>>7166693 /lb

>>7167145 /lb

>>7167173 /lb

>>7167214 /lb


Unlike Libtards, Conservatives do not give a shit about my personal life just, when it affects theirs!

The LBGT lost me when they added the "P".

There are ONLY 2 GENDERS and KIDS should ALWAYS be protected.

WTF is so ahrd to understand about that?

I tried telling my "friends" that but, I was all the sudden a "racist".


#TRUMP2020 Booya!!!

…assorted attachments for your viewing pleasure

05a848 () No. 7167349

do this anons


1. Title, date, author

2. Include original link (+ archive.is link is helpful also)

3. Include screencap

4. ???

5. Profit!


>>000000 Title or description


(omit the spaces)

Protip: RED TEXT can only be on its own line, nothing before or after the second ==

→ The title/description is important so Baker/note-taker knows what it's about. It saves time & effort and helps the bakes go smoothly.

Do your part and help Bakers!

45625e () No. 7167350


So do something about it

Go riot

Form a millitia

Stop buying shit

Why are you letting the zionist piece of shit occupying the white house get awat with it ?

4ec474 () No. 7167351


more like brown underpants and brown nose.

eb8f0e () No. 7167353

a31cf3 () No. 7167352


A man with a lil dick loves power & that big chair with the name plate with his name on it & a camera focused on him as he babbles on.

f80322 () No. 7167354

This is embarrassing

Pencilbeck is outright lying

At what point are we going on offense, publicly

This is destroying our country

We must correct this



7920fa () No. 7167355


do you want collection?

704b15 () No. 7167356

eb8f0e () No. 7167357

eb8f0e () No. 7167360

dc06c6 () No. 7167358


>The Standard

>Temple of Solomon


59e09f () No. 7167359

Thank God it's over.

13ce49 () No. 7167361


oh the sanctimonious twit speaking now with Mueller is Schiff.

Why did Nunes yield. Did he trade time with someone else.

Maybe there was enough evidence for perjury?

Or Mueller messed up enough with more

"Wh should I miss out on making money?"

What about the VP Biden. Didn't he make billions off his position. And didn't build anything to deserve.


Schiff tries to say Trump only won by a fluke.

Also Fear Porn via "Russia did it"

These people are stupid.

Considering the "dossier" was from Russians.


eb8f0e () No. 7167362

eb8f0e () No. 7167363

4f9445 () No. 7167364

c13c31 () No. 7167366


Hunting Season has begun.

264144 () No. 7167365




yo gonna need this baker

ty for relief!

back tonight

have a good one

doc out

498590 () No. 7167367


That last 5 mins was weird…..

83c16b () No. 7167368


I like it - needs an AR or 1911 incorporated into it.

293f40 () No. 7167369

>>7165757 Q pb

Timestamp 02:07:39


Q#3474 = Q#2789

Ilhan Omar, U.S. Rep=Traitor, "controlled by a small handful of special interests"/George Soros

2a7012 () No. 7167371


help dig faggots

eb8f0e () No. 7167372

ea3920 () No. 7167370

"Paper trial"

88fa15 () No. 7167373


He always lies, though, par for the course…

bbf46b () No. 7167374


Nunes knows nothing can stop what is coming so why trigger a suicide

f85f77 () No. 7167375

>>7165757 (Q, PB)

Crazy Bette Midler being a racist projectionist today. Shocking.


0f240f () No. 7167376

Lebanon accuses Israel of threatening civilian infrastructure

Lebanon accused Israel on Tuesday of threatening its civilian infrastructure after Israel told the United Nations Security Council that Iran was exploiting the Port of Beirut to smuggle weapons to the Hezbollah movement, reports Reuters.

Israel’s UN ambassador, Danny Danon, said that in 2018 and 2019, “Israel found that Iran and the Quds Force have begun to advance the exploitation of the civilian maritime channels, and specifically the Port of Beirut.”

“The Port of Beirut is now the Port of Hezbollah,” Danon told the 15-member Security Council. Israel sees Hezbollah, against which it fought a month-long war in 2006, as the biggest threat on its borders.

Lebanon accused Israel on Tuesday of threatening its civilian infrastructure after Israel told the United Nations Security Council that Iran was exploiting the Port of Beirut to smuggle weapons to the Hezbollah movement, reports Reuters.

Israel’s UN ambassador, Danny Danon, said that in 2018 and 2019, “Israel found that Iran and the Quds Force have begun to advance the exploitation of the civilian maritime channels, and specifically the Port of Beirut.”

“The Port of Beirut is now the Port of Hezbollah,” Danon told the 15-member Security Council. Israel sees Hezbollah, against which it fought a month-long war in 2006, as the biggest threat on its borders.

OPINION: Hezbollah’s warnings should be taken seriously, and so should Iran’s

Lebanese UN Ambassador Amal Mudallali said the Lebanese saw such accusations a “direct threats on their peace and civilian infrastructure.” Hezbollah is part of Lebanon’s coalition government.

“If he is using them to prepare the ground and the international community for an attack on Lebanon’s civilian ports and airport and its infrastructure – as they did in 2006 – this council should not stay silent,” she said.

Speaking in the council later on Tuesday, Iran’s deputy UN ambassador, Eshagh Al-Habib, did not directly address the Israeli accusations, but said Danon had “unsuccessfully tried to distract attention away from the crimes and unlawful policies of its regime.”


1ff3d4 () No. 7167377


If you cannot handle graphic imagery and have to broadcast your weakness for others to follow.

Take a step back and fucking..


a2b358 () No. 7167378

Poor Dumbocrats…

6dadd1 () No. 7167379

They haven't done poo porn in a while. Losing the plot.

eb8f0e () No. 7167381

6a54a0 () No. 7167380

Poor Zebley…

Got swore in but nobody gave a fuck what he said…

HA HA faggot!

b3b5bf () No. 7167382


{{{{{{[[[BOOM WEEK NEXT WEEK]]]}}}}}}}}

80b03f () No. 7167383

Hello Legacy Media

Welcome to Q research.

We are peaceful civilian researchers who have by directed diligence have exposed your lies.

Your genocidal psyop has failed. Your protectors are murdering each other as they fight for safe exit.

It's the end of an epoch.

Legacy shill media has failed in its sole mission for predictable causes: arrogance, greed and pathetic underestimation of the nature and quality of the forces opposed.

Keep an eye on the door, media shills. Whether you’re a "news" producer, a talking head, a teamster or the child rapist Steve Spielberg. Justice is coming.

Every individual who has sexually abused a child or protected those who do will be delivered to justice.

We know, and will prove, legacy media acted wittingly to protect pedovores and to cover up their atrocious crimes against children for decade and much more.

Not one will escape justice.

Not 1.

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

2af8ee () No. 7167384

I don't know, guise…

Schiff's words really moved me…Mebbe we've been wrong all along!

211872 () No. 7167385

Ok Q what’s the next excuse why Nobody gets arrested

4eb53b () No. 7167386


Clown subliminal C_AIDS~

02623f () No. 7167387


>>7167194 (lb)

>Deer Park water.

>Est. in the year 1873.

>Supreme Court rulings that year regarding Treason and property confiscation.

>No coincidence.

The Chase Court, 1864-1873

"What a potato hole of a place, this!" A western lawyer, seeing the Court’s first-floor room in the Capitol in 1859, had exclaimed. He thought the Justices should be "got up above ground" for some fresh air and daylight. Once they moved to their new courtroom, the old Senate Chamber, in December 1860, they had more space than ever before, with 12 rooms for their officials and records.

Congress added a tenth seat to the more spacious Court in 1863, and Lincoln appointed Stephen J. Field of California. In 1864, to succeed Taney as Chief Justice, he chose Salmon P. Chase of Ohio.

Ambitious and able, Chase had won fame for defending runaway slaves, served one term in the Senate and two as Governor of Ohio when Lincoln named him Secretary of the Treasury in 1861. Inexperienced in finance, Chase grappled with war costs—more than $1,000,000 a day. He planned a radical new tax on income, a new system of national banks. But plans for legal tender notes, the famous "greenbacks," upset him. War or no war, he thought, the Constitution forbade such paper money.

Lincoln sent Chase a message "not to bother himself about the Constitution . . . I have that sacred instrument here at the White House, and I am guarding it with great care." Reluctantly, Chase agreed.

Gossip described him addressing a mirror: "President Chase." His own hopeful publicity described his qualifications for Lincoln’s place in 1864; the people declined his offer, and in June Lincoln accepted his resignation from the Treasury. Then Chase found himself named Chief Justice by the Chief Executive he had tried to supplant.

In the autumn of 1864, Lambdin P. Milligan of Indiana, a civilian, had been tried before a military commission. He was convicted of conspiring to overthrow the government, and sentenced to hang. With Milligan’s petition for a writ of habeas corpus, the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Chase considered the problem of military power over civilians.

During "the late wicked Rebellion," Lincoln had authorized such military tribunals. But, said the Justices, the federal courts in Indiana were always open to try cases like Milligan’s. Therefore, under the Constitution, no military courts could try them; and, however shocking the charges, the defendants kept their rights under law.

At liberty again, Milligan sued the military for false imprisonment, and a jury awarded him damages—five dollars.

Under Radical Republican leaders, the postwar Congress seemed determined to reconstruct the whole American government. One Representative talked of an amendment to abolish the Supreme Court; another warned President Andrew Johnson "that as Congress shall order he must obey."

Striking at Johnson, Congress lowered the number of Justices from ten to eight; and to protect the Reconstruction laws, it limited the Court’s jurisdiction on appeals.

It was the Senate, not the Court, that tried the most dangerous cases of those bitter years, the impeachment of the President.



ea3920 () No. 7167388




==Paper Trail"

93df03 () No. 7167389

Schiff is losing focus..now talking about Trump Tower Russia…jesus…what a shitshow.

What a sleeper.

485ba4 () No. 7167390

Not trying to be a famefag but I think this is Notable.

Baker, Eyes On

Anons, is it possible there's a reason that Mueller answered this question this way?

Was Bush actually giving the commands?

NOTE: Mueller did not clarify which President Bush he was talking about. Poppy?

Please take a quick peek at the 30 second video from today's testimony.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7920fa () No. 7167391


nevermind see you got the handoff

5d77a3 () No. 7167392


YAY not

a31cf3 () No. 7167394

Any anons find it very curious that all day no one is allowed to rise & leave until the prisoner has left the room?

05a848 () No. 7167393



I said I can bake and confirmed all I need is the dough. Unless someone else wants it I dont care just trying to help

366f23 () No. 7167395

1ff3d4 () No. 7167396


It highlights the desperation.

4f9445 () No. 7167397

d25d3f () No. 7167398


I think they were all just tired of the charade and wanted to be done.

f13ac1 () No. 7167399

27c8f9 () No. 7167400

MUELLER fled like a cheetah – FASTESt injured animal alive

LIFT POOR AARON like a startled deer in the headlights…,



4 to the back of thehead


22d562 () No. 7167401

bc03cc () No. 7167402

704b15 () No. 7167403


Shut the fuck up faggot kek.

There isn’t a “technique” to getting notabled

You either bring that fire or you don’t kekek

fc7459 () No. 7167404

oooooohohohoho integrity

4eb53b () No. 7167405


Abuser afraid of losing control

05a848 () No. 7167406


ok i got it


3c69c2 () No. 7167407

>>7167263 (lb)

I only know of him.

I don't know him personally.

if you jelly you mean jealous? how could that be?

b472f7 () No. 7167408

0e23c3 () No. 7167409


EVERGREEN International, a container shipping firm

Over the target?

d071e6 () No. 7167410


-2:49 is the marker

4ec474 () No. 7167411

0ad526 () No. 7167412

d6ab4c () No. 7167413

0f240f () No. 7167417

No Iranian drone shot down by US forces, aircraft flew over Persian Gulf for hours: IRGC chief

The chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has roundly dismissed as a "big lie" American officials’ claims that US forces may have downed more than one Iranian drone over the Persian Gulf, emphasizing that the Islamic Republic has not lost any unmanned aerial vehicle.

“I, hereby, announce officially that no drone belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran has been shot down,” Major General Hossein Salami told reporters in the western Iranian city of Khorramabad on Wednesday afternoon.

He went on to say that an Iranian drone was on a reconnaissance mission in the skies over Persian Gulf waters for three hours and 40 minutes, underlining that the aircraft sent images and videos of regional and transregional vessels – some of which were broadcast to enlighten the Iranian and world public opinions.

Salami then challenged the US to offer convincing proof for its claim of shooting down the Iranian drown, saying, “Today, the world would not believe unsubstantiated remarks.”

“Enemies should present the Iranian-made parts of the drone and substantiate their claims. Otherwise, no one would believe their spurious allegations,” the top IRGC commander said.

“I state it unequivocally: This is a big lie and we have proved it false. Enemies should provide evidence for their claims, because we have validated what we have already done. They (enemies) should do the same,” he added.

The remarks came in reaction to remarks by a US general who claimed the US forces took action against a second Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz last week, but did not see the drone go into the water.

"We're confident we brought down one drone; we may have brought down a second," CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said on Tuesday, while failing to procure any evidence for bringing down the first one despite claiming to be in possession of its footage.


dae340 () No. 7167414




not even projecting, just racist itself

9d7f05 () No. 7167415


Anybody down the rabbit hole at all knows Bush ran shit after Reagan was shot.

a31cf3 () No. 7167416


Welp that's gonna hurt in the morning bitch!

1ff3d4 () No. 7167418


Sure thing leaf faggot, whatever you say.

But remember, I am still prettier than you.

45184a () No. 7167419

NYT spinning like a top

The former special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, stood with Aaron Zebley, his longtime right-hand aide, just before the morning session of testimony began. Doug Mills/The New York Times

Q: “Did you actually totally exonerate the president?"

A: “No.”

Good afternoon, and welcome to a special newsletter edition on the congressional testimony of Robert Mueller, the former special counsel charged with investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.

We’re live streaming the afternoon hearing before the House Intelligence Committee, with real-time analysis by our reporters.

Here’s what has happened so far:

• A reluctant Mr. Mueller reiterated that Trump “was not exculpated.”

• Mr. Mueller’s halting performance frustrated both parties.

• Republicans and President Trump’s inner circle take aim at Mr. Mueller.

• Mr. Mueller was caught in the TV Spotlight: The special counsel projected an image that caught even his allies by surprise — doddering, donnish, at times seemingly unsure of his words.

• Mr. Mueller showed rare flashes of indignation regarding WikiLeaks and Russia's tactics.

Lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee spent hours grilling Mr. Mueller this morning about his conclusions, but extracted little information beyond what was written in his voluminous report. (Watch the highlights here.)

The highly anticipated session featured more sizzle than substance, as Mr. Mueller tried to stick rigorously to the information and language in the 448-page report he produced in April. The report laid bare that President Trump was elected with the help of a foreign power and cataloged his frantic efforts to undermine the investigation into Russian interference.

Mr. Trump has spent months characterizing the special counsel’s report as a “total exoneration,” though Mr. Mueller on Wednesday was careful to state that he and his team had drawn no such conclusion.

Mr. Mueller spoke haltingly as he testified, blunting attacks on him by Republicans but also limiting Democrats’ efforts to elevate his words and raising questions about his acuity.

The former special counsel stumbled at times during his testimony, often asking lawmakers to restate their questions or seeming not to hear them, and keeping his answers as narrowly focused as he could.

The performance drew concern from some Democrats. David Axelrod, the strategist who served as a senior adviser in Barack Obama’s White House, gently suggested that Mr. Mueller might not be up to his task.

“This is delicate to say, but Mueller, whom I deeply respect, has not publicly testified before Congress in at least six years,” Mr. Axelrod wrote on Twitter. “And he does not appear as sharp as he was then.”

Republicans treated Mr. Mueller as a hostile witness and tried to trip him up with a prosecutorial approach, often hectoring the former special counsel about specific findings in the report.

99c328 () No. 7167420


^^^^^ This is pure garbage.

Filters Holocaust, Zion, Q, Aliens, Humans & Daniel.

Honestly, you are fucking retarded!

f5aca2 () No. 7167421



I think you are on to something. If I recall they usually just adjourn and everyone leaves.

c37d3f () No. 7167424

d6f429 () No. 7167422


Can someone GingerMound Bojo

a2f9bd () No. 7167423


Top kek

bbf46b () No. 7167425


we all know Bush Sr ran what he could of the Reagan Admn

6c67ac () No. 7167426

AG Barr - You're up. Reveal the truth.

b3b5bf () No. 7167428


[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[NOT THIS WEEK, NEXT WEEK, BOOM]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Vote Trump

4eb53b () No. 7167429


C_AIDS isn't pretty to the rest of us~

45625e () No. 7167430


>Ok Q what’s the next excuse why Nobody gets arrested


Gotta enrich everyone in the club and finish building the prison first guyd

809baa () No. 7167431

is bo and mods awake?

just so you know, this gore poster is nothing new, shit alredy happened back in the good old gamergate time. You have to be very awake now, there next step is spamming illigeal cheese shit.

88fa15 () No. 7167432


>were all just tired of the charade and wanted to be done.

change that to:

We're all tired of the charade and just want it to be done.

Damn right.

1ff3d4 () No. 7167433


Significantly prettier than you.

Stop being so jealous, at least you're the crazy one who takes kike hormones.

c12078 () No. 7167434


Totally worth it!

4f9445 () No. 7167437

24d260 () No. 7167435

Twitter fucking with Matt Gaetz's video?


Anons can you see the video? It won't load here

dc06c6 () No. 7167436


She's grand patroness. Michael of Kent is the head of the UGLE Freemasons.

45625e () No. 7167438


Fuck you bot you dont know how to do it

You say and i quote

"You wish you were as pretty as me"

19f394 () No. 7167439

Muller said Trump COULD be persecuted when he is out of office.

Does this also apply to crimes committed by other presidents during their terms of office ? obama?

45184a () No. 7167441

723b31 () No. 7167440

Very unsatisfied feeling after today's shit show hearing.

Very Embarrassing.

e13ed8 () No. 7167442

Shifty Schiff thinks that people are going to eventually believe the big lie if he keeps repeating it.

Maybe he should read up on how everything worked out for the first one to promote the strategy.

b4dceb () No. 7167443

4f9445 () No. 7167444


You asked for it ;)

4eb53b () No. 7167445


Don't catch a cold~

3c69c2 () No. 7167446

02623f () No. 7167447



4ec474 () No. 7167449


dae340 () No. 7167448





45184a () No. 7167450

df8cef () No. 7167451


Plenty out there DO believe the lie.

648456 () No. 7167452

>>7167120 (lb)

>Q: 2:07:39

>POTUS: 2:08:45

Graphic now in EST, NOT a [0] delta, it's a [1] minute delta

>>7167237 (lb)

Wrong, Q has yet to do a 00:00:00 delta, just being within a minute is a 0 delta.

but this isn't a [0] delta anyway.

0f240f () No. 7167453

Israeli rampage of destruction in Jerusalem village

Israeli forces began the demolition of some 100 apartments on the outskirts of occupied East Jerusalem early Monday.

The 13 buildings targeted for demolition, many still under construction, are located in the Wadi Hummus neighborhood on the outskirts of Sur Bahir, a village southeast of Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank.

“Families were taken out of their beds, expelled from their homes and forced to helplessly watch the army destroying them,” according to Ir Amim, an Israeli group that documents settlement activity in Jerusalem.

היום, ב-4 לפנות בוקר, הגיעו הבולדוזרים מלווים כוחות צבא גדולים והחלו בהריסות הבתים בוואדי חומוס. המשפחות הושכמו מהמיטות, פונו מבתיהן ונאלצו לצפות בחוסר אונים בצבא הורס את אותם. #הורסים_את_ירושלים pic.twitter.com/8Yz6H1zS6B

— עיר עמים (@IrAmim) July 22, 2019

“Among those forcibly displaced or otherwise impacted are Palestine refugees, some of whom today are facing the reality of a second displacement in living memory,” UN monitoring group OCHA stated.

Some 17 Palestinians already inhabited the buildings, according to UN officials, and many more would have been waiting to move into their homes.

OCHA added that while it was trying to provide emergency aid to displaced families, “no amount of humanitarian assistance can replace a home or cover the massive financial losses sustained today by the owners.”

“Several of the affected people report having invested their life savings into the properties, after securing the required building permits from the Palestinian Authority.”

Wadi Hummus lies in Area A of the occupied West Bank, which is nominally under the full control of the Palestinian Authority, according to the Oslo accords of the early 1990s.

But as Monday’s demolition rampage shows, PA control is illusory and Israeli occupation forces act as they wish.

“Demographic war”

Israel refuses to permit virtually any Palestinian construction in occupied East Jerusalem or in Area C – the 60 percent of the West Bank that remains under full Israeli military control.

This forces Palestinians to build without permits on their own land and live in constant fear of demolitions.

Construction in Area A and Area B, however, does not require Israeli approval and is done with the permission of the PA.

Palestinian residents of Sur Bahir resort to building in Wadi Hummus to circumvent demolition threats, saying, according to Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, that it is “the only area that remains for future expansion of the village” as the rest is surrounded by the separation wall and Jewish-only settlements.

That did not stop Israel from finding a way to forcibly transfer the residents.


4eb53b () No. 7167454


Garbage clown crap~

a97a76 () No. 7167455

1ff3d4 () No. 7167456


So jealous, kek

05a848 () No. 7167457


nobody likes you

45625e () No. 7167458


Pretty well they all fled to south america then sacrificed a few puppets

e0d139 () No. 7167459


Shifty is just another puppet.

211872 () No. 7167460

This hearing Sucked balls ….Proved or disproved nothing ….. Your move Q ….zzzzz

99c328 () No. 7167461


That's acktually two Germans greeting each other.

2a742c () No. 7167462

The Peter Principle is that, in a bureaucracy, you get promoted on merit until you reach the point where you lack merit & become incompetent.

When you get promoted for your politics, as long as you are politically correct, competence DOES NOT MATTER!

0ad526 () No. 7167463

8071bc () No. 7167464

Well that was slow, boring and provided no new information. Why the hell did they need 6-7 hours for a recap of what was already provided on the damn report.

e891b9 () No. 7167465

Aren’t you guys glad I built the hype up for this for so long?


e664c3 () No. 7167466





Mueller says he was appointed by President Bush during the Reagan Admin. Ooops confirmation GHWB ran over Ronald

dc06c6 () No. 7167467


>George Soros

Soros' people tried to kill me. I am not stopping until he's in a special place.

ea3920 () No. 7167468

NEW DJT EST timestamp


648456 () No. 7167469


What is that a proof of?

005e25 () No. 7167470

Did someone else has problems to watch the Vids POTUS shared on twatter? I try it now for 5 min…

f49000 () No. 7167471

>>7167279 PB

Western Pacific Kindergarten

What is the MAYO CLINIC?

41e37c () No. 7167472



Mueller hearing imploded.

9e7748 () No. 7167473

16263c () No. 7167474



d6f429 () No. 7167475


4eb53b () No. 7167476



89c856 () No. 7167477

034539 () No. 7167478


e13ed8 () No. 7167479


Nunes was giving Schiff all the rope he could take.

45625e () No. 7167480


Mfw living is my punishment

4ec474 () No. 7167481

3c69c2 () No. 7167482


is this a discussion about who is the best looking fame fag?

4f9445 () No. 7167483





19f394 () No. 7167484


You rise to the level of your inadequacy.

d6ab4c () No. 7167486

a241b0 () No. 7167485

The dems had to know that todays hearings would end badly for them, yet they pushed on anyway. To what end? What is their planned next move? This anon is struggling to reconcile.

3f9d4f () No. 7167487

A few good clips form today

Jim Jordan wrecks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKSKKLAStK0

Matt Gaetz wrecks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHasBjRJAbc

Devin Nunes Opening Statement - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz8rS0vUVtM

Rep. Turner - exonerate isn't a term - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zXHi9OpdpY

4eb53b () No. 7167488


Our flood of proofs are coming.


Take the major news headlines that we'll see soon and search for older Q posts that relate to them.

You can do this, remember:

A map is not the terrain.

What is the terrain Q has mapped out?

What does No Such Agency expect us to see?

Our media? News in ALL its forms (Rallies, speeches, headlines, hearings, tweets)?

A map is not the terrain.

Specific news stories, MARKERS, help us orientate the two.

It's very possible that the Markers are strung together by Q's SIGs.

Ex: all the posts with Godfather III connect together through the news that unlocks them.


Read the NEWS to unlock older Q Posts.

The only explicit mention of what a Marker is, is a great place to start!

The Posts that are unlocked by news in all its forms are revealed as the MARKERS.

What we find between the MARKERS opens more.

Only you can reveal the Truth you've always known existed.

/our1yeardelta/ generates 540x more actionable insights than the clowns 'q'clock

So if you're wondering what's REALLY happening… Take the headlines you see and search for what Q has mentioned.

See what insights you're struck with!

This is way more fun than being lied to by the msm lol

>[C]oordinated effort to misdirect.

>Guide to reading the crumbs necessary to cont[I]nue.

>Attached gr[A]phic is correct.

>Linked graphics are incorrect and false.

Graphic is necessary and vital.

>Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical.

Re-review graphic (in full) each day post news release.

>Learn to distinguish between relevant/non-relevant news.

>Disinformation is real.

>Disinformation is necessary.

>Ex: US ML NG (1) False SA True

>Why was this necessary?

>What questions were asked re: SA prior to SA events?

>Why is this relevant?

>Think mirror.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

>What is a map?

>Why is a map useful?

>What is a legend?

>Why is a legend useful?

>What is a sequence?

>Why is this relevant?

>When does a map become a guide?

>What is a keystone?

>Everything stated is relevant.


Future provides past.

Map provides picture.

Picture provides 40,000ft. v.

>40,000ft. v. is classified.

Why is a map useful?

>Think direction.

>Think full picture.

>Who controls the narrative?

>Why is this relevant?

>What is a spell?

>Who is asleep?


>Attention on deck.

>There is an active war on your mind.

>Be [p]repared.

>Ope[r]ations underway.

>Operators [a]ctive.

Graphic is essential.

Find the ke[y]stone.

>Moves and countermoves.

>They never thought she would lose.

>Snow white.

>Godfather III.

>Iron Eagle.


They gave us a guide.

A Light in this Darkness.

Updated Pastebin!

Original Text - https://pastebin.com/FWsuFfdJ

As far as I can tell this pastebin has an exact Copy of the graphic Q posted, plus the three extra posts Q made in a bread before:


bc03cc () No. 7167489



If ever there was an old witch that needed a shove into an oven…

a812c0 () No. 7167490

Former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was eulogized by President Clinton as a "force of nature" and laid to rest on Wednesday after a full-honors funeral procession.

Ruh-roh HRC.

57d935 () No. 7167491


Mueller fizzled out bigly with nothing on the scoreboard.

19f394 () No. 7167492


I believe you are correct, anon.

9e7748 () No. 7167496

Hillary was going to run with Ellen?

80b03f () No. 7167493


Schifty watches law shows on TV.

He's learned the significant pause.

What a pitiable performance. Dick Wolf is somewhere applauding, if he can still get his hands together.

4ac251 () No. 7167494

>>7167120 lb

P 1:08:45 PM

Q 1:07:39 PM

1 minute 6 second delta

if q had hit Q 1:07:40 PM

1 minute 5 second delta.

interdasting number combo

kek P :45

1Minute 6Second Delta is good enuff for government work, its good enuff for me

0 Delta

164c1f () No. 7167495

e891b9 () No. 7167497


Because you’re Qtifa and are as capable of seeing truth as Antifa.


d899ce () No. 7167498


The Storm!!!

a31cf3 () No. 7167499


And when Mueller entered the capitol this morning, wasn't he surrounded by uniformed officers? Why? What need to have him surrounded by officers. ..why not just his team of handlers.. I mean attorneys?

e7f1dd () No. 7167500


I don't see this tweet on his timeline?

c37d3f () No. 7167501

d6ab4c () No. 7167502

e57777 () No. 7167503

Hang on

Its habbening

dae340 () No. 7167504


even moar reason to




13ce49 () No. 7167505

>>7166373 PB

They were too overly in awe of Mueller to question him properly.

At least some were quite weak.

Pity that.

"follow the stars"

Media made Mueller a star.

If if the star is an extinct star, they still go on worshiping?

fd7853 () No. 7167506

Counter Strike!

b80e54 () No. 7167507

If the filtered anime shill finally offs herself, someanon tell us

0f240f () No. 7167508

Israel-born Treasury official is at the center of U.S. policies on Iran

According to a just published report in the Atlantic and a previous article by a former CIA officer, an Israeli-born individual is at the center of U.S. policies targeting Iran.

The Atlantic reports that financial sanctions are the “key tool” the United States has been using against Iran during “the past three presidential administrations.” And Treasury official Sigal Mandelker” is the one with her hand on the lever.”

According to the article, “Because Trump is anxious to avoid war with Iran but also eager to push the Iranians, she is one of the most powerful officials designing the strategy Trump’s administration hopes will force Iranian capitulation—or, failing that, perhaps even the government’s collapse.”

Mandelker has been working on governmental policies since 2006 – the year in which U.S. officials “focused on finding ways to cut off Iran from the global financial system.”

According to Mandelker’s Treasury Department bio, from 2006-2009, Mandelker served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice. Prior to that, she was Counselor to the Secretary of Homeland Security, “where she advised the Secretary and worked extensively on intelligence, national security, counterterrorism, and border security matters.”

In 2017 Mandelker was named Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. As we will see, this office was created at the behest of Israel partisans. It provides a powerful position from which to direct policies.

In this position she is in charge of “developing and implementing U.S. government strategies to combat terrorist [sic] financing and money laundering… She oversees the operation and coordinates actions of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA), and the Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes (TFFC).”

In the years just before her 2017 Under Secretary appointment, Mandelker was a partner at Proskauer Rose LLP, a powerful, politically connected international law firm with ties to Israel. The pro-Israel website Algemeiner,* reports: “Historically, Proskauer Rose was known as a ‘Jewish’ law firm.” Partner Joseph M. Proskauer was “a Democratic Party stalwart, friend of politicians, state judge, civic and philanthropic personality, and major fund raiser for the state of Israel.”

Born in Israel

It appears that Mandelker is or was an Israeli citizen who was born in Israel. While this is periodically referred to in Israeli and Jewish media, the Treasury Department has refused to answer whether Mandelker is still an Israeli citizen, despite numerous email and phone inquiries requesting this information about a high U.S. official.

The information is particularly relevant since U.S. attacks on Israel’s neighbors are often pushed by Israel partisans concerned with maintaining Israeli hegemony in the region.

Dual citizenship became permissible in the U.S. in 1967 under a decision by the Abe Fortas Supreme Court in a case on behalf of Israel that broke a 200 year American tradition. Today, many Americans feel that such a potential conflict of interest by governmental officials should, at minimum, be divulged to the U.S. public, and perhaps disallowed.


88fa15 () No. 7167509

House Democrats Caught Pushing Fake News About Mueller Testimony

“I want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by Mr. Lieu, who said, and I quote, ‘you didn’t charge the president because of the OLC opinion,'” Mueller said in his correction.

“That is not the correct way to say it. As we say in the report, and as I said in the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime.”


4f9445 () No. 7167510


It's fake fucktard.

2ff1e9 () No. 7167511

Adam Schiff just said he wants a paper trail for election votes.


e64f4c () No. 7167512

>>7166380 (pb)

Papa D actually tweeted that fact out last year. I can see if I saved his twatter post.

577586 () No. 7167513

That should be it, correct? Weve sat through all this BULLSHIT for long enough. Why wait any longer. DO IT NOW Q!!!!!!!!

41e37c () No. 7167514

86fa15 () No. 7167515

>>7167008 lb

sounds yummy. I put spoonful in morning covvee, cook with it, butter biscuits, replace shortning in baking, "pull" teeth, add as flavoring to sweet and savory dishes. also can be used topically as antibiotic and skin softener.

e7f1dd () No. 7167516


Ignore that it just popped up. Odd I had that much of a delay..

629571 () No. 7167517


…never interrupt the enemy when…

45625e () No. 7167518


Why are you torturing the goyim

Its not even necessary

You already tricked all of them

72b6c3 () No. 7167519


i believe that was the case.

the plan was to have Ellen replace Michael as the transgendered VP

they get a real kick out of that idea

eb8f0e () No. 7167520

33013a () No. 7167521




Time stamp 1533. Snopes algo doing the same for Mueller hearing?

80b03f () No. 7167522

Legacy media shills

are not just covering up for common criminals, they are covering up decades of crimes against children.

Legacy media shills had ample reason and repeated opportunities to investigate Pizzagate and a half dozen similar previous scandals.

Legacy media shills not only failed to investigate but actively covered up, campaigned extensively to suppress and to discredit the evidence others uncovered, defaming honest researchers, making them objects of scorn, ridicule and contempt.

Legacy media shills did this in both dramatic entertainment and in news content across multiple platforms; all while knowing the stories about the traffic and ritual sexual abuse of children were and are true.

“I didn’t know,” is not a valid or feasible defense for legacy media shills. Our enemies have exposed themselves and the contemptible kayfabe of legacy media.

We the People are awake.

Justice is coming

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

c37d3f () No. 7167523


Pope? Soros?

The Italian mob or the Jewish mob?

3c69c2 () No. 7167524


you guys should get a room.

b4dceb () No. 7167525

047720 () No. 7167526


Likely because he can't read anymore without massive magnifying reading glasses.

The man should be in a rest home, not running a $50mil SC investigation.

b9ec1d () No. 7167527


Did you hear that, Gingerbush?

b1e08c () No. 7167528



c37d3f () No. 7167529

b953f9 () No. 7167530

415ebd () No. 7167531


Q drop 333

To match potus tweet timestamp

d899ce () No. 7167532


The storm is here!

a31cf3 () No. 7167533


So glad when school is back in session for fall

4f9445 () No. 7167534

So I've had a bot posting the pictures of shit and stuff for the last few hours, Compared to other shills, how'd I do?

88fa15 () No. 7167536

e891b9 () No. 7167539

c12078 () No. 7167535

What are anons take on Mueller and 9-11? Q has never addressed it, but he just today tied Mueller to Epstein.

fa217d () No. 7167537

CBS all laughing about this new "Misfud" character…keep laughing motherfuckers

45625e () No. 7167538


Not like zion don has ever told the truth

293f40 () No. 7167540

4eb53b () No. 7167541



648456 () No. 7167542


>1Minute 6Second Delta, good enuff

That's not how this works kek

4f9445 () No. 7167543

028ba4 () No. 7167545



6d65c7 () No. 7167544

7920fa () No. 7167546

>>7167508 Israel-born Treasury official is at the center of U.S. policies on Iran


e6d5ca () No. 7167547

>>7167376 These people are stupid and sick!

e19399 () No. 7167548


0f240f () No. 7167549

The US Law Restricting Satellite Imagery of Palestine-Israel

Bipartisan legislation passed by the US Congress in 1997 limits the quality and availability of aerial photography of Palestine-Israel. The Kyl-Bingaman Amendment (KBA) to the US National Defense Authorization Act was passed under the pretext of protecting Israel’s national security. It prevents US satellite operators and retailers from selling or disseminating images of Palestine-Israel at a resolution higher than that available on the non-US market. The amendment’s interpretation has been confusing and contradictory in terms of meaning, geographical scope, and legal implications. Its result has been over two decades of limited access to clear aerial photography of Palestine-Israel.

The kinds of research carried out with geospatial data include environmental, geographic, and humanitarian surveys. From an archaeological, geographical, geological, and botanical perspective, high-resolution imagery enables researchers to understand, identify, and document landscape changes. The KBA is in fact an act of censorship, posing serious obstacles for the preservation of cultural heritage and the monitoring of the decades-long Israeli occupation, including documenting home demolitions, territorial disputes, and settlement growth.

Moreover, the KBA has become obsolete and does not serve its intended purpose. In the 22 years since the KBA was passed, the aerial photography sector has developed significantly, such that a growing number of non-US satellite imaging companies now offer very high-resolution images of Palestine-Israel with a resolution of 0.4-0.7 meters (in line with the global average) as compared to the 2-meter restriction imposed by the KBA on US companies. Meanwhile, US federal agencies are slowly losing their ability to successfully restrict access to imagery by third parties on the basis of national security and/or foreign policy interests.

The KBA harms US business, since US companies are not able to compete internationally due to the regulatory restrictions on the sale of detailed imagery of the region. Indeed, the Aerospace Corporation warned of the amendment’s effect on the US market in 2017: “As foreign competitors reach and possibly surpass the resolution level that US operators can sell without restriction, policymakers must reconsider whether government-imposed restrictions on the availability of the highest quality US products still make sense.” In other words, while these restrictions may have been introduced in line with Israeli national security concerns, technology has overtaken policy and US operators are being disadvantaged.

The availability of aerial imagery through open-access platforms only confirms the hindrance created by the KBA. In fact, so absurd is the KBA that Israel itself provides free high-resolution aerial imagery of the territories it controls (modern-day Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and the Golan Heights), rendering the KBA utterly pointless while also belying the claim that the KBA serves Israeli national security interests.


03019f () No. 7167551

Democrats, it's over.

Shills, no one cares.

d25d3f () No. 7167550


3:33 pm EST

45625e () No. 7167552


Gee i wonder why trump hangs out with swamp creatures

Stop torturing ants you giant faggot

05a848 () No. 7167553


>>7167468, >>7167531 President Trump's Tweets and info

>>7167376 Lebanon accuses Israel of threatening civilian infrastructure

>>7167387 The Chase Court, 1864-1873

>>7167390, >>7167466 Was Bush actually giving the commands?

>>7167417 No Iranian drone shot down by US forces, aircraft flew over Persian Gulf for hours: IRGC chief

>>7167419, >>7167441, >>7167450 NYT spinning like a top

>>7167463 Twitter messing with Matt Gaetz's video?


>>7167453 Israeli rampage of destruction in Jerusalem village

>>7167487 A few good clips form today

>>7167508 Israel-born Treasury official is at the center of U.S. policies on Iran

005e25 () No. 7167554


That was my thought, too!!!

d6bc3f () No. 7167555


You suck at this.

77355a () No. 7167556


Agree. It's a 1 minute delta.

4eb53b () No. 7167557

dae340 () No. 7167558


>The man should be in a rest home, not running a $50mil SC investigation.

he was in a coffin not too long ago.

hilldawg voodoo'd to get him back up and running.

the process works, but not that well

15dd46 () No. 7167559




FORCE. FORCE. Force the question? Force the Q?

27c8f9 () No. 7167560


people need to read the report

vote democrat

e664c3 () No. 7167561


Thank you, gavel pound to drown out the truth.

1acea1 () No. 7167562


>Likely because he can't read anymore without massive magnifying reading glasses.

Wrong Anon. He read his opening statements without issue. Go view the footage from the Intel committee hearing - he reads perfectly from that paper.

a31cf3 () No. 7167564

b3b5bf () No. 7167563

Trump here’s a brilliant idea shut the fuck up and let’s get on with the truth so we don’t have to stomach this shit any longer. What the fuck are you waiting for?

72b6c3 () No. 7167565


what do they do to turncoats in the muslim gutter religion?

I can't imagine what Omar has in mind for the gal who asked the question.

4f9445 () No. 7167566


Fake Tweet

bc03cc () No. 7167567


Trump wasn't under oath, tard (blueccheckfag).

Mueller was though.

648456 () No. 7167568


See: >>7167452


73a202 () No. 7167569

Meanwhile, Mitch getting shit done

047720 () No. 7167570

Painted into a corner

It's going to be VERY hard for all these Congress-critters to back off their statements that presidential candidates should not receive help from foreigners.

I'm assuming we have lots of evidence of that against HRC that will be exposed in 3, 2, 1…

5f1d93 () No. 7167572


Truth is hate to those that hate the truth.

a812c0 () No. 7167571


It's a reference to Ron Brown 187. See >>7167490

a7e59b () No. 7167573

>>7167042 (lb)


Guud now I don’t have to go back to reddit all alone.

We’ll go together.


9428fc () No. 7167574

485ba4 () No. 7167575


My point is, if Bush did indeed appoint him, he let it slip (or was it an accident?) under oath today.

d94c47 () No. 7167576

wow. shill storm.

bring the pain, Q!

5fd219 () No. 7167577

3c69c2 () No. 7167578


those two would probably get along really well.

0ad526 () No. 7167579

9e7748 () No. 7167580

Amazing when you really believe. Ask God to help you believe, to know, not in your mind, but in your heart.

45625e () No. 7167581



You people arnt a powerful voting block

Now he no,longer needs you

Hes free to be a neocon and further ruin america

0f240f () No. 7167582

Trump’s Personal Lawyer Jay Sekulow Releases Statement Slamming Mueller’s Pathetic Testimony Mid-Hearing

Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow released a statement slamming Mueller’s pathetic testimony mid-hearing.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning.

Mueller looked like a confused, stuttering, lost and nervous doddering old man. He frequently paged through his notes.

Even Chuck Todd admitted Mueller did nothing to advance impeachment.

Later Wednesday afternoon, the House Intel Committee took their shot at asking Mueller questions and that’s when Sekulow released his statement.

“The case is closed” Sekulow said after slamming Mueller’s testimony.

“This morning’s testimony exposed the troubling deficiencies of the Special Counsel’s investigation. The testimony revealed that this probe was conducted by a small group of politically-biased prosecutors who, as hard as they tried, were unable to establish either obstruction, conspiracy, or collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. It is also clear that the Special Counsel conducted his two-year investigation unimpeded,”Sekulow said.

“The American people understand that this issue is over. They also understand that the case is closed.”


b1e08c () No. 7167583




e891b9 () No. 7167584


No you don’t. You’ve suspended all ability to reason, mostly likely because of 2 Thess 2:10-11.


c1f71c () No. 7167585


foundations involving children and HIV infected mothers.

77355a () No. 7167586


5:5 Deltafag!

88fa15 () No. 7167587

6c67ac () No. 7167588

Can someone add some face to this Mad Max boomerang GIF?

a47b0a () No. 7167589



e891b9 () No. 7167590


Ah, thanks for helping though. I appreciate you drawing attention to the truth.

Follow the laser pointer, Qtifa!


86fa15 () No. 7167591

>>7167295 this guy is a complete POS. sick and tired of all the “I’m not going to speak to that,” and "I don't recall"….. he's so far into shit he can't even see the way out. !Q and POTUS should put this guy out of his misery. ps: he's putting on a Pelosi-act, I'm so poor and demented soul feel sorry for me. look here don't look there

e19399 () No. 7167592

Callers calling into cspan shilling for the democrats.

>Trump is obviously not wanting to be president, just wanting to push his product line.

>I've read the report and watched the hearing. Trump is totally guilty.

What the fuck

957bed () No. 7167593



Needs fix.

You notabled the nom.

e7f1dd () No. 7167594


School can't get back in session soon enough. I've had enough of these 12 year olds.

d49e61 () No. 7167595


My Fellow Americans…..


dae340 () No. 7167596


seeing TDS broken off in real time

7b547c () No. 7167597

One of the questions I would have asked Mr. Mueller would have been. "Sir, did you actually read the Mueller Report?."

cea4b4 () No. 7167598

July 27th - August 19th is 23 days if we are counting backward to the 1st marker.

6653c1 () No. 7167599


415ebd () No. 7167600

In other words anons


Q drop 55 explains it all

0d66e9 () No. 7167601

4f9445 () No. 7167604

028ba4 () No. 7167603

648456 () No. 7167602


Baker, first this is the actual post to the "Q proof":


Second, it's not a proof, kek, it's just a side by side or graphic.

81fdbb () No. 7167605



a7e59b () No. 7167608


Will you touch my penis?

Can I see your bewbs?

05a848 () No. 7167606


so help a baker out , i dont know where the fix is just grabbed what was asked

b1e08c () No. 7167607



80b03f () No. 7167609


There was a 200 m DARPA program which developed software to resond in realtime to social media post. Have never seen it in operation (classified?) but assume it's more effective than the sub human morons on QR posting gay porno, shit memes and undirected hate.

15dd46 () No. 7167610



Whoa. Way better

4c124e () No. 7167611

45625e () No. 7167612


Yeah you caught me pal

Im so stupid that i actually looked at what trump is doing instead of looking at his words

Are anons ok with giving the cia a liscense to do anything,than jailing anyone who reports on it

Or a small claims court for disney to,sue anyone they dont like


I dont have to explain myself to,you demon

e85569 () No. 7167613

27c8f9 () No. 7167614


we must conduct under muellers clear and concise declarations of:

emmm err huuhhuh wut did u say ,, read the report – no disagree with that charactherication ummnn

77bb82 () No. 7167617

a93bb8 () No. 7167615

Thought I’d check in. Any booms? No? Huh, go figure.

19f394 () No. 7167616

It would be very very difficult to sit back and listen to ppl spew lies and deceit about yourself. Yet Trump does it. Millions of ppl formulate opinions based on the misinformation of a calculated group of ppl. I imagine it takes tremendous courage and faith in the goodness of others to make it thru something like this.

5bb76f () No. 7167618

Winning even through this shit show


2215e2 () No. 7167619


dae340 () No. 7167620


>What the fuck

all they have is bold lies and narrative control.

terrified of people actually looking for themselves

45625e () No. 7167621


Im gonna go read that bible passage tho

b4dceb () No. 7167622


And by my reckoning, the total numbers of days since Q (military insider) first appeared has been 666 days! A perfect day to pull the fucking trigger and end this stupid shit show! In your face Satan!

93df03 () No. 7167623

In Summary

Hillary had nothing to do with losing the election. IT was 13 Russians.

41e37c () No. 7167624

Mueller bombed.

f80322 () No. 7167625

Was the purpose of all this, to convince the public of accepting planZ as a viable option?

Because it’s working.

Blow it all up

90% compromised

You can’t right this ship at this scale without military tribunals and martial law

4eb53b () No. 7167626

0eb4b4 () No. 7167627


They have no brain cells left to contain concepts that might be used after doubling down, over and over and over again.

88fa15 () No. 7167628



Have had just about as much of "As the World Turns" as I can stomach - I would like to see the normies wak up now, please, Q.

Moar PAIN in the Show…

648456 () No. 7167629


Ok that's funny.

502659 () No. 7167632

Anons, you know what to do…

6dadd1 () No. 7167630


Indeed, Sir.


e618e9 () No. 7167631


DJT Tweet coding is uses EST not EDT. Q3474 Time Stamp is 14:33 EST leads to Q1433 Military Operations [Green]

b7c9fd () No. 7167633

Cloudflare issues?

Images not loading again.

83c16b () No. 7167634


My opinion, quit counting days. Use it as a proof once the evidence is out.

Q is NOT going to telegraph their moves. Ever listen to POTUS?

6a2a70 () No. 7167635

Is Mueller acting old and forgetful an act for his defense coming up later like Q hinted at Pelosi in drop #5?

Follow the Money, it's the Key

Anonymous 29 Oct 2017 - 9:47:18 AM

Partial #5….

Follow the money, it’s the key.

What is Pelosi’s net worth by way of one example. Why coincidentally is her memory apparently going?

Cover for possible future indictment to plead what?

What if John M never had surgery and that was a cover for a future out if needed against prosecution?

86e7e3 () No. 7167636


You must be newfag, or have never actually read all of Q's drops.

Middle of last February, we got three 0deltas in one day. There were a few seconds discrepancy but that didn't matter.

Check out #2701, 2/12/19 and several following the next few days.

"Maybe one day we'll hit 0:00.00.

Many 0:00.xx's but that doesn't cut it for Anon's.


b3b5bf () No. 7167637

68faed () No. 7167638


Sarina was before my time…

:: face palm ::

I am 51 now..

What you'd call a "Milf".

eddab6 () No. 7167639




Hey Baker, can we tidy up the graphics list, please?


Q Graphics all in GMT #84 >>>/comms/5510, >>7166913


Q Graphics all in GMT #84-#85 >>>/comms/5510, >>7166913

Pastabin to help: https://pastebin.com/AnF2aJWR

Godspeed Baker

b4dceb () No. 7167640

9428fc () No. 7167641


Drop #1744

July 28 merry christmas

c21b0c () No. 7167642

f9ba2b () No. 7167644

bc03cc () No. 7167643


Hearing this too.

Notice the reporter grimacing with each call?

ca0d3b () No. 7167645

Rusty is gaining notoriety with his drone vids.



d6ab4c () No. 7167646

e5b40a () No. 7167647

Q Team and Q+,

Patriots are now fully awake.

As citizens of the greatest Republic to ever exist on Earth, the United States of America, WE vow to never ever fall asleep again.

America First Forever.

Godspeed, DJT.



93df03 () No. 7167648


Clearly he did not

Clearly beyond his Purview

Clearly not able to discuss

But you already knew that didn't you?

e0d139 () No. 7167649


I think that speech will come after DECLAS. Because of what they will find, we are now taking our country back.

e6d5ca () No. 7167651

>>7167474 WRWY


a93bb8 () No. 7167650


Q has no moves. Obvious now.

19f394 () No. 7167652


That's a shout out to us anons!

36a643 () No. 7167653

Meanwhile in the U.K.

7b547c () No. 7167654

So, "Q" the ball is now in your court…what is next???

6dadd1 () No. 7167655


Truly. I think that bastard (you)'d me too. kek

0f3be7 () No. 7167656

if anons want a break from the grind for a kek, may i recommend Venture Bros. s7 ep6

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7deaab () No. 7167657

0f240f () No. 7167658

Bewildered Robert Mueller Claims He DID NOT KNOW Hillary Attorney Jeannie Rhee had Deep Ties to Hillary Clinton When he Hired Her

Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress today on the Trump-Russia Collusion witch hunt.

He could not have looked more confused and out of his league if he tried.

It was a slow motion trainwreck.

Mueller looked like a confused, stuttering, mumbling, lost, doddering and nervous old man. He frequently paged through his notes.

There is no way Mueller ran this thing!

At one point Mueller claimed he did not know about Attorney Jeannie Rhee’s relationship with the Clintons.


68066c () No. 7167659


And even though big tech stock down because DOJ investigating for being C_A entities that colluded to elect Dems.

a7e59b () No. 7167660


It says you’re a faggot tho. In the Greek lexicon.

Mostly at night. Mostly

86fa15 () No. 7167661

6ed424 () No. 7167662

>>7167605 FEMA Twat: Nationwide EAS test on TV and Radio on 8/7/19


f5aca2 () No. 7167663



648456 () No. 7167664


You legitimately have no idea what you're talking about.

A [0] delta's delta isn't over a minute, are you high?

eb8f0e () No. 7167665

5d973c () No. 7167666


same reaction as you !

b1e08c () No. 7167667


WOW! Best match I've seen yet!

45625e () No. 7167668



>There was a 200 m DARPA program which developed software to resond in realtime to social media post. Have never seen it in operation (classified?) but assume it's more effective than the sub human morons on QR posting gay porno, shit memes and undirected hate.


What the fuck do you think they test here

90% of the people here left when it became apparant Q was a kike

The same "people" post the same exact shit 24 7 day after day

Uncanny valley in here

648456 () No. 7167669


>Middle of last February, we got three 0deltas in one day

and top kek, yea I was there dumbass

005e25 () No. 7167670


2:10, who told Papadopulus… Take a look at Robert Mueller III after Jordan told him, that he already said who it was… This broken, beaten Muellerman has no idea what isin his fuckn dosier!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

93df03 () No. 7167671

Dems going down like flies

Were gonna need more prisons.

Middleman Pleads Guilty as Corrupt Democrat Mayor Faces 35 Years in Prison. Corruption…shocker.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1bf43b () No. 7167672

4am talking point.

Mifsud=Conspiracy theory

0f240f () No. 7167673

Chinese Regime Trying to ‘Steal Their Way’ to Economic Supremacy, FBI Chief Says

The FBI has more than 1,000 active investigations into theft of U.S. intellectual property, “almost all leading back to China,” as the communist regime is waging a “generational fight” to achieve economic dominance, FBI Director Christopher Wray told a Senate committee on July 23.

“There is no country that poses a more severe counterintelligence threat to this country right now than China,” Wray told the Senate Judiciary Committee, reiterating previous warnings he made about the Chinese regime.

Beijing is using both state and non-state actors to “steal their way up the economic ladder at our expense,” he said.

“It is a threat that’s deep and diverse and wide and vexing in terms of the kinds of actors that are used, the kinds of techniques used, or the kind of targets that are used,” Wray said. “It affects basically every industry in this country.”

Victims of Chinese economic espionage, Wray said, ranged from Silicon Valley start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, across a variety of fields including agriculture and high-tech.

The FBI director said the regime uses legal and illegal means to steal U.S. intellectual property and trade secrets including through cyber hacking, foreign investment, and bribing insiders working at U.S. organizations.

“It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do business with China,” Wray said, but companies need to be “clear-eyed” about who they transact with.

It is not only intelligence officers and state operatives doing the Chinese regime’s bidding, Wray said, noting that there are a slew of “non-traditional collectors” such as business execs, scientists, high-level academics, and scientists, who transfer U.S. intellectual property to China.

He said that many Americans may not appreciate that Chinese companies are not independent of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), owing to Chinese laws that require companies to provide information to the Party on demand. In addition, authorities require that all Chinese companies establish party committees to ensure the firm adheres to the CCP’s policies, he said.


485ba4 () No. 7167674



The post I'm replying to is a better description to the Notable. Drives the point home better IMHO

6660c5 () No. 7167676

Hi Finkelshill, how's anime fagging working for you?

Got any takers this week?

19f394 () No. 7167675


Double down on hillary. for sure.

be3e1f () No. 7167677


>Images not loading again.

For hours!

45184a () No. 7167678


Staffer: Tell [AS] that the Gang of Eight documents are going to be released. All of them.

42627a () No. 7167679




2ff1e9 () No. 7167680


Link it. Sauce it.

99c328 () No. 7167681



Ummmm guise, check the fuck out of this!!!!!

957bed () No. 7167682


Others are arguing about it's Notability with you now.

So, I'll defer to them…

5acd05 () No. 7167683

bc03cc () No. 7167684


These are the normies we're trying to wake up.

Now you understand why Q is moving so. fucking. slowly.

502659 () No. 7167685


Lets light up the racists Twitter

2ff1e9 () No. 7167686


Are they going to be released ?

d6ab4c () No. 7167687

b2dbef () No. 7167688


Could be. Some things are illicitly shipped in containers, like humans, drugs and munitions.

b1e08c () No. 7167689

83c16b () No. 7167690


Have you noticed the post numbers?

7 million six hundred and seventy six thousand six hundred and fifty.

Pretty good larp!

e891b9 () No. 7167691


Gonna maybe talk about declass a few months.


cdf608 () No. 7167692


it's funny that the person posting these wants it to be anyone but HRC


7f625b () No. 7167693

seen this one on Epstein yet, anons?

Girl was taken from MAR-A-LAGO, what a coincidence. Whatcha think, did this girl being taken trigger PDJT into kicking out Epstein?

Could an anon establish time line?


648456 () No. 7167694

bc03cc () No. 7167695


Glad you finally caught up, Anon.

cea4b4 () No. 7167696


All just for fun at this point, right? At what point does it stop to even matter what POTUS telegraphs and can explain openly what is exactly about to happen?

80b03f () No. 7167697


This is how information war is fought. Cultist control all mass communications systems. The only reason we survive hear is our MI over watch.

4d16e8 () No. 7167698


And will set us free…

e0d139 () No. 7167699


Are you not paying attention?

I guess these people are stupid.

b366ca () No. 7167700



4eb53b () No. 7167701





(sᐖa◞me ) 🤔8 (SᐖPA◞DE) 🤷‍♂️bit (sᐖa◞me )


FRESH =,e \ FLUSH NPCshitヾ(hᐖa◞m ) SNIPRADICKthrob funnyHAM FLUSH WALRAUSspaded

45625e () No. 7167702


Hey guys were gonna shit on 90% of the population to save the 10% who dont even deserve to be saved and are so evil that if the evidence came out theyd be cool with it

Great plan

4ec474 () No. 7167703

f9ba2b () No. 7167704

7920fa () No. 7167705

7b547c () No. 7167706


Are you baking at the moment or just seeing the sites.

b1e08c () No. 7167707

I feel a STORM coming Anons!

A Q Storm of TRUTH!!!

2af8ee () No. 7167708

f5aca2 () No. 7167709


Probably because most anons with functional eyesight have never been convinced it's Hillary. The Bette comparison is the best by far to date.

e3b372 () No. 7167710


counting is hard

371438 () No. 7167711


Too young for a work permit. Use logic. Clickbait

80b03f () No. 7167712


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

5d973c () No. 7167713


miz M's boobs not as big

84bf42 () No. 7167714

f2c186 () No. 7167715


Awaits to be seen…

Will he be a genuine Boris?

Will he be BOJO the clown?

a7e59b () No. 7167716


I love having sex with women on their rag.

Afterwards muh benis looks like a crime scene.

They’re horny AF on the last day or two.

It’s amaaaazing.

I’ll even eat it too if they take a shower and hurry up and lay on their back.



0f240f () No. 7167717

Transgender ‘Lesbian’ Man Promotes Topless Pool Party For Teen Girls, No Parents Allowed

Life as a “LGBTQ2SIA & human rights activist” is really difficult for Jessica Yaniv.


93df03 () No. 7167718


also Sherry Lewis

2nd from right.

0ad526 () No. 7167719

a93bb8 () No. 7167720


Proves our gullibility.

d071e6 () No. 7167721


Anons. Watch the video. Find the nerd (pic related). Watch the feed cut away after mentioning Qanon. All for a larp?

83c16b () No. 7167722


Not just his OWN report but ZERO news over the last year or more.

The Puppet Masters keep their slaves very ignorant of current events.

ebcaac () No. 7167723

Maggie and friends were live posting today.

some think Mueller won round 2.


05a848 () No. 7167724


that made no sense to me at all. set it up like this for me


cdf608 () No. 7167725


so you think RC wanted to take this pic because some shithead penguin shaped fuck appealed to her

a93bb8 () No. 7167726


We are.

ecfb52 () No. 7167727



Is a Storm a force of nature?

Declassification must happen now.

957bed () No. 7167728


I'll wait to see what the Real UK PM Nigel has to say.

b1e08c () No. 7167729


not a baker anon. sorry!

648456 () No. 7167730


>Transgender ‘Lesbian’ Man

6dadd1 () No. 7167731


It's always been in their court. I feel lucky to even know about half of this crap. Unless you're some kind of insider we all should feel lu