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Wednesday 07.31.2019

>>7271105 ————————————–——– Know your surroundings at all times

>>7270598 ————————————–——– How do you get ahead of a story? (Cap: >>7270618)

>>7270476 ————————————–——– UK role in Trump-Russia inquiry (Cap: >>7270515)

Tuesday 07.30.2019

>>7266574 ————————————–——– It's going to be BIBLICAL (Cap: >>7266636)

>>7266402 ————————————–——– Psalm 78:45

>>7261689 ————————————–——– When you control the media, you control public opinion. (Cap: >>7262652)

>>7261585 ————————————–——– Logical Q. (Cap: >>7261896)

>>7261386 ————————————–——– Logical Q. (Cap: >>7261927)

>>7261101 rt >>7261053 ————————— News unlocks…

>>7260977 rt >>7260840 ————————— Watch the news this week.

>>7260927 rt >>7260748 ————————— D_party voter corruption on display.

>>7260840 ————————————–——– Hunters become the HUNTED. (Cap: >>7260872)

>>7260547 ————————————–——– Prepare for 'VOTER ID = voter suppression of minority vote'.

>>7260462 ————————————–——– Twitter repost of Voter ID Q proof image. (Cap: >>7260495)

>>7260327 rt >>7260223 ————————— Voter ID Q Proof: WWG1WGA

>>7260295 ————————————–——– Re-read past drops re: VOTER ID.

>>7255145 rt >>7255097 ————————— Unrelated but worth noting

>>>/patriotsfight/475 ——————————–– [(3), D-g 1-2H, insert_key (Cap: >>7255483, >>7259015)

>>>/patriotsfight/474 ——————————–– [_Hot 8, _Hot 9, _Red_Red_y_, _Freedom_mark1-99_y, PC_sigD, Conf_net[w1] (Cap: >>7255467)

>>>/patriotsfight/473 ——————————–– [Package D-g, [Route_REL_29182_y], 00:00:00+4, 00:00:00+3, 00:00:00+2 (Cap: >>7255460)

>>>/patriotsfight/472 ——————————–– [Placeholder - [DECLAS] Exculpatory Evidence [Illegal Hold-Non_Report] FISA_T_SURV] (Cap: >>7255458)

Monday 07.29.2019

>>7252880 rt >>7252871 ————————— AMERICA IS BACK!

>>7252803 rt >>7252787 ————————— WWG1WGA!!!

>>7252772 ————————————–——– (Cap: It's all about the details : >>7252804)

>>7247581 ————————————–——– Epstein in danger of being murdered before trial says victims' lawyer (Cap: >>7247606)

>>7247095 ————————————–——– Speed accelerated +5. Coats Before Declas. (Cap: >>7247114)

>>7245687 ————————————–——– Good crop this season? (Cap: >>7245702, >>7245761 vid)

>>7246642 ————————————–——– law.CORNell.edu/wex/exculpatory (Cap: >>7248602)

>>7245314 ————————————–——– No coverage by US MSM? (Cap: >>7245363)

>>7245008 rt >>7244956 ————————— They are powerless

>>7244873 ————————————–——– We now have plenty of space. (Cap: >>7244917)

>>7243904 rt >>7243889 ————————— Future marker.

>>7243859 ————————————–——– Thank you for confirming…. (Cap: >>7243906)

>>7243694 rt >>7243655 ————————— Anons crashed the site.

>>7243401 ————————————–——– Who represents Maryland in the House/Senate? (Caps: >>7243442 , >>7243587)

>>7243093 ————————————–——– Think 2020.

Sunday 07.28.2019

Compiled here: >>7262025

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>>7079301, >>7079338 BO summarizes bread reversion, no more captcha, and continued notables thread >>7003045

Bakers: Do not add Q's non-tripcoded posts to the dough

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are not endorsements


>>7271290, >>7271350 Planefag update

>>7271505 Former Amazon Engineer Arrested In Massive Capital One Hack

>>7271347 TRAFFICKING PROFILE Grassley article

>>7271252 Army tweets/Army values

>>7271509 New Moon is at 11.11pm July 31st

>>7271068 Elizabeth Warren Confirms She’d Decriminalize Illegal Border Crossings If Elected President

>>7271019, >>7271022, >>7271057 Opus Bono/Sandy Hook connection?diggz

>>7270959 North Korea 'fires two ballistic missiles' in second missile launch in a week

>>7271583 #9303


>>7270276 Boatfag update

>>7270309 Jamal Place/HRC diggz

>>7270571 @USArmy twit

>>7270555 2005 Epstein diggz

>>7270440 Church of the Apostles is found

>>7270421 PapaD twit: transcripts out tomorrow, WW involvement

>>7270253 UK's role in Russia probe in US

>>7270222 drop out rate d/t immigrant influx

>>7270776 #9302


>>7269522 Planefag update

>>7269602 Boatfag update

>>7269979 Don Jr. "never go full commie"

>>7269878 Hong Kong Stocks Slump as Tropical Storm Threatens to Close Market Early

>>7269722, >>7269788 Sir Captain John Smith diggz/POTUS mention

>>7269610, >>7269637, >>7269811, >>7269867 EPSTEIN MESSAGE IMAGES

>>7269473 vid POTUS talking retweets

>>7269557 TransUnion Pres/CEO sold $3.66m in shares- July 29

>>7269455 Senate on Tuesday night approved President Trump's pick for the No. 2 Pentagon post.

>>7269407 POTUS is the honorary chairperson of the RED CROSS Board of Governors

>>7270079 #9301



>>7269139 2008 Economic Crisis Has Resulted In A Generation Of Millennial Renters

>>7269010 one man helped create YMCA, Red Cross, Geneva Convention

>>7268883 Twatter Director David Rosenblatt sold $1.60m in shares-July 26

>>7268812 Call to diggz! Betsy Ebeling

>>7268794 NorthStar Real Estate Trust digs

>>7268751 Ex-Hassan aide pleads guilty to helping hide evidence on leaking of GOP senators' information

>>7268734 POTUS Schedule for Wednesday, July 31, 2019

>>7269314 #9300

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38e8ef () No. 7271632

e5631f () No. 7271649



38e8ef () No. 7271655





571c34 () No. 7271659

patriots bake qbabies!

cbc124 () No. 7271660

6c8a49 () No. 7271661

3a448e () No. 7271662

5d232a () No. 7271663


Same fag detected

38e8ef () No. 7271664

Q & Q+


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a44d17 () No. 7271665

ca0c83 () No. 7271666

>>7271609 (lb)

>Thanks for the reply.

You are very welcome.

>I went from abysmally apolitical to pro-Q+!

I think that is normal for many anons (myself included). We (I) just got so fed up with the obvious lies, double-speak, corruption. That we (I) decided it wasn't warth wasting energy on. Then Q showed up and everything changed.

Kek. The newest of the newfags. Welcome to the war fren :)

37a77d () No. 7271667


You da man baker, ty

2e3cc9 () No. 7271668


dbf9f4 () No. 7271669

Thank you, Baker!

a91635 () No. 7271670

f9e75b () No. 7271671


7 And there came war in the heaven; Michael and his messengers did war against the dragon, and the dragon did war, and his messengers, 

8 and tkey did not prevail, nor was their place found any more in the heaven; 

9 and the great dragon was cast forth – the old serpent, whu is called `Devil,' and `the Adversary,' who is leading astray the whole world – he was cast forth to the earth, and his messengers were cast forth with him.

GOD wins~

9b06f9 () No. 7271672

Manhattan Melodrama was just on tcm too

anons should check it out


823ab3 () No. 7271673

>>7271654 (lb)

<anyone I disagree with is mossad

oh, you're that boomer trying to fit in

get a new line then kys nigger

62b9ca () No. 7271674

See something Say something?


Do not turn your neighbor in to the state.

Take the state of corruption down.

390695 () No. 7271675

Spain’s second largest bank under investigation in massive espionage scandal


9b06f9 () No. 7271676

a91635 () No. 7271677

38e8ef () No. 7271678


JUSTICE is here.

ed912d () No. 7271679

Declass Wednesday Trump Assassination Thwarted?

Are you Awake? Can you see the signs of a secret battle going on between the DEM communists and the GOP facists; before our eyes battling for control over America. Known as Faction 1 and Faction 2, the same secret war between Coke and Pepsi, or between McDonalds and Burger King.

The same black and white checkerboard operation of the Freemasons. Most of the mases are asleep and standing right in the crossfire. Read and Understand this Sequence of Events–

JULY 2ND – There was a story that the Navy fired and hit a Russian Sub off the coast of Alaska; and Russia reported that they sunk a US submarine. The news said a Russian sub caught fire killing 14 Russian sailors, sounds more like a torpedo than a ship fire. Well maybe that misisng sunk navy sub was actually one operated by rougue CIA or Mossad; firing on a Russian Sub to start World War III. Trump recently did remove a Navy Officer as his Secretary of Defense and installed an Army Officer Mark Esper, could the Navy no longer be trusted?

JULY 8TH – Epstein is arrested, Read our previous Article on the real purpose of the Epstein operation, being illegal Nuclear Arms Trade; covered up as the media will only discuss pedo.

JULY 13TH – House votes to pass a bill in favor of what??? Broadcasting online from Guantanamo Prison, will there be public trials coming soon?

JULY 15TH – Department of Homeland Security announces they will install Nuclear Detectors at Ports and Border Crossings, this comes out of Los Angeles, Q has been saying, keep an eye on the Port of Long Beach.

JULY 23RD – We learned that the Army Helicopters were suddenly operating over the skies of Washington DC as part of a Classified Domestic Blackhawk Mission, to protect the president from ISIS Snipers. The helicopters were launched to take the high ground from potential snipers on building tops; and you can bet that those buildings are continually being monitored now.

JULY 25TH – Twenty-Three navy seals, a platoon is sent home, we are told they were drunk in Iraq; but leaks claim they were smuggling ISIS snipers into the USA through our southern border.

JULY 25TH – William Barr re-instates the Death Penalty, including for the crime of High Treason.

JULY 25TH – Busy day, Hit attempt to take out Jeffrey Epstein.

JULY 26TH – Sixteen Marines are arrested, Near the Southern Border, for Child Traffiking we are told, again leaks said they were to pick up the ISIS snipers at the border and bring them to Washington DC to eliminate President Trump.

JULY 28TH – Dan Coates is forced to step down as Director of National Intelligence, connected to the assasination attempt maybe? Trump had already pulled the security clearance of John Brennen. All seems like treachery from within.

JULY 31ST – Tommorrow Wednesday, it appears that with all these threats against the President, they have been moved up the timeline to July instead of August. We should see DECLASS WEDNESDAY for some documents; and shortly after that the arrest of Comey and Brennen, maybe others, dare we see Clinton-Bush-Obama arrests in our lifetime?

Across the USA there are over 100,000 sealed indictments, the normal number is around 10,000. We could receive a whitehouse txt alert and mass arrests. Strap on your seat belt, could be a wild ride.


1d92af () No. 7271680


Heres the reality

The elite are still completely untouchable

Anyone who went to jail is either a pawn in a illuminati civil war

Or someone who pissed off the true elite

I think the last batch of puppets got too arrogant ie hillary


And let us know

They are now scrambling to keep the lid on the pot

And keep us all in line

I think they will probably suceed for now

God doesnt really seem to care

7a3b62 () No. 7271681


Concern fagging are we?

122c70 () No. 7271682


Thank you for identifying yourself early in the bread.

43c6a4 () No. 7271683

Be vigilant ….Know your surroundings …Fluff your pillows and get comfy

29596a () No. 7271684

>>7271499 (LB)

Focus and Stay the Course. This is what Q Trained us for. Chilled

a91635 () No. 7271685

7aba8c () No. 7271687

squares -> rows -> indices

values constrained to factorise

38e8ef () No. 7271688


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

823ab3 () No. 7271689


No, declas is delayed. Just stating facts.


You too boomer. I don't stay for long here anymoar, just lurk a few times a day if possible.

3d1155 () No. 7271690

For Morale!


895bde () No. 7271691

>>7269876 (pb)

Told Anderson Pooper that we need a "moral uprising." Guess she doesn't realize that we already have it in MAGA, and that her kind are toast! Still, hilarious to hear the Satanists speak about morality.

f63789 () No. 7271692

This must be some heavy stuff that’s gonna be declass’d if Q team is worried about the cabal pulling a FF in the next 24 hours..

e7f119 () No. 7271693

They will FF the next dem debate by a guy in a MAGA hat and then Michelle O will announce her run.

823ab3 () No. 7271694


Aren't you an illegal spic?

38e8ef () No. 7271695

1d92af () No. 7271696







No fucking shit hes evil

Pure evil?

No idea

I dont think he rapes kids or anything

But hes worse than the pedos

Raping kids is bad

But is it worse than mass slavery


Human experimentation

Kids being hurt tugs at the heart strings

And yes its evil

But there is worse

234b19 () No. 7271697

292c8f () No. 7271698

390695 () No. 7271699

Homeland Security to Issue Hacking Alert for Small Planes


7348d1 () No. 7271700


screencap? what's your sauce?

e6b679 () No. 7271701

ed912d () No. 7271702

It’s Deceptive to Talk About a ‘Cycle of Violence’ in Hong Kong

The popular Western mainstream media outlet Reuters published a very misleading piece over the weekend that deceptively described the latest events in Hong Kong as a “cycle of violence,” inaccurately implying that the recent disturbances are partially the fault of the city’s police.

The article, “Protesters clash in Hong Kong as cycle of violence intensifies,” paints a sympathetic picture of the rioters who have tried to wreak havoc across the municipality over the past two months while ignoring the commendable restraint and patience of the law enforcement representatives tasked with keeping the peace.

The subtext is that the police’s supposedly excessive response to the so-called protesters is contributing to a “cycle of violence,” suggesting that the city should just stand back and let rioters run wild across town until they finally get what they want.

That would be absolutely irresponsible because no country – including Western leaders such as the U.S. and France – would allow such a scenario to materialize since it’s the responsibility of the state to keep the majority of law-abiding and peaceful citizens safe from the violent vanguard of political radicals who are attacking public property, disturbing the peace and intimidating others.

The deplorable events of early July are etched in everyone’s mind after hooligans stormed the legislative building, vandalized the premises and even raised the city’s colonial-era flag in the clearest sign yet of their regressive political agenda, yet even then the police reacted responsibly and went to great lengths to ensure that the situation was defused as peacefully and realistically as possible under those tense circumstances.

Instead of lauding law enforcement representatives for their professional handling of the situation, Western mainstream media outlets spun conspiracy theories speculating about why the police didn’t use more forceful means.

Evidently, many Western political observers have been unpleasantly surprised by how the city has dealt with recent events, hence why Reuters, for example, is now trying to imply without any evidence whatsoever that law enforcement representatives are partially responsible for a “cycle of violence.”

This is a similarly deceptive narrative as the one that’s regularly propagated against the authorities in many non-Western countries whenever politically motivated protests in the main urban areas descend into anti-state violence and rioting, making it seem like the same perception management playbook is now being applied against Hong Kong.


292c8f () No. 7271703

38e8ef () No. 7271704

864f68 () No. 7271705



MPs call for dedicated police for violent schools

1d92af () No. 7271706


>This must be some heavy stuff that’s gonna be declass’d if Q team is worried about the cabal pulling a FF in the next 24 hours..



I hate my life and im tortured every day

And if the cabal wins the npcs will suffer greatly

Sure why not

e7f119 () No. 7271707

What if the 24 hour warning is Q speaking to the cabal?

2e0927 () No. 7271708


a44d17 () No. 7271709


yeah… 24 from that post… the next debate will be wrapped up….


823ab3 () No. 7271710


That meme saying someone is anti-semitic if they question israel is anti-semitic

292c8f () No. 7271711

9b06f9 () No. 7271712

8e63ce () No. 7271713

>>7271269 (lb) Goodwill Hunting

>>7271100 (lb) Don't live a life of service. Have sex, incel.

>>7271521 (lb) NSA are the bad guys

Robin Williams gets called out several times by Damon's Will character to find a new woman to get remarried. They help each other with their stubbornness to get out there and get bitches. Robin's character goes to travel the world but he doesn't have that "character arch" until later on. In the meantime, there is some subtle not so subtle coding. The words in white stand out the most. In the first shot, it says "Dying," and in the second, wider shot, it says "am dying." lol Basically you're dying if you aren't banging pussy even when you're old and widowed. Instead of getting checkmated by Will recycling the doctor's logic right back at him, he calls for time.

Will actually ends it for good with his booty call sex partner over the phone and sits outside on a bench to contemplate his life which is actually a pretty smart and based move. She wanted him to go to California with her to be with her while she learns something that he already gets, to just be her side kick to distract her from the stress. She's rich and doing it anyway. Her dad died when she was twelve… The movie is trying to paint this as a bad move and that he should be with her which would mean not being in service to his fellow man and mankind but to a confused, needy woman.

8b2f75 () No. 7271714


that was kind of what I was thinking

0d2bbe () No. 7271715

1d92af () No. 7271716


Daily reminder that trump himself says criticizing israel is anti semetic

6c8a49 () No. 7271717

292c8f () No. 7271718

3d52c6 () No. 7271719


Thank For The Reminder!

Stay Safe.

Spreading The Word

43567d () No. 7271720

JSDF plane turned off its radar at 3325ft and 136 knots in front of an airport in godknowswhere near tuscon.

864f68 () No. 7271721



VG Siddhartha: Cafe Coffee Day tycoon's body found

ce54ac () No. 7271722

e5631f () No. 7271723



top kek!


ty anon

ed912d () No. 7271724

US And Italy To Conduct Open Skies Spy Missions Over Russia

About a week after a Russian spy plane was spotted over Quebec, a Canadian Province, conducting surveillance operations under the Treaty on Open Skies, a new report specifies the US and Italy are currently flying reconnaissance planes over Russia under the treaty.

On July 22, Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) reported that a modified Russian military Tu-154M-Lk-1 aircraft would be conducting a 3,800-mile surveillance operation between 22 and 28 of July. Red Star said the route had been agreed on with Canadian officials and that officials will be on board to monitor systems that will be taking images of the country's military sites.

With the Russian surveillance operation over Canada wrapped up, a new report from TASS News indicates US and Italian Armed Forces are now conducting Open Skies observation missions over Russia through August 02.

It has also been reported that Russia will conduct surveillance operations over Norway, Red Star said Monday, citing Acting Chief of the National Nuclear Risk Reduction Center Ruslan Shishin.

"Russia plans to conduct an observation flight over Norway in accordance with the Open Skies Treaty using an Antonov An-30 survey aircraft. The flight will be carried out from the Bardufoss Open Skies airfield between July 29 and August 2," the newspaper wrote.

"At the same time… the United States and Italy will carry out a joint observation mission over Russia from the Kubinka airfield on an OC-135B Open Skies United States Air Force observation aircraft."


a44d17 () No. 7271725

b0b7f5 () No. 7271726


piss off angle.

292c8f () No. 7271727

38e8ef () No. 7271728

3a448e () No. 7271729

43567d () No. 7271730


*transponder , sorry.

37a77d () No. 7271731

US And Italy To Conduct Open Skies Spy Missions Over Russia

About a week after a Russian spy plane was spotted over Quebec, a Canadian Province, conducting surveillance operations under the Treaty on Open Skies, a new report specifies the US and Italy are currently flying reconnaissance planes over Russia under the treaty.

On July 22, Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) reported that a modified Russian military Tu-154M-Lk-1 aircraft would be conducting a 3,800-mile surveillance operation between 22 and 28 of July. Red Star said the route had been agreed on with Canadian officials and that officials will be on board to monitor systems that will be taking images of the country's military sites.

With the Russian surveillance operation over Canada wrapped up, a new report from TASS News indicates US and Italian Armed Forces are now conducting Open Skies observation missions over Russia through August 02.

It has also been reported that Russia will conduct surveillance operations over Norway, Red Star said Monday, citing Acting Chief of the National Nuclear Risk Reduction Center Ruslan Shishin.

"Russia plans to conduct an observation flight over Norway in accordance with the Open Skies Treaty using an Antonov An-30 survey aircraft. The flight will be carried out from the Bardufoss Open Skies airfield between July 29 and August 2," the newspaper wrote.

"At the same time… the United States and Italy will carry out a joint observation mission over Russia from the Kubinka airfield on an OC-135B Open Skies United States Air Force observation aircraft."

In June, we reported that Russia conducted 3,188 miles of surveillance flights with an An-30B observation aircraft under the treaty.

Red Star said the flight route was agreed upon by the US government, had US aviation officials onboard the plane to oversee the surveillance equipment and compliance with the provisions of the treaty

Thanks to internet sleuths, the specifications of the Russian surveillance equipment for the planes were made public in April. The imagery can be 1.6 miles to 7.4 miles wide, depending on the altitude.

In March, a Russian reconnaissance plane snapped pictures of Nellis Test and Training Range — also known as Area 51, per the treaty.

The surveillance flights are intended at increasing transparency in terms of the party states' military activities.

The Treaty on Open Skies entered force in 2002. The treaty includes 34 countries, among them, most NATO members, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden and Finland. The purpose of the treaty is to develop trust between the countries through checks and balances.

With the world on the brink of a military conflict following escalating tensions in the Strait of Hormuz, the South China Sea and NATO/Russia border, the geopolitical powder-kegs are already lit.


48619b () No. 7271732

234b19 () No. 7271733


Think of it as a

Cycle of Anti-semitism.

ca0c83 () No. 7271734



You sure about that? (vid related)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

efbf01 () No. 7271735

9b06f9 () No. 7271736

Only A Day Away

e7f119 () No. 7271737


No source, just a thought. Anything to make us look bad.

e6b679 () No. 7271738

ab6ae1 () No. 7271739



Say it ain't so.


42eb47 () No. 7271740


Hey Julio, knock it off. Reconciliation is a very Catholic sacrament. You're going to start a fight bringing it up again.

38e8ef () No. 7271741

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

122c70 () No. 7271742

84332c () No. 7271743

48619b () No. 7271744

43567d () No. 7271745


Its Anjel….

a44d17 () No. 7271746



They gonna play the Omar/Tlaib/Qatar card?

ead1d7 () No. 7271747


Oh goodie…They want to clone Dillinger no doubt.

fb3a55 () No. 7271748

We Are The News

Fake News We Reject You!

'''TRUTH is a SPIRITUAL currency.

With it we buy a PRECIOUS future of lasting HOPE & PEACE.

For the truly awoken Man Or Woman is surely the richest of all.


Yet purchase a PRICELESS FREEDOM for their minds on Earth today.'''

The Great Awakening….Is THE treasure Ship Of TRUTH.


48619b () No. 7271749

1d92af () No. 7271750

Honestly i really hope Q is the real deal

Because if they are

I will sue them until they cant even feed their kids

Then ill use that money to neet forever

Ill feel 0 guilt either as you did torture me for a year..

43c6a4 () No. 7271751

Why put 24 hour warning in the kill box ?

a971b9 () No. 7271752


Someone should pull the fire alarm or something early on to keep this FF from happening.

48619b () No. 7271754

292c8f () No. 7271755

ab6ae1 () No. 7271756



ed912d () No. 7271757

Democrats have secretly schemed to destroy every major city in America

A primary pillar of Cultural Marxism is the insidious destruction of every urban area in the USA

Then, the major metro areas can be transformed into highly degraded sanctuary cities as a prelude to creating whole sanctuary states like California.

However, this fastidiously implemented conspiracy over many decades has only the Democrats as the bad guys. In point of fact, the Republican side of the counterfeit coin also plays an integral part in this extremely destructive plot to collapse the American Republic from within.

So, again, President Trump is completely right when he says that Democrat administrations across the country have systematically destroyed the great urban centers like Baltimore. But many devastated cities such a Detroit and Chicago also have major Republican political and business players who have greatly contributed to the unrelenting devastation.

Although he’s not a Republican, Jared Kushner does work for a GOP administration and look what he’s responsible for in Baltimore as a major slumlord:

What’s the critical point here?

Where inveterate Trump defender Dan Bongino is totally right about the Democrats wrecking and ruining cities everywhere, there are many rich Republican landlords and businessmen who are enabled by the ultra-liberal municipal regimes. See: “Liberals have destroyed and decimated these cities!”

In fact, many neo-liberals are actually RINOs as well as former conservatives in name only who take advantage of this domestic form of disaster capitalism to MAKE LOTS OF MONEY as a result of the chaos created by the Democrats.

Truly, there are very good reasons why the Democrat mascot is a donkey. Elected representatives like Elijah Cummings prove time and again that they are exceedingly stupid asses by the way that they govern and lead their communities to ruination and despair.

Race card

The best indication of this institutional stupidity (i.e. Democrat Party) is their collective propensity to reflexively pull out the race card whenever they have been caught with their pants down.

Cummings has been caught with his pants down so many times that all he ever does is loudly scream “R A C I S M”. Representing the disaster area known as Baltimore, he has cynical reasons to call the POTUS a racist since this is the only way he can deflect attention from his utter incompetence and proven complicity.


a44d17 () No. 7271758


Put down the MAGA Glowalition.

It's rotting your brain.

42eb47 () No. 7271759


Fat chance. Pretty sure Kamama is packing at all times.

ca0c83 () No. 7271760


It was dubs. Only reason I replied to the shill.

But thanks for the heads up. Kek

48619b () No. 7271761

0930de () No. 7271773

f00097 () No. 7271762

>>7260547 pb

>Prepare for 'VOTER ID = voter suppression of minority vote'.


Yet it's the best way to stop illegal votes and Russian or other entity interference in our elections..

37a77d () No. 7271763


you were first fren

a5621c () No. 7271764


TYB!! Love me some u, fren

1d92af () No. 7271765

Lmao Q and his demon squad really think people will take the bait again

Are there even people here Q

f33980 () No. 7271767

Yahoo is no longer allowing youtube vid links.

the are censoring under the "network error" but I only get teh network error when linking certain places.

The vid in question is this "http://youtu.be/RnuwWJdOG7M"

if anyone here posts to yahoo comments, can you run a test using the link on DNC debate articles

a44d17 () No. 7271769

a91635 () No. 7271770

3f283a () No. 7271772

This dig is incredible. Stunning.

Has done that most valuable of all tasks– FOLLOWED THE MONEY

This is how Soros and others are making the US pay for attacks on ourselves:






https://archive.fo/N0eNu (pic related)

7348d1 () No. 7271771


possibly because that's the end.

message to [[[THEM]]]

292c8f () No. 7271774

ead1d7 () No. 7271775


If that happens…Can I say "I told ya so"?


38e8ef () No. 7271776

e7f119 () No. 7271777


They’ll say racist trump stoked all this hate against blacks which is why they went after kamala or some bs.

1d92af () No. 7271778

What the fuck is a maga coalition

7f7120 () No. 7271779

God bless POTUS.

823ab3 () No. 7271780



Both of you are probably anti-semitic for say that idk though who knows

48619b () No. 7271782



2618fd () No. 7271783


Pinal Airport…it's going to the 'boneyard'???

292c8f () No. 7271784

Pedo Symbols 🔥

7aba8c () No. 7271785

I believe in Q.

823ab3 () No. 7271786

de56b9 () No. 7271787



3aa8d0 () No. 7271788

Q are we still supposed to be trusting WRAY? Or is he another short timer like COATS? He's portrayed more and more like a Deep State actor?


2be955 () No. 7271789


Then ill use that money to neet forever

what's a "neet" (just asking for a friend)

7348d1 () No. 7271791



1d92af () No. 7271792


Nah i got jewish family

Im only mildly anti semetic

I hate new york banker jews

Ans the state of israel

Or anyone famous whos jewish

Goyim,jews are ok

1101cb () No. 7271793

"The Great Gig in the Sky" performed by Brit Floyd - the Pink Floyd tribute show

And, yes, she nails the Clare Torry vocals.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f794ec () No. 7271794



e06f9f () No. 7271796

8aaeb5 () No. 7271797

>>7271649 Good job Baker

1d92af () No. 7271798


It means im gonna sit on my ass 4 chan style

ed912d () No. 7271799

Hierarchy in the Church of Satan

Registered Member (no degree)

Active Member—Satanist (First Degree)

Witch/Warlock (Second Degree)

Priestess/Priest (Third Degree)

Magistra/Magister (Fourth Degree)

Maga/Magus (Fifth Degree)


These are the individuals who act as spokespersons for the philosophy of the Church of Satan, which include the titles of “Priest”/“Priestess,” “Magister”/“Magistra,” “Magus”/“Maga.” Members of the Priesthood make up the Council of Nine, which is the ruling body of the organization, appointed by and responsible to the High Priest/Priestess. The Order of the Trapezoid consists of the individuals who assist in the administration of the Church of Satan. Members of our Priesthood are people of accomplishment in the real world—they have mastered skills and have won peer recognition, which is how they have attained their position—“as above, so below.” They are “movers and shakers” who are the core of our movement. While expected to be experts in communicating our philosophy, they are not required to speak on our behalf and they may even choose to keep their affiliation and rank secret, in order to better serve their personal goals, as well as those of our organization. Thus, you may (even as a member), encounter members of our Priesthood and never know it.

Membership in the Priesthood is by invitation only. The old truism “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it” is certainly highly pertinent to our Priesthood. Words to the wise: Do not ask “How do I become a Priest?”


ead1d7 () No. 7271800


Anyone know when that timer started?

4fd389 () No. 7271802


Thank you, Baker.

5abe37 () No. 7271801

2e0927 () No. 7271803


292c8f () No. 7271804

'UFO Armada': Dozens of Flying Lights Spotted by Onlookers Over Wyoming (Video)

According to the video’s description, a person who witnessed this event said that the mysterious objects looked like some kind of craft and moved across the sky in complete silence.

It appears that marching into Area 51 to "see them aliens", as one Facebook joke event suggests, might be unnecessary as a peculiar event which, according to conspiracy theorists, looks like a mass UFO sighting, was recently reported in the US state of Wyoming.

According to the description on the Hidden Underbelly 2.0 YouTube channel where the video was uploaded, this phenomenon was observed on 26 July over the city of Casper.

If the eyewitness’ testimony presented in the description is to be believed, the objects featured in the video “weren’t orbs” but rather looked "like crafts", and they moved in complete silence.

"I figured if they were drones I would have heard the propellers but I have no idea what it was, it was a trip", the eyewitness added, as quoted by the YouTube channel’s owner.

Meanwhile, another alleged UFO sighting was recently reported on the very doorstep of Area 51, with the video of this encounter also being made public on YouTube.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a4b407 () No. 7271805


Virgin Australia quietly building a flightschool to train military aged pilots from the People's Republic of China:


823ab3 () No. 7271806




What's that like?


>Im only mildly anti semetic

KEK, that's still anti-semitic

37a77d () No. 7271807


can see that habbening. It "rides" in to rescue them except to we get the gender reveal before or…..

8b2f75 () No. 7271808


>Yahoo is no longer allowing youtube vid links.

sometimes the channel owner restricts links posted in the comments. the owner has to approve them if that is the case

e5631f () No. 7271810

1d92af () No. 7271811

8aaeb5 () No. 7271812

d73b8b () No. 7271813


Is there a reason the Pope is still rocking pedo symbols in 2019 even though Wikileaks and the F_I have declassified the symbols 2007 and WLmade them public in 2016?

9e2268 () No. 7271814


What about the Rockefellers, the Ford Foundation and the push to legalize birth control?

Who used to live in those cities?

930169 () No. 7271815

That earlier picture has me bugged … anons we all saw that bug on POTUS this morning … hope it was a bee. Not shopped!

48619b () No. 7271816




3a448e () No. 7271817


We gotta stay frosty.

Those sneaky little fuckers can come from anywhere

2be955 () No. 7271818



43567d () No. 7271819


Japan got brand new 777-300's for their JSDF-1 replacement earlier this year.


584a5f () No. 7271820

292c8f () No. 7271821

0d2bbe () No. 7271822


Double Tanks!!

38e8ef () No. 7271824

1741c2 () No. 7271825

c83181 () No. 7271826

What do you think would be more alarming to the public?

Q reveal?



1d92af () No. 7271827


See thats funny

Cuz i assume youre gaslighting me

I smoke enough weed to kill a horse

And im nothing like towlie

0ac9d4 () No. 7271828

>>7271105 pb

>[24hr Warning]

>Be vigilant.

>See something.

>Say something.

>Know your surroundings at all times.


Nothing is going to happen within [24 hours] …. as usual.

Fear porn again?

Distraction from another day/week/month/year of zero results?

Would Trump rile up his supporters like this for no reason?

Red flag that Q is full of shit.

Watch for a nuthingberder distraction picture tomorrow at this time, when Q's fear porn post turns to shit.

20d91f () No. 7271829

Today's date = 23

Search Pain and look at the timestamps with 23.





Post #'s with Pain and 23




a4b407 () No. 7271830


Still here.

dd4df8 () No. 7271831

122c70 () No. 7271832


Will people ever stop putting titles on the wrong side of the book?

6c8a49 () No. 7271833

faggots ned to learn to read between the lines.

see the Z?

16f595 () No. 7271834

29596a () No. 7271835


Light it

e5631f () No. 7271836

43c6a4 () No. 7271837


Big Mikes package shown

864f68 () No. 7271838



The Vatican Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples has established an institute in Macau to give a boost to the mission “ad gentes” of the Catholic Church in Asia.

After an audience with Pope Francis on Monday, Cardinal Fernando Filoni, the Prefect of the Congregation, signed a decree establishing the “Redemptoris Mater College for Evangelization in Asia”, reported the Vatican’s Fides news agency. The administration of the institute has been entrusted to the Neocatechumenal Way.

The College aims to prepare future priests for evangelization in Asia, accompanying them "in the life of prayer and the theological and cardinal virtues, with a serious commitment to philosophical and theological studies and to an action of itinerant evangelization".

The priests formed in the institute "may be sent, according to the Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, to the requesting dioceses", in different Asian territories and nations, according to the pastoral needs of those who request them.

9e2268 () No. 7271839


Bergoglio is an Antipope. A puppet of the Cabal.

2e3cc9 () No. 7271840

we are about to see all of our work come to fruition this next month are you anons ready because i think it is tome to Buckle up WWG1WGA

5c2e49 () No. 7271841


Sacrifice Bernie

742322 () No. 7271842

f63789 () No. 7271843

e422e1 () No. 7271844

>>7271163 (LB)

Breakfast + Bourne = This?

96fbd2 () No. 7271845


>Welcome to the war fren :)

seconded Welcome =)

614949 () No. 7271846




43567d () No. 7271847


This plane specifically is marked 20-1101 7474C

"Japan Airlines provided ground support services for the aircraft until December 2010, shortly prior to JAL's retirement of its 747 fleet. Since December 2010, these services have been provided by Nippon Cargo Airlines.[15] In July 2019, both aircraft were sold to American company CSDS Asset Management LLC, a subsidiary of CSDS Aircraft Sales & Leasing Inc, based in Rolling Hills Estates, California. 20-1102 became N7477C and 20-1101 is slated to become N7474C. Both aircraft are being considered for Cargo conversion by Bedek/ IAI."

1101cb () No. 7271848


Your other right

62b9ca () No. 7271849

“I see the bad moon arising.

I see trouble on the way.

I see earthquakes and lightnin'.

I see bad times today.

Don't go around tonight,

Well, it's bound to take your life,

There's a bad moon on the rise.

I hear hurricanes ablowing.

I know the end is coming soon.

I fear rivers over flowing.

I hear the voice of rage and ruin.

Don't go around tonight,

Well, it's bound to take your life,

There's a bad moon on the rise.

All right!

Hope you got your things together.

Hope you are quite prepared to die.

Looks like we're in for nasty weather.

One eye is taken for an eye.

Don't go around tonight,

Well, it's bound to take your life,

There's a bad moon on the rise.

Don't go around tonight,

Well, it's bound to take your life,

There's a bad moon on the rise.”

c83181 () No. 7271850


I wouldn't be here if I didn't..

292c8f () No. 7271851

e5631f () No. 7271852


She should announce her package first!

0d2bbe () No. 7271853


Boom, Boom Soul Brahda!

930169 () No. 7271854


It sure do

42eb47 () No. 7271855


Agreed that's what they'll say. But they won't do shit. They been reduced to setting themselves on fire and shooting rockets into the sea. Everything they do has failed for months.

8b2f75 () No. 7271856


I think your post sucks, but I can't pass up the opportunity to post one of my favorite similar pics

1d92af () No. 7271857


As usual

Lets play a game

What is trump doing currently that Q doesnt want his cult to see

Last time it was the bill to give the cia a liscense to commit war crimes

a44d17 () No. 7271859

a5621c () No. 7271858


Just by the way you stated that, I can tell ur antisemitic.



You’re both big time antisemites. Not cool. Jews don’t control anything. That’s a baseless conspiracy theory and everyone knows this already.

Now I either say you are a boomer (cus we all know how many boomers chan), or I will say u live in your mom’s basement because thats the only other form of ridicule I’m creative enough to think up.

84260c () No. 7271860

128d66 () No. 7271861


Another NPC that can't recognize itself.

No problem guy we get your kind in here all the time, see picture

1f2516 () No. 7271862


Good point. Probably referring to (their) plans.

Q has used the term "chatter" before, about their plans to do something dangerous. I assume that term means intelligence we intercepted from their communications.

>Panic in DC. EXTREME chatter.

0ca751 () No. 7271863


I saw the video of it, looks like a fly and it landed in his hair just above his forehead. Stayed there for about 10-15 seconds until he turned his head to the side. Doesn't appear to ever land on his skin, nor did he appear to notice it.

029174 () No. 7271864

@ Q team

In regards to 24hr warning (post 3566).

There was a post on reddit r/occult earlier today talking about RHP mass shooting, it was oddly worded, in the form of a question. If I remember correctly it asked when the next one would happen. Potential signal/communication/trigger to someone?

It had a picture of baphomet attached. I am not making this up.

The post was quickly removed. I honestly didn’t think much of it until seeing your warning. Might be unrelated. I hope it helps.


37a77d () No. 7271866


kek! I would too


292c8f () No. 7271867



Define the word “racist” because I don’t think it means what most think it means.

0d2bbe () No. 7271868


Conservative Christian Democrat!

b01884 () No. 7271869


the lady boy there pulled that out of you for the 839th time in a week, thats how gay you are, thats my prediction, your a faggot

1d92af () No. 7271870


Youre right

Jews as a whole control nothing

But rich jewish banking families control most of the world

As well as wealthy arabs catholics and europeans

38e8ef () No. 7271871


You know what it is Anon.

The fly don't lie.

3f283a () No. 7271872





The more the Democrats talk, the more you realize President Trump is actually running against Reagan's 1984 electoral college landslide victory.

California is in play.

Trump is dismantling the Democratic Party, and they don't even know it.


292c8f () No. 7271873

8aaeb5 () No. 7271874

>>7271785 I believe in Miracles

1, 2, 3, GO!

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

e5631f () No. 7271875


Great memes!

ty anon

9ee1a4 () No. 7271876



ead1d7 () No. 7271877


Only if you read right to left.

Which is the entire Middle East.

The West reads from left to right.

We do it better.

7677b7 () No. 7271878



> FF @ Dem debate?

And CNN is hosting…

Plausible dead cat bounce..

9138cf () No. 7271879


I'll be damned an anti semite jew.

Is that you Mike? Kek.

1d92af () No. 7271880


Im the furthest thing from a npc lmao

If you met me irl youd understand

The teachers hated me in,school

ca0c83 () No. 7271881


I think all of them equally.

Think about it. No matter which one of them happens first the implications would be huge.

It would prove, to the public (normies), that this is not a LARP.

Think about all that we know now. All of it would have to be re-evaluated by the normies, like we did when we first too the red pill.

There will be no denying the storm by the normies anymore.

d2a8cb () No. 7271882

a5621c () No. 7271883


I luh me sum hotep. Dude is so based, turning point had to keep him out.

btw, what turning point did to the presidemtial insignia when trump spoke there a week or so ago, was not ok at all.

f794ec () No. 7271885

29596a () No. 7271886


They all end up in the same place

292c8f () No. 7271887

e7f119 () No. 7271888


No real warning message should ever be written in a poor man’s comic sans font.

7677b7 () No. 7271889


*wrong image

b8acad () No. 7271890

It never happens when Q says it will.

Until it does.

Predict that.

9ee1a4 () No. 7271891



8b2f75 () No. 7271892


I always thought he was digging for Uranium

96fbd2 () No. 7271893



Everything else they can go 'So what/Fake News"'

3fa312 () No. 7271894


If they can get rid of the voter fraud, then definitely.

2be955 () No. 7271895


durrr hurr blah blah vote dem durr durr blah

1d5c6a () No. 7271896


11th hour whistleblower

7f979c () No. 7271897

84332c () No. 7271899

a44d17 () No. 7271898


How hard would it really be to infiltrate Turning Point USA, tho?

Let's be honest.

29596a () No. 7271900


Fuckin' Right There

5a5e6a () No. 7271902

Per KJU missile launches. Suicide weekend coming up. And also Gina Haspel knowing went on in UK..

>>7271119 (lb)

Got anything a human can read?

6c8a49 () No. 7271903


Was that because you where stupid or ignorant?

1d92af () No. 7271904


Even more unpopular truth

Hating and loving trump are both 2 sides of the same,npc coin

I dont hate donald because the media told me to you fucking,nigger

I hate him because i gave him a chance

Voted for him

And he turned out to be even worse than obama or bush

But that doesnt get twitter followers does it house nigger

75a203 () No. 7271905

e5631f () No. 7271906

>>7271720 Planefag update

>>7271724 US And Italy To Conduct Open Skies Spy Missions Over Russia

>>7271675 Spain’s second largest bank under investigation in massive espionage scandal



d4ecb0 () No. 7271907

I can't see any new NTAS bulletins re: [24hr warning]

20d91f () No. 7271908




Apophenia (/æpoʊˈfiːniə/) is the tendency to mistakenly perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things.

a5621c () No. 7271909


only the crypto jew (babylonian occult fags) euros, catholics and arabs tho… not the normal ones.

c58a79 () No. 7271910

118cca () No. 7271911

a44d17 () No. 7271912


That's the most deranged horseshit I've heard all day and I watched the Dem's "debate".

0ca751 () No. 7271913


>California is in play

Well, maybe assuming Trump A) unrigs the voting system, and either B) challenges and defeats the ballot access law that Newsome signed today before the filing deadline or C) gives that up and provides 5 years of his tax returns

a5621c () No. 7271914


post 50 moar times and then maybe u mossad shills won’t seem so desperate.

3d52c6 () No. 7271915

Bro_ An_

H_ safe

Ab Dab

1d92af () No. 7271916


Dems are as bad if not worse than trump

They also deserve the rope

Nice try tho

I hate all elite

All politicians all controllers

All media

You really think people,like tucker hannity or rand paul are our friends

They just say what we want to here so we dont get too radicalized

(Aware of the truth)

231556 () No. 7271917


…because Q has told you before, it's not a kill box, it's more of a batter's box

a91635 () No. 7271918

29596a () No. 7271919


The NK Missiles are staged and used as a diversion from upcoming declass. Think People!

c58a79 () No. 7271921

9ee1a4 () No. 7271922

Hey Plane Fags! https://www.apnews.com/6219f26c3ea145b6b29b5e69115504a9 WASHINGTON (AP) — The Department of Homeland Security issued a security alert Tuesday for small planes, warning that modern flight systems are vulnerable to hacking if someone manages to gain physical access to the aircraft.

An alert from the DHS critical infrastructure computer emergency response team recommends that plane owners ensure they restrict unauthorized physical access to their aircraft until the industry develops safeguards to address the issue, which was discovered by a Boston-based cybersecurity company and reported to the federal government.

Most airports have security in place to restrict unauthorized access and there is no evidence that anyone has exploited the vulnerability. But a DHS official told The Associated Press that the agency independently confirmed the security flaw with outside partners and a national research laboratory, and decided it was necessary to issue the warning.

ead1d7 () No. 7271923


"The end is not for everyone."


7b5a36 () No. 7271924


Try harder faggot

1d92af () No. 7271925


Nah im gonna go smoke weed and play videogames

I only,come here to troll or vent when,they up the pressure on me

84332c () No. 7271926

42eb47 () No. 7271929


you calling in too?

128d66 () No. 7271927


we use these around here to find truth.

though, you only seem familiar with digging your own grave.

848a2d () No. 7271928

VERY shilly in here

823ab3 () No. 7271930


Is it bad to be anti-semitic?

8aaeb5 () No. 7271931

0ac9d4 () No. 7271932

Whatever happened to Qbaby?

Didn't Q tell us that the Qbaby pic would force the Q?

Didn't Q post a distraction goose chase picture of a $12,000 watch when it was clear that Qbaby pic did NOT force the Q?

Doesn't Q post nuthingberder pics every time his over-hyped posts turn to shit?



ed912d () No. 7271934

First suspect in Netanyahu corruption probe up for pre-indictment hearing

Ze’ev Rubinstein to face prosecutors over accessory to bribery allegations in Bezeq case; PM scheduled for own hearing in October

State prosecutors on Wednesday were set to hold a pre-indictment hearing for the first suspect in the Bezeq corruption probe, a sprawling case in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to face charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust later this year.

Businessman Ze’ev Rubinstein will plead his case to prosecutors on Wednesday in Tel Aviv before a decision is made on whether to charge him as an accessory to bribery.

Netanyahu is scheduled to attend his own pre-indictment hearing in the case on October 2-3, which will also cover two other corruption probes against him in which the prime minister faces additional fraud and breach of trust charges. The other suspects in the Bezeq case, Shaul and Iris Elovitch, were summoned for their respective hearings on August 15, while Yedioth Ahronoth publisher Arnon Mozes will also be granted a last-ditch effort to fend off criminal charges in Case 2000, though a date has not yet been announced.

The attorney general will only be present at Netanyahu’s hearing.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit’s lengthy description of Netanyahu’s alleged illicit dealings with Shaul Elovitch — the majority shareholder in Israel’s biggest telecom firm Bezeq, and the owner of the Walla website — took up the majority of the 57-page document released in February in which Mandelblit set out the allegations that prompted him to announce a criminal indictment against the prime minister, pending a hearing.


8b2f75 () No. 7271933


just wait, he gets better with age…imagine months of this day, after day, after day, after day you'll be able to recognize him soon, if only by the post counts

1d92af () No. 7271935


Thats because not all people are real humans

They are souless

Q is right tho

Most cant handle it

Maybe god let this all happen to me because i could handle it

Most would probably go insane or kill themselves

Im not gonna jerk myself off tho

I know im,flawed

4fd389 () No. 7271936

38e8ef () No. 7271938

Nobody is sleeping tonight.

234b19 () No. 7271937


Fuck off, kike.

ead1d7 () No. 7271939


Because their world is about to end…badly.

1d5c6a () No. 7271940



Anti-clown is the new thing

62b9ca () No. 7271941


I’m not too sure what that even means.

727527 () No. 7271942

Lockheed EP-3E Aries II

229866 () No. 7271943

>>7271509 p/b

Black Moon is not a well known astronomical term. In recent years, the term has been made popular by social media, astrologers, and followers of the Wiccan religion.

Black Moons hold special significance to people who practice certain forms of Pagan religions and who believe certain actions become more potent when performed on the night of a Black Moon.


930169 () No. 7271944

Calcutta ass wiper for sale

6c8a49 () No. 7271945

4117a4 () No. 7271946



a91635 () No. 7271947

cfaf7a () No. 7271948


DisInfo is real.



Very Interdasting.


Pic Related

ef5218 () No. 7271949

1d92af () No. 7271950


You try being on the list and nobody believes you

I view you anons as worse than Q

Oh wait youre all bots lmao

ed912d () No. 7271951

Trump to host Arab leaders at peace summit before Israeli election - report

A source in Washington said that Netanyahu will not attend the summit because it will make it harder for Arab leaders to join.

The Trump administration will host an Israeli-Palestinian peace summit at Camp David before Israel’s September elections, according to a report on Wednesday in the Hebrew daily Yediot Ahronot.

Jared Kushner is planning to personally invite the Arab leaders during his trip to the Middle East which starts on Thursday with a stop in Jerusalem. The summit will be held at Camp David, at which President Donald Trump will lay out his vision for peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in general terms, the Wednesday report said. Kushner will visit six countries, including Israel, in the next week.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Ambassador to Washington Ron Dermer were reportedly involved in planning the summit. Dermer reportedly flew to Israel to discuss it with Netanyahu. However, a source in Washington told Yediot that Netanyahu will not attend the summit because it will make it harder for Arab leaders to participate.

Though details of what will be discussed at the summit remain unclear, it was reported that Trump will speak not about a Palestinian state but an entity and that he will refer to an Arab presence in East Jerusalem, but not about it serving as a capital for a future Palestinian state. This would allow Netanyahu to commend the US president for his efforts but also express some reservations.

The Palestinians are expected to reject the plan immediately. However, the mere presence of Arab leaders at the summit would be considered an "election gift" for Netanyahu, wrote Yediot, and could potentially help him negotiate a unity government with Blue and White after the Sept. 17 election.

Kushner's peace team as well as a spokesperson at the Israeli Embassy in Washington declined to comment on the report.

On Tuesday night, the security cabinet approved the construction of 700 Palestinian homes in in Area C in the West Bank, an area under full Israeli control. The move is being viewed as a gesture by Netanyahu to help Kushner convince Arab leaders to attend the Camp David summit.

The PM’s office would not comment on the report. It is likely that the projects will still need approval from the Civil Administration.


0d2bbe () No. 7271952



1101cb () No. 7271953

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)" performed by Brit Floyd - the Pink Floyd tribute show

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

16f595 () No. 7271954




a5621c () No. 7271955


np fren!!

f00097 () No. 7271956


>[24hr Warning]

>Be vigilant.

>See something.

>Say something.

>Know your surroundings at all times.


Was this a warning from the deep state?

TSA Officials Find Missile Launcher In Texas Man's Luggage


f63789 () No. 7271957


In a certain NWFL town(shall not be named) I saw a white car which said “homeland security” on the side and something about “protected persons unit” or something like that.

Pretty interdasting and I hope nothing crazy going on in my part of the world.


UK fags eat shit

84332c () No. 7271958

3fa312 () No. 7271959


can't find in his timeline.

a44d17 () No. 7271960


you must think I'm new here…

0ac9d4 () No. 7271961


>…because Q has told you before, it's not a kill box, it's more of a batter's box

It's a [nuthingberder] box.

Nuthing has ever come from one of Q's [box]es.

[Wake the fuck up to this psyop]!

cc8b2a () No. 7271962


WTF is this mess in the tub! Is he farting out rainbows gumbies?

2eecd1 () No. 7271963

Enemy of the people.

42eb47 () No. 7271965

1d92af () No. 7271966


I already spent more time digging than you ever have

Theres no way to truly know anon

One day youll find out i was right

And youll be dead

9b06f9 () No. 7271967

29596a () No. 7271968


It ain't time faggot. May be your time, their time, but not times time… Get it?

d8c856 () No. 7271969

42eb47 () No. 7271971


fruit loops

a44d17 () No. 7271972

3d52c6 () No. 7271973


You don't know what I'm doing dummy.

Mind your own business.

Do your job hall moniter

292c8f () No. 7271974



>Sacrifice Bernie

166fe0 () No. 7271975



727527 () No. 7271976


Boeing RC-135U

62b9ca () No. 7271977


Handle it?

You are a tit-hair away from schizo.

8b2f75 () No. 7271978


ya never know…so, did I lie?

823ab3 () No. 7271979



The "picture" was with VIPanon and POTUS where POTUS commented on Q.

Q never confirmed it, then Q used VIPanon's twitter account "Q_AnonBaby" to somehow say that was some kind of Q proof by replying to a post from some random twatterfaggot, which caused idiots here to say the baby and the parents were on Q team.

Pretty pathetic actually.

9b06f9 () No. 7271980

292c8f () No. 7271981



>>Sacrifice Bernie

43567d () No. 7271982


Trips of truth, but that's not comic sans, although it is of a similar type.

1d92af () No. 7271983


Pff i wish i could never look like a girl

ed912d () No. 7271984


ya mother nude

823ab3 () No. 7271985

727527 () No. 7271987


Boeing E-6B Mercury

1d5c6a () No. 7271986

I believe in Q.

459359 () No. 7271988

8aaeb5 () No. 7271989

>>7271934 First suspect in Netanyahu corruption probe up for pre-indictment hearing


de56b9 () No. 7271990


It says Saturday, July 30th. That was in 2016.

7b5a36 () No. 7271991


I am doing my job fag and your shit is fake & gay

0d2bbe () No. 7271992


Clean out your Eyes here!

1d92af () No. 7271993


Are you inside my head?

I still act mostly normal irl

If you saw me you woudlnt even be able to pick me out of a crowd

128d66 () No. 7271994



Your dubs give you away.

>Hunters become the hunted.

848a2d () No. 7271995

clowns and kikes have been having a shitfit today, especially since [24 hour warning]

my sides in orbit.

cc8b2a () No. 7271996


All Kekking aside,

These people are really sick!

a5621c () No. 7271997


It’s called sarcasm. Try some.


Was Jesus bad?

cbc124 () No. 7271998




Which one of (you) Red Pilled the beforeitsnews idiots!? kek!

ff0460 () No. 7271999


Her tits are the only symmetrical part of her. Her face is wonky as shit.

16f595 () No. 7272001




Udder time…

122c70 () No. 7272000


Is that another expended LAW rocket tube? That what these "rocket launchers" always turn out to be.

1d92af () No. 7272002

Yall are lucky im too tired to spam,trap porn today

I think when my family leaves ill shut down the board for a few hours

Maybe if i spam enough the bvs will quit

Oh wait theyre all ai so they wont

0f370a () No. 7272003


It's not easy being green and saving the world at the same time.

0ac9d4 () No. 7272004


>Pretty pathetic actually.

Sums up this entire bullshit board, if we're honest.

29596a () No. 7272005

ce54ac () No. 7272006

a44d17 () No. 7272007


not at all.

They've been running with the "targeted person (by Q)" schtick for ages.


But then you'd have to lay off the soy…

2be955 () No. 7272008


pretty sure I never said anything you are projecting,

Nice try tho

Never said I like hannity or anyone else shilling on tv or in politics.

(very aware)

don't judge people…. or make assumptions. Oh, and fuck off.

7796ef () No. 7272009

Can't wait to get my Q Storm Pro Set

f00097 () No. 7272010


Youtuber who interviewed Barack Obama when he was president.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

16f595 () No. 7272011



Wait she has a face?


84260c () No. 7272012

the primary motive in one sentence.

'The exchanges underscore a sensitive issue in the US – namely the role foreign intelligence services played in the FBI’s decision to initiate an investigation into the Trump campaign.'


1d92af () No. 7272013


That was fucking hilarious

Then the 50 bots saying,omg,Q proof

9b06f9 () No. 7272014


it didn't last an hour

4fd389 () No. 7272015


The best sauce.

b09491 () No. 7272016

Before any of you ladies start wetting yourselves, allow me to remind you than Q has exactly one name arrest on the board, Eggstein. Who will be Q Arrest #2?

8b2f75 () No. 7272017


>not at all.

ok, then we're good

614949 () No. 7272018

4df6f9 () No. 7272019


Stupid fucking homo.

e7f119 () No. 7272020

Is Marianne hot/fuckable?

48619b () No. 7272021

a44d17 () No. 7272023

62b9ca () No. 7272022


You have no clue the wonders I have seen.


I keep a lid on it fren.

Control the self.

0ed74c () No. 7272024



>>Hunters become the hunted.

d73b8b () No. 7272025


And Q believes in YOU.

f00097 () No. 7272026


Yeah it was used

3537d1 () No. 7272027



dd4df8 () No. 7272028

1d92af () No. 7272029


Im the least pathetic here

Im super pathetic

You all should be ashamed

a5621c () No. 7272030


Kay Why Esssssssssss

0d2bbe () No. 7272031

cfaf7a () No. 7272032


Runs a private church.



Ive wondered and wondered about this, wondering if us anons that got traumatized by Pizzagate turnt up with it. Mass Psyop causing Apophenia.

823ab3 () No. 7272033


>Was Jesus bad?

No, therefore anti-semitism isn't bad.


Lately, yes. Not historically.




b0b7f5 () No. 7272034



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cf28af () No. 7272035

1d5c6a () No. 7272036


Nay, I know Q. I know us. I know we're going to enjoy the show and awaken~

Nothing can stop what is coming.


ff0460 () No. 7272037


Oh man, I miss bush so much. I fuckin love a good all natural furry dugout.

1d92af () No. 7272038


>>>7271925 (You)

>Kay Why Esssssssssss


Nah your family is still alive

8aaeb5 () No. 7272039

cc8b2a () No. 7272040


How have I never seen this before! I guess God was saving me from the bleach I'm currently using for my eyes.

Passing the bottle to anon frens in need.

0ac9d4 () No. 7272041



0ed74c () No. 7272042

ce54ac () No. 7272043

42eb47 () No. 7272044


maybe abandoned on a deserted island

a44d17 () No. 7272045


Well… that's a rather uncanny resemblance…

1d92af () No. 7272046


That disorder is a jewish lie

They use it to shame people who notice the manipulation of the spirits all around us

9b06f9 () No. 7272047

I Mean, If It's THAT Sort Of Night:

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3d52c6 () No. 7272048



200b42 () No. 7272049

Well, look at all the folks in Italy …

A-listers flock to Google summit in private jets, mega yachts to talk climate change

The world’s rich and famous have flocked to a posh Italian resort to talk about saving Mother Earth — but they sure are punishing her in the process.

The billionaire creators of Google have invited a who’s who of A-list names— including former President Barack Obama, Prince Harry, Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry — to the Sicilian seaside for a mega-party they’ve dubbed Google Camp.

The three-day event will focus on fighting climate change — though it’s unknown how much time the attendees will spend discussing their own effect on the environment, such as the scores of private jets they arrived in and the mega yachts many have been staying on.

“Everything is about global warming, that is the major topic this year,” a source told The Post.

Their three-day summer camp will cost the tech giant some $20 million, sources said.

Many of the guests, including Obama and DiCaprio — who has his own climate change foundation — have described global warming as the biggest threat to future generations.

But according to Italian press reports, the attendees were expected to show up in 114 private jets, and 40 had arrived by Sunday.

The Post crunched the numbers and found that 114 flights from Los Angeles to Palermo, Italy, where Camp guests landed, would spew an estimated 100,000 kilograms of CO2 into the air.

“Google Camp is meant to be a place where influential people get together to discuss how to make the world better,” one regular attendee told The Post.

“There will likely be discussions about online privacy, politics, human rights, and of course, the environment, which makes it highly ironic that this event requires 114 private jets to happen,” they said.

Attendees pay for their own travel to Sicily, but then Google foots the bill for everything at the opulent Verdura Resort, which reportedly features two golf courses and where rooms start at $903 a night.

Sources tell The Post that guests were personally invited by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Stars there also include Harry Styles, Orlando Bloom, Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller, who arrived on their enormous $200 million yacht Eos, which has both sails and two 2,300-horsepower diesel engines.

Billionaire Dreamworks founder David Geffen, meanwhile, gave Perry and Bloom a ride on his $400 million yacht, Rising Sun.

Also on hand for the environmental gabfest was the megayacht Andromeda, a 351-foot behemoth owned by a New Zealand billionaire and which features its own helipad.

Many of the attendees were seen in photos tooling around the island in high-speed sports vehicles, including Perry, who has made videos for UNICEF about climate change and was seen in a Maserati SUV that gets about 15 mpg city.

Stella McCartney, Bradley Cooper, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra plus Gayle King will also be on hand. Even Mark Zuckerberg of Google’s rival, Facebook, was invited, according to local reports.

Guests dine among ancient temples and are treated to performances by the likes of Sting, Elton John and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, before retiring to their suites at the Verdura Resort.

The tech company goes to extreme measures to keep its camp a secret — all hotel staff and security have to sign non-disclosure agreements, a source told the Daily Mail in 2018.

Sauce: https://pagesix.com/2019/07/30/a-listers-flock-to-google-summit-in-private-jets-mega-yachts-to-talk-climate-change/?_ga=2.74028817.263768670.1564409595-1619352479.1515542892

614949 () No. 7272050


Mike Tranny for POTUS, 2020

48619b () No. 7272051

0d2bbe () No. 7272052



a44d17 () No. 7272053


that's really not all that surprising…

4df6f9 () No. 7272054


Without a missile, that launcher is less dangerous than your carry on bag.

a5621c () No. 7272055



823ab3 () No. 7272056












So you all blindly believe in Q?

I don't think Q would like that based on Q's crumbs.


This retard is actually based on this one.

48619b () No. 7272057

0ed74c () No. 7272058

"My patient’s kid in my office. She’s 6. She told me she got them at the [Disney] store."


231556 () No. 7272059


What the heck is RHP.

1d92af () No. 7272060


1 nuke or any sort of mass death weapon would take them out

If i lived there i would willingly die to tske them out

1130a2 () No. 7272061


How did your heifer

Get so red

20d91f () No. 7272062



David Hogg on Twitter: "Let's grab this Texas toast.…


8b2f75 () No. 7272063


lotta fuss over a hollow tube

a971b9 () No. 7272064







You do realize that she doesn't look like this anymore, right? Don't get me wrong, she's still super attractive. But these pictures are old as shit, just like she is.

37a77d () No. 7272065

Heads up tomorrow at 2pm EST is probably the most anticipated FOMC meeting announcement ever. Most of the time these pass with little, if any, fan-fare as they are pre-determined. The CME data was all over the place in the day's leading up to last week If they do nothing it's going to be a big public fight.

Popcorn at the ready

9b06f9 () No. 7272066

0d2bbe () No. 7272067

16f595 () No. 7272068



Hells yea…

ed912d () No. 7272069

The Jews own and run everything but it's not the Jews and this message is Antisemitic

b17688 () No. 7272070

Fixed A Typo Pope

823ab3 () No. 7272071


delet this

ead1d7 () No. 7272072


Need a little inspiration green fren?

8aaeb5 () No. 7272073

The American Experiment was born on July 4, 1776, when the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence.

But the groundwork was laid 157 years earlier at a small church in Virginia, where President Trump visited today.

1600 Daily: http://45.wh.gov/5yKBD8


5:15 PM - 30 Jul 2019

The American Experiment

eb416c () No. 7272074

26f7ce () No. 7272075

Baltimore is now ruling Epstein island.

77ba88 () No. 7272076


The realisation that they have been supporting the shit they are learning about for their entire lives.

d73b8b () No. 7272077


Arrests for sure. Declass can come out but they'd still be able to live in their bubble and say " I'm sure they ALL talk like that in politics".

Perp walks, however, ground things front and center in the real world to John Q. Public.

20d91f () No. 7272078

48619b () No. 7272079

614949 () No. 7272080


Question for Planefags

Since they can now turn off the Exchange Transponders (teckie thingy) are you 'not' seeing noticeably less US Military aircraft?

1d5c6a () No. 7272081


I hear missles are also pretty ineffective without a control system.

b0b7f5 () No. 7272082


toiletboi has no game.

ef5218 () No. 7272083

7b5a36 () No. 7272084



Bro_ An_ > brothers awan?

H_ safe >hilldawg safe?

Ab Dab > Abu Dhabi

Whats it about?

b09491 () No. 7272085



Monica is Supermodel #1. She is truly nonpareil.

a5621c () No. 7272086


Here’s my collection.

0ed74c () No. 7272087

823ab3 () No. 7272088


tolietboi is based

been here longer than most of the disgusting faggots here.

ff0460 () No. 7272089


You guys are always so salty you get outfoxed by what used to be prey, you just blindly whine on the internet about it instead of improving your lot in life. Sad. Fag.

614949 () No. 7272090


Do not need a guidance system to get a high altitude EMP

16f595 () No. 7272091



So seriously

What do you do

at the gas station?

3a448e () No. 7272092

Check this shit out.

So apparently there were trading cards made of the 2016 election, and naturally, the giant Trump card is numbered J7, or 17

a1b54e () No. 7272093

Had heard of burning man but just noticed this documentary about "EDC".

>What does an 'OWL' symbolize (dark religion)?


b3c6c3 () No. 7272094

26f7ce () No. 7272095



Grab your nuts….lol

e30dbe () No. 7272096

0ca751 () No. 7272097


I'm sure those are related to Moana, a Disney movie with all sorts of pedo swirl symbolism throughout.

ce54ac () No. 7272098



a few months ago, an MP walked out of parliament with their ceremonial mace…a big no-no.

8aaeb5 () No. 7272099

>>7272056 Try harder, plz

d9e594 () No. 7272100


Stay Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7677b7 () No. 7272101


>possible FF @ Dem debate?

DECLAS before debate?


a5621c () No. 7272103



and dont wanna 4get…

fb3a55 () No. 7272102


Russia Instagram influencer Ekaterina Karaglanova found dead in suitcase.

A prominent Russian Instagram influencer has been found dead with knife wounds in a suitcase in her rented apartment in Moscow, police say.

Ekaterina Karaglanova, 24, was discovered on Friday after her family raised the alarm when she failed to contact them for several days.

Ms Karaglanova, who had more than 85,000 followers on Instagram, had also recently graduated as a doctor.

Police said they were investigating jealousy as a possible motive.

Ms Karaglanova had recently started a new relationship and had planned a holiday to The Netherlands to celebrate her birthday on 30 July, according to Russian daily Moskovsky Komsomolets (MK).

But her parents grew concerned when attempts to contact her in the days leading up to her trip had failed.

They then contacted her landlord and requested access to her apartment, where they found a suitcase containing her body in the hallway. Her father requested an ambulance, but Ms Karaglanov was reportedly already dead with a slit throat.

Police said there was no evidence that any struggle had taken place at the apartment, and no weapon was found at the scene, MK reported (in Russian).

They added that CCTV footage had captured a former boyfriend of Ms Karaglanov briefly visiting her property in the days around her disappearance, but did not say if this was being investigated further.

Ms Karaglanov regularly posted images of herself on Instagram. Her followers likened her appearance to the film star Audrey Hepburn.

In this post from March, she wrote about her plans for redecorating her flat, trips abroad and "'another important activity I'm thinking about, which I'm not going to talk about for now"'


823ab3 () No. 7272104

48619b () No. 7272105

0d2bbe () No. 7272106


Like a Fine Wine!!

1d5c6a () No. 7272107




Generated with what?

1130a2 () No. 7272108

0ac9d4 () No. 7272109


← Obviously Highest Ranking Anon.

Don't really care about the others.

3850d0 () No. 7272111

Godfather III

It's going to be BIBLICAL.



May I present to you, Adam and Eve Schiff

ed912d () No. 7272110


I'm going to tell a stranger on the internet I know about his or her life better than they do.

Coz Ims real smarts

b0b7f5 () No. 7272112


>tolietboi is based


d8c856 () No. 7272113

9b06f9 () No. 7272114

it could be the big black out, anons

this might be the last time we're all together

fb3a55 () No. 7272115


> "'another important activity I'm thinking about, which I'm not going to talk about for now"'

Wonder what that was?

4fd389 () No. 7272116




Still very much stunning.

ff0460 () No. 7272117


Yeah yeah yeah go sneer at a synagogue, supplicant.

a971b9 () No. 7272118


He's had more names than anybody kek. Summer 2018 we called him Muh Dick Guy. Then it turned into just Muh Dick. Then some started calling him Magariots shill. Now it's toiletboi. I'm sure there will be another name for him soon.

823ab3 () No. 7272119


You didn't answer the question boomer. I'm not trying to do anything, I guess I do need to try harder to get an honest answer from some of you redditsheep.


Ok, well played there.

3a448e () No. 7272120


Send number 5 to my room please.

61bf04 () No. 7272121

covering night shift for our frens.


[24hr Warning]

Stay safe! Let's get these fuckers!

0ed74c () No. 7272122



8e63ce () No. 7272123

04ac4deb094acc....png (0 KB, 295 x 0, 0 : 0,