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Saturday 12.28.19

>>7640038 —————————— AG Barr talks Durham & #FISA (Cap: >>7640060)

>>7639247 rt >>7639202 ———–- Post drop? 5:5?

Friday 12.27.19

>>7638553 —————————— They are FIGHTING for their LIVES (Cap: >>7638592)

>>7638205 rt >>7637777 ———–- God Wins

>>7638149 rt >>7637926 ———–- Something BIG is coming.

>>7634563 —————————— Do you believe in coincidences? (Cap: >>7634583)

>>7634396 —————————— Follow the money. (Cap: >>7634421)

Monday 12.23.19

>>7600322 —————————— Americas News room is us. (Cap: >>7600335)

>>7600194 rt >>7600180 ———–- Keep up the good fight, Anons

>>7600081 —————————— Nunes says anon research has aided their investigation (Caps: >>7600111)

>>7599466 —————————— Why are [D]s blocking the counting of 'illegal' immigrants? (Caps: Article >>7599591, >>7599508 )

>>7599338 —————————— Who really controls the [D] Party? [GS] (Caps: YT Vid >>7599388)

>>7599136 —————————— POWER & CONROL (Caps: Article >>7599208, >>7599265)

Sunday 12.22.19

>>7593909 rt >>7593851 ———–- Toying with the enemy! Don't get smug

>>7593873 —————————— stunning indictment of the politicization of DOJ & FBI during the Obama admini (Caps: >>7593919)

>>7593781 —————————— Spygate Meme [Obama]

>>7593358 —————————— Democrat corruption image.

>>7593340 —————————— Kevin McCarthy Tweet. (Cap: >>7593364)

>>7592981 —————————— ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. (Cap: >>7593053)

>>7592347 —————————— Why are the [2] articles being held by Pelosi?

>>7592211 —————————— NOBODY is above the law [not anymore]. (Cap: >>7592282)

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>>7642652 Jesse W: (((They))) are out of AMMO.

>>7642573, >>7642613, >>7642635, >>7642653 2016 - WH DS Luncheon w/Italian Prime Minister

>>7642561, >>7642714 Plane down in Louisiana

>>7642555 What kind of an animal is this?

>>7642453 American Universities Are Using Social Credit Systems

>>7642422 Yellow Vests (Live)

>>7642393 Found Hunter

>>7642357 GwP: Twitter Caught Censoring President Trump’s Account

>>7642332 Warroom Op Nancy Pelosi

>>7642267 JS T: Will Iran take up Trump's offer?

>>7642238, >>7642137, >>7642204 NeonR: The great task before us

>>7642117 Man arrested in east London home on suspicion of preparing act of terror

>>7642784 #9778


>>7641253 Assassinated 'gangster's' link to Denmark's biggest heist

>>7641269, >>7641828 Dr Robert Epstein's wife's Car Accident DiGG Cont.

>>7641288, >>7641552 http://itanimulli.com (illuminati backwards) takes you to NSA homepage. GoDaddy Fuckery.

>>7641295 Oprah Winfrey to Go on Star-Studded 2020 Vision Tour with Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga and More

>>7641337 New California Law: Students Can No Longer Be Suspended for disobeying teachers

>>7641319, >>7641365 Ari Behn's Mother's Facebook Message on LIGHT

>>7641390, >>7641414 NY Post Shows Sonogram of Baby Holding Up Devil Sign

>>7641426 Former Director of Public Prosecutions who Oversaw a series of Collapsed Rape Trials Awarded a Damehood

>>7641428 Michigan Voting Problems - Audit Finds Statewide Voter Registry Lax

>>7641436 Dr. Deborah Frincke NSA researcher who works to Find Every Victim. Stop Every Trafficker is Named As First NSA ACM Fellows Recipient

>>7641413, >>7641448 Californian Trolls Pelosi at Sporting Event (date of video unknown)

>>7641444, >>7641625, >>7641427 DiGGs on Former CIA/NSA Boss Michael Hayden and @Snowden relationship

>>7641542 'Ghost boat' washes ashore in Japan carrying Two Heads and Five Skeletons of North Koreans

>>7641278, >>7641541 YouTube Ayylmao FameFag @Secureteam10, Tyler Glockner Arrested, Says He Was Set-up

>>7641580 Thai navy SEAL who rescued boys trapped in cave dies

>>7641589 UK's cyber security chief Ciaran Martin to step down next year

>>7641575, >>7641596, >>7641630 Anons Almonds Tingle on SABIAN mention in Pro Q Twitter account

>>7641633 WIKILEAKS: Chemical Weapons Watchdog Ordered Deletion of ‘All Traces’ of Findings That Syrian ‘Chemical Attack’ May Have Been Staged

>>7641661 Information has been TELEPORTED simultaneously between two chips for the first time on Supefast Quantum Computers

>>7641695 NEW DJT: California and New York must do something about their TREMENDOUS Homeless problems.

>>7641753 Washington’s Naive Sanctuary Law puts Community at Risk

>>7641829 Yale Medicine Professor of Psychiatry Bandy X. Lee Attacks POTUS' Mental Fitness AGAIN!

>>7641895 Pearson Publishing and Q Posts DIGG - Mohn Family & Merkel Connections

>>7641902 DailyWire says President Promotes Clip alledging Pauil Pelosi Ukrainian Corruption (Anons Already Knew)

>>7641920 Record haul of cocaine worth $1bn found in Uruguay

>>7641903 Is Disney Rigging the Rotten Tomatoes Star Wars Score?

>>7641949 Pope Francis invites religious, political leaders to sign ‘Global Pact’ for ‘new humanism’

>>7641979 #9777

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119c06 () No. 7642809

87d059 () No. 7642812



>>7642006 PB(OP)

there is someone up above

BAKER Requests Hand-off

119c06 () No. 7642822

84871e () No. 7642828



How many patriots are coming to the GOD WINS launch party?

0d6ddf () No. 7642832


Senate Republicans are plotting a speedy acquittal of President Trump as they strategize ahead of the impeachment trial.

After weeks of public haggling from within the caucus, GOP senators are largely lining up behind a shorter proceeding with few, if any, witnesses, paving the way for them to hand Trump an early election-year victory.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said his goal is “to have as short a trial as possible.”

“I think there's a desire by senators, quite honestly, to get this chapter closed and moved forward,” Graham told reporters

06165c () No. 7642838

Solve worlds problems in one foul swoop, get SoRoS

0a912c () No. 7642844

b0e935 () No. 7642845

119c06 () No. 7642847

comment /Pelosi/ X

comment /Nancy/ X

comment /Hillary/ X

comment /Clinton/ X

comment /Trump/ X

comment /POTUS/ X

comment /Obama/ X

comment /http/ X

comment /.com/ X

comment /Jew/ X

comment /Zion/ X

comment /Canaan/ X

comment /twat/ X

comment /Barr/ X

comment /tweet/ X

comment /WWG1WGA/ X

comment /Biden/ X

comment Epstein X

36f042 () No. 7642848


can take the bake pbop

confirm handoff

b600d1 () No. 7642850




ebot said it

41741e () No. 7642849

Something BIG is coming

one … two, we're coming for you

three … four, gonna kick down your door

five … six, we know all your evil tricks

seven … eight, I bet you're staying up late

nine … ten, tomorrow we'll do it again

322558 () No. 7642851

Is Randy Quaid… Santa Claus?



Come on, Crazy Nancy. . . !"

00d99a () No. 7642852



8e048d () No. 7642853


So…is Dan, Q, or is he baiting? Doesn't make sense to reveal the ID yet. Not until the question is asked?

73a412 () No. 7642854

>>7642819 LB

Furious Lynn Rothschild Quits Twitter, Blames Russians!

Furious Rothschild Quits the Internet… Secret Signal to the Elites?


Lynn de Rothschild, member of one of the world’s wealthiest families, told her followers she was leaving Twitter last week because of ‘hate and anger’ online, while yet again attempting to pin the blame on Russia.

Not that it matters to anyone but me, but I am deleting my Twitter app after this last tweet;to think that Russians have been using all of us to sow discord & destroy America is repulsive to me & I refuse to take part;the hate & anger on #Twitter is out of control;#GoodbyeTwitter

Lynn de Rothschild (@LdeRothschild) February 24, 2018


f85a5d () No. 7642855


well hello..what time was this posted in relation to the q post

70c4ab () No. 7642856

Trump’s tweeting in the past two days was so frenzied and the sources quoted were so bizarre—including at least four accounts devoted to the Pizzagate-adjacent conspiracy theory QAnon, as well as one that describes former President Obama as “Satan’s Muslim scum”—as to renew doubts about the president’s mental stability. But Trump’s long reticence about outright naming the presumed whistleblower suggests that he remained sufficiently tethered to reality to hear and heed a lawyer’s advice. He disregarded that advice in full awareness that he was disregarding it. The usual excuse for Trump’s online abusiveness—he’s counterpunching—amounts in this case not to a defense, but to an indictment: “counter-punching” literally means retaliating, and retaliation is what is forbidden by federal law.




87d059 () No. 7642858


Handoff Confirmed

Happy Hunting Baker!


595679 () No. 7642859


Yeah, I remember that. Good times.

c5c751 () No. 7642860


7323c6 () No. 7642861

096f15 () No. 7642862

36f042 () No. 7642863



ty baker

have a good day


14e647 () No. 7642864


Are those pedovor ptrotecting, POTUS assassination attempt concealing, coup supporting MSM shills confined behind the rope?

c8118e () No. 7642865


sure he did

70c4ab () No. 7642866


119c06 () No. 7642867


this pedovore manslaughter keyword personality cult the MSM runs has crappy jew memes right next to stale tits and crappy trannys.

49fd45 () No. 7642868



c2ece7 () No. 7642869


the name on this story seems fake.

I'm thinking this is a fake story to gauge how tasteless the response will be to it.

a1545d () No. 7642870

ebb5b7 () No. 7642871

e04d19 () No. 7642872


>Pizzagate-adjacent conspiracy theory QAnon

Oy the fuggin bey, why el prez be hating on the 6 trillion tacos locos gringoy?

b0e935 () No. 7642873


Fuck. I can't even imagine how bad I'd be shitting myself if I was one of those involved in this shit. Shit I can't even imagine.

322558 () No. 7642874


I figure, if anything, Scavino is part of GEOTUS's insulation.

Trump doesn't directly post here, he dictates to Scavino… who would in turn also not post here directly, but likely pass the info/message along via secure channels to the Q-team member who ultimately does the posting… which may or may not be so encrypted that even if you looked at it it'd only come off as conversations about like… grandkids or something.

599eda () No. 7642875

George Bush Sr. TESLA connection.


Skorzeny recounted the details of his suffocation of Nikola Tesla on January 6, 1943 as the fulfillment of Hitler's orders, with the help of Reinhardt Gehlen and George Scherf Jr. after the theft of secret aerospace technologies developed by Tesla, including HHO plasma invisibility cloaking and infrasonic levitation design specs which later became integrated as stealth technology in the US. Skorzeny asserted that Scherf Jr. assumed the false American alias 'George H. W. Bush' while Scherf Sr. took on the false alias of 'Prescott S. Bush', and provided detailed information regarding their founding of the US Office of Strategic Services for the secret transference of Nazi mind-control and aerospace technology to America.


ae545c () No. 7642876

DJT embrace of Eddie Gallagher still doesn't sit right with me.

I think the prosecutors f'd up but think if DJT was going to pardon Gallager, he should have just done it quietly, rather than making a "hero" out of him.

DJT should have just said, "The prosecutors did not ensure a fair trial." and not implied that if a fair trial had been had, that Gallagher would have been found not guilty.

c2ece7 () No. 7642877

49fd45 () No. 7642878



sincerely appreciate all the Finkelshills posting early

comfy bred sooner

fb8333 () No. 7642879

Anons still doing digs on Chandler and Tom Guiness may want to see this:



5c58e2 () No. 7642880


TY Baker!

73a412 () No. 7642881

Foghat Slow Ride Live in Detroit 1976

This is the full live version of "Slow Ride" from Foghat's Fool For the City album performed live in late 1976 in Detroit with slide guitar intro.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0d6ddf () No. 7642882

d67c3b () No. 7642883

The agenda after the election…..have anything to do with the [C]omey release that is next?

119c06 () No. 7642884


willfaggotforshekels willcock sure wants to be one with teh outerspace bilbo of xenu obviously

f85a5d () No. 7642885


this reminds me of the statements made here on kun

b8476f () No. 7642886


Whats the timestamp on this? I can't find it. Fake?

53a1a5 () No. 7642887

Your baking is appreciated sir

e04d19 () No. 7642888


You can bet most of the people who are involved in cabal are not afraid of prison per-es, they are afraid that the cabalites above them deem them a loose end that needs to not kill himself like Epstein. Even if their crimes don't get them the needle in the law, their partners in crime might order them to have some kind of tragic accident so they can't sing to reduce their own time.

119c06 () No. 7642889


walrus josh is just desperate to hid its homo

5f06f3 () No. 7642890

d431ce () No. 7642891


Incredible how everywhere in the news it's just deflect deflect deflect… opinions and "ma sources say" . Ad nauseam

4d42d2 () No. 7642892

We need a few more anons to learn how to view seismograms and seismic events. I'll teach you.

>>7642810 LB

>>7642522 LB

>>7642482 LB

>>7642614 LB

How to pull seismic waveforms for study

For example this event


(Got here from clicking the USGS EQ map @


Follow my directions on pic 1

Then you see pic 2 and you can click Waveforms to get a list of seismology stations. Then you pick station(s) of interest and it displays the waveforms for that specific event.

- - - - - - - - - -

>>7642814 The meme makers picked Maersk at random.

But EVERGREEN. Is there an association between the CLINTON FOUNDATION and EVERGREEN worldwide container shipping?

qresear.ch says YES.

I can't be everywhere at once. Somebody else prove to this LB anon that Evergreen = Hillary = Clinton Foundation = shipping company.

5c718c () No. 7642893

ebb5b7 () No. 7642894


So I filter you now… thanks.

119c06 () No. 7642895


f9f8e0 () No. 7642896


i suppose you could have researched it before commenting but that would take too much….?

a) curiosity

b) research

c) discernment

d) all of the above

/QRESEARCH/ not comfee bunker coffee clutch

a1545d () No. 7642897


Randy was voted highest ranking Anon when some reporter showed up looking for that person.

Also, highest Anon.

119c06 () No. 7642898



d431ce () No. 7642899


and yes that is blood on the door handle

5e1d09 () No. 7642900

This all started in2015. Dunford took over the Fed. Nobody is clean in this.

The truth at any point Q. 3 days left

322558 () No. 7642901

a1545d () No. 7642902


My guess is LdR is the first one taken into custody.

8ae5e5 () No. 7642903


>This one is different. The events surrounding his quitting twitter were very suspicious. Most people that quit twitter leave three paragraphs stating why they are quitting twitter before they leave. This one just quit.

Haha. Of course she has to leave a message explaining why she is quitting and starts it off with "Not that it matters to anyone but me…" Such self importance. Such ego.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c5226d () No. 7642904

Find someone who loves you like Trump loves America!


b0e935 () No. 7642905


Fuck… They are going to fucking devour one an other. Hole-e-sheet.

0d6ddf () No. 7642906

f85a5d () No. 7642907


yeah its a fake i think as well unless i cant see it because ive been kicked off twitter.

c2ece7 () No. 7642908


the story has run for a few breads.

the name is curious.

why shoudl I take the bait and search for a name like that from a known source of bullshit news?

I suppose you could be a scolding one post wonder.

77ab62 () No. 7642909


Killed him with kindness.

db1bdb () No. 7642910

>>7642761 LB

Wondering WHY you believe they will react this way (actually believe the wool was pulled over their eyes)? As long as the MSM continues to promote the DS / Dems side of things, any indictments and or arrests against DS / Dems that are carried by those loyal to POTUS will get the usual treatment; this as nothing but Trump creating false charges attempting to get even…. And, even if fake news is finally silenced, why would these hard core followers of the DS / Dems acknowledge the truth? These peolpe are sick, really fucked up.

See: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/12/27/new-york-jailbreak-illegal-alien-freed-after-allegedly-killing-mother-of-three-on-christmas-eve/

''The illegal alien’s immediate release is now required by law in New York after state Democrats, against the wishes of law enforcement and even the most liberal district attorneys, rammed through a series of bail reform measures and Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) signed the legislation into law. The law will ensure that suspects accused of crimes deemed “non-violent” are not jailed before their trial dates and do not have to post bail. Instead, these suspects are released directly back into the public and expected to show up for their court dates….

As part of the law, accused criminals will actually be allowed to investigate their own crime scenes and be given a list of named witnesses testifying against them within 15 days of their arrangement. The law means that if a suspect is charged with home burglary, that suspect will be allowed to return to the victim’s home and inspect their property as part of their defense".''

1dc74f () No. 7642911

119c06 () No. 7642912


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7323c6 () No. 7642913


When he makes those videos he reminds me of Willy Wonka in the boat ride

5c58e2 () No. 7642914

682b02 () No. 7642915



2f4143 () No. 7642916

Ari Behn, an author and former Norwegian royal who accused Kevin Spacey of groping him, died by suicide Wednesday.

An author and former Norwegian royal who accused Kevin Spacey of groping him died by suicide at the age of 47 Wednesday. Ari Behn — who said in 2017 that the disgraced actor groped him during a Nobel Peace Prize concert in 2007 — is the second Spacey accuser to die in the past three months.

“It’s with great sorrow in our hearts that we, those closest to Ari Behn, must report that he took his own life today. We ask for respect for our private lives in the time to come,” Behn’s manager told Norwegian newspaper VG (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Behn was married to Norwegian Princess Martha Louise from 2002 to 2016, and in recent years was candid about his battles with alcoholism.


00d99a () No. 7642917

bbcc50 () No. 7642918


Thank You Baker

aebc01 () No. 7642919


Who is the news…..?

0eaa28 () No. 7642920


Fake and gay

bd58b7 () No. 7642921


let's roll

f7675f () No. 7642922


In a related story…

119c06 () No. 7642923






YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

44f70f () No. 7642924


Honeypot/doxxing site.

a1545d () No. 7642925


Be ready, Anons. When the Q question comes, for POTUS' own protection, he will need to disavow.

682b02 () No. 7642926


It's fake.

7c4dec () No. 7642927

Marines tweet: Dawn Blitz


5c58e2 () No. 7642928


Love Randy, but:

273f82 () No. 7642929

Is there agreement on the lowest raking Anon?

a9d239 () No. 7642930

14e647 () No. 7642931


Deliberate posting of false information results in immediate, permenent damage to the poster's psychospiritual nature.

77ab62 () No. 7642932


Boom incoming

119c06 () No. 7642933

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

57c281 () No. 7642934


this was posted yesterday as well.

096f15 () No. 7642935



119c06 () No. 7642936

sliceing cabbage

is cabbage love

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7323c6 () No. 7642937


I can think of 3 names here, maybe 4, that I dont even want to utter this early

0a912c () No. 7642938


322558 () No. 7642939


Come with me

And you'll be

In a wooooorld

Of pure disinformation!

0d6ddf () No. 7642940

61fb60 () No. 7642941

f45021 () No. 7642942

c0cca7 () No. 7642944


73a412 () No. 7642943

Three years after failed Turkish coup, hundreds of new arrests carried out

Three years after the failed July 2016 coup in Turkey, another 62 people were arrested on Wednesday, Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu announced.

The state prosecution has issued arrest warrants for 131 people suspected of being supporters of Fethullah Gülen, accused of leading the coup.

Last week on Friday, another 94 people were arrested while on Tuesday, 234 arrests were reported by Anadolu.

Several soldiers figure among the latest arrests. The government accuses Gülen of having infiltrated various state bodies, such as the army and police.

Last November, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that since the failed coup, a total of 17,866 members of the armed forces had been dismissed and 2,709 suspended.


53a1a5 () No. 7642945

>>7642701 lb

"The rate of global water consumption is currently doubling every 20 years."

"The World Health Organization predicts that 48 nations will face severe water shortages by 2025, and the World Bank has predicted that by the year 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will run short of fresh drinking water."


On a slightly different topic, this came to mind after reading that "Most of the world's freshwater (about 2.4 million cubic miles) is contained in underground aquifers":

What if Q uses the phrase "Watch the water" as a warning and a taunt to the elites who plan to bunker underground, where they would ride out a war they start or a disaster they engineer? With all those freshwater aquifers, could they be used to flood out the bunkers, via drilling or explosions or controlled earthquakes? Maybe that's what has been happening with the booms people reported hearing, or with some of the recent earthquakes?


c8118e () No. 7642946


will you ever tell us the code?

f89451 () No. 7642947

fb8333 () No. 7642948


Evergreen lines was dug into before, could not find any connection to CF.

Evergreen Line is the unified common trade name for the four shipping companies of the Evergreen Group. The brand 'Evergreen Line' is used for international marketing purposes for Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd., Italia Marittima S.p.A., Evergreen Marine (UK) Ltd. and Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd. and was established May 1,2007 in response to the request and expectations of global customers.

A fifth ocean carrier, Evergreen Marine (Singapore), has also signed the joint service agreement, effective May 1, 2009. Evergreen Line operates the fourth largest container fleet in the world, with over 190 ships by capacity of approximately 850,000 TEU.

5c58e2 () No. 7642949



Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: d7571e No.1109139 📁

Apr 19 2018 21:21:44 (EST)

Anonymous ID: fe9998 No.1108927 📁

Apr 19 2018 21:14:29 (EST)


When will we find out about Seth Rich and Las Vegas??


SR connect to DNC.



Why did the D’s push legal rep on family?

June ETA.



322558 () No. 7642950



Think "encryption".

0a912c () No. 7642951

119c06 () No. 7642952

hollow cabbage

is flat cabbage

flat cabbage makes flat turd

flat turd earth matters

sliceing cabbage for flat cabbage flat turd earth always remember

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8ae5e5 () No. 7642953


The Duke antenna looks salvageable although the ECM itself is probably fuhked judging by the bullet holes / frag marks over the passenger rear wheel. ECM antenna looks brand effing new though. I do not envy the crew that was in this vehicle during this exchange.

1dd14c () No. 7642954

meme ammo

maybe work your way up to those GD bananas

when boy……

ebb5b7 () No. 7642955


It's hard when they are constantly trying to compete with each other… I think the biggest retard doesn't have to swallow that night. but that's just a rumor I can't confirm.

735441 () No. 7642956

b600d1 () No. 7642957

situational awareness should not be underestimated


84871e () No. 7642958

a04bd0 () No. 7642959

If anyone has caps of Q 'Q&A' sessions - may we post them somewhere global?

119c06 () No. 7642960


>hollow cabbage


>is flat cabbage


>flat cabbage makes flat turd


>flat turd earth matters


>sliceing cabbage for flat cabbage flat turd earth always remember


sliceing cabbage is cabbage love

7c4dec () No. 7642961

US Army retweets NG

Picture has similarities to WCTD.


a9d239 () No. 7642962


yo. the code is literally the words in the photos. don't let people program you.

d8ca00 () No. 7642963

ae545c () No. 7642964

096f15 () No. 7642965

119c06 () No. 7642966




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8be1e5 () No. 7642967

Ebot is so boring. Doug, you're lazy…

0eaa28 () No. 7642968


Probably not you cuz you asked. Kek. And nether does the anon

7f129a () No. 7642969


Israel Proves the Desalination Era Is Here

One of the driest countries on Earth now makes more freshwater than it needs


Water is not an issue on this planet.

0d6ddf () No. 7642971

5ce67c () No. 7642972

Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxN7-jaU4JtzOHTsUrVKCwQ/videos

Marriage Permanence https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIhZUhYUaLecZHNEDv0hug/videos

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0i4ZYG7fW3z7Um1BjaamjNKaucpX6f4

5c718c () No. 7642973

4d42d2 () No. 7642974

Pulling seismic waveforms tutorial continued from >>7642892

After you clicked Waveforms >>7642892 for an event and see the event page, pic 1.

Now click Wilbur and you will see pic 2, specific to that event.

After you select a seismic monitoring station from the map or the list of stations below, you will see waveforms as recorded by that station, for that specific event. Pic 3.

Probably need to pull waveforms from several stations before evaluating if it was an explosion underground (warfare or demolition in tunnels?) or a natural earth slippage event.

Now anon has to go do this for all the California 12/25/19 earthquakes in the following list.

Dec 25, 2019







Dec 26




Dec 27



5ce67c () No. 7642975

682b02 () No. 7642976


Narcissists gonna narc.

5ce67c () No. 7642977

5f45ac () No. 7642978

>>7642910 We are pawns in the most complicated game ever played. A game where there are no easy moves—regardless of what is done, instant ramifications arise. Only the best player ever, with a rock solid, yet adaptable Plan, can legitimately hope to win. That player or team of players must have a crystal clear goal, a strong attack plan, high courage, and iron determination in the face of frantic death throes by the enemy

a1545d () No. 7642979


Had had a question for Q whether being here helps or hurts us get into Space Force. Looks like hurts, and directly.


5ce67c () No. 7642980

119c06 () No. 7642981


i am dropping soap fo yo cabbage right now with xenu

5ce67c () No. 7642982

5ce67c () No. 7642983

5f06f3 () No. 7642984



Legit, the date is the day of pain, February 2018

fb8333 () No. 7642985

>>7642948 (me)

This is all I could come up with tying Evergreen Lines to HRC. Loops to Q drops but I don't see a solid connection. If I am wrong alert me fast and I can switch to boatfagging every Evergreen ship (160 container ships)

4465d3 () No. 7642986

Frigging Q has us hook, line, and sinker.

After no name, Richard B Russell and the Q 400 incident

Frigging Rothschild Airplane Attacks

He could literally post about FISA for the next year (Which he might do) and we will still stay loyal to this

5ce67c () No. 7642987

f9f8e0 () No. 7642988


wrong- the answer was

d) all of the above

be best

73a412 () No. 7642989

Disputes over FATF rules escalate among Iranian officials

Iran, December 27, 2019—While the Iranian regime is still reeling in the aftermath of November’s nationwide protests, the looming deadline set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for Tehran to become compliant with international financial norms has further exacerbated the regime’s inner crises.

The FATF, which oversees the security of the global financial system and sets banking transaction standards, has given the Iranian regime until February to finalize the laws that will allow the country to join the Palermo and Counter Financing Terrorism (CFT) conventions against funding terrorism and money laundering.

“In my opinion, the issue of FATF and its laws have been politicized,” said Mahmoud Vaezi, chief of staff of regime president Hassan Rouhani, who was speaking at an official meeting in Ardebil on Tuesday. “What is happening regarding the FATF is setting limitations and more sanctions against the economy and banking relations of the country. The bodies that are opposing the FATF must assume responsibility for the blow dealt to the economy.”

If Tehran fails to pass the laws and make its financial system transparent, it will put on the FATF's list of "Non-Cooperative Countries or Territories," which will deal a heavy blow to its international banking as well as foreign investments in Iran, both of which require full compliance with FATF rules.

Despite having extended the deadline several times, the Iranian regime is still dithering on passing the necessary legislation to become conformant to FATF rules. The issue of passing the laws has become a source of constant tension between the Majlis (parliament), the Guardian Council, and the Expediency Council.


119c06 () No. 7642990


>with xenu


5ce67c () No. 7642991

a1545d () No. 7642992

b1936e () No. 7642993


Get thee behind me Adulterer Anon…

3664c0 () No. 7642994




We have resources and Ops planning to counter domestic disturbances.

However we (non Mil) lack power/resources to counter the Big Tech censorship.

Thats why Game is On.

KC referral by IG Horowitz makes this a organized collusion event/RICO/Coup/Treason

The Military is the only way is to counter Big Tech via [NSA]

Fraud and Treason can be handled publically by DOJ, AG.

Censorship by Big Tech = Military is the Only Way [Counter Ops]

Q26 1st marker is 11.3 =KC Kevin Clinesmith actions of fraud has put us in a position that Military is the only way.

NSA vs. Tech

fb8333 () No. 7642995


Ooops! meant to include this:


0d6ddf () No. 7642996

5ce67c () No. 7642997

8be1e5 () No. 7642998

Adulterer shill is gay too. YAAAAAaaaaawn…filter joo h8ers, ebot, finklefred brennan, and all of gay Doug's friends. Dumb. Yaaaaaawn.

44f70f () No. 7642999


What is your plan?

5ce67c () No. 7643000

ce0353 () No. 7643001



5c718c () No. 7643002

e04d19 () No. 7643003

Fact Based Legitimate Criticism (FBLC) of issues related to Jewish collective power and/or Israel:


Bibi has made a public death threat against Trump on the 4th of July of this year (2019).

Here is the tweet:


And video in the post.


Jewish collective power has been smearing Trump using one of their Holocaust Museums in Germany


Israel has sold weapons and military training to the drug cartels, and Jews in NY have laundered part of the cartels money (and source also shows that Jews created organized crime in the US in the 20’s).

How to turn every Trump supporter against Israel without hurting Trump:



The peaceful and fair solution to this issue of Jewish group subversion of Western nations:



https://youtu.be/Cki0RVX841I - “Rabbi says pedophile rape is not to be reported according to jewish law”

0eaa28 () No. 7643004


Looks like you don’t join for the money do you

0d6ddf () No. 7643005

ae545c () No. 7643006


oh, anons were saying the pic from inside the helicopter had never been published before (tineye)

guess they were wrong.

5ce67c () No. 7643007


Eph 4:14

Are you also a child-killing, serial adulterer? Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14 http://prolifeprofiles.com/donald-trump-pro-life-profile

119c06 () No. 7643008


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap


>dropping soap

5ce67c () No. 7643009

8be1e5 () No. 7643010


You're boring. Stupid shill.

5ce67c () No. 7643011

5ce67c () No. 7643012

14e647 () No. 7643013


Reading QR does not affect USG eligibilty.

Protecting pedovores with false of misleading posts does.

don't post lies and see (you) on Jupiter

53a1a5 () No. 7643014


The lowly anon who is gladly unknown and expects no praise or reward, while working hard and smart and providing the most value possible, he is truly the greatest anon.




0d6ddf () No. 7643015

73a412 () No. 7643016


STYX - Renegade (live)

Oh, Mama, I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law

Law man has put an end to my running and I'm so far from my home

The jig is up, the news is out

They've finally found me

The renegade who had it made

Retrieved for a bounty

Never more to go astray

This will be the end today

Of the wanted man

Oh, Mama, I've been years on the lam and had a high price on my head

Lawman said, 'Get him dead or alive.' Now it's for sure he'll see me dead

Dear Mama, I can hear you cryin', you're so scared and all alone

Hangman is comin' down from the gallows and I don't have very long KEKEK

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5ce67c () No. 7643017

b0e935 () No. 7643018

5ce67c () No. 7643019

a04bd0 () No. 7643020


trips demand a plan!

3664c0 () No. 7643021



No one else likes these digits?

8be1e5 () No. 7643022


STFU…you're dumb.

5ce67c () No. 7643023

1dd14c () No. 7643024

meme ammo


5ce67c () No. 7643025

fd2f90 () No. 7643026


Yep. They sold and received power, money, fame and everything their hearts desired from their master. Their master calling in his chits, he ain't happy.

There's so many of them. The only thing they can do now is blame one another. Say to their master: it wasn't me, it was him/her.

c3250c () No. 7643027

Q Team

Please take him at the airport

ebb5b7 () No. 7643028

5ce67c () No. 7643029

8ae5e5 () No. 7643030


Anon, you may want to check what site the policy references. They are not talking about this site. This is, most likely, an internal site (Intranet (TRA not TER in intranet). 8kun is an anonymus board and members of Space Force have an obligation not to release information that hasn't been cleared.

If you are applying for a space force position I would not disclose your visiting this site unless specifically asked and I would only visit this site from a personal device, connected to the internet on a network you pay for, during your personal time… and would never, under any circumstances disclose information you are not allowed to disclose. What you do on your personal time and on your personal devices is your own business unless you are under NDA or orders specifically prohibiting you from doing so.

5c718c () No. 7643031



Fuck off Toots

5ce67c () No. 7643032

096f15 () No. 7643033

Top insider sale/buy of the week: former CEO/founder UBER: $249.39m-Dec 19/20 and Enterprise Products non-exec chair: $2.46m- Dec 19

UBER sales reported this week, trans. were last week. Same with the Enterprise buy.

Usually these are filed within 2-3 days. Sometimes they take longer.

Enterprise Products Partners L.P. (Enterprise) is a provider of midstream energy services to producers and consumers of natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), crude oil, petrochemicals and refined products in North America. The Company's segments include NGL Pipelines & Services; Crude Oil Pipelines & Services; Natural Gas Pipelines & Services, and Petrochemical & Refined Products Services. The Company's midstream energy operations include natural gas gathering, treating, processing, transportation and storage; NGL transportation, fractionation, storage, and import and export terminals, including liquefied petroleum gas (LPG); crude oil gathering, transportation, storage and terminals; petrochemical and refined products transportation, storage, export and import terminals, and related services, and a marine transportation business that operates primarily on the United States inland and Intracoastal Waterway systems.

Number of employees : 7 000 people.


Enterprise Products Partners L.P. non-exec chair

Randa Duncan Williams is non-executive chairman of Enterprise Products Partners, the pipeline giant her father Dan Duncan (d. 2010) founded in 1968. Williams is the only one of four siblings involved in running the family business; all four inherited equal stakes in the company. Enterprise Products owns nearly 50,000 miles of energy pipelines, natural gas processing plants and a large oil storage facility on the Gulf Coast. Williams joined the family business in 1994 and became president and CEO of Enterprise Products in 2001. She sits on the board of the University of Texas Health Science Center where a clinic is named after her father at the Children's Learning Institute.



682b02 () No. 7643034

POTUS and CJ Truth aren't the only ones being fucked with. Apparently Twatter started hard core censorship after the Q tweet storm…

f85a5d () No. 7643035

Digits confirm….they are on the run. Hanks in Greece is a good example.

ae545c () No. 7643036

a1545d () No. 7643037


Dispatch, we're going to need cuff extensions!

2f4143 () No. 7643038


They got close to cracking so they changed the keys.

0d6ddf () No. 7643039

8be1e5 () No. 7643040


Not toots. Fred Brennan is toots. He's the gayest of all.

ebb5b7 () No. 7643041

70c4ab () No. 7643042

'''‘Nothing Less Than a Civil War’: These White Voters on the Far Right See Doom Without Trump

Deeply conservative, they organize online and outside the Republican Party apparatus, engaging in more explicit versions of the chest-beating seen at the president’s rallies.'''

from the article:

''In the White House, Mr. Trump has relied on similar unfounded conspiracy theories and promoted people who have perpetuated them. He pardoned Joseph M. Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, a hero of Arizona’s right wing and a leader of the “birther” movement, who was convicted of criminal contempt related to his aggressive efforts to detain undocumented immigrants.

On Mr. Trump’s Twitter account, likely the most watched in the world, he has promoted white nationalists, anti-Muslim bigots, and believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims that top Democrats are worshiping the Devil and engaging in child sex trafficking.

Even mainstream conservative media figures have embraced QAnon as a way to dismiss Mr. Trump’s political enemies. The Fox News host Jesse Watters, during a recent segment dedicated to the conspiracy, linked it to Mr. Trump’s Washington enemies. “Isn’t it also about the Trump fight with the deep state in terms of the illegal surveillance of the campaign, the inside hit jobs that he’s sustained?” he asked.

The embrace of conspiracy theories has frustrated some establishment Republicans and moderate Republican voters, who urge Mr. Trump to embrace a more traditional communication style.

His base disagrees.

Events like Trumpstock are not limited to Arizona. Its organizer, Laurie Bezick, recruited speakers from around the country through social media, tapping into a network of pro-Trump voices only a click away.

Long-shot congressional candidates touting an “America First” agenda came from places like Iowa and Maryland. Leaders of fledgling political groups with names like JEXIT: Jews Exit The Democratic Party, Latinos for Trump and Deplorable Pride, right-wing L.G.B.T. organization, told the overwhelmingly white audience they were not anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, homophobic or racist. In fact, the speakers insisted, people who used those terms were more guilty of bigotry than the people they accused.

To applause, the co-founder of Latinos for Trump, Marco Gutierrez, read the pledge he took when he became a naturalized citizen and renounced his Mexican homeland. Nitemare, a pro-Trump rapper who refused to give his legal name, invoked QAnon and called Mr. Obama a racist slur in his set.

Brian Talbert, the founder of Deplorable Pride, was contacted by the White House after he was barred from the L.G.B.T. pride parade in Charlotte, N.C. At Trumpstock, Mr. Talbert, who has a history of expressing anti-Muslim beliefs on social media, gave voice to hatred of Mr. Obama and Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and Mr. Trump’s 2016 opponent.

“I think she should be hanging at the end of a rope for treason,” he said of Mrs. Clinton.

Members of groups like these at once make up a critical portion of Arizona’s conservative base, and espouse derogatory rhetoric that must repeatedly be repudiated, creating political difficulties for the state’s Republican lawmakers. After a photograph emerged last April of members of Patriot Movement AZ posing with Gov. Doug Ducey, he said he had never heard of the group. “I absolutely denounce their behavior,” he added.

Trumpstock attendees say they are used to being denounced, another quality they feel they share with the president. It’s part of why they are protective of him, to the point that they refuse to acknowledge the possibility of a Trump loss in 2020.

Mark Villalta said he had been stockpiling firearms, in case Mr. Trump’s re-election is not successful.

“Nothing less than a civil war would happen,” Mr. Villalta said, his right hand reaching for a holstered handgun. “I don’t believe in violence, but I’ll do what I got to do.”''


f9f8e0 () No. 7643043


you dont want him behind you,

I've heard stories

10ea50 () No. 7643044

Obama gave the internet to the totalitarian governments and they're showing their appreciation.

1f8c95 () No. 7643045

8be1e5 () No. 7643046



c2ece7 () No. 7643047


scold elsewhere.

096f15 () No. 7643048


sauce on second panel


119c06 () No. 7643049

i am such a serial killer whore

73a412 () No. 7643050

Little bit of history… Wonder what happened to these kids.. Dirty FKers

Legacies of the colony: The lost children of Congo

In the run-up to Congo’s independence from its Belgian colonisers in 1960, the Belgian state arranged to bring everything that was Belgian back to Europe, including children born to a black African mother and a white Belgian father.

These so-called ‘métis’ children were declared property of the Belgian state and forcibly taken from their mothers to be put on a plane to Belgium, where they often ended up in orphanages or foster families.

The exact number of métis children in Belgium is unknown. According to the Save institute in Rwanda, they hosted 124 children when they were brought to Belgium, and 881 other children were taken from Ruanda-Urundi and the region around the Kivu lake. However, some files have next to no information about what happened to them, or if they even came to Belgium in the first place. These files only exist if the children were officially registered with the Belgian colonial authorities when they were born, which usually did not happen, meaning the number of métis children is likely to be much higher.


d9ac28 () No. 7643051


Coup news is good news

119c06 () No. 7643052


>i am such a serial killer whore

i am even havening a personality crisis over our baby graves

a9d239 () No. 7643053

dee706 () No. 7643054



Yes, so everybody could have posted the photo last night…



d073d4 () No. 7643055


PANIC mode.

People awake is their greatest fear.


0d6ddf () No. 7643056

a04bd0 () No. 7643057



Are we alone ?

Roswell ?"



Highest classification.

Consider the vastness of space."

4d42d2 () No. 7643058


Another way is using this page that lists many more seismic recorders (helicorder) by date – 12 hours each.


I'm seeing some unusual stuff, not yet ready to present what I've found.

Looking at 12/25/19. A periodic signal that rang for approx. 1 minute, totally unlike an EQ signature. Seeing it on multiple SoCal stations. Not ready to characterize, but it's unlike anything I've seen before.

2dda1d () No. 7643059

Psalms… are Everywhere.

The time for nice is over…

Raise the roof, Southern Child.


In time WE will understand.

By then it was too late for THEM.

Who takes their child with them?

Who gives their child "instead"?

Read the Bible yet?

You might have missed something.

Better read it again.


119c06 () No. 7643060


>with xenu




>i am such a serial killer whore


>i am even havening a personality crisis over our baby graves

i am haveing a yuge throbbing xenu milking bilbo therapy fake catharsis over our baby graves roght now with my coCIAne buddies

9f3891 () No. 7643061




2f4143 () No. 7643062


Hello q

88d89e () No. 7643063

d9ac28 () No. 7643064



44f70f () No. 7643065



8ae5e5 () No. 7643066


Happy Saturday boss.

fa4a59 () No. 7643067


1f8c95 () No. 7643068

866608 () No. 7643069

90cb5c () No. 7643070


how close are we to SOMETHING BIG?

8be1e5 () No. 7643071


Hello Sir! o7

5ce67c () No. 7643072

Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxN7-jaU4JtzOHTsUrVKCwQ/videos

Marriage Permanence https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIhZUhYUaLecZHNEDv0hug/videos

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0i4ZYG7fW3z7Um1BjaamjNKaucpX6f4

c5c751 () No. 7643073


119c06 () No. 7643074



25b12a () No. 7643075


Hello sir!

3664c0 () No. 7643076


Evening Q

f2f3c2 () No. 7643077



5ce67c () No. 7643078

2dda1d () No. 7643079



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b5acb4 () No. 7643080


Escape from New York . Absolutely insane.

5ce67c () No. 7643081

70c4ab () No. 7643082

c5226d () No. 7643083


Morning Q!

4d42d2 () No. 7643084

c79e1d () No. 7643085

ae545c () No. 7643086



43e458 () No. 7643088


Wake. Everyone. Do it Q.

a04bd0 () No. 7643089

Saturday morning Q!!!

b600d1 () No. 7643090

119c06 () No. 7643091


if it wasn;t for danalingus danielfaggots obfuscation of the federal authorities , we would have never had so much faggot tranny fashion shows

096f15 () No. 7643092



4465d3 () No. 7643093


Keep struggling and saving for 11.3

Steeldreams, anon.

5ce67c () No. 7643094

36f042 () No. 7643095



>>7643033, >>7643048 Top insider sale/buy of the week: former CEO/founder UBER: $249.39m-Dec 19/20 and Enterprise Products non-exec chair: $2.46m- Dec 19

>>7642945 global water diggz

>>7642927 @USMC Dawn Blitz

>>7642892, >>7642974 Learn to pull seismic waveforms for study

>>7642860, >>7642865, >>7642868, >>7642869, >>7642909 Dominoes Pizza UK finance boss drowns on holiday in Mauritius

00d99a () No. 7643096

1dd14c () No. 7643097


Q believes in God.

We are not alone in the universe.

God is out there.

Nothing was said about aliens or UFO craft.

f85469 () No. 7643098

70c4ab () No. 7643099

5ce67c () No. 7643100

50e960 () No. 7643101

9f3891 () No. 7643102

>Fan Accounts


>Unreliable Sources



73a412 () No. 7643103


"All propaganda must be so popular and on such an intellectual level, that even the most stupid of those toward whom it is directed will understand it… Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise."

~ Adolf Hitler

(1889-1945) German Nazi Dictator

Mein Kampf, p. 197. 14th Edition.

5ce67c () No. 7643104

84871e () No. 7643105

3664c0 () No. 7643106


Been really appreciating your insights Q.

Your words are spreading like a wild fire and even the media is now coping with the inevitable….arrests are coming, I can smell it!

Godspeed patriot and a hello to Q+

77ab62 () No. 7643107



Time for a boom to wake them up.

5ce67c () No. 7643108

f90c1e () No. 7643109


We see it. We see it.

dee706 () No. 7643110


5:5 coincidence…

b600d1 () No. 7643111

43ec4b () No. 7643112



"We're not going to show the tweets. Because we don't want to aid in the spread of that junk…."

You just did. Damned if you do. Damned if you don't

44f70f () No. 7643113


That is your plan?

d67c3b () No. 7643114



Play the Trump Card!

5f45ac () No. 7643115

>>7643042 Hear that rumble & feel the movement? That's the scumbags at the NYT, with all their knees knocking together simultaneously, as they realize that not only have they lost, but are guilty & exposed. That stench is from all of them being repeatedly incontinent. Best of all, we see their panic. No mercy.

5ce67c () No. 7643116

a1545d () No. 7643117

I guess the only place to read all of POTUS tweets is here, Anons:


@Jack is actively pulling them down, no wonder he's moving to Africa next week.

682b02 () No. 7643118



should have been notable lb.

q26 1st marker is 11.3

Is KC (Kevin Clinesmith) the first marker?

43e458 () No. 7643119

61fb60 () No. 7643120


Q ~

Why does it seem like Everyone has forgotten about Julien Assange?

It's not right…

b0e935 () No. 7643121

36f042 () No. 7643122


Bless you aon!

5c718c () No. 7643123


Morning Boss man!

Anons are ready. Let's get this shit show on the road.

70c4ab () No. 7643124


04560a () No. 7643125


They think we the people are stupid.

a74ccd () No. 7643126


It's a glorious thing to see!

5ce67c () No. 7643127


Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14 http://prolifeprofiles.com/donald-trump-pro-life-profile

aebc01 () No. 7643128


Do it Q

fde8cc () No. 7643129

5c58e2 () No. 7643130



1f8c95 () No. 7643131

f7675f () No. 7643132


God’s universe.

Technically everywhere all the time.

5ce67c () No. 7643133


Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14 http://prolifeprofiles.com/donald-trump-pro-life-profile

618fac () No. 7643134


These nut jobs have lost it. Their desperation leads me to believe they know the hammer will drop very, very soon.

4465d3 () No. 7643135

If it gives you some idea of Q's long game, remember he said Twitter was in receivership in 2024. They aren't going live with Internet Bill of Rights until then.

This focker has got some patience, man.

5ce67c () No. 7643136


Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14 http://prolifeprofiles.com/donald-trump-pro-life-profile

096f15 () No. 7643137


got yer six general


5f06f3 () No. 7643138



>PANIC mode.

Drop the hammer Q, the censoring on all social media platforms is overwhelming…what will stop the censorship?

682b02 () No. 7643139


Is the 11.3 marker Kevin Clinesmith???

fcd830 () No. 7643140


Q mentions

"Think for yourself"


"This is not about religion"


"expand your thinking" quite a bit…

But cherry pick what you like

3664c0 () No. 7643141


I saw this late night, but didn't get it until today.


4d42d2 () No. 7643142


Seismic – add >>7643058

7323c6 () No. 7643143


He is freaking the fuck out!

f85a5d () No. 7643144


this is getting good gotta admit sir.

00d99a () No. 7643145

5ce67c () No. 7643146


Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14 http://prolifeprofiles.com/donald-trump-pro-life-profile

3876c0 () No. 7643147


Love it!! Just keep baiting them. They've got nothing left in their quiver.

They're cowards.

542f7b () No. 7643148

fa4a59 () No. 7643149

Brian Stelter needs to cry moar.

[Tater Tot]

8b0740 () No. 7643150


CNN's Brian Stelter omits ABC News' spiked Jeffrey Epstein exposé from his 'top media stories' of 2019

119c06 () No. 7643151


still dead

1f8c95 () No. 7643152

ebb5b7 () No. 7643153

Who's gonna be the reporter to make history…lol.

43ec4b () No. 7643154


I'm still trying to figure out if i believe in coincidences.

Post number …….55


1dd14c () No. 7643155


When is the next Q & A?

e6d550 () No. 7643156


Timestamp = 17

67a403 () No. 7643157

bd58b7 () No. 7643158

5ce67c () No. 7643159


Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxN7-jaU4JtzOHTsUrVKCwQ/videos

Marriage Permanence https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIhZUhYUaLecZHNEDv0hug/videos

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0i4ZYG7fW3z7Um1BjaamjNKaucpX6f4

4465d3 () No. 7643160

So 11.3 isn't coming anytime soon and could be 2023. We would likely all still follow.

866608 () No. 7643161


Barr Inspector General BIG

Ann Calvaresi BARR

Fraud Investigations/Swamp draining

c5c751 () No. 7643162


we have reached 10% saturation, Q

experts say that once 10% of the citizenry believes a certain cause, this 10% is able to convince the other 90%

c0cca7 () No. 7643163

d9ac28 () No. 7643164



618fac () No. 7643165


Do we have enough rope for all of these corrupt bastards?

1f8c95 () No. 7643166

84871e () No. 7643167


thank you anon…

no worries. haters will hate…

Jesus was spit on… obviously those weren't the smartest people on Earth, and that is why he forgives them.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c8118e () No. 7643168



election day 2020

dee706 () No. 7643170

5ce67c () No. 7643169

3664c0 () No. 7643171


>Pence smears intensify

73a412 () No. 7643172

Russian Air Force resumes strikes over Idlib

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:45 P.M.) – The Russian Air Force resumed their airstrikes over the Idlib Governorate this week after grounding their warplanes due to poor weather conditions.

According to reports from Idlib, the Russian Air Force targeted a number of towns and villages controlled by Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) in the southern part of the governorate.

In addition to the Russian airstrikes, the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) also carried out several strikes over the Idlib Governorate, with the majority of their targets being the villages and towns around Ma’arat Al-Nu’man.

Earlier this week, the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) offensive was paused after poor weather conditions grounded their air fleet.

Since then, the jihadist rebels have taken the offensive to capture some points around the town of Jarjanaz in the southeastern part of Idlib.


c85078 () No. 7643173



Tweet + Vid cap for Baker

a6e86e () No. 7643174

f121bf () No. 7643175

Jeff Sessions owes the American people the full cost of the Mueller investigation because his stupidity caused that investigation.

c75572 () No. 7643176

90 dead in Somalia today, old stomping grounds of Yovanovich.

Obamas ideal ethnic backround too, not quite white, not quite black…

Just like him. Wouldnt the world be such a better place if we all looked like him. /sarc

Somalia uses the Bonnie Blue flag of the confederacy, a connection to admiralty claims on Somalia? Interesting to note.

I.e. is Somalia rightful Murican clay after US conquest of fascist Italy?

Some of the most strategic land in the world with regards to spaceflight.

Food for thought, TYB.

1af13d () No. 7643177


How can he counterpunch an "unnamed person"? Reconcile.

fa4a59 () No. 7643178

Some one dubb him with the Mark Dice voice.

5ce67c () No. 7643179


Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxN7-jaU4JtzOHTsUrVKCwQ/videos

Marriage Permanence https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIhZUhYUaLecZHNEDv0hug/videos

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0i4ZYG7fW3z7Um1BjaamjNKaucpX6f4

1dd14c () No. 7643181


Do you need any cavers for your underground ops?

322558 () No. 7643182



9f3891 () No. 7643183



World Wide….

>Evening Q

>Morning Q

5ce67c () No. 7643184


Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxN7-jaU4JtzOHTsUrVKCwQ/videos

Marriage Permanence https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIhZUhYUaLecZHNEDv0hug/videos

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0i4ZYG7fW3z7Um1BjaamjNKaucpX6f4

aaa67c () No. 7643185


Q can I say I got Q'd because last bread I posted this video with the caption?

The sweet smell of CNN PANIC

77ab62 () No. 7643186


11.11 wasn't a date so it's doubtful 11.3 is.

273f82 () No. 7643187


It must be difficult to live in fear. Something other than money has to motivate him to get up every day and follow the script. Kind of scary to think what it is.

119c06 () No. 7643188

fun fact:

laundering trafficked human lucre though $cientologoy brain slave bullion smelters with coCIAne lucre

gets a ton of manfactured half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes

88a082 () No. 7643189


You might want to remember this:

6 This they said to test him, that they might have some charge to bring against him. Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground. 7 And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” John8: 6-7 Just stop now! you talk through your arsehole!

a04bd0 () No. 7643190


Little red meat? Please.

b600d1 () No. 7643191

36fb79 () No. 7643192

682b02 () No. 7643193


Anons, go to TrueQanuck's timeline and look at his tweets from yesterday. A TON of notable people died yesterday.


5ce67c () No. 7643194


Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14 http://prolifeprofiles.com/donald-trump-pro-life-profile

c5226d () No. 7643195

f85a5d () No. 7643196


is this the 5x5

1f8c95 () No. 7643197

5ce67c () No. 7643198

Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14 http://prolifeprofiles.com/donald-trump-pro-life-profile

fa3808 () No. 7643199


Baker FUKED UP royally and included neonBARF in NOtables!

How TF does a Baker do that?

How new are you?

neon is a PAYtriot.

neon has attempted to cause HARM to this movement!

Did ya have to DOIT?

Is there info in the fake piece that can't be read elsewhere?


Baker promotes PAYtriots!

c79e1d () No. 7643200


theres tons of them here. qoomers, tipper gore pearl clutching soccer moms, boomers, freddy, cta, hallmonitoranon, jooanon, your mom

b0e935 () No. 7643201


Then post more memes of Eric Ciaramella

5c718c () No. 7643202

7323c6 () No. 7643203


Probably an eye parasite

f85469 () No. 7643205

5190a9 () No. 7643204



I have a message for Trump, it is of the utmost importance, please pass it on.

Evil is going to attempt to kill him. Evil is going to use someone that Trump trusts in order to get to him. Evil may force Melania to poison him, or may use someone else but Melania is the easiest way.

Please be extremely careful, Evil is going to attempt something very soon.

Please pass the message, prayers alone won't save him. If Trump dies we will enter a very dark age. Please pass the message.

5ce67c () No. 7643206


Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14 http://prolifeprofiles.com/donald-trump-pro-life-profile

322558 () No. 7643207


Who dat?

b617f9 () No. 7643208


Thanks TrueQanuck but can you just copy and paste here for us? Don't be a buddy fucker.

43ec4b () No. 7643209


I'll do you one better. You can say that you are Q

70c4ab () No. 7643210

096f15 () No. 7643211

5ce67c () No. 7643212


Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14 http://prolifeprofiles.com/donald-trump-pro-life-profile

6e429e () No. 7643213

fa4a59 () No. 7643214

'Its all just so very disturbing'.

3664c0 () No. 7643215


Media Control will be Countered by Mil., once predicate has arrived to legitimize it in eyes of SES,SIS,Mil,Gov.(nonDS actors)

That time has arrived per Q.

Q posts 3754,3755 delta 20:06

Delta 0:20:06

2006, 206, 26

11.3 Marker [KC] Kevin Clinesmith?


1 Nov 2017 - 1:41:54 AM

Think about it logically.

The only way is the military. Fully controlled. Save & spread (once 11.3 verifies as 1st marker).

Biggest advanced drop on Pol

Q coded with a delta last nite (etal)

Q- Indictments [2019]

That should be KC (public reveal)

With reveal we expose 'conspiracy', Treason,RICO to public.

We can arrest, prosecute but Big Tech will censor, suppress, create counter narrative.

"Military is the ONLY WAY"

To counter Big Tech.

Heavy, Heavy Duty NSA tech to counter [Big Tech] needs support from many in Gov.

We have that support I believe, thanks to KC.

119c06 () No. 7643216


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes


>half ass $cientologoy mind slave memes

73a412 () No. 7643217

542f7b () No. 7643218

f7675f () No. 7643219


Sir, the rats appear nervous and desperate this morning. Any specific changes to the day’s agenda?

735441 () No. 7643220


where you know it or not

The Future Is Pro LIfe

f9f8e0 () No. 7643221


really cunt, you wanna double down?

ok let me mansplain it to you,

some of us been diggin & publishing hard facts against a criminal US govt for more than 20 years and are the reason this is all gonna work.

for you to not even take the time to see if a story is true or false before telling us your feelz about a name is a slap in every anons face..

you could have dug some additional info on him, you could have updated us on the cause of death, you could have added some crumb that we didnt have. But you didnt

and that needs adjusting.

so shape up or ship out.

this isnt FB,

try harder

do some work

make a notable

dc7d91 () No. 7643222


Lynn Forester Rothschild


Flight Logs

4d42d2 () No. 7643223


Open the computing system with a key that provides access to the kernel

OK I'm sorry I criticized your images before.

These are not memes. These are comms.

734934 () No. 7643224

c5226d () No. 7643225

096f15 () No. 7643226

682b02 () No. 7643227


Right? POTUS doesn't know who the phony whistleblower is… how could he know he was tweeting his name?


e7c9bb () No. 7643228


Oh My GOD!

Please Lord, Christ come SOON!

So disturbing!

Where is this???

5ce67c () No. 7643229

Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxN7-jaU4JtzOHTsUrVKCwQ/videos

Marriage Permanence https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIhZUhYUaLecZHNEDv0hug/videos

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0i4ZYG7fW3z7Um1BjaamjNKaucpX6f4

26d550 () No. 7643230


I love it. Anons have been sharing that clip for an hour or two before Q posted it. We truly are the news now. There's been others too lately. Anons are starting to be quicker than Q!

119c06 () No. 7643231

b0e935 () No. 7643232

618fac () No. 7643233


LMAO! So NP is implying this is why our military is stronger?

db81cf () No. 7643234

>>7643055 dubs confirm!

fa4a59 () No. 7643235

9c7bdb () No. 7643236


o7 Last night was really something. Epic.

5ce67c () No. 7643237

0d6ddf () No. 7643238

322558 () No. 7643239


If only we could factor shit lickity split…

4d42d2 () No. 7643240



>Open the computing system with a key that provides access to the kernel

by issuing a shell command

119c06 () No. 7643241

c1633d () No. 7643242


>>7642573 PB

Wh Luncheon Coup cont

Anons this Matteo Renzi seems to be a Kingpin of this Italian Luncheon Coup meeting. Biden met with Renzi and other bad actors for a week prior in Germany, perhaps where our white hats could not hear -see - monitor them ?? sauce one https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/15356 sauce 2 https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/6298 sauce 3 https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/59004 WWG1WGA

fa3808 () No. 7643243



00d99a () No. 7643244

3664c0 () No. 7643245


>that junk


d655f4 () No. 7643246


What kind of mind-set would even consider her doing that to him?

WTF is wrong with your thought process?

Shilling much or projecting a frame job?

d073d4 () No. 7643247


Haspel made Dir for a specific reason?

Brennan 'tapped' directly for support?

Brennan CLAS SEC DIV > spy_T?



Meeting(s) w/ Durham?

The only way to restore faith is through transparency and accountability.


5ce67c () No. 7643248


Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxN7-jaU4JtzOHTsUrVKCwQ/videos

Marriage Permanence https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIhZUhYUaLecZHNEDv0hug/videos

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0i4ZYG7fW3z7Um1BjaamjNKaucpX6f4

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Good Day Sir,

PANIC in DC indeed.

9873fe () No. 7643252



The news cycle will be a bit more entertaining this weekend.

f85469 () No. 7643253



o7 Patriots, TY Operators.


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53a1a5 () No. 7643255


When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.






It’s been a long time since we’ve had a non-corrupt President who works on behalf of the American people and not himself.

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a1545d () No. 7643257



Thanks guise! Been waiting my whole life for this! Didn't want to think I messed it up digging, memeing and praying here.

We'll get a drink on Jupiter, I'll bring fresh ice from Enceladus!


3664c0 () No. 7643258


CRUSH them Q

866608 () No. 7643259


Awake & ready, Boss !


322558 () No. 7643260


Speaking of this kinda topic…

VQChris, supposedly, threw out another 10day window…

Hasn't followed through, as usual, but it's still… interdasting that this convo is happening within the 10 days, in general.

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Ukraine Anti-Corruption




The American People want to know why you are in #Burisma's promotional materials (the corrupt #HunterBiden firm).

It was around the same time you were Obama's Deputy Sec. of Defense and hate groups were being promoted in Ukraine by #JoeBiden.



682b02 () No. 7643267


Kek, I'm not that anon, but here you go. Can't attach all bc of file limits.

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I really wanted Gina to be /ourgirl/, does this mean she's not?

483c81 () No. 7643271


If he is truly anointed by God for this purpose, and I believe he is, NOTHING will touch him. Relax.

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43ec4b () No. 7643273


>The only way to restore faith is through transparency and accountability.


I couldn't agree more. It will be painful for many but the world must know the truth

c85078 () No. 7643274



Tweet cap for Baker

Linked story:


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Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxN7-jaU4JtzOHTsUrVKCwQ/videos

Marriage Permanence https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIhZUhYUaLecZHNEDv0hug/videos

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0i4ZYG7fW3z7Um1BjaamjNKaucpX6f4

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I wonder why. Lots of secrets to hide.

b993a6 () No. 7643278


His time is coming, Grassley and Johnson are on it


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84871e () No. 7643280

learn our comms

74d0ea () No. 7643281

That’s my middle finger.

KEk >>7643253

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Well he is right you know?

03df79 () No. 7643284


The hair is growing on the inside of Brian's head and it is tickling the last two brain cells he has…

If you put Brian's brain on the edge of a razor blade, it would look like a BB rolling down a 4 lane highway…

He has lost it…rofl!!!!

5836e2 () No. 7643285

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