98ed74 () No. 809121

f98b9e67d91ab9....jpg (305 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, qresearch.jpg) (h)

Anons, we are in an information war. We are the tip of the spear, with Q as our connection to POTUS. Hillary Clinton even said “we are in an information war and we are losing”. The neopoliticians (both neoconservative and neoliberals), Deep State, MSM, and NWO are in full retreat because WE ARE WINNING THIS WAR. The information war is between freedom loving patriots in this country and ALL WHO WANT TO TAKE THOSE FREEDOMS AWAY. Q said it perfectly If we stay organized, focused, and on the offensive, WE WILL WIN THIS WAR. God bless Q, POTUS, and the USA.



#InternetBillofRights https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

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>>772949 Page 2143

>>774507 Pages 1944-2000

>>773669 Pages 1904-1944

>>772303 Pages 1896-2000

>>784360 Pages 1800-1900 Pt 4

>>784334 Pages 1800-1900 Pt 3

>>784325 Pages 1800-1900 Pt 2

>>784314 Pages 1800-1900 Pt 1

>>781039 Pages 1768-1800

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>>807628 Funds for Indians, for border wastewater, Forest Service and SES

>>807551 $10 million for surveys on US-Mexico border. Possibly for the wall?

>>795445 Gitmo, Iraq, DPRK-North Korea, Israel Iron Dome & other

>>793140 Dangers of the CLOUD Act with regard to data and Social Media, highlighted

>>782664 Presidential Order and apparent correction here >>784282

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>>781936 Spending on global health initiatives


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98ed74 () No. 809128


https:// pastebin.com/index/u3swiDan


c78920 () No. 809141


Q wins !!!

6fa9da () No. 809175

7036a7b40d9ec6....jpg (224 KB, 255 x 160, 752 : 473, Screen Shot 03....jpg) (h)

Palantir & Cambridge Analytica related Tweet by Julian Assange 27 Mar 2018

"Palantir denied it. That’s Palantir who work with GCHQ. Who work with NSA. And whose owner Peter Thiel advised Trump campaign."

910b5f () No. 809179

Forgive me I must realize whom I speak to in this air we breath the nights I lived to only bleed you know of this only you came just to see . Never and I repeat never have you been here to really c . If that was the case your mind would not let you mouth speak such things you say. This is clear you only here recently never from back in the day.

When you find yourself in a place you cannot explain . When you can say that you have talk with the flame . When you been anything close to the soul of my boot . At that point you can spill your two .

You don’t know the power you play with . I’m not satanic I am . Only oppression can be bestowed upon me.

Yet I can make them dance because they know and fear me.

I don’t go around telling this and that .

You talk big talk invite me when you can make the fire talk.

Until then break contact.

You are useless to my team with a head that thinks like yours .

If they notice this about you let this night mark my words the don’t play with the nerds .

Your movie you pick the stars .

Take care of your own I am not .

You don’t know hell you don’t know hell

The words you choose to use . That how we can tell.

Pick your moves correctly they read the message too you know.

The games you play with peeps it won’t be long before they will be playing you that song.

Foolish tools only work on some cars .

I’m in the van

God chose that not the man .

Who really knows

When I sleep watch really close , I am protected that is for sho not just by the dawgz . If your ears work you can hear them talk . I am amongst the soldiers who cane here and did not loose the natives that met here and road to horseshoe and fought. The land is sacred the spirits here the truly walk.

Drop Your technology step in these woods on a black night . After that you may or may not want to talk .

Good night y’all

You know you are close when the cold sweats start . You will know . Just go with it . They cannot hurt you. They fear you. The body is adjusting . Destroying their frequency. Understand what you are dealing with and there will be nothing to fear. My God Is A Awesome God.

You train for fight do you rain to fight like this?

If you cannot talk to God Jesus.. you cannot do this without problems . To die is to change frequency.that just moves you closer . We are not made of the light they are . Higher frequency we are. Know this no fear. Tell them to dance tell them to live in the tree what ever you tell them that’s what it will be . If you hold the key.

cc47ed () No. 809180

>>809162 (prev bread)

Check time stamps of orig POTUS tweet vs. orig Q drop.


33a2ab () No. 809181




Its been deliberately throttled to Demoralize us. So FUCK the petition link. Let's just go with the HASHTAG. whoever wants to keep pushing the link, b my guest.

I measured yesterday, not ONE less signature, eventho I didnt add a link anywhere. Few days ago, I had 1000+ clicks on links per DAY. (me alone.. go figure) but only 200 signatures. SO petition site is proven to being FAKED AS FUCK.

8d4915 () No. 809182

6a0becca3f6786....gif (203 KB, 255 x 170, 500 : 333, 35F78C5F-6E41-....gif) (h)


b156a5 () No. 809183

...deleted (31 KB, 170 x 255, 333 : 500, ...deleted) (h)

Baker, baker. You're my baker!

d04d38 () No. 809184


Sweetbreads are thymus

Testicles are Rock mountain oysters etc.

c2c3f6 () No. 809185


they have been told that he will again be in control. just wait a little while longer until we can take our Trump.

c2c3f6 () No. 809186


take "OUT" Trump

1794ce () No. 809187

Posting for anons that have missed.

Parkland Shooting Videos To Archive Anons.

http:// anonfile.com/mcV7U0d9b6/Florida_high_school_student_interviewed_classmates_during_shooting__720p_.mp4

http:// anonfile.com/P0X2Ucdfb5/Student_Wounded_In_Florida_School_ShootingMy_FriendDidn_t_Make_It__TODAY720p_.mp4

http:// anonfile.com/U0XaU9dfbe/Student_says_heroic_janitor_saved_many_lives_during_shooting__720p_.mp4

http:// anonfile.com/Z4XeUdd2bb/Students_At_Florida_School_Shooting_Report_Crisis_Drills_and_Multiple_Shooters__720p_.mp4

http:// anonfile.com/k8Y3Ubdbb3/Student_recounts_classmatesbeing_shot720p_.mp4

http:// anonfile.com/18Y2Ued7bb/Florida_shootingsMam_does_interview_instead_of_going_to_school_to_get_her_kidDisgrace.mp4

https:// anonfile.com/B3x5F4d3b0/AERIAL_LIVE_Police_respond_to_school_shooting_in_Florida__at_least_20_reportedly_injured.mp4

http:// anonfile.com/df5dV4dcb9/David_Hogg_Caught_Lying_About_Being_At_School__360p_.webm

http:// anonfile.com/h857Vad9b2/HoggTied.mp4

http:// anonfile.com/i35bV1dbbf/second_shooter.webm

http:// anonfile.com/ma5fVbd4b9/HoggTiedInLies.webm

http:// anonfile.com/pb53Ved4b4/GonzalesAdmitsToBullyingCruz.webm

http:// anonfile.com/rf5bV1d2bd/ParklandPoliceRadio.webm

http:// anonfile.com/t552Vbd7b2/CrisisActorFucksUpHerStory.mp4

http:// anonfile.com/y659V8d0b8/NicolasCruzBeingArrested.mp4

http:// anonfile.com/4054V1d9b4/Florida_Teacher_I_Looked_Down_at_the_Shooter_720p_.mp4

http:// anonfile.com/x66fV8d1b2/Was_Mind_Control_Technology_used_in_Florida_School_Shooting___720p_.mp4

http:// anonfile.com/a37bV9d6be/Nikolas_Cruz_s_Detailed_Timeline_Shows_Uber_Ride_and_Stop_at_McDonald_s__720p_.mp4

http:// anonfile.com/xf80Ved5b8/Sneak_peek39_Days_-_a_CBS_News_Special720p_.mp4

327c2e () No. 809188

e99c93d4d77861....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 85, 1116 : 374, s6g5df97s6g5sd....jpg) (h)

98ed74 () No. 809189



To the guy spamming the Parkland Shooting videos ( >>809187 ), your post has been added to the next dough and is also linked on >>>/comms/225 .

To whomever is running >>>/comms/ , God bless you.

Notables have been trimmed to #995; all anons seeking past notables should see the above links.

d7f1da () No. 809190

Cmaera Hogg went to the Brian Williams School of Journalism

"I was in my AP environmental science class when the first gunshot rang out"

"Day of shooting, I grabbed my camera and got on my bike and rode as fast as I could. I wanted to do as many interviews as I could"

1794ce () No. 809191

d13d4d4fb8c28f....jpg (382 KB, 255 x 131, 1024 : 527, Incoming.jpg) (h)

106c8a () No. 809192

4f0478503d01e5....png (2128 KB, 255 x 182, 1440 : 1025, Capture+_2018-....png) (h)

01012b () No. 809194

Check out Lionel Nation's latest post: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=3le_qBImE9U

Is Q a PsyOp, AI or Legit? The Great Internecine Battles Rage and Roil | The Truth Warrior Debates

Worth a listen.

d5ac97 () No. 809195

2dd7abf8b9690f....jpg (157 KB, 255 x 202, 800 : 634, bolsheveyes.jpg) (h)

327c2e () No. 809196


KEK - nicely executed!

aca9cb () No. 809197


Nice bread baker!

I only caught 1 notable from #1002,

so it looks like it's time to re-post

Attention anons Attention anons Do YOU remember?

"You have more than you know" ~ Q

Continued help collecting Notable posts from each bread is greatly appreciated. Currently there are two Archives that I know of on 8chan. One on this board

Best Of Bread >>311157

and another >>>/comms/323

with a locked archive >>>/comms/225

Help collect the gems that fall here, they are too ephemeral and precious to disappear in the chaff

ThanQ for all your assistance in collecting Notable posts.

The fruits of our labors should not be lost in the chaff of shills, shitposters & clowns.

EVERYTHING of value should be saved offline on multiple formats.

960eab () No. 809198

15bd2d6bd00ee0....png (1045 KB, 230 x 255, 660 : 731, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

1794ce () No. 809199


Thanks Baker.. Only took about 7 breads kek!

91be48 () No. 809200

5e24dc0a8888c1....jpg (22 KB, 255 x 191, 454 : 340, DWU-jaBXUAA-p6B.jpg) (h)


Ivanka approves of this bread

50695c () No. 809201


Nice catch, anon. Forgot about that film. Kingsley was brilliant in it.

← 2000 Full Movie

Do you remember when that dream sequence was? Glancing thru but can't find it./watch?v=QPDAu_ey3ek

b156a5 () No. 809202

8d029da4527234....png (94 KB, 255 x 242, 593 : 563, Dial_M_For_Mur....png) (h)


What's with "M"?

Does "Q" have some competition?

But nobody compares to "U" baker;-)

8edd31 () No. 809203

449b9e9b7b3765....jpeg (1394 KB, 255 x 170, 4000 : 2667, 646b566a54fb26....jpeg) (h)


Death of Dollar symbolism

The SYMBOLISM OF GLOVES - by Deborah Swift.

Gloves were made mostly of leather, suede or kidskin, which would stretch to fit the hand. Black ones were worn at funerals, and those attending would be expected to wear them. Relatives of the deceased would often supply black gloves for the poorer members of the congregation for fear of the shame of un-gloved mourners.

Ten men met on May 9, 1911 to form Ujedinjenje ili Smrt (Union or Death), also known as The Black Hand.

… Gleizes, Woman with Black Glove represents a break from the first phase …

Compared to:

Mnuchin Visits Fort Knox, Says "Gold Is Safe"

3:19 PM - Aug 21, 2017


four 6's on bills

3 people

3 hands on bills ONE BLACK GLOVE/HAND

10 fingers (4+2+4)

20 bills


d04d38 () No. 809204


Interesting post anon. Go with God.

bd793b () No. 809205




Only some here review Assange tweets.

For those, these may be noteworthy.

In this series he suggests that the Brits and MI6 were behind the dossier.

https:// twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/976943588394323973

And in this series he seems to suggest that the Brits are now trying to set up the US.

https:// twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/978368105322827776

f25b39 () No. 809206

U.S. Officials Demand Al Jazeera Register as Propaganda ‘Agent’ https:// www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/is-al-jazeera-really-a-foreign-agent-fara-rt-sputnik/

8ac688 () No. 809207

f24dad9435663f....jpg (59 KB, 255 x 255, 736 : 736, Chess.jpg) (h)


7 8 = U 8 8 8 U 8

I 7 8 ] 4 3 [ \ ?

] 8 8 ` 3 4 9 \ =

AJ Gomez - m:,//,

http:// jmm.microbiologyresearch.org/content/journal/jmm


HINT: "Ho Ho [Ho]__ "Cooh Cooh Cooh"

cd59e6 () No. 809209

>>809202 You have to expand that tweet for full context, it was retweeted.

8d4915 () No. 809210

a5e758d88f2da6....jpeg (72 KB, 255 x 170, 600 : 400, 73AA472D-AB5A-....jpeg) (h)

91be48 () No. 809211


Bamford Believes Russia Hacked DNC, Can’t Confirm Transfer of Contents to WikiLeaks

https:// whowhatwhy.org/2018/03/26/intel-expert-james-bamford-blasts-russiagate-hype/

bd77b3 () No. 809212


Where is this Cambridge Analytica stuff headed? The MSM is skirting around this issue. Are they going to try to get this this getting pinned on Trump.

1794ce () No. 809213

87ef3025ac1edb....png (240 KB, 255 x 143, 559 : 314, ArrestsMadeInDC.png) (h)

Breaking News

http:// usnewslive.tv/foxnewslive/

193472 () No. 809215

>1000 threads…

podesta still free..

500 threads ago I was joking about this would happen…

now I am done waiting. we wasted all the time in the world.

here is what will happen:

They will release a video of Stormy Daniels slapping Trumps ass. Digital forensics will show it is fake and they put Trumps head on the Body of another guy. But it wont matter, because the lie will have run around the world before that.

Then later when they release videos of Hillary torturing a child in pedo crime will be released. MSM will claim it is a fake too although it is real. The normies wont know what to believe and will just ignore and not call for consequences.

Q fucked up.

8ac688 () No. 809216


bring me your priests


bd77b3 () No. 809217


Too young

bd793b () No. 809218


Not likely that would be successful because current whistleblower suggesting it has been going on for years, long before Trump.

b96461 () No. 809219

2c10aa5888b1cf....jpeg (338 KB, 248 x 255, 1242 : 1276, 3BCF7B27-A017-....jpeg) (h)

We have special problems as well

d04d38 () No. 809220



found it on YT

https:// youtu.be/lk_-ALRP1ak

7eb3cc () No. 809221


Have Lisa Page (FBI/DOJ) lawyer and RR’s wife Lisa Barsoomian (FBI/Clintons/Bush/Obama/Sebellius…) lawyer ever worked cases together?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=9Q0aXTM3dM0&app=desktop

8d4915 () No. 809222

91f6a266ff0105....jpeg (27 KB, 185 x 255, 420 : 580, 3871B475-F8E4-....jpeg) (h)

98ed74 () No. 809223


You're /comms/Anon!

Thanks for you diligence; I and all bakers will/should refer to you for adding to the notables.

Past recent notables will remain for recency.


No worries.


God bless her, too.

91be48 () No. 809224

Exclusive: what Sarkozy told police under questioning about Gaddafi funding evidence

https:// www.mediapart.fr/en/journal/france/260318/exclusive-what-sarkozy-told-police-under-questioning-about-gaddafi-funding-evidence

8ac688 () No. 809225


what's EATING YOU?


d19ca9 () No. 809226

e449b14374eb06....png (178 KB, 255 x 214, 583 : 489, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

#BREAKING: There are currently 41 wildfires currently active across Florida burning 14,894 acres.

https:// twitter.com/BreakingNNow/status/978634970594979840

Is this normal?

4dc303 () No. 809227


What would be really fitting is if POTUS actually gets the recognition he deserves in the population at large, instead of only when he is directly communicating with his constituents.

That's why (((they))) tried to separate him from us in the very beginning, post inauguration.

The fact that he ignored that and found a way to talk directly to us anyway, proves he is one of us :) This is why he loves going and being with the crowds that still assemble at all of his ralies (which I'm sure makes his detail sweat a little every time he does it).

Trump is an exemplary Patriot. We need more like him and his Team.

1794ce () No. 809228


Damn anon that first one is really well done!

8b470b () No. 809229

https:// screenshots.firefox.com/KMd12cJH9KNZrqR1/twitter.com

798707 () No. 809230

omg the shills left

0b7696 () No. 809231


thanks for the bread, baker.



98ed74 () No. 809232


Don't fucking jinx it.

a0743e () No. 809233


NXIVM "Master" no?

Why isn't the post about the fucked up branding in the notables? Make sure it's in the next one, baker.

c03712 () No. 809234

d9b388f6263e0e....jpeg (378 KB, 174 x 255, 1205 : 1767, 1DD912EB-013D-....jpeg) (h)

Was maybe posted sorry if so

8b470b () No. 809235

Julian Assange

‏ @JulianAssange

6m6 minutes ago

As a political prisoner detained without charge for 8 years, in violation of 2 UN rulings, I suppose I must be "miserable"; yet nothing wrong with being a "little" person although I'm rather tall; and better a "worm", a healthy creature that invigorates the soil, than a snake.

2a839f () No. 809236

61c6a64a0f3b2b....jpg (152 KB, 214 x 255, 650 : 773, 6219142167_e45....jpg) (h)

These "I don"t believe in Q anymore shills".

Boring faggots

594151 () No. 809237


Spring is def brush fire season in Fl…some years it’s worse than others….I believe they are mostly set on purpose.

8ac688 () No. 809238


are you sure you're even hungry?

are you sure you have a cold?

are you sure you're tired?

think about it


798707 () No. 809239


I think he is saying someone called him a miserable little worm.

d7f1da () No. 809240

Report: "Revealed: The Cambridge Analytica data specialist who was found dead in Kenyan hotel"… in 2012

The MSM finally realizes that Trump is a time traveler

91be48 () No. 809241

c520ae1cfc14bc....jpg (68 KB, 255 x 238, 600 : 561, Chester-Cheeta....jpg) (h)

If my only choice was between HRC & this guy, I would have voted for this guy as well.

8b470b () No. 809242


that or he is referring someone…

6889fc () No. 809243

1bf7f5085f30ac....jpeg (271 KB, 255 x 125, 1242 : 607, E89A2311-CCD2-....jpeg) (h)

pulse nightclub shooter’s dad tied to fbi

fd9c3e () No. 809244

Looks like Bolton, who I thought was a horrible choice, is /ourguy/. Interesting.

bd77b3 () No. 809245

48788e2c2bc701....jpeg (1214 KB, 255 x 173, 2005 : 1361, 510AB558-1305-....jpeg) (h)

From a previous thread about JPB tribute with Snowden and others April 7th.

d04d38 () No. 809246



No, you have fucked up.

Trust the plan.

We win.

50695c () No. 809247

0b9f7bd5a2fe79....png (62 KB, 180 x 255, 353 : 500, DialM4Murder.R....png) (h)


Another THREAT?

Note the color, star, & key symbols.

2c8952 () No. 809248

Phone-TavelFaggot after 2 days of being offline ,I wanted to report in from the field. Natives I have spoken to are extremely disassociating from anything Maga for now. They are turning me right off when I try to mention how good Trump is they shout at me the opposite. I am seeing some serious willingful swallowing blue pills from the on the fencers. I know this is all part of Quantum.chess and I am still 1000 percent and working on them as we wait for the map to unfold . I think it is already set in motion and all we can do now is continue to fillow bread crumbs , watch the sky , watch GA , stay focuswd but still shitpost ,fling memes, slay trolls without wasting bread , and pray like a mothertrucker. As we watch it unfold. I will still fight as hard as I can. I believe that we have confirmed Q team and he is real. I believe in the plan . The deniers I know are going deep into the blue pill madness but I have hope for the future that our Incredible genius President Donald J Trump will complete his EPIC mission to save God's free born creations from the extreme darkness. As I travel I am praying for YOU Anon! This journey the last year with DJT has accelerated my awakening tremendously. Thank you to 45, Qteam,Amazing Anons, USMC,and MI . I am not perfect or have much power other than my loud mouth but I am /YOURGUY . I am visualizing Maga coming in 24/7 10D mind power direct tap. Ultimate good power direct connec to you brothers. We will win! Ok back to the road just had to post. Good luck today team.

52731b () No. 809249

26f86422b8e318....jpg (102 KB, 255 x 204, 625 : 500, 277six.jpg) (h)

2a839f () No. 809250

4c1ed340889c4e....jpeg (118 KB, 252 x 255, 1080 : 1095, 1521893169.jpeg) (h)

No doubts

d19ca9 () No. 809251



JA was called a miserable little worm by the British Foreign Affairs Minister.

7eb3cc () No. 809252

c76756206ef7ad....png (2590 KB, 197 x 255, 816 : 1056, F2274426-056D-....png) (h)


Cambridge Analytica leads here and to SES eventually.

1794ce () No. 809253



A Brit MP said the miserable little worm should turn himself in.

b156a5 () No. 809254


How do I see who Retweeted it, it only shows the # of Retweets, can't expand it to see who each Retweeted it?

021483 () No. 809255

3b269aa31ab4d2....jpg (274 KB, 255 x 169, 1280 : 850, Yoros.jpg) (h)


You think it's a contradiction but it's not.

When you get to the top controllers you'll find they are connected.

"Israel" was created by the same faction who created the "Nazi" ZIon, naZI ,

"Israel" was created. One of the purposes of WW2 was to create "Israel"

Even deeper you will find that is/ was not the original location of "Jerus-alem" Yaros //Jaros - The love to hoax. [lie / dissemble]

b3b296 () No. 809256


Reading articles is for subscribers only. Subscribe now.

Wtf is this crap?

8ac688 () No. 809257



i don't believe they know how very super their brains can be

they need spirit guides

in wonderland


26539e () No. 809258

POTUS tweet M @5:33 Am, Podesta tweet M 7:26 PM same day

193472 () No. 809259


the plan is to wait until every corpse is burned and every evidence shredded? because then we are right on track.

a21591 () No. 809260


Showing how fake the petition site is might be good meme material

c2c3f6 () No. 809261


hahahahahah he is a terrible actor as well. absolutely no emotion showing.

8ac688 () No. 809262


Jeru = Heru = Horus

Salem = Peace/House of Peace

it's a history of warfare you bafoon

one takes from another

1794ce () No. 809263


You must be the life and soul of the party.

7ebed5 () No. 809264

af9efc38398861....jpg (60 KB, 255 x 151, 584 : 346, ZZZZ1.jpg) (h)

52731b () No. 809265

232036429f8344....jpg (108 KB, 255 x 180, 709 : 500, 278552.jpg) (h)

07b8a0 () No. 809266


Fascinating!! Thank You Anon!!

Are you thinking we're going to be seeing an announcement?? I hope so.

594151 () No. 809267


M…the soul cooker?

327c2e () No. 809268


So that's how one calms their tits…

6c000f () No. 809269


well that was worth it

are you going to keep replying to yourself, you fucking retard?

bb1aa2 () No. 809270


not all of us are in the dark

03b26c () No. 809271

4660382d6aed16....png (302 KB, 255 x 178, 748 : 522, Screenshot-201....png) (h)

If you haven't checked out this notable from 998 yet, you should grab a big bowl of popcorn and find the time to watch the video that's attached-

>>805644 The BUSH Crime Family

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=t0bOm5c43js

d7f1da () No. 809272


Trump twatting the letter "M" and the word "poison".


8ac688 () No. 809273




e4d25a () No. 809274

>>808475 (Previous Bread)

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Herbert_Walker

cd59e6 () No. 809275

d84e341a033c8d....png (224 KB, 89 x 255, 640 : 1841, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e325a0 () No. 809276


>Namefag is shitposting semantic bullshit.

>Calls someone a buffoon

>Can't even fucking spell buffoon

8ac688 () No. 809277


i anticipate such


1794ce () No. 809278


We're gonna have to start calling them shilltards.

52731b () No. 809279

713dedb67e2f00....jpg (21 KB, 255 x 170, 275 : 183, 2785dk.jpg) (h)

8ac688 () No. 809280


i'm stoned

and it's hard typing with paws


f5d246 () No. 809281

I'm a disabled engineer with no income.

My wife pays the fees for my development servers.

They are full.

I need space for another project.

Repeated requests for help to cover costs go unanswered.

d19ca9 () No. 809283




327c2e () No. 809284

bbfa60762636e8....jpeg (51 KB, 255 x 170, 640 : 427, 6sg585gsd87fg5....jpeg) (h)

a0743e () No. 809286

b156a5 () No. 809288


He did not retweet her, you must be confused.

42a45c () No. 809289

What is M was Money taken back from all these thieves such as the Podesta's who raped the American taxpayers, and then raped little children?

26539e () No. 809290

>>809267. Trying to see if there is a connection to POTUS tweet M and Podesta tweetM And also NXIVM

8ac688 () No. 809291

you're being investigated as a hate group

ya know?

gonna take a fall for Q-team


584360 () No. 809292


Hate speech is protected speech faggot.

17bbf4 () No. 809293

99353e68d95135....jpg (31 KB, 255 x 145, 600 : 342, 10stevens1-cnd....jpg) (h)

From My Cold Dead Hands: Retired Supreme Court Judge Demands Repeal The Second Amendment

>No Surprise, this Judge literally sucked off Obama

<Pic Related

http:// thegoldwater.com/news/21630-From-My-Cold-Dead-Hands-Retired-Supreme-Court-Judge-Demands-Repeal-The-Second-Amendment

https:// twitter.com/IWillRedPillU/status/978629569736527872?s=19

a1f67b () No. 809294

Alright boys, lets roll out that IG Report while Congress is on 2week recess

430abe () No. 809295

fcca51a1373ce6....jpg (295 KB, 224 x 255, 1409 : 1605, adb.jpg) (h)


I'm down.

I'll happily take the fall as long as Disclosure keeps happening.

Come at me, faggot.

1794ce () No. 809296


I'm sure you understand the need for us to remain anon. Thanks for your service though .

8ac688 () No. 809297

wisdom is perverse (violent/oversexualized)

look at your board

truth is like a river

it's ok to shit in here


4dc303 () No. 809298

a5f05ed672da59....png (368 KB, 255 x 255, 1200 : 1200, a5f05ed672da59....png) (h)


>the plan is to wait until every corpse is burned and every evidence shredded? because then we are right on track.

You said that exactly like

1) an individual of little faith who hasn't lurked enough.

2) a individual with a talking point to fit an agenda.

2) a willfully blind person.

4) an idiot.

Pick one. There's a mountain of evidence now that your statement is pure uncut bullshit.

d04d38 () No. 809299

9ec9e88c03e4b8....png (1085 KB, 255 x 150, 1209 : 713, 263d9390017ab7....png) (h)



Pray it continues.

19c81f () No. 809300

e2d12bcf8e2795....jpg (100 KB, 255 x 237, 826 : 768, hEA_XiL30uiWaW....jpg) (h)

8ac688 () No. 809301


hate crimes

not so much tho


d5ac97 () No. 809302

ade6fbe5ea01d4....jpg (4287 KB, 176 x 255, 3063 : 4430, THOR.jpg) (h)

bda7bc () No. 809303


mccabe yes

two others no- you will soon see

143f3c () No. 809305

Fone fagging so sorry

http:// www.prorev.com/hillaryfriends.htm

Keith Renier

purported pyramid-scheme operator . . . has reinvented himself as the head of an upstate group accused of being a "cult" - and his devotees have pumped thousands into Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential run.

Executives and top associates of the Albany-based NXIVM group - along with their family members - donated $29,900 to Clinton's presidential campaign, according to federal records.

On March 14 and April 13, records show, more than a dozen contributions poured into Clinton's coffers from NXIVM, an executive and group-awareness training organization led by Brooklyn-born Keith Raniere, 47. . .

In his previous incarnation, the Svengali-like Raniere ran a $30 million multilevel marketing business that imploded after federal agencies and regulators in 23 states alleged it was an illegal pyramid scheme.

He has managed to attract famous names to NXIVM. Three of the March and April Clinton pledges came from Raniere's most high-profile followers: Seagram heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman, and Pamela Cafritz, daughter of D.C. A-listers Buffy and Bill Cafritz. Cafritz shares a condo with Raniere.

a1f67b () No. 809306

bf5385a7d26245....jpg (79 KB, 187 x 255, 500 : 683, 2785nt.jpg) (h)

bb1aa2 () No. 809307


anticipation is one of the spices of life :)

b156a5 () No. 809308


Godfather will have that redemption arc after all?

fb5761 () No. 809309


45 spaces in that POTUS tweet.



Build WALL through M.

So if M is Heather Podesta, or if she is one of the masters in post >>808890 , could she now a tool of some sort? Is she a firewall?

7ebed5 () No. 809310

b7eefc05badae4....jpg (224 KB, 255 x 123, 1315 : 635, ZZZZ3.jpg) (h)



1794ce () No. 809311

74fffaece1aa4f....jpg (237 KB, 255 x 153, 620 : 372, RosensteinRed.jpg) (h)


Comey was fired if you remember anon ;)

50695c () No. 809313


Will do. Thank you.

e325a0 () No. 809314


You don't have paws you fucking lunatic

8ac688 () No. 809315


i anticipate the end of false Zionists and the Cabal

how ready are you tho?

you read scripts well

but when it's time to improvise…


a1f67b () No. 809317

dc546033c59478....jpg (60 KB, 255 x 141, 650 : 360, 2785ux.jpg) (h)

c32124 () No. 809318

735eab86e9555d....jpeg (327 KB, 255 x 235, 1242 : 1143, 5F86CF23-3E61-....jpeg) (h)

d04d38 () No. 809319

Lose the name. They dont matter where we are.


Namefaggotry means your posts discounted.

Your choice.

91be48 () No. 809320


>Hate speech is protected speech faggot.

except in the U.K. & Canada

e1ab5a () No. 809321

79a866ad79a708....png (102 KB, 162 x 255, 198 : 312, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


05b577 () No. 809322

What was with all the weird shit about TVG last bread.

be3591 () No. 809323

48c1ebd5d574af....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 170, 726 : 484, AtticCandy.jpg) (h)

26539e () No. 809324

>>809310. I don’t understand what you’re saying

d5ac97 () No. 809325

c2a5253ad5a526....png (396 KB, 255 x 123, 1497 : 721, GeneralPatton.png) (h)


eu/communist bolshevik dominated countries

594151 () No. 809326


Not so much Nazi, but queer-bait, definitely


8f766c () No. 809327






Won't bother reposting same info as on last bread - this gives a much better overview… (don't focus on sauces - just the info. Imo some of us may simply have missed this due to our reluctance to read leftard / feminazi / commie blogs - they don't realize what they've reported on here…)

https:// galacticconnection.com/nxivm-the-powerful-cult-that-turns-rich-women-into-mind-controlled-slaves/

>>> Under the guise of an “executive success program”, NXIVM recruits rich women and introduces them into a bizarre secret society that brainwashes its members using rituals and trauma-inducing techniques taken directly from the MKULTRA handbook.

>>> Founded by the “charming and charismatic” leader Keith Raniere (who requires members to call him “Vanguard”) along with his associate Nancy Salzman (who is called “Prefect”), the organization sells self-help seminars for executives. However, within NXIVM is a secret society named DOS which turns women into slaves trauma-inducing methods resembling Monarch Mind

((( "PREFECT" )))

<<< To gain admission, they were required to give their recruiter — or “master,” as she was called — naked photographs or other compromising material and were warned that such “collateral” might be publicly released if the group’s existence were disclosed.

>>> New recruits were then brought into initiation rituals that are, in actuality, torture sessions to cause dissociation. In short, it is trauma-based mind control.

<<< In March, Ms. Edmondson arrived for an initiation ceremony at Ms. Salzman’s home in Clifton Park, N.Y., a town about 20 miles north of Albany where Mr. Raniere and some followers live. After undressing, she was led to a candlelit ceremony, where she removed a blindfold and saw Ms. Salzman’s other slaves for the first time. The women were then driven to a nearby house, where the branding took place.

>>> Sarah Edmondson, one of the participants, said she had been told she would get a small tattoo as part of the initiation. But she was not prepared for what came next. Each woman was told to undress and lie on a massage table, while three others restrained her legs and shoulders. According to one of them, their “master,” a top Nxivm official named Lauren Salzman, instructed them to say: “Master, please brand me, it would be an honor.”

A female doctor proceeded to use a cauterizing device to sear a two-inch-square symbol below each woman’s hip, a procedure that took 20 to 30 minutes. For hours, muffled screams and the smell of burning tissue filled the room.

“I wept the whole time,” Ms. Edmondson recalled. “I disassociated out of my body.”

♤♡◇♧ ~ 1of 2 ~ ♧◇♡♤

51b3ba () No. 809328


The Blackhats take out Trump and there will be a civil war. Also I think the Whitehats will unload so much information that when Q said they wont be able to walk the streets, he meant it !!!! Either way they never control America again.

c32124 () No. 809329

6a2b5847c74562....jpeg (320 KB, 255 x 233, 1242 : 1134, 4D854EA7-F4A2-....jpeg) (h)

1794ce () No. 809330

ac3b9c7b91451b....jpg (72 KB, 255 x 143, 1200 : 675, clone5.jpg) (h)

8ac688 () No. 809331





52731b () No. 809332

20d31d6f152a06....jpg (54 KB, 255 x 153, 583 : 350, Margaret-Sanger.jpg) (h)

aca9cb () No. 809333


> I and all bakers will/should refer to you for adding to the notables.


yes I am the /comms/ anon

PLEASE do not ask me to decide.

The major reason I started that was to preserve the gems. When it comes to what is and what is not notable that is a matter of personal editorial discretion. EACH of us has a slightly different point of view, topic of major interest etc… it is the combination of all anons that matters. That is why I re-post the announcement from time to time.

I rarely remove Notables.

I'll annotate if questionable, mark if opinion and remove only if proof of falsehood is provided.

Please use your own best judgement for what to put in notables.

It takes many viewpoints and many eyes to catch all the good ones, what is relevant now or may be relevant in the future with good sauce and it's a good bet it's notable

my 2¢

cbebd5 () No. 809334

33d4f9fedd0623....jpg (61 KB, 255 x 72, 1168 : 332, 33d4f9fedd0623....jpg) (h)

John M Institute

26539e () No. 809335

>>809310. POTUS tweeted at 5:33 AM

a1f67b () No. 809336


eh I don't know about that one.. cough cough Himler

594151 () No. 809337



78ecde () No. 809338

613e03e5dbb451....png (692 KB, 255 x 153, 1798 : 1080, Capture+_2018-....png) (h)

Here's the unnecessary caps in that tweet.

a1f67b () No. 809339


Yep scary huh

798707 () No. 809340


Is RR technically Mueller's boss?

327c2e () No. 809341


Prob tweeting about the suspicious packages, anon…

a1f67b () No. 809342


Yes 100%

fa2a42 () No. 809343


But he just retweeted it. Maybe she is signaling a sleeper and he is implying it is still in the works?

91be48 () No. 809344


only RR can fire Mueller

98ed74 () No. 809345


Trips checked.

Fair point.

629d30 () No. 809346

c86226f0cacd0c....png (2801 KB, 255 x 177, 2290 : 1592, Twitter_Jack_I....png) (h)

Twitter @Jack's Instagram

cd59e6 () No. 809347



Revealed: The Cambridge Analytica data specialist who was found dead in Kenyan hotel - as whistleblower tells MPs he may have been POISONED after a deal went 'sour

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie made fresh claims to MPs

His predecessor Dan Mursean died mysteriously in Kenyan hotel room in 2012

Told MPs there were rumours Mr Muresan was poisoned after a deal went sour

Were also rumours Kenyan police were bribed to delay investigation into death

He also said CA-linked SCL distributed 'kompromat' in Nigeria's 2015 election

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5548919/Christopher-Wylie-says-predecessor-killed.html

Could it be related? Look at predecessor name

1794ce () No. 809348


Not sure about that.. Eurofag here.

d5ac97 () No. 809349

1ebdae () No. 809350


You stink like a desperate faggot with 2 quarters and a nickle trying to buy a hit.

bb1aa2 () No. 809351


again,not all of us are in the dark

d04d38 () No. 809352

7cc1cf24062c13....jpg (41 KB, 255 x 255, 550 : 550, 929f2303481f32....jpg) (h)



Thank 'ee and God bless you for the kek.

296d94 () No. 809353

Romans 5:5

And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.


Ephesians 5:5

For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or greedy person—such a person is an idolater—has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God


Matthew 5:5

Blessed are the meek:

for they shall inherit the Earth.


Revelation 5:5

And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.


James 5:5

Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth and been wanton. Ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.

26539e () No. 809354

>>809335 Ok, lets get a time stamp on the original

bddd87 () No. 809355



fd9c3e () No. 809356


Don't see the difference between Al Jazeera and the US MSM. They all should display a visible warning to viewers that their content is not guaranteed to be real.

a1f67b () No. 809357


The way the chain of command works is that the AG appoints a Special Counsel, and is the boss of the head of the SC. The SC reports to the AG and only to the AG. Only the AG can fire the SC. So in this case, AG was recused from anything Russia related, so the Dep AG has to step in. Only RR can fire Mueller. And only Jeff Sessions can fire RR. Trump can fire Jeff Sessions, but Trump CANNOT fire RR or Mueller

594151 () No. 809358


Sorry anon. No comprende

4dc303 () No. 809359


Yeah, it probably would confuse the low energy crowd less if they were reminded how to use grammar in a sentence.

"[Hate] speech is protected speech faggot." ← in this sentence, "hate" is an adjective, which modifies the noun "speech". So yes, all forms of free speech are protected. Promoting insurrection or treason is not considered free speech. It is called sedition instead.

[Hate] crime should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, being a heinous crime that should really be classed as a form of terrorism, because it leverages people's fears, just like real terrorism does.

c03712 () No. 809360

66841b0b993ef3....jpeg (528 KB, 173 x 255, 1241 : 1824, 0D151786-EFB5-....jpeg) (h)

By Katya Golubkova | MOSCOW

Rothschild, which advises the Kazakh central bank, has recommended that the country's privatisation programme include pre-sales to strategic investors before shares are put on the market.

Oil-rich Kazakhstan, hard hit by the fall in global crude prices, has embarked on an ambitious privatisation drive to sharply cut the state's role in the economy by 2021…..


Rothschild advises the National Bank of Kazakhstan and has other advisory business in Kazakhstan that Salvetti said he could not disclose. He and Rothschild board chairman Eric de Rothschild held a meeting with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev in November, according to the presidential website.

Salvetti said Rothschild was considering expanding its activities to neighbouring Uzbekistan, following steps by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to open up the economy since he took power following the death of Islam Karimov in 2016.

"Uzbekistan is a country with huge potential and the new administration seems to be very committed to modernizing the country," said Salvetti who visited Uzbekistan earlier this year.

"Our working model in Kazakhstan is applicable to Uzbekistan as well – possibly advising the government on privatisations, helping with reforming the banking sector."

91be48 () No. 809361

Attorney general probes nonprofit associated with NXIVM

https:// culteducation.com/group/907-nxivm/30707-attorney-general-probes-nonprofit-associated-with-nxivm.html

The nonprofit Ethical Science Foundation was formed in 2007 by Clare W. Bronfman, an heiress of the Seagram Co. business empire who has described herself as the operations director of NXIVM. Bronfman, who owns a horse farm in Delanson, is listed in public records as the trustee and donor of the Ethical Science Foundation.

At the request of the attorney general's office, a state Supreme Court justice recently signed an order directing Bronfman and Dr. Brandon B. Porter, who is involved with NXIVM and conducted the human studies, to turn over all documentation associated with the research, including any written communications, videos, conclusions, consent forms and the names and addresses of "individuals associated with Ethical Science Foundation who participated in any manner with the studies."

327c2e () No. 809362

5b983c54da6cf4....jpg (40 KB, 255 x 143, 600 : 337, 2b890d69dd195a....jpg) (h)

8f766c () No. 809363

e4c2b9ef845552....jpg (13 KB, 255 x 196, 255 : 196, 1569b0ee33f507....jpg) (h)

>>809327 (see for 1 of 2)






DUMP RE: ((( • NXIVM • )))

>>> Note that “dissociating out of one’s body” is the ultimate goal of Monarch programming. Other trauma-inducing techniques included exposing women to “ultra-violent” footage.

<<< Dr. Porter, as part of an “experiment,” showed women graphically violent film clips while a brain-wave machine and video camera recorded their reactions, according to two women who took part.

>>> The women said they were not warned that some of the clips were violent, including footage of four women being murdered and dismembered.

<<< Toni Natalie, one of Raniere’s ex-girlfriends (or, more accurately, ex-slaves) described in 2012 the trauma she was forced to endure.

>>> During her years with Raniere she was so broken psychologically that, according to court filings, she gave up the care of her child because Raniere had encouraged her to. (…)

<<< He was truly brilliant, she says, but in the way “that brilliance is the closest thing to insanity,” recalling how he had insisted she keep the body of her dead puppy in her garage freezer and look at it daily in order to better deal with death.

>>> Forcing slaves to neglect their children and to face dead pets are classic mind control techniques to induce trauma. And when Natalie attempted to leave Raniere, she was faced with dire consequences.

<<< Natalie’s home was broken into; police were sent to her mother’s house; her family was threatened. (…)

>>> During those years, Natalie would learn that nxivm had hired the controversial Israeli-born private investigator Juval Aviv to monitor her home and look into her private life and business activities. Several times, she says, she was visited by F.B.I. agents, most recently this past February.

<<< At least one woman did not make it out alive. The circumstances around the disappearance of Kristin Snyder are extremely unsettling.

>>> In 2003, Kristin Snyder, a 35-year-old environmental consultant, disappeared after a nxivm session in Alaska. Her body was never found, but in her truck, parked on the shore of Resurrection Bay, was a note which read, “I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off. . . . Please contact my parents . . . if you find me or this note. I am sorry . . . I didn’t know I was already dead.”

a1f67b () No. 809364


"defense" in German

05b577 () No. 809365


Left off the last "M"

3c8148 () No. 809366


where is the most updated resignation list?

24059d () No. 809367


I didn't think much of this guy when he worked for BC but he has since redeemed hisself.

I watch his stuff frequently. In this video I find the "gone native" comment regarding McMaster, quite telling. Thanks for the post Anon.

Bolton is an assertive person, opposite of the way the General handled his job. He should have been in lock step with @POTUS, but wasn't. Look at the hysterics of the Left and the Never Trumpers. @POTUS is on target with JB's appointment. I'm just say'n

Thanks for the post Anon.

80a0a8 () No. 809368


FCC wants Chinese tech out of US phones, routers

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/defense-national-security/fcc-wants-chinese-tech-out-of-us-phones-routers

1794ce () No. 809369


OH ok thanks for the clarification anon. That's very helpful info.

eb68ef () No. 809370


like the surgeon general warning on smokes.

hazardous to your health.


fb5761 () No. 809371


Why not include the rest of the word wall? None of it needs to be capitalized and by that logic it would be written wALL, ya feel me? I agree with noticing the capital letters! Just a thought

aca9cb () No. 809372


>but Trump CANNOT fire RR or Mueller

Technically he can, but the political repercussions would be catastrophic.

1794ce () No. 809373


German Military Intelligence

fd9c3e () No. 809374


SES leads to everyone else in the military and government including the president. You Paine bots are annoying.

798707 () No. 809375


That's a pretty big story!

594151 () No. 809376


So, if 5 is CHANGE in numerology

Stage =‘s world in Shakespeare

Then I can see we are ready for all the world changes….

d5ac97 () No. 809377


illumanti wife series 1/4 she mentions that a bunch of nazi intelligence types were snuck over with fake passports, most good people, some bad people that are from the 'pink triangle'. She mentions that and would explain Merkel bloodline and some of the bolsheviks that have been moving around majority white countries leading them to war and they always hub in military intelligence to spy and stay ahead of enemies/false intel winning/losing wars.

Dedicate some hours to the illumanti wife tells all series

https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=S8ly0c0_Rnk

Kay Griggs

5a0fe0 () No. 809378


I am so glad I wasn't drinking anything.


a1f67b () No. 809379


Chain Of Command gets confusing lol. But also helps for when you see the purposely misleading news headlines of "Trump wants to fire Mueller" or "if Trump fires RR that is a red line". Trump cannot fire either. He can tell Jeff Sessions to fire RR, but Sessions can refuse the order. Trump could then fire Sessions and put a new AG in who would fire RR, but see how complicated it gets?

Same with Andrew McCabe (Dep Director of FBI). Trump cant fire the #2 in the FBI, only the Director of FBI (#1) can do that. Thats why I laugh when I see these daily headlines about "Trump is a dictator for firing McCabe". Trump didnt fire McCabe, nor could he even.

cafd31 () No. 809380


If NXIVM has a 14 in the middle, what to the N and M stand for?

N could be Nergal as in Nergal World Order

The NWO is when Nergal and his horder of demons rule the world? Who is P? Pindar perhaps? In the UK there is a Pindar and it is found deep underground under London.

https:// www.wired.com/2011/01/inside-londons-secret-crisis-command-bunker/

Who lives there?

Think of those British period dramas about a wealthy family. Who lives understairs? Who rules the underworld? The Butler does it, of course. He is the one who rules over the young girls who serve in the big house. What services do they provide in the evenings? And the young serving boys too.

Could it be that the real top of the pyramid is the man behind the curtain, the ruler of the underworld, literally underneath the normal world, hidden in dungeons and caverns?

1794ce () No. 809381


BIG!! Excellent for, not only security, but for US chip manufacturers.

52731b () No. 809382

65f24b9b5679cb....jpg (16 KB, 255 x 170, 275 : 183, 2786s7.jpg) (h)

98ed74 () No. 809383



78ecde () No. 809384


I considered the last M: but thought when using only one letter to stand for something, i too, wld cap it. Include it or not. Lots to decode prior to that.

863d46 () No. 809385


M is for Magic


594151 () No. 809386


This would make sense to me…something is def going on here…

7fa578 () No. 809387


SES is no friend to America. Period…

a03e5b () No. 809388


WTF just happened on Fox Live?!

Go back about 8minutes from this post!


a1f67b () No. 809389


Only Attorney General can fire Deputy Attorney General

296d94 () No. 809390


Sure thing. Humanity is ready, despite what MSM is broadcasting. In our hearts we all know that the time is NOW. People can shift Quickly.

d5ac97 () No. 809391

d8a00b8dcc05a3....png (3 KB, 220 x 196, 220 : 196, seriously.png) (h)


https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=j3fXOIeXXec

05b577 () No. 809392


Agreed. Think I did that when it originally came out, but never found a way to work it.



14 letters.

1efa9f () No. 809393

446f21b727ab04....png (28 KB, 255 x 97, 1075 : 410, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

7eb3cc () No. 809394


Yes, I’ve said this day 1: Omnibus 101

Buckets are appropriations categories, buckets don’t cross to other buckets.

Bucket snippets are useless in context without accompanying riders.

Riders legally direct how appropriated bucket funds may or may not be used.

Riders do not change without a bill amending them, look to comittees for any of those amendments pending.

1794ce () No. 809395


That's exactly what I found I needed clarified anon. You nailed it for me :)

78ecde () No. 809396


Good point!

07b8a0 () No. 809397


Interesting. So what is the "M" stand for?? Hmmmm….

29269f () No. 809398

List of Notable resignations

https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B-95giwldeKgsd0nYiw_sEaSf4kGNLZgEIvEhL2mVAw/htmlview?sle=true#gid=0

26539e () No. 809399

>>809354. The original was on the 25th

50695c () No. 809400


Also note the


in her avatar.


← ?

Anyone else think @ H.M. Pedopasta looks like

← ?

Remember her weapon of choice in final scene?


eb68ef () No. 809401


only combination thay goves somthing is MXIV =1004

Advanced Roman Numerals Converter

http:// www.onlineconversion.com/roman_numerals_advanced.htm

7fa578 () No. 809402


In Trumps tweet it is Military

3a4c4d () No. 809403


I hate you. Hate groups are not illegal.

cafd31 () No. 809404


Build WALL through M.

Can you get to Wall Street through the M train in New York?

What is located along the M train line? Maybe the SEC or something like that? Is 1PP on the M train?

Sorry but I don't know New York well enough.

fb5761 () No. 809405


I was thinking Build WALL through M.. the directional through could mean something..

I was looking at it in its sentence structure:

BDM then a comma in that sentence, then M

BWC then a comma in that sentence, then ND


Could it be separated that way possibly?

a1f67b () No. 809406

e494615b3f8fe1....jpg (36 KB, 255 x 143, 400 : 225, 26zln7.jpg) (h)

1794ce () No. 809407


You can't go back in the stream anon.

52731b () No. 809409

27ebf55fdce260....jpg (13 KB, 191 x 255, 194 : 259, 27875k.jpg) (h)

5a0fe0 () No. 809410

>>809401 This Bread is 1003 No?

a03e5b () No. 809412



I'm doing it RIGHT NOW.

cf0bb4 () No. 809413

da6c8215fd108a....jpg (27 KB, 191 x 255, 216 : 288, whayshappe6283.jpg) (h)

Any planefags care to comment?

aca9cb () No. 809414


your opinion is weak

>As president, Trump can fire people who work in the executive branch for whatever reason he wants. Take FBI Director James B. Comey, whom Trump fired in May because of, he said, “this Russia thing.”


50695c () No. 809415

91229937d97fc0....png (113 KB, 150 x 255, 297 : 504, H.M.-GoodFrien....png) (h)

>>809400 Sorry,


>Also note the color of


>in her avatar.


3a4c4d () No. 809417


Military's 700 billion.

78ecde () No. 809418


Lots of letters could be roman numerals, but the B is throwing me

c8af43 () No. 809419


I stand corrected :) Haven't eaten either one knowingly. Probably used in hot dogs and bologna, though, both of which I have consumed happily in the past, so …

cafd31 () No. 809420


The NXIVM tattoo is KR for Keith Raniere

But when turned 90 degrees which is the way you would normally see it on the women's pelvis, it looks like AM.


1b646b () No. 809421


im am doing it right now also

it is not a true live stream

it is a live stream that is now archived

WTH did they cut to broward for?????

50d6a0 () No. 809422

6aed86cf77ea55....png (108 KB, 255 x 162, 282 : 179, Podesta John.png) (h)


>If NXIVM has a 14 in the middle, what to the N and M stand for?


540f79 () No. 809423


you have to go to the original stream on youtube to rewind click the bottom right youtube icon

78ecde () No. 809424


Wait…airport codes?

629d30 () No. 809425


All of those capital letters also work upside down



1794ce () No. 809426


Sorry my apologies.. You're right.. About 8-10 minutes you say?

91be48 () No. 809427

Lyin' Ted Cruz/Cambridge Analytica

Cruz firm readies for psychological ops at GOP convention | TheHill

https:// wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/23192

Cruz campaign hunts for delegate deserters - POLITICO

https:// wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/24118

GOP megadonors rallied to Cruz in March - POLITICO

https:// wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/24553

fb5761 () No. 809428



Excellent! Excellent!

52731b () No. 809429

0d6d4f08c1302c....jpg (11 KB, 170 x 255, 183 : 275, 2787hm (1).jpg) (h)

ee6b7a () No. 809430

Last week I was reading everyone state the market was on the verge of collapse. It was emptying.

This week I'm reading everyone expects the market to hit 26,000 and cap out. Which is it? Why has this changed? Haven't followed as closely as normal with this.

b4fa07 () No. 809431


Make sure you spell my name right you fear seeker. Hate… wide open field with tall grass.

You say hate been there the clock is wrong.

Hate pedos yes . That will not ever stop . Red rum is their only front and I aim to make them thirsty. If you stand in the way of that . Well hate is what you ask for right!?

6e6e59 () No. 809432


Brian Williams HA! What a liar..D Hogg is in good company.

"Reporting live from the moon…I'm Brian Williams"

cbebd5 () No. 809433

Anons we are at war with China much more than Mexico. That (poison) is made in China.

798707 () No. 809434


They were expecting it to go way down after the tariffs were announced and instead China said they would negotiate and it caused the market to recover this week.

cafd31 () No. 809435


It will be a poorly lit video.

After the news media broadcast it, a digital forensics guy will boost the brightness and it will show a minor female being fucked in the shadows. All of the MSM media organizations will be charged with distributing child porn. The male in the scene with Stormy will be shown to be a much younger man than Trump and shorter as well.

9ad36f () No. 809436

d447d037bdf4af....png (773 KB, 179 x 255, 1252 : 1786, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

http:// www.nxivm.com/project/genders/

http:// www.nxivm.com/project/education/

http:// www.rainbowculturalgarden.com/

af9542 () No. 809437


That's an awful lot of cops to arrest one kid!

a03e5b () No. 809438

0d712497fbf779....png (546 KB, 255 x 157, 1107 : 683, Screenshot (15....png) (h)




>Cut to Body Cams?

No idea.

No reason for given for the cuts.

After body cam, there is talk about a MURDER of a FAMILY in MEXICO!!


I'm not savvy enough!!

137532 () No. 809439


Yup, and they'll be replaced with a proper back door that only clowns have access to. Dont wanna share with the eastern block now do we.

798707 () No. 809440

Is it possible that Germany poisoned the Skripals and not Russia or UK?

bda7bc () No. 809441


Q fucked up.

you are right

that is why potus said "you are fired"

replaced with new Q team leader

8e553c () No. 809442



78ecde () No. 809445


Thats weird: we are also deciphering 14 letters from a POTUS tweet…..

c49796 () No. 809446


Thanks Anon ;)

Shared on Twatter!

1db2bd () No. 809447

a42ba965853f21....jpg (116 KB, 255 x 171, 1064 : 712, ScreenHunter_1....jpg) (h)


This is the kid they were placing under arrest. No idea why this clip was in the Fox stream.

fb5761 () No. 809448


BDM is in Turkey (Bandirma Airport)

BWC is in Brawley California

91be48 () No. 809449

eb2748cba762ec....jpg (94 KB, 255 x 202, 500 : 396, signs-branded-....jpg) (h)

9ad36f () No. 809450

5cc1fec75047d9....png (1377 KB, 139 x 255, 1252 : 2303, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Forgot one with pizza-related symbols

http:// www.nxivm.com/project/non-violence/

07b8a0 () No. 809451


Nasty ass Fent and RC's. 100%.


629d30 () No. 809453



445 massachusetts Ave

Sharia Blue


Hey the Hillary Email has this in it

W e w ill o p e n t h e d o o r s t o o u r n e w 2 4 , 0 0 0 - s q u a r e - f o o t headquarters a t 4 4 5 P a r k

A v e n u e ( o u r p r iv a t e e n t r a n c e is o n 5 6 t h S t r e e t )


Similar address btw


445 Park Avenue owned by Bronfman - Seagram's

Andrea Bronfman killed by car as she walks her dog on 65th avenue

http:// www.nysun.com/obituaries/andrea-bronfman-is-killed-by-a-car-as-she-walks/26358/

>>>/cbts/242963 Bill Clinton give Bronfman Medal of Freedom

>>>/cbts/243008 Maybe his wife discovered something about her husband and poof.


Bronfman Philanthropies NOT invested with MADOFF


One of the foundations NOT INVESTED WITH MADOFF

Jeffrey Solomon, president of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies — one of the foundations not invested with Madoff — says every phone call and meeting these days starts with a conversation about who got hit.

https:// www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=98348258


$33 million, $33 million, $33 million

bought mansion from Bronfman

Investor burned by Madoff leaps to death from luxury hotel balcony


The Bronfman's daughter belonged to the NXIVM cult

[same one that Senator (NY) Kirsten Gillbrand's father worked for

Gillibrand appointed to fill Hillary Clinton's US Senate seat by Governor David Patterson]

The pair remain staunchly loyal to NXIVM and Mr. Raniere, who appears to have curtailed his most profligate spending habits.

91be48 () No. 809454


Cruz brother

b4fa07 () No. 809456

Hate lol don’t end up on the right side of the wrong path it’s not healthy lol you dig?

981211 () No. 809457


Only a pedophile.

cbebd5 () No. 809458


It is from the 19th

fd5768 () No. 809459

I have an idea for a new hashtag:


a42bc4 () No. 809460


TY for that + link.

This brought me to

http:// www.mcwl.marines.mil/Divisions/Futures-Assessment/

where there is more of such goodies to be had.

91be48 () No. 809461


GCHQ/MI6 poisoned them to cover for the dossier

629d30 () No. 809462

a59364083fa8df....png (396 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, nxvium_gillibr....png) (h)

1db2bd () No. 809463


You're right. Very weird that this body cam footage was released though.

9ad36f () No. 809464


>Grab 'em by the diaper!

52731b () No. 809465

ffaa8dd8c20720....jpg (17 KB, 255 x 143, 300 : 168, 278820.jpg) (h)

629d30 () No. 809466

e4c65043bc8b53....png (12 KB, 255 x 12, 1218 : 58, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


I did them both ways

right side up and upside down

ee6b7a () No. 809467


So anons once again got head of themselves and claimed something that wasn't exact. Sigh. This community can be annoying with the hearsay.

07b8a0 () No. 809468


Yeah…That's probably it. I had never even heard of "Nergal" until the past 48 hours when a fellow ANON brought it up. I've traveled in theological circles and it's a passion of mine, and in all my life I had NEVER heard of "Nergal."

And it would have rang a bell as Garfield's nemesis is a cat named "Nermal."


0e1e64 () No. 809469


I think Parscale is way ahead of us on this. The need for the petition has already passed when AT&T called for IBOR. I will continue to sign and promote them, but I think the hashtag is what Q and POTUS want from us. No doubt the numbers are throttled, and the white hats know

bda7bc () No. 809470

8580d94dbd6839....jpg (4 KB, 255 x 170, 275 : 183, comey.jpg) (h)


yeah i know

good actor is my guess

we will know by the time his book releases

863d46 () No. 809471

Revealed: The Cambridge Analytica data specialist who was found dead in Kenyan hotel - as whistleblower tells MPs he may have been POISONED after a deal went 'sour'

Read more: http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5548919/Christopher-Wylie-says-predecessor-killed#ixzz5AxiFn768

798707 () No. 809472


Not under May's direction though I hope. That would be a bad sign. Possibly rogue intel agents at work?

cbebd5 () No. 809473


Brother of Parkland shooter arrested for trespassing at Stoneman Douglas High, BSO says

March 19, 2018 07:36 PM

Zachary Cruz, the brother of confessed Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter Nikolas Cruz, was arrested Monday after deputies say he trespassed onto the school’s Parkland campus.

The 18-year-old was warned several times not to be on school grounds, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

“Defendant Cruz surpassed all locked doors and gates and proceeded to ride his skateboard through school grounds,” a Broward sheriff’s deputy wrote in his arrest report.

Zachary Cruz was spotted at about 4:30 p.m. after students had been dismissed for the day.

f25b39 () No. 809474

Facebook Loses $70 Billion in Market Value over Last 10 Days

07b8a0 () No. 809475


Not "hearsay", but speculation. Moves and countermoves. Who knows how much of this is moving all around at various times?? And it's ONLY Tuesday AM.

af9542 () No. 809476



c3ee8d () No. 809477


Supposedly, some branded KR, others branded opposite A.M. for coleader Alison Mack.

Which you get depends on who recruited you.


798707 () No. 809478


I don't think it was just here, there was a lot of fear mongering about it in the msm.

296d94 () No. 809479

There is more in the >paris catacombs.

91be48 () No. 809480


May is firmly in the destroy Trump camp

798707 () No. 809481



bc3b42 () No. 809482

Apollo Global considering IPO of Rackspace (the CIA's cloud home)

50d6a0 () No. 809483

2eb82d8f09be65....jpg (74 KB, 255 x 142, 796 : 444, Lester Holt.jpg) (h)

863d46 () No. 809484

a26fd585d4f0cc....png (309 KB, 255 x 150, 634 : 372, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Cambridge Analytica Christopher Wylie has today revealed that his predecessor died mysteriously in a Kenyan hotel room - and may have been poisoned.

cf0bb4 () No. 809485


Bigly if truly. Sounds like someone needs protection right now as they valiantly try to exonorate their bro.

26539e () No. 809486

Gawd, I wish we could identify the good guys.

91be48 () No. 809487


This guy took the pussy hat too far

1794ce () No. 809488


Here it is anon. Looks staged to me!

https:// youtu.be/0qQSPBqjsjs?t=1h43m41s

bd793b () No. 809489

52731b () No. 809490

b6fe121a337266....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 166, 278 : 181, 2788he.jpg) (h)

296d94 () No. 809491



forgot to link post..

e325a0 () No. 809492


You can, if you read between the lines

cbebd5 () No. 809493

33d4f9fedd0623....jpg (61 KB, 255 x 72, 1168 : 332, 33d4f9fedd0623....jpg) (h)

Can't help but think this has something to do with the Russians poisoned in the UK

629d30 () No. 809494

dcb427273f2b4b....png (1845 KB, 255 x 235, 1432 : 1318, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

50695c () No. 809495

cf6305c22a0a43....png (166 KB, 255 x 129, 551 : 278, FatalAttractio....png) (h)


>Remember her weapon of choice in final scene?


Sorry, was wrong, thought it was scissors.


e325a0 () No. 809496


>Wall through M

What did he mean by this

c3ee8d () No. 809497


This guy might turn out to be a good guy.

He has the goods.

Predecessor killed in 2012 in Kenya.

Can you say birth certificate.

863d46 () No. 809498



26539e () No. 809499

>>809492. I really thought Russia was on our side but idk

05b577 () No. 809500





c3ee8d () No. 809501


Fucking dork


7fa578 () No. 809502


Luv these one poster drops. Don’t you!

f25b39 () No. 809503


http:// www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/03/27/facebook-loses-70-billion-in-10-days/

42f03d () No. 809504


This lawfag would never sign the petition. Lame, utterly ineffective and not what Q asked for. He asked for a hashtag assault to raise awareness.

7fa578 () No. 809505


Enjoy the show….

a42bc4 () No. 809506

92086eba91853b....jpg (85 KB, 199 x 255, 575 : 738, Clown guilloti....jpg) (h)


I second that.

Why is it that Russian spies usually get poisoned in the UK?

Which sauce would you like with that?

https:// www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/07/poisoned-russian-spy-sergei-skripal-close-consultant-linked/

http:// www.newsweek.com/russia-poison-spy-steele-dossier-836768

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/paper-poisoned-russian-spy-ties-anti-trump-dossier-author-christopher-steele-revealed/

http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/world/poisoned-russian-spy-close-steele-consultant-report-article-1.3862516

a1b875 () No. 809507


Good luck with that here

cbebd5 () No. 809508

Did Twitter just get hit with a torpedo?

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-27/twitter-tanks-after-citron-warns-wait-til-congress-finds-out-about

0b7696 () No. 809509

fd28948e7593cf....jpg (83 KB, 255 x 154, 750 : 454, MADE HEAPS.jpg) (h)

981211 () No. 809510

eefd9936190f5e....jpg (82 KB, 191 x 255, 500 : 666, DavidHoggAngry.jpg) (h)

bda7bc () No. 809511

0c7653c7e54aaa....jpg (73 KB, 255 x 127, 840 : 420, greatawakening.jpg) (h)


We all know the old saying "Don't discuss politics or religion at the dinner table." Or with friends you want to keep, etc. What does that tell you? That polItics and religion are DIVISIVE. We all know that is true - but should it be?

Is there a philosophy of or approach to living that avoids this DIVSION OF WE THE PEOPLE? Yes, there is. Yet this truth has been deliberately hidden from WE THE PEOPLE. Now, however is the time of THE GREAT AWAKENING. We are ready to see, to hear, and to put into practice the most revolutionary philosophy in human history - one that is based in truth only.

Here are the cornerstones of this philosophy - some will be familiar to you:

There is a power and mind infinitely greater than man - that animated the universe - - some call this God - but the word and concept of "God" is religious - in other words it is divisive.

The great power is properly known as The All. There can be no argument or division on this fact that does not come from religious doctrines.

This power imagined our universe and it came into form. Human beings were created as part of this form "in the image" of the All - which means "in the mind of The All" See how close - yet so far this is from the Bible narratives?

Our universe is a grain of sand in The All. Yet it is an image of the all and subject to the same principles - that is the meaning of the phrase revealed to and by Hermes Trismestigus - "As Above So Below"

In our grain of sand there is indeed the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit. But what did the "great religions" leave out? The Mother, and the Daughter! These together formed our reality - in fact in many ways our reality is far more FEMALE in nature than it is MALE. Doesn't your every day experience and intuition tell you women are as, if not more important, than males?

Yet (nearly) all human religions and cultures teach patriarchy. And there lies the heart of all human confusion, chaos, and misery. The PRIMARY DIVISION OF WE THE PEOPLE. All other divisions are secondary to this. Think ADAM AND EVE.

Until this division is removed chaos must and will continue. And chaos is the root of all evil. CHAOS is contrary to the beauty and wonder and order of The All. We all feel it - we know it is wrong but it is so engrained it cannot even be discussed without further DIVISION.

bda7bc () No. 809513

a85a5a658934a9....jpg (7 KB, 255 x 143, 300 : 168, fathersonmothe....jpg) (h)


Has there ever been a time or opportunity to see this and change it? Yes - it was the most well know and historic time in history - a time of of great turmoil, yet of hope and potential for change. And at the center of that time was its key figure - Jesus of Nazareth. NOT the Jesus that religions teach. No - far far from it. In fact in less than 75 years after his death the true message of Jesus had been covered and hidden.

This can be see in the writings of John in the New Testamnet - who decried the TRAITOROUS AND EVIL conduct that was then being done in the name of Jesus - just during the lifetime of this one man, John. The pinnacle of John's despair is written in The Book of Revelation.

The real keystone to the truth of Jesus and who he was - deliberately hidden to the world by the "Universal Church." Yet by some miracle this was discovered in the 1950's in an obscure place of the middle east known as "Nag Hammadi." There, lying protected for 2,000 years in clay pots, were the documents that revealed the truth.

These documents were yet still hidden away and the Church and others sought to keep them away from the public. It was not until the 1990's that all of the documents had been transalated and made public. Just in time for the GREAT AWAKENING that is upon us now.

The essences of the documents prove that Jesus teaching's were clearly "GNOSTIC," which means "KNOWLEDGE." These are the secret teachings which Jesus reserved for the best minds - even his Apostles were not all ready with "eyes to see and ears to hear." As Jesus said and as Q said - "this message is not for everyone." It is in essence the same message - YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO.

Jesus was no sissifed preacher with a big KUMBAYA for all. No - Jesus denounced every institution and every tradition - but only to the extent that it conflicted with his vision of ONENESS WITH THE ALL. He did that by using every institutution and every tradition that existed - not to detroy them but to show that they must conform to the new vision of PEACE AND HARMONY AND ABSENCE OF DIVISION which was to be "The Kingdom of the Most High (THE ALL) on Earth." The GREAT AWAKENING.

Tragically - we all know how that story ended. Cruel torture and death for Jesus and the birth of 2,000 years of conflict IN HIS NAME! Anons - we are now in another era of biblical significance. THE GREAT AWAKENING is a raising of the human consciousness - the human HIVE MIND to a new and higher level.

This does not means that DIFFERENCES in humans and humanity - gender, race, politics, nationality, education, religion are meaningless or need to be ignored. NO that is nothing but politically correct nonsense! The institutions are offering you HOBSON'S CHOICE - that simply means MORE DIVISION and that means THEY CONTROL YOUR MIND.

Differences must be seen heard and taken into account for all human acitivits and decisions. You don't send a 98 pound weakling into battle. You dont expect men to bear children. you don't ask a fool for advice, and you don't send a prince on a fool's errand!

But this reality does not equal DIVISION. A HIVE has different bees for each function of the hive but they are not divided - THEY ARE ONE.


c3ee8d () No. 809514


Me neither.

I will not sign it on 2 grounds.

A. Means nothing as evidenced by lack of maintenance on site. Petition site was an obama “invention”.

but most importantly

B. It is badly written. For many reasons.

021483 () No. 809515

f2abf4ce8e3213....jpg (596 KB, 255 x 191, 2240 : 1680, FEMAphoto_WTC ....jpg) (h)


So Edward Snowden will be there!?

BTW , Hogg's Dad is a 9/11 perp..

They did disinfo where they claimed DNA was found years later to ID victims. Dad / FBI was a point man on that farce. Propaganda.

Place was turned to dust. "But oh we found DNA?" What happened to the bodies?

I hope these fucking liars are all jailed.

05b577 () No. 809516


You're my hero today. I never would sign it either.

f25b39 () No. 809517

Guess it depends on whos article you read… Facebook has none the less , lost bad. Facebookhttps:// finance.nine.com.au/2018/03/27/15/57/facebook-loses-more-than-116-billion-in-10-days loses more than $116 billion in 10 days

b41b35 () No. 809518


Nancy Salzman sounds like a familiar name to me. I'll dig into that later. The President, ESP caught my eye.

I came across this doing some digging on Paradise Cove in Samoa (The "school" for troubled teens). It was part of a program called WWASP - World Wide Association of Specialty Programs http:// wwaspsurvivors.com

http:// archive.is/AtX79

Robert Jay Lifton's eight criteria of thought reform as applied to the Executive Success Programs.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milieu_control

Milieu control is a term popularized by psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton to describe tactics that control environment and human communication through the use of social pressure and group language; such tactics may include dogma, protocols, innuendo, slang, and pronunciation, which enables group members to identify other members, or to promote cognitive changes in individuals. Lifton originally used "milieu control" to describe brainwashing and mind control, but the term has since been applied to other contexts.

Milieu Control = mind control = MK

http:// billmoyers.com/story/dangerous-case-donald-trump-robert-jay-lifton-bill-moyers-duty-warn/

Renowned psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton on the Goldwater Rule: We have a duty to warn if someone may be dangerous to others.

50d6a0 () No. 809519


"They mad me"?

1794ce () No. 809520

0aba8eeaff7576....png (44 KB, 255 x 97, 813 : 309, TwatterData.png) (h)



d5ac97 () No. 809521


Geraldo and the five talking about death penalties for Big Pharma, did they SHUT IT DOWN?

33a2ab () No. 809522

d8f11d1893da82....png (189 KB, 141 x 255, 465 : 840, Q MAKE IT RAIN.png) (h)


Today at noon EST (Less than 1 hour from now)



Q told us to push ###.

Let's do that.

tweet storm [3] hashes




* Send at 10 original twats per hour, for as long as you can.

* Use ANY MEME you want.

* Aim at EVERY audience

* SHORT tweets with just 1 QUESTION, a red pill-ish meme and 3 ## + TY @POTUS do FAN-TAS-TIC and get enormous RTing!

Normies LOVE that.




please always use the [3] hashes and add [1] more of your own liking if you want to, but dont overdo it.

It's the QUESTION that lures your audience in.

==>JUST KEEP TWEETING, steady pace,



Baker pls add to dough

(replace previous War Room post with this)

af9542 () No. 809523


"Build the wall through our military (Army Corps of Engineers)". Use the defense budget at his discretion; declare drug trafficking and criminals coming up from Mexico as a national concern to build the wall.

1794ce () No. 809524

843f68dbf08040....jpg (429 KB, 255 x 134, 1024 : 538, GuiltyBerg5.jpg) (h)

981211 () No. 809525

456816a0dff3f8....jpg (76 KB, 191 x 255, 500 : 666, DavidHoggAngry2.jpg) (h)

e6942a () No. 809527


This latest round of intensifying gun control/false flags & Fakenews agitprop means the Satanic Cabal is terrified of upcoming disclosures & the populace's reaction to them. An armed population would mean a descent on their halls of corruption |7 they fear Death as as their wordy actions guarantee them harsh judgement in the afterife. They know God is real & fear him, but have chosen a pathof darkness & still oppose him. Do as thou wilt? Ok but you WILL pay the price for it. This is evident but their pursuit of longevity by harnessing the Life source of infants in their organs & blood. So they all try to avoid Judgement as long as possible, but it stils hangs over their heads like the sword of Damocles.

The thousands of resignations; the ongoing purge of Hollywood & DC establishment & other political entities complicit in this grand web of deception suggests bad actors were shown slam dunk evidence of their crimes & given a choice step down or face harshest form of justice.

The refit of Gitmo & another prison on US soil indicates we are close. Keep in mind how entrenched (((They))) are, and how long they've held power through their bloodlines

The altnews disinfo artists running interference & gaslighting ops revealing themselves is growing in frantic haste daily (AIM) case in point.

The mile long list of sealed indictments indicates massive round ups & as we've seen just 1 can lead to dozens of arrests. POTUS & Q praying & telling us to pray means there are intangibles even their intel cannot factor in. POTUS is insulated & 100% in control, however. The awakening is massive, is worldwide & cannot ever be stopped.

The world is on the brink of epic transformation in great part thanks to Anons digging memeing Praying but most all our perserverance & our PitBull-esque bite & unrelenting grip on Cabal asses that we just won't let go.

We have come far Patriots but there is still big pockets of resistance, many more battles to be fought. Shillotry has increased 100 fold but discerning Anons have reacted adapted & continue to regroup refocus & wage warfare for Truth & Justice to prevail.

We will win this information war on this very front, it is our last hope on one of the last bastions of free speech known to mankind.

Suit up strap in and ride the wave of Freedom we are creating for ourselves for America and for the world at large.

God Bless our efforts our vigilance & our determination in this greatest endeavor to end the reign of terror of those who oppose & blaspheme him by torturing, raping sacrificing our most precious resource; our children in the name of their Pagan Gods & the pursuit of ephemeral wealth & power in this earthly realm..

Godspeed Anons

863d46 () No. 809528


Pink hair for undercover work? good tactic… they would think he is one of them with no questions

021483 () No. 809529

d26c3b9f2ed930....jpg (27 KB, 200 x 155, 200 : 155, 5eb4cf73b87fec....jpg) (h)


Main thing on this:

Proved the Petition site was gamed.

Also showed as "Q" pointed out - who was enemy and who was on team.

What difference does it make to sign a fucking petition.

Those who rallied against showed their stripes. What are they afraid of?

Connect the dots.

05b577 () No. 809530


EPIC - EU General Data Protection legislation.

https:// epic.org/international/ eu_general_data_protection_reg.html

POTUS even tweeted EPIC then deleted it.

This is what was wanted. Not the drivel they took to a petition. CNBC this morning was all over FB being taken to regulation in the style of the EU protection.

Q did confirm that the "concern" was enough for POTUS to start taking action. The mission was eventually accomplished.

Can't help but think keeping the War Room busy has other advantages, though.

c4bfed () No. 809531


Facebook … BOOM

Twitter … BOOM

YouTube/Google …

fa2a42 () No. 809532


What city is this over? I can’t really tell sorry

50d6a0 () No. 809533

Daily Caller reports:

Sources told Foreign Policy that Bolton’s planned purge will start with Obama administration holdovers and eventually broaden to include leakers and those disloyal to the president. […]

Another official issued a warning to former Obama officials — “Everyone who was there during Obama years should start packing their shit.”

But the purge reportedly won’t stop with former Obama appointees. A source told Foreign Policy that Bolton intends to “remove almost all the political [appointees] McMaster brought in.”

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/throw-all-that-crap-out-john-bolton-to-declare-war-on-white-house-leakers-amid-talk-of-obama-holdover-purge/

68e6d6 () No. 809534


Which is why they want to disarm us by repealing #2A

4dc303 () No. 809535



52731b () No. 809536

8603151d319db7....jpg (18 KB, 255 x 158, 285 : 177, 27897e.jpg) (h)

1794ce () No. 809537


March Madness indeed :)

2a5241 () No. 809538


I will

68b7e5 () No. 809539

a0d84b606be67d....jpg (239 KB, 255 x 113, 1741 : 772, 2018-03-27-09:....jpg) (h)


Circling off Pensacola like yesterday


your P8 and 3 others over SE USA currently.

a8b438 () No. 809540


Yes, this photo was staged with carefully considered symbolism in mind.

Good god you're a faggot. Your daily life must be terrifying if your mind is conjuring up shit like this.

Reach much?

91be48 () No. 809541



You should add up how much stock MZ has sold in the last 2 years. $1.1B in the last month alone.

http:// openinsider.com/screener?s=&o=1548760

36e69a () No. 809542

3c2d867191ca92....gif (2182 KB, 255 x 143, 480 : 270, bolton_gets_it.gif) (h)


>Everyone who was there during Obama years should start packing their shit.

i have reservations about bolton, but he could be a good fit for the Iran job.

05b577 () No. 809543


Love this movie.

Love this meme.

Love this team.

Hugs all around.

18b20c () No. 809544


it was over greenville, sc. took off from JAX and now heading back south.

0b7696 () No. 809545

42f03d () No. 809546


Nice. This is how authoritarian types try to suppress speech and free thought, and demoralize opposition to the status quo. Lot of nastiness on this board, I agree, but few as nasty as you are in trying to intimidate individuals into not practicing their first amendment rights. Jew haters make sick. Don’t like porn, the flat earthers are beyond tedious, and the whole Nazi narrative bores me. Nasties like you, however, make me angry because Zi am a patriot and you’re a worm.

b3b296 () No. 809547

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/mccain-release-no-holds-barred-verdict-trump-230840376.html

a1b875 () No. 809548

12927bcfaa1a35....jpeg (39 KB, 255 x 216, 556 : 471, 67DAF6C4-01F0-....jpeg) (h)


From Jullian

52731b () No. 809549

b985bc794a22c0....jpg (18 KB, 244 x 207, 244 : 207, 2789kk.jpg) (h)

021483 () No. 809550

b8580cbd5e8bbf....jpg (941 KB, 182 x 255, 1344 : 1888, internationala....jpg) (h)


Wow. More Arkanicide. When does it end?

It's gone International. Thank kek she lost.

33a2ab () No. 809551




join anons!!!!

76b9c9 () No. 809552


i know that's not point but this gif gloriously encapsulates the state of politics on television

aca9cb () No. 809554

on a side note…

when you saw the title of the bread

Q Research General #1003: Dial M Edition

did you think

>Dial M for Murder

854c2f () No. 809555


go to last post other thread

162472 () No. 809556

Found some new cryptology tools https:// www.cryptool.org/en/ the other ones posted are here https:// www.dcode.fr/adfgvx-cipher Have fun anons.

c4bfed () No. 809557


Q never asked for a petition. The shills immediately created and promoted that idea and proceeded to sand the text. Well-meaning anons went along. Now it's going nowhere. As Q said at the time, although I believe out of context, be careful who you follow.

78ecde () No. 809558

adceccd3fef36c....png (15 KB, 255 x 229, 255 : 229, 87964c4a5b1198....png) (h)

be3591 () No. 809559


Unless they changed their policy, the sheriff's office or the other police dept. on scene of the Valentine's day shooting claimed they were not to use body cameras in Broward County. I'll look for the sauce on that. Interesting.

7fa578 () No. 809560


Thank You!

Enjoying the show!


1794ce () No. 809561

8719e7626f5439....jpeg (676 KB, 255 x 153, 1024 : 614, DeleteFacebook5.jpeg) (h)

c74cd5 () No. 809562

a3347857f31303....png (22 KB, 230 x 189, 230 : 189, dial-m-for-mon....png) (h)



8b470b () No. 809563

https:// thehornnews.com/youre-fired-hollywood-exec-fired-after-rumors-of-pedophilia/

0b7696 () No. 809564

a1a512c635bd5b....jpg (116 KB, 255 x 121, 880 : 416, DONT LOOK.jpg) (h)

a1b875 () No. 809565



af9542 () No. 809566


This gives me a lot to consider. Thank you.

One thing I know for sure is that formalized religion doesn't seem to bring most people closer to God (or their neighbors).

36e69a () No. 809567

b0601a4cdd683e....gif (2072 KB, 190 x 190, 190 : 190, i_just.gif) (h)


lol indeed

c4d466 () No. 809568


Thats really beautiful artwork. Bravo anon.

91be48 () No. 809569

61a381432d0a46....jpg (146 KB, 176 x 255, 827 : 1200, DZTQLu_X0AAbliv.jpg) (h)

a03e5b () No. 809570


"Raise your hand if you're NOT human."

d5ac97 () No. 809571


The Five, Geraldo was all for the death penalties for Big Pharma who was playing along and poisoning our country with opiods by over presecribing and running pill mills. Their kill count will go towards their overall kill count that every Communist regime earns. They make sure to profit every step of the way with their misery business model. Pills -> Trafficking -> heroin addicts -> pill addicts all because "doctors" were tossing them like candy

Is it weird to agree with Geraldo?

8edd31 () No. 809572


ty anon

end the fed

pustules to your buttocks

05b577 () No. 809573


>https:// www.dcode.fr/adfgvx-cipher

>https:// www.cryptool.org/en/

Ugh. Just ugh.

51b3ba () No. 809574


They Mad me ??? last line needs to be fixed. Should it be They Made Me ??

1794ce () No. 809575


Thanks anon. Bombs away!

aca9cb () No. 809576

fbab0b69d4018a....jpg (31 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, tacPot.jpg) (h)

c3ee8d () No. 809577




There’s a child alive, born to a tweener that can prove it was more than rumors.

1794ce () No. 809578

d74c52ca3efaa7....jpg (421 KB, 255 x 134, 1024 : 538, GuiltyZuckerbe....jpg) (h)

021483 () No. 809579

9d66b3eac72580....jpg (105 KB, 255 x 180, 640 : 451, 3278.jpg) (h)


Funny how they gloat.

Why they are called glowing?

"You will know them by their fearless gloating" ?

cbebd5 () No. 809580

“Schneider was choice number 2 to base “An Open Secret” on. Investigations had many named people who wanted to be off record….who were on sets for years and saw big changes in kid’s demeanor & body language.” – Gabe Hoffman, Producer of An Open Secret

https:// revengeofthecis.com/2018/03/26/dan-schneider-fired-from-nickelodeon/

8b981c () No. 809581



c4d466 () No. 809582


Any sauce on hogg's dad finding 911 DNA?

863d46 () No. 809583

1bda7708145736....png (526 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Royal Family wax

10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, TSLA, DB, GSK, NVS)

https:// finance.yahoo.com/news/10-things-know-opening-bell-103500355.html

07b8a0 () No. 809584


Holy Shit this is great work. Wow. ANONS, why aren't we looking into THIS more??

761e1d () No. 809585


https:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/165555916/the-serco-ses-cia-jttf-shadow-government-exposed

https:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/165555916/the-serco-ses-cia-jttf-shadow-government-exposed

https:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/165555916/the-serco-ses-cia-jttf-shadow-government-exposed

7fa578 () No. 809586


Notable Post here!!

6cc72f () No. 809587

Slept in this morning and caught the tail end of my local news. They were talking about one of the news hosts tweeting out her favorite letter of the alphabet and asking viewers to join in. Thought about Heather Podesta’s M from last night’s bread and now see we are analyzing that again this morning. Just wanted to throw this in there - don’t know if “favorite letter of alphabet” is s “thing” on twitter right now or not.

a03e5b () No. 809588

e7c76a7ec45b32....png (182 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, wut.png) (h)




c8af43 () No. 809590


Thank God he's retired.

50695c () No. 809591




Trying this again.

>>808890 last bread.



Hope anons. realize THIS is only tip of iceberg.

And the deeper we go, the darker it gets.

021483 () No. 809592

7ccea805651594....jpg (117 KB, 255 x 234, 963 : 882, podestatweetm.jpg) (h)

1794ce () No. 809593


Now this is digging! Saved! God bless you anon!

4dc303 () No. 809594

2d2205f79a0fdc....jpg (245 KB, 255 x 169, 1600 : 1059, bce521b4d9d1b9....jpg) (h)

March madness indeed… And there's still four more full days of it!

cf0bb4 () No. 809596

8d718dfc5f7b71....jpg (74 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 601, seal-team-6-pu....jpg) (h)


Thanks anon, wonder what they were doing? Was low during the circling.

Whatever it is godspeed.

19c81f () No. 809597

>No tweets this morning from POTUS.

db8d63 () No. 809598

31b4ca6ccba6c6....png (385 KB, 255 x 255, 618 : 619, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Our wonderful First Lady and what a lady! Helping make a difference for kids getting bullied online…

1ca36e () No. 809599

anyone know where john kerry is?

trump tweet "build wall through M" capital letters

and also including GAF (7-1-6)

using 74 cipher to decode


anagram (and turn the U upside down into an A)


>where is john kerry

8786eb () No. 809600



Got Good Sauce to Slather this with?

798707 () No. 809601


I noticed that as well. Always makes me nervous when he is not tweeting.

c8af43 () No. 809602


That would be AWESOME!!! Watching congress scramble like cats on ice to get back to DC to address it…

No vacay for THEM!!

798707 () No. 809603

Have we fully taken our money out of the UN yet? I never heard a follow up from that.

0b7696 () No. 809604

dfc6522ba110dd....jpg (577 KB, 255 x 228, 1352 : 1208, MEGA.jpg) (h)

256446 () No. 809605

d8e7d11554f63e....png (640 KB, 255 x 148, 901 : 524, fedend-2-2.png) (h)

863d46 () No. 809606

47f5a8cda1f1e5....png (724 KB, 255 x 144, 780 : 439, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

The No. 2 most popular fund on planet is 'SPY'

93ed06 () No. 809607


Odd, news blurb talked about Cruz going through gates, implying evading security. The arrest scene shows him standing about 15 feet from a 4 lane divided public road. Spin spin.



Go back earlier and you'll find the segment, both the talking heads discussing suing the drug companies and gun manufacturers, then the cut to the Cruz arrest.

1794ce () No. 809608


I always assumed he was blackhat but I was wrong once before ;)

24059d () No. 809609

cbebd5 () No. 809610


Oh shit so Heather Podesta was part of NXVIM and had to tweet "M" as a signal or warning.

d5ac97 () No. 809611

966c7727e3bd8e....png (273 KB, 183 x 255, 401 : 560, 2c2decce3efa71....png) (h)

8edd31 () No. 809612


as requested



a40875 () No. 809613

Weirdly, the Whites are tricked into hating Hitler when it was the Jews who killed 100 million Whites in the Bolshevik / Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917. Hitler was simply trying to protect his people, the Germans, from the Jews because the Jews were attempting to take over Germany the same way they did to Russia in the Bolshevik / Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917.

Hitler didn't want the Jews to kill another 100 million Whites in Germany.

3422f8 () No. 809614

b17bdd52155aa4....png (418 KB, 255 x 188, 680 : 500, 2nd.png) (h)

Currently Trending on Twitter

Repeal the Second Amendment, retired Supreme Court justice says


fe0e98 () No. 809615

Considering all thats going on it amazes me Q has said nothing.


1b646b () No. 809616

cue racial riots in baton rouge

cops who shot alton sterling not being charged

a40875 () No. 809617

Whites are genetically superior to niggers. However, the Jews are using the propagandas of "white privilege" and "white guilt" to try to make Whites feel bad about this and then cede all their power to the niggers so that in 20 years the niggers will outnumber and kill all the Whites exactly like the what is happening in South Africa right now.

The Jews want less Whites and more niggers, non whites and muslims to exist because they are genetically much stupider than Whites thus and easier for the Jew to enslave then the Whites are.

For instance, because niggers, on average, have an IQ of 80-85 which can never be changed, niggers could never take a country back from the Jews like we are doing here, niggers genetically just don't have the brain power Whites do and they never will because it is impossible genetically.

This is why Jews want to flood western countries with niggers and replace Whites with them by taxing Whites out of existence so they cant have many children, by making them pay for the niggers welfare so nigger will have more children than Whites.

Niggers are simply much much easier for the Jews to control enslave than Whites are.

fa2a42 () No. 809618

6d205bdadf1480....jpeg (352 KB, 165 x 255, 750 : 1158, 537E45BB-A9D2-....jpeg) (h)

8edd31 () No. 809619


as requested



a40875 () No. 809620

The niggers, the Democrats, the Communists don't want anyone to be exceptional because in their belief that would be racist. Therefore anyone great, that is likely white because whites created almost everything that is exceptional they must tear down. Being exceptional would be offensive to the lowly capable niggers, hispanics, and muslims. Weather it be advanced school of thought, art, literature, the Communists will attempt to tear it down to the lowest level, the level of the niggers so they wont be offended.

97102a () No. 809621

Black Magic Money

The US dollar and the paper it’s printed on, is printed with hidden esoteric symbols that energetically connect into the 4D and 11D Stargate, and the ancient Egyptian timelines from the point of the alien invasion 5,500 years ago. This is to pay homage to the Luciferian Belial Suns, claiming them in the monetary system as the progenitors or owners of the human race. It signifies the prophecy or promise that at the end of the time cycle, they will return to earth to reclaim their subjects to take them to another planet. The 11D Stargate is in the United Kingdom and is where the centralized global financial control exists, hence its relevance connecting to the meaning coded into paper money.

Many of the symbols that are printed on several versions of currency are credited to be masonic symbols, and that is also correct. However, the Masonic Lodges combined many of these symbols and the magical formulas from the later Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) teachings of Aleister Crowley. The paper money printed for one dollar currency is a unit of magical energy that in effect is animated into a magical talisman. Among the world currencies the American dollar was set up to dominate the world market financially, by activating the units of magical energy that were set up and organized by those intending to dominate the global wealth via magical connections made with the Thothian Grids, or Black Magic Grids. That information was collated into an organized black magic system at the turn of the century by Aleister Crowley. According to remote session intelligence collected and Guardian mentorship, Aleister Crowley is a key figure in cooperating with the NAA, starting from Grey Alien contact with an entity called Aiwass made in Cairo, Egypt in April 1904.

d413eb () No. 809622

05bf8ba6b92dcf....png (56 KB, 255 x 105, 778 : 319, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Here you go filter faggots. Keep filter-fagging the 2nd Amendment away.

Retired U.S. Supreme Court justice says:

https:// www.nytimes. com/2018/03/27/opinion/john-paul-stevens-repeal-second-amendment.html

And please, try to refrain from saying the usual "Guns don't kill people, People kill people."

8edd31 () No. 809623


as requested



c4bfed () No. 809624


Fully half of those over the age of 80 have some degree of dementia. This dude is 97.

a40875 () No. 809625

The Democrats destroy regions economically by first importing nigger who all go on welfare, then the Whites have to move out because of the nigger high crime, thus all the businesses leave because they are run by Whites, since niggers are too stupid and lazy by genetics, and on average, have an IQ of 80-85. Thus, the place is reduced to something like Detroit, essentially a third world city now, very rapidly.

8edd31 () No. 809626


as requested



93ed06 () No. 809627


Good theory anon.

3422f8 () No. 809629


The story is still trending, potential dementia or not.

68e6d6 () No. 809630



Those looking….go to -11:23 for the seconds before the cut-away

fe0e98 () No. 809631






91be48 () No. 809632

d6b8bfe9f9e90c....png (244 KB, 255 x 170, 710 : 473, 21-mark-zucker....png) (h)

02aed9 () No. 809633

3c760069e1fc75....jpg (207 KB, 237 x 255, 886 : 953, chesslogo.jpg) (h)


it's always been a game

people just don't understand it

798707 () No. 809634


I think it might have to do with being under investigation. Probably limited in what they can say.

8edd31 () No. 809635


as requested



c4d466 () No. 809636


Is he even on the campus when he was arrested? I don't see the school. This is weird. How in the hell did someone get a copy of the body cam footage and cut it into their fox news stream. This is huge. Need to archive it immediately. I don't think anyone but a cop, broward employee/contractor, or hacker type could get this footage so soon after his arrest.

854c2f () No. 809637


> That (poison) is made in China.

Payback for the opium trade.

0b7696 () No. 809638

3bd9e83edec73d....jpg (189 KB, 255 x 137, 1022 : 550, CREEPY.jpg) (h)

a93fa0 () No. 809639

Sunday was a pretty big downer. Not only did Potus sign that awful Omnibus Bill earlier, but that Can't-Keep-Calm-after-that-Stormy-Daniels interview really sucked, whether she's telling the truth or not.

They're really trying to rip the Christian Right straight out of Trump's support base. I guess if you knock out the prayers you can get that spiritual barrier out of the way.

But from a normie perspective, it's not looking good, and it seems it's going to be this way for a while…

cbebd5 () No. 809640

NXIVM tied to Clintons and Share Blue.

The connections are being made!

f25b39 () No. 809641

Just curious, has anyone already researched Axios? Axios


Axios logo

Type of site

News and opinion

Available in English

Owner Axios Media Inc.

Key people Jim VandeHei (founder and CEO)

Mike Allen (founder and executive editor)

Roy Schwartz (founder and president)

Website www.axios.com

Alexa rank

Increase 5,974 (Global November 2017)[1]

Decrease1,295 (US November 2017)[1]

Commercial Yes

Registration Optional

Launched 2017

Current status Active

Axios (stylized as AXIOS) is an American news and information website founded in 2016 by Politico co-founder Jim VandeHei, Politico's former chief White House correspondent, Mike Allen, and former Politico chief revenue officer, Roy Schwartz. The site's name is based on the term Greek: ἄξιος (áxios), "worthy". It officially launched in 2017.[2] The company had raised $30 million, as of November, 2017.[3] https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axios_(website) https:// www.axios.com/redirecting-extremists-away-from-radical-content-352b74e7-a3e0-4e21-9253-40a95089aa9c.html Thanks to Obama for allowing propaganda to be pushed. They pay for most MSM outlets?

c8af43 () No. 809642


Military intelligence of the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abwehr

68e6d6 () No. 809643


Happens at -12:42 (go to end of video, work backwards) Very weird - hard cut away to body cam pictures, no relation to what they were talking about…no news alert.

d5ac97 () No. 809645

4e2326ed202270....png (670 KB, 235 x 255, 683 : 742, CLOWNS.png) (h)


Not true at all. The words you are looking for are Poverty pimp cities. Maxine Waters for one. Detroit use to be a thriving city where brothers from all kinds of different mothers pounded American Steel; until bolshevik puppet Bill Clinton came around. Cities in Commiefornia are where they import/protect ms-13. Poverty Pimp cities keep whatever races that are stuck inside the communist bubble dumb by importing Art Degree 'teachers' to further the problem.

All of us Patriot anons know this and we all know why you and your shill friends are shitting up the board. What "news" network is here right now that you are trying to slide with off-target marxist garbage? You will not escape with civil war, you will not escape with world war, you cant distract with porn stars, and you can not discredit with flat earth.

e27a9c () No. 809646


Now, what about backwards? (left is right, up is down…)

a1b875 () No. 809647


CNN poll trump at 41% after stormy interview

212f52 () No. 809648


Connects the dots with dems and mussy brothergood - tons of our stuff in there

https:// twitter.com/OnWithLogic/status/978654076022984704

1) Today Whistle-blower #ChristopherWylie appeared in front of #British #MPs.

Did he inadvertently connect the dots on the very strange and developing relationship between the #democrat party and #MuslimBrotherhood?

#QanonPosts #Q #QAnon @POTUS #TheStorm #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp

93ed06 () No. 809649


Same here. A 'conservative', divisive petition, out of line with what Q has been saying.

Imagine the fags who went there after a well crafted rainbow-flag meme, read the petition, and then cringed with a 'click-bait' perception left. More damage than good done.

8edd31 () No. 809650


as requested



cf0bb4 () No. 809651


This is where we need Q's help. I can only assume the invisible hand of Q is there to help him and we don't know. I'd rather that than the big blue Q Fred got.

1ca36e () No. 809652


>re: fake ass polls

"ADD 9" –DJT45

8ec2fe () No. 809653

d74fc8f1594455....jpg (98 KB, 255 x 143, 660 : 371, MN6.jpg) (h)

751a8c () No. 809654


>R 5:5

Paging a certain someone to a factoring board

d5ac97 () No. 809655


CNN still showing >40%, he must be at +30/45% non-commie skewed

b3b296 () No. 809656


an "Assault Rifle" of today still only fires one bullet at a time

john paul stevens needs a late term abortion

3422f8 () No. 809657

1e26dadff05ecd....png (52 KB, 255 x 199, 651 : 509, Nolte re Storm....png) (h)


Reality check here

2428bd () No. 809658


Ah yes the "the Founders never could've envisioned more advanced technology" argument. Does that apply to the First Amendment as well? Shitlibs never want to answer that question.

a1b875 () No. 809659


I was just trying to demonstrate its not that bad even with such a scam as cnn

d5ac97 () No. 809660


How many of those 21 million viewers were individual TVs at airports stuck on the 1 channel allowed, CNN?

863d46 () No. 809661


Dems are responsible for enabling blacks to get welfare for life… it destroys the black family because women who collect cant have a man in the house forcing them to chose between money or a man…the children are the losers

d5ac97 () No. 809662


100%, I worded mine terribly. POTUS is at 70%+ total population, not just voters

a1b875 () No. 809663


Exactly they pay for each child of a SINGLE mom

c3ee8d () No. 809664



c8af43 () No. 809665


"she mentions that a bunch of nazi intelligence types were snuck over with fake passports"

Operation Paperclip. Well documented.

83c51f () No. 809666


I’m willing to bet 99%

8edd31 () No. 809667


as requested



c3e810 () No. 809668


Reading it now.

d413eb () No. 809669


Yea, but today you don't have to pour black powder down the barrel, stuff a wad, and place a primer on the hammer before taking the next shot.

16f27e () No. 809670


Branding Cattle = Ownership


Culling the herd?

other analogies too disgusting to type

These people need to die

f25b39 () No. 809671

Agenda 2030 - https:// www.naturalnews.com/051058_2030_Agenda_United_Nations_global_enslavement# youtu.be/TzEEgtOFFlM

c8af43 () No. 809672


Everything that makes the the US more self-sufficient is a win, in my opinion.

83c51f () No. 809673


I thought all lefties were for progressive technology

d5ac97 () No. 809674


actual branding? SS#'s at birth were not enough huh. When cults offsprings go unchecked we get this

0e5021 () No. 809675



Rothschilds (cult leaders)(church)(P)

Some other P''s for thought

Plutocracy, rule by the wealthy

plutocrat, one who rules by virtue of wealth

Plutonomics, the study of wealth management

Plutolatry, the "worship" of money

Plutomania, an excessive desire for wealth

So then you have Plutus, or Dis Pater, or possibly Mammon. All bearing similarities with the Roths and their congregation leading the charge.

Their "creation" of nothing binds everything globally.

Ask someone to visualize a world without money…

26539e () No. 809676

>>809610. That’s my thinking too.

78ecde () No. 809677

QUESTION: when is IG report comming out and why arent we pushing that hashtag? Just making sure i didnt miss something….

8ec2fe () No. 809678

1794ce () No. 809679


I agree totally anon.

98ed74 () No. 809680


Apple could make serious bank with an iGlock.

761e1d () No. 809681






https:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/165555916/the-serco-ses-cia-jttf-shadow-government-exposed

https:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/165555916/the-serco-ses-cia-jttf-shadow-government-exposed

https:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/165555916/the-serco-ses-cia-jttf-shadow-government-exposed

8edd31 () No. 809682


as requested



d413eb () No. 809683


Yea, they love self-driving accident-prone cars, but not modern guns.

83c51f () No. 809684


Hell Yeah!

256446 () No. 809685

1da8ba90631bdf....png (617 KB, 255 x 105, 1251 : 513, wishes3.png) (h)

4523e9 () No. 809686


thirded … what do you expect when you let a eurofag write an american petition.

83c51f () No. 809688



7e6d3e () No. 809689

eaa111d9fa028e....png (465 KB, 143 x 255, 1440 : 2560, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

M.. mexico

Taxes customs cargo homeland security

c8af43 () No. 809690


Ummm… are you sure this was a live stream, and not a recording of an old live stream? YT has been screwing with the Fox news live feeds. Try this site instead:

http:// 123livenews.com/fox-news-live-stream-24-7-123usnews-com/

1b646b () No. 809691

9a4d9d5d7df797....png (290 KB, 255 x 127, 663 : 329, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

on the usa live tv fox feed this weird chat bubble keeps popping up I just noticed it this morning and finally got a screenshot

can anyone translate?

3422f8 () No. 809692

038ec63417514d....png (26 KB, 255 x 90, 659 : 233, Stormy pd by D....png) (h)

2a5241 () No. 809693

e7bf03c257dc69....png (4604 KB, 143 x 255, 1242 : 2208, 317B04AF-A46C-....png) (h)

97102a () No. 809694


Crowley was used to install and help run a series of portals and grid networks that allowed the Draco to get access into the planetary field and this system of collective consciousness black magic grids, is what has been controlling the United States money supply since 1912.

The members of the Federal Reserve Board and those running the black magic money system are essentially sorcerers.

They have set up legal ways to conjure wealth out of nothing and decide how to distribute it at will, to control the global economy according to their desires.

Over time the reversals in the money supply accumulated into increasing chaotic and negative patterns that activated Egyptian Money Curses.

Many of us have seen what intense greed and love of money can do to a person, as they turn into a shadow creature. The manipulation of black magic in the money supply and conjuring the world of forces for Service to Self purposes without regard for the consent or consequence on others, was designed to increase world slavery and bring in the anti-Christ forces.

Thus at the higher games of power and control required to accumulate massive wealth, it’s easy to get possessed by these dark forces and then perform a necessary role that helps the NAA serve their genocidal agendas.

26539e () No. 809695

>>809678. You think M for murder?

1b646b () No. 809696


it was definitely a recording

3422f8 () No. 809697

f0d8cb63f413cf....png (52 KB, 255 x 146, 658 : 376, O'Reilly re St....png) (h)

2428bd () No. 809698


Indeed. I really want to know CNN's true viewership once you take away airports and doctor offices.

78ecde () No. 809701


Shit…looks Russian. Do have your phone tethered to ur tv?…..maybe its a chat app running also?

db8d63 () No. 809703

d4508b59a6c615....png (39 KB, 255 x 147, 605 : 349, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


There's something going on with this "M" being tweeted. HP used it in her tweet - M. It definitely is a signal. But what?

POTUS also used it "build the WALL with M", meaning Military. He re-tweeted that same tweet & I posted it last night but not sure anyone noticed. It was after the 5:44pm tweet.

3a4c4d () No. 809705


Ahh, the new breed: anti IBORs. Indicating target.





#InternetBillofRights https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

If you think it won't help, then sign it and prove it won't.

91be48 () No. 809706


CNN said HRC had a 97% chance of winning

68b7e5 () No. 809708


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_reality_game

aca9cb () No. 809709



suggested notables

Batch 1003 Notables

>>809527 >We have come far Patriots (opinion)

>>809453 Bronfman - Seagram's Sharia Blue, Hillary connection.

>>809368 FCC wants Chinese tech out of US phones, routers

>>809327 , >>809363 NXIVM cult drop

b64ba2 () No. 809711


And how, pray tell, does that have anything to do with the unalienable right to bear arms?



4523e9 () No. 809712


Gee, Golly mister … i think i heard a rumor that ISIS was gonna set off a IED at that concert. /s

97102a () No. 809713


Alfred Hitchcock: Dial M for Murder movie?

98ed74 () No. 809714


Already added, but thank you.

4c5fe2 () No. 809715


This same goofy stream was streamed Sunday - I saw it and reported it here. W T F.

c3e810 () No. 809716


a host of a THINKING neuro-fungus?

960eab () No. 809717

cdc13efb493a52....png (39 KB, 140 x 250, 140 : 250, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

david hogg is now a leader of a revolution against the constitution and government

so he is now a domestic terrorist

9b3244 () No. 809718


Back to licking the checkers for you.

e6f612 () No. 809719


M = Military → think Red/Green Castle → Army Corps of Engineers is now funded and ready to build.

863d46 () No. 809720

4aedff8ce12cf2....png (1051 KB, 255 x 170, 1140 : 759, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Scientists at PNNL have created a new family of nanotubes built from stable, protein-like molecules that naturally form into sheets that then roll, seamlessly, into rigid, hollow tubes. They also demonstrated that that they could control the diameter, thickness and stiffness of the tubes — each thousands of times smaller than a human hair — to tailor them to specific uses.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Chun-Long Chen leads a team of scientists that have designed tiny tubes that could lead to new approaches to water filtration and tissue engineering.

These tiny tubes can bring water to millions. And that’s just scratching the surface

07b8a0 () No. 809721

f89c033b21363d....png (465 KB, 217 x 255, 779 : 914, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

Saw this on Twatter. Not confirmed, but supposedly this is Al Sharpton's brother. WTF??

http:// www.dothanfirst.com/news/36-hours-from-leading-anti-gun-violence-rally-to-capital-murder-charges/1080414758

340776 () No. 809722


Mirror ? no coincidenses…

2428bd () No. 809724


Given his desire to LARP as a revolutionary, can he be lumped in with ANTIFA at this point?

c8af43 () No. 809725


Yeah … let them try that. Cannot repeal out of hand. It's a long long process, and doomed to failure.

1. Has to be approved federally, 2/3 vote.

2. THEN has to go to each state and win in 3 out of 4 - so it can be blocked by only 13 states saying no. Let's see. I think there are at least 13 states between the two coasts.

So - not gonna happen.

798707 () No. 809726

Kim Jung Un is on a train leaving China.

d413eb () No. 809727


I'm not sure of your point, but people in NYC seem to not have that right.

07b8a0 () No. 809728


The world The Righteous COULD live in, RIGHT NOW, is beyond imagination.

Thank You ANON!!>>809720

aca9cb () No. 809729


glad to know you are on it!

godspeed baker anon.


1b646b () No. 809730


no phone tethered

no chat apps running

7e6d3e () No. 809731

a84a1d2475180e....png (1164 KB, 143 x 255, 1440 : 2560, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

Ooops… sauce

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/surprise-trip-to-mexico-by-homeland-border-chiefs

256446 () No. 809732


He thinks he represents a counter culture lol.

…Can't be deep state elite ruling class puppets, and counter culture at the same time.

db8d63 () No. 809733


Right! But HP's tweet of M some are saying means "murder", as in the Alfred Hitchcock movie, "Dial M for Murder" ( I loved that movie).

07b8a0 () No. 809734

4f291b64cdd4e8....jpg (11 KB, 255 x 138, 255 : 138, cbaa4d33b3941b....jpg) (h)


Great Work You All!! I thank you and Honor you!!

3a4c4d () No. 809735




I noticed that all of my usual YT Fox channels are gone. The ones left all have 1/4 screens and bad audio.

1b646b () No. 809736


interesting where the location is - is he STILL in washington DC??

Bet you anything he has made a visit over to the N ESSS AY organization run by ben rhodes

76b9c9 () No. 809737

why not just Make Mexico Great Again?

-not much need for a wall anymore

-acutally helping/caring about people

-too simple/obvious for dems

c4bfed () No. 809738


I hope Q team is paying attention to all the fuckery going on at YouTube.

68b7e5 () No. 809739

744d446e3271b4....png (972 KB, 255 x 92, 1916 : 690, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

4 aircraft circling off the Jersey coast.

Watch the water?

cbebd5 () No. 809740

Since buying a MyPillow I am WOKE.

Thanks Q

4523e9 () No. 809741


it's prob an ad … gramps is running it through a russian server … they don't give a shit about american copyright law

0b7696 () No. 809742

Any prayerfag out there with a good blessing for the Qteam etc, before I hit the sack

78ecde () No. 809743


Add him to the indictment list for SEDITION

8edd31 () No. 809744

32e3b1efaa4859....jpg (210 KB, 255 x 189, 1000 : 741, s-l1000.jpg) (h)

as requested #1, #3 pic omnibus



24059d () No. 809745


They're refueling aircraft. Their transponders are on but not the planes they are refueling.

256446 () No. 809746


Mexico tries to keep Mexico great with their southern border wall.

c8af43 () No. 809747


MSM was really shrieking about the tariffs. People speculate here. If there isn't sauce provided, it's speculation. Some call it right, many get it wrong.

Who knew China would negotiate? Well, apparently Trump did.

bd793b () No. 809748


This is part of the problem here. ANY contradictory posts are labeled as shills or the like, and non-logical idiocy follows.

That anon needs to read up on logic and fallacies.

Many need to develop critical thinking skills.

26539e () No. 809749

>>809733. And could also be related to NXIVM cult

bda7bc () No. 809750


drowning in it

too much this board

you can either take my word for it or go dig

or just lay back and see what you think about it inside your own mind

but believe me it took 30 years to figure out

004411 () No. 809751


learn discernment and stop taking others words as absolute.

do ya own research feg.

07b8a0 () No. 809752

e0734e83a4af07....jpg (8 KB, 255 x 128, 255 : 128, 6e957643f3893e....jpg) (h)


Nice!! Gee…I wonder why they might be needed down there?? Maybe to figure out how to SECURE the boarder, ONCE AND FOR ALL, to stop the human trafficking and drugs, while the wall is being built??

If I'm POTUS, I secure the border with as many agents and military I have at my disposal that I can afford. They're fucking KILLING us daily. This is WAR. Purposeful poisoning by enemy combatants.

Get 'em GEOTUS!! KEK!!

d413eb () No. 809753


True. We have the same freedom of speech on the internet as on the street, if you ignore, obviously, the private censorship of speech which isn't protected by the First Amendment anyway. But, actually I think the First Amendment should extend to certain "private" companies like Twitter because they are govt intelligence operations. It's just that they are run by front companies with shareholders.

4523e9 () No. 809754


you are still retarded seditionfag

8edd31 () No. 809755

c8af43 () No. 809756


But she can't act openly, because Trump has something on her that would destroy her - why Q said May is neutralized.

I think this is all Cabal work to disrupt and push the wars they keep trying to get going. Dumbasses.

4c5fe2 () No. 809757


^ This anon is correct. They've been playing it since Sunday.

8ec2fe () No. 809758

b2a19152cbfd0a....png (268 KB, 128 x 255, 992 : 1984, dialMkeys.png) (h)



what do you think?


>Q Research General #1003: Dial M Edition

>Dial M for Murder


need another hint, ask POTUS?



cafd31 () No. 809759


The war room is a classic Clown operation to infiltrate a group and the SLIDE it into chaos, idiocy and ineffectiveness.

Every posting that has a green frog cartoon in it is part of this clown op.

They use LIMITED HANGOUT techniques like posting glowing clown images in reply to an OBVIOUS shill. That way we think they are one of us when in reality they coordinate activity with the obvious shills.

Notice how PUSHY the war room is. Always EXHORTING us to act in terminology that is borderline violent. Trying to get us to SPAM Twitter with hashtags. Anons who have followed these instructions get almost immediately SHADOWBANNED. That is the job of the WARROOM, to make our communications ineffective. We either get shadowbanned or the normies find our communications to be JUVENILE and ignore us.

The War Room uses the same clown technique as Parkland shooting. Push the kids to the front. Get all the attention on the kids to hide what is behind. In Parkland they are covering up for massive fraud in Broward county.

Here on this board they simply want to drown out our communications

cbebd5 () No. 809760


Yes, public/private partnerships should have to adhere to the 1st amendment

d61d23 () No. 809761


M(ursain) was poisoned.

1ca36e () No. 809762


my guess of a true poll is that a very minimum of 54% of the 18+ population (of the legal ones) in the USA are pro Trump

That leaves about 39% disapproval at max

54% approve

39% disapprove

but far more likely it's close to this:

63-67% approve

33-36% disapprove

cd1fdc () No. 809763


Anita (last name)

Earnings from 2000 rubles per day see my website

Embedded ad?

93ed06 () No. 809764



Internet Bill of Rights

Created by A.M. on March 04, 2018

Needs 69,196 signatures by April 3, 2018 to get a response from the White House

30,804 signed

100,000 goal

"Internet forums and social networks which provide free access to the public are a digital place of assembly, and individuals using such methods for public communication should not be subjected to censorship due to political beliefs or differing ideas. Conservative voices on many large public website platforms are being censored, based solely on a differing opinion. Some of these platforms further employ tracking mechanisms for monitoring an individual's digital history, which can be used to censor the individual's public communication through various censorship practices, sometimes without knowledge or awareness. These actions directly violate personal liberty and stand at contrast with the bill of rights.

We the people demand action to bring our digital future into the light."

Ok, a "Bill of RIGHTS" that doesn't explicitly state a single right, only "the light"??

Read the text, we'd be 'forced' to let the FEers post their shit here, at least now we have the choice to let the chaff hang with our wheat and provide some cover.

Starts with an accusation of censorship, with nothing to back it up.

Not a matter of:

>If you think it won't help, then sign it and prove it won't.

Actually think this one hurts to see any more light than it has.

Not holding you or anyone else back, just my own opinion and what I choose or don't choose to share with / influence others around me.

db8d63 () No. 809765

be5a5f5426817b....png (379 KB, 255 x 157, 739 : 455, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Just started on periscope…

https:// www.pscp.tv/w/1eaKbplOervJX

256446 () No. 809766


Then join the war room to improve things.

76b9c9 () No. 809767


trudat. Wonder why no protests about that one…

9c3058 () No. 809768



As the vicissitudes of life have turned against me,

And it seems like nothing but misfortune

Will be in my path for the foreseeable future,

Anxiety and fretful worry fill my days.

When I awaken in the middle of the night,

I am filled with dread and foreboding.

My mind and my heart race apprehensively.

Nevertheless, at the deepest level of my being,

A quiet persistent voice tells me to never give up.

When I rise in the morning, I am filled with resolve,

Knowing that this quiet voice came from You.

As the days pass and my pressures increase,

I feel battered and beaten at every turn.

It seems like everything that can go wrong does.

Maintaining a positive outward demeanor,

I remain determined to do the next right thing,

Regardless of what that might be.

I have no choice but to follow this path.

Despite my resolve, my insides are numb and feeble.

Pressures from my circumstances intensify,

Weighing me down, grinding me to despair.

As I bow my knee, and I ask for relief,

Which can only come from You, I acknowledge

That I have no answers within me.

In the quietness of my heart,

Your voice continues to resonate,

Telling me to never, never give up.

As the weeks turn into months,

With no respite from my travails,

Having been abandoned by those who once mattered,

All that remains are villains who desire my harm.

I feel undone, fearing that my heart will break,

But I have no choice other than to press forward.

There is no alternative, and I cannot abandon my purpose.

It is not in my nature to do so, and this will never change.

Knowing this, I bolster myself, repeatedly affirming

That I will never give up—never, never give up.

Lord, my life is in Your hands, and You alone

Know when my complete restoration will eventuate.

Until that time, I know what I must do.

I must relentlessly press forward,

Despite each encumbrance,

And never, never, never give up,


1ebdae () No. 809769


Election polls are rigged

TV ratings are rigged

Movie sales numbers are rigged

Everything is a lie to push the agenda.

db8d63 () No. 809770


Stole $3.4 BILLION of DATA!!!

07b8a0 () No. 809771

78cc441fca8e37....jpg (87 KB, 255 x 144, 460 : 259, IMG_2051.jpg) (h)


We need the wall to make Mexico great. Can't knock out the Cartels for GOOD, until we cut off their flow of $$$ from their biggest market.

Besides, Mexico is already part of America. North America. But don't forget about South America either.

Let's expand our thinking.

The Great Awakening.

c8af43 () No. 809772


Kenya. Obama. Kenya. Obama. Tillerson took ill in Kenya. Some suggest (NO SAUCE) he was maybe poisoned.

cbebd5 () No. 809773



9ee48a () No. 809774


People get worked up over the gnostic gospels as if they've been hidden. There's been copies of them around for centuries. When you actually sit down and read them the lameness of them is revealed.

I've read a couple of the gnostic gospels in their original Greek some years ago. They are simply a poorly developed attack on Christianity that began shortly after the Church was founded. Basic gnosticism says: "Spirit good, body bad." So gnostics will not offer any help as far as kindness towards others. Their goal is not unlike the escapism of some eastern religions.

They are deeply offended at the belief that in Jesus, God suffered… they have Jesus Spirit bailing out before the suffering happened leaving only the man part of Jesus to suffer.

And in the Gnostic Gospel of Peter …jesus at resurrection has a normal sized body but with a giant head and the cross walks behind him in procession.

4523e9 () No. 809775


you are right about the war room but wrong about everything else.

Insulting all of the anons doesn't do anything for proving your point… in fact it gets you filtered.

a8d4ab () No. 809776

fb86580ce23d17....png (324 KB, 255 x 162, 639 : 406, murder - Copy.png) (h)

Fox posted about Kim and Murder on the Orient Express.

cbebd5 () No. 809777

Zuckerberg Has Decided To Testify Before Congress

8786eb () No. 809778


Thanks, Anon.

Not info acceptable by all, sadly.

Digging and finding.

http:// www.gnosis.org/naghamm/nhlalpha.html

http:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/nag_hammadi/contents.htm

50d6a0 () No. 809779

Dad sentenced for trying to sell 4-year-old daughter for sex on Craigslist https:// truepundit.com/dad-sentenced-for-trying-to-sell-4-year-old-daughter-for-sex-on-craigslist/

372aa7 () No. 809780


RT news has a story 3 days ago with Putins press secretary.

Denies the spy was theirs, but UK.

Blamed The UK government for the set up. Said the international community verified russia destroying their nerve gas agents and russia had no agents to use in the attack.

960eab () No. 809781


domestic terrorist, dont need to lump him into anything besides the trash can for seditious cunts


dont you love cultural marxism?

76b9c9 () No. 809782


>Besides, Mexico is already part of America. North America.

solid point right there, but in FantasyLand the spin on MAGA is that it's necessarily "divisive"/against Mexico… except it really isn't (same as accepting any and all incoming migrants can't be all that helpful to Mexico).


d26ed0 () No. 809783

b3c5c54ffc9abd....jpeg (782 KB, 190 x 255, 1242 : 1671, 75595FBE-6667-....jpeg) (h)


saudis, skull and bones, caps and gowns, sexual depravity, assasons, secret societies, MK Ultra, mafia, FISA courts…. this story has it all.

She even used the numbers 5 10 20 in a row.

d04d38 () No. 809784


Everyone of them is overdue for hell. May it be soon, very soon.

3a4c4d () No. 809785


Just sign the petition bitch.

#InternetBillofRights https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

1fcb67 () No. 809786

e48a5dcaebf053....jpg (27 KB, 255 x 191, 577 : 433, hoggboy.jpg) (h)

07b8a0 () No. 809787

a55d69c15b977f....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 191, 259 : 194, frac1.jpg) (h)


God…Please continue to Bless and Strengthen all of us who want to live together in a loving and sane world.


93ed06 () No. 809788


>anti IBOR shills

And please don't be a subjectlineFaggit - shills do that.

bda7bc () No. 809789

0a06048912b8da....jpg (8 KB, 255 x 135, 290 : 153, villageidiot.jpg) (h)


author! author!

db8d63 () No. 809790


"Iran next" - this is BIG!!! Iran is being indicted by DOJ for HACKING!!! Indictments being unsealed!!!!

cd1fdc () No. 809791

788401a3f405a1....png (3434 KB, 143 x 255, 750 : 1334, IMG_0956.png) (h)


Not quite.

There's an app…

Не будь глупым

bda7bc () No. 809792

c8d51c7a5b369e....jpg (6 KB, 219 x 230, 219 : 230, buckwheat.jpg) (h)


i dun neba news dat!

c8af43 () No. 809793


The Five isn't on until 5 pm EST. You are watching an old archived feed.>>809521

bd793b () No. 809794


More proof of idiocy is not needed.

355daa () No. 809795


> . . . Can't help but think keeping the War Room busy has other advantages, though.

God will only Bless the Man given eyes that SEE. I concur wholeheartedly.

There can be doubt about (and It could be questioned) if there would would have been a discernible difference in the results, had we acted when Q initially made his request. You anon, are not the only one to note the week lack in getting the war room to participate. Not so much even relevant now, here we are.

We NEED to avoid letting them think EU type protections are worth more than shit. They are not.

We have freedoms that do not exist in the EU.

We can not allow the masses to be placated into thinking, half screwed is a satisfactory outcome. It is not. It is up to us to prevent that from happening, by WHATEVER memes we available to us (that was an intended pun).

-OR- Whatever MEANS available, for those with no sense of humor.

a8d4ab () No. 809796

7 women have the privilege of wearing white for an audience with the Pope. Noted that QE2 has worn black until recently.

Currently only seven women hold the privilege of the white – Queen Sof a of Spain, Queen Paola of Belgium, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Queen Letizia of Spain, Princess Marina of Naples and, of course, Princess Charlene. The tradition is not extended to non-royal female Catholic heads of state (like former Argentinian president Cristina Fern ndez de Kirchner) or Catholic wives of non-royal heads of state (like former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy) nor is it extended to Catholic wives of non-Catholic monarchs (like Queen M xima of the Netherlands).

It is also not given to every Catholic monarch’s wife as Princess Marie of Liechtenstein and Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso of Lesotho apparently do not have the privilege. The women traditionally need to be the queens of a “Most Catholic Majesty” or Rex Catholicissimus – either as consort or in their own right as regnant – a title given to Catholic monarchs by the pope and is considered hereditary unless taken away by the pontiff.

d26ed0 () No. 809797


Keep in mind this interview was in 1996. 22 years ago,

8786eb () No. 809798


balance required in days of fuckery.

0b7696 () No. 809799

fa9a3094ec5eaa....jpg (100 KB, 255 x 191, 750 : 563, profit ibor.jpg) (h)


Thanks. But It's way too sombre for me. No dread or foreboding here..lol. The we've just got to explain it all, no travails in that. The only encumbrances are the shitty shills

3a4c4d () No. 809800


#InternetBillofRights https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

4983cf () No. 809801

Question about tripcodes.

Is it automatically generated and assigned or is it defined by user?

Could Q's new tripcode have a meaning?

c4bfed () No. 809802


Shill babble.

369577 () No. 809803

11c42e2030c948....png (344 KB, 255 x 255, 804 : 805, a'[5689[ap90yg....png) (h)

YES: End The Fed = ++ controlled

NO: Gold Standard / Gold Backed Currency

++ controls gold market













7e919e () No. 809804


Florida…It's the NEW California

bda7bc () No. 809805


well said

facts are better than filters

8ec2fe () No. 809806

f414c8648149a3....png (22 KB, 220 x 185, 220 : 185, tjaucgod.uge.d....png) (h)




need a brick?



how about a mirror instead?

cbebd5 () No. 809807


SHILL, no sense of humor over being a Ruskie.

36e69a () No. 809808


its auto generated from a password

214f38 () No. 809809


Bookmark this page to get latest updated info. ? Or is there a better link?

4523e9 () No. 809810

63c8c354007247....png (904 KB, 172 x 255, 485 : 719, Screenshot-201....png) (h)

3422f8 () No. 809811

334099541fbc96....png (35 KB, 255 x 128, 663 : 334, Malkin re Seat....png) (h)

Seattle-area suspect arrested after suspicious packages sent to D.C. military facilities


cbebd5 () No. 809812


More than likely if we don't here from Q soon it was the FBI taking over the account.

fb4293 () No. 809813


How long until this malcontent shoots up a public place ?

b64ba2 () No. 809814




0554bd () No. 809815

b5fb490e38bacf....jpg (181 KB, 255 x 231, 877 : 794, John Podestaas....jpg) (h)


what do you think?

9c3058 () No. 809816


All in perspective, I guess. Was the first that came up in my prayer folder. I find it full of hope and fills me with determination. Godspeed and sleep well.

a1b875 () No. 809817


Guise lets not speculate yet. Changed trip cuz maybe someone was working on password, now they need to start over

07b8a0 () No. 809818