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6268f09e923345....jpg (148 KB, 255 x 144, 1795 : 1017, _JPG.jpg) (h)

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




Q's Latest Posts

Tuesday 06.23.2020

>>9721632 ————————————–——– More coming? [senior] Remember your oath. (Cap: >>9721673)

>>9721100 ————————————–——– Do you see the 'noose' used to close the garage door? (Cap: >>9721181, >>9721260)

>>9720036 ————————————–——– Division pushed every election year [4 years]? Take ownership of yourself [your life]. (Cap: >>9720062)

>>9719446 ————————————–——– "You cannot attack your political opponent." The doubters will soon be believers. (Cap: >>9719488, >>9719607)

>>9719149 ————————————–——– A little humor goes a long way. (Cap: >>9719169)

>>9718953 ————————————–——– Worth listening (reading). (Cap: >>9718989 vid, >>9719007, >>9719073)

Monday 06.22.2020

>>9712575 ————————————–——– INFORMATION WARFARE

>>9712508 rt >>9712392 ————————— Use 'topic' as target practice. Adapt. Overcome.

>>9712328 rt >>9712276 ————————— Memes prep. Music prep. Organize. Unite. Prepare.

>>9712258 ————————————–——– Surrender to None ['Digital Battleground']. WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9712387)

>>9707125 ————————————–——– “Every record has been destroyed or falsified…….George Orwell, 1984 Sound familiar?

>>9707079 ————————————–——– What happens if coordination exists with select states to deliver 'printing' and 'paper' ballot recipe(s)? [secrets] to select [F] adversaries? (Cap: >>9707110)

Sunday 06.21.2020

>>9701493 ————————————–——– Reconcile (Cap: >>9701526)

>>9701237 ————————————–——– How do you reasonably explain what occurred? (Cap: >>9702887)

>>9698045 ————————————–——– Do not let the media control you (Cap: >>9698065)

>>9697394 ————————————–——– Seeing is believing. You can't censor the world. (Cap: >>9697449)

>>9697079 ————————————–——– Can you see and understand their attempts to slow-stop accountability? (Cap: >>9710756)

>>9696071 rt >>9695854 ————————— It will not happen again. Remember, they also phone in to report 'threats' [deliberate]. Heightened security due to recent events.

Saturday 06.20.2020

>>9684792 ————————————–——– Barr says Pres. Trump has fired SDNY attorney Geoffrey Berman despite the prosecutor saying he would not leave (Cap: >>9684830)

>>9684383 ————————————–——– CIA Director _early 2017 - April 2018? External Advisory Board (CIA) members during this time? Was Bill Barr a member of the board?

>>9684036 rt >>9683570 ————————— Correct.

>>9682825 ————————————–——– SDNY Weiner Clinton Epstein Ukraine The stakes are high. (Cap: >>9682872, >>9682885, >>9682919)

Thu 06.18.2020 >>9724440

Wed 06.17.2020 >>9713365

Sat 06.13.2020 >>9697880

Thu 06.11.2020 >>9607406

Wed 06.10.2020 >>9580536

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Notables are NOT endorsements


>>9726087 Twitter removes video of UFC fighter's message of love and unity

>>9726053 Sessions tweet: GREAT work by President @realdonaldtrump

>>9726029 , >>9726084 Planefag Update

>>9725994 LA Councilman Charged In Massive Bribery Case

>>9725966 Jenny Durkan proposes $20 million in cuts to Seattle police

>>9725955 Tech Titans on Pentagon Advisory Board have given millions to liberal, Anti-Trump groups

>>9725912 China & India agree to "cooling" & disengagement along contested border

>>9725858 , >>9725899 Soros Watch website - Dig Call

>>9725846 Ocasio-Cortez easily wins New York Democratic primary

>>9725837 Re-visit: Millions of dollars in suitcases flew out of MSP, but why?

>>9725813 , >>9726061 Fresh DJT, one with a misspelling: 'ASHAME'with no space in between

>>9725683 , >>9725745 Diggz on Clinton Foundation and Southern District of New York

>>9726139 , >>9726148, >>9726155 Steve Bing Diggz IV

>>9725961 , >>9725977, >>9725999, >>9726054, >>9726103, >>9726117, >>9726119 Steve Bing Diggz III

>>9725721 , >>9725802, >>9725808, >>9725868, >>9725924, >>9725907, >>9725934 Steve Bing Diggz II

>>9725665 , >>9725686, >>9725710, >>9725720, >>9725725, >>9725741, >>9725767 Steve Bing Diggz I

>>9725649 Tom Cotton launches Minnesota ad connecting Biden to leftist mobs

>>9725633 Keith Ellison once proposed making a separate country for blacks

>>9725631 Gaga tweet: "All music is black music"

>>9725574 Dig on Francis Boyle: 'On How To Impeach Trump' and 'CV is a bioweapon

>>9725549 Lawfag: Twitter's Management just violated 18 U.S. Code §2384 - Seditious Conspiracy

>>9725544 Catherine Austin Fitts connecting a lot of 40,000 foot dots re CV, cabal, global debt & Trump

>>9725471 Home sales Skyrocket 16.6% blowing past expectations

>>9725459 Minnesota State Rep: Antifa & Muslim groups plan to police Minneapolis under Muslim Rule

>>9725409 , >>9725854 Protest Livestreams & Updates

>>9726186 #12449


>>9725397 Bill Cosby Granted Appeal In Pennsylvania Sex Assault Case, Andrea Constand Reacts

>>9725366 Nunes twat - Parler will set you free!

>>9725048 Today's good news: The wall is working.

>>9724985 Rhode Island May Shorten Its Full Name Due to Slavery Connotations

>>9724973 Every Federal Reserve Board Member Is A Multi-Millionaire

>>9724441 US Cop Involved in Shooting Death of Breonna Taylor Terminated From Police Force

>>9724430 NEW DJT - BIG VICTORY for patients

>>9724416, >>9724498 Court Transcripts Demonstrate Bankrupt McClatchy Mischaracterized Devin Nunes Twitter Lawsuit Proceedings

>>9724293 Spreadsheet Updated

>>9724227 Idiot Criminals Announce They Will Tear Down Lincoln Statue in DC on Thursday at 7 p.m.

>>9724125 Pelosi: Senate Republicans Are Trying to Get Away with the ‘Murder of George Floyd’

>>9724117 Senator Accuses Google Of Posing "Tremendous Threat To Free And Fair Press" As Antitrust Probe Gets Going

>>9724104 sandi ishii - an elementary school principal connected to the ADL/CNN/hollywood (by her son David J. Peterson)

>>9724078 'It's treason': Trump blasts Obama, abuses in discredited collusion probe

>>9725487 #12448

85f1b3 () No. 9726199


>>9725045 Mel Gibson axed from next film over Winona Ryder’s disturbing claims

>>9724946 Billion-dollar investment firm leaving Seattle amid 'unrest'

>>9724822 Police Officer finds tampon in his Starbucks coffee, probe launched

>>9724607 , >>9724624 US soldier charged with planning deadly ambush on team was ex(?) Mossad

>>9724565 , >>9724651 NJ: 3 found dead in swimming pool of house they just moved into

>>9724544 Pinellas County Florida joins Hillsborough and Pasco, face masks mandatory

>>9724534 , >>9724546 Whistleblower: Chinese Communists pay Vatican $2b in bribes

>>9724502 New: Virginia Guiffre was ordered to have sex with Ehud Barak & Lex Wexner

>>9724480 , >>9724564 WTH? Oregon County issues face mask order exempting non-white people

>>9724473 Netflix, Inc CEO sold: $26.47m-June 22

>>9724466 Runbeck Election Services in Phoenix oversees production of mail-in ballots

>>9724446 Fresh DJT

>>9724347 28 million mail-in ballots went missing in last four elections

>>9724319 Maryland wants to use rectal swabs on children to test for Covid

>>9724273 CNN: WH Pentagon nominee spread theory that C_A Director tried to have POTUS assasinated

>>9724129 , >>9724232, >>9724368, >>9724075, >>9724486, >>9724625 Planefag Reports

>>9724073 Another new Rudi tweet: "The cure is leadership!"

>>9723982 PF Chinook low over DFW passenger terminals

>>9723990 , >>9724092 This is why Hussein told Joe he didn't have to run

>>9723956 Maria Bartimono thinks Phase 1 of the China trade deal 'is over'

>>9724598 , >>9724904 Current Protest Livestreams & Updates

>>9725138 #12447

Previously Collected Notables

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fc27ec739bfe8b....jpg (434 KB, 255 x 255, 1280 : 1280, fc27ec739bfe8b....jpg) (h)




85f1b3 () No. 9726218

Baker requests handoff

Gonna have to ghost at 100

70c6b4 () No. 9726246

We are the Seven Sisters

5c7120 () No. 9726248



confirm handoff

Past bake history: >>>/doughlist/39

Tripcode validated here: >>>/doughlist/19

06ccb6 () No. 9726254

689e9cfb89e3f9....jpeg (498 KB, 252 x 255, 828 : 839, 68FDD822_AD79_....jpeg) (h)

Any code hidden in generals Parler post? The bottom rectangle

ee58ef () No. 9726264



shades of last night

(but i ain't writin' another 3-baker ditty….)


3677ad () No. 9726265

>>9726262 (lb)

Points still stand, kermit the fucking frog faggot.

f3fc62 () No. 9726266



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

62533a () No. 9726268

ea983d28c6c634....png (289 KB, 253 x 255, 502 : 506, pepe_makin_gud....png) (h)

1b5c35 () No. 9726269


Aldous Huxley and Brave New World: The Dark Side of Pleasure

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2c307e () No. 9726270

6d312a3ae62043....jpg (3222 KB, 235 x 255, 3133 : 3396, call_the_ball.jpg) (h)



Call the Ball

afdf1c () No. 9726271

cc949bc9c1b7a1....jpg (33 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, baker.jpg) (h)

70acdb () No. 9726272

543006df53d5e6....jpg (62 KB, 255 x 206, 555 : 449, 464ww3.jpg) (h)

Still waiting for Trump to declassify everything like he said he would do last year.

5c7120 () No. 9726273



2a3074 () No. 9726274

2da4648125f25d....png (363 KB, 208 x 255, 640 : 784, 4chan_epstein_....png) (h)

>>9725739 (pb)

I can promise you this tweet is a lie. Les Wexner's dick has never entered a vagina. Interesting.

ee58ef () No. 9726275


>Still waiting for Trump to declassify everything like he said he would do last year.

maybe you could wait elsewhere?

83b682 () No. 9726276

7b98d2fde5fb68....png (334 KB, 248 x 255, 1047 : 1075, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


3 sequential typos from POTUS spell USA

d16b8c () No. 9726277

e882be11b105e5....jpg (84 KB, 255 x 134, 922 : 485, clintonimmune.jpg) (h)

c71dba () No. 9726278

38e72bc7522f0a....png (52 KB, 255 x 90, 839 : 297, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

edeab522948170....png (72 KB, 255 x 129, 835 : 424, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

British soldiers ‘got away with murder’ in Iraq, as government sent unqualified officers to investigate war crimes – report

The British government had no interest in prosecuting its soldiers’ war crimes in Iraq and sent untrained investigators to make sure accused troops went free, a group of veterans told South Africa’s Daily Maverick.

Nadhem Abdullah was 18 years old when British paratroopers raided his village of al-Ferkah, Iraq, in 2003. Abdullah was collared by the soldiers and beaten, allegedly with fists, rifle butts and helmets, until he was bloodied and dead. Two years later, seven soldiers with the 3rd Battalion (‘3 Para’) of the Parachute Regiment stood trial in London for the killing, and were acquitted.

The judge accused the prosecution’s Iraqi witnesses of exaggerating their stories of abuse, but found that the initial government investigation into the killing made “serious omissions,” which virtually guaranteed that the soldiers would walk. “There is no doubt the investigation in this case has been inadequate,” the judge concluded.

The investigation, a group of former military investigators told the Daily Maverick this week, was “inadequate” by choice.

When the Royal Military Police’s Special Investigations Branch (SIB) was sent to Iraq in 2003 to investigate complaints against British forces there, the least qualified officers were chosen to head investigations that called for much more experienced leaders, the former SIB officials said.

“They sent the wrong people… and to this day I don’t know why,” one source said. “The more I think about it, the more mad it becomes.” Had more senior investigators been sent, the source said that one would “absolutely 100 percent” have seen more prosecutions coming out of Iraq, instead of the four publicly disclosed cases that actually saw court martial.

“You look at the amount of people who were prosecuted,” the source said. “Virtually none. You know, how many people got away with murder?”


49192a () No. 9726279


The complete JFK files were awesome.

c0ad9b () No. 9726280

78f1adb482b09e....png (1065 KB, 255 x 191, 1023 : 766, trump_batman_t....png) (h)

f9b76e () No. 9726281

607f55585a3919....jpg (89 KB, 160 x 255, 500 : 799, 4658tm.jpg) (h)

My contribution to the fight.

dab267 () No. 9726282

b74d6ccacb8eb9....png (38 KB, 255 x 61, 1442 : 345, youtubebsc.png) (h)

I went to go look for the Trump in Arizona thing today on youtube and check this out. Youtube acting like political activists.

c9e70e () No. 9726283


>The complete JFK files were awesome.

Yeahhh!!!! oh wait…. awww…

b5b86f () No. 9726285

149a62340e215a....jpeg (129 KB, 255 x 190, 1000 : 746, Clausewitz_ON_....jpeg) (h)

>>9726263 (lb)

…and with a snipe…noice

f81d0f () No. 9726286


Seems pretty moot at this point

2c307e () No. 9726287

353465a8c76b24....jpg (49 KB, 255 x 170, 512 : 341, shake_n_bake.jpg) (h)

c71dba () No. 9726288

An 8-Year-Old Girl, Her Mother And Her Grandfather Drown In Their New Home’s Swimming Pool

NEW JERSEY — A 62-year-old man, his daughter-in-law, and her daughter have been identified as the victims who perished yesterday in East Brunswick Township.

Bharat Patel, 62, his 33-year old daughter-in-law Nisha Patel and her 8-year-old daughter, all who reside at the home in East Brunswick, have been identified as the victims.

East Brunswick Police responded to the home located at 43 Clearview Road at approximately 4:18 pm on June 22, 2020. and found the three victims unresponsive in the pool; they were pronounced dead shortly after being found.

WPVI reported: Neighbors said the family had recently moved into the home and were friendly.

Authorities called an electrical contractor to the home and sources said they believe there may have been an electrical issue in or near the pool that led to the deaths. Police have not confirmed that theory.

“This is a devastating day for our entire community. It is too early to determine exactly what happened,” Police Chief Frank Losacco said in a statement.

The Middlesex County Regional Medical Examiner’s Office has determined the manner of death as accidental and the cause of death to be drowning for all three victims.


This doesn't add up?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f81d0f () No. 9726289


Hannity has been saying this nonstop for twenty years. Still has no effect whatsoever.

eaffd7 () No. 9726290

978bb9403d29df....jpg (215 KB, 255 x 143, 980 : 551, 5ef1d19c203027....jpg) (h)



japanese reporter visits CHAZ to show how safe, leaves in 15m w/ black eye…


97bd4b () No. 9726291

9ac52184a3eed4....jpg (167 KB, 149 x 255, 500 : 853, oldfag.jpg) (h)

>>9726279 You guys can bitch all you want, but Trump isn't going to play any cards he doesn't have to yet.

c77d5f () No. 9726292

Knife in head ….what’s that Seattle CHAZ?

4db78c () No. 9726293


This is why parler will have a rough time. No way to even know who that Flynn is.

cab654 () No. 9726294

c672c164c63acb....jpg (11 KB, 255 x 191, 340 : 255, The_grim_reape....jpg) (h)


Night Shift

eaffd7 () No. 9726295

f0c3cf15d76b48....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 157, 800 : 491, big21.jpg) (h)


steve bing. suicide? or suicided? anons know something?


49192a () No. 9726296


it's not his property.

c2f170 () No. 9726297


Has Barak's entered a vag? Maybe he's outing faggots

c71dba () No. 9726298

86a3969c29a41f....png (35 KB, 255 x 76, 861 : 258, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Another Study Finds School Children Typically Don't Spread COVID-19 To Parents

The latest study of how COVID-19 manifests in schoolchildren suggests that children don't play a major role in spreading the virus, according to a Bloomberg report.

Ever since a mysterious inflammatory syndrome first emerged in children infected by SARS-CoV-2, researchers around the world, but especially in the US and Europe (where the syndrome was most widely found), have been working to determine the nature of the connection between this syndrome and the virus.

Of course, there's an important economic factor at play here as well: Before adults can be expected to return to work en masse, provisions must be made for schoolchildren, since childcare is prohibitively expensive for most families. Many colleges across the US have decided to resume classroom-based learning in the fall, even if students will abide by new COVID-19-sensitive social distancing guidelines. And while most expect elementary, middle and high school students to return to the classroom, most states have yet to make a formal decision.

Scientists at Institut Pasteur, a massive French research institute named after the scientist who invented the pasteurization process for milk, studied 1,340 people in Crepy-en-Valois, a town northeast of Paris that suffered an outbreak in February and March. The study included 510 students from six primary schools.

Among these students, researchers found three students who had contracted the virus. But in each example, it appears the kids didn't pass the virus on to their parents, or teachers.

Scientists at Institut Pasteur studied 1,340 people in Crepy-en-Valois, a town northeast of Paris that suffered an outbreak in February and March, including 510 students from six primary schools. They found three probable cases among kids that didn’t lead to more infections among other pupils or teachers.

The study confirms that children appear to show fewer telltale symptoms than adults and be less contagious, providing a justification for school reopenings in countries from Denmark to Switzerland. The researchers found that 61% of the parents of infected kids had the coronavirus, compared with about 7% of parents of healthy ones, suggesting it was the parents who had infected their offspring rather than the other way around.

This small study is one of several suggesting that young children do not often spread the coronavirus. Though there has been at least one study showing the opposite.


bb012a () No. 9726299

dfff7007191f67....png (889 KB, 128 x 255, 661 : 1312, Media_and_thei....png) (h)

b77c524f69c4c6....png (914 KB, 255 x 191, 828 : 621, Bog_Roll01.png) (h)

1c2432cd21dd66....png (610 KB, 255 x 191, 828 : 621, Bog_Roll02.png) (h)


Toilet paper restrictions are back in a Melbourne store as

coronavirus panic buying escalates

A Melbourne store has been forced to impose restrictions on toilet paper sales as panic buying continues to escalate in Victoria.

A new photograph obtained by 7NEWS reveals that one store has erected a sign stating that purchasing limits are now in place on toilet paper, restricting the sale to four packs per customer.

The new restriction follows reports of customers stripping shelves bare at some Coles, Woolworths and ALDI stores in parts of Melbourne.

It’s claimed panicked shoppers are stocking up on toilet paper amid concerns Victoria could tighten restrictions due to a rise in coronavirus cases.

The state has recorded eight days of double-digit spikes - and the first Australian COVID-19 death in weeks - apparently prompting the new round of panic buying.

Many shoppers have taken to Facebook and Twitter to demand Woolworths and Coles impose restrictions on toilet paper now to avoid a shortage.

“I just went to get bread and milk from your Hogan’s Corner store in Hoppers Crossing and people were walking out with three, four, five packets of toilet paper each,” said one Woolworths shopper on Facebook.

“Have we not learnt anything from last time? I urge you to place limit restrictions ASAP to avoid shortages. Please.”

Added another Coles customer: “Can you please reintroduce limits on toilet paper? I’ve seen people coming out with trolley loads yesterday again.

“No joke, this lady had five packets of the Quilton 36-roll pack that was on special. Do it before it’s too late and we see those ugly scenes again.”

On Wednesday, a shopper shared a photo of empty shelves at Woolworths in Craigieburn Plaza.

“Seriously Melbourne? Is toilet paper stockpiling back?” he wrote.

Another Reddit user also shared another image, showing a shopper’s trolley loaded with at least five huge packets of toilet paper.

While one store has imposed restrictions, a Woolworths supermarket spokesperson has told 7NEWS.com.au it is monitoring the situation.

Supermarkets respond

“We’ve seen elevated demand for toilet roll in a small number of Melbourne stores over the past 24 hours,” the spokesperson said.

“We have plenty of stock to draw on in our distribution centres and will replenish our shelves quickly.

“We have more than enough product for all of our customers if we all just buy what we need.

“We’ll continue to keep a close eye on our stock levels over the coming days.”

An ALDI Australia spokesperson has also confirmed to 7NEWS.com.au it is not imposing restrictions at this time.

“We understand that some Victorians are on heightened alert due to a rise in cases of COVID-19,” said the spokesperson.

“One thing that Victorian shoppers do not need to be worried about is access to toilet paper at ALDI.

“We have loads to go around. We ask shoppers to resist any compulsion to purchase more than they normally would.”


87c608 () No. 9726300


Think you're hot shit don't cha?

f48ad0 () No. 9726301

34be501aa3504d....png (235 KB, 255 x 183, 576 : 414, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

162103a4e53cfc....png (23 KB, 255 x 211, 577 : 477, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

d669cdab865693....png (179 KB, 255 x 227, 547 : 488, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>9726183 lb

Huge amounts that are seized goes into the ESF to keep it off the books and to protect it from affecting the economy. But smaller amounts is being pulled into special hedge funds and other funds, similar to the way money launderers do it, so that the government can sell assets (stocks, bonds, derivatives) without anyone knowing it was seized. One of these hedge funds was revealed on Fox when they did several large transactions in a row so that it showed up repeatedly on a stock ticker…

"Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ)"

But that is just one of them. Also, in many cases the Treasury has seized a golden share.

A golden share is a type of share that gives its shareholder veto power over changes to the company's charter. It holds special voting rights, giving its holder the ability to block another shareholder from taking more than a ratio of ordinary shares

Often this is a Class "A" Preferred share and there is only one, valued at $1 or even less. But it effectively gives almost total control over a company.

Read this to understand the Black Hole that is the ESF.


You did know that all the markets and the entire world economy are RIGGED and that we live in a COMMUNIST system called the NWO and that free market Capitalism is just a fairy story fed to us by the Cabal? Right? You knew all this already, didn't you?

e9ae02 () No. 9726302


nyc i believe

eaffd7 () No. 9726303

e7fe046b03eb9f....jpg (28 KB, 255 x 186, 540 : 394, tltl4.jpg) (h)


hacked emails of never-trump USAF LG bob otto posted yesterday under "bob otto emails"


70acdb () No. 9726304

3656dab8db0c8e....jpg (120 KB, 255 x 183, 696 : 500, Shee_it_.jpg) (h)



Trump said he would declassify everything regarding the coup on his presidency you moron.

914425 () No. 9726305

61caa5d3283507....jpg (97 KB, 255 x 255, 512 : 512, suicide_hot_li....jpg) (h)


>steve bing. suicide? or suicided?

f9b76e () No. 9726306

0575be6c6d3544....jpg (89 KB, 255 x 143, 889 : 499, 462rtd.jpg) (h)

One I did yesterday

8f18e5 () No. 9726307

f00b32e88e5f56....jpg (77 KB, 255 x 191, 600 : 450, TrumpCards.jpg) (h)

46cebe () No. 9726308


Can't watch him anymore.

02c456 () No. 9726309


covid 19

d21ce7 () No. 9726310

b842070a274a13....png (2795 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

155bce2af4de50....png (113 KB, 131 x 255, 452 : 879, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

POTUS Schedule for Wednesday, June 24, 2020


2:15PM Participate in the arrival of the President of the Republic of Poland - West Wing Lobby, Closed Press

2:20PM Participate in a bilateral meeting with the President of the Republic of Poland - Oval Office, Restricted In-House Pool

2:45PM Participate in an expanded bilateral meeting with the President of the Republic of Poland - Cabinet Room, Closed Press

3:30PM Participate in a joint press conference with the President of the Republic of Poland - Rose Garden, Expanded In-House Pool



4db78c () No. 9726311


87c608 () No. 9726312



Muhammad was trained by a Rabbi

ee58ef () No. 9726313



you don't even know how to spell

c2f170 () No. 9726314


Shocked to death does not equal drowning aw

c71dba () No. 9726315

f8efca04592455....png (748 KB, 183 x 255, 569 : 794, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

baeb5712aecc38....png (70 KB, 255 x 193, 800 : 606, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Governor Andrew Cuomo Says Tearing Down Monuments Is Healthy Expression

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is like the gift that keeps giving. Because Democrats fell in love with him during the pandemic response, he keeps going on television to tell us just how insane Democrats generally are. And how willing they are to defer to the radical left, spewing pretzel logic to defend them.

The first video is bad enough. The COVID-19 impact on older adults was present in the outbreaks from both China and Europe. It was one of the first pieces of data we learned about how the virus impacted society.

This is the second time Cuomo has tried to blame his disastrous nursing home debacle on the federal government. When first confronted, he said his policy followed the CDC guidelines. The order had been removed from the state’s website when he made this claim. Even Politifact rated his assertion as ‘Mostly False.’

The second video is excellent. Savannah Guthrie asked Cuomo how he wanted to respond to the president’s comments that mayors and governors needed to do more to stop the destruction of monuments.

He immediately pivoted to the removal of a monument to Teddy Roosevelt from the front of the Museum of Natural History. While still a ridiculous move, the museum has decided to do this in an orderly fashion. There can even be hope it will be placed inside a museum or otherwise stored until we can face our history again.

President Trump was talking about rioters destroying monuments nationwide. Not decisions by institutions and governments to remove monuments in an official or orderly way. No matter how ill-advised these decisions are. Maybe all of these virtue-signaling leaders should listen to this young woman from Venezuela. In short, it leads to nothing good.

One great question for Cuomo would be, what sin and mistake? The statue of Teddy Roosevelt is flanked by a black man and a Native American in a full headdress. Roosevelt himself is riding a horse. The prevailing wisdom is that this is racist and colonialist or something.

First, Teddy Roosevelt was not known to be racist. He developed a relationship with former slave and educator Booker T. Washington. He invited Washington to the White House to dine, and it turned into quite a scandal. According to NPR:

News of the dinner between a former slave and the president of the United States became a national sensation. The subject of inflammatory articles and cartoons, it shifted the national conversation around race at the time.

Likewise, a dedicated conservationist, he looked to preserve the wilds of the west by establishing the National Park system and has no record of mistreating the Native American population.


d34de9 () No. 9726316

513c2c7637013d....jpg (164 KB, 255 x 143, 960 : 540, lenin2.jpg) (h)

Racist statues fall everywhere as new Lenin statue rises in Germany


I'm not shocked. Kek!

46cebe () No. 9726317

62b863e88d066a....png (29 KB, 255 x 110, 755 : 325, Feds_policies.png) (h)


He said this too.

22be69 () No. 9726318

>>9725633 (LB)

There is a whole damn continent for blacks


436f98 () No. 9726319

cba5462003efa8....jpg (85 KB, 255 x 161, 594 : 376, Bill_Clinton_U....jpg) (h)

5f9f7de02cd1fc....jpg (75 KB, 255 x 161, 594 : 375, Bill_Clinton_U....jpg) (h)

0b1e2ce393868c....jpg (22 KB, 255 x 170, 474 : 316, download_33_.jpg) (h)

44755353759995....jpg (87 KB, 255 x 158, 594 : 369, Bill_Clinton_U....jpg) (h)

0da645494ac0fe....jpg (91 KB, 255 x 170, 594 : 396, Bill_Clinton_B....jpg) (h)






all Steve Ding friends

I mean Bing

KEK "Bang Ding Ow" ) big fall

nice soccer ball

what is the art thing on the wall

and and notice corona virus katie couric in the mix

and CNN wolf blitzerterry mccauliffe

mick jagger (told the world so sad that steve bing jumping jack flashed to his death)

who is the black guy and blonde chunky woman

371fc6 () No. 9726320

a7b0af470a3235....png (78 KB, 252 x 255, 294 : 297, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

4e76ff7a430a1a....png (320 KB, 255 x 128, 1920 : 966, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

7e100cc7f07846....png (451 KB, 123 x 255, 1903 : 3958, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

72473528ad6597....png (162 KB, 255 x 128, 1920 : 966, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

aa9625ad3a0c0c....png (95 KB, 255 x 128, 1920 : 966, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

Lists of Black Lives Matter Resources available to Supporters and Protestors

Attached are several spreadsheets from Google Doc's that BLM is using to support their operation. The lists include links for various things such as places to donate gofundme's too many to count. Agendas, what they want. Lists of Petitions what they are for and who to contact. Email templates, Locations. etc. You get the idea. This is a well planned operation that has been in the works for years. BLM operation continues whether there are protests or not, they just move in less obvious directions.

Also included in this collection is a Map of BLM's Worldwide Operations.

There is a lot to digest and dig on, also maybe helpful in producing memes


Resource Spreadsheet



Black Lives Matter Green List


Mutual Aid Document



No Justice No Peace Document


Funds Document Spreadsheet format


e9530f () No. 9726321

4002a589e18f8c....png (361 KB, 228 x 255, 461 : 515, 4002a589e18f8c....png) (h)

9657506cdf1946....jpeg (312 KB, 255 x 169, 714 : 474, 9657506cdf1946....jpeg) (h)



Thanks bakers.

4db78c () No. 9726322


Middlesex is Donnie Darko country.

0d3f23 () No. 9726323

083d4342a88297....png (75 KB, 255 x 89, 1125 : 394, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

eb176f6b6c66a2....png (32 KB, 255 x 250, 618 : 606, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Tuesday Schedule




12:05AM THE PRESIDENT arrives at Joint Base Andrews

Joint Base Andrews

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

12:15AM THE PRESIDENT departs Joint Base Andrews en route to the White House

Joint Base Andrews

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

12:25AM THE PRESIDENT arrives at the White House

South Lawn

In-House Pool




436f98 () No. 9726324

1a83eb () No. 9726325


fuck off newfag

lurk moar

f9b76e () No. 9726326


The point is to cause some cognitive dissonance among the far left. I get you/it.

c77d5f () No. 9726327


Ty cuz that’s what ambulance said. Wanted to make sure anon had right CHAZ.

62533a () No. 9726328

e43f1f9776ea93....gif (1501 KB, 255 x 143, 500 : 281, that_boy_gud.gif) (h)

ec5e6e () No. 9726329

14d28ed059107b....png (777 KB, 176 x 255, 621 : 901, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Bubba Wallace drives for Richard Petty Motorsports.

Richard Petty Motorsports is owned by Medallion Financial.

Medallion Financial announced TODAY it's shareholders elected Cynthia Hallenbeck as an independent Director.

Cynthia Hallenbeck CURRENTLY serves on the CLINTON HEALTH INITIATIVE Board of Directors.

3fda89 () No. 9726330

b570038b922d82....jpg (194 KB, 255 x 108, 1092 : 464, president_magn....jpg) (h)

>>9725575 lb

>>9725601 lb


c71dba () No. 9726331


Fucking Moran!

Time to Lurk moar faggot

e9530f () No. 9726332


Mr "I kept my underwear on" dershowitz…

3677ad () No. 9726333


>…the average person, who is under constant financial stress (by design)…

Of course I knew.

The house always wins.

8aced9 () No. 9726334

eb14d3864e9254....jpg (38 KB, 255 x 170, 528 : 352, pepe9494.jpg) (h)

Have there been any digs on Big Plexi-glass?

Some deep state rat is probably making billions

off the scamdemic. Sounds crazy but who would

have thought a cement company was dirty?

ee58ef () No. 9726335

>>9726298 Another Study Finds School Children Typically Don't Spread COVID-19 To Parents


not in qresear.ch

f763a2 () No. 9726336

8142b7db2ca2da....jpg (395 KB, 255 x 153, 1800 : 1080, ChopChop.jpg) (h)

1a83eb () No. 9726337


sorry brutha - was frenly fire…my apologies


was meant for >>9726304

85f1b3 () No. 9726338

192f87849c8b63....png (2441 KB, 255 x 144, 1927 : 1087, 192f87849c8b63....png) (h)


Thanks bakerfam.

All yours. Catalog's still down although the site's stable now after earlier issues.

Handoff confirmed

Have a great nightshift y'all.


f9b76e () No. 9726339

90431fc68cfbad....jpg (31 KB, 226 x 255, 500 : 565, 461c3n.jpg) (h)

Another from yesterday. Play on their own terminology.

46cebe () No. 9726340


I doubt any of them eat the niggers. They probably put them in our ground meats instead.

87c608 () No. 9726341


>changing the mind of a liber

I tend to waver on whether or not that's a worthwhile endeavor but I do wish you the best of luck

436f98 () No. 9726342

af6d6ad5f8f996....jpg (15 KB, 255 x 143, 474 : 266, download_35_.jpg) (h)



>all Steve Ding friends

>I mean Bing

<KEK "Bang Ding Ow" ) big fall

>nice soccer ball

>what is the art thing on the wall

>and and notice corona virus katie couric in the mix

>and CNN wolf blitzer

>terry mccauliffe

>mick jagger (told the world so sad that steve bing jumping jack flashed to his death)

>who is the black guy and blonde chunky woman

8f18e5 () No. 9726343

5d32916d48522d....jpg (142 KB, 255 x 169, 1024 : 679, 10partisan_pic....jpg) (h)


POTUS' speech in Poland was among his best.

208f99 () No. 9726344

0d3f23 () No. 9726345


ec5e6e () No. 9726346


It's spelled Moran, moran newfaggot.

Not a fren.

4aa1e1 () No. 9726347

ff511612f2fba1....png (561 KB, 210 x 255, 689 : 837, monkus_rebel.png) (h)

Alright you dumb niggerfaggots! I've overdone it with the caffeine again and I'm feeling like this here monkus!

On a side note, Antifa are a bunch of disenfranchised kids, instead of talking about killing them, how about we talk about how to de-program them from the bolshevik fuckery?

c28ec5 () No. 9726348

>>9726140 (You)

Im telling you anon, something is fucky. Its not just us being crazy. Spiritual warfare was my first guess, but im open to others.

Ok anon it is spiritual warfare, but it must be accelerated because the are losing so bad. I walked away from work yesterday because I felt on fire, so this is the time Anons need to excuse themselves, go to the woods, bring a bible or whatever, meditate, don’t think on the darkness and chaos of this world. Don’t watch or read the news, create a sacred space and pray for all patriots to get through this war. We need to know when one more story of evil or one more digg is too much. The hive Ind will pick up and co to he and others need time off, we should all take it.

This is a weird and scary time for people of this country, I wouldn’t be surprised if we are emphatic to their fear.

The truth is we could die at anytime, at least we would have died serving our country, freedom and soul.

Take care of yourself first anon, if it’s that bad, don’t worry about us or anything else.

Stay away from electronics for 3-4 days, turn them all off.

We will win this war, regardless, there are too many spiritual warriors with the anon and patriot community.

Be at peace, I believe you!

ee58ef () No. 9726349


tx. Thought my subtle dig had gone unappreciated….

5c2680 () No. 9726350


I thought the same thing.

436f98 () No. 9726351

41a28e39b714be....jpg (89 KB, 173 x 255, 404 : 594, Bill_Clinton_U....jpg) (h)


>what is the art thing on the wall

ed0bf0 () No. 9726352


Oh Hell.

POTUS forgot about your timeline!


eb86ed () No. 9726353


Verified account for public figure according to that badge, also verified by Joseph Flynn on Twitter

70acdb () No. 9726354

edb79fdfdc1dc4....jpg (112 KB, 255 x 163, 742 : 475, DARPA.jpg) (h)

BLM is entertaining and I love watching their riots.

f9b76e () No. 9726355

b9bc72e296fcc4....jpg (87 KB, 169 x 255, 500 : 756, 4659bl.jpg) (h)

Last one for the night. Peace!

1a83eb () No. 9726356


no - was good

i'm tarded…

2c697a () No. 9726357

420efd28ec137c....jpeg (171 KB, 255 x 191, 992 : 744, F62C78F1_7BC6_....jpeg) (h)

c2518a () No. 9726358

0e0024a741ec76....jpeg (255 KB, 255 x 161, 828 : 524, 787D9F92_B502_....jpeg) (h)

abc2480999b885....jpeg (289 KB, 255 x 206, 828 : 668, 6A4F4659_E2F6_....jpeg) (h)

69c1c0a0145f8a....png (262 KB, 167 x 255, 540 : 823, 24148C9B_0319_....png) (h)

47dc955c9d689b....jpeg (71 KB, 186 x 255, 311 : 427, F03DF73F_7BC6_....jpeg) (h)

6adce5d4ef746e....jpeg (592 KB, 192 x 255, 828 : 1099, FEB59C8D_52DF_....jpeg) (h)

So embarrassing

ee58ef () No. 9726359

87c608 () No. 9726360

ebeda7e0a8732e....jpg (10 KB, 221 x 255, 243 : 280, c4a7697ea9cc48....jpg) (h)


>how about we talk about how to de-program them from the bolshevik fuckery?

Seize the means of their production. Which I believe is in process with AG Barr and Trump right now

5c7120 () No. 9726361


Shadilay o7

Thanks for your bakes patriot!

c71dba () No. 9726363

9691c3b0351206....png (262 KB, 229 x 255, 523 : 583, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

b313e9ad5338fe....png (526 KB, 234 x 255, 530 : 577, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Israel courts Cypriot help on EU opposition to annexation

Foreign Minister Ashkenazi meets counterpart from Nicosia at Ben Gurion Airport, says Israel committed to proceeding ‘in a responsible and coordinated manner’

The foreign ministers of Israel and Cyprus met Tuesday as Jerusalem seeks to defuse European opposition to its plan to annex parts of the West Bank.

Gabi Ashkenazi met his Cypriot counterpart Nikos Christodoulides at Ben Gurion Airport after plans for a larger delegation led by President Nicos Anastasiades were revised over coronavirus concerns.

"Ashkenazi asked Christodoulides for Cyprus to act as a moderating voice in discourse with European countries," a Foreign Ministry statement said.

U.S. President Donald Trump in January unveiled a controversial plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace, giving Israel a green light to annex West Bank settlements and the Jordan Valley.

Israel has said it intends to start implementing the plan from next month, triggering widespread concern, particularly in the European Union.


f763a2 () No. 9726362


>Stay away from electronics for 3-4 days, turn them all off.

That would interrupt memeing…

ee58ef () No. 9726364


kek. ;-}

3fda89 () No. 9726365

4fa1dec9bd67fb....jpg (399 KB, 255 x 136, 1082 : 576, boogaloo_2020_....jpg) (h)

85f1b3 () No. 9726366


Shadilay baka

eaffd7 () No. 9726367


newanon replied to last baker. did i miss a handoff? do i need to refer these to you?

>>9726290 (me)

>>9726295 (me)

>>9726303 (me)

ee58ef () No. 9726368


Night, baker.

See ya tomorrow,


f48ad0 () No. 9726369


China is no nearer to meltdown than the USA

Meaning that it is teetering on the brink

The whole world economy is bankrupt

Every nation state and major bank is bankrupt

There is no point in demanding your savings because:

A. They won't give it to you

B. They do not have enough money to even be able to give it to you

and C. Even if they had the money in the bank, there is not enough cash (pieces of paper) available to give everyone their money.

And, if people did manage to get a pile of cash, they would soon learn that it is not even worth the numbers printed on it.

And significant cash withdrawals and attempts to spend it on hard goods, would simply result in inflation.

Tomorrow bread would be $75 per loaf.

The next day it would be $250 per loaf

And by the weekend, it would be $20,000 for one loaf of bread.

Therefore the COVID crisis was concocted.

However it is true that organized crime (who are all Thelemites following Aleister Crowley) have rigged some biological weapons and they really do want to kill lots of people

And they really did have a common cold virus, namely SARS-CoV-2 that theoretically could have infected way more men, much more quickly. They released it last summer in Wuhan but things went wrong

Just like when they released Lyme disease and HIV, and SARS 1 and Ebola and H1N1 and Zika.

Every damn time the organism mutates to less dangerous forms and the most dangerous form kills the host and doesn't spread fast enough

Lucky us.

So we have nothing to worry from disease, other than SUICIDE which is when people eat too much of the processed food industry's poison. And use all those poisoned baby products. Do you even know what baby powder is???

70acdb () No. 9726370

afd4469f6a3e14....jpg (73 KB, 255 x 146, 646 : 369, shit.jpg) (h)


Tyrell you need to take your meds.

2f86fc () No. 9726371

cef65617d59b74....jpg (284 KB, 255 x 192, 1316 : 990, Constitution_1.jpg) (h)

>>9723190 (pb)

>>9723479 (pb)

I think it's a felony to concealed carry while wearing a mask in that state.

Does this effectively disarm all concealed carry license holders in public?

How does that fit with 2a?

Maybe should excercise constitutionally protected right to peacefully protest against wearing a mask. That's something everyone should be able to agree upon.

c71dba () No. 9726373

1e240c549c76ea....png (527 KB, 213 x 255, 658 : 788, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

d6406285471fa3....png (156 KB, 186 x 255, 672 : 921, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

614b505f964ebf....png (40 KB, 255 x 104, 643 : 261, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Another New Study Points to the Dangers of Geoengineering the Climate

A recently published study from MIT casts doubt on the safety of the science of geoengineering and outlines potential dangers of the controversial field.

A new study from Massachusetts Institute of Technology is adding to the growing list of concerns around the controversial science of geoengineering. Researchers have found that geoengineering techniques could significantly change extratropical storms and introduce changes to the climate.

Geoengineering is a field of research investigating methods to deliberately manipulate the climate in an attempt to fight climate change. One of these methods is known as solar radiation management (SRM). Proposals for SRM suggest that scientists might be able to replicate the results seen from volcano eruptions. MIT reports:

How can the world combat the continued rise in global temperatures? How about shading the Earth from a portion of the sun’s heat by injecting the stratosphere with reflective aerosols? After all, volcanoes do essentially the same thing, albeit in short, dramatic bursts: When a Vesuvius erupts, it blasts fine ash into the atmosphere, where the particles can linger as a kind of cloud cover, reflecting solar radiation back into space and temporarily cooling the planet.

Researchers have proposed using planes, balloons, or blimps to spray various aerosols into the atmosphere in the hopes of reflecting sunlight and cooling the planet. This type of geoengineering is extremely controversial and previous studies have linked the technology to potentially dangerous outcomes for various parts of the planet.

Now a research team lead by Charles Gertler, a graduate student in MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), has found that “solar geoengineering will not simply reverse climate change. Instead, it has the potential itself to induce novel changes in climate.” Gertler and his team have published the results in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Specifically, Gertler’s team found that solar geoengineering could alter what are known as extratropical storm tracks. MIT describes storm tracks as “the zones in the middle and high latitudes where storms form year-round and are steered by the jet stream across the oceans and land.” These storm tracks help create extratropical cyclones, and the strength of the storm tracks determine the severity and frequency of storms known as “nor’easters.” A nor’easter is a storm along the East Coast of North America in which the winds over the coastal area are typically from the northeast.

The researchers used a scenario of solar geoengineering known to climate scientists as experiment G1 of the Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project (GeoMIP). This project provides various geoengineering scenarios for scientists to run to determine various climate effects. G1 assumes an ideal scenario in which geoengineering blocks enough solar radiation to act as a counterbalance with the warming that would occur if carbon dioxide concentration quadruples.

The team found that the strength of storm tracks in both the northern and southern hemispheres weakened significantly in response to geoengineering. This would mean less powerful storms in the winter, but the researchers say the weaker storm tracks could “lead to stagnant conditions, particularly in summer, and less wind to clear away air pollution.” These changes in wind could also affect circulation of ocean water and the stability of ice sheets.

“A weakened storm track, in both hemispheres, would mean weaker winter storms but also lead to more stagnant weather, which could affect heat waves,” Gertler says. “Across all seasons, this could affect ventilation of air pollution. It also may contribute to a weakening of the hydrological cycle, with regional reductions in rainfall. These are not good changes, compared to a baseline climate that we are used to.”

Gertler further stated that his work indicates that “solar geoengineering is not reversing climate change, but is substituting one unprecedented climate state for another.” In the conclusion to their study the researchers note that “there likely exist other consequences of solar geoengineering that the simulations studied here are unable to simulate.”


436f98 () No. 9726372

7ad384a558b4c3....jpg (4 KB, 110 x 110, 110 : 110, hP4nuZp7Zy_c.jpg) (h)

e9abc30b0776b3....jpg (60 KB, 170 x 255, 396 : 594, Bill_Clinton_B....jpg) (h)


bracelet? during chelsea wedding week




a0db58 () No. 9726374


Now link her to Israel…

ed5e10 () No. 9726375

5f20c93722f138....png (70 KB, 255 x 230, 620 : 560, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

12444d43671816....png (25 KB, 255 x 187, 434 : 318, Q_post_1607_45....png) (h)

Is Justice Kennedy still in play some how? Continuing to serve as "Senior" status?

c28ec5 () No. 9726376


So true, so true

87c608 () No. 9726377


Hey, where the fuck are those faggots' masks at? Consider that fucking retard cunt on the right sent the USA into a mind fuck zone with his MOS media zogbots. YOU HEAR THAT YOU FAGGOT BIBI YOU FUCKING RAT CUNT WHERE'S YOUR FUCKING MASK FAGGOT

452846 () No. 9726378


honor killing?

5c7120 () No. 9726379


seen o7


#12450 earlies, >>9726210, >>9726248, >>9726338

>>9726278 British soldiers ‘got away with murder’ in Iraq, as government sent unqualified officers to investigate war crimes – report

>>9726288 An 8-Year-Old Girl, Her Mother And Her Grandfather Drown In Their New Home’s Swimming Pool

>>9726290 BLACK EYES MATTER: Japanese reporter visits CHAZ to show how safe, leaves in 15m w/ black eye…

>>9726298 Another Study Finds School Children Typically Don't Spread COVID-19 To Parents

>>9726299, >>9726315 Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt News Round Up: The 'Scare the shit out of them' Edition

>>9726310 POTUS Schedule for Wednesday, June 24, 2020

>>9726316 Racist statues fall everywhere as new Lenin statue rises in Germany. Go figure.

>>9726320 DIG: Lots of evidence of federal crimes involving some big players.

>>9726363 Israel courts Cypriot help on EU opposition to annexation

>>9726373 Another New Study Points to the Dangers of Geoengineering the Climate

4cbbb0 () No. 9726380


Thx Baker…

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6a35af () No. 9726381

0f60bd82db251a....png (532 KB, 255 x 170, 758 : 506, KluKluxKlanpon.png) (h)

c71dba () No. 9726382


the 33 yo mother is also a marker imo

4aa1e1 () No. 9726383



3fda89 () No. 9726384

afe8daa68d2365....jpg (762 KB, 255 x 127, 1553 : 771, star_wars_sena....jpg) (h)


vs star wars senate

f763a2 () No. 9726385

6a2d41910c572b....png (299 KB, 220 x 255, 533 : 617, DCcouple.png) (h)

bdf8ed322ea6f0....jpg (356 KB, 255 x 155, 1778 : 1080, DCFuhrerBowser.jpg) (h)

81376e2fb0f33c....jpg (136 KB, 224 x 255, 842 : 960, DeBlowsio.jpg) (h)

8aef02be53132e....jpg (402 KB, 255 x 191, 1440 : 1080, Witchmore.jpg) (h)

b1d885 () No. 9726386


>Bharat Patel


452846 () No. 9726387



or is it fetii?

b5b86f () No. 9726388

6be73fe5c8ebf4....png (1367 KB, 255 x 178, 1224 : 856, D_Shills_Klanb....png) (h)

f2c7e4 () No. 9726389


ETA: 31 March 2021

afdf1c () No. 9726390


I don't think Israel is behind this one. They even gave the US a bunch of free hydroxychloroquine, remember?

f48ad0 () No. 9726391

af21b85f442081....png (646 KB, 255 x 140, 1200 : 660, ContaminatedFo....png) (h)

61f2ff841ff52d....jpg (358 KB, 255 x 135, 1082 : 572, EugenicsClan.jpg) (h)


Has it escaped your notice that people who are healthy do not get sick?

And that even HCQ works best when you take Vitamin C and Zinc?

And you already knew that Vitamin C and Zinc stave off viral disease which is why you take them in the Cold and Flu season, right?

Or do you just eat the poison at Starbucks and then poison yourself with a microwave dinner for supper?

Maybe you deserve to be a sheep and die for the Cabal.

There is ONLY ONE WAY OUT and that is…


0d3f23 () No. 9726392

bedbfc626cf29e....png (48 KB, 245 x 255, 559 : 583, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>9726243 lb



June 24, 2020 at 12:33:18 AM EDT

Subject: White House travel pool report 19/ JBA arrival

AF1 landed at 12:14 am. The president deplaned at 12:24 and went immediately to Marine One.

Marine One took off at 12:29.

Good night everyone, and thanks again to co-pooler Alex Leary of WSJ.

e9530f () No. 9726393

6462407ffe57cb....png (13 KB, 189 x 255, 189 : 255, b666e753145361....png) (h)



1839c1 () No. 9726394


46cebe () No. 9726395



"Black Lives Matter 'will join forces' with Islamic State"

Match made in heaven. And nothing new. Lots come out of prison having been converted.

f9b76e () No. 9726396

f448fdc219406b....jpg (135 KB, 255 x 144, 886 : 500, 465asl.jpg) (h)

Ok, 1 mor.

46cebe () No. 9726397

436f98 () No. 9726398

76536a3b1a771c....jpg (66 KB, 255 x 178, 594 : 415, Steve_Bing_Rea....jpg) (h)

Reactions to Supreme Court Rulings on Prop 8 and DOMA

In This Photo: Steve Bing , Paul Katami, Jeff Zarillo

Steve Bing, film producer, businessman and donor to progressive causes, congratualtes plaintiff Paul Katami (L) and plaintiff Jeff Zarillo as they celebrate the US Supreme Court ruling during a community rally on June 26, 2013 in West Hollywood, California. The Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and ruled that supporters of California's ban on gay marriage, Proposition 8, could not defend it before the Supreme Court.

(June 25, 2013 - Source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America)

f763a2 () No. 9726399

4f652c997de434....jpg (530 KB, 255 x 134, 2038 : 1073, Skunkstash.jpg) (h)

3160e2 () No. 9726400

b440cf3151c04b....jpg (105 KB, 255 x 162, 787 : 500, Steve_Bing.jpg) (h)

a2a32b () No. 9726401

a8223b9ae4feb7....jpg (128 KB, 168 x 255, 478 : 725, all_assets_dep....jpg) (h)

b4ae21ff8f1ee1....gif (1800 KB, 255 x 173, 480 : 326, you_go_to_jail....gif) (h)

e5f226 () No. 9726402

8e452767b4eb26....png (404 KB, 255 x 255, 353 : 353, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Dear Patriots - get off your ass and stop keyboarding and get involved in your local politics.

Ground Up! We win!

Here lies the tree of freedom

It died from root rot

Disease comes from the root and works it's way up

Get involved locally!

Run for office!

Support and campaign for someone else!

Volunteer at the the voting centers!

This is where the real war is.

You'll see it when you decide to really do something.

Cause your memes will not do shit.

Find it ODD that Q never suggests we get involve in our local politics

87c608 () No. 9726403

ea273398ca171e....jpg (395 KB, 255 x 183, 1173 : 842, wasnt_me.jpg) (h)


>I don't think Israel is behind this one

Uh huh

>They even gave the US a bunch of free hydroxychloroquine, remember?

For the fake virus? How nice. When do we get our taxdollars back as well?

2f369f () No. 9726404

92e2b1889809cd....jpeg (122 KB, 255 x 170, 1080 : 720, 023E9E38_DBA1_....jpeg) (h)


It’s all BS.

1839c1 () No. 9726405

Still LURKING!!!

436f98 () No. 9726406

c7c67e26f45f80....jpg (63 KB, 170 x 255, 399 : 600, Steve_Bing_LAC....jpg) (h)


Art world:

LACMA 2015 Art+Film Gala Honoring James Turrell and Alejandro G Inarritu, Presented by Gucci - Inside

In This Photo: Eva Chow, Steve Bing

LACMA Trustee Eva Chow (L) and Steve Bing attend LACMA 2015 Art+Film Gala Honoring James Turrell and Alejandro G Iñárritu, Presented by Gucci at LACMA on November 7, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

(Nov. 6, 2015 - Source: Charley Gallay/Getty Images North America)

290230 () No. 9726407

7a2cf305cf783c....png (512 KB, 255 x 143, 960 : 540, cuomo_mom.png) (h)

5656a1 () No. 9726408

91022690d0f7a9....jpeg (283 KB, 255 x 138, 1242 : 673, 9BCB2E28_77A0_....jpeg) (h)

727910bd877798....jpeg (912 KB, 254 x 255, 1242 : 1245, E8465719_24F7_....jpeg) (h)

=Faux Anonymous Account followed by @jack now appearing in promoted tweets==

And why is an account with….(drumroll please)….


followers having her tweets promoted?

c71dba () No. 9726409



c28ec5 () No. 9726410


Yes it dies if you are affected by them , if you’re good to go keep o Meming but go out and hug a tree for anchoring😜

3fda89 () No. 9726411

b20b751fb792fe....jpg (834 KB, 169 x 255, 1400 : 2113, bolton_the_sci....jpg) (h)

70acdb () No. 9726412

06dea44c49261a....jpeg (191 KB, 171 x 255, 1080 : 1614, Mexicans.jpeg) (h)

Last May everyone said I was a shill when I posted "Blacks and Mexicans are spreading the CoronaVirus like wildfire…lol

I was right then and I'm still right now.

Anons said I was a shill last May when I said "Blacks and Mexicans are spreading the CoronaVirus like wildfire…lol

I was right then and I'm still right now.


1a83eb () No. 9726413

I've been hanging out here

way too long, and way too

much lately..

When someone asks me

to do something right away

at work, I keep mumbling


and then


I have a problem, right?

2f369f () No. 9726414

e2aa54e25b00ee....jpeg (318 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, 2B99E1CF_7FB8_....jpeg) (h)

5c3d63 () No. 9726415


I would not be surprised

24 files

5 ranks

3 colors

a0db58 () No. 9726416

671bbaafbd906b....png (135 KB, 217 x 255, 776 : 911, Reparations_Co....png) (h)



1839c1 () No. 9726417


There are 'ressurections' with vengence.

e9530f () No. 9726418

d1d5feb974c51d....jpg (59 KB, 170 x 255, 423 : 635, kobedawson.jpg) (h)

972c51 () No. 9726419

Is there any chance the low attendance at Trump's rally was intentional by whitehats? Lull Dems into false sense of security. Concern Patriots = action.

Appear weak when you are strong…

5c2680 () No. 9726420

6734259e4f87ab....png (627 KB, 208 x 255, 1030 : 1265, tempsnip.png) (h)



8c0e5f () No. 9726421

de1f3ca85cfd9b....jpg (2646 KB, 176 x 255, 2983 : 4324, Hans_Christian....jpg) (h)


They took down a statue of a Union soldier who fought against slavery, fought against the Confederates.

Protesters pull down Lady Forward statue, Col. Hans Christian Heg outside State Capitol

Demonstrators had been marching around downtown Madison, frustrated after the arrest of a protester earlier in the day.

The same group also tore down the Col. Hans Christian Heg statue a short time later. The group then went on to throw the statue into Lake Monona. Heg fought for the Union during the Civil War and was a stark opponent of slavery during that time.



ee58ef () No. 9726422

551be552fc9869....jpg (5 KB, 255 x 87, 385 : 131, 3_shepards.jpg) (h)


world may be coming to an end, but try not to forget PB kek.

>felt on fire

yeah, we're all having some really tough moments at times right now. No way around that for most. We are doing good work here and that's better than doing nothing - a lot better. But even so, there are those moments….

WRWY - and we are with all those who love freedom and seek to preserve it. Blessings anon, peace be with you.


ea6f61 () No. 9726423

76c87d4717b449....png (300 KB, 243 x 255, 535 : 562, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

Genetically modified #Mosquitoes are planned to be released in the #US, as a part of a plan to stop the spread of diseases such as Zika and dengue fever.


What Could Go Wrong?

3fda89 () No. 9726424

e6498f20cb1cf9....jpg (173 KB, 255 x 181, 829 : 588, hivemind.jpg) (h)


>Stay away from electronics for 3-4 days

3-4 hours a day maybe…these are anons you're talking to. well, at the anons from old. these newfags…

0d3f23 () No. 9726425

374948f75f38d9....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 167, 255 : 167, 374948f75f38d9....jpg) (h)

cdc744b6923a99....jpg (123 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, cdc744b6923a99....jpg) (h)

02b4d51a69c57e....png (56 KB, 216 x 255, 549 : 647, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



Subject: In-town pool report #5 - White House return

June 24, 2020 at 12:44:36 AM EDT

Subject: In-town pool report #5 - White House return

Marine One was wheels down on the South Lawn at 12:40 a.m.

POTUS disembarked and waved to press before entering the residence at 12:43 a.m. He did not stop for questions.

Courtney Subramanian


e5f226 () No. 9726426


Hey POTUS do you need a little help in the HR Department?

Give me a call. I'll see about helping your out a bit.

DC is surrounded by generations of rat bastards who want to sink the government.

Good luck filling those positions.

That frankly don't need to be filled cause we don't need em.

f763a2 () No. 9726427

828146d3535ab1....jpg (92 KB, 255 x 170, 720 : 480, GoogleNK.jpg) (h)

da14fd181f5105....jpg (224 KB, 182 x 255, 750 : 1050, GoogleHRC.jpg) (h)

b5e3668a635be2....jpg (68 KB, 255 x 183, 540 : 387, GoogleChrome.jpg) (h)

c28ec5 () No. 9726428


Nope, sounds about right to me

c28ec5 () No. 9726429



d17f10 () No. 9726430


>Seize the means of their production

Wha? They don't produce anything. Just cut off all welfare and the riots will stop in an hour.

afdf1c () No. 9726432


Giving away the cure is a pretty strong statement. I'm going to need more proof than a neurotic-sounding article that makes the writer sound guilty whether he really is or not.

3fda89 () No. 9726433

b1ccbbacf0fe83....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 88, 635 : 220, matrix_bug.jpg) (h)


if you won't take the vaccine we'll give you the vaccine

e9530f () No. 9726434

9986391c192a90....jpeg (15 KB, 255 x 206, 255 : 206, 5a0c094cf70939....jpeg) (h)


I believe you're following the natural path to enlightenment myself…

32ffe3 () No. 9726435


Biggest Heist in history and nobody even knows it happened.

ed5831 () No. 9726436

08473b10f0941b....jpg (75 KB, 255 x 133, 600 : 314, friends.jpg) (h)

908e6055b455d5....png (393 KB, 255 x 186, 784 : 573, RCfren.png) (h)

1a83eb () No. 9726437



Das why this place feels like home

2c307e () No. 9726438


Well I never heard of Thelemites, but I have been kind of forming a theory that Cabal forces could have released the concocted Covid-19 in Wuhan precisely because they knew the US and China would end up blaming each other for it. While I think it could have been engineered to be more deadly against a particular group, my belief is still that the cold climates suffered most with it.

If true, it fits a pattern: Try to start WW3 with a Korean nuke, try get Russia and the US fighting over elections, basically keep everyone off balance and at each others' throats until they gain back control over the US.

70acdb () No. 9726439

bd769d6b2d9a2e....jpg (7 KB, 240 x 135, 240 : 135, downloadfile_11.jpg) (h)

50% of Mexicans tested have the CoronaVirus.

Anons said I was a shill last May when I said "Blacks and Mexicans are spreading the CoronaVirus like wildfire…lol

I was right then and I'm still right now.


1839c1 () No. 9726440


And (YOU) would do WHAT without a governing factor over your life as it were? You got a self sustaining farm to feed YOU? Think it won't be robbed? Think the first intruder you shoot won't bring MOAR? Shut the fuck up shill.

bb012a () No. 9726441

e51fda48f21168....png (138 KB, 255 x 208, 604 : 493, 70157799.png) (h)


>to stop the spread

f763a2 () No. 9726442

a8743bcdafe42e....jpg (437 KB, 255 x 191, 2048 : 1536, KapXenu.jpg) (h)

f9b76e () No. 9726443

208fbf233a9c3a....jpg (60 KB, 255 x 169, 700 : 465, 465bic.jpg) (h)

Ok, I just can't stop. Lol.

452846 () No. 9726444

a7824c3f5ad046....png (72 KB, 255 x 82, 1140 : 368, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


see what this guy backed and who he ran with, has anyone got the security footage of thsi shitbag doing a 9 and a laf off his balcony?


5c7120 () No. 9726445


There's also evidence that a fair amount of tests are comped so there's also that.

46cebe () No. 9726446


Freedom of association was the first part of 1A that we lost. Then they chipped away at the rest and I think we can safely say it's gone now. But imagine if just that one freedom hadn't been lost. Black and every other race would either have had to sink or swim on their own and this shit would have sorted out naturally.

d16b8c () No. 9726447

09ebd1cd6f7d32....jpg (53 KB, 255 x 165, 750 : 486, 3xke3h.jpg) (h)

72e867 () No. 9726448

45c059892de451....jpg (814 KB, 145 x 255, 1391 : 2451, PepePapa.jpg) (h)

Color Cap Bread, Dead Bread, Normal Bread, Hidden Bread 2 normal breads.

All appears to be the adapted normal.

ad93f7 () No. 9726449


9726185 lb


anon explains what might be the reason for the missing millions of china phone customers

robo ad clicks etc

first reasonable explanation i have heard

f48ad0 () No. 9726450


There are a lot of people who THOUGHT they were WOKE

But they are not

They THOUGHT they were red pilled

But they are not.

And now their world is cracking

And they are being forced to REALLY wake up, not just pretend to be awake like before.

Taking full responsibility for your own life, and meeting God up front and personal, is scary.

It was so much easier to imaging that you just had to shift allegiance to somebody who wears a red hat and it will be all OK.

Sorry, but that ain't so

Nobody gets out of this without GENUINE prayer.

Go to a quiet place, and pray silently

Only you and God.

Nobody to see you do it

Nobody knows but you and your creator.

We all come from God in the first place

So REAL PRAYER should feel like going home.

That is what counts. Not some magic spells done by strangers who claim to be praying for you. Maybe they are, and maybe they aren't.

Just go straight to God within yourself.

c28ec5 () No. 9726452


We are doing good work 07, at this moment it’s good to help a fellow anon along, and you really help a lot of us.

f763a2 () No. 9726453

3d3a321e33285c....jpg (760 KB, 255 x 132, 2048 : 1057, SorosPuppeteer.jpg) (h)

e8b9c6 () No. 9726454

With Q post with the noose video….I never saw a noose…at the 53 second point was nothing. Am I missing something. Where is the noose?

d9ad02 () No. 9726455



testing complete

66a734 () No. 9726456

bd3ad808947a22....jpg (49 KB, 213 x 255, 400 : 479, CatNaziSpell.jpg) (h)

c3b909 () No. 9726457

c491e1f0d4fa1b....jpg (38 KB, 255 x 134, 600 : 315, 9fdaa5f8395df4....jpg) (h)

ed5831 () No. 9726458

403c3f78c8f766....jpg (96 KB, 255 x 255, 749 : 748, QQQ.jpg) (h)

7e871d91e2c6c1....jpg (51 KB, 255 x 143, 720 : 405, QQtrst.jpg) (h)


>"Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ)"

5c7120 () No. 9726459


#12450 @200, >>9726210, >>9726248, >>9726338

>>9726278 British soldiers ‘got away with murder’ in Iraq, as government sent unqualified officers to investigate war crimes – report

>>9726288 An 8-Year-Old Girl, Her Mother And Her Grandfather Drown In Their New Home’s Swimming Pool

>>9726290 BLACK EYES MATTER: Japanese reporter visits CHAZ to show how safe, leaves in 15m w/ black eye…

>>9726298 Another Study Finds School Children Typically Don't Spread COVID-19 To Parents

>>9726299, >>9726315 Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt News Round Up: The 'Scare the shit out of them' Edition

>>9726310 POTUS Schedule for Wednesday, June 24, 2020

>>9726316 Racist statues fall everywhere as new Lenin statue rises in Germany. Go figure.

>>9726320 DIG: Lots of evidence of federal crimes involving some big players.

>>9726363 Israel courts Cypriot help on EU opposition to annexation

>>9726373 Another New Study Points to the Dangers of Geoengineering the Climate

>>9726421 THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID: They took down a statue of a Union soldier who fought against slavery

70acdb () No. 9726460

79eb562c4dd4c4....jpg (709 KB, 135 x 255, 640 : 1212, 79eb562c4dd4c4....jpg) (h)

America needs a civil war and it's coming sooner than you think.

fdbfcc () No. 9726461

taking a statue down in South Carolina. I dont know who it is.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

72e867 () No. 9726462


Didnt they learn from the debacle in South America?

5f3ccb () No. 9726463

f123ca8bd09ee9....png (98 KB, 106 x 255, 528 : 1276, island_visitors.png) (h)

060a9d149697d4....jpg (81 KB, 200 x 255, 634 : 810, FUCKED_UP_ALLI....jpg) (h)

4b00f4b2ba7046....jpg (55 KB, 255 x 111, 600 : 261, HESSian_for_na....jpg) (h)


Never worked a day in your life.

Lying is NOT working…maggot.

1a83eb () No. 9726464


kek…enlightened pepe confirms

9b9202 () No. 9726465


It's been a long damn time

8e6815 () No. 9726466

For those who are feeling a depressed, angry, and frightened… this two part series is worth a listen. Part One here.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3fda89 () No. 9726467

f19821e68c1a2c....jpg (378 KB, 173 x 255, 750 : 1103, jew_harvard_li....jpg) (h)

341b0ba8a33afb....png (172 KB, 167 x 255, 1024 : 1568, jew_harvard_li....png) (h)

75d87d11dda6da....png (451 KB, 228 x 255, 800 : 896, jew_harvard_sh....png) (h)

03870e () No. 9726468


>Bharat Patel

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2c307e () No. 9726469

a3077a20e0ec68....jpg (139 KB, 224 x 255, 588 : 670, kek.jpg) (h)

a0db58 () No. 9726470


Spread that shit… IT really is the answer and we, the people have the power. It's moral, fair, honest, open and voluntary. Its better for everyone. Even the juice.

e9530f () No. 9726471

6d4b23408b90a1....png (999 KB, 255 x 252, 1080 : 1067, Screenshot_202....png) (h)


Trips for the win! Where is that footage?!

ed5831 () No. 9726472

84979c8eb84d0b....png (418 KB, 255 x 115, 1952 : 882, 99H.png) (h)


>50% of Mexicans tested have the CoronaVirus.

2c697a () No. 9726473

72dcacf048a012....jpeg (881 KB, 172 x 255, 1125 : 1664, 6E902977_25BB_....jpeg) (h)


Federal law enforcement officials arrested Natalie White, believed to have been the former girlfriend of Rayshard Brooks, for allegedly burning down the Wendy’s restaurant where Brooks died earlier this month.

White, 29, is facing first-degree arson charges for allegedly burning down the restaurant and is currently being held in a local county jail.


“The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Unit just apprehended Wendys arson suspect Natalie White moments ago. White is being booked into the Fulton County Jail right now,” the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “This case is being investigated by [the Atlanta Fire Rescue] Arson Unit.”

Fox 5 investigative reporter Randy Travis tweeted two pictures of White: one of her being taken into custody and another of the security camera footage that authorities initially released of White.

“Suspected Wendy’s arsonist Natalie White arrested less than an hour ago,” Travis wrote on Twitter. “Members of @GwinnettSO fugitive unit found her. @USMarshalsHQ took her into custody. Fire happened after #RayshardBrooks was shot by #AtlantaPolice”

Brooks was killed earlier this month when law enforcement was called to the Atlanta-area Wendy’s restaurant because Brooks was asleep behind the wheel of his car while in the drive thru lane. Officials tried to arrest Brooks after his breathalyzer test showed that he was driving while drunk, at which point Brooks tried to take off running. A struggle ensued between the two police officers and Brooks and Brooks proceeded to assault the officers and took one of their tasers away from them as he managed to break loose and started to run away. A police officer began to chase after Brooks on foot when Brooks turned around and fired the taser at the officer. The officer responded by shooting Brooks, which ultimately led to his death. The Fulton County District Attorney recently stated that in the State of Georgia, a taser is considered to be a deadly weapon.

1a83eb () No. 9726475

4aeea58920073e....png (4 KB, 255 x 253, 255 : 253, FuckOff.png) (h)

5f3ccb No.9726463

no (You) for you today, douchenozzle

6a35af () No. 9726476

8d04671bb9e23e....png (961 KB, 255 x 171, 1385 : 931, Screenshot_71.png) (h)



Crews removing John C. Calhoun statue from Marion Square

This is happening right now.

46cebe () No. 9726477


I've been here since the start and still haven't taken up the lingo.

8e6815 () No. 9726478

For those who are feeling a depressed, angry, and frightened… this two part series is worth a listen. Part

Two here.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ee58ef () No. 9726479


Don't think it was on purpose.

Even if 'patriots are in charge' doesn't mean that the other side doesn't get in some jabs at times. The battleground is dynamic; the knowledge that the victory is won comes not from the idea that this is a static situation in which every little thing is completely controlled but that the nature of the situation is such that only minor wins are possible for the other side. 'Minor' meaning non-lethal blows. They can still hurt us at times, just not in a way that will allow them to win.

Just my 2cents….

6a35af () No. 9726480

a0db58 () No. 9726481


I will start this crazy idea with the premise that the US is not for everyone. It really isn't. Hell, its not even the place or system for many people who were born here and have lived here for generations. Many of the problems we all see are because of this shit. So, how to fix it?

1: End all social wellfare/ public retirements/ etc of all kinds in every way imaginable with an exception of under 15 and over 65.

2: Allow all US Citizens to participate in the program. ALL citizens. Even prisioners. This is an important point. We spend A LOT of money on prisions and bullshit that comes from them. Anyone facing prision time can simply give up their citizenship and leave the nation permanently and get paid. My guess is anyone facing more than 5-10 years will take this road over prision tbh. It also gives people an exit from prisions any time they want.

3: If you want to keep your SNAP and HUD and WIC and all the other free shit these scumbags get simply move to another country and you can keep it. Too expensive you say? Not a problem because we are paying for it all right now anyway.

4: Add in an Affiliate Program. This way some famous (or internet famous) person can get substantially more money by getting others to apply under their affiliate program. This will let entire extended families leave the US in a better position than if they are just individuals.

5: Allow very selective immigration of only the absolute best people. Have very stringent requirements and very tight controls. All former citizens are excluded as this is not a revolving door.

6: Nations who accept people under this program will be eligible for US Aid (which we give away now for fucking free with nothing in return but more scumbags flooding our nation). This will be a boon for these nations. Really shitty nations will gladly take Felons and criminals as they will be an income source and will likely make western style enclaves and actually help their host nations. First world nations who don't really need the money will be more choosey and will not be flooded with shitheads yet will allow them to have quality citizens. This would be for people who just want to live under socialism or some such system as opposed to trying to force it all on us.

Simple as that! That is all we need to really do to completely reform the US. This program will not be based on Racism, though defacto it will greatly favor whites and Asians over all other races. It will not be detrimental to those in poverty as the whole program is VOLUNTARY and never forced. If you are a homeless hobo and happy with that and can continue doing so well, thats fine but you won't get any public assistance. Private ONLY. Wealthy people can easily be a part of the program using their name as a way to get an entire city of people to relocate. Religious people can use this program as a way to move an entire church or sect to another area where they will fit in better. It will allow many who came to the US looking for a better life to have that life where they are FROM. It will allow the US to have the pick of the litter or all humanity based on merit as opposed to the clusterfuck we have today. It will end massive prision programs and the courts and vast expenses wasted. It will end generational wellfare as those who are most likely to want wellfare will take their sorry asses elsewhere and their shitty kids they spawn away from here will not recieve shit. The highest cost of the program will be in the first few years. After that it will be an ever-decreasing downward spiral of costs until it reaches a low stable level in probably 20 years. If a smart group was setting this plan up it would be very wise to do so in the midst of a colossal depression as to encourage as many of the weak and useless to take it up while the strong and capable will remain. We would colonize mars in 20 years if we did this.


c9d675 () No. 9726482


So Jay Inslee (Wash state) issued another proclamation that face masks have to be worn at all time indoors and out. HTF is this still legal?

So now in 95 degree heat people are supposed to wear masks No F'ing way!

However, they are saying this is a misdemeanor with up to 3 months in jail and $1000 fine.

Any lawfags here…on can we fight this….I am done!



32ffe3 () No. 9726483


There's a mother-fuckng dome in the sky and you niggers think the problem is in here…

62533a () No. 9726484

00793cbfaf2e6c....png (1043 KB, 210 x 255, 608 : 739, POTUS_so_ghey.png) (h)

ad93f7 () No. 9726485


i did not watch the vidio but in the still shots the "noose" is by the door frame

it is the rope you use to pull down the door

with a small loop at the end to grab it

436f98 () No. 9726486

275d8f254dfb21....jpg (83 KB, 176 x 255, 413 : 600, Steve_Bing_Far....jpg) (h)

0a6a34d5e4fb80....jpg (27 KB, 255 x 191, 474 : 355, download_38_.jpg) (h)

c3fc7530888b00....jpg (29 KB, 255 x 191, 400 : 300, download_37_.jpg) (h)

d7f033158f37ee....jpg (40 KB, 182 x 255, 474 : 665, download_36_.jpg) (h)

fb8e64373e4b5c....jpg (53 KB, 189 x 255, 340 : 459, download_39_.jpg) (h)


Barbara Davis

Steve Bing

ties to Paris Hilton via Brandon Greasy Bear Davis and Gummy Bear Brandon Davis

ties to Rothchilds via Kim Richards who was married to Gregg Davis (nicky Hilton Rothschild aunt)

Kim is Paris aunt

Kyle Richards RHOBH tied to Andy Cohen and all the Housewives like Erika Griardi and Tom Rainbow Cultural House Los Angeles Wilshire Helicopters

Personal life Barbara Davis

She married Marvin Davis (1925–2004) in 1951.[2][3][4][5] They had five children:

Patricia Davis Raynes.[5][6]

John Davis.[5][6]

Nancy Davis Rickel (married Nebil Zarif; they had three sons: actor Jason Davis (1984-2020), Brandon Davis and Alexander Davis; they divorced and she remarried to Ken Rickel; they had two daughters: Isabella Rickel and Mariella Rickel).[5][6]

Gregg Davis (married actress Kim Richards; they had two children: Whitney Davis (born 1990) and Chad Davis (born 1991); they later divorced).[5][6]

Dana Davis.[5][6]

They resided in Denver, Colorado from 1951 to 1985.[2][4][5] In 1985, they moved to The Knoll, an estate in Beverly Hills, California.[2][5][6] Shortly after his death, she sold it for $46 million and

moved into a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel. ( Adam Schiff BeverlyHills Hotel??)

[3][6] Additionally, in 2011 she listed a condominium she owned in the Wilshire Corridor in Westwood, Los Angeles.[7]

In 2006, she was worth $2.5 billion.[6]


Farrah Fawcett Foundation's Tex-Mex Fiesta 2017

In This Photo: Barbara Davis, Carole Bayer Sager, Steve Bing

(L-R) Barbara Davis, Steve Bing and Carole Bayer Sager at the Farrah Fawcett Foundation's "Tex-Mex Fiesta" 2017 at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on September 9, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

(Sept. 8, 2017 - Source: Charley Gallay/Getty Images North America)

c28ec5 () No. 9726487


Ok I get that but when someone feels as bad as he does, it might be a good idea for a little longer. Old fags are weathered and rough, things don’t seem to penetrate As deeply. I personally think it world fear or US fear, no normie has seen or expected anything like this . It sure is waking up people.

I personally think it may get worse before the final Shabang

1a83eb () No. 9726488


i dunno anon - my brain is softer than yours i guess

5f3ccb () No. 9726489

5269df26088774....png (425 KB, 255 x 109, 1053 : 450, bitch_U_love_it.png) (h)


Cock magnet…. lol

f48ad0 () No. 9726490


Are you referring to the Dec 20 2017 EO and the Treasury Secretary's actions to take control of the ESF for the USA rather than funneling the cash into the usual Cabal money laundering machine?

Or are you referring to the 1913 heist that set up 8 families as owners of the USA, and the ESF as their private door into the USA's piggy banks?

c5a090 () No. 9726491


Its not legal or legally binding.

ed5831 () No. 9726492

2b52dd381008a7....png (123 KB, 219 x 255, 514 : 598, mosqE.png) (h)

6dfd10e8d8c1de....png (246 KB, 255 x 125, 1792 : 878, mosqit.png) (h)


>Genetically modified #Mosquitoes

5c7120 () No. 9726493

>>9726476 Crews removing John C. Calhoun statue from Marion Square

It can be put back without damage once this bullshit is over? kek.

f763a2 () No. 9726494

bf07bc00fe82e6....jpg (69 KB, 255 x 170, 699 : 465, OmarStupid.jpg) (h)

5f3ccb () No. 9726495

bbf68d5928114a....jpg (75 KB, 255 x 181, 534 : 378, retard_shill_w....jpg) (h)

bca0d6dd63ff3f....jpg (102 KB, 255 x 97, 1080 : 409, Minion_and_dum....jpg) (h)



d16b8c () No. 9726496


I wonder why the hell are they doing this at 1am.

fdbfcc () No. 9726497


A vice-president of the USA and they let them take it down.

eb86ed () No. 9726498


Helps to post state/city

Have Marion names in many states

Counties, parks etc..

3ae5e1 () No. 9726499

ff1deca7978fe9....png (118 KB, 255 x 152, 1092 : 651, 53sec.png) (h)

46cebe () No. 9726500


But we lost that freedom. We didn't see the big picture of where it was headed and we gave in to the thought policing. As history demonstrates, once freedom is lost it's only regained through bloodshed. Power isn't handed back willingly. That's why were fucked now.

c5a090 () No. 9726501

c49cb694722637....jpg (78 KB, 255 x 133, 500 : 260, obamagate_what....jpg) (h)


Yeah, we are really fucking stupid.

ee58ef () No. 9726502


> the absolute best people

aye, there's the rub

a lot of those who came didn't seem like the best people at the time

but keeping out ms-13 and other complete lowlifes might be worthwhile….

e7e1ce () No. 9726503

7fd8e9a62bce59....jpeg (165 KB, 255 x 170, 1024 : 683, 7fd8e9a62bce59....jpeg) (h)

ce4ac59e3ddd99....jpeg (113 KB, 194 x 255, 639 : 842, download_63_.jpeg) (h)

72e867 () No. 9726504


Potus missed space.


It is ashame that Congress doesn’t do something about the lowlifes that burn the American Flag. It should be stopped, and now!

c9d675 () No. 9726505


If he declares a state of Emergency he can, unless I am missing something.


66a734 () No. 9726506

e83955c0c3bbf3....mp4 (7693 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, Shadilay_The_I....mp4) (h)

3fda89 () No. 9726507

909b2a5501f15b....jpg (417 KB, 143 x 255, 918 : 1632, junk_food_cache.jpg) (h)

41d17293b53d46....png (721 KB, 204 x 255, 576 : 720, closet_holocau....png) (h)


oh yeah, Durham hasn't done anything yet, and may not. both outcomes would have yuge repercussions. the election is going to be a shit show. stock up now.

452846 () No. 9726508

a12e9698cac1e0....png (623 KB, 255 x 176, 609 : 421, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

46cebe () No. 9726509


I'm just too old for that shit, I think. Not that I'm ancient, but I still don't even like LOL so KEK is really a stretch.

42370b () No. 9726510

Charleston, SC looks like they are trying to take down a statue. Not sure who it is a statue of.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9b9202 () No. 9726511

377cd9e0d4ef10....png (84 KB, 243 x 255, 254 : 266, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

87c608 () No. 9726512

b01ebe8b929f1a....png (33 KB, 241 x 255, 494 : 523, Not_an_object_....png) (h)


The social media platforms


>the cure

You do understand that MOS controls all media right? Do you know what that means when the media inflames a fake virus to attempt to wreck an economy and people's lives?

32ffe3 () No. 9726513


You wouldn't happen to be "attacking the messenger" in some form of chicanery would you?

8c0e5f () No. 9726514

76e77e52f37569....png (1434 KB, 255 x 148, 1279 : 744, Lego_Ellen_Eps....png) (h)

e5f226 () No. 9726515


My self sustaining farm will be even more sustained with the fresh fertilizer from your marxist friends.

Very good fertilizer indeed.

Make a nice crop of maters

Small government is win.

c7b22f () No. 9726516

178a6b4ee5becf....png (44 KB, 255 x 19, 1390 : 102, deb.png) (h)

03e562d24aed37....png (134 KB, 255 x 62, 1618 : 392, deb2.png) (h)

could be some interesting things to dig

3fda89 () No. 9726517

aa5492f0181874....jpg (514 KB, 255 x 143, 1276 : 715, nba_robo_copter.jpg) (h)

2074e75d16b6b5....jpg (138 KB, 255 x 255, 576 : 576, kobe_robo_wut.jpg) (h)

20fd10fbf98f6d....jpg (265 KB, 255 x 144, 1269 : 716, robo_kobe_kopt....jpg) (h)

847a87 () No. 9726518

768ab8237b3c39....png (114 KB, 255 x 158, 935 : 579, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


The man who died was a doctor, Bharat Patel was a radiologist that worked for the Barnabus health system.

Link: https://www.rwjbh.org/doctors/bharat-patel-md/

70acdb () No. 9726519

15afa783d3a33f....jpg (47 KB, 255 x 191, 400 : 300, downloadfile_9.jpg) (h)



To late the civil war has already started.

Whites will win easily.

87c608 () No. 9726520





MOS through and through

62533a () No. 9726521

279969af3533ee....png (495 KB, 255 x 187, 663 : 485, whitaker_do_yo....png) (h)


you prove, day after day without one shred of doubt-especailly with those "memes" that you have no fucking clue about anything.

2ffc24 () No. 9726522

3790ebae21a28e....jpg (89 KB, 255 x 243, 538 : 512, LegoAntifa.jpg) (h)

c28ec5 () No. 9726523



436f98 () No. 9726524



all is just one big cluster fuck, intended pun

'seems like the outing of the hollywood is coming soon?

'Bing may have been the kickoff?

Paris spearheaded the social media stuff

non stop msm coverage news cycles to stop all other stories


family linked to kardashians and OJ

black white co mingle men women babies


split country racial shit

and connected to all we dig on


greasy bear


super wealthy Hollywood family

paris hilton

steve bing

barbara davis

lindsey lohan

brittney spears

real housewives

Paris Hilton Cracks Up At Brandon Davis' EPIC Lindsay Lohan 'Fire Crotch' Rant [2006]


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

847a87 () No. 9726525


see 9726288

e8b9c6 () No. 9726526



Thanks….I was going back and rewatching and rewatching and missed it.

66a734 () No. 9726527

630b01f465e350....mp4 (13211 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, Kekwave_Music_....mp4) (h)

1a83eb () No. 9726528


oldfag here too

the humor and anger

here suits me!

and smartasses…

lots of smartasses

452846 () No. 9726529

edc5188596fd14....png (172 KB, 255 x 243, 459 : 438, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

46cebe () No. 9726530


That doesn't explain why Trump didn't call it out as soon as real number were in. He's still acting like he saved millions of lives, so he's propping up the lie.

d16b8c () No. 9726531

SC Rioter to pro-statue guy:

"You aren't wearing a mask..you are spreading the coronavirus!"

e8b9c6 () No. 9726532


Oh shit that is much clearer. thanks.

70acdb () No. 9726533

176847d3c3817d....jpg (40 KB, 255 x 174, 800 : 547, downloadfile_6.jpg) (h)

Bubba Wallace has never won a NASCAR race or had a pole position.

Bubba Wallace is pure negro.

3ae5e1 () No. 9726534

da2db792d9d053....png (508 KB, 255 x 244, 1129 : 1079, _55sec.png) (h)


.55 sec shows it better, not as zoomed in as other pic

d9ad02 () No. 9726535


>seems like the outing of the hollywood is coming soon?


a0db58 () No. 9726536

4055732e5e42d4....png (487 KB, 236 x 255, 904 : 978, Screenshot_fro....png) (h)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As torrential rains in China continue to wreak havoc on more than 24 provinces, notable Chinese hydrologist Wang Weiluo (王維洛) has questioned the safety of the massive Three Gorges Dam, warning that it could collapse at any moment.

In southern China, regional rainstorms and mudslides that began on June 1 have uprooted more than 7,300 houses and affected nearly eight million people as of Monday morning (June 21). The immediate economic loss is estimated at 20.6 billion RMB (US$2.9 billion) by local officials.

The nonstop downpours have also raised the Chinese public's concerns over the potential bursting of the world's biggest hydropower project. Despite government assurances that the dam is structurally sound, Wang has taken an opposing view and claimed that the facility is not as stable as many have been led to believe, reported New Talk.

Wang pointed out that the dam's design, construction, and quality inspection were all carried out by the same group of people and that the project was finished too quickly. He said that even Chinese Vice Minister of Water Resources Ye Jianchun (葉建春) confessed at a June 10 press conference that water levels of at least 148 rivers in the country have risen above warning thresholds, which proves that the Three Gorges Dam has a limited effect on flood control.

Rather than commenting on the validity of the images showing the dam's warping a year ago, Wang said a more serious concern is the cracks and substandard concrete discovered during its construction. He said a failure of the dam would have catastrophic consequences for individuals residing in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and that they should prepare for evacuation as soon as possible, reported CT Want.


Yall know this will be blamed on us somehow right/??

46cebe () No. 9726537


>the humor and anger

Me too.

c28ec5 () No. 9726538


What exactly is the beginning

436f98 () No. 9726539


Parsi Hilton got pass for being a racist and hardcore hates blacks


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

410837 () No. 9726540

61773845e2e25b....png (1126 KB, 255 x 252, 905 : 893, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

034b7e () No. 9726541





3fda89 () No. 9726542

cd63af2f5eda64....jpg (26 KB, 255 x 251, 460 : 452, not_today_ebola.jpg) (h)

7a4aa713b92c21....jpg (118 KB, 252 x 255, 295 : 298, super_token.jpg) (h)


the one car on the grid with a horn installed

fcca64 () No. 9726543


Surely we don't leave out Americans damaged to no fault of their own? We may as well be them at that point. And I mean damaged, fucked, not lazy.

f9b76e () No. 9726544

85d6da3974476e....jpg (45 KB, 255 x 228, 528 : 473, 465cg4.jpg) (h)

And another fresh off the press.

e5f226 () No. 9726545


Yer mom suits me

e9c000 () No. 9726546


5f3ccb () No. 9726547

2cd305c49c293b....jpg (120 KB, 255 x 170, 749 : 500, Truth_kills_co....jpg) (h)

d3937c4f153245....jpg (40 KB, 255 x 213, 720 : 602, Yeah_this_redi....jpg) (h)

d4cd7406d67b6f....png (153 KB, 255 x 106, 683 : 283, Q_strikes_rath....png) (h)

b938ff41a3854e....jpg (94 KB, 255 x 164, 812 : 522, Must_shine_lig....jpg) (h)


Keep talking shit… It's all you can do….. continue being the fuckup.

It must hurt to see it all so easily destroyed… truth does that.



Full of shit.

afdf1c () No. 9726548


Maybe, but do you have any actual evidence yet?


Which message? There were a few.

436f98 () No. 9726549


Paris Hilton hates gays as well

msm pass

Hear Paris Hilton's 'shocking' gay remarks


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2a3074 () No. 9726550


I saw a very interesting video yesterday, jewtube channel danjazone..very very interesting take on Virginia.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ad93f7 () No. 9726551


true but it does say

charlestone sc (wcsc)


ray rivera


charlestone sc

and current weather

charlestone sc

978273 () No. 9726552

e71986ba2cfe68....png (644 KB, 255 x 229, 783 : 702, shariapolice.png) (h)

Minnesota State Rep: Antifa and Muslim Groups Plan to 'Police Minneapolis Under Muslim Rule' https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/06/minnesota-state-rep-antifa-and-muslim-groups-plan-robert-spencer/

36ca4d () No. 9726553


he wont say that if they go after the Statue of Liberty

c3b909 () No. 9726554


Muh Lee!!!

Muh Dixie Wrecked!!!

af35e5 () No. 9726555

8a38b83d3347d4....jpeg (138 KB, 128 x 128, 640 : 603, F6F8EBA7_71D1_....jpeg) (h)

d9ad02 () No. 9726556

46c8b7c5c4ac52....jpg (109 KB, 255 x 236, 933 : 865, _20200623_0106....jpg) (h)

46cebe () No. 9726557

713d93fa7a6503....jpg (31 KB, 238 x 255, 428 : 459, 5ujvdk.jpg) (h)

e8b9c6 () No. 9726558


Didnt she make her fame sucking off a nigger?

Or was that some other whore?

0d3f23 () No. 9726559

413d277aa165d6....png (459 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

35fffcecc40bcf....png (6402 KB, 191 x 255, 1536 : 2048, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>9726243 lb



Courtney Subramanian


WH correspondent


- formerly




| Chicago native, recovering Sydneysider | views are all mine | tips to [email protected]

dff411 () No. 9726560

7197b8cc165980....jpg (189 KB, 253 x 255, 1182 : 1190, 79DA9251_4AF7_....jpg) (h)

They might be thinking their best option is to cut your comms, agitate you, and get a few of your well armed idiots to lone wolf.

1a83eb () No. 9726561


are you dead?

cuz my madre is…

c28ec5 () No. 9726562


Are you taking about blue beam? Explain please.

5c7120 () No. 9726563


#12450 @300, >>9726210, >>9726248, >>9726338

>>9726278 British soldiers ‘got away with murder’ in Iraq, as government sent unqualified officers to investigate war crimes – report

>>9726288 An 8-Year-Old Girl, Her Mother And Her Grandfather Drown In Their New Home’s Swimming Pool

>>9726290 BLACK EYES MATTER: Japanese reporter visits CHAZ to show how safe, leaves in 15m w/ black eye…

>>9726298 Another Study Finds School Children Typically Don't Spread COVID-19 To Parents

>>9726299, >>9726315 Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt News Round Up: The 'Scare the shit out of them' Edition

>>9726310 POTUS Schedule for Wednesday, June 24, 2020

>>9726316 Racist statues fall everywhere as new Lenin statue rises in Germany. Go figure.

>>9726320 DIG: Lots of evidence of federal crimes involving some big players.

>>9726363 Israel courts Cypriot help on EU opposition to annexation

>>9726373 Another New Study Points to the Dangers of Geoengineering the Climate

>>9726421 THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID: They took down a statue of a Union soldier who fought against slavery

>>9726473 Federal law enforcement officials arrested Natalie White, alleged former girlfriend of Rayshard Brooks, for allegedly burning down the Wendy’s earlier this month.

>>9726476 Crews removing John C. Calhoun statue from Marion Square

>>9726486, >>9726295 Anons' Steve Bing digs

>>9726552 Minnesota State Rep: Antifa and Muslim Groups Plan to 'Police Minneapolis Under Muslim Rule'

a0db58 () No. 9726564


… Its voluntary.

fcca64 () No. 9726565


Anon is sleep deprived. I probs missed something.

3fda89 () No. 9726566

be983e73894362....gif (427 KB, 255 x 143, 1024 : 576, paris_hilton_b....gif) (h)


she should be forced to submit to the BBC as penance. she was built for BBC.

452846 () No. 9726567

79b0476f6e3cfe....png (223 KB, 255 x 145, 631 : 359, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

4cbbb0 () No. 9726568

We are at war , anons.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ec5e6e () No. 9726569

5235eb88b832cb....jpg (12 KB, 126 x 126, 126 : 126, LION.jpg) (h)


I've been thinking about this too, how we need to be Prepared to say things on social media that HELP people mentally survive what is about to be unleashed.

So many people are going to be devestated when their whole worldview and self-definition is found to be aligned with EVIL. They are going to either Check Out or Check Into a Hospital. 99% would end up in a Hospital if they knew the Truth, as Q has said.

A patient, kind, smart, logical Ron Paul Supporter stepped into my online arguments, and convinced me that we needed an alternative to Romney vs 0bama, and that person, at the time, was Ron Paul for President. They helped me to back off of the Emotions and Think Logically. (They want us Divided). The Ron Paul supporters won me over with their calm Reasonings and LOGIC.

It was the massive support for Ron Paul, that convinced Trump that the country was READY, mentally, at least those of us most politically active, for an Outsider to Shake Things Up.

And Shake Things Up Trump did, beyond my wildest dreams anyway.

We have to learn to NOT react to the Provocations to Fight Each Other, even when the other person is being a Dick and deserves your most vicious excoriation.

This Takes Strength, lots of it and Practice.

We need to be Hive Minding exactly what to say to our countrymen to help them to do the same thing, focusing on actions and WORDS that produce the desired result, and that being WAKING them up in a NON verbally abusive way with Logic and Facts and Most

of all HOPE.

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life." -Proverbs 13:12


"Remember that you were at that time separated from Christ, alienated from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. " Ephesians 2:12

"But we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, about those who are asleep, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope." -1 Thessalonians 4:13

"For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience." -Romans 8:24-25

"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." -Romans 12:2

I, above most everyone else, have to constantly resist the urge to slam people for their ignorance. I am working on myself in this area still, as the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. But it is the only way out of this Hellhole on Earth the Democrats and the Rinos have smoked screened upon us.

66a734 () No. 9726570

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e5f226 () No. 9726571


Its a joke old fart

Its a joke

Cause see…I don't really know…

Awe screw it.

66a734 () No. 9726572

77adca9ae35fe4....gif (137 KB, 220 x 167, 220 : 167, CatBiFly.gif) (h)

c28ec5 () No. 9726573


That’s so strange, I worked with an employee is one of clients with the exact sane snd today. I kid you not. Was he from NJ

87c608 () No. 9726574


>he's propping up the lie.

Literal 4D chess.


I was gonna ask you the same thing in regards to evidence of there being a virus

e8b9c6 () No. 9726575

When Q says remember your oath. He is referring to the military having to fight foreign and domestic enemies that are fucking around with the constitution?

Doesnt their oath give them the right to just start wacking fuckers?

32ffe3 () No. 9726576


Executive Order 6102

8afe8e () No. 9726577

55ff99143bc390....mp4 (8557 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, VID_20181002_W....mp4) (h)

you wont see this reported in fake stream media.

436f98 () No. 9726578

50cb96c7f28890....jpg (47 KB, 255 x 191, 728 : 546, d2578f92680840....jpg) (h)

e7a992e98f59ea....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 169, 300 : 199, download_40_.jpg) (h)




TMZ got an overhead shot??? HMMM?

they have more from whomever took this pic from above.



'''Bing got a final

"velvet rope"

entry to the

"Concrete Club"

in Hollywood'''

someone will soon leak the splat shot

ears will be all wrong like epstein and derek chauvin

36ca4d () No. 9726579

2021 Economic Reset Announced, Multi-Decade Plan, Destroy USA & Buy Cheap w/Harley Schlanger (2of2)

June 22, 2020

Excellent overview of why we are where we are.

Part 1: Starts about the 8:00 minute mark.


Part 2:


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

46cebe () No. 9726580


FBIAnon. I don't even remember anymore if that was on halfchan or fullchan. I'm sure I have it saved somewhere.

1a83eb () No. 9726581


sorry - i get it now!

i am still tarded

e9530f () No. 9726582

82f93dc8e59841....jpg (182 KB, 255 x 255, 540 : 540, pantifalegos.jpg) (h)


Sweet dubs too!

3fa5da () No. 9726583


Maybe it's just your neurotic article spinner fetishism

0d3f23 () No. 9726584

1cd30206cea168....png (85 KB, 255 x 185, 691 : 501, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

1916701a9471e1....png (110 KB, 255 x 254, 659 : 656, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>9725459 lb Minnesota State Rep: Antifa & Muslim groups plan to police Minneapolis under Muslim Rule



CAIR-Minnesota Calls on GOP Leaders to Repudiate Lawmaker’s Anti-Muslim Comments

452846 () No. 9726585

68383a375b7bfc....png (510 KB, 255 x 237, 455 : 423, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e5f226 () No. 9726586

This Board is MKULTRA Material

Shit of all the shit we've seen since Oct 17 on this board.

Sometimes wonder if a wrong word wouldn't just set me off.

Back when we were Adrenechrome and baby killing raping pics non stop, I'm pretty sure that stuff did something really bad to the psyche.

I know this, dwelling on this shit 24/7 don't make me a better person.

87c608 () No. 9726587

7e234e7ec706dc....jpg (41 KB, 228 x 255, 644 : 720, what.jpg) (h)



>the start

bc4083 () No. 9726588

1f0fa4d40e2b17....jpg (1018 KB, 255 x 208, 3059 : 2491, Phase_III.jpg) (h)

A little humor goes a long way…

>>9713962 (pb)

d9ad02 () No. 9726589






congress people


and military

take an oath

5f3ccb () No. 9726590

7be0799cf5c731....jpg (49 KB, 255 x 206, 480 : 388, WOLVES.jpg) (h)


I laugh every time I see you paste your bullshit in there.

You all missed so much…. that's what happens when you fuck with everyone's religion….When did you write that again?…. what century?…after everyone got the understanding… did you destroy it?…… Who was that emperor again….Cuntstantine….lol.

afdf1c () No. 9726591


Hey, I don't think there's a virus either. Or much of a virus. Everyone would be debilitated by now, especially after the riots. But I do think hydroxychloroquine is a good thing. It should be sold OTC.

a7dcb2 () No. 9726592

Mysterious waves in western Alaska.

The day started with crystal clear conditions. The water was still and the wind was calm. Locals say ice remains offshore and they hadn't seen any waves coming in before yesterday.

Denise Fernandez has lived on the island her entire life and says she's never seen waves like they did on Monday.

"It gave us some kind of scared adrenaline rush because we had not seen something like this happen to our home, Shishmaref," Fernandez said.

Denise was biking with her cousin early in the morning when they heard waves crashing on the beach, they went down to check it out, but said the water was "glass calm." They watched the ocean for about five minutes and nothing. They went back to biking when they heard the waves again. 

They decided to sit on the seawall and watch, and sure enough, about five minutes later, Fernandez said the ice started to move. 

"We start seeing huge ice start moving really fast about quarter to half a mile out and then a super long wave was approaching, the whole wave was covered with white as it started rolling towards our seawall rocks and made a decent size splash," described Fernandez.

She said the whole ocean then began to sway left to right and about five minutes later an even bigger wave rolled in. "As I was recording I got scared because it was bigger than the last wave that hit and I started running," said Fernandez.

Dennis Davis also lives on the island and described the event as quite concerning for many people, wondering if they should be prepared for additional waves or flooding. 

There were no injuries from the waves, or major damage reported but at least one boat and snow machine were hit by the waves.

Thomas Pootoogooluk's shared these photos of his boat, which was in the ocean at the time but was pushed on-shore by the waves. He also had a snow machine parked nearby that was flooded by the run-up of the waves. It seems the force of the water broke the windshield. When he found it, water was inside the engine and seaweed on the handlebars. 

  Thomas Pootoogooluk

It's still unclear what could have caused the waves. The Tsunami Warning Center said late Monday there were no earthquakes large enough to produce tsunami waves in the area at the time. The National Weather Service says a storm came in later in the day but confirms conditions were calm in the morning. The Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys is also looking into the event. 

Fernandez and Davis both hope to have answers about what could have caused the series of waves that seemed to come out of nowhere. 


e9530f () No. 9726593

9e22af3723bb74....jpg (99 KB, 255 x 255, 540 : 540, nottodayebolaw....jpg) (h)

c28ec5 () No. 9726594


Oh me shortly thereafter. Weren’t the anons Chan’s here fir years before all if that. Do they were BC

66a734 () No. 9726595

42bc0dee9e44b8....png (127 KB, 213 x 255, 300 : 359, CatGrammarShit.png) (h)



2a3074 () No. 9726596

>>9725925 (pb)

He's a stupid fuck. Doesn't know how to talk to those idiots. I would have ripped them up one side and down the other. They walked all over him and he kept trying to "defend and explain" and assure them he's an ally. I would have been, wtf are you afraid of? You're not doing anything illegal or planning to are you?

When the mentioned law I would have died laughing. LAW? LOL either they are commies and there is no law, of there IS law and it applies to all.

>we don't want to be portrayed as violent

>proceeds to be violent

pussy streamer fails to even call attention to that. Jaysus he's fucking annoying.

He should have made a point of getting faces and told them to fuck the fuck off.

452846 () No. 9726597


"velvet mafia" treatment?

3fda89 () No. 9726598

64a34264a051d3....jpg (74 KB, 255 x 179, 968 : 681, sharia_nyc_pol....jpg) (h)

5caf767521262f....jpg (753 KB, 255 x 170, 2048 : 1365, jew_shomrim_co....jpg) (h)

f638a7ae28496c....jpg (191 KB, 255 x 109, 1920 : 821, jew_shomrim_co....jpg) (h)


they have that and worse in ny/nj

46cebe () No. 9726599


Wasn't that the start? It was right around that time anyway.

240285 () No. 9726600


>Minnesota State Rep: Antifa & Muslim groups plan to police Minneapolis under Muslim Rule

As predicted by just about everyone. Shit has got to stop…and soon.

3fda89 () No. 9726601

e7729133097f72....jpg (190 KB, 255 x 196, 686 : 526, hazmat_my_nigga.jpg) (h)

5c7120 () No. 9726602

e1d5ab466dd48f....jpg (773 KB, 197 x 255, 783 : 1011, e1d5ab466dd48f....jpg) (h)

f17c88 () No. 9726603

Anons may need a little help in piecing this together.

When do you play the TRUMP card?

What card game is Trump card from?

What is the advantage of a Trump card?

What would be the result of having {everything}?

If you were dealt an entire hand of Trump cards, the end result is what?

The trick is: When?

Strict logic only.


This would be no more than a light exercise for the anons of ‘16, ‘17, ‘18…

1a83eb () No. 9726604


half, yeah?

if you find it, post up

i lost mines

d1c8db () No. 9726605

Yeah fuck all other diggs, just saw the Steve Bing diggs…too important. Awaiting orders for diggs, highest ranking anon

e8b9c6 () No. 9726606


Creating No Go areas in America….I really would rather kick off a war than let them get away with that shit.

46cebe () No. 9726607


Yeah, it's getting late.

c28ec5 () No. 9726608

Ok nightshift I spent some quality time with you fuckers and it was fun. Good night and do good work

Minor anon

32ffe3 () No. 9726609


Do statues just appear one day or is there a vote or something done beforehand?

db461e () No. 9726610




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

87c608 () No. 9726611

b98e2ef5fd7240....jpg (83 KB, 255 x 191, 911 : 683, Two_weeks.jpg) (h)


>Everyone would be debilitated by now, especially after the riots

I remember getting told "2 weeks you'll all be dead HAHAHAHAHAH" for about 3 months. In terms of the hydroxychloroquine I don't think about it. But if it treats "covid" that means it is just a cold/flu treatment


The start of that particular LARP yes. Q was/is legit among many many fakers

0d3f23 () No. 9726612

afae302c04d10f....png (43 KB, 254 x 255, 489 : 490, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


June 24, 2020 at 12:48:20 AM EDT

Subject: In-town pool report #6 - Travel/photo lid

A travel/photo lid was called at 12:45 a.m. Have a good night.

Courtney Subramanian

Subject: In-town pool report #6 - Travel/photo lid

6a7758 () No. 9726613


State's rights have their limits, and anything that defies the US constitution is impermissible under the agreement.

Of course. Barr and his "Just-us" department will look the other way, as they always do.

He makes Sessions look like a success, by comparison.

a0db58 () No. 9726614

88edf98e86909e....png (1080 KB, 255 x 221, 1035 : 899, Screenshot_fro....png) (h)



Hey…. At least they weren't ray-cyst

46cebe () No. 9726615


I'll look for it tomorrow. I'm sure most of us have it saved. We drooled over it endlessly. It's depressing to look at now.

452846 () No. 9726616


whatever you do. do not look in the mirror and say "candyman" 5 times.

d62249 () No. 9726617

67d26b08a44af7....jpg (408 KB, 121 x 255, 1440 : 3040, Screenshot_202....jpg) (h)

4b0e0ab927bb3c....jpg (443 KB, 121 x 255, 1440 : 3040, Screenshot_202....jpg) (h)


e9530f () No. 9726618


Top fuk'n kek fren! Love your stuff.

fdbfcc () No. 9726619

c7138f905454de....jpg (51 KB, 182 x 255, 680 : 952, hillman.jpg) (h)

I don't mean to re-post but is this real?

b2f42f () No. 9726620

Judge: Parkland school shooting trial postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The death penalty trial of the man charged with killing 17 people at a Florida high school is off indefinitely because of restrictions related to the coronavirus outbreak, a judge said Monday. Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer said in a hearing held remotely that it’s not even clear when the Broward County courthouse will reopen to the public. It has been closed since March 16 to everyone but essential personnel. “We have to take it one day at a time, quite frankly,” Scherer said. “We’re not there yet. When we are, I don’t know.”

Nikolas Cruz, 21, is charged with fatally shooting 17 people and wounding 17 others with an AR-15 rifle at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day 2018. His lawyers say he would plead guilty in exchange for a life prison sentence, but prosecutors are forging ahead with a trial. Cruz did not appear at the hearing. One of Cruz’s court-appointed lawyers, Gabriel Ermine, said there have been other virus-related delays because two dozen witness depositions were postponed and numerous legal motions have yet to be filed. In addition, defense experts seeking to interview Cruz about mental health issues and related topics have not had access to him in the Broward County Jail. “We are ready to have them go in once everything is safe,” Ermine said.

A complicating factor, again related to the coronavirus, is when it would be permissible to allow possibly hundreds of prospective jurors to gather at the courthouse to be questioned about their views of one of the highest-profile cases in Florida history. Scherer said that is impossible now, and another issue is how to keep social distancing and masks for jurors. Scherer said she hopes “to begin as soon as it’s safe to do so.” But no decisions have been made on the projected start of a trial. Broward County has had more than 11,300 coronavirus cases and 373 deaths, according to the Florida Department of Health. Scherer set another status hearing for Aug. 25 to assess where things stand.


240285 () No. 9726621


>I really would rather kick off a war than let them get away with that shit.

Of course. Trusting Q but that shit's over the line. In fact, the line has been crossed too many times already.

466bc1 () No. 9726622

34d7323074542e....png (42 KB, 255 x 254, 506 : 505, 34d7323074542e....png) (h)

72e867 () No. 9726623


Because tele and video conference is not a thing.

0d3f23 () No. 9726624

e0139bf6ac91f5....png (280 KB, 255 x 216, 455 : 385, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Scavino Alert


70acdb () No. 9726625

f0a01bc97f8951....jpg (64 KB, 255 x 139, 600 : 327, downloadfile_17.jpg) (h)

The black mind is not capable of dealing with complex situations.

Their first impulse is violence.

2a3074 () No. 9726626

>>9725960 (pb)

Go slow for me and explain.

c71dba () No. 9726627


truth might get out can't have that

c3b909 () No. 9726628

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ec376b () No. 9726629


The report i read this morning said the neighbor had heard screams.

Electro, no screams

8afe8e () No. 9726630


27 floors will leave a pretty decent splat.

dff411 () No. 9726631

a768b69e0547e7....jpg (67 KB, 255 x 118, 1624 : 750, IMG_20200621_1....jpg) (h)


Here it comes.

Next they will try to convince you that the ONLY way to SAVE YOURSELF is by picking up a gun and shooting someone.


1a83eb () No. 9726632


right - was good stuff.

seems like forever

since we got something

close to that.

ea6f61 () No. 9726633

53b6fc7addba62....png (358 KB, 255 x 233, 358 : 327, Screenshot_202....png) (h)


>What Could Go Wrong?

8f18e5 () No. 9726634

NASCAR needs to do a full review to remove all objects with loops on them.

ad93f7 () No. 9726635


it does not matter who the statue is honoring

it is just a full out attack on the country and our past

we are in a civil war / revolution right now

only one side is pretending that we are not

a0db58 () No. 9726636



3fda89 () No. 9726637

9e1151cfa85331....png (200 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, u_of_iowa_stud....png) (h)

b109187c69ac00....jpg (843 KB, 255 x 119, 1856 : 866, polar_reversal....jpg) (h)

240285 () No. 9726638


We'll see. Either the PLAN™ is going to clean house of all these things or it will fall on the people to do it.

2a3074 () No. 9726639


Has anyone tested the censorship there?



the JQ?

LOL let's see how free the right is.

46cebe () No. 9726640


We're fucked on Islam. Nothing to stop the spread of that except to correctly call it a political ideology masquerading as a religion and then fucking outlaw it. There's no other solution. On that note, we should also knock the dust off our anti-Communism laws.

afdf1c () No. 9726641


Now I don't have any evidence for this, but with how it generally affects viruses, it might work against conditions that people don't even know they have. Know anyone with pain or chronic fatigue that absolutely nothing seems to fix?

6a7758 () No. 9726642


> In fact, the line has been crossed too many times already.

Yet, Q posts platitudes and youtube/twitter accounts as some sort of "proof."

Q is as useless at tits on a bull.

Q! You're FIRED!

b2f42f () No. 9726643



Indeed, good old Broward County..thinking they want to wait until after the election before they finish this, doubtful it will work out in their favor that way.

32ffe3 () No. 9726644

cfa21c49017894....jpeg (129 KB, 255 x 143, 1600 : 900, sunshining.jpeg) (h)

09cd419a5bc13d....jpeg (20 KB, 169 x 255, 320 : 483, sun_through_wi....jpeg) (h)


look up

d16b8c () No. 9726645


It might be legal for them to fire the police and hire 'others', but if they enforce sharia law, that would violate the constitutional rights of everyone that lives there, and will not be tolerated.

8afe8e () No. 9726646


Upscale neighborhood.

f9b76e () No. 9726647

912b2357364757....jpg (45 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, 465dmm.jpg) (h)


70acdb () No. 9726648

2dbcac20aaa3a5....gif (395 KB, 255 x 129, 412 : 209, downloadfile_1.gif) (h)

The movie Blazing Saddles is now on the chopping block.

0cd9c2 () No. 9726649

God bless America; land that I love.

822895 () No. 9726650


ever read clockwork orange? some people are immune. drugs, alcohol, auditory or visual stimulation don't work when reality is as bad as nightmares. 911 traumatized some, desensitized others. be comfy.

d17f10 () No. 9726651


Under rated post!

a0db58 () No. 9726652


NP save it and repost when you wake up.

591a14 () No. 9726653


they probably had a fun ass time making that movie

7f34b2 () No. 9726654


good. the white people are all buffoons or fags.

6967e7 () No. 9726655

Trial by Media

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6a7758 () No. 9726656


True. Jews are worse, but no one will dare to point out their nation destroying ways.

fdbfcc () No. 9726657


I dont think so , Blazing Saddles is anti-white propaganda. Watch it.

02b76e () No. 9726658


Mom sees kid screams runs to help and gets shocked to death not knowin the waters live. I've seen gifs in rekt threads where that shits played out like that. Not to shit on anyones dig (haven't dug into the story yet) but the scenario doesnt rule out the scream.

46cebe () No. 9726659


That first year was a blast.

2a3074 () No. 9726660

9942a3e5c6f8c8....jpg (151 KB, 255 x 148, 1105 : 640, 4chan_slave_ma....jpg) (h)


So is Israel.


>Muhammad was trained by a Rabbi

And married to an ex Catholic nun.

ed5831 () No. 9726661

82776065f48204....jpg (137 KB, 255 x 184, 1000 : 723, NPfam.jpg) (h)



806aa4 () No. 9726662

4d45e0380d7b49....jpg (2040 KB, 121 x 255, 1440 : 3040, Screenshot_202....jpg) (h)


87c608 () No. 9726663


>Know anyone with pain or chronic fatigue that absolutely nothing seems to fix?

Yeah, me kek my family. Most people I know. What are you saying this is possibly "the cure"? Most people have diagnosed thyroid issues too

ea6f61 () No. 9726664


Is Lamb

3fda89 () No. 9726665


bongino is an admitted zionist so i wouldn't expect much on that

240285 () No. 9726666


Stop it. If you can not prepare yourself to face the worst situation, as far-fetched and inconceivable as it might be, you are sticking your head in the sand. Save yourself is always the final option.

46cebe () No. 9726667


I become more of a white nationalist by the second.

dff411 () No. 9726668

0ab42f9d5ec980....png (1098 KB, 255 x 144, 1196 : 674, 1592603121.png) (h)


They need you to act. If you don't their entire plan backfires.

87c608 () No. 9726669


>And married to an ex Catholic nun.

Kek no shit? I still have the book I've been meaning to read "The Truth About Muhammad "

f9b76e () No. 9726670


We need to shove it down their throats on the left that supporting Islam, is supporting a racist slave owner and a religion that still practices slavery to this day. Sand niggers are the modern day dixiecrat cracker.

a50e4e () No. 9726671



5c7120 () No. 9726672


#12450 @400, >>9726210, >>9726248, >>9726338

>>9726278 British soldiers ‘got away with murder’ in Iraq, as government sent unqualified officers to investigate war crimes – report

>>9726288 An 8-Year-Old Girl, Her Mother And Her Grandfather Drown In Their New Home’s Swimming Pool

>>9726290 BLACK EYES MATTER: Japanese reporter visits CHAZ to show how safe, leaves in 15m w/ black eye…

>>9726298 Another Study Finds School Children Typically Don't Spread COVID-19 To Parents

>>9726299, >>9726315 Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt News Round Up: The 'Scare the shit out of them' Edition

>>9726310 POTUS Schedule for Wednesday, June 24, 2020

>>9726316 Racist statues fall everywhere as new Lenin statue rises in Germany. Go figure.

>>9726320 DIG: Lots of evidence of federal crimes involving some big players.

>>9726363 Israel courts Cypriot help on EU opposition to annexation

>>9726373 Another New Study Points to the Dangers of Geoengineering the Climate

>>9726421 THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID: They took down a statue of a Union soldier who fought against slavery

>>9726473 Federal law enforcement officials arrested Natalie White, alleged former girlfriend of Rayshard Brooks, for allegedly burning down the Wendy’s earlier this month.

>>9726476 Crews removing John C. Calhoun statue from Marion Square

>>9726486, >>9726295 Moar Anons' Steve Bing digs

>>9726552, >>9726584 Minnesota State Rep: Antifa and Muslim Groups Plan to 'Police Minneapolis Under Muslim Rule'

>>9726592 Mysterious waves in western Alaska.

>>9726620 Judge: Parkland school shooting trial postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19

b33768 () No. 9726673

8da745b9a95971....png (1527 KB, 130 x 255, 4024 : 7877, fbianon.png) (h)


years fly by too fast.


seems like yesterday

"counter-coup in slow-motion"

It was before "quiet before the storm"?

summer of '16

? Was it reddit or half chan.

I think half chan.


66a734 () No. 9726674

2288b876060155....gif (1487 KB, 255 x 186, 400 : 292, Poweranger.gif) (h)

3847f7 () No. 9726675


>and then fucking outlaw it

They shit they do is already outlawed! We just need to uphold it, educate everyone, and keep (((them))) off the bench.

a0db58 () No. 9726676

f3fc4473e30eaa....png (41 KB, 255 x 225, 363 : 320, gold_1488.png) (h)

607f48dfe1df35....pdf (2192 KB, 67 x 118, 0 : 0, THE_ACHILLES_H....pdf) (h)


Based and redpilled.

1a83eb () No. 9726677



thought my head would explode from all the digs

was a special time

afdf1c () No. 9726678

dbeeb70cd278bd....jpg (234 KB, 255 x 134, 1666 : 874, iodine.jpg) (h)


It might be, for some things. Regarding thyroid issues, check out this image. You might have seen this post before.

ed5831 () No. 9726679

3bd29b7dbca518....png (217 KB, 255 x 175, 1100 : 755, CFmap.png) (h)

6a7758 () No. 9726680


Join the club.

Speaking to normies recently, one confided that he didn't think he was a racist before the riots, but now considers all blacks and minorities to be the enemy. He hates them, now.

436f98 () No. 9726681

5ccb47510b5ecb....jpg (9 KB, 255 x 143, 300 : 168, download_41_.jpg) (h)

a8d29de5b2d3a5....jpg (8 KB, 255 x 159, 300 : 187, download_42_.jpg) (h)

edcd88e459a7e6....jpg (50 KB, 180 x 255, 468 : 664, download_43_.jpg) (h)

72906915f34073....jpg (61 KB, 255 x 255, 474 : 474, download_44_.jpg) (h)

172272ad780873....jpg (46 KB, 255 x 166, 474 : 309, download_46_.jpg) (h)


>>9726597 yep gay stuff on BING????


seems to be an exclusive cub just for pedos and pedo ajacents

fancy silk tents

white party


in white party steve bing search images

go see what pops up image wise???


flag image with this:

Writer/Producer Steve Bing Dead From Suicide | Pure Country 106.7

Writer/Producer Steve Bing Dead From Suicide | Pure Country 106.7



and this:

"Production, film, scene" film marker image?

Film producer, wealthy heir, political donor Steve Bing dies | Fort Worth Business Press

Film producer, wealthy heir, political donor Steve Bing dies | Fort Worth Business Press



pic of Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore:

Chris Brown and Rihanna clone Teyana Taylor spotted again - at P Diddy's White Party | White …

Film producer, wealthy heir, political donor Steve Bing dies | Fort Worth Business Press

Film producer, wealthy heir, political donor Steve Bing dies | Fort Worth Business Press



Hurley and son

and white party out traveler

gays in underwear

White Party Looks Good For 26 | Outtraveler

White Party Looks Good For 26 | Outtraveler


240285 () No. 9726682


Yeah. My understanding (not anywhere near an authority) is that sharia (doesn't deserve capitalization) includes a separate judicial system from our Constitutional system, as bad as that is at the moment.

46cebe () No. 9726683


They don't give a fuck. It's like ISIS. There's only one solution.

8afe8e () No. 9726684


Albino blacks are highly prized by African shamans and they are hunted and killed for their body parts which fetch good coin according to stories I've read on it.

1a83eb () No. 9726685


good shit anon


will take steps to not lose this one…

70acdb () No. 9726686

aa65372b5f30cf....png (43 KB, 173 x 205, 173 : 205, Danielle.png) (h)

The prophet Muhammad is a totally made up character that never existed in anything else other than the Quran.

He is an imaginary psychopath.

436f98 () No. 9726687

af1d24d5f19b5a....jpg (9 KB, 255 x 143, 300 : 168, download_47_.jpg) (h)


HMMM? Weird

image of POTUS Podium comes up same search?


2c1c31 () No. 9726688

Hi all, can we please get some digs on Parler? Massive push to join tonight…makes me weary that it could be some sort of honey pot.

First, any verification Mike Flynn's profile on there is really him?

Second, I saw some red flags posted about it before…some things to do with privacy especially, and I can't seem to re-find it.

Have read the user agreement, privacy policy myself…some things seem vague and iffy, for sure, but I'm not in law & could be interpreting it a more paranoid manner…

Would be very interested in what others were able to find regarding this service.

6a7758 () No. 9726689


Much like jew god, yahweh,

A psychopath if ever there was one.

37c12d () No. 9726690

Steve Bing and Heidi Fleiss seemed to be connected


Once a regular at the clubby Tower Bar in the Sunset Tower Hotel, he was a sometimes-friend of Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss


OK! spotted the unlikely pair, dressed casually in jeans, leaving the Hollywood Roosevelt through a side door at 12:35 a.m. Thursday morning. Slipping unnoticed past a small crowd of partygoers, the low-key duo walked across the street and decided to bypass busy Hollywood Boulevard by strolling down an adjacent alleyway


4f840b () No. 9726691

Tom Hanx still MIA.

Last Twat over a month ago.

46cebe () No. 9726692


I already had enough exposure to know what they're really like - 30+ years worth.

c71dba () No. 9726693


Hello Rabbi

Don't you have some baby dicks to eat?

0f06dc () No. 9726694


I agree and have been considering it. Except I hate people and don't like working with them.

240285 () No. 9726695


I won't do it until POTUS leaves Twitter.

b2f42f () No. 9726696

5f3d493c646764....png (790 KB, 255 x 143, 945 : 531, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

6ca5473cf57ff9....png (581 KB, 114 x 255, 1903 : 4239, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

Top Democrat urges foreigners 'visiting' U.S. to respond to 2020 Census as NYC faces undercount

House Oversight Chairwoman Maloney identified COVID-19 and police brutality as reasons for NYC's low Census response rate

With Census form responses from New York City households below the national average, House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney on Monday urged foreigners "visiting" the U.S. to respond to the 2020 Census as soon as possible. The New York congresswoman said the previously proposed U.S. citizenship question should not be a "deterrent" to anyone since is not included on the Census form. "Everyone should be counted. Even if you're visiting our country from a foreign country then you should be counted as who is in the country when we do this count so it's very, very important," Maloney said on a conference call with reporters. "We also have to get the message out that the Census is completely and totally confidential so that no one's information will be allowed for any other purpose but a number that shows the research we need for different age groups, different health issues and everything else."

According to the official 2020 Census website, "citizens of foreign countries who are living in the United States, including members of the diplomatic community, should be counted at the U.S. residence where they live and sleep most of time. Citizens of foreign countries who are temporarily visiting the United States on vacation or business on April 1, 2020, should not be counted." Following the conference call, a senior Democratic aide said Maloney was referring to foreign citizens residing in the country and not foreigners on vacations or business trips. Maloney identified COVID-19, "systemic racism and police brutality" as reasons for NYC's low Census response rate. "People have been afraid for their lives," she said on the conference call.

Census Day was officially April 1, and households are being encouraged to complete the form by phone, mail or electronically through the end of October, according to the Census Bureau operational deadlines. "It is crucial for our communities here and New York to be fully counted to secure the funding we are entitled to for critical services like education, medical care and job programs," Maloney said. "As of today, about 61 percent of households across the nation have completed their census forms either online, over the phone or by mail. Unfortunately, New York City is below the national average with just over 52 percent of households responding."



6a7758 () No. 9726697


Me, too.

But we're talking NORMIES here.

These are the most brainwashed, and now they are finally GETTING IT.

8afe8e () No. 9726698

my 88 year old father emailed me this.

Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is “Currency.”


I know of no white person alive today in the United States who has ever legally owned a black slave, or any slave for that matter. Almost 700,000 mostly white men died 160 years ago to end slavery. Jim Crow ended generations ago. Yet black America, for the most part, is still locked in inner-city gang violence and economic hardship. Why?

Is it because America is racist? Is it because of some overhanging white supremacy? Is it because of the Illuminati?

No, unfortunately, it is because of black culture and the adoption of Democratic Party government dependency.

We have just had eight years of the first black president. Black athletes, and entertainers, routinely earn multi-million dollar incomes. I can easily name several black billionaires without even trying too hard. A large percentage of black America is very successful. But, it is not enough. Too many black youth are being left behind.

And it is no one but black America’s fault.

No one can solve this problem but black America. No one can throw enough money at it. We’ve tried that. Black America needs to look in the mirror and stop blaming others, especially white people.

I am obviously white and conservative, and I served in the military, which, during my time, was as color blind as you could be. I can also honestly say I don’t give a damn what color your skin is, neither do any of my friends. I do care about your actions.

Blacks are around 15 percent of the population. Depending on what study you look at, they commit around 40 percent to 50 percent of violent crime in America. Of course, there is going to be a problem with police. And, of course, there are some bad policemen. However, those bad apples do not kill black people statistically anymore than they kill white people. Even Harvard said that recently. If you were a cop, and you had to work in a neighborhood infested with crime and murder, wouldn’t you act differently than in a neighborhood where there was little crime? The most effective thing black America could do to improve its relationship with police is to significantly reduce violent crime where they live. Yes, that means change the culture of where you live and your community.

I for one am tired of being blamed. I am tired of dealing with people who only want something from others. I don’t oppress anyone. I don’t hold anyone down. I’m tired of getting on the D.C. metro and seeing white people being harassed by roaming gangs of black youth with their pants around their knees. Yes, you want a white person uncomfortable? That makes me uncomfortable. It’s our nation’s capital and it’s embarrassing.

Blacks have nothing but opportunity in America. Try finding the same opportunity anywhere else in the world. If you are born in America you’ve won life’s economic lottery. Take advantage of it.

The problem is this generation has been taught an agenda of cultural Marxism by our education system. They’ve been taught to be a victim, and it’s still going on. All you have to do is watch the young black, female student at Yale screaming at the college president to understand that. Blacks in America don’t even know how good they got it.

We have a real cultural problem in this country, the result of the Leftist multicultural agenda. Multi-ethnicity is perfect and should be encouraged.. Having more than one American culture is destroying the country. But then again, that is what the Left wants.

Do Black Lives Matter?

It is your job to determine if this is a racist rant or just a review of factual data.


Amount of people in poverty would drop……..34%,

The prison population would go down by……..37%,

Welfare recipients would go down by……………42%,

Gang members would go down by………………..53%

Chlamydia cases would go down…………………..54%,

Homelessness would go down………………………57%

Syphilis would go down………………………………..58%.

AIDS & HIV would go down by……………………..65%,

Gonorrhea would go down……………………………69%,

Average ACT scores would go UP…………………..5.5 points.

Average IQ would go UP………………………………..7.4 points, putting us 3rd in the world tied with Japan,

Average SAT scores would go UP almost…..100 points,

The average income for Americans would go UP over $20,000 a year,


And, many criminal defense attorneys would have to find another line of work!

Yes, Black lives DO matter.


70acdb () No. 9726699

5478c707e9fdc9....png (314 KB, 255 x 143, 666 : 374, downloadfile_1....png) (h)


Tyrell is that you?

2a3074 () No. 9726700

cb53b1b490e3f5....png (2854 KB, 255 x 245, 1459 : 1399, wuflu_why_does....png) (h)


>I don't think Israel is behind this one.


not to mention Soros was part owner of the lab.

5c7120 () No. 9726702

>>9726696 Top Democrat urges foreigners 'visiting' U.S. to respond to 2020 Census as NYC faces undercount

Sounds illegal to this baker…

6a7758 () No. 9726703

2060898e65cb74....jpg (22 KB, 255 x 253, 480 : 476, 1592866498571.jpg) (h)


Moishe, is that you???

66a734 () No. 9726704

4c05f05c435146....jpg (24 KB, 255 x 199, 540 : 421, CatSmartAssNS.jpg) (h)


No big. I just invoke GrammarNaziCat for the keks.

8578a3 () No. 9726705

Japanese Americans wealth was taken and they were put in internment camps.

German Americans did whatever the hell they wanted to.

a54d71 () No. 9726706


>I don't mean to re-post

That was a lie and you know it.

f9b76e () No. 9726707

ea63d1daf248ab....jpg (70 KB, 255 x 243, 512 : 487, 465e84.jpg) (h)

2a3074 () No. 9726708


AnonCentral is run by the CIA they took over the account during LOLSEC.

70acdb () No. 9726709

7f225735e114e2....jpg (35 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, downloadfile_22.jpg) (h)

Meme this…

BLM theme.

c71dba () No. 9726710

Soooo Funny! Hoaxer Bubba Wallace LASHES OUT After He Claimed a Door Rope was a Noose and FBI Busted His A$$

OMG, this is sooooo funny!

Hoaxer Bubba Wallace pulled a Smollett on Tuesday night after the FBI completely busted his a$$.

Earlier Tuesday the FBI released a statement on its investigation at the Talladega Superspeedway and determined that Bubba Wallace was not the target of a hate crime.

NASCAR on Sunday released a statement revealing that a noose was reportedly found in top driver Bubba Wallace’s Talladega garage stall.

As The Gateway Pundit suspected, there was no noose.

“The FBI learned that garage 4, where the noose was found, was assigned to Bubba Wallace last week. The investigation also revealed evidence, including authentic video confirmed by NASCAR, that the noose found in garage number 4 was in that garage as early as October 2019,” the FBI said in a statement.

In other words, the garage door pull rope wasn’t imagined as a noose until a racist narrative needed to be pushed out to the public.

Cristina Laila and The Gateway Pundit called it out as another hate hoax in our first report on the incident.

It was odd that Wallace never produced a photo of the noose, no?

And now we all know that it was a hate hoax.

But this didn’t stop Bubba from going on CNN and play victim some more.

Dude is clueless.

Listen to this guy after just being caught — by the FBI — calling a door rope a noose!

Sooo Funny!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

46cebe () No. 9726711


If King Nig's 8 years didn't do it, nothing will. That's when they became 110% unaccountable. We're just seeing more of it now. Like all things with the left, it's a cancer that continues to spread.

87c608 () No. 9726712


>It's like ISIS. There's only one solution.

Easy there Hitler

d32241 () No. 9726713

Old Onion Biden video for keks.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b2f42f () No. 9726714


I agree exactly what I thought as well.

240285 () No. 9726715


Well, the "Top Democrat" feels - or is - immune from any prosecution. As for the foreigners, it would be catch as catch can. Doubtful there are enough resources to stop them.

6a7758 () No. 9726716


Don LenonAIDS is a disgusting nigger that should trip into a door r