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Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Thursday 01.23.2020

>>7893008 ————————————–——– State_funeral. (Cap: >>7893152)

>>7892407 ————————————–——– Worth following. [precursor] (Cap: >>7892421)

>>7891764 ————————————–——– The Great Awakening! (Cap: >>7891793)

>>7890949 ————————————–——– Worth remembering. (Cap: >>7891061)

>>7890598 ————————————–——– Rubber bullets sting but do not last.

>>7889793 rt >>7889726 ————————— Article lacking source doc (Caps: >>7889823, >>7889876)

>>7889726 ————————————–——– Correction will be needed: ALL SURV re: POTUS [hops] (Caps: >>7889743, >>7890195, >>7890255, >>7890381)

>>7889231 ————————————–——– Corrupt [D]s fighting for their lives to keep media/gov focused on POTUS. (Cap: >>7889367)

>>7886759 ————————————–——– Congratulations, UK Patriots! Globalism dead? (Cap: >>7886825)

>>7884140 rt >>7884113 ————————— "What storm, Mr. President?"

>>7884016 ————————————–——– Does Durham want to hold [freeze] 'public' declas due to criminal nature of the probe(s)?

>>7883925 ————————————–——– Truth and facts will prevail. (Cap: >>7883960)

Wednesday 01.22.2020

>>7878541 ————————————–——– Castle clean.

Tuesday 01.21.2020

>>7867006 rt >>7866980 ———————-— [SEC] server re-routes create delays. [F]

>>7866867 ————————————–——– Delta? (Cap: >>7866983)

>>7866857 ————————————–——– They are attempting to protect themselves from prosecution.

>>7866851 ————————————–——– Leverage (control) dictates how far you rise within the [D] party (Cap: >>7867380, >>7867026)

Monday 01.20.2020

>>7864137 ————————————–——– Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex. (Vid: >>7864144)

Sunday 01.19.2020


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Global Announcements

>>7844760 New bakers/note-takers: plz tag notables & other key info to dough post

>>7808819, >>7808821 Jim Watkins: 88 of his domains were deplatformed by Network Solutions, DIGG UPDATED 1/14/20

Anons, plz no jpegs, tx


are not endorsements


>>7906380, >>7906483, >>7906561 planes and boats

>>7906333 Rose City ANTIFA, the violent Portland ANTIFA cell, is trying to mobilize people against Scott Presler’s clean-up event.

>>7906437 new Scavino - 1/24/2020🕒 | COMING SOON🗓😉

>>7906544 Flynn updeate ICYMO - motion dates updates

>>7906384 Schiff Blows Finale: ‘Head on Pike’ Impeachment Trial Comment Angers Republican Senators

>>7906278 Epstein was telling associates in 2014 that if he ever married, it would be to Celina Dubin

>>7906417 timestamp fag also rolls a Q digit, says AS's pain starts tomorrow

>>7906738 Website showing pandemic exercise at J Hopkins Had DS playing roles

>>7906365 Feds Have Evidence Bezos’ Girlfriend Gave Texts to Brother Who Leaked to National Enquirer, Report Says (debunks Bezos Saudi hacked me story)

>>7906955 #10118


>>7906097, >>7906131, >>7906158 Initial dig on Payson, AZ Piper P28A plane crash.

>>7906083 Dubin retiring from hedge fund amid fury over Jeffrey Epstein ties.

>>7906031 WEF debuts framework for Central Bank digital currency.

>>7905861, >>7905898 Small plane crashes today. California and Arizona.

>>7905858 YouTube forcing moderators to sign document acknowledging possible PTSD

>>7905787 Notable, strange or unexpected deaths.

>>7905779 Boris: UK has crossed the 'Brexit finish line'.

>>7905781 Dunford joins board of Lockheed Martin.

>>7905754 Continued Space Force logo discussion.

>>7905617 POTUS's weekend schedule.

>>7905608 Another Lemon sexual assault accuser.

>>7906198 #10117


>>7905315 Corona virus dig.

>>7904869 Australia's first coronavirus case confirmed in Victoria.

>>7905186 Presidential proclamation on imports of aluminum and steel articles.

>>7905154 Hannity stream. (live)

>>7905031, >>7905109, >>7904904, >>7904916, >>7905275 Anons discuss Space Force logo.

>>7905062 POTUS Tweet storm.

>>7905022 Sekulow Presser: Defense begins Saturday 10am with three hour preview.

>>7904978 2015: “Lab-made coronavirus triggers debate”.

>>7904938, >>7904949 Syria update.

>>7904922 Wuhan not under lockdown?

>>7904890, >>7905074 Planefag updates.

>>7904799 Impeachment is extremely unpopular.

>>7905161 #10116

9af7e5 () No. 7906971

#10115 Baker Change

>>7904527 California threatened with funds loss over abortion coverage.

>>7904474 Bidens are back in the crosshairs of POTUS legal team.

>>7904356 Chili protests: Chile woke up.

>>7904563, >>7904473 China outbreak worsens.

>>7904447 Marines Tweet: Bring Me The Horizon.

>>7903989, >>7904084, >>7904250, >>7904285, >>7904597, >>7904672 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted a coronavirus pandemic exercise. Dig on Pirbright.

>>7904167 Planefag update.

>>7904149 Illegal campaign violation convictions.

>>7904128 U.S. senator presses for declassified report on Khashoggi's slaying.

>>7904011, >>7904134 New DJT Tweets.

>>7904065 New q anon hit piece about coronavirus

>>7904655 #10115

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>>7895368 #10103, >>7896081 #10104, >>7896947 #10105, >>7897783 #10106

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cd7925 () No. 7906981

43ac08c47c2eee....jpg (2832 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, SunshineNow1.jpg) (h)

May God Bless our dreams.

Sunshine's the best disinfectant~

9af7e5 () No. 7906995

d327355677c14e....png (1100 KB, 255 x 251, 892 : 878, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

deb60e0399fcf2....png (912 KB, 255 x 170, 727 : 485, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

9988f946094c8c....png (71 KB, 255 x 204, 255 : 204, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



9af7e5 () No. 7906998

7629c98ecbcd18....png (148 KB, 226 x 255, 399 : 451, handoff doc.png) (h)

all yours Doc

bdb8f6 () No. 7907012

cdbb52cb520690....png (25 KB, 255 x 112, 590 : 260, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


9560ed () No. 7907015

6e5111f3cf28de....png (420 KB, 255 x 173, 1280 : 867, screenshot-glo....png) (h)

SAM059 northbound

otherwise quiet in the US

0833f2 () No. 7907016

bdfdd44855b6ec....jpeg (149 KB, 255 x 192, 1440 : 1083, JIDF_aggots.jpeg) (h)

718df6af0efef5....png (1448 KB, 160 x 255, 603 : 960, 718df6af0efef5....png) (h)

836965582abd42....jpg (1059 KB, 255 x 228, 3668 : 3284, 836965582abd42....jpg) (h)

8b3c966ab76048....jpg (304 KB, 255 x 205, 1272 : 1023, adl_jidf1.jpg) (h)

806492a5e7d035....png (589 KB, 248 x 255, 691 : 710, classic.png) (h)

fb245c () No. 7907017

42f49d94a4a081....png (387 KB, 255 x 255, 750 : 750, 42f49d94a4a081....png) (h)


got the do yo

have a good one

0833f2 () No. 7907018



The INTENT of these posts is to bring awareness, these same people own all media outlets.

Just disprove any of these posts, and they will stop. Seriously.

Jewish Ritual Understanding Blood Libel

(It's a video, click it.)





The children of Cain / Who call themselves Jew today


The sons of the Lucifer himself / Who call themselves Jew today


The Anti-Christ / Who call themselves Jew today

"Esau-Edom is modern Jewry" ~ 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41

Libbre David 37: “To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all

Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”

Truth is not hate speech or racist. Facts are not hate speech or racist.

Ask yourself, if these posts were coming from JIDF, what would they be hoping to achieve? What's the 'endgame'? How is exposing all this information "jewish defense"?

*not affiliated with Media Matters in any way.*

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and torture, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

If you lurk long enough you will notice it's always the same attacks and attackers to this and the other posts. None of them dispute the information. They can't because they know it's the truth.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" or "Alex Kaplan" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition. I am also not jewish nor Satanist/luciferian/Edomite Canaanite, or ANTIFA.

The one's making these claims are JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force, yes it's a real thing, even though it sounds utterly moronic). Easy to spot after a few breads, they always use "muh-joo, muh-jew, muhjewshill, muh all jews or any variant thereof" they are LITERALLY THE ONLY ONES that use these terms. No other "ethnicity" has a force here blindly defending them the way (((They))) do. These crimes are so indefensible all they will do is try to distract and confuse.

Read the Talmud

Read the Talmud

Read the Talmud

Read the Talmud


Share this information the best you can.


If these posts aren't being posted it's because I have something else to do.

Never filter, point out the JIDF shills, they can't subvert if they can't hide.

The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth, are the ones with something to hide.

Learning the truth about (((the "jews"))) (Edomite Canaanites technically) is not racist nor does it make you a "white supremacist" these are more trigger words to keep you from discovering the truth.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.


What we are currently experiencing is known as:


Definition of Armageddon

1a : the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil

b : the battle taking place at Armageddon

2 : a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0833f2 () No. 7907022


Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein (Interview with son of the devil)

*Thumbnail pic irrelevant to the information*

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory


New poll: Americans’ support for Israel falls to lowest point in a decade


How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion


Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well


Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood


The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)


Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City


New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0833f2 () No. 7907026



Jews “prepare their matzah… with the blood of children" - Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0833f2 () No. 7907030




The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Full Documentary

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

613cf8 () No. 7907033

110d8072534997....png (15 KB, 246 x 255, 346 : 358, HowToFilter.png) (h)


Only three shill posts? Still filtered

3b63a0 () No. 7907034

bb4343a05db85c....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 186, 288 : 210, 3stoogescake.jpg) (h)

0833f2 () No. 7907035





Moloch - Canaanite God of Hebrews

Moloch is the biblical name of a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice, through fire or war. The name Moloch results from a dysphemic vocalisation in the Second Temple period of a theonym based on the root mlk, "king".

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ea10de () No. 7907036

fb17aab875ee90....jpeg (144 KB, 218 x 255, 822 : 960, fb17aab875ee90....jpeg) (h)

fc0a44 () No. 7907037

95ef1c0cfea817....jpeg (75 KB, 169 x 255, 498 : 751, 5F336C71-C787-....jpeg) (h)

dc5759 () No. 7907038

325b1261283867....png (212 KB, 255 x 132, 800 : 415, some-folks-cal....png) (h)


Thank you baker.

0833f2 () No. 7907039

7a66bf183c675a....png (1148 KB, 255 x 187, 1736 : 1271, (you).png) (h)

d25f88 () No. 7907040

f90f4c04e9c876....jpg (35 KB, 255 x 172, 725 : 490, RTSNY10-layout....jpg) (h)

One flies with meme magic, one with the power of evil!

2bc942 () No. 7907041

f384393d083119....png (254 KB, 167 x 255, 327 : 499, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

3171203ddfbd99....png (328 KB, 255 x 170, 450 : 300, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

06c62f81b1d02e....png (247 KB, 236 x 255, 460 : 496, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>7906757 lb

The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia

Why? Because LIBOR already affects the prices of interest-rate swaps, making this a manipulation-on-manipulation situation. If the allegations prove to be right, that will mean that swap customers have been paying for two different layers of price-fixing corruption. If you can imagine paying 20 bucks for a crappy PB&J because some evil cabal of agribusiness companies colluded to fix the prices of both peanuts and peanut butter, you come close to grasping the lunacy of financial markets where both interest rates and interest-rate swaps are being manipulated at the same time, often by the same banks.

“It’s a double conspiracy,” says an amazed Michael Greenberger, a former director of the trading and markets division at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and now a professor at the University of Maryland. “It’s the height of criminality.”

The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia

How America’s biggest banks took part in a nationwide bid-rigging conspiracy – until they were caught on tape


When prices are set by companies that can profit by manipulating them, we’re fucked.

Once it becomes clear the magnitude, the scope and the breadth of the criminality, then everyone gains 2020 vision

And when you see clearly… well… just read the articles at the two links below. 100s of TRILLIONS of dollars

And it happened in the Obama Administration…

787836 () No. 7907042

Jenny 867-5309

Riotous Kekking

bd3355 () No. 7907043

6c2233d7d8cd1e....jpeg (96 KB, 255 x 237, 713 : 663, 4DF82B4B-C58D-....jpeg) (h)

613cf8 () No. 7907044


URA dumb fuck

ab4b90 () No. 7907045

617ebf28ae64fe....jpg (73 KB, 170 x 255, 499 : 750, 9adbabc5740576....jpg) (h)


TY Baker!!!

Reposting from LB:



0833f2 () No. 7907046

bcd7b4ceb10f39....jpg (1462 KB, 255 x 166, 1655 : 1080, ((.jpg) (h)

a7d82b63095b89....jpg (1248 KB, 255 x 154, 1788 : 1080, (.jpg) (h)

99e4341baaeae8....png (1274 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, (_molcock.png) (h)

86e04092111711....png (66 KB, 255 x 240, 485 : 457, (_molcockk.png) (h)

5384ac0197f318....png (298 KB, 255 x 123, 1584 : 765, ().png) (h)

0833f2 () No. 7907047

6a7cb90b47f38e....jpg (145 KB, 207 x 255, 600 : 740, )you(.jpg) (h)


URA jew.

ea10de () No. 7907048

c8693c7fbe526b....jpg (131 KB, 143 x 255, 800 : 1430, c8693c7fbe526b....jpg) (h)

7c2021 () No. 7907049

5fa88d10ba74f1....png (388 KB, 255 x 98, 846 : 326, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

wat means?

0833f2 () No. 7907050

e755e6461f967e....png (498 KB, 255 x 204, 746 : 596, __protocols sk....png) (h)

20d8f205696829....png (146 KB, 255 x 191, 474 : 355, __protocols sk....png) (h)

ee54579eaf8014....jpg (247 KB, 255 x 142, 1065 : 595, __protocols sk....jpg) (h)

7071586ab1ce58....png (1703 KB, 72 x 255, 2790 : 9886, __Protocols sk....png) (h)

cb544c4c4adf93....jpg (210 KB, 255 x 132, 1137 : 590, __protocols sk....jpg) (h)

0aa43b () No. 7907051

>>7906648 LB

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c2f4a5 () No. 7907052


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5b7ae6 () No. 7907053

85807704d1dfef....png (513 KB, 255 x 174, 605 : 412, muhmoonland.png) (h)

You poor boomer space bastard niggers have to see that you are being played into committing the future generations to debt by agreeing the allow the FUCKING JEW BANK to wage slave your kids and grand kids more than you already have, for the false hope of being Captain Kirk or Picard, running around the universe fucking beautiful space bitches.


Even if they existed, they wouldn't fuck you on the moon or any other planet if your fucking life depended on it.


1e614c () No. 7907054

>>7905143 (PB)

Anon above mentioned that these are scenes from the movie "Pandemic".

I'm not big on movies so I'm just going to take him at his word.

0833f2 () No. 7907055

45bf46c76b13dc....png (205 KB, 255 x 178, 640 : 446, BLOOD PASSOVER....png) (h)

56dac608784e8d....png (835 KB, 255 x 166, 1332 : 869, BLOOD PASSOVER....png) (h)

0b99f4abef8ead....png (559 KB, 184 x 255, 474 : 656, BLOOD PASSOVER....png) (h)

9d8acd16a87c8c....jpg (636 KB, 187 x 255, 719 : 983, blood.jpg) (h)

651aac94ae6582....jpg (105 KB, 255 x 255, 550 : 550, blood_libel.jpg) (h)

cdddeb () No. 7907056

Bio Terrorism

NWO has been practicing and funding

Unleashing now..WW Plague


founded by FB co-founder

Pandemic practice???


50bffe () No. 7907057

dbb1727c8684ae....png (15 KB, 127 x 83, 127 : 83, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Trying to keep up… tired

787836 () No. 7907058

da9c904d567f19....jpeg (28 KB, 255 x 169, 474 : 315, B871FD68-2B7A-....jpeg) (h)

8ef5de570811b0....jpeg (340 KB, 175 x 255, 1393 : 2033, 4ABB457D-E74E-....jpeg) (h)

633913e0641cab....jpeg (47 KB, 255 x 204, 455 : 364, 29E145EB-FA96-....jpeg) (h)

7373c86a8a8883....jpeg (157 KB, 255 x 127, 1200 : 599, 7F54C0F7-3CB0-....jpeg) (h)

9d075bbb1a828d....jpeg (77 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, 015B9B27-24CA-....jpeg) (h)

a52747 () No. 7907059







f10dcc () No. 7907060

025c8ca74e9d2e....png (8169 KB, 63 x 255, 1800 : 7280, Blood_graphic.png) (h)

d47b9c () No. 7907061

0db80676ee4c26....png (132 KB, 255 x 170, 555 : 370, ThanksBaker_Ke....png) (h)

0833f2 () No. 7907062

4444ff35290b05....jpg (98 KB, 255 x 191, 720 : 540, canaaites.jpg) (h)

b553142f85ae53....png (253 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, canaaitesexgods.png) (h)

8e0269e3593ab6....jpg (894 KB, 255 x 141, 1500 : 832, canaaitess.jpg) (h)

f8c7e683d71d4c....png (552 KB, 127 x 255, 426 : 854, canaaitess.png) (h)

c993ba1013efb1....jpg (588 KB, 255 x 197, 1600 : 1236, canaaitess_syn....jpg) (h)

5b185e () No. 7907063

f56caac5e843ad....jpg (154 KB, 255 x 220, 1080 : 933, ukemotnugqc41.jpg) (h)

Thank you, Baker!

7a2cb9 () No. 7907064

I love this story because it makes me smile. I imagine the Q team planned this coup for decades ago. They needed an end game….something to unite the left and the right.

What could get lots of sheep sleeping lefties to start believing the hard facts of Pizzagate and the like? Jfk Jr telling them the horrors of Hillary……

They planned this with military precision. We have to have a plan to reunite……and that beautiful man coming back from the grave to tell us how he had to hide for decades because the men who killed is father wanted to kill him also….breathtaking.

Yes it makes me smile.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0833f2 () No. 7907065

246876b6fcaf53....jpg (414 KB, 255 x 194, 1070 : 815, 113ff3d53ad7edd.jpg) (h)

113ff3d53ad7ed....jpg (195 KB, 255 x 187, 1024 : 749, 113ff3d53ad7ed....jpg) (h)

d76b18baf04cb6....png (143 KB, 237 x 255, 540 : 582, 337ea5137718aa....png) (h)

337ea5137718aa....png (793 KB, 255 x 255, 720 : 720, 337ea5137718aa.png) (h)

076ad568b012b3....png (521 KB, 255 x 237, 640 : 594, 337ea5137718aaa.png) (h)

f1a080 () No. 7907066

36d84c6c0c6cf3....jpg (220 KB, 255 x 167, 1302 : 854, ClintonPeanut.jpg) (h)

>>7906327 lb

Well my, my, my, the Clintons and their U1 friend are in cahoots in Hatti in the peanut business.


473cc5 () No. 7907067

1ce6ace8d7435b....jpg (66 KB, 255 x 180, 710 : 500, jhgfcv.jpg) (h)

613cf8 () No. 7907068


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5a85b2 () No. 7907069

36dc7f5b4bad78....png (703 KB, 255 x 188, 1170 : 862, 98319786231462....png) (h)

0833f2 () No. 7907070

Skip Baker - Edomite Canaanites part1











Skip Baker - Edomite Canaanites part1













YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b532e6 () No. 7907071

c9720a6cff6627....png (884 KB, 255 x 117, 2380 : 1095, bepe_cant_save....png) (h)


tanks bakes

d3964a () No. 7907072

7b2c8fa630d0b6....gif (4097 KB, 255 x 240, 295 : 278, YOU - FLOTUS.gif) (h)


ty for correcting bread names, baker


8f9d6c () No. 7907073

3eacac83fce3f5....jpg (33 KB, 255 x 204, 600 : 480, Angel light fi....jpg) (h)


144,000 Sealed Indictments

The number 144,000 has religious significance for Christians because of its use in the Book of Revelation, where it appears three times:

"It's going to be Biblical"


2bc942 () No. 7907074

cc4d4a5968c4e3....png (158 KB, 209 x 255, 262 : 320, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

73d8351b635de8....png (233 KB, 253 x 255, 318 : 320, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

22f0af06d039f8....png (283 KB, 255 x 170, 676 : 450, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e11449dbf220b3....png (1673 KB, 255 x 170, 1200 : 800, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


And the other of the two article links

Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever

The Illuminati were amateurs. The second huge financial scandal of the year reveals the real international conspiracy: There’s no price the big banks can’t fix


Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world’s largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything.

You may have heard of the Libor scandal, in which at least three – and perhaps as many as 16 – of the name-brand too-big-to-fail banks have been manipulating global interest rates, in the process messing around with the prices of upward of $500 trillion (that’s trillion, with a “t”) worth of financial instruments. When that sprawling con burst into public view last year, it was easily the biggest financial scandal in history – MIT professor Andrew Lo even said it “dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scam in the history of markets.”

5bdae2 () No. 7907075

9da49d50ab682c....png (540 KB, 255 x 236, 541 : 501, 0c.png) (h)

084751 () No. 7907076


muh gematria

18s everywhere

b662db () No. 7907077

4573ae25c1fbbe....jpg (420 KB, 255 x 255, 1080 : 1080, IMG_517.jpg) (h)

0833f2 () No. 7907078

Jesus Was Not A (((Jew))) Pastor James P Wickstrom












Jesus Was Not A (((Jew))) Pastor James P Wickstrom

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1483f2 () No. 7907079

0eba6fa1967e34....jpg (662 KB, 204 x 255, 960 : 1200, tga.jpg) (h)

Bless you bakers, patriots, autists

<We are going to show you a new world.

8816d5 () No. 7907080

Best youtube viewer without adds or signing in.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0833f2 () No. 7907081

9f13adb32ed372....jpg (49 KB, 255 x 225, 474 : 418, eaac167de1dc699.jpg) (h)

a9a4137402b8eb....jpg (399 KB, 255 x 227, 713 : 636, edb4a8bd3941a.jpg) (h)

eb1db2793494d0....jpg (504 KB, 255 x 236, 719 : 665, edb4a8bd3941b.jpg) (h)

0843991bfff075....jpg (1532 KB, 255 x 255, 1464 : 1464, edb4a8bd3941bbb.jpg) (h)

b1c8acd7a111d2....jpg (150 KB, 255 x 230, 737 : 664, edb4a8bd39411b.jpg) (h)

c7fc28 () No. 7907082



s a m 0 5 9 47

19 1 13 0 5 9


Paint the Picture


2 Nov 2017 - 5:08:46 PM

You can paint the picture based solely on the questions asked.

Be vigilant today and expect a major false flag.

Does anyone find it to be a coincidence there is always a terrorist attack when bad news breaks for the D's?

What is that called?

Military relevant how?

BO could not and would not allow the military to destroy ISIS - why?

How was ISIS formed?


How has POTUS made such progress in the short time he's been President?

Alice & Wonderland.

787836 () No. 7907083


Those string lights are on sale at Marshall’s.

613cf8 () No. 7907084

4320d067afd12c....jpeg (617 KB, 255 x 197, 3300 : 2550, prayer-to-st-m....jpeg) (h)

0833f2 () No. 7907085

Why do we Believe in Moses and Not Jesus?- Ask the Rabbi Live with Rabbi Mintz














Why do we Believe in Moses and Not Jesus?- Ask the Rabbi Live with Rabbi Mintz

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f1a080 () No. 7907086


Notice the guy had a German accent and his friends were wearing Japanese soldier uniforms.

453ece () No. 7907087

By now at least one has read The Bible.

Give I Daniel a verse:

The Son Of God said: Mankind saved.



5ffb0b () No. 7907088


One of N’Diaye’s contemporaries believes N’Diaye should not still be on the job, according to a report in the Times Union, based in Albany, New York:

Jose Rojas, a union leader and teacher at a federal prison in Florida, said N’Diaye should be home without pay instead of being reassigned. He said it appears to him that the Bureau of Prisons is “protecting him and putting the blame on officers.”

“I put this on the warden,” he said. “If he would have had common sense and followed policy, we wouldn’t be here discussing this.”

According to Voice of America, prior to his job as the MCC warden, N’Diaye was in charge of the Bureau of Prisons office of internal affairs.

A 2016 article about the Prison Legal News website about prisoners sickened by tainted food in a Pennsylvania prison reports that N’Diaye once worked at the office where he was reassigned:

More than 300 prisoners at the U.S.P. Canaan in Waymont, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia, fell ill of salmonella after eating “tainted chicken” used to make fajitas. Four of the 300 were ill enough to necessitate treatment at a local hospital’s emergency room for dehydration.

According to Lamine N’diaye, a spokesman for the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) northeast regional office, the prison kitchen was closed down for cleaning after the outbreak, but has since reopened after a BOP inspector deemed it safe.

N’Diaye’s name also shows up in a discrimination lawsuit filed by a BOP employee who was fired in 2009. The lawsuit’s final order is dated 2014:

Plaintiff Roderick Jenkins brought this action against Defendant Eric H. Holder, Attorney General of the United States of America, alleging pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. §§ 2000e-16, et seq. (“Title VII”), that he was subjected to discriminatory treatment due to his race when he was terminated from his job at the Bureau of Prisons (“BOP”). Plaintiff further claims that his termination was discriminatory on the basis of his disability in violation ofthe Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, 29 U.S.C. §§ 791, et seq. (“Rehabilitation Act”). Finally, Plaintiff also alleges that his termination was in retaliation for protected activity in violation ofboth Title VII and the Rehabilitation Act. Defendant seeks summary judgment on all claims.

On or about November 16, 2009, the MCC’s Department Head for Correctional Services, Captain Lamine N’Diaye.

It is undisputed that Captain Lamine N’Diaye, a superior officer at the MCC, issued the proposal letter to Plaintiff on November 16, 2009.

02205b () No. 7907089


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0833f2 () No. 7907090

bf0771e07b6192....jpg (221 KB, 176 x 255, 729 : 1058, hen.jpg) (h)

d3e86b7057a77b....jpg (229 KB, 255 x 168, 729 : 480, henny.jpg) (h)

2578d830a71c57....png (507 KB, 255 x 140, 1788 : 984, henny.png) (h)

79b41301975254....png (1159 KB, 255 x 178, 1463 : 1023, henny_.png) (h)

9f677f25870f0a....jpg (81 KB, 255 x 235, 600 : 554, ask.jpg) (h)

b532e6 () No. 7907091

66bcba8df1c865....png (346 KB, 255 x 144, 931 : 524, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

ab4b90 () No. 7907092

I'm fucking dying over here. This has GOT to be the best twitter response of the year, so far.


8c57f0 () No. 7907093

e0409c35fa4149....jpeg (32 KB, 255 x 193, 474 : 359, 855972F2-0183-....jpeg) (h)

8f9837fc6f4566....jpeg (27 KB, 255 x 177, 466 : 323, 08C942A6-CFDF-....jpeg) (h)

a11720d5145f5c....jpeg (111 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, 307DDCBA-A31A-....jpeg) (h)

6c1c4627b442c7....jpeg (63 KB, 255 x 255, 640 : 640, D8916E36-BE4A-....jpeg) (h)

31a682c862985e....jpeg (96 KB, 255 x 128, 945 : 475, 8A7E3641-28F2-....jpeg) (h)

>>7905051 (lb)

Some of those were photoshopped…

Definitely a match.

Michelle is Big Mike and the kids belong to the Nesbitt’s

484bca () No. 7907094

Here's my newest epiphany. When the Impeachment trial ends, someone's number is up.

So, Impeachment trial ends tomorrow or goes another day?

d47b9c () No. 7907095

1fd72388f2624b....png (179 KB, 185 x 255, 364 : 503, READYNEWEYES.png) (h)

58aa9a () No. 7907096

804cc79b35983f....jpg (40 KB, 170 x 255, 500 : 748, 804cc79b35983f....jpg) (h)

Because Fuck You Again.

0833f2 () No. 7907097

Rabbi Admits White Genocide Is The Goal
















Rabbi Admits White Genocide Is The Goal

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c7b2f4 () No. 7907098

757343bd55fcdd....png (321 KB, 255 x 149, 1200 : 700, c989088444b8cb....png) (h)

b026774b9bec8b....png (104 KB, 255 x 81, 1261 : 402, no more moo-ju....png) (h)

802ef2 () No. 7907099


We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender,

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0833f2 () No. 7907100

3dc6f8042a116a....jpeg (175 KB, 177 x 255, 696 : 1000, 3dc6f8042a116a....jpeg) (h)

3e3d834ee4ebaf....jpeg (92 KB, 166 x 255, 487 : 750, 3e3d834ee4ebaf....jpeg) (h)

4ad0c8dd37b6aa....jpeg (169 KB, 164 x 255, 642 : 1000, 4ad0c8dd37b6aa....jpeg) (h)

6f1bc35ab9ff62....jpeg (100 KB, 157 x 255, 461 : 749, 6f1bc35ab9ff62....jpeg) (h)

7f1002e6bbe0d9....jpeg (173 KB, 191 x 255, 750 : 1000, 7f1002e6bbe0d9....jpeg) (h)

ea10de () No. 7907101

9bef7ded78a757....jpg (102 KB, 255 x 229, 350 : 314, 9be.jpg) (h)

3eaec7 () No. 7907102

793bc2a779f9ea....png (387 KB, 226 x 255, 648 : 732, BloodMoonNS.png) (h)

8d7b69 () No. 7907103




mason clown bakers glow.

02205b () No. 7907104


i ahve been asking about this for 2 days. Do you know of the section on 8kun that describes this link. I cannot find it, but i knew it exisited!!!

a818ab () No. 7907105


Can't wait for this little popinjay to get it in the neck. I'll wear that out looping it.

ab4b90 () No. 7907106

9b02d257e60f78....gif (358 KB, 240 x 180, 240 : 180, laughing_.gif) (h)

fa59d1 () No. 7907107

96287dbb776cc7....png (41 KB, 174 x 255, 338 : 494, ENKL4rRXsAIqsaM.png) (h)

8f2bc24899945e....png (2722 KB, 255 x 137, 2275 : 1219, Michael Lavon ....png) (h)

4a3a2e425ce76a....png (91 KB, 176 x 255, 500 : 726, Michelle Obama.png) (h)

5a85b2 () No. 7907108

e0fbbacb131a61....png (776 KB, 255 x 202, 1092 : 863, 76437571927865....png) (h)

8d7b69 () No. 7907109

e29b698c24bd2d....png (24 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, ShillsAttacking.png) (h)




As Q told in many posts the anons on Q Research and the whole Q movement are a DIRECT THREAT to many people ww.

Not only to the few families of the ruling class, but also to the many Deep State assets in politics, science, economy, fake news reporters, masons and "knights" around the world.

Shills apply all kind of tactics and most of them have it´s base on "divide and rule".

Attack people of the Q patriots and sow division to weaken the movement.

Some try to blend in as anons and have fake conversations.



Shills attack the loud voices on YT and on TV.

Shills attack individual anons and call them names (boomer, kike, …).

Shills are desperate bc anons and patriots ww are so many and are so strongly bound in the fight against evil.

Shills still try to sow division and try to paint this board nazi to enable fake news attacks on "Q nazis".

Shills also try to deflect from the [cult] by muh jew spam.

Shills spread stupid info and post utter bs to make anons look ridiculous.

One shill calls everyone "bot" and want´s you to think that there are not thousands of anons contributing and millions of lurkers spreading info on other channels.

Another shill posts anime and wolf memes all the time to make researching autists look ridiculous at first glance.

Shills attack relevant info (was noted two months ago, why should anons care, not relevant, …).

Shills try to divide anons by making them leave to a board that Q chooses not to post on (QRB, 4chan).

Shill post disinfo and cryptic bs to slide.

Shills attack the Qclock (that Q asked anons to build and that works amazingly well: "future proves past")

Shills glow if you regard the posts made here in the context of ALL Q DROPS.

Watch out for clown bakers that leave out and ignore relevant info or push shill topics (slides, muh jew).


0833f2 () No. 7907110

7fdf4671d80fc4....png (675 KB, 255 x 187, 1736 : 1271, (youpep.png) (h)

0833f2 () No. 7907111

0b1ea27789e11a....png (302 KB, 255 x 149, 1200 : 700, stupidd.png) (h)

29c3d3 () No. 7907112

1bbe1e0d48966a....gif (457 KB, 255 x 135, 400 : 212, flagBounce.gif) (h)


Tanks Bakes

af38f9 () No. 7907113

>>7906344 (lb)

DS in US not allowed to surveil US citizens, but can surveil foreigners. If Halper (under DS contract) says Lokhova is a spy then DS in US can surveil Lokhova and roll Flynn up in that surveillance if he has conversations with Lokhova.

Flynn should be anonymous, but DS can request him to be unmasked if they think there is an imminent threat (S. Power's obscene number of unmasking requests ties in with this). Add to that, Flynn can be smeared by starting the rumor there was romantic involvement.

DS game was to bring US citizens in contact with foreign nationals. Lokhova was just a patsy, unkowingly, when Halper set her up to meet Flynn. She was 'perfect' patsy because she was a foreign, reasonably attractive female.

That's why she's pissed. Cambridge/Oxford colleges are very international and they have a lot of formal dinners. So this dinner with Flynn involved was almost a daily routine for her. No reason to suspect anything.

My take, anyway.

5b185e () No. 7907114


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

9560ed () No. 7907115

31c697ebc52926....png (2497 KB, 114 x 255, 1280 : 2855, screenshot-www....png) (h)



Searching Acceso Haiti turns philanthropist Frank Giustra

9cba38 () No. 7907116

16369bb84c6d2d....png (40 KB, 255 x 188, 521 : 385, SDavis re Ds O....png) (h)

32101448d1aed4....png (29 KB, 255 x 116, 517 : 236, 1 Cochrane re ....png) (h)

3e31aa9e3e4503....png (95 KB, 184 x 255, 558 : 774, 2 Cochrane re ....png) (h)

That sound you hear is the final nail being pounded into the coffin for Democrats’ impeachment scheme. It’s over. Unable to hide their contempt for GOP lawmakers and voters, Schiff and Nadler murdered their case before Trump’s lawyers even got started.


Republicans are VERY angry about Schiff’s decision to reference that CBS “head on a pike” report. Murkowski says “that’s where he lost me.” Barrasso says “whatever gains he may have made, he lost all of it — plus some — tonight.”

@shearmwith the full Murkowski quote: “I have not been told that my head is on a pike,” she said. “I thought he did fine until he overreached.”


0833f2 () No. 7907117

78c6bb05ef091c....jpeg (100 KB, 208 x 255, 613 : 750, 78c6bb05ef091c....jpeg) (h)

945a7573ac5ef4....jpeg (183 KB, 173 x 255, 680 : 1000, 945a7573ac5ef4....jpeg) (h)

059913a45204e5....jpeg (168 KB, 168 x 255, 657 : 1000, 059913a45204e5....jpeg) (h)

bce1dea139a590....jpeg (114 KB, 176 x 255, 519 : 750, bce1dea139a590....jpeg) (h)

bf0bc985f15e45....jpeg (490 KB, 213 x 255, 1039 : 1242, bf0bc985f15e45....jpeg) (h)

a17b94 () No. 7907118

f6bf78cd566363....png (752 KB, 255 x 144, 912 : 516, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>7903499 pb

We should have a Kekistan award to give to people like this for service to their community. He saved us all loads of $$ in housing/caring for pedos and the pedos got justice.

Once the normies find out about all the pedo satanic sacrifice bullshit being committed against the children, pedophilia will be a one strike and you're out, mandatory death sentence! With a little luck and common sense, pedos will be executed locally and in public. It's the only thing that will ever keep that shit tamped down.

c2dac2 () No. 7907119

1acaacc2d9e1de....png (631 KB, 176 x 255, 516 : 747, demented amy k....png) (h)

2e51d1121cbb66....jpg (37 KB, 255 x 146, 641 : 368, 531.jpg) (h)

473cc5 () No. 7907120

e4446ea5261233....jpg (622 KB, 255 x 191, 1000 : 750, 20180526_210315.jpg) (h)


There goes the siren that warns of the air raid

Then comes the sound of the guns sending flak!

453ece () No. 7907121


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5b7ae6 () No. 7907122

54a8d7f2fe6502....png (506 KB, 255 x 174, 605 : 412, muhhotasbitch.png) (h)

Dear Boomer Space Niggers,

You think that you were given a great education, and by comparison as to what your children and grand children got, you were well educated by comparison, but what YOU STUPID BRAINWASHED BOOMERS fail to understand is that the fucking JEWS you love so much HAVE MANIPULATED into believing a whole bunch of lies that you believe to be truth.

Get it through your BRAINWASHED BOOMER "WOKE" "brains"


It is impossible to get through the Thermosphere and you over educated shit heads should be able to figure that out, or else you should just give up now.

Stop Putting Future Generations at RISK through JEWISH USURY DEBT SLAVERY.

Wake up.

Put your fantasies aside. Even if there were hot space bitches floating around the Ort Cloud (WHICH DOES NOT EXIST) they would never FUCK YOU in the heavens or on earth.


What the fuck is wrong with you, anyway???

3c3226 () No. 7907123

4b27ef939e7432....jpg (84 KB, 255 x 253, 800 : 795, 1587516106865.jpg) (h)

d864e7 () No. 7907124

27d4f01a6a820c....jpeg (326 KB, 160 x 255, 753 : 1200, C785C160-5EF0-....jpeg) (h)



>Notice the guy had a German accent and his friends were wearing Japanese soldier uniforms.


89f60e () No. 7907125

631ddd4273680a....gif (2259 KB, 255 x 144, 385 : 217, Thanks Baker.gif) (h)

8d7b69 () No. 7907126


who is the guy on the right?

02f0f7 () No. 7907127

54fb654d58a81e....jpg (54 KB, 205 x 255, 720 : 897, 54fb654d58a81e....jpg) (h)

ab4b90 () No. 7907128


Has to be the best Rock Band of all time.

802ef2 () No. 7907129


THIS —- is a TROLL …..

Freemasons /Jesuits / mormons and mystery schools want YOU confused , looking at anyone but TEMPLARS - - Pirates - and The Vatican " SUN " worshipers of LUXOR pyramid in Las Vegas

1f81e1 () No. 7907130

Evelyn Farkas on impeachment (2016), leaked classified intel on illegal wiretaps (2017)

Served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia 2012-2015; member of Council on Foreign Relations and Aspen Institute.

Oct 2016 states Donald Trump would likely to be impeached during a foreign policy forum. In March 2017, she spoke on MSNBC concerning Russian Collusion although she left the administration in 2015. She leaked classified intel of the Obama administration illegal wiretapping of Trump Transition Team.

Warsaw Security Forum Oct 26-28 10:30-11:15 on impeachment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl_RATH89UM

CNN damage control fro, Mar 2, 2017 leak by farkas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9a__v9OWzE

484bca () No. 7907131


Wait till they find out about the pedo links to LGBT. Things are just starting to get good.

5bdae2 () No. 7907132

4b988aac59d1f5....jpg (11 KB, 204 x 255, 204 : 255, 4b988aac59d1f5....jpg) (h)

3b63a0 () No. 7907133


>So, Impeachment trial ends tomorrow or goes another day?

after Trump's team finishes, which could be Monday, Tuesday.

they get 24 hours over 3 days.

then there are 16 hours for senators to ask questions. so at least 2 days for that.

Then they vote whether or not to have moar witnesses.

how many times will they vote…..IDK.

fb245c () No. 7907134

08f1a94c9f5c15....jpg (58 KB, 191 x 255, 720 : 960, 08f1a94c9f5c15....jpg) (h)


maybe changed a liddle

f99cb0 () No. 7907135

9fd16113a1390e....png (794 KB, 223 x 255, 972 : 1110, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Why is the loser Vindman still working in the WH?

He should have been transferred to the catering corp a long time ago. Managing dining facilities will be a good match for his fat ass.


5a85b2 () No. 7907136

36598d1c05400c....png (3367 KB, 214 x 255, 1084 : 1292, 43278032386489.png) (h)

2bc942 () No. 7907137

745a6d1ff258f1....png (4357 KB, 255 x 143, 2048 : 1152, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

85dbd583c8bb6a....png (55 KB, 255 x 134, 1200 : 630, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


CFTC takes aim at Isdafix manipulation with Barclays case

Settlement is the first over interest rate swaps benchmark


Beginning in 2002, ICAP, the UK interdealer broker, collected the US dollar quotes and the rate was calculated by Thomson Reuters, which eliminated the four highest and the four lowest submissions and took the average of the remaining submissions. For all other currencies, Thomson Reuters did both the collection and the calculation of rates.


Families Combined (TRI) = NWO

Q !ITPb.qbhqo 11 Nov 2017 - 8:33:51 PM

Wealth (over generations) buys power.

Power (over generations) buys more wealth/control.

More wealth/control buys countries and its people.

Families combined (TRI) = NWO.

Inner TRI families will collapse.

0833f2 () No. 7907138

b103ec7097ad70....png (653 KB, 255 x 187, 1736 : 1271, jew-point.png) (h)

c2f4a5 () No. 7907139

31352c5157fbe8....png (1132 KB, 253 x 255, 634 : 638, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

2f949f () No. 7907140

a679b254996c74....jpg (8 KB, 255 x 170, 255 : 170, 7bbbfeeb29e0a5....jpg) (h)

2539798299e09a....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 253, 255 : 253, bc5b83af500b73....jpg) (h)

dfbd2a () No. 7907142


I don't think this is Scovino's account he already has two check marked accounts.

5bd7b4 () No. 7907143

d8fb92f3ed48c4....png (818 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

If this isn't the scaredest sad sack face of someone who is about to go down..way down..!!!

2ca9d7 () No. 7907144

4ec63b5c3c2d10....gif (5058 KB, 255 x 235, 640 : 590, 91378409-FAF6-....gif) (h)


Cheer up Shifty… have a cigar!


802ef2 () No. 7907145


Hey MO … splat

8d7b69 () No. 7907146

5960cb3ec56b9d....jpg (265 KB, 208 x 255, 1440 : 1764, mike.jpg) (h)

2f949f () No. 7907147


And his buddy Eric C who he leaked to is still there !!!

3c3226 () No. 7907148

88fe26520f7667....gif (3105 KB, 255 x 193, 330 : 250, DS_PANIC.gif) (h)


Anons are on fire these last few breads. Shadilay!

484bca () No. 7907149


However tomorrow the first order of business will be a motion to dismiss?

966d25 () No. 7907150

c9945caa06b7e1....gif (737 KB, 240 x 255, 245 : 260, shocked.gif) (h)



f99cb0 () No. 7907151

6466830a362e56....png (1009 KB, 255 x 254, 948 : 944, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



78c474 () No. 7907152

Attention is energy

Don't allow the media to (mis)direct yours

5b7ae6 () No. 7907153

e938f58f805eda....png (512 KB, 255 x 174, 605 : 412, muhmars.png) (h)

You are a TYPICAL BOOMER Brainwash VICTIM that THINKS they are WOKE, but is so fucking ASLEEP, you may as well be BRAIN DEAD!

Do us all a favor and OD on pills or shoot yourself or something.

d47b9c () No. 7907154

14497a9bedb266....png (645 KB, 255 x 145, 819 : 465, projectodin.png) (h)

5629b5 () No. 7907155


What's media?

2f949f () No. 7907156

fc782ac5a28da4....png (506 KB, 255 x 195, 803 : 614, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

fb245c () No. 7907157

54a9de945b20d7....png (114 KB, 221 x 255, 1533 : 1767, 54a9de945b20d7....png) (h)


shadilay fren

3b63a0 () No. 7907158


>Schiff and Nadler murdered their case before Trump’s lawyers even got started.


c2f4a5 () No. 7907159

80df1156a162e1....png (485 KB, 128 x 128, 500 : 449, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

674447 () No. 7907160

I wasn't trying to hook Q.

It can be taken so many different ways.

I'll sit out.

Sorry for the fuck up.

How can they be so obsessed about one fucking score.

That's ridiculous… ffs.

There is so much more to my life.

68bbda () No. 7907162

078b4a3a54ed14....png (616 KB, 191 x 255, 899 : 1200, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

8d7b69 () No. 7907163

c7131fa87c29d1....jpg (71 KB, 255 x 177, 722 : 500, MuhJewShills2.jpg) (h)

eb133e59f6baa3....jpg (131 KB, 255 x 191, 960 : 720, MuhJewShills4.jpg) (h)

2350a5c836d0c4....jpg (72 KB, 255 x 128, 750 : 375, POTUS_nope_shi....jpg) (h)


trying real hard, muh jew clown?

you think it makes any difference to what will happen?

bd3355 () No. 7907164


It’s soy.

3b63a0 () No. 7907165


they had GEorge Conway on ALL DAY, too

5629b5 () No. 7907166


They're kind of a malicious Abbot and Costello

2f949f () No. 7907167

9586193daa065e....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 144, 255 : 144, 69762d7cf4ccca....jpg) (h)

473cc5 () No. 7907168


Schiff looked like he was getting a little nervous at the end. The man has to be beside himself with fear.

dfbd2a () No. 7907170


Murkowski is a complete waste of brain cells, Schiff was a lieng weasel long before the pike remark.

2bc942 () No. 7907171

34cf08fc2e4596....png (369 KB, 255 x 151, 640 : 380, ClipboardImage.png) (h)




Bid rigging is a form of fraud in which a commercial contract is promised to one party even though for the sake of appearance several other parties also present a bid. This form of collusion is illegal in most countries. It is a form of price fixing and market allocation, often practiced where contracts are determined by a call for bids, for example in the case of government construction contracts.

Bid rigging almost always results in economic harm to the agency which is seeking the bids, and to the public, who ultimately bear the costs as taxpayers or consumers.

You may have heard of the Libor scandal, in which at least three – and perhaps as many as 16 – of the name-brand too-big-to-fail banks have been manipulating global interest rates, in the process messing around with the prices of upward of $500 Trillion (that's trillion, with a "t") worth of financial instruments. When that sprawling con burst into public view last year, it was easily the biggest financial scandal in history – MIT professor Andrew Lo even said it dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scam in the history of markets.

787836 () No. 7907172

279dab12e55e76....png (1663 KB, 255 x 191, 970 : 727, D93567D5-06B0-....png) (h)

29ece126c54753....png (767 KB, 255 x 198, 640 : 497, 652D8501-4371-....png) (h)

7abad9d1d49346....png (466 KB, 253 x 255, 631 : 636, DD86480C-A883-....png) (h)

b70c9fc1a189bf....png (287 KB, 255 x 152, 609 : 362, 46AF3A57-E140-....png) (h)

f89fad4fd50d7f....png (1383 KB, 156 x 255, 750 : 1228, 2B63198E-F361-....png) (h)

7da814 () No. 7907173


not even close

f99cb0 () No. 7907174


>And his buddy Eric C who he leaked to is still there !!!

Ciaramella is up to his ass in plotting with the DS against Trump. That snivelling little bastard should have been canned from the WH on day 1 of the sham complaint.

If I were Gina, i would have transferred him to the crappiest Clown outstation with nothing but camels, sand and flies. His job being counting the number of camels incase there is a threat from a camel uprising.

5b77fd () No. 7907175

497241b78775ee....jpg (38 KB, 254 x 255, 706 : 708, schiffprank.jpg) (h)

>>7907144 Chekkid

cd7026 () No. 7907176


He needs another little black corpse to calm the nerves a bit.

0833f2 () No. 7907177

cb86288a5081a2....png (233 KB, 255 x 187, 600 : 439, (jewidiiff).png) (h)


>muh jew

980422 () No. 7907178


I thought of starting a non-profit that would fill the commissary of people who "corrected" pedophiles in prison, but it's probably legal. They should have their sentence reduced.

2ca9d7 () No. 7907179

0e2ba6c92ba45a....gif (10263 KB, 175 x 255, 494 : 720, 6F254E9E-FB7F-....gif) (h)

2bc942 () No. 7907180


That may be the whole point of the photo.

Could it be DOJ National Security Advisor, Ezra Cohen-Watnick?

5b7ae6 () No. 7907181

39e2fd2a6b6858....png (515 KB, 255 x 174, 605 : 412, muhrocketship.png) (h)


That's fascinating that you would post of selfie of yourself like that because you fucking BOOMERS have NO SENSE OF DECENCY or MORALITY because you have allowed the JEWS to sell you on the idea that MORALITY IS A SLIDING SCALE which is FALSE.

2f949f () No. 7907182

1c6df87a349249....jpg (7 KB, 255 x 143, 276 : 155, Schiff Whistle....jpg) (h)

3b63a0 () No. 7907183


well, sekulo said first day, 3 hours tomorrow, would just be an intro summary of what they will present on Monday and Tuesday.

although he didn't say how long they would take or need to present their case.

50bffe () No. 7907184


Yes, how does that tie in?

3e1b79 () No. 7907185

Dan telling us to look for the March marker 1?

998c99 () No. 7907186

450be6fe248954....png (1761 KB, 143 x 255, 1242 : 2208, C06850F3-E2A7-....png) (h)

2febf78e052acf....png (429 KB, 143 x 255, 1242 : 2208, DCD28459-9CE7-....png) (h)


5053c5 () No. 7907187

e9ae95 () No. 7907188


Your argumen is extremely ironic i'm sorry anon. What you say is inherently incestuous. Masons, Jesuits, Mormons, Templars, RC Church, AND high levels of Babylonian jewry(best summed up as Jewish people following the God's(demons) of the Canaanites. Israel was punished harshly a number of times for taking foreign wives who followed these religions. People who come out against these Babylonian mystics that rampantly eat and fuck kids aren't racists or bigots, they just want to expose a cult that rampantly eats and fucks kids.

73516f () No. 7907189


I dunno what breads you've been watching. This is the most devoid of intelligent life I've seen it in a while.

72c76d () No. 7907190


She was looking for an excuse to not look like a RINO. He gave it to her.

50bffe () No. 7907191


Yes how does that tie in?

7bb960 () No. 7907192


Look at his eyes.

White all around.

89f60e () No. 7907193


5629b5 () No. 7907194


A talented meme person could have a little Nadler & Schitt fun with this pic

e8f2d5 () No. 7907195

ef44e9f8e4fde5....jpg (95 KB, 255 x 123, 716 : 346, Thanks Ron, Ji....jpg) (h)

e0e811ff77a90f....jpg (1070 KB, 255 x 135, 1838 : 976, DEEP STATE HAS....jpg) (h)

b32e18038b3919....jpg (59 KB, 200 x 255, 754 : 960, Obama built bad.jpg) (h)

e4b1fb () No. 7907196

'Why was it important to FIRST clean house within the FBI & DOJ (public info)?

Why was it important to FIRST clean house within other ABC agencies (non_public info)?'

c2f4a5 () No. 7907197

b77e509ded0ac8....jpg (4 KB, 128 x 128, 220 : 147, b77e509ded0ac8....jpg) (h)


made you fap

b532e6 () No. 7907198

4938d88a1d416d....png (286 KB, 255 x 253, 726 : 720, pepe_kekin.png) (h)

2ca9d7 () No. 7907199


Dbl chek… mines a


674447 () No. 7907200

All my fucking ITE's, why the fuck is there no help and showing of that.

Why do they care so much about grades?


5629b5 () No. 7907201

7ff8c9f963eb8a....png (134 KB, 190 x 255, 251 : 336, Screenshot 202....png) (h)

dc5759 () No. 7907202

98dd97797afc48....png (124 KB, 255 x 255, 333 : 333, a4f8eb40dcc249....png) (h)


Thanks for your input Nikolai.

9cba38 () No. 7907203

53b5a1886d9551....png (1657 KB, 255 x 133, 1650 : 859, Scavino45 FB r....png) (h)


>I don't think this is Scovino's account he already has two check marked accounts.

Feel free to check for yourself

Daniel Scavino Jr.

· 1 hr ·

1/24/2020🕒 | COMING SOON🗓😉


54b2b7 () No. 7907205

afa9db99af32b7....png (2848 KB, 255 x 157, 2047 : 1258, C6EE8A12-5745-....png) (h)

eb9e1f3f6d1eb8....png (2650 KB, 255 x 162, 2048 : 1300, C542BF67-3D31-....png) (h)

8d7b69 () No. 7907204

4ab36ede151ef1....jpg (43 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, muhjew3.jpg) (h)

11a69b8e613da1....jpg (131 KB, 255 x 114, 1200 : 536, POTUS_MEGA.jpg) (h)































does this look like anything close to research?

or is it maybe propaganda to make this board appear nazi, so MSM can attack with that fake narrative?

did muh jew clowns ever put up actual info?

did they show digs on AS & MOS or and other politician connected to that agency? nothing?

do they only post the words jew, rabbi, kike as often as possible on the breads?

this is what desperation looks like.

2f949f () No. 7907206

2727eae71d973f....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 186, 814 : 593, Schiff Whistle....jpg) (h)

802ef2 () No. 7907207


pink " Tranny " ….. well played motorhead anon

( Turbo-350 Encabulator ) if I am correct.

ab4b90 () No. 7907208


C'mon anon. Brother had Alzheimer's and still pulled this show off. One of the best shows ever.


f99cb0 () No. 7907209

0ba46f26da77e8....png (918 KB, 205 x 255, 942 : 1174, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Now do HRC.


29c3d3 () No. 7907210




Nice find. I've never liked Rolling Stone, even for their rock articles.

Gives me an uneasy feeling that they're publishing an article that not only introduces some of qresearch's apriori theories, but actually apologizes for the flak we've received for decades

>Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right.

Makes me want my back to a wall, lest someone plunge a knife into it.

cd7026 () No. 7907211

d8475a03474440....png (122 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

10f9f3 () No. 7907212


They got inside Murkowski’s head when they moved her to Steven’s office. She still has those long flights to and fro Alaska….

e4b1fb () No. 7907213

'What happened to the Mueller hype?

What happened to the Mueller will take down POTUS threats [@JohnBrennan]?

Was MUELLER the 'insurance' policy aka BLOCKADE designed to limit/restrict POTUS' ability to enforce the law?


New talking points being pushed backing away from Mueller as the savior re: excuse A, excuse B, excuse C?

Why are *new* investigations by [AS] being started, if, as he's stated for almost (2) years, 'evidence' exists that ties POTUS to Russia?

If they had evidence, do you think it would have leaked?

If they had evidence, would they be backing away (playing down) the Mueller report about to be released?

First they pushed for a SC.

Now they claim the SC didn't look deep enough?



Are *new* investigations designed to be an 'insurance' extension?

Designed to prevent POTUS from CLEANING HOUSE?'

9af7e5 () No. 7907214

10fcfd7e238b0e....png (208 KB, 167 x 255, 259 : 395, cool bro.png) (h)


you glow

thats why youre so easy to fuck with

and its taking (((you))) forever to realize it

453ece () No. 7907215


Don't let anything weigh heavy on your mind.

Free Will is actually a "Thing".


a818ab () No. 7907216

974a1779201ed5....jpg (72 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, SpaceX Double ....jpg) (h)


>It is impossible to get through the Thermosphere

Hmm. Werner never told us about that. Tell me more.


Man, don't tell Elon, he'll be pissed. I think it's where he gets his rockets back.

705d82 () No. 7907217

e1da171d98707a....jpg (9 KB, 191 x 255, 191 : 255, feinsteinkavan....jpg) (h)

A lot happened today.

Dunno what you guys write about

Today 24 referring to

Was the day we turned the corner.

Assange was taken out of solitary.

Just think:

Why didn't they kill him yet?


Seth Rich info surfacing.

I think the Assange moving out of solitary is a marker.

Right after POTUS leaves Davos

Also, "NO predicate for FISA warrants, I heard"

released on the 23 by DOJ


DEM team wrap up t heir case

Isn't that a marker?

>>7906532 pb

Today, Judge Sullivan re-set Flynn's sentencing for Feb 27.

e4b1fb () No. 7907218

'News unlocks.

You have more than you know.'

76b2e8 () No. 7907219


You must really hate us, to want any of us to fall prey to, and repeat, your absolutely retarded mis-info in public. Go crawl back into your hole.

520e8e () No. 7907220

25f28f84ea51f4....jpg (229 KB, 255 x 143, 1200 : 675, SESche.jpg) (h)


>Why is the loser Vindman still working in the WH?


22a66e () No. 7907221

the best is that this will not stop


how hard they try

3b63a0 () No. 7907222




liberal hack manu raji of CNN reported the same thing to Anderson cooper right after the hearing ended.

Said the head comment was very poorly received by Rs

he said there were other comments where the Ds laughed at what Schiffy said and Rs stared at him with daggers.

just reporting that Anderson Cooper had a sick look on his face.

0833f2 () No. 7907223

656d6e1f0e0047....png (427 KB, 255 x 229, 1024 : 919, ps.png) (h)

674447 () No. 7907224

I was trying to convey that I don't mind being a fuck-up early on, I can accept that.

I progressed rapidly.

In this manner I was able to show that the score can't be held as blackmail.

Ok, i'm out.

God bless you Q.

afe038 () No. 7907226

af3dd3d19331fd....png (2074 KB, 255 x 206, 800 : 647, whistle blower.png) (h)

02205b () No. 7907225


you missed a 0 in the bread #


5b7ae6 () No. 7907227


You are an IMMORAL JEW, like the rest of your brethren. YOUR BOOMER JEW ARROGANCE oozes through every word you write, you DISGUSTING, DEVIL WORSHIPING, INFANT PENIS EATING, MINION of the DEVIL.

Do us all a favor and KYS.

Take the rest of your disgusting ilk with you.

5ee2dd () No. 7907228


Typical night in the Conway house

G: what are you looking at?

KA: go to bottom and scroll up

>George gets one all fours and puts his ass up

KA: you're suck a fucking faggot

1df233 () No. 7907229

Anyone digging on anything interesting? Did anyone figure out all the constellations on the Space Force logo?

22636d () No. 7907230

6d173864d59424....png (489 KB, 255 x 109, 1784 : 761, BOBTFOSUPERKIKE.png) (h)

c95831 () No. 7907231

a3107a212cbf70....mp4 (12938 KB, 255 x 191, 320 : 240, The Ingraham A....mp4) (h)

New information about the Obama White House 2016 mtg on Bidens & Burisma.

2ca9d7 () No. 7907232

03aedc () No. 7907234

01c14f56d30aaa....png (2924 KB, 255 x 225, 2689 : 2369, 8KUN1344.png) (h)

>>7906437 pb

No outside Comms

50c998 () No. 7907235

925ef75972b59f....png (19 KB, 255 x 114, 496 : 221, PSperry.png) (h)


I was looking into this yesterday. The article doesn't state WHEN they first thought he was leaking classified info, just that "NSC officials attempted to remove Alex Vindman due to security concerns but were blocked by an Obama holdover, an official in the White House who still controls human resource management inside the NSC, an African-American woman closely tied to the Obama family."


50bffe () No. 7907236


POTUS is going to know that Barr is going to DECLAS?

8d7b69 () No. 7907237

7d671d0f2cb60b....png (1534 KB, 168 x 255, 743 : 1129, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

db426b0be47e7d....png (119 KB, 189 x 255, 196 : 264, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



imo not ECW.


anybody know who the guy on the right is?

dc5759 () No. 7907238

7f8381d00cb7c3....png (91 KB, 252 x 255, 1280 : 1294, 1280px-SES_Emb....png) (h)

2f53dba355eec1....png (47 KB, 255 x 191, 1280 : 960, 1280px-Flag_of....png) (h)


The Beast.

It must be ended.

cd7026 () No. 7907239

5191b53044e8a3....png (914 KB, 169 x 255, 678 : 1023, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

dfbd2a () No. 7907240


My bad, I hadn't considered his Fakebook page. So, sorry.

3b63a0 () No. 7907241


imho, if anyone is 'acting their part' it is George.

fb245c () No. 7907242


I'll put it back in, along with Edition at the end, not sure what happened today, new bakers or what

7bb960 () No. 7907243



I'm thinking they want to set the stage for the unsealing of indictments/prosecutions to come. They have the opportunity to frame these other cases – we were under attack so we looked into this person, that person, etc. etc.

Then after introducing these other cases call for a motion to dismiss the impeachment trial.

Or we go to witnesses.

5a85b2 () No. 7907244

fdfa047f1113ba....png (462 KB, 255 x 175, 1041 : 713, 9079087689324.png) (h)

58aa9a () No. 7907245

c2bc4a53842b5c....png (252 KB, 255 x 220, 660 : 569, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

fa4342 () No. 7907246

42b4349cc5d1cb....png (2068 KB, 255 x 255, 2048 : 2048, 42b4349cc5d1cb....png) (h)

02e2267c7e8de5....jpg (53 KB, 255 x 106, 1174 : 489, 1543.jpg) (h)

f006f9874e83d7....jpg (33 KB, 255 x 167, 428 : 281, questions.jpg) (h)

1df233 () No. 7907247

8d7b69 () No. 7907248


mason clown, you might be projecting…and you might be melting the fuck down right now. kek.

5629b5 () No. 7907249


I think we figured out who she was a few months ago but I can't think of her name

a17b94 () No. 7907250


Fucking Kek! I hadn't thought of that angle! The only way to stop the pedos & LGBTQ prisoners from being slaughtered from here on out will be to build them separate prisons. I think your comment is an understatement!

e4b1fb () No. 7907251


main thing, imo, is that nothing could be done in a dirrty house

fortunately castle is clean thez dayz

22a66e () No. 7907252

they never saw the gallows of 1812

happen…history repeats

22636d () No. 7907253

f80b3029d8173b....png (164 KB, 178 x 255, 203 : 291, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



0833f2 () No. 7907254

32302597cae908....jpg (107 KB, 182 x 255, 600 : 840, kickedout.jpg) (h)

42793d80f18af6....jpg (102 KB, 255 x 179, 479 : 337, kickedout2.jpg) (h)

999563f992059e....jpg (67 KB, 209 x 255, 460 : 560, kickedout3.jpg) (h)

3c83cc8c49df93....png (1087 KB, 31 x 255, 1162 : 9616, kickedoutlist.png) (h)

3ad972cc05cb22....png (180 KB, 255 x 170, 400 : 266, kikckedout1.png) (h)

787836 () No. 7907255



Plus Obama counsel



5b7ae6 () No. 7907256


Why don't you mind your own fucking business, you DISGUSTING, BABY RAPING JEW BASTARD?

6dfe7f () No. 7907257

1e884d91689ec2....png (1308 KB, 255 x 141, 1440 : 797, Trap card pl....png) (h)

"Trap card played."


802ef2 () No. 7907258


we in the danger zone now

520e8e () No. 7907259

04bd09da9fd54b....jpg (134 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, JCses.jpg) (h)


>It must be ended

Mr Peanut comms.

d47b9c () No. 7907260

e059d60032d250....jpg (19 KB, 255 x 232, 394 : 358, 66254e2b018f51....jpg) (h)


So cool

c2f4a5 () No. 7907261

d2e4f3da27a685....png (977 KB, 104 x 255, 394 : 962, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

5a85b2 () No. 7907262



>anybody know who the guy on the right is?

Ben Franklin

3e1b79 () No. 7907263


Do you know if there is a way to get the actual timestamp from his post as opposed to 1hr ago or whatever it’s showing now?

0e6f3f () No. 7907264



have to agree with both of you

>>7907129 is correct to point out that the person posting cartoonish memes designed to demean others by pointing to physiological features are textbook trolling. This is the kind of shit JIDF 8200 posts, while cherry picking the best red pill arguments against Zionism and stacking it together with muhJoo shillery they try to strawman the truth.

>>7907188 You are correct in that these are Babylonian mystics, not real Hebrews with any biological connection to biblical figures (mostly). The only connection they have to Hebrews in the bible is that they go whoring after the gods the Hebrews were always whoring after besides The Most High, the only God they were supposed to worship.

b532e6 () No. 7907265

4812895e36f08f....png (285 KB, 255 x 245, 820 : 787, potus_popcorn.png) (h)


ooh sheeit!

674447 () No. 7907266

Where the fuck is the GME?

How can they be displaying my life like that?

This is absurd!

Where is all the good?

Focusing in on one fucking score…

ok, i'm out

a8a2b3 () No. 7907267

c520e18fa4764c....png (252 KB, 255 x 204, 1082 : 865, FBFD3AC6-9D0C-....png) (h)


Click it, nigga.

You won’t catch nuthin.

ea10de () No. 7907268

06ceb9642dade6....jpg (171 KB, 255 x 148, 2048 : 1187, key1.jpg) (h)

10f6692387fd3b....jpg (267 KB, 255 x 147, 2048 : 1179, key2.jpg) (h)

a4de0e862513a7....png (551 KB, 26 x 255, 360 : 3596, anon.png) (h)

23952c6a52ed1c....jpg (150 KB, 189 x 255, 496 : 669, IA14776.jpg) (h)

8485892e9b6c4a....jpg (127 KB, 255 x 191, 598 : 449, garrison2.jpg) (h)

72c76d () No. 7907269

fa7e551254324d....gif (941 KB, 255 x 142, 504 : 280, Professor-Farn....gif) (h)

2f949f () No. 7907270

dec833b0524435....jpeg (36 KB, 255 x 128, 600 : 300, iu-17.jpeg) (h)

56ae59b507776f....png (396 KB, 255 x 160, 853 : 534, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

fb245c () No. 7907271


self sucking/blowing power source fits

8d7b69 () No. 7907272


I wasn´t me who posted pizza on a board that is taking down satanic pizza scum, clown baker.

and this meme basically says that you are a clown.

it also says you rather like to angrily attack me instead of being blended in…

b69984 () No. 7907273


Patriot Anon

Is who's State Funeral

Many Anons thinking


UK Queen



Unless it's someone else, It's anyone's guess

02205b () No. 7907274

b6cb82373940c7....gif (1103 KB, 255 x 198, 258 : 200, but ur muf.gif) (h)



8d7b69 () No. 7907275


ETS, go away.

bc333d () No. 7907276


KEK well played

dc5759 () No. 7907277


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

41eaf0 () No. 7907278

a9a13dc471460b....png (612 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, corona virus c....png) (h)


ea10de () No. 7907279

a9344d8a26c81d....jpg (46 KB, 185 x 255, 471 : 650, 577.jpg) (h)


So people who enjoy eating pizza are clowns?

9cba38 () No. 7907280


>Do you know if there is a way to get the actual timestamp from his post as opposed to 1hr ago or whatever it’s showing now?

FB is sketchy that way. The actual timestamp might show up later…or not

e8f2d5 () No. 7907281

c54cfdf94576f5....jpg (351 KB, 255 x 118, 1542 : 714, LOUDEST WINS.jpg) (h)

acd9e2817a70cf....jpg (85 KB, 255 x 143, 705 : 396, john Durham ca....jpg) (h)

6f787453843558....jpg (505 KB, 255 x 198, 1499 : 1161, HOLD THE LINE.jpg) (h)

520e8e () No. 7907282

fd8a74dbf427aa....png (489 KB, 255 x 255, 1000 : 1000, pepeStraw.png) (h)

802ef2 () No. 7907283


SES are the federal PAYMASTERS….. think about how that might stop whistleblowers ?

Matt Brakken Twatter / Navy SEAL … no idea if trustworthy or not , anons must do their own vetting

3b63a0 () No. 7907284


>Could it be DOJ National Security Advisor, Ezra Cohen-Watnick?

not in my opinion.

not at all.

787836 () No. 7907285

f4792f8bf1b264....jpeg (114 KB, 177 x 255, 709 : 1024, 2159242F-BB6D-....jpeg) (h)

5b185e () No. 7907286

046053b913182f....png (433 KB, 255 x 170, 750 : 500, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

674447 () No. 7907287

I was in the fucking 70+ percentile nationwide.

Is everyone fucking comped?


fa4342 () No. 7907288

58b247c847c454....jpg (24 KB, 255 x 143, 780 : 438, 191115195218-p....jpg) (h)

be29ca () No. 7907289

Who is the highest ranking Anon. Bam!

"Mom Creates Household “Jobs” And Makes Her Kids Apply To Get Allowance Money"


0e6f3f () No. 7907290

cd7235570ac13e....png (827 KB, 255 x 144, 1644 : 931, Resist Zionism.png) (h)


This shit really needs to be removed. That is an altered Ben Garrison cartoon that the LIARS over at JIDF 8200 are always posting here. Ben Garrison does not draw long nose Khazarian faces in his cartoons, but he prints the truth which is antisemitism to Jews

e4b1fb () No. 7907291

'Brazilian authorities are seeking to bring charges against Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who published Edward Snowden's intelligence agency leaks.

Mr Greenwald has been accused of "helping guiding and encouraging" a criminal group that hacked into the phones of Brazilian officials.

The journalist had recently published stories describing private messages between public prosecutors.

At this point, federal public prosecutors have proposed the charges.

However, a judge still needs to decide whether to formally indict him.

Six other individuals have also been accused of illegal telephone interceptions and conspiracy among other related crimes.

Brazilian prosecutors allege that, during his interactions with the group, Mr Greenwald advised its members to delete messages that they had passed on to him.

Mr Greenwald has not yet publicly responded to this particular allegation.

Last year, Mr Greenwald and colleagues published a series of ten investigative reports on news site The Intercept, which detailed "a massive trove of previously undisclosed materials" allegedly by Brazilian prosecutors and other officials.

They quoted from messages that had been sent via Telegram, a privacy-focused app that claims to be able to keep "messages safe from hacker attacks".

The Folha newspaper said that those whose accounts had allegedly been breached included justice minister Sergio Moro and prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol, who is coordinating Operation Car Wash - a probe into the country's biggest ever corruption scandal.

'I'll keep working'

After details of the accusations against him were published, Mr Greenwald issued a statement via The Daily beast news site. In it, he noted that Brazil's Supreme Court had ruled last year that the administration should drop its investigation into him because it violated his press freedom rights.

"Less than two months ago, the federal police, examining all the same evidence cited by the public ministry, stated explicitly that not only have I never committed any crime but that I exercised extreme caution as a journalist never even to get close to any participation," he added.

"We will not be intimidated by these tyrannical attempts to silence journalists.

"I am working right now on new reporting and will continue to do so."

The New York-based Freedom of the Press Foundation has described the Brazilian attorney general office's actions as being "beyond disturbing" and an "outrageous violation of press freedom".

Edward Snowden, who was granted asylum by Russia after he fled the United States in 2013, tweeted his reaction to the news.

"Absolute red alert: This is unbelievably naked retaliation for revealing extreme corruption at the highest levels of [Brazilian President] Bolsonaro's administration and an existential threat to investigative journalism in Brazil," he wrote.

Last year, President Bolsonaro commented in public that he thought Mr Greenwald could face legal repercussions in Brazil over his reporting activities.

Following news of the allegations levelled at Mr Greenwald, Eduardo Bolsonaro - the president's son and an MP - tweeted: "Glenn Greenwald always said he loved Brazil and wanted to get to know the country in-depth. Maybe he will get to know [one of Brazil's] jails…"'



8d7b69 () No. 7907292


makes no sense.

why not count the 'cut off' fingers of POTUS but the ones from the guy on the right?

looks to me you made that pretty random…

41eaf0 () No. 7907293

c2d4f8a172f087....png (500 KB, 255 x 143, 853 : 480, a scanner dark....png) (h)

520e8e () No. 7907294

e92e119e59e19c....png (137 KB, 247 x 255, 500 : 517, SESps..png) (h)

9af7e5 () No. 7907295




the baker of 10113, lion-o who took the handoff from you put edition instead of general

i did 2 generals to fuck with the clown previous bread

i knew you'd see the second general

3b63a0 () No. 7907296


>Unless it's someone else, It's anyone's guess

my guess is still JOHN LEWIS

fc0a44 () No. 7907297


Oh, he’s going down…

On other guys.

787836 () No. 7907298

8f7288baed561d....png (273 KB, 255 x 148, 640 : 372, 5FC780BA-E51B-....png) (h)

f6a236c80b4924....png (977 KB, 255 x 149, 1054 : 616, 7C981BEF-01CB-....png) (h)

dc5759 () No. 7907299

This will go on your personal record.

72c76d () No. 7907300

2ae72efb84917f....jpg (10 KB, 162 x 255, 162 : 255, pepe-laugh.jpg) (h)

22a66e () No. 7907301

flood incoming to this board

802ef2 () No. 7907302


Shaken , not Stirred….. Mr. Odd Job

674447 () No. 7907303

and who the fuck cares about grades

I actually cared about people!

I took good care of them!

a4a24b () No. 7907304


95% of posts are mindless clowns

is somewhat amusing to observe them choke nonstop while attempting to deceive actual anons

ea10de () No. 7907305

45055dd3874589....jpg (183 KB, 255 x 216, 810 : 685, 45055dd3874589....jpg) (h)

d6083453ef7452....jpg (388 KB, 255 x 209, 687 : 563, 0a55e8d93fb5c2....jpg) (h)

5a5712ad689209....png (1124 KB, 255 x 217, 997 : 850, 5a5712ad689209....png) (h)

386852dd98c3e4....jpg (187 KB, 255 x 182, 851 : 608, 63ce95012ad612....jpg) (h)

8a964a6c0b5fb1....png (127 KB, 255 x 236, 500 : 463, this-is-your-f....png) (h)

f99cb0 () No. 7907306

60f691839d2a3a....png (923 KB, 255 x 246, 944 : 910, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

So, even the commie WaPo understands what is coming.

Flynn testifying = game over for many in the DS.


02205b () No. 7907307

1e67a5c6fc4b5b....webm (8206 KB, 255 x 143, 853 : 480, pants of shit.webm) (h)


you look delicious.

50bffe () No. 7907308


I would assume POTUS would already know, so that can't be what he knows at 3AM

22a66e () No. 7907309

flood incoming to this board

we love it

embrace it

520e8e () No. 7907310

0ca6a753390260....jpg (262 KB, 255 x 145, 1297 : 735, SESds.jpg) (h)

1df233 () No. 7907311

d904ddc950caf2....png (1550 KB, 255 x 249, 1200 : 1170, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

dbd3e9ca3612ee....png (104 KB, 178 x 255, 207 : 296, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Anons, don't forget about how important this pic was.

I think it's important to know how this patriot is.

6fe4dd () No. 7907312

Jimi knew…

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

520e8e () No. 7907313

40509405133ef2....jpg (67 KB, 244 x 255, 600 : 628, sercoB.jpg) (h)

be29ca () No. 7907314

8deb7ce6f6e5e5....png (534 KB, 255 x 141, 696 : 385, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

0dcc6b () No. 7907315

Q drops = Program code

“What makes a good movie?” - Actors


You’re watching a “scripted” (programming) movie



There’s a programming language called ASAS (Actor/ Scriptor Animation System) which is a procedural offshoot language of LISP.

ASAS very simple language including *Actors, *Operators (standing by), *Behavioral characteristics of each actor. ASAS on Cartesian plane x,y,z axes like the stringers? It allows for multivariate modeling and processing of info which is very familiar with quantum processing with respects to its use of POV as a superposition [secure picture generation?]. I simply can’t explain how Q could be so right about the future without some sort of wormhole or 99% confidence interval quantum model.

This allows cameras to be stretched, rotated, zoomed in and out on the inner most axis while manipulating the others etc. I also found a system called “ASAS” used by the army and airforce.

I also believe that TRON/BTC/ADA etc have much to do with this in conjunction with Alice in Wonderland/Q. The Chronosphere In “Through the looking glass” allows alice to travel through time to save the Madhatter’s family. There is a company named Chronosphere.io which specializes in big data modeling which I think could potentially be generating these quantum models.

Mad hatter(AIW) and Dillinger (TRON)’s names both appear in original Satoshi coms. The original Satoshi emails also make mention of “counter-terrorism measures” at least once, there is absolutely no way it was not a government/MI funded project.

When Kim Jong un went to Singapore, the Singapore PM posted a photo of Tron on his FB and where they were going. TRON’s Independence Day was the same day as the TIME magazine cover with Q+ and Kim Jong. Also interesting is that one of Ethereum’s lead devs was just arrested for teaching NK how to use ethereum to circumvent sanctions.

Also Justin sun acquired BitTorrent which appeared in original Satoshi comms as well as a suggestion for the successful tokenization of a P2P file sharing service The crowdfund for BTT led by Tron completed in 14 mins 41 seconds, which leads to drop 1441 starting the clock in Singapore.

Sun just met with Wozniak who was a friend of John Perry Barlow’s at the “hacker clubs” a long time ago. Sun also asked Q+ to schedule a meeting on July 25, the day of a now famous call.

Anyways, I believe the blockchain for bitcoin is serving as a backchannel to deliver intel, and is the “gold” that will end the FED, hence Judy Shelton’s CATO journal on implementing a digital monetary system.

The genesis block address continues to make transactions to dead end recycled addresses, and I believe it’s encoding messages like the Mandela image (Q+ tweet)

The first hash from the genesis block on Jan 3,2009 converts in Jewish gematria to an equal value of “Obama” as top match, 17(Q) days before he was inaugurated. Sorry this is a mess, if interested I’ll try to organize more.

9af7e5 () No. 7907316


> push shill topics (slides, muh mason).


8d7b69 () No. 7907317


ok, now I think it might be him…I thought nose looked different, but might be the angle. chin, ears, facial lines look similar or at least close.

what do anons say?

2bc942 () No. 7907318

b2cc403e1e49ea....png (88 KB, 255 x 109, 962 : 413, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


That's a nice picture of Lucifer you have there.

Symbolism will be their downfall

Not to mention that there is APPROXIMATELY 144,000 sealed DOCUMENTS,

NOT Indictments

These documents include

Search Warrants



It is quite common to have 2 or 3 search warrants and 2 or 3 subpoenas for one single indictment of one individual. So this nonsense of huge numbers of sealed indictments is just that, NONSENSE.

To approach it scientifically, look at all the UNSEALED documents over the past 3 years. Calculate the percentage that are indictments. For each indictment, count how many individuals are charged. It can be as many as 250 people on one single indictment document.

Now, apply the percentage to 144,000 to estimate indictment documents. I suspect around 10% making 14,400 indictment docs. But, I do not have the other numbers to plot a distribution curve of the number of people.

Most indictments will be 1 person

Many will have 2 people

I suspect a power law distribution, but it will be tempered by the Federal districts. If 250 people in Miami are running a racket, then one indictment will handle them all. But if the racket is in New York, then it is likely that the criminals are spread out over all 4 federal judicial districts so there will be 4 sealed indictments.

It could still work out to 100s of thousands of people charged. Or maybe lots of them have been making deals and giving back stolen assets, so the number of people charged would be a lot lower.

03aedc () No. 7907319


Entire "digits" in image.

Look again

7da814 () No. 7907320


compared to floyd, zepplin, beatles,stones, traffic, and so many more, ac dc doesn't even compare, and his voice sucks ac dc=faggot homos

68bbda () No. 7907321


ho-ly shit

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a8a2b3 () No. 7907322

e4b63d7775f92b....png (497 KB, 255 x 166, 1303 : 846, D94AE7E9-15C1-....png) (h)

e8f2d5 () No. 7907323

53cb698ca2a8c5....jpg (18 KB, 255 x 252, 255 : 252, taking down de....jpg) (h)

ae199c1bbeb4b2....png (816 KB, 255 x 158, 826 : 512, country needs ....png) (h)

06fc1dd2b3ab1a....jpg (178 KB, 255 x 216, 805 : 682, what is a weap....jpg) (h)

893527ae795a73....jpg (704 KB, 255 x 140, 2048 : 1125, MIL IND COMP.jpg) (h)

674447 () No. 7907324

And how else could everyone decipher that setup and the actors if not for it to be exposed?


5bdae2 () No. 7907325

1fb0a11a6f0447....jpeg (66 KB, 239 x 255, 500 : 533, 1fb0a11a6f0447....jpeg) (h)


And yet you can't figure out how to reply to anons on this board.

fb245c () No. 7907326


I got swatted by BO for losing the E on Edition copy pasta when I first starting baking, keks

sticks with ya

0e6f3f () No. 7907327

424e0861b02600....jpg (5 KB, 190 x 255, 194 : 260, CIA Zioshill.jpg) (h)

5a85b2 () No. 7907328

2112d389b59a92....png (2070 KB, 255 x 187, 1137 : 834, 54712098643689....png) (h)

eb6296 () No. 7907329


3e1b79 () No. 7907330


Yeah, actual will show eventually, was curious tonight as to what it was. Thank you.

802ef2 () No. 7907331


4-5 years ago was a pandemic scare , where news reporters violated quarantyine to get take out food…. laws dont " apply " to fake news broadcasters

7bb960 () No. 7907332




577d2c () No. 7907333

d33755c828a976....png (374 KB, 255 x 186, 780 : 570, shipyard.png) (h)


Light up the night

fa4342 () No. 7907334

8f3a5b10c144ab....jpg (72 KB, 255 x 122, 567 : 272, whites-the-pro....jpg) (h)

321ab9b3ea7882....jpg (178 KB, 255 x 153, 1258 : 757, 321ab9b3ea7882....jpg) (h)

f6e0fa0c01e642....jpg (89 KB, 187 x 255, 279 : 381, glow.jpg) (h)

58aa9a () No. 7907335

66123165fc0d23....png (167 KB, 255 x 251, 388 : 382, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

4c9ce2ceb5caf4....png (40 KB, 255 x 129, 676 : 343, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

d47bef () No. 7907336

e98c83387390d9....jpg (1008 KB, 193 x 255, 1990 : 2634, 11.3Marker.jpg) (h)

d066c33e941eee....jpg (816 KB, 255 x 255, 2289 : 2289, DeathValleyMar....jpg) (h)


f99cb0 () No. 7907337

5d543ef40450b6....png (103 KB, 255 x 106, 966 : 400, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Just a sample of the crazy brain dead responses to the Flynn article in WaPo. These people are so stupid and brainwashed by the MSN.


ffa9a4 () No. 7907338

2e31e02becde9a....png (1845 KB, 255 x 222, 1056 : 918, 2e31e02becde9a....png) (h)

088d44 () No. 7907339

3eddac2cc38595....png (222 KB, 255 x 106, 1363 : 564, 2020-01-25_0-2....png) (h)

>>7886559 lb

>>7894891 lb

>>7897071 lb

>>7900639 lb

Coronavirus Watch Update

Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases (by JHU CSSE)

As of Jan 25, 2020 12 am EST



Total Confirmed Worldwide - 1354 - Last update: 4 minutes ago

Total Deaths Worldwide - 41 (all in mainland China) - Last update: 4 minutes ago



705d82 () No. 7907340

I wonder if Lindsey's vote is needed.

Seems like, if it is, there will be no witnesses


There will definitely be no Dem witnesses?

fb245c () No. 7907341


capped that one


3b1581 () No. 7907342

231d999e5a7da3....jpg (1361 KB, 255 x 192, 4098 : 3079, NS12.jpg) (h)

3b63a0 () No. 7907343


IT Seems like there was a recent hire or appointment by Trump and it was a pretty young guy. can't remember position, though.

8d7b69 () No. 7907344


calling out shills to make them visible (and so that MSM can not sell them as anons) is shilling?

nah, muh jew clown.

and you think saying that it is masonry - a secret society, cult, dark religion - that is the base for the cabal is wrong?

you 'think' so bc you desperately try to deflect from the actual cult by spamming "muh jew" in every bread?

e8f2d5 () No. 7907345

bea1f4c5664f37....jpg (248 KB, 255 x 128, 1400 : 700, Batman knows.jpg) (h)

075a66ad8dbbf6....png (1488 KB, 255 x 168, 1054 : 694, FUCK OFF NAZI'S.png) (h)

97ade1b393376f....png (1501 KB, 255 x 186, 1058 : 770, Look through K....png) (h)

dcde572c641143....jpg (93 KB, 255 x 166, 600 : 390, Nazi central =....jpg) (h)

588b0a () No. 7907347

45d104da498651....png (4801 KB, 255 x 183, 1806 : 1296, ANTONKEK.png) (h)

fa4342 () No. 7907346

344f779969a419....jpg (23 KB, 255 x 191, 300 : 225, s-l300.jpg) (h)

674447 () No. 7907348


Yea, I was proud of it.

It's difficult to climb higher.

1df233 () No. 7907349

b69984 () No. 7907350


Patriot Anon

The evil Cabal / DS plays dirty in order to reach their end game

e4b1fb () No. 7907351

40cb7088c04c96....png (201 KB, 255 x 126, 700 : 345, deep state by ....png) (h)


9af7e5 () No. 7907352


the irony

you know who's thundercat baker right

if not i'll hint it at ya come other time

787836 () No. 7907353


Four kids do chores for earned income credits

YOU want that? Earn and save.

58aa9a () No. 7907354

29d1e27d3abfc1....jpg (179 KB, 255 x 232, 1200 : 1093, EKtxDHoWsAMmzZk.jpg) (h)

89f60e () No. 7907355

c16c3b9d82523a....png (364 KB, 255 x 168, 563 : 371, klobuchar.png) (h)


Amy is taking the Senate Impeachment Trial Conflict of Interest Challenge

So too, are Senators Warren and Sanders.

fc0a44 () No. 7907356

ab9737f24e549f....jpeg (83 KB, 255 x 149, 804 : 469, 99411D05-BE1C-....jpeg) (h)

a735cb () No. 7907357


KEK! No way!

This is finally the time where every detail gets to be shoved down everyone's throat.

All the solid, tangible facts.

Everything Dems and media have been hiding from.

8d7b69 () No. 7907358




<muh satan

clown baker on duty.



f99cb0 () No. 7907359

87c71936df5a78....png (584 KB, 243 x 255, 934 : 982, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

"Bidenisms" - really? How about dementia?


bcea58 () No. 7907360

0ec41dbf6bea34....jpeg (724 KB, 255 x 177, 2257 : 1566, 28335ADE-FEA0-....jpeg) (h)


It's either tweak or frazzledrip Anons.

2ebbad () No. 7907361



worth a read

5ffb0b () No. 7907362

Did ya know you can purchase Adrenochrome?'

https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/product/sigma/a5752?lang=en&region=US SKU-Pack Size Availability Pack Size Price (USD) Quantity


Available to ship on 01/24/20 - FROM 25 MG




Available to ship on 01/24/20 - FROM 250 MG



Bulk orders?


ab4b90 () No. 7907363

0fd7584f419224....png (51 KB, 255 x 148, 753 : 438, Twitter Censor....png) (h)

Look at THIS fuckery!!!

5a85b2 () No. 7907364

d9b2f254e28ce0....png (2264 KB, 255 x 165, 1260 : 816, 07540978120963....png) (h)

e4b1fb () No. 7907365

1138fc497707e3....png (502 KB, 255 x 134, 878 : 461, Algos have lim....png) (h)

674447 () No. 7907366

It had to be exposed.

There was no other way.


fc0a44 () No. 7907367

dd7440666892fa....jpeg (721 KB, 255 x 159, 1502 : 934, 1C34EF1E-581F-....jpeg) (h)


Go ahead….

Caption the fuck out of this!

e8f2d5 () No. 7907368

4b532b34ae4fc4....png (465 KB, 255 x 122, 984 : 472, Q reference.png) (h)



3b63a0 () No. 7907369

4e27a9063157a9....jpg (114 KB, 255 x 170, 1000 : 667, robert blair.jpg) (h)


anons, is Robert Blair the man in pic?

blair blair blair

caption for pic

Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff Robert Blair, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Douglas Hoelscher, and White House Social Media Director D… MORE

8d7b69 () No. 7907370


do not namefag, clown.

5d9f0c () No. 7907371

c46467b5345cef....mp4 (4705 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, 15335.mp4) (h)

787836 () No. 7907373


They’re entertainers and they suck!

54b2b7 () No. 7907374

544ffedad49cc9....jpeg (902 KB, 255 x 168, 1920 : 1266, BC40AAB3-A098-....jpeg) (h)

bb6ed5 () No. 7907375

814c2570a06c6c....png (75 KB, 255 x 155, 616 : 375, Hendrixus.png) (h)

2bc942 () No. 7907376

c1bb60c0ed59fb....png (1033 KB, 151 x 255, 689 : 1164, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

5634b0cf733e1e....png (239 KB, 255 x 137, 678 : 364, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

77aa31af23c090....png (32 KB, 255 x 105, 555 : 229, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

b67c7e730c717c....png (1470 KB, 247 x 255, 1161 : 1200, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

2e9b1e239a661b....png (267 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


It could be him. And he is an important player.

He was highlighted in Drop #2462

d864e7 () No. 7907377

c3d1d44173281e....jpeg (232 KB, 196 x 255, 631 : 820, E2BA9E45-C87E-....jpeg) (h)


No pressure. 6/3/1965 15:45 ET


ab4b90 () No. 7907378


Next time, I'm going to spell it out:

Four to six percent.

5053c5 () No. 7907379

fee7f6b16d0e74....jpg (142 KB, 255 x 255, 1000 : 1000, fee7f6b16d0e74....jpg) (h)

bcea58 () No. 7907380

2934c1fe352144....jpeg (845 KB, 255 x 197, 2376 : 1836, E18329FF-3FE1-....jpeg) (h)

e4b1fb () No. 7907381

dad517053cac53....png (375 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, corrup.png) (h)

f207f57b030860....jpg (158 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, Moves and Coun....jpg) (h)

3c7186ad0ca52e....png (545 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, seeds and crum....png) (h)

Be careful predictions, rumors, lying shills.

Free speech board, enjoy.

674447 () No. 7907382

Think about this Q

At least they all know the actors behind the signatures.

And it's my ass that got fried, I don't mind leading a different life, one away from all this competition.

7da814 () No. 7907383

the cabal has the money and capability to release plagues and destruction upon the earth, it really could become biblical, panic turns humans into animals

8d7b69 () No. 7907384


no, it´s just a weak disinfo slide.

89d9bb () No. 7907385

Speech By Comrade Chi Haotian

Vice-Chairman Of China's

Military Commission

December, 2005


The following is the actual text of a speech delivered in December, 2005 by Comrade Chi Haotian ­the Vice-Chairman of China's Military Commission to top officers and generals. Keep in mind that China has for many years advocated deceitful and covert warfare against its enemies. This is their Modus Operandi. There should be little question that a "Bird Flu" Pandemic would deeply excite them. (Don't forget how they have poisoned thousands of American pets and knowingly placed lead paints on toddler's toys.)

"Comrades, I'm very excited today, because the large-scale online survey sina.com that was done for us showed that our next generation is quite promising and our Party's cause will be carried on. In answering the question, "Will you shoot at women, children and prisoners of war," more than 80 per cent of the respondents answered in the affirmative, exceeding by far our expectations. Today I'd like to focus on why we asked sina.com to conduct this online survey among our people. My speech today is a sequel to my speech last time, during which I started with a discussion of the issue of the three islands [Taiwan, Diaoyu Islands and the Spratley Islands — Ott] and mentioned that 20 years of the idyllic theme of 'peace and development' had come to an end, and concluded that modernization under the saber is the only option for China's next phase. I also mentioned we have a vital stake overseas. The central issue of this survey appears to be whether one should shoot at women, children and prisoners of war, but its real significance goes far beyond that. Ostensibly, our intention is mainly to figure out what the Chinese people's attitude towards war is: If these future soldiers do not hesitate to kill even noncombatants, they'll naturally be doubly ready and ruthless in killing combatants. Therefore, the responses to the survey questions may reflect the general attitude people have towards war..We wanted to know: If China's global development will necessitate massive deaths in enemy countries; will our people endorse that scenario? Will they be for or against it?

The fact is, our 'development' refers to the great revitalization of the Chinese nation, which, of course, is not limited to the land we have now but also includes the whole world. As everybody knows, according to the views propagated by the Western scholars, humanity as a whole originated from one single mother in Africa. Therefore no race can claim racial superiority. However, according to the research conducted by most Chinese scholars, the Chinese are different from other races on earth. We did not originate in Africa. Instead, we originated independently in the land of China. Therefore, we can rightfully assert that we are the product of cultural roots of more than a million years, civilization and progress of more than ten thousand years, an ancient nation of five thousand years, and a single Chinese entity of two thousand years. This is the Chinese nation that calls itself 'descendants of Yan and Huang.'

During our long history, our people have disseminated throughout the Americas and the regions along the Pacific Rim, and they became Indians in the Americas and the East Asian ethnic groups in the South Pacific. We all know that on account of our national superiority, during the thriving and prosperous Tang Dynasty our civilization was at the peak of the world. We were the centre of the world civilization, and no other civilization in the world was comparable to ours. Later on, because of our complacency, narrow-mindedness, and the self-enclosure of our own country, we were surpassed by Western civilization, and the centre of the world shifted to the West.

e9ae95 () No. 7907386

Preppers have long suspected that a bioattk would be used to usher in ww mrtl law. This might be the start of it. Our only advantage compared to prior forecasting is that we have an independent cic now who will attempt to protect us.

a17b94 () No. 7907387


I suspect Murkowsi just got her que (Q) to move into the light and help take down the left.

612152 () No. 7907388

WRAY Sleeper Marker Confirmed Today by Schiff @ peach mint trial? (cross-reference w/ QPost #3537)

Shiff refers to Chris Wray 5x in his increasingly desperate argument:

"Why would Donald Trump believe Giuliani over a man like Christopher Wray?" Relevant diatribe starts at 1:45.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1df233 () No. 7907389

6f13869d9b6a5f....png (102 KB, 177 x 255, 205 : 295, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

799cd23755720a....png (107 KB, 230 x 255, 276 : 306, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Very plausible. The guy in the pic seems to be younger though.

674447 () No. 7907390

I fucking fell asleep during that test, ffs

f99cb0 () No. 7907391

7308f64d0a6862....png (564 KB, 247 x 255, 938 : 970, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

War hero? Please

Fat Ass Vindman is a disgrace to his oath and uniform.


e8f2d5 () No. 7907392

aafeca0e01fad9....jpg (54 KB, 255 x 101, 535 : 211, Nazi's sneak.jpg) (h)


Did the dots go supernova….lol… Soon…;-P

89d9bb () No. 7907393

In reviewing history, one may ask: Will the centre of the world civilization shift back to China? Actually, Comrade Liu Huaqing made similar points in early 1980's Based on an historical analysis, he pointed out that the centre of world civilization is shifting. It shifted from the East to Western Europe and later to the United States; now it is shifting back to the East. Therefore, if we refer to the 19th Century as the British Century and the 20th century as the American Century, then the 21st Century will be the Chinese Century! (Wild applause fills the auditorium.)

Our Chinese people are wiser than the Germans because, fundamentally, our race is superior to theirs. As a result, we have a longer history, more people, and larger land area. On this basis, our ancestors left us with the two most essential heritages, which are atheism and great unity. It was Confucius, the founder of our Chinese culture, who gave us these heritages. These two heritages determined that we have a stronger ability to survive than the West. That is why the Chinese race has been able to prosper for so long. We are destined 'not to be buried by either heaven or earth' no matter how severe the natural, man-made, and national disasters. This is our advantage. Take response to war as an example. The reason that the United States remains today is that it has never seen war on its mainland. Once its enemies aim at the mainland, the enemies would have already reached Washington before its congress finishes debating and authorizes the president to declare war. But for us, we don't waste time on these trivial things. Maybe you have now come to understand why we recently decided to further promulgate atheism. If we let theology from the West into China and empty us from the inside, if we let all Chinese people listen to God and follow God, who will obediently listen to us and follow us? If the common people don't believe Comrade Hu Jintao is a qualified leader, begin to question his authority, and want to monitor him, if the religious followers in our society question why we are leading God in churches, can our Party continue to rule China??

The first pressing issue facing us is living space. This is the biggest focus of the revitalization of the Chinese race. In my last speech, I said that the fight over basic living resources (including land and ocean) is the source of the vast majority of wars in history. This may change in the information age, but not fundamentally. Our per capita resources are much less than those of Germany's back then. In addition, economic development in the last twenty-plus years had a negative impact, and climates are rapidly changing for the worse. Our resources are in very short supply. The environment is severely polluted, especially that of soil, water, and air. Not only our ability to sustain and develop our race, but even its survival is gravely threatened, to a degree much greater than faced Germany back then Anybody who has been to Western countries knows that their living space is much better than ours. They have forests alongside the highways, while we hardly have any trees by our streets. Their sky is often blue with white clouds, while our sky is covered with a layer of dark haze. Their tap water is clean enough for drinking, while even our ground water is so polluted that it can't be drunk without filtering. They have few people in the streets, and two or three people can occupy a small residential building; in contrast our streets are always crawling with people, and several people have to share one room.

6e00dd () No. 7907394



eb6296 () No. 7907395

89989956be9a7b....jpg (156 KB, 223 x 255, 750 : 856, 17907905732409....jpg) (h)

fb245c () No. 7907396




still won't lose that Edition, ever, lesson learned

9af7e5 () No. 7907397

5f5b91f5230d20....png (14 KB, 255 x 101, 459 : 181, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

87a14b0d5dced2....png (21 KB, 255 x 162, 501 : 318, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



took the bait


>>1947578 at 2018-06-29 01:23:08 (UTC+1)

Q Research General #2455: Qrisis Mode

Make Freemasonry Great Again.

The Clowns infiltrated it and have been abusing it's hierarchy for far too long.

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: cdb588 No.1948303📁 1632

Jun 28 2018 19:04:44 (EST)


Most all powerful organizations have sinister components.

With power comes corruption.

Like alphabet agencies, not all are bad apples.

Should the bad spoil the bunch?


612152 () No. 7907398

bcb67ddce07a23....png (20 KB, 255 x 127, 496 : 247, Wray_Future_Ma....png) (h)

9cba38 () No. 7907399


>It could be him. And he is an important player.

Different hairline

e019c5 () No. 7907400


Hair line is very different

8d7b69 () No. 7907401

>>7907311 Dan Scavino FB pic snipe of Q drop pic?


c1eb52 () No. 7907402

b753069eba348e....jpg (689 KB, 255 x 170, 1000 : 667, UTSL_admission.jpg) (h)

aa2c4e00844a33....jpg (623 KB, 255 x 196, 1036 : 797, UTSL_WhoTheyAre.jpg) (h)

17262e246c0008....jpg (420 KB, 255 x 170, 1000 : 667, UTSL_WhatTheyT....jpg) (h)

0878b9498a9941....jpg (295 KB, 255 x 126, 1000 : 494, UTSLturningtee....jpg) (h)

716b2aaf315fa3....jpg (322 KB, 255 x 139, 1000 : 546, UTSLJesusBride....jpg) (h)

Hwood film Under The Silver Lake, a public cabal admission, and celebration of Queen Witch Hillary ascending to POTUS?

Q has suggested that those unseen controllers, those above the global criminal cabal/elites, are cult members. An old cult. Which cult? What beliefs? It has been suggested that their roots date back to the Babylonian kingdom era, and to Egypt. With the (one blackened/covered) eye of Horus being so frequently displayed by prominent elites and celebrities, that is a strong indication of their involvement with old Egyptian beliefs. Hard to believe, what to speak of convincing others nowhere near ready to believe such things, right? Given what we know about modern day cults, with all their insane beliefs and practices, is it really that difficult to believe an elitist cult based on ancient Egyptian beliefs exists?

How about them admitting it, tauntingly, in a Hollywood movie? I say taunting, because it would have to be a film which disguises the truth as myth, or farce. Has there been such a film? Yes. It's called Under The Silver Lake, a film released in 2019, written and directed by a Harvey Weinstein protege. Of course, the official description of the film doesn't say anything close to the above. It is simply described as a "Los Angeles based neo-noir black comedy conspiracy thriller about the search for a missing young woman."

How I found it is by a random purchase of the DVD at a yard sale, drawn only to the description on the cover. I was knocked silly when I began to realize what I was actually watching that first viewing, that there was much more going on with this film. Knowing what we now know about how this cabal/cult thinks and operates, my own take is this film was produced as a nod (love letter) to those actually running Hollywood, and a celebration of the crowning of their Queen Witch Hillary, while also having a good laugh in our faces.

Under The Silver Lake was first mentioned as a future film production in a May 2016 Hollywood trade publication, with principal photography to begin on October 31, 2016 (Halloween! Hello!), a week before the 2016 election. It was scheduled for a June 2018 world wide theatrical release, following a May 2018 Cannes Film Festival premier showing. However, the worldwide release didn't happen. It was delayed twice, before it's final release in 2019 with only a limited theatrical viewing in NY and LA, and then straight to video on demand services.

What happened? Why the delay and limited theatrical viewing after such grand plans? Because Trump 2016, and all that followed. Weinstein/#MeToo in 2017 ended up becoming a big factor in the reviews by the Cannes critics in 2018, who complained about the degrading, abusive portrayal of women throughout the film. Had Hillary won, the Weinstein exposure would not have happened, and all would have continued as scheduled.

You ask: If production began in 2016 a week before Donald Trump became POTUS, and if it was meant to be a celebration of all things Queen Witch Hillary, why then continue with the costly production? Because of their insurance plan to impeach Trump one way or the other. Full speed ahead. Trump was but a bump in the road. Also because they're arrogant and stupid.

What else happened before May 2018? Q appeared in November of 2017, the beginning of The Great Awakening, by exposing the vile compromised criminals in public office, and those pulling strings behind the scenes everywhere, including Hollywood. Bit by bit, dig by dig, meme by meme, their plans were being exposed and shredded. So many unfavorable to (((them))) events happened by May of 2018, that the delayed limited release was the end result. It is even likely the negative critical reviews at Cannes were planned, ensuring as few eyes as possible would end up watching it. "We have to keep this film from being called out on Q Research for what it is." - a likely conversation.

Also helping to keep pesky Red State conservatives from seeing this film, the story and dialog are seriously offensive to all but the deluded, degraded, brainwashed, NPC drone left. With all it's twisted imagery, messaging, coding and symbology throughout, the film was meant as programming, and a nod to elitists in the know. Imagine my surprise when I realized the overall subject matter, especially after seeing The Standard hotel being used in a scene, with nearly every scene following that a connection to a Q dig! Early on in the film is when we hear the dialog spoken in the first image. I nearly spat out my food!

3b63a0 () No. 7907403


on second thought, I don't think it is blair,

hair is darker and parted differently

473cc5 () No. 7907404

ed1fcedfe8ed81....jpg (74 KB, 255 x 187, 666 : 488, 3je2qqwf.jpg) (h)

588b0a () No. 7907405

064db402ef88d7....jpg (137 KB, 255 x 255, 780 : 780, 1574371478805.jpg) (h)

453ece () No. 7907406

POTUS is not impervious.

Fucker has fortitude.

But POTUS is not impervious.

His HEART is true.

His Mind is in transition.

God is a whole BUNCH to take in.


41450b () No. 7907407


go on…

5d9f0c () No. 7907408

>>7907371 "that's like from the Godfather or something" :) 5:5 Sir!

e4b1fb () No. 7907409

If extremely compromised, dirrty, will they))) ever help?

89d9bb () No. 7907410

Many years ago, there was a book titled Yellow Catastrophes. It said that, due to our following the American style of consumption, our limited resources would no longer support the population and society would collapse once our population reaches 1.3 billion. Now our population has already exceeded this limit, and we are now relying on imports to sustain our nation. It's not that we haven't paid attention to this issue. The Ministry of Land Resources is specialized in this issue. But we must understand that the term 'living space' (lebenstraum) is too closely related to Nazi Germany.

The reason we don't want to discuss this too openly is to avoid the West's association of us with Nazi Germany, which could in turn reinforce the view that China is a threat. Therefore, in our emphasis on He Xin's new theory, 'Human Rights are just living rights' we only talk about 'living' but not 'space' so as to avoid using the term 'living space.' From the perspective of history, the reason that China is faced with the issue of living space is because Western countries have developed ahead of Eastern countries. Western countries established colonies all around the world, therefore giving themselves an advantage on the issue of living space. To solve this problem, we must lead the Chinese people outside of China, so that they can develop outside of China.

Would the United States allow us to go out to gain new living space? First, if the United States is firm in blocking us, it is hard for us to do anything significant to Taiwan and some other countries! Second, even if we could snatch some land from Taiwan, Vietnam, India, or even Japan, how much more living space can we get? Very trivial! Only countries like the United States, Canada and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization.

Therefore, solving the 'issue of America' is the key to solving all other issues. First, this makes it possible for us to have many people migrate there and even establish another Chinaunder the same leadership of the CCP. America was originally discovered by the ancestors of the yellow race, but Columbus gave credit to the White race. We the descendants of the Chinese nation are ENTITLED to the possession of the land! It is historical destiny that China and United States will come into unavoidable confrontation on a narrow path and fight. In the long run, the relationship of China and the United States is one of a life-and-death struggle. Of course, right now it is not the time to openly break up with them yet. Our reform and opening to the outside world still rely on their capital and technology. We still need America. Therefore, we must do everything we can to promote our relationship with America, learn from America in all aspects and use America as an example to reconstruct our country. Only by using special means to 'clean up' America will we be able to lead the Chinese people there. Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves.

b532e6 () No. 7907411

9311bb88cae659....png (2245 KB, 255 x 170, 1580 : 1053, potus_for_god_....png) (h)

15b689 () No. 7907412

4a1287538e6259....jpeg (30 KB, 255 x 255, 588 : 588, 597816CD-31E4-....jpeg) (h)

The cheese is coming faster than you can eat it!

89d9bb () No. 7907413

There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio weapons have been invented one after another. Of course we have not been idle; in the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind. We are capable of achieving our purpose of 'cleaning up' America all of a sudden. When Comrade Xiaoping was still with us, the Party Central Committee had the perspicacity to make the right decision not to develop aircraft carrier groups and focused instead on developing lethal weapons that can eliminate mass populations of the enemy country. Biological weapons are unprecedented in their ruthlessness, but if the Americans do not die then the Chinese have to die. If the Chinese people are strapped to the present land, a total societal collapse is bound to take place. According to the computations of the author of Yellow Peril, more than half of the Chinese will die, and that figure would be more than 800 million people! Just after the liberation, our yellow land supported nearly 500 million people, while today the official figure of the population is more than 1.3 billion. This yellow land has reached the limit of its capacity. One day, who know how soon it will come, the great collapse will occur any time and more than half of the population will have to go.

It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century, a century in which the CCP leads the world. We, as revolutionary humanitarians, do not want deaths, But if history confronts us with a choice between deaths of Chinese and those of Americans, we'd have to pick the latter, as, for us, it is more important to safeguard the lives of the Chinese people and the life of our Party. The last problem I want to talk about is of firmly seizing the preparations for military battle. The central committee believes, as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved. Therefore, our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan, but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites. Marxism pointed out that violence is the midwife for the birth of the new society. Therefore war is the midwife for the birth of China's century."

674447 () No. 7907414

All these fucking pedophile crawling all over my life.

What the fuck!

ok goodnight boss

73516f () No. 7907415

d74f8e61eca259....png (99 KB, 171 x 255, 307 : 457, Screenshot fro....png) (h)

5053c5 () No. 7907416

881a48c95b1709....png (73 KB, 255 x 166, 480 : 313, howdareyou1.png) (h)

fccc9b2b06b4f4....png (161 KB, 216 x 255, 273 : 323, howAbsolutelyD....png) (h)

1df233 () No. 7907417


It's not him ffs.



Yea, looking at it closer I don't think it's him.

Fuck I really want to know who that is. He's got to be important standing next to Scavino and POTUS like that in the same way the meme Q posted was taken.

705d82 () No. 7907418



He's in the "Q" crumbs

Watnik? Ezra Cohen-Watnick

from Sept 2 '18

"We have the source"

Could that be the Assange marker of today?

Then the image of Watnick?

"“FBI burning the midnight oil”


What was just released to Nunes?







fc0a44 () No. 7907419

b3f82578545f84....jpeg (121 KB, 255 x 184, 620 : 447, 7C7A5F49-0FFD-....jpeg) (h)

c1eb52 () No. 7907420

6ce4d0c090ec2d....jpg (380 KB, 255 x 114, 1000 : 449, UTSLEnjoyingOu....jpg) (h)

a0066c4c2d3514....jpg (129 KB, 220 x 255, 559 : 647, ColliderUTSLDe....jpg) (h)

cd28ef6064c0a7....jpg (144 KB, 255 x 137, 783 : 421, UTSLWikiProduc....jpg) (h)

857bd2a9e222e9....jpg (109 KB, 255 x 165, 715 : 463, UTSLmysterywit....jpg) (h)

7f0a8f8941cb8e....jpg (144 KB, 255 x 216, 655 : 555, davidrobertmit....jpg) (h)


Well written analysis of the Under The Silver Lake, without taking the underlying "truth" seriously -


Reddit decode group mentioned in the above link -


2018 Cannes interview with the director, during which he talks about the writing process as being collaborative (with un-named mysterious producers), but that he came up with the overall idea in 2011 -


Turning Teeth (Eternity) lyrics -


c95831 () No. 7907421

63b4f6f76ebfe1....jpg (102 KB, 255 x 243, 711 : 678, EPGxryqXUAAwGSA.jpg) (h)

DOJ contacted FISC & requested additional time to respond to questions raised by presiding Judge Boasberg


57f959 () No. 7907422


DoWee Cheatem & Howe

eb6296 () No. 7907423


I like to sleep

1df233 () No. 7907424


It's clearly not ECW

89d9bb () No. 7907425

Benghazi, HRC and boxes full of cash.

Gaddafi was planning to use a gold backed Dinah to circumvent the American Petro dollar. Gaddafi was smart enough to realize that this would result in significant US sanctions, so he decided to stash billions of $US in cash in various locations around Africa. He would use this cash to pay for goods and services, paying cash instead of using banks, as the banks would be prohibited from trading with Libya.

After the fall of Gaddafi in 2011, the existance of the cash deposits was discovered, but not where. It is also possible that HRC learned of the cash before Gaddafi was killed, and that she formented the "Arab Sprimg" to remove Gaddafi from power.

Reports were made and presented to the then Secretary of State, HR Clinton, and she was told that although they did not know where the cash was, they were aware of it's existance.

Clinton decided to steal the money, and conspired with Obama to locate the money, and smuggle it back to the US.

They sent Amb Stevens back to Libya, his job was to locate the files that held the locations (the map) of these huge cash depositories.

Evindently he was sucessful, and the map was given to HRC, but HRC had a problem. In fact she had two very serious problems, the first was that Amb Stevens knew she had the map, and the locations of the cash, so he had to be silenced.

In return for a bunch of Stinger missles, Ansar al-Sharia would raid the American compound, alledgedly acting in response to the "Innocence of Muslims" video, and kill Stevens, which they did around 10pm September 11, 2012.

But here is the second problem HRC faced. She had to destroy any evidence of Stevens communications with her, she had to find and destroy the records, she had to find Stevens server.

This is what the 2nd attack was for, to locate and destroy the server.

Now she had the map, teh witnesses were dead, all that was need was to bring the cash back, and to do that, she used a child traffiking sydicate, disguised as a church, to ship the cash home in Red Cross boxes to escape detection.

All was well, untill a new problem arrised.

Somehow Ansar al-Sharia learned of the scheme, and wanted some of the money for themslves, so they decided to blackmail HRC Obama.

What do you suppose Obama did to silence the blackmail? Any ideas?

How about releasing 5 high level Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo Bay?

Fast foward a few years, Nov 29 2017, Obama is in deep shit, he knows Trump has him by the balls and he desperatly seeks a way out. He needs sanctarary, and in return he will share "his files", his share of the hiest, most of which still resided in Africa.

Remeber tha aids video on the Kimmel show? 2:58………..

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Hope fat ass Nadler lets the others get some of the 700 pounds of chocolate.