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bbf1caf196ffb5....jpg (142 KB, 255 x 144, 1795 : 1017, bbf1caf196ffb5....jpg) (h)

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




Q's Latest Posts

Tuesday 06.23.2020

>>9718953 ————————————–——– Worth listening (reading). (Cap: >>9718989)

Monday 06.22.2020

>>9712575 ————————————–——– INFORMATION WARFARE

>>9712508 rt >>9712392 ————————— Use 'topic' as target practice. Adapt. Overcome.

>>9712328 rt >>9712276 ————————— Memes prep. Music prep. Organize. Unite. Prepare.

>>9712258 ————————————–——– Surrender to None ['Digital Battleground']. WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9712387)

>>9707125 ————————————–——– “Every record has been destroyed or falsified…….George Orwell, 1984 Sound familiar?

>>9707079 ————————————–——– What happens if coordination exists with select states to deliver 'printing' and 'paper' ballot recipe(s)? [secrets] to select [F] adversaries? (Cap: >>9707110)

Sunday 06.21.2020

>>9701493 ————————————–——– Reconcile (Cap: >>9701526)

>>9701237 ————————————–——– How do you reasonably explain what occurred? (Cap: >>9702887)

>>9698045 ————————————–——– Do not let the media control you (Cap: >>9698065)

>>9697394 ————————————–——– Seeing is believing. You can't censor the world. (Cap: >>9697449)

>>9697079 ————————————–——– Can you see and understand their attempts to slow-stop accountability? (Cap: >>9710756)

>>9696071 rt >>9695854 ————————— It will not happen again. Remember, they also phone in to report 'threats' [deliberate]. Heightened security due to recent events.

Saturday 06.20.2020

>>9684792 ————————————–——– Barr says Pres. Trump has fired SDNY attorney Geoffrey Berman despite the prosecutor saying he would not leave (Cap: >>9684830)

>>9684383 ————————————–——– CIA Director _early 2017 - April 2018? External Advisory Board (CIA) members during this time? Was Bill Barr a member of the board?

>>9684036 rt >>9683570 ————————— Correct.

>>9682825 ————————————–——– SDNY Weiner Clinton Epstein Ukraine The stakes are high. (Cap: >>9682872, >>9682885, >>9682919)

Thursday 06.18.2020

>>9665903 ————————————–——– Thin_Blue_Line_Flag_United_States_.png

>>9663491 ————————————–——– Difficult truths. This is not another 4-year election. (cap: >>9663555)

>>9662999 ————————————–——– Only when they can no longer operate in the [shadows] can people see the truth for themselves. (Cap: >>9663017, >>9663112)

Wed 06.17.2020 >>9713365

Sat 06.13.2020 >>9697880

Thu 06.11.2020 >>9607406

Wed 06.10.2020 >>9580536

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Global Announcements

>>9698938 Announcing a new resource for bakers and anons

>>9650176 BO: The index page limit was changed to 15 from 25 at the suggestion of CM about this time last year because of performance issues on the website.

Notables are NOT endorsements


>>9718504, >>9718652, >>9718751 planefags

>>9719038 Hillary Clinton: Lesson of George Orwell's '1984' is to trust 'leaders, the press, experts/ Sure, if you want to be down-trodden, NOT!

>>9718775 Q/Meme Makers Fire!

>>9718766 TOP MEME added as a new feature to #qbrief

>>9718686, >>9718756 President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure

>>9718684 A former Cincinnati mayor recently slammed Democrat-run cities for failing to take responsibility in black communities

>>9718649 USCRIA (United States Citizen Recover Initiative Alliance, Inc.)

>>9718638 Scavino twat

>>9718461, >>9718601, >>9718606 New Project Veritas vid/other FB fuckery exposed

>>9718441 Call to diggz, Colorado long-term care facilities

>>9718417, >>9718428, >>9718435, >>9718516, >>9718517, >>9718532, >>9718654 earthquake west coast mexico, OAXACA, 7.4M/tsunami alert

>>9718410 Cuomo said Tuesday that taking down historical statues of notable American leaders is “a healthy expression” of anger

>>9718394, >>9718401, >>9718413 people from every country in the world coming here, legally and enjoying the fruits of their labor, yet we are supposedly systemically racist?

>>9719091 #12440


>>9718237 Ben Shapiro spreading Q Drop 4495

>>9718158 Uproar in UK as kids education pack “normalises paedophilia”

>>9718006, >>9718013, >>9718028 (live) Coronavirus: Fauci, Trump admin.officials testify to Congress as COVID-19 cases surge

>>9718004 memefarmer 'COVID Knowingly meme collection' added to meme ammo section

>>9717931 Arizona Republican Party: Doors are now open and the crowd is starting to form in anticipation of President @realDonaldTrump’s address today to America’s Youth!

>>9717928 US NAVY w/CAP: #ForgedByTheSea

>>9717795 Hillsborough Cty, FL Sherrifs Office: Our deputies dismantled a #humantrafficking ring, saved 5 women, and are working to make contact with more victims.

>>9717784, >>9717977 Fired NY prosecutor Geoffrey Berman was given Biden-Ukraine allegations in 2018 but didn’t follow up, emails show. other fuggery as well.

>>9717717 Wirecard’s Former CEO Markus Braun Arrested

>>9717648 China's assault on Texas – this project threatens US national security

>>9717634, >>9717775 POTUS en route to Yuma and Pence en route to Waukesha

>>9717552, >>9717583, >>9717628, >>9717767, >>9717936, >>9717946, >>9718042, >>9718149 planefag reporting

>>9718271 #12439

a00612 () No. 9719112


>>9717374 anon posits on Q 'target practice' and the legal definition of negligent death as it pertains to CA/MI/NY/PA gov's.

>>9717314 Mandatory face mask ordinance approved in Hillsborough County, FL.

>>9717305 needs verification (5/20): AOC openly calling for Gov's to keep business shut down till after P-election?

>>9717275 Rhode Island considers name change due to slavery connotations. will require voters to amend the Rhode Island Constitution

>>9717255 Hollywood producer David Guillod charged with raping four women

>>9717215 New DJT w/CAP: There will never be an “Autonomous Zone” in Washington, D.C., as long as I’m your President. If they try they will be met with serious force!

>>9717160 Seattle left-wing council member slapped down for claims CHOP shooting was work of right-wing agitators

>>9717143 renoting: Seattle officials have decided to dismantle a six-block “police-free zone” held by demonstrators in the heart of the city for more than two weeks.

>>9717078 Gretchen Whitmer to ‘Very Seriously’ Consider Trying to Prevent Trump Rally in Michigan

>>9717072 Durham to disclose Russian collusion investigation details by end of summer

>>9716994, >>9717047 (continued from lb) Moar on O9A Soldier, Ethan Melzer

>>9716983 Nothing to see here: Louisville will only have one polling place open for today’s election

>>9716937 88-year-old liquor store owner says she shot man accused of theft because she’s ‘fed up’

>>9716821 Former Bank Hapoalim chairman Oded Eran dies. stepped down as chairman on Sunday, died on Monday following a serious illness.

>>9716758, >>9717054 Trump threatens stiff prison time after night of chaos in DC. I’ll Issue EO

>>9716750, >>9716760 POTUS Schedule for June 23, 2020 (adjusted for EDT). Yuma, San Luis, Phoenix AZ Border Wall Trip

>>9717424 #12438


Baker Change

>>9716638 US Army soldier, Ethan Melzer charged in plot to ambush his unit overseas

>>9716614 New DJT w/CAP: I have authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property…

>>9716609 Sean King: Statues of Jesus Christ are 'form of white supremacy,' should be torn down

>>9716584 New DJT w/CAP: Washed up Creepster John Bolton is a lowlife who should be in jail, money seized, for disseminating, for profit, highly Classified information…

3 bakers

>>9716363, >>9716084 After noisy demonstration, DeBlasio to investigate fireworks in NYC

>>9716285 US politicians & their fams who advocate for China

>>9716272 More than one NASCAR drivers wives have ties to Epstein

>>9716265 Soros-Funded Priorities USA Action Anti-Trump Ad BOMBARDED TV Last 2 Weeks

>>9716258 Louisville KY will only have one polling place open for today’s election

>>9716245 Saavedra: ‘Justice Will Be Served’ (POTUS, Sec'y of Interior: no tolerance for destruction of hist. statues)

>>9716244, >>9716525 Singapore GE2020: Parliament dissolved; Writ of Election expected July 10

>>9716220 How the Dems colluded to enable voter fraud

>>9716171 When everyone kneels, who will stand up for Western history and culture?

>>9716170, >>9716408 Steve Bing's Suicide & Bill Clinton: Why Internet seeks investigation into Elizabeth Hurley ex's suicide

>>9716241 Lincoln Project is a money-generating scam (Red State)

>>9716092, >>9716223, >>9716098, >>9716104, >>9716115, >>9716121 New DIGG on The Lincoln Project

>>9716081 Live feed from CHOP; was it actually dispersed at 8 pm? (concrete barriers remain, some people)

>>9716047, >>9716045 Archive of tweet showing that CHAZ/CHOP supports CCP

>>9716030 USAToday affirms that Kente cloths were worn by W African empire involved in slave trade

>>9716009 Obama's exit interview: begins with quote from Teddy Roosevelt & a strange laugh by Obama

>>9715968, >>9716004, >>9716041 Antifa advertising a flag-burning event in the Gettysburg national cemetery on July 4th on FB

>>9715965 Oded Eran steps down as shair of Bank Hapoalim on Sunday; dies from illness on Monday

>>9716676 #12437

Previously Collected Notables

>>9715855 #12436,

>>9713530 #12433, >>9714282 #12434, >>9715078 #12435

>>9711298 #12430, >>9712159 #12431, >>9712833 #12432

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a00612 () No. 9719126

589a27e7f01639....png (1197 KB, 217 x 255, 779 : 914, 589a27e7f01639....png) (h)

7661d046c00166....png (319 KB, 255 x 255, 768 : 768, 7661d046c00166....png) (h)



4bbd58 () No. 9719136

36f8066e09bc13....png (186 KB, 255 x 243, 370 : 352, Chaz_or_the_Mi....png) (h)

8fd0ee4ebadb56....png (58 KB, 210 x 167, 210 : 167, Durkin.png) (h)

54677c83f853ab....png (436 KB, 255 x 106, 808 : 337, KARMA_in_Seatt....png) (h)

c130a54583ef0a....png (41 KB, 126 x 159, 126 : 159, Solomon_aka_Raz.png) (h)

68b7b545c68da1....png (438 KB, 255 x 162, 587 : 372, smead.png) (h)


Billion dollar corporation leaving Seattle due to unrest. How many more?

Karma is immutable and exacting. It does not discriminate



68bd54 () No. 9719137

0eb13ebbfa0d16....mp4 (2050 KB, 255 x 142, 648 : 360, Biden_Soros_Uk....mp4) (h)

9ccad06ae4bab5....mp4 (2332 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, Biden_Tara_Rea....mp4) (h)

e7a305b6197aec....mp4 (4634 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, Biden_Truth_Fr....mp4) (h)

So they want to hide this away? ELIM it at all costs?

Thread creator in on it? What a web of traitors~


Juicy info about BIDEN negative news re: UKRAINE-CHINA family bribes and corruption

Detailed timeline


Three part exclusive with Giuliani, and the evidence he uncovered


NEW: Ukrainian investigations ]UNLEASHED[

>A translated Ukrainian press conference from yesterday not only implicates Biden, but also George Soros, in a plot to snatch 1.5 billion from Ukrainian tax payers for a…get this…"corruption tax", through overstated gas tariffs from Naftogaz.


Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei6O14Td89g

Juicy info about BIDEN negative news re: SEXUAL ASSAULT CLAIM re: Tara Reade [preserve #MeToo future [R] attack]

>New Evidence Appears to Corroborate Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Claim Against Joe Biden (VIDEO)


>HERE is the video from August 11,1993's 'Larry King Live' described by @TheIntercept

(and Tara Reade) as allegedly featuring her mother calling in and alluding to Reade's sexual assault claims against @JoeBiden


68bd54 () No. 9719138


mr.phig|ment fairytale


(Aura)soap (White)shower ex.tavistock.lotion.bot gone




k.ings f.all c.rash Aunty Forgiveness


It's cringe watching a stale sthick like teh jews being rehashed beyond a dead horse.


a082fd () No. 9719142

"the colossal DemoCorruption network operating both in Ukraine and abroad"

1d0eb5 () No. 9719148

Quid Pro Hillary


20394c () No. 9719149


A little humor goes a long way.


49070a () No. 9719155

736800a432a4ef....jpg (66 KB, 255 x 154, 775 : 469, Solomont_001.jpg) (h)


this guy made big money in nursing homes, Q.

b9f4dc () No. 9719156



God bless you Q

9d482c () No. 9719157

With the United States and the United Kingdom being hit hardest by the Antifa/BLM statue destroyers, it should become very, very, VERY clear to people where the Jewish central banking elites have their main seats of power and influence.

The US and the UK are the Rothschild family's greatest strongholds. It's where their sway and authority are the most powerful. Hence the utter chaos that we are now currently seeing there.

683693 () No. 9719158

ebbcc19b48d551....jpg (53 KB, 255 x 185, 586 : 426, 46387q.jpg) (h)

45ca37 () No. 9719168

Fuck Ben Shapiro. Fuck Israel.

a33c2c () No. 9719169

e5914c562d973a....mp4 (7964 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, Q4501_Clip.mp4) (h)

8aa8fbaee6ba0b....png (253 KB, 215 x 255, 556 : 659, Q4501_Twat.png) (h)



Twat Cap and Clip

ec0378 () No. 9719171

7a2cf305cf783c....png (512 KB, 255 x 143, 960 : 540, cuomo_mom.png) (h)

45ca37 () No. 9719174


Fuck you Qike.

df2072 () No. 9719180

6c7609790969ac....png (495 KB, 255 x 247, 598 : 579, Firefox_Screen....png) (h)

New study says summer sun can kill coronavirus in 34 minutes


57b131 () No. 9719183

319d3c196d1630....gif (1556 KB, 255 x 248, 307 : 298, C46A5698_525F_....gif) (h)

5df9ff () No. 9719184

08c8d3770a0281....png (440 KB, 255 x 243, 601 : 573, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f9d9d4bea8a253....mp4 (2790 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, Q_linked_Biden....mp4) (h)



Tweet + Vid cap for Baker

1731df () No. 9719185

b695963bc6ac3b....mp4 (479 KB, 255 x 145, 400 : 228, Vaccine_NWO_Po....mp4) (h)




See how Prime Minister Queensland Australia Annastacia Palaszczuk is vaccinated…

b71655 () No. 9719187

641c91118c4b4b....jpg (228 KB, 255 x 220, 1200 : 1034, SLM_Bigger.jpg) (h)


They want to #CullTheHerd











[target paractice]

b35cff () No. 9719188

c7052ecb58da09....jpg (72 KB, 255 x 226, 564 : 500, 85596545.jpg) (h)

786197 () No. 9719190


Are we there yet?

d5068f () No. 9719191

ef26860d331502....png (653 KB, 191 x 255, 588 : 785, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

pepe has been around for some time.

Bottom right.

Deep South.

140e69 () No. 9719192

LIVE: Students for Trump Conference happening NOW in Arizona!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9a3c98 () No. 9719194



45ca37 () No. 9719195

Fuck Ben Shapiro

a43c67 () No. 9719197


Thanks boss.


97998d () No. 9719198

a27c996b4937d4....jpeg (90 KB, 180 x 255, 740 : 1047, FDC5DF7E_D505_....jpeg) (h)

f18059 () No. 9719199

a445a8c1df1cf2....jpg (189 KB, 238 x 255, 575 : 615, are_we_there_y....jpg) (h)

70af2f () No. 9719200

23efd64efcc391....jpg (145 KB, 255 x 170, 750 : 500, killer_cuomo_3.jpg) (h)

713240 () No. 9719201

f2c8a70267acd3....png (63 KB, 236 x 207, 236 : 207, f2c8a70267acd3....png) (h)

19a7e3 () No. 9719207

22728b7fdeb0f6....png (2778 KB, 213 x 255, 2250 : 2700, hate.png) (h)

a00612 () No. 9719208


Tuesday 06.23.2020

>>9719149 ————————————–——– A little humor goes a long way. (Cap: >>9719169)

>>9718953 ————————————–——– Worth listening (reading). (Cap: >>9718989 vid, >>9719007, >>9719073)

fb41e1 () No. 9719210


Q - you would want each and every one of us, anons, to re-share your information as far and as wide.

But you cannot tell us.

You cannot ask - you are just showing.

…Because should you instruct, youre no longer Q/us/all (rather youre 1…"dictator"/ruler).

so would you at least confirm that you will be approving the idea that we/Q should increase the PR efforts? (do that in reposting this)



a4a4d1 () No. 9719211

f5813bc29cc911....jpg (50 KB, 255 x 136, 691 : 369, Capture.jpg) (h)

a9fa4c () No. 9719212


Action Verb for Burning, Looting & Murdering

e1561b () No. 9719213

8b1c89bedf16a9....jpeg (69 KB, 255 x 127, 707 : 353, E1FCB181_F5FC_....jpeg) (h)

0b5ea1fa5ec556....jpeg (90 KB, 255 x 170, 750 : 500, 7B80FEA0_3000_....jpeg) (h)

15cfba () No. 9719215


Hard to laugh when the video you posted is telling us that Biden bribed his way out of being convicted…Yeah I'm not into it.

c2bcca () No. 9719217

190a1d7aa030d8....png (277 KB, 255 x 225, 598 : 528, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


say nice things about detroit

33aa3e () No. 9719218

9b7d6bf4fc0bb3....png (858 KB, 255 x 250, 539 : 529, pepe_make_it_r....png) (h)

bf7bf3 () No. 9719219


Top KEKistan!

d330aa () No. 9719220


Thank you, Q!

df2437 () No. 9719221

db6f58e0d2b5ee....png (1619 KB, 255 x 179, 1140 : 798, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


I knew it when Trump said it .. Obama has called someone an "hombre" saved on Way Back

Wonder if someone is switching sides D to R


President welcomes 'one tough hombre' to his party

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette logo


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

APR 30, 2009 3:00 AM

A "thrilled" President Barack Obama welcomed Sen. Arlen Specter into the White House and the Democratic Party yesterday, calling him "one tough hombre" who will counsel his administration on health care reform and its other priorities.

Mr. Obama was referring to the 79-year-old's two bouts with cancer, but could have been talking about his Ginsu knife-sharp political survival skills. Mr. Specter shocked Pennsylvania and the Capitol Tuesday when he announced he was becoming a Democrat, giving him better odds of winning a sixth term and drawing Mr. Obama's party within one vote of the 60 needed for Senate control.

Speaking alongside Mr. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in the White House Diplomatic Room, the ex-Republican put his sleight of hand on full display.

"I have not represented the Republican Party; I have represented the people of Pennsylvania. And I will continue to do just that. As I said yesterday, I will not be an automatic 60th vote," Mr. Specter said.

"I do think, Mr. President, that I can be of assistance. You have projected an administration that I feel very comfortable with."

Mr. Specter's announcement reverberated through the other early Republican and Democratic campaigns for his Senate seat. Leading Republican Pat Toomey, who lost the primary by only two points to Mr. Specter in 2004, signaled yesterday that he will be using the incumbent's survival tactics against him in a possible general election campaign.

Flipping sides is now such a part of the Specter story between parties, for and against union-supported "card-check" legislation that "a central question will be whether Mr. Specter can be trusted on anything," Mr. Toomey wrote in the Washington Times.

U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, D-Delaware County, a possible opponent for the Democratic nomination, said much the same thing Tuesday on MSNBC. "Is that the type of individual we want to take us forward?" he asked. The only official Democratic candidate, National Constitution Center President Joe Torsella, has said he is remaining in the race.

The Republican hold on the state is fading fast, according to a new study released yesterday by the Pew Research Center, underscoring why Mr. Specter jumped parties. When he last ran in 2004, 38 percent of Pennsylvanians said they were Democrats and 34 percent said Republican. This year, the Democratic number is unchanged but only 27 percent said they were Republicans – giving Democrats an 11 point advantage.

The switch means both of Pennsylvania's U.S. senators will be Democrats for the first time since 1946, according to Congressional Quarterly, when Joseph F. Guffey and Francis J. Myers served together.

Mr. Specter should have the clear upper hand in the road to the Democratic nomination, if only through the support of Mr. Obama and Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, who released his first statement on Mr. Specter's switch yesterday.

"I welcome Sen. Specter to the Democratic Party. He is a strong leader who has done great work on behalf of the people of Pennsylvania regardless of their political affiliation. … Today's Pennsylvania Republican party is a far cry from the party of John Heinz, Hugh Scott and Governors Bill Scranton and Tom Ridge," he said.

First Published April 30, 2009, 3:00am

147a8e () No. 9719222


Only have one double barrel shotgun but pumps and automatics, that is a whole different thing. We are armed and can arm half the county if need be.

4bbd58 () No. 9719223

eb1728ae20f8ca....png (69 KB, 173 x 255, 189 : 278, TY_Baker.png) (h)


Tank you Baker

a794b1 () No. 9719224

>>9719178 PB

>PS: there is a fresh Q drop in the new bread!

so what Q provides you the permission to feel like your working on the problem but you aren't really doing anything

Q thinks D's and their lemmings care about a Ukraine video, our justice system is broken so Ukraines means nothing

only ammo D's need for this is a one sentence denial, this is not true. and their lemmings will believe Barr and POTUS are lying and playing politics

if you leave the enemy all of it's ammo and supply's (MSM & Censorship) you are not trying to win the war

1f4066 () No. 9719225

f8b19a77acc69b....png (181 KB, 255 x 189, 320 : 237, f8b19a77acc69b....png) (h)

132f13 () No. 9719226


incorrect in notables

Shapiro posted it first, then Q.

a4a4d1 () No. 9719227

21e9ba0a008306....jpg (42 KB, 255 x 193, 496 : 375, Capture.jpg) (h)

Bayer Pays $10BN To Settle Thousands Of Monsanto Glyphosate Lawsuits

After decades of widespread use as company scientists played down research showing a definitive link between the product and growing rates of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, Monsanto parent company Bayer has agreed to pay up to $10 billion to settle claims that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, causes cancer.

Citing people familiar with the matter, German newspaper Handelsblatt reported that the company has agreed to settle tens of thousands of glyphosate-related lawsuits in the US for between $8 billion to $10 billion.


6965b9 () No. 9719228


Depending on the network you are coming in from, clearnet is nearly inaccessible. Even TOR is iffy at times.

9a3c98 () No. 9719229


Big badda BOOM!

9aa0a3 () No. 9719230


Thanks baker.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ab2e43 () No. 9719231



Health issues.

Please release suppressed medical technologies ASAP.


24ec27 () No. 9719232

>>9719181 L/B

4chan is a doxxing site, if you go there you are doxxed, it is owned by the deep state globalist cabal. 4 pol is a cabal honey pot

9e5390 () No. 9719233

54029d590ceaa6....jpg (270 KB, 160 x 255, 700 : 1113, archangel_mich....jpg) (h)

be64a2 () No. 9719234

a3bc01b99bd0ef....jpeg (20 KB, 255 x 182, 255 : 182, 69B26A25_3AE6_....jpeg) (h)

eaddffa8691318....jpeg (92 KB, 255 x 254, 680 : 678, D6190FEE_3F73_....jpeg) (h)

a08bb8a7e9743d....jpeg (677 KB, 230 x 255, 1749 : 1942, 9D868ADE_0A3C_....jpeg) (h)

a414b09032ee47....jpeg (228 KB, 166 x 255, 1080 : 1659, A066012A_372E_....jpeg) (h)






We fight for humanity!

The cabal are all related or interconnected and they think you are sheep or a PRODUCT to use and destroy.


[They] turn your goodness and charity for your fellow mankind against you!

[They] create deception, division and death to control us through

FEAR! [They] want a NWO global govt they control.

We truly are wrestling with "principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Evil things we can't begin to comprehend, and some will never be mentally capable of accepting.

"Learn at https://qmap.pub/


Rothschild's quote, "The only way WE go down, is if you WAKE UP…and that isn't EVER going to happen.” And “Control of ones thought process is ESSENTIAL. Allowing dilution of this power is "fatal.” -Rothschild

User ID: 1339201 United States 10/28/2011 03:52 PM




We love President Trump, the military, the white hats and all our World Patriots fighting the evil and saving humanity.


Love and Peace

6965b9 () No. 9719235



5a8c73 () No. 9719236


Laughing at them is the best medicine for now!

8480e3 () No. 9719237


Nope….Nothing to laugh about….Traitors still free, Americans being fucked now more than ever, HILARIOUS

f4cdaa () No. 9719238

716fd9 () No. 9719239

I suddenly feel the need to write a note of apology to each Ukrainian citizen for the theft perpetrated by their leaders under the auspices of traitor Joe Biden and traitor George Satan Soros

9aa0a3 () No. 9719240

57d1addca61d70....png (1143 KB, 255 x 255, 1080 : 1080, pepebarrwtf.png) (h)

29b9d1 () No. 9719241


"After years of sharing him with Barack, now you can have handsome and dependable Joe Biden all to yourself."

So proclaims the back cover of Hot Cup of Joe: A Piping Hot Coloring Book with America's Sexiest Moderate, Joe Biden, a thirsty ode to the former vice president of the United States and presumptive Democratic nominee for president, health permitting.

899b4b () No. 9719242

3a009fbcc66098....png (429 KB, 255 x 200, 530 : 415, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

CLEAN-UP OPERATION: DC Police Clear Out Vermin from Streets North of White House Where Squatters Set Up “Autonomous Zone”

Time to go kids.

DC Police on Tuesday swept out the leftist vermin in the street attempting an autonomous zone in the nation’s capitol.

The squatters wanted an autonomous zone blocks from the White House.

They want a revolution.

The DC Police were chanting, “Move forward. Move forward…” as they cleared the street from far left activists.


e2e1f4 () No. 9719243

46eea5034f03a8....png (660 KB, 255 x 170, 1024 : 681, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

aaf31bf28fe251....jpg (44 KB, 255 x 143, 780 : 438, gk1.jpg) (h)

That was silly to swear to tell the truth Mr.Kent.

74f7e4 () No. 9719244

404ce5da163fdc....jpg (121 KB, 255 x 191, 1024 : 768, Qanon_coin.jpg) (h)


I'll laugh like a mad man when I see arrests on prime time news Q. Till then ….

9a3c98 () No. 9719245

01a0e29cba80ed....gif (219 KB, 217 x 255, 219 : 257, 01a0e29cba80ed....gif) (h)


So does a shotgun.

5e2be4 () No. 9719246

08f0a74e53c627....jpg (56 KB, 255 x 174, 712 : 486, barrlegalproce....jpg) (h)

d330aa () No. 9719247


A Joe classic to be.

6965b9 () No. 9719248


That's a good one. "e killed me aunty.

c2bcca () No. 9719249

47ed1b3f4f553a....png (190 KB, 255 x 160, 598 : 376, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

brains in bottles, they want to keep them safe until the storm passes: Brain-Dead People Could be ‘Brought Back to Life,’ Thanks to New Biotech Experiments. Scientists are experimenting to see if they can revive brain-dead patients:

Bioquark Inc., the brains behind ReAnima (sorry, bad pun), was given the go-ahead to work with 20 patients already declared clinically dead from traumatic brain injury to test whether parts of their central nervous system can be brought back to life.


bf6e2b () No. 9719250

0c1b5339402934....jpg (55 KB, 255 x 149, 885 : 516, 0c1b5339402934....jpg) (h)

In Memoriam

Once a power in Pedowood

& clothed in earthly glory

a billionaire

& satanic bloodline pedovore

he rode in helicopters

painted bright as birds

&chatted with world leaders

drove costly autos with long names -

& Bing got plenty, rest assured.

Now he's gone straight

through the sidewalk in Century City

satan has reclaimed him.

Steve Bing, pedovore, RIP

dadb6e () No. 9719251

fb2b97b441f372....jpg (711 KB, 255 x 158, 1643 : 1015, billboardadams....jpg) (h)


When once asked why I had a semi-automatic rifle, I responded, "Because I can."

I also recommend having a shotgun.

f6a03e () No. 9719253

4b299d28ed4ca1....mp4 (8807 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, tweet_20190219....mp4) (h)

a9fa4c () No. 9719252


Music sticks in a person's memory.

a4c0db () No. 9719254

72bfc646e69ac8....png (3405 KB, 251 x 255, 1242 : 1263, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

a4a4d1 () No. 9719255

812f1a35255f98....jpg (41 KB, 255 x 141, 598 : 331, Capture.jpg) (h)

Governor Huckabee on Radical Left’s Calls to Eliminate Christian Statues and Artwork: “These Crazy People on the Left Are Becoming Like Islamic Terrorists”

Former Governor Mike Huckabee joined Varney and Co. on Tuesday to discuss the latest call on the left to destroy Christian statues, stained glass windows and artwork with a Caucasian Holy Family.

Race activist Shaun King on Monday called for the taking down of all statues, murals and stained glass windows of “white Jesus and his European mother”. King issued his statement on Twitter to his 1.1 million followers.

Mike Huckabee compared these actions on the left to the Taliban Islamists.

Mike Huckabee: “These crazy people are becoming like Islamic terrorists.”


33aa3e () No. 9719256

4d329ae5945b81....png (335 KB, 255 x 134, 1092 : 575, 68_10336_U_2_D....png) (h)

b47a039f4dd51d....jpg (29 KB, 255 x 143, 400 : 225, USAF_U_2_Drago....jpg) (h)

68-10336 U-2 Dragon Lady out of the Skunkworks nw

from 2015

17 Little Known Facts About The U-2 'Dragon Lady'


65dc34 () No. 9719257

be4f8b569ebc78....png (1004 KB, 255 x 182, 1325 : 944, biden_s_bane.png) (h)

b1ff62922aff43....jpeg (741 KB, 255 x 170, 3000 : 2000, hillary.jpeg) (h)

Biden's Bane

Queue HRC in August


899b4b () No. 9719258

Governor Huckabee on Radical Left’s Calls to Eliminate Christian Statues and Artwork: “These Crazy People on the Left Are Becoming Like Islamic Terrorists”

Race activist Shaun King on Monday called for the taking down of all statues, murals and stained glass windows of “white Jesus and his European mother”. King issued his statement on Twitter to his 1.1 million followers.

Mike Huckabee compared these actions on the left to the Taliban Islamists.

Mike Huckabee: “These crazy people are becoming like Islamic terrorists.”


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7251ca () No. 9719259

758e6647a6d621....png (1205 KB, 255 x 191, 1184 : 885, 8975251465787.png) (h)

a9e0e4fa9235c5....png (925 KB, 255 x 226, 921 : 815, 57899081329854.png) (h)

758e6647a6d621....png (1205 KB, 255 x 191, 1184 : 885, 8975251465787.png) (h)

4bbd58 () No. 9719260

0f1fedb9aaa958....png (145 KB, 255 x 242, 427 : 405, Q_coin_NZ_.png) (h)


TY and watch all the Karma flying around Q

Seattle feels it real bad. All {D} states do hahahahahah


746e46 () No. 9719261

a467ba3c66dd0b....png (354 KB, 255 x 173, 572 : 389, 1.png) (h)

6965b9 () No. 9719262






a28788 () No. 9719263

So is Biden gonna be extradited?

49070a () No. 9719264


do you suppose the name 'chandler bing' on friends was chosen because of this guy bing whose . . . RIP'd

19a7e3 () No. 9719265

6a542476ce23ee....gif (194 KB, 192 x 172, 192 : 172, cat.gif) (h)

1f4066 () No. 9719266

884832df31b309....png (151 KB, 190 x 255, 381 : 512, 884832df31b309....png) (h)

a00612 () No. 9719267


nik'd it fo sho


I like "frogs be like"

a33c2c () No. 9719268

e047ea36d497e2....png (178 KB, 182 x 255, 498 : 699, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Background Press Call on the Visit of President Duda of the Republic of Poland


ef72b1 () No. 9719269

e48607f377e37b....png (8 KB, 255 x 51, 776 : 155, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Dropped prior to Rally. Geo locate South Boulder Ave W #191, Tulsa, OK 74103 right outside of security perimeter.

Threat detected?

ebbf1d () No. 9719270


omega cringe AHAHAHAHA

bf6e2b () No. 9719271

Our ethnic, racial and religious identities, to the cultist’s way of thinking, are simply masks, sheep's clothing, to be worn or exchanged at convenience.

Pedovores assume and discard Catholic, Jewish, evangelical protestant, and secular humanist identities as easily as they express right wing, left wing or centrist ideological positions. These labels are meaningless to pedovores who use our treasured identities as protective camouflage for the abduction and ritual abuse of our children as well as economic depredation.

Ideologies and dogmas are cognitive malware. They make effective smokescreens.

Whatever identity mask they adopt, cult pedovores need and seek access to vulnerable children.

We have found satanist pedovore cultists running major charitable organizations, respected foundations and reputable institutions which are collectively responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of national and international programs targeting “at risk” ie vulnerable children – all under pretext of helping.

Children's Defense Fund is a prime example of a pedovore social subversion weaponized as a charitable construct. CDF is endorsed by the biggest “stars” and executives in the entertainment business.


Most of the same people were also involved in starting the National Center for Missing and Exploited children, which gave pedovores both access to kids and a heads-up early warning system because the creepy sham center for M&E kids started the “Amber Alert Service” run by the evil pedovore Laura Silsby, arrested for kidnapping “orphaned” children (parents alive) in Haiti.


Pedovores are con artists, they steal your wallet and offer to help you look for it.

Similarly, when communities ask themselves, "who's going to care for our poor orphans?" Pedovores always have their hands up, and may style themselves Catholics Jews or evangelicals in order facilitate access.


Pedovores don't believe in national, religious or ethnic identities. cultists are identity-shifters who embed themselves in ethnic, religious or ideological communities and seek control of fund raising and identity defining structures. Pedovore run such organizations today, because this is information war, and that's how IW is fought.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

30d158 () No. 9719272

Catalog is borken.

ebbf1d () No. 9719273

5a5a59d2a1fec4....png (1023 KB, 255 x 255, 746 : 746, 5a5a59d2a1fec4....png) (h)

f7771c () No. 9719274


That cat is inbred.

d6e4c6 () No. 9719275

>>9718806 pb



04e2da () No. 9719276

4a05889ab9a661....jpg (50 KB, 255 x 220, 750 : 647, 20200529_205319.jpg) (h)

1731df () No. 9719277

63ef34d02b1c9f....png (952 KB, 42 x 255, 664 : 4074, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Trump orders law enforcement to arrest memorial vandals under federal act with up to 10-year sentence

By Geller Report Staff - on June 23, 2020

- President Trump is all that is preventing our way of life from totally collapsing and taken over by the Left. He must be re-elected.

Related – TRUMP on PROTESTS: ‘There Will Never Be an Autonomous Zone in DC As Long as I’m Your President’

Trump orders law enforcement to arrest memorial vandals under federal act with up to 10-year sentence

By Washington Examiner, June 23, 2020

President Trump said he has authorized federal law enforcement to arrest those caught vandalizing memorials and charge them under the Veterans’ Memorial Preservation and Recognition Act.

“I have authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property in the U.S. with up to 10 years in prison, per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act, or such other laws that may be pertinent,” the president tweeted Tuesday morning.

“This action is taken effective immediately, but may also be used retroactively for destruction or vandalism already caused. There will be no exceptions!” he added.



9aa0a3 () No. 9719278


Fuck off back to reddit nigger.

97d597 () No. 9719279


Law abiding citizens have the right to own any weapon of our choice.

a83750 () No. 9719280


Is the sky event still to take place?

9e5390 () No. 9719281

Full POTUS interview from last night EWTN


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f7771c () No. 9719282

4b8022c407496f....png (247 KB, 197 x 255, 500 : 648, 4b8022c407496f....png) (h)


Thanks, needed the laugh.



899b4b () No. 9719283

a32dbd4802630f....png (375 KB, 255 x 186, 555 : 405, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

95729c3172856a....png (760 KB, 241 x 255, 584 : 619, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

7c614f3425b1aa....png (543 KB, 238 x 255, 548 : 588, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

c2ed931fb29c50....png (94 KB, 255 x 122, 930 : 445, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

a03a59eb1483c2....png (15 KB, 255 x 52, 865 : 175, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake Strikes South Of Mexico City; 1 Dead

Update (1200ET): The US National Weather Service just warned that a tsunami could hit Mexico, and/or parts of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.




Vulnerable stretches of coastline are being evacuated. So far, there have been no reports of falling buildings in Mexico City, though the mayor of the city said there has been "some" structural damage.

Video from the scene has made its way on to social media.


6965b9 () No. 9719284


Funny. I just borked your mom.

367328 () No. 9719285

66c25514b20a35....jpg (188 KB, 255 x 180, 842 : 596, _You_AreTheNews.jpg) (h)

ae68fb1c9c2dca....jpg (326 KB, 255 x 84, 1813 : 598, End_Beginning.jpg) (h)

cf5cafdae30866....jpg (215 KB, 255 x 31, 1803 : 222, GITS_or_JDS.jpg) (h)

Every time yous get to over target the board gets hit hard.

Do not let them get you distracted or attracted to other goals.

Follow what you know. Expose what you can.

Remember its not what you know but what you can PROVE



noun - a person who INVESTIGATES then writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast.


noun - a person who REPORTS, especially one employed to report news or conduct interviews for newspapers or broadcasts


''verb -

1.give a spoken or written account of something that one has observed, heard, done, or investigated.

2.present oneself formally as having arrived at a particular place or as ready to do something.

noun -

1.an account given of a particular matter, especially in the form of an official document, after thorough investigation or consideration by an appointed person or body.

2.a piece of information that is unsupported by firm evidence and that the speaker feels may or may not be true.''

#2^ Doesn't Apply Here we need the SAUCE!! WE are not the MSM!!



FACTS have no BOSS


Those who hear, Speak.

Those who see, Tell.

Those who know, SHOW.




30d158 () No. 9719286

84a682772b4ba2....jpeg (441 KB, 255 x 255, 988 : 989, C00F021A_D58C_....jpeg) (h)

d1a09952576d53....jpeg (41 KB, 255 x 135, 445 : 235, A7D75C68_4836_....jpeg) (h)

5e2be4 () No. 9719287

2f7b14501c99f8....jpg (458 KB, 255 x 170, 1152 : 768, LICEU_conciert....jpg) (h)

"The Liceu Opera of Barcelona opened Monday for its first concert since March amid the coronavirus pandemic, with musicians playing for a packed audience of plants.

The Gran Teatre del Liceu filled all 2,292 of its seats with a sea of plants for a live-broadcast string quartet performance of Giacomo Puccini's "Crisantemi" in a prelude to its 2020-2021 season."


683693 () No. 9719288

625d9c8e4cc53e....jpg (45 KB, 255 x 185, 586 : 426, 463a15.jpg) (h)

15c745 () No. 9719289

Imagine believing a site that barely loads thumbnails is run by the US Military.

132f13 () No. 9719290


Quite frankly, all citizens have that right. Criminal or not. It shall not be infringed upon.

a83750 () No. 9719291


Imagine not understanding what a backchannel means.

c84b76 () No. 9719292

Thanks for the giggles this morning Q

we all need to laugh once in a while.

57b131 () No. 9719293

1e95c7998b2fed....jpeg (82 KB, 171 x 255, 482 : 719, AF8FED76_C9C2_....jpeg) (h)

49da53 () No. 9719294


Happening now. Sky is falling, but hasn't hit the ground yet.

899b4b () No. 9719295

6c139b56121462....png (20 KB, 255 x 109, 571 : 244, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

‘No exceptions!’ Trump orders the arrest of anyone vandalizing monuments, warns they face up to 10 years in prison

Donald Trump has authorized law enforcement to arrest anyone who vandalizes statues or other landmarks on federal property and sentence them to as much as a decade in prison. He said the measures can also be imposed retroactively.

The US president wrote on Twitter that he would no longer tolerate the destruction of federal property.

“I have authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property in the U.S. with up to 10 years in prison, per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act, or such other laws that may be pertinent,” he said, adding that his instructions would be implemented “immediately” and may also be used retroactively to prosecute vandals.

“There will be no exceptions!” he warned.

Trump had earlier hinted that protesters who attacked a statue of Andrew Jackson, located across from the White House in Lafayette Park, could face years in prison. He said similar punishments could be imposed on those who vandalized the historic St. John’s Church.

Police intervened and dispersed the protesters as they attempted to pull down the Jackson statue on Monday. The statue, as well as the nearby church, was tagged with graffiti.

Countless statues and monuments have been vandalized and toppled across the United States. In most cases, police have been hesitant to get involved. Trump's new directive appears to apply only to federal property – which likely means that many instances of vandalism will remain unpunished.


58e5e0 () No. 9719296

cc3635081674f7....jpg (96 KB, 255 x 210, 471 : 388, 1588973102.jpg) (h)


Could this be used to cure the lefties and antifags?

89691c () No. 9719297

a4a4d1 () No. 9719298

b5d548b32328b0....jpg (75 KB, 255 x 157, 841 : 519, Capture.jpg) (h)

Billion Dollar Firm Leaving Seattle for Phoenix Due to Unrest in the City

Billion dollar investment firm Smead Capitol Management announced they are moving their headquarters from Seattle to Phoenix.

According to FOX Business Network the CEO says there is no downtown business community in Seattle where they are located and recruitment is harder in Seattle. The cost of living inside the city is higher than Phoenix.


e311f6 () No. 9719299

66cef838518c08....jpg (153 KB, 255 x 170, 800 : 533, 20200615091707.jpg) (h)

f373a5bdbd84b8....jpg (58 KB, 199 x 255, 248 : 318, freedomTJ20200....jpg) (h)

8e352e () No. 9719300


Bread's all fucked up, huh?

ec603a () No. 9719301

432c4a39611764....jpg (59 KB, 255 x 163, 621 : 396, 432c4a39611764....jpg) (h)

>>9719204 (lb)

This place is magical, good people drawn together, helping one another to defeat evil. And the shills, fuck the shills.

b9f4dc () No. 9719302


Not a coincidence that the board gets like this when Q is posting and POTUS is traveling I believe they are opening a trunk for Q to post securely.

dadb6e () No. 9719303

cd79f58cb40984....jpeg (50 KB, 255 x 170, 768 : 512, BlueHelmuts.jpeg) (h)


Shotguns are great and so are rifles.

But shotguns can't do some things.

f7771c () No. 9719304


His voice. I can't listen to him. Sounds like he….well. You know.

6965b9 () No. 9719305


What's wrong? You got racial issues? If someone is guilty of a crime then bring that person to trial.

But you don't really care about crimes do you? You only care about what ethnicity someone is and are only seeking any excuse you can think of to justify your hatred for a particular people.

b31ac3 () No. 9719306


was convicted of felony for stealing something at 18 years old. I can never protect myself because of a single dumb decision when I was a naive child. I hear that.

0c675f () No. 9719307

01a1a211c53472....jpg (162 KB, 255 x 191, 941 : 706, IMG_9933.jpg) (h)

8cf4e3 () No. 9719308


There are thousand upon thousands of felonies on the books. There isn't a person alive that is a "law abiding" citizen.

You violate several laws every single day.

899b4b () No. 9719309

Project Veritas Undercover Video: Facebook Content Moderator: ‘If Someone is Wearing a MAGA Hat, I Am Going to Delete Them For Terrorism’


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

334ee3 () No. 9719310


I will be laughing a lot more when I see his ass has been locked up

Not 6 million, but 50 million WTF

9388af () No. 9719311


Praying for you every day, Q Team.

Thank you and God bless.

53ff6f () No. 9719312



Q comes out when narrative depresses anons

evidence you are losing must be countered

why Q is so predictable

I come on within 15 min of Q with quite regularity his pattern is so recognizable

Q is a NSA C_A operation placation to keep patriots from acting on what they could not keep hidden, but to get to act on the NWO clock when your action is required to drive final nail in sovereignty of this nation and end our republic forever

15c745 () No. 9719313


A backchannel where the entire world can see

all you sekret codes.

Uh huh.

6965b9 () No. 9719314


The "Brain Damage" is his last defense for Burisma, Chief. He's got nothing after that.


29b9d1 () No. 9719315

flood detected

bd8431 () No. 9719316

6ce14037e84efb....jpg (36 KB, 255 x 163, 500 : 319, 1585687910464.jpg) (h)


Ffs stop turning the power off nigger

19a7e3 () No. 9719317

1dbab2a297f4d7....mp4 (2165 KB, 255 x 162, 1134 : 720, wtf.mp4) (h)

1d936a () No. 9719318

d2fd4936b793ed....jpg (85 KB, 255 x 169, 618 : 410, MissGrandma.jpg) (h)

b9f4dc () No. 9719319


Try a rifled slug

ebbf1d () No. 9719320

cringey sleepy joe biden

4f70c6 () No. 9719321

e6b9eb4d0c2551....jpg (19 KB, 226 x 255, 226 : 255, dogdriving.jpg) (h)


Please make the VIRUS crap end soon.

It's reached maximum effectiveness, hasn't it?

68df05 () No. 9719322

c7dae946b6423b....mp4 (11260 KB, 255 x 152, 704 : 420, wethepeoplex2.mp4) (h)

THIS - Redpill on steroids!!

Hey YouTube - you can't delete all of us!!

This guy represents a lot of us - the 'Silent Majority'.

`borrowed from: https://mcallistertvonline.com/

33aa3e () No. 9719323

a916e302e7c7fb....png (233 KB, 255 x 132, 1088 : 565, 82_8000_and_92....png) (h)

743c5620788c28....png (389 KB, 255 x 170, 543 : 362, POTUS_exits_AF....png) (h)

82-8000 USAF VIP 747 (POTUS) begins desecnt for MCAS Yuma while 92-9000 is heading for Tucson.

COPPER6 USAF KC-135R Stratotanker on duty just ne of MCAS Yuma

29b9d1 () No. 9719324

32ce047869a4c8....jpg (259 KB, 201 x 255, 750 : 953, biden_color_4.jpg) (h)


"After years of sharing him with Barack, now you can have handsome and dependable Joe Biden all to yourself."

So proclaims the back cover of Hot Cup of Joe: A Piping Hot Coloring Book with America's Sexiest Moderate, Joe Biden, a thirsty ode to the former vice president of the United States and presumptive Democratic nominee for president, health permitting.

6965b9 () No. 9719325


Nope. Rifled barrel, sabot slug. JFC

603268 () No. 9719326

fb3ea6630fe4ab....jpg (422 KB, 255 x 128, 2000 : 1000, o_MEDIA1.jpg) (h)

6932301b0b5ad9....jpg (96 KB, 255 x 141, 650 : 360, 6552.jpg) (h)

a4a4d1 () No. 9719327

44a489509f47ce....jpg (69 KB, 255 x 154, 809 : 487, Capture.jpg) (h)

‘What happens with customer data?’ British joy over reopening of pubs muted by BoJo’s plans for owners to collect personal details

Excitement at British PM Boris Johnson’s announcement that pubs will be given the green light to reopen on July 4 has been somewhat curbed as the plans include businesses requesting customers provide personal contact details.

Johnson’s plans for pubs to restart trading on their premises was met with cheers by many lawmakers in parliament, but details on the conditions attached to the reopening reveal it will be anything but business as usual for owners and customers – particularly concerning personal data.


a33c2c () No. 9719328

Short - self-described Emergency - "Special Edition" of Common Sense

Recent Events Follow The Anarchist Playbook, This Was Predicted

and the mass media covered it up!

Rudy W. Giuliani

Jun 23, 2020



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

07f301 () No. 9719329



899b4b () No. 9719330

18347c7705eda5....png (33 KB, 255 x 57, 914 : 206, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Apple Can Now Unlock Your Car And Listen To You Washing Your Hands

Among some of the more disturbing features revealed at yesterday's Apple Worldwide Developer Conference keynote were the additions of CarKey - a feature that is going to allow some BMW owners to unlock their car with their phone - and an app on your watch that literally listens to you wash your hands and reminds you if you haven't washed them for long enough.

The company was adamant on Monday that it wants to replace your car keys, despite the fact that the company's long-held goal of making its own EV hasn't materialized. Instead, it appears to have surrendered the whole car and is now focusing on something a little bit easier: putting your car keys on your smartphone.

"They've been around for over 100 years but they've become big, bulky and ripe for reimagining," am Apple company executive said on stage yesterday.

The company is going to be rolling out the feature for 2021 BMW 5 series vehicles to start and demonstrated the "feature" on Monday, showing that even just a door handle top with an iPhone can now unlock a sedan. Drivers can then place the phone on the car's charging pad and start the vehicle.

But that's not all: BMW owners will be able to unlock their car from long distances using a technology called "ultra wideband" and will also be able to share their car's key simply by sending a message to someone else's phone.

Recall, we wrote about a year ago about hackers that have cracked similar key fobs by using cloners and range extenders to steal vehicles, notably Teslas.

It was back in 2018 that researchers unveiled a serious flaw in the security of Tesla's vehicles, relating to the Model S keyless entry system, according to Wired. With little more than standard radio equipment, hackers were able to defeat the car's encryption and wirelessly clone the sedan's key fob in seconds, allowing them to unlock the car and drive away without ever touching the owner's key.

In response to this report, Tesla created a "new" version of its key fob that supposedly patched the underlying flaw. But now, predictably, the same researchers are back and say that they have found yet another vulnerability that even affects the replacement key fobs.


bf6e2b () No. 9719331

1cb9da1196bb18....jpg (139 KB, 255 x 193, 1000 : 758, Extreme_Mice_F....jpg) (h)

The Art of the Shill

Qart #44

"Fuck off back to reddit nigger."

e2e1f4 () No. 9719332

4c70e49160a60d....png (191 KB, 255 x 151, 2325 : 1377, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

:59 second DELTA.

All for a LARP right shills?

It's Happening!

68df05 () No. 9719333



12cb4f () No. 9719334

ea8817f4f85b01....png (189 KB, 255 x 173, 441 : 300, hilldlm.png) (h)

ebbf1d () No. 9719335



<Q posting fake videos again


04e2da () No. 9719336



Youre not anon


Shills on Parade

a83750 () No. 9719337




a secondary or covert route for the passage of information.

Has nothing to do with secret codes, or who can see, faggot. It's the ability to openly give information avoiding legalities.

f7b513 () No. 9719338

9388af () No. 9719339


Fucking LOVE this guy. Energy off the charts.

15c745 () No. 9719340

People are losing their livelyhoods and or lives

as the country burns, but lets have a kekle while

we wait for no arrests, and we wait for full fledged

medical tyranny.

36da61 () No. 9719341


it was good

68bd54 () No. 9719342

8b07c7782d2982....png (932 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, Wolf_Trust006.png) (h)

VOTE out Chaos




Thou hast broken my bonds in sunder. I will offer unto thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of God~




VOTE in Order

227bf6 () No. 9719343

2dc41e11a9bdbc....jpg (131 KB, 255 x 199, 922 : 720, BidenFall.jpg) (h)

c45b61 () No. 9719344

8f2934301d6477....png (284 KB, 255 x 207, 556 : 451, statement1.png) (h)

3.4m to JB

f18059 () No. 9719345


Tucson is really liberal. Not sure why that's the pick for POTUS.

3cd432 () No. 9719346

2 V22's just landed in the water off the Isle of Portland UK

f7b513 () No. 9719347

19287099f91d10....jpg (23 KB, 189 x 118, 189 : 118, _OBAMAGATE.jpg) (h)

2c91fa () No. 9719348


luv muh m855's

12cb4f () No. 9719349

501e71861be625....png (639 KB, 255 x 143, 969 : 545, CUOMO2.png) (h)

a4a4d1 () No. 9719350

e9fdf69c5ee1ff....jpg (97 KB, 255 x 145, 767 : 436, Capture.jpg) (h)

Green New Deal Leads GOP Into Compromise Over Fighting Climate Change

The Green New Deal doesn’t just belong to radical greens and Democrats, but also to the Republicans. Climate alarmists have successfully changed the political narrative into one of finding the best ways to limit carbon and Republicans are eating it up. ⁃ TN Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of every American. More than 118,000 people have died in the U.S. due to the coronavirus and over 45 million Americans have filed for unemployment assistance. Communities have shut down entirely, and while officials are following public health guidelines to safely reopen, getting to a new normal will take time.

Shutting down our economy also significantly impacted emissions levels. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates U.S. emissions could decline by more than 14 percent this year.

And as the pandemic ravages health and economies worldwide, the International Energy Agency reports that global energy emissions may decline this year by almost 8 percent – the largest reduction ever and “twice as large as the combined total of all previous reductions since the end of World War II.”

Still, even with the pandemic driving major economic devastation and emissions declines, global emissions barely met the United Nations’ target of cutting annual emissions by 7.6 percent. And, of course, developed countries like the United States are supposed to cut an even larger share, while the world allows China to continue to increase its emissions without consequence for the next decade.


97d597 () No. 9719351

*Violent criminals gave up that right imo

a774a6 () No. 9719352


Remember, it's never as bad as they want to make you think.

Enjoy the movie.

5d6ea6 () No. 9719353

de75d521c4bc3d....mp4 (4332 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, DolXdI8_TlBLpE....mp4) (h)


Good advice from old Joe

a9885c () No. 9719354

5e1910832dec63....png (390 KB, 255 x 164, 610 : 392, sick.png) (h)

8957c0 () No. 9719355

c3fef50fd71931....jpg (6 KB, 255 x 143, 280 : 157, snickers.jpg) (h)

5cf295 () No. 9719356

So Q-Ball is posting stuff that Anons had up early this morning & also another site I am on! Boy really on the ball Q-Ball

15c745 () No. 9719357


>It's the ability to openly give information avoiding legalities.

So it's ok for us but not for them.

How would that work.

aababd () No. 9719359

c26090b02698b6....mp4 (8914 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, ScreenCapture_....mp4) (h)

First the statues came down

First the statues came down, then they renamed the street names, then changed school curriculum, then certain TV shows and movies couldn't be shown… Cuba tried to warn us! But we thought it "couldn't happen to us."

f7771c () No. 9719358

1f27598d6567fc....png (582 KB, 255 x 166, 822 : 535, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Meme ammo.

6965b9 () No. 9719360

It will be interesting to see which path the media takes on this. Completel silence or go ballistic and try and figure out a way to downplay it or discredit it.

899b4b () No. 9719361

ac65ca53c4f2b5....png (13 KB, 255 x 118, 537 : 249, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

8f7588519f5f49....png (8 KB, 255 x 46, 543 : 98, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e8b9950cdb35ed....png (531 KB, 255 x 242, 851 : 808, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

08f2e082f010dc....png (31 KB, 255 x 104, 835 : 339, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

08f2e082f010dc....png (31 KB, 255 x 104, 835 : 339, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

‘Christianity’ trends as Americans fear it will be next on cancel culture’s chopping block

Christianity’ is trending across the United States, but it’s not some great reawakening of the American faithful – it’s anxious church-goers who are nervous that their religion will be next to suffer the wrath of cancel culture.

The phrase shot to the top of the Twitter trending charts after a member of US President Donald Trump’s legal team, Jenna Ellis, drew the battle lines with a rallying cry to her fellow Christians.

“I’m going on record now,” Ellis wrote. “If they try to cancel Christianity, if they try to force me to apologize or recant my Faith, I will not bend, I will not waver, I will not break.”

The lawyer added that she’s “proud to be an American,” upping the stakes in the Twitter row that was to unfold. The tweet clearly struck a chord with many as it quickly racked up over 65,000 likes. However, it also got under many peoples’ skin as it drew over 25,000 replies.

Unsurprisingly, the tweet served as a lightning rod for many who wanted to vent their spleen over the Trump administration, and Ellis was attacked for working for the president. It also provoked a wider debate about Christianity and over 100,000 messages were posted about the topic.


920708 () No. 9719362

6b4108d053106e....png (827 KB, 255 x 143, 1124 : 632, FB90CB13_31BC_....png) (h)

And if you have been watching this guy like a bunch of us, you would already have all the Ukraine NABULeaks video breakdown! He has been saying Ukraine is the Key for 2 years and over 20 hours of video analysis on Ukraine corruption, background, history, business, politics. He has a new show on Sunday’s with Ukrainian woman trying to introduce QAnon into Ukraine and have people from Ukraine call in and people from US / world call in to have dialogue.





c99e17 () No. 9719363


Some tangible arrests would go a long way too.

I'm not sayin… I'm just sayin

30f15a () No. 9719364

So Biden is caught then.

That means another false flag event is looming to change the narrative while intensifying their efforts to steal Nov 2020.

I wonder how many will die during this FF.

746e46 () No. 9719365

297c84acdc60bf....png (585 KB, 255 x 191, 559 : 418, 1.png) (h)

227bf6 () No. 9719366

3c7449b3a63830....jpg (113 KB, 252 x 255, 517 : 524, BidenFuneral.jpg) (h)

68df05 () No. 9719367

ac35e47d814840....mp4 (1287 KB, 255 x 143, 480 : 270, cyberCourt.mp4) (h)

Will there be artificial intelligence judges in the future? …or present?


05b320 () No. 9719368


>Some tangible arrests would go a long way too.

>I'm not sayin… I'm just sayin

How original

8480e3 () No. 9719369


If I had a nickel for every time a brainlet posted it's happening I'd be a Gorillianare

a83750 () No. 9719370


open source and free will make 8kun.

3544bf () No. 9719371

7221269c362de2....png (395 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, WWG1WGA.png) (h)

d5ddfc5dd85d90....png (362 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, WWG1WGA_1.png) (h)


Nice but I like mine more.

ebbf1d () No. 9719372


they have their alien bluebeam meme still

but most likely biden will be dropping out

33aa3e () No. 9719373


POTUS not on 92-9000 that is going to Tucson.

The two rarely land together except at JBA on return with these types of trips unless it is overseas

68bd54 () No. 9719374

0df76650ed2fe7....png (862 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, Wolf_Trust005.png) (h)

VOTE out Chaos




>Thou hast broken my bonds in sunder. I will offer unto thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of God~




VOTE in Order

8e352e () No. 9719375


THIS needs to be shared far and wide. People will listen to a pretty face with an accent.

29b9d1 () No. 9719376

a08c713a2f5cbc....jpg (325 KB, 200 x 255, 750 : 955, biden_color_1.jpg) (h)

How many easter eggs can you hide

4308ad () No. 9719377

4a50fa9588d813....jpg (66 KB, 255 x 143, 648 : 364, joe_biden_ill_....jpg) (h)


Its the best medicine

32cd31 () No. 9719378

90f2a023dd39ed....jpg (64 KB, 255 x 223, 468 : 410, AppleAd.jpg) (h)

Latest Apple Computer ad on Twttr this morning. A product marketed to mainly youth and adults, using childish/innocence imagery. The purpose behind it is never innocent.

19f482 () No. 9719379


It does. I think the world needs a little humor right now and they definitely need someone to save them from Antifa, Demonrats, Satanists, Human Trafficking, Baby eating and more more. See what happens when you're not paying attention. I'll never be complacent again. Love you Q and Q+

a4a4d1 () No. 9719380

046400405efc87....jpg (42 KB, 255 x 129, 618 : 313, Capture.jpg) (h)

Obama, Biden Reunion Fundraiser Raises $4 Million So Far

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are reuniting on Tuesday for their first joint appearance of the campaign, a fundraiser that has already raised more than $4 million, according to two people familiar with the event.

More than 120,000 people have already bought tickets to the virtual event, which start at $15 and go up to $1,000, the people said. It’s the first time the former president has raised money for Biden and just his second public appearance on his former vice president’s behalf. He released an endorsement video in April after Biden’s opponents dropped out of the Democratic primary race.

“Choosing Joe to be my vice president was one of the best decisions I ever made, and he became a close friend. And I believe Joe has all the qualities we need in a president right now,” Obama said in that video.

The initial haul for the fundraiser is likely to grow in the hours before the early evening event, making it one of the biggest for Biden’s campaign. An event last week with Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren raised $6 million


899b4b () No. 9719381

5402dcbfde637b....png (577 KB, 255 x 243, 554 : 528, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

995799dc7115a7....png (467 KB, 255 x 227, 552 : 491, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Farage investigated by US Homeland Security over trip to attend Trump Tulsa rally

A US congressman who chairs the Committee on Homeland Security has launched an investigation into Nigel Farage after the Brexit Party leader apparently flew to America to attend a Donald Trump rally during the Covid-19 pandemic.

US Democrat representative Bennie G Thompson sent a letter to Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of Homeland Security, on Monday, requesting “all relevant documents” on the decision to “waive the travel ban for Mr Farage,” saying it raised “troubling questions” at a time of strict restrictions being enforced.

Thompson highlighted media reports that Farage had initially been “denied boarding while trying to fly from the UK to the US on Friday,” but was subsequently given the green light by the Trump administration to make the trip.

The Brexit Party leader tweeted a photo of himself on Saturday looking very cheery, with the caption: “In the USA, only twenty four hours from Tulsa” – the location of the US president’s rally over the weekend. Images later emerged on Saturday night appearing to show the 56-year-old backstage at the ‘Team Trump on Tour’ as part of the rally.

The US has barred entry to arrivals from the UK, with exemptions given to US citizens, their family members and “individuals who meet specified exceptions.”

According to the congressman, America’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has provided a statement to his staff, saying the Department of Homeland Security conducted a review and concluded that Farage’s travel was “permissible” as his entry to the US “would be in the national interest,” and so he was allowed to board the flight.

In his letter to Wolf, the Mississippi Democrat also requested that the Department of Homeland Security provide “all communication” since March 14 relating to Farage’s trip and documents regarding the “determination and justification” that his entry was indeed in the “national interest.”


41bee5 () No. 9719382


and not one D's lead city/state will comply

then what

more empty promises of acting

but not yet cause the show has to continue

if he sends in the troops, MSM will further bury him in political maneuvering and his hands will be tied again


he left that in control of the DS, and is the biggest mistake of all, or part of the plan

operation placation a joint venture of NSA C_A

f18059 () No. 9719383


Thanks anon. Was confusion on my part. Mia culpa.

358181 () No. 9719384

cf4f45aabd69ad....png (109 KB, 239 x 255, 368 : 393, tootsie_roll.png) (h)

f7771c () No. 9719385


She fukken hates me.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

68bd54 () No. 9719387

449c8418f62774....png (1009 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, Wolf_Trust004.png) (h)

VOTE out Chaos




<Thou hast broken my bonds in sunder. I will offer unto thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of God~




VOTE in Order

08febd () No. 9719388

2fd94f646d4446....png (5 KB, 172 x 255, 274 : 407, Op_TestFire.png) (h)

de864449971bb0....png (22 KB, 255 x 251, 362 : 356, target_practice.png) (h)

623d3245e01d6b....png (1231 KB, 255 x 143, 900 : 506, Trump_holds_th....png) (h)

8bff1f87ea65a0....png (362 KB, 232 x 255, 518 : 570, Flags_Out_0620....png) (h)

fb955f () No. 9719389

439ff8bd48a21b....png (255 KB, 255 x 143, 793 : 444, Ukraine.png) (h)



a00612 () No. 9719390



>>9719256, >>9719323 planefags

>>9719328 Rudy G: Recent Events Follow The Anarchist Playbook, This Was Predicted

>>9719327 ‘What happens with customer data?’ British joy over reopening of pubs muted by BoJo’s plans for owners to collect personal details

>>9719298 Billion Dollar Firm Leaving Seattle for Phoenix Due to Unrest in the City

>>9719287 "The Liceu Opera of Barcelona opened Monday for its first concert since March amid the coronavirus pandemic, with musicians playing for a packed audience of plants.

>>9719277 Trump orders law enforcement to arrest memorial vandals under federal act with up to 10-year sentence

>>9719268 Background Press Call on the Visit of President Duda of the Republic of Poland

>>9719255, >>9719258 Governor Huckabee on Radical Left’s Calls to Eliminate Christian Statues and Artwork

>>9719242 DC Police on Tuesday swept out the leftist vermin in the street attempting an autonomous zone

>>9719227 Bayer Pays $10BN To Settle Thousands Of Monsanto Glyphosate Lawsuits

>>9719185 See how Prime Minister Queensland Australia Annastacia Palaszczuk is vaccinated…

>>9719184 Q cap

>>9719180 New study says summer sun can kill coronavirus in 34 minutes

c84b76 () No. 9719391


our target this week?

a774a6 () No. 9719392



It'll be worth roughly 1k sometime over the next few years.

68bd54 () No. 9719393

1148d0276181b1....png (936 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, Wolf_Trust003.png) (h)

VOTE out Chaos




Thou hast broken my bonds in sunder. I will offer unto thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of God~




VOTE in Order

688002 () No. 9719394

1. Has it been proven through studies that a face cloth covering helps stop the spread of the virus, or is that anecdotal?

2. Has it been proven through studies that someone who has tested positive with the virus but is asymptomatic is contagious?

3. Why must people assume they are infected? If that assumption healthy?

33aa3e () No. 9719395


np anon

confusion is a daily thing here too.

227bf6 () No. 9719396

df89affbbef618....jpg (323 KB, 191 x 255, 768 : 1024, ElderlyBiden.jpg) (h)

08febd () No. 9719397

8e59788b72d841....jpg (148 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, double_edge_sw....jpg) (h)

68bd54 () No. 9719398

China Virus has already lost half its potency.

Contact tracers are ordered to NOT ask about protest attendance.

Personal ads about infecting Trump Rallies are a thing.

See what direction we're headed?

'Luc Montagnier HIV Nobel Prize HIV Virologist Says CV "Bio-engineered" in Lab - Contains Strings Of Inserted HIV

"This virus was manipulated meticulously, it's not natural."

Interesting Points:

-Verifiable proof this was engineered "For Gain-of-function" advances, specifically contains an genetic sequence from HIV.

-China has enormous pressure on any studies or media related to the origins of the virus.

-Source as the Wuhan BioLab confirmed.

-Intentional or not, this engineered virus being released constitutes as a launched Bio Weapon.

-Electromagnetic means of manipulation can be used to neutralize the virus. Which also means they can be used to amplify it.


Host: "If we want to reassure ourselves, since you have continued to work on this virus, that virus today it has lost, you say, all its virulence and you imagine that it will no longer be specifically dangerous in the next few weeks?"

Luc: "Yes, what is interesting, if you will, is that my mathematical colleague Perez thinks there's some kind of harmonization of the sequences, of the genetic information, which is carried as well in our own chromosomes as by the virus. So nature doesn't accept anything. That is, we can do anything to nature but if you're making an artificial construct, it is unlikely to survive. That is to say that nature loves the harmonious things and what is foreign, such as another virus coming from another virus is not well tolerated. So, what is happening as time goes by, the epidemic is spreading, notably in the United States where there is the largest number of cases, there is an evolution through mutations, right. The sequences will mutate. Mutate means one nucleotide changed for an other, the genetic code is changing. But it also means deletions that are made: It means that there are whole chunks of the genome, including… what is extraordinary is that, precisely, the region that carries the HIV sequences are mutating much faster than the others. So, it itself disappears by deletions. So, we have patients on whom we have isolated the virus and sequenced the virus, in the western part of the United States, in Seattle, and this sequence is almost demolished and no longer works."

Host: "So the HIV is gone?"

Luc: "You'd think if the new pathogenicity if you will, of the corona is related to the introduction of these sequences, that it is going to disappear. It's a bit of hope."


3470bb () No. 9719399


If most "Christians" only knew.

Their pastors have already turned their name and addresses over to the DS 'for collection' in case "they" win.

In a 501-C3, the gov owns your ass. You do what your told.

b04443 () No. 9719400

38009353473f4f....png (1131 KB, 247 x 255, 895 : 924, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>9719038 (lb)

>>9719074 (lb)

>Earth is flat

the witch


e2e1f4 () No. 9719401

e20c3052494278....png (1867 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


It's Happening

Suck the sweat from my nuts you fucking manbaby.

899b4b () No. 9719402

fb4a28ed435951....png (1557 KB, 255 x 145, 1017 : 579, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

94daa3be6db390....png (48 KB, 205 x 255, 631 : 784, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

fa8a44fedfd442....png (43 KB, 211 x 255, 636 : 767, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e3b809318ae52e....png (445 KB, 252 x 255, 649 : 658, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Black man with contentious cop history risks life to save officer from burning car: 'This man is my brother through Christ'

True faith

A man with a history of negative run-ins with local and state police saved the life a police officer after a fiery crash that surely would have taken the officer's life.

Daylan McLee, who is black, was sitting in his home Sunday evening when his house shook from a nearby impact.

He heard the boom just before his house rattled and believed that a small earthquake shook the city of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, — until a relative came into his house to tell him that there was a car crash outside his home.

McLee, 31, sprinted outside, only to discover Uniontown Police Officer Jay Hanley trapped in a burning police cruiser. The flames had just begun to spread into the passenger compartment when McLee intervened and dragged Hanley from the burning wreck.

"We felt it in the house and my sister came screaming that two cars hit each other and one was a cop," he recalled.

McLee said that Hanley asked not to be moved because of an apparent leg injury. He clearly didn't see or feel the flames from the wreck spreading up to the cruiser's cabin.

"Then we started to see flames start to come inside of the car from the bottom, and I knew we had to get him out," McLee explained. "Another officer tried to assist me, and I just ripped the door open and we started dragging him across the street before the car ignited or anything serious like that."

McLee also said that there was no way he could stand by and watch the officer burn to death.

"I know this man is my brother through Christ, and I couldn't leave him behind," McLee said. "There were people outside screaming. We felt it in the house. It was like a jolt."

State police are investigating the crash.

"The investigation is going to show whether the traffic signal was working properly, whether the lights and the sirens on the vehicle were working at the time of the crash," Trooper Robert Broadwater explained. "It's still undetermined."

First responders flew Hanley to a nearby hospital for leg surgery. The driver of the other vehicle was able to walk away from the accident.

You can watch a video report on the incident here.

What else?

Uniontown Police Lieutenant Thomas Kolencik told WTAE-TV that there is no doubt in his mind that McLee saved Hanley's life.

"Daylan actually said, 'I'm not going to let him die.' There's just no words to describe, you know," he recalled. "We are so thankful Daylan was in the area at the time. It could have been a lot worse."

Uniontown Mayor Bill Gerke said that McLee truly cares about people and is easily the strongest man in the city.

"The day I met him is still the way he is today," Gerke said. "He cares about people, he cares about Uniontown, and that's what Uniontown is all about."

He added, "He said he's a God-fearing man, and he cares about all human beings, and no one was going to die on his watch. I'm sure he didn't wake up yesterday morning and that was on his mind that he was going to pull someone out of a burning car in the middle of Fayette Street, but thank goodness Daylan was there."


08febd () No. 9719403

fc539a52772149....jpg (71 KB, 255 x 143, 800 : 450, Meme_Maker.jpg) (h)

b897a3 () No. 9719404


Can I go now and come back when it's America again?

ebbf1d () No. 9719405

5388eddaf7e888....jpg (68 KB, 255 x 251, 628 : 617, 5388eddaf7e888....jpg) (h)

201e2fb2392f31....png (299 KB, 255 x 219, 1868 : 1602, 1563282748320.png) (h)

984524c4d50e47....png (140 KB, 255 x 204, 680 : 545, 1575952200095.png) (h)

43cd7ba0d49338....jpg (184 KB, 255 x 132, 838 : 434, 1577053351250.jpg) (h)

d279eae9755f2e....png (677 KB, 255 x 251, 628 : 617, 1578281468457.png) (h)

space force / star trek / stargate hybrid all happening in real life right now

the future looks great

cfd1f4 () No. 9719406

94fab55c9911b6....png (873 KB, 255 x 138, 924 : 500, mar_26_sociali....png) (h)

24fc6b () No. 9719407

0263d1571b29cb....jpg (298 KB, 255 x 143, 900 : 506, Obama_hates_us....jpg) (h)

6965b9 () No. 9719408


I would think America gets first dibs. Who knows after that. Double dip maybe?

d8d98e () No. 9719409

9516804e946003....png (2180 KB, 255 x 214, 1286 : 1080, 95AC9959_AA61_....png) (h)

6965b9 () No. 9719410


Biden has declined to roll over on anyone, and as such, would be the pinned Queen in the end gambit.

86c9d2 () No. 9719411

192ec2cafc0ea4....jpg (242 KB, 255 x 218, 1080 : 924, Screenshot_202....jpg) (h)

Not sure why this is notable

19a7e3 () No. 9719412

6f42fd68bcb923....png (1271 KB, 205 x 255, 1028 : 1280, eelworm.png) (h)

8480e3 () No. 9719413


Keep poasting it…. maybe one day SOMETHING might actually happen

b897a3 () No. 9719414


And you would still be poor compared to those that scored off the scamdemic.

5e2be4 () No. 9719415

Semore Views on the DC 'autonomous zone':

"Bunch of white liberals screaming black lives matter. This shit ain't got nothing to do with black lives matter. They just want to destroy America. Most of these people hate America."

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

68bd54 () No. 9719416

2aec26d29c631d....png (985 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, Wolf_Trust002.png) (h)

VOTE out Chaos




Thou hast broken my bonds in sunder. I will offer unto thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of God~




VOTE in Order

ebbf1d () No. 9719417

c335c168929dd7....png (890 KB, 255 x 104, 1814 : 738, 1A50724885061.png) (h)


the landings were real

what was faked was to hide something more

7a0eed () No. 9719418

8d4dac939db08d....jpg (283 KB, 255 x 129, 1808 : 916, 1592922390126.jpg) (h)

88265304c34cf9....png (296 KB, 255 x 70, 2192 : 598, 4chan_bread.png) (h)

Big dig into umbrella corporation that manages BLM money, links to Bill Clinton pardon and a Jewish woman that bombed a capitol building in the 80s

Bread 2:




a4a4d1 () No. 9719419

32a9b479ff9d5f....jpg (64 KB, 255 x 189, 637 : 472, Capture.jpg) (h)

Report: NYC Shootings Surge 358% over Same Time Last Year

New York City shootings have surged to the point they are now 358 percent higher than they were at this time last year.

NBC 4 reports data released Monday shows there were 55 shootings in the last week compared to 12 for the same week in 2019.

Over 70 people were injured in the shootings, with victims “[varying] in age from 16 to 47.”

On June 21, 2020, Breitbart News reported shootings had risen sharply during Monday-Friday of last week. The increase in numbers came after the NYPD disbanded its plainclothes anti-crime unit.

The NBC 4 report notes the shootings continued to pile up over the weekend but NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) indicated no support for bringing back the anti-crime unit. Rather, he said, “We are not going back to the bad old days where there was too much gun violence in this city, nor are we going back to the bad old days.”

The New York Post quoted an anonymous law enforcement to the change in police policy, saying, “This is what the politicians wanted — no bail, nobody in Rikers, cops not arresting anyone.”


f6a03e () No. 9719420

40a86fe902b3e7....jpg (576 KB, 255 x 117, 1757 : 808, 40a86fe902b3e7....jpg) (h)

488386ce040496....png (31 KB, 255 x 139, 832 : 454, Screen_Shot_20....png) (h)

2d0e4c1fa3ef58....png (171 KB, 126 x 255, 620 : 1256, Screen_Shot_20....png) (h)

849b977d04822a....png (33 KB, 255 x 160, 622 : 390, Screen_Shot_20....png) (h)

68df05 () No. 9719421



a4afee () No. 9719422

53602c5ca540b6....jpg (15 KB, 255 x 215, 255 : 215, 53602c5ca540b6....jpg) (h)




Venezuelan Warns Americans: Statues Coming Down Is Where Revolutions Start

Posted By Tim Hains

On Date June 23, 2020


Back to Videos

Venezuelan Warns Americans: Statues Coming Down Is Where Revolutions Start

Posted By Tim Hains

On Date June 23, 2020

Elizabeth Rogliani, a Venezuelan actress living in the U.S., told followers on Tik Tok why she is concerned to see statues being torn down and roads being renamed in America:

ELIZABETH ROGLIANI: Why do I even worry about some silly little statues coming down or some silly little street names changing? Why do I care?

It is because the last time I didn't care about this, I was a teenager. I have already lived through this thing when I was living in Venezuela. Statues came down – Chavez didn't want that history displayed. And then he changed the street names. Then came the [school curricula]. Then some movies couldn't be shown, then certain TV channels, and so on and so forth.

You guys think this can't happen to you, I've heard it so many times. But always be on guard. Never believe something can't happen to you. You've got to defend your country and your society or it will be destroyed.

We didn't believe it could happen to us. Most Venezuelans Cubans warned us and we were like, "This is Venezuela, we know about freedom. That's not going to happen here." Yet it happened. And there are literally a lot of people wanting to destroy the U.S.

072175 () No. 9719423

41c33e326c726d....jpeg (151 KB, 255 x 170, 1440 : 960, 1529156761.jpeg) (h)

899b4b () No. 9719424

e35a0314b30f11....png (1675 KB, 255 x 140, 1047 : 574, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

7025ef89554566....png (555 KB, 255 x 153, 605 : 362, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Tampa police officers 'ambushed' by hundreds of protesters, attacked with glass while trying to find a shooting victim

The police chief is calling it a 'setup'

Overhead footage of a chaotic and violent gathering in Tampa, Florida, Saturday shows police officers being driven back by large crowds of people in what the city's police chief is calling a "setup."

In a press conference following the incident, Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan told reporters that his officers were "ambushed" by the crowd of people and targeted with "bottles and glass."

"It's an ambush. I have no other way to describe it. When there are that many people out there and clearly no one had been shot. It was just a setup to get the cops there," Dugan said, according to WFTS-TV.

Officers originally responded to the scene after there were reports of shots fired with a possible victim, but when they arrived on the scene to investigate, they weren't able to locate a victim. Instead the crowd reportedly surrounded and harassed the officers, throwing objects and jumping on patrol cars.

Two officers were injured during the incident and taken to the hospital with lacerations, WTVT-TV reported. Both officers are expected to be fine.

The police chief noted the size of the crowd in his comments to the press.

"There were hundreds of them — hundreds. We ended up having to call every single police officer that was available that night to respond there, from New Tampa to South Tampa," he said.

Police arrested one man during the incident, Aaron Lamar Brown, 25, for violently resisting arrest and violating his probation, according to WFLA-TV.

Anything else?

The Saturday night incident was followed by a separate ambush that occurred Monday morning at a 7-Eleven, when a suspect resisted arrest and attempted to take an officer's gun.

The suspect also reportedly struck the officer in the face several times, leaving him with cuts and bruises.

Dugan made clear that he will not tolerate violence against his officers.

"There have been some violent acts. People are acting out. They think they can get away with doing whatever they want toward the cops," Dugan said. "We're going to use the necessary force to take people into custody. I think that's what people need to understand."

"The police, we always have everyone's back. Nobody has ours right now and that is what I think is missing here," he added. "The cops are not going to lie down. We're going to go out there and do our job, but we're being really careful."


4f5be1 () No. 9719425


Just look what is being shown to U.S. compared to the Reality of things.

Let’s say 2 million fools are creating the riot narrative.

Sure why not?

The Reality is there are at least 100 MILLION

of U.S. that are fully Geared and ready to put the

Fools down!



a774a6 () No. 9719426



Good riddance.

The Death Cult consensus machine deserves to be foiled.

We've outgrown Rome anyway.

19a7e3 () No. 9719427

ef282e6b48d93a....mp4 (1534 KB, 255 x 255, 960 : 960, landing.mp4) (h)

15c745 () No. 9719428


>the landings were real

The slide for today is the moon and flat earth.


84ccb6 () No. 9719429

ffa4ddc57e0967....png (768 KB, 255 x 143, 1600 : 900, Screenshot_9_.png) (h)

there is a reason we Need A seperation From Church And State

33aa3e () No. 9719430


92-9000 on ground at Tucson while 82-8000 is about 10 minutes away from touching down at MCAS Yuma

82-8000 Frozen due to transponder issues and topography interference.

cfd1f4 () No. 9719431

e23078952d41ab....png (148 KB, 255 x 217, 600 : 510, 12_31_differen....png) (h)

08b6ca () No. 9719432

0575be6c6d3544....jpg (89 KB, 255 x 143, 889 : 499, 462rtd.jpg) (h)

Some cognitive dissonance for the wokies.

e2e1f4 () No. 9719433

6d2116c19d7c80....png (639 KB, 255 x 219, 874 : 750, jukch.png) (h)

68bd54 () No. 9719434

54d3f0fdda68ed....png (894 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, Wolf_Trust001.png) (h)

VOTE out Chaos




Thou hast broken my bonds in sunder. I will offer unto thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of God~




VOTE in Order

227bf6 () No. 9719435

ee16fad26d31c8....jpg (612 KB, 255 x 170, 1200 : 800, NursingHomeMas....jpg) (h)

0e831da6b3ea4d....jpg (598 KB, 255 x 170, 1200 : 800, ASD.jpg) (h)

d8d862 () No. 9719436


You fucking retard. Drooling fucking retard

8e5f46 () No. 9719437


Jimmy Kimmel says nigger.

This is the PERFECT chance to get back at cancel culture.

Get #CancelJimmyKimmell trending on social media.

If he apologizes, keep doing it anyway. Post to his face that “under the left’s rules, you have to be cancelled regardless of if you apologize. no forgiveness.”

30d158 () No. 9719438

e9d3df59d55473....png (214 KB, 241 x 255, 287 : 304, AE933FF8_627E_....png) (h)


Just like congress.

19a7e3 () No. 9719439

7446fb055b7285....png (231 KB, 255 x 185, 598 : 435, bendit.png) (h)

e2e1f4 () No. 9719440

4057c9ab6a7901....png (561 KB, 208 x 255, 784 : 960, dmask.png) (h)


Enjoy denying it and being on the faggoty side of history.

Gaining much being here?

Lost fucking soul

Get a purpose shill.

878de2 () No. 9719441


Yes, because reviving brains with brain damage due to traumatic injury will certainly work well. [/s]

899b4b () No. 9719442

2e86b751cd498b....png (23 KB, 255 x 129, 545 : 275, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

836009f207c483....png (336 KB, 255 x 221, 570 : 494, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Donald Trump on Slowing Coronavirus Testing: ‘I Don’t Kid’

President Donald Trump at the White House on Tuesday defended his comments about slowing coronavirus testing, noting the growing number of cases of the virus was a result of increased testing.

“I don’t kid, let me just tell you, let me just make it clear,” Trump replied when asked about his remarks at a campaign rally on Saturday that he wanted to slow coronavirus testing.

During the rally, the president said, “I said to my people slow the testing down, please,” a comment seized and criticized by cable news.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Monday the president’s comment was in jest to highlight the hypocrisy of the media.

But on Tuesday, Trump reaffirmed the high case numbers were a result of the increased testing as he left the White House to visit the southern border.

“We have got the greatest testing program anywhere in the world, we test better than anyone in the world,” he said.

He noted the United States had more than 25 million coronavirus tests performed, which far surpassed other countries.

“We test, we’re going to have more cases, by having more cases it sounds bad but actually what it is, we’re finding more people,” Trump said.

The president said the United States continued to have a very low mortality rate, despite the spike in cases.

“Here’s what I say, testing is a double-edged sword, in one way it tells you you have cases, in another way you find out where the cases are and you do a good job,” Trump said.

The president also expressed his frustrations with how the media covered the administration’s handling of the virus.


Fauci: ‘None of Us Have Ever Been Told to Slow Down on Testing’

During Tuesday’s congressional hearing on coronavirus oversight, Dr. Anthony Fauci denied claims that they had been asked to scale back testing, clarifying that they will actually be “doing more.”

“I know for sure that to my knowledge none of us have ever been told to slow down on testing,” said Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, when asked about President Trump’s recent comments.

“That just is a fact. In fact, we will be doing more testing,” he continued.

Fauci, a member of the coronavirus task force, also promised “much more surveillance if you want to get your arms around and understand exactly what’s going on in community spread.”

“So it’s the opposite. We’re going to be doing more testing, not less,” he added:


5d6ea6 () No. 9719443

ac1c476858a7b5....jpg (70 KB, 191 x 255, 720 : 960, EbMldrwXQAAeJkH.jpg) (h)


is this real or fake?

fb955f () No. 9719444

83c06dd17365ad....png (452 KB, 255 x 156, 795 : 487, Ukraine_kent.png) (h)


I think there is a lot of Biden shit inside… I mean, it is about Biden and Burisma! In the first pic we got the Biden FAMILY, not just crackhead and here we have Georg Kent…

08febd () No. 9719445

4465065e96c377....jpg (120 KB, 255 x 139, 800 : 437, Admiral_Hero.jpg) (h)

7abb928c807fb1....jpg (116 KB, 190 x 255, 522 : 700, bill_melinda.jpg) (h)

12d7655a8f2977....jpg (181 KB, 170 x 255, 532 : 800, Eaters_of_Chil....jpg) (h)

aae5e09d45ed3a....jpg (115 KB, 255 x 164, 777 : 501, fbi_contractor....jpg) (h)

3a61bae2617993....jpg (85 KB, 255 x 140, 800 : 438, not_a_memer.jpg) (h)

They) know benefits of young immune system.

They) don't want everyone to know.

POTUS sneaks up to that news.

They) get stunned and uncomfortable.

i can SEE your tells

Q can hear you breath

the best deals are now, not later

if you stop now …

if you talk now …

there will be no pity in the END

because they had no pity now

20394c () No. 9719446


Timing of video release [#4500] & Berman termination?


"You cannot attack your political opponent."

The doubters will soon be believers.

Years in the making.


32cd31 () No. 9719447


How about actually DO SOMETHING you worthless sacks of shit! Ha ha just kidding.

a00612 () No. 9719448



>>9719256, >>9719323 planefags

>>9719424 Tampa police officers 'ambushed' by hundreds of protesters, attacked with glass while trying to find a shooting victim

>>9719402 A man with a history of negative run-ins with local and state police saved the life a police officer after a fiery crash

>>9719381 Farage investigated by US Homeland Security over trip to attend Trump Tulsa rally

>>9719380 Obama, Biden Reunion Fundraiser Raises $4 Million So Far

>>9719328 Rudy G: Recent Events Follow The Anarchist Playbook, This Was Predicted

>>9719327 ‘What happens with customer data?’ British joy over reopening of pubs muted by BoJo’s plans for owners to collect personal details

>>9719298 Billion Dollar Firm Leaving Seattle for Phoenix Due to Unrest in the City

>>9719287 "The Liceu Opera of Barcelona opened Monday for its first concert since March amid the coronavirus pandemic, with musicians playing for a packed audience of plants.

>>9719277 Trump orders law enforcement to arrest memorial vandals under federal act with up to 10-year sentence

>>9719268 Background Press Call on the Visit of President Duda of the Republic of Poland

>>9719255, >>9719258 Governor Huckabee on Radical Left’s Calls to Eliminate Christian Statues and Artwork

>>9719242 DC Police on Tuesday swept out the leftist vermin in the street attempting an autonomous zone

>>9719227 Bayer Pays $10BN To Settle Thousands Of Monsanto Glyphosate Lawsuits

>>9719185 See how Prime Minister Queensland Australia Annastacia Palaszczuk is vaccinated…

>>9719184 Q cap

>>9719180 New study says summer sun can kill coronavirus in 34 minutes

c84b76 () No. 9719449


3 dolla baby

cceea8 () No. 9719450

Faggots, the last bread where Q posted about the Ukraine press conference is truncated…cannot get to Q's post.. Check it out for yourself, go go the top of this bread and click on the link for Q's 'Worth listening ' post. The bread stops at post 409. The bread went until at least 672.

4f6775 () No. 9719451

0fa70ea6157658....gif (593 KB, 255 x 147, 473 : 272, Puss_In_Boots_....gif) (h)

19a7e3 () No. 9719452

0d39e24db170d1....png (569 KB, 255 x 159, 1280 : 800, few.png) (h)

c4b3eb () No. 9719453

5eabd62e007f98....gif (1297 KB, 255 x 187, 295 : 216, ezgif_4_983646....gif) (h)

08febd () No. 9719454

c9f919cecc8983....jpg (93 KB, 255 x 208, 800 : 651, Night_Shift_Fl....jpg) (h)


hi Q!

f6a5e1 () No. 9719455



08c0ba () No. 9719456


The DEMS will probably cancel the DNC convention because Joe the thing Biden.

Pure Comedy Gold will be when Joe the thing debates POTUS!

Please don't deprive us of that!!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

721c8c () No. 9719457

this is from last week. dunno if it was posted.


Army Command Sgt. Maj. Eric Schmitz of Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) died on Tuesday in Fairfax County, Virginia, the Army confirmed.

INSCOM seems relevant to the board's interests.

7251ca () No. 9719458

a09590559fcad4....png (541 KB, 255 x 197, 1002 : 774, 07812_076235.png) (h)

1db405 () No. 9719459


Fake I believe. Some anon posted archives of here tweets, it was not on there.

9634cd () No. 9719460


Sacrifice yourselves for the Agenda!

f7771c () No. 9719461

55805fd138b638....jpg (113 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, 4444949221_34e....jpg) (h)


It is years in the making. And thank you for taking the time to do it right. o7

3470bb () No. 9719462


Not talking about Rome anon.

It's the Protestant churches doing this.

1db405 () No. 9719463


>archives of her tweets*

8480e3 () No. 9719464


You're the one choking on Hopium spooge…I'm looking out for actual truth, evidence and the Country

08febd () No. 9719465

4f593379bf00f7....png (86 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, News_1_day_ahe....png) (h)

56d8caa4d3845c....png (152 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, News_1_day_ahe....png) (h)

1e86547eaceb45....png (215 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, News_1_day_ahe....png) (h)

84273af374f6d0....png (254 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, News_1_day_ahe....png) (h)

9502bc217016a3....png (356 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, News_1_day_ahe....png) (h)

a4a4d1 () No. 9719466

ecceef07135f00....jpg (30 KB, 255 x 154, 603 : 364, Capture.jpg) (h)

That’s Weird? Clinton Pal, Philanthropist and Multi-Millionaire Steve Bing Jumps From High Rise to His Death

Steve Bing, Bill Clinton

Clinton friend, philanthropist, film financier and multi-millionaire, Steve Bing jumped from a Century City building on Monday and was found dead at the scene.

Steve Bing was a longtime friend of the Clintons.

According to reports, Mr. Bing donated up to $10 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Both Clinton and Bing were in the past reported to be part of a billionaire clique that included Burkle and Jeffrey Epstein – reported LA Mag.


e960d8 () No. 9719467


Ulbrecht has them cooked :)

34923a () No. 9719468


If Q has it all - he/they have access to images, videos and files that could be used to wake even the deepest sleepers up. And what does he/they post? Drivel.

So who wants who divided?

d330aa () No. 9719469


Hard to refute

100c5a () No. 9719470

984334289b86d7....jpg (65 KB, 222 x 255, 561 : 643, Capture11.jpg) (h)

4eb43e () No. 9719471

037c9e5c4940b1....png (254 KB, 255 x 255, 803 : 803, Meme_farmer.png) (h)

FINALLY got the Meme Warehouse updated.

★ stars indicate locations that have been updated.

It's getting really hard to decide what folder to file things in now.

We are trying to provide ammo in two sizes. OC original size/shape, and 1200 x 675 pixels for Twitter Timeline View as consumed by 85% of people who use twitter.

If you sort memes by name, the OC and the modified-shape version should sort side by side.

Meme Ammo for Keyboard Warriors

Through tempest, storm,

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.

Visit Meme Warfare Operations >>9021616 for current campaigns, hashtags, tactics, help

-> Visit Meme Campaign thread >>9715132 for the instant campaign Q asked us to push for 1 week, namely death of seniors as a result of Dem governors violating federal guidelines and sending COVID-positive patients into nursing homes.

Memes ★58 >>9579253, 57 >>9240337

NEW FOLDER ★★★★★★★★★★★

*COVID Knowingly — mega.nz/folder/VNw33KwZ#4zmGWC7cmZIKhUgtN3JBbw

Governors sent COVID patients to nursing homes in violation of federal guidelines,

knowing deaths of vulnerable elderly would result


* Ukraine — mega.nz/folder/kYZnGQrQ#aICFTDwPO6F7g6gZPiDrZQ

Biden, bribes, Burisma, Schiff funding by Ukranian arms dealer, Ukranian gas companies, Maidan massacre…

* Trump Successes v2 — mega.nz/folder/MB4D1JrJ#GEEftK7VxpJ92_NSlDqydA

Hundreds of topics usable NOW to promote successful Trump policies & actions. Veterans. Farmers. Economic prosperity for all. Opportunity zones. Drinking water. Infrastructure. Healthcare. Freedom of Religion. Tax reform/reduction. Trade schools. Funding for Historically Black Colleges. Paid family leave. US-Canada-Mex trade agreement. Energy. Medical price disclosure. Environment. Native Americans. And So Many Moar.

* Kiddos' Daily — mega.nz/folder/hFhGCIyB#HP32I-1_IUV9v_m6A7trkg

* 2020-Jun — mega.nz/folder/8ZwVDKYQ#CFhZxu0GbWUmgk4vfNiRpg

* Antifa — mega.nz/folder/xVpVnIYb#DE5xZRgLxABb4H-8EFxAug

Domestic terror, Protests, Rioting, Looting, Bricks. Socialist/Communist roots. George Soros. George Floyd. Black Lives Matter. Military turncoats. Liberal governors and mayors allowing riots despite "pandemic", National Guard deployment, use of Military to maintain law & order, Jobs not Mobs, Pray for America, [They] Kneel…

* TwitBanners — mega.nz/folder/IBwz1aLK#yD7-abZiVgi_xmrT2nKzdw

New banners for twitter accounts: Q - WWG1WGA - US states - countries

* Abortion-Planned Parenthood-Fetal Tissue — mega.nz/folder/UBxkHAZS#W9ibdzK2i33Ms30AbotAPw

* Obamagate — mega.nz/folder/VY5UQILJ#R3Sjsp5fdBst_1t2pl29dw

Keep it trending! Many tagged with #Obamagate. Many individuals with roles in the coup highlighted:

#ComeyKnew, #BrennanKnew… FISA abuse, Spygate, 16-year plan to destroy America, Uranium One,

pay-for-play, Benghazi…

* 2020-May — mega.nz/folder/ZIJQwS6S#gdnJOmSQqSpcxMi4E2TSsQ

* Kung Flu — mega.nz/#F!xVRwVQgL!0d8Duz-aqyHBCJrTu2ScVQ

HCQ, China Coronavirus, COVID-19, Gates, Attempted social control by pandemic, masks…

* Big Pharma — mega.nz/folder/9MplDKrS#2ErTJWcfFQA3scFeGu02hA

* VoterID/ElectionRig — mega.nz/#F!EV4HkQ7A!fxp-5L2RjgKl1D3YK1xGYA

* Fake News Examples — mega.nz/folder/xVwhFQCT#fITV5NhbxDuy4uaxAKoELw

* Flynn — mega.nz/folder/NRwilA6b#MBXRAmkoeVD0278sTu2lEQ

* Biden — mega.nz/#F!cUhmUIzA!a-EOJx-VNCAlntYJA_LSQQ

* Clintons — mega.nz/#F!pRY0jShJ!-NUlzXxvhTopV1GO2c89tg

Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, Clinton Foundation … everything Clinton that's not in the #Obamagate folder

* Bernie/Socialism — mega.nz/#F!5NgkjAyZ!xeXnTJTJBFR98Sa0X1E3bQ

* Space Force — mega.nz/#F!YRog1CzA!zJWOQG2MtJppmTa3yaJXvQ

* Bill Barr — mega.nz/#F!wFpnBKhS!V3dZsLTQF1M69ZtBaIu1Xw


358181 () No. 9719472

898cbdcbed7d23....png (89 KB, 255 x 60, 1313 : 307, Boeing_Honeywel.png) (h)

f7b513 () No. 9719473





The plan for the Plan is meticulous. Bravo o7

9634cd () No. 9719474

79ae8a501189f9....jpg (102 KB, 255 x 228, 474 : 424, lincoln.jpg) (h)

a9885c () No. 9719475

f0587947bcc782....png (105 KB, 255 x 177, 255 : 177, Qaid.png) (h)



Here's a dime.

ec603a () No. 9719476

72ce49698c14f8....png (574 KB, 255 x 179, 1280 : 898, 72ce49698c14f8....png) (h)

c45b61 () No. 9719477

Kherson oil transshippment Complex

Burisma Holdings Limited

Wirelogic Technologies

Digitex + others

Zlochevsky provided 50mm

Devon Archer Rosemont Seneca Bohai -> Biden Fam

9388af () No. 9719478


Fuck, thank you for this!

Another red pill for my family.

04e2da () No. 9719479


If I had to say, I bet this plan has been in effect since early 1960s

bd8431 () No. 9719480

c29967c390be24....png (59 KB, 225 x 225, 225 : 225, 24563456576586....png) (h)


>the doubters will soon be believers

What about the people brainwashed beyond belief?

0ac609 () No. 9719481


I can't believe they went through with that sham of an impeachmint, when all Q+ did was ask about looking into Crowdstrike.

Imagine if he said SR?

899b4b () No. 9719482

614349c5f7ae24....png (506 KB, 255 x 186, 543 : 396, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

24401d98912c59....png (394 KB, 255 x 205, 552 : 444, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

38d6c51f1c2531....png (42 KB, 255 x 180, 665 : 470, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

BET Founder Robert Johnson Calls for Independent Black Lives Matter Political Party

Black Entertainment Television (BET) founder Robert Johnson is calling on Black Lives Matter to break away from the Democrat Party to form an independent political party.

Joe Biden’s racist “you ain’t black” comment appears to have been what motivated Johnson to come up with this idea.

During a Tuesday morning appearance on CNBC, the billionaire explained, “I’ve been convinced for a long time that 40 millions African Americans who tend to vote as a bloc in one of the two parties limit their leverage in getting action from both parties.”

Last week, Johnson wrote a letter to Black Lives Matter urging them to do exactly that:

I am writing to you with a suggestion that Black Lives Matter (BLM) consider establishing a formal independent political party. The party could be founded on the principle articulated by the founding members of the Congressional Black Caucus in 1971. That formative principle stated, “Black people have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies.…just permanent interests.” The effort to create an independent Black party, created specifically to address Black issues, is not a new idea among Black people. There are many people, both Black and white who believe that independent parties can make a significant contribution to the current political system as to how this nation of 300 million diverse citizens can be governed in the best interest of all Americans. Many pundits will try to convince you that it is impossible for independent parties to exist in this country. They will argue that the American people seem to be satisfied with just two choices. To the contrary, I believe a politically astute and structured Black independent party, committed and engaged in the electoral process, can prove them wrong.

Earlier this month, Johnson argued for $14 trillion — with a “T” — in slavery reparations, which would be pretty difficult in a country that only has $1.5 trillion in cash floating around. Anyway…

On CNBC, Johnson expanded on his Black Lives Matter independent party idea: “I think it’s time African Americans to form an independent party, not be an appendage of one party or ignored by the other party.”

“Had African American interests been fully embraced by one of two of the dominant parties, we wouldn’t have the tremendous social and economic racial issues that we have now,” he continued.

Johnson added that he would like to see Black Lives Matter candidates run at all levels of government, local, state, and national.

Johnson admits it is too late for an independent party to gear up for this year, but believes now is the time to have the discussion. “As you can see, the Democrat Party is terrified of the notion that black folks might either vote a protest vote at the top of the ticket or decide to sit this out.”

As an example of how the Democrat Party takes the black vote for granted, Johnson referred back to Biden’s declaration last month that black people who don’t vote for him “ain’t black.” Johnson said this was a “horrific statement [that] reflects the need for a black independent party. That someone can be so presumptuous that you have to vote for a Democrat or otherwise you are not identified as black.”

“That is the principle reason why we need an independent black party — to change that kind of behavior so that we’re not taken for granted by the Democrats and ignored by the Republicans.”


3470bb () No. 9719483

2b4f25cb1f97f3....png (1008 KB, 255 x 161, 1440 : 907, TRUMP_statue_l....png) (h)



c84b76 () No. 9719484


Thank you meme anon.

you will go down in history!

a83750 () No. 9719485


Are taking down the statues a ploy? Helping make the left look like idiots but also bringing down freemasons and other types that don't deserve to be honored?

a774a6 () No. 9719486


Rome controls both sides, fren.

ec603a () No. 9719487

850e82b67abf81....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 187, 255 : 187, 850e82b67abf81....jpg) (h)

0634cd () No. 9719488

10a485edac6e24....png (2363 KB, 40 x 255, 1645 : 10519, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

693a2d0f96f458....png (411 KB, 255 x 143, 1645 : 924, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

4eb43e () No. 9719489


I hope in a good way, kek.

23bfca () No. 9719490


Ahhh yes….pieces of the puzzle fitting together.

I really really like jigsaw puzzles 😉

f7bf00 () No. 9719491


Strauss going to make her 2 weeks worth it?

f3c7d0 () No. 9719492

ce1606acf28899....jpg (23 KB, 214 x 255, 295 : 352, campaign.jpg) (h)


Hussein must be feeling the heat to go back on the trail so

he cant be arrested (wrong)

100c5a () No. 9719493

925138bc58de62....jpg (34 KB, 196 x 255, 467 : 608, Capture1.jpg) (h)


Just like the last few years Q.

Always a tease.

Wake me up when you move to action.

08febd () No. 9719494

469bd4e0d9deab....jpg (81 KB, 255 x 131, 800 : 410, death_blossem_....jpg) (h)

27a0a90dba907f....jpg (175 KB, 255 x 190, 800 : 595, bull_horn.jpg) (h)

d52ac60d74e0fa....jpg (113 KB, 255 x 130, 929 : 474, Carson_Trump_i....jpg) (h)

a0debcfb8c17ba....jpg (103 KB, 255 x 203, 800 : 637, data_Q.jpg) (h)

70d654a7c7a2e6....jpg (182 KB, 255 x 242, 800 : 758, Flags.jpg) (h)


Q drops use to be fun, kek

now i jus hear the Time ticking, kek

be nimble and Quick

Nov in sight, final countermoves at the ready.

GOOD luck lastStarFighter, o7

433f20 () No. 9719495


Can you imagine if someone did this with "You ain't black!" XD

a4c0db () No. 9719496


I'm listening to that video that you dropped June 22

And it is an amazing story of twists and turns

Many people worked hard to uncover the truth

And this has got to be like the loose thread in a sweater that unravels the whole thing once you tug on it a bit.

Seems like the tactic of keep your enemies closer was used to good measure in Ukraine too.

f7b513 () No. 9719497



You spelled Satan wrong. Rome is just the bag men.

ebbf1d () No. 9719498

02f5ad589e49cf....png (628 KB, 224 x 255, 897 : 1020, 02f5ad589e49cf....png) (h)

140e69 () No. 9719499

1c9487fb3d67f8....png (446 KB, 255 x 151, 832 : 492, Antifa_for_Bid....png) (h)

Patriots are passing out these hilarious signs right now LIVE at the Students for Trump rally in Arizona!



aebc50 () No. 9719500

927128b40a914c....png (117 KB, 255 x 166, 1007 : 654, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

Tanker PETION now lists destination as Matanzas, Cuba with ETA of 6/26, currently still at anchor Puerto La Cruz, Venezeula. This is the ship operated by Caroil (ties to Cuban gov't) that may be about to deliver a load of the Iranian gasoline to Cuba

41bee5 () No. 9719501


how do you get the normies to watch it?

why it has no relevance to the matters

D's and their constituents don't care or hear right wing news

9e5390 () No. 9719502

8464d784d443d2....jpg (124 KB, 255 x 255, 1024 : 1024, ArmorOfGod.jpg) (h)

9634cd () No. 9719503

c68eaea22f4e4c....jpg (84 KB, 255 x 206, 920 : 744, nightstyle.jpg) (h)



fb955f () No. 9719504

5f1cd0bcc801bd....png (245 KB, 255 x 164, 803 : 517, Ukraine_Patron....png) (h)


There is a lot fuckery to read! Let´s go in the offensive please!


6965b9 () No. 9719505


OMG, I'm fucking dying over here.

4d0744 () No. 9719506

abc84d2883d64f....jpg (254 KB, 255 x 252, 1239 : 1226, DemoCorruption.jpg) (h)

beeac4dc5cad1f....jpg (217 KB, 255 x 245, 1024 : 984, accomplishment....jpg) (h)

3a24f40854da2f....png (246 KB, 255 x 255, 777 : 777, chant1.png) (h)



Q, How can we drag Biden out of his bunker and make him answer the allegations/proof uncovered by Ukrainian officials? What responsibility does the DNC and MSM have to report this criminal activity of the leading candidate of the Democrat nomination?

75af75 () No. 9719507


Missing $44MM from a $50MM bribe from Burisma. Rosemont Seneca Bohai is a known money launderer. This is a big boom. Still reading.

899b4b () No. 9719508

0a741e86e4ab01....png (272 KB, 255 x 140, 638 : 350, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

90a32772e06447....png (4 KB, 206 x 123, 206 : 123, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta: ‘We Are Right Back to Square One’ On Flattening The Curv

Monday on CNN, chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta said we were “right back to square one” when it comes to flattening the curve of the coronavirus pandemic.

Lemon asked, “Is this virus on brink of getting out of control again?”

Gupta said, “I worry it is. It was 18 states that were seeing significant growth on Monday of last week. So a week later you see five more states added to the list.”

Lemon asked, “You have heard what the Trump administration is saying about this, claiming the case surge is all about an increase in testing. There’s alarming data from states that show that is not true.”

Gupta said, “It’s not true. This is frustrating this many months into this. The only thing really that other countries have been able to use to be able to bring the case count low into the teens or hundreds, not the tens of thousands, has been robust testing. Finding people who have the virus, isolate them to break the cycle of transmission.”

He continued, “How do you explain hospitalization? If you look at hospitalizations in all the states you mentioned they are also going up. There’s Arizona, they have been going up. They should be going down. 2,000 hospitalizations? At this point in the pandemic that is not what we should be seeing. Same thing you see in Texas, same thing you see in Florida as well. I’m particularly worried about Florida. My parents live in Florida. This is a state where 20% of the population is over the age of 65. We know that the virus — there is a vulnerable population, people who are elderly, have preexisting conditions. Seventy-five percent of the ICU beds are already occupied in Florida.”

He added, “We kept talking about flattening the curve so as to not tax the hospital system. We are right back to square one in terms of that discussion again, flattening the curve. That was March. We should be having a new discussion, which is ‘bring this down to near zero.’ Instead, we’re talking about how to keep the hospitals from redlining once again.”


a9fa4c () No. 9719509


Yes, bc Independent Parties always do so well at the polls.

They should do it. Less votes for Dems. & the BLM party will never win.

9e5390 () No. 9719510

eac90bf1a8dddf....png (67 KB, 243 x 255, 500 : 525, biden_sniff_BL....png) (h)

a98ff5 () No. 9719511

14057cd4b94b4f....jpg (1696 KB, 255 x 170, 2297 : 1531, 3411.jpg) (h)

12cb4f () No. 9719512

eaf5ceaef48878....png (97 KB, 247 x 255, 247 : 255, joenoose.png) (h)

1d0eb5 () No. 9719513


They will either choose to remain miserable or they will do a flip.

2c91fa () No. 9719514


how many x's r u gonna post this shit today? every single bred

a10105 () No. 9719515

Hello Wisconsin!



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a4a4d1 () No. 9719517

d6701d8c1da689....jpg (64 KB, 255 x 155, 679 : 414, Capture.jpg) (h)

Street 'like chewing gum' as major quake hits southern Mexico, kills one

MEXICO CITY, June 23 (Reuters) - A powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.4 struck the coast of southern Mexico on Tuesday, killing at least one person, buckling paved roads, and sending people fleeing their homes into the streets.

One person died in the state of Oaxaca, Governor Alejandro Murat said, after the quake hit the Pacific coastal state mid-morning.

Mexico's civil protection agency recommended that residents move away from the coastline to avoid a possible tsunami. Videos on social media showed the ocean's water receding in Oaxaca, a mountainous state that is home to coffee plantations, beach resorts, and Spanish colonial architecture.


1f4066 () No. 9719518

d53d27874829a0....jpg (78 KB, 255 x 191, 1024 : 768, d53d27874829a0....jpg) (h)

c84b76 () No. 9719519

564377facc75e7....jpg (31 KB, 255 x 222, 680 : 591, pepe_bd2.jpg) (h)


Of course! You are a top ranking digital soldier.

b04443 () No. 9719520


Typical Dim thinks this is water under the bridge. KEK! Wait until they see it come rushing back onto the screen as prior available info+ all these new revelations!

786197 () No. 9719521


That sounds like something might happen before the election

Or ims this disinformation

de4a61 () No. 9719523


Berman also allowed a GJ for 9/11 evidence but that’s gone cold…. what’s up with that? 57 exhibits? Explosives etc? Boom or no Boom? Kek…

100c5a () No. 9719524


There's your "SOON" anons.

Just like every other fucking time.

9e5390 () No. 9719525

0cdf5b202ec4aa....png (227 KB, 255 x 183, 600 : 431, joe_biden_bide....png) (h)

08febd () No. 9719526

f1c3e5ef2991bd....png (656 KB, 255 x 191, 900 : 673, fauci_gates_an....png) (h)



9634cd () No. 9719527

a1687473243fed....jpg (25 KB, 255 x 123, 360 : 173, gunconfiscation.jpg) (h)

dec619 () No. 9719528


I needed that laugh, Thanks!

786197 () No. 9719529

fa32a5 () No. 9719530

Pretty amazing that a prosecutor can sit on information that long and it isn't considered withholding evidence or obstruction.

Should be prison time but all they get is fired, most likely to go work for another firm, making a shitload of cash.

So much for no deals.

a4a4d1 () No. 9719531


What the FK r u talking about..kekekeke

4308ad () No. 9719532

78f1adb482b09e....png (1065 KB, 255 x 191, 1023 : 766, trump_batman_t....png) (h)

e960d8 () No. 9719533


Btwn JK and MR being w Team8 you really are asking a lot from us.

If it was your intent to muddy the water you went overboard. smh.

c84b76 () No. 9719534

Q- can Obama run for VP?

If so, if Biden steps down, can Obama be President again?

a4afee () No. 9719535


Rush L mentioned it

can't find it in any archives though

url for twat would be helpful.

Maybe its still cached

6965b9 () No. 9719536


Wait'll you get to the billions part! Hoo bebe.

15c745 () No. 9719537


>It's the Protestant churches doing this.

Is that what you have to tell yourself,

for your cognitive dissonance of supporting

child predators in the catholic church?

0ac609 () No. 9719538


call a Ambalamb

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

899b4b () No. 9719539

20674bd364dd20....png (57 KB, 248 x 255, 663 : 683, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Suspected UK Terrorist Was Released From Prison Early and Known to MI5

Khairi Saadallah, the Libyan refugee who has been detained on suspicion of perpetrating the knife attack in Reading, was released early from prison, was enrolled in the government’s Prevent deradicalisation scheme, and is believed to have been known to the UK’s security services as a possible terror suspect before the attack.

Saad­allah had been sentenced in October 2019 to 25 months and 20 days in prison for breaching a suspended jail term, racially motivated assault, criminal damage, and affray (public fighting) — yet only served 17 months and 20 days behind bars.

In March, the Court of Appeal decided to cut the prison sentence for the 25-year-old short, releasing him 16 days before the terrorist attack took place this past Saturday, June 20th.

The Libyan refugee was given strict licence conditions upon his release due to his violent past and history of mental illness. However, probation and social service officials reportedly struggled to keep track of him due to the Chinese coronavirus national lockdown.

“He obviously had an interest in extremism dating to last year. He had delusional and probably paranoid schizophrenia and was on strong medication which could be administered regularly in prison. His issues mean any trigger could have been very quick,” a source told The Sun.

The source added his motives for the attack — in which he killed men reported to be part of the Reading LGBT community — “remains unclear” and “His associations in prison are one line of inquiry”.

Khairi Saadallah reportedly first entered the United Kingdom as an illegal migrant in 2012 before being granted asylum in 2018.

According to The Telegraph, he had bragged to his friends that he was a former child soldier in Libya, fighting to overthrow Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

“He would describe himself as a Libyan soldier and said he had escaped because he didn’t want to be in the army,” a friend of Saadallah said.

The 25-year-old is also said to have told friends that he “fought for and against Islamic State” terrorist organisation. His erratic claims were believed by health officials to be linked to a form of mental illness, The Times reported.

Saadallah had been involved in the government’s Prevent programme, which seeks to deradicalise people, mostly of the younger generation, who are at risk of joining extremist groups or committing acts of terror.

He is reported to have met with Prevent officials, and had access to various support services provided through the programme. Officials, however, determined that Saadallah was not a likely terror threat.


f57484 () No. 9719540


It hasn't always been easy Q.

08febd () No. 9719541

38f5794cc952af....png (187 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, sdny_who.png) (h)

eceaf577883578....png (41 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, epstein_sdny_c....png) (h)


c45b61 () No. 9719542

Devon Archer Rosemont Seneca Bohai



f7771c () No. 9719543



The law does not exist in order to be used as an offensive weapon. Shameful and morally bankrupt.

e2e1f4 () No. 9719544

bb50c6d8935806....png (2521 KB, 255 x 143, 1985 : 1112, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

44ce8b () No. 9719545

19f09bedce131d....png (119 KB, 255 x 226, 1022 : 904, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

More Strzok notes incoming.

072175 () No. 9719546

58ee0576d1cd8f....jpeg (87 KB, 255 x 170, 1080 : 720, 1563812330.jpeg) (h)

6965b9 () No. 9719547


What's that on your tie? Psych.

01f143 () No. 9719548

552e8537420a92....jpg (64 KB, 216 x 255, 691 : 814, 552e8537420a92....jpg) (h)

5d6ea6 () No. 9719549

Berman was appointed by President Donald Trump.


3470bb () No. 9719550

557554df4bea87....png (763 KB, 255 x 161, 1024 : 646, Cuomo_train.png) (h)

c5f7da9982ed3b....jpeg (341 KB, 215 x 255, 1080 : 1283, c5f7da9982ed3b....jpeg) (h)

a2b5583cdc4fe5....png (3980 KB, 255 x 191, 2048 : 1536, CUOMO_LADY_KIL....png) (h)

0a198c () No. 9719551


The only way I could see it was via the onion link on tor. The thread will.not.load.completely on 3 different browsers

6965b9 () No. 9719552



358181 () No. 9719553

46cd9d7391a836....jpg (173 KB, 170 x 255, 924 : 1383, Romestatue.jpg) (h)

74ae9848509a12....jpg (62 KB, 255 x 170, 512 : 342, un2.jpg) (h)

08febd () No. 9719554

b2c8c09d01e8c7....png (698 KB, 255 x 143, 850 : 477, LaserBlast.png) (h)

f7771c () No. 9719556


YW anon. Anytime.

a4a4d1 () No. 9719557

EXCLUSIVE-Republican former U.S. national security officials to back Biden

WASHINGTON, June 23 (Reuters) - Dozens of Republican former U.S. national security officials are forming a group that will back Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, people familiar with the effort said, in a further sign that President Donald Trump has alienated some members of his own party.

The group will publicly endorse Biden in the coming weeks and its members plan to campaign for the former vice president who is challenging Trump in the Nov. 3 election, the sources said. It includes at least two dozen officials who served under Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, with dozens more in talks to join, the sources added.

They will argue that another four years of a Trump presidency would endanger U.S. national security and that Republican voters should view Biden as the better choice despite policy differences, the sources said.


920708 () No. 9719558


Just so everyone is clear >. This is October 2018 before Biden announced he was running for President! Clear? No political influence if cases opened. Cases were opened.. but not until DOs material from Rudy received and forwarded. Still before Biden announced!

3cd432 () No. 9719559


It's gonna be the She Witch - just try not to get triggered

08febd () No. 9719560

d07c04f1be9be4....png (89 KB, 213 x 255, 686 : 821, cuomo_messed_up.png) (h)

ebbf1d () No. 9719561

are the professors or instructors at educational institutions that send out information on how to topple american monuments not supporting terrorism?

if I went around telling is(cave dwellers)real how to nuke the twin towers on 9 11 I'm pretty sure I'd have been charged

think they're going to just walk away?

f7b513 () No. 9719562


> ‘We Are Right Back to Square One’ On Flattening The Curv

Dear Sanjay:

Evreeone knows now that you tarlking about deep state's definition of "frattening the curve", go fuck yourserlf rong time.

f57484 () No. 9719563

0c48381039f99a....png (1774 KB, 62 x 255, 1337 : 5518, Screenshot_202....png) (h)



480211 () No. 9719564

c507951fc701d3....png (302 KB, 219 x 255, 358 : 417, c507951fc701d3....png) (h)

3029a5 () No. 9719565


Little Rock

Coincidence ?

33aa3e () No. 9719566

ea4e9ef074a673....png (493 KB, 255 x 140, 1068 : 587, United_Arab_Em....png) (h)

eac6cafd2810ae....png (436 KB, 255 x 151, 531 : 314, UAE_AF_C_17_Gl....png) (h)

United Arab Emirates AF UAF1230 C-17 Globemaster on final at JBA from London, Stansted Airport

19a7e3 () No. 9719567

5e2f2c26b8b743....png (999 KB, 255 x 170, 1024 : 683, dinna.png) (h)


the placeholder has become a liability, what would be shitzpah by the d-jews would be to off him and put the blame on the white extremests

6a6009 () No. 9719568


We are ready and not tired of winning. TAKE THEM DOWN

a774a6 () No. 9719569


Most people that mention "Satan" don't even know what it's supposed to be, only what Hollywood tells them it is, or their local "priest".

a28788 () No. 9719570

0e912e803fb8cb....jpg (77 KB, 255 x 171, 744 : 500, 460vip.jpg) (h)

d80b90 () No. 9719571

Have you guys noticed that jews are the only thing making people take decisions not to their benefit, as to compensate for the situation jews have created, but with the hope that it benefits humanity as a whole?

Are humans one living organism, distributed but connected mentally, trying to survive jewry?

3f810c () No. 9719572


The Wal Mart reeducation camps Obama & HRC had planned for us Patriots, or 4-6% lost forever.

41bee5 () No. 9719573



why link to a John Solomon report when you left the MSM in place and propaganda legal as well as online censorship and those entities have him labeled a conspiracy theorist

so you are just regurgitating what anons already know

what we don't know is if their is ever a day we matter and get the glory

just like all authority you greatly abuse your position>>9719468

e2e1f4 () No. 9719574


So it's not happening?

What's going on then enlightened one?

I am full of hope for a great new world not overrun by greedy NWO cunts.

How dare I?

5d6ea6 () No. 9719575

9081fef5f728e1....jpg (344 KB, 255 x 128, 3574 : 1793, EbNtBZLXsAEiAgr.jpg) (h)

0a198c () No. 9719576

030ebe5c605850....png (20 KB, 255 x 101, 657 : 259, 9718953.png) (h)


>>9719551 (me)

screenshot for you

permanent link to screenshot: https://postimg.cc/bGFwcsf2

9e5390 () No. 9719577

2111563a5c146f....png (143 KB, 255 x 184, 519 : 375, biden3.png) (h)

6965b9 () No. 9719578


Dementia will be his defense. Now do Nahncee!


9388af () No. 9719579

0c07c7860d6ab4....gif (993 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, Thanks_Q.gif) (h)

899b4b () No. 9719580

031ae3836258b7....png (37 KB, 255 x 186, 676 : 493, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

UK Police Sergeant Under Criminal Investigation for Sharing George Floyd ‘Meme’

A British sergeant for the Devon and Cornwall Police force is under criminal investigation for sharing an ‘offensive’ meme of George Floyd in a private group message with other officers.

The image of Mr Floyd was reportedly shared by the sergeant on May 30th, five days after Floyd died in an altercation with police in the United States. The meme was flagged by a fellow officer — like the Sergeant facing the allegations, also reported by a local news source to be of white ethnicity — and is now being investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) to determine whether it was motivated by racism.

The content of the meme was or why it was deemed as offensive has not been revealed. The force is responsible for policing in the Devon and Cornwall area, one of England’s most rural regions, least densely populated, and least racially diverse. It is a popular holiday destination for wealthy Londoners and residents from the densely-packed south-east region. According to the 2011 census, 95 per cent of full-time residents of Devon and Cornwall are white British, compared to less than 80 per cent in the whole of England.

The Regional Director for the IOPC, Catrin Evans said: “It will be of considerable public concern that such an image was apparently shared among colleagues by a serving police officer. We are criminally investigating the sergeant who allegedly shared the image, and examining the conduct of some others involved in the group.”

“Our investigators will be considering whether the sharing of this image was motivated by racial discrimination. Devon and Cornwall Police has rightly promptly referred it to the IOPC, and I would like to assure people we are conducting a thorough and independent investigation,” Evans added per Devon Live.

The IOPC is also investigating the officer for gross misconduct, and he has been suspended while the investigation is carried out. Other members of the WhatsApp message group are being investigated as well over what they allegedly said in response to the meme and their supposed failure to report their fellow officer.


433f20 () No. 9719581



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

12cb4f () No. 9719582

54b3f03a8708a4....png (811 KB, 255 x 143, 958 : 538, hunterbribes.png) (h)



04e2da () No. 9719583


Cute. Have you decided to let it live? Or have you eaten it already?

08febd () No. 9719584

e0d2fa964ffc0d....png (69 KB, 255 x 216, 597 : 505, Janice_Dean_tw....png) (h)



Not fire JD (explaining for Acosta).

(tell J, i say hi)

>>9719560 Fire!

15c745 () No. 9719585


Wow, I'm convinced now.

Do I bow down to Wilcock, DeLong and Podesta now?

97d597 () No. 9719586



4308ad () No. 9719587

6dd6c76555c7f7....png (263 KB, 255 x 170, 750 : 500, joe_and_hunter....png) (h)



6965b9 () No. 9719588




68bd54 () No. 9719589


mr.phig|ment fairytale


(Aura)soap (White)shower ex.tavistock.lotion.bot gone




k.ings f.all c.rash Aunty Forgiveness


It's cringe watching a stale sthick like teh jews being rehashed beyond a dead horse.


f3c7d0 () No. 9719590

my employer just passed out the mandatory masks for us to wear.

I would like to die by throwing myself on a grenade to save my fellow patriots but I guess my lot in life is to just shrivel up in my trailer afet I get fired for not wearing a mask.

fb807d () No. 9719591

a8d834b7a5cf49....mp4 (6262 KB, 179 x 255, 720 : 1026, hypocrosy.mp4) (h)


The HYPOCRISY is Unbelievable! Collision symbol

MUST WATCH & RT!!!! 👇🏼

100c5a () No. 9719592


SOON ANONS….just another couple years!

c45b61 () No. 9719593


Think why anon.

8d2b91 () No. 9719594

BLM only matters to basically nobody.

140e69 () No. 9719596

52f6a72baa51f7....png (259 KB, 255 x 204, 447 : 358, BLM_spotted_at....png) (h)

This is a Notice to SECURITY and SECRET SERVICE at the Arizona Trump rally right now. Black Lives Matter is attempting to get in to the rally. Here are 3 BLM members wearing "Hands up don't shoot" shirts and "BLM" shirts. EYES ON. See something, say something.




4f5be1 () No. 9719597

7753c0c9ca1c51....jpeg (74 KB, 255 x 204, 700 : 559, 20BFAEB5_466D_....jpeg) (h)


YardArm for TRAITORS!



823648 () No. 9719598


899b4b () No. 9719599

2ef2f02bdceb69....png (93 KB, 255 x 181, 853 : 607, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

d978c303fe4acf....png (755 KB, 255 x 160, 839 : 526, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

‘What happens with customer data?’ British joy over reopening of pubs muted by BoJo’s plans for owners to collect personal details

Excitement at British PM Boris Johnson’s announcement that pubs will be given the green light to reopen on July 4 has been somewhat curbed as the plans include businesses requesting customers provide personal contact details.

Johnson’s plans for pubs to restart trading on their premises was met with cheers by many lawmakers in parliament, but details on the conditions attached to the reopening reveal it will be anything but business as usual for owners and customers – particularly concerning personal data.


19a7e3 () No. 9719600

time to share some based jews

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

367328 () No. 9719601

296aec8f99a914....jpg (150 KB, 255 x 109, 1285 : 551, OperationsWW.jpg) (h)

f6f910ff437719....jpg (10 KB, 255 x 239, 320 : 300, BeTheLight.jpg) (h)


Great Job Brother.

We Are Ready






Attempts to DIVIDE will FAIL

Patriots have no skin color

Patriots see 1 American Race

They want you DIVIDED








e2e1f4 () No. 9719602

76c9f42866b900....png (1131 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Does this lead us down the trail to the [CF]?

Please say yes.

a4a4d1 () No. 9719603

69736c35898e70....jpg (63 KB, 255 x 179, 636 : 446, Capture.jpg) (h)

afc561bb869426....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 185, 618 : 449, Capture1.jpg) (h)

Reddit Starts Banning Users For Their Upvotes

Conde Nast's Reddit on Sunday started issuing temp bans against users for upvoting wrongthink.

This screenshot was shared by a user on r/WatchRedditDie, a subreddit which chronicles Reddit's aggressive censorship:


ebecf1 () No. 9719604

fdc32e5a636559....png (9 KB, 255 x 100, 433 : 170, 2219.png) (h)


"You cannot attack a political opponent"

a9fa4c () No. 9719605





ebbf1d () No. 9719606


nah those are just people latching onto it to try and make money

same as if you were to try and denounce the entire Q movement by saying

>Do I bow down to incarcerated_Et, karli q, etc. now?

what a retarded conclusion to come to, eh?

7f436d () No. 9719607

8b55a1e6bb4426....png (1229 KB, 61 x 255, 1364 : 5746, Fired_NY_prose....png) (h)

b10f5bf5421d3f....mp4 (6335 KB, 255 x 143, 944 : 528, Fired_NY_prose....mp4) (h)



f57484 () No. 9719608



I've lost faith many times, but I always end up back here digging. To much at stake to give even when it seems hopeless.

b5428b () No. 9719609

fdd41c6c29be51....png (141 KB, 213 x 255, 501 : 600, 1000_Currents_....png) (h)


This is the connection.



08febd () No. 9719610

23bf3550524e67....png (402 KB, 255 x 251, 537 : 528, waffel_house.png) (h)



i'm glad Anons could help, o7

370961 () No. 9719611

If this is a movie and we are playing our part, how do we know if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing?

I feel like I need to do more

a00612 () No. 9719612



>>9719256, >>9719323 planefags

>>9719500 boatfags

>>9719557 EXCLUSIVE-Republican former U.S. national security officials to back Biden/Deep State Is Deep

>>9719539 Suspected UK Terrorist Was Released From Prison Early and Known to MI5

>>9719517 Street 'like chewing gum' as major quake hits southern Mexico, kills one

>>9719482 BET Founder Robert Johnson Calls for Independent Black Lives Matter Political Party

>>9719471 Meme Ammo for Keyboard Warriors

>>9719424 Tampa police officers 'ambushed' by hundreds of protesters, attacked with glass while trying to find a shooting victim

>>9719402 A man with a history of negative run-ins with local and state police saved the life a police officer after a fiery crash

>>9719381 Farage investigated by US Homeland Security over trip to attend Trump Tulsa rally

>>9719380 Obama, Biden Reunion Fundraiser Raises $4 Million So Far

>>9719328 Rudy G: Recent Events Follow The Anarchist Playbook, This Was Predicted

>>9719327 ‘What happens with customer data?’ British joy over reopening of pubs muted by BoJo’s plans for owners to collect personal details

>>9719298 Billion Dollar Firm Leaving Seattle for Phoenix Due to Unrest in the City

>>9719287 "The Liceu Opera of Barcelona opened Monday for its first concert since March amid the coronavirus pandemic, with musicians playing for a packed audience of plants.

>>9719277 Trump orders law enforcement to arrest memorial vandals under federal act with up to 10-year sentence

>>9719268 Background Press Call on the Visit of President Duda of the Republic of Poland

>>9719255, >>9719258 Governor Huckabee on Radical Left’s Calls to Eliminate Christian Statues and Artwork

>>9719242 DC Police on Tuesday swept out the leftist vermin in the street attempting an autonomous zone

>>9719227 Bayer Pays $10BN To Settle Thousands Of Monsanto Glyphosate Lawsuits

>>9719185 See how Prime Minister Queensland Australia Annastacia Palaszczuk is vaccinated…

>>9719184 Q cap

>>9719180 New study says summer sun can kill coronavirus in 34 minutes

Tuesday 06.23.2020

>>9719446 ————————————–——– "You cannot attack your political opponent." The doubters will soon be believers. (Cap: >>9719488)

a7033b () No. 9719613


Q has been debunked


3470bb () No. 9719614


If you mean Barry.


The VP must be eligible to step into the P position if the P is no longer able to hold the seat.

Barry already had his 2 terms. Max allowed.

He is ineligible.

367328 () No. 9719615


Remember you have more than you know.

3cd432 () No. 9719616


MEME that moherfucker

072175 () No. 9719617

bc95888888d70d....jpg (260 KB, 207 x 255, 650 : 802, 20200623_113605.jpg) (h)

41bee5 () No.