84590a () No. 721721

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84590a () No. 721741


https:// pastebin.com/jd1m9JSE

3067f9 () No. 721767

The hangman exists because any woman can pull a trigger

f634cb () No. 721787

Does anybody have archive of ANCAP CIA ANON'S DROPS?


boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/163902843 ID 9XVAqFQu - no longer working.

5d0e17 () No. 721793

9e284b686c8ec3....jpg (33 KB, 255 x 176, 550 : 379, Obama-sad-and-....jpg) (h)

89ebf6 () No. 721796

ANONS we need a counter protest, something like MARCH FOR OUR RIGHTS

March for Our Lives

Date March 24, 2018

Location United States

Type Gun control advocacy

Organized by Members of Never Again MSD

Website marchforourlives.com

The March for Our Lives (Spanish: Marcha por Nuestras Vidas) is a planned demonstration, scheduled to take place on March 24, 2018, in Washington, D.C. and throughout the United States. Student organizers are planning the march in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Everytown for Gun Safety,[2] following the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, widely reported in the media as being the tipping point for gun control legislation.[

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/March_for_Our_Lives

5d0e17 () No. 721799

5b62837c45185f....png (660 KB, 255 x 144, 1016 : 573, 5b62837c45185f....png) (h)

5d0e17 () No. 721801

b946dbfc52bcbf....jpeg (55 KB, 255 x 143, 960 : 540, DPA4krhVAAAYX7t.jpeg) (h)

84590a () No. 721805


Here is the graphic from the last bread, new baker might want to put it in the next dough


5d0e17 () No. 721812

5e4d35f9660ced....jpg (330 KB, 191 x 255, 1520 : 2027, 09ab6c05322ce2....jpg) (h)

ba0190 () No. 721814

b59a9c6d54865e....png (1162 KB, 255 x 131, 1114 : 574, fresh babbiess.png) (h)

f52b7d () No. 721816

Why the F is Rouhani meeting with Merkel all of a sudden???!!!!

5d0e17 () No. 721820

f320e212b48622....png (292 KB, 255 x 138, 1116 : 605, 1501490364811.png) (h)

6fa06c () No. 721821


Its a saturday, haha good like getting any high school students to march. The walkout was 17 min out from a classroom

c8ee40 () No. 721823

(from last bread)

I think this is important, what if others happen??

Q said: "Why didn’t LV change the news cycle?"

Because they haven't said this:

https:// truepundit.com/hidden-motive-hushed-fbi-intel-report-reveals-vegas-shooting-triggered-by-paddocks-anti-trump-politics/

5d0e17 () No. 721826

22bf647433ee3b....jpg (25 KB, 255 x 162, 662 : 420, IMG_7607.jpg) (h)

1c14a6 () No. 721827

b7c3d6c2053872....png (1540 KB, 255 x 125, 1599 : 784, zzzzzzzzzzzzgi....png) (h)

LA to Miami , Miami to Langley Air Force Base

Langley Air Force Base to Montegro Bay Jamaica , Jamaica to Gitmo, Gitmo to El Passo

17/18 here is the last leg pic .

93f016 () No. 721828


Marches are embarrassing. We’re winning because we DON’T pull that lefty bullshit. Any time we gather, ANTIFA will show up, provoke shit, and then Main Stream Jews will only show us reaction to the violence. It’s a bad idea.

5d0e17 () No. 721829

b8e379506a0139....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 164, 255 : 164, b8e379506a0139....jpg) (h)

6e8539 () No. 721830

Haven't been following past weekend, so forgive me if this has been posted already.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-18/meet-hillary-clintons-other-much-more-powerful-and-shadowy-oppo-research-firm

From the article:

Meet London-based Hakluyt & Co., founded by three former British intelligence operatives in 1995 to provide the kind of otherwise inaccessible research for which select governments and Fortune 500 corporations pay huge sums.

Executives with London-based Hakluyt & Co. contributed thousands of dollars to 2016 Democratic presidential nominee's campaign…

The whole article is definitely worth a read.

New stuff to dig up, or so it seems.

ba0190 () No. 721831

1ec31fc001e266....png (1744 KB, 255 x 115, 1250 : 563, adasddadad.png) (h)

babies anyone?

84590a () No. 721832



5d0e17 () No. 721833

ec9ab4bfae9d31....jpeg (82 KB, 255 x 191, 960 : 720, DXL9q-xUQAAYDqC.jpeg) (h)

6fa06c () No. 721834


I doubt thats the real reason, they have much more to hide, no way he was the only shooter, he maybe not even a shooter

89ebf6 () No. 721835


You are absolutely right, give them no enemy.

80da47 () No. 721836

Ty baker without you we go hungry

6e8539 () No. 721837


Well done, KEK.

He now finds himself on the other side of the grass.

1fe890 () No. 721838

2a986da4d1f628....jpg (127 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, dream_36fr9u6x....jpg) (h)

I wonder… when Flynn officially comes back…

Do you think this Dangerous Faggot™ will finally give his PGate speech?

Don't forget, someone from above told him "not yet"… and then he suffered the same fate of the Flynns…. soooooooooooo….. maybe?

f634cb () No. 721839



827cf3 () No. 721840

Damn, I thought we had some true artists in here

878c71 () No. 721841

0eb6fbce9474bd....png (1670 KB, 255 x 122, 1227 : 587, asdasdasdadsad....png) (h)

5d0e17 () No. 721843

Love our President!

Does exactly what he says he will.

84590a () No. 721844



Operation: Targeting NRA


Reminder SPECIAL TARGETS #InternetBillOfRights



* with personalized message and tweet.

* ASK them to help and keep RT-ing for more help

* send them 1 new tweet every hour. Keep doing it for 2 days.

* THANK THEM if they RT

==> NRA members are THE best audience to ask for help!


@NRA 631K followers

@Dloesch 833K followers

@ChrisLoesch 85K followers (Dana's hubby)

@KatiePavlich 510K followers (fox contributor and gun nut)

@KatiePavlich 510K followers (fox contributor and gun nut)

@SeanHannity 3,5 million followers (GUN NUT)

@SaraCarterDC 266K followers

Special GUN NUT Memes in Meme Collection and on War Room thread (or make your own)

6faa6e () No. 721845


I gotcha. Thanks baker.

9caccb () No. 721846


Time traveling ice chest be damned

Beers were charming FYI

6fa06c () No. 721847


That part i remember, he said he got a call with dc area code telling him NOT YET about pizza. However, this guy could be more than we think

c04ae0 () No. 721848



Yes, thank you for providing this info.

77fce8 () No. 721849


Is that you Milo? My favorite faggyfaggerson.

503ee7 () No. 721850

The 7th Floor is no more.

Except for Brennan.

And Clapper.

And Power.

And Hillary.

And Huma.

And the many operators who organized and carried out Parkland.

7th Floor very active seemingly.



03f793 () No. 721851


This is an interesting first sentence. It's true. If you learn the ur-texts of a community, you have a much clearer sense of how they are going to go about achieving their goals.

5d0e17 () No. 721852

5fa4e706daef01....jpeg (8 KB, 160 x 152, 160 : 152, th (1).jpeg) (h)


Speak English, nigga

878c71 () No. 721854

d87408c9d2e6ab....png (1039 KB, 255 x 120, 1204 : 566, 4343fdfdfdfdhh.png) (h)

04e02c () No. 721853

A.M. in Iran

https:// en.mehrnews.com/news/132933/Pres-Rouhani-greets-Merkel-wishes-for-stronger-ties

46dd83 () No. 721855


I guess it is high time to start the investigation by the SEC into @jack, ES, Zuckerburg and others into insider trading of Twitter, Google and Facebook.

f75ed5 () No. 721856



This is Big,,, needs Dug into

Also @MsTrial has a ton of shit on these World Wide opp researchers

383389 () No. 721857

Here’s how to use the same Socratic method Q used on us for “Red Pilling” your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors without ruining your relationships or being labeled as a “conspiracy theorist”…

SalesTrainerandAuthorFag here…

First and foremost: Red pilling is a PROCESS, not an event! It requires patience and skill!

Find some common ground where they’ve already questioned the MSM narrative (JFK, RFK, Oswald, John John, Clintons, Clinton Foundation, Arkancides, BHO/birth certificate, 9/11, Building 7, no video of plane hitting Pentagon, missing 2.3 trillion dollars, Halliburton, rigged primary election, MSM biases, Russian collusion, Fox News, CNN, etc.).

Once common ground discovered, let them tell you everything they have learned about the topic. Even if you disagree, don’t say so.

Once the topic is fully explored, compliment them on their knowledge and then ask if they think if it also ties to [blank] (another topic/event/lie you want to make them curious about).

If they agree, do NOT “dump” on them with information you’ve already learned; ask them to dig into it and agree to speak about it in a week or so.

During the second conversation, let them be the expert and teach you (keep playing dumb). Be sure to praise them for their open-mindedness and encourage them to keep learning.

Ask them to learn about another topic that relates to this one and agree to speak again at a predetermined time. Then, let them teach you again, regardless about how much you already know about the topic.

Ask a LOT of questions; allow them to “sell themselves” on new ideas (people never argue with their own ideas, but they subconsciously “push back” against other people’s ideas).

Always play dumb; let THEM become the expert.

Ask for their help “solving a puzzle”; let them BE the expert.

Understand that the deeper someone is dug into the opposing viewpoint, the farther they will snap into the other direction once they wake up.

If someone shares an idea that you believe is wrong/ignorant, do NOT push back; ask, “help me see what you’re seeing”, or “help me understand that better”. The more someone tries to explain something that has no basis, the higher the likelihood they will eventually change their own mind (which YOU can NOT do for/to them).

Once someone shows a thirst for new knowledge, invite them to share their ideas with a third person while you are also present (the more they view themselves as a mentor/teacher, the more this reinforces their new beliefs).

When stuck, offer to “switch sides” and debate the topic from their point of view and have them argue from your point of view. This often helps them talk themselves out of their original viewpoint.

When you have to make a statement (instead of asking a question), open it with a “softening statement”: “Do you think it may be possible that …”, or, “I’m not sure this is right, but I just read that …” This provides possibilities for you and the other person.

As often as possible, only discuss events that have already happened. When forced to discuss what you think MIGHT happen in the future, use softening statements first (see paragraph immediately above this one).

Final point: ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT IN EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION, YOU ARE THE SECOND-BEST SALESPERSON! Get them talking, keep them talking and encourage their passion for digging!

SHOW the other person that you’ve embraced the teachings of Jesus through your kindness, patience and lack of judgment of their ideas. Happy pilling!

9caccb () No. 721858


NEitche was paraphrased

d5e51c () No. 721859

4630aea08f7f88....png (2299 KB, 190 x 255, 755 : 1013, UrgentCall.png) (h)


Mook to Podesta, "We are desperately trying to get him to oversee

the Eric Schmidt project…but a little worried about how legit it is…"

Article linked at the bottom is attached.


Fekkin' Ba'alists….

648411 () No. 721860


But they can't hit the side of a barn.

5d0e17 () No. 721861

6de08c70879e85....jpeg (53 KB, 255 x 172, 941 : 633, DWw8UZmWsAAn-x8.jpeg) (h)

5e8afe () No. 721862


Satan is back.

1fe890 () No. 721863

397adff7146e22....jpg (60 KB, 255 x 144, 460 : 259, 78cc441fca8e37....jpg) (h)


He's from the same organization as Bannon, whom I still believe is finishing from Breitbart started. Great actors, right?

878c71 () No. 721864

d87408c9d2e6ab....png (1039 KB, 255 x 120, 1204 : 566, 4343fdfdfdfdhh.png) (h)


70db77 () No. 721865

ed8194f2d74b7f....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 120, 255 : 120, 26p17g.jpg) (h)

503ee7 () No. 721866



There's a simpler answer than that.


9caccb () No. 721867


Closet homos doxing the six

Goose does not approve


53766b () No. 721868


With extremely rare exceptions, marches are utterly lame. SJW who want to feel like they’re part of a collective, strut around looking absurd. Yes, civil rights marches and peace marches worked as well as do some pro life but very few beyond that. They only work if they demonstrate a shared, bipartisan grownswell movement. Most of us would rather slit our throats than prance in front of a camera, block traffic and beg for attention. And Inpromise, the MSM will make sure to push a narrative to make that kind of march backfire. When we take to the streets, it will be when openly red pilled Democrats join us.

5d0e17 () No. 721869

8c03a8535ca863....png (774 KB, 254 x 255, 746 : 748, 8c03a8535ca863....png) (h)


Nigga, go back to class

5d0e17 () No. 721870

64267318915a65....jpg (97 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, 64267318915a65....jpg) (h)

53766b () No. 721871



6faa6e () No. 721872

b08acc3b2431fb....png (20 KB, 255 x 48, 691 : 131, Capture.png) (h)

https:// en.mehrnews.com/news/132933/Pres-Rouhani-greets-Merkel-wishes-for-stronger-ties

Merkel and Rouhani are strengthening their ties to one another. This cant be good.

9caccb () No. 721873


Nuff elbows could

4bbeb3 () No. 721874


so blasting up the concert crowd with beltfeds covered the exfil of the operators involved.

The LEO's have tons of egg on their face to hurry up and find a patsy or fucked we are?

c78331 () No. 721875


Where did "12 Military Tribunals" come from?

b9f12a () No. 721876


Caption: Which to eat first?? Decisions, decisions…

5d0e17 () No. 721877

aaa3abff5c26a4....jpeg (30 KB, 255 x 235, 346 : 319, DW0ZPEuVMAAHH85.jpeg) (h)

5d0e17 () No. 721878

95a08fda0e7088....jpeg (170 KB, 255 x 221, 1199 : 1041, DX0Oa0TVQAEO8ur.jpeg) (h)

503ee7 () No. 721879


Dilley source.


7d5898 () No. 721880


Third time is the charm.

Just make sure this time that Germany gets put down.

03f793 () No. 721881



45555d () No. 721882

Fake Q is asking some mighty interesting questions. >>721824

1fe890 () No. 721883

6a01b4d28eaca3....jpg (227 KB, 255 x 187, 700 : 514, dream_5f6cw0j6....jpg) (h)


That we're all part of Lucifer being saved, like what happened with Josh the Magic Jew?

Redemption, yeah?

7822fe () No. 721884


Isn't it right after a Partridge in a Pear Tree?haha

dbb2de () No. 721885


>Satan is back.



>There's a simpler answer than that.

Yeah, the simpler answer is you woke up all butt hurt from the ass raping your pedo handler gives you every night for failing at life.

4bbeb3 () No. 721886


No no no damnit

7th floor is closed for remodel. They moved down one. Check the elevator. 6th floor is where the ops went.

48426e () No. 721887

Reminder for this week.




70db77 () No. 721888

f4bab1aed82e97....jpg (145 KB, 255 x 115, 1112 : 500, 26p1id (1).jpg) (h)

503ee7 () No. 721889




7822fe () No. 721890


Gotta take Rex out now

6f9bca () No. 721891


Are you people seriously giving fake Q the time of day? Stop it.

9814e9 () No. 721892

fbe0b22cba337b....jpeg (97 KB, 255 x 149, 1080 : 629, 1521414642.jpeg) (h)

Thank You Patriot Baker

03f793 () No. 721893


This is unconvincing

878c71 () No. 721894



kek every time i c that word

5e8afe () No. 721895


You mean Satan.

He doesn't deserve Q at all.

9caccb () No. 721896

c03429b39df646....jpg (488 KB, 201 x 255, 1917 : 2435, IMG_0813.jpg) (h)

YAll probing homos

Got on a mil list

Dumb fuckers

6fa06c () No. 721897


Actually could be, doesnt show anything out of ordinary to me

a3ebcc () No. 721898



Still looking for evidence that Hitler was a member of the Saxe=Coburg-Gotha bloodline, the same family whose English members changed their name to Windsor during WWI.

If this turns out to be true, and his grand-daughter is the current leader of Germany, then this points the finger at the English royal family.

From 40,000 feet. Rothschilds control the money. They are the power behind the thrones (plural) but they never rule. They partner with other bloodlines who have other roles like the bloodline whose members own all the creative agencies of Hollywood and through them own all the A-list actors and musicians. But which bloodline handles political rule? Likely it is one of the monarchical bloodlines but they seem to have consolidated into two right now. One is the House of Habsburg and its branches. The other is the House of Victoria and its branches (Windsor and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha). Which bloodline usually supplies the presidents of the USA? Has anyone looked at British Prime Ministers for a consistent bloodline?

Rothschilds have money and power but they are like the grease in the machine, the web that holds the Illuminati network together. Somebody else rules. The Pindar is supposed to be top of the pyramid. That is a blatantly Welsh word. Look in a dictionary of Welsh to see. Which bloodline supplies the Prince of Wales. Outside the UK, where do Welsh people live? Answer, southern Argentina. The word Welsh means foreigner in slavic languages. A variant is the word Wallach used for Romania where Vlad the son of Drakul lived. Which house is descended from Vlad today? Why did a Greek prince marry the English queen? Why was Queen Victoria called a matriarch? Why was Elizabeth the Queen Mother called a matriarch. Who did she pass her role to (it might not be QE II).

503ee7 () No. 721899


Alternative reminder for this week:




09772a () No. 721900

d443f44b8949a2....jpg (43 KB, 255 x 189, 549 : 407, 26o3co.jpg) (h)

5d0e17 () No. 721902

d7fd346745a6a5....jpeg (67 KB, 255 x 195, 640 : 490, DWH_hP3U0AAFNrr.jpeg) (h)

d5e51c () No. 721903





d3f099 () No. 721904

1957a8701ee7dc....png (86 KB, 255 x 122, 1174 : 560, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

99074a () No. 721905

I just realized tomorrow is the 20th, which means that Prince bin Salman will be paying the president a visit. We should diligently keep an eye on things as he makes his rounds across the USA and anticipate how the MSM may try to skew the optics of his trip. Who knows, we might see some tangential booms come of it.

dbb2de () No. 721906


I don't count mocking them as giving them anything but a middle finger ;)

5d0e17 () No. 721907


Nice, EU Anon!

878c71 () No. 721908

KikeBook down 8%%%%%%% ahahahah implosion

a95b87 () No. 721909


hehe awesome.

0a1072 () No. 721910


Forgot news link.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5517865/Saudi-prince-says-no-difference-men-women.html

Also saw this Prince Salman story too.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince to invest $400 MILLION in one of Hollywood’s biggest talent and event managers which stages New York Fashion Week and Ultimate Fighting Championship fights

This is part of Mohamed bin Salman’s masterplan to diversify oil-based economy

Sources say the deal will be completed the day before Crown Prince visits Trump

Endeavor is a renowned entertainment, sports and fashion powerhouse in the US

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5517915/Saudi-Arabias-Crown-Prince-invests-400million-Hollywood-firm.html

So Endeavor must be a good alliance member?

A non sick Cabal business?

ME-IMG has formed a new holding company under the name Endeavor, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The moniker is, of course, a callback to Endeavor Talent Agency, the firm co-founded by Ari Emanuel. In 2009, Emanuel and Endeavor executive Patrick Whitesell orchestrated the merger with the William Morris Agency to create WME.

With the new name, WME-IMG co-CEOs Emanuel and Whitesell become Endeavor CEO and Endeavor executive chairman, respectively. Both will continue to sit on the board of the company.

“WME-IMG represented a pivotal moment in our company’s history, but it does not accurately reflect the extent of our diversity or indicate where we’re headed,” Emanuel said in a statement. “In creating Endeavor, we now have a holding company that represents the very definition of the word itself, constantly striving to push boundaries on behalf of our clients and owned properties.”

Since private equity firm Silver Lake’s initial outside investment in 2012, the company has taken on additional backing from CPPIB, Fidelity, Focus Media, FountainVest, GIC, Mubadala, Sequoia Capital, SoftBank and Tencent, and boosted its portfolio with a considerable number of acquisitions, all of which remain intact and will now be considered Endeavor companies:

· WME, the talent agency

· IMG, the sports, fashion and entertainment agency

· UFC, the mixed martial arts organization

· Droga5, the ad agency

· Professional Bull Riders, the professional bull riders organization

· The Miss Universe Organization, the pageant company

· Frieze, the fine arts and media company

· Dixon Talent, which manages the careers of late-night luminaries and other hosts

· The Wall Group, which represents stylists and designers

· Euroleague Basketball, a joint venture between IMG and the European hoops company

· ELEAGUE, an eSports joint venture with Turner

· the Chinese subsidiary formed with the investments from Sequoia Capital, Tencent and FountainVest

Endeavor owns Miss Universe,, which Trump used to part own.

https:// www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/wme-img-renames-parent-company-as-endeavor-1047094

366d4e () No. 721911


He doesn't have any handlers right now. He's looking for one. There's more to his trips around the world than we know. Most people who have $129 million would find a quiet corner and chill. I don't believe that Hussein still has that money. It makes no sense that they would freeze Al Waleed Bin Talal's money yet let Hussein, Pelosi, Maxine, McStain, and others keep their stash. I suspect that ALL of their ill-gotten cash has been frozen which is why they've all come out swinging with so much vitriol against POTUS lately.

I also believe that Hussein is looking for cover from the shit that's about to come out.

7822fe () No. 721912

Trip wire bombs reported true, watch where you walk people! Surrounded by Assassins.

878c71 () No. 721913

mark cuckerberg just lost billions of dollarss ahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahhhahhahahahahhaahahahhaha

03f793 () No. 721914


another haiku

878c71 () No. 721915


no one is going to read ur boring long ass fucking post

6fa06c () No. 721916


Nope why do you think so?

5d0e17 () No. 721917

d22f8d882a1b6a....jpg (17 KB, 255 x 191, 420 : 314, ap_donald-trum....jpg) (h)

5e8afe () No. 721918


Like I said in the last bread, 2-1/2 months ago EVERYBODY in chan was against fake Qs, doxing Q, trying to get Q's tripcode, and now they are all gaga over this fake Q?

Something bad has happened to this board.

366d4e () No. 721919


He has been selling a lot of Facebook stock lately.

5d0e17 () No. 721920

41472f8e6b4e49....jpg (146 KB, 204 x 255, 933 : 1167, DNeXMpqX4AAGS-p.jpg) (h)

45d6bd () No. 721921

3896e2767ee8ec....png (22 KB, 255 x 94, 657 : 241, feacebook.png) (h)


https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/03/18/markets-dont-care-about-trumps-twitter-meltdown–futures-basically-indicate-a-flat-open.html

d3f099 () No. 721922


tripcodes for everyone.

easy to filter the shills.

5d0e17 () No. 721923

b68d763ba67294....jpg (55 KB, 255 x 143, 800 : 450, b68d763ba67294....jpg) (h)

878c71 () No. 721924


wow RNT u cluelesss



f75ed5 () No. 721925


thank willis

concernfags are eating donuts in shairaBlue cubicals

70db77 () No. 721926

de5235a2e693a0....jpg (170 KB, 255 x 115, 1110 : 500, 26p1wk.jpg) (h)

1fe890 () No. 721927

50b4fc4788bb47....jpg (59 KB, 255 x 187, 430 : 316, 4737534.jpg) (h)

5d0e17 () No. 721928



Love it!

1c14a6 () No. 721929


he prolly has a few devices , and some are total n00bs , just like the net it's not as bad as it seems .

dbb2de () No. 721930


The only clowns going gaga over pedoQ are… other Clowns.

It's called trying to manufacture consensus.

5d0e17 () No. 721931


And Fuckerberg just sold $500 of the stock.

Insider trading, anyone?

1d3ad4 () No. 721932

603b7b486f9d5d....png (1064 KB, 255 x 127, 1880 : 934, Opera Snapshot....png) (h)

2-AUER Reading, Penn - Trenton-Mercer, Penn

87b283 () No. 721933


Huh what?

45555d () No. 721934


Remember what I said about help? See


cbd074 () No. 721935


i filter fake q

3e3a34 () No. 721936

454b855bd48873....jpg (28 KB, 255 x 70, 653 : 180, 180215 01.08 R.jpg) (h)

This Thursday is World Water Day.

5e8afe () No. 721937


So stating the truth makes one a concernfag.

You must be one hell of a liar then.

9814e9 () No. 721938


Correct. He is a non event. Anons move on.

503ee7 () No. 721939


Correct anon.

What could be the problem?

You'll find out.

BIG NEXT WEEK, remember?


6fa06c () No. 721940


Frustrated anon, village idiot. The only damage is these posts go on twatter as real. Idk here no regularanon gets confused, also twatter now has fake Q posts that are not from fake Q, they are shopped into real not bold trip. Crazy times

4bbeb3 () No. 721941


Yup, I see. Read that completely. Agree with all of it.

In fact it's exactly the process i attempt to use.

878c71 () No. 721942

9568dd92dfbf18....png (222 KB, 255 x 97, 1244 : 471, kike.png) (h)




fb0031 () No. 721943


His 'run for president' was a cover for his exit.

d3f099 () No. 721944

39034bf9340ce8....png (52 KB, 255 x 183, 760 : 546, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Methinks we have a dead cat bounce

1c14a6 () No. 721945

184d973ec26c7e....jpg (75 KB, 255 x 127, 800 : 400, facebook.jpg) (h)

101ddc () No. 721946

31cb18e0f9b866....jpeg (371 KB, 188 x 255, 750 : 1017, 4E5AD54D-DF75-....jpeg) (h)

48426e () No. 721947

>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

>Listen carefully.







a95b87 () No. 721948


obummer was a piece of shit

5e8afe () No. 721949


I do too, but the problem still remains.

b9f12a () No. 721950


Wow, good find, anon.

f75ed5 () No. 721951


keep the division "narrative" going on the board

it's what socialist concernfags do….

99074a () No. 721952


Let them. It's probably a joint effort of Clowns, Shareblue/David Brock and Mossad/JIDF going all in with what little they have left to impede things. They're wasting their breath (which means they'll drown quicker as they go down with their ships, WEW.)

6fa06c () No. 721953


I knew about dale wasnt aware of stock down, sorry

70db77 () No. 721954

831a060f1a3aa5....jpg (110 KB, 255 x 166, 767 : 500, 26p27k.jpg) (h)

6fa06c () No. 721955



b4456f () No. 721956

True Pundit article today had an interesting quote regarding Flynn:

“I think he is gearing up to name names,” Flynn’s confidant said. “He knows where many political bodies are buried in D.C. and what does he have to lose? Nothing.”

https:// truepundit.com/d-c-fbi-insiders-fear-general-flynn-might-take-a-flame-thrower-to-this-town-before-he-is-done/

5d0e17 () No. 721957

Look at this FAKE NEWS on CNBC!

"Facebook fell after reports said political analytics firm Cambridge Analytica was able to collect data on 50 million people's profiles without their consent. Cambridge Analytica worked on Facebook ads with President Donald Trump's campaign in 2016."

Trying to connect POTUS to negative news about Facebook!! Fucking fake news!

Anons, hit the comment section on the link and call them fake news!

https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/03/18/markets-dont-care-about-trumps-twitter-meltdown–futures-basically-indicate-a-flat-open.html

d4c1a1 () No. 721958

Turkish police seize radioactive material in anti-smuggling raid

Californium is believed to be produced only in the US and Russia. It is used in nuclear reactors, in portable metal detectors and also in medicine to treat some forms of cancer.

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43463195

52b07e () No. 721959




Ceremonial deuce


5e8afe () No. 721960


This can only mean the clowns are winning the war on the intel front then.

99074a () No. 721961


Whoops. Directing this at >>721918

03f793 () No. 721962


Who are "the six"?

Who is "Goose"?

77fce8 () No. 721963


These faggot shills are getting more effective. Fake Q knows enough to say interesting things then comes up with lies. I apply filters to most fags that engage, but I’ll know we are lost when no one is paid to post here

c78331 () No. 721964


Good find! Notable!!

8d6a7b () No. 721965

>>721755 #891

I see your call and raise….

Didn't know about the NXP Qualcomm deal…so there's another branch to look after however….appears auto related

http:// www.businessinsider.com/qualcomm-buys-nxp-semiconductors-2016-10


https:// semiengineering.com/the-week-in-review-aug-26/

For a touch of the Clinton

Trudeau and India may not have gone well for Canadian trade desires possibly related to global trade with India but there is also this…

http:// indianexpress.com/article/technology/science/cheaper-greener-way-to-grow-semiconductor-films-4657070/

Which makes me think make cheaper semiconductors, ditch waste disposal costs, more profit, >>>Clintons pick up more dough for blow. Imho

9814e9 () No. 721966

4e44a3e3694d86....jpeg (51 KB, 255 x 134, 1080 : 566, 1521475698.jpeg) (h)

4bbeb3 () No. 721967



Help me out here, just a lil more. The peeps i have to deal with are old school. Think 50's and the media. Think most trusted man in america, walter kronkike.

CNN is a tough nut to crack around here. I'm working the problem with side by side graphics. Showing the lies and such. Trump has done a huge service to me by attacking their credibility. Keep that up, it helps me more than anything.

878c71 () No. 721968






b2c98e () No. 721969


Can't post that shit at halfchan, it's moderated by Shareblue.

e62206 () No. 721970

ff866b475a2244....png (3559 KB, 146 x 255, 2632 : 4600, Ex-FBI Anon dr....png) (h)


YW, here's the one from the 14th…

189c95 () No. 721971

bfd4fabc77a285....png (3224 KB, 143 x 255, 1242 : 2208, 64A7762B-9143-....png) (h)

Warning to Broward sherrif?

366d4e () No. 721972

I said this before, no one paid any attention. By the time the storm gets to Europe it will be way too late to save the people there from the cabal. It is a total disgrace how Teresa May just sold that country out to the Cabal. A whole lot of people in the UK who voted for the Brexit and were counting on it for the future of their children now know that they are fucked. They no longer have any reason for hope. The UK is finished. And after they go down the rest of Europe will fall. Merkel is back. And Macron is gettign ready to clamp down on 'hate speech' in France.

The EU/cabal won the game there. Sad!



878c71 () No. 721973


hope that stupid asian wife of his is going to give him a nice loooooonnggg happy ending tonightttt

faggot is going to need it

holeeee keeekkk

5e8afe () No. 721974


Either which way, a fake Q is as bad as fake news, it's a fucking lie.

53766b () No. 721975


Was wondering the same.

03f793 () No. 721976


it was sam hyde

503ee7 () No. 721977

a35ffdafcd7049....jpg (196 KB, 255 x 171, 648 : 434, tyler-clementi1.jpg) (h)

Meet the cousins Greenberg.

You may know them by other names.

On the left is Edward Greenberg.

AKA Edward Snowden.

In the middle is Jacob Greenberg.

AKA Jacob Appelbaum.

On the right is Mark Greenberg.

He lost a lot of money today.

Why would these three not use their real names?

Clowns In Action.



fb0031 () No. 721978


Why would you base your trust in here on a metric you can't verify yourself?

Instead of one you can?

878c71 () No. 721979



c04ae0 () No. 721980


Great concept. Alternate title: Why do liberals confuse us? Would change "Husband" to Role Model"

03f793 () No. 721981


she won't

e62206 () No. 721982

364820017e04b0....jpg (1707 KB, 255 x 237, 2760 : 2568, 4chan map.jpg) (h)

189c95 () No. 721983

9fdc13e8e59824....png (1457 KB, 143 x 255, 1242 : 2208, 287C2D2D-C5D6-....png) (h)

Okay, this is fuckin’ hilarious.

ee06e1 () No. 721984

736c411dc19e61....png (417 KB, 164 x 255, 1248 : 1941, IMG_3093.png) (h)


I found something on water also, don't know if it's what were looking for. It's significant over all anyway

f75ed5 () No. 721985


we have all kinds of shairaBlue concernfags on the board all week….

It'd Fake Q and everyone concerning over the posts… The socialists can't hide their emotions.

(((Their))) emotions give them away every time

1aaed4 () No. 721986


Jerry Moonbeam to his GITMO suite?

I wish.

878c71 () No. 721987

52b07e () No. 721988

b5c5ba2f64f2c9....jpg (52 KB, 175 x 255, 564 : 824, IMG_1112.jpg) (h)

So much moar fags

Go vintage

9e2533 () No. 721989



http:// archive.4plebs. org/pol/thread/163902843

dbb2de () No. 721990


Resorting to lies that can be exposed with a cursory perusal of evidence to the contrary is not what I would characterize winning as…

1fe890 () No. 721991

d2b5d9e214a154....jpg (178 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, dream_kidnuuk7....jpg) (h)


Wasn't the "journalist" that snowden released through ALSO a Greenberg?

And why didn'tcha name Mark Sugarmountain???

90b311 () No. 721992


Lots to dig there with mentions of Ari Emmanuel and Tencent.

Also BHO’s big meeting ar MIT Sports tech conference with the hush hush speech.

e62206 () No. 721993



Yeah, a LOT of info!!

0e0813 () No. 721994


the story that is circulating online about some saudi prince jumping to his death is fake news

the truth is a man named Kyle Phillips got drunk at a bar at the airport and started arguiing with people - when security approached he freaked out and went over the balcony - the guy is alive and well and serving time now in the fulton county jail

827cf3 () No. 721995

Bullshit story re: LDR twitter

878c71 () No. 721996






503ee7 () No. 721997



Glenn Greenwald.


f75ed5 () No. 721998


stay on your "emotional" narrative

what else do idiot socialists have left to dispute with?

49021c () No. 721999



220f26 () No. 722000

79777a59c7a590....png (102 KB, 255 x 175, 621 : 425, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Steve Herman

‏Verified account @W7VOA

#Facebook stock price plunges.

d2da67 () No. 722001


He has fabulous hair.

503ee7 () No. 722002


You speak Dutch anon.

A fine tongue.


84590a () No. 722003


Good shit, hyperinflated the value anyway, they don't sale that much advertising

1c14a6 () No. 722004

dab97da8ebee80....jpg (31 KB, 255 x 254, 400 : 398, bucket.jpg) (h)


hot sauce in my purse …..

4bbeb3 () No. 722005


how the hell does some idiot drunk in a bar get confused with a Saudi prince, and then to the point that said prince suicides himself…????

878c71 () No. 722006





42b866 () No. 722007


Best counter protest is taking your kids/nieces/nephews to shooting ranges and teaching them how to safely handle a gun. Erode the ignorance and brainwashing

516df8 () No. 722008


I don't really like it either. some people find Fake Q entertaining. Most of us just ignore him though as we are instructed. I don't know why the moderators don't ban him though?

52b07e () No. 722009

6c6e1290abf9c2....jpg (31 KB, 255 x 158, 487 : 302, IMG_1128.jpg) (h)

220f26 () No. 722010


Steve Herman

‏Verified account @W7VOA

#Facebook could see tens of billions of dollars shaved off its market value today amid growing calls in the US & Europe for investigations amid reports that a consultancy for the @realDonaldTrump presidential campaign had access to data on 50 million Facebook users.

9:08 AM - 19 Mar 2018 from Washington, DC

5e8afe () No. 722011


>Jerry Moonbeam

And whom might that be?

b2c98e () No. 722012


Some Fake Qs are better than others.

0a1072 () No. 722013



It is long, because i included some SAUCE. Prince Salman is investing 400 million into Hollywood Company Endeavor.

Which i think is important( some of Hollywood might be going down this year, there will need to be companies and people to replace, all the sick occult people)

So i was showing what Endeavor owns/controls, with a little company history( on formation),

which includes the Miss Universe organization( which Trump co owned for decades)

Sorry if reading is boring, maybe i will include some easy pictures for you,next time.

Simple finger painting graphs,, because ( reading is just so difficult and boring)

Gosh maybe we should just go play a video game, or watch tv, so much easier, Then being a ReadingFag, KEK

Your opinion is halfway to idiocracy, kek ( reading is for fags)

878c71 () No. 722014


hesssss fuckkkkkkkeeeeeeeeedddddddddddd

muhhhhh fuckkinnngggg sidddeeeeezzzzzzz

c042e1 () No. 722015


Might try to paint it as "far-right" retaliation. Simlar to the person shooting up ping pong.

69aaf9 () No. 722016


We're expecting a major stock market correction when the shit hits the fan, so that might be the starting drips. From my understanding, the more time it takes for the correction to happen, the less drastic it should be

90b311 () No. 722017


Brennan in NJ too

dbb2de () No. 722018


They all take it up the ass from their handlers though..

I asked, it was not refuted. FakeQ is a group of ass pirates.

b55999 () No. 722019

50ca0f98de3eed....jpg (142 KB, 225 x 255, 564 : 640, dog driving.jpg) (h)

6fa06c () No. 722020


VPNs are a problem, you ban him ban other anons on the same vpn, he changes vpn fuckery continues, BO explained

ec6ff2 () No. 722022


Keep Bill's title as husband- don't change to role model. As a wife, its telling. Bigly. Nice one anon!

910e44 () No. 722023

I seem to remember someone posting that crisis actors were being sought for Texas last week, for this week. Can anyone verify?

1fe890 () No. 722024

faa11f25be4781....jpg (159 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, dream_unvk5t0g....jpg) (h)


Ah, preesh.

So how come he never released the rest of the Snowden? Wasn't there supposedly more?

Or is this where Kim Dotcom comes into play?

He was mentioning that Snowden has a MEGA account… Was that part of the deal? Kim already had the rest of what Greenwald didn't release, which meant Trump had it, so if he wanted to get out of Mong Kok he'd need to bring something to the table?


5e8afe () No. 722025


What has emotion got to do with anything I have written?

Facts are facts, a FAKE Q is a LIE from the truth.

Just like fake news, is a lie from the truth!

52b07e () No. 722026


Made the best promise

Early in the race


878c71 () No. 722027


this is much better to read, concise and to the fucking point

0e0813 () No. 722028


i do not know

the baaqi news site in pakistan ran the story

now it is all over papers in the middle east

i think maybe they are trying to fake his death

or they are trolling the media here

i mean every single local station in atlanta covered it day of

within two days the mans name was out there

i dont get it

220f26 () No. 722029

Obama Staffer Admits: Facebook Told Us They Let Us Improperly Take Users Data

The Obama campaign was the first to exploit Facebook for data mining Americans' personal information

Mar 19, 2018

https:// news.grabien.com/story-obama-staffer-admits-facebook-told-us-they-let-us-improperly

Facebook is portraying itself as shocked after a whistleblower is exposing just how easy the social network makes it for firms like his former employer, Cambridge Analytica, to take users' private data and exploit it in virtually unlimited ways.

But according to President Obama's former digital director, the social network told the campaign they knew its users' data were being improperly seized by the campaign in 2012, but they chose to look the other way because Facebook supports Obama.

The Canadian born techie turned whistleblower, Christopher Wylie, said Cambridge Analytica, was able to create a personality profile users voluntarily took, but which inadvertently gave access to the quiz takers' entire social network. The survey that began with just 270,000 people ultimately ended up collecting data on more than 50 million people.

Facebook says this mass collection of its users' data violated its terms and asked Cambridge Analytica to delete the data. However, Wylie told NBC, "Facebook never checked to make sure that happened."

President Obama's 2012 campaign poineered the exploitation of Facebook to harvest its users personal information.

The co-founder of Engage D.C., Patrick Ruffini, who covered the story at the time, detailed how the campaign tricked users into unwittingly forking over to the campaign data on their peers. Ruffini posted a graphic from his original report detailing how this Facebook data helped the Obama campaign:

The former director of Obama for America's Integration and Media Analytics, Carol Davidsen, candidly admitted that Facebook acknowledged letting their campaign improperly access its users data.

"Facebook was surprised we were able to suck out the whole social graph, but they didn’t stop us once they realized that was what we were doing," Davidsen wrote Sunday night after news of Cambridge Analytica broke. "They came to office in the days following election recruiting & were very candid that they allowed us to do things they wouldn’t have allowed someone else to do because they were on our side."

The Obama project was code named tärgus and was covered by TIME Magazine at the time.

Facebook's attitude toward the Trump-aligned Cambridge Analytica was decidedly different. After news reports surfaced late last week that showed how the firm was able to exploit the social media platform, Facebook banned both Cambridge Analytica and its former staffer Wylie from the platform.

"In 2015, we learned that a psychology professor at the University of Cambridge named Dr. Aleksandr Kogan lied to us and violated our Platform Policies by passing data from an app that was using Facebook Login to SCL/Cambridge Analytica, a firm that does political, government and military work around the globe," Facebook wrote in a blog post Friday night. "He also passed that data to Christopher Wylie of Eunoia Technologies, Inc."

"Several days ago, we received reports that, contrary to the certifications we were given, not all data was deleted," Facebook wrote. "We are moving aggressively to determine the accuracy of these claims. If true, this is another unacceptable violation of trust and the commitments they made. We are suspending SCL/Cambridge Analytica, Wylie and Kogan from Facebook, pending further information.

Grabien News reached out to Facebook for comment and will update this post with the company's response.

f75ed5 () No. 722030


looking at an eight hundred to thousand point drop in the Dowjones today

Thank the Zuck

40ac93 () No. 722031

566dba05fa07c1....jpg (97 KB, 253 x 255, 640 : 646, QKARMAPolice-S....jpg) (h)


>>721582 (last bread)

>A connecting principle,

>Linked to the invisible

>Almost imperceptible

>Something inexpressible.

>Science insusceptible

>Logic so inflexible

>Causally connectible

>Yet nothing is invincible."


b3dc70 () No. 722033

1333cb7ff14783....png (1352 KB, 255 x 103, 1621 : 654, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

RAAF Australia joint exercise with US MIL?

Circling off VA coast

4d02fc () No. 722034


Don't worry about this kike, Q gave him a heads up so he could sell a few billion before any bad news came out. Part of his deal.

878c71 () No. 722035


holeee fuckk Kekkkk

fake q has me rolling

4bbeb3 () No. 722036



Along the same lines for adults, show them they can do it themselves. You don't need an expert or licensed someone else to do something. Self empowerment is lacking in this nation. YOU can do it, you don't need to have it done for you. This is ingrained into our society and works for the left who want to make you dependent on their huge government.

f75ed5 () No. 722037

a4b8018d674bab....gif (6685 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, W3YfvN.gif) (h)


Why use the failed bolshevik deflection tactic?

c78331 () No. 722038


Yup, you'll know it's on when you start seeing gapping on the 15-min Dow chart.

bdbc84 () No. 722039

15742e8f1aa3be....jpg (172 KB, 187 x 255, 736 : 1003, kkkkk.jpg) (h)

Twatter - Who knew


dc2476 () No. 722040


wonder if they're full semi auto black packages?

5e8afe () No. 722041


I'm pretty sure they can write a script to check names being put into the name field to tripcodes.

Doesn't match, you can't use that name, and well, Q would be a pretty easy one to write up.

dbb2de () No. 722042


You're a failed deflection tactic

9165a2 () No. 722043


Alt Q!

Thanks for the truth bomb.

Keep it up.

abc600 () No. 722044


they are selling because the quantitative easing of the bond market can't continue.. hundreds of billions of dollars each and every month lately.. the entire system is preparing for a total economic collapse

remember follow the money..

4bbeb3 () No. 722045


fall baby fall.

77fce8 () No. 722046


Because no one is paid to shill against flat earth. I’ve been here long enough to understand shilling rises and falls with the importance on the crumbs. We got shilled out of 4chan when potus tweeted a link to a q article.

No shills would worry me. You are free to disagree anon

cbd074 () No. 722047


it's the idiots who keep talking to fake Q is the problem.

15d5db () No. 722048

48dea540401f48....jpg (807 KB, 255 x 93, 2076 : 759, dscf5698-700s.jpg) (h)

http:// donmoe.com/blog/older-tours/index-of-summer-tour-2011/additional-photos/arkansas/

bdbc84 () No. 722049


Breaking! True Swamp identified! True Deep State!


692fcd () No. 722050


KEK !!!

Laughed so hard I cried

e3acf3 () No. 722051

6f44c40c0b804a....png (342 KB, 224 x 255, 651 : 740, DoD 3-19-18 9 ....png) (h)

69aaf9 () No. 722052



There was a pretty big selloff already 2-3 weeks ago, Zucker being one of the liquidators that time too along with Buffet and some other cunt

I don't really care if it crashes or not, it just means we're coming to the end point so idc regardless lol

52b07e () No. 722053

049063aacf68b0....jpg (31 KB, 198 x 255, 747 : 960, IMG_1171.jpg) (h)


Got any favors

For muh noodles


5e8afe () No. 722054


Well give that shit some lighting speed!

1d3ad4 () No. 722055

bf5a3cbfb5c42b....png (1369 KB, 255 x 127, 1880 : 934, Opera Snapshot....png) (h)

2-MSTG from Switzerland? to Brighton via Biggin Hill.

ZJ-THC Jersey - Southampton & Return belongs to Tower House Consultants.

So why is this showing up on a military tracker like the 2-#### aircraft.

f75ed5 () No. 722056


There really is something about the sound of socialist teardrops that is so soothing…

Personally I believe its the coolest sound ever invented.

Thank You

fb0031 () No. 722057


It's surprisingly rare for the group of clowns to use a VPN exit that had other users on it.

Post history is a wonderful thing.

b14935 () No. 722058

Happy Monday anons. I'm am sorry for my behavior last time I was here. I was drunk as fuck. That's no excuse though, I should do better. I'm very sorry.

OK. Phone is not cooperating.

8b07c8 () No. 722059

Zuckerfag sold a bunch of facebook shares just 2 weeks ago. You think he knew something was coming?

https:// www.cnbc.com/2017/09/22/mark-zuckerberg-selling-up-to-75-million-facebook-shares.html

910e44 () No. 722060


Been hearing this for a month and that "this is the week". So when exactly is this big crash and change of standard?

abc600 () No. 722061


you should care - bread lines will be very long

974bb2 () No. 722062


gotta love how MSM likes to start this off as if it was Trump's Campaign

and not the fault of FB

and as if no other private or political group encountered the same

9165a2 () No. 722063


Alt Q,

You make alot of sense.

Is "Real Q" lying to us or is disinfo necessary?

530ea8 () No. 722064

543d08876d7fff....jpeg (26 KB, 255 x 143, 501 : 280, DYqd7uAW0AQxTs....jpeg) (h)

b82be9 () No. 722065

de80a1 () No. 722066

>>722047 Why won't the BO put an end to it?

4d02fc () No. 722067


Not if you have guns

abc600 () No. 722068


ask the fed.. i sure dont know…

827cf3 () No. 722069

Where are all the autists? They must have taken a nap

bdbc84 () No. 722070


14 months and NO ARRESTS!


9165a2 () No. 722071

f3b02226b76255....jpg (10 KB, 255 x 146, 297 : 170, download (6).jpg) (h)



28eb4b () No. 722072

493f1868b7a358....png (423 KB, 255 x 180, 599 : 422, ibor-target.png) (h)

42b866 () No. 722073


Yes take a buddy/colleague/related kid to a range and safety/self-defense course. 2A

7b285b () No. 722074


Nazism and Islam always been cozy.

366d4e () No. 722075


This had to happen to Facebook. Everything that goes up comes down eventually. Facebook is 1990s technology that peaked in the 00s. The younger generation folks are not using Facebook anymore. I hear the kids talking about how Facebook is for old people now. It will still be around for a while but it will continue to decline. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.

abc600 () No. 722076


by all means go right ahead

910e44 () No. 722077


Can you do the @Jack thing again. I found it cute 2 months ago.

f75ed5 () No. 722078


Yep, I also believe we are seeing a ton of these forced retired/retiring CEO cashing out before they can't

45555d () No. 722079


Then keep asking questions, but rest in confidence that you are a part of the team.

5e8afe () No. 722080


Reminds me of back on 4chan before we left there due to the same shit that is going on here now with fake Q.

Board was comped, and BO wouldn't do anything about it either.

69aaf9 () No. 722081


From my understanding, the correction is temporary, necessary, and will lead to a gold backed currency. So I wouldn't panic too long over bread lines haha, just stack up on noodles to last a week and you should be fine haha

abc600 () No. 722083


totally correct… the really big money moved out when obama was still in charge and trump makes the perrrrfect patsy

9165a2 () No. 722084

143a34a3089871....jpg (96 KB, 255 x 174, 732 : 499, download (5).jpg) (h)



Q, get your ass out here and resolve this. I’m calling you out as a LARP. Come at me.

Remaining silent while anons are jumping ship is an admission of LARP. Been here since OCT fighting for you EVERY step of the way until Hillary leaving the country.






The LARP is researching POTUS schedule and making cryptic comments too vague to be believed one way or another.

Here’ s an example:

Q says stuff like: "Watch the water", "Watch the news". "Disinfo is necessary" Trust the Plan” and “Boom” Then Q will posts numbers and letters that make no sense to manipulate us into thinking it is a code.Q tells us to "build the map" Where is it? Best case scenario: Q accidently let anons believe something that wasn’t true and neglected to correct us. Worst case scenario: Q is purposefully telling us things that are not true. Either disinfo is necessary or Q is a larping liar Not to mention the stuff that Q HAS claimed never came true.Boot theory debunked, Atlanta airport debunked. John Legend and Tiegen debunked, Huma indicted debunked, Podesta indicted debunked Hillary arrested debunked, Snowden changing sides debunked "Trump should be shot!" debunked. Loop Capital? GANNETT? The list goes on…Wake up anons

<<The best way to debunk Q is to read Q's posts.>>

Q is a brilliant strategy to get free high quality pro Trump memes, research and social media support for free.

<<Corporations pay millions for the combined work we do for free>>

At least Q brought us together. We should continue to dig and find a way to save our country.

Just don’t be afraid of using critical thinking and common sense.

I know you’ve seen this, Q.

Did you hear me?

Your anons are leaving.

I’m calling you out as a fake.

▶Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:08:59 30861d No.685806>>685852


The only thing I disagree with here is "At least Q brought us together". I don't find this true, just look at the responses to your comment. You're not yelling at people on this board, you're looking out for them, yet they'll ridicule you for not thinking exactly like them. (Yet they claim normies are brain washed).

What happened to critical thinking?

To add to your issues, I will add my own.

Q has stated "we see all, we hear all" yet many lives have been lost in false flags, just as recently as yesterday (supposedly).

Q claims, "this is not a game", then asks, if "you'd like to play a game". I feel like we have been playing one already.

"Enjoy the show, we are winning". Loss of innocents lives is winning and a show I should be enjoying? If they knew about this bridge, why not prevent it? Or the trains that crashed a few months ago, or the powder that got sent to Don Jr, etc.

People completely ignore all the wrong and put a HUGE spotlight on the one vague, generalization that could be explained as a Q prediction (or 100 other things) and that's what they grasp to and attack you like a vicious bear, hungry and starving, if you even Question things. You can be polite to the users, polite about Q, but the minute you question this all, look out, Cult Q will be on your ass in a heartbeat.

I also find it pretty pathetic a lot of these guys dish bullshit and then hide behind a filtered button the minute they get done saying what they need to.

8ch really is starting to seem like a group of high schoolers, unemployed pill poppers and all-knowing information givers. AKA, complete bullshit.

Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:12:34 30861d No.685840>>685868 >>685973 >>685976 >>685989


…Also, don't forget the Memo was supposed to change EVERYTHING. Obama was supposed to be caught spying, Hillary, too. So much was supposed to come from the Memo.

And then BOOM!!!!! Nothing.

Now it's the IG report, new hype, new hope and after it's release, same old shit. Q will mention something new and these a.d.d types will run where pointed toward, never once looking back at the pile of bullshit they've been run through.

Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:24:10 469017 No.685973>>685989


You're so right. The memo was suppose to bring about yuge changes. RR gone, Sessions in-recused, end to Mueller, charges filed against the FB criminals, on and on.

What a joke that was. So, now we are suppose to believe that something might actually happen when the OIG report comes out? If the general public knows of the crimes committed by the 7th floor, you know damn good and well the Congress/DOJ know about it. Yet, every single one of them are still employed!!!! Including McCabe. Yet a lowly sailor took a pic of a submarine console and was immediately thrown in the brig. Yeah, sure there is equal justice under the law.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


Critical Thinking Anons

601ab0 () No. 722085


a damn shame fakefake Q can't even do a 2 minute comparison, NONE of those names are depicted in this pic. Snowden, for instance, has dozens of teenage pics on a search, it's DEFINITELY not him or even close

c78331 () No. 722086


Careful what you wish for. This is a highly leveraged, just-in-time economy.

6fa06c () No. 722087


There was german journo who just posted a picture of the two signs together, i believe he was facing 6 months in jail. If anybody followed the story

abc600 () No. 722088


if you believe that i have a bridge for sale in new york

87b283 () No. 722089

It's looking shilly-willy

You fuckers are stupid

Q rules

3880f7 () No. 722090

>>721155 (previous bread)

Trey Gowdy put on a good show vs Clinton and friends but he never dealt them a death blow – compd. He never recommended criminal charges for Hill and gang.

52b07e () No. 722091

a69a20a2836b97....jpg (46 KB, 239 x 255, 560 : 598, IMG_1064.jpg) (h)


da8ff7 () No. 722092

d55e405c05881a....jpg (24 KB, 193 x 255, 302 : 400, d55e405c05881a....jpg) (h)


J.uniper C.obra

878c71 () No. 722093


wow that ship looks hella nice

e39ac8 () No. 722094

733220750b062b....jpeg (128 KB, 255 x 238, 1242 : 1159, 0843A43D-9455-....jpeg) (h)

Lots of divesting today

45555d () No. 722095


Set aside Republican versus Democrat. It was always meant to divide us. Move into your core memory of learning about good versus evil.

Win a few hearts by bashing a Bush or two. It will win you an easy entrance into their minds.

910e44 () No. 722096


So Zuckerberg, who people claim is a clone, or a moon child or a rothschild or this and that, made a deal with the US Military to sell off billions in stock ahead of the platform supposedly going down? Where do Unicorns fit into this fantasy?

fb0031 () No. 722097


Gold is too heavy.

The future is a decentralized network.

The blockchain.

5724fa () No. 722098


Just had a thought

What if Seth Rich used Mega to transfer files?

Files that were a backup if something were to go bad for him.

Is that the info Kim Dotcom has?

dbb2de () No. 722099

re: Stocks and futures, shut downs, boom boom boom

Keep your powder dry and your eyes open. Know your neighbors.

383389 () No. 722100


Happy to help a thirsty anon!

Use facts. Ask them to help you figure out how it's possible that Fox News has more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined (sauce: https:// variety.com/2017/tv/news/cable-news-ratings-fox-news-msnbc-1202017940/).

Then, play dumb.

"If Fox is right-wing and the other two are obviously left-leaning, how is it possible that Trump's approval ratings are so low?"

Offer to meet/speak again to compare research and notes.

Let them sell themselves. Hope this helps!

503ee7 () No. 722101


Current Q has lied repeatedly.

Disinfo is something different.

Q last year promised NG deployments, a big crackdown and a huge upheaval.

It happened within a few days.

In SA.

THAT is disinformation.

Telling you the truth but getting you to look elsewhere.

Future proves past.


1fe2b2 () No. 722102


>trying to manufacture consensus

This is true, from what I've seen. They're working in teams, they know that they can't be effective individually

bdbc84 () No. 722103


Which version of Q are you referring to when you ask about the lying?

1d3ad4 () No. 722104

6d57889b5d114b....png (1406 KB, 255 x 127, 1880 : 934, Opera Snapshot....png) (h)


Hi m8. I'll cover Europe & Mid east. You've got a Saudi coming in over Newfoundland.

878c71 () No. 722105


no one is going to read this shit

f75ed5 () No. 722106


I believe it's just a correction. No Big Crash

The economy will stabalize. That is what Trump set up the energy and oil sector to do

b89706 () No. 722107

Could toys r us be one of the booms. Pertains to children. More behind the scenes.

69aaf9 () No. 722108


Digital only, gold-backed currency yeah

1d3ad4 () No. 722109


Forgot to Say Magma 13 nr Amman Jordan.

1fe2b2 () No. 722110


Just as it was foreseen

383389 () No. 722111


Well done, Patriot!

You and I find ourselves in violent agreement!

bdbc84 () No. 722112


Hey Baruch, what´s up?

910e44 () No. 722113


Contradicts being told lots of arrests are coming? Which is it? Tons of arrests or tons of billionaires retiring and getting enough time to cash out their stocks and run away, free.

abc600 () No. 722114


the chinese yuan trades for oil in just a week.. the usa is bankrupt and the people are totally leveraged, shit - a full third of the country is on food stamps

9165a2 () No. 722115



This is 8chan , anon.

Being drunk and unruly is a prerequisite.

Carry on.

ca09cd () No. 722116


Look at that I get to filter 7 people all at once….

af5341 () No. 722117


I am certain this would not really be that hard to do. If he can add a script that changes little to liddle for shits and giggles, that should not be hard to do at all. I think the truth is that the BO just does not want to be bothered with it so he chooses not to do anything and push it to the Anons to police. Eventually the board will crash and we will be off to home number 5. It is a shame really.

45555d () No. 722118


What if fake Q is to remind us that we're supposed to be thinking for ourselves and not making a cult of Q?

1fe890 () No. 722119

2d184ebafef66a....jpg (176 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, dream_tcz7viba....jpg) (h)


That's the same argument for the 2nd Amendment.

Cops are too heavy.

The future is in decentralized gun ownership.

The Glockchain.

7822fe () No. 722120

b31ba0a8141766....png (112 KB, 255 x 229, 714 : 642, dcb.png) (h)

6586b2 () No. 722121

I think we should use hoochie mama as Maxine Waters' code name

1fe2b2 () No. 722122




Facebook: The new MySpace

bdbc84 () No. 722123

52b07e () No. 722124

f52f3adf5b8cde....jpg (568 KB, 255 x 135, 1568 : 830, IMG_0447.jpg) (h)


Beam it back Scotty

6d12fb () No. 722125


Now we just need a SEC investigation into Zuck for insider trading for knowing that was dropping to put a cherry on top of that boom.

5d0e17 () No. 722126

9165a2 () No. 722127


>violent agreement

Well said, anon.

I like this.

38a964 () No. 722128


Just tell them the fake posts are a coincidence. I'm sure they'll understand, only people with sharp critical thinking skills follow Q.

dbb2de () No. 722129


>This is true, from what I've seen. They're working in teams, they know that they can't be effective individually

Yeah, same is the case with the bevy of astroturfed cheerleader FakeQ bots they deploy also.. It's like the clowns can't comprehend how transparent they are.. Which is fine, but damn they're dumb…

45555d () No. 722130


Not. Fast. Enough.

(Fine. I'll get back in the line and hope for patience in addition to passion and brains.)

3880f7 () No. 722131


Fake Q is boring and needs to go.

f75ed5 () No. 722132


^^^ another socialist concernfag just got off his donut break at shairaBlues home office

5d0e17 () No. 722133


Love it.

And also nice digits

4bbeb3 () No. 722134


Its pastors I really wanna fix. They need to preach the truth again.

Honestly anons, we can't fix this. There is not ever going to be a political solution to this spiritual problem. Our form of government is not for anyone but a moral and ethical population. We are not that anymore, by in large. It takes a pastor that is anointed by the God to preach the word and make it stick. We don't have those much anymore. I tried. I wanted to preach, I did. 5 people came, no one wants to hear. I'm sorry this is how it is.

6fa06c () No. 722135


Idk who can answer this question. Hal Turner is covering Black Sea and Nato vs Russians are getting in line against each other. Is there any way to verify. Looks scary but no other sauce covers so-far

af5341 () No. 722136


BO of 4chan was comped. Hmmm.

b15bae () No. 722137

Can I have a quick rundown on AncapAnon?

Someone on cuckchan wrote that he was dropping nuclear bomb with his posts!

503ee7 () No. 722138


You're right anon.



52b07e () No. 722139


Muh trigger finger

Why blamefag it


6faa6e () No. 722140



50df85 () No. 722141


Incorrect use of ((())) You are stupid.

e3acf3 () No. 722142

ee445e8640b09d....png (526 KB, 255 x 221, 636 : 552, Nolte re Dems ....png) (h)

Nolte: 9 Democrat Lawmakers with Ties to Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan


910e44 () No. 722143


What if fake Q is to remind us the original Q is also fake?

5d0e17 () No. 722144


Love it.

And also nice digits

366d4e () No. 722145


>Hardly a patsy. Maybe the collapse of the system wouldn't be as bad as we think. Think about it. Its all based on non-existent value anyway and the only people who really benefit from it are the criminal bankers—especially the ones who own the Federal Reserve and the BIS. If it all comes tumbling down they have a a WHOLE LOT more to lose than all the rest of us put together. The collapse would lead to the reset that we need. We no longer have any gold to go back to the gold standard but we could disband the Federal Reserve and issue an entirely new currency.

1fe890 () No. 722146

02aab661cf69c4....jpg (148 KB, 255 x 187, 700 : 514, dream_3ow8t9yn....jpg) (h)


Well, yeah.

Files were sent to Wikileaks and Mega in case Wikileaks didn't get it the first time or ignored him. That was… always the plan, i thought.

But yeah, Kimmy's willing to talk about it if the courts actually would. Buuuuut we need everything/everyone under lock and key before we just start parading him around.

He's kind of a… broad side of a barn… on legs…

bdbc84 () No. 722147


Trying to skip-out just in time are you Baruch?

5d0e17 () No. 722148


22 44

9dc16f () No. 722149



Don’t dox yourself :-)

f75ed5 () No. 722150


You isdiot socialist need a new "narrative"

like all your old ones your present division tactic isn't working…

Thank Brock for us!!! He's so fvcking predictablew

dbb2de () No. 722151

45a9ac8db1e32c....png (67 KB, 255 x 225, 792 : 700, 71863bfb7c136b....png) (h)

4bbeb3 () No. 722152


I know, but i'm prepped and in the perfect place for it. Today. However, the math of the problem isn't working. I can't take much over a year before I have to start really selling prep assets to maintain my location. So the sooner it falls, the better off I am.

27b729 () No. 722153

I know I'm going to be ridiculed and completely shat on

I have been following Q since the end of October

This is the last chance I'm giving Q he's said "next week" before where nothing happened

Something meaningful needs to occur.

The tweets aren't good enough anymore

Phase two needs to be less vague with real happenings beyond silly tweet "confirmations"

7822fe () No. 722154


This one is cool, using it as wallpaper

885f05 () No. 722155

a4b95dfeba5198....png (486 KB, 221 x 255, 1440 : 1659, PartialScreens....png) (h)

Thoughts on pic related?

This theory ties a lot together.

Secure Drop

https:// www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2013/10/15/securedrop-project-will-pay-to-install-media-outlets-wikileaks-style-submission-systems/#75b7c9195e26


4 am talking points

IC interception. (Tor especially)

https:// amp.dailydot.com/layer8/government-contractor-tor-malware/




She was supposed to win!

40ac93 () No. 722156


>>721582 (last bread)

>Followed by the K Pince and a white rabbit, hmmmmmmm

>>717186 -888-

>>720744 >#891



>Linked (as in, >>722031 ((-) 8 secs))


8b07c8 () No. 722157


That's what I'm saying.

https:// weekherald.com/2018/03/13/mark-zuckerberg-sells-456800-shares-of-facebook-inc-fb-stock.html

878c71 () No. 722158


spoooookkkkkkkkkk alert

im gunna die fugggggggggg

4bbeb3 () No. 722159



52b07e () No. 722160


Humans can evolve past this

1fe2b2 () No. 722161


The stupid tend to believe that others are just as stupid or more stupid. They know that if they can make the board "appear" to be a shitload of fakery, it can be discredited. Because what they CAN'T do is discredit Q.

ff7fef () No. 722162


2 weeks ago board was cheerleading porn.

Eventually, they got it.

910e44 () No. 722163


You will be shat on, probably get a frog pic kek too. But you're not alone. This Q bullshit is finally getting called out.

abc600 () No. 722164


this has happened before yah know… when they terminate an old system and start anew..

in the current economic model the only way to get a complete currency reset is through war, the bigger the reset the bigger the war..

trump has added two trillion to the debt in 2 years… think anon

cbd074 () No. 722165


I have been posting for weeks about this and how our oceans are changing. I get crickets.

dbb2de () No. 722166



>Trying to skip-out just in time are you Baruch?

Don't let him fool you.. The only thing he does at lunchtime is smoke a big nigger cock.

db440e () No. 722167

look at how Hillary Clinton and Aamir Khan keep touching their noses throughout this video

9165a2 () No. 722168


You are right.

Thanks Alt-Q.

I think you deserve your own board.

Current Q deletes all their posts every month.

At least youre here actually talking instead of saying "Boom".

What do you think we should focus our interests on, Alt-Q?

69aaf9 () No. 722169


>Something meaningful needs to occur.

Sorry you had to learn this on the web…. You might be legally blind or just plain retarded.

Fucking look around, change is happening everywhere

974bb2 () No. 722170


you are so wrong. so many have found spirituality again, due to what has been going on politically.

3ca352 () No. 722171


The sponsoring Rep is California Rep Mimi Walters (R). The bill is HR 1865 and amendment 526.

https:// www.congress.gov/amendment/115th-congress/house-amendment/526

101ddc () No. 722172

6960ddbac4ac28....jpeg (630 KB, 190 x 255, 750 : 1006, BCD2AE81-D17A-....jpeg) (h)

6d12fb () No. 722173


Thoughts on if this is worth meeming and spreading potential insider trading by Zuck to keep up the pressure?

bdbc84 () No. 722174


Where we go all

We go one

Divide and conquer

Read the crumbs

Update map.


878c71 () No. 722175


thats not insider trading sweetie

6faa6e () No. 722176



b82be9 () No. 722177



4bbeb3 () No. 722178


It helps !! Thanks a million!

0a1072 () No. 722179

b8b592c8efb3f7....png (1186 KB, 255 x 253, 849 : 841, Jim Carrey sic....png) (h)

Reposting this from last night.

About SCREAMING Jim Carrey.

First picture is his disgusting art after School shooting.

Second picture is his portrait of Trey Gowdy.

3rd picture is one of his Mk ultra cult creepy painiting.

The picture of Sarah Sanders is at the top of his twitter page.

it also says,,,,

This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!

https:// twitter.com/JimCarrey?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

87b283 () No. 722180

Da fuq?

https:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxcDfIY1Jzs

Missing flight MH370 found on Google Earth riddled with Bullet Holes - Breaking News

e3acf3 () No. 722181

a565f5cd8a67be....png (747 KB, 213 x 255, 651 : 779, Trey re POTUS ....png) (h)

08e9be () No. 722182


those cheeks

2ba96f () No. 722183

88340a () No. 722184


Then there is the 4 booms from bombs/explosives in Austin, Texas

eb9080 () No. 722185


Let that fall, too.

9165a2 () No. 722186


Bon appeiti, Alt Q.

40ac93 () No. 722187



>>721386 (last bread)

>Followed by the K Pince and a white rabbit, hmmmmmmm

49021c () No. 722188


I think that The FOSTA is doing effect.

dbb2de () No. 722189


Yeah yeah, go smoke your nigger cock now.

557b4b () No. 722190

464854428902cd....jpg (73 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, 1521415024358.jpg) (h)

6fa06c () No. 722191


No more internal sunshine

c8ee40 () No. 722192


>>You're a soyboy beta male


52b07e () No. 722193


Moar shrooms ?

9dc16f () No. 722194


Jajajajaja. Just another autistic anon familiar with the colloquial terms of others.

dbc93d () No. 722195

( ) ( ) White van

910e44 () No. 722196


If facebook is now useless and kids say it's for old people…why is everyone here cheering that the stock is dropping?

Wouldn't this mean too little, too late? If you want to get in front of an issue, wouldn't we want to take down snap chat and other, hot, trending apps that ruin things? Why focus on facebook if it's the new myspace?

Zero critical thinking here. Here come the "kill yourself" responses, which I find amusing. "i WANT MUH FREEDOM, BUT VIOLENCE TO ANYONE WHO THINK DIFFERENT"

87b283 () No. 722197


Quit replying faggot

27b729 () No. 722198



Change that has nothing to do with Q

d3c42e () No. 722199


Then he overplayed his role just enough to cause her to lose the election. That earns him a spot on her list.

d2da67 () No. 722200


Trump is going to get rid of or amend the 501(c)3 so pastors can preach about everything again. But the folk are now used to the pap, the feel good prosperity preaching crap. You have to use humor and kindness to bring people along. Fire and brimstone ain't going to cut it.

878c71 () No. 722201



we must all go where Fake q is going

we all go one now

50df85 () No. 722202

10ae77aa92a03f....jpg (572 KB, 255 x 176, 1561 : 1080, when-you-break....jpg) (h)

9165a2 () No. 722203


Warlock needs to end.

Or to be ended.

523623 () No. 722204

https:// www.forbes.com/sites/ebauer/2018/03/17/no-andrew-mccabe-isnt-losing-his-pension/

69aaf9 () No. 722205


Not worthy of a response as they are painfully retarded questions..

ca09cd () No. 722206


He's still worth $67 Billion

d3f099 () No. 722207


Nice one. Kek.

c78331 () No. 722208


All good things must come to an end. Some day, this board will end too. [self destruction]

5d0e17 () No. 722209


Twitter and Facebook crashing! Lovelu sight.

But look how the fake news MSM is trying to spin the Facebook fall as tied to POTUS. No mention Facebook gave user data and millions to the Killary campaign. Never cared about user private info being stolen before. But suddenly when they think Trump might have benefitted, they go ape shit.


9165a2 () No. 722210


"Boom" Q.

5d0e17 () No. 722211



1c14a6 () No. 722212

8392121003c63a....jpg (9 KB, 225 x 225, 225 : 225, 56f6d709047b8a....jpg) (h)

c8ee40 () No. 722213

2790529a370fc5....png (571 KB, 255 x 146, 900 : 517, alexjones.png) (h)

6969a2 () No. 722214


Will they even know it's the SES? I like it though.

1d3ad4 () No. 722216


The banging of the war drums is calculated distraction. Russia & Trump are draining the swamp. The swamp is trying to hide they're losing so are trying to stir up WW3. Geotus & Putin aren't going to let that happen.

52b07e () No. 722217

The mil used to analyze dissent and closet homo sexuality, till the Roth faggotry

878c71 () No. 722218


why new hampshire to disccuss opiods???

what big pharmecutials are in NEW HAMPSHIRE???

383389 () No. 722219


Just added this to my process. Thank you!

c387e0 () No. 722220

1b3610137b5de1....png (367 KB, 255 x 170, 600 : 399, jewRepellant.png) (h)


did you ever consider

how much we hate mark (((zuckerberg)))

>and since you asked

go KYS

bdbc84 () No. 722221


Going where no man

has gone before

Taking down Soros


Two sides down



Big arrests soon

3-31 BIG DAY


9165a2 () No. 722222


I trust Alt-Q.

45555d () No. 722223


There's a week's worth a of digging to this one.


69aaf9 () No. 722224


Not until we've written the history books you fool!

885f05 () No. 722225


Swartz - dead

Dolan - dead

Barlow - dead

Am I taking crazy pills here?

4bbeb3 () No. 722226


Works for me, if that's whats happening then good. I'd love to be wrong about that.

15d5db () No. 722227

ca3a65769070c6....jpg (101 KB, 163 x 255, 576 : 899, Laughing_Fool.jpg) (h)

Fake Q is Court jester Q!

Fake Q is Court jester Q!

Jesters give bad news to the King that no one else would dare deliver.

52b07e () No. 722228

0f8bd1f6ef7195....jpg (85 KB, 255 x 173, 800 : 543, IMG_1071.jpg) (h)


I can't CAN toast faster than butter

Bummer dude

366d4e () No. 722229


Optics. Small and very pretty state, and also among those that have the worst opioid addiction and death problem.

49021c () No. 722230


Ex F_I Anon?

c78331 () No. 722231


News flash. Already happening!

878c71 () No. 722232


alright guys, 3/31 is right aroun the corner

get ready to pack it upp boyyz

we headin homeee

thanks Q

Im praying for u

be safe

we love u Q

X o X o

tell Trump i said Hi


af5341 () No. 722233


It is a shame so many are allowed to line up in behind it and shove it towards the cliff due to lack of action though.

I suppose the other alternative would be for everyone to start posting as a fake Q to rob them of the famefag attention and validation they so desperately require.

77fce8 () No. 722234


Evolution maybe much different than we think. 1 year in space caused a 7% change in DNA compared to a twin. Our programmer and adjust faster than science can account for. Give your designer credit. Nothing makes nothing and yet we are here

27b729 () No. 722235


New England has been hit hard by the opioid crisis

88340a () No. 722236

c5926996cf72b9....jpg (59 KB, 206 x 255, 650 : 803, using-a-cat-to....jpg) (h)

9165a2 () No. 722237


No. It may change its name as it has done 3 times already, but the anons are eternal. When one falls, 100 more take their place.

878c71 () No. 722238

New Hampshire. The state leads the nation in overdose deaths per capita from fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid that has virtually replaced heroin across New England. Because fentanyl is so potent, the risk of overdose is high.

In New Hampshire, which President Trump has called a “drug-infested den,” the opioid crisis is almost a statewide obsession.

How a ‘Perfect Storm’ in New Hampshire Has Fueled an Opioid Crisis

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/01/21/us/new-hampshire-opioids-epidemic.html

ff7fef () No. 722239


NH has been big on the opioid OD issue.

Other states don’t get it, don’t care.

1d3ad4 () No. 722240

70299e4c1ca93f....png (1544 KB, 255 x 127, 1880 : 934, Opera Snapshot....png) (h)

Looks like the RAF might've been meeting up with Magma 13

62852e () No. 722241


waste of digits

717152 () No. 722242



69aaf9 () No. 722243


Well, now that you mention it… The fucking maps, book and everything is already all we need. Now I feel retarded.

Thanks Anon lol

9165a2 () No. 722244


Flawless logic.

b4456f () No. 722245


There was an article in one of the breads (notable) that strung together a lot of the pieces regarding the Secure Drop team, including an award ceremony at the Playboy Mansion - which we know all about now.

Made me think Snowden was sent in to infiltrate as a WH… or he was a BH who turned WH once the others started dropping dead.

But it's an interesting rabbit hole. A LOT there.

45555d () No. 722246


Hahahahaha. All to be seized for what surely is his treason.

Trust the plan.

6d12fb () No. 722247


https:// www.sec.gov/fast-answers/answersinsiderhtm.html

>Corporate officers, directors, and employees who traded the corporation's securities after learning of significant, confidential corporate developments

Zuck knew this was going on obviously. If they can prove he knew and then prove he knew the story would hit the press its a pretty easy case to make as far as insider trading goes. Remember Martha Steward went to jail for a single email.

c042e1 () No. 722248


Zero-point is coming out LOL! Perpetual motion.

52b07e () No. 722249


Illuminate some Jewish hitmen over dinner


All grind

7822fe () No. 722250

5fe246 () No. 722251


The Law of One

Tree of life, everyone is connected

Many minds become 1, Jesus born into a virgin because many minds worked as one.

f75ed5 () No. 722252



The Book of Army Management says: On the field of battle, the spoken word does not carry far enough: hence the institution of gongs and drums. Nor can ordinary objects be seen clearly enough: hence the institution of banners and flags.

Gongs and drums, banners and flags, are means whereby the ears and eyes of the host may be focused on one particular point.

a95b87 () No. 722253

5e9f36b59f4ce8....jpg (339 KB, 238 x 255, 672 : 720, 5e9f36b59f4ce8....jpg) (h)

910e44 () No. 722254


"KYS" (After I quote the Bible and tell you how much I love the world and us becoming free!)

41dcb3 () No. 722255

b82be9 () No. 722256

878c71 () No. 722257







eb47f6 () No. 722258

b9f3d2863bfb87....jpg (109 KB, 255 x 103, 1008 : 406, AF1_03192018.jpg) (h)

POTUS and FLOTUS airborne for NH.

5d0e17 () No. 722259

e50d354361bf07....png (165 KB, 255 x 205, 564 : 454, e50d354361bf07....png) (h)


You cant "set aside" truth. Time to come over from the dark side or get crushed.

d4c1a1 () No. 722260

Pope Francis asks forgiveness for all Christians who buy sex from women

Speaking to Ms Okoedion, who was forced into prostitution but escaped, the Pope concluded: “I want to take advantage of this moment, because you talked about baptised and Christians, to ask your forgiveness, from society and all the Catholics who do this criminal act.”

Pope Francis has previously declared that evolution and the Big Bang are real, assured atheists they would be forgiven by God and warned against the rise of populist leaders in western democracies.

https:// www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/pope-francis-forgiveness-christians-buy-sex-women-prostitution-vatican-rome-a8263666.html

52b07e () No. 722261


Antimatter doesn't exist

Ty anon


b14a12 () No. 722262

Buy Gold or Silver?

9165a2 () No. 722263


Fix your face, little girl.

1c14a6 () No. 722264

b10415b147fd9f....jpg (16 KB, 207 x 255, 207 : 255, 63cdbe0c19a21e....jpg) (h)


best kek

45555d () No. 722265


Monday morning goosebumps. The best kind.

49021c () No. 722266

b0b310d35aa60e....png (17 KB, 255 x 175, 502 : 344, SICK!!.png) (h)

Some that I found in Kikebook. my bad.

adda54 () No. 722267


Rush just mentioned this false narrative. No lost pension, just lost the chance to get at it earlier than age 57 (paraphrasing here).

fb0031 () No. 722268


Silver for it's soon to be industrial usage galore.

4bbeb3 () No. 722269

We could fix Soros with 1 "ahhh SHIT" moment from any fighter bomber

I dunno sir, it just fell off!!! I didnuh touch nuttin!!

27b729 () No. 722270



9165a2 () No. 722271


Darkanon is dark.

5d0e17 () No. 722272

637783d124656e....jpg (28 KB, 255 x 226, 450 : 399, 637783d124656e....jpg) (h)

45555d () No. 722273


Unless you do a board for GHWB and his offspring, I will choose to consider you part of the problem and not the solution.

189c95 () No. 722274

842fbe1738b79e....jpeg (177 KB, 255 x 197, 913 : 706, FFE1C3AC-F5F3-....jpeg) (h)

878c71 () No. 722275


oh shit anon ur right




49021c () No. 722276


Hmm.., who knows.

e3acf3 () No. 722277

13a60e82475531....png (479 KB, 255 x 238, 644 : 601, Hannity tweet ....png) (h)

CLINTON CAVES: Hillary Says She ‘Meant NO DISRESPECT’ to Female TRUMP Voters


910e44 () No. 722278

"The elite have been here for 1,000 years, we can't take the out over night"

Saudi Arabia gets taken out over night.

"We are winning, they took out SA, there's your proof even though it contradicts with why no one else has been taken out"


45555d () No. 722279


Do I want to be a part of that. Will put "when the saints go marching in" on loop and get it done.

5d8115 () No. 722280


> That's no excuse though, I should do better. I'm very sorry.

Sadly, you're not the only one saying that. I do get a real kick out of the tone of the threads around 6PM EST. You're not alone, obviously.

abc600 () No. 722281


the elite are still rich and elite…. not a damn thing has been done to affect them in any way.

bdbc84 () No. 722282


Congress in on the scam.


878c71 () No. 722283







fb0031 () No. 722284



5d0e17 () No. 722285

05ecbee68fefc2....jpeg (27 KB, 247 x 255, 247 : 255, 05ecbee68fefc2....jpeg) (h)


Shut up leftie shill. Your obsession with Bush gives you away. The whole blame Bush crap has been overplayed. You are just a shill trying to deflect blame from your failed, criminal Democrat party and supporters.

c672d2 () No. 722286

>Democrat suggests 'Second Amendment' remedy vs. Trump

http:// www.foxnews. com/politics/2018/03/19/democrat-suggests-second-amendment-remedy-vs-trump.html

All those men in the room, and no one stood up to that prick except the old lady who introduced him. Attending town halls, confronting these vermin on camera would be a good way for anons to take our message to the serpents' lairs.

abc600 () No. 722287


right… and i think pink pigs can fly too

2417bd () No. 722288

fdb5818ec5816a....jpg (66 KB, 190 x 255, 510 : 684, IMG_1485.jpg) (h)


Jim Carey must be possessed from all his past werid dark films..

He openned a window to his soul and now channels evil….

God Save America from the sleeping minds possessed by the wick ones….

be169c () No. 722289

GET RID OF SES https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-unconstitutional-9000-senior-executive-services-ses-members-httpsyoutubeiffnt9jag2g

bdbc84 () No. 722290

15742e8f1aa3be....jpg (172 KB, 187 x 255, 736 : 1003, kkkkk.jpg) (h)


No, you get JTTF to do parallel constructions.

5e8afe () No. 722291


Yup, straight to hell.

974bb2 () No. 722292


maybe you missed where Q said they wont be able to walk down the street

impatience is not a virtue

fb0031 () No. 722293


Well you're wrong and that shows in both your comments.

9165a2 () No. 722294

e62206 () No. 722295


I named it that because some Anons were saying that on the board that night, just never changed it.

b82be9 () No. 722296


It's ALL good.

4bbeb3 () No. 722297


just cause i'm stupid…

What prevents say David Rothschild from calling up CNN and saying Hey guys, Meanie trump froze all my assets….?

af5341 () No. 722298


How many Saudi's on the billionaires list this year? Rothschild's sold any properties lately that have been in the family for generations?

910e44 () No. 722299


Nooooo WE ARE WINNING BIGLY! A stranger on the internet says so, with tons of cryptic, contradicting statements and if you cant see how easy it is to tell he's real, you should KYS, also John 3:16 and God loves you. But kill yourself for not believing what I believe…now let me bash Jews and Normies for the same thing.

dee5e7 () No. 722300


>they took out SA, there's your proof even though it contradicts with why no one else has been taken out"

NO, SA is a family dictatorship. Imagine arresting and killing the first families and famous CEOs and how the general population would accept that.

366d4e () No. 722301


Yep. I believe this. Shits going down this week.

bdbc84 () No. 722302

c8ee40 () No. 722303


So a monarchy lol

d2da67 () No. 722304


Yep, frozen and/or confiscated. Why the Rothschild fire sales otherwise? Only a paltry few hundred million, but they need it bad. Can't pay their security with IOUs.

e62206 () No. 722305

bbd04a7b929ba2....png (431 KB, 236 x 255, 500 : 540, Andrew 'Howdy ....png) (h)

27b729 () No. 722306


You can't take out the elite overnight

Ask the French how it's done

Seriously who would complain about mass arrests if satanic pedophiles? especially since Q has "video" proof

7822fe () No. 722307

4357154a22d0de....png (900 KB, 227 x 255, 611 : 685, showing.png) (h)

878c71 () No. 722308

https:// www.forfeiture.gov/



910e44 () No. 722309


Frozen Assets must of paid to get Hillary to India?

5e8afe () No. 722310

Weak minded if you fell for that fake q shit.

206ab8 () No. 722311

Trump's campaign got a hold of data? Pffttt. How about Feinstein and Schiff?

Jan 23 2018 letter from Feinstein/Schiff to Facebook + Twitter referencing Alliance for Securing Democracy (US Marshall Fund) claiming #release the memo was a Kremlin Linked group effort AND that Facebook and Twitter should DEACTIVATE accounts with RTM memes.

Securing Democracy consists of a whole bunch of Hillary NSC leftovers.

Laura Rosenberger - NSC

Fly - NSC

Salvo - Foreign Service Office at State - served in Russia and Herzegovina - speaks Russian and Serbo-Croatian

Bret Schafer - Film maker/Hungarian Radio Host/Interned at US Embassy Moscow.

Brittany Beaulieu - Max Baucus. Microsoft/Intel

Their Advisory Council: Mike Chertoff  

Toomas Hendrik Ilves

David Kramer

William Kristol

Michael Morell

Michael McFaul

Senator Mike Rogers

Kori Schake

Julie Smith

Admiral James Stavridis

Jake Sullivan

Nicole Wong (Nicole Wong served as deputy U.S. chief technology officer in the Obama administration, where she focused on internet, privacy, and innovation policy. Prior to her time in government, Nicole was Google’s vice president and deputy general counsel, and Twitter’s legal director for products.)

VERY shady.

http:// securingdemocracy.gmfus.org/team/staff

62852e () No. 722312



bdbc84 () No. 722313


Any assets frozen of George Soros?

abc600 () No. 722314


just a delay tactic … nothing more .. besides the only verification you have is MSM and we have also been told not to trust MSM..

so who do you trust.. Q… i have reread the crumbs… the entire thing is disinformation

b73feb () No. 722315


Why does Facebook Douchbag get a deal ??

a1a14b () No. 722316


Ask yourself why did SR want to get paid for doing his patriotic duty.

1d3ad4 () No. 722317

7690bfec6345d0....png (753 KB, 255 x 127, 1880 : 934, Opera Snapshot....png) (h)


There's a Saudi nr St Johns and a GTMO302 off Florida. Can you monitor these pls.

440878 () No. 722318


>Magma13 either landed in SA or transponder off.

5d0e17 () No. 722319

22bf647433ee3b....jpg (25 KB, 255 x 162, 662 : 420, IMG_7607.jpg) (h)


She is mentally fucked up. And cant walk.

Oh, and will never be president no matter how hard she pretends in her imagination.

40ac93 () No. 722320

ab1912502e01ff....jpg (23 KB, 255 x 81, 1051 : 333, JustSayNO2g0.0....jpg) (h)

>>721355 (last bread)


>start the show saying Hannity will be helming his show in (let's see) exactly 12 hours and 28 minutes from from now in the video


28 = 4 X 7

(see >>720781 >#891 for meaning of 4 & 7 in Chinese numerology)

Anyone have a link to video? If YouTube, please share link. Some anons. are on a parasite cleanse.

ca09cd () No. 722321


Go ask Bill Clinton he's America's biggest drug dealer….

d48769 () No. 722322

2889565d36b3ac....png (154 KB, 255 x 237, 403 : 374, bush.png) (h)



Lurk Moar!!!!!

Deep State is in both sides.

That's why we MAGA

Drain The Swamp

45555d () No. 722323



87b283 () No. 722325

Ha ha Himmmm is on twatter now

b82be9 () No. 722326


yes! howdy doodie time

125f10 () No. 722327

Free Beer All Week starting tomorrow. Big Boom Beer. Q

26e1eb () No. 722328

e831ba155ce74b....jpg (47 KB, 226 x 255, 640 : 721, IMG_1065.jpg) (h)

For tah mock ing byrd

eb47f6 () No. 722329

677d036e64d13e....jpg (123 KB, 255 x 110, 1188 : 514, SAME40_03192018.jpg) (h)

Interdasting …

RC135 (SAME40) orbiting the Florida Keys at this time.

910e44 () No. 722330


If you can't take the elite out overnight, how did it happen in SA? They were supposedly at the top of the pyramid.


99074a () No. 722331


I see it as adrenochrome withdrawal in action. And now he's lashing out at the sworn enemies of Hollywood's perverted culthood.

db440e () No. 722332

this is in the news to distract from Hillary's connections to Aamir Khan and why she's in India right now

https:// twitter.com/Vivo_India/status/975643760087322624

910e44 () No. 722333


Pfffft, duh! He's in Gitmo! Except when they let him out to speak at Davos.

bdbc84 () No. 722334


If is easier to arrest them while the crooks are over-seas, then why don´t they arrest Hillary & Co. while they are now in India?

eb47f6 () No. 722335


got it

601ab0 () No. 722336


He gave away practically everything he owned ($18 billion) to his non-profs, like "Open society" and others, assumably because he was concerned about it being frozen

af5341 () No. 722337


How is their Government structured?

d2da67 () No. 722338


Anyways, I think there is a bread for GHWB - check the catalog. This is not Dem/Repub issue. It is right vs. wrong, good vs. evil. The "2-party system" is a misnomer. Our govt is compromised on both sides. Have to drain the swamp and reconstitute our govt, in accordance with our constitution and bill of rights.

77dd38 () No. 722339


At this point I'm unsure if she should be Old Yeller'd or kept alive to suffer through all phases of Kuru

26e1eb () No. 722340


Bathed in blood

Sez reagen

Fuck fexas Faggots

1d3ad4 () No. 722342


Magma13 went dark just in SA.

RAF went dark before leaving Jordan.

5d0e17 () No. 722343


Yes, suddenly she is "unailable"

You can run, Hitlery, but you cant hide.

366d4e () No. 722344


That is definitely not true. Not everything that you see is what it appears. They are still elite, but the systems that they've been using to keep themselves rich are not the same anymore. If you're paying close enough attention you will notice. They're quietly liquidating their assets and cashing out before their options run out.

bdbc84 () No. 722345


You got no proof of that.

7ce274 () No. 722346


This is definitely true

910e44 () No. 722347


And supposedly we know all those non-profits are rigged,,but we leave them alone cause 4D chess and MAGA

50df85 () No. 722348

Looks like FQ has finally made some people see whats been going on here.

Now may I suggest refusal to comply with requests from "RQ" until a logical response is supplied.

No more blind obedience.

5d8115 () No. 722349


>The future is in decentralized gun ownership.

>The Glockchain.

Top Kek! Under rated post. Not much OC here anymore.

27b729 () No. 722350


I'm agreeing with you

The French slaughtered and removed their monarchy

958c39 () No. 722351

Zuck the stupid Fuck agrees to testify before the Senate and Boom the next day news breaks about Facebook shitting over Millions of users now Zuck the stupid Fuck gets to testify about it that potential illegal activity.

125f10 () No. 722352


"Blame the black guy" was set up by the Bush Cartel long ago.

5d0e17 () No. 722353

cef9ff0e51990d....jpg (126 KB, 201 x 255, 750 : 950, imageedit_1724....jpg) (h)

d2da67 () No. 722354


Never argue with a shill. They just get a paycheck and you get pissed. Suggest you ignore stoopid.

45555d () No. 722355


It's so brilliant that this is all tied to POTUS having info he shouldn't've had for his election.

To me it proves his worth. He will take the personal hit if it gets the job done.

99074a () No. 722356


The leafy neighbors north of the border. No surprise, really… Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are pretty porous borders with Canada and a common drug smuggling avenue in the northeast.

af5341 () No. 722357


Let me know how that works out for you please.

be169c () No. 722359

a8def54da03148....png (812 KB, 255 x 191, 2048 : 1536, B10210D6-5E18-....png) (h)


49021c () No. 722360


Yep, with a big Massacre.

974bb2 () No. 722361



honestly dont understand why anyone who isn't "with us" is even here posting.

if all of this means nothing to you, go do something productive with your life and stop wasting it here

28eb4b () No. 722362

d66f1fbfc40c89....png (164 KB, 255 x 140, 732 : 401, cultf.png) (h)

878c71 () No. 722363


why the fuck would he want negative press? that mofo stays as ghost as possible

no light is better than dark light

910e44 () No. 722364


I dunno man. Hillary has a flagged passport and supposedly all her assets are frozen. Yet she's in India with her BFF LDR, who also signed off Twatter cause she was in Gitmo or killed.

Disinformation is necessary (to keep larping).

d48769 () No. 722365

Turkey - Erdogan vowed

to expand military ops

across northern Syria

and into Iraq.

https:// apnews.com/79270da278ae4b02bacbce6e27fca040/Turkey-vows-to-widen-offensive-to-eastern-Syria,-Iraq

f6ea17 () No. 722366


If you say

fakeq fakeq fakeq fakeq

real fast it sounds like you are swearing

Is that ok here?

ca09cd () No. 722367

a4d17abd94840d....png (125 KB, 255 x 107, 1248 : 524, screenshot_1216.png) (h)

Faceberg just keeps dropping….

c387e0 () No. 722368

ce50cb55601d63....png (70 KB, 255 x 189, 711 : 526, 3-19-oig.png) (h)

https:// oig.justice.gov/reports/all.htm

new IQ report to sift through anons

abc600 () No. 722369

d89bb83ba8678d....png (1269 KB, 207 x 255, 878 : 1080, phoenix.png) (h)


and why liquidate … well how about this cover of the rothschilds owned economist - they knew 30 years ago.

the whole thing is a game … this group aint even on the board.

125f10 () No. 722370

90b260f1faf6ba....jpg (34 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, free-beer-all-....jpg) (h)

88340a () No. 722371


checked and keked

49021c () No. 722372


that Crypto-Jew is CRAZY!!

bdbc84 () No. 722373

15742e8f1aa3be....jpg (172 KB, 187 x 255, 736 : 1003, kkkkk.jpg) (h)

Comey - McCabe - Peter Strzok crimes.


4bbeb3 () No. 722374

Another thought…

You realize when your Chinese social score (think credit score) his home, everyone on this board will start at (1,000,000)

910e44 () No. 722375


No one here has proof of anything, but that's OK when it's something you agree with. That's 8 chan.

7ce274 () No. 722376


It's a bit more complicated. James Dolan from SecureDrop doing the installing — is very helpful indeed.

601ab0 () No. 722377


you have to go back, way back

62852e () No. 722378

I suspect POTUS is sending a fairly strong message to the clowns about what he knows with his choice of location for today.

ce972a () No. 722379

How about we ask the real Q just to NOT post here anymore, just use /greatawakening or something. These impotent babynomming kike nigger fags should just be ignored or killed…

and by ignoring i mean load them into a spaceship and shoot them into the sun…

c13942 () No. 722380

I've been able to verity that all records and images that I have should now be up on the research tool.

Last night, I thought the count was short. The problem turned out to be with phpMyAdmin, not the import/export process.

Total number of posts in the research tool is:


I'll be looking at getting the POTUS tweets into the database next.

http:// q-questions.info/research-tool.php

910e44 () No. 722381


To my understanding they took out key Princess. The kingdom was left alone.

440878 () No. 722382

03e5039f5a6ece....png (840 KB, 255 x 116, 1803 : 817, Screenshot-201....png) (h)

Lots of helicopter traffic near the SF Bay area.

125f10 () No. 722383


Thath tho rathith.

bdbc84 () No. 722384


What about her clone?

af5341 () No. 722385


Is her name on the frozen asset list somewhere? Real question.

4bbeb3 () No. 722386


hiding is better than cutting trump. makes sense. Was thinking that but wanted other thoughts

9165a2 () No. 722387


This anon deserves a standing ovation.

I like how you think.

Carry on, wiseanon.

49021c () No. 722388


Yep, the Chinese are a good traffic for Big Tech.

f6ea17 () No. 722389


you can not make a dead cat bounce

unless you freeze it first

just common logic

a1a14b () No. 722390


The block chain is a tool. It is only valuable in relation to its application. By itself it is of zero value. I see block chain being a fail safe to allow voters to verify their votes were cast and counted properly.

The block chain, when applied to currency, is a weaponized trap to take the currency out of our hands.

I understand the potential it has for completely decentralized money but the central banks and governments (tax collectors) are not going to allow individuals to circumvent their system. The central banks and the concept of taxation would have to be eradicated before the wet dream of tax free money would be possible.

I would love to see it but let's be real.

45555d () No. 722391


There's plenty of ammunition. It all goes back to the bloodlines.

Criminy. The paid shills are super cranky today.

9165a2 () No. 722392

bdbc84 () No. 722393


Thus, if no proof of anything, no proof that Q is legit.

e62206 () No. 722394


>yes! howdy doodie time

Freckles included! :)

dc2476 () No. 722395


you have to value someone's opinion in order to be disrespected by it.

d2da67 () No. 722396


Yeah, and how well did that turn out for the proles? Like cutting out a brain cancer, you don't want to go in there with a guillotine. Careful, skilled and delicate surgery is in order.

Q team is working to avoid a civil war. Most of you all probably live in city/suburbs. Your life expectancy will be low if a civil war starts. Better it takes a little longer to get this done.

Look up Selco. Nobody wants to go through that.

27b729 () No. 722397


Don't forget Obama traveling to Australia and New Zealand playing golf getting paid for talking event's

Oh and his cool Netflix deal

Does that sound like a guy stressing and hiring lawyers ?

5d0e17 () No. 722398

d443f44b8949a2....jpg (43 KB, 255 x 189, 549 : 407, d443f44b8949a2....jpg) (h)

d3dc5a () No. 722399


first off!

did you not pay attention to march4trump?

you cant kick it off in a couple days, you need months to prep.

who is on press releases?

can you get any celebrities to back the cause?

who are you leaders state by state?

conference calls dates? weekly?

after all of this if your lucky you can get doxed like I did and lose your job and get humiliated

for priors from 10 years ago when drinking was cool.

to top it off the msm will make sure NEVER to show your real numbers and make fun of your entire movement on the national stage.


Shame lavoy was murdered and bundies incarcerated, july4patriot imprisoned for CP he swears was not his.

1014f6 () No. 722400

a31d8dde079c20....png (85 KB, 167 x 255, 873 : 1333, filter.png) (h)

Filtering Fake Q is easy

1d3ad4 () No. 722401

9bad1ce9d10a19....png (1238 KB, 255 x 127, 1880 : 934, Opera Snapshot....png) (h)

Now got a US Navy C-40 leaving Cyprus or mid-east. Looks pretty busy today around the eastern Med.

9165a2 () No. 722402


Pay attention anons.

This anon gets it.

41dcb3 () No. 722403

c864b4ac8b3c37....png (73 KB, 255 x 162, 438 : 279, Screenshot-201....png) (h)

910e44 () No. 722404


It really does! I think the next time someone tells me to KYS, I'll respond with awww…fakeq!

125f10 () No. 722405


We dont need to march, we need the Trump Admin to lock them up! Same re Qresearch, locking up crooks is the govt's job, not ours. We would get arrested if we served justice on these creeps.

017d5f () No. 722406



1a364e () No. 722407


Real Thomas Paine with Real Q intel confirm BOOM BOOM SOON SOON

dbc93d () No. 722408

CheKeKed. Wish the neighbors wouldn't lose their dog.

972b6a () No. 722409


#QAnon theory as to why THEY're allowed to travel…

@BarackObama and @HillaryClinton are being used as magnets to draw in criminals from around the globe on their trips.

USIC has them monitored - they hear and see EVERYTHING.

Go back - trace their movements and link them to news.

af5341 () No. 722410


Yes, but they were all part of a single family line if I am not mistaken and were removed by the same. Is this not correct?

b82be9 () No. 722411


Last I checked none of the "names" were on it.

910e44 () No. 722412


Not that I am aware of.

878c71 () No. 722413


he doesnt that anon is stupid and thinks Q gave him a fictitious non extent deal, thats not how this works

40ac93 () No. 722414

c3861fe9e536aa....png (59 KB, 255 x 127, 638 : 319, Qblu483-010708....png) (h)



"Planes & Trains"


601ab0 () No. 722415


well, what the fuck are you doing here then? You are the gay basher who likes to suck cock. Either you are on the team, or you should leave it to those who are

5e8afe () No. 722416


And here is the reason why a fake Q is not wanted on this board.

Just like Satan, started lying to the people, the people started making up their own minds about non truths, and went away from the REAL light.

Fake Q now has anons trying to rebel against the REAL Q.


95bf9d () No. 722417

612ea94a42daae....jpg (62 KB, 232 x 255, 579 : 636, 1521478011166.jpg) (h)

910e44 () No. 722418



4bbeb3 () No. 722419


not if there were enough of us.

you can't jail everyone

you can't shoot everyone, specially if everyone is shooting back.

692fcd () No. 722420


Democrat – etymology:

Demo: from old Portuguese demo ("demon; "devil"), from Latin daemon ("demon"), from ancient Greek δαίμων (daimon, "god, goddess, divine power”).

SOURCE: https:// en.wiktionary.org/wiki/demo

Cratis (Latin)

Origin & history

from Proto-Indo-European *krtis from root *kert- ( ==“to weave, twist together”== ), compare Latin crassus, Sanskrit कृत् (kṛt, ==“to spin”== )

SOURCE: https:// en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cratis

They, the devils, “twist” everything – like the lies they SPIN -

They are demon liars - - - this is their origin:

Luke 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

2 Corinthians 4:4 In whom the ==god of this world== (==THAT”S SATAN FOLKS==) hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. ==When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it==

125f10 () No. 722421


FBI job, as was Texas Church and Parkland. Also, possibly, the FL and TX hurricanes were created by HAARP as an attack on the Republic.

9165a2 () No. 722422



But plenty of evidence Q has lied.

878c71 () No. 722423


check forfeiture.gov lel i highly doubt a high profile name would appear there anyhow for security reasons

206ab8 () No. 722424

44c6354c172bd4....png (1062 KB, 255 x 116, 1896 : 861, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



This one is from last night ICYMI.

af5341 () No. 722425


If it is digital, it can and will be hacked with the proper incentive.

6c9b35 () No. 722426


Thank you . on it now

717152 () No. 722427

http:// t hehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/379065-majority-in-new-poll-deep-state-manipulating-policy

74% believe deep state is working against …..

878c71 () No. 722428

but if the assests are in foreign banks as they usually are u might need to check on OFAC

9165a2 () No. 722429


Why is she not ended?

910e44 () No. 722430


Q or no Q, Rachel Maddow is the cunt dyke of all cunt dykes and I hope she dies a horrific death at the hands of other cunt dykes in a twist of cunt dyke ironic fate.

45555d () No. 722431


Well I'm taking what you call lies to the bank. So there.

bdbc84 () No. 722432


https:// patriots4truth.org/2018/03/17/research-tools-for-digital-truth-sleuths/

https:// americans4innovation.blogspot.kr/2018/03/obama-hired-them-trump-cannot-fire-them.html

Breaking! True Swamp identified! True Deep State!


62852e () No. 722433


If Hussein, Clapper, HRC, etc. think Australia is a super safe place to go, they're stupid. Aussies are wily bastards and there will be patriots watching them everywhere.

26e1eb () No. 722434

0cb572b54051ac....jpg (64 KB, 207 x 255, 720 : 885, IMG_1077.jpg) (h)


Not bout drake

No comment

125f10 () No. 722435


But where are muh rent-a-kids?

a95b87 () No. 722436



why not just limit the use of names etc so that the asshole cant enter text and pretend to be Qwhen posting.

9165a2 () No. 722437


This anon thinks Q is Jesus.

Mental illness is a real thing.

95bf9d () No. 722438


If someone tells you flat out that they post misinformation you can't really call them a liar. Bullshit artist, aybe.

366d4e () No. 722439


That cow is MKultra herself. She acts like she's on drugs. Totally insane.

7e1395 () No. 722440


So mote it be…

28eb4b () No. 722441

7f692f4804fb90....png (443 KB, 255 x 174, 554 : 377, pepe911.png) (h)

45555d () No. 722442


Was that LdR? I never saw it confirmed.

49021c () No. 722443



a63834 () No. 722444

437aa710ba72e7....png (57 KB, 255 x 112, 1346 : 592, delete.png) (h)


He has no respect for Q. He's a clown.

9165a2 () No. 722445



f75ed5 () No. 722446


wow a socialistfag uprising…

how cute

69aaf9 () No. 722447


Did you just assume its gender?

1e05b3 () No. 722448

1fe48be23f8304....png (138 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, al-franken-1.png) (h)

What ever happened to FAKE QUITTER lecher Al Franken??

Did he ever resign like he said he was going to?

OH apparently he DID resign on Jan 2nd

"Al Franken has officially resigned his Senate seat, effective as of noon central time Tuesday.

A top Franken staffer said the senator submitted his resignation letter to Gov. Mark Dayton Tuesday morning.

• Franken's accomplishments: Mental health services in schools, service dogs for vets

• More: As Smith heads to DC, questions linger over her replacement

That leaves Minnesota with just one U.S. Senator from now until the time Lt. Gov. Tina Smith is sworn in, which is expected around noon Wednesday.

She'll hold the seat until a special election in November determine who will serve the balance of Franken's second term, which ends in 2020. Franken decided to step down after several woman came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct."

296a5f () No. 722449


I shouldn't worry .. I do research in the day .. then as I progress into the night I tend to start to wax lyrical about the epic struggle we are in.

Our cause is righteous, our anger is righteous and or justice will be righteous

Shit like that ^. Some go one way other go the other .. we are anon - we different but we are the same.

878c71 () No. 722450


hes going to singapore next not NZ

NZ is fake news

27b729 () No. 722451


Fake Q is a legend

5e8afe () No. 722452


I do not think that, and if you can't see the similarities for yourself go back to plebbit.

bdbc84 () No. 722453

Has Q posted since his last post early Sunday morning?

3828a6 () No. 722454

Guys, Idk how much you've dug into Trump's 8:18 tweet.. but 818 is the Los Angeles area code. Meeting place? Place where someone is hiding? Something else? Idk just thought I'd throw it out there

c387e0 () No. 722455


read through it

not a whole lot for us

except to laugh at all the muzzies claiming abuse

af5341 () No. 722456



Then would it be safe to assume that her funds have not been frozen at this time?

ca09cd () No. 722457


In his own mind

41dcb3 () No. 722458


not breaking news when it's been posted repeatedly for months

26e1eb () No. 722459

Haz Milwaukee figured out the stone yet

9165a2 () No. 722460


"Fake" Q is telling the truth.

Nov 01 2017 22:56:16



Q Clearance Patriot

My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light. On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials. On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out. False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full. However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast. We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens. Organizations and/or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury – certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations (at home and abroad).

601ab0 () No. 722461


NEITHER OF YOU GET ANYTHING EXCEPT A BLACK COCK IN YOUR ASS. Ldr said she was quitting twitter because of the Ruskies. Maybe it was because of the Ruskies, but no one said shit about gitmo. Clinton never had any assets, her whole thing is a dozen non-profs that she leaches her living off of so she never has to actually have the money. It's been said many many times, the secret to wealth is to CONTROL the money, whilst not actually POSSESSING said money

bdbc84 () No. 722462


Fake Q is Baruch?

0ba1bb () No. 722463

Found on #Qanon twitter and was really interesting….https:/ /ellacruz.org/2018/03/07/cuaght-hold-your-breath/

49021c () No. 722464


Digits Confirm. The Clowns are very desperate.

50df85 () No. 722465

ca45674850debc....gif (954 KB, 244 x 182, 244 : 182, 601c70f5859778....gif) (h)

41d88f () No. 722466

9f3d4bc2a5a4e5....png (508 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

Self driving Uber car kills pedestrian in Arizona

http:// amp.abc15.com/2528646498/arizona-police-investigating-self-driving-uber-car-involved-in-crash-overnight.html?

910e44 () No. 722467


Q valid predictions are all small things that a government can control.

Q invalid predictions are all things on grand scale level.

Q is Republican voting machine. Get the conspiracy types to register to vote. Or psyop to figure out how many conspiracy types are in the country.

Nothing "predicted" has been anything that cannot be done by a government, cia or even cabinet.

1a364e () No. 722468

Looks like double negative FakeFake Unplus Good Q is holding down the fort until Q returns.

189c95 () No. 722469

32f0199489942b....png (964 KB, 143 x 255, 1242 : 2208, 4207F3B2-F563-....png) (h)

Suck it Zuck, you shouldn’t have sold out Americans.

5e8afe () No. 722470


Fake Q is a lie, hence….FAKE.

8bf823 () No. 722471

2aec47743b3cfb....jpeg (890 KB, 242 x 255, 1536 : 1617, 93D07701-BA30-....jpeg) (h)

Same post shows up same time, two different perspectives. Coincidence?

f75ed5 () No. 722472


no fake Q gives david Brock and his little socialistfag concern kids something to act their divisionary bolshevik tactic on here….

Filter and ignore these socialist idiots

9165a2 () No. 722473


We can agree to disagree anon.

It doesnt make either of us shills or clowns.

It makes us human.

1b426f () No. 722474


Fake or real…..I have learned a lot.

d2da67 () No. 722475


He didn't do this to get rich or improve his lot. He's lost a lot on behalf of this country. He will lose more before it's all said and done. He is a patriot.

I recall how, during the walk up to the Inauguration, he said something to Melania that made her face completely fall, and she walked behind him for a while. Some people thought he had been mean to her, tried to make it an issue. I thought, no - he just told her he hopes he doesn't get assassinated before he gets the job done. Her face was the tragic face of a woman thinking about being made a widow.

5d0e17 () No. 722476

5e8afe () No. 722477



bdbc84 () No. 722478


No, it has not been posted for months.

New info has just been updated.

Are you sleeping brother John?

2acf4b () No. 722479


Too bad the Illuminati set in that revolution. This was their first step on the list which they still carrying out today.

Dig about French revolution Anon.

1d3ad4 () No. 722480


I was aware. Suspect the Saudi is heading same place. With the navy and air force VIP jets last night and the Saudi's today looks like an interesting conference might be happening.

e9007e () No. 722481


just remember that KYS can also mean

Keep Yourself Safe

d3dc5a () No. 722482



26e1eb () No. 722483


Fake Q be a clown of mirth


We all laugh


1c14a6 () No. 722484

a06d0d852f7802....png (91 KB, 255 x 176, 619 : 427, 6hgzvh-h3f5aam....png) (h)

27b729 () No. 722485


Didn't Baruch kill himself?

6969a2 () No. 722486


West Virginia does

9165a2 () No. 722487


Then fake Q is the "Real" Q.

910e44 () No. 722488


Fair point Unconfirmed, but if it looks like a Duck.

bdbc84 () No. 722489


How do you know if Q was ever legit?

62852e () No. 722490

f1ec5f9660bf11....png (19 KB, 255 x 167, 450 : 295, Sing Snapshot....png) (h)



45555d () No. 722491


Oh. Bad goosebumps this time.

Pray for POTUS.

d2da67 () No. 722492


Well, count me in for the underground economy, if that were ever to happen. China = grey men (Harry Harrison)

5e8afe () No. 722493


Go right ahead and follow a liar that is more than wanting to kill this board off, and destroy our chances at winning this war.

9165a2 () No. 722494

1f2d815a6771bf....jpg (10 KB, 255 x 134, 310 : 163, download (13).jpg) (h)


As have I.

Critical thinking is your friend.

(pic related)

1d3ad4 () No. 722495

759f20d5ce9f65....png (1300 KB, 255 x 127, 1880 : 934, Opera Snapshot....png) (h)

Was also monitoring this guy. he dropped off over eastern Jordan approaching Iraq.

878c71 () No. 722496



125f10 () No. 722497

276d031d7963ac....jpg (172 KB, 204 x 255, 1080 : 1349, Katie-Pavlich-....jpg)