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Monday 07.29.2019

>>7252880 rt >>7252871 ————————— AMERICA IS BACK!

>>7252803 rt >>7252787 ————————— WWG1WGA!!!

>>7252804 ————————————–——– (Cap: It's all about the details : >>7252772)

>>7247581 ————————————–——– Epstein in danger of being murdered before trial says victims' lawyer (Cap: >>7247606)

>>7247095 ————————————–——– Speed accelerated +5. Coats Before Declas. (Cap: >>7247114)

>>7245687 ————————————–——– Good crop this season? (Cap: >>7245702, >>7245761 vid)

>>7246642 ————————————–——– law.CORNell.edu/wex/exculpatory (Cap: >>7248602)

>>7245314 ————————————–——– No coverage by US MSM? (Cap: >>7245363)

>>7245008 rt >>7244956 ————————— They are powerless

>>7244873 ————————————–——– We now have plenty of space. (Cap: >>7244917)

>>7243904 rt >>7243889 ————————— Future marker.

>>7243859 ————————————–——– Thank you for confirming…. (Cap: >>7243906)

>>7243694 rt >>7243655 ————————— Anons crashed the site.

>>7243401 ————————————–——– Who represents Maryland in the House/Senate? (Caps: >>7243442 , >>7243587)

>>7243093 ————————————–——– Think 2020.

Sunday 07.28.2019

>>7234526 ————————————–——– DNC server(s) hold many answers

>>7233932 rt >>7233832 ————————— Italy is w/ POTUS

>>7233832 ————————————–——– Follow the money. Follow the family (Cap: >>7233857)

>>7231226 ————————————–——– The month of AUGUST is traditionally a really HOT month. (Cap: >>7231307)

>>7231024 ————————————–——– DRAIN THE SWAMP! (Cap: >>7231062, >>7232370)

Saturday 07.27.2019

Compiled here: >>7249329

Friday 07.26.2019

Compiled here: >>7235079

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>>7252826 NEW PDJT

>>7252678 Voat notification of demand, by country, of DDOS: Russian Fed, Thailand, Indonesia, Ukraine & Brazil

>>7252662 Con Edison identifies cause of 7/13 NYC blackout

>>7252601 Congratulations to General Martin, former 1st Infantry Division Danger 6, on becoming the 37th Vice Chief of Staff of the http://U.S.Army ! #DutyFirst #Victory

>>7252594 Guggenheim Expects Stocks to Crash 50% In The Next Recession

>>7252591 Eyes on needs verification breaking tips about Mexico/Democrat corruption

>>7252557 anon speaks truth on Baltimore redpill

>>7252532 @AF_Academy There's a storm rolling in

>>7252444 , >>7252572 Maggie Haberman cc's account that died 6 years ago in tweet asking whose job it is to measure the drapes in the Oval Office

>>7253078 #9279


>>7252254 POTUS on FB re Baltimore: Where did the money go, Cummings?!

>>7252186 , >>7252208, >>7252327 Jack Dorsey and Standard Hotel leading to latest takedown of Voat?

>>7252049 , >>7252141 Dream Weaver yacht and Holdings dig

>>7252075 Elijah Cummings’s wife used her charity to pay her for-profit company

>>7252024 2017: Rod Rosenstein on Baltimore

>>7252015 The US State Department and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (HHS) fund

>>7251883 New Ben Garrison: "Sunken Democrats" Full Steam Ahead!

>>7251864 The ACLJ obtain unreleased docs related to the Clinton investigation

>>7251837 Wikileaks public statements on Seth Rich being the leaker have been memory holed

>>7251809 Satanic ritual days around now

>>7251800 , >>7251957 Trump gave $16B to Baltimore in 2018, where'd it go King Elijah??

>>7251740 , >>7251754, >>7251768 Chicago Named 'Rat Capital' Of United States 2018

>>7252026 , >>7252074, >>7252113, >>7252146 Masonic witnesses at the garlic shooting? Cont. TBC

>>7251675 , >>7251904, >>7251930, >>7251896, >>7252002 Masonic witnesses at the garlic shooting? TBC

>>7251664 Donald Trump Meets with Black Pastors Amid Feud with Al Sharpton

>>7252346 #9278


>>7251365 Very long, but informative article on SAPs, such as Area 51

>>7251303 , >>7251409 CNN re Mueller: Trump fans deal in memes

>>7251252 New Development: Epstein hit with lawsuit a day before he was found injured on cell floor

>>7251195 ‘Operation End Game’: Convicted murderer among those arrested in online child sex sting

>>7251151 Whittaker talking about Ratcliffe and Barr: Full 'central casting' clip

>>7251115 'Acting' protocol: Vacancies Reform Act of 1998: Temporary basis for up to 210 days

>>7250970 Putin: Ukrainian/Clinton collusion is no secret

>>7250996 Video keks: Mueller Meltdown

>>7250989 Tucker Carlson on Baltimore

>>7250967 , >>7250978 Voat reported down again

>>7250944 , >>7250964 Official Comms from WhiteHouse: 9/11 Fund and Baltimore

>>7250913 Nadler's district received $3.2mm in grants from the Nation Endowment for the Arts

>>7250890 PANIC!! FBI Braces for Durham’s First Intel Drop; ‘No One Is Safe'

>>7250869 , >>7250877, >>7250873 Accused priests, Dryden, Michigan & Opus Bono Sacerdoti

>>7251574 #9277

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4abbcf () No. 7253134



e8a75e () No. 7253146


Q loves the doc cakes

f1efcd () No. 7253154

5c2509 () No. 7253156

An interesting Post on Poal…


Recently their was an AMA on a pretty liberal reddit sub from investigative journalist Bob Fritrakis found here…


When someone asked if he's worried about being attacked for covering epstein he says…

"When I reported on this in the late 90s, I received two written letters in the mail from someone named Sky Hawk who wrote "Jeff Epstein = toe tag." Implying I would end up in a morgue."


Now immediately im curious as to who "sky hawk" is, and knowing that these fucking idiots are not shy about sharing their codenames, I fire up the ol Google. Not an easy search I'll admit, but eventually I stumble upon this…



And I find "Led by “Sky hawk,” also known as musician Frank Castle whose real name is Frank Castellone, the 107th Signal Company helped veterans and their families celebrate Veterans Day at The Bridge at Cherry Hill in Johnston."

So naturally I start searching into these names only to realize that Frank castle is the punisher, a logo in which q likes to bring up for some reason, and I start thinking, is he trying to tell us something?

d3874f () No. 7253157



Reverse these (Q post should be on the left)

>>7252804 ————————————–——– (Cap: It's all about the details : >>7252772)

cdc8c4 () No. 7253158

John 1:14

14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

43209c () No. 7253159

Q, is P a bloodline of the old guard?

91aa52 () No. 7253160

>>7252661 lb



e8a75e () No. 7253161


you got the all about the details Q post reversed carrothead

937ef6 () No. 7253162

b47c9c () No. 7253163

Morning sun brings heat (the Law). August is the hottest month. Arrests in August…

1d4319 () No. 7253164

>>7245687 (Q)

Q, do you promise it will be this week? No disinformation?

7dd3d7 () No. 7253165

680647 () No. 7253166

>>7252989 PB

You are not alone fren! Major family meltdown ongoing attacks! So sad!

942872 () No. 7253167

Gitmo awaits!

455ca0 () No. 7253168

AG Barr is in London

Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/USAinUK/status/1155821392581025793

4abbcf () No. 7253169

none miss'd this round

went back and checked




274360 () No. 7253170


Can't tell. Too many jews, they all look the same.

b99cc3 () No. 7253171

cdc8c4 () No. 7253172

Tom Fitton Blasts Outgoing DNI Dan Coats – ‘ODNI Protected Hillary Clinton and Targeted President Trump’

Judicial Watch boss Tom Fitton on Monday evening blasted outgoing “AWOL” Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

Fitton told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) was Deep State central.

“The ODNI was in many ways Deep State central in terms of protecting Hillary Clinton believe it or not, while targeting president Trump,” Fitton said, adding that the ODNI is just an extra bureaucracy that doesn’t add anything to the national security of the US.

Fitton said that if Ratcliffe, who was nominated by President Trump to take over as DNI takes the job, should curtail the powers there and clean house.

Fitton is right. Dan Coats immediately became defiant after President Trump gave Attorney General Bill Barr the authority to declassify Spygate documents.

Dan Coats spread the Russian interference hoax and was causing a bottleneck for Barr and Durham in the declassification process in their Spygate investigation.

Coats also received praise from Comey and Brennan shortly after he resigned; their endorsement of Coats is proof he was working to protect Crooked Hillary and target President Trump.


61a359 () No. 7253173

7dd3d7 () No. 7253174

ed9cd5 () No. 7253175

d3874f () No. 7253176

>>7253172 Fitton: The ODNI was in many ways Deep State central in terms of protecting Hillary Clinton

Baker notable

10d63c () No. 7253177

402a5b () No. 7253178

e42b55 () No. 7253179


Thank you Anon. Kind of lonely here at times.

dec5e6 () No. 7253180

>>7253149 pb

>>7252803 pb

It could be from anytime after that date.

They are just pointing to that bread and day.

b92ebf () No. 7253181



Whew. That is a VERY interesting post, anon

ed9cd5 () No. 7253182

245a21 () No. 7253183


that artwork is the Dhamer victim thing, not what they say at the museum about hysteria…. all of that is just so …

274360 () No. 7253184


Fuck off AFLB. Not in the mood for your gayness, faggotry and retardation.

b99cc3 () No. 7253185


Please Use These Instead!

017a20 () No. 7253186

If there were deep state players that were installed as part of the administration, why oh why were they put there in the first place??

Anon thoughts???

e51ece () No. 7253187

dcab40 () No. 7253188




dd323e () No. 7253189



Thank you, baker.

8d5af0 () No. 7253190

Boy does Barr get around

Guess there’s a lot of stone to look under.


725cea () No. 7253191

New information coming in on Mexicocartels/Dem party relationship..

1cf70e () No. 7253192

80894a () No. 7253193


bread num 2768 (backwards in the pic) started jun 17 2018 ends on 18th. Eyes on pls i may miss something here

bc3514 () No. 7253194

praying medic

0078cd () No. 7253195

Who owns PACER?

Fuckery afoot?

Any other PACERanons confirm?

>>7253055 (lb)

>PACER is getting me angry!

It keeps kicking me back to the search page without showing results 9/10 times.

Or it will flash the results then immediately jump back to the main search page.

And God Forbid a search comes up with multiple pages…when you go to the next page, it kicks me back to the main search.

its never done that to me before. Its aggravating as fuck

3ce79b () No. 7253196



9dd9bc () No. 7253197


a tad bit rough to hold steady off hand…

7dd3d7 () No. 7253198



6434f5 () No. 7253199


what about him

cdc8c4 () No. 7253200

ThemTube again censoring on behalf of Israel YouTube supports violence and racism


785028 () No. 7253201

all lb.

>>7252803 Qpost


>>7252944 (anon, please expain where that pic comes from, specially the shilly BO part seems relevant.)


>>6780416, >>6780463 Cabal is desperate to keep their Sandy Hoax psyop going

Q confirmed the FF HOAX. Actors acting. Mason actors.

b99cc3 () No. 7253202


Small clean up!

448be7 () No. 7253203


Gut feeling is that it's not her based on her frame… But I'm not an expert. I don't know when this pic was taken, and I don't remember when my reference pics of Lisa Page were taken (the ones of her walking out to her car back when her and Strzok's affair was first made public in ~17)

c04a1f () No. 7253204


Try to match the necklace?

942872 () No. 7253205




bc3514 () No. 7253206


he's q

725cea () No. 7253207

be5251 () No. 7253208

>>7252848 (pb)

Narcolepsy has been caused by vaccines. I don't know if ALL narcolepsy is, however.

When the state "punishes" pharmaceutical companies and collects a fine, does the money go to help people who were victimized?

10d63c () No. 7253209

191316 () No. 7253210

time travelers


▶Anonymous 06/18/19 (Tue) 11:50:21 e06677 (1) No.6780294

>>6780302 >>6780304 >>6780306 >>6780307 >>6780308 >>6780311 >>6780315 >>6780316 >>6780318 >>6780319 >>6780323 >>6780324 >>6780334 >>6780342 >>6780345 >>6780346 >>6780358 >>6780363 >>6780380 >>6780389 >>6780424 >>6780474 >>6780513 >>6780536 >>6780550 >>6780557 >>6780614

dd323e () No. 7253211


Those work too fast…

d3874f () No. 7253212


PACER is owned and run by Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

0d01f6 () No. 7253213


>Not in the mood for your gayness, faggotry and retardation.

I am so with you, anon irritating as fuck…here, this was late last bread in replies to Q, it'll bring a smile to your face

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b82395 () No. 7253214

4b004b () No. 7253215


7e7f43 () No. 7253216

>>7253134 TYB

fb14e3 () No. 7253217


d58bf9 () No. 7253218

64cdca () No. 7253219

Why did Ilhan Omar just retweet a former d-list celebrity endorsing violence against a sitting senator? @RandPaul


Arnold, who is Whoradopoulos' good friend and pal

f36422 () No. 7253220


You never, ever learn do you?

7b091c () No. 7253221


sure could be

d4e32a () No. 7253222

https:// breaking911.com/just-in-deputy-bailiff-who-appeared-on-courtroom-reality-show-has-allegedly-murdered-his-wife/

b2c693 () No. 7253223

Finish them Q+

Finish them ALL

6434f5 () No. 7253224


doubtful! sauce?

5f51e8 () No. 7253225

e1e180 () No. 7253226


Foreheads don't look the same. Pages slopes moar than the other womans

680647 () No. 7253227


WWG1WGA fren! WRWY! Info junkie here! Always have been…crazy how asleep I was and thought I wasn’t.

Have been knocked down and kicked around - no turning back now….

567a61 () No. 7253228

86c8e0 () No. 7253229


How do you capture a wild animal?

How do you capture a cornered wild animal?

9516b9 () No. 7253230


Getting real old…

aa1d14 () No. 7253231


To put them under the spotlight…and be exposed. No one knew half these people's names two years ago. Now they are blasted all over the news and people start digging.

c249c0 () No. 7253232

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b99cc3 () No. 7253233


As Suppositories!

3de91a () No. 7253234

Is Alan Douchewitz doing that Welcome Aboard Plane 17 (Q1137) right now?

He says he only porks his wife so anything >0 buries his ass.

But he all righteous-n-shit saying bring it on while playing games with Cerno over in Civil Court.

Can't wait to see how this subplot plays out.

4b004b () No. 7253235


he's pretty

& insta filter

785028 () No. 7253236


all pb.

>>7252427, >>7252529 mason witnesses

>>7238992, >>7239010 Gilroy police chief diggz

>>7238901 Gilroy badge has pyramid and eye

>>7239201, >>7239401, >>7239382, >>7239186, >>7239364, >>7238256, >>7238336 more on GILROY staged FF

>>7239221 lb staged FF video

>>7239640, >>7239663 guy on FF vid: ""I'm going over where I am supposed to be"

519946 () No. 7253237

You can't watch this without thinking "The Huter's become the HUNTED!" GO GET'EM BOYS!

f5199f () No. 7253238

4b01c7 () No. 7253239

3fe9b2 () No. 7253240


Doubtful. Jaw line. No open mouth resting face

f1efcd () No. 7253241

Meet the companies helping the Obama Foundation ‘transform’ America

He is no longer president, but Barack Obama, the Great Divider who vowed to “fundamentally transform” America in 2009, is carrying on his commitment to radical social change through his Obama Foundation.

The president who never tired of lecturing America on the supposed sins of its past and mainstreamed the use by progressives of cultural Marxist buzzwords like “tolerance” and inclusion” as a battering ram to overthrow what they viewed as an “oppressive” U.S. society is still promoting his hostile agenda through his nonprofit organization. He has ample amount of corporate support as he does so.

At an address to the Obama Foundation Summit in Sept. 2018, Obama insisted that America is not progressing as a nation “because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.”

“You should be extraordinarily impatient about the injustices and nonsense and foolishness you see around you and you should be finding opportunities at every juncture to challenge those things,” he told his audience. “At the same time, you have to keep in your mind: Societies are these complex, organic things that you don’t turn [like] switches. They evolve. They shift. They change.”

Yes, the old community organizer remains devoted to societal change. His foundation fully reflects this commitment to “shifting” and “changing” U.S. and Western society at its core.

The Obama Foundation Fellowship is a two-year grant program meant to help advocates for change by offering financial and other resources in order to “amplify the impact of [recipients’] work and inspire a wave of civic innovation.”

The Open Society Foundations is heavily invested in supporting NGOs in their efforts to flood Greece with a staggering amount of refugees. On its website, Soros’s operation enthuses that, “[i]n 2015, we supported local groups in Greece, as they responded to the arrival of over 800,000 refugees fleeing conflict and poverty in the Middle East and Africa.”

The Obama Foundation is thus partnering with Soros through its Fellowship program to overwhelm Europe with a human Third World tidal wave. Let us look then at the corporations who are partnering with the Obama Foundation as it pursues this nefarious agenda.

On the foundation’s “Contributor” page one can find numerous well-known companies. Under the tony $1,000,000+ section, AT&T, Boeing, Fidelity Charitable, the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund and Microsoft are listed.

AT&T’s Obama ties are even more extensive than the seven-figure check it cut to the foundation.

Private equity investor Glenn Hutchins is a member of the Board of Directors for both the Obama Foundation and AT&T. Hutchins is a longtime supporter of the Clintons, and also sits on the Hillary Clinton-aligned Center For American Progress’s board as well. The Center is heavily funded by Soros’s Open Society Foundations. See how all the money mingles together?


a5fe53 () No. 7253242



the bread number refers to a June 2019 bread. Not 2018. hmmmm

4ec45b () No. 7253243


Cartel funding.

cartels bring cash over the border with the drugs.

e27648 () No. 7253244


>>7252880 (Q)

>America is back

@ Epic Q/Trump Rally in Tampa, FL on July 31, 2018

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bf43cb () No. 7253245

>>7252591 PB

>>7252872 PB

Ok I can confirm we have been able to verify what is a significant breaking news tip from a Democrat party insider. I am going to post it here as quickly as I can write the thread – in about 15 minutes or so.


af8792 () No. 7253246


Q is Tom DeLay, get a grip

0078cd () No. 7253247


>When the state "punishes" pharmaceutical companies and collects a fine, does the money go to help people who were victimized?

Good question, sadly we know the answer.

b47c9c () No. 7253248


We have the new DREAM TEAM!

785028 () No. 7253249

In case you do not know the "make it rain" bread yet,


This bread was made for digs and info on masonry and illuminati.

BO refused to archive this info on QR - bc obviously clown BO is triggered by that info.

And now, few nights back a clown melted down and posted the exact same post 84 times with the same ID to fill the bread and make it dissappear. Over the target.

I suggest you take a look at that info:

>>6072287 make it rain bread




New bread:

>>7229221 Make it rain #2 over target edition

4afd16 () No. 7253250

e4d24d () No. 7253251


Reread crumbs

191316 () No. 7253252



bread #8672


1cf70e () No. 7253253

a3153c () No. 7253254

Please Deliver It to those who worked to harm us. AMERICA IS BACK!

4a68fe () No. 7253255


It's about Flynn's partner found guilty, I bet.

2088a0 () No. 7253256


He also is connected our our favorite wapo shill.

Am sure he has been in here too.

7e7f43 () No. 7253257

>>7253201 Archive


f7f384 () No. 7253258


inb4 doorknob'd

726741 () No. 7253259


The Luciferian believes that the dark (evil) and light (good) within us should be celebrated equally, bringing our dual natures into balance, without judging one over the other. In fact, the Luciferian encourages evil as a counter-balance to good. This philosophical approach is at the root of their moral relativism, which supports their most heinous crimes. They believe the universe is better for this balance, and that we each achieve our purpose by satisfying self over others.

In contrast, Patriots/Anons believe that we must strive for the Light and only the Light, setting ourselves on a path of personal improvement (Be Best!) so that we always move closer to God. The dark, which we recognize is in each of us, is not something to be celebrated and nurtured but is to be identified and resisted. Unlike the Luciferian, we are on a divine path towards a loving world, where service to others is paramount, and the darkness is extinguished at every turn.

b82395 () No. 7253260

b99cc3 () No. 7253261

8ba786 () No. 7253262

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The future proves the past.

Psalm 33:

The Greatness and Goodness of God

33 Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous!

Praise befits the upright.

2 Praise the Lord with the lyre,

make melody to him with the harp of ten strings!

3 Sing to him a new song,

play skilfully on the strings, with loud shouts.

4 For the word of the Lord is upright;

and all his work is done in faithfulness.

5 He loves righteousness and justice;

the earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.

6 By the word of the Lord the heavens were made,

and all their host by the breath of his mouth.

7 He gathered the waters of the sea as in a bottle;

he put the deeps in storehouses.

8 Let all the earth fear the Lord,

let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him!

9 For he spoke, and it came to be;

he commanded, and it stood forth.

10 The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nought;

he frustrates the plans of the peoples.

11 The counsel of the Lord stands for ever,

the thoughts of his heart to all generations.

12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,

the people whom he has chosen as his heritage!

13 The Lord looks down from heaven,

he sees all the sons of men;

14 from where he sits enthroned he looks forth

on all the inhabitants of the earth,

15 he who fashions the hearts of them all,

and observes all their deeds.

16 A king is not saved by his great army;

a warrior is not delivered by his great strength.

17 The war horse is a vain hope for victory,

and by its great might it cannot save.

18 Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear him,

on those who hope in his merciful love,

19 that he may deliver their soul from death,

and keep them alive in famine.

20 Our soul waits for the Lord;

he is our help and shield.

21 Yea, our heart is glad in him,

because we trust in his holy name.

22 Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us,

even as we hope in thee.

245a21 () No. 7253263


i thought microclit was q? oh, by the way…TYB!

b7cc47 () No. 7253264

Trump trolling the Dims over Racism

Enjoying every minute— Cummings and the

Racebaiters don't stand a chance in a Twat War

with Trump the Master Troll

785028 () No. 7253265

ed9cd5 () No. 7253266


muh…praying medic is Q.

Like we haven't heard that no sauce garbage before.

sauce, tits or GTFO

455ca0 () No. 7253267


That's her

b17b28 () No. 7253268

So they dead guy Maggie tweeted at his some interesting twitter posts from the 2013 time frame.

680647 () No. 7253269


Hey, do you live in Libland too?

937ef6 () No. 7253270


Q is puzzle master Sajak! A wizard with words.

4b01c7 () No. 7253271

af805b () No. 7253272

You guys want the real story of Barr and Wray


858910 () No. 7253273

You only need one candle to kill the darkness.

01a8fb () No. 7253274


"and how other countries were interacted with."


b99cc3 () No. 7253275

e51ece () No. 7253276

c200d6 () No. 7253277


I sent them a message so hopefully they look into it.

It absolutely REFUSES to do any narrowed down search now too.


I put in the last name "Chandler" it came back with 5400+ cases.

Went back and put "Chandler, R" kept resetting back to search page.

I then replaced "R" with "Ray" and it flashed a list of cases but immediately went back to the main search page.

It's doing that with all names I search now WTFFFF

4abbcf () No. 7253278


fixed anon


aa1d14 () No. 7253279


Showed up on Comey feed the other day or yesterday too. It's all a blur. Tom Arnold like herpes, just won't go away.

785028 () No. 7253280


oh, ok, so the "digs on shilly BO" is a bread baked then?

interdasting that this shows up when baker was leaving out many digs again…

3de91a () No. 7253281


I'm in & waiting!

These Al Capone vault things are fun (until they're not).

cdc8c4 () No. 7253282

Media Label Book Garlic Festival Shooter Cited A 'Neo-Nazi Manifesto.' The Book Was Written In 1890.

Multiple media outlets ran articles on Monday claiming alleged garlic festival shooter Santino William Legan referenced a "neo-Nazi manifesto" before his shooting, even though the book he cited was written in 1890 – 43 years before the Nazis came into existence, let alone any "neo-Nazis" who surfaced decades later.

From The Hill, "Alleged garlic festival gunman referenced neo-Nazi manifesto on Instagram before shooting: report":

The gunman who police say opened fire at a popular garlic festival in Northern California and killed three people reportedly referenced a neo-Nazi manifesto on social media before the shooting.

Santino William Legan, who was shot and killed after engaging with police, had posted on his Instagram page about a 1890 racist manifesto titled Might is Right or The Survival of the Fittest," according to multiple reports.

"Read Might Is Right by Ragnar Redbeard," the 19-year-old said in an Instagram caption.

The Hill cited this similarly false report from NBC News, which before being corrected was titled, "Gilroy Garlic Festival gunman referred to 'Might is Right' neo-Nazi manifesto before shooting."

While NBC News corrected the article on their main site, multiple of their affiliates are still running an article titled, "Festival Gunman Identified; Had Referred to Neo-Nazi Manifesto Before Shooting."


1d4319 () No. 7253283


That was a behind-the-scenes shot from an episode of Heroes.


8ff89e () No. 7253284

Q, why does asparagus make pee smell funny?

5abea8 () No. 7253285


Ever wonder if it may contain an actual body?

9d7395 () No. 7253286


Dems funding migrants to come and cops to look other way.

There. I typed fast.

65283b () No. 7253287

0078cd () No. 7253288


>PACER is owned and run by Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts

The Administrative Office is the agency within the judicial branch that provides a broad range of legislative, legal, financial, technology, management, administrative, and program support services to federal courts. Judicial Conference committees, with court input, advise the Administrative Office as it develops the annual judiciary budget for approval by Congress and the President. The Administrative Office is responsible for carrying out Judicial Conference policies. A primary responsibility of the Administrative Office is to provide staff support and counsel to the Judicial Conference and its committees.


c7863e () No. 7253289


>Why did Ilhan Omar just retweet a former d-list celebrity endorsing violence against a sitting senator?

Because Qatar told her to?

c200d6 () No. 7253290



265828 () No. 7253291


785028 () No. 7253292

mother theresa = child trafficker.

all lb.














What Really Goes On At Mother Teresa's Mission In India? (2001)


The Unfortunate Truth About Mother Teresa


0f36f3 () No. 7253294

All quiet @ Nellis AFB this evening…

The heavies at the left is where the nuclear "sniffers" used to park…

8d5af0 () No. 7253293

The mirror of bread 8672 is 2768 which posted on July 17, 2018


25ff05 () No. 7253295


matt damon

e3f650 () No. 7253296

The “Squad” has been quiet lately.

Either that or the MSM has been ordered by its satanic overlords to ignore them and call POTUS a racist.

0e3e6d () No. 7253297


Book deals,

“Valley of the dolls”



Major role???

Jacquelin Susann revolutionized book promotion

f30429 () No. 7253298


Actually, I have. Bronze it like baby shoes.

Wouldn't surprise me.

519946 () No. 7253299


Then why does it seem like they are all on vacation?

64cdca () No. 7253300


>Tom Arnold like herpes, just won't go away.

Then Whoradopoulos is herpes close cousin syphilis

e27648 () No. 7253301


>he's q

a4047a () No. 7253302

1cf70e () No. 7253303


literate, neo-nazi. what's the diff to NBC?

775a21 () No. 7253304

Love you, GEOTUS & Q Team.

So much winning… anyone else comfy and enjoying the heck outta the show? God is clearly on our side here, eh? Praise Him from whom all blessings flow that The Plan is succeeding and that it will be LIGHT that triumphs over darkness. God wins! (Cornerstone?)

Pic related, but not mine. Belongs to based baker anon I deeply respect.


51e871 () No. 7253305

fcf6e9 () No. 7253306

The Cincinnati rally is going to be EPIC!!! I've been red pilling my nephews and they are going with me. Nothing better than to teach our youth to think for themselves. A historical moment they will talk about the rest of their lives. MAGA!!!

e2bafb () No. 7253307

8ff89e () No. 7253308

Q, how does my penis use the same hole for both pee and jizz? Why can't we implement this mechanism for ketchup and mustard?

c200d6 () No. 7253309


Tapper follows him

7b091c () No. 7253311

448be7 () No. 7253310


>Fuck off AFLB. Not in the mood for your gayness, faggotry and retardation.

Anime faggot is just anime faggot. Not one of AFLB's clones.

785028 () No. 7253312

1edcf2 () No. 7253313


Wish anons could hang out in real life. Lots of lonely out there…

c7863e () No. 7253314


Keep this guy away from doorknobs tonight.

4ec45b () No. 7253315


How do you spot a Luciferian?

bf43cb () No. 7253316


Kek. Stop doxxing your minimum age, anon. Oh…wait…

2ca5c9 () No. 7253317


Picking up the five eyes docs from Borris

b82395 () No. 7253319

3fe9b2 () No. 7253318

Official word on CA shooter is that he was half Iranian. Half Italian. Also, he hated white silicon valley people?

Sounds familiar

386d65 () No. 7253320

3de91a () No. 7253321


>sauce, tits or GTFO

Cash Grass or Ass back in Boomer days of yore.

2a975f () No. 7253322

Wednesday? Also is bill currently in custody?

ee757c () No. 7253323

I'm guessing the Gitmo guys are referring to this from a PB

>>6780294 (pb)

I couldn't find any photos.

245a21 () No. 7253324


like when Farrah dipped herself in gold paint, but this time? ….i would not put anything past those insane entities…

c7863e () No. 7253325


>Q is Tom DeLay, get a grip

What about the Schmitz brothers?

edaba7 () No. 7253329


This correction was posted in the next bread.

b99cc3 () No. 7253326



e4d24d () No. 7253327


You're FIRED

0329f6 () No. 7253328

The American National Anthem — US Marine Band


265828 () No. 7253330

dcc472 () No. 7253332

>>7252803 Q (pb)


#8672 (6/18/19)

8c3c55 () No. 7253331


hopefully no wind

e9409a () No. 7253333


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5abea8 () No. 7253335

Has POTUS mentioned Huber before on twatter or anywhere else?

9d7395 () No. 7253334


I have zero confidence after Q's original Sleeper post that "sleeper" tied to Wray means he's secretly about to take out the DS.

More like he IS one of [[[them]]]. Would gladly be wrong.

b92ebf () No. 7253336

Dis bad:


bc3514 () No. 7253337


seem's i struck a nerve.

always first at the fire scene

4b01c7 () No. 7253338

e27648 () No. 7253339


>nite shift

4afd16 () No. 7253340

1cf70e () No. 7253341

b7cc47 () No. 7253342


Simply Love This Meme

2a975f () No. 7253343


Be a sausage fest.

386d65 () No. 7253344


quad 3's don't lie

4b004b () No. 7253345


nice try. Victoria Nuland in Cyprus.

<you fucking glow

64cdca () No. 7253348


>he's q

Q is MAGA Coalition?



48ebb4 () No. 7253346


Wrong year?

9dd9bc () No. 7253347


So POTUS says America is back…

possible then that the roadblocks/hindrances have been removed.


OK, I've been pondering something. The Cabal is ancient, how do you infiltrait a country?

You compromise their intelligence network. You infiltrate and give the powers enough to earn credibility.

You reveal bottom feeders to gain their trust. Then you malipulate (this is long term…generational) you

start infiltrating all facets of their govternment (CIA) and banking. We were a young country, we didn't know how the

game was played (Game of Thrones, they hold grudges….look at the Romanovs, we dified the Cabal with our

revelution 1776). They didn't come at us head on after that…they went subversive against our intel community and banks.

After WWII the OSS > the CIA. CIA infiltrated all govt agencies and our presidents. They didn't just do this to the

US, MI6 comped, MASSAD comped, Five Eyes Comped, you get enough intel agencies comped and you can get to the new

world order. That's the play. Jews didn't do 911, MASSAD did, US citizens didn't bring us to war in the middle east, the CIA did.

Russia may have been one of the only Intel agencies that were'nt comped.

This feel right to anyone else?

7e7f43 () No. 7253349

Watch as the final piece of #USNavy aircraft carrier #USSJohnFKennedy’s flight deck is installed. The super carrier is built with transformative construction methods and the latest technology.


4:31 PM - 29 Jul 2019


bf43cb () No. 7253350


Jeffrey P, if you're here posting you can't be writing the exposé. Get to work.

8ff89e () No. 7253351


0078cd () No. 7253352

>>7253277 Possible Fuckery Digging/Searching at PACER


245a21 () No. 7253353


good will hunting cast mostly there?

e2bafb () No. 7253354

0290af () No. 7253355


Yes, because everyone who posts anime is the same person.

dbd68e () No. 7253356

Wait until Q learns who he has been talking to here.

Jk. I'm just a humdrum anon.

Exciting Times! Love and prayers for Q.


1a8f5d () No. 7253357

5fb214 () No. 7253358

064410 () No. 7253359

.rekab YT

.rorrim knihT

e4d24d () No. 7253360


That rumor is from the same week as we learned about Durhams new mandate. Prolly true but it's been around the block

e83dc0 () No. 7253361


Since when is PapaD POTUS?

14f224 () No. 7253362

Q Research General #8672: High Energy Rally Day Edition

June 18 2019

June 2018 is #2200's

Date on picture is wrong by exactly 1 year, what's a telling us

785028 () No. 7253363

PRAY for POTUS, his family, the Q team and all operators and patriots in harms way.

PRAY that the public awakens.

PRAY that sinners may be strong enough to repent and to break free from masonry.

Our Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses.

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom,

The power and the glory,



c99f69 () No. 7253364

eb0966 () No. 7253366

"And we were swinging"

726741 () No. 7253365


A devout Luciferian often reveals himself in his words and symbols.

1edcf2 () No. 7253367


I think you're on to something! Hope to see you there fren.

5fb214 () No. 7253368



b99cc3 () No. 7253370

20877d () No. 7253371

858910 () No. 7253372



I don't think so….

Bill Cooper was wrong in all aspects.

Including ETs, Secret Programs, Off World Officers that they are better than others and have special rights….

dcc472 () No. 7253373


The bread is 6/18/2019

But Q posts are MANY on 6/18/2018

cdc8c4 () No. 7253374


After 23 years, a day of reckoning has arrived for Big Tech

British web expert Jamie Bartlett was a tech optimist. About a decade ago, that is. The fellow of London think tank Demos grew increasingly worried about what was happening under Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and the rest.

Finally he confessed to a mild panic about the industry and opened his most recent book with these words: "In the coming few years either tech will destroy democracy and the social order as we know it, or politics will stamp its authority over the digital world."

Big Tech has had 23 years to do exactly what Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg urged in his company's old motto: "Move fast and break things."

Because the tech firms haven't just had an unbounded Wild West opportunity to roam and raid unregulated territory. Twenty-three years ago, the US Congress passed a law that actually suspended the normal operation of law so that the tech industry could have unique advantages.

It was section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act that cast a magical protective spell to give the tech companies a special immunity – they're not responsible for what others put on their platforms. Other countries, afraid of seeming uncool and anti-innovation, generally followed America's lead.

So the tech firms moved fast and broke a lot of things and now the governments of the world have had enough. They're no longer quirky, fun, garage start-ups. They are among the biggest and most ruthless corporations on the planet. Google's parent, Alphabet, for instance, has a share market value three times that of entertainment behemoth Walt Disney, six times that of the biggest Australian company, BHP Billiton, and 140 times that of the New York Times Company.


c7c384 () No. 7253375

Uh fam, y'all see this?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

25ff05 () No. 7253376


A movie about ignoring work to chase women across a continent because you had sex with her out of wedlock because you were cool.

edaba7 () No. 7253377



It was a typo



(was I the only one on the board that night?)

b3a3e5 () No. 7253378


Link to his twitter plz

8ff89e () No. 7253379


Yeah right, desu. As if more than one person on this board has the capacity to be that much of a faggot.

386d65 () No. 7253380




c7863e () No. 7253381


If a lady's giving birth in August, we like to see her pregnant in July, kek. (Claimed mom not pregnant the year of Obama's birth.)

6434f5 () No. 7253382


They can look any way they want. Contrary to popular belief, they do not all look like Anton LaVey. Nor do they walk around in dark robes. They are doctors, police men and politicians. The only way to spot them is to learn to feel their energy/ spirit and spirits that are tagging along with them. Meditation on truth and love can help sharpen ones ability to feel these things. Also, spending enough time in the presence of people who practice dark magic can help hone your senses. That's how i learned.

7b2667 () No. 7253383


No doubt King Nig supplied the cartels with weapons at the taxpayers' expense, then the DNC cartel pocketed all the money, in addition to their cut of the money made for killing Americans with dangerous and highly addictive drugs. I'd bet there are also dirty deals with China for the fentanyl. I've always said that there's no way our nation could be saturated with drugs without the fed govt overseeing the importation of the shit.

f4c917 () No. 7253384


Sting operation.

942872 () No. 7253385


another pointer in this bread to August 4


5abea8 () No. 7253386


He RT'd it

448be7 () No. 7253387


Welcome back, oldfag. You no longer have to break links to post them here, JFYI <3

4b004b () No. 7253388


>Yes, because everyone who posts anime is filtered

d0f0d6 () No. 7253389


I'm just jumping onboard. What exactly are you talking about here? How is she relevant?

f30429 () No. 7253390


I recall hearing that Bill Cooper admitted later on that he was wrong on some aspects. I'm afraid I don't have any sauce. At this point I'd look at his book as a heads up.

baa6c1 () No. 7253391

POTUS Schedule for Tuesday, July 30, 2019


9:00AM Depart White House en route to Joint Base Andrews

9:10AM Arrive at Joint Base Andrews

9:20AM Depart Joint Base Andrews en route to Newport News, VA

10:15AM Arrive at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport

10:25AM Depart Newport News, VA, en route to Williamsburg, VA

10:55AM Arrive at Jamestown Settlement Museum

11:15AM Deliver remarks at the 400th Anniversary of the First Representative Legislative Assembly

12:15PM Depart Williamsburg, VA, en route to Newport News, VA

12:45PM Arrive at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport

12:55PM Depart Newport News, VA, en route to Washington, D.C.

1:40PM Arrive at Joint Base Andrews

1:50PM Depart Joint Base Andrews en route to the White House

2:00PM Arrive at the White House

4:00PM Sign S. 504, Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service (LEGION) Act



265828 () No. 7253392


1ab7ba () No. 7253393


I was suspended to for saying LGBT would be killed under Sharia Law yet they LOVE them some Linda Sarsaur….Twitter said I was inciting hate…They won't respond to my emails to lift the suspension because I never said to KILL anyone…Seems they will suspend us for ANYHTING! Fuckers :- /

3b8f3e () No. 7253394


dupers delight

448be7 () No. 7253395


You're triggered easily. Do me next!

9dd9bc () No. 7253396




I stand corrected…

Ready on the firing line

10d63c () No. 7253397



Neither. This Anon is no one.

a3153c () No. 7253398



aa1ac8 () No. 7253399


TY Baker

4b004b () No. 7253400


yo, Baltimore:

0290af () No. 7253401

Imagine being so BTFO by LITERAL CARTOONS that now each time you see anime, you start experience a psychosis that everyone is that same faggot using multiple ips to stalk you personally.

94a935 () No. 7253402


Different but good eye

8ff89e () No. 7253403


>do me next

A common phrase of yours.

245a21 () No. 7253404


I say he was hatched and assembled in Antartica, like Zuck….but we can agree to disagree….

5abea8 () No. 7253405

be5251 () No. 7253406

There is so much wonderful stuff going on right now that I feel really encouraged. I would like to ask anons and perhaps Q, too if we can work toward stopping the vaccine mandates. This was my biggest red pill: Vaccine injury. I'm a parent anon and my children have never had a case of chicken pox or measles, but I have seen eczema (not severe, though), chronic headaches, lack of focus, ADHD, autism spectrum, depression, possible dyslexia, food allergies/intolerance. I get to thinking that some of my children might not have babies of their own because they received Gardasil. In a few weeks 'vaccine season' (back to school) starts again and I'm prepared to get a religious exemption but I really want for every child in America to have the freedom to attend school without vaccines required. I know that even if my children are protected (because I wised up) millions of others will get the shots. A lot of kids will develop new health problems and a few will die. The shots are putting vaccinated children (and America herself) behind other countries that already use fewer shots and don't mandate any (Japan). Every child given the Hep B on the first day of life is damaged by it. The only question is how badly.

I love what is going on here. I'm not posting this to be negative. I'd just like to ask that the vaccine program be halted in some manner so that America's children will not be exterminated or disabled any more.

dcc472 () No. 7253407


Is anything ever a typo really??? Kek

1d8bda () No. 7253408



3de91a () No. 7253409


It is sadz.

They don't post them like they used to so hope you didn't miss our hippy days here.

b99cc3 () No. 7253410

386d65 () No. 7253411



How about a synopsis?

77b100 () No. 7253412


Forehead is different. Woman in pic is more vertical. LP is rounded

1cf70e () No. 7253413


Nah, but you left this behind.

4b004b () No. 7253414


ok. will my filter wear out?

165dcd () No. 7253415


Turn off your firewall/modem. Wait 5 minutes. While waiting, reboot the device you are searching with. Also, if you can vpn into work, then search, that may help.

265828 () No. 7253416

f40d45 () No. 7253417

>>7252880 (pb)

f1efcd () No. 7253419

Define “limited hangout”. The Deep State is desperate.


974595 () No. 7253418

What about QAnon_baby?

ac5fa6 () No. 7253420


> .rekab YT

> .rorrim knihT


94a935 () No. 7253421


(You) have to be a woman for as much bitching as you do.

ee757c () No. 7253422



245a21 () No. 7253423


he was so smart….wicked smart, i believe

8ff89e () No. 7253424


Imagine using the "imagine being" retort for every fucking response.

How's about imagine shitting your pants and eating it with a soup ladle while Toots watches from the corner. He'll wear shades so its not too weird.

448be7 () No. 7253425


Awww yiss, free filters!

8c3c55 () No. 7253426


i can haz filter too?

7e7f43 () No. 7253428


>4:00PM Sign S. 504, Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service (LEGION) Act

LEGION act…I like it

e2bafb () No. 7253427

Trump reportedly issues full pardons to five people

The men were serving time for drug trafficking and weapons sales, as well as other crimes

The individuals were John Richard Bubala, Roy Wayne McKeever, Rodney Takumi, Michael Tedesco, and Chalmer Lee Williams.

“After a careful review of the files of each of these individuals, President Trump has concluded that each are entirely deserving of Executive Clemency,” the statement said.

The full pardon restores the men’s right to vote and the right to bear arms.


50768b () No. 7253429

Re Mueller's Watch and Watch Band.

Not same as Q Watch face. And while the Q Watch band is at 12 o'clcok, Muller wore his watch band at 6 o'clock during his Testimony at Judiciary Committee this past week. Pic is from Nadler's questioning. Pic related.

Representative Nadler questions Mueller


b9b77d () No. 7253430

dec5e6 () No. 7253431


looks like her to me.

It's the KNOWS

Anyway, she's not Jewish.

We figured out what Country she came from, but I can't remember it

She didn't spend her whole life in U.S.

Point of Logic.

If she was really hooked up with Stzrok; what are the chances she's also a Satanist?

402a5b () No. 7253432


lady behind and to the left of Pan Pizza Boy should not be wearing heels, at a minimum.

whats going on with dead man's left hand? is he twirling it? has it been erased? there is an odd line do you see it it across his left forearm, as though shadow but it seems to carry into architectural feature behind him. is this some manipulation?

the old lesbian in front of him, and the oriental- looking female with rosy cheeks (visible) are both looking at something in the area of his left hand, though the oriental seems to focusing past his left ear. there is someone with blonde hair standing behind tony at his 8 o'clock, you can just make her out and both ladies standing with wine glasses (nearest white, other red, brace on right forearm) are looking at her / something there.

the man to left of the lady with the red wine and the brace is what Richard Maddow will look like in 25 years.

fcf6e9 () No. 7253433


They suspended me today after I posted the shooter's pics from IG. That was my proof of it being FF.

5738f9 () No. 7253434


b8d9a5 () No. 7253435


Your router is comp'd

1fdadd () No. 7253436


775a21 () No. 7253437

1a8f5d () No. 7253438


Build 100 like it.

cdc8c4 () No. 7253439

Angel Moms to Alyssa Milano: Why Don’t You ‘Fight for American Children Raped by Illegal Aliens in Our Country’

Angel Moms Mary Ann Mendoza and Sabine Durden are calling out actress Alyssa Milano over her tearful rant in which she said Border Patrol agents are “destroying” children’s live by enforcing immigration laws.

Last week, Alyssa Milano broke down on camera after watching footage of a child at the U.S.-Mexico border being reunited with the adult she came to the country with, as Breitbart News reported.

“I just watched this video of a baby being reunited with her mom,” Milano said, sobbing on camera. “What the fuck are we doing? We are destroying lives. We are destroying children’s lives because of fucking arbitrary lines in the sand.”

“We can’t let this be the new normal,” she continued. “Besides what this country was founded on — this is not innately who we are as human beings. We’ve gotta take inventory of this, of what’s happening, and the humanitarian crisis at the border. We gotta do something. We can’t ignore what’s happening. We can’t allow it to continue.”

Mendoza — who lost her son, 32-year-old police officer son Brandon Mendoza, when he was killed by a drunk illegal alien who was driving the wrong way down a highway in Mesa, Arizona in May 2014 — told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement that Milano has never shed a tear for the children trafficked across the southern border by human smugglers or the American children hurt by illegal immigration.

“The amount of children who are being trafficked is of no concern of hers,” Mendoza said. “The percentage of trafficked children is so much higher than those separated. Thank goodness our Border Patrol men and women are aware of this and are helping those children whom Alyssa has never mentioned.”


10d63c () No. 7253440


>They don't post them like they used to

SCAnon has the best tits.

8ff89e () No. 7253441


Nope. I like feeding your faggot tophole (you)s. Makes me happy.

0078cd () No. 7253442


11:15AM Deliver remarks at the 400th Anniversary of the First Representative Legislative Assembly

400 you say?


Time for a barrel roll?

d09bd1 () No. 7253443


Yes, good catch but I don't believe it's her either. I recall her a bit taller and not as much width in her hips. Page has more of a slope to her forehead as well.

65283b () No. 7253444


she is pretty

4b004b () No. 7253445


absolutely. i'll never know what valuable crumbs i missed out on, huh

3de91a () No. 7253446


Don't pressure him like that we need him for the long haul.

f72e17 () No. 7253447


Good bloodlines overview

For whoever wanted it lb


e27648 () No. 7253448


>Q is MAGA Coalition?



0e3e6d () No. 7253449


Not to sure yet… starting to look into Irving Mansfield

b82395 () No. 7253450

8ff89e () No. 7253451


But I've been practicing my gape all day :(

be5251 () No. 7253452


Truth is much more interesting and useful than lies. You were banned for being truthful since your information competes successfully with the politically correct swill on Twitter and distracted from their agenda.

4abbcf () No. 7253453

>>7253407 PDJT/Q Star

>>7253349 @USNavy final piece of #USNavy aircraft carrier #USSJohnFKennedy’s flight deck is installed

>>7253244 Trump Rally in Tampa, FL on July 31, 2018 vid

>>7253241 Meet the companies helping the Obama Foundation ‘transform’ America

>>7253172 ‘ODNI Protected Hillary Clinton and Targeted President Trump’

>>7253168 @USAinUK AG Barr in London



ba95a2 () No. 7253454

…Been wondering why this has been conveniently omitted from Antarctic maps. Where evil dwells?

b99cc3 () No. 7253455


Shift Work 9-5!

a48eb3 () No. 7253456

d0f0d6 () No. 7253457

e2bafb () No. 7253458

fcf6e9 () No. 7253459


KEK! Fuck NO! MAGA CO is CP Anime shill!! KEKEKEK!!!

91aa52 () No. 7253460


Thx nose with bump skinny lips was what I noticed. Pic has weird shadows and pixelation so I needed more eyes

1fdadd () No. 7253461



1a8f5d () No. 7253462


Made in America!

448be7 () No. 7253463


I wanted to repost this toilet boy classic in light of this bread since Lisa Page is back under the microscope!

7b5c18 () No. 7253464

How does one get to bread 8672? Sorry if I lurked past the sauce

8c3c55 () No. 7253466


my tophole is only faggot on every other saturday

ask ebot, we discussed this several weeks ago

a77a04 () No. 7253465


Remember, AT&T evolved from the old Western Union Telegraph Co…..>> [P] asset..

51e871 () No. 7253467


And no built with out-of-specification low quality Chinese steel.

7e7f43 () No. 7253468

cdc8c4 () No. 7253469

Hollywood Demands ‘Gun Control Now’ After Gilroy Festival Shooting

Hollywood leftists are reacting to the tragic and deadly shooting at the gun-free Gilroy Garlic Festival by demanding “gun control now.”

Hours after the shooting occurred Breitbart News reported that the festival prohibited “weapons of any kind.” Moreover, the festival grounds — Christmas Hill Park — banned guns in light of a city of Gilroy prohibition.

So attendees were in the same defenseless posture witnessed at gun-free Aurora movie theater (July 20, 2012), Sandy Hook (December 14, 2012), DC Navy Yard (September 16, 2013), Fort Hood (April 2, 2014), San Bernardino shooting (December 2, 2015), Orlando Pulse (June 12, 2016) and Parkland high school (February 14, 2018).

But celebrities like Julianne Moore, Bradley Whitford, and John Leguizamo want more gun laws and restrictions now.



d4e32a () No. 7253470

dca6ff () No. 7253471


#metoo…lost a lot of friends…

Fuq 'em. You guize are fam now.

3fe9b2 () No. 7253472



54c592 () No. 7253473


whatever, Poser.

338413 () No. 7253474


He was going to drop his bombshell in 15 minutes … 45 minutes ago

9d7395 () No. 7253475


It'd be a shame if an illegal raped and murdered Alyssa ala MS13 style. Some people will never learn until they actually meet their Maker. Sad.

0290af () No. 7253476


You better stop ip hopping anime faggot, i know its you.

af8792 () No. 7253477

333a22 () No. 7253478

b82395 () No. 7253479

cf6b2d () No. 7253480


c249c0 () No. 7253481

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c36652 () No. 7253482


Thats actually where fastjack lives

Suprised you didnt know that bro

402a5b () No. 7253483


yes she is. good job.

back and to the left (see what I did there?) of Richard Maddow.

5bdee0 () No. 7253484


I KNEW it!

His whole history is a lie.

5fb214 () No. 7253485


They got to him.

2bc052 () No. 7253486


Q is building up steam bigly and lighting up the scoreboard.

fda307 () No. 7253487

Spouse anon saw this commercial on youtube and had to show it to me.

It's the opposite of gillette, and TOP KEK

Dr. Squatch - Natural Soap for Men

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

dec5e6 () No. 7253488


hair is a match.

b8d9a5 () No. 7253489

b82395 () No. 7253490

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d4e32a () No. 7253491

dcc472 () No. 7253492




For link to bread #8672

d0f0d6 () No. 7253493


Fuck off, animal.

e9409a () No. 7253494


But don't worry guys!

cdc8c4 () No. 7253495

Chinese Duck Farmers Become Overnight Millionaires As Half Of China's Pigs Die

The price of China's favorite food is about to hit all time highs.

As a result of the decimation of Chinese pig herds, which have been crippled by the ongoing spread of so-called "pig ebola", i.e. African swine fever which has crippled domestic pork production, RaboBank expects China's pork prices to hit a record high by the fourth quarter of 2019 even as imports continue to surge.

Last Tuesday China's customs data showed that pork imports in June surged from the previous year, as the world's top consumer of the meat stocked up on supplies after African swine fever swept across the country's pig herds. China brought in 160,467 tonnes of pork in June, up 62.8% from the same month last year, according to data from the General Administration of Customs. This was down 14% from 187,459 tonnes imported in May.


ec59dd () No. 7253496

Sippin’ sudz with cool tunez in my budz.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c7c384 () No. 7253497

3de91a () No. 7253498


CartoonFag is ok.

I think he's the Walkie Talkie Orthodox Jew guy.

That series had good moments so let him out from under Fungus shadow for a bit.

Give him some room to operate.

a77a04 () No. 7253499


2nd Notable, TY Baker!

c200d6 () No. 7253500

1cf70e () No. 7253501

448be7 () No. 7253502


>What about the Schmitz brothers?

Nahh, bullshit. Q resides within the BOG-O-SPHERE!

9d7395 () No. 7253503

f72e17 () No. 7253504


POTUS receiving an award from Border Patrol

Apr 2019

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e9409a () No. 7253505




875532 () No. 7253506


I'll end up smoking cigarettes again if that big lanky doofus ends up being a White Hat.

b82395 () No. 7253507

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a09e0e () No. 7253508


>PRAY that sinners may be strong enough to repent and to break free from masonry.

Amen anon, we Pray for those who are still under control and living in anger. We Pray they will see the truth's, break free from the chains, come to know God's love. May they live in Peace, with happiness and love for their fellow man and prosper.

8ff89e () No. 7253509


Yeah, that's what's on the "menu", but we all know what happens when daddy slips that Jackson between your pink sweaty cheeks after you finish your Hungry Man.

I don't blame you though. 20 bucks is 20 bucks.

c44576 () No. 7253510

>Human trafficking numbers re: Maryland

c04a1f () No. 7253511


is something to this

dec5e6 () No. 7253512


It's blurred because he's waving it.

5bdee0 () No. 7253513


Ask Yourself Why wasn't a Carrier named after JFK,

Until now?

Logical thinking.

0290af () No. 7253514


>Everyone critical of ISRAEL watches anime

fc0a05 () No. 7253515


Posting your own support now shill?

AnimeFag is a gaslighting clown like the rest of his team. Anime=Filter in my world.

b3c78c () No. 7253516

Cast of Characters

448be7 () No. 7253517


Fought a jackalope once. 3 years in colostomy. Wasn't worth it.

c7863e () No. 7253518

More from Barrister Michael Shrimpton

Shame if our intelligence community knew for a fact that Obama was ineligible and, for an ulterior motive, still gave him the Presidency. More heads need to roll, including those running the show before 2008.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8c3c55 () No. 7253519


kek, over the line

b0d151 () No. 7253520



Drug trafficking is CIA/fbi All the way.

333a22 () No. 7253521

f4c917 () No. 7253522

Harmeet trolling Preet kek.


86b1f5 () No. 7253523


They had a carrier named Kennedy in the 70’s stationed at NOB Norfolk va

3de91a () No. 7253524


>SCAnon has the best tits.


They ok

c898a6 () No. 7253525

>>7250970 (PB Putin) UKRAINE

Reposting again because it's notable again; Communist-Controlled MSM is doing everything to keep it all suppressed:

BESIDES Creepy & Son’s “dealings” there - BURISMA, https://pjmedia.com/trending/did-biden-save-this-ukraine-firm-responsible-for-1-8b-in-missing-aid-his-son-is-on-the-board/ —

This conversation of Vovan & Lexus (prolific pranksters) posing as Ukraine’s PM with treasonous noname just after POTUS' election, who pushes NATO and brags about getting them destructive “weapons”, backs up the Ukraine shit. They even tell him about 'Putin’s SPECIAL Pranksters', naming themselves. https://youtu.be/UnoCmWRj73Q (will embed next post)


Adam Schiff is an owned hatchet man of SOROS-tied Ukrainian arms dealer, Igor Pasternak. Schiff’s anti-Russian narrative is carefully orchestrated by his Ukrainian handlers




About Aeros’ CEO Igor Pasternak: Igor Pasternak was born in Kazakhstan inside the Soviet Union, and formed a childhood fascination with lighter-than-air (LTA) aircraft that has driven his life’s work and development of the Aeroscraft.

From a Dem Bernie Supporter: Schiff gets donations from #Ukraine arms dealer Igor #Pasternak, who wants the US to ship more lethal weapons to Kiev's Neo #Nazi regime that kills ethnic Russians


4a68fe () No. 7253526


Now all the illegals can vote.

245a21 () No. 7253527


and the homo overtones are overt. "Putting from the rough" with the one guy. The sycophantic underling for the math mentor who seemed pedo, as the lackey was obviously jealous of his master's new found boy, etc, etc…. robin williams with Birdcage, and Dead Poet's Society and Mrs Doubtfire….and ends up in a closet 'choking himself'….lots of weird boxes checked on that ….did a year for that photo get zeroed in on?

b99cc3 () No. 7253528

af8792 () No. 7253529

5fb214 () No. 7253530





e2bafb () No. 7253531

Prisoner Exchange:

US citizen released from North Korea says he spied for US, South Korea

Kim was among three men — including Tony Kim and Kim Hak Song — to be released from North Korean custody after months of high-stakes diplomacy between Pyongyang and the U.S. in 2018.

After Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited North Korea for roughly 12.5 hours — including a roughly 90-minute meeting with leader Kim Jong Un — the detainees were granted amnesty, and later released.


8ff89e () No. 7253532


Hey, at least you get a meal out of it.

1d4143 () No. 7253533

Siemens Government Technologies Inc., Arlington, Virginia, was awarded $828,828,020 for firm-fixed-price task order N3943019F9909 under a previously awarded multiple award, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, energy savings performance contract (DE-AM36-09G29041) at ==Naval Base Guantanamo Bay.==

e27648 () No. 7253534


thx baker!

ba95a2 () No. 7253535


…I'm slow, trying to play catch-up. Deciphering symbolism is more my forté.

785028 () No. 7253536


As Q told in many posts the anons on Q Research and the whole Q movement are a DIRECT THREAT to many people ww.

Not only to the few families of the ruling class, but also to the many Deep State assets in politics, science, economy, fake news reporters, masons and "knights" around the world.

Shills apply all kind of tactics and most of them have it´s base on "divide and rule".

Attack people of the Q patriots and sow division to weaken the movement.



Shills attack the loud voices on YT (especially prayingmedic, in the matrix) and on TV (Hannity and other).

Shills attack individual anons and call them names (boomer, kike, …).

Shills are desperate bc anons and patriots ww are so many and are so strongly bound in the fight against evil.

Shills still try to sow division and make the recent FalseFlags work by painting this board nazi ('Q is a nazi movement', 'orange man nazi').

Shills spread disinfo and slides (RR not our guys for example).

Shills spread stupid info to make anons look ridiculous.

One shill calls everyone "bot" and want´s you to think that there are not thousands of anons contributing and millions of lurkers spreading info on other channels.

Shills attack relevant info (was noted two months ago, why should anons care, not relevant, …)

Shill post disinfo and cryptic bs to slide.

Shills glow if you regard all posts made here in the context of ALL Q DROPS.

Watch out for clown bakers that leave out and ignore relevant info and push shill topics (slides, muh jew).

The end for shills is near and JUSTICE will be served soon.




cdc8c4 () No. 7253537

Capital One Target of Massive Data Breach

SEATTLE—A hacker gained access to personal information from more than 100 million Capital One credit applications, the bank said on Monday, July 29, as federal authorities arrested a suspect in the case.

Paige A. Thompson—who also goes by the handle “erratic”—was charged with a single count of computer fraud and abuse in U.S. District Court in Seattle. Thompson made an initial appearance in court and was ordered to remain in custody pending a detention hearing Thursday.

The hacker got information including credit scores and balances plus the Social Security numbers of about 140,000 customers, the bank said. It will offer free credit monitoring services to those affected.

The FBI raided Thompson’s residence Monday and seized digital devices. An initial search turned up files that referenced Capital One and “other entities that may have been targets of attempted or actual network intrusions.”

A public defender appointed to represent Thompson did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

Capital One, based in McLean, Virginia, said Monday it found out about the vulnerability in its system July 19 and immediately sought help from law enforcement to catch the perpetrator.

According to the FBI complaint, someone emailed the bank two days before that notifying it that leaked data had appeared on the code-hosting site GitHub, which is owned by Microsoft.

And a month before that, the FBI said, a Twitter user who went by “erratic” sent Capital One direct messages warning about distributing the bank’s data, including names, birthdates, and Social Security numbers.

“I’ve basically strapped myself with a bomb vest, (expletive) dropping capital ones dox and admitting it,” one said. “I wanna distribute those buckets I think first.”

Capital One said it believes it is unlikely that the information was used for fraud, but it will continue to investigate. The data breach affected about 100 million people in the U.S. and 6 million in Canada.


338413 () No. 7253538

The Jeffrey Peterson thread has been posted. It's about Pelosi.


7b5c18 () No. 7253539


You fucking rock. Thanks anon.

0290af () No. 7253540


>unironically thinks anime posters are hopping ips to gain support

4b01c7 () No. 7253541

c200d6 () No. 7253542


WOW this bread is getting FLOODED with shill idiots tonight.

I honestly can not wait until shit gets out. Because then, I hope, these cocksucks literally DIE OFF I hate them so fucking much

baa6c1 () No. 7253543



Dec 21 2017 11:42:17 (EST)

Trip entered but not showing.


b82395 () No. 7253544

d3874f () No. 7253546


a5065f () No. 7253545

8c3c55 () No. 7253547


two meals really

7e7f43 () No. 7253548

d0f0d6 () No. 7253549


Anything happens to her and you'll be getting a visit, asshole.

86b1f5 () No. 7253550


DescriptionUSS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) is the only ship of her class and the last conventionally powered carrier built for the United States Navy. The ship was named after the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, and was nicknamed "Big John". Wikipedia

Length: 1,053′

Launched: May 27, 1967

Did you know: The official decommissioning date for the USS JOHN F. KENNEDY was August 1, 2007. navysite.de

e27648 () No. 7253551

220325 () No. 7253552

>>7252404 pb

TLDR: Theory about using the timestamps and markers to create the clock.

As far as I can understand from Q's hints, the minutes timestamp in a Q post represents one of the Q topics like a bad guy. And when we calculate the delta between a Q post and Trump's tweet about the same topic, that gives us the number on the countdown timer for that topic.

Mapping this out in graphic form would give us the actual "clock" that Q has referred to. The deltas would be the "markers" for the order of the posts in the graphic.

Q points out how to compare the minutes to get the marker/delta. We understand that easily enough.

>Timestamp [Q] post [:03] against POTUS' Tweet [:13]. [10]

And in posts 453, 454, and 455 he explains we would need to make a graphic of all the Q posts with the same minute timestamp (e.g. xx:22:xx). Then match each of those Q posts up to Trump's corresponding tweets on the same days and display them side-by-side. Calculate the delta for each pair, then order the pairs by those markers. Then read all Q posts about the bad guy that Q named as #2.

If the first digit in the minutes timestamp is for the topic, that means there would only be 6 primary topics related to the clock. So probably the 6 biggest criminals. Or maybe the top 6 by authority in the DOJ. Or if both digits in the Q post are for the topic, there could be 60 topics.

Still not completely clear to me, but this is the point I'm at for now.

>Timestamps important. Countdown? Markers. Timestamp & Content. This is to train you how to understand the correlation between posts and Tweets. Decipher. Think clock. Wind the clock w/ all markers.

644ee7 () No. 7253553



If it wasn’t for Q Team, I’m confident to say I don’t know where I’d be. The times being lonely are more than not, and this place makes us all feel like we’re a part of “something”.

But! This mission can increase anxiety and depression which makes the lonely feeling worse.

None of us are ringing the bell. We will not quit. There are NO DEALS.


8ff89e () No. 7253554


See, that's the power of positive thinking!

448be7 () No. 7253556


>Yes, because everyone who posts anime is the same person.

Wait. So if I'm you, that means I can touch (my|your) boobies. EZ win!

ea31cb () No. 7253555


Research General #8672: High Energy Rally Day Edition


c200d6 () No. 7253557


Hollywood "demands"



97d681 () No. 7253559




5abea8 () No. 7253558

dec5e6 () No. 7253560


he's not. The corn reference was just boomeranged.

Dude is an evil fuck.

I know the shill teams just like to create a stir.

He initiated the Russian Collusion Delusion.

Shills must think we are really stupid.

9a9387 () No. 7253561

Watching the democrats melt down reminds me of the scene in 'The Caine Mutiny' where commander Queeg melts down on the stand. Great movie if you ever get the chance to see it.

"Ahh but the Strawberries, that's where I had them."

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

402a5b () No. 7253562


revise: agree with other anons about the slope of forehead.

b3c78c () No. 7253563

c898a6 () No. 7253564



Treasonus warmonger noname believes pranksters Vovan & Lexus are Ukraine's PM

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

448be7 () No. 7253565


Yeah, it strikes me as pretty retarded. But I'd love if it were true. Not holding my breath, though. Can't go out on that limb, I am too fat for it to hold my weight.

4b004b () No. 7253566



2bc052 () No. 7253567


The way things are going, Gina will probably be needed back at Gitmo.

5c2509 () No. 7253569


OP from Poal posted this in the comments…..

So looking into Frank Castellone…. he seems to be involved in an awful lot of businesses if the information on this page is remotely accurate…..


Multiple names, multiple addresses, MULTIPLE businesses, I think there might be something here if you guys want to take a gander, I might be wrong, but i'm certain "sky hawk" can be identified regardless and there is a slew of crumbs to follow here.


So I did a search. He has 2 registered aircraft. See images.

7b091c () No. 7253568

FF at garlicfest……

I wonder if DS was planning a FF at a cornfest, which happen all over the place, and Nunes was a message to them that their plans were know.

fc0a05 () No. 7253570



2ca5c9 () No. 7253571



rest of story

b82395 () No. 7253572

b0d151 () No. 7253573


Fb suspends for ANY criticism of muzzies.

1d4143 () No. 7253574



Naval Base Guantanamo Bay

Siemens Government Technologies Inc., Arlington, Virginia, was awarded $828,828,020 for firm-fixed-price task order N3943019F9909 under a previously awarded multiple award, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, energy savings performance contract (DE-AM36-09G29041) at Naval Base Guantanamo Bay.


d3874f () No. 7253575




c04a1f () No. 7253576

https://twitter.com/realJeffreyP is in.

2df087 () No. 7253577


"The Dolls" were pills.

942872 () No. 7253578


i think comey as whitehat window has closed for me (barring further evidence)

dec5e6 () No. 7253579


Moar Provocateur


And he's got a partner.

dc3ca8 () No. 7253580

>>7253091 LB

Your sib can always go after med school to work in area underdeveloped, rural area to practice medicine for 5 years and the government will pay his student loans. My daughter graduated from med school 19 years ago and just finished paying off her student loans. The military is another option where you commit to serve in the military I think 5 yrs and military pays for your med school.

402a5b () No. 7253581



really anon? he's a dick.

2ca5c9 () No. 7253582

b82395 () No. 7253583

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0290af () No. 7253584

bcd3ce () No. 7253585

725cea () No. 7253586

f4c917 () No. 7253587


Aww wtf man, I finally convince myself out of the White Hat theory and then…wtf man kek?

6d5bae () No. 7253588


Negative, newfag, huuuge Negative

dcc472 () No. 7253589

4b004b () No. 7253590

785028 () No. 7253591

5bdee0 () No. 7253592


fc0a05 () No. 7253593

Pelosi going down hard


448be7 () No. 7253594


>Neither. This Anon is no one.

That's not true. You aren't no one. You are you. You are anon. You are one of us. You are valuable. <3

bdd81c () No. 7253595

Dear Q!

Japan Anon here, I just found this lady on Twitter, she seems to check out and has been translating Qpub into Japanese and everything related.

It seems Google translate was auto translating Q related posts incorrectly and swear words in Japanese.

Anon's, if she's the real deal (seems to be) please give her some love as we need all the red pills we can here!




d62f48 () No. 7253596


That's interesting

baa6c1 () No. 7253597


>4:00PM Sign S. 504, Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service (LEGION) Act


>LEGION act…I like it


Here it is.

14bcfa () No. 7253598



love the Father the Sin the Holy Spirit


5bdee0 () No. 7253599



cdc8c4 () No. 7253600

FBI Braces for Durham’s First Intel Drop; ‘No One Is Safe’

The cartel members of the FBI who tried to illegally unseat a president of the United States are bracing for what is shaping up as a disastrous week, according to many Feds.

And there is definite unrest inside the Bureau which includes director Christopher Wray who was reportedly in the process of making “drastic changes” with high-ranking FBI personnel, federal law enforcement officials confirmed — whether warranted or not.

“It’s knee-jerk week,” one FBI insider said. “One of those deals where you don’t know if your ass is on the line next for challenging top leadership or something they may have cooked up to try to get you to leave the building.”

The overall feeling among many top-level spooks? No one is safe. Especially those who have openly challenged the corrupt culture in the Bureau.

The cause of the panic could have something to do with declassified documents that are slated to drop this week, a byproduct of U.S Attorney John Durham’s probe into the FBI and DOJ. Durham was appointed by Attorney General William Barr to investigate the role of top government officials’ spying on Donald Trump and his campaign.

Look for the fireworks to begin on Wednesday, some insiders have predicted.

Meanwhile, insiders say the FBI is increasingly in shambles.


2331a3 () No. 7253601

b92ebf () No. 7253602



fbd0ea () No. 7253603



Looks like the deep state mob was having a family meal and planning session.

edaba7 () No. 7253604


Everything has meaning.

Grab the popcorn.

1d382c () No. 7253605


Look at that pic of Pelosi and the hit squad. Etc.

a5a556 () No. 7253606

65283b () No. 7253607


that's no ordinary rabbit!

fa8bf5 () No. 7253608


Speculation that El Chapo's wife was in Italy same day and same city with Pelosi. Pelosi has ties to former MX President and that President took bribe money from El Chapo

fda307 () No. 7253610

ec2a82 () No. 7253609

e17d8d () No. 7253611

It's all about the details!

Posting a hashtagless tweet from an account named REINCARNATED EXTRATERRESTRIAL for the second time, third if you count the cryptic (you) in the comment about highly classified intel that would put the world into a state of chaos if released.

Details indeed….

e2bafb () No. 7253612

2bc052 () No. 7253614


I guess this is why the "Italy is with POTUS"

1edcf2 () No. 7253613


Oh FFS…. sounds like new Hogg meme material. Any takers? I'm phonefagging atm.

c200d6 () No. 7253615



191316 () No. 7253616

Check out Q posts on June 18, 2018

about 19 posts

Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a controversial former national security aide to President Donald Trump who was pushed out of the White House by H.R. McMaster, is rejoining the Trump administration. In his new role he will serve as Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s national security adviser.


c3d4be () No. 7253617

Bewbz fer Baker

f30429 () No. 7253618



448be7 () No. 7253619


>A common phrase of yours.

Lol wrecked

Wait that's me! Fuck.

5bdee0 () No. 7253620


Ho Lee FuQ

The Sh!t is hitting the Fan!!!!!!!!!!


7dda4d () No. 7253621

Uh so what was the info dropped on Juncker?

a5065f () No. 7253622


the lovely lisa page

8ba786 () No. 7253623

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The future proves the past.

Psalm 34:

Praise for Deliverance from Trouble

A Psalm of David, when he feigned madness before Abimelech, so that he drove him out, and he went away.

34 I will bless the Lord at all times;

his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

2 My soul makes its boast in the Lord;

let the afflicted hear and be glad.

3 O magnify the Lord with me,

and let us exalt his name together!

4 I sought the Lord, and he answered me,

and delivered me from all my fears.

5 Look to him, and be radiant;

so your faces shall never be ashamed.

6 This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him,

and saved him out of all his troubles.

7 The angel of the Lord encamps

around those who fear him, and delivers them.

8 O taste and see that the Lord is good!

Happy is the man who takes refuge in him!

9 O fear the Lord, you his saints,

for those who fear him have no want!

10 The young lions suffer want and hunger;

but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

11 Come, O sons, listen to me,

I will teach you the fear of the Lord.

12 What man is there who desires life,

and covets many days, that he may enjoy good?

13 Keep your tongue from evil,

and your lips from speaking deceit.

14 Depart from evil, and do good;

seek peace, and pursue it.

15 The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous,

and his ears toward their cry.

16 The face of the Lord is against evildoers,

to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.

17 When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears,

and delivers them out of all their troubles.

18 The Lord is near to the brokenhearted,

and saves the crushed in spirit.

19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous;

but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

20 He keeps all his bones;

not one of them is broken.

21 Evil shall slay the wicked;

and those who hate the righteous will be condemned.

22 The Lord redeems the life of his servants;

none of those who take refuge in him will be condemned.

a09e0e () No. 7253624

Night Shift in the house! Love all my Night Shift frens. Always a comfy time with all you great Patriots! You guys renew me and lift me up, I Thank each and every one of you!

With each passing day the comfort level just grows. It's getting easier to sleep well, better days are ahead. It's wonderful time to be alive, we are all so blessed! We have the Best Potus ever!! And the Q Team watching our backs while righting the ship, God Bless them all!